Moving Backwards: Despite Claims of A Recovery, “Economy Is In Reverse”

by | Dec 8, 2016 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 42 comments

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    There just isn’t a lot of good news here.

    The middle class is still struggling for something tangible, but things remain pretty frustrating for most people.

    It could actually feel like things are going in reverse… and that each piece of economic interaction squeezes just a little bit harder.

    via the Washington Examiner:

    A new report on the economy finds that productivity growth is at a 50-year low and that much of the positive talk about the nation’s financial situation in the last election, much of it coming from the administration, was a lie.

    The report from the U.S. Council on Competitiveness and Gallup finds that for many, the economy is in reverse despite claims that there is an active recovery ongoing, complete with new jobs.

    The report makes clear that Obama Administration propaganda and media claims that a recovery is underway were carefully-coordinated lies… quite simply, there is no recovery and things are getting worse all the time for America’s swelling numbers of working poor:

     The study finds there is no recovery. Since 2007, U.S. GDP per capita growth has been 1,” according to Gallup Chairman Jim Clifton.

    […] “productivity growth is in a serious multi-decade-long slump that is dangerously close to stalling completely.”

    The executive summary hits the worst of the news.

    “The people are right. The economy is not working well. But the problems did not start with the Great Recession. For decades, the nation’s income, measured as GDP, has barely grown overall; on a per capita basis, median household income peaked in 1999; the subjective general health status of Americans has declined, even adjusting for the aging population; disability rates are higher; learning has stagnated; fewer new businesses are being launched; more workers are involuntarily stuck in part-time jobs or out of the labor force entirely; and the income ranks of grown children are no less tied to the income ranks of their parents,” said the report titled No Recovery — An Analysis of Long-Term U.S. Productivity Decline.

    This trends have all been punishing the middle class. Ideology, stubbornness and a disregard for the lives of the Americans who have to live with it have allowed the Obama team to look the other way, and make-pretend that their failed policies are shining up the nation.

    Back in reality, things are crumbling, and the people need a way out very soon.

    Federal Reserve monetary policy has made systematic changes that will be hard to undo, but the glut of cheap money has become ineffective, and officially, recognized as counter-productive.

    The American middle class has been washed out; their collective dreams have been discounted, and their very way of life has been threatened, and taken out from under them.

    While you were snoozing… the bankers took charge, and they sold you a lie to keep you passive and submissive.

    Read more:

    Not Wealthy Enough To Meet Skyrocketing Rates, “Middle Class Is Being Crushed By Obamacare”

    Gallup: If Small Businesses Keep Dying “We’ll Lose the Whole Middle Class”


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      1. How High’s the stock market Donald?
        19K and risin’……..

        The bigger they are, the faster and further they fall.

        • After India Bans 86% of their Rupee Cash, the Government is now targeting people with Gold, and doing house to house raids, even taking people Gold Jewelry, besides Gold bullion and bars. Read this:

          India Confiscates Gold, Even Jewelry, in Raids on Hidden Money
          Global financial repression picks up steam, led by India. After declaring large denomination notes illegal, India now targets gold.

          It’s not just gold bars or bullion. The government has raided houses, no questions asked, confiscating jewelry.

          What this means, unfortunately, is that India’s income tax officers have just won the lottery. During a raid, they can, on the spot, decide whether or not to confiscate a family’s gold holdings.

          link: ht tps://

          **This is why I avoid Gold and stick to Silver, which also has many industrial uses as well. They will never try to confiscate Silver.

          • Well when the populace is disarmed you can do that shit.


        • YUP,
          been a magical smoke and mirrors for many years and MOST couch potato’s have NO idea of what will happen shortly!

      3. if they still had soup lines instead of EBT cards America would know how bad things really are.Imagine seeing over 95 MILLION AMERICANS standing in a soup line day after day not to mention the other horrendous things that are going on all because these elitists want to keep the truth hidden from us.People on this site and those that comment know what is really going on because they use common sense and can see how things really are around them

      4. The economy is not the only thing in reverse. White European Americans are dying at a younger age. This is for the first time since the end of WW2. Poor white women are dying faster than financially secure women. Both men and women of white European descent, are dying younger.

        Merry Christmas

        Ps: take care of yourself – tip of the day Cilantro removes heavy metals.


        • And who is to blame for the “death” of White people??

          • Nat, no one is blaming anyone other than the people themselves. Who is to blame? The very same people murdering blacks, who have a massively greater proportion of abortions murdering your (I believe you are black, right? Certainly we all know who Nat Turner and his slave rebellion was).

            This is not a pro-white/anti-black post, for ***what is killing whites is EXACTLY the same as what is killing blacks***. Certainly people like Starr Parker, Justice Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Ken Blackwell and a VERY large number of other black conservatives feel the same way. In this case, I believe you have misread the article. The issue is where this decline is the evidence of the **self-immolation** that is occurring in this country, but **which is evidence of that self-same immolation of other groups around the world**. Abortion, euthanasia, vaccines, the utterly ignorant Malthusian presuppositions of the left, as evidenced in the whole scam of BIG GREEN MONEY global warming, and much more – it’s all part of the same thing, ruining the human flourishing of ALL colours.

            From what I read of you, you keep missing the forest for the trees in your Nat Turner-esque preoccupation with being black. Did you see those army vets who showed up to stand with the Sioux, happening NOW? Red and white allied for freedom. How cool is that.

            My suggestion, Nat – respectfully submitted – is to stop being reductionistic. Join the REAL Nat Turner rebellion – which is the peaceful revolution to bring freedom and justice to everyone, as BEST (no, they were not perfect, hence Turner’s rebellion) evidenced in the Constitution and by the Founding Fathers.

            Perhaps you should find out how Frederic Douglass worked, and change your name to that from Nat Turner. He is certainly a second or third generation Founding Father.

            If you are truly for freedom for blacks, by extension, I would think you want freedom for all people. I sure do, and I suspect you to. Respectfully submitted to you, Nat: Join the **greater** cause for freedom, and don’t be so narrowly focussed. And while at it, don’t forget the ultimate freedom found in the gospel of Christ. Just my opinion for your consideration, from reading your posts.

            • Save your breath Test. As Pastor Manning has stated, “The Black man does not understand the world.”. Nat being a prime example.

            • Lol… that all of the evil you people have been doing to everyone else is “coming home” to you, NOW you want to talk about the problem aka the lack of economic opportunity, the declining standard of living, the posionious food, and broken families in the Who he community as if it every ones problem too…where the fuck are you when black people are demanding that the government create economic for them? Where the fuck are you when Black people were asking the police to treat them with respect? Where the fuck are you when the Black residents of Flint Michigan, who are tax payers, are demanding that the government fix the public water supply that is poisoning them?!? THATS RIGHT….you didn’t give a fuck, and that’s how I feel about “your” problems. Its not about race my ass!

              • White community*

              • All black folk gotta do to find the problem is gaze in the mirror. G’nite Nat.

                • Looking in the mirror is true, PO, for the black community – and all other races. This victimhood thing leads no one, of any race, to anywhere that is of any value. The War on Poverty, started under LBJ has, by some accts, now spent $20 freaking TRILLION – and we now have more poverty than ever, including almost 50mm on food stamps, and ~ 100mm not working.

                  The key error was rejecting God, whom we have now replaced with the “god” of the Brobdignagian nanny state. Every false god ALWAYS consumes its worshippers in the long run (Nazism, feminism, Islam only exists by sucking the wealth out of those it colonizes) etc.

                  I look in the mirror myself… and try to take the log out of my own eye first. Would that all other communities – red, yellow, black or white – do the same. But this victimhood, self-pity thing leads to a dead end. I hope, long or short, Nat can see that, and change his name from Nat Turner to a real freedom fighter – economic, political, spiritual freedom – for today, such as Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson, Starr Parker, or similar.

              • Where are we, you ask, Nat, relative to caring? Several years ago, my wife and I adopted a young black man (part Mexican as well), whose parents had been murdered when he was 13. Not an official adoption mind you – but we put him through a certified medical assistant school, on our own dime. White people do, in fact, care. In fact, at least for my wife and I, we care about anyone bearing God’s image, period.

                Truth is, though, as Solshynitsyn said, the line between good an evil runs through EACH of our own individual hearts – ALL of us, of any colour. Yours and mine, too. That is the bad news of the Bible. The Bible that Nat Turner – your pseudonym – apparently strongly believed in (thought I think Turner was wrong resorting to violence.)

                You cite “lack of economic opportunity, broken families,” etc. Tell me, where did Dr. Ben Carson come from? How did he get to where he is today? How about Starr Parker? Same story. Dr. Thomas Sowell, whom I think dropped out of high school originally (I may be mistaken there). Question is, do you know their stories? If not, why do you not? Why do you keep turning to GOVERNMENT to “care???” Fact is, Nat, half of the money we give in taxes goes down a RAT HOLE. If the government left me more money, I could adopt MANY more young men like the person I noted above. In fact, I CAN DO A THOUSAND TIMES MORE, WITH A MILLION TIMES THE LOVE, FOR 0.001% OF THE MONEY, THAN THE GOV’T COULD **EVER** DO TO HELP PEOPLE. This is proven by Dr. Arthur Brooks’ book, “Who Really Cares,” which you would do well to read.

                Flint, MI., which you cite, proves my very point. If you left INDIVIDUALS to care, they would. Big government care? Meh, not so much – just go ask the Venezuelans how much their gov’t cares… or Zimbabweans, Cubans, the citizens of the USSR back in the day. Again, Dr. Brooks’ book noted above factors in here. Question is, do you have the intellectual honesty to read it, rather than just complain here? By the time you were done posting, you could have read the first chapter.

                Truth is, Nat, the black family was relatively stable until **the welfare state*** came along. Yeah, stuff needed to be changed, but it was nowhere near the disaster we have today. Why don’t you put the blame where it REALLY BELONGS – the welfare state. Were you expecting the welfare state to care??? Maybe create businesses and wealth?? (If so, look how much wealth the USSR, Venezuela or Zimbabwe have created! ) Since the welfare state got really under LBJ, then it has been all downhill, and abortion – murder – of black babies is skyrocketing. And what do you expect in terms of emotional stability in kids, when BLACK FATHERS ARE NOT AROUND??? God made a baby to be created by a woman and MAN, and when fathers – part of God’s design – are absent disaster follows. This is now happening to white families as well.

                You look to BIG GOVT for answers, Nat. Truth is, as Democrat Sen. Moynihan pointed out years ago, and Starr Parker more recently, it is the dissolution of the black family, FUNDED BY THE SOCIALIST NANNY STATE, that is now causing disasters like the S. side of Chicago, poverty and more, aided and abetted by a post-Christian world that says truth no longer exists.Tell, me, exactly HOW are young black boys who are emotionally crippled by an absent father, going to be successful and escape poverty? In fact, how are red, white and yellow boys going to do the same? Fact is, they won’t barring a miracle.

                This is where your invocation to BIG GOVERNMENT leads – emotional and economic ruin – aided and abetted by a disbelief in a God who is there, and does answer prayer.

                IMHO, Nat, you are missing the big enchilada behind the problem. You are smart enough to come on this site and post. You are a good writer. So, mon ami, think! Question your questions! Don’t just imbibe of the ignorant leftist, victimhood mentality around you! From what I read of the original Nat Turner, he probably didn’t probably didn’t, so why should you? Don’t go down the path of hate and victimhood. That is the broad path that, as Jesus said, leads to destruction. Learn personal self reliance and dignity dovetailed with deep reliance on God (a paradox, but very, very true).

                I hope at least something here rings true for you.

              • “Flint Michigan, who are tax payers, are demanding that the government fix the public water supply that is poisoning them”

                Well Nat…had the black not done the sixties style blockbusting routing in Flint, they would have never been in Flint to begin with. Flint was 90%+ whites before the blockbusting began.

                From veni, vidi, vici to veni, vici, nos got veneno
                Well done.

              • “Flint Michigan, who are tax payers, are demanding that the government fix the public water supply that is poisoning them”

                Well Nat…had the black not done the sixties style blockbusting routing in Flint, they would have never been in Flint to begin with. Flint was 90%+ whites before the blockbusting began.

                From veni, vidi, vici to veni, vidi, nos got veneno
                Well done.

                • @DedNeck000

                  So Black people had the power to “blockbust” white people from their homes? Sounds like bullshit to me. Maybe they were helped by those White developers who needed to sell those new homes that were built in the suburbs….And what does this have to do with the government responding to the needs of tax paying citizens?

                  • Nad
                    You might want to read some history books. Blacks pushed whites out of Flint. It’s called blockbusting. Well documented action by blacks. That the neighborhood has gone to hell, they get what they deserve.

          • Addendum, Nat. As you probably know, Mr. Turner, your nom de plume, appears to have been a very strong Christian.

            Just sayin’

            • Altho he later went off the rails, I should add, when he turned to killing people.

          • Your buddies the tribe

          • NT

            The Cell Phone.

        • EXCELLENT NEWS!! Trump Picks 4 Star Retired General to run the DHS. He is Irish, not a dual Israeli citizen Zionist shill, THAT WE HAVE HAD FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS. So watch all the false flags like the Boston Marathon Bombing to end in America.. I feel Safer already. KICK ALL THE FOREIGN TRIBE SECURITY CO’S FROM THE TSA AND KICK THEM OUT OF ALL US ALRPORTS. HIRE AMERICANS.

          Retired Marine Gen. John F. Kelly picked to head Department of Homeland Security
          12-07-2016 •, By Jerry Markon and Dan Lamoth
          Kelly, who retired in February as chief of the U.S. Southern Command, would inherit a massive and often troubled department responsible for overseeing perhaps the most controversial part of Trump’s agenda: his proposed crackdown on illegal immigration. DHS is the third-largest Cabinet department, with more than 240,000 employees whose jobs include fighting terrorism, protecting the president and enforcing immigration laws.

          Kelly, 66, is a widely respected military officer who served for more than 40 years, and he is not expected to face difficulty winning Senate confirmation. Trump’s team was drawn to him because of his Southwest border expertise, people familiar with the transition said. Like the president-elect, Kelly has sounded the alarm about drugs, terrorism and other cross-border threats that he sees as emanating from Mexico and Central and South America.


      5. The powers to be will always be the powers to be. You know the old saying about how you can’t fight City Hall? Well it’s true 98% of the time. The trick is to see what the Powers To Be need and fill that place for them thus getting a piece of the pie for yourselves. Always has been, always will be.


      6. Yeah, this is nothing new. Take a walk around your neighborhood and you can see it in various forms. Foreclosed homes. Empty strip malls. Stores going out of business. Crime is a good indicator.
        Holiday Crime is in the News. People stealing delivered packages off of doorsteps. Breaking into cars. Shoplifting. Soon they will break into homes to steal presents under the Christmas Tree.

      7. “The study finds there is no recovery. Since 2007, U.S. GDP per capita growth has been 1,” according to Gallup Chairman Jim Clifton.”

        Well, NOT true if you are a travel agent for Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama, any of the crony capitalists sucking wealth out of ~ZIRP, any of the Hollywierd Learjet leftists, or those pandering to the panem et circenses (bread and circuses) crowd, like Lady Kaka, Mahdoona (BJ for a Hilary vote), Miley Cyslease or the Kartrashians.

      8. I’ve read that sales of prepping items have crashed since Trump won? Just when they are saying peace and security sudden ruin will come on them. .? Major false flag before Jan. 20?? I wouldn’t put it past them? They are desperate and cornered.?

      9. That stock market keeps driving upward but it’ll never catch up to the debt we’ve got.

      10. Keep on preppin….the people in charge want you to relax and back off,slack off. Not yet….lets see what the man accomplishes first. You still have to be ready for natural events.

      11. Any yearly GDP that is less than 1.5% – 2% is a negative economy. You need nearly 2% to keep up with population growth or things are stagnant. It’s been stagnant for ten years, since the housing bubble burst.

      12. Before leaving office, should obama be considered for an award?
        “The lying nigga award”

        • Jb, he might garner five stars but he’d be in company with the others before him.

      13. Been saying this for years, but to deaf ears. So I do what I can, while i watch idiots go blissfully into oblivion.

      14. Nat – $100M + already given to Flint to fix problem. Do you really think that money came from tax payers in Flint? Nope. They need more now and are seeking additional funds from Congress, same as before. When taxpayers leave bad shit happens. Those pipes were 60+ years old and now we’re asked to replace the pipes going into the actual residences. White flight Nat, heard of? Sick and tired of living in a combat zone so people leave. Dads in the black community are the main problem, there aren’t many so there are no boundaries then you get cities like Detroit that have also been mismanaged by mostly Libturds of varying hues. Man up and change the black neighborhoods, re establish the core black family and stop blaming all white people for the ills of everything.

      15. The economy is in reverse, and Slavo asserts, it would seem, that Trump can’t save it. We’re screwed.

      16. There is no economic recovery coming, they are lying to the public. Quotes the scientist, nothing has changed, keep prepping and get ready for a bad time from this point upward, 2016 was free year the laughing stopped..2017 is when it all goes down, war. Environmental collapse,mass death and destruction..let them keep making fun of you on that site you keep posting on, they will get caught off guard when the shot hits the fan..

        Just telling you what he told me folks..since others on here said a few months back that nothing I have said has happened yet, and that I am full of it…OK, let’s watch and see because a lot of information that I got from him, I have not posted yet it’s so bad, so serious that I can’t out that info on this site, so you guys need to know how to leave your city and where to go, it’s a really bad, bad, bad situation on the horizon..from the moment we cross over to 2017, you will see things that will make you know…in fact I am not even paying attention of even listening to any thing that Trump is saying, I know what he knows… hint, when you hear that John Kerry is in Antarctica, you have to ask yourself what’s going on?. really ask yourself what is really going on, then Buzz Aldrin is now tweeting this we are all in danger, what does he mean by that?.. good question because I know what it is.


      17. The comment count in the presented articles is reaching a low. Is that because of information overload? Or the Been There, Done That, Got the “T” shirt mindset.
        Repetition with no solution or corrections for problems that keep multiplying.
        The call to keep prepping after being beaten up over the election cycle has lost some of its vigor. Maybe it is all about how many flashlights do you really need.
        I completed my last project with a coat of paint for weather protection. Turned out well.
        The next project is building a giant slingshot that call hurl 1 pound projectiles a few hundred feet.

        What for? Why not.

        Prep tip of the Day.

        Get some long lag bolts 5 to 6 inches long. Quarter inch diameter will do. Add some washers. When you have to have something fastened securely together, yet can be disassembled easy enough.


        Hey guys, listen to the latest Hawk, Buzz Aldrin tweeted something interesting. Something is going on in Antartica. The Annunaki, possible might be arriving, some fleet of somekind, I and I heard form another source, possibly that something is going down, that Donald is just the buffer, to distract us, to keep nice us happy and relaxed while SHTF commences.



      19. I think the comment count low partly because after the main even circus of the election everything else is commonplace stale rehash of the same old same old. My prepping will continue even if Trump Makes America great Again. Its become a lifestyle not a act of desperation. No matter what too many takers and too few Makers is not long term sustainable.

      20. An economic recovery for the average, middle class person was never in the plan. The government has been totally focused on the bifarcated economic recovery. It has been about using the bailout funds to direct it to the clandestine economies of the military-industrial complex, the space industry, spies and surveillance, secret science. The other part has been about diverting wealth to Asia and parts of the third world to build a global middle class. Americans who aren’t part of that have never been Obama’s priority. These parts of the economy are booming and thriving.

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