Mourn the Death of the United States: “Soon We Will Be Ripe For Internal Collapse… Or A Large War”

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    This week we remembered our fallen veterans.

    We may also remember the United States, as she was, for she, too, has fallen: from forces inside that have collapsed and denigrated it.  The good old days are long gone.  The country is now in a soft-tyranny, a semi-totalitarian state.  All it will take is a spark to turn it into a full-blown totalitarian regime.  For decades, this planned destruction of the United States has been orchestrated: by the “progressive” oligarchy, the politicians, and foreign forces in both of the aforementioned categories.

    The universities have been paid by the oligarchs and enriched to pursue a path of scholastic curriculum to inculcate the desires of those paymasters into the youth.  The college students are being molded into globalists, communal group-think, and to reject the history and greatness of the United States.  Embraced in the schools and trickling down into our society are foreign views and foreign ways that, if not antithetical to our system are openly hostile to it.

    And the net draws closer to closing.  Look at all of the things that are happening, and see.  Everything is being brought under control…so slowly that the sheep do not know they are being sheared and the frogs do not feel the temperature rising in the five-gallon pot.  Cameras are rapidly appearing on virtually every corner.  License plate readers are being installed.  Drivers’ licenses will need to be “in-sync” in 2017 just for domestic air travel.  If this is not the dawn, the precursor to an internal passport system then what is it for?

    Banks fill out a SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) for the withdrawal of cash transactions even less than the original $10,000 initiated by the Rico Statute back in the 80’s.  People are being denied the ability to withdraw their cash, as with JP Morgan.  People are being harassed by the bank managers, and these being customers with long histories of banking with the establishments.  Larry Summers inserts his diatribe regarding the abolition of larger banknotes and openly is contemptuous of any kind of cash transactions.

    The death of cash will be the death of any kind of privacy or financial freedom.  Every purchase then will be recorded, every location where you made the purchase, and all of the amounts and details of your purchases.  There are the “loyalty cards” that further categorize and monitor what you bought to predict (as marketing) your shopping habits.  The problem: that information is no longer private, thanks to the NDAA and the Federal Government’s ability to sequester (for whatever reason, however inane) those records “in the interests of national security.”

    They didn’t build that $50-billion-dollar data collection center in Ogden, UT for nothing.

    The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America has been decimated, under the guises of social responsibility and “political correctness.”  The states, as well as the federal government are designing a “Newspeak” type of language that does not allow us to voice our opinions or even use certain words in the context of a conversation, a protest, or a dispute.  The influx of foreigners that are both undocumented and illegal is staggering, and the system cannot support it.  Those foreigners are not only the illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America.  The influx also includes foreigners from the Middle East, coming first to Mexico and finding anonymity in the groups of aliens that come across our borders from Mexico.

    The prices of goods such as food and fuel are rising.  This is deliberate on the part of the corporations with the “sanctioning” of local, state, and federal governments.  Small farmers are almost extinct, with only 5-7% of the population of the U.S. being full-time farmers.  The gigantic businesses such as Monsanto and Cargill, to name a few, are gobbling up the tracts of land and the farms.  The “factory” farms are now more than just a reality: our entire consumer base is dependent upon the harvests of these gigantic corporations.  “Soylent Green” is right around the corner, as all of the farms in that movie were under the corporate-governmental control. Agenda 21 is not just a catch-phrase: it is happening now.

    The feds and the states are “partners” in taking away the federal and state lands in the interests of conservation, funded by the oligarchs and their NGO’s and the funds also sequestered to bribe politicians at the local level to institute legislation that enables the theft of the land.  The CKST water compact in Western Montana is a prime example: The Democrat-controlled legislation and the Democratic governor passed the laws.  These laws grant the Indian Tribes all of the surface and subsurface water in the outlined region…off of the reservation…to be monitored by the Bureau of Internal Affairs and Indian Affairs, and enforced by none other than the Department of Homeland Security.  The “birth” of such took place last year, and the slow, incremental process of completing the thefts of everyone’s (including mine) water rights has begun.  Meters on every well, with the monies going to the tribe as handled by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and enforceable by DHS with the complicity of the Sheriff’s Departments here in Montana.

    Social unrest has been promoted, and an artificial racial divide is fostered and funded: from “Black Lives Matter” to the recent nonsense of all Caucasians being “racists and bigots” as reported in various news and alternative news segments.  Bull.  Absolute bull.  The President of the U.S. is black, and would never have been elected…twice…if he hadn’t captured the white voters.  And what a president: promoting racial divide on his own, in his insidiously-subtle manner, whether over the Zimmerman shooting affair or the riots in 2015.

    The per-capita income in the U.S. has plummeted.  Obamacare has forced businesses to keep all employees under 30 hours a week, forcing people to take two or three jobs…taxed on all of them, of course…just to eke out a meager “leftover” after the governments (federal and state) have gorged 33-40% of their labors.  Businesses are shutting down all over the United States, closing their doors for good or shutting down a large portion of their operations, and firing tens of thousands of employees nationwide in the process.  The Baltic Dry Index is up and down, and contracts are not being fulfilled to the end.

    We were at the tipping point.  The TPP will finish us off, along with the destruction of the military by Obama.  Just look at the Secretary of the Army.  When will it be that latrines in the service will be “transgender” or such?  The deliberate weakening of the United States military is almost complete.  Soon we will be ripe for either one of two things, or both, either in conjunction or succession: the internal collapse of the United States or a large war.  May God help us, although we don’t deserve any help.  We deserve judgment, and perhaps that has already been rendered, as the United States falls farther every day.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Got any news?

      2. We have now entered the “Twilight Zone”.

        • Beyond this world strange things are known
          Use the key, unlock the door
          See what your fate might have in store…


          • Working man . Was RUSHES best song?

        • Didn’t that series start each show with, “We are taking over your TV set”?

          • That was “The Outer Limits”.
            If yer gonna do it, do it, start the music before I’m too old ta dance.

        • More BS from a Military Person. Well F-You and we don’t appreciate what you have done to our Country besides bankrupting us, and stealing our freedoms.

          Here is why we don’t appreciate you scumbags.
          I don’t appreciate the military making widows and orphans.

          I don’t appreciate the military invading other countries.

          I don’t appreciate the military claiming to be a global force for good.

          I don’t appreciate the military opening up combat roles to women.

          I don’t appreciate the military flying jets over sporting events.

          I don’t appreciate the military wanting a higher budget.

          I don’t appreciate the military preying on vulnerable high school students.

          I don’t appreciate the military claiming to defend our freedoms.

          I don’t appreciate the military occupying other countries.

          I don’t appreciate the military reciting vile and filthy cadences.

          I don’t appreciate the military garrisoning the planet with troops.

          I don’t appreciate the military making Americans hated around the world.

          I don’t appreciate the military launching preemptive strikes.

          I don’t appreciate the military enforcing no-fly zones in other countries.

          I don’t appreciate the military fighting immoral wars.

          I don’t appreciate the military providing disaster relief in other countries.

          I don’t appreciate the military spreading democracy at the point of a gun.

          I don’t appreciate the military bombing other countries.

          I don’t appreciate the military recruiting gullible teenagers.

          I don’t appreciate the military fighting unnecessary wars.

          I don’t appreciate the military building overseas bases.

          I don’t appreciate the military wasting millions of gallons of fuel.

          I don’t appreciate the military killing civilians and dismissing it as collateral damage.

          I don’t appreciate the military providing humanitarian aid in other countries.

          I don’t appreciate the military fighting foreign wars.

          I don’t appreciate the military unnecessarily sending Americans to their deaths.

          I don’t appreciate the military engaging in offense instead of defense.

          I don’t appreciate the military staging patriotism at sporting events.

          I don’t appreciate the military rebuilding infrastructure in other countries after destroying it.

          I don’t appreciate the military acting as the president’s personal attack force.

          I don’t appreciate the military supporting a network of brothels around the world.

          I don’t appreciate the military being the world’s policeman, fireman, and social worker.

          I don’t appreciate the military intervening in other countries.

          I don’t appreciate the military bombing, maiming, and killing under the flag of the United States.

          I don’t appreciate the military blindly following orders.

          I don’t appreciate the military fighting unjust wars.

          I don’t appreciate the military advertising on billboards.

          I don’t appreciate the military fighting senseless wars.

          I don’t appreciate the military carrying out an aggressive, reckless, and belligerent U.S. foreign policy.

          I don’t appreciate the military sponsoring race cars.

          I don’t appreciate the military creating terrorists and insurgents because of its interventions.

          I don’t appreciate the military carrying out drone strikes that regularly miss their targets.

          I don’t appreciate the military changing foreign regimes.

          I don’t appreciate the military advertising on television.

          I don’t appreciate the military fighting wars that are not constitutionally declared.

          I don’t appreciate the military lying to potential recruits.

          I don’t appreciate the military unleashing sectarian violence in the Middle East.

          I don’t appreciate the military making us less safe because of its interventions.

          I don’t appreciate the military going where they have no business going.

          I don’t appreciate the military bombing wedding parties in Afghanistan.

          Fifty is enough. I think you get the point why I don’t appreciate the military.

          If the things I have listed are true, and I have no doubt that they are, then why do so many people who ought to know better—including some libertarians—still go out of their way to try to find something to appreciate about the military? Are they military idolators?

          I might appreciate the military if it actually defended the United States, secured U.S. borders, protected U.S. soil, guarded U.S. shores, patrolled U.S. coasts, and enforced no-fly zones over U.S. skies instead of doing these things in other countries. I might appreciate the military if it were a global force for good instead of evil. I might appreciate the military if it actually defended our freedoms.

          The Best of Laurence M. Vance


          • Most of what you don’t appreciate are done by politicians, not the military. And because of countless men and women of the past ,you have (at least for now) the freedom to express your distaste for the military. Does your distaste for the military include the military people, or an abstract
            entity? If you are dissatisfied with these 50 truism, then might I suggest you vote your congressmen/women out of office.

          • WhoWTFKnows, haven’t a clue about the military have you? Do you think they enlist, and they run off on their own to kill or defend as they please? REALLY? You are indeed ‘focusing’ your despair at those who have “little or nothing to say” about ANYTHING that is going on in the world today. TPTB are in charge of The Military. Marines work DIRECTLY for Obama (no middleman), which is why they are “running on empty” as Obama has cut funding so that when WE NEED THEM ….(to fight for The USA), there won’t be a damned thing left to do it with save for broken down choppers and ancient, worn out battle-axed long rifles and pistols.
            Military men and women are expected to carry out their orders (if not, you go to a place far worse than a prison and ruin the remainder of your life for “failure to carry out a direct order from a superior officer.” NOBODY is going to do anything to get a dishonorable discharge that warrants the remainder of your life will remain in shambles …with you being a homeless veteran as the aftermath (every time).
            The way you’ve got it stated, you’d have anyone believe it is the fault of every last military member, veteran or active duty …when it is actually them HAVING NO CHOICE but to carry out their orders or “get creamed for life, possibly shot by firing squad or ‘friendly fire’, or just disappear” for NOT complying with orders.
            Your ignorance is unacceptable and amplified by the text of your post against the military. You DO realize that if it were not for the military, you would be speaking German and perhaps a bit of Japanese ‘to boot’ …making you a Stalinist or Nazi “at heart”. Which is it?
            Please, STOP ‘bending the truth’ as you sound like Hitlery and the other TRUE source of the problems. The men and women of the military have NEVER been the problem. They were either inducted or volunteered to serve, which is a “prestigious” position, and not one given for the likes of you to ‘shit’ on at will.
            GO NAVY
            SEMPER FI

            * I DO understand where you are coming from. It is only that your anger is being misdirected to the wrong ‘targets’. And, I see Obama has “gotten to you” as well, or you wouldn’t be saying it in the ‘blindness’ you portray.

            You would be perfectly happen under Nazi Rule? Without a military that’s about where’d we would be RIGHT NOW if it wasn’t for a lot of military men and women dying, for the likes of you. What a waste…

          • You are a raving lunatic. ‘Nuff said.

          • fuck you too, very much.

      3. This is the reason many speak of the need for some sort of reset. Life is becoming unbearably over-regulated and it is now all but impossible to live life on your own terms, free from interference. The issues that concern me the most are the new trade deals and a possible gun ban. I do not want the US to lose any more of it’s sovereignty than it already has, especially to large, for profit multi-national corporations that are accountable to no one.

        What really frightens me though is the possibility that resistance truly may be futile. What will we do when the tanks roll in and all we have are small arms? Will it just be a repeat of the Hungarian uprising of 1956, where armor wins the day and the citizens are crushed beneath it’s tracks? Or do we take a page from the Afghanis and fight the empires through relentless guerilla campaigns that last for decades and ultimately end in repelling the invaders only to be left with a shattered husk of a country? I wish I knew. The thing that frightens me the most is what comes of any such uprising. I have no idea how to keep the same sort of people from rising to power that already have it today, thus nullifying any victory.

        • 4th gen. warfare – you don’t take out the tank, you take out the person giving the tank orders.

          • I agree that it will probably be decades of 4 gen,and yes,a shattered husk of a country.I would say the country is already getting shattered and to give it up to the puppet masters complete and easy is not a option I would choose.As a carpenter good at rebuilding things,as citizens of this country we can rebuild the good while dumping the rest,we as citizens are at the point of nothing to lose and everything to gain.

            • I agree with Paleface, it will be 4th gen all the way. You need to make them think that each time they step out their door that they just might not make it back home. One more thing, if they do make it home their family many not be waiting for them, because they will be fair game too.

          • No need to take out the tank when you can easily cause one or both tracks to misalign and fall off. (At the same time render it impossible to get out of).
            Americans are extremely resourceful people, even the ones that are not “the brightest bulbs in the closet have much to offer.” We have been made to do so much with so little that we can now do anything with nothing.
            So, what’s the problem? The picture (the above story) is painted “far darker” that what it presently is. The Feds are “playing the field” (where it is safer for them at the moment).
            Prepping is most certainly a requirement to survival in what is to come as there is NO WAY our ‘feds’ have the resources to do 1/8th of the things they would have you believe they are capable of. And, if they can convince you that you already have no rights left to fight for the REAL DUMMIES will believe it and give it up …and learn their lessons the hard way.
            Those of us who have been around the block a few times are not easily fooled by these ‘idiots’, and we know damn well what they would LIKE to do with us …yet they are almost clueless as to how we’ll deal with them (the element of surprise is not going to be “announced” save to those with a need to know). As for the ‘unknowing remainder’, they will figure it out very quickly and act accordingly (or take on lead.
            The events that occur between now and November will and has already become a ‘connect the dots’ scenario, with a myriad of possible endings …and not necessarily what The Feds would like (as everything that Obama has done to defile our nation was done illegally, therefore we only need to rid ourselves of “their system” (liars, cheats, thieves, self-seekers …I’ve no need to repeat what millions have already said, though it IS somewhat pleasureable ‘downing them’, yet I’d rather do it with a more permanent aftermath.
            Blacks want a race war with us? Fine, bring it on. Illegal immigrants have a bone to pick with us ON OUR SOIL? BANG! (Who else would like to negotiate now)?
            As patriots who know damn well what the aftermath shall be should we do nothing (or, God forbid, lose), therein lies all the reasons and ‘force’ that we need to draw upon to render their efforts little more than “null & void” …and I’m of a mind there are many states more than willing to go along with the people on that much (there are what? 21 states or more that have filed suit against BamBam’s Administration and more coming). Sounds good to me. Every last “THINKING” citizen should do the same – Pro Bono (representing yourself, with an AR-15 or weapon of your choice).
            In reality, we are speaking of MILLIONS against a pathetically small number (no matter their tools), AND THEY KNOW THIS OR DON’T YOU THINK WE WOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN PLOWED UNDER?
            They KNOW Americans are fed up with their horse-shit tactics, illegalities and lies (such as Bill and Hillary Clinton having a chance at The White House). Good grief! Wasn’t Bill ‘dismissed’ to put it mildly, and now they are ‘twisting all kinds of laws’ to try and ensure Hillery wins “hands down’ …and their just ain’t no way that bitch has any right what-so-ever being a POTUS and her past performances are all that is needed to justify the means to her end.
            No matter how one ‘cuts this cake’, we are all in for a very long and drawn out “War of Uncertainty” that will eventually vanquish their asses from their thrones of power (how easy would that be? …just make money absolutely worthless and they are essentially screwed …as in broke. WE CAN RECOVER – – yet without taxation THEY cannot, and it is about as simple as that.
            Now, how long before everyone starts to “see” …as it is appearing we are getting down to ‘brass tacks’ and the number of months, perhaps even weeks in some metros, is getting shorter and bringing “all things” closer and into fruition (keeping in mind that 90% of what you hear is bullshit, so remember that). This is still America and we still live and breathe The Constitution no matter WHO would like us to think differently.
            In other words, they are speaking precisely as we expected to do …it is all a big mind game that, this time, we are NOT falling for nor going to sit idly by and allow to destroy every last facet of The American Way Of Life.
            And, being that they seek the deaths of billions, it is a good resolution to let them lead the way in that department, and be the first ones to “go to hell away”- – courtesy of Smith & Wesson.

            • Bud, damn good post and nothing I can dispute.

              • TY BraveHeart. I’ve another consideration for everyone. The SIZE of The United States as compared to other countries. The sheer size makes it “a formidable challenge” (to even the highest trained soldiers) …and when you add well over 1 million gun-toting, pissed off Americas the odds of being “over-run” become ‘nil-to-none’ (as in “IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN”). The USA COULD NOT TAKE DOWN VIETNAM – – and we are JUST as “hard-core” as they …yet neither could win against the other.
                The same will hold true for anyone out there seeking to take us down. It won’t happen because we will not quit anymore than The Vietnamese would not quit (they too would rather die then be subjected to another country’s “ideas” of what they SHOULD be). Fuck that right?
                This is another reason we’ve not been plowed under, and no matter how many more illegal laws they pass …it will change nothing. Illegal is illegal and our powers-that-be are all corrupt and seeking to destroy our country. So, fuck THEM! In due time they’ll find out ALL THE FOLLIES of their thinkings …and die.

                So, as the ‘song goes’, Stand beside her, and guide her… (as opposed to allowing her to be run into the ground by a small crowd of sheisters)! I prefer to call them ‘targets’ being provided “free of charge” for training purposes.

                MOLON LABE

            • Very well said friend! I can feel it in the air, and have felt “something” coming for several years. Who knows when it will happen, but I guarantee it WILL HAPPEN!

            • VERY well said, Brother. I for one have your six.

      4. “We deserve judgment, and perhaps that has already been rendered, as the United States falls farther every day.”

        Coming soon.

        Whether it is from the heavens or from other countries, the debts, the entitlements, the laziness, the lack of responibility/morality and lack of effort to take action to perserve and keep itself safe has ensured the rest of this century and maybe forever, the usa will be a paper tiger and its citizens will endure harsh conditions because of it.

        where the future looks good for this country, i do not know.

      5. I say let’s give war a chance. There are so many things that need to be “cleaned up” in this country. You can’t take care of business with all the pesky laws in place. Anarchy 101.

      6. and o’bama smiles with anticipation of instituting Martial Law and having the UN “save” us

        • Stevor

          You are correct. This just might happen.

          Damn those blue helmets make great targets!

          A.S.M.S. T.T.


          • SGT.Dale.

            The U.N. isn’t going to save shit. In fact, it would aggravated the problem.

            As I have stated before.

            If illegal aliens come within our boarders, waving their National Flag and causing problems. I consider that an act of WAR. Especially when they stated they want to take land into their procession.
            The American people are too dumb to see this aggression.
            Californians, Texans, New Mexicans and Arizonians are complacent with an ENEMY of the United States.

            The rest of the country watch the President get away with this crap of promoting illegal crossings. That makes us part of the problem.
            Then we deserve what lies ahead.
            Pastor Wright is getting His Prayer’s answered. How do you like that.

            Not throwing stone at you, Sarge. Just getting worked up.

            • Anon
              That OK we all have to VENT!!!

              Like you I believe we are being invaded also.

              Stay Frosty.


          • Sarge, those blue helmets will definitely be in my rifle’s scope. I’ll give those UN boys some ‘free ventilation’.

            • Brave,
              You know it is hot down here in the southwest so ventilation is a needed thing!!! IF you get my drift! HA!

              • Apache54, LOL. I read you five by five. I understand those helmets get hot, so I’m sure some ‘free AC’ will be in order!

      7. We deserve judgement.

        Every time I see that crock I want to kick the “victim” in the arse. I cuss a blue streak every time I hear or read that. Classic abuser talk to the abused to convince them to stay in abusive relationships. Stop the self-flagellation! You not getting enough abuse from others?

        • Rebeca: They have Stokholm Syndrome eh?….They fall in Love with their torturers and tormentors….Then claim we “all” deserve vast Punishments like they get!

          Because its far eaiser than to actually get really Wized-Up on just whom are those elusive TPTB bunch, and do a final soultion fix of it.

      8. This is why we prep!

        We all know that something is coming, but what. dose it really matter. It is going to be bad.


        • How about – – it can only get as bad as we allow it to get? (Like a water filter needs changing about once a month – – TPTB need to be ‘rendered GONE’, and then us, returned to our Constitutional “law of the land” by OURSELVES –> Reinstated by We, The People.
          Someone once said, if you conceive of it, then it already exists. Well now, I can most certainly “conceive” of a new, Constitutional America just as we once had and that works like a Swiss watch …therefore, IT CAN BE DONE!
          What our enemies are hoping for is based upon premises that are ‘shaky’, “too many fingers in the pot”, and since they are all liars isn’t it “A GIVEN” that there will be ALL KINDS of THEM “selling out” to save THEIR asses (from us) whereas, none of We The People would ever come close to choosing such a pathetic path to follow. WE ARE FOCUSED …they are employing PyOps and Fear (and not one damn thing more than that).
          So there. There isn’t anything to be scared of except perhaps their lying mouths or “empty threats” …as they do NOT have nearly the power many believe they do. Get a grip then hang onto it…

      9. Time to pick sides. New country or new world order? Other countries are rebelling against the new world order ,why not us? When do we reach truly fed up?

        • To Jim and everyone else. I already chose my side over 20 years ago. I’m going to stand up and fight, regardless of the outcome. I wasn’t made to be anyone’s mindless robot, or march to some tyrant’s song, etc. I realize there is a good chance I won’t live all the way through what’s coming in this land. I’m more like Kulafarmer; I just don’t give a shit anymore. I feel more and more threatened by TPTB and all the other scum out here as time goes by. I’ve been getting in some target practice at the BOL the last 2 days. Got to keep the skills up to par for the ‘upcoming festivities’. I have to go back to the concrete jungle Thur. but I’m coming back here in July just before the Repub convention. It’s possible trouble will erupt in a lot of cities about that time. That time frame could become ‘bugout’ time for me. Watching and waiting.

      10. ‘A Coward Dies a Thousand Times,
        A Brave Man Dies but Once.’

      11. Well that was a big shit sandwich. If we get unruly Obummer enacts martial law he wins. If not we keep getting chipped away at slowly. Can you see anything positive in Americas future. I don’t nothing at all good happening for ordinary folks. I don’t understand why people aren’t revolting as I write this. Everyone keeps complying knowing it’s just a matter of time before shtf hits. I don’t get why a movement isn’t organized. Forget make America great again. More like take back America.

        • Lots of folks are in motion A. Let me give you an example. In towns and cities all across america, illegal aliens who are given “migrant houses” are finding them torched to the ground. The occupants have all been found with a single round to the cranium. The local police have ruled that this is NOT a hate crime.

        • …reckon it would be damned hard to inflict Martial Law upon We The People when MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of us “Just Say No” and “let loose” (as I figure THAT will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back). Declaration of M.L. would be unConstitutional, illegal and only enacted to screw us over.
          Who is going to “go along” with THAT bullshit? Really? Perhaps a few mindless idiots will (there are always ‘those kind’ all too eager to get a pat on the head for being mindless).
          And, in foresight, how long could how many last against millions of VERY FOCUSED AMERICANS WITH BUT ONE GOAL IN MIND? Would YOU stand in “our” way? Okay. They won’t either …bank on it.

        • AssHat; do ya reckon that a resistance of ANY kind is going to advertise themselves on FOX and CNN? 🙂 Consider that there are approximately 50 millions pissed of veterans, some VERY ‘fresh’ (just coming back from The Mid-East) …and not-a-one of them have any intentions of allowing TBTB to ‘take her down.”
          Rest assured that on Day One of a Presidentially Announced Martial Law (which most will find out from LEOs ‘on the road’ sending folks back home after ‘pilfering their vehicles for weapons’ or any reason to arrest them), that you’ll be “educated” as to what is being done now (oh so very quietly). Obama KNOWS that to declare Martial Law with instill a war of unrest (at the very least). He may decide to try to use this to HIS advantage (having us kill off ourselves is THEIR thinking, and they don’t mind if the LEOs are slain either if you give it some thought).

          Will he? Probably yes, At anytime RIGHT AFTER A HUGE RIOTOUS OUTBREAK begins (that HE will have ‘staged’ in order to have a reason to do so).

          Non-compliance on our side is absolutely essential, or you’ll have lost before you as much as start-to-resist. In other words, at the very first sign of ‘it’, get down, get lower than low, and STAY THERE (praying you are not detected so that you do not have to engage). Upon THAT ‘wise’, you WILL KNOW when “The People” have past “the riot point” and into “whatever you wish to call it” (anarchy, rebellion, war, revolution, etc). The name doesn’t matter. Winning does.

          Take no names nor prisoners and never engage when you can run or hide (to keep the fight on YOUR terms and not theres you see)? That is the key to living through ‘war’ my friends …that’s the key. We all have brains and must use them to snuff this shit out.

          I am enjoying the media ATTEMPTING to make it appear to the public that the government is “trying to fix itself” (such as IRS ‘stonewalling’ Congress to avert having to answer for their lies). We, in the meantime, should NOT pay taxes. That alone will get ALL their attention. It also would not hurt to show America’s Powers that Be that without us, NOTHING IN THE NATION would work. Trucks can’t delivery without drivers. Crops die without watering and care …etc. (Divert EVERYTHING to the people and keep them “out of the loop” ….THEY will get hungry too), and KNOWING that they “are in the wrong”, are paranoid as can be ….so use it to your advantage and drop hate mail on everyone in your state who has anything to do with government …except your local Sheriff, who is most likely on YOUR side and DO NOT LISTEN that the ‘state and feds’ are in collusion (if that were true there would not be 21 states or more with “cases filed for suit” against TPTB right? Damn right! e-k-i-a

      12. Yep my body will be on the surface to be eaten by roaming dred lock or at the bottom of mass grave, rotting and decaying, or may just kill out ) The enemy and survive it, and I am really phucking counting on my skills and I bet my ass I will survive it.


        Potential 3%’r survivor..

        2016-2017 was fun while it lasted.

        • Potential 0% survivor cuz you’re an illiterate “tough-ass”. STFU

          • HCKS has cognitive impairment once in a while. His attempt at elf promotion is easy to dismiss. I actually do believe him about working in the home renovation field as a line worker. He appears to have someone else write his comments for him at times. Sometimes he is illiterate and the difference is drastic. I think he huffs fumes from paint thinner and starts typing. Please be patient with him. HCKS is nothing compared to brave heart. (Yes….brave heart). Braveheart makes up almost every word he types.

        • Then I reckon I’ll have to come over there, dig your ass up and say, “Come on HCKS, it ain’t over and you ain’t getting outta nuttin’. lol…

      13. Sitting here with a ice cold 12oz ‘pork chop'(long-neck Yuengling). Been out in this stifling heat fixing dumbasses broken AC units. Why is it when some ones AC is not working they keep running it damaging it further? It damn sure ain’t gonna fix itself! Ah the dumbasses, its like those who won’t prepare. Poor little 20,30, 40 year olds and the spoiled rich, won’t make it without AC when the SHTF. Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

        • POP,

          My mom and dad’s quit Saturday. My guess is its the start cap on the compressor. Flipped off the breaker and left it off

          My Dad is a fairly healthy 91. I asked him if they’d be OK. He said, sure! They’ll do like we used to do when I was a kid: Open the house up and night, cool everything down. Close it up about 8am and leave it closed up until evening again. Might get up to 80 but, jeez, a little sweat never hurt anybody.

          Repair guy is totally booked. I know several people that had a broken AC but didn’t get it fixed back when it was cool because nobody can afford anything. Nobody manages their finances, their households, their kids, their property. They all live like a bunch of slobs. But, by golly, they drive newer cars than me and have fancier houses! (My secret: I’m nearly debt free and my stuff will all work the the grid goes out.)

          Next time, maybe God will see fit to put me on the smart planet. I thank him often for the people on here. You all give me hope that all is not lost.


            Get a sheet about four feet wide as nearly as tall as your average ceiling (most measure 7foot-6inches). Suspend the sheet from the ceiling using nails or whatever and place the lower end into a ‘wall papper wetter’ (or anything that will hold one or two gallons of water). Now, put a fan, or several fans behind it and let them blow. This causes evaporation and DOES ‘cool down’ the house up to ten degree (or more if you have multiple ‘setups’ of the same). These worked for many a black family in the south before A/C became affordable, and in all southern states has been used “since electricity and fans were around” to create simple “Evaporative Cooling” that works. Try it! Take 5 minutes or less and you are in business…

      14. Hey Jeremiah, you are the problem not the solution. You are making big time retirement from an account you never paid into. You get free medical and don’t have to worry about squat because the taxpayers are picking up the tab for you. What a farce you are, dipstick.

        • Hes the 1%!!!!

        • More and more I see Millennials blaming older folks for the horrific state our nation is in.
          The NWO oligarchs are good at creating division amongst the populace, e.g., black and Hispanic against white, rich against poor, young against old, etc.

          The vast majority of older folks worked for 45 years or more and they were, like younger people today, forced through TAXATION to give up large amounts of their money to a corrupt government to use as they saw fit.
          Government promised them social security, thanks to Democratic Progressive FDR’s “New Deal”, and Democratic Progressive Lyndon Johnson helped create Medicare in 1966.
          Government continues to make those same false promises to todays youth, but because of increased access to information, more and more people are realizing that government (the oligarchs) are not there to serve or protect the population, but to use our extorted tax monies to fund their agenda.

          Get off the young versus old bit Taxd, those same old catchwords were being used in the 1960’s; besides, the elderly have been taxed far longer than you, they’ve paid into the system far longer than you have, they were DRAFTED into wars that were never meant to be won, and now the oligarchs are throwing the elderly as well as todays youth, under the bus.
          We’re all in this together.

          • JD, damn good points. We’ll all suffer regardless of age, color, gender, etc.

            • Braveheart1776

              All that matters is what happens in the next 180 days or so.

              • Anon, that’s what concerns me. The next 180 days could prove to be more ‘interesting’ than anyone bargained for.

        • Dear Mr. Tax,

          Actually you’re wrong. When I resigned my commission I also declined my pension. My wife had cancer at the time, and she recovered from it. I receive no medical benefits and no pension, after my 22 years of service, in the same manner that I sent the “stimulus check” of ‘09 back with “Void: Not Accepted” on it in “Ranger Highlighting” (a black magic marker).

          While I was in I saved my money, which I paid my taxes upon. I left the service and went into business on my own, without help from government, family, friends, or other.

          I used to build houses before entering the service, learning a trade prior to my graduation from college. I still do it now, and pay my taxes upon my income, which is not substantial. I live neither exorbitantly nor on anyone else’s efforts except my own. While I was in, the government helped treat my wife’s cancer, however, when I left the service the continuing chemo almost took every dime we had saved.

          After I left I never took one dime of your money.

          Hope this helps clarify things a little, as you do not know me…at all. Thanks for your letter. Have a nice day.

          Respectfully Yours,


          • We bought ammo and powder with ours. Every little bit helps and we appreciate the ‘little kick’ of contempt by taking a bad thing and using it for future ‘good’!
            Anyone doing their homework would have never voted for Obama had they ‘back-tracked’ his record of questionable ‘things’ during all phases of his “rearing up” (the greatest being that he was raised by Muslims and crackpots of the same).

        • Agreed about Jeremiah, living off his past over inflated stories. Selling merchandise but peddling “fear porn”, which reflect him passes Novels.

          Folks, just keep aware about your surroundings, prep and prep again. Practice with your weapons and add to your knowledge for survival, in this trying environment.

          Remember God every day. Aim small, miss small.

      15. Po’d that’s exactly what I am taking about, the see whining people. I need to ge My ac fixed now. Let me then fix it post shtf..not may biased idiots at it finest. You must laughing it your self in the field.. at least you the shtf 3%…just broke a damn spark plugs wire this weekend sweating mys ass off with grease in my air and al over My sorry ass.. with high humidity…as felt the heat ripping off the top of my phucking skull. Try changing spark plug wires on and LT-1.. A big pain in the ass..ot take almost 2 hrs just to do the wires.


        • Can you PLEASE learn proper English and punctuation? Your posts make NO FUCKING SENSE.

          Take your meds asshat.

          • Is dmonic an English teacher?

          • DMONIC

            You did not get a HCKS Decoder Ring, did you.

            • Sniff a bag of airplane model Glue prior to read houston hicks posts…Then it all makes perfect sense!

              Glue sniffers must stick together as one right?

          • Says the guy who can’t spell “demonic” properly. Oh the irony.

      16. I am going to give this Nation about six months before the wheels fall off. Too much crap to deal with and more coming to our shores each day. Got to Love, Chicago Gang Bangers.
        I was looking at the pictures, Ferfal showed of families in Venezuela with the food they had left in their homes. Very little.
        Greenspan says that is coming to the USA.

        Get it together while there is time.

        • We have. Have you?

          • Bud.

            Been working very hard on how to beat the heat. Especially wearing body armor in Florida. Testing various cooling cloths. Using crushed ice in camel back. Inserting small block and tubular blue ice packs in vests. Even underwear that dissipates body heat.

            Long Hot Humid Summer on the way.

      17. I know I’ve said this before, no air conditioning ever living in Florida most of my life. I’m fine with the weather, a slight chill now, I’m bundled up. 95 degrees and 90 percent or higher humidity does not faze me. I hear the AC units cranking non stop.

        • Me too I worked outside all day. and it was 90 degrees. I drank iced tea and ate very little. We do have AC in one bedroom. And if it breaks down I know how to fix it myself.

      18. JJ- THE master of FEAR PORN!

        • So why are you here then, troll?

      19. Regardless of the time or place in history every society and culture with it’s traditions eventually collapsed. The difference today is the modern West, with all our faults, was the freest, wealthiest, most enlightened, created and achieved more good, benefited general humanity more, and progressed farther in every way than anyone could have possibly imagined. If anyone denies these things are either truly simple-minded and unable to be taught and learn beyond a basic elementary level, or weak-minded and has been successfully propagandized to believe something else.
        It is not by accident that knowledge, freedom, and progress were possible because America was in it’s inception and growth basically a (I know this will offend some) European and Christian society, with oceans to protect us from forces who otherwise would have tried to destroy it. You can objectively examine the history of the world and make all the comparisons you like, but you’ll see I’m telling the truth.
        Another fallacy being propagated is that all cultures are equal, that is patently absurd. This is being taught, rather it is indoctrination, at all levels of education. There are societies today where the majority of people cannot read and write, do not have developed infrastructure, no rule of law, etc. and have not progressed in any way. The purpose is obvious, to make younger generations of Americans believe there is absolutely nothing better or even different between our country or any other country.
        I’m trying to understand why the developed part of the world is voluntarily committing suicide, actually facilitating their demise. The paradox is that migrants are flooding in from the world’s hellholes and claim their religion and culture is superior, yet just look at what have done to their own homelands. The developed and democratic governments are subsidizing the deterioration of their own cultures and societies that took centuries to create but only a few generations to destroy. I can promise you future generations will despise what TPTB have done in our time.
        Once the TPTB goals have been achieved to degenerate the developed societies close to a third world level individual liberties will be extinguished it will be a new dark age for the vast majority with a small elite who benefits.

        • Well said Billy in Virginia. The Christian and Human Rights oriented society devised by the Founding Fathers of the USA was the most advanced of all time. The recognition of individual rights in preference to rights of the state was a great leap from government structures prior to the 1800s. Too bad many of our fellow citizens have been indoctrinated by the hate-America-first crowd within many of our universities.

          The Constitution dictates the limitations on the Federal Government. It is a shame we have failed to adhere to its structure.

          Yes, we made some mistakes with slavery and other concepts, but those mistakes would be corrected in time if we maintained the original limitations on the Federal Government. It’s too bad we allowed the government to become the behemoth it is today.

      20. With all the challenges facing Americans, there is no reason to become despondent about the future. All this negativity is unhealthy physically, mentally, and spiritually.

        garlic is a great antibiotic especially raw garlic

        Cut up some garlic, put it in some water, let it stand for a while and drink the water. Probiotics and vitamins are good too.

        If you don’t have access to a shower, use hydrogen peroxide and water in a bowl and use a wash cloth or small towel to clean yourself. It works better and easier than soap and water.

        Fasting once a week is a good way to cleanse toxic build up and strengthen self discipline.

        Next month is June. Weddings, barbecues, and poolside parties to honor highschool and college graduates. Life is what you make it. It ain’t forever, so while you can; Eat, Drink, and be merry.

      21. Having lived in South Africa during and after Apartheid I am stunned by the parallels to its fall that are unfolding here. The same internal sellout is clearly manifest. A little bit of investigation will also show the exact same pattern in Rhodesia (Read Ian Smith’s:The Great Betrayal). It is reasonable that the NWO would use the same playbook as it has worked so well before. No white ruled nation will be allowed to exist.

      22. Lesson of the Plucked Chicken
        During those final days of the collapsing Marxist experiment in the Soviet Union, Soviet novelist Chingiz Aitmatov retold the following story, which has been paraphrased here.On one occasion, so it was narrated, Stalin called for a live chicken and proceeded to use it to make an unforgettable point before some of his henchmen. Forcefully clutching the chicken in one hand, with the other he began to systematically pluck out its feathers. As the chicken struggled in vain to escape, he continued with the painful denuding until the bird was completely stripped. “Now you watch,” Stalin said as he placed the chicken on the floor and walked away with some bread crumbs in his hand. Incredibly, the fear-crazed chicken hobbled toward him and clung to the legs of his trousers. Stalin threw a handful of grain to the bird, and it began to follow him around the room, he turned to his dumbfounded colleagues and said quietly, “This is the way to rule the people. Did you see how that chicken followed me for food, even though I had caused it such torture? People are like that chicken. If you inflict inordinate pain on them they will follow you for food the rest of their lives.”

        • Or some of us would wait and gut the motherfker the first chance we got…

      23. Ok since screaming into the wind
        is much like pissing into the wind
        I thought I would pass on a great
        Land Nav tip.
        Mag to grid in the east. add
        Mag to grid in the west. subtract
        Grid to Mag in the west. add
        Grid to Mag in the east subtract
        Think in the terms of automobiles
        an MG car in the East, is plus when
        living in a big city, and it is a minus
        when living in the West big Mtns and such
        GM think GM truck in the West, a plus
        in the East big city, a minus…
        I hope I don’t have to explain this to
        the writer… and I hope this keeps
        some of you legs from wondering around
        in the woods doing your Blair Witch remake
        LMAO… Good Luck out there…

      24. Dmonic is not a troll.. Dmonic hey, I don’t give a flying phuck about grammar. Too busy to give a rats ass about spelling checks. I just get the point across..

        Genius, where the hell are you?.. he must have done some research and ran the hell of town?


        Agency ass clown super moderator.

      25. I am just waiting for the shooting to start. Let the war began.

      26. My country ’tis of thee land of LOST liberty…..of thee I grieve !!

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