Now We Know The Plan: More Surveillance and a Patriot Act For Europe

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 162 comments

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    The irony is almost worse than 9/11.

    Then, President Bush responded by stating, with bravado, that they attacked us because they hate our freedoms.

    This time, the attack against the publication of satirical Mohammed cartoon, was not only an act of terrorism, but an attack on the spirit of free speech.

    And the government response this time? After staging a photo op of world leaders, various heads of state have proposed new waves of surveillance and repressive attempts to ban encryption and violate the freedom of speech in communication devices through new spy policies and laws.

    On Sunday, as more than 3 million people flooded the streets of Paris in support of the free speech principles that Charlie Hebdo embodied, a group of 12 European ministers issued a joint statement calling for internet service providers to more swiftly report and remove online material “that aims to incite hatred and terror.”

    Establishing a framework to enhance police work and intelligence sharing concerning the actions of alleged terrorists and extremists, the joint statement from 12 European ministers and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder declares the intent to: “counter violent extremism” and “fight against radicalization, notably on the Internet,” in part through the “swift reporting [and removal] of material that aims to incite hatred and terror.” Meanwhile, it aims to beef European border control, “step up the detection and screening of travel movements” and enhance law enforcement, particularly in “working to reduce the supply of illegal firearms throughout Europe.”

    Although the statement takes a vow of respect and “scrupulous observance of fundamental freedoms, a forum for free expression, in full respect of the law,” it doesn’t hold much water with the focus on new surveillance and police powers to chill free speech in the name of fighting radicalization. It seems the terrorists have once again won before the fight has even begun.

    The irony should be perfectly palpable, but instead leaders in Europe and the U.S. seem oblivious to the fact that they are, pound for pound, violating many more rights than the terrorists ever could… yet they are not exactly stopping and catching terrorist either. (As a side note, in case the Europeans don’t know, Eric Holder is a pretty poor partner in the effort to reduce the supply of illegal firearms, since he was caught deliberately arming Mexican drug cartels in the Fast and Furious scandal).

    The spirit of freedom is hardly embodied by the leaders of the so-called “free world.”

    As Ron Paul noted:

    The mainstream media immediately decided that the shooting was an attack on free speech. Many in the US preferred this version of “they hate us because we are free,” which is the claim that President Bush made after 9/11. They expressed solidarity with the French and vowed to fight for free speech. But have these people not noticed that the First Amendment is routinely violated by the US government?

    “Another lesson from the attack is that the surveillance state that has arisen since 9/11 is very good at following, listening to, and harassing the rest of us–but is not very good at stopping terrorists.”

    Specifically, France has already proposed new terrorism-surveillance laws – despite have just passed legislation for new powers in November – while the Anglo power are meeting to ramp up security and UK Prime Minister David Cameron has proposed ridiculous and draconian powers to breach encrypted communications.

    Unfortunately, it is par for the course. Problem-reaction-solution.

    Quite often, when attacks happen, fear sets in, and forces antithetical to freedom set in, attempting to control and ‘protect’ society, failing profoundly while trampling over society’s most cherished values. America lived through an entire decade of this nightmare after 9/11.  Jillian York, of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, commented:

    “Nearly every major terrorist attack in the past couple of decades has been followed by new legislation of some kind. France just pushed through new anti-terror regulations in November, and the [prime minister] is already saying that more will be necessary. Where does it stop? These politicians haven’t demonstrated the need for more surveillance, yet it’s always their go-to ‘solution.'”

    Mass surveillance doesn’t only infringe on our privacy, but also our ability to speak freely. The knowledge, or even the perception of surveillance, can prompt writers to think twice before touching upon a given issue.”

    It seems that, egged on by the horror of terrorism, all the governments are capable of doing is more spying, surveillance, invasion of privacy and repression – even though it clearly doesn’t work. From the Verge:

    “[I]nstead of trying to address problems with the existing expansive surveillance powers, governments merely see these crises and fearful times as an opportunity to simply to ask for more,” Mike Rispoli, spokesman for the London-based watchdog Privacy International, wrote in a blog post Tuesday. “Short of creating a society in which thoughts themselves are monitored and controlled by the State, no amount of surveillance powers endowed upon our governments can ensure that all acts of fanaticism and violence can be predicted and prevented.”


    UK Prime Minister David Cameron actually proposed banning encryption as a response to the Hebdo Charlie attacks – and caught a wave
    of criticism from the tech savvy who now run the consumer and computing world.

    Prime Minister David Cameron said the government should be allowed to read encrypted messages on smartphone apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat, adding that the Paris attacks proved the need for greater government access. Experts say an outright ban on these apps wouldn’t be wise or even feasible, but privacy advocates say Cameron’s comments speak to larger, more troubling trends.

    Chastised as being both ‘draconian’ and ‘dim-witted,’ Cameron’s proposed policy is noted as both “ill-thought out and scary” at the same time – a true governement mix of “idiocy” and “draconian.” Cameron stated in his speech:

    “In extremis, it has been possible to read someone’s letter, to listen to someone’s call, to mobile communications,” Cameron said. “The question remains: are we going to allow a means of communications where it simply is not possible to do that? My answer to that question is: no, we must not.”

    As the Guardian reported:

    Independent computer security expert Graham Cluley said: “It’s crazy. Cameron is living in cloud cuckoo land if he thinks that this is a sensible idea, and no it wouldn’t be possible to implement properly.”

    Encryption is the backbone of security that allows modern banking, commerce and communication in the digital world.

    Encryption is what protects your private details when you send your bank details to a server. It’s required for governments and companies when they store customer information, to protect it from hackers and others. And it’s built right in to whole hosts of messaging applications, including iMessage and WhatsApp.

    Tech firms are obviously not going to do business without encryption, so they are instead making preparations to leave the UK if this becomes policy, or likewise, to stop doing business in the UK if British laws would keep global firms from operating as usual.

    Eris Industries, which uses open-source cryptography, has said it is already making plans to leave the UK if the Conservative party is re-elected with this policy in its programme.

    It is true that terrorists use encryption, much as in real life they use bank accounts, locks, money transfer services and public transport. If the presence of terrorists on a given service is reason enough to shut it down, we’ll find there’s really no form of civil society left to defend.

    “We must avoid knee jerk reactions,” said Graham. “In particular, I am concerned about any compromising of effective encryption for consumers of online services.”

    Citizens, businesses, and nation states need to protect themselves. Internet companies are understandably offering their customers online services that are better encrypted following recent security incidents,” said Graham.

    The Open Rights Group stated:

    “Cameron’s plans appear dangerous, ill-thought out and scary,” said Jim Killock, director of the Open Rights Group. “Having the power to undermine encryption will have consequences for everyone’s personal security. It could affect not only our personal communications but also the security of sensitive information such as bank records, making us all more vulnerable to criminal attacks.

    Wow… that is some civil liberties blowback. Enough to take us back a few notches in the Internet era and make a visit to the dark ages.


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      1. The defacation is severely impacting the rotating oscillator now…

        Even moe shit, new day.

        • The only free speech left will be
          the scrawls written by patriots on
          corridor walls.

          • i have a t-shirt i’ve had for nearly a decade, and even in my younger days i knew the power of its statement. it reads:

            it’s still legal

            i can soon expect that we’ll no longer be able to say or do what we think. and pretty soon, our thoughts will be silenced. especially true for the next generation and ones after that.

            let’s not forget about mkultra, and what those bastards did to unwitting citizens…now instead of conditioning and mind altering drugs, it’s in the form of media, social media and the technology involved.

            i hope i’m not the only who’s noticed how brain dead people are these days…common sense is nearly dead.

            • Critical Thinking – The Other National Deficit

              Protest sign

              The pile rises daily…


              • it’s just too bad such messages are greatly ignored…people now rather compete on who can get the most followers and views for their foolish videos, who can eat the most ridiculous garbage, and tasteless humor on sites like youtube, that the masses have been sucked in to its endless servitude.

                what a great way for TPTB to go about their business…let the sheep entertain and control themselves…

                -“ok now we do this”
                -“but sir, the people won’t stand for this”
                -“nothing to worry about, they’re too busy playing with each other to even notice or care what’s really going on”

                • Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

                  George Carlin
                  (1937 – 2008) stand-up comedian, social critic, actor & author


                • George Soros funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action

                  “There’s a solitary man at the financial center of the Ferguson protest movement.”

                  “Mr. Soros spurred the Ferguson protest movement through years of funding and mobilizing groups across the U.S., according to interviews with key players and financial records reviewed by The Washington Times.

                  In all, Mr. Soros gave at least $33 million in one year to support already-established groups that emboldened the grass-roots, on-the-ground activists in Ferguson, according to the most recent tax filings of his nonprofit Open Society Foundations.

                  The financial tether from Mr. Soros to the activist groups gave rise to a combustible protest movement that transformed a one-day criminal event in Missouri into a 24-hour-a-day national cause celebre.”

                  “Other Soros-funded groups made it their job to remotely monitor and EXPLOIT anything related to the incident that they could portray as a conservative misstep, and to develop academic research and editorials to disseminate to the news media to keep the story alive.”

                  Washington Times

              • I keep wondering if that’s what US troops in the EU are really for: to help clamp down on the Revolution that is bound to take place soon…

                not just because of these measures to take away their freedoms, but also because they will be freezing to death soon due to Russia’s shutting off the gas (which was brought about as the result of corrupt politicians siding with corrupt US leaders to sanction Russia)…

                No oil means their economy goes down the drain, and they were already having horrible time due to Elites stealing everything from them…?!

                • Puppets don’t dance by themselves. They do as they are told, regardless of how it affects them, themselves.

            • In a rush to finish up before ‘the End’ I manufactured a new ‘old-saying’ just yesterday. Actually, 32.

              But this one is for you crowd, “To act on what one thinks is Freedom, to act on what one fears is NOT.”

              If you can think of a better end than NOT let me know.


              • To act out of PURPOSE is freedom,
                To act out of fear is not freedom.

                There, fixed it , no charge.

            • Karmageddon, you should take a sharpie and pen it the word “while.”

              Think. While it’s legal.

          • Question! Would you call a person that tries to shout people down every time they try to speak a believer in free speach? Well it seems we have people on this site that make such asinine comments, that they get so many red thumbs that they can’t stand the thought of seeing what most people think of their comments, so they will do anything that they can to stop the Up or Down vote. They hate for you to reject what they have to say, so they make an all out attack on the system they don’t like. Kind of like the Government. Looks like the hackers of the up or down vote are at it again. Trekker Out. They’re Easy To Spot!

            • I thought of writing an analysis program to ferret out the gov employees doing that but I just thought about it instead. They are all for hatred of ‘them’ and ‘war is the answer’. Of course they are also at liberty to say things like ‘kill the police’ as they work for them.

              Hope you do not like any of them accidentally.

            • Lithuania prints ‘how to survive invasion’ manual on Russia fears…

              Drudge Report

              • Direct link…

                “Lithuania is publishing a manual to advise its citizens on how to survive a war on its soil as concerns grow that Russia’s intervention in Ukraine heralds increased assertiveness in its tiny Baltic neighbors.

                “Keep a sound mind, don’t panic and don’t lose clear thinking,” the manual explains. “Gunshots just outside your window are not the end of the world.”

                The manual, which the Defense Ministry will send to libraries next week and also distribute at army events, says Lithuanians should resist foreign occupation with demonstrations and strikes, “or at least doing your job worse than usual”.

                In the event of invasion, the manual says Lithuanians should organize themselves through Twitter and Facebook and attempt cyber attacks against the enemy.”


                • Lithuania is a western puppet state. They are probably being gently “guided” to conjure up some propaganda.

                  You see, the west knows it has no business in affairs over there, and they’ve got no world sympathy for their long-distance meddling.

                  So the plan is to get their puppets who are actually over ‘there’ to dance and our behalf. It seems more credible if people who actually live in the area spout the BS.

                  The only dog Lithuania has in this fight, wears the red, white and blue of America.

          • The terrorists were the ones marching.

          • Maybe it would be a good idea if we attended to our own business, and let Europeans attend to theirs. We sticking our noses into everybody else’s business is what got us into this mess to start with.

            If they want to live like that, it’s their choice. We don’t seem to be doing any better at resistance over here anyway.

            We’re in no position to talk.

        • That’s when you have to have your Bullshit hits the fan plan. All of the shootings are false flag events designed for gun control. TP2B will keep it up until they get their way. Just like Sandy Hoax. Remember an armed population is a free population. Never give up your freedoms or guns and exercise all your rights frequently.

          • UH-OH…… Just out on Fox News this AM. Turns out George Soros funded Ferguson Protestors $33 Million to raise hell and create chaos. Folks the world is a stage and all of these shootings and protests are a set up and false flags to drive a certain agenda. ZOG. I wouls charge Soros liable for all the Ferguson damage and cist of LEO costs and overt uust me. And charge his with inciting a riot. Turns out Obama also workes for Soros when he was a community organizer. As Fox News also reported.

        • The problem is… when one country brings about these corrupt laws, other countries often follow suit… so if it works in the UK, count on the bastards at the top in the US also trying this crap!

          • What do you mean, try that crap here? IT ORIGINATED HERE! Does the PATRIOT ACT and the NDAA sound at all familiar?

      2. Only 3 days removed from the act they managed to prepare this response…or perhaps it was prepared much farther back.

        Still think false flags are a laughing matter, old people?

        • I do ACID, I really do. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

          Sorry, this old man just ran out of steam, can’t type LOL anymore, need a nap and a pre dinner snack after I get my depends changed. Lolllll


          • ACID and Big B

            Is this how it is ?


            CONTROLLING CROWDS 10:24

        • You’re our false flag Acid!

          • Relax; He has his plans, we have ours. Isn’t the first time the Brits have done it. And it won’t be the first time the Gov over here supported them. We had to get a new Gov last time also, we forget that.

          • Jim in Va is obsessed with Acid. Would like to challenge a game of tummy sticks with acid.

            • Jim in VA <—- (Virginia, northern. Government enclave) works for the winning side of the Contest of Losers.

              BigB <—-(Big Butt, also. You might have read about how the federal gov has spent over 12 million dollars as they kept up-sizing his office chair at the URP)

        • Acid, if you are lucky, you will be old sooner than you think.

        • who can laugh anymore?
          This old man cant laugh or it sets his chest a rockin. Then the coughing starts up. Next thing is the phlem, then the coughing gets worse. Get doubled up and bent over, then hock up a good one and just at the time of spitout, the gag reflex kicks in, and here comes the vomit. Ole Cal has a hard time laughing at the Acid. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Dont let us old people stop the yammering, being its your right to sound like a dumbass.

        • Acid, this ‘old fart’ never laughs at false flags. he always takes them seriously.

      3. I guess the regs didn’t work out so well. Amazing that law enforcement knew these guys a long time prior.
        Everything seems so screwed up I don’t know who or what to believe anymore. All this going on and I can not go fishing on my old boat for a retreat from it! God Bless, James

        • Here’s something else that makes you go hmmmm….

          U.S. drug enforcement agency halts huge secret data program

          ht tp://

      4. All are fabricated events to control the herds in Europe and next comes the US of A. Today Swiss Central Bank announced their currency devaluation…….How interesting as far as timing since no one paid attention to it.

        Call me whatever you want but all I can see is the six sided star of the international zionist federal reserve cartels as the main architect.

        BTW, RT news reported that someone in France jokingly twitted about how good AK’s are and that person is in jail.

        • Okay Stolz,

          You are an ignorant Jew hating baboon.

          • Klaus, baboon is the one in the WH selected by your AIPAC tribal brothers and sisters.

            So in Tel Aviv you guys change your screen names to reflect a German ancestry? LOL.

        • The ban on guns in the UK worked so well, they are now rolling out a ban on pointy knives. Thousands have already turned in their pointy knives under the volunteer program. Seriously sounds like a disarming their population before they are slaughtered like cattle before the Big BBQ.

          • They did the same in mid-evil days take the knives, and swords away from the civilians………

            All except the outlaws……..

            You got to love it right ?????????

          • banning drugs worked so well for our gubmint….what could go wrong with banning guns?

          • Banning guns for law abiding citizens because some “bad people” use them is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids

            Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

          • wait watch and learn,, it may be the ending to the story we shouldnt allow to start here.
            oops too late

          • It is now far easier in the UK, to obtain any firearm illegally, because the people are so damn disgusted at the inability of their “government” in “protecting” their basic human rights. Organized Crime in the UK, has a flourishing black market in firearms for private citizens. There are far more people being found dead of shotgun wounds on lonely roads than ever before in the UK and most of the deceased have significant past “history” with the police.
            Source: London Metropolitan Police report 11/2014
            I added this: and most cops are looking the other way, according to my friends in UK law enforcement.

        • All Wars are BankersWars, so in order to make mass sums in profits there must be many conflicts and wars. Such as the Cops vs. The people, Hatred towards Muslims, abortion rights, gay rights, Blacks vs Whites, Jews vs Everbody and peace. You see banks make way more money funding Wars then they do funding peace. So Every body needs to declare War on the Bankers and war mongers and haters. The Tribe just loves and lives to stir up conflicts and chaose, false flags. They are sick cockroaches.

      5. Hell it don’t matter much anymore. We all know how this will end up. Just make sure if it looks like you ain’t goin’ to make it through, make it worth your while. Until then live your life the best you know how and don’t sweat the bullshit stuff.

      6. PO’d Patriot….. Wise advise and Thanks. I am taking my 16 yrs old this weekend shooting some hogs so life is good. Take care.

        • SV
          Hey my friend please take a lot of picture this time with you son. You will enjoy them for the rest of your life and so will he.
          I lost most my pictures but a few of me and my Son hunting, and it breaks my heart to think back on all of our trips with no pictures. I started him at 14, and now he is 37. Every second you spend with him is a BLESSING!
          Remember to tell him.

          • Hi Sarge, Thanks brother. I’ll since this hunt if for him mainly this time since he missed one last time. Indeed such times are BLESSING moments. He is so excited and his excitement just adds into my life.

            God bless you and your entire family. Take it easy and stay safe.


            • Sarge,as long as you and son remember the trips they are not lost pictures,just look into your head .I miss talking to my dad weekly about economy and how our personal lives going,that said,remember many of those conversations and will till I die,so,like your memories they are always with you in your mind.

      7. A rather simple plea…

        I love this site and gain a lot of info from it. I turn to it and others every day for the latest updates.

        I know passions and opinions run very high sometimes, some warranted, and some very hateful. I can live with that, but I think we need to keep something in mind. If this site is deemed to be hateful and derogatory, we will LOOSE IT! It would seem to me that we, as SHTF visitors and fans, need to consider this as we post comments. For Gods sake, we are brethren and united after the same cause. We know there is absolute terror brewing and we have not seen the tip of the iceberg yet. We are preparing for the same outcome! We need to be cognizant of where our info might come from if this and other sites are purged from the net.

        Just throwing this out there, but we need each other… We need the facts, news, and brotherhood that this site can and does offer. Could we tone down the hate and focus on the facts…just the facts, ma’am…


        • Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to use the Net and he won’t bother you for weeks.


          please GMAFB

          • Build a man a fire and he’ll be warm for a night; set a man on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.

            • Funny stuff!

            • Atlas, another way of seeing this is set a man on fire and you get Denzel Washington.

          • Teach a man to fish and he will fill his body up with enough toxic mercury, he will die all on his own.

          • give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day…give a man fishnet stockings, and he’ll ALWAYS find someone to feed him!

        • Hilldweller.

          Look at the archives. We are already doomed in that case.

          Nice thought.

          • Sarcasm…The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the recipient who doesn’t get it.

            Same old shit, new day.

            • Its much easier to fool a man than convince him he has been fooled. ~Mark Twain.

        • @HillDweller,

          We love you Miss Hannigan…..

          –Annie (Either the black one or the white one. You Choose!)

        • Wow, Hillweller; the grab of freedom is already working.
          Proof in your post above that we censor our posts to stay within ‘TPTB’s description of ‘less hate’??

          Next, you’ll be suggesting to rewrite history books!!!
          Hell, take out all those mentions of war and such.

        • I hate you for hating on haters. It’s really hateful.

        • Hate to say it hill dweller but you are exactly the person the media and TPTB wants to create. Freedom of speech only matters when it is unpopular. Calling truth hate speach. Hate speech is the term they will use to censor anything against the status quo.

          • When you hurl personally directed slurs at people you can’t possibly know, it has nothing to do with “truth”. STOP TRYING TO HIDE PERSONAL ATTACKS BEHIND “FREE SPEECH”

            …one has nothing to do with the other.

            Someone called me a bitch the other day, and so I am. But he couldn’t know anything about me. I just retaliated by calling him a fuckhead. Game over.

            I don’t know about anyone else, but what I’m tired of, is some people thinking it’s okay to call people the foulest names they can muster, BECAUSE THE RECIPIENT EXERCISED THEIR FREE SPEECH and voiced their personal opinion on this site.

            There are people who are conveniently confusing freedom of speech with personal attacks. While you have every right to disagree with me, even forcefully, you have no right to verbally assault me, my family or heritage, etc.

            If you cannot articulate your opposing opinion like a civil human being, even a mad one, then just shut the fuck up, because you don’t know me. My parents didn’t talk to me that way, and I’ll be damned if some anonymous keyboard jackass should.

            It’s not “opinions” that is the problem here. It’s people who can’t articulate their opinions without slander and verbal assaults.

            • You sound come across very angry I am sorry you hold on to that. Your comment sounds like the personsal attacks and verbal harassment you mentioned. I never incited any of what your are so angry about. Just opinions, not name calling. It is tough to get points across, especially written.
              You are absolutely right, freedom of speech does not include slander and personal attacks.

      8. it’s a 180 yr cycle

        civil war-rebellion of the tax debt slave goy and gentiles.

        we’re now in between the zio.joo.nazi banker fascism and military dictatorship police state phases.

        • You’re right Bugsy,we don’t learn from our mistakes and forget our history.

      9. You are now in the end times get over it!


      10. Use the freedom of speech gambit to actually attack freedom. So typical of the arrogant left.

        What these vile people don’t realize – and are too arrogant in their hubris to EVER recognize – is that this very arrogance is what will be their undoing. Maybe today, maybe not. But just like Hitler’s arrogance and over-confidence eventually sank him, so it will be with these people.

        • Would you expect the children of the Father of Lies and Murder to tell the truth about depopulation and enslavement?

      11. With each passing day our would-be Dictator-in- Chief is making Congress more and more irrelevant, as if, the with the RINO leadership it really matters. Friends, time has run out, prepare to make your stand- alone and how you see fit. Look at the things going on already this year (15 days) all over the world. The day of reckoning fast approaches. Be vigilante and safe my friends.

      12. You people are so self amused that it’s sickening. When TSHTF, 99% of you will be crying and wanting McDonalds. All these stupid jokes during this time will be a reality for you all.

        If the day ever comes that even a single one of you grows your own wheat and makes a loaf of non GMO bread from it, I’ll S.M.P..

        I like these posts, but really? How many of you grow and bake?

        • Get down off your horse, I’ve grown wheat, corn, buckwheat, and lots of garden stuff canned lots, dried lots, shot my own meat. Ground wheat and corn to make my own bread. Wove my own fishnet. And yes when,if, it goes down I will lament it’s passing. I will also gut you out, make leather from your hide and jerky and soap from the rest of you, if I have to. So kindly keep your opinions to yourself.

        • Hmmm
          Lets see,
          I grow kale commercially and bake bread at least twice a week, lately been making some wild cinnamon bread, have grown my own wheat a few years back, is tough, humidity is real high so will need to cut it and hang the shocks from the rafters in my shed to dry it. Not that any of that matters,,,,

        • Hello Renee. Don’t be too harsh on people, some of us are just about coping to hold our sanity together due to being hemmed in on all sides, living cheek by jowl with folk who don’t even speak our language. Humour, sarcasm, whit and ribbing kinda helps some to vent the pressure and I’m pretty certain these same people would still rib each other whilst fighting along side each other… I imagine you have plenty of space around you? That must be wonderful, I would love to taste your home made bread, sounds delish… Oh by the way, I do GROW weary waiting for my burger buns to BAKE! Bye-bye.

        • Rene, Some shake and bake and others wake and bake. Does that count too? I see nothing wrong with growing your own. Its the smell of freedom in the morning.

          • WWT,

            Welding and brazing is easy, so is plumbing, framing, antique tractor restoration, gardening, tube radio restoration, and on and on. Been there, done that. Also, electronics engineering as a career.

            What’s your point?

        • Renee, their are probably a few that grow and smoke. Does that count! Trekker Out. Let Em Eat Cake!

          • Bingo MT, Thx for splaining to to Rene.

        • Renee

          Two sides of the equation.

          One side is to learn to do things.
          The other side is to learn to do without.

          “Gallows Humor” reduces stress too.

        • Reneewad STFU.
          We just butchered our hogs last weekend.
          Ever sliced the belly of a fat hog and have it hanging just right so the innards drop right into the hole where youll compost those remains?
          Bet you aint never had those hands red and wet from blood in 10 degree weather. Get over yourself.

          • Yep, used to do 3-4 in February. Squat down with the .22 and try to get a straight on shot at that narrow brain location. If the shot was good, the other person would run in and stick him to bleed out. Pull him out of the pen and toss it into the front tractor bucket for the trip across the field to the scalder.( 275 gal. fuel oil tank cut down. Water temp had to be just right or hair would take a “set”) Used to be four days of work. I was one of the youngest(53) there. Now they’re all passed but still a fond memory of scraping, gutting, rendering lard, bacon, scrapple and the ears were put up to dry out for the dogs. Some of the hams we’d take to have smoked at a local shop. Miss the two inch thick chops.

            • BTW, one thing that first amazed me was when the sticking was done the other hogs would rush in and lap up the blood right out of the dirt.

            • PO’d you brought back old memories. I think the sickest I ever was was as a kid was while rendering lard, Ate to many of those fresh cracklins. Boy was they good, but I got sicker than a dog. Trekker Out.

              • Mountain Trekker, I cooked lard for four days last week, those hot cracklings are tasty!

            • My former father in law ( may he RIP) taught me about butchering hogs. He had 3 of them that he raised from piglets. One day I was off from college classes(at age 44) and I watched them shoot and butcher the hogs.( I did turn around when they got shot tho.) it was interesting for this former burbs girl to watch. A lot of work, but I bet it tasted great.

      13. “Ve’ must Invade East Europe … Now!”

        Eastern European Lady School | Fyfų mokykla

        Oh Wait, we Just Did! Robbing and stealing and raping and tax debt enslaving and mass murdering Russian ethnics in the Ukraine, all in the name of Zog Amerika Zionist Fascism!

      14. More surveillance, but a Toronto District School Board government school in Canada hangs up the phone on journalists when he identified himself as an investigator journalist and he would ” investigate incidents of unreported child abuse in Canadian schools”.

        The school hung up on him at least several times.

        What is disturbing is that the journalist wanted to investigate incidents of unreported child maltreatment in Canadian schools, and the employees at the Rose Lands school hung up on him.

        Near thee ending of the recording, you can hear someone in the background telling the receptionist to hang up the phone.

      15. our leaders are not any smarter than you. let me tell you if i were the president i would be fucking up big time. so i don’t want to be pres. where will it go and where will it end. ask the founding fathers. give me liberty or give me death is easy to say now. how about when you got a noose around your neck. those of us who continue to live and fight will mourn the death of the rest. 1/2 or more of the posters to this channel. someone is going to die. not just fight a battle and survive. lot of dead in the civil war.

      16. Just a word of caution for those folks who aren’t already aware that certain techno-heads can easily spy on you via your computer… Best try to thwart their unwelcome snooping by covering the camera… “I can still see yoooooooo!”

      17. Europe loves its union…

        a gang of

        unelected bankers and bureaucrats setting policy for millions..

        extracting wealth and decimating once sovereign nations one by one

        fomenting regional,racial, and tribal hatred to promulgate more wars against state sponsored enemies(terrorists)….and then enacting further draconian economic and human rights legislation to keep them all safe from the enemies the state created in the first place..

        sounds like a great plan..

        Working as planned right here as well..

        and the money changers are all laughing their way to the vaults..

        enjoy the day

        prepare accordingly


        • Golly gosh old bean… Not all of us Brits welcome a ‘unified Europe’ you know… Some of us still love our Queen and our own sovereign independence… Stuff this European union rubbish and stuff this German chancellor Merkell or what ever her name is… I’m not too sure what’s going on politically but I certainly don’t like the rout my country is taking… Perhaps things wouldn’t be SO bad if we like you our American allies were allowed to own firearms… Are you aware that we aren’t even allowed to carry a blade over three inches long over here? Dam these candy assed PC politicians… God bless America.

      18. “It is true that terrorists use encryption, much as in real life they use bank accounts, locks, money transfer services and public transport. If the presence of terrorists on a given service is reason enough to shut it down, we’ll find there’s really no form of civil society left to defend.”

        I’d like to point out that this kind of deranged and delusional thinking by Cameron is exactly the same kind of deranged and delusional thinking we’ve heard coming out of the hardcore, Communist left for decades. Take firearms, for an example. The Communist maggots on the left have for years been screaming that because ‘criminals’ sometimes use a firearm to commit a crime, that law-abiding citizens should not be allowed to own or possess firearms for their personal protection.

        How is this mentally insane, twisted, depraved sort of ‘logic’ coming from Cameron, who is supposedly conservative, any different than the left’s line of dorked up logic about private ownership of firearms?

        What the Communist left and the Communist right are both telling us is that – they want to let criminals and law breakers decide which freedoms and liberties that the law abiding are permitted to enjoy. Where does this kind of insanity stop?

        Aside, of course, from the most obvious place – whereby elitist psychopath politicians who spew this kind of totalitarian bullshit are granted an early hearse ride to the nearest cemetery.

        Here’s a thought to chew on, guys. Since a tiny percentage of men ( check the FBI/UCR/Justice Dept Crime statistics as well as the crime statistics over in Sweden; the vast majority of these men are black or some mystery meat flavor from a third world nation) are rapists and like to pounce upon unsuspecting women – who are usually White – and sexually assault them, then maybe the idea might pop up inside the asshole Cameron’s pea sized brain that the government needs to start cutting the peckers off of all adult males over the age of about 15 or 16?

        I mean, using the same kind of warped logic that Cameron is applying to this topic of encryption, if a man has an intact pecker – then he might decide to use it one day to rape some innocent female, right? Would it not therefore, make perfect sense ( at least to a blithering, IQ deficient limey asshole ) to make mandatory castrations the rule of the day? Would that not bring a permanent end to the crime of rape?

        No freaking wonder the elitist psychopaths were so obsessed with disarming the White British population, because if ever there was a time in Britain’s history where a violent and bloody revolution was called for, that day has most certainly arrived.

      19. With all the doom and gloom on this site i can see why there are so many alcoholics and drug attics out there. Even the bible tells you we are in the end times the world is going to shit. When was the last good news reported . They like to push the sky is falling. I wonder if folks on this board are just unemployed and miserable or just to much time on their hands. I don’t care about europe and the French have always been revolutionarys. Forget about blaming others for your failures that’s the real problem with people. You do whatever is in your personal power to make your situation better. The gov does not owe you shit you owe yourself. stop complaining about the costs of things there is good paying jobs out there it’s not that hard to make a living I live where the highest unemployment rate is. And there is jobs but still lazy bums with no skills panhandling everyday. Put the weed down and get a life it’s really that simple. If your gonna be a slave be a slave to work at least you get $ out of it. Even if you are retired keep working do some thing who cares if you don’t need the $. too much time on your hands you watch tv and get overloaded with all the propaganda. I watch a hour of news a day just to keep up that’s it. No more talk radio I put music on in the car. If something important happens like 911 you won’t be listening to music anymore anyway. I’m a christian and sometimes I think we are trained to be too compassionate which put us at disadvantage. People make their own bed and need to lay in it. I put my family first and this takes most of my time that there is no time to worry about other people’s problems. They need to get off their ass and make their life better they have no one else to blame

        • AH
          You can look at it two ways. 1/2 full or 1/2 empty.
          drugs and alcohol is an excuse!




        GOD HELP US. 🙁

      21. Range tips to improve your shooting ability, safety and fun.
        1. If possible avoid the “shooting range”, finding an out of the way spot to shoot allows you to shoot at your own style target in various scenarios as well as pick and choose your own distances instead of the standard pre determined ranges.
        2. Vary your targets. Instead of punching holes in paper try hanging paper plates, tin can lids, clay pigeons etc. at various ranges and heights.
        3. Practice while wearing the equipment you might be wearing in a SHTF situation.
        4. Practice weapon transition, go from a long gun to a handgun and then back to a long gun with out loosing control of any of them.
        5. A holster tip, if ya can’t reholster and secure the handgun with one hand then you need to change holsters. In a worse case situation where you may need to do a weapon change you don’t have time to fight with a holster to get your weapon secure. The same thing applies in a situation where you may have to walk up on someone and handcuff or search them.
        6. Practice with all your weapons with no sights. Take a piece of tape and tape over the rear sight.
        7. A trick I have recently learned with my AR since I switched to the front site with a cross hair in the circle is that the cross hair really improves the pin point accuracy but also at 100 yards you can simply throw the rifle up catch the rear peep and the front circle together and when it crosses the target you can fire and be “on target”. At 100 yards recently I was able to fire 5 rounds at the time, rapid fire, and easily keep them inside a man sized target for a total of 50 rounds. At 50 yards I was able to keep them inside a 4 inch circle.
        8. The “standard” with a handgun is that you don’t touch the trigger until your on target however in a more realistic scenario your hammer should be ready to drop as soon as your front sight hits the center mass of your target. As a revolver shooter this means that as soon as I get a grip on the weapon and it starts to come out of the holster the trigger finger is already at work and by the time i’m crossing the target with the front sight the hammer is all the way back at the point of no return. This can also be accomplished with most semi autos as long as your familiar with the weapon. DO NOT run out to the range and try this, all you will get for your efforts is a hole in your leg or foot. This is something that should be practiced at home with an empty weapon. Practice ALOT until you get the technique down pat. Being able to do at least 100 dry runs with out the hammer falling until your ready means you might be ready to try live ammunition VERY SLOWLY.
        9. Fast drawing is alot of fun, seeing how fast you can get out and get a round down range. Always remember though that “speed is fine but accuracy is final”.
        10. Have someone else go with you to go out and shoot. Have them load your magazines for you and include empty brass as well as not tell you how many rounds are in the mags. Have them go out and hang targets for you along a pre determined walking route. Take a walk and engage targets as you find them having to clear jams and reload as needed.
        11. Take the lids to coffee cans and paint one side red and one side green. Hang these with pieces of fishing line along your designated route. They will swing and spin in any breeze. As you walk only engage the targets that are green.
        12. Practice shooting from your vehicle. Place a target near the front bumper in line with the driver seat. Start from a seated position and exit the vehicle and engage the target. A tip. It is easier for me to leave my right leg extended in the vehicle drop my left knee to the ground and fire from a low cover position between the door and the door post. REMEMBER to stay behind cover.
        13. Use an old railroad tie or something similar to act as a roadside curb. Practice firing from behind it using it as cover, laying parallel to it. Depending upon how your laying you may have to fire off handed and in case will have to fire one handed.
        14. Practice firing from various unusual positions. Sitting, squatting, on your side, on your back. Note that some semi autos will not function when fired upside down. Is one of them yours?
        15. Practice firing while rolling on the ground. Pick a destination and start to roll toward it, every time you roll to your stomach fire one round at your target. A reminder, with a shotgun this can hurt in a hurry as it’s difficult to seat the butt properly against your shoulder. The primary purpose of all of this is to put yourself into situations that you may encounter in the field. Practice them now so that if the situation should ever arise it won’t be new to you. PLEASE, practice these with an empty weapon to start with, get familiar with what your doing and make sure your able to control your muzzle 100% of the time before you try it with live ammo.

      22. Look at the number of comment per article. Not as many as before.

        • I Dont LikE ThEM gowD DaM FORiNeRS

      23. “…proposed banning encryption…”

        War on Poverty

        War on Drugs

        War on Terror

        And now, introducing…


        Better think this through. Yer f-ng with the housewives, now. They may look back on that day as the spark that set off a revolution…


      24. They hate us because they are evil…….

      25. Looks like gold is making it’s way back a little. Anyone who thinks it is time to buy you can be assured I won’t buy anymore thus guaranteeing a plummet in prices.


        • Big B;
          I know exactly how you feel.

      26. @ Johnnycomelately,

        I did see your response. A good one it was. Experience and general knowledge goes a long way. Thanks for the heads up.


      27. Most Americans today have NO idea: that the USA was NOT conceived “in freedom & liberty” but in SLAVERY, not only for Africans enslaved to man the southern plantations (AND northern farms; Patriot NY Gov. George Clinton and his wife owned slaves), but the Royal Navy was infamous for brutal, “Hungry ships” – and PRESS GANGS, the virtual enslavement of recruits. American sailors, especially, detested British impressment, which was often a virtual death sentence; many would never return home to see their families ever again.
        Hollywood even “got one right” in the movie “Cold Mountain” about two women surviving the Civil War in the rural south. By the end of the war most white males of small towns had been killed in the war; and all white males seen about were considered DESERTERS and could be shot on sight. The “law” of the town devolved to a bunch of lawless thugs, rapists, and murderers, as old Westerns stereotyped the Indians or bad guys.
        Even if you subscribe to the “Swiss family Robinson” self sustaining fortress scenario; even the most macho “gun nut” will want to go out of his fortress sooner or later – when he does, the local gang (militia) commander will likely have his men stationed to intercept the “tough guy,” maybe with some counter-snipers. , the ONLY way to survive, is that old Revolutionary motto; Together we stand, divided we fall.” And even then it becomes a question of odds & probability. Most VC who went up against American patrols (much less firebases) never lived to talk about it; but fighting on home turf, every individual was a combatant until they were KIA.
        home advantage is huge , use it

        • I musta gotten something wrong?

          was it the ; Together we stand, divided we fall part?

          or the Slavery part the red thumbers didnt like?

          I like constructive banter ,, this thumbs up thumbs down shit doesnt make people voice why they agree or dont agree and usually the cowardly red thumbers dont have the nads to say why they dont agree
          so it never addresses the “lets talk like adults about this” side of the conversation

          • Okay, most white males were not killed in the Civil War. Approximately 80% of fighting age males survived the war. So your fantasy about “all white males” being considered deserters and subject to being shot is false. I have read stacks of newspapers from the 1860s. Have you read a single one?

            Hollywood almost never gets anything right about history.

      28. I know this hasn’t made it to the news yet.
        My brother in law in Belgium told me martial law is being enforced in that country.
        I’ve been trying for months to give people a view of what is really going on over there. Multiculturalism just does not work. They have let other cultures take over their society and now they are all screwed.
        Belgium has been enacting austerity measures for months there. Part of those measures include severe fines for actions that most people do not think about.
        1 example of what I mean is, my sister in law was fined 75 euros for having a pack of cigarettes visible when she walked out of a pub. The government is getting desperate.

        • Listen up Americanos, You don’t give a dam about what happens here in Europe or the rest of the world. You are too small minded to care… a nation of jingoists. Well let me tell you something. You’re in grave danger by remaining SO insular. Best you wake up and relies that you simply wont make it on your own. You need ALLIES at a time such as this. My advice to you cigar chompin’ dumbasses for what its worth is loose your arrogance.

          • Said the euro-trash

          • Can’t even spell Yankee.

            • You don’t deserve the correct spelling you bunch of renegade YANKERS.

      29. Dont ever be ashamed of who you are

        Unless.. you’re that cop that hides behind that fuckin sign !

      30. Patriot act in Europe! Please make me laugh, because if you don’t I will cry!
        What they need is a TRUE 2ND Amendment! Sure there might in the beginning be some shoot out but it won’t last long. Just my humble opinion.

      31. Off Topic.
        Saw American Sniper last night.
        IT IS MUST SEE, SEE HOW A TRUE PATRIOT WOULD ACT WHEN PUT INTO WAR. He believed in his heart he was doing the right thing!

        • yeah Im planning on going to see it , maybe this weekend

          probably cant talk the wife into it, so may have to wait for it to come out on CD and rent it , im patient like that

          I hate movie theaters any dam ways

          • EofS
            Take the wife. My wife learned some things, and she loved the movie. You will see just how strong a good wife can be. There where tons of women at the show with their husbands and boyfriend. There is are two great love story in the movie so she will enjoy it, and you will to.
            My Wife asked me several times what it felt like being behind a sniper rifle pointing it someone you might have to shoot. It is very hard to explain. I can’t really explain it unless you have had to do it. I’ve been in that situation several times on the SWAT team but THANK GOD I didn’t have to shoot!
            Let me know what you think!

      32. This is only one small part of the bigger plan, which is of course de-population and GENOCIDE, being carried out RIGHT NOW. It is not something that is coming, it is not something that is in the future, it is happening right fucking NOW.

        Even the COWARDS on this site refuse to write and talk about the GENOCIDE and de-population program being carried out on them and their families through the FAKE FOOD POISON. I am sure it is because the writers and contributors to this site are all still consuming and feeding their children they should of never had the poisonous toxic GMO/SUGAR/HFCS/CHEMICAL filled processed FAKE FOOD, because they are addicted to the disgusting shit like the rest of brain dead dumbed down waddling fat ass toxic waste dumps. I am also sure the writers and contributors to this site are still taking their families to get poisoned at their favorite restaurant shithole in collapsing Murica.

        For once I would like to see the COWARD PUSSIES writing on this site actually address the GENOCIDE and de-population by chemical attack, but I know they are addicted to the FAKE FOOD, so they will just go on sucking down their soda poison and shoving processed poisonous shit in their ignorant faces as they write about these trivial plans being carried out by the genocidal fascist filth controlling the shithole of collapsing Murica.



        • I LOVE PIZZA… BELCH.

          • Of course you do HYBRID HUMAN, because you are an addicted chemically altered brain dead toxic dump…YOU HAVE ZERO CHANCE OF SURVIVAL IDIOT.

        • So businesses are trying to kill their customers? That makes for a really good business plan.

          My church is full of 90+ year old people who eat out every chance they get, and they don’t look that old.

          Most people just eat too much of the wrong kinds of food. Moderation is needed.

          And why are you shouting?

          • You are such a clueless brain dead ADDICTED chemically altered toxic dump. What you do not realize idiot is all those addicted old people in your church were actually raised and grew up eating REAL FOOD, so their immune systems actually had a chance to develop and become stronger prior to the introduction of FAKE FOOD fast food filth, poisonous toxic GMO shit, and processed foods loaded with SUGAR/HFCS/CHEMICALS. They are still ignorant chemically altered brain dead toxic dump HYBRID HUMANS, because I am sure they still wave that filthy Corporatist Fascist Murican flag and chant “USA were #1” while believing they are in the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”. They are nothing but brain dead dumbed down COWARDS, scared shitless of the TRUTH about their GENOCIDAL collapsing shithole of Stasi Fascist Murica.

        • Ron, Yes chemtrails are real and designed at least partially to kill people. All else you said is true as well. That’s why I have a reverse osmosis filtration system and why I pay $2.00 / pound for organic poultry feed. I also buy ONLY organic flours, etc. and I never eat fast food. Ever.

          There’s going to be a huge human culling. Maybe nukes. Who knows. If it is nukes, I hope one hits my house while I’m sleeping.

          • Thank you for being a REAL HUMAN, and thank you for not poisoning your children with the poisonous toxic processed shit all the other fat ass HYBRID HUMAN CHEMICALLY ALTERED TOXIC DUMP COWARDS in the shithole of collapsing Murica are murdering their children daily with.

            • Ron,

              Thankfully, I never had children. I just have a couple friends and my pets.

              I’m in my 40’s and I have never seen so many obese people in my life as I do these days. Walmart has electric scooters so the fat pigs don’t even have to stand or walk. Then they have Walmart employees follow them out to their car ( with handicap plate ) and load their shit for them.

              I makes me want to puke.

              • We call it going to the PIG FARM when we have to go into town. We have to walk around with our heads down, because we cannot stand to see the fat ass chemically altered toxic dumps who look like death walking around, we cannot stand to watch the GENOCIDE right in front of our faces. I do not know if it happens to you, but the toxic dumps snarl and stare at our healthy family like we are aliens. We get our supplies as fast as we can, and get back to the safety of the mountains where few fat ass chemical dumps can survive for long. The worst part for us is watching the people who cannot even acknowledge and accept what is happening right in front of their dumbed down faces. We know it is not the hybrid human toxic dump pigs fault, we know they have been fed lies about their FAKE FOOD, we know they have been HEAVILY marketed by Corpoatist Fascist genocidal filth to believe being fat and eating poisonous toxic shit is healthy. We know the Corporatist Fascist filth are destroying their good gut bacteria and immune systems with the FAKE FOOD and Big Pharma drugs the pigs demand to counter the effects of the shit they shove in their pig faces, we know they are all brain dead and dumbed down from the SUGAR/HFCS/CHEMICAL filled processed shit…..WE KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THE GENOCIDAL CORPORATIST FASCIST FILTH HAVE DONE TO OUR FELLOW CITIZENS AND THEIR CHILDREN, AND THAT IS WHY WE WANT TO SURVIVE THE COMING COLLAPSE OF THIS STASI FASCIST SHTHOLE…DID YOU GET THAT NSA FASCIST FILTH MONITORING THIS SITE??? WE WANT TO MAKE SURE THE CORPORATIST FASCIST SHIT STAINS AND ALL THEIR SUPPORTERS ARE BROUGHT TO TRIAL AND JUSTICE FOR GENOCIDE AFTER THE COLLAPSE. THAT IS WHAT KEEPS US GOING, KNOWING THE FASCIST GENOCIDAL FILTH WILL BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE FOR THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

                • I know what you mean. They do stare with hate in their eyes. I’ve had them crash their scooters into me while acting as though I was STEALING their food. They HATE humans who aren’t butterball FAT DUMPS and they are aggressive as hell.

                  I told a friend that these FAT DUMPS feel as though every grocery store was their own personal wharehouse and that they see others as a threat to their shit.

                  I went into town the other day and every business was virtually empty – except MCDONALDS! These zombies are in there eating that filth that is so bad it won’t even ROT. There was news story about a 14 year old burger from McDonalds and it looks the SAME as a “freshly” cooked one.

                  • Stay strong, I know it is hard, but I am sure when the genocidal fascist filth unleash whatever their Final Solution for de-population is going to be..EMP, Pandemic, dollar collapse, or everything at once, you can be assured those fat ass chemically altered toxic dump Zombies will be gone within a few days, insulin shock alone from not getting their required 50 gallons of soda poison will wipe most of them out, and the genocidal Corporatist Fascist filth know that. It is why they have been getting the brain dead toxic dump Zombies fattened up on the Fake Food for their FINAL SOLUTION for a long time. They know their immune systems are destroyed and they have wiped out all their good gut bacteria. The evil NWO fascist filth are very patient when they are sacrificing humans to whatever evil entity they worship, and this GENOCIDE by poison clearly appears to be a sacrifice.

      33. The doublespeak, the irony, is breathtaking

        to protect free speech from terrorists,

        the Europeans are destroying freedom for its citizens.

        All while denying Islamic Terrorism is real.

      34. Largest Retail FX Broker Stock Crashes 90% As Swiss Contagion Spreads

        “UPDATE: Knight Trading 2.0? Jefferies executive are reportedly on-site at FXCM discussing a $200 million bailout.”

        “As we first reported last night, FXCM was among the first of many retail FX brokers (and the largest) to see its clients suffer massive losses from yesterday’s Swiss Franc surge following the SNB decision to unleash market forces.

        There are now at least 4 retail FX brokers (FXCM, Excel Markets, OANDA, and Alpari) who have announced “issues” but FXCM, being among the largest and publicly traded is the most transparent example of wjust what can go wrong when average joes are allowed 100:1 leverage.

        FXCM is now stuck chasing clients for money they do not (and will never) have.. and its stock is down 90, trading a $2 this morning (down from $17 on Wednesday).”

        As Credit Suisse notes, time is running out as regulators “tend to be impatient once capital requirements are breached.”


      35. What In The World Just Happened In Switzerland?

        “Central banks lie. That is what they do.

        Not too long ago, the Swiss National Bank promised that it would defend the euro/Swiss franc currency peg with the “utmost determination”.

        But on Thursday, the central bank shocked the financial world by abruptly abandoning it.”

        “now that it looks like the EU is going to launch a very robust quantitative easing program, the Swiss National Bank has thrown in the towel. It was simply going to cost way too much to continue to defend the currency floor.

        So now there is panic all over Europe. On Thursday, the Swiss franc rose a staggering 30 percent against the euro, and the Swiss stock market plunged by 10 percent.

        And all over the world, investors, hedge funds and central banks either lost or made gigantic piles of money as currency rates shifted at an unprecedented rate.”

        Economic Collapse blog

      36. Oh …you DIDNT know the plan before ??? Then you are RETARDED !!!

      37. GUESS WHAT




      38. it is all finely well balanced . one move that is not anticipated fells the house of cards. those in charge try to manipulate, but they are poor humans . when it fall it falls, and everyone in washington will say, i did not even see this coming.

        • Not WASHINGTON

          IT IS ROME

      39. ht tp://

        as the first comment says

        While I agree with the stated aim here – The Feds will no longer be a party to the seizure of property “without evidence of a crime”, there are a couple of issues that spring to the front of my mind…

        1) States still have laws that allow the same kind of seizures that the Feds will no longer be a party to, so these seizures will still go on.

        2) Why is a firearm any different from any other asset? If there is no “evidence of a crime”, why is it OK to take a firearm away from a person who legally has the right to own it?

        • Enemy,as far as I can tell,the 2nd gives us all the right to own firearms,no talk of permits/record/mental health ect.As I have said before,if I am missing something please loan me your decoder ring so I can figure this out!


        • Anon, your comment has not been censored due to the nature of the content (In fact, it’s great info). It appears to have originated from another web site and i just need to track down the link so as not to violate any copyrights. It’s coming, but i have been on a mobile device and making such updates is a bit more difficult. It will be posted as soon as I can verify the originator, if any, as well as copyrights.

          Thanks and apologies for the delay.


          • Thanks Mac I found the info on a thumb drive I’ve had for sometime, stuff like this is e-mailed to me all the time with no credit given I just thought I pass it on sorry for the mix up credit is do where it needs to be.
            Again THANKS! I’m not trying to claim for myself by any means.

            • No worries at all — it looks like there is no real source we can track on that one . Thanks for sharing and feel free to do so in the future!

      41. Whike trying not to vomit watching obama and Cameron talking about terrorism, I swear I heard obama say this is a new world, and in many cases the old laws don;t apply, and while we don’t want to read every e mail and listen to every phone call, there is a need for changes! And I would never let some agency trample your rights……….the SOB wants to dispose of the 1st, 4th, and 6th, and he says it on national TV. And not let some agency violate our rights? Give me a break! V+Haven’t you read in the papers about the NSA, DHS, IRS and other agencies that routinely do this? What a lying POS!

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