More Police State Surveillance: Courtesy of the Pentagon

by | May 22, 2018 | Headline News | 49 comments

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    There was an article by Joseph Marks of Nextgov published on 5/16/18 that was neither picked up by the larger news networks nor kept in view for long. The article is entitled The Pentagon Has a Big Plan to Solve Identity Verification in Two Years, and here is a portion of it:

    The Defense Department is funding a project that officials say could revolutionize the way companies, federal agencies and the military itself verify that people are who they say they are and it could be available in most commercial smartphones within two years. The technology, which will be embedded in smartphones’ hardware, will analyze a variety of identifiers that are unique to an individual, such as the hand pressure and wrist tension when the person holds a smartphone and the person’s peculiar gait while walking, said Steve Wallace, technical director at the Defense Information Systems Agency.  Organizations that use the tool can combine those identifiers to give the phone holder a “risk score,” Wallace said. If the risk score is low enough, the organization can presume the person is who she says she is and grant her access to sensitive files on the phone or on a connected computer or grant her access to a secure facility. If the score’s too high, she’ll be locked out.

    Amazing. The Pentagon’s technical director omitted much in his quest to act as if such actions are “government streamlining” and occurring matter-of-factly, in the interests of securing information for the government and its contractors.

    The problem: if it’s in the software of all the commercial smartphones (the ones bought in the stores), that biometric data will be transmitted by all the phones, not just the contractors to the federal government.

    We also know where this is heading. The government will back-door everyone’s cell phones and make tracking and surveillance even more ubiquitous than it is now, and that’s saying something. Read this portion:

    Another identifier that will likely be built into the chips is a GPS tracker that will store encrypted information about a person’s movements, Wallace said. The verification tool would analyze historical information about a person’s locations and major, recent anomalies would raise the person’s risk score.  The tool would be separate from the GPS function used by mapping and exercise apps, he said. The tool does not include biometric information, such as a thumbprint or eye scans at this point, Wallace said, because DISA judged that existing commercial applications of biometric information are too easy to spoof.

    So, they’re telling us up front. GPS tracking will be used to monitor…and store…your movements…deciding if you’re a “risk” by where you go. “Anomalies,” the actions are termed, that “would raise the person’s risk score.”

    Anomalous (an anomaly) is defined as something “deviating from a general rule; abnormal,” (Webster). Such a subjective assessment could literally be applied for anything outside of normative and fostered “Fisher-Price” conduct: Awake at 7am, breakfast at 8am, work by 9am, lunch 12-1pm, work until 5pm, drive to obtain gas/grocery store/bank, and then home, dinner at 6pm, tv 7-9pm, and go to sleep…repeat ad nauseum.

    Anything outside of that basic, predictable “matrix” can be listed as an anomaly to increase your risk-score. This out of the Pentagon, mind you: the embodiment of the Military Industrial Complex warned about by Eisenhower (who ironically played a big part in its creation). It is not unpredictable: the militarization of the police departments, the sprouting of the fusion centers (with PO box addresses and not physical addresses, mind you), the “green light” from the FCC or a blind eye toward “Oath” (the company that gobbled up Yahoo, and forces you to allow it to read your e-mails and access your bank accounts), and other giants such as Google.

    The Pentagon used to handle military matters, but the NDAA initiated by Bush Jr. and perfected under Obama redefines the “battlefield” as being the whole world (including the domestic, continental United States). The “War on Terrorism” was created to “justify” military actions against the citizens of the United States, hence to take measures heretofore forbidden under Constitutional law. In the interests of national security, the “protectors” have become the jailers…the police state that is being crafted by the day as the Statists concurrently work on removing all our rights as enumerated under the Constitution. The war is being conducted by the State against the citizens, the new “enemy” against the conformity of globalism and the totalitarian dictatorship that will eventually be complete in the United States.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      2. Let them watch me. I’ve decided that I will bore them to death. You know, they got all this whiz-bang stuff but it doesn’t seem like they could find a fat turd in the bowl at Taco Bell or maybe, say, a few million or so illegal immigrants. I want my money back.

        • Fritz, you’ll prolly take some flak for that first sentence but so what.
          Problem is you won’t get your money back. They’re having way too much fun spending it.

          • Ketch,
            How is your electricity?

            • I guess I’m just gonna have to get me a dumb phone. I’ll fit right in with those who believe this crap.

            • rellik, electricity has been restored since early February.
              We’ve had a couple of outages since then due to falling trees and high winds but not for very long.
              OT, I’m being censored by site owner putting my posts in moderation because I used a certain poster’s screen name. (Used to be known as acid etch)
              Really pisses me off. F this place.

              • PS, we were without electricity for 4&1/2 months. It was good practice for the real thing.
                Luckily gas was available (and propane) 2-3 weeks after the hurricane.
                You know I wrote the whole story up to post here.
                It was a bit long but could have been edited. Mac and Tess never answered several emails about it and I could swear they took down the “submissions” feature after I asked them about doing a story. Something very strange about this site.

          • Ketchup – The early bird gets to throw out the first strawman or something like that.

        • Fritz,
          My friend.
          I used to design and program
          things like you would call robots.
          Our technology is pretty primitive.
          I have no doubt I could build
          a self propelled gun that will mercilessly
          hunt you down and kill you, but we are a long ways
          away from developing a machine that can be
          creative, which is the most dangerous machine
          in existence.
          We are a long ways away from a “self
          aware” mechanism.
          Those are called sons and daughters.

          • Lots of daughters (and granddaughters) so I’m very self aware. Some of them actually live out in your general direction. It’s been a long time. I should make the trip soon before it’s too late. Would have loved more sons too. You sound like a very creative person. I’m getting to be a relic myself but I still enjoy working out in the garage.

          • Those who use Satellite Radio in their vehicles are being reversed GPS tracked.

            A suspected bank robber was tracked down due to his satellite radio monthly subscription. The radio tracks the Satellite, but reverse tracking, the satellite also tracks your radio receiver location for signal transmitting.

            The FBI used that technology to track this thief’s location where he utilized his radio and arrested him.

            Technology is not always your friend. Just switch burner phones often and pay cash for the phone and air time cards.

        • You are considered the ENEMY. Only those at the very top matter.Learn your place in the new Amerikka.

          You are a dumb sheep to be sheared by Police, Politicians. Your property Taxes will be raised until you are forced to sell your home to a deserving imigrant on a H1-B visa. Your job will also go to her.

          You are just a stupid cow to be slaughtered.
          Keep your mouth shut, do what the media tells you to do.
          There are no genders. Families don’t Matter.
          All religions are important EXCEPT Christianity.
          There are no Borders.
          There is no American culture.
          And the NRA is responsible for every idiot that misuses a firearm.

          If you watched your TelLieVision and CNN like a good “citizen” you would kinow all of the above.

          Learn your place.

          Still “support” the troops? They will support you all the way to FEMA camps with the help of WalFeMart.

        • Fritz

          You fail to see the implications of such technology. Lets assume King George had this at his disposal. Every Founding Father would be identified in the incipient stage and dealt with before they were popularly known to the masses. Think of it as political contraception before fertilization. The net result, no revolution is ever born.

          • They’re not using this to catch drug dealers, they’re in the dope business. They’re not using it to catch terrorists. They’re also in the terrorism and false flag business. They’re using it to watch the masses.

            • I’ve been harassed for a good year and a half now (gangstalked, tampering with phones, computers, packages, bank accounts etc. I’m a regular citizen, like you probably are. Why? Who knows? Choice of websites? I don’t threaten anybody, but I have received death threats and DEWs.

            • I’ve been harassed for a good year and a half now (gangstalked, tampering with phones, computers, packages, bank accounts etc. I’m a regular citizen, like you probably are. Why? Who knows? Choice of websites? I don’t threaten anybody, but I have received death threats and DEWs.

          • Hello K2,
            No, i get it and I’m agin’ it. You illustrated the point well though. Short of some sort of massive uprising however, I think the surveillance state is here to stay. There’s no way that human watchers can monitor so much information. Machines will have to do the work. Someone here used to say “be the grey man”. Well, a strategy could be to bore them to death by not presenting a provocative profile. Perhaps their computers could be baffled with BS. Confuse them with double entendre, humor and sarcasm. Talk pig-latin. Spell things backwards and insert gibberish. Use cash and barter whenever possible. I dunno, there’s folks who are way younger and lots smartier than I am who have good ideas for remaining invisible. Let’s face it, though, if you donated to Ron Paul and post on SHTF, you’re probably already on somebody’s list somewhere.

            • They are using all your cell phone data to set you up. You are all useful idiots, that will play well into their next false flag patsy scheme.. They will build a algorithm around your daily habits and movements. Cell phones are like a probationers GPS ankle bracelet, to track your every move, word and location. And you useful idiots are even paying for the service to track you. Its like paying for Lie TV Cable monthly. That tracking is, mostly if you live in the city where they can triangulate your location. My cell phone barely works way out in the swampy boonies. Good luck tracking me. I’ll just shut it off and remove the battery.

              Today, Big black crows have been creating chaos here lately, scaring the rest of the natural animals. Shot one black crow today and winged it, and when I did, it starts screaming bloody murder. You would have thought this place was an instant ANTIFA Rally… Muther f*kers came out from every where, crack and tree, black crows screaming and gathering, swooping down. And that chaos screaming went on for a half hour with dozens of birds. Like WTF did I just start? Like running over a Gang N!ggr in the hood and every black f-n crow in the area, flew in to watch, like a free for all. Gangs of black crows. I thought I could just kill it with a pellet gun, and do it quiet instead of using a .22. Well the racket for a half hour until I carried my pellet gun around the property, and they rest finally flew away. I musta killed its leader.. The biggest sh!t stirrer. I tried to scare it away twice with a sling shot, and it kept coming back making a racket so I used a pellet gun. Nailed it. Reminded me of that movie:


            • Fritz

              One can self preserve being grey but they can’t effect political change in that capacity. In this way political threats to the system are circumvented. As GW Bush said, “Mission Accomplished”.

              • Hmmm? It would seem that the first needs to be assured to have any possibility of the second. It doesn’t sound like you to be resigned fait accompli to the hideous future described in the article. As someone who worked in the belly of the beast, I observed the following saying to be essentially correct, “The only thing that saves us from bureaucracy is its own inefficiency. An efficient bureaucracy is the greatest threat to liberty.”; a saying seemingly oddly enough attributed to staunch liberal Eugene McCarthy. That an ‘efficient bureaucracy’ is an oxymoron gives me hope. Best wishes.

                • Changing the system? I’m resigned to the fact that it won’t happen. They’ll be efficient enough to derail any political threat. Technology is a two edged sword but they have the leading edge. They buy compliance. Does the FBI turn in the CIA? “Who protects us from our protectors” The age old question has yet to be adequately addressed.

          • Catchy tune and point well made.

        • J.J.,

          Your article proves that China is here.


      3. Here’s something anomalous for ya. Me posting on this site! Hey. Is that a drone outside my window? But I didn’t do anyth…

      4. I guess I have to wear a face mask when I commit crimes now.

        Maybe a hoodie. Oh, that’s racists.

        • JS, you’ve got some good ideas and I wouldn’t care if someone called me racist for it. Hell, I’m just another white male out here and I get labeled racist regardless of what I do or say. The ones calling me that are the bogus ones and don’t have a leg to stand on so they can go f#$% themselves.

      5. Fritz, same here and I know we won’t get a dime back. Let them bring it on. They’ve always been bogus, even before 9/11. I don’t owe them a damn thing.

      6. This is part of the antichrist system. The antichrist will use the technological infrastructures behind all cell phones and the planetwide Internet to control/mesmerize/manipulate the masses worldwide. When the antichrist announces himself, we will have been told to get rid of all such devices accordingly.

        Think about it: does a better way exist for the pied piper of death and destruction to sway all those under his spell? Absolutely not.

        Call me crazy, I really don’t care, I’ve been called worse, and frankly, names are really not the issue. Once you YOURSELF connect the dots you research you will find the truth is an unbelievably powerful liberating energy or force.

        Do your own research. About whatever. Whomever. Keep an open mind. That of course includes being open to being wrong. You will find, as I have, that Tesla wirelessly transmitted electricity, that Sir Raymond Royal Rife cured cancer, that Stanley Meyer was killed because he invented spark plugs that through electrolysis enabled his dune buggy to get one-hundred miles to one gallon of water, that the NIH owns the patent to Ebola, that AIDS was/is a germ warfare experiment. I could go on, but it’s not necessary.

        My point is first, don’t fear being called crazy. Fear instead becoming insane from denial of reality. Truth responds or answers to the questions it is asked. Be the questioner, a courageous questioner.

        And second, once you seek truth with a mind completely open and healthily skeptical, you will see things purely, clearly.

        Gandhi said truth never damages a cause that is just, and that truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.


        Maybe I don’t speak the truth. Maybe you don’t speak it. But perhaps together we will, or do. Truth builds upon truth.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.
        Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
        May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
        And do thou, oh Prince of the Heavenly Host,
        Cast into Hell, Satan, and all the evil spirits
        who prowl around the world
        seeking the ruin of souls,

        • I do believe you’re onto something there masked man.

      7. BIG BROTHER is here. He has already implemented the first phase of three for A.I. control.Facebook, Google, Twitter ect. use the algorithm to pinpoint and target people.

      8. PEEK A BOO.

      9. Back in 1998, I had a call interrupter hooked to my phone.
        I could hear someone intercept my phone calls. An Airforce
        Col (Retired) and I would talk for hours about politics.
        Him staunch republican…and then I was a waning Demoncrap
        Hating what Clintons, Bushes, and Johnson were doing or had
        done. Later following what Obutthol was trying to scam the world.

        I tried to tell people my phone was tapped… everyone laughed.
        Well now we know it was true. I taunted them with jokes like
        “Ok you idiots at AT&T…FBI….CIA….NSA…HS…NAACP…and
        all you other wire tappers…. listen up! You are a deceitful bunch
        trying to trap law abiding American people for your own evil
        purposes. GO FOR IT you thumb suckers!!! YOU HAVE SHIT FOR

        They want to know what you know….. where you get your intel…and what
        you want to do with it. That is how they find out who to snuff out….and where.
        They fry your computer and phone. Some people are zapped and
        have fatal heart attacks from magnetic electronic waves.
        Demoncraps even use mind control on their own supporters for lack of
        enough stupid people to do their dirty work.

      10. Simple don’t use a dam phone!

        • You just used a megaphone. So do we all when we post here.

      11. The stupid a** military. They just got a $700-billion dollar increase in their budget while the average American took a $600-billion cut in theirs. The Pentagon has even received several $100-million dollar sweeteners. And this is what we get for our money?

        And now, just this week, the Pentagon announced that it is running out of bombs? WTF?

        End the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). Take away the keys to the aircraft carriers. Close all foreign bases (the secret ones, too). Cut the military budget by 85-percent.

        I disconnected my smartphone, shut it down, put back in it’s box, and shoved it in a desk drawer in 2014. Mainly over this privacy and GPS crap. Who are these idiots anyway?

        What we need are some self-guided GPS bullets.

      12. Palestinians bury the dead.

        Following the massacre of May 14, 2018 in the Palestinian concentration camp, Palestinians begin burying the dead.


      13. EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE, EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE, I’LL BE WATCHING YOU… just what we have become.

        • To MADTXN: It is ironic that that excellent song was written by “THE POLICE”

      14. It is already here. I have written before about the digital ‘hologram’ we are already living in. They parse your data and throw a spoofed internet back at you. It is NOT the same internet others are seeing. I test stuff with my family overseas. Just basic news event knowledge, awareness of general social changes etc. They are clueless. My father thinks it is wrong to block tracking and web ads so everytime he tries to use the internet he is bombarded with a deluge of web ads and crap. What he doesn’t realise is the amount of profiling that is going on and this is the reason for all the crap he gets sent by email. All that extra digital garbage also slows his internet so he spends less time on the internet (and thus, like all old people, relies on the totally fake news that is mainstream Canadian journalism).

        Just try and do basic Google searches in Canada and for most terms you will be served results involving pictures of people playing hockey etc. Most of the world’s content is blocked out.

        Silos, holograms, digital tracking, electronic ring-fencing – all is already happening. The only people who do not get this treatment are black male youths. They get a free pass on committing crimes because that suits the government just fine. Same goes for crazy Muslims.

      15. I said this before. In China communications are observed in order to give citizens a “social score” just like we have a credit score. Now we are getting “risk scores”. Social scores are assigned in order to deny people jobs and education or other opportunities. If you think that this mass surveillance is benign, think again. One flip of the switch, and bingo, we have a total police state.

      16. Massive amounts of intelligence gathering is limited by software programs scanning it for key words or trigger words. Sooner or later, and probably much later, a pair of human eyes have to look at some kind of report, and make a decision about what is seen and judged valuable. Software can also be made to do that little job, too. When that happens, (Machines and programs gathering information, digesting and judging it, recommending a course of action, and even doing an after-action report) it will be the end of the surveillance state. The people using that stuff will have become so weak they won’t know why they’re doing what they’re doing. Oh, and a practical note, you could just turn off your phone (or leave it on) and leave it behind when you go out, anywhere. The bottom line is, don’t help BB track you. The more they tighten their grip, the more likely it is that some one will trip a major EMP event, domestically, and shut the whole circus down.

      17. Ditch the pnone Simple

      18. “Anomalies,” the actions are termed, that “would raise the person’s risk score.”

        As I have seen this visualized — schooling fish or pollywogs. One swims against the flow.

        Conspiracy theorists, whistle blowers, or whatever you like to call them, have told us about colorized lists:

        An exclamation mark, inside a triangle (warning beacon) on a topo map.

        All of the blue dots move in a certain direction. A red dot moves somewhere else.

        The person of interest can be found using a flow chart or disparate data set.

        Non participators are considered non persons, to the best of my understanding, aimho.

      19. 51% of all adult women in the US live alone. According to the meaning of the word ‘abnormal’ as defined in the article, this can only mean that any woman who is married is abnormal. Of course I’m not saying that they are. I’m just showing that the idea of what is abnormal is not easy to define and that people in government are typically pretty stupid sometimes. We knew that, right?

      20. J

        Respect your decisions


      21. Well here’s a simple idea, just leave your “smart phone” at home when you go out. People now a days think they can’t live without their stupid cell phones. I’m old enough to remember a time when we had one phone in our house, it was attached to the kitchen wall. If someone needed to get a hold of me, they called back if i missed their call. Seeing as i got by fine the first 50 years of my life without a cell phone attached to my hip. I’m sure i can finish off what time i have left here on earth by leaving it at home when i go out. So leave your dam cell phone at home, then the powers that be can’t track you.

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