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    More Government Data: Almost 70% Of COVID Deaths Were Among The “Vaccinated”

    Mac Slavo
    February 21st, 2022
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    According to documents released from the dictatorship of Canada, almost 70% of all hospitalizations and deaths from COVID are among the “vaccinated.” With seven out of 10 fatalities happening among the fully vaccinated, Canada appears to be experiencing a “pandemic of the fully vaccinated.”

    It may or may not surprise you to know that the Government of Canada is actually trying to cover up this inconvenient data that questions the effectiveness of the experimental COVID-19 injections. Because the Government of Canada is publishing its official COVID-19 data in a way that makes it appear Canada is very much experiencing a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.”

    Page 20 onwards contains data on COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths from the very start of the COVID-19 injection campaign in Canada on December 14, 2020, all the way through to January 22, 2022.

    It is due to the time period covered that the Government of Canada figures are incredibly misleading because the numbers published include thousands of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths that occurred even when just 0.3% of the population of Canada were considered fully vaccinated.

    The following chart shows the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations across the whole of Canada by vaccination status between January 16 and January 22.

    In all, a total of 4,231 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 across Canada in these 7 days, but the majority of them were fully vaccinated. So the propaganda push that these “vaccines” prevent hospitalization and severe illness from COVID is not just misinformation, they are bald-faced lies.

    Plus, we know that hospitals test everyone who comes through their doors, even if they show up with a broken ankle, and those who test positive are counted as a “hospitalized case” of COVID-19. We also know they overestimate these numbers as much as they can to get large sums of money from governments for helping keep the lie going.

    They Admit It: The Flu Has Disappeared Now That COVID Is Here

    The following chart shows the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations across the whole of Canada by vaccination status between January 16 and January 22.

    In all, a total of 4,231 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 across Canada in these 7 days, but the majority of them were fully vaccinated. The not vaccinated accounted for 1,367 hospitalizations, the partly vaccinated accounted for 208 hospitalizations, whilst the fully vaccinated accounted for a shocking 2,656 hospitalizations. This means the vaccinated population accounted for 68%, nearly 7 in every 10 COVID-19 hospitalizations between January 16 and January 22, despite accounting for just 4 in every 10 cases during the same period.

    Many ruling classes are refraining from published data at this point because people are interpreting it in a way that is unfavorable to the vaccine agenda and the dictates of our masters.

    The Canadian COVID-19 figures are produced by the Government of Canada (see here). Their latest data is available as a downloadable pdf here.



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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: February 21st, 2022

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      1. hmm... says:

        A recent study concluded that our government never
        lies about statistics and/or
        manipulates data and always
        tells us the truth.

        Of course, the study was
        conducted and the results
        were provided by that very
        same government.

        • tommy2tone says:

          I believe there is a misprint in the article and the timeline is NOT changing from 24 months to 30 months but 30 years. I have met many young adults who would struggle to write 50 words. Assuming they even know how to write…

          • Bill says:

            I’m no English teacher, but isn’t that the truth! There are people I have worked with, with high school and college diplomas and unable to write a single coherent sentence. While watching some of them type or write you could see they were struggling to collect their thoughts. It almost impossible for them to communicate by writing beyond the most simple or basic level. I have read memos, notes, letters, etc. that were so poorly written I could not fully determine what they were trying to convey. They have an almost complete ignorance of the fundamentals of grammar, and that’s not including the inability to spell words that have more than 5 or 6 letters. Apparently, good handwriting is no longer taught because everyone types now. I have passed around handwritten notes from a certain employee (who is supposed to be educated) and not a single person could make them out. The handwriting literally looked like a 2 year old took a pen a just scratched it across paper.

      2. Being fully “vaccinated”
        does have its’ privileges.

      3. Spider25 says:

        Tell me lies sweet little lies! Has there been an ounce of truth from the gubermint on this plandemic?

      4. Perhaps says:

        Interesting that on that chart
        that the lowest percentage
        hospitalized was the partly
        jabbed. Perhaps it means
        that the “protective” effects
        really kick in after your second dose. In many of the
        horror stories you read about
        this “whatever it is” it seems
        much of the suffering and
        “side effects” take place after the second dose. Perhaps.
        Either that or some people
        decided against the second
        dose, never returned and
        therefore didn’t end up
        becoming sick enough to end up hospitalized.

      5. Anonymous says:

        There’s no truth involved in the Covid agenda, or any other agenda, by anyone on any side of it.

        Everyone involved twists, distorts, exaggerates or minimizes the data or just outright lies to suit their position, No one presents just simple and verifiable data to let you decide what is true and what isn’t.

        This is the age of deceit that is ushering in the end times, don’t believe anything you hear from anyone and trust no one.

        Except me, you can trust me and believe everything I say.

        • Anonymous says:

          “No one presents just simple and verifiable data to let you decide what is true and what isn’t”

          Maybe that’s because personal opinions have been passed and accepted as facts and nobody wants to believe the information that doesn’t reinforce their own personal beliefs?

        • Anonymous says:

          “Everyone involved twists,distorts,exaggerates,or minimizes the data,or outright lies to suit their position.”

          Similar to how married couples behave when they are going through a divorce.
          Both will run to their friends and family seeking sympathy and support.
          Both will twist, distort, exaggerate, and outright lie in order to make the other person appear evil,manipulative and controlling.

      6. alfie says:

        after reading all the info about the covid shots, kind of makes me wonder. Shortly after getting my two shots, I had a stroke ( only 60 % they tell me, but it is still a concern ) and it makes me wonder. They say the good lord moves in mysteries way or is this just the power hungry doing their thing on the rest of the world. Just saying

      7. Exactly!!! says:

        Someone made a comment
        somewhere which sums up
        the double standard of the psychos pushing the jab.

        I think it was:

        “If you survive “covid” after
        being vaccinated – it’s always
        due to being jabbed”.

        “If you die from “covid” after
        being vaccinated – it’s never
        due to being jabbed”.

      8. Your Royal Highness, the Queen of England, has covid. No worries…slight symptoms being treated with Stromectol.

        What’s Stromectol, you say? It’s IVERMECTIN.

        HaHaHaHaHa…the video is online. A Current Affair.

      9. Woogie says:

        I have been keeping death numbers for my county. It has increased 45% since the vaccine rollout over 2019 before Covid came here. Many were called “unexpected” deaths, the rest didn’t list the cause. Gounty is 59% fully vaccinated.

      10. Apache54 says:

        This is not about vaccines it is about GENOCIDE we are in full de-population mode, everything else is just smoke and mirrors

      11. Barkley says:

        Is there a reason the headline implies “vaxxed” account for 70% of ccp virus deaths but the actual article only discusses hospitalizations? Where’s the beef?

      12. Jocko says:

        The same underlying cause will kill the vaccinated just like the unvaccinated.

      13. Mr. Darwin says:

        Ah, the ravings of a hysterical idiot. Another bowl of first class bullshit straight from the pen of ol’Slavo!

        In all seriousness, I urge you all to believe every word this genius writes. He has your best interest at heart. I’m sure everything will turn out just fine for you 🖕😉🖕

      14. Copperhead says:

        Look up the Georgia Guide stones.

      15. Brockland A.T. says:

        Great expose. The vax scam has always depended on empiric, as opposed to empirical, data.

        Theory and practice has never supported COVID vaxxing, but they could always count on some shallow empiric study to bail them out short-term.

        empiric :

        1. One who is guided by practical experience rather than precepts or theory.

        2. An unqualified or dishonest practitioner; a charlatan.

        3. One of an ancient sect of Greek physicians who maintained that practice or experience, and not theory, is the foundation of the science of medicine.

        The vaxxed are the majority in Canada, 80% over age 5.

        The unvaxxed who end up in hospital, are less likely those with a broken ankle, though, and more likely mostly those unable to be vaxxed because of pre-existing health conditions.

        Anyone (at least based on flu shots) who cannot generate an immune response cannot be vaxxed; that would sicken or even kill them. Vaccines depend on having a strong immune response generating antibodies.

        As the unvaxxed chronically weak and un-vaxxable cohort taps out, the far larger vaxxed cohort checks in.

        The unvaxxed healthy, naturally won’t show up at all on hospitalization stats.

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