More Footage: Sea Floor Bulges and Collapses, Spits Up Debris

by | Aug 8, 2010 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    Recently we published a video of a possible methane driven sea floor collapse near the BP oil leak. There were various schools of thought as to what was happening, with suggestions (from this web site and others) that what we saw in that video was an optical illusion due to the position of the camera on the underwater rover. After several viewings of the video we entertained this idea and leaned towards this being the likely scenario.

    We may have been wrong.

    We’ve previously reported on the possibility of a methane induced Tsunami, but what we’ve recently gathered from BP and mainstream reports is that the well is now stable and more or less secure. It’s also been said that the extreme pressures reported by some scientists and experts was overblown and that no methane threat exists, nor is their any oil leaking from the sea floor cracks.

    This begs the question, then…. What is happening in the following video, recorded August 6, 2010?

    Hat tip to Propheticseer for emailing us his latest.


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      1. Houston I think we have a problem……

      2. For the last time….  THE EARTH IS NOT MOVING!  The rover is moving and the “sediment” thown up is from the prop wash of the ROV.  

        Come on, give me a freaking break.

      3. It would help to have knowledge of what perspective we are watching from. What machinery is in the foreground?

      4. It is different than the last one posted.  Harder to really see.  It’s hard to tell what’s going on because we have no idea what we are looking at.  Is this a small lens looking at a small area?  You just can’t tell with such a small view and no idea what we are even looking at.  One of the things I’ve learned in the last couple years of searching the internet is you just can’t believe much anymore.   Why should this be any different?   It’s one man’s opinion. 

      5. Comments….. In listening to some oil “experts” such as Matt Simmons and Lindsay Williams, they both have said that BP was hiding the truth from the people.  Matt Simmons said that oil was leaking 5-10 miles from the actual well head, and it was found to be true.  Like the others here, I am not sure what we are looking at either.  This is a methane/natural gas well, seems to me like the well would have exploded and not collapsed.  But what do I know?

        In the meanwhile, where did the oil go?  It’s under loads of sand:

      6. Some questions come to mind:
        1. How is it this individual seems to be in possession of video from the seabed near the well head? Does he have an inside source at BP?
        2. Although methane has been mentioned as a possible danger, are there any reports of methane reaching the surface? There are so many ships at the surface, and the methane is a real danger for the bouyancy of the ships.
        3. Is there any way to determine whose ROV is taking the pictures?

        If these are not someone’s idea of a joke ( a really bad one!), then there is real cause for concern. If it’s a hoax, then giving credence and ‘air time’ to them should be stopped. Until that’s determined, we should all remain very on alert for any further developments.

      7. I think you (Propheticseer) should post these videos from the comfort and sobriety of somewhere else in the future other than in the company of other nutters at your local pub. You’re clearly drunk, well on your way to being so or you’re just plain sociopathic because no-one in their right state of mind finds any pleasure or light hearted entertainment value in watching/speculating the demise of this planets environment or it very existence!!!

      8. Assume it’s real. Now what? Worry about things which you can directly control. If the ocean is going to explode, die off, dry up, freeze, implode, disappear, etc what exactly will mankind do about it? God, Guns, and Grub is about all we can really expect to handle efficiently and is quite sufficient to occupy the mind or imagination.

      9. If you play the video backwards and forwards a few times (by dragging the play-bar back and forth), you will see that the “rover” is the one moving. 

        I agree with grannyb

      10. One thing is for certain, if this is a national security concern you can be assured the Liar-in-Chief will not tell you the truth. 

      11. No idea what’s going on there. But if it were the rover camera moving that made it look like the sea floor bulged, then how come the perspective of the ‘t’ handles never changed?

      12. Scar, the T-handles are mounted on the rover itself. In this whole video, the only “mystery” or “strangeness” is the first rise and then fall of the sea flow. The rover just moved down and then up. As far as all the crap in the water, while it looks  like some kind of explosion, the lights and your narrow view makes it look much worse than it is. I think this is more like trick photography than a “methane explosion”. (…which cannot really happen because there is no oxygen for combustion…)

        After seeing and examining hours and hours of events on security cameras, this gets kind of a *yawn* from me. After you get used to the camera perspectives you don’t get excited so much because you put the exaggerated back into the perspective of reality.

      13. How can you guys at SHTFANPLAN even post this crap?
        Posting nonsense like this only undermines your already shaky level of veracity.

      14. This is NOTHING but a SELF-SERVING video.  @Bill above is right.  If there was an explosion the ROV would be blown up toward the surface and all those neat little cables and devices on the ROV would have been blown off.  

        It’s prop wash people. 

      15. If we call the area of the rover where those nozzles are the “front”, then the back of the rover went up and the front stayed down, which would give the appearance of the floor going up.

        Occam’s razor, buddy.

      16. I watched it again while listening to Pink Floyd and I still don’t think it’s the ocean floor moving, it’s the rover. 

      17. Which Pink Floyd?

      18. No we cant explain it because we don’t normally see what it going on a mile under the ocean.  That could be a normal occurrence 1 mile under the ocean.  None of us know and neither do you.

      19. this guy is an idiot with absolutely no understanding of marine geology. one more example of the negative crap you post to this worthless piece of shit website. it’s pretty clear that you all having nothing better to do then feel sorry for yourselves and compliain about how terrible the world is. Get off your fat fucking asses and do something productive. GET A FUCKING JOB like a real man YOU PUSSYS!

      20. @john son  -  why all the anger son?   tell us about yourself.  what kind of man job do you have?  how do you know if we have fat asses?  are you spying on us?  do you like men with fat asses?  if you don’t like this site, then don’t come here.  pretty simple even for a Dumb Ass like you!

      21. Thank you Bill for your keen observation on Little Johnson–ha.
        Not only does he have a potty mouth, but, he obviously is not mature enough to understand how to take in information, and use it or discard it.  (like Bill said, if you cant handle it, dont come to the site! )  No need to go bizerk, screaming and whining and blaming the world for your mental weaknesses, and perverted tastes for fat butts.    So, take your little johnson to bed, suck your thumb, and come back when you are a real man!  p.s. real men can actually speak without all the dirty words and name calling.  And Bill,  I think he does like men with fat butts—that’s what’s making him so testy! 

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