Mom Survives COVID-19 After Being Given Experimental Drug, As Mandatory Vaccine Agenda Moves Forward

by | May 30, 2020 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    A California mother of three has survived COVID-19 after being given an experimental drug called “leronlimab.” Fifty-five-year-old Samantha Mottet tried to manage her symptoms at home, but her condition worsened and she was admitted to UCLA Medical Center.

    Leronlimab is an HIV treatment that the Food and Drug Administration has approved as an emergency investigational new drug, which means doctors must get the FDA’s approval in advance for each individual patient before using the drug. It worked for Mottet, who is home and recovering with her family.

    CytoDyn’s drug, leronlimab, has a unique mechanism of action that quiets the cytokine storm in patients. This was demonstrated in the compassionate use patients’ blood tests. Dr Lalezari revealed in a Superstock Live presentation that its compassionate use results showed that “a great majority of patients are starting to show improvement within two to three days of the first dose.”  There was a consistent change in biomarkers by day three whereby the IL-6 levels returned to normal, the CD4/CD8 ratio improved, and there was a notable decrease in serum viral load.  In addition to these biomarkers, CytoDyn was measuring the levels of Rantes (CCR5) and discovered a trend that in mild to moderate COVID-19 patients it was elevated about 5 fold and in severe to critical patients the number was elevated 100 fold over normal levels.  The discovery of the pathogenesis of the disease was spelled out in the preprint article calledDisruption of the CCL5/RANTES-CCR5 Pathway Restores Immune Homeostasis and Reduces Plasma Viral Load in Critical COVID-19.  Dr. Patterson labeled COVID-19 a “Rantes disease.”  This journal article is currently under peer review.  –Big Pharma Journal

    The fact that most patients are not allowed to choose whatever method of treatment they’d like in the “land of the free,” is causing harm to the medical community.  People are losing trust in those who are supposed to be there to help them. All of this is culminating in what will be a mandatory vaccine agenda.

    According to a WHO Agenda 2030 update from April titled “Immunization Agenda 2030: A Global Strategy to Leave No One Behind:

    IA 2030 envisions a world where everyone, everywhere, at every age, fully benefits from vaccines to improve health and well-being.

    Immunization is playing a critical role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Immunization reaches more people than any other health and social service, making it the foundation of primary health care systems and a key driver toward universal health coverage. This makes immunization critical to SDG3 – to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Because health is so fundamental to development, IA2030 will also contribute—either directly or indirectly—to 13 of the other SDGs.

    The good news is that Americans are figuring out that natural treatments and remedies not approved by the FDA are being hidden from them and they are all but forced to use what Big Pharma has to offer. This is causing a majority of people to wake up to the damages being done to them by their own governments in the name of healthcare. They have been hiding cures and feeding us pills for “symptom management.”

    People deserve the choice to use leronlimab, hydroxychloroquine, reiki healing, or any other method of treatment. The elimination of choice is destroying people’s ability to take their health into their own hands.

    As we wake up more people to the damages the ruling class had done, not just to our freedom, but to our health as well,  for centuries, more people will begin to see the chains they’ve been put in. When that happens, we will end up with a world full of liberty and freedom. But we all need to open our eyes.

    The Great Awakening: Our Future Will Be One of Liberty, Freedom, and Peace



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      1. Trump postponed the G7 meeting that was initially scheduled for June 10 till the end of June, and now rescduled till possibly till the end of September because he believes that it is a very outdated group of countries. Trump would like to invite India South Korea, Austrailia, and Russia, but has not stated which four countries he believes are outdated and wishes to remove from the G7. Angela Merkel will not attend because of the coronavirus, so that could go on for God only knows how long.

        Maybe Russia, India, and South Korea will be too worried about the coronavirus too, because the agenda is going to be how to 
        “deal with China.”

        Maybe Guam, Malta, The Isle of Man, Vatican City, Bermuda, and St. Thomas will be up to date enough to attend the 
        WOT ( World of Trump)  G7.

      2. Take vitamin D3 everyday. Especially during the Fall and Winter. Where are those rioters coming from? Oh, the politicians emptied all the jails and prisons because of Covid-19. Also, White communists and black street gangs.

      3. The Wisconsin state legisture over-turned Governor Ever’s lock-down order a couple of weeks ago, but the two most populous counties, Milwaukee, with the city of Milwaukee, and Dane with the state capitol city of Madison, decided that that would be like throwing caution to the wind and place such an extreme danger on people’s lives that they refused to allow their residents to open businesses, return to work, and socialize. On May 26th, Governor Ever’s informed landlords that they would be able to start evicting renters, ( which does require the landlord to go to court to file for eviction ), although the renters are still under lockdown until next week. So the mayors care so much about the health of residents that they may become homeless and deep in debt, but the mayors did happen to make a special exception for the lock down by allowing protests, but with a 9:00pm curfew in Milwaukee. It is wrong that people should be locked down, and people have the right to assemble in protest, but it is impossible to ignore the political grande standing by the mayors of Milwaukee and Madison with such mind spinning hypocrisy that it is too dangerous to work, but safe enough to protest as well as safe enough to be evicted and wind up homeless!

      4. What about MMS? It’s the chlorine dioxide treatment that Q followers and Trump were talking about. You can research it at Jim Humble’s website where he explains how to make it yourself.

      5. Protests over the Minneapolis police murder have led to the
        arrests of 1,400 people across America, as peaceful protests were infilitrated by violent elements setting things ablaze, engaging in aggravated assault, and looting of retail outlets took place.

        As someone that had attended protests since the ’80’s, I can tell you with certainty that the government detests peaceful protests because it seizes the narrative from them. There is a motive and desire by the government to turn peaceful protests into violent ones, because then it gives the appearance that only violent radical terrorists would ever protest the government, and it also gives the appearance to some that the government is justified in further fascist, militarized, police state power grabs.

        The police have been trained to incite violence among protestors, by using police brutality on women, the elderly, and on children, in hopes that those actions will push people to the brink of violence, so that the government appears justified in their actions to shut the protests down, arrest and imprison the protestors, and gear up on militarization and brute force.

        Trump would absolutely love to enact Martial Law and so would many Democrats as well as bankers and business owners. In fact, it is safe to say that every one of them would love to enact Martial Law because they just keep getting busted looting, murdering, and lying, since they are doing it in broad daylight, it is strange that they are surprised at people’s outrage, but for some reason inexplicable to sane and normal people, they are outraged that people are criticizing them for the murders, looting, and lying.

        No posative objectives have ever been achieved by any protest that I have ever attended.

        If this is about the right to live freely without being harrassed by police in a targeted campaign of racial or economically based oppression, having 1,400 people arrested over the murder of
        George Floyd fails to achieve that objective.

        Kamala Harris, a former prosecuter attended the D.C. protests. Kamala Harris, as a legislator could and should be writing legislation that would severely punish the police for their murder spree, and oppression and harrassment spree on people of all races. It is a disgusting insult to the protestors and the Floyd family that Harris believes that she is somehow supporting the Floyd family, when she has the legislative capability that so few happen to hold. Harris was a prosecutor that ruthlessly defended police murders and brutality throughout her tenure as a prosecutor, exactly like Amy Klobuchar has.

        There are many black legislators throughout America, elected overwhelmingly by black voters who they have all failed to serve and put an end to it. The only real way to stop this is through the legal system, and those with legislative, judicial, and prosecutorial power have all not only failed to stop it, but have assisted and financed the escalation of police brutality.

      6. I’m 54 years old and in good shape, hardly ever get sick and have never had any serious illness. I firmly believe the reason for this is I have avoided doctors my entire life and have never taken any of their poisonous pills. They butchered my Grandfather over what should have been a simple, routine operation which made the rest of his life uncomfortable. He would occasionally tell me if you want to stay healthy, avoid doctors !

      7. Trump has designated anti-fa as a terrorist network. Since I have been under lockdown for over several years, and targeted by anti-fa that live in my neighborhood and are looters, vandals and hackers, and people that illegally spy on me and gang stalk me, that I refuse to even speak with, we will see how serious Trump is about locking up and prosecuting these terrorists.

        Considering that the only promises that Trump has kept are to
        Israelis, corporations, and the stock market looters, I doubt that Trump is serious.

      8. Trump has designated anti-fa as a terrorist network. Since I have been under lockdown for over several years, and targeted by anti-fa that live in my neighborhood in Grafton, Wisconsin, and that are also looters, vandals, and hackers, and people that illegally spy on me and gang stalk me,  that I refuse to even speak with, we will see how serious Trump is about locking up and prosecuting these terrorists. They are psychopaths though, that is for damn sure!

        Considering that the only promises that Trump has kept are to 
        Israelis, corporations, and the stock market looters, I doubt that Trump is serious. 

        • Anti-fa are anarchists. In their twisted psychopathic world view they believe that any boudaries placed on them what so ever are fascist boudaries. The sense of entitlement of anti-fa is alarming. They believe that they are entitled to do anyhthing that they please, steal anything that they please, violate anyone’s rights that they please, attempt to seize control over anyone’s life, property, or business that they please, and they believe that anyone that tries to hold them accountable for their abuses, theft, predation, vandalism, and violations of the rights and property of others are fascists. They believe that no laws should apply to them at all, but at the same time feel obligated to attempt reign over other people.

          They are extremely evil.

          There is no place for them in society.

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