Molotov Cocktail in Chief: “The Trump Years Are Going To Be Crazier Than You Think”

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 31 comments

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    Think you know what the Trump years will bring?

    Probably none of us can guess what is really going to happen. Love or hate Trump, the chances are pretty good that the next four years will be some of the most chaotic that the United States has ever seen.

    The resetting of the economic landscape, and the further deterioration of the social fabric will weigh heavily over American affairs, while the country watches the spectacle of a president who could insult his way to the top, and possibly outweigh the intelligence and establishment groups in power behind the throne.

    Riots and other forms of violence, economic breakdown and great wins and losses during the reversal and change in direction of fiscal policy will throw a monkey wrench into everything – and, “throw gasoline on a fire.”

    Those who brought Trump to the forefront of American politics though ‘throwing Trump was a molotov cocktail’… and chances are that they are right.

    Wild cards are everywhere – Trump, Putin, the Fed, the CIA, Israel and the fate of the middle east. Nothing will be predictable, and the true course of events may only be evident in hindsight.

    With Trump, there are those who are trying to catch a spark… is revolution, civil war and unrest around the corner?

    As this video from Storm Clouds Gathering explains:

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      1. “Riots and other forms of violence, economic breakdown..”

        The way I see it, we have three weeks of serious conflict before several nuclear power stations, (whether off-lined, damaged or simply abandoned), melt down -it will only take a few to do it. At which point, most everyone in the fallout path -too sick to fight, can lower their arms and spend their final days with whatever family remains.

        Europe, having been spared the worst for a brief time, can only wait out in utter horror as the toxic rains and currents claim coastal victims, while ravaging both crops and livestock. The remaining sea-based bio matter -which provides 50% of earths breathable oxygen will go extinct in the radioactive plume. Disease, famine and conflict will surely follow.

        The elite will crawl into their holes and slowly count down the days until the last of the wine is consumed, before they are forced to turn on each other as food sources.

        The Earth will be a shell, billions of years of evolution wiped out because of greedy money changers.

        But at least Gold and Silver will finally have it’s rally!

        Anyway. What we’re we talking about?

        • That was a very interesting video.

          Trump vs. the Federal Reserve

          Could it be that they are working together? If not, then the Federal Reserve will probably raise rates, and things will get hairy.


            A DisruptJ20 training was held in a classroom at American University in Washington D.C. – for protesters aiming to “shut down” the nation’s capitol during president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday.


            link on Drudge Report

      2. If it ends with the azzhole feds having a reasonable budget with clipped powers and the states falling in line behind that im cool with a whole huge heaping of chaos,,,
        Your free shit is going away snowflakes, you may actually have to work

      3. Nailbanger, I’d like to think that would happen but I’m not counting on it. The libturds are still a force to be reckoned with. I’m still stacking and keeping all my other options on the table. I’m at the BOL til’ I see how the inauguration goes.

        • DeplorableBH- “I’m still stacking and keeping all my other options on the table.”

          So are you choosing between “Real Butter” or “Parkay Margarine?”

          I def go with real Butter, sure salt free if you like.

      4. All I know is the Globalist assholes are going to fight back, their order is collapsing here and in Europe. I expect anything from economic collapse to war. They will do anything to maintain their control. Yes danger is ahead.

        • blackjack

          I agree with your analysis 100%. TPTB have been at this global control for a few hundred years. They wet their appetite with increasing victories since WWII for their goal. The collapse of the USSR opened the door to the final stages. In effect they came too far to quit now.

          “They will do anything to maintain their control.”

          War, economic collapse, pandemic disease, some of the previous, all of the previous, hell a credible threat in the publics eyes of an alien invasion from the planet Zorkon.

          Interesting, fascinating, frightening…… will be anything but normal.

      5. Mac, it seems as tho you don’t like Trump.

        • These are just hot button topics meant to get lots of comments.

          Comments = lots of advertising dollars

      6. I see it this way …. if we all end up Perishing cause of what is outlined in this post
        .. we don’t ever have to worry about, prepping, Donald trump, paying taxes, or worrying that Hilary Clinton will ever become president … so I’m ok to get on the bus to the eternal Toga party in the sky!!!!

      7. I guess all these people being paid by the government in defense, intelligence and most federal agencies are front line snitches for the government. Protecting the crooks at the top are thousands of equally treasonous scumbaggish rats. More money pissed away to traitors. I call it both nationalism and populism led to Trump’s win.

        • The first loyalty is to their paycheck.

          “Its difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”

          Upton Sinclair

          • Seems like that quote would apply to the gimme-dat crowd as well.

      8. Hopefully, Sessions is going to start slapping RICO charges! Getting rid of Soros and his types (follow the money) would cut the Chaos by 75%!

        Trump gets to replace (re-stack) the 9th Circuit and that should put a stop to some of this nonsense.

        Holding some of the Mayors (mostly inner city) that create environments for this type of activity to grow need to be charged as well. Depending on the type of activity I’d like to see some Treason charges slapped on them.

        AZ needs to recall McCain. Get out of the UN, NATO and bring our troops and all equipment home. Get rid of the VA issue insurance cards good for anywhere. Let the Left in DC continue to look stupid and when they try to block or stall; out procedure them to a vote and shut them down. Any GOP out of line gets marginalized, recalled if possible and replaced ASAP! Pop some of your favorite popcorn.

        The Deplorable’s need to speak with there wallets and not support the business of the left (Hollywood, Music Industry, Fashion industry)

        Scorched earth and clean this mess up; the quicker the better!

        In the meantime, stay ready.

        • You have covered all of it. Unfortunantly,their are too many people that believe what the powers tell. A wakeup call is needed, and who knows, trump may be it.

      9. When do you predict this

      10. I am ready to give Trump a chance. I hope he has the right interests at heart. Right depends on your stance. Let us get behind him.

      11. That video was a worst case senario. I compare it to a bad acid (LSD) trip.

        So let’s look at a good trip on LSD.

        The anti-Christ is not a human per se, but the box in your living room, that you allowed into your life. It seduced you to spend money you did not have to impress people you did not like, and you became a debt slave. It tempted you with sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, and an impossible body obsessed insecurity, trying to live up to it’s subliminal messages. You drifted from classical art and music and embraced it’s degraded cultural obscenity as good and worthy. You never learned your own history, but absorbed hour upon hour of lies. You became one with the devil supporting murderous campaigns abroad. You did nothing to stop the chemical drugging of the youth and you yourself fell prey to the snake oil salesman selling their drugs day and night under the deceptive cover of medicine.

        But the power of THE BOX is being subdued by the power of TRUTH.
        The Anti-Christ is failing.

        Maybe all will be well. Evil will submit for it’s own common sense finally kicks into gear and has an epiphany. Wouldn’t that be nice.

        Have a great day. We are about to make America great.


      12. Trump was the better choice. Nothing really great about him. I think his position will shift to somewhere in the middle. Some things may change but mostly we will still have a almost osmosis gradual decline. Until NIBIRU becomes evident.

      13. Obama has lined up a series of deadly ducks in a row that will go off in the first months of Trump. The global economy will crash, war will start with Russia and China, and the Muslim hordes will rise up and spark a civil war across Europe. The draft will come back and the sad sack Millennials dispatched to fight will be looking out of the window of the bus to boot camp and see crazy Muslims running around and will wonder what the hell they are risking their life for. It will be too late, but it will dawn on them they have more in common with people in China and Russia than they do with the degenerate elites in the West.

        Stuck on the frontline freezing their butt off in Eastern Europe and the Arctic, soldiers will grow angry as they see Muslim men and blacks post bragging pics on the internet of them banging their girl friends back home. Depressed and with low morale, they will suffer a series of defeats to the Russians, as they fight on their patch.

      14. So much false premise in that “video” to cover here but suffice it to say BULLSHIT on much of it. good day.

      15. Is it possible that he has a plan for this? I think he has been on his game for a number of years. I think it is possible that the the paradigm has shifted. The work of the deep state might be at a point where they don’t have the influence to keep the “business end” of their program pointed at the population. There are more then enough people who have wised up to the scam. Enough in the population, the military, law enforcement, etc. On top of that, they are unraveling faster then we can even anticipate the next level of stupid, on their behalf. I don’t know if they even have enough mental capacity left to play the only card they have left, violence. they are about as incompetent as a muslim at this point.

      16. Anybody notice that nearly all Western governments are anti-Western? Subversion. Marxism.

      17. CNN ran a report called “Disaster could put Obama cabinet member in Oval Office”

        CNN overtly incites violence against the President Elect, but also already new that CNN is just the CIA’s mouthpiece as well….Pay attention folks..its going to get dicey real quick!!! Watch the video at the link, truly an amazing and MISREPRESENTED line of succession by CNN and the liberal hopefuls to derail Trump.

      18. I have to agree we are getting down toward zero hour. Another martial law something or other was sent through in the last week or two. Little :o” has until one minute to midnight to pull it off. Will he?? We put up with Pence in Indiana and he still seems like a career politician to me. If the Donald is such a wildcard where did Pence come from?? I started with a fresh computer, finally got to watch some u-tube vids and the sound crashes, commented a couple times and poof. disqus won’t verify me any more for comments. I think we are from the show-me state i guess. lefties and right wing bikers showing up itchin for a fight,paid agitators (more than likely for both sides)Cops without Bodycameras 10,000 guardsmen with riot shields and firearms, who will they be ordered to shoot first?? Who does anyone think the mainstream media will put the blame on. Anyone remember the biker bar in Ft Worth? illuminati cards showing a trump assassination. what could possibly go wrong. I mean The cabinet full of guys that don’t believe in vaccinations and climate change, isn’t that what we have been praying for,let alone making America great again. Call me pessimistic, but when something looks too good to be true, especially in politics. Remember Ryan was supposed to be a good guy for speaker? I mean a missile might be able to hit the pentagon couldn’t it? If this Nation changes it will be by us not Donald Trump. He woke a bunch of us up. If we don’t wake anybody up besides us it might be more of the same. The reason little hilly didn’t win is because the votes were a landslide and not for her. When the recount in Michigan went through they found 37% of the districts had more votes than voters, all for her. The recount got real quiet after that!! Then it was the Ruskies fault she lost. More minorities came across the aisle this time than ever before and the numbers were there against business by criminals as usual. Many people are seeing more of Obama and clinton is bad for US. Just because it was a republican landslide we need a recall on a lot of them. He why not get out their voting records and call Treason what it is.

      19. One more day and loose cannon Trump can blast away. I was thinking are we not partners with Russia on the international space station? If we can be partners on that why not expand that partnership. Lets get all our oil from Russia and we sell them our wheat and other stuff they want. I would rather the white Christians in Russia benefit than China. Let the USA become producers and the Russians become productive as well! And to heck with R*g H***s and S**D N*****S in the different stans? We need to abandon the middle east and all those weak countries who the UN insist we enable. Lets make both America & Russia strong together.

      20. This is off Topic, but I believe I hav e to say it. and I will repeat it on the next topic that comes up today.

        Why you ask? Well all he would have to do is tell his leftest Turds to go to the igauration and most of them would go. tell his leftest turds not to riot and most of them would sit home and bitch about Trump, and not cause a problem. Hells Bells we woul;d set at home and bitch if Hitlery would have won, but we wouldn’t be olanning the things they are planning. We did after Obullshit won. (twice).

        Bottom line alls Oama has to do it say don’t riot, and burn things down or hurt people, and Congress get you lazy asses to the ingauragtion.

        So when they start their Purge, and there is counter Purge it is Obama’s fault, because he could have at least stopped most of it. I know who should be at the top of the list for a Purge, and you have our list.

        Aim Small Miss Small,

      21. What ever happens, happens, Life is short and I grow old. I do wish if things are going to get really popping that it happens before I get to old to be of help setting America back on the right track again. I will never be starved out as I have lived and remembered the old ways of living, but old age may get me before too many years. The bright spot is I have some grandsons to pass knowledge, tools, and rifles on to.

      22. “Time keeps on rolling, rolling into the future.
        Pacific time gives us less than three minutes before the page of time turns and a new day is born; January 20, 2017 is less than a minute into the future.

        It is here. Today Donald John Trump becomes President Trump.


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