Mission Classified: Manned Government Surveillance Plane Hovers Over U.S. Town for Weeks *Video*

by | May 13, 2013 | Headline News | 233 comments

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    According to residents of Quincy, Massachusetts a low flying plane has been hovering over their town non-stop for the last several weeks, leaving many puzzled as to why it’s there.

    No one in the Federal government is talking, and the FAA says they are aware of the “authorized” flight pattern but are not releasing additional details, other than to say, “we have to be very careful this time.”

    Suggesting that the government is conducting surveillance is often disregarded as conspiracy theory, but in this case, it may be right on target.

    Normally, we could dismiss a simple flyover as a one-off event. In this particular instance, however, the unmarked plane has been circling the same town repeatedly, with residents reporting that it passes over  every 5 – 8 minutes, and it does so at odd hours – sometimes for extended periods in the middle of the night.

    One local city council member has been fielding calls from concerned constituents:

    It’s not as if the flights are secret. You can stand in your front yard and look at them. So, the fact that they won’t confirm it’s law enforcement and we don’t need to worry about it is a little concerning to me.

    A local news source, however, claims there’s nothing to see here:

    Residents here say they haven’t seen it since the rain moved in. Before that it was circling the city non-stop.

    Who’s behind it? What is it doing? Only the Feds seem to know.

    Residents have seen it at all hours of the day, right over the roof tops so long as the weather’s clear.

    Sources tells Newscenter5 the flights are government surveillance – the mission is classified.

    But residents should not be concerned.

    Move along and pay no attention to the military surveillance plane making rounds over your town – it’s there to protect you:

    (Video via Stan Deyo)

    What kind of  “top secret” mission utilizes a low-flying aircraft overtly circling in such a way that residents of the town can see it on a regular basis?

    And what did the FAA mean when they said they, “have to be be very careful this time?”

    Is this yet another government psy-op? Or is there something else going on in Quincy, Massachusetts?

    Video: “We have to be very careful this time”


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      1. Without question, that plane is on a surveillance mission; possibly a ‘test run” by one fed agency or another. It would be interesting to see what would happen if all of a sudden the plane or drone suddenly disappeared from a radar screen.

        • @ braveheart. Coming to a local neighbor of most of us soon. I use to listen to that song about eye in the sky, and I knew one day that the government was going to make that a reality. A large crowd should give these drones a full moon. Just like merry old england, every last move we make will be watched. Whatever happened to the 4th. Amendment and privacy of people that are committing no crime whatsoever?

          • I need help finding a site. I seen it for the first time a week ago or so. I could of sworn it was a wiki site….but it had ammo listed for sale, kind of like armslist.com and gunlistings.org
            I have tried finding it by googling things like wiki ammo sale site, wiki gun sale site and I cant find it. I can’t even remember if it was here or another site that I originally found it on….help please!

            • Gunbot.net

            • @ BJ. Try to key in the words ” firearm ammunition for sale”, I found a huge amount of sites on Yahoo search for this, pages of it but I don’t have the time to look them all over. Hope this helps.

            • WikiArmas.com

              • WikiArms.com Sorry about the extra “a”

                • yes thats it…thank you thank you

            • Ammoseek.com

          • HOW LOW is it flying? There are FAA rules that apply (not that the lawbreakers obey them).

            “Unmarked”? There are FAA rules against that too.

          • The majority of Mass.voters voted for the dear leader..especially the likes of Quincy..

            That being said,it’s somewhat heartfelt that the dear leader was also tapping(illegally) his own media ..and they are outraged..AP of course.

            Finally the tide is turning as they eat their own..

            It gets better day by day..

            Hope they consume one another in a feeding frenzy..and leave us the fuck alone..

            of course it’s wishful thinking..but hey..we gotta enjoy those precious moments when we can


            • continued..

              Cause when this short feeding frenzy is over,,they will continue the assault on the likes of us..like never before..

            • Possee: Mass voted overwhelmingly for Obummer both times (2008 & 2012) in all districts. They’ve also given up their right to firearms long ago. They’re one of the most liberal, self-neutering states in the country. So does anyone really care about Massachusetts? It’s like Hawaii and California, a nice place to visit, but you couldn’t pay me enough to live there.

          • TALK about the US CONSTITUTION,demoncrates hate it,and all the people there are demoncrates,the only reason there bitching is it keeps them awake,other then that,there OK with OBAMA enslaving them………………

        • Well…What do you think would happen…Maybe you could go and find out…However, I would be willing to bet cash, we all would hear your heels slapping your a@@cheeks as you hauled it for your life out of there as the other one would be on your butt in short order…

          One never leave the baby alone in the food court…Mother is always, always close by…

          But that’s just my opinion…

          Fed Guy 20002

          • I’ll bet that plane is trying to pick up radiation from a dirty bomb…why else would they fly over the same area over and over?

            • Oh…

              Crap, there’s a thought…

              • Maybe its one of their “drills” for dirty bomb detection. Quincy- look out!

            • I would hate to say what would happen to us if we flew
              a small plane like that over the DC area. Hell to pay!

        • There are videos on YouTube by mrcyberwarroir02 the plane is a Cessna they have the tail number it is registered to RTK productions, the video explains the CIA’s history of bogus names for fronts. They then mapped the address to the registration & no such address exist. Personally given the Feds record I would be very suspect as if they are spraying chemicals out of the plane. Our gov. Expieremented on St. Louis residents in the 50’s or 60’s.

          • There have been hundreds of such NBC warfare and similar experiments on US citizens by “our” government.

            Consider the US Navy ships dispersed hundreds of tons of Serratia marcescens off the San Francisco coast in the 1950’s. People are still dying from the Serratia.

            Who really are the terrorists?


          • It would be a shame if another Cessna were to fly up next to this Cessna with a boom stick…

            • can we buy Stingers online?

        • Totally agree, braveheart. A surveillance mission on a small town to see how much detail they can ascertain about the CONTENTS and inhabitants of each and every home, is my best guess.

          • Interesting article at Zero Hedge…

            The fed signals the music will stop before 2014

            “Since QE2, the negative effects of QE (higher costs of living) have outweighed the positive effects (higher stock prices) by a wide margin. Only 52% of US households own stocks…but EVERYONE is paying for higher food and higher energy prices.”

            “QE was always about one thing only; pushing the market higher. But now the market is completely detached from economic realities.

            The fed knows this and is now trying to prepare the market for withdrawal. But the market is on total life support from the fed. Take away the the fed punch bowl and the party stops.”

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        • WHY ! is any one surprised by this new behavior from the OBummer admin. its just par for the course for the left wants to know everything they can and control every one.

          and even if its just Google doing some mapping does any one here think it wont be used by the Govt for there plans.

          lets see photograph all the houses and overlay a map with the Known Gun owners taken from the Public records and DMV and when the time is right go house to house.
          does any one else out there know if there state has the feature that when a cop stops you it pops up on his computer screen that your a concealed weapon permit holder?

          and although its kind of conspiracy theory but ” hey we noticed you seem to have been digging next to your Gardening shed whats planted there??

          were are your papers? the admin wants to know.
          we see here that you gave $200.00 to this right wing group and then went out and bought a bunch of PVC Pipe.

          sounds kooky but nothing this corrupt govt does sounds far fetched to me any more

          Troll killer

          • My papers? Their in the same file as the president’s birth certificate…

          • Listen to the audio exchange “Maybe it’s the government trying to keep us safe.” These sheep will fight to get into the FEMA camps, only to find out the camps are for temporary residents on the way to a final solution. These fools think .gov stockpiled all those emergency rations for the good sheep. Have you ever seen an underfed aid worker?

          • Troll Killer,

            In a past life I was a dispatcher for the local PD. Your question can be answered both ways. IF the P/O has a terminal in his vehicle and IF he runs your license it will show you as a CCP holder. It is SOP to run all information on every stop. Even if the P/O doe snot have a terminal in the vehicle the pertinent information will be relayed back and forth through dispatch. FYI it is getting to the point where the speed trap signs are being equipped with license plate recognition. So far this is only being used to provide info regarding unpaid taxes, but the sky is the limit. hope that helps…


            • In my state, DL# and CCP# are the same with a added Letter to the CCP, so yes it will show up. Some of the law enforcement department are oathkeepers. Quite a few folks have a CCP.

          • Troll Killer: It would take a lot more than a few planes or drones to map the entire U.S. And what are you talking about; How do DMV records and gun ownership go together?

        • Hopefully, it will be in rifle range and someone will put a bullet in a vital spot on it and bring it down. I would sure buy them a beer. PS- DON’T GET CAUGHT

        • Have read reports of methods the talliban have used on drones, here is a good oppertunity’ get lots of folks with a micro wave and take the door off, rig the door switch and stand behind the tool, turn it on by being able to plug it in from behind and everyone aim it at drone, this is to scramble the controls, see if that works

          • you would have to manipulate the wave guide making the oven useless, read up on it. 🙂

        • If you want to know what is flying around the city, all you have to do is go to the nearest airport where night freight pilots fly out of and ask them what type of plane, where is it based from, and what is it doing. The night time freight pilots see and hear everything that happens within their flight operations. You may want to get a scanner and listen to the plane while it communicates with the local tower for flight following. It’s communications will reveal what type of flights it is conducting.

      2. Well, somebody swat the damn bug already…you know what I mean.

        • Excellent Idea!

        • If that happened here someone would have taken pot shots at it from the ground already, but then we are the same state that brought you MTVs Buckwild.

      3. it is mooschelle taking flying lessons–no problemo..

      4. Why would anyone care what’s going on in the communist state of Mass

        • Because Mass today…your hometown tomorrow!

        • Paranoid….

          I have seen drones in Idaho, yes conservative Idaho. I cannot prove it, but I have seen extreme anomalies that don’t make sense with normal plane patterns, or even bird patterns.

          About 3 months ago I seen two and they flew towards Utah.

          None since until today.

          I saw what looked like two eagles swarming. Then came a total of 6. They swarmed much like Vultures do. Then I noticed their wings never flopped and they were in pairs of two.

          What struck me was how white they were in full sunglow on this beautiful day with blue skies. They flew in pairs and then they headed off to another locale. They were not birds.

          I had my digital camera. I took photos. In photo, showed nothing but blue skies. In background I could see a few and much smaller crows flying by, but none of the 6 bigger and whiter bird-like, small plane-like, stuff.

          I could see with naked eye, but not in digital photo.

          I don’t know exactly what they were, but they were not eagles. I have watched eagles in this area of Idaho.

          The skies are getting stranger all the time.

          • I saw two eagles today in Northern Idaho. One was perched up on top of a rock, the other flew below. The one perched, looked like a statue.

            • In Naples, along deep creek (it really isnt deep) there is eagle fly around up and down the rail road tracks.

              • I need to proof read and correct my spelling before hitting the reply button. Thats EagleS with a s.

          • Here’s a photo-editing tip—

            Change it to gray-scale and then convert to a negative image…your white flyers will then show up against a neutral sky.

      5. Gives the people of Massachusetts somewhat of an idea of what the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen experience on a daily basis with the presence of drones. However, for now, it’s not firing hellfire missiles! Good people of the USA, be patient, your government is taking good care of you, in ways that you can’t even imagine! Just keep on voting Republican and Democrat! Just look at how they improved your lives, and how they’re going to improve the lives of children. Nice, huh?

        • Remember when USA threatened to free Pakistan back to the stone age? Wonder why they’re such unreliable allies?

          2000lb of laser-guided freedom and protection, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

      6. OT, FOR BI: Over at Nature Bats Last: The irreconcilable acceptance of near-term extinction
        Sun, Apr 28, 2013

        by Daniel A. Drumright, a lifelong radical environmentalist who has followed climate science for the last 24 years, and has been a feral “collapse theorist” for the last 12 years

        Considering this very long essay attempts to address what is without a doubt, the greatest phenomenal event in the recorded history of our species, I will definitely fall quite short in the endeavor. And this would still be true even if this essay were a hundred times in length.
        This essay is written in acceptance that humanity has now crossed numerous irreversible climatic thresholds. It is also written from the perspective that by so doing, we have ushered in intractable near term extinction (NTE) of most of life within the next several decades. (If nature fails to bat last, nuclear containment pool fallout from grid collapse surely will.)

        @ Mac: I recommend the entire article, I will try to post the link.

        It just doesn’t matter.

        • @ peter parker. Humans passed that threshold probably about 5-10 years ago, and we are now in the phase of sputtering along before the true fall-off. We right now are experiencing the garbage of overusing the planet, as the planet has only so much space and resources. People don’t understand that there is very little arable land to grow crops on and it gets less and less each month for again, overuse. Right now there is about 1400 people per square mile of arable land on the Earth. 1400 people is a lot for 640 acres of land, or one suare mile. Over 2 people per acre of land to grow EVERYTHING they need from oats and wheat to vegetables to fruits. There is not that much land left.

          There is a breaking point, and we have reached it. The consequences are dire, and one of them are the emerging viruses that can easily kill off the whole population. Just like in a chemistry class you can’t add something to something else without some form of reaction. The carbons in the atmosphere reached an all time high of 400 parts per million this last weekend. It has not been that high in 5-7 million years. The Sun of course has much more influence on the planet, but that hydrocarbons added from man alone will definitely have some barring on the climate.

          All the while the masses continue to demand more and more convenient and modern toys to play with. It is no wonder that 99% of the population is in the last stages of being totally in deep manure to the head level.

          By the way there was another earthquake on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. In the past this area has been hit 9 times and 9 times a major earthquake followed withn 15 days. 100% again just like on May 10 that lead to a major earthquake in Tonga Fiji region on May 11. This one is aiming at Burma, eastern Africa, Eastern Russia to Northern Japan, Vanuatu to Kermandec Islands, northern Chile and again Mexico. By May 28, near 100% chance of a major earthquake. If further precursors occur, that could be near 100% for a great or mega quake.

          • Actually, there’s a tremendous amount of arable land left. It’s just a little expensive to use. Look up “Terra Preta” (Black Earth) and you’ll see what I mean.

          • That weather tv guy Joe(some italian name I cant now recall) whos shown on various tv news quite often Disputing most every false claim enviro whackjobs claim, is who if I recall right said recently. That all the co2 from all americas autos, along with bar-BQ grilles etc and lawn mowers and all combined sources the enviro whacks love to Blame for too much CO2.

            Is nothing when compared to ONE Huge Vlocanic erruption such as MT ST Helens, or that volcano back in late 1890’s or so. Joe who has degrees galore in whatever type degrees it takes to do what he does, says he has studied everything posible on global warming and related claims.

            Joe says even Before evidence came to light a couple yrs ago that enviro whacko scientists EMAILS by the Thousands got “Leaked” in Europe days prior to their largest international envirowhacks conference(recall That event? even every major msm reported the huge scandle of Liars whos emails proved they Lie etc). But Joe says even prior to that huge expose’ He came to believe it is mostly hoaxes.

            Joe says One single volcano like st helens emmited Way More CO2 than all combined usa autos since 1900 when autos were invented for public use. And as yet…The world POP is still alive!

            These enviro fear monger guys are same as antigun liberals. Regardless how many times they are proven Wrong. No matter how much proven evidence surfaces as Proof. No matter how many decades and yrs Passes Up every dire prediction of population die off etc regardless what they claim will cause it. They just Keep returning again and again and with the exact same claims!

            Same as the antigun crowd with bogus numbers and claims.

            “a Home With a firearm in it. is 47 times More likly to have an occupant Killed by guns!”

            OR: Said back in 1970 or was it Late 1960’s? We all will Die off planet wide due to OVER Population numbers!…Paul Erlich( head whackjob honcho of todays enviro movnt. Billionaire and main pal of Al Gore!

            From Pauls book back Then, “the Population Time Bomb”! OOOPPPS! wrong again Paul! Its way passed year 2000 ad and we are all still Alive!

            I bet even they will wake up to the fraud hoaxes by envirowhacks(not You BI I know your earthquake info is solid etc). Once thanks to Them we ALL begin to Pay enormous “Carbon Taxes” for every fuckin thing you can imagian. When the agenda 21 and UN resdistribute YOUR tax cash to 3rd worlders(and the honchos Own deep pockets where Most tax cash for co2 tax will go to). Maybe Then it will end. I mean an End to endless every few yrs Paul Erlich or other devotee’s types.

            Just Read the research that shows proof of how many lies and falsehoods in enviro charts, “Hocky Stick” perhaps, Are used and each in due time showed as a Hoax.

            Sorry, but I think Joes correct. Volcanos emmit way more co2 and ash and it is designed into the earth to function that way. I do notice most of the enviro crowd Discounts everything regards God and Creation. Instead Most are new agers-atheists promoting new ager as a new type religion of earth-snake-cockroach-housefly-dirt-tree etc worship.

            Ironicly 2000 yrs ago words were wrote telling us to expect such new age religious worshipers of animals bugs and earth itself. They will in the Latter days worship all forms of Created things…yet will refuse to worship or even aknowledge the Creator(God) of such created Things. So far score=1 for bible prophecy and Zero-0 for envirowhckjob predictions. Hmmmmmm

            • The weatherman you refer to is Joe Bastardi.Frequntly seen on Fox news.

              • Yes that is his last name. Thanks, as I could not recall it prior.

            • @ Sebastion T. I looked up Terra Preta and they say it only covers about 7000 sq. miles of land in the Amazon. The U.S. alone has 629,000 sq miles of arable land. Even if they started to grow food on rooftops and everywhere else, it is not nearly enough arable land to grow food. When it reaches about 1500 people per sq mile of arable land, most countries have to import food or their people go hungry. India has the second largest mass of arable land there is, 575,000 sq miles but has mass starvation because of 1.19 billion people. That is a little under 2000 people per sq mile of arable land.

              Trust me, there is not that much arable land on this planet, and from over fertilizing it to death you get a brackish type of soil that needs even more water to grow anything productive on it. It is an issue of too many people for how much can be grown. I have heard people talk about that the entire population could hold hands and fit into the state of Floria. One big problem is that you have to haqve X number of resources to support them. 10 billion people can live on something the size of an asteroid, but you have to fed those people, that is the big problem. India has over half their country with arable land, yet they starve. Australia ONLY has 6% arable land yet they export food, ONLY 22 million people live there.

              • They still pay farmers not to plant. You better do some research as to the true situation. Immigration however will soon destroy the ability of the US to feed itself.

                • @ John W. I don’t talk out of the side of my mouth, when I say something I have a high level of confidence that it is accurate. I fully admit I have been wrong before, but not this time. I do much research before I claim something like this. The U.S. has less than 500 people per sq mile of arable land and the largest amount of arable land of any country. It is situated in very good areas for growing between about 25-40 degrees north for the real food belts. They do pay farmers not to grow which is like a knive into the economy, as there are plenty of customers around the world. This kills domestic jobs and dwindles the revenue from exports. I know how disgusting this is.

                  The U.S. has one of the best resources for saving the U.S. dollar and the economy right under the feet of people. While you still have to save food for the country, there is a good amount of food that can be sold on the world markets and this is money right here in this country made by Americans. Yet they don’t want to drive the price down by too much of the crops on the market. These other countries would purchase it. The demand is there ALWAYS because people need to eat.

                  Water is not really as much as a problem if the country would prioritize where the real money is in agriculture instead of wasting mountains of water on stupid golf courses for example. The rest of the world needs food, and those that can pay for it are there as customers.

                  My whole point with the arable land is not just singling out the U.S. but the whole world. There is a breaking point where the U.S., Austrailia, Canada, Brazil, and about 10 other countries will not be able to feed themselves anymore, let alone the world, because the need for the excess food will be too much as the population goes towards 8 billion and then 9. The averages show this. Cold hard math without any preference for one agenda of a political movement, just statistics. Those statistics say that mankind is at a dangerous pinnacle right now and the only way to move is down.

              • the people of india starve because they refuse to leave there backwards religion behind. and Eat the damn cows wandering around all day. they SHIT in there own rice fields. much like the Vietnamese.
                disease runs rampant and they refuse to even think about food storage when they have a good crop. they have to be one of if not the MOST Benighted people on the planet maybe next to the Afghanistan’s.

                also because there trying to grow too damn fast and too much that there one of the MAJOR polluters. any one ever seen there ship breaking industry ? its medieval nothing but slave labor for pennies a day pulling ships apart with cutting torches and hard work. very few real machines doing the work. they let the paint lead acid and other chemicals fall from the Ships being cut apart into the water. But you never hear AL The fake Gore yelling about that.

                there religion keeps them in the dark ages. and they Eat the rats that Eat the grains. there is still a Caste system.if and when one comes to America you can almost see the weight they put on when they start to eat like westerners. and a few actually leave the bulk of there back wards religion behind.

                there is an indian women who walks thru my neighborhood and when i first saw her she was thin but now seems to have put on a good 40 lbs.
                so i would say she is eating pretty damn good on the states dime.

                its the out dated religion that gets and keeps people poor and living like animals.
                Pakistan Iraq Philippines and most of them are Muslim
                and if you look hard at these places they have the biggest population of poor they keep having babies they cant afford and cant feed. and India and the religion there is just the same. keep having babies even if they die in childhood you can always have another

                Troll killer

                • @ Troll killer. I have keyed in these figures of every country on the planet, and other than Chile that 1500 per square mile of arable is a threshold in which a country must import food to feed their population. South Korea has no food for their people, over 7500 people per sq mile of arable land, yet they can afford to buy what they need because they have the brains to be able to give the technology to the rest of the world to purchase. Other countries with ratios like this have terrible hunger if they cannot sell something that others can buy. Too many countries prove this to be a fact.

                  India is backwards, and if they were not stealing U.S. jobs with their slave labor, that country would like something you would see on another planet it would be so terrible awful. India has almost as much arable land as the U.S has but almost 4 times the population. As I mentioned above try growing what you need for 2 people on one acre of land, or 3 or 4 people. I am talking about the fruits, the vegetables, the grains, the meats, everything you need. It ain’t as easy as people think it is. The land is worn out eventually and must be flushed out after awhile from over fertilizing and the salt and other conditions that make it go sour. 640 acres is one square mile.

                  Then a huge consideration is that much of the arable land has much less than year round growing conditions. That severely limits how much food you can grow if you are not in the golden zone of over 300 days of frost free weather, but not always 365 days. The chilling requirements of most fruit trees for example require about 300-500 hours of below 45 degrees to go dormant and produce good crops. Most areas of the U.S. have less than about 250 days of growing days.

                  Water and reliablity of it are extremely important if you are not irrigating the crops. For people growing gardens they need heat, light, water and plant food as this is necessary for a good bumper crop of food. IF the faucets run dry, most people will find it quite difficult to grow any type of garden in semi-arid to arid zones.

                  Crops are a tricky endeavor and pesticides both natural and manmade are another issue as insects are excellent at sniffing out food.

                  There is far more to arable land than people realize, and the 1500 people per sq mile might be a high figure as I have seen a few countries importing a lot of food that are down in the 1100-1200 range. The planet’s amount of arable land is about ONLY 10% and shrinking each year to the above mentioned reasons. I did much study on this in college and people would be amazed just how little good farmland there is, and how much rocky or unusable land is all around us. This is true even in southern California where much grows because of the weather.

              • Without cheap oil the carrying capacity of planet Earth goes down by about five billion humans.

            • @ Them Guys. Joe Bastardi use to work at AccuWeather and I have followed his predictions of climate and weather such as hurricane forecasting and I am not at all impressed. I watched forecasts of hurricane tracks, one after the other fail. Tampa never got hit like he said would several times for example. As far as I am concerned Al Gore is a big fat hoax just the same as the Canary Islands collapse causing an Atlantic Ocean tsunami 160 feet high.

              I know that when something is put into a container there is a reaction. Man has steadily been burning carbons, carbons as in carbon monoxide, one oxygen element rather than 2, as in CO2. This reacts differently than something from a volcano, it is plant based living tissue beforehand. Plants when they breathe in take in CO2 and decrease the amount of CO2 in the air. When plant life in the form of coal or petroleum based is burned for fuel it releases carbon monoxide. True this becomes C02 eventually, but the chains of molecules are different.

              Mount St. Helens released about 1 cubic kilometer of material when it blew, Pinatubo in 1991 it was about 10 cubic km of so, and the volcano you are talking about Krakatau on August of 1883 I think was about 50-100 cubic km. And Mt Tambora in 1815 was well over 100 cubic km. You are talking about an one time explosions with each of these, and much of this believe it or not was lost into space from the force of the blast. Volcanoes can reached dozens of miles up into the atmosphere. A quick release like this is far different than a gradual gentle release over hundreds of years at a much lower level in the atmosphere where it is not as stirred up. China alone easily produces a cubic kilometer of carbons in about 6 weeks.

              I cannot stand these BO and al gore environmental radicals. They would have you, like in deleware get a huge fine for not recycling an aluminum can. To deny that mankind has not had impact on the climate and the planet is not scientific fact to me at all. Joe Bastardi and the characters that pays him are the other extreme, just as radical that they say mankind can continue to dump carbons into air and continue to cut down the trees that suck in the excess CO2 and nothing will happen. This is absurdity beyond ridiculous.

              Man continues also to create dead zones in the ocean, where 50% of the CO2 being used by photoplankton, with disasters should as Deepwater Horizon and other chemical dumps. Coal is the number pollutant that is used by China and India for energy like no tomorrow.

              I look for facts and the truth. The left with their hoaxes is absolutely not true. The other groups that dig their heads into the sand and deny that humans are not to blame at all for the increase of CO2 in the air are just as radical. When you burn carbons you are heating that carbon based product up and producing energy, far more than what the original product that if left alone would ever produce anything. The myth of aerosol cans is this because they are not being heated.

              As in reference to global warming or cooling. ANY extreme temeperature variance shows a chemical and physical reaction to something being introduced into the environment. People jump on the extreme heat as a myth to the ice age, and extreme cold to global warming. It is way more complex that either radical side understands. It is any reaction is what you look for. The planet has natural air conditioners we call hurricanes. The planet will react to extreme heat by producing more moisture in snow because the temperature is higher. The colder it gets the less mass of air mositure can be held.

              It is not the tiny amount of people at one time burning hydrocarbons, it is the cumulative build up of man burning carbons 24 hours a day, 365 and 1/4 days a year each year for centuries that has done this to the atmosphere. Along with destroying the exact thing that lowers the CO2 in the air, plant life on land and in the ocean.

              Granted it is not as severe as the al gores of the world portray it as, but it far worse than the characters that say that man has done nothing to harm the planet. It is called getting the facts through an unbiased logical means of rational thinking. Of course man has done damage to the climate and the atmosphere. To deny this would put me into the same Earth is flat notion, it would be scientific blubbery.

              • hannity uses bastard joe like a whipped mule as necessary on weather related propaganda.

                • Damn! all this time I thought Joe Bastardi was Free to choose whos tv show to appear on!…That hannity is some powerfull dictator guy huh.

                  Just because hannity is a huge shill for all things neocon and jewish/israel, does not mean every tv guest speaker is also. And even if weather predictions are not always accurate does not mean Other issues the person says can’t be right. One thing I noticed is Bastardi never asks or demands Cash donations or join any enviro groups etc. Most of those Gore type group supporters Do.

                  Now if we see Joe Bastardi all a sudden anounces a new massively funded enviro think tank group or whatever which Hes in control of or profits huge from?…Then his words will also become Very suspect. But so far from all I seen of him he seems honest and sincere and is just showing why to Not buy into all that gore enviro crap.

                  In other words I have seen zero reason to think Joe is anything more or less than he claims he is…IE: A weatherman with alot of experience etc. If there is any bad on the guy I aint see any as yet.

                  Hes not the only one doubting enviro whacks crap. he is only one I could think of to add my post. There are Many more who dispute current global warming enviros though.

              • BI, what you write makes sense, and is probobly why autos for a long while now have used newer type mufflers and converters so exhaust is far cleaner. Same for whatever industry we have still here in usa. So yes things humans do adds to various problems. Yet likewise Other remedy things humans do also adds to the Fix side of it all.

                Main problem today seems to be the Other nations like mexico or inda or china who do not use such “Fix” methods. In Mich I recall quite awhile ago reading a article that said after decades of clean up fresh water lakes projects, Now complaints arise that our lake waters are TOO clean, and that causes too much groth of some form algee which chokes fishes of Their oxygen!

                Basically I think God created it all. I think He knew or knows the future of it all. I think He planned into it all for mankind to have what we will need untill God ends it all, as he says in the biblical word. That seems to be the Only accurate material wrote that tells us the future prior to it occures. His “Revealed” words to us humans.

                Acording to That as wrote, our planet does have an end game scenario. It says due to humans evils, and rejections of God and His Son Christ, Wrath shall be poured out all over the earth. That wrath ends in the earth And Heavens above, even the universe as we know it being Burned up. Along with All the works of mankinds hands. Meaning all built planet wide.

                BUT…The Good side to it all, is that God is doing that to Rid the earth of Evil doers etc. The real final plan is after all is done God is going to Replace it all with a New Heaven and New earth and as a Combined entity so to speak. As for all humanity, theres Two main groups. Good and Evil or bad. God gives everybody Free Will to choose good or evil. Most folks here are smart enough to know which is prefered. The naysayers who are likly to scoff at this post of mine are to be expected too. That too was written and predicted for Our/This age, long ago. Score another Correct for biblical prophecy!

                So regardless what we do or do not do, Gods plans will occure. I do believe He caused various stuff, such as Oil or Coal etc for Our human usage. Same for Silver or Gold. It aint just there due to God had no other place to store it. It was Created for Our discovery and use of it. We aint supposed to abuse Gods “Gifts” is probobly a good way to live by no.

          • Does a 7 mag EQ count?? was one in the mid-Pacific 53 minutes ago.

            And what effect will solar flares have on the EQ projection?? The sunspot coming over the sun’s limb has thrown 3 x-flares since 9 pm last night. First was X1, second was X2, this last one (at 0117 UTC) was X3. That thing is just turning to earth-facing.

        • Peter, I regret this article has many different meanings and implications according to the ages of the readers..no???

        • We will not destroy this earth, before it becomes uninhabitable the one that created it will return and claim his domain over it. Believe it, it has been written.

        • “We are literally looking at losing the entire arctic ice cover — one of our planet’s primary thermal regulators — during the melting season, within only a few years … if not this year!”





          Big one. NOW…

          • Did you see the various tv shows where several years ago when massive hoopla was declared about Ice sheets melting, Al Gores movie based on gores book “Earth in the Balance” caused REAL and Honest scientists who are not funded by big-enviro-gore fundings, actually Went to the ice and measured its Thickness?…And also measured the actual sq miles of ice cover?

            They showed the actual guys mission on film/video and they found that the Ice was actually at least 8ft Thicker and moreso.up to 34 ft thicker, in some areas of ice cover. AND the total ice coverages areas had Grown Larger in square milage. Yes “some” ice melted or broke off, but way More formed to Replace it and then some.

            Then they had al gores “Expert” video/hollywood pals who were in charge of Gores movie “special effects” and it was Two women who own a co. from hollywood movie inudustry who both ADMITED what some 10 yr old boy useing his laptop comp figured out…That being Al Gores movie of doom for planet earth due to global warming etc used the EXACT same film footage those two womens agency made as “special effects” for ANOTHER Prior Movie that was a hige blockbuster hollywood movie a couple yrs before gores film!

            The EXACT scam part of sepcial effects in Gores movie, was made/done/filmed in an Olympic size swimming Pool! And the women special effect Pros uses STYROFOAM in Large sections painted and doctered up to Look like real Ice, breaking off and falling into the Ocean! ALL FAKED! Done in a huge swim pool! Sure fooled movie goers though, as all special effects are designed to do.

            Then a couple yrs ago in England, parliment okayed British Public Schools to begin Teaching Al Gores Book and force viewings of gores same movie, “Earth In balance” as a Global warming enviro teaching Tool!

            UNTILL! several concerned Parents, aware of Gores Massive movie HOAXES, took it to Court in a lawsuit. It was decided by the Top Supreme court of all of england. Judges there unanimously agreed after evidence proof etc, that NO Schools can force kids or teach Gores Crapola books or movies unless the schools and Teachers INCLUDE a Warning written notation(for parents at home) and Live Anouncment by Teachers Prior to viewing or reading Gores HOAXES, that indeed it was all Hoaxes and Proven so in englands highest court, based on Mountains of contrary evidence to Gores global warming/CO2 fears is based on Lying Hoaxes. Hmmmmm, again.

            Disclaimer: Do not get me wrong, Yes I agree we face Many threats now as well as More we cannot yet see or prove or which may not happen. Its why we Prep right. I just seen enough proven hoaxes such as Gores or Paul Erlichs as well as other events that I refuse to fall victim to global warming crys etc. If anything we are seeing Global or USA at least COOLING for the Past 12+ yrs now. PS, In much of usa this springtime has been officially recorded as the Second Coldest on Record! May 13th and I am wearing Two sweaters inside home due to Cold temps. Last nite went Down to 20-22 degrees in Northern Lower Mich.

            If only I could afford an electric bill every Month like Al Gore Pays I’d stay warmer inside! Gore elec bill every 12 months, one year elec use is $30,000.00! and thats just One of gores many cribs!(gores main home in Tenn.)

            Gee I wonder what Gore pays every year total for Jet Fuel for His G-5-Gulfstream private-45+seater-Jet which retails around $80 million used!

            Lets all fall for global warm hoaxes and walk or ride a Bicycle, while Gore and his pals use up all the fuel and elect power. Such a sweall Deal no. Group Think at its finest=Evnirowhack treehuggers.

            • @ Them Guys. I can’t stand al gore, he is in my opinion a liar. But when you say something about biblical being absolute, it makes me think about when these ignorant ass monkeys for locking Galileo away for telling people that the planet Earth was not the center of the universe, that the planet rotated around the Sun. There is one extreme like al gore that sucks, and there is the other extreme that denies facts that can be proven. One side uses slanted information to attempt to overwhelm the other side’s argument. They are both manure.

              Facts based on unbiased science, only seeking the truth not based on some political agenda is the aim for anyone seeking science facts and wisdom. I get just as tired of these character that say mankind has done nothing to the planet as these wackos that are so radical that they want to preserve some manure worm as opposed to creating 50,000 good paying jobs. Radical either way sucks rotten eggs and plays into a vicious little game of lies and deception that has poisoned the world. People don’t even want to hear the truth about anything any longer unless it benefits one side or the other.

              I look for facts, the truth. The truth is humans have f’ed this planet big time. Proof of this can be seen in the chemicals that we consume each day in foods. If you or anyone else doesn’t believe me ask Daisy at the Organic Prepper to just how much humans have destroyed the food chain of the Earth. Look up superfund sites to see the volume of deadly toxins that pollute the planet. Look at the death clouds that hug the Chinese landscapes. Look at Fukushima for one ultimate example of man not protecting his works from nature. Yes man has jacked up the planet and no amount of skewed information is going to hide it. Not as bad as al goreless says, no way, but not even close to the benignnity of what the other extreme radicals on the opposite end of the spectrum are saying.

              • BI: Read my Other reply post Above(scroll-Up) to you regards biblical and God issues. And Yes I agree that some things in the bible has been changed or left out that perhaps should be included. There are several reasons and all likly are due to various persons or groups seeking control over humanity. But that don’t mean none is correct. It boils down to this: It is basically based upon Faith. Either God thinks enough of His highest form of created things or beings(thats Us humans made in His likeness)to leave us His revealed word or not.

                I believe he did and I also believe as the bible instructs us to do, if a person seeks Gods truths, and Asks for it, the Holy Spirit will dwell In Us and assist us to Know what we should believe. Sometimes it aint so easy even With that help. But to totally discount faith in such simply because as some say “If I cant see or touch it I refuse to believe it” well, thats them and Their choice. Not one I make obviously.

                Its kinda like if a guy asks You “Are You sure 100% Your wife aint cheating on You”?…Can anybody be that certain unless they spend every moment alive With her to see if she is or not? No. So what to do?…If You Both truly Love each other then you Know the answer and believe it 100% right. Some things a person just Knows. Even when he cannot actually show absolute proof.

                Most folks and especially todays libs reject absolute anything. Moral reletivity they call it.

                Yet that too is total nonsense on its face.

                Lib moral relitivity= “I say there are absolutly zero absolutes!”…Oh Really! absolutly No absolutes?..Isnt That an absolute statement? yes but most dumb libs cannot see it. Many who reject the bible or God act alot like that too. Sometimes you just have to have Faith and not just biblical matters right. Because Humans are Gifted with what animals aint. The ability to just Know without actual proof. Its why its called faith.

                BI., if you read the prophetic stuff, 1/3 entire bible is such, and consider that Proven actual verses wrote thousands yrs prior have surfaced and prove “Most” of our bibles contain the Oirginal verses translated to english of course, and you see what was predicted to occure Has. There is no other book or sourse so accurate period. Thats not faith by me but rather study proven.

                Something like over 400+ prophecys just dealing with or about a comming Christ was wrote long before Christ arived. What amazes me more than folks that can See these facts and truths, is how can so many Not?…Especially His Own who rejected Him then and still do today!

                They waited 2000 yrs for Him, and once here, decided they hated anyone telling Them truth so they Murdered Him as well as as many followers as they could. Can they say Stuborn/stiffnecked peoples?

                Basically you can study and see for yourself or reject such belief. Either choice you make won’t affect My choice. I do think it is kinda stupid though to 100% rject it all based on a old mistake by some Pope long gone. Galileo was right, Pope wrong yes. So Thats good cause to entirely reject it all?! Not for my choice it aint.

                • @ Them Guys. I have a philosophy that says, “whatever works”. I don’t care if it comes from a science book, the Bible, the internet, someone sitting on top of a mountain eating crickets, whatever will give the correct answer. I believe in God, but what I don’t have much faith in is humans. People have used God against others to further their agenda and gain power. I simply hate the word heresy. It reminds me of the head ape in Planet of The Apes, the orginal movie with Charleston Heston. If something is not in conformity with the way everyone thinks they cry witch or infidel.

                  I aim only for facts and truth. There are much truths in most religions, other than Islam. It is not just Galileo either, history is full of astrocities based on shear ignorance of people to scared to death to see outside the box of religious conformity. People now die all the time because of religion, especially Christians at the hands of these psychos muslims. This is why the Founding Fathers made freedom of religion, so Salem witch trials would never again happen.

                  Not to try to disprove or prove Christ, unless you can go out about 2000 light years and peer towards the planet with a powerful enough telescope, we have no idea waht actually happened back then. From a skeptical point of view what we know about Christ is taken at face value from a buch of people post Bronze Age that made fantastic stories, but what actually happened is still based on solely faith. Nothing is wrong with this at all, as it could be true. Remaining open minded to all possibilities seems most logical to me. This of course could be wrong and maybe faith is the answer. I just don’t know, but I have come to not trust most people. I trust God, but trusting people that had not even invented paper yet is the problem for me.

                  Just as the left wing liberals skew the truth, so do many religious individuals to gain power and control. To me this is absolutely not God, it is the same crap that BO and the governments of the world do all the time. The way I was able to figure out a way of forecasting earthquakes like I do is from thinking outside the box and coming up with a method that not too many thought of, if any. Using my mind in this way actually helps me get closer to the truth.

                  Mankind is more than capable of annihilating this planet. God may or may not stop this, as people are suppose to have choice to either go the right direction or completely wrong. A deadly virus that has been engineered can kill 100% of everyone, and maybe all animal life. Salting several thousand hydrogen bombs and then ground bursting them will kill off everything but cockroaches on the planet. Humans can wipe out the planet right now. The pollution factor is nothing in comparison to what can be done, and tiny in comparison to what they can do in the future. Man has destroyed small areas and this can easily become much more widespread or global.

                  My whole point was not to insult you or anyone else about anything, but point out that there is a finite amount of what any life form does before there are severe consequences. Also to attempt to put some form of timeline and figures on that breaking point. The planet is about 190 million square miles, including the land and oceans. That is about 35 people per sq mile of all the surface of the planet. That is an enormous amount of people as 35 people alone can easily destroy one sq mile of lnad. People don’t understand just how much destruction can be done because they think singular rather than on a much larger scale. Joe Bastardi may be an okay person, but I use to watch him a lot and he doesn’t think on that scale of people in connection to the planet either. Just my opinion on this.

                  • BI, it seems like so far God Is doing alot to maintain our planet. What I refer to is in the bible several parts mention several times at various parts or verses,that God says all nations and peoples that worship Him and Him alone as The One true God, those he will bless.

                    However all others, peoples and nations who practice false religions(as compared to the bible form of worship etc) or witchcrafts or other evils, or even atheists nations, all, God says he will Curse those.

                    It goes on to describe them both, the blessings and curses both. If you read what it states, then compare for instance america(at least Up to the 1960’s) as opposed to a nation such as India for example where Cows and Cow crap(manure) is their Top Gods(out of about 400 million other gods also worshipped there, they seem to invent a god for all things and events etc).

                    When compared, usa vs india, as well as Many more comparisions you can make like that, it would appear that Yes God has kept His promices regarding blessings vs. curses. In fact if you compare every “western” nation, or as I prefere to call those nations, the “White” founded nations, you see a very good reason some folks also call these nations “First World” countries. Theres a very obvious reason for this. It is due to western/white founded nations untill recent times(aprox 50 yrs ago) basically were All founded upon christian beliefs and by mainly Whites. America was begun by 100% euro whiteys and probobly as high as 98+% christian back in early usa era.

                    Up untill recent times, say about 1960’s eras, every of the western world nations was massivly blessed. Especially compared to say india or africa and also the islamic nations. As far as Oil-Gold-Diamonds-various other resources goes, most all nations have more or less of most. Yet even today it is obviously all nations with false religions and witchcraft type beliefs(think Hati-africa-to an extent mexico voodoo/witchcraft stuff) although they do have various resources or abilities, all do far worse when compared to white christian based western countries.

                    I do Not think this is only due to we are white and they aint. Rather, I think alot, Most of the main reasons we are so blessed compared to the other nations who imho are Cursed. Is because we take Gods words seriously(or usa and western nations Used to), and so God has kept His word and Blessed us tremendously.

                    However, today, and for past 50 yrs or so, america and the entire western nations are fast going to crap as if we too are Cursed. I don’t think that is simply due to some “Coincidence” that our “curses” or Lack of blessings has occured in close proximity with the vast kommie leftist, anti-god-anti-family-anti humans-anti civil rights-etc movement which has taken america as well as every western nation by the hairs on our heads so to speak. Since the 1960’s all western nations are drowning in abject Evils. And most if not All of such began at same time frame. When dems let kommies gain total control of the dem party, and it only got far worse when shortly after repubs did same. Today america and every formerly white based or founded nation in euro zones is at verge of total collapse.

                    If Those troubles are Not Curses on our nation’s collectivly as a Punishment for disobeying Gods Word etc?
                    Then all I can say is if these aint the curses God spoke of, I hope to be dead and gone prior to the real or other curses I believe we face as nations as well as Individuals. Unless massive repentenance(sp?) occures and quickly.

                    I have seen and heard every tv preacher of modern times keep telling us all we Must, MUST! Bless jews and israel(the bandit state in mid east) or God wont bless usa.

                    Well I also seen that No other nations nor Peoples in all history since adam and eve era has actually Blessed Both Jews and Israel like america and its folks has. Ironicly at almost same time frame we began those jew/israel blessings to the max, to the Hilt, to the Extreme, is the exact same time frame that all these CURSES seem to have started on america and its folks!

                    As you can surmize most likly, I reject what all those preachers preach regard That issue. It is obvious they have mis-read, their bibles, and have so distorted the actual truths contained in both testements, new and old, it suprises me to see so many still in buisness! And “Buisness” it is for most!

                    Unfortunatly todays usa has as many as 50 million folks who believe everything spoken by those preachers, and most all refuse to even consider it may be a Wrong thing that is being taught or preached. If I am correct, those many folks will NOT have a leg to stand on either, since many, many advance warnings fill every bible held in their hands every sunday. To Beware of false and wolves in sheeps clothes type preachers and teacher men.

                    What If, perhaps all them people they so desire to Bless regardless of any wrongs done by them(israel/jews) turn out to be somebody else, aka Not true decendents of the orig twelve tribed israel?…Now what?

                    After 50 -100 yrs of such preachings of bless “Them” and God will bless “Us/our usa)…Ok already so why are we so Cursed today? Maybe they are wrong and carpet bombing every country israel or jews Hate is never going to obtain blessings from God. Seems so so far no?

                    Basically what I am saying is as a nation and as individuals alot of bad or wrongs has been done, especially since 1960’s kommie takeovers. But I see as probobly the worst or alomost so, all thats been done based upon a vast majority of the crowd called Preachers in the usa. I include catholic priests in it also.

                    So many are sell-outs or else never were honest to begin with it has become appalling to me. I cannot find even a dozen website’s of preachers that are willing to tell the Truth or even allow any mention of these issues, without them going berzerk same as msm does if a person refers to or makes any comment regards israel or jew issues. Even at This website here! Look how many act that way at the meere mention by someone like me posting such info!

                    I think of all america wrongs etc perhaps one of our worst has been to obey false preachers, and bless the wrong nation and peoples. Time shall tell whos right.

                    The last 1/2 century as any indication, sure spells disaster eh. We sure aint being blessed for all we do to bless israel or jews as taught to do it seems. Maybe if enough usa christian folks begin to Read their bibles MINUS all preacher input or advice, some or even enough will find the Many Mistakes so many preachers have promoted and begin to Reverse it all for the better. If so I think we may indeed see a return to blessings.

                    Also I do not advocate thats the only wrongs on their teachings part. Just one Huge wrong. Many other issues I believe they have taught falsly or wrong too. It All needs a second look see or reading perhaps. Cannot hurt to act as the Berrians who Paul the apostle says are doing it correctly when they Double check what preachers say or teach. Be like the Berrians! Per Paul’s advice.

            • 10K years after we’re extinct, visitors to planet Earth will have to look hard to tell we were ever here. In the history of planet Earth, man doesn’t even merit a footnote.

        • Well, while this sounds much like the cult of Gupta Singh (10,000 points for the reference… hint: Whitley Streiber)

          I see no point in sitting there and simply accepting it without a fight.

          Problem 1: spent rods in nuclear containment pools. Solution: Thorium nuclear reactors, for one, which if I’m not mistaken can consume some of this stuff, and serious efforts at sequestration for two. Not any of this “already regulated half measure” stuff, I am talking SERIOUS efforts. Massive construction project, taking up an entire small land mass.

          Problem 2: starvation due to drought. Solution: mass scale hydroponics. Again, doesn’t meet any of the existing regs. Get over it, regulatory guys. Get over it right now.

          Problem 3: hydrocarbons. Solution: again, Thorium nuclear reactors. Transportable fuel can be done by simple hydrolyisis of seawater. Not efficent but not a problem either, given the amount of Thorium we’re dealing with here.

          Problem 4: extreme climate. Solution? Shit I dunno… underground? Why not.

          Problem 5: mass die off… ok look. Apone. Look. Someone’s got to survive this. If it’s the rich… you know what, when you’re talking about extinction, I’m ok with that. Barely. But yeah. Is there any way to live at a lower energy state? Shit man, if it gets desperate enough, can you just… hell I dunno… put people underground hooked to EKG’s and feed them intravenously? How about treating the planet as a barely habitable alien world and doing the Von Neuman Probe thing when this shit calms down, several hundred thousand years from now?

          Ok that last is… ridiculous? Yes. Reaching? Sure. That last is the whole “it’s going down and there shall be no stopping it” contingency. Well, guess what. Yes there will be “stopping it” goddamn it. Even if you have to wait 500,000 years and then grow humans from frozen embryos using robots. What the fuck ever, I refuse to just sit back and accept it. I’ll do any hair-brained thing that has the slightest chance of working.

          • I can remember the book. Building a simulation of “leaders” who would honestly answer questions, super smart kids/apes… I think it was “children of thunder” or something like that.

            Do I get 1/2 points? Or did I recall correctly?

      7. See Something, Say Something being applied in reverse. We see the Government doing something and we Say Something. However, they dismiss us and feel they have the “right” to spy on us.

      8. I am a Quincy resident, but not in the Wollaston area where this has been recently spotted. For over a YEAR I have noticed large helicopters and small cessna style planes playing flying north to south and visa versa over my house from 7-10PM every night. My wife and I walk our dog every night – on average an hour+ and I always gripe at what they are up to. I grew suspicious at the helicopters flying at 8:30, then 9 and 10 even throughout the winter(!) first thinking it was for traffic coverage but congestion is over by 7 and their pattern each night is still the same. As for knowing whether military of not – I hear the traffic choppers over the Braintree expressway on certain mornings and the engines are entirely different from the larger ones I hear at night. I have always commented to my wife “they’re getting ready for martial law” and she’d bust my chops how they were after me, but a few weeks before the Boston Bombing we were walking and I mentioned it again only to realize that Watertown was under martial law soon after. My wife saw this story break on Drudge a few days ago and said “you wont believe what’s at the top of drudge” and I said “think i’m crazy, now?”
        It’s still unsettling to think what they could be doing, lets not forget the St Louis experiment [http://www.examiner.com/article/us-military-secretly-sprayed-radioactive-particles-on-st-louis-poorest-children]. As a quincy resident I could be subject to a similar but more clandestine test. I had taken so many photos with my phone but they are all entirely way too dark to identify style or craft. Wish I had a telescopic camera.

      9. Sounds like they are looking for the next “Boston Bomber”. Don’t worry, I am sure they will screw it up and not prevent a damn thing. Prob will have great video of where the guy grew up though, and his neighbor’s dogs, type of car, etc. Whatever attack is planned will go forward without a hitch.

        • The government is the ‘BOSTON BOMBER”

          • Did anyone notice the brothers backpacking lawyers gray and the remains were black scraps?

      10. Obviously this is a test of some new type of surveillance equipment. It may be detailed thermal mapping of an area, so low level flight and cloudless nights would be required. But it is just a TEST. There would be no reason to to actually monitor the well educated populace of a blue state.

        • well educated idiots, is how that should have read.

      11. Just guessing but it’s probably Google map collecting information for the next generation program. They had to do it right this time because they used a Microsoft program the first time around and the program crashed and left Google with a blue screen.

        (s) off

        • RickInOregon,
          Linux rox. M$ sux.

      12. ”Move along and pay no attention to the military surveillance plane making rounds over your town – it’s there to protect you:”

        Hmmmm FROM WHO?

      13. Welcome to the new normal.

        All your info belong to us…

        and then becomes a state secret.

      14. they jus be checking out the government grow operation,, now that the cat is out of the bag, they took it back in for a refuel.nothin ta see here

      15. The plane is probably a radiation sniffer, following up on some perceived threat from our good friends, the moooslims.
        Between false flags and real moooslim mischief, we are not going to be living dull lives in the future. Dig you an Obama-proof hole in your back yard now. 🙂

        • The only OB proof hole belongs to Tiger’s EX.

          • I didn’t get that one.

      16. History repeats itself in Mass. This time the redcoats are the feds

        • As if “our” state and local governments and their enforcers are benign???

        • History repeats itself in different forms. The lack of clarity/transparency on the fly-overs is proof they are up to something. Just what for, is disturbing.

          This is where the elected officials; senators and congressmen should be held accountable. People of this area/district should demand answers. If they don’t get the answers, then ask “WTF are we paying you for”, and remember their responses at election time.

          Problem with that area is too many liberals. When they vote out a libtard, they vote another right back in. I’m not saying repubs are much better, but by mixing it up they can keep ’em guessing.

      17. Nothin’ ta see here…either…lol

        Americans, she said, should be wondering whether Obamacare, which is to be enforced by the IRS, will target conservative voices opposed to President Obama with delays or denials of medical care.

        But why would an administration ever confess to such a flagrant misuse of politics and power?

        Bachmann, who chairs the House Tea Party caucus, said it’s the Benghazi scandal.

        “There’s no doubt this was not a coincidence that they dumped this story today, a Friday dump day,” Bachmann told WND. “This is when they put their negative stories out.”

        But she said the looming storm cloud called Benghazi is the “soft underbelly” of the Obama administration and likely will keep Hillary Clinton from fulfilling her dream of occupying the Oval Office.

        That would make it logical to release an IRS story that, while embarrassing, also could be cubbyholed as another “conservative” dispute with the White House.

      18. Howdy, BI. The scale of surveillance in this country is growing at an alarming rate. There are far too many people attempting to stick their noses where they don’t belong. Of course TPTB claim this is all in the name of ‘public safety’, but we all know better. What they have called ‘the war on drugs’ and ‘the war on terror’ are really war against the people. After the Berlin Wall was opened and the archives of the Stasi were reviewed, it was estimated there were no less than 500,000 snitches in the former East Germany. There’s no telling how many snitches or even potential snitches there are in the US today. Combine that with all the cameras, Operation Echelon run by NSA, etc. Tyrants like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao would have been proud. braveheart

      19. There must be some hot chicks the govt. boys are checking out.


        Hey..they need their kicks too!

      20. Heh… I’d said before that this guy’s starting to remind me of Reagan. Forget Reagan. This guy’s starting to remind me of all the bad parodies of Nixon (aka The Watchmen version).

        • This guy has already been reminding me of Hitler.

      21. Call the militia.

      22. There are a number of reasons the plane is flying around the city. Could be the police. Could be the feds. Could be a pilot making a point etc. I think the article said it best. If it were a secret, why fly around during the day. There are numerous ways to see during the night including fleer.
        If it were nefarious, they wouldn’t fly the plane it would be a drone. Welcome to 2013 and beyond. Google maps your house both from above and on the ground, the police can check computer sites, cell phone records and towers, gps on onstar.
        Programs exist that will ferret out mental illness, anti government, violent personalities, from your twitter account and anything else written on the web. The number of tweets, the length, the content, the times, the day of the week, and the date all tell a story about you.
        In short, you have no privacy unless you are living a hermit style life, never go on line, never use the phone, don’t have utilities, never use a credit card or bank. The list goes on and on.
        I am the person who is upfront about not agreeing with many ideas here so don’t think I am baiting or belittling you. This time I actually agree with many ideas expressed by the comments. I don’t think there is a point of return and the technology is used by business more than the government but the government can get the info when they want it.
        The plane is not the worry, it is the multiple ways you and I can be and are tracked.

      23. HAHAHAHAHA!

        All your small town are belong to us!

      24. Probably just Barney Frank introducing the Quincy Boys Choir to his mile high club, one at a time.

      25. one did that for several hours over my central ky town back in late feb. at about 3k ft was at a high power setting and loud. props trimed for the speed i guess. looked like a twin engine version of the c 130 and painted olive drab. i was there right under it for couple hrs and was still at when i left to go home

      26. YO BI!

        We have has ANOTHER X-flare, this one an X-2.7, occuring at 16:05 UTC. The refion from which this was emitted is just ‘pulling’ into view at this time and the little which can be seen is that the HMII imaging shows a very disturbed centraL, ‘Umbral’ area. IMHO, we WILL see more flaring to follow; what has happened thua far should NOT be taken as being ‘isolated occurances’ Be so advised.


        • The Australian site I use said X-2.9. Time to put more electronics in Faraday storage.

          • Name of that site? Or link please?

            • Food Evening All,

              Refering to Dove’s question here, the site I would recommend above all others, for the monitoring of all things Solar is “solarham-dot-net”…same has, IMHO, the speediest response of any site, anywhere. Additionally, the resources which are brought together there ‘under one roof’ are simply unmatched by amyone else, AFAIK.


              • “Good Evening All”….obviously… 😉

                LONG NIGHTS, looooonnng days… 🙂


            • www(dot)ips(dot)gov(dot)au has an email notification that you can sign up for. I have gotten a lot of notices in the past day or so. In fact, there is an X class flare in process as I write. I got a begin notice and an estimated end notice. I haven’t gotten the end notice yet. The estimated maximum X-ray flux is X-3.2. They have a lot of photos and information on their site.

              • You’re awesome, thanks!

        • Normal peak of the Solar Cycle activity. It was a lot more severe in 1991-1992. check it out.

      27. Just shoot the damned thing down.

      28. Well down the road from me is out local regional airport. Just a small one but we have Blackhawks coming in and out of here quite often. I’m not sure which but it was either a Kiowa or Apache sitting on the tarmac last week. Thing is we were set to have our new traffic tower closed down due to the sequesterian act along with a dozen other small airport towers(state wide) that rely on partial federal funding. Last week that all went away and our tower will remain in operation. I’ve seen many of the presidential helicopters fly in here as Cheney and Rumsfeld have (secondary)homes not far from me. I just can’t figure out what that plane in Quincy could be up to but one things for sure, it ain’t in the people of Quincy’s best interest.

      29. We had 2 planes that flew over our area for 3 weeks in october last year with a green scanning lazer on the belly of the craft. 1 plane was a larger plane that stayed over lake erie and the smaller twin engine that went over land. these planes went from Euclid ohio east towards madison ohio and back. I have video of this plane when it went right overhead and we did get a good vid of the green lazer.

        • by the way the smaller aircraft was similar
          to a hawkeye mc-12

        • did they train the goat to use the guns?? LMAO

          and if so who are his enemy’s ? BBQs ??

      30. I have followed on the news how these drones have been used in afganistan,Iraq,Yemen,Somalia these countries are mostly desert & have clear skies with good visability. Well excuse my ignorance on such things but how do these drones perform in areas with thick vegetation canopy & overcast rainy weather, also spying into areas with deep narrow valleys & gorges

        • Multi spectrum infrared…

      31. as BeInformed has pointed out
        we are rapidly depleting the earth’s resources
        we may have well exceeded its carrying capacity

        maybe “they” are fully aware of this situation

        their solution ???

        Bugs are the food of the future: UN


        forget the Big Macs

        bug burgers may be the next new thing at Mickey D’s ???

        • Big Gnat?

          • big skeeters!!!

        • MMMMMM bugssss


          *Homer Simpson*

        • It’s only 26.5% fatal. Nothing to see here.

      32. That’s outrageous! I seen it on the news Friday as many others.

      33. Take Biden’s advice. Get your shotgun and open fire on that motherfuckka.

        • Eisen. You are a ” special kind of stupid”.

      34. BREAKING


        • This is fun to watch. The slimy media gets out slimed. The media who tells almost but not quite half truths. The media who lies and scams getting scammed. Regardless of party or person, there are a lot of two faced moles shitting their pants right now. The same media that hacks murder victims family phones? The same media that edited words on the treyvon Martin case making the shooter look like a racist? The same media is now shocked at underhanded tactics. Eisen. You like the msm?


            • Oh Eisen, you are a simple man. The media has not done it’s job for decades. Not just Bambi(juvenile name you should think of a better one). Of course politicians want and often get stories swept. Where you been the last 20 years? ( Man older than me).

      35. testing…. one, two…. testing…. this is only a test… do not try to adjust your TV sets as we have taken complete control for this test…. unmarked plane..??? what unmarked plane…? there’s nothing to see here(that we’re going to tell you about) so just return to your TV sets and wait for us to finish our test…

        even if it IS a drone and we’re syping on you – “what difference does it make?”

      36. @ JustOneGuy. That was upgraded to a X-2.8. If this hot the planet dead on, it would likely knock out some satellites. What i want to know is if this region is going to remain “hot” enough when it ratates into Earth danger in 5-9 days. You can have right now an X-50 and it would do little to the planet. But come 5-9 days from now, even a X-10 could fry a lot of what everyone depends on. This is a region to watch to see if the area stays active enough to produce anything when it is Earth directed. In your opinion, how long do you think it will remain strong enough before fizzing out like a strong tropical storm or hurricane as those X flares would be like a category 1 hurricane in comparison?

        • Howdy BI,

          For reference here friend…for when after I am departed, the transit time for a region ON the Solar equator is roughly 23 days to complete a FULL rotation around the body of the Sun. As I mention to TXGranny below, the ‘speed’ of the the various regions on the Solar face is not simple…it varies proportionally with Latitude…the smaller the latitude (near to the Equator) the faster any region thereat travels around the Sun…remember, we ARE here talking about a huge ‘ball of fluid’ and it HAS it’s own dynamics, like our ocean’s do here on Earth. At a latitude of about 35 degree’s the transit period for a FULL rotation is about 26 days…but near the Solar Polar regions this can take YEARS…literally. It is rather non-linear in that sense, Capice’?

          I bespoke Red Leader a bit ago and when I did I commnicated a bit of errroneous info; the SERIOUS region for a flare detonation is more properly that region which is centered on the face of the visible Solar diak, which covers the central 1/3 of the area of the visible Solar face…things happening there, of any SERIOUS magnitude, will ordinatily strike the Earth subsequently with excessively large effect…rememeber that for the future….Adios Friend!!


      37. Get a few people together and station them around the area to map the flight paths everyday. Using google earth, it should be pretty easy to start zeroing in on what they are watching. There has to be a common intersection of their paths, if they are in fact observing something special.

      38. Expect a another false flag event soon. The Bengazi story is heating up. I figure obamii needs another boston bombing or sandy hoax event right about now.
        If not we might find out who the real murderers are.

      39. When it fly’s over walk outside with a pressure cooker put it in your car and see if your followed.

      40. military websites (in particular “the aviationist”) are reporting that its plane registered to the FBI (found by tail number and a little research). speculation runs toward their still being an active cell in the boston area. but thats just speculation. it could also be an experiment to see public reaction to a low flying airplane. interesting that the story remains the realm of military and survival sites only. that should disturb us all that it isn’t a national news story.

      41. MT. Popo a huge volcano in Mexico is coming to life. Drudge report has a write up. Maybe BI will end up being right about Something big in Mexico happening.

      42. Somebody should shoot it down – If it’s just hovering, a rifle shot could take it down – wait, no “sniper” rifles in Mass allowed, OK how about grandpa’s old goose gun?

        Don’t worry folks – It’s not like we have a right to know what our overlords are doing or anything, right? It’s all classified and it’s for the children.

      43. I haven’t seen anything regarding this story that says this aircraft is either a government aircraft or used for surveillance. Does this constitute journalism? Wild conjecture, in the headline nonetheless?

      44. Solar Update,

        Roughly 15 minutes ago, the region wfrom which the two preceding X-Flares were emitted began an attemt at another emission. The ramping emission curve abruptly aborted in the mid-C-clas region and has thereafter slowly befun to climb. The initial rise seen was completely vertical…in the past, it has commonly been seen that such a pattern is NOT uncommomnly indicative of an impending, imminent, large-magnitude emission subsequent. Be advised.


        • JOG – got a text alert that the third flare was a 3.2X. Also read somewhere that the region would be earth-facing within a day or two (I guess enough earth-facing to begin having an impact??). What is the liklihood that it will continue to have the energy to thro off X flares?? It has seemed that as previous active regions turned to face us, they fizzled out.

          • Howdy TX Granny,

            How-dee-do M’am. 🙂 The current region which has produced all the flare activity in the last day has only now fully rotated into our sight-line, placing it around the 70+ degree East mark. Typically, we see a full transit for a region at THAT latitude (the various parts of the Sun do NOT all rotate at the same ‘speed’…those near the Solar equator travel much more swiftly than do those near the Solar poles – a BIG ball of ‘fluid’, with it’s own dynamics, not terribly dissimilar to our oceans here) to take about 12 days, meaning that this particular region will be at it’s nearest approach to the ‘bull’s-eye’ in about 4+ days, roundabouts.

            A you have noted, we have seen an odd set of coincidences which have – mercifully – directed many several flares away from our Earthly vicinity over the las year+. That said, this ONE region is VERY ‘odd’…it is rather ‘smallish’ to be producing such violent activity at all! It ia also the case that – of WHAT we can see at present (BAD angle of view…almost fully ‘cross-wise’) it DOES not appear that it should be ‘magnetically complex’ enough to be doing as it has thus far…tis a mystery of sorts! (?)

            TX…I don’t recognize your ‘Handle’ here…are you new, or an infrequent poster? In either case here’s a big “Howdy-Doo Partner and a Welcome too!!


            • Oops!!,

              Forgot to mention…X-3.2…on the nose M’am!! Good Call!


      45. SAM-7 or Stinger: Problem solved

      46. there used to be this guy who would fly his little ultralight over the farm just above the tree tops.you think you’re alone in the woods,enjoying your seclusion then suddenly there’s this fucker over your place close enough to hit with bb gun riding a lawnmower with wings just checking everything out.i thought about shooting him several times.

        • My friend used to have this gyroplane and we would buzz the cows with it.

          • Eisenkreuz, it seems as though your brain has been “buzzed” for much too long now!

          • Wow, you have interesting friends. Buzzing animals is dangerous. Scaring the shit out of a retarded cow is really neato.

      47. Quincy is the site of the persistent smell of “rotten eggs” and sulphur. In California, peeps report this odor prior to earthquake activity. http://www.masslive.com/news/boston/index.ssf/2013/05/mystery_rotten_egg_smell_irks.html

        Interestingly, in Stow…about 40 miles away in November of 2010, the US discovered that illegal aliens and foreigners were training to fly at our flight schools that had not passed a background check…er…TSA was responsible…but somehow doesn’t perform the checks.

        But, Massachusetts has proven itself to be a willing participant in forfeiting rights and is run by mini-me Barry. Guinea pig, anyone?

      48. Relax everyone that there plane is carrying the last remaining notions of common sense, the pilot is fearstruck and can not land that plane. He knows that if that plane ever touches the ground that his cargo will be confiscated and destroyed, deemed totally inapropriate for use on American soil. So chill out its just the final death throws of common sense, nothing we arn’t used to allready.

      49. I’m considering doing a youtube video to instruct fellow pilots how to ‘wingtip’ one of these drones into a rollover and spin. Time we take our skies, and our civil liberties back.

      50. I would like to add something to the Population Time Bomb without any preference to one side or the other of any belief. ANY life form as a boundary, a top, a apex, that when reached cannot any longer expand without more resources. This is physical law based on no political, philosophical, or belief, it is just physics. This can be reached at 5 billion, 7 billion, 9 billion people, but it will be reached because there is only so much land to grow food on and how so much of the other resources avaliable on the planet. When this is reached nature has again and again has naturally come up with a way of thinning the population of any and all animal or planet life. The planet might be able to support 10 billion for a short time, but no way 100 billion or a trillion like some of these individuals are proposing. This is way beyond reality of math and understanding the complexity of spacial relations.

        Usually what this means is that a species gets sick and the disease spreads to other members of the species. How will people get sick from nature? Starvation and weaken immune systems that lead to a germ or germs catching hold of a weak host. All over the planet there are places where people live hungry, in terrible sanitation ridden pits, normally in hot moist place where germs thrive like in a petri dish, and have no way of fighting off a super bug. Perhaps it is the coronavirus, but if it is not, someday it will be. It has to be, because this is the way Mother Nature works on every last form of life on this planet, even bacteria when it becomes too many dies.

        Can humans find the cure to some super bug? Maybe, but likely it will have killed billions before this happens as these germs tend to mutant quickly to adapt. The worst the conditions at which they were borned, the more virulent and adaptable they tend to be. Just like the antibiotic resistant bacterias that are popping up all over the place. This along with a species fighting over the available resources left, as in world war, is one of the other likely scenarioes to play out. There is only so much cheap energy, clean water, land, and other necessities to everyday life. When this threshold is reached hell will occur. Those that have prepared will have a far better chance of surviving it, plain and simple.

      51. Well like said above a big earthquake just struck, 7.0 in the Mariana Islands region. This was off from where it should have hit a little further southwest. Still when you have these plate boundary earthquakes like this, especially when you have 100% of the time in the past like today, big earthquakes follow. Still Mexico to Chile is in extreme danger.

        • Be informed. I have read your predictions for some time. Not a challenge but have you kept track of your right wrong ratio? I am interested. Do you have a site? It seems like you are doing a good job on a difficult to predict subject.

          • @ Grippentrog. I am my own biggest critic, I still can’t believe that my system is actually predicting earthquakes with accuracy that no one else on the entire internet is doing. I don’t have as much confidence as I should in my ability. I have been wrong about Mexico to Chile getting hit by April 30, which really surprised me. I was wrong about california getting nailed with the San Andreas after the swarm towards Mexico went off and twice before. 4 times out of maybe 35-40 times.

            I was a little off this time when the Mariana Islands as I read one of the latitudes and longitudes wrong of previous earthquakes occurring at 19 degrees north and 145 east. I said New Guinea which was south of here on a previous comment before this one. Sometimes I just don’t want to get the old atlas out and look up so many different locations and I just remember most of them. bad lazy move on my part as the Mariana Islands was hit before with the other Mid Atlantic Ridge quake that occurred before, I think it was 1995. System works too well.

            This is what is concerning about Mexico to Chile, there should have been a large earthquake there by now. This tells me some catastrophic locking of the plates is going on much like back 3 years ago when Chile had that 8.8. This time it seems much further north. 17 out of 19 times with these precursors it has previously hit Mexico to Chile. Not good. This will affect other plates when it breaks.

      52. Well, “if you see one, shoot one down”. You know if you see it, it has been observing you for some time without you knowing it!
        Put an end to this blatantly invasive and unconstitutional crap whenever/if ever you have a chance!

      53. Solar Update,

        Less than 1 hour ago an X-3.2 wa recorded a peaking at 01:11 UTC.


        • Hey JOG. Trajectory?? ETA?

          Thanks for the heads up.

          God Bless,

          • Howdy NP! 🙂

            Sorry I haven’t ‘been about’ as much as normal lately, between Bad Net connections and personal stuff been a TAD busy..

            How are you doing Brother? Well, I hope! I saw your previous post-in in my direction a a while back but was at that time having ‘insanity-grade’ problemo with my connection. ETA is ‘slightly delayed’ for an unspecified though expected short period…Mechanical difficulties with the “Prime Mover’….need a ‘validation period’ before attempting to transport ALL, safely. Hoping the delay will be less than 3 weeks altogether Friend ….’climate’ is an issue on the ‘other end’ of the journey…..time frames ARE important here in that sense.

            Again, I HOPE everything IS going well for ya Bro…I am Praying for all of us, everyday lately, especially for those ‘Who have eyes with which to See and Ears with which to Hear…” I’ve got to ‘beat-feet’ back to the Solar thing…tis ‘twitchy’ as hell the last 24 hours… I’ve NEVER seen so ‘small’ an area be so violent…makes me wonder. OH!! A I know you follow the Solar thing regularly…a head’s-up here…there is NO point in the NOAA record where an ever-increasing sequence like we have just seen was NOT followed by larger, ‘closing event’ at it’s end…this will eithert get REAL big at the end…or fizzle to oblivion from this point…there IS NO ‘in-between’ in the current interpretation. Keep an ‘eye open’ therefor Bro… 😉


            • Thanks JOG! All is well on the Norsern front.

              Take care friend.


      54. I have read on a web site that mans rule over this world will end on May 15, 2013. Not the end of the world, just the beginning of WW3 and worse. Evil will be in charge. Ephesians 6:10. The first sign of this coming is a change in weather according to this prophesy. I know weather is very erratic normally, but I am more than a little concerned about this spring. In my area of east TN the corn crop is usually planted by now. It is possibly 20% in the ground, and not coming up well or growing if it has come up. Client of mine who has a dairy in Florida told me that it has been so cold in south Florida that the corn they planted in January that normally comes up in 4 days took 11 days to come up and is not growing as it should. My garden is pathetic. My first sweet corn has been up a month and is about 6 inches high and has not got to the 7 leaf stage yet. Should be knee high. Tomato plants look sick and not growing after being in the ground 3 weeks. Peppers turning yellow. Watermelons not up after being planted 3 weeks. Note: I have been growing a garden for 61 years this year. We had some frost last night, but not a killing frost. A strong sun flare could be the final nail in the coffin for a crisis outcome for people on this planet. People without junk food, TV and their pills would go ballistic in this country. If there is anything to the rapture belief, Christ can take His followers and no one will miss them in the chaos and the ones left will be glad they are gone.

        One more thing that has been on my mind. Everyone worries about people walking out of big cities and taking what ever they find when the SHTF. Don’t sweat it. Those city people’s feet are not tough enough to walk far even if they have so called hiking shoes. Besides that, they don’t know how to walk on the ground. Most of them are seriously overweight, have no muscle for walking or lung capacity. Most of them will have their knees give out before they walk half a day. They are not conditioned to walk all day or work all day without copious amounts of water to drink which they won’t have.

        I don’t believe this prophesy thing, but I have a list of last minute things for tomorrow. Whatever happens, I will be right here. You can figure my age, and I have no intention of leaving my home except feet first or with the Lord. Plan to be with the Lord either way.

        • Chip, my first tomatoes froze.
          The new ones are growing and feathering out, but slowly.
          Bought from a nursery of fine people both times.
          My pepper plants aren’t growing but like the tomatoes are feathering out nicely.
          I do know all plants pretty much stayed in their planters too long for no one could plant for the weather.
          NEVER have I used the heater this late in May for consecutive nights like now…May 13 with heaters??
          And this week, I am making an 8′ X 4′ raised garden bed for a few tomatoes plants.
          And we still have millions that don’t get storing foods??

          • Oh, southern Kentucky here..duh!

          • My garden grows no more.

            I have had hard time with garden past 4 years. Before that, garden was plentiful. Not no more.

            I have bought heirloom seed and am storing those. I still use traditional hybrids in garden. In past, just fine. But recently, they are not producing like they use to.

            I think time is running out.

            • Sounds like you are running out of nutrients. My garden/s started producing poorly too until… I visited the “horse” lady down the road and she gave me all the horse manure I could take… for free. Four 8 yard trailer loads to be exact and now I have a huge pile of composted crap to draw from. Most small stables are glad to have someone come and take their piles of crap from them. I dumped generous amounts of the composted manure in my small garden along with, a sprinkling of lime, bone meal, a small (very small) amount of ag Sulphur, a few wood ashes, some Azomite, a little blood meal for good measure, generous amounts of ground up egg shells and a little Epsom salt along with a very small sprinkling of 8-8-8. Till it all under, wait about two weeks, re-till and you will be ready to plant. I’ll plant my large garden this fall (1 acre), too many bugs and too much work in the Spring. I currently have 26 tomato plants and they are loaded with tomatoes. My leaf lettuce a awesome and the cucumbers have “millions!!!” of baby cucumbers and flowers. Squash are already making. There are a few bees but not as many as we would like so we take a small artist paint brush and pollinate by hand as much as we can just in case the bees miss.
              – We save all out egg shells, crush them and toss them in the garden.
              – We put grass clippings down in the middles of the rows as well as on the compost.
              – We sprinkle chicken manure in the middles of the rows.
              – We mulch the tomato plants with composted horse manure.
              While we haven’t harvested anything yet but lettuce and squash, everything seems to be thriving great!! Gardens need food just like humans.

            • Im doing fine with heirloom seeds. First batch of beans froze to death when I moved them to the unheated green house. second batch is in the ground doing fine. Rained quite a bit last night so I dont have to water for a few days. NE Bonners.

        • Chip, same thing going on in Ill. Rain, rain, rain, then after 3 sunny windy days, more rain. Not a single kernel of corn planted yet. Last year 100% of corn and 90% of soybeans were in by now.
          On the garden front I finally have some decent potatoes up, onions and snap peas also lookin good. Two more days of good weather forecast before more rain. Will have tomatoes and peppers in by then.
          Empty jars are waiting for my harvest. Hope we all get one.

        • Chip, my tomatoes, squash, cukes, zukes, and pepper plants are still on the backporch steps waiting to go in. It got down to 39 deg. last night but there was a breeze so no frost. Potatoe plants are doing real good however.

      55. I have four dogs – two labs and two pointers. This morning I went to sign my dogs up for welfare. And first the lady said, “Dogs are not eligible to draw welfare.”

        So I explained to her that my dogs are mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who their Daddies are. They expect me to feed them, provide them with housing and medical care.

        So she looked in her policy book to see what it takes
        to qualify.

        Y’all Beware! My dogs get their first checks on Friday.

        • Oh Y’all,

          THAT is really, REALLY good…hand’s-down the BEST I’ve heard in MONTHS…T’anks a bunch!!!

          Hhahahaaaa…Ahhhh! 😉


      56. I apologize if someone has written this already but its possible that all the plane is doing is just flying around. The goal of whoever is responsible is to sit back and watch the reaction by the populous.

        Many things happening to “they” can judge our reactions.

        God Bless,

      57. I guess you’re wondering why I called you all here today…
        It has come to my attention that someone is using my plane and not filling it up with gas before returning it. Also, whoever it is, they are not parking it in the garage as I have specifically told them to. This must stop.
        And, most importantly, I have it on good authority that whoever is taking the plane is just using it to make the ‘drag’ around Quincy. Even though we don’t pay for the fuel (or the plane for that matter) we still must set a good example for the little people.
        Plus, the media might be watching. And they’re kinda pissed at us right now anyway. Let’s not give them any more stuff to talk about. Thank you all for your co-operation in this matter.

        The preceeding was found left on a teleprompter in the hall by the oval office….

        • Smokin.

          Thanks. For moment I thought we were being spied, much like IRS to Americans.

          I did see 6 drones today. At least that is what I think I saw from observation.

          I wonder if any of drones are Peace Maker drones? You know, they fly in and drop olive branches and roses to the folks.

      58. off topic ~ Follow the bouncing balls ~ AP Wiretap, which is illegal State and Federal-wise. The IRS, focusing on the Tea Party and conservatives, and last but not least, the Whistle Blowers on Benghazi. I could not watch the press conference with Cameron from England or King Obama.
        It was reported later that Obama said he called Benghazi a terrorist act the day after it happened. Me no blame the bad video. Eric Holder makes me sick for Fast and Furious. The untouchables. Who will be arrested, impeached, or whose head will role? What magic blow out
        can they come up with next, to take everyones eyes off
        the 3 bouncing balls? I think it is great these bouncing ball topics are coming at the despot administration all at once. Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidence.
        And, each and every one of them will lie, point fingers, and look the other way, playing the blame game. Obama is
        very smooth and very slick. It amazes me to turn on the
        tv every day and see what more gunk has been dug up.
        ~As far as the plane circling over and over ones place of
        residence, a town, and the comment “we have to be very careful at this time. Careful of what? The whole thing
        sounds suspicious and strange. Keep the masses in the dark once again. Makes the mundane masses trust tptb
        so much. Sorry for the rant. I’ll go try to sedate
        myself or something.

        • Emily,

          Do not sedate yourself. You are normal, living in a world that no longer makes any sense. Us normal folks just knows what is ahead and we are getting depressed that our family, friends, and neighbors just don’t see what lies ahead.

          Troubled times are here. Just prepare and do the best.


          • I’m with YOU Ug,

            Howdy Emily! Honey, “Welcome to the Club!” I can’t say anymore – any better – than Ug has already said. I note only that in this, yout little rant, perhaps we ALL now begin to see a needful evolution…which will in the End bring us ALL to THAT place where “People are MAD as HELL …and they’re NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!”…

            ONLY then will we ALL begin ‘to come together’ to fix the lunacy which we see around us…THAT would be a GOOD thing methinks…again…”Welcome to the Club” Sweety!!!

            JOG *Gettin MADDER by the Day!*

      59. Quincy, Mass residents must be pretty wimpy, or liberal, and thus pacified already. If it is being done over a populated area this is insane.

        I am surprised no one has tried to bring it down, or better yet, make it too hazardous to operate in the area.

        4th of July aerial displays rigged for launch via radio or cheap cell phone.

        Or get 25-50 people to spread out with black umbrellas open. Have 4-5 people launch them, then mingle in the park as a pack.

        Did no one there launch Estes rockets as a kid? Nahhh. Probably fireworks are illegal. Scratch that idea.

        Deploy groups of larger helium balloons with a lightweight cross member suspended below. From the cross member attach looooong strands of wire? Naahhhh. Helium balloons are probably illegal cause they can choke sea turtles.

        Or a bunch of larger helium balloons spread out and tethered, each with dangling lengths of wire or strong cordage. Deploy when the neighborhood buzzing starts, then simply walk away. Naaaah. Height restrictions in the city codes.

        Never mind.

        • Barret M 107 perhaps..?

        • Why would you want to use deadly force on someone who isnt threatning your life. Save the “bullets” for when you really need them and use them in good conscience.

      60. @ JustOneGuy. I watched an episode of the Twilight Zone that I recommend to everyone. I think it is called Chosen. In which this character is visited by these people that he thinks are either aliens or some religious nuts. Anyway something that happens in the show reminds me of what could easily happen with the Sun with a strong EMP that simply knocks out most or all of the satellites, especially the military ones, but leaves the ground virtually untouched.

        Anyway in the show he ends up shooting one of these “angels” that was trying to rescue him and the people they deemed worth it to be rescued. The one angel then says it is now apparent you were never meant to be chosen, they all disappear and you hear this air raid go off and all the nuclear bombs then land. The narrator then says, in a world about to end, Vince hansen was given the chance of salvation, but leave to Vince, one of life’s perpetual losers to make the wrong choice and end up just another ash heap in the twilight zone.

        I think there is danger with a solar EMP knocking out the eyes in the sky of the world’s military. Without this, nuclear war could start just because one or more sides “thinks” that the other side is launching, but just doesn’t know. Especially with what is going on now in the Middle East and over in the Koreans. What do you think of this one?

      61. @ Everybody. Unless JustOneGuy says this is wrong, I have calculated that AR-1748 should begin to pose a significant threat to the safety of the Earth in regards to an EMP by about Friday evening to Saturady morning by what I can see and the rotation rate of the Sun. This thing is still blowing off X-flares by then, we better be concerned. It only takes like what happened 9 years ago, this time earth directed to say good bye to the modern day age. Preppers/survivalists will be the ones that make it through this, that I believe.

        • Howdy BI!

          Gee, we haven’t got to JABBER in a while Friend! You’re not wrong about the transit of 11748….at present it’s about slightly East of 72 degrees’s and given that at THAT latitude i takes about 24 days total then in about 3-1/2 to 4 days it will reach as near to the ‘bull’s-eye’ as it will get. I’ve sent in a ream of data for Mac from which he can pound out an article in short order…Gee…it’s nice to have over 380 GIGABYTES of the NOAA archives ‘tucked-away’ in one’s own personal archive. :).

          As I’ve mentioned to NP above…this series of events is EITHER ‘over’ NOW or within the next ~36 hours we will see a ‘whopper’ of a Solar Flare. The recordset back to mid-1996 is clear on this one point; whenever there has been a monotically increasing series… steadily producing a succesion of continuously larger flaring it either ENDS abruptly or the LAST Flare is an order of magnitude greater than the sequnce preceding it. Also, it is typical for a trio (roughly) to occur, then to be followed by a lapse which IS longer than those seperating the preceding flares before it finally ‘resolves’ and thereby dumps enough energy to finally render the spot group ‘exhausted”. There are few examples of anything else having occured…as far back as the recordset goes. Anywho Friend, tis late and I AM ‘pooped’ gotta get ‘horizontal’ for a bit…Adios Muchacho!!


      62. The Sun has a new Photon….

        I don’t know much, but I do know plants are behaving differently. My garden does not flourish like it did just a few years ago and also reliably for many years before that. Simple stuff is laborious.

        I think the NWO knows this and is breeding new plants for this new photon. Do we have the same amount of ‘blue’ or ‘red’ lights or wavelengths of past? Is the Sun sending less red but more neutrinos? Is the ozone slightly less?

        The Sun is losing mass as it converts hydrogen into helium. Is there a ratio we don’t know yet? All I know is that hybrids do not last anymore. I will try the heirlooms next year and see how they do.

        If no good, then I know the Sun has a new photon….

      63. Howdy UG!

        Gee we REALLY haven’t ‘spoke’ in a while!! 😉 I’LL FIX THAT!! 😉

        How are you foing, yourself I mean…well I hope Friend! There has been no significant changes in trh spectrum o Solar emiisions that I am aware of as far as the ‘distribution’ of the wavelengths with which we are familiar. That said, LIFE is a rahter complex thing, you know. There are a host of processes in the real world which act to either prmote ir attenuate the observed activity we see in plant life…but STRANGELY, plants DO thrive oon much higher Solar irradiance than we do. Equally odd, it was observed that the ‘tree-rings’ of trees that managed to survive the blast efects at Hiroshima showed startling accelerated frowth AFTER the blast…this was ALSO seen in the Tunfuska explosion over Siberia in the early 1900’s…so perhaps it is NOT arising from that source Friend?

        I will say this; the “Colony Collapse Syndrome” issue is befinning to make me a bit nervous. Popular acience ran an article only some few weeks back which assserts that SOME of the observed failures MAY be related to the bee-hubander’s harvesting TOO much Honey and therafter trying to replace too much of the bees’ natural diet of Honey with sugary liquids…which apparently leave them open to a HOST commercial chemical’s and natural diseases as well. BigB’s ‘little Griends’ are HUGELY importatnt in ALL that Humanity eats…I GET nervous when they get ‘sick’. Such as that might explain some of what you are seeing Griend…maybe not..I dunno?


        • Achhh!!!

          ingers no longer WORK…TOO tired…going to BED. adios UG!


      64. @ JustOneGuy. You are the one to go to when something like this happens with the Sun. I found a nice little link that shows all the powerful flares since 1976. I thought everyone would enjoy it.

        Just look at all the X-10 and larger flares that missed that bull’s eye with the Earth. Statistics say that eventually it will be dead on. Please let us know what is happening and what you see. I have a big time question. If there is another flare, say in the X-5 range or so, does this mean that the ladder will continue to be climbed in intensity? You say it either hits with a big one or stops suddenly. Well what if it doesn’t follow that pattern? What do you think of that different scenario.

        By the way I am sure glad you are on this site for this as well as so much more. I fully admit it, I don’t know as much about the Sun as I should. I am sure many others vastly appreciate your knowledge of this as I do.

      65. I second that. I’ve been extremely busy lately so haven’t been as active in the forums but really appreciate the knowledge gained from the community.

        God Bless,

      66. Get several people in a few cars to Follow the plane back to the airport then stop the pilot take a picture of the plane and pilot and get in his face and see we he or she tells you , get the tail number off the plane and research who owns it .You don’t need to break any laws but when the Government wont tell you find out yourself .

      67. Morning All,

        Through the evening hours the behaviour of 11748 indicates that – likely – it has finally ejected enough raw energy to be entering into a qiescent period, ie, I think that the threat is now passed.

        Through the evening the ‘High Band’ emissions (0.5-4.0 Angstrom) have all but ceased – measureably – which is signatory and characteristic of the finality of the emissions phase. A casual inspection of the 3-day NOAA X-Flux graphic clearly demonstrates the nature of the operant processes pre- and post-facto. It IS possible that flaring may resume at a later point…but unlikely, based on the abrupt transition witnessed last eve. My conviction thereon is sufficient that I will not be monitoring the region hereafter hourly…”take a break Y’all, I think this round IS done…” Such as that also explains the ‘odd’ character – on several levels – pf 11748 in the imaging we at last were able to see once it had emmerged into full view…at which point it was, effectively ‘spent’…

        Of more concern to me – roundly – is the mid-term Solar behaviour we might witness in the coming months. The limited analysis I have performed thus far with respect to the extremely High-magnitude GRB’s witnessed on the 27th of April and thereafter on the 5th of May suggest that instead of seeing a continuing pattern of decrease in Solar activity (the one we had been seeing), that we MAY instead see a rather abrupt reversal of same over and during the next 3-6 months…time alone will tell here….

        BI, you say,

        “By the way I am sure glad you are on this site for this as well as so much more. I fully admit it, I don’t know as much about the Sun as I should. I am sure many others vastly appreciate your knowledge of this as I do.”

        Be assured Friend, the sentiment is MUTUAL!! The marvel of this place is that there are SO many, in SO many ‘walks’ of knowledge – both mundane…and arcane, as well, that we here have a ‘VAST, liquid pool from which to slake our thirst’…the ‘thirst’ to know!… I will miss everyone here than words can express after my departure… Yourself, specifically, Friend…Adios Y’all…tis been a long, few days…JOG is going back to the ‘bed-bye’ for a bit…

        JOG *again, SAD*

      68. The secretive Bilderberg Group is currently undergoing a major transformation that will see it and other high profile networks merge under the banner of Google as the elite accelerates its plan to consolidate its technocratic agenda.

        Got it?

      69. A convenience store across the street from the Rogers Park police station was held up at gunpoint overnight, police said.

        The robber entered the store, pulled a gun and demanded money from a clerk standing at the register in the 6500 block of North Clark Street around 11:25 p.m. Sunday, according to Police News Affairs Officer Jose Estrada.

        Chicago folks…, need i say more?

        • apparently it wasn’t time for a donut break !

          • lol no kidding

          • Satori; Not sure if you have posted on this before or not… but was reading a brief article about the corona virus originating in the middle east now detected in France and Germany. What’s the word on this? Looks scary. Sorry if this is old news.

      70. the H7N9 situation seems to have stabilized for now
        the virus is widespread in the bird population in China
        it is apparently harmless to them
        which makes its detection even more difficult
        the # of cases has been stable for awhile now
        but that doesn’t mean the threat is gone
        the 1918 flu virus simmered for 10-12 years before going pandemic

        the one to watch now is the SARS like MERS
        (Middle East Respiratory syndrome)

        Pandemic fears rising: China reports 3 more H7N9 deaths; Saudia Arabia reports 4 more coronvirus infections


        The Next Pandemic: Not a question of if, but when


      71. Drones flying over this country is not new. Drones have been flying over the Lancaster, Pa area for well over a year. This is the same Lancaster that has the most security cameras of any city in ratio to population than any city in the US. The criminals are in charge, and we continue to let them be in charge. Shame on us!

      72. @BI: E-mail from my PE buddy in OK. The micro-seismic activity from Mexico through Venezuela out into the Atlantic has gone off the charts since the last quake on the Atlantic ridge. The earthquake that happen in Venezuela awhile back didn’t cause this much activity.

        On a different note he said something strange is going on out the Gulf lately. It has more to with another Horizon type event. He said way to much chatter going on about it in the inner circle of companies that operate out there.

        Have you seen where the next big oil and natural gas find is; just maybe right across from New Madrid, MO. In southern Illinois and will need of a large amount of you guessed it FRACKING to produce it, the field will more than likely cross the OHIO RIVER into KY. All this may mean nothing, but I thought to pass it on.

        USGS is not happy with the fracking that might occur there. Time will tell.

        Keep the FAITH

      73. with the sun misbehaving lately

        just a little reminder of what it is capable of

        Biggest ever solar flare was even bigger than thought


        “Taking a different route, researchers from the University of Otago used radio wave-based measurements of the x-rays’ effects on the Earth’s upper atmosphere to revise the flare’s size from a merely huge X28 to a “whopping” X45, say researchers Neil Thomson, Craig Rodger, and Richard Dowden. X-class flares are major events that can trigger radio blackouts around the world and long-lasting radiation storms in the upper atmosphere that can damage or destroy satellites. The biggest previous solar flares on record were rated X20, on 2 April 2001 and 16 August 1989.”

        if we had taken a direct hit
        we wouldn’t be talking here today

        • Thanks Satori!!

          🙂 Good Job Friend!!


      74. I have witnessed two similarly unexplained aircraft. Last summer, from my elevated deck, a plane could be seen circling in the southwest sky in the distance for hours at a time. I didn’t believe my girlfriend when she first noticed it, but then I also noticed it, and realized she was right. I DO NOT know exactly where it was flying. Based on the direction and distance, my hypothesis was that it was flying over the Fermi Lab or the expressways in the southern Chicago suburbs. Then, last Friday, I was in downtown Chicago when a black helicopter was flying directly over the Madison and LaSalle Street intersection for an extended period of time. I don’t have a picture, and I can’t say for certain, but I believe I saw a large white disk attached to the bottom of it. Ironic that the former Mayor Daley used to constantly complain about having airplanes from the various airports flying a mile or more over the city, saying that this was a “security threat”, and yet last Friday we had a helicopter over one of the busiest intersections, during the afternoon rush hour, hovering for an extended period of time for no apparent reason. Anyway, these are my observations, and I attest to them.

      75. In just one week, President Barack Obama’s political machine has switched from endless campaign to survival mode. And for the first time in Obama’s presidency, the damage to his regime may be permanent.

        Well one could only hope so, we need proof that this is a country with rule of law..its not the government i hate, its not the government i distrust..its THIS government that i distrust and dont care for/….get a government back in for we the peopleand about our Republic, an support our Bill of Rights and Constitution and I’ll fuckin support it with my blood..this crazy bullshit I cant hang my hat on, no friken way

        • Three revelations have come together like an avalanche. First, there was a Benghazi hearing that proved beyond any reasonable doubt that this administration is feckless, dishonest, and cravenly politicized. But in its aftermath on Friday, an executive branch information dump dropped another bombshell: the IRS does indeed target and intimidate conservative groups.

          This appalling admission from a senior IRS official was obviously meant to slide into the news cycle and dissipate over the weekend. This unseemly public relations gambit has become a hallmark of the Obama approach to all issues, regardless of their importance to the nation. Deny or delay, spin and win.

          And, to the discredit of our electorate, it has worked–until perhaps now.

          As the country was still reeling from the gut-wrenching testimony of three Benghazi whistleblowers and the IRS mea culpa, yet another log was thrown onto the bonfire of the Obama administration’s credibility. Yesterday the Associated Press broke a news story that Obama’s Justice Department collected phone data on dozens of AP reporters as part of a national security leak investigation.

      76. A few years ago there was a DC-3 that did figure eights over and around Midway airport, for days, in Chicago. Probably N.E.S.T. training or checking equipment. Nothing to see here. Go home. Avert your eyes.

      77. Guess What’s Hidden in the Immigration Bill? A National Biometric Database for Citizens

        “Buried in the more than 800 pages of the bipartisan legislation (.pdf) is language mandating the creation of the innocuously-named “photo tool,” a massive federal database administered by the Department of Homeland Security and containing names, ages, Social Security numbers and photographs of everyone in the country with a driver’s license or other state-issued photo ID.

        …But privacy advocates fear the inevitable mission creep, ending with the proof of self being required at polling places, to rent a house, buy a gun, open a bank account, acquire credit, board a plane or even attend a sporting event or log on the internet. Think of it as a government version of Foursquare, with Big Brother cataloging every check-in.”

        “It starts to change the relationship between the citizen and state, you do have to get permission to do things,” said Chris Calabrese, a congressional lobbyist with the American Civil Liberties Union.

        “More fundamentally, it could be the start of keeping a record of all things.”

        Zero Hedge dot com

      78. @ JustOneGuy. I want to thank you again for explaining everything about the Sun to everyone, we all learn much from this. Here is something I am curious about. Have you ever seen some serious sunspots towards the poles of the Sun? I thought about what you just said about the rotation cycle of the Sun, and if a really bad sunspot towards the poles developed, we could have eruptions directed at the planet one after another if it was directed at the Earth. Just think of that, flare after flare could hit the planet because the area would take months or years to rotate out of the bull’s eye direction of the Earth. Just a thought, a dismay thought.

        • Howdy BI,

          In short, “No”. The reason for that is the spherical character of the Sun; were any such so located it’s primary emission vector would – likely – be Polar in direction, either ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ relative to the plame of the ecliptic…the plane in which the Earth travels in it;’s orbit around the Sun. T’would be a HORROR if it were the case that the sun was oriented other than as it is…at 90 degree’s relative though.

          While I’m here I have a thought for you in addition to all else.; a surmise, of sorts… I have bespoke you previously about the “very Deep” earthquakes that infrequently posted on the USGS site. A notion here: Nothing at a depth of 500+ km van be other than compact and fluid…this is a simple conseqence of the gear and the pressure at those depths, Yes?

          Here’s where it gets ‘fun’…nothing ‘solid…no ‘voids’ at that depth…so WHAT could ACTUALLY be the couse of tremor so deep? We KNOW that some ‘energetic process’ ar great depth keeps the Earth ‘heated’..this is evinced at the surface by the ‘hotspots’ which thereadter penetrate the mantle…a simple,observed fact. Therefor there is both ‘herat’ and ‘glow’ within the body of the Earth proper…

          “Flow’ admits the possibility – however remote – of ‘cavitation’…a large amount of elemental gases are bound up in the various oxides of which the bulk of the planet conists, therefor it might be possible…even at GREAT depth were STRONG flows present, which we know must be so, else the Earth would NOT have a magnetic field then trnasient ‘cavitation’ vould account therefor. Dwell pom that a bit , if you would Friend…this particular ‘physical problem’ vexes me!!


      79. Solar Note,

        At roughly 12:00 UTC…but a few hour ago, the “High Band” X-flux (0.5-4.0 Angstrom) IS climbing rather rapidly…this IS somewhat worrisome, inasmuch as this would be the pattern IF 11748 were NOT fully discharged …and were instead ‘re-charging. 11748 has been an ‘odd duck’ from the ‘get-go’…I am NOT sure – now – that it IS completed….those here following such, continue to watch, we may YET see ‘something’ to come from this…



        Due to the current sequester, the Government has decided to implement a scheme to put all workers 50 years of age and above on early, mandatory retirement, thus creating jobs and reducing unemployment.

        This scheme will be known as RAPE (Retire Aged People Early).

        Persons selected to be RAPED can apply to the Government to be considered for the SHAFT program (Special Help After Forced Termination).

        Persons who have been RAPED and SHAFTED will be reviewed under the SCREW program (System Covering Retired-Early Workers).

        A person may be RAPED once, SHAFTED twice and SCREWED as many times as the Government deems appropriate.

        Persons who have been RAPED could get AIDS (Additional Income for Dependents & Spouse) or HERPES (Half Earnings for Retired Personnel Early Severance).

        Obviously persons who have AIDS or HERPES will not be SHAFTED or SCREWED any further by the Government.

        Persons who are not RAPED and are staying on, will receive as much SHIT (Special High Intensity Training) as possible. The Government has always prided themselves on the amount of SHIT they give our citizens.

        Should you feel that you do not receive enough SHIT, please bring this to the attention of your Representative, who has been trained to give you all the SHIT you can handle.


        The Committee for Economic Value of Individual Lives (E.V.I.L.)

        PS – Due to recent budget cuts and the rising cost of electricity, gas and oil, as well as current market conditions, the Light at the End of the Tunnel has been turned off.

        • Howdy GR,

          THANK YOU for explaining that IN DETAIL to me…I had been wondering FOR SOME TIME why I was so pervasively getting SHAFTED and SCEWED…and occiasionally RAPED as well, to the FULL extent as allowed under CURRENT LAW.

          Further your explanation for EVIL, does, in FACT, remedy the entire remaining set of otherwie INEXPLICABLE mystery’s of my individual existence…I AM therefor, ‘mighty’ Obliged!

          …Many MANY Thanks therefor!! 🙂 😉

          Gee… I just LOVE hanging around with such a CREATIVE group of Folks!! T’anks a bunch….REALLY GOOD stuff!


        • Ghost Rider I see you went to the same writing school as Okie. Well done I like it!

      81. you people in the communist state of Mass. should shoot it down, but i forgot you have no guns they were taking from you for your own protection, how sad. you gave up your rights many years ago to a nice fun loving police force who really cares for all the people so long as you have no weapons to protect yourself. you deserve what you get. if they fly these things down south over private land they can kiss them goodbye.

      82. Well, we know one thing. And this is for certain;

        They ARE doing something! There was a reason for it being there.

        The next question is why? We can dig some clues out by studying the modus operandi and location.

        Any high value of anything there? Why the single engine Cessna? Why the particular location, the hours, etc.?

        Hopefully someone will figure this out before THEY do.

      83. what doesnt someone just shoot it out of the air?

      84. Ugly ~ Thank you for your kind and thoughful words.
        You are 100% right. I will prepare and do the best I can.
        Again, I appreciate what you said. 🙂

      85. Just go to the local airport and talk to the guy when he lands.

      86. Does anyone remember the turkey shoot when you were a kid? Would a UFO shoot be illegal? Just wondering.

      87. Since the aircraft is flying at such a low altitude, why don’t we have any photos?

        We have space based equipment that can monitor most activity from miles away yet one small single engine aircraft is spooking the natives by low altitude fly bys.

        I allways thought that the hard deck was 2000 ft. At that low level, photographic detail may reveal the project mission. This objective, what ever it may be, is right there, in yo face! Obviously there is no concern about public oppinoin. They love to fly and it shows:)

      88. Over the rooftops?
        Repeatedly and constantly?


        And those New Englanders just let it fly…



      90. Tons of unmarked desert & forest colored heavy military equipment moving over the Shands bridge from Clay to Saint Johns county. Been seeing black unmarked helicopters flying over Jacksonville a couple times over the past week or so. Strange things are afoot..

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