Miscarriages and Cancer Up 300%, Neurological Problems Up 1,000% Due to Covid “Vaccines”

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    On January 24, attorney Thomas Renz, a member of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) legal team, revealed to a panel that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are extremely dangerous, despite constant reassurances from the government that they are “safe and effective.”

    Three military doctors from the Department of Defense (DoD) who have access to vaccination data that has been withheld from the general public procured the information. They are Lt. Col. Theresa Long, Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, and Lt. Colonel Peter Chambers.

    “All three have given me this data in declarations that stated this is under penalty of perjury, we intend to submit this to the courts,” Renz said.

    What these three whistleblowers showed with the data is that miscarriages have increased by 300 percent over the past year, as have cancers. Neurological problems increased 1,000 percent during the same timeframe.

    “Our soldiers are being injured, experimented on, and sometimes possibly killed,” Renz further explained.

    Biden regime ignored affidavit warning that covid jabs are killing military servicemen

    Lt. Col. Long is a senior U.S. Army flight surgeon with specialized training in infectious diseases. She testified under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act, which protects members who make lawful disclosures of wrongdoing to members of Congress or the Inspector General.

    Long told Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) that she actually had to ground vaccinated pilots in order to place them under monitoring for symptoms of myocarditis, which include chronic fatigue, so as to avoid them potentially dying from heart failure mid-air.

    On Nov. 3, 2021, The Washington Times reported that Long had made “numerous efforts to get senior medical leaders to at the very least inform soldiers of this risk,” only to be ignored.

    “The military didn’t even pause their vaccination efforts to rush out the Pfizer and Moderna shots,” she is quoted as saying.

    Long initially decided to speak up after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced back in June an “emergency meeting to discuss higher than expected myocarditis in 16 to 24-year-olds.”

    Long then filed an affidavit against the Biden regime over its jab mandate for active-duty military personnel, warning that heart side effects could cause pilots to die mid-flight.

    Long is directly responsible, by the way, for certifying the fitness of 4,000 flight-ready airmen at the 1st Aviation Brigade in Ft. Rucker, Ala. It is her job, in other words, to be on the lookout for things that could harm them, including covid jabs.

    “The vaccines can cause inflamed heart muscles in young men in the age range of most flight-ready pilots and … the Department of Defense has not followed its own protocols by requiring an MRI scan of each airman after vaccination,” the affidavit reads.

    “The majority of young new Army aviators are in their early twenties. We know there is a risk of myocarditis with each mRNA vaccination.”

    A lawsuit was also filed, but the Biden regime has thus far ignored both the affidavit and that legal filing.

    Dr. Peter McCullough backed all this up when he spoke at a second opinion meeting, revealing that myocarditis “is not mild,” and is not something to be balked at as being no big deal.

    “When they do an MRI on these individuals with suspected myocarditis, 100 percent are having heart damage,” he explained.

    Scientific studies show that around 13 percent of jab-induced myocarditis victims will have permanent heart injury, while 32 percent will never return back to normal.

    “We are seeing unprecedented numbers of athletes dying on the field in Europe,” he added. “Of these cardiac arrests, half of them don’t come back.”


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      1. Oh lord that’s a disturbing piece of data. This is why we opt out on principal. There is no such thing as a safe vaccine. Thankfully there are good people speaking out. The scale and magnitude of people whom have already been harmed… They’ll be unpacking the dangers of the covid vaccine for generations to come. It will continue on for the rest of our lifetimes and even further if these effects are passed down via procreation. Youth will have to pass over on opportunities for true love based on vaccine status if they want healthy children. The burden of care of the infirm will increase exponentially. And we do not yet know if the shedding of prions will create self replicating issues in the unvaccinated. Nobody is safe. I’m going to handle it like so many other of life’s vexing challenges; ignore the issue until it hopefully goes away.
        I posted this today on the CHD group website as a response to this below linked article. FYI. This is a good article to read. The battle of the analysts, it’s illuminating.
        Madhava & Johh, holy smokes that was a well written article! Thank you for taking the time to detail such tedious and time consuming to analyze points. It’s important to talk to the laymen about this though in simple language. Profits drive the conclusions and it is as simple as that. In the vast complex world of competing industries and even competing companies within any given industry there will always be a random factor regarding how people deal with corruption intimidation and influence of their employers. Perhaps you are focusing too much on the end result and not enough on the root cause of such reporting malfeasance.

        Medical is especially susceptible because it relies on the myriad of ancillary support industries which ultimately are the ones steering the medical community. Doctors are now subservient to insurance companies. Hospital administration becomes subservient to banking, insurance, and scientific research institutions. In many cases there can be a vice versa relationship; aka; the biggest corporation involved calls the shots. The list of examples about how power and influence can be gamed is basically endless. All of it is excess and oversized. People when visiting the hospital to accomplish a limited set of tasks remain blissfully unaware of how complex the machine and institution actually is. And as corporate conglomerates and consolidation of such companies continues, there are fewer and fewer points for essential application of checks and balances systems, but instead we end up with what is referred to of late as a medical dictatorship.

        They’re all in on it. Every institution plays pension retirement funding or any mix of that towards all the other institutions. A game of leverage. Wall street is corrupt to the core. Publicly traded companies inevitably must at some point change focus to answer to investors even if that means sacrificing quality of care, companies founders ideals, or even as is the case with deceptive research; sacrificing truth itself. One primary problem is the size of these companies, because such malfeasance is statistically less probable when researchers and regular employees do not have as much to lose and could move laterally to another small company if repeated violations of ethic are observed. We’d have more whistleblowers and more honest people, less stifling of the truth, if there were more companies out there rather than less. In plain speak when people have too much to lose, they are more susceptible to corruption and less willing to put principals first. The root cause is the massive size of these corporations coupled with an ongoing decrease in competition. Battle of the titans brings more collateral damage than battle of the average sized opponents.

        My vote is for fines based on income so as this consolidation continues we can utilize legal mechanisms such as class action to not just inhibit unethical behavior but perhaps finally be able to vanquish it. All these corporations will inevitably become a small set of international corporations that run the world (we’re already dangerously close to that). We’re already seeing the result of this as we ponder the differences in scientific research reliance then vs now. As we ponder the incredible increased cost load which has led to the absence of cash basis participation and has also led to massive government subsidies which fuel this fire. Table based fines were a good idea when they were created nearly a hundred years ago in many instances but they fail to provide any real disincentive to regard the truth today. That is because due to the nature of the federal reserve and it’s ongoing violations of Title 1 Section X on sound money, the tables can’t keep up with the times when money supply constantly increases.

        It is profitable to do wrong and the sheer scale of these corporations, they walk right past fines without a care. Even current record setting fines such as applied in Europe to tech companies regarding privacy management violations are good examples; the companies hardly feel it and just go right back to business as normal. And with the size of these conglomerates they now get to carve out even longer time frames to comply, as due to their size, it’s not necessarily easy to implement company wide policy shifts. On top of that by the time they actually pay the fines they are able to leverage the money in ways never before possible to alleviate the impact of the fines even further. Whenever they get fined or stalled by regulatory bureaucracy, the workable solution to keep going is to aggressively expand.

        Big corps always come out ahead, by hook or by crook. As the scale of international corporations conglomeration accelerates so does the scope and magnitude of their negative impacts also expand with an ever further reach into every person in society. It’s exponential at this point which is why regulation can’t even begin to keep up much less catch up. These companies are truly above the law. Hey big pharma, get off my lawn right damned now! They don’t own me even if they have become governments to themselves. Perhaps this is a key reason we’re dealing with attempts to change the very nature of what government does and what government is today. They seek to expand scope and influence to do more than merely protect liberties, that much is certain.

        It never used to be that way when we had honest business competition and free markets which were not restricted by a series of self asking regulatory schemes and revolving door regulatory institutions. As I’m sure we’re all aware now, they answer to their masters, golden parachutes and insider tracks to gainful employment after their time at the regulatory institution is over. Hi, I’m the guy whom was formerly employed by the same company I am now tasked with regulating, and I’ll have an even better position with this company when my time in the government sector is over. It’s laughable but by way of deception and propaganda, they’ve found ways to make it work. I like to consider and educate people in a simplistic manner; We opt out on principal because good ideas do not require force. What’s more important; proving a specific point of malfeasance or manipulation, or educating people on the principals of liberty and free markets? The essential solution is the application of checks and balances. But the invisible hand can not work it’s magic and respond to the will of the people when justice is no longer blind, the free market stifled due to the sheer scale of conglomeration where new ideas and basic staple medicines off patent can not get any real traction.

        What to do, what to do. Audit the fed. Promote the merits of RICO and Anti-Trust statues. Switch to a fines based on income strategy to incentivize and empower the legal community to be able to resist. Otherwise they are buried in paperwork immediately and nobody can afford to prove anything even if they dare to try. Erin Brochovich where are you now. (She’s busy with fire safety chemicals and can’t be everywhere at once. Do not buy the Alien Tape as seen on late night informercials!). A new thinking is required to turn the tides. A steadfast reiteration and support of liberty and free markets. Free markets are checks and balances, get your mind around that concept. We have lost sight of checks and balances systems as they are no longer effectively implemented in our business settings and government. I say revisit the permanent apportionment act too because through bribery and corruption, as well as other questionable but still legal avenues, the people are no longer represented. As Ventura said; Money has become speech. If we had more representatives we would have more power to control our own government as the founding fathers originally intended. You can unpack truth from lies until the sun sets, and honestly prove it just like in this very well written article. You can do that over and over again. it won’t make a difference if the mechanisms of control are not shifted back to bring power to We The People. These corporations do not speak for us and if this is how they want to form our world, they simply need to be removed, busted down, and as I think it was Kennedy who said; cast to the four winds. Thank you.

        I’d better get back to work soon. We regularly read CHD group articles and thank you guys for the hard work and great content. We’re just trying to stay afloat ourselves, mandatory vaccines hang like a sword over our head and the progressive policies of Colorado have created many untenable circumstances. At this point we’re just trying to not go under and hope some how some way we can find a way out. But there are no easy answers, there is no escape. Even if people carve out some relief the reach of these issues continues on and everyone is eventually effected. Be in the middle of it watching it go down in real time or bear the brunt of it from far away. Pick your poison. The hard truth of it is that powerful interests are waging war on liberty itself, which is why Americans find themselves on the front lines. Everything going wrong in society today… All the lies. All the deception. The contrived splintering of our beliefs and views. A purposefully failed educational system. Ineffective governance. Corrupt corporations. An ever expanding burden of counter productive legislation. An ever expanding bureaucracy with increasing reach. A result of central planning and effective abolishment of free markets. Boy if only there was a way to implement; Checks and Balances. Core principals is the only thing that can save us now.

      2. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

      3. Does there need to be a mountain of verifiable data and people dropping left and right in front of their own eyes before the WH acknowledges what everybody else can see?

      4. Again- does there need to be a mountain of verifiable data and people dropping left and right before the WH sees what everybody else sees…oh wait.

      5. This is not an accident.
        Joe payback to china. $$$$$$$$

      6. Maybe it’s time to just come out and admit the real purpose of the vaccine and why it’s so important that everyone take it.

        Most intelligent thinking people already know it anyway.

      7. TPTB likely knew all this information about the covid “vaccine” would eventually get out, but no doubt wanted total compliance before it did. I can visualize it in my mind right now, I can see the sneering and anger and hate on their faces, and saying about us, we have to find a way to make those g*dd*m vermin take the jabs. They know the ones who get the jabs are the ones easily manipulated to anything. It’s those millions who will not get the jabs that are the real target.
        They despise the air we breathe. That’s okay, the feeling is mutual.

      8. Dissenter: I read it in accredited papers. Here is the link, in which the inventors, on video, say their intellectual property has fallen into the wrong hands.

        Collaborator: You are a science denier. Trust the science. Source?

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