Mining CEO Warns Of Massive Deficits: “We’re At Critical Levels… Less Than 10 Days Of Supply”

by | Jan 21, 2018 | Headline News | 72 comments

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    With much of the investment world focused on crypto currencies and blockchain, it’s no surprise that the fundamental building blocks of the physical world have been ignored for so long. The focus in recent years has been on mining digital assets, but in the real world mining companies that specialize in essential metals like silver and zinc have been warning of massive deficits that, as SGT Report notes in a recent interview with Callinex Mines CEO Max Porterfield, could easily lead to supply shortages.

    With President Trump recently announcing a national infrastructure budget of over $1 trillion dollars and tensions on the Korean peninsula mounting, prices for base metals could rise sharply in coming months and years. Max Porterfield explains:

    The growing conflict between North Korea and the United States continues to get stronger… North Korea doesn’t seem to be backing down at all…. This is going to potentially have a dramatic impact on the zinc market… People don’t realize that 55% of refined zinc production comes from three countries… China, Japan and South Korea…

    The zinc market is already very, very tight… we’re in a supply deficit… you look at zinc inventories and those inventories are less than 10 days of zinc supply… and it has declined over 85% since 2012… we’re at critical levels. 

    The following chart shows just how much stockpiles are plummeting while demand continues to rise:


    In short, one misstep and the entire supply side could run dry. Which would mean that the prices for base metals used to manufacture most of the products and infrastructure we use on a daily basis could skyrocket:

    On a global basis zinc is the fourth most consumed metal in the world… it’s used in pretty much everyday life in just about everything that everyone uses… we take it for granted.

    … You can’t build a building with a crypto currency, but you sure can with zinc, iron ore and copper and those types of commodities we use and rely on everyday of our lives.

    The crypto craze will likely continue going forward, but physical assets will always reign in the end. Highlighting this reality, SGT Report and Max Porterfield note that even precious metals brokers are now starting to accept Bitcoin because of rising demand from blockchain investors who want to convert their digital bits and bytes into hard assets.

    The reasoning behind such a move, explains Porterfield, is very simple and shows just why value will soon return to the physical mining space:

    No one can hack your gold.

    Learn more about Max Porterfield at Callinex Mines

    For more interviews like the one you just watched visit SGT Report


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      1. Yeah, I’ll take gold over bitcoin any day.

        • That’s what happens with overpopulation, you run out of resources. Next comes wars for resources, then depletion and starvation. One way or another this overpopulated retard ranch is going to cull it’s consumers big time.

          • i am getting low on supply of patients, we need SHTF now already!

            • they can mine the zinc from my empty ammo brass that will be knee deep around me after the fight.

          • So how come were not all dead yet??

            ht tp://

            • Thats an easy answer. Because most mines are just now declining and landfills and water are at peak. I sometimes work with mining equipment people that travel the world and they say it is going down in production as all the easy stuff is almost gone. Then what? Recycle? Mark my words, in 100 years this planet will be like mad max! Please apologize to your kids now for selfishly putting them through whats inevitably coming ok….

              • And how many years ago is it they tried to scare the public with “peak oil”?

                Still didn’t happen, did it?

                Last time when they discovered huge new off-coast oil reserves in Brazil, the media relating it were just about exhilarated. And not even one mention of the additional human produced CO2….

                • We went from global cooling in the 70’s, to overpopulation and Soylant Green, to nuclear war and “The Day After,” in the 80’s, then peak oil in the 90’s, which didn’t work because we found billions of more barrels in the U.S. and now we have opened Alaska and the U.S. Coasts, to global warming, to environmental disaster and “The Day After Tomorrow,” “An Inconvenient Truth Pt 1” and the, climate change because global warming didn’t work anymore, the “An Inconvenient Truth Pt 2” which no one went to see because even the hardcore enviro-commies knew it was all bullshit.

                  • Global warming does work. The mean temperature of the coldest days of the year is on the increase.

                    Granted there is still Summer ice in the Arctic Sea, and all glaciers didn’t melt yet, but it seems to be slowly but steadily going forward.

            • Because events which kill everything in one fell swoop are very rare.

          • Genius,

            Without a doubt! Not in my lifetime, but will in many here.

          • Genius: agree 100%, this planet only has so many resources and planet retard will have to do something. Out of breeding control by morons who cannot come to their senses on what causes over breeding, then use birth control/sterilization. One kid is enough in 2018. By 2025 massive population reduction by the globalists.

            • This breeding control is a dangerous thing. There are populations which multiply to a vastly higher extent than others. In many if not most European countries already the original populations are lagging behind in procreation, and the larger part of births is made up of immigrants. So you can see this will generate problems.

          • No one can hack your Gold? I say BS!!! Its hacked everyday with paper shorters controlling physical gold price with phony paper as the price is manipulated with pennies on the dollar leverage shorting. Silver should be at about $28 right now but struggles @ $17. Your food is hacked with GMO’s your TV is hacked with Fake News, cell phones to vacines to your fraudbook page. Get real!! My Guns and ammo are not hacked. So let em have it!!! Lead first!! I own a lot of Silver and know its being hacked daily.

            • Gold and silver are NOT being hacked. The secondary market, a world of bets on prices and scarcity, can be. If you have real physical gold and silver for the long haul, these markets are meaningless.If you are a short term trader (gambler) it’s another story.

            • Patience my friend, they can only hold it down for so long.
              There is something called the London Gold Fix. This too shall pass.

          • So on point man! I absolutely love your comment! Made my day better reading this particular comment! Retard ranch, lmfao..

        • In a post-apocalyptic scenario (e.g. after Trump and Kim Jong-Un had a less than friendly exchange) you’ll probably take toilet paper over gold, any and every day….

      2. An interesting aspect of a potential war with North Korea that I didn’t consider. China may talk a big game, but I can see them locking up exports of rare earth metals should war break out. Now we know they have control of Zinc and other metals which could come into play too.

        Is it just me or does China have us by the balls?

        • Along with the shorthairs too.

          • They got us by the NADS (North American Death Spiral)

        • The Americas have plenty of Zinc. Peru, Mexico, US, Canada, & Bolivia.
          Australia has a shit load of it.
          The hard part is mining the resource and
          getting it to a market.

          • I wondered who else mines it. There’s a mine not twenty miles from my house and it’s growing.

          • Technology changes … supply and demand changes.At one time aluminum was more expensive than gold… but all of that changed in 1886 when it was discovered (twice) that you could easily obtain oodles of aluminum using electrolysis. 
            Two years after this, it was discovered by Karl Bayer that aluminum oxide could be made very cheaply from bauxite. In a few short years, aluminum went from being literally the most expensive metal on Earth to the cheapest. 

            • yeah but now the Chinese have most of the Bauxite and about 6 years ago the price went through the roof ..and they have a corner on that market and are going to get their price ,, no matter what

              bauxite is no where near as cheap as it used to be

          • Why is this the hard part? We have been mining ores and zinc in particular for ages.

            And now suddenly this should be “the hard part”?

        • I think the goal was to industrialize China, use its cheap abundant labor, increase their demand for energy and control that supply thus controlling China. China has other ideas regarding this strategy.

          • the plan is china uses idiot amerika to buy their crap, chinese get rich and buys amerika.

        • Throughout history empires rise and fall, the U.S. is falling and China is rising. No anonymous it’s not just you,China will have us by the balls very soon. Peace my brothers and sisters

          • When they threatened to stop buying our treasuries, the Dow Jones went down 100 points
            instantly. They have had us by the nut sack for some time.

            • And you never felt anything?


      3. trump’s wall is going to need a lot of zinc and concrete.

      4. I was once a man trapped in a woman’s body…

        …Then I was born.

        • Ha ha, I’m gonna use that one!

        • I am a woman sometimes trapped in a cheeta’s body, and other times a cougar’s body. Luv ’em both.

          • I believe im’a gonna pass on commenting this one…LMAO.

          • Here, kitty kitty!!!!!!!!!

        • Let’s just hope you’ll not be born again…. as a man trapped in a woman’s body…

      5. Well I guess I’ll pick up some more 77 grain SMK’s just for snicks.

      6. My wife just picked up $300.00 more in silver. Just picked up 1000 more 45 ACP FMJ’s and 300 More 180 Gr. 300 win mags. That is the only metals I’m picking up.

        • Sweet! I just picked up 500 rds. of Liberty Civil Defence .40 ammo for 25% of retail! Factory slightly blemished (the holes in the hollow points are slightly different). Retail is 32 bux for 20 rds. I picked up 500 rds. for 200 bux! Another case of 7.62 HP ammo too! WOOOT!

        • 300 rounds of 300 mag. Dam , I got to party with you. Gives me hope for Americas future.

          • most vietnam fire fights expended 200 rounds per man so with 300 rounds you statistically would last one and one-half fights.

        • Sgt: Good deal my friend. I do not care what anyone says but you can NEVER, ever have enough Ammo 🙂 I was out at the range on Sunday for the first time in a little while, had a great time. Had to get my new Vortex scope set up and she is good to go. As a side note, I was trying a box or so of IMI 69grain Razor or whatever they are called but my 20inch AR loved those puppies!!

          • I’ve been hitting Gun Broker and getting some very good deals on brass and bullets.

            Going to get 300 more rounds of 7.62X51/308 brass and 100 more 300 Win Mags. Got 200 357 mags brass on the way.

            My brother got all of my extra 5.56/223 brass to make 6X54 rounds, and now I find a great deal on 62 gr. Fusion slugs. Going to try to win some then I’m going have to get some more 223/5.56 brass.

            I can’t wait till it dries out and warms up. I have to test fire a bunch of these. Just check grouping.

            Got to test my two new 308’s that I have been building this winter. With any luck the will give me under 1 MOA at 100 yards like the last 2 I built 3 years ago.
            My nephews are still trying to talk me out of them. Someday for a B day gift.


            • The issue I have with online buying (and gunbrokers registration) is it leaves a giant paper trail to you. I find good deals on backpage and some stores for cash.

        • I take zinc, magnesium so hope they don’t run out of that.

          • Stock up on it rather than hoping. What’s stopping you from doing that?

      7. Brass,lead and copper….

      8. Don’t forget some rice and beans with all those bullets?

      9. The well eventually will run dry, when to many drink from it. We will be fighting for what we now throw in the trash. Though I don’t think in my lifetime. Unless things speed up…

      10. Please ! Gold Shmold ! All you need is to have the world’s mightiest military and you can print as much money as you want !

      11. Learn to salvage wherever you are. In Florida, often marinas and boatyards literally throw partially depleted/degraded sacrificial zincs away when replaced. (or as they just fall off when the boat is lifted) Same with so many metals. Copper, brass, aluminum… you name the metal. It’s all out there just tossed off.

      12. Watching the bullet penetrate the gel block has left me hungry for jello.

      13. Shortage is artificial. Gold moved from Comex to London. Same game being played that Warren Buffet played back in the 90’s.

        • Which is what?

      14. How about sitting down with a hot dog, and a beer or a coke
        and watch a ball game.

        War is coming soon enough

      15. The melt value of zinc pennies is almost 9/10 of a cent now.

        • Thats what i was gonna bring up newer penny is zinc and copper coated so if your into zinc save newer penny me i save the older all copper ones

          • This is getting dangerous… you’d almost better melt your saved pennies and sell the metal rather than put them into a savings account, or invest them.

      16. The NSA intercepts and records all electronic communications. They’re the government, they’re honest and trustworthy, right? Wrong. Conservative Tree House blog has a good article on who’s selling what info and to whom. Today Jan. 22.

      17. Winter is over here in Florida. Mid 80’s today. It was 18 degs at 5 AM just a few days ago. Survived another month of winter. Spring break around the corner where millions of collagr age twin peak teetaas come down to hit the beach for fun sex and get drunk.

      18. Was 189 million tons, now 180 million tons. Your chart and your interpretation skills are lacking, hey, panic sells more seeds, powdered cardboard and metals. If there really was a shortage you wouldn’t be able to afford them, as no metal scabber would be selling.

      19. For the last 10,000 years of civilization or 6,000 years for you Bible thumpers, the world’s population remained between 1.5 to 2.5 billion inhabitants.

        From the year 1950 to 2017 the population increased by almost 5.5 billion inhabitants to almost 8 billion and counting.

        I’m sure there is a global plan in the making somewhere to alleviate this problem of supply and overdemand.

        • I’m sure just like in nature, this will resolve one way or the other. It can’t be otherwise.

          In natural processes, you have at play a curve which looks like an elongated “S”: it starts out at the bottom with a very slight slope which goes on for a long time, then it starts to increase and the slope gets increasingly steeper until it is as close to vertical as it will get, and then the incrase gets to a halt, the curve is slowly reaching its maximum and slowly gets horizontal again.

          You see this everywhere in complex systems where growth is involved.

          So, there will very likely come a slowdown in this population growth – one way or another, sooner or later.

        • “Bible thumpers” is a cliché (it is also a put-down).

          Clichés don’t contribute anything to the debate and IMHO should better be avoided for it to be constructive and conducive to understanding and some measure of agreement…

          And FWIW… I think the world population will perhaps, around the middle of the century, more or less stabilize around 9 or 10 billion inhabitants…

      20. I just discovered this now… I don’t know the people who drew up that chart are bullshitting, but it’s wrong.

        The dates along the x-axis are not equally spaced as they should be. In some places the interval is 2 days, in other places it’s 4 days!

        This means the curve as represented is wrong.

        And I didn’t in fact check the y-axis.

        So either those peoples are full-blown morons who don’t know the basics of statistics, or they are deliberately trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

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