Mind Control Extraordinaire: “A Spoke In An Ancient Wheel”

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 21 comments

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    This article was originally published by Catherine Frompovich at Activist Post. 

    With all the unusual circumstances surrounding the alleged ‘suicide’ of Jeffrey Epstein during the past week or so, one would think nothing could surpass the hyperbole; conspiracy theories abounding one after another; the deliberate non-cooperation by MCC prison guards on duty that night/morning; plus the association of elites, who apparently were attracted to Epstein’s sordid practices regarding sex and human trafficking with underage boys and girls—not to mention ‘secret rituals’ that took place at many of Epstein’s ‘playgrounds’.

    Kudos must go to InfoWars for producing and publishing a video, which historically documents what went on with the U.S. CIA and government using severe mind control methods in order to use kids as young as nine-years-old to entrap sexually high ranking professionals in numerous careers.

    The video documents then-President Clinton’s offering an apology with financial compensation, but NO investigation ever was undertaken.  That means the ‘masters’ of mind control and pedophilia have ‘perfected’ their ‘sport’ during “new world order” times which President George H.W. Bush termed “New World Order, a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations.”

    By the way, Adolph Hitler also called mind control “New World Order.”

    Testimony before hearings by mind control protégés, which the video includes, will blow your mind with unbelievable factual stories of nothing short of torture, which still goes on today in various formats, including those individuals in the USA who are termed “Targeted Individuals: TIs” that, according to some sources, number about 1.5 million subjects.

    Congressional Testimony From Clinton Era Reveals 
    Pedophile Blackmail Network
    9:34 minutes

    After viewing the above video, it ought to be incumbent upon every empathetic American to demand corrective actions from Congressional oversight to stop such insidious programs government agencies promote.

    We have to wonder WHAT sources can do currently with radiofrequency microwaves to induce abnormal behaviors in this country.  Does that sound so unbelievably far-fetched?  Not any more than pedophilia being a favorite ‘sport’ of elites, and which Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘apparent death’ went out of the way to feature in as many ways as possible.

    Who says dead men can’t ‘speak’?

    Catherine Frompovich has written numerous books including  Eat To Beat Disease, Foods Medicinal Qualities, and Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines.

    From the Industrial Revolution and onward, the world has become an environment that is overflowing with dangerous toxins. Mass manufacturing has resulted in thousands of chemical pollutants being released in the atmosphere, water, and soil. As well, there has been a widespread increase of chemicals being added to almost every type of food and retail product. With this overwhelming chemical exposure, there has been an increase in research and studies showing the life-threatening impacts on our health and well being. In her book, Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA: A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick, author Catherine J Frompovich delves into the effects of a chemical-laden world on the body at a cellular level.


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      1. Politics, by it’s very nature, is corrupt. The higher up in government one goes, the bigger the criminal one must be. Therefore, all governments are run by criminals. Including ours. Especially ours. There are no good guys. Only victims. Act accordingly.

      2. Hey Guys, how’s everything. I have been very busy preppin’ away. I have been working on so many things. The main thing I’ve been working on is various bug-out bags and learning about car camping.

        Bugging out made me re-examine “Air” in the “Rule of 3’s”. So, I tried on my main/No #1 Gas Mask (I consider any mask that takes the 40 mm NATO Cartridges a “Gas Mask”) and it does NOT fit anymore. Consequently, I got an M40 (3M Respirators – Full Facepiece Fr-M40 First Responder Respirator – Medium). Plus, several Avon Gas Mask CBRN 40mm Filters “Atomic, Biological, Chemical Protection*). I had several that I purchased many years ago, they are still sealed and effective, but it’s good to some that are recent. Also it’s wise to have a lot of Filters when you live around the Washington Metro Area. Finally I want to pick up a pack of DuPont Tyvek 400 TY127S Disposable Protective Coverall with Respirator-Fit Hood and Elastic Cuff, White, X-Large (Pack of 6). I put a USGI NBC Hazmat Chemical SUIT Military OD Green, on my wish list.

        As far as my BOB is concerned I decided to carry a 3M 8293 P100 Disposable Particulate Cup Respirator with Cool Flow Exhalation Valve, Standard. NONE of the YouTube Videos really mention carrying a disposable respirator in your BOB. It appears to be an over looked item.

        I am still working on “Fire”. When I get on a topic/prepper survival category I am like a pit bull. In other words I way over-do-it! But I found a few things to share with you guys, besides the fact that I like fire.

        1. I had 5 Zippo lighters in reserve for SHTF, They’re great if you use them everyday. However, they evaporate fuel very fast, which makes them poor choices for BOBs. But you can swap out the Zippo inserts for a Thunderbird Butane Insert. These seem to be very reliable and don’t leak fuel. The draw back is that they use different fuel than the good ol’ Zippos. But I get to move them to the starting line-up the the Prepper Rotation. I keep the old inserts as back-ups.

        2. I found a Torch Lighter that I really like that is on Sale at Walmart from $16.99 to $10.00. It seems well made and is refillable, it’s the Spark (although there are other brands that look the same) Blow Torch,Black Adjustable Flame Outdoor Barbecue Butane Micro Torch Refillable Gas Cigar Lighter h ttps://www.walmart.com/ip/Yosoo-Ignition-Blow-Torch-Black-Adjustable-Flame-Outdoor-Barbecue-Butane-Micro-Torch-Refillable-Gas-Cigar-Lighter-Butane-Torch/217973087

        h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3qvv6I1ki8&list=PL1g6LUt7xblHjnre2RmMK1cRepxmuToCm&index=55&t=0s

        My favorite bug-in fire starter is a Fun Owlet Butane Torch Kitchen Blow Lighter. These are great because I have several cases of fuel that I can use.

        2. BOB Food: I saw this recently and I;m going to give it a try and make a few “Homemade MREs”. Depending on the ingredients/items used they should last 2 or 3 years and are cheaper than MREs.

        New Items For HomeMade MRES!
        h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mDBMyzhTnI&list=PL1g6LUt7xblHjnre2RmMK1cRepxmuToCm&index=56&t=0s

        Sorry for going on so much about stuff.

        • That Spark Butane torch link doesn’t work. The YouTube title is “Spark BUTANE TORCH LIGHTER I Like Gadgets” at Jolly Peanut channel. He does a quick demo. I think torches are a good choice because they produce a very Hot Flame.

          I forgot my new No. 1 bug out fire starter: Waterproof Dual Arc Lighter,USB Rechargeable Windproof Flameless Electric Lighter with Lanyard for Outdoors Adventure Camping Hiking(Black). They work really well with my favorite Tinder. They are…Duraflame Firestart CUBES Firelighters, 18 pack, available at Walmart for under $5.00. Check out:

          Best Store-Bought Emergency Firestarters? – Preparedmind101

          Sorry again for over-sharing!

        • “Spark BUTANE TORCH LIGHTER I Like Gadgets” at Jolly Peanut channel. He does a quick demo. I think torches are a good choice because they produce a very Hot Flame.

          I forgot my new No. 1 bug out fire starter: Waterproof Dual Arc Lighter,USB Rechargeable Windproof Flameless Electric Lighter with Lanyard for Outdoors Adventure Camping Hiking(Black). They work really well with my favorite Tinder. They are…Duraflame Firestart CUBES Firelighters, 18 pack, available at Walmart for under $5.00. Check out:

          Best Store-Bought Emergency Firestarters? – Preparedmind101

          Sorry again for over-sharing!

          • Justice, check these out. Solar cig lighters. We bought a couple hundred of them on alibaba and I sell them at work for 5 bux each. They work well in good sun and need no fuel whatsoever (just put tinder in the cig holder.

            Eh the link was too long, just go to ebay and search solar cigarette lighter, it is the small parabolic dish type.

            ht tps://www.ebay.com/itm/Solar-Cigarette-Lighter-Windproof-Cigarette-Tobacco-Outdoor-Camping-Lighter-USA/382943686469?hash=item592938ef45:g:HeAAAOSwAN1c09Pc

            • Genius, I’ve seen those around. How would they compare to a “fresnel lens”? FL are much cheaper at around $1.00 each and would seem less likely to break. Plus they would be more portable (e.g. would fit in a men’s wallet). You cant beat their per use cost!

              I have been looking at Flexible Solar Panels vs. Foldable Panels. Last month I bought a foldable one at 24 watts (the prices are falling). I need something at least 50 watts for 2 155 watt solar generators I have. These are mainly for bug-out purposes/car camping. What do you think? How are your flexible panels working out?

              OFF TOPIC: In researching car camping I learned the the old west pioneers carried over 2,00 pounds of Tools and Provisions with them in their trek west? I thought, that sounds about right!

              • J, they would probably be close as far as performance. I have the wallet size but never tried it yet. If I were going to use a FL I would get a larger one maybe 6×6 inch.
                My flex panels are working great but beware you can only bend them so far. You need to protect them when transporting (I use the factory packing). I have the 100 watt panels and they might be a bit large for packing around. But they are light and work perfect for my boat canopy. Foldable panels have built in protection but weigh a little more and cost a little more. If I were planning on packing them on foot I would probably go with the foldable ones.
                Sounds like your on top of things!

                • Thanks Genius. I will look into the larger size FLs (6×6). Also, my thinking also on the solar panels. “Foldable panels have built in protection but weigh a little more and cost a little more. If I were planning on packing them on foot I would probably go with the foldable ones.” Next month I have my eye on another 24 watt foldable for only $49.00.

          • Justice, good to see you back. I finally relocated permanently to the BOL the last week of July. Feel like a whole new man. I’m also still stackin’ and prayin’.

            • The Deplorable Renegade, I’m glad to hear that you permanently moved to your BOL and that it’s going great!

              I’m afraid your timing might be spot on. I doubt I’ll have enough time to make it out west before this thing starts. The economy looks to be on its last legs. Once the downturn starts, I’m afraid we’re in for the “Greatest Depression”.

              It’s always good to see you post. I will make more time to leave comments.

            • Hey DR, have you gotten you truck yet or are you still looking?

              I have my eye on my brothers Toyota 4 Runner. That would make a much better Bug-Out Vehicle than my little red sports car. Although it does have Quattro Pro All Wheel Drive, the ground clearance is not good.

        • Justice, good to hear you post again. Thanks for the reminder to check “preps” out again. I’m making a list because some of the stuff hasn’t been moved or inspected in years.

          • Thanks cranerigger. Yah, it’s important to check out our bags every so often. I was shocked and disappointed that my good mask didn’t fit anymore. But I’m glad I discovered it now instead of an emergency. I was grateful that I had 2 inexpensive Israeli Civilian Gas Masks as backups. So at least it would not have been catastrophic.

            However, it can be embarrassing. I had one bag I put together early in 2008, hadn’t opened it since and man was I embarrassed. It was like what was I thinking. But on the bright side, I guess I’ve learned a lot since then.

            Let us know if you discover anything interesting going through your stuff.

        • Justice ~ Good heavens, don’t apologize! Nothing is more frustrating here than seeing an article or a post that mentions the Widget P700, followed by a comment from somebody that sneers “I’ve found something much better than the P700” but which DOES NOT tell us what that ‘better item’ is! I’ve seen this happen dozens of times here!

          The only reason that I still visit this site is for the increasingly RARE occasions when somebody like yourself informs us of specific items and details performance aspects of those items.

          THANK YOU for this info about respirators!
          Please keep posting similar comments that contain in-depth information for those of us who have not yet done research into the areas that you have explored. Reading about your experiences spares the rest of us from having to re-invent the wheel; and some day your generosity of spirit in sharing these data may literally save the lives of some folks here. Best Wishes ~ KV

      3. We have lost our innocence. We bit from the apple of political knowledge. Now we can see the hideous genitalia of how things really work in government. Yucky!

      4. Him, I know that I have lost much of my remaining innocence. The world has become a very ugly place. How can anybody say our culture is better than it was in the 50’s or even the 80’s. I hate the “OBOMINATION” that America has become. This will not/can not end well!


        • Justice, I hear you.

        • Justice,
          “I WANT MY AMERICA BACK!”.
          Not going to happen. I can tell you how it will
          end not using religion.
          “All things tend to entropy”
          One of the laws of Thermodynamics.
          Meaning all ordered things will become
          disordered. Although that is a law of our known
          physics, it anecdotally applies to life.
          You are born, you live, and then your body dies,
          which is a high entropy!
          Societies do the same.

          • Hey rellik, how’s it going. I agree with what you said. At the same time I believe that everything runs in cycles. However, I don’t think I would recognize America when it comes out of this period of “entropy”.

            I try to comfort myself that all things change. Or said another way, that change is the one constant. A also know what happens to people and groups that stand in the way of “change”. They get run over. But it’s very hard to watch what America was and stood for become this collectivist/feminist/communist nightmare.

            Relik, I am torn between praying for Mercy and praying for Justice! I want Justice but I’m afraid of it all the same.

      5. I don’t have any qualms about discussing fringe, scientific subjects, provided that you can retrace your steps.

        Regardless of whether there are mind control radio waves, most all of these situations can be comprehended on a mundane level, in which teenage girls go on yacht trips and the guards were ridiculous quota cases.

        The mainstream media narrative, in the most boring possible universe, would still be intolerable.

      6. Why do you pay for cable TV? The Mass Media hates you and your values. They hate America. Why support antiAmericans?
        — — Cancel cable. Unplug from Tel Lie Vision propaganda.

        NFL players-coaches-owners, took a knee for national anthem. Why support these antiAmerican spoiled over payed morons? My Family-Friends-Neighbors, will NEVER forgive Jerry Jones, of Dallas Cowboys for taking a knee. What a shameful disgrace. How dare they.

        These spoiled NFL players took a knee after 5 Police were murdered in Dallas while PROTECTING protestors.
        “Blue Lives Matter.”
        Arrest rioting, burning, looting, ANTIFA and Black Lives matter burning looting thugs that are not peaceful. Arrest them.

        The NWO Commies try to Erase History: don’t allow it.
        Tom Landry former Dallas coach for decades, was a WW2, B-17 pilot who flew 30 combat missions over extreme hostile fire/FLAK. Tom’s B-17 crashed in Belgium after running out of fuel after a combat mission. Tom Landry also played football NY?
        Tom Landry had class, style, Did his Duty. Tom is a GREAT role model for ALL of us, and our children.

        Pat Tilman was also role model that Did his Duty. Respect.

        * Current NFL teams are thugs, criminals, punks, AntiAmericans. Why support them? — IGNORE THEM.
        * Mass media like CNN, MSNBC, hate America. –Cancel your cable.
        * Hollywood Movie types hate traditional values, Hollywood hates America/your values. IGNORE THEM. Never buy another movie ticket.
        * Dick’s Sporting goods believes in gun control. IGNORE them. (We shop elsewhere now. ALL my very large family are ALL involved in most sports. They have lost ten’s of thousands from my family alone.)

        Texas Governor has come out for “Red flag” laws and says that white people are the problem and should be “watched” with fusion centers/( aka. STASI/GRU/KGB/SS). Texans will remember that at election time.

        Truth and Free speech are usually first Verbooten.
        Then the Tyrants come for your Guns.
        Then after sheep disarmed. The government wolves come for your head, GENOCIDE.
        My coments seldom appear. -Censored-

        God Bless America.
        Long Live the Republic.

        – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        P.S.- fusion center that.
        Border Security -Border Security -Border Security
        ARREST all Drug Cartel paid off USA/TX Politicians.

        WARNIING Amerikkan Citizen. Red Flag comment: Love of America, respecting History, promoting National Security, now reduces your social credit score.

        Dallas Texas has ripped out 100 year old monuments to brave men. Works of art and history that are irreplaceable.

        you will never see this comment

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