Millions Lose Power In Ohio and Indiana After Tornado: “It Looks Like A War Zone!”

by | May 28, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 25 comments

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    The tornado that ripped through Ohio and Indiana has left millions of Americans without power.  Right now, about 5 million still have no power and nine are dead after the latest installment in a two-week span of powerful tornadoes and thunderstorms which have devastated the Midwest.

    State officials in Ohio told the press that they have confirmed at least seven people were injured in the storms. The town of Celina in Mercer County, about 80 miles north of Dayton, sustained extensive damage, prompting the Ohio Department of Transportation to employ snow plows to remove debris off Interstate 75. Across the region, the NWS issued 36 tornado warnings. –ZeroHedge

    The agency confirmed a “large and dangerous” tornado on the ground near the suburb of Trotwood in Montgomery County shortly before midnight. “We probably have more than a handful of tornadoes that we need to look at on the ground throughout the region, maybe even more,” said John Franks, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Wilmington, Ohio.

    The City of Montgomery said it was currently focusing on ‘life-saving’ measures. “A large, dangerous tornado touched down last night in northwest Montgomery County,” the county said in a statement. “We are focused on supporting life-saving measures, such as shutting down gas lines or locating people who are trapped by debris.”

    One Dayton resident told NBC that a tornado destroyed her entire street, adding that she didn’t hear any warning sirens before the storm. A pastor at a church in northern Dayton said one of the storms destroyed his office. “I saw the clouds spin backwards and the trees began to sway uncontrollably and we took shelter,” she said. “I was standing on the porch that is no longer standing.”

    Scott Ritz, a pastor at Northright Wesleyan Church in northern Dayton, told NBC News early Tuesday morning that there was “tremendous damage.”

    “My corner office is no longer there,” Ritz said of his church building. “It’s in the parking lot.” Four shelters opened in Montgomery County overnight to offer cover, food, and water to distraught residents. Though ironically, one shelter lost power soon after opening.

    Residents have been urged to boil their water before consumption as the power to water treatment plants has also been shut down.

    The mayor of Celina said his town looked like ‘a war zone’ after the storms. “It looks in areas like a war zone, some of the houses were completely moved off their foundations and gone,” Celina Mayor Jeffrey Hazel told WDTN. At least one Dayton suburb, the town of Beavercreek, issued an emergency warning telling residents to watch out for gas leaks while crews worked to clear downed power lines.

    H/T [ZeroHedge]


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      1. Why do people build houses of sticks where the big bad wolf come a blowing?

        Serious question. If you could afford to harden just one room in a house what room would it be. For me it would be my garage. The mobility of a working car, the tools I have in that garage are critical in a disaster.

        Obviously, whatever room I hardened would have a closet full of food, water and survival supplies,

        • Most of the older homes in the Midwest have basements and residents can harden a room or two in the basement.

          This happens EVERY Spring as the warm southern winds meet the colder northern lows dropping down off the Great Lakes. I lived on Lake Michigan so the Lake protected US from harm; the tornados touching down ten or twelve miles or more South.

          Tornados are just a fact of life in the “breadbasket” like earthquakes in Kalifornia. Nothing to see here, move along. 🙂

          • Tornados have been happening for millions of years on these lands, there are just more dump people living in the way of them now. Did you not see the Tornado Ally crossing signs you stupid schmucks?

            At least with a hurricane we get 7 to 10 days notice to really prepare last min securing items down. A tornado comes out of no where in minutes and all you can do is try to save yourself. Go low and below. And have enough tools in your safety space to cut or claw your way out of there is needed afterwards. maybe a big tree blocks the exit door. You got a back up exit plan? Gofers do, in their spider holes, backdoor.

            • I live in Dayton, have my entire life. I watched that big f’ker go by just north of my house by maybe a mile and a half.
              Dayton is not “tornado alley”, that would be the center of the country from north Texas to South Dakota.
              Implying one should move out of *insert-natural-phenomena* area rather than learn to deal with it is, frankly, stupid.
              Southwest Ohio does get the occasional small spring tornado. Its natural weather phenomena and we know how to deal with them. The last one of this magnitude to strike a populated area was in 1974, to give you an idea of the frequency we see F4+ storms (ie- not very.)

              Yes, we have tornados in the spring. It occasionally happens.
              Fact is, we have NEVER seen this number of tornadoes spawn off one storm within a couple hours (15 confirmed) and only ever seen one other this size (F4) in the last 45 years.
              So please, save the “stupid schmucks” comment for yourself when you are posting ignorant garbage

        • Plan Twice, that’s a good point about the car and tools. I don’t know which room I would harden. I suppose it would depend on how much money it costs. It would be nice to have a toilet and a kitchen. But the basement is the safest place during a tornado. So, I have to go with the basement. Nothing aboveground is safe; hardened or not.


          • It’s not difficult to harden a garage, especially if it’s not sheet rocked. Add hurricane straps, steel straps that strap the roof joists to bolts into the concrete foundation. Next sheath the outside and inside with plywood glued and nailed, use the next size up plywood. If code says use 1/2″, then use 5/8″ plywood. Avoid concurrent seams, i.e. stagger the plywood seams. Use more nails per foot than code requires. Chose a highly wind resistant roofing material. Have functional storm shutters that can be closed. Consider surface mounting electric service in conduit rather than in the wall to maintain maximum wall strength

            • Good tips PTPO, I’ve never had a problem exceeding safety standards. Never prepared enough.

        • NOAA and HARP via the CIA Public Experiments, seeding the clouds for some fun and humanoids on the ground as scrambling guinne pigs. Got to keep their Grabberment Jobs and employment relative and budgets deep. Again more American people suffer from man made disasters. Wait when the EMP hits the innocent in masses and 90% die off, and the US Government blames it on Iran or Venezuela or Syria, or Cuba, or Russia or China. Whatever flavor they want for the day of a new war, to justify such a huge military budget, for power, greed and control and ego; a psychopaths 4 best friends.

      2. I would think by now most people living in disaster prone areas would have some sort of backup preps. Heck even a buried empty big septic tank will hold 4 people and supplies. When the storm passes climb out and get a new trailer.

        • Trailers are tornado magnets.

          • It is my opinion, that God hates Mobile homes. I’ve owned two of them and I considered them as temporary housing.

            • Well I suppose when yer house gets blown away once in a while a trailer is the cheapest replacement. Disposable housing. Life in tornadoville.

        • Here at the FL BOL, my 100% Off Grid Solar System survived the Sept 11, 2017 Hurricane Irma without a single flaw, performed awesome. While all of me neighbors were cut off the grid for 6 to 7 days, some had generators, many did not. Make’s ya think about how much meat you want sitting in freezers dependent on electric. Consider canning a lot of your meat and preserve it well ahead of hurricane or tornado season. Or fire up the BBQ and feed the neighborhood well for 3 days then starve thereafter. I still have about a month supply of freeze dried mountain house and a case of MRE’s just in case. In a grid failure how are you going to cook? I may take days or a week to get a temporary kitchen set up. Do you have several cook stoves? At least 5 ways to cook food and a set of cast iron cookware for campfires. And plenty of water for clean up and sanitary.

          Preparation removes a lot of stress in an emergency situation, and have all your gear ready to go, and all tools sharpened via steel file. Your Axe edge at a 15 deg angle? All your chain saws sharpened? Bar oil? Fuel mix 50:1. Air in your spare tire? Generator fueled and oiled and ready to go with extension cords. Who’s got time to sit and watch TV?

          People ask me if I go to a Workout Gym, because I look in pretty good shape physically? I say hell no, got no time for that sissy girly-man Gym, I say I live in the country and we get-er- done every day.

      3. This is the “new not normal”. It’s not going away any time soon.

      4. Wind blew and shit flew. Its because of the Magnetic pole shift. As the shift progresses these clatyclismic events will continue to increase in both occurance and magnitude. Its not caused by man’s activities and man cannot stop or mitigate it. Its not gods wrath on a sinful populace. Its simply a end of an age magnetic pole shift event. Irs something that happens from time to time. All you can do is prep and hope you are lucky.

      5. I posted a long reply a while , it did not show, and there was nothing to “censor”..this is a test, do not want to waste time commenting if does not work. If comments are delayd for 2 days, what is the idea?

      6. I posted a long reply a while ago, it did not show, and there was nothing to “censor”..this is a test, do not want to waste time commenting if does not work. If comments are delayd for 2 days, what is the idea?

      7. Sounded like the dude was jacking it to the tornado in the video.

      8. Strange weather indeed seems outside the normal patterns for this time of year. This high above Florida has hung on a couple of weeks with mid 90s and above while bone dry. Not usual weather.

      9. I live in the MW and have for 57 years.
        I have experienced several Tornadoes over the past 57 years..The MW is a Tornado zone just like the East coast and Gulf are Hurricane zones,and the West Coast is Earthquake territory..Anywhere you live there’s going to be inherent risks involved whether you realize it or not..

      10. I’ve seen the aftermath of a few tornadoes in Kansas, and believe me it’s mind-blowing. Wheat stalks impaled into steel car rims, cars in trees, cars on roofs, cars twisted and crumbled, windows blown out. A car would be the worst place to be. Trees ripped out by the roots,houses leveled.I knew someone years ago who was eating at a Pizza Hut when a tornado hit Hesston, Kansas. The warning sirens went off, and the manager was smart enough to get all the customers and staff into the walk in freezer.Right before it happened, a waitress set a glass of Pepsi on a table. The whole place shook and shuddered, then quiet.Everyone came out of the freezer, the entire building and roof were gone except for the freezer, one wall, and in the middle of it all was the table with the glass of Pepsi still on it ! True story.

      11. . . .that proves that Pepsi repels earthquakes. . .

      12. Blah. Blah. Blah. It’s tornado season. Again. With the hysterical MSM, these days everything looks like a war zone, except actual war zones.

        • You think this is typical? post your email, I’ll send you pics of my town, bro. The MSM isnt hysterical, we hot hit by no fewer than 15 tornadoes in 2 hours, the size of one of which we hadn’t seen the likes of since 1974.

          Its not “hysteria” to report on unusual, dangerous and destructive events.

          not everything is a f’king false flag. sheesh people.

      13. Oh, for crying out loud. It’s tornado season. Again. [sigh] And the hysterical MSM is blowing out hot air at F6 levels. Everything in tornado alley is a war zone, except for actual war zones.

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