Military Readies Mountain Fortress to “Shield Against EMP Attack”

by | May 5, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 132 comments

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    They are ready. Are you?

    The government powers that be are preparing for continuity under any conditions.

    The potential for an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event that could wipe out the electric grid, and with it, the society that is dependent upon it is considered by security experts to be inevitable and perhaps likely in the short term.

    An EMP can be caused by a solar flare or by a rogue nation using a single nuclear bomb, and it could happen at virtually any time. This makes the threat strong enough for Congress and Homeland Security officials to acknowledge and plan for – while acknowledging that the general public are completely vulnerable:

    ‘The grid is utterly unprotected from an EMP attack. It’s not adequately protected from cyber or physical sabotage,’ Pry told FOX. ‘It’s why North Korea and Iran want the bomb, have the bomb. North Korea has actually practiced this against the United States.’ (source)

    Now, the military is making preparations to spend more than $1 billion to move vital equipment and personnel back to the Cheyenne Mountain bunker-fortress. Essential to Cold War contingencies and operations, today, the facility offers a place for continuity of government (COG) to take hold in case of the worst.

    According to Fox News:

    New concerns are being raised that the nation’s electrical grid and critical infrastructure are increasingly vulnerable to a catastrophic foreign attack — amid speculation over whether officials are eyeing a former Cold War bunker, inside a Colorado mountain, as a “shield” against such a strike.

    North American Aerospace Defense Command is looking for ways to protect itself in the event of a massive electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, attack — a deliberate burst of energy that could disrupt the electrical grid and cripple NORAD’s ability to defend the nation.

    “What it could do, these various threats, is black out the U.S. electric grid for a protracted period of months or years,” warned Peter Pry, executive director of the EMP Task Force, a bipartisan congressional commission. “Nine out of ten Americans could die from starvation, disease and societal collapse, if the blackout lasted a year.”

    The Pentagon has downplayed the idea that it is ‘moving back in,’ but nonetheless, the focus is revealing about what forecasters see coming. It is being officially recognized as an alternative command center, but that has been going on for years.

    “We are not moving back to the mountain,” Davis told Fox News. “The mountain’s ability to provide shield against EMP is certainly a valuable feature, and that is one reason we maintain the ability to return there quickly if needed — but we aren’t ‘moving back’ per se.”

    “My primary concern was, are we going to have the space inside the mountain for everybody who wants to move in there?” Adm. William Gortney told reporters. “I’m not at liberty to discuss who’s moving in there, but we do have that capability to be there.”

    NORAD spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis pushed back on the idea that NORAD is relocating its headquarters, but acknowledged its advantages in the case of an EMP attack. And he did say Cheyenne has served as an alternate command center since 2006.

    The military is putting particular focus on protecting its operations in computers and communications equipment, as the Daily Mail reported:

    ‘A lot of the back office communications is being moved there,’ said one defense official.

    Officials said the military’s dependence on computer networks and digital communications makes it much more vulnerable to an electromagnetic pulse, which can occur naturally or result from a high-altitude nuclear explosion.

    Under the ten-year contract, Raytheon is supposed to deliver ‘sustainment’ services to help the military perform ‘accurate, timely and unambiguous warning and attack assessment of air, missile and space threats’ at the Cheyenne and Petersen bases.

    Meanwhile, the government has yet to commit to plans to reinforce, replace and/or protect the grid, leaving everyday people more vulnerable than ever to losing everything – if and when a hostile entity in any form takes aim at society.

    But there are many things individuals can do to shield their home, get off the grid and protect their electronic equipment. Even the government security experts are making this point.

    SHTF has covered this extensively:

    Congressman Urges Protection for Power Grid: EMP Attack “Could Bring Our Civilization to a Cold, Dark Halt”
    “Super EMP” Capable of Disabling Power Grid Across Lower 48 States
    EMP Threat: ‘Within One Year 9 Out of 10 Americans Would Be Dead’
    What Are You Going To Do When A Massive EMP Blast Fries The U.S. Electrical Grid?


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      1. I wonder if this has any to do with;
        #1. North Korea testing sub launched Nukes
        #2. Russia/China running joint navel exercises in The Med.
        #3. A very stupid Iranian deal by Barry the dumbass
        #4. The coming war between China and Japan
        #5. Russia running nuclear attack exercises against our bases in The Pacific/Baltic states/England.
        #6. The proxy war in Yemen between Saudi Arabia and Iran.
        #7. Reported ISIS bases in Mexico/ the Gov. bring in loads of new Demacrap voters.

        Don’t ya feel safer with Barry as President? (sarcasm)


        • I’m surprised you mentioned North Korea.

          North Korea testing vertical launch tubes in their subs is a big deal but almost no one (general public wise) knows about it.

          Story goes that they are also making strides in improving other aspects of their launch capability.

          Again I am surprised anyone mentioned it!

          • @FreeIL

            I’m a regular reader of “The Washington Free Beacon” and “The National Interest” sites, so I believe that I read about them there. Both are good for military information.


            • There are just some things that
              are bigger than me.
              If an EMP should ever take place
              there is little I could about it.
              But a whole lot of my ancestors
              before me lived without knowing
              what electricity even was.
              Maybe I can do the same.

              • ……little I could do about it.

                • OutWest, same sentiments here. It’s bigger than all of us. How many articles have I ever seen about EMP and/or CME over the years? More than I want to remember. I’m prepping for that along with my family. everyone else had better be prepping for it also if they want to survive post-EMP. The BOL I’m going to has a solar system for backup when the grid goes. There’s a well with a FloJak pump when the grid for the electrical well pump goes, a spring, and one side of the property borders on a year-round creek, so no problem with water. all my family were raised on farms so they raise their own crops and have already been homesteading for decades. They all grew up around guns and learned how to handle them early. They also learned how to hunt, fish, forage, etc. early. They were preppers before the word was even invented. All the women know how to can, dehydrate, and the other skills in food preservation preppers normally practice. There’s even a couple of gunsmiths in the family, so no problems with keeping all the weapons working. For post-EMP entertainment, there will be books, board games, playing cards, etc. All of the good old-fashioned things we used to do for entertainment before we allowed technology to run our lives. Once I’ve bugged out, I’ll be bugging in. The BOL is where I’ll be until I die.

                  • Braveheart, I can’t even elaborate.
                    You said it all my friend.

                  • Cuz we just pray TSNHTF the N stands for never, cause your last sentence in so many of your latest comments just seems to depress the whole family here in North Georgia. Please stay in Memphis as long as possible. But if you can hold out until July, we should have some new straw in the barn.

                  • ISIS POSTS WARNING: “We Have 71 Trained Soldiers in 15 States” – NAMES 5 TARGETS

                    “We have 71 trained soldiers in 15 different states ready at our word to attack any target we desire. Out of the 71 trained soldiers 23 have signed up for missions like Sunday, We are increasing in number bithnillah.

                    Of the 15 states, 5 we will name… Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California, and Michigan.”

                    The Gateway Pundit
                    (posted on Drudge Report)

                    • 71 trained ISIS soldiers!!! Yeah, that’s funny. Thats like ….. 19 non existent high jackers!!! The whole country is now 100% focused on 71 individuals that the government KNOWS are in the country. But of course, even though the government knows EXACTLY how many ISIS are here, they can’t find them. Hmmm But they know there are 71 exactly.

                      KY Mom …. Don’t you think it’s just a little strange that ISIS is getting rolled out here now, just in time for the start of Jade Helm? Even just a tiny tiny tiny bit strange? I’m betting on Jade Helm starting early, before 10’s of millions of school children go on summer break. The govt can lock down 100 million kids at school. That be a good start to Martial Law! No kids ….. And all the parents panicking …..

                      Bet that’s got everyone thinking ….???!!!!!

                    • Isis = CIA so of course they know how many and where they are.
                      According to the governments own documents Jade Helm is designed to get the American people used to the military being on the streets and “rounding up disidents”. After a few years,when they actually start taking people or guns, citizens won’t know if it is real or part of an annual exercise. The actual purpose is to eventually remove guns and gun owners according to the US and UN documents. This is all in accord with the UN plan to unarm the world. I read this info on the internet on a YouTube video that clearly showed the documents and the sources. The title is something like “the real reason for Jade Helm.”

                • Who can prove the russians didn’t already place some of those in D.C. or in NY, to be remotely activated, when they want?

          • They have subs???

            What, do you get 150 people inside them to pedal or something?

        • I hope they die in their holes. Hopefully some will be sealed in to do just that by those they left to die up top. Finite amount of supplies no matter how large will not last forever.

        • And forever is how long they would have to stay in their holes! They spent more than enough money on their own holes to protect the grid from EMP with new equipment.
          Just like them!

          Oh yeah, them plumes on Mars? Large underground taverns with rotting remains!

          Prepare just because you are an ‘Astronaut of God’s’ 🙂

          This was a pretty good damn planet Janet! Damn it!

        • If you are going to carry snare wire have at least the experience of snaring 5 rabbits or squirrels because I don’t think 90% of you can do it.

          Buy an oversize warm weather sleeping bag and wear a few fleece layers as needed.

          Who wants to carry a hardshell bulky canteen when you can have two bladders?


          Sometimes I do calf stretching torso twists and touching my toes while I am hiking.

          GI gear sucks. Do not wear leather boots. Get synthetics by Merrell, Columbia, or the North Face. You can thank me later.

          Do not get a metal frame backpack. Do not get a canvas backpack. Here is what you need for backpacks:


          • Rabbit boxes are what my father used back in the 1930s.

            • Got carrots??? 🙂

          • Acid, you must have missed that last article from JJ. Mil-surplus backpacks are the best you can get for the money. The sporting goods stores only have garbage for packs. Mil-surplus items are all made to last. i tried out a Camelbak bladder once and the damn thing leaked, so I stick with canteens and my new Sawyer Water Filter Bottles which are rated for up to 1,000,000 gallons of water. The filter can be maintained and never needs replacing. $39.95 each at Ready Made and free shipping on orders over $50. Can’t go wrong with a Sawyer.

            • Acid, you must have missed that last article from JJ. Mil-surplus backpacks are the best you can get for the money. The sporting goods stores only have garbage for packs. Mil-surplus items are all made to last. i tried out a Camelbak bladder once and the damn thing leaked, so I stick with canteens and my new Sawyer Water Filter Bottles which are rated for up to 1,000,000 gallons of water. The filter can be maintained and never needs replacing. $39.95 each at Ready Made and free shipping on orders over $50. Can’t go wrong with a Sawyer.

              • Hey everyone, click on the links acid posted for backpacks. Looks like something a sissy would wear.


          • You have no clue about what constitutes proper gear. Try putting crampons on your sissy boots and keep up with me in my Sportiva mountaineering boots. I walked little pukes like you into the ground on Mt. Rainier. My climbing pack is 70 lbs. Try to carry that load on your sissy boots.

            Ever hear of Gregory packs? Try researching SPEAR gear.
            Ever hear of the ILBE pack? Try to keep up.
            Can you carve a figure four…I doubt it.
            Do you carry char cloth…I doubt it.

            You are a “mall ninja. you little gay puke.


          Ok lets look at some govt. agencies and others that will be enforcing the NWO agenda. Pick a choice as to which area these people come from.

          1: Martial law manned by:
          A: military
          B: ex military
          C: Civilians
          D: Other

          Gun confiscation manned by:
          A Military
          B:ex military
          C: civilians
          D: Other

          DHS, FBI, CIA, manned mostly by:
          A: Military
          B: ex military
          C: Civilians
          D: Other

          Black ops, CONUS, COG, DUMB’s for the elite manned mostly by
          A: Military
          B: ex military
          C: Civilians
          D: Other

          Are you seeing a connection here?

        • All species have a strong psychological barrier against committing acts of violence against one of their own species.

          The number of random violent attacks committed against completely innocent people is miniscule.

          The vast, vast majority of the time violence is totally justifiable and there is an obvious reason why it was resorted to.

          • True, but try telling that to a judge!

          • Acid: If you believe your own post, you will be DEAD wrong. Humans are inherently violent and only the pacification of their needs and desires by society as a whole protect the rest of US. 🙁

      2. “Continuity Under Any Conditions”

        Uh, thats may be true, but I think it would be more accurately described as:

        “Tyranny Under Any Conditions”

        They want to continue to lie to us about “lawful behaviour” and how we must do it while they continually, uh, *DON’T*.

        I hope that damned mountain implodes on them.

        • Actually I would rather die of the EMP than spend one night in that mountain with the rot-gut who thinks they will be allowed.


          Bill & Hillary
          The 2 Obama boys
          Nancy Pelosi
          Diane Feinstein
          Harry Reid….

          You see there are things even worse than death!

          • Oh hell…I forgot Sharpton, Jackson, and Reggie Love (among others)…..

            • Oh, wow! Yeah! Me too. I’m not sure a human population can survive that high of a concentration of dishonesty, greed and arrogance.

              I mean, look, they’ve let it out of the USA. To pull it all in on a population of a few thousand would be, well, bad. I’ll take my chances out here.

              …and when they come out, well, we won’t need them anymore.

          • Granny, I’m right there with you. Most likely I’ll die in battle with one scum or another.

            • Most likely you’ll be shot in the ass while running away.

          • just give me ten minutes, it’ll be worth it, whatever it costs/takes…

      3. where are my 2 duplicate posts that I already “said”?!?!?!

      4. ht tp://

        20 MIN VID, about EMP’s and what it means per ‘Revelation’.

        Of course he is selling a book, how to prep.
        But it did make more sense that most…

        Bless all here (we need it).

        • Hello Eppe my friend.

          Hello to everyone here. At the power station I work at they are installing key cards and cameras on all vital areas. It is regulated to do this from NERC which is the North American Electric Reliability Councel. This installation is called NERC 5. Then they will go to NERC 6 and 7 which is to install a fence with barbed wire and cameras around the entire station. Then it is supposed to go all the way to NERC 20. I am not sure what the rest of the plans are from the government but I will let you know when I find out.
          Hope you have all been great. I still have a really bad feeling deep down inside. Something very bad is coming our way I feel. I wish I knew what or dates. Any information I get I will try to pass along.
          Have the best day.

          • Mike in VA, good to hear you’re still here. How’s the knee?

            • Tex

              Thanks for asking my friend. It is much better. I am trying to get back into shape now. Gained 32 pounds while I was layed up. I am back to taking martial arts and can kick with now pain finally. As fate would have it my friend who preps with me got a supervisors job. He hurt his knee two weeks after it. I have been working continuously. I also had tree trimmers take down 9 large trees. I have wood coming out of my ears. I have been trying to get it all stacked when I get home from work. I now have enough wood for two winters. Maybe just in time for bad things that I feel are going to happen. Hopefully I am wrong and nothing happens.

          • Mike in VA
            I’ll give ya a call soon….

            • Mike in VA, good to hear from you.

              • Braveheart it is sure nice to see you too. Glad you are doing well.

            • I am looking foward to it Eppe. I am on vacation for two weeks after today.

      5. “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

        NO I have not!!!!!

        • DaisyD, are you using windows? As a computer support person, I find that often people “double click” the submit button. Heck, windows people double click everything. If you have a slow machine it will just see it as a single click, however, if you have a fast machine you might be getting both clicks in and you’re, essentially, reposting the message on the second click.

          One click on the submit, only. …and, yes, I have tested this theory both on purpose and accidentally and it checks out.

      6. I doubt very seriously that any of us will get invited to the mountain when TSHTF.

        • Since we are the 15 out of 16 to be terminated, per the Guidestones, I doubt it also.
          Hope you and family are well….

          • Eppe and all I also found out there is another mountain in Albermarle County called Peters mountain. The government has spent billions on it. It shows up in tax records as vacant land. I found that out on Zero Hedge. Interesting times we are living in. So much going on right now. It is good to speak with everyone.
            I cannot wait to get today over with. I need the time off. I am tired of getting up at 330 in the morning or working nights and going to bed at 7 in the morning. Time to rejuvenate.

        • SR, I’ll be back in the mountains of north GA before too long but not INSIDE a mountain.

          • Friends, we have decided to make our stand here in the mountains of Western North Carolina for now. Braveheart, if your family is close to Clayton Ga., you are not far away. Met Eppe at the Guidestones near Elbertton at the start of winter, so we are reasonably close for a meet up. Whatever our politicos have planned, they are not in charge, and will not escape their judgement. Keep stacking and good luck to all. Maybe we can meet up one day.

      7. We just had an X2.7 solar flare a few minutes ago. We’ve had smaller ones last night and through today.

        I’m going to wrap up some extra hard drives that I have retired from regular service. They will be additional backups (2 is 1, 1 is none).

      8. In 2010 the US had only 28 – 32 days worth of food supply, today it is much less and will get worse with drought. We can’t expect much help from other countries, most are worse off.

        2.7 million bushels of wheat which is about enough wheat to make 1⁄2 of a loaf of bread for each of the 300 million people in America. This is about how much the US has on hand, most is sold off. The short reserves is due to the 1996 farm bill which eliminated the government’s grain reserves as well as the Farmer Owned Reserve.

        Economic downturn enhances a war or threat of war. The threat of war produces new inventions ie. smart bullets, shielded electronics.

        Seven steps you can take to assure that you are not destroyed by an EMP.

        #1: Move well away from the USA…. to an agriculturally based country.

        #2: Move to Small Town USA. With agricultural property.

        #3: Create your own source of food.

        #4: Create a local source of hardened energy and communications.

        #5: Keep some gold and or silver on hand.

        #6: Know how to take care of your own health.

        #7: Hold some assets outside of North America.

      9. One Second After by William Forstchen.

      10. When the pentagon is digging into their EMP protected hardened bunker and at the same time telling the public that there is nothing to worry about , well……..that’s a pretty damn good sign to worry

        To Them Hogs- absolutely agree with your comment sir. Goddam EMP from a nork nuke 300 miles up above the continental 48 would kill 95% of the us population within the FIRST YEAR of no electricity due to starvation and societal collapse.

        Seriously – best of luck to you all when this party kicks off

      11. They could protect the grid if they wanted to. To do so would be the very definition of national security. So when you hear national security think protect and maintain the oligarchy. Similarly Continuity of Government legislation is designed to protect and maintain the oligarchy but by force. These end run supra congressional so called laws have little to do with glorified eagles and bunting and absolutely nothing to do with any rational definition of national security. An EMP is a possible facilitator that is all. Protect replacement electronics in faraday cages and watch the fireworks.

      12. Another reason I own land in Nova Scotia. Incidentally, while they will trace you to Mars if you have bank accounts or other financial instruments outside of the US, land is not. They also can’t “repatriate” land. Owning land outside of the US also could help in lawsuit issues. US citizens can buy land no problem in Canada. (I happen to be a dual US/Canadian citizen but rules are the same for just US)

        No, it is not a perfect solution (e.g., how does one get to any distant bug out location is a serious crisis, etc. etc.) Still, I am glad I have it. For those of you interested, I went through – been around 100 years, so they have a good reputation for selling rural land. I will also tell you, most of Canada is in a housing bubble, so be VERY careful. The only areas that are not in a bubble, in general, are the Maritimes. Halifax is a world class city, two universities, flights to Europe, etc. Also, it does not get THAT cold there, as it is on the Gulf Stream

        Just some thoughts for you SHTFers

      13. Yep that is why I listened to my scientist friend. It’s now obvious that they planning and EMP false flag to do us in, and wipe us out..just keep in mind the statistic that he informed d me about that only, 3-5 million will survive. All the arrogant people running around everyday acting like their s…t don’t stink are in for am nasty surprise. we preppers will survive and will be in the surviving 3,5 million. Why? Because we are in tune with the real world and we live and breath SHTF. I will not be sharing my food and preps with the non preppers, sorry, you all are on your mouth is big and you like to talk crap because you have full stomach but when your hungry suddenly you are my friend, eh? WRONG, No food or water for you
        Red necks, veterans, good cops, bad cops, sorry the roaming gangs will liquidate you in. 72 hrs, attractive women get to eat first. Fat women, sorry no food for you, your caloric requirements are a Liablity. I will be practising SHTF ugenics. We will save all the hit looking women to make sure that they outnumber us men 10 to one, this prevent jealously and fat preppers will able to get good looking women. I know this sounds insane but trust me on this it will work out. Their will be a shortage of men post shtf, so this will be a Type One Civilization..i believe in a prepped survival paradise. 9 out 10 men and women will dead post shtf EMP false flag. I have done some research and practical reasoning and fat women will be needed to feed the hungry starving lunatics post shtf.

        • A human aint nothing but a talking gorilla.

          Survival will come to those men who are most adaptable to change and most willing to do whatever it takes to win.

          And to those women who can offer sex and in general be useful to those said males.

          • Acid:
            when it comes to survival you are correct.
            I don’t know about being a talking gorilla, but any good man would do everything in his power to protect his family and friends to help them survive.
            The sex part can go both ways, it helps relieve stress and forms a bond between an man and a woman. Plus it FUN!;-}
            A good woman will do the same as a man, see what happens when someone tries to harm one of there children. Talk about all hell breaking loss!!!
            On my job I have found out that a woman can be as tough or tougher than any man. They will fight just as hard for there loved ones, just like any man will.
            Also I have been married for almost 41 years come July 6th it will be 41 years, and you don’t want to make momma mad!;-}
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Acid, I’ll agree with most of that post except for the talking gorilla part. If you’re referring to sheeple, OK, I would agree with that.

          • One of the reason my daughter and I are studying medicine is to give us value that trumps the sex kind. Having people who can treat illness/wounds will give us value beyond that.

            Before I allow my girls to be sex slaves, I will take their lives myself.

        • Good post.

        • HCKS, spot on. In the last chapter of “One Second After” by William Forstchen, it was estimated one year after the EMP that out of a total population of 300,000,000+ when the EMP struck that only 30,000,000 people were left alive in the entire US and that was only an estimate. The true figure was most likely much lower.

      14. Then again it’s seems in my precious harsh in my previous comment, the fact is I will be helping everyone or we won’t survive, but we just help out neighbour’s and do what we can to help everyone around us survive now matter who it is, so we will need to feed Red necks, cops, veterans and everyone because like failure of civility states, their is power in numbers..but I had to address the severity of the issue because not everyone will be prepared. this is how serious it will become. My previous comment was just the wake up call for us know how serious things could serious, serious enough where I will be feeding veterans, red necks, whites and other preppers first..

        • Most everything on that list still is OK. You just need grid power to keep it running for any length of time beyond a day or two. The only thing that MAY fail is the computers that regulate the grid. Grand Coolee dam used to have several people whose entire job was to watch Phase, Voltage, and Frequency 24/7. Get some boy scouts and put them to work, those stations are still there at the older plants( and may be at the newer ones also). All plants are designed to protect themselves. There is still electricity being produced. It is just that the plant won’t send it out until it is safe for the plant. Getting everything back into synchronization is what is going to be the hard part.

          • Rellik

            You are correct in saying that. For older plants you get an alarm at 3 different frequencies. The first comes in and you try to raise voltage and load. The second comes in and you manually trip the units after 30 seconds. The 3rd comes in and you manually trip the unit as fast as you can.
            The newer stations have automatic trips that take care of it all. If the transformers are damaged then we will be in serious trouble. I am also sure that some older plants will receive damage. Also if the back up systems do not work then the turbines will catch on fire for lack of bearing oil going to the bearings. Then you are talking months for repairs and that is if you can get the parts needed for repairs.

      15. I am not alarmed that they are moving to a EMP proof installation. It is truly comforting to know the government of the USA will continue to function in such an event. Eppe if you want to use this joke, please feel free.

        • What did the elderly gentleman think 60 days past an EMP?

          DANG, It’s finally QUIET now….

      16. After the hurricane several states discussed legislation to require gas stations to have generators so they can pump after a power failure.

        Some states did, in a limited way, most did not. Too expensive said the oil companies.

        The average person is left out to dry.

        Typically military troops just carry pumps or their own generator, to take fuel out of the ground tanks when ever they need it. The average person is left out to dry. I wonder if the TPTB would in an emergency, just as soon leave the gas in the ground at gas stations, instead of letting the unwashed use it up on them.

        Point is even minor emergency support for the general public is generally rejected out of hand. You are on your own.

        • I’m above average. I have my own pump. Everyone should get one and some tubing.

          • I rather like the idea of the gas thieves they caught. They had a large van. They managed to cut a section out of the floor of the van. They would pull over the tanks and drill a hole right through the pavement into the tank. I think they used some type of extensible 1/2 inch bit. Once into the tank, they’d remove the bit and shove a piece of 1/4 in steel tubing all the way to the bottom of the tank, or nearly so.

            In the van, they had a large propane tank with a small vacuum fitting on it connected to the engine. They would start the engine and pull the vacuum in the propane tank, then, open the valve in the pickup tube. The gas would flow into the propane tank. When the gasoline would fill up the tank the engine would suck pure gasoline into the engine intake manifold. The over richened mixture would kill the engine. They’d close the intake valve and the vacuum valve, pull up their tubing, restart the engine and drive away with a couple hundred gallons of gasoline.

            They got away with it for a year. The problem was they revisited the same stations over and over. If they had been less greedy and a little wiser, they could have done this indefinitely. …gone to twice as many stations and pulled half the gas. …especially, if they had plugged their bore holes after they left.

            Post SHTF, nobody will be buying gas and probably nobody around. DNS – Drill -n- Suck. Kind of like taxes only with gasoline.

        • I have my own pump and tank. I could use it after the tank is dry. Got it after we had a severe storm 3 years ago. It knocked out power and for close to 3 days you could not get anything unless you had cash. You could not get gas period. Had to drive 30 minutes to a gas station that had power. I would have hoped that people in this small town would have realized some things at that time. The local food lion shut down. They don’t have a generator and just turn the losses into the insurance company. It is truly amazing how fragile our system is. People just keep sleep walking through the world. They just won’t wake up or think on there own.

      17. HCKS.

        I don’t depend on acts of kindness for food, drink or shelter. Not going to be there. In return there will very little of those acts done by me. I have lost compassion and patience for people simply because all they care about is themselves, their status in life and the materialistic living. I have to at the moment treat people like human beings while society is in order, but in the reset they will become creatures and or animals. Nothing more, nothing less. A way to rationalize what I must do to protect myself and family.

        Where did I learn this from? Right here.

        • wow. that is just sad. you know I have a brother that I have been trying to get to “prep”. He has told me on more than one occasion that if preppers would just spend their time planning preps on concentrating on God’s word and their monies buying preps on helping others right now, there would be no need to ‘prep”. you sure make his way sound better and better everyday. I’d rather lose my mortal body than my immortal soul. good luck to you slingshot. I hope in the end you your heart softens and you find balance.

          • just me.

            Should not be sad. It is very cold and calculating. God has very little to do with it. I meet the enemy on his own terms. I would caution that what we are about to experience in life will not be overcome by acts of kindness. Things will become ruthless. I can back research many comments in articles here that support my position. The evil that is within our country can not be destroyed with a soft heart. It just the price, some of us will have to pay to destroy evil.
            All that we have discussed and read, some still think it is all a conspiratorial illusion.
            I feel sad for them.

          • There has to be love for others if we expect any kind of decent country or world to live in when we come out the other side of this. There is a balance. I cannot help everyone and watch my family starve. I also cannot do this alone so I will help my neighbors which are mostly uncles, and cousins. They know how to live off the land and hunt. I just wish they would wake up and start stocking up.

        • Me, too Slingshot!

        • Slingshot, before I came to this site I learned that in a place called ‘the school of hard knocks’.

          • BraveHeart.

            I agree. There are some things that you can’t let go of. They stay with you till the bitter end.

        • I will still have compassion and emotions towards the helpless elderly and very young/pre teens. The rest will be on a person to person basis.

          Sorry asses need not apply!
          No cake for you!

          I have seen laziness and selfishness ruin a many of good souls.
          Some learned/inherited, it from a parent, or God forbid, both.
          Some learned it from watching/socializing, others.
          Some just accepted it as normal because of drugs/alcohol.

          In my book, as well as the good book; you don’t work, you don’t eat.

          I’m not talking about folks with health issues or disabilities.

          I will be there for the needy that deserves help. But, even close relatives will see a hard ass when it comes to giving up food/preps for those that would not listen or wake-up.

          I have a couple brothers that have always lived for themselves. They only do what is necessary to get by and add to their “own” stockpiles of mostly worthless shit, in a shtf situation. Always taking advantage of someone elses hard work and resources to gain something for nothing.

          Sadly, when the shit starts crumbling down around them, they will come creeping around my safe zone for handouts. What they will get is a chainsaw and a splitting maul.

          A days work for a loaf of bread. Take it or leave it. “Oh, and by the way, while on your way out; drop off this loaf of fresh bread and half gallon of distilled water, to the old woman that lives in the log cabin by the wayside. She still has strawberry preserves and canned butter that I gave her last week. She may feel obliged to give you a few bites for the walk home.”

          • So, you’re the self admitted stoner from the 70’s and 80’s { and still to this day probably} who is now going to preach the ” good book” to the rest of humanity? Take another hit and have another beer there preacher stoner man, maybe you can hold a ” high” mass for everybody.

      18. I have 10 – 100 watt solar panels I bought for $100 (or less), each. I have 10 – 6 volt – 250 AMP AGM batteries and I run my whole house on 12 volt power, lights, TV, DVD Player, 12 volt alarm clocks, 12 volt coffee pot, 12 volt electric blankets, 12 volt swamp cooler to cool my home, 12 volt refrigerator, I even have 12 volt FREE Hot Water every day. EVERYTHING is 12 volt including my aquaponics set up where I grow fresh fish to eat and fast vegetables to eat also, without soil and the used fish water feeds my plants. It’s a closed system that works and it’s powered by 12 volt as well. All you do is feed the fish and everything else grows like magic. See how you can do the same as me at:

        • Hey there dr.buzzsaw,

          I got the e-book and it is great. I have had many plans and books and scoured through lots of info on solar/wind/recharging.

          The info you provide is so helpful and written/explained, for the average joe, I can’t believe it costs so little. I have dabbled with solar charging and backup battery banks for years, but never really got a total off the grid system going.

          I have wind and steady breezes so I have been torn between investing more in solar or wind, or a combination of both.
          Your info on a dual system is greatly appreciated, plus the aqua farming part also. In fact you have lots of useful info in those works.

      19. But there are many things an individual country can do to shield itself from this kind of attack…

        Such as…

        NOT sequester any of the spent control rods at any of their nuclear reactor sites. Just… leave em there… preferably in a Flinstone’s plastic kiddie pool, balancing on top of a little platform at the top of a 50 story building…

        I take it your attacker likes to commit suicide?

      20. Then you have those maurading types and according to the scientist preppers will be attacking other preppers. This is how serious it will become, so and EMP event. He also said preppers will attack preppers, so should we band with other preppers, Or can we trust them if we don’t know them, or would we band with who we know, then weigh the result with the caos in the streets. So the question is do we help other preppers who we don’t know? And if we don’t we get stuck in the area, trapped then run out of food. Guys we are taking the ground zero cancellation of society and electric in the middle of shtf, past the SHTF EVENT HORIZON, WHICH IS POSTED SHTF?..first I guessed 35 million would survive, he said, no 3,5 million because when the environment calapses the food literally cuts off, turning cops against cops, preppers against preppers, woman against women, man again than and woman, man animals, etc. and the animals die off from starvation..yikes, 3-5 million of us left? WTF? According to Houston demographic I might be captured, killed and eaten by my neighbour’s and possible preppers who taught I was enemy and not allies. I can feel the feet ripping off of the top my skull just thinging about the EMP ELE event.

        • you watch too much TV

          • you are too kind. There is clearly no critical thinking going on here. I bypass all the H/C/K/S comments now, because they are so full of non-verified opinions of others and articles written by others to sell survival crap from other websites. If someone really gave a damn, when they write in to an alternative media website they would provide a way for the writer of the articles to verify the information given. It’s call sound journalism. To publish and present as FACT without verification nullifies ones credibility in my book. Not everyone has to go Snowden to blow the whistle, but if you can’t back it up (Hodges, Jones, etc), don’t publish it as fact.

      21. Raytheon is one of my customers they make guidance systems for missiles. Some of the things they ship are worth millions in declared value. Excellent company. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are building systems to protect vital defenses for the gov. I have a hard time believing that the military would attack citizens all of the military people I’ve dealt with are patriots through and through. We are lucky to have them. They are not coming for your guns. They got better shit every citizen in America could not take the military citizens don’t even have machine guns. Mil has grenades bombs planes tanks ships submarines nukes and the list goes on and on. That guerrilla shit is like mosquito bites to the mil folks. Obummer forced the generals to retire so he could put in his leftist anti war generals and have them stand back against Isis. The us forces could crush these fucks in a split if they wanted but we have a Muslim dictator that thinks if we get evil murderers a job they will play nice. The public can’t handle the war sacrifice anymore. We have lost because the so called leadership has succumbed to the pressure to avoid war at all cost possible. The demands will get tougher to meet from now on out. Put a fork in us were done. Any president that won’t make the hard choices is no leader. People just want the position of president they don’t want to lead that would me no reelection for second term. Just keep lying to the public problem with lying is people do it so much they even believe their own bs. Mainstream lies believing them is politically correct. We all know how people don’t want to offend anyone. Anybody want a2nd serving of lies mmmmmm yum.

        • So you haul Raytheon products?

          Any company that has contracts with the gov is bilking taxpayers in some way, shape or form, that you can take to the bank and bet the farm on.

          99.9% of gov contracts include kickbacks and corruption, so i wouldn’t be patting them on the back so much.

          I’m not dissing you asshat, and it definitely doesn’t have anything to do with your driving a truck for a living. I was a driver for about 25 years. Also worked in safety and compliance for a large company and as Driver support and customer service for a fortune 500 company. All people driving trucks or working that industry are not dumbasses.

          Personally, I had rather be behind the wheel and driving long haul because of the bs associated with office politics. Am retired now though.

          My best wishes to you and smokin’okie, and all the other brothers of the road.

          Someone the other day asked, “What did you haul during your career as a driver”. My response was this; “In my career as a driver, I hauled everything from 40,000 lbs of scrap paper, to a 2 million dollar pay load of fiber optics. Never hauled any shit or shit by-products, except on the farm, from the horse barn to the composter.”

      22. Letter Re: A Veteran Policeman’s Observations on The Golden Horde

        ht tp://

      23. What would happen after an EMP attack?

        h ttp://

        just a taste

        “End of Week 1:

        By now, most people in the subs have run out of food they would normally remotely consider eating. Looting at the local Walmart and grocery stores begins as people simply take what they need.

        Remember, people aren’t hearing anything from the authorities. There are no working TVs. No working radios. The handful of police are walking in the subs.

        If you live in the suburbs, take a close look around. How would the police reasonably patrol your city without cars?

        Meanwhile, people in nursing homes have started dying enmasse. Without refrigeration drugs quickly go bad. Anyone requiring help breathing or anything else has already died.

        People with type 1 diabetes are starting to see the writing on the wall.

        Meanwhile, the first container ships of relief have reached San Francisco, Seattle, LA, San Diego, Houston, Miami, Boston, NY, Washington, Raleigh. Lots of food, medicine, some parts, lots of vehicles.

        Unfortunately most of those cities are in utter pandemonium. In the south, tens of thousands have already died from heat. In 2003, when there was a heat wave in France, 14800 people died. They didn’t lose power, they just didn’t have air conditioning. In Florida, the death toll is skyrocketing quickly. Same in most of the other southern states.”

      24. Greek government absolutely DESPERATE at this point

        Greece introduces cashpoint tax in desperate bid to raise revenue and stop run on banks as country teeters on brink of bankruptcy

        ht tp://

      25. Seems to be a slow night here at the ‘plan’.
        True life spiced up stories are the best, with a good storyteller.. Just scroll past if you cannot laugh…
        This is an Smokin Okie original, one of my favorites…

        ***Disclaimer 1- No actual words were harmed in the production of this comment***
        Danny was a recent student driver. He learned to crunch the gears, haul the freight and sass the truck stop waitresses like a pro. However, his taste in music was another story altogether.
        When I first picked him up at the terminal, I told him the few simple rules about truck driving.
        1- Don’t speed in construction zones.
        2- Whoever is driving gets to control the radio and a/c.
        3- Never, EVER, pee in my truck. Even if you have an empty bottle, DON’T DO IT!
        4- Have fun and be safe, but maybe not always in that order.
        It was rule number 2 that came back to haunt me. I told him straight up- NO rap music. Other than that, anything goes. Rap ‘music’ (and I use the term loosely) is harmful to diesel engines. The sound waves interfere with the truck electrical system and shut down the fuel injectors. (maybe they just die of shame, I don’t know). Anyway, he said he didn’t like rap so I figured we’d be fine.
        I’v had several student drivers over the past couple years and their musical tastes range from Perry Como to Led Zeppelin. I’ve survived all of them (so far). But Danny was a challenging case. He pushed me right to the limit of endurance.
        I tell all my students to turn off the distractions, such as cb, blue tooth or music, in cities or heavy traffic. That way, they can hear me scream and I don’t have to compete with the stereo speakers. By his third day, Danny was comfortable enough to play some music out on the open road. That’s when I discovered he liked that crazy, head-banging rock n roll.
        I’m a country music fan myself, but I also enjoy classic rock, old pop, bluegrass, R&B, old school… just about anything. (except rap) But Dan, he was heavily into stuff like Marilyn Manson, Hole, and what they call ‘Industrial’ rock. I guess they call it that because it sounds like heavy machinery running loudly. It was horrible! But I try to live by my own rules, and I’d said “Anything but rap.”
        I teased him about his tattoos. (he had more than any three bikers I know) “You look like a walking version of the Sunday comics” I said. He beamed, thinking it was a compliment.
        “And you should have asked the clerk at the store, which side of that ball cap is the front.”
        “And you got enough piercings that if we stop to fish, we won’t even need to bring the tackle box” He beamed again.
        “And, most of all, you know I’m gonna have to work on your religious views” (he didn’t have any)
        ‘I’m agnostic,’ he said.
        “Yeah, well, I’m ignorant about a lot of things too, but I don’t make a religion out of it.”
        He just laughed. And, overall, we got along fine.
        By the end of the third week, his music was getting to me. It all sounded the same. And it wasn’t good. It reminded me of the time my brother and I put a dozen of Dad’s wrenches in the washing machine. Only difference being, the washing machine was in tune.
        I told him, “I think God sent you to me. You’re my mission field, and I’m gonna turn you into a Merle Haggard-loving, Bible-thumping, Republican-voting redneck if it kills me.” He laughed, then said he didn’t know if that was an insult, a joke, or a threat. (I wasn’t sure myself).
        Every time he’d finish his driving shift and I took over, I’d try to find the most twangy country music I could. Or some disco. Or drippy 1970s pop. Anything to flush out the speaker wires. He didn’t like it, but, you know the rules- ‘Driver gets his choice.’
        After week five, I brought out the heavy artillery, with limited results. I’d turn off his Nirvana (follow up hit to Teen Spirit, “Smells Like Old Spice”) and plug in a cd of Buck Owens. He’d just sit there, staring out the window singing la-la-la to himself, and pushing his foam earplugs in further.
        At six weeks, I was using the big guns. We’d switch seats and I’d immediately turn off the Bleeding Rectums (or whatever they were called) and turn on Porter Wagoner. Danny tossed the foam plugs and began stuffing old socks in his ears. I just turned the volume up to compensate.
        By week seven our time together was almost over. And I knew it would take drastic measures to save this poor soul from music hell. That’s when I found it- at a flea market in Virginia.
        That night, as his turn at driving ended, I took the wheel. As we pulled onto the highway I looked at him, “Danny, I like you. And that’s why I have to do this,”
        He looked a bit apprehensive, then worried. Like maybe he’d been riding with a serial killer and didn’t know it til now.
        I hit 10th gear, set the cruise control and plugged in the Barry Manilow cd I’d found at the flea market.
        He winced.
        I turned the volume higher.
        He stared, glassy eyed, out the windshield. Holding the socks in his ears. A single tear rolled down his cheek.
        When I hit the repeat button on ‘Copa Cabana’ he finally broke.
        “Okay! Okay!” he wailed, “Turn on something else!”
        I turned the volume up a bit, smiling devilishly.
        He screeched, “Please! Play some Red Seagull or Johnny Payday. Even Betsy Cline! I’ll even sing along if you want, just make this stop!”
        “That’s Steagall, Paycheck, and Patsy,” I corrected, turning the sound down just a little. His face looked white. So white, in face, I wished I’d had a copy of ‘Whiter Shade Of Pale’ to play right then. It would’ve been so appropriate. I pulled into a rest area and set the brakes. I turned the music down, but not off. Barry continued singing ‘Her name was Lola, She was a show girl’ over and over.
        Turning in the seat, I put on my High School principal expression and faced him, “Now, Daniel, tomorrow morning we’ll be in Florida. Very close to your hometown, in fact. And, there just happens to be truck parking a block from the county courthouse.”
        “You were planning on registering to vote, weren’t you?” I asked, reaching toward the volume knob.
        “Yes! Yes!” he said quickly.
        Four days later we were back at the terminal. As I do with all my students, I gave him a few parting gifts. A flashlight, an atlas, a roll of duct tape, a paperback copy of ’1001 Excuses For Why I’m Late’. Stuff a driver can really use.
        As we parted, he shook my hand. “Thanks okie. This has been the most memorable time of my life. And thanks for the cool stuff. Especially the new Stetson!” He beamed, straightening it on his head as he climbed into his truck.
        Drive safely, Danny ole boy. See you out on the super slab.

        • hey eppe, have one for you.
          two guys sitting at the bar,
          one says to the other as another man enters the bar, “that fella is as queer as a 3 dollar bill.”

          oh yeah’ what makes you say that?
          Oh, i knew it as soon as i tasted sh#t on his d#ck.

        • Eppe, that one is a classic.

          • You ain’t wrong!

      26. Hey slung, that for the back up comment. It looks like “just me says”, is really just him. Hey just me, you are asking sling to have more heart and compassion, wait till the food runs the hell out and the grid is taken down, you will be one of the first compassionate people who will commit some of the worst atrocities. You wartch too much TV, mind us shtf – effers ask you a question? What in God’s earth are you doing on this site criticizing my comments. Do you know the people I talk to. You have friends who was in NAM that tell me things t war, try the Congo, one veteran who was there to see the aftermath of a massacre, you have no earthy clue what and EMP offers.. what the hell is wrong with you? are you smoking crack or someth?g. You need to read the article, then read the comments of legitimate verified posters such as me and others to learn how to prepare..let me guess you were bored and stumbled across this website. Read the banners on the site off the articles and comments, and order the preps that you see in you have the money, then pull your crap stained head out of your azz. How dare you tell me that I watch too much TV, I don’t watch crap..TV is crap.

        • A bit of an over reaction there H/c/K/shtf. I suggest you watch too much TV and you get all defensive and on the attack. I guess that will teach me to not comment on your comments. LOL Um BTW, your response backfired and actually displays so many negative things about you. You might what to reread it and think about that as you are reading it. Too bad you can’t delete it. It is out there now buddy for all the world to see your insecurities.

      27. Military is moving underground again because the possibility of a Nuke attack is once again possible. EMP may disable some older electronics but most every thing with “CE” rating and all cars will be OK. Military stuff has been “hardened” for 40 plus years (I used to build F-14 radar circuits @ Hughes). Grids may go down, but not forever. You want to worry about something? Try a Gamma burst from a close Quasar. Everything on Earth a crispy critter no matter where you are. We have a few potential ones close by.

        Meanwhile, do what you can to prepare for the next economic hit. I’m hoping for dramatic deflation, and gold @ $400 – $700, by the time it is done. Then it will be time to buy.

      28. Late breaking information:

        In 1912, the “Titanic” was carrying 12,000 jars of mayonnaise, scheduled for delivery in Vera Cruz, Mexico, which was to be the next port of call for the great ship after New York City. This would have been the largest single shipment of mayonnaise ever delivered to Mexico. But as we know, the great ship did not make it to New York. The ship hit an iceberg and sank, and the cargo was forever lost.

        The people of Mexico, who were crazy about mayonnaise and eagerly awaited its delivery, were disconsolate at the loss. Their anguish was so great, that they declared a National Day of Mourning, which they still observe to this day.

        The National Day of Mourning occurs each year on May 5th and is known, of course, as Sinko de Mayo.

        • That is RICH!

        • Arch, killer joke…

          That was originally funny…

        • Hoe Lee Cwap!

          You pulled me right into that one. Ugh!

          Funny stuff!

        • Archivist, how original. Damn good one.

          • I thought it was funny, but I didn’t write it. My wife found it on Facebook.

            I did a search and found other versions and an explanation on snopes. They say that since the holiday isn’t really celebrated in Mexico, but here, a lot of Mexicans think it might not be a joke and inquire about it. The holiday was invented in California.

      29. They’re starting early with hurricane season. Read about Disturbance #1 off the coast of FL at:

        ht tp://

      30. sixpack

        want to sell that caddy?

        • Sorry, the caddy wasn’t mine. My neighbors chopped and channeled it and made a hydraulic low-rider out of it. Don’t care for low-riders myself, but I had to marvel at the finished product—it was truly a sight to see, especially after the custom Imron paint job.

      31. Today we had 3 shootings in 6 hours in the city.

        They don’t know if it is gang related.

        Let me put my trust in my fellow man. Hahahaha! If he don’t shoot me first.

      32. Hey Native American, was up Bud, thanks for posting that link, as we can see their ain’t sh…..t left that works not even the frickin batteries in my flash led lights will work. Mt scientist friend told me some thing interesting. And that the people in the ground zero area of the EMP will be brain dead because our brains are and electrical circuit. Her is the situation with cars. I argued with him, but he said that EMP only affects cars while the engine is running that if the battery is disconnected that the computer has no juice so you can plug it back in and the car will start right back up. I personally have two car computers on is dear day caged as a back up to replace it.

        Satori, you have some really severe factoids you just posted about the heat wave in France, I remember reading about that. Imagine people are dropping dead in the streets while the AC is working and the grid is still running, can you imagine being in the middle of you city SHTF, no grid, no transportation in the middle of 100 frickin degrees. The environmental situation is going to take its toll. But then again what do we know, we watch too much TV. You think Governmental elitist bastards are busy worrying about me and my well being so they will here to help feed me and give shelter, then guillotine me or kill me with a Chinese firing squad. Gee maybe I am just too paranoid and watch too much TV..but the poster justmesays..that we watch too much TV.

      33. Some of our DoD destined products required passing tests by the Naval Air Warfare Center for EMP survivability certification, as well as Oak Ridge National Labs.

        Couple things about EMP we’ve learned from military is that EMP is not created by low level detonations, but only from high altitude bursts above 250 miles. So, and I asked to confirm, the smaller footprints showing EMP from lower altitude bursts are not expected.

        Also, as some know, any small stand alone device without a lengthy antenna (less than a meter) nor hardwired into grid or internet, will likely survive. I recently asked about cell phones specifically and was told to expect them to work, but just not for any comms, as the cell tower network won’t be up. That’s good news for a lot of useful maps, apps and reference material internally stored on them. (Regardless, I’m still stowing all my sensitive small electronics in metal ammo box until needed, can’t hurt.) I was also told a lot of modern vehicles will not have issues.

        That might help a few survive a little better all the other bad stuff and consequences of EMP.

        – Shane

      34. I think this is complete b.s. all they have to do is shut off the power and whamo, they’ll say is an emp attack and blame it on whoever they want. Its to easy once everyone believes the emp lie and since its on lamestream media being hyped up, it only further proves that this is b.s.

      35. Get real people an EMP attack would send us back to the 1980’s and not the dark ages and that would needed hundreds of missiles and not just one.

        Sure it will take time to bring the electrical grid back up but it won’t be the end of the world.

        Anyone that knocks out all them CCTVs all over the place is a freind of mine and I hope ground zero is NSA buildings.

      36. ISIS fighters in America. 15 states. On drudge.

      37. Infowars mentioned on NPR this morning in an apologetic defense of Jade Helm. The NPR report misses the obvious problem areas: Why are the soldiers not in uniform? Why are they practicing in rural areas, when it is the cities where martial law is more likely to be called for due to widespread rioting? Why is the Texan governor’s voice noticeably more subservient when he tells the public that “assurances have been made”?

      38. You can buy all the survival shit you want, how many nuke plants are in the US ?

      39. They can’t run their totalitarian state on batteries, so while the powers-that-be may like to frighten some people about blackouts they must dread it themselves. Almost every aspect of the surveillance state is controlled by the microchip, from CCTV to banking to cellphone eavesdropping. Without electricity there can be no modern dictatorship and that’s why when the SHTF we must disrupt their communications whenever possible; electricity sub-stations, cellphone towers, electricity and fiber-optic conduits under the streets, and phone lines which can have the same function. Blackouts can serve us whilst harming them and their repair crews are prone to our ambush.

      40. Where are OUR bunkers????????????????????
        “our” Leaders are real concerned about US.

      41. Greece introduces cashpoint tax in desperate bid to raise revenue and stop run on banks as country teeters on brink of bankruptcy


        Govt faces bankruptcy…

        Daily Mail dot UK
        (on Drudge Report)

      42. EMP is a great idea. If it happens, it’ll level the playing field for everyone. You’ll never have to worry about having enough money to retire on. We probably won’t have to worry about the govt rounding people up, but if a couple UN horse drawn wagons turn up outside your house …. you better hide. No more TV, no more celebrity BS, no more workin your ass off for shit wages, no more political endorsements.

        Who would do it? Probably not China, unless we push them to do it. I doubt Russia really cares. They have whole areas as big as the lower 48 with untapped resources. They have the oil, minerals, coal and other resources we wish we had. They’re well stocked for 400-500 more years, why do they want the hassle of trying to take us over? We have nothing they want!!! And if anyone dares say “oh, but they want our Freedom” …… please, just head on over to another website or even better …. Quick, turn on the Cartoon Network, they got breaking news for you!!!
        That’s … Right ….

        So common O’bum ….EMP me MF!!! Yeehaa!!

        If we get EMPed, all my money is on our own government doing it!

      43. If they decided to do an EMP on America, their entire control grid would be over so, I highly doubt they would ever let that happen as the entire goal here is for total control over the people and that would be lost if an EMP were to happen here. Nothing in the US “Happens by Chance” it is all planned and executed towards their goal of global governance and the NGO’s working for the UN are going to make sure that their control grid is NOT compromised!

        • The parts of the “control grid” that are needed to control things -people and their activities- are already protected from EMP.

          An EMP that would take out the majority of the rest of the communications and power grid would work to the benefit of those powers on high wishing to seize total control for whatever reasons they would have (decide for yourself what those powers and reasons would be).

      44. The government is wasting it’s time moving back into Cheyenne Mountain. Suppose they survive an EMP, then what? They claim it is for, “continuity of government”. But how to communicate with the unwashed masses? No radio, TV, internet, newspapers, nothing! They will be rulers over themselves. I, for one, will not listen to them, or take any orders from them anyway. I will totally withdraw my consent for them to govern. During a crises, they only looked after themselves and left the rest of us to our own devices. What right do they then have to “rule”? None!

      45. North Korea isn’t going to do anything like this!!!!

        They know they couldn’t win a war with the USA…..and there would be a war.

        An EMP attack would either come from a rogue cell of an established terrorist group or be naturally occurring.

        Ignore any scare stories about North Korea – they are an isolated state and want to remain so. It keeps the regime in power!

      46. If a EMP did happen, it would fix much of what is going on today. Life would be simple once the chaos was over….

      47. …So they can detonate their OWN EMP! They’ll do that, over and over, periodically, to wipe out the preppers who keep pulling out their all-trustworthy Faraday-cage-protected ham radios to coordinate from their air-conditioned, modern-style, comfortable hideouts, stocked with gasoline and auto parts for cars, trucks and other motorized gadgets that also won’t work after EMPs. They’ll be expecting to survive on their store-bought rations of Big Business-produced crunchies and munchies, picking off hundreds of thousands of enemy troops one sniper shot at a time, or with thousands of wasted shots on full automatic, until they can establish their utopian “Constitutional Republic” to their liking. Then, they’ll be able to enslave whoever survives to be their slaves in their new elitist oligarchy–this time, with them on top (those who aren’t already on top but, who want to capitalize on SHTF and steer it their way)!

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