Military Personnel OUTNUMBER Civilian Scientists In U.S. Vaccine Program

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    Military personnel outnumber civilian scientists in the United States government’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine program. With the military so heavily involved in the distribution of this vaccine, is it any surprise that most Americans don’t want anything to do with it?

    An organizational chart obtained by Stat shows, raising concerns about whether military officials are qualified to lead the massive public health campaign. The military is used for war. Rolling it out to distribute a rushed vaccine signals one thing to the public if you’re brave enough to admit it: this vaccine distribution is a war on the public perpetrated by the government. Wake up.

    Trump: “The Military Is Ready To Deliver A Vaccine”

    This vaccine won’t be voluntary by any sense of the word.  You don’t have to take it, but if you don’t, you won’t be able to eat, buy food, pay rent, or leave your house that will be taken from you if you cannot pay the mortgage because you refuse the vaccine. That doesn’t sound like anyone will have much of a choice.

    This vaccine could be ready before the election, however, it may not be. Political chaos surrounding the elections is all a part of this vaccine agenda.  The goal is to have everyone tracked, traced, monitored, and under authoritarian control. The goal is the New World Order.

    The Health and Human Service’s $300 million “pandemic-related” ad campaign (propaganda rollout) touched off an outcry, and rightfully so, after Politico reported leaked details. Among the concerns were its funding sources: Food and Drug Administration contributed $15 million for pre-campaign work, while most of the program’s $300 million budget was requisitioned from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention funds appropriated by Congress, Politico revealed.

    Additionally, the Ohio national guard has been called upon to help provide “security” for the presidential debates. Around 300 members will be sent to the city to “ensure a safe and secure environment for those attending Tuesday’s presidential debate in Cleveland.”

    The military will be increasingly used in the coming months and it’s rollout will be seen as a way to provide peace and safety. Please remain vigilant and prepared. Stay alert and know all the possibilities of what could be coming, as it’ll give you an idea of the additional preps that will be needed. As of right now, refuse to live in fear, and make sure you can defend yourself and your family, especially if you intend to deny the vaccine.

    Changes are coming, so prepare and stay alert.


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      1. Whatever happened to Posse Comitatus? I think a lot of people may push back when goons show up at the door to stick a syringe in they’re arm. At least I hope so, but who knows everyone folded up their business’s , masked up, and punked out on the orders of tyrants so……

      2. I think we can trust most of our military.

      3. “I think we can trust most of our military” What the hell have you been smoking. “Posse Comitatus” is not enforced since the 50’s. This country has bowed down to orders from people who do not the right to give these orders. They have the sheeple just where they want them, on their knees and sucking

        • Posse Comitatus involves law enforcement. Nobody has yet said the vaccine will be mandatory. The military was heavily involved in Yellow Fever treatments and vaccine.

          • Before the vaccine, haven’t there already been lots of other Covid-related rules enforced, around town, and lots of busybodies, ready to get into literal fistfights with noncompliant people? Particularly, using other countries as a test case, in which the police are very abusive, why wouldn’t you expect the vaccine to become mandatory?

      4. First show me the MOSs of the people you are counting. Their are plenty of Doctors and Engineers in the military and if you are already paying them to show up for work why not tap their knowledge? Secondly any medic can give a shot. Same idea, you already pay them and they’ve already given a gazillion shots. Make it an emergency planned all civil operation and you will be paying a bunch of crackhead volunteers to get training and practice on your kids.

        • You’re basically characterizing civilians as crackhead volunteers.

          And, your best scientists aren’t used for forced blood draw type-of theatrics.

      5. Mike Adams of natural news has a different take on “operation warp speed”. He thinks it’s quite likely that the “vaccine distribution” is just a cover story for the mobilization of the military, so that Trump can have them in place for whatever SHTF stuff may happen as a result of the elections. If this is indeed the case, then Mr. Trump is one heck of a chess player!

      6. As for me, I do not, for one minute trust Trump. He went over to the Dark Side some time ago. He could get rid of the white coat mafia goons pushing all this Covid crap, but does he? Nope. They are all still there, aren’t they? And then he throws an ungodly amount of money towards some bull chit ‘Warp Speed’ vaccine campaign? This was a guy who was opposed to vaccines when he was running in 2016. Someone sure got to this guy. There is no choice among the two running. As for me, I am writing in the ASTEROID and hoping its aim is better than in the past!

      7. The BlueFly is an accurate, body-worn gunshot detection sensor

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