Mike Adams: Political Coup FAILED; Prepare For ARMED Communist Coup

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 109 comments

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    Now that the political coup has failed epically, what’s next?  Could the deep state and global elitists have an armed Communist coup planned?

    It may have seemed like something far-fetched and out of a novel about a future dystopia just a few years ago, but it’s now become all too real.  Mike Adams, also known as the Health Ranger, is sounding alarms that a violent armed coup could be coming next. “Now that the attempted political coup against America has been exposed and halted, the demonic, deranged Left will move toward a KINETIC WAR/revolution that will unleash a civil war across America,” says the description of Adams video posted to YouTube.

    “They tried to steal it [the 2016 election] and they failed,” Adams said. “Watergate was small-time compared to this.”

    “They [globalist leftists] tried to stage a coup on election day…they tried this whole ‘Russia collusion’ conspiracy theory with the complicit mainstream media playing along as propagnada puppets, planting false stories that the FBI then cited in their FISA application, to DEFRAUD the FISA court judge in order to get approval for spying on Trump team officials.”

    But does that mean since all else failed, that the left will attempt to forcibly remove Donald Trump from office? It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard that that’s a tangible possibility.

    “Now, they’re gonna move into the ‘kinetic phase’ and here’s how they’re gonna pull it off….their plans are so easy to reverse engineer. As Trump goes after these corrupt FBI officals, and as Congress seeks indictments against people like James Comey, the left will say that that’s a political coup taking place and they’ll call for a rising up of left-wing, brainwashed, zombie, people all across America to ‘take back their country.’ They are going to twist it around 180 degrees while they are attempting a communist coup takeover of this country.”

    Adams warns that the day is coming in which the propaganda media will convince the left to violently attempt to overthrow the government in order to enact a communist, globalist agenda. He may not be all that far off either. The United Nations has admitted that Agenda 21 is real and mass brainwashing is required to get people to accept their slavery rather than fight for their freedom.

    “The deep state coup failed. Now, the only option they have left is to have an actual kinetic assault. Which is what communist regimes have done throughout history.” –Mike Adams


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      1. That would be fun just think of it as open hunting season with no bag limit and no license required and the reward instead of meat in your freezer would be their gun and any thing in their pockets plus you may even get in the history books…pure trophy hunting at its best

        • This is why we have been prepping.

          • Green tips for blue helmets.

            • Or black, if .30 or .50 caliber.

          • Prepping for YEARS

        • Myself and several fellow veterans are quietly stacking and napping until we can take care of leftists and not go to jail for it.

          • Yep, that’s why we haven’t cut loose yet either. Can’t do a damn thing from jail.

            • Ready in Wyo; both liberals are under careful watch; easy to spot, no gun racks in their pickups.

              • You can also tell them by the fact that they say the wicked witch of the East’s name without making the ward off evil sign.

                • Tide Pod Challenge:
                  Western civilization is doomed unless we get back to allowing stupid people to kill off themselves.

                  • They’re doing a great job of killing each other in Chicago. Obola must be so proud of his homies.

              • Lol we have a few dozen here in north ga but they stand in the square every few weeks holding signs so we alway know where they will eventually congregate. Lmao

          • yesssss i hear you, Ive been patiently waiting myself.

        • Yay….a bunch of nerf guns.

        • You spoke like a true God’s solider. Allah would be very proud of you.

      2. Bring it.

        • to quote both Roy Rogers and Bruce Willis, “yippee-ky-yay” !!! Looking forward to this up and coming rodeo. Time to end this b.s. C’mon, ‘I’m a communist gay baby seal basher for Christ redneck conservative’ – them’s fightin’ enough words for ya?

          • Anyone looking forward to bloodshed is a complete idiot.
            They have guns too.

            Build the wall.

            DEPORT 100% of Illegal Aliens.

            #MAGA #TRUMP2020

            • Anon: WE have truly come to the point that there MUST be bloodshed! This is no other viable option to take back America and stop this sickness known as Liberalism, The Left, Antifa, and all of that garbage. The time is well past to remove the garbage! Wake up my fellow American Patriots…tick-tock, tick-tock.

            • Well, maybe not ‘complete’. LOL. Just mostly. But as I’ll accept correction with grace, I ask you to do as well. Trump is not the answer, just part of the elite problem. And a wall? You honestly think it will be built? You fell for that? And as for deportation of 100% of the aliens – not in the wildest of dreams. Last and the only real point I do take exeption to – America IS great. Making it greater, fine. No ‘again’ needed.

            • Make Amnesty Great Again? You do realize, they are going to grant amnesty to millions of them, don’t you? When Reagan did it, they promised it was a one-time deal. Even as you read this, they are not just letting them cross the borders, they are actively bringing them here. Don’t hold your breath for a “wall”, it is unlikely to happen.

            • Anon, at best, there may be a little kerfuffle. As far as these hobbyists here smacking their lips about “taking back their country”, not going to happen.

              Go through the archives of any prepper blog and patriot blog (including this one) as far back as you can go and read the comments. These people have been flapping the lips and celluloid arm sags for YEARS. Reading these comments day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, is like deja vu of lip flap infinitum.

              Even reading some of the comments in the article tells you that they are self-inflated fakes who would, in the event of all out breakdown, cry in their shit soiled diapers.

      3. Look out for those two hundred armed lefties and all their misfiring. Seriously, though, the socialist/commie thugs in my neighborhood have been quiet, working on assisting illegals in every way possible. Maybe an army of wetbacks marching on Washington? The left does need conscripts. LOL

      4. civil war would be a disaster with war fought in your front yard. One large brick home on a civil war battle field had over a ton of cannon balls recovered from it. We have all seem the ruins of large cities like Stalingrad. That is what they are talking about. Picture roving war parties plundering and burning at will. Not a good idea

        • This is why we need to connect with like minded individuals and form groups. You can have the most decked out BOL imaginable, but with only one guy (you) to cover all the watch shifts, sooner or later (probably sooner) you’ll be overrun and killed, wife raped, kids enslaved, preps looted.

          Organize, Organize, ORGANIZE!!

          • @ Grunty, You are exactly right. We will need leadership, military organization and a supply chain. I figure a squad of marines could take me with no casualties. Now a squad of gang bangers from the city is another story. I expect to make that sort live hard. These fellows that want war have never lost a buddy in combat. It just makes me want to weep thinking we will see that here. But if they start we will have to Cowboy Up.

          • Grunty: The group must have a overriding philosophy that allows everyone to trust the others. My experience is that your fellow milita must be alcohol free, no drunks, druggies (pot included), no gamblers, atheists. The best groups share a afterlife philosophy, like all being christian.

            The Left don’t have to trust each other as they are simple destroyers, looters.

            We must organize, seek out friends you know and trust now, you’d be surprised how many will be interested in “Gun Clubs”.

        • These hoodlums can be engaged at 200 yards with a .22LR. The report will be so quiet they will never figure out where the fire is coming from……and yes 22LR is plenty accurate and effective at that range for someone who knows how to shoot. I assure you……when guys start falling to the ground screaming because someone put a well aimed shot to their crotch, the will quickly realize their stupidity. Head shots will be fatal. You put four or five of them down, and then withdraw. Engage again later or at a different location or from a different direction. The key is firing from effective concealment and then relocating.

          The mistake would be to engage in a manner where they can know where to shoot back. For this kind of action, high-powered weaponry is a disadvantage. The idea is to demoralize and render the looter/rioters ineffective and unwilling to continue their activity.

          The Israelis used 22LR for the dispersement of Palestinian rioters….but actually had to stop because they were fatally wounding so many of them.

          Don’t discount the effectiveness of .22LR.

          I assure you, very few of these commie pinkos will be skilled enough in weapons or tactics to provide effective return fire.

          • Also consider….the above tactic does not require a large number of people to execute effectively. In fact….a team of two would be perfectly fine….or even an individual could be very effective. More is not better in this type of action.

            The perfect weapon would be a take-down rifle with good optics and threaded barrel for a suppressor.

          • @ Anon5, You are aware that a 40 grain Remington Golden bullet drops 43 inches at 200 yards.

            • Beowulf, I use only 2 brands of .22LR, CCI and Aguilla. Never had any problems with either brand. Remington is just not what it used to be. I also advise avoiding Winchester Super X in .22LR. They cause feeding problems in semiautos. I’ve had trouble with them in my 10/22 and SR22.

        • It indeed would be very ugly. But every other person in the US is an insane liberal. Every other person! So how exactly are patriots going to live side by side with their sworn mortal enemies???

      5. Nothing would surprise me

      6. This is why I’m stocking up on many, many things!!!! Got to get to the reloading bench. That is why I haven’t been on the site.

        • Sgt. Check out Lehigh defense boolits. Midwayusa sells them. The have solid copper match .308 and solid copper handgun boolits too. Check out the Xtreme defense boolits they are made to not ricochet off glass and walls. 2X permanent wound cavity too. Solid copper will penetrate way better than lead filled.

          • Cast your own hard lead, 250 – 270 grain gas checked sized and lubed bullets, shot at 2,100 to 2,200 fps. I use both the .35 Whelen and the .375 H&H mag. Goes in one side and out the other on elk and moose. One shot, one kill, range under 225 yards. Cost only pennies a round once you get the brass paid.

            There are other calibers that meet these specs. Many warriors, veterans, deer hunters have them, several million I’d guess.

            Good shooting.

            One each,
            Veteran, along with 20,000,000 of my brothers.

            • Many rifle cartridges require 40 grains of powder? The 44 special or magnum brass will put a 240 grain cast bullet at 950 fps with 7 grains of 800 X ? That’s 1000 rounds per pound of powder? As opposed to 100 rounds for your average rifle? 44 mag brass loaded at 44 special pressure will last a long time? And a 44 240 at 950 might be a low light hunting load? You can drill a piece of hard wood to the right size and cast a bullet? Powder and primers seem essential?

          • G
            Thanks I will!

        • Hey Sargent Here http://westernfirearms.com.au/ they do international shipping too it’s all in Australian prices so it should be a bit cheaper for you too for spare parts and stuff like that!

      7. As if both sides at the top are not part of the globalist agenda.

        • Never mind ‘Deep State’ or ‘Globalists’ – these terms hide the real people hiding behind the scenes – Zionsits, Freemasons and other secret societies.

          • Never mind Zionists, Freemasons and other secret societies. – these terms hide the real people hiding behind the scenes – J*ws and k*kes.

      8. This guy is dead wrong. There will be no coup, armed or otherwise. The left fucktards have something else in mind for our greatest American President. Assassination.

        • Assassination is for all practical purposes…..a coup.

          The Assassination of JFK was precisely that.

      9. At least give the brainwashed zombies attempting to ‘take back their country’ a fair chance…remember to yell ‘pull’ first.

      10. 100% nonsense. MIC needs the US politically stable enough for the US military to continue to do the bidding of TPTB. So far Trump has not followed his campaign pledges regarding stopping useless wars and the like. While disappointing it is what it is. If TPTB need to pull out the tops they’ll sink the economy and the people will beg for help and largely willingly submit.

      11. This is why I think the shit will hit the fan. I cannot believe the crap that’s going on. Or can i.


        • HCKS
          Where have you been. I haven’t seen you post in a while. Hope all is well.

          Haven’t been hearing anything around the area. Been very quiet. That makes me worry some.


        • HCKS: Have not seen you in a long time. What have you been up to compadre?

        • HCKS, I KNOW there will be SHTF. It’s only a question of when. I’m still stacking myself.

      12. I don’t see an armed Communist coup. And I don’t see Hillary serving any jail time. That said, the sight of Hillary in handcuffs could ignite widespread violence.

        We know conservatives won’t do jack. With a stroke of a pen on New Years Eve 2011 we citizens became subjects. Obama signed the Republican’s NDAA into law. It should have been our Declaration of Independence day. But we are all talk.

        • Yup

        • “I don’t see an armed Communist coup. And I don’t see Hillary serving any jail time. That said, the sight of Hillary in handcuffs could ignite widespread violence.”

          Or… there could be a massive party with everyone dancing in the streets like when OBL was killed…!!!

        • The day we see Hiliary in handcuffs should be declared a national holiday, a new Independance Day, with widespread celebrations unlike anything before.

      13. We are already under Communism.

        Killing each other is stupid.

        The global cabal sucked us into the Civil War, brother killing brother. Are we falling for the same idiotic suicidal madness. The evil ones planned World War 1, 2, and 3. Do we have the freewill given by The Creator. “What if there was a war and nobody came?”

        It turns out, President Clinton armed North Korea with nukes. See how they play us. They arm both sides, then sit back with a bag of popcorn and watch the show.


        • I don’t consider any Democrat to be my brother,
          God forgive me.

          • I forgive you. (God is busy right now.)

            • Choice 🙂

        • . . .under (((communism))) since 1913. . .

      14. Nasa just came out with something about the poles shifting, that its going to shift this year. So what do we do, accept more UN.

        Nice try dumbasses, the poles will not shifting for another 100 years. The shift will be in the way of thinking as in, we the people have had enough of your bullshit. Sounds almost like the bullshit they just released talking crap about the construction for the Mars ship has begun, while they have been on Mars with completely fully operational bases since 1971, via blackops secret space command.


        • A Mars base now what happened to NIBURU?

      15. and just who could they use for this? who are their useful idiots right now ?..shouldn’t be too hard for the really awake to fill in this blank

        Open season on the fascists? and those that push unjust laws and made up rules ?

        and those “just doing their jobs” because they cant think for themselves, or follow the constitution that they swore to uphold and defend from all enemies foreign and domestic ? lol yeah sure ..i got a bridge to sell to right on floriduh swamp land

        Just who do you think the Government is going to use as their thug army?
        shouldn’t be too hard to figure it out , they are already murdering us with impunity , and are given the tools of war paid for by our tax dollars , and they sure dont have a very high IQ collectively so they are easily given unjust laws to follow and they do it oh so well without once thinking for themselves , oh and to top it off their Mob Union defense team is so benevolent ..sarc

        Just following orders didnt work as a defense at the Nuremberg trials , and it aint going to work this time either , but I doubt the awake this time, will leave many to face a trial

      16. Mike Adams is wrong in one regard. The Left know full well what they are doing. The Left pretend to be one thing when they are another.

      17. I have previously posted some thoughts/opinions about governments or economic systems to the extent that I have been admonished that capitalism is not a political system, but rather an economic system. Fair enough, if one wants to be a purest about it and distinguish politics from economics, but come on, let’s face it, the two are inexorably intertwined to the point that fascism (a duopoly of corporate and political control) is commonplace in nearly all western 1st world countries.

        Even though our forefathers and writers of the Constitution and Bill of Rights were very smart and insightful men, they still messed up or omitted certain critical controls in establishing the democratic republic. They recognized that government grows, centralizes, and devolves into a tyrannical state, but they did not write enough protections into the constitution to prevent it. For example, they recognized the need for executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government for check valves/counterbalances, and I understand that there was even a poll tax?

        But did they did not have the foresight to require a voting permit. LEGAL Immigrants have to pass a knowledge test to be granted citizenship. Why shouldn’t people be required to pass a basic voting test? This admittedly is a very inflammatory question. Why should the farmer, who grows the food that feeds us, but yet may not know how to pass the written test, be denied a vote when his function is so vital to society? It seems in theory or by law, all children are required to have some basic level of education whether through private or public schools or homeschooling. So in a perfect world, the citizens should be taught a curriculum that includes subjects of economics, banking, politics etc. This is not being taught, as the govt wants us to remain stupid and gullible. Just throwing this out there for debate.

        Some things our forefathers could not possibly have foreseen, especially the evolution and lethality of guns and weapons. Should not the 2nd amendment allow citizens to have rockets, lasers, and other advanced weaponry too? The forefathers could never have dreamed of such advancements after being mired for centuries in technology that yielded only the flintlock musket or black powder cannon.

        In contrast, it is inconceivable that they could not have foreseen the corrupting consequences of NOT having term limits.

        Even transporation/communications, it could be argued, are not as critical. OK, so instead of horse back, wagons, and dirt roads, we now have paved interstate highways, gasoline-powered vehicles, aircraft, trains, radios, internet etc. Tremendous advances indeed, yet it might be argued, not as critical a difference in many ways as the difference between muskets versus cluster bombs because citizens too can use planes, trains, internet, highways.

        Government is a sort of reverse 2nd law of thermodynamics. Instead of the tendency for randomness or entropy to increase, with government, entropy decreases and becomes more centralized and concentrated.

        The cycle seems inescapable. A few people at the top, often those who do no useful, meaningful, productive value-added work, can therefore devote their undivided time and energy to figuring out ways that they can concentrate their power at the expense of those who paradoxically feed, heal, transport, build, and clean them.

        I get even more controversial. The simple fact is that eventually, often the most “intelligent” people wind up exploiting those of “lesser” intelligence, even though those of lesser intelligence perform vital functions for society. (Not that politicians are intelligent- they are intelligent in gaming the system.)

        It seems that all forms of government wind up concentrating power into the hands of the few. People who either do not have the “education” or “intelligence” or who are too tied down doing necessary productive work as part of their livelihoods, can not defend themselves against this surreptitious takeover of their lives and freedoms. It starts with the central bank/fiat system and fractional reserve lending that allows politicians to “pay” for the promises to the voters that in turn allows these politicians to get elected, and then re-relected, and from there, they become magnets for influence money from corporations. Politicians get rich, corporations get quid pro quo favorable laws in return, and the fascist state is born.

        Once the fascist state has matured, it becomes unstoppable through any legislative, legal or economic remedies. The end result requires, as Mike Adams of Health Ranger implies, a kinetic or violent military civil war, coup or revolt.

        So, not only should there be term limits, but all politicians must have demonstrated some qualifications of previous business experience, active military service etc. and /or be engaged in some part-time non-political work so that government is an only a part-time job.

        • The “Founding Fathers” COULD envision advanced weaponry.

          Are retarded?

          Build the wall.

          DEPORT 100% of Illegal Aliens.

          #MAGA #TRUMP2020

      18. Interesting, I wonder which side the 300 million CIVILIAN firearms will be fighting on. And just which side the US armed forces will be.
        I think I know, and the end result will not be pretty for the Clintons and their komrades.

      19. Polishing my rifles…..loading magazines….stackin canned goods..

        • What part of VA are you, I live down here on the southern border.

          • hey bill, I am on the other side of the southern border of va, good to see you.

      20. Oh please do.

        You want to see what a truly epic fail looks like? 🙂

      21. buttcrackofdoom, standing by!

      22. Related topic?? Maybe, maybe not.
        Canning lids now only seal for 12 months….says FDA and manufacturers.
        Agenda 21 anyone? Make the world insufficient and reliable on the govt. to maintain control.
        I have lids bought 5 years ago….lots of lids from the Amish.
        My plan is to use a couple of new lids on the market now with the old lids in storage, wait 12 months, and compare the shelf life.
        Only thing is, I must wait till this summer, and another 12 months for results.
        I had my lids advertised on CL and removed them after reading about new lids.

        • Crap….when did that happen?

        • Thanks

      23. Civil war would be the best thing that could happen to us! Lefties are incapable of fighting, manufacturing or producing anything. They subside on gov’t jobs and gov’t grants. They couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag! We would get rid of them once and for all.

      24. Nope there will not be armed confrontation. or even hunting down of targeted groups. They will rid the country of white folks and any deemed culls by starvation. The food stamps and government checks will not arrive. We will surrender when we hear our hungry children crying. The killed the buffalo and cut the pinion pines to starve the plains natives. Shot thousands of horses at places like Palo Duro canyon to starve the Commanchie and Apachie. The army harassed the Nez Pierce until they quit fleeing. They know what worked in the past and that it will work just as easy today. No government checks and grid down and in 60 days most will surrender to a FEMA camp. There are so few really capable preppers that such folks are not worth the effort to worry about. You better hope for Hicks NIBIRU or the second coming. Be Realistic TRUMP will not MAGA. it aint gonna happen. And those Second Admendment tools will not water Jeffersons tree of liberty. Armchair warriors. You aint gonna do nuthin. I know one so called patriot who did sumthin. He drove and crashed his truck into the post office. He attacked a government facility. He now receives a Social Security Crazy check.

      25. One of Murphy’s Law of combat operations:
        NO battle plan survives contact with the enemy. And no matter how well the experts implement their plan, there are always unintended consequences. I could be wrong, but I don’t know of any war that ended as the planners thought it would. Example; when our Civil War started, each side thought it would be a short war and be over in a matter of weeks. When World War One started, nobody foresaw that the war would end three aristocracies. Things were going so well for the allies, many troops were telling themselves of how they might be home for Christmas (Dec, 1944). The Germans of course had a different say in the matter. So if another Civil War does happen, it will NOT go as planned.

        I full concur with Old Guy. Trump can NOT make America great again. It is not going to happen. I do pray for him and support what he would like to do to make this country better than what it was/is, he is NOT a Messiah. I do pray that he does not meet with the same fate as JFK did. The very best he can do is delay the inevitable fall/crash/demise of the FUSA and its’ empire. Go re-read your history books regarding the world powers and empires of the past. Same causes with a different set of actors and stage. All world powers/empires have a limited shelf life. Our time on the world stage is almost over. The fat lady is warming up.

        • NewVegasBadger I agree with you. The USA is a Nation in Decline. Too many Takers and too few Makers. The much ballyhooed stock market! Just what Product does it make that adds to the GNP. Its just like the digital fiat petro dollars created out of thin air by the fed. I can disappear in a instant. The USA’s armies are spread all over the world. and things are falling apart at home. But we must find another war to win? We are still fighting the war on communist. Still fighting the war on poverty, still fighting the War on terrorist, still fighting the war on drugs, there is a war on the middle class. a war on the truth. A war on the climate and who know what they will think up next?

          • That next war is already going on. It began quietly, decades ago, but is gearing up. It is the war on the White race.

            • True, but no one know who is behind it. . .

            • Yes there is a war on the white race. And there are certainly a bunch of race traitors in government assisting that war. With a civil war it would be hard to identify the enemy. Not so with Race war or ethnic cleansing. White skinned folks tend to be individuals. The other races go tribal in a instant. We white guys could never win any confrontation with the government or military. but in the aftermath of a collapse when those other races got done fighting and killing each other. Its might be possible to eradicate the remaining shitskins.

          • . . .a war on bullshit. . .would be welcomed. . .

        • NVB,
          Be patient, it takes time to build a court case against criminals. Trump is not asleep at the wheel.

          I’ve been tracking a lot of this and the web of intrigue is astounding.

          A silly fact, Trey Gowdym a voice for truth, is on several high level committees. The problem was, for all the years he served while Obama was president, Trey Gowdy was denied a top secret clearance, so he could never see the real evidence. Without cause, but simply because he was the opposition party, the Obama admin made sure he couldn’t see the real exculpatory evidence.

          Donald Trump fixed that by executive order granting Gowdy the highest clearance possible, ever since, democrats have been trying to silence him. Give it a little time, be patient. There’s stuff happening that will change the world.

          • Good sir, I am being patient. However the social/moral/cultural problems can not be legislated away. Laws and programs pass…I will give the benefit of the doubt here…tend to make matters worse. For example, social welfare programs designed to help those in poverty (and who does not want to help the “poor”) have had the unintended consequence of rewarding bad behavior (unwed women having babies outside of marriage) and punishing (loss of welfare benefits) a poor woman who does get married. The Federal student loan programs
            are the reason why tuition continues to get more expensive every year. Universities have zero incentive to keep costs down, when the increase is passed on to the student. Who has to borrow more money for a degree of questionable value.

            What is needed is a shift in the cultural values of our current society. No President can undo the damage done by the cultural Marxists since the 60’s (to use as a reference point). This country has yet to suffer the consequences of its’ actions. WE are the Roman Empire on steroids. Again, I do want the best for President Trump. But there is a limit to what he can do. I do hope that some of the traitorous criminals from the past administration will answer in full for their crimes. As in; Rope, tree/lamp post, criminal politician. Some assembly required.
            But as I see it, the SHTF will happen. We are totally screwed. Rather than despair or give in to a feeling of defeat and depression. I take comfort in reading the Old Testament book of Habakkuk. The Just shall live by their faith. All the best to you, Plan twice, prep once!

      26. The planet X planet is real and will soon see the effects of it. I am not retracting on my comments about that. This is going to be a different year.. The planet will pull from behind the sun soon and people are going to start to panic. This is why Trump and the globalist trying to attack NK, to start ww3. This way, they don’t have to answer to what is up in the sky. They get to avoid it, and if the war does not start, that planets crossing will be the beginning of disclosure, their version of it, which will be nothing by lies, and the ending of all wars. This is why I do not trust Trump, he is part of the cover story.


        • Seriously hcks , welcome home bud.
          Don’t you run away again.

      27. I wonder if many thought the last civil war would happen , or it’s severity? Seems most think nothing bad will happen to them ? Before it does?

      28. The bolshavics killed the czar and his ministers as Anastasia screamed in vain? Guess their name? Who owns 95 % of the media and Hollywood, and 40% ? Of the Supreme Court? Revelation 2:9,3:9 John 8:44 wake up and smell the coffee?

      29. Alexander Solsenitzen wrote of the remorse in the gulags for having been taken alive? They had a chance fighting , but no chance ounce being taken? He survived, But how many didn’t?

      30. Filling a 5 gallon plastic gas can with powdered milk or rice isn’t that hard? Weather proof highly portable. Mattew 25 seems to explain? The mistake of just believing?

      31. Always thought of the effectiveness of a pocket size electronic camera flash device at night? Blind them with light and move. Like a portable reusable flash without the bang. Small lite. Surrounded at night , might give an advantage?

      32. I think you are right Mac. It certainly would not surprise me to wake up one morning with the internet disconnect, all phones cellular and land lines with no service. Any and all TV stations showing only state run “National Emergency, Please stand by”. All AM and FM stations on air but overridden by the National Emergency Broadcast. Banks not able operate including ATM’s. All you have is the cash on you, gas you have on hand.

        Point being all anyone would have to do is let the American people kill each other till our numbers are manageable and “they” can come in to an almost intact infrastructure.

        • . . .and who would keep that infrastructure going? . .

      33. The real issue is what do we all do when the soldiers hiding in all our underground cities are unleashed upon all of us?

        I can only think of what St. Augustine said: “Act as if everything depends on you but pray as if everything depends on God.”

        – the Lone Ranger

      34. Let’s see…battle tested veterans who have been napping and stacking for years vs. pink pussy-hat wearing soyboys who might have played paintball or had an air-soft battle in their backyard safe spaces. Hmmm….anyone taking odds?

      35. Sarge, and others, I have been busy with daily living. Had to move my office, and relocate more north for easier access. All sorts of daily stuff, the same shit you guys do. Get up take a shit, eat breakfast, suddenly to realize that the New world order needs their bill companies paid, etc. I am living with my woman, and they keep you up on you ass with all sorts of bullshit. we have to this, do that, because of this and that, and its all bullshit. But for them its important. Either way you look at it, your paying for pussy. Even though things are good, we men are only kidding ourselves if we thing that we are in control. And when you disagree, it oh shut up, your being a jerk, i am a jerk? since when. My sifu called me about martial practice, that he is ready next month. He is been busy training 4 ufc wannabe mother fuckers, etc. He is also my personal bodyguard and he does charge me for this, can you believe this shit. I have not utilized that service from him yet, but it could happen if I was going to bad area. Guys in all honesty, just everyday shit. And of course I had to release my AR15 mag springs to make sure that don’t get too stretched. The usual checklist for SHTF emergencies. A lot of you guys may think I have some beef with Brave and in all honesty, he had nothing to do with me leaving, I just had to take a break. So when I jumped on I noticed that the comments were not as active. I am really wanting to believe that Trump is working for the people, and I do like the man, its just that something is not adding up, especially with the recent false flags, and he has not done anything, so I cannot support his actions because I can’t lie to myself and it is stupid to believe any president. So that’s basically it.


        I am human too.

        • HCKS,
          Nice to hear from you.

          A scrap of wisdom, if you want to live forever, find yourself an even tempered good woman and have some kids. Teach them well and teach them to be better than you. When the grandkids come along, teach them even better, you should have learned a thing or two along the way. I have no regrets, except for that giant tattoo on my ass…….. But I digress.

          The day may come we have to fight, if I’m fighting for these beautiful young lives that bring me joy beyond measure, I will be a terrifying force in any field. People underestimate me when they see me. To look at me impresses no one, but I can run five miles flat out, and knock off a hundred push-ups a couple times a week. I get such odd looks at the range when I do ten push-ups and then fire ten rounds of 308 at a two hundred yards. Wash rinse repeat (it simulates firing under extreme stress).

          I suspect the looney left have no such grounding in reality, they are cupcakes, have even less imagination and lack any real motivation. They are all talk. I find they aren’t even worth the breath to respond to.

          Be well, learn to be the gray man. Above all else, love life, it is Gods greatest creation and gift.

          • I cannot do any pushups. and cant see good enough to sharp shoot. I might be effective with a 12 guage at close range. But my grandchildren are all crack shots. I have no doubt that if I told them to blow a hole in something or someone they could and would do just that.

      36. HCKS….glad to see you posting again

      37. Let’s not forget that Smedley Butler said that he was approached to lead a coupe’ against FDR .

      38. Yea, yea, powder dry and all that….

        Let em’ try….

      39. Well, I am just tired of all the BS.just like everyone else. Let’s just get it over with. Let the cards fall where they may.

      40. I would welcome this, no prisoners.

      41. still waiting

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