Migrant Crisis Has Europe Shaking On Its Foundations: “Only Alternative To EU Is War”

by | Nov 13, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 97 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: The EU is now asserting its authority as an instrument of stability, and telling member states to fall in line, lest more severe consequences should arise – namely war. Does this amount to a threat, or do EU bureaucrats merely mean to indicate that only through a centralized authority with diminished states rights can they avoid war? Europe may face disintegration anyway; its currency crises and migration woes are causing instability, and its caught-in-the-middle position complicates its relationships with the East and West.

    Nevertheless, the drums of war are beating all across the globe, and influence over Europe and the Middle East have become region blocs for conquest. The original formations of the EU were built through an Atlantic network, including the secretive Bilderberg group, as an extension of the post-war Pax Americana.

    EU Commissioner’s Dire Warning: “The Only Alternative To Europe Is War”

    by Tyler Durden

    While the saying goes “good fences make good neighbors,” it appears the leadership of The EU is starting to get frustrated with the lack of acquiescence among some of the ‘union’s’ newer or more marginal members. In a somewhat stunning statement, following ongoing and contentious meetings to discuss solutions to the migrant ‘problem’, EU Commissioner Timmermanns appeared to warn disagreeable member states, “There is an alternative to everything. I believe in EU cooperation because of all other forms in history have been tried to help Europeans get on better, and with the exception of this one, all other forms have led to war – so let’s stick to this one.”


    As Elsevier reports (via Google Translate),

    European leaders read the last few days the alarm about the survival of the European Union (EU). Prague said Commissioner Frans Timmermans (PvdA) Friday that the EU is only one alternative: war.

    “The only alternative to the EU is war,” said Timmermans Friday gave a speech at a conference in Prague, said a reporter for The Times of London who attended the speech.

    Timmermans is the way Europe responds to the migration crisis’ the biggest threat to the EU ever. The Commissioner underlined that countries should cooperate better when it comes to border controls. “Migration is part of life, but we must lead these movements together in the right direction,” said Timmermans.

    Matching words Timmermans in the alarmist tone that European leaders were heard in recent days about the survival of the EU. Earlier this week, Timmermans at the House of Europe Lecture in Amsterdam that he fears for the survival of the EU. “I do not optimistic about doing that, because I’m just not. This is the first time in my conscious experience of European cooperation that I think: it could ever really be able beaches.

    Luxembourg Foreign Minister, who will chair the Council of the European Union on behalf of his country, spoke in an interview about identical words.

    The current migration crisis is the European ideal of free movement shaking on its foundations. EU President Donald Tusk said that the EU is engaged in “a race against the clock.” “But we are determined to win this race,” said Tusk. “As I warned earlier, the only way not to dismantle the Schengen ensure proper management of the external borders of the EU.”

    The EU appears to be unable to curb migration flows. Because the borders are not guarded, seeing more and more countries are forced to protect their own borders. Even the welcoming Sweden went on Thursday to intensive checks on the southern border.

    Remember when Hank Paulson waved the “Mutual Assured Destruction” card in the face of the U.S. with his infamous “blank check” three page term sheet? Now, it’s Europe’s turn.

    What’s worse, however, for things to devolve this much, it confirms that the European ‘Union’ is rapidly disintegrating, much more than the recent surge in barbed wire fences around European nations will demonstrate, and as Timmermanns warns, that means war.


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      1. Well at least keep this war on thier side of the pond…

        Be well all…

        • heads up all! terrist attacks in paris, so far at least 36 dead in at least 3 separate attacks…turn on the news!

            At least 100 reportedly executed by terrorist gunmen inside concert hall; at least 40 others are dead in seven coordinated attacks

            TERRORISTS WIELDING AK-47S and hurling explosives executed at least 100 people at a Paris concert hall, after at least 40 people were killed elsewhere in coordinated attacks that rocked the French capital and prompted President Francois Hollande to order the entire nation’s borders closed and a state of emergency.

            Fox News

            • I have a cousin in Germany. He has been there his entire adult life. A concert pianist & teacher.

              We spoke at length tonight. He says Germany is “no more”. His words.

              The muslims out number the germans.

              The muslims walk into shops and load up their carts and leave without paying. When the shop owners chase them down, demanding payment, the muslims reply “your government will pay you.” This goes on in all the neighborhoods.

              Building contractors are allowed to only build temp housing for the muslim migrants.

              Steven says it will soon come to a head. But they are defenseless. No guns allowed.

      2. Well at least keep the war on thier side of the pond.

        Be well all…

        • Eppe, I have to agree. Twice in one century was twice too much for us. They’ve brought all of this onto themselves. They’ve made their own bed so now they need to lie down on it.

          • There is no way that the US would sit something like that out. Between the globalists and mutual defense treaties we’ll be in ASAP. Hell the US gets involved in smaller more obscure wars; can’t miss a big one.

            You’ll have no say in the above.

            • Europe will beg Russia to save them. Put a fork in the EU. Countries like Hungary are telling the EU gang to fuk off. Every nation that borders Germany should be feverishly erecting aborder fence. This should be a 24/7 project. Any bets on how long it will be until ‘migrants’ seize (read: are handed) American nuclear weapons?

      3. To me, it’s an idle threat. None of the EU states are at war or have issues that could lead to war. None of the states will go to war with another state to ensure Muslims can cross a border. They will simply push them out of their country as best they can or send them back.

        • No white Europeans are going to kill each other so Muslims can cross borders more easily and collect welfare. The Muslims are kidding themselves if they think that is happening. The more likely scenario is this: eventually cruise ships will be commandeered and then packed with refugees to be taken to a new facility somewhere in Africa. It will be cheaper to put them in a camp there and then pay the Chinese to run it (they can set up sweat shops and work these people like they need to be worked).

          • Frank thoughts . Your the man.!

          • An original idea. I like it!

          • FT, now there is a PLAN.

          • why not send them to those chinese cities that nobody lives in…closer to home for them?

            • The Chinese have plenty of trouble already. Both the Chinese and Russians know first hand what savages muslimes are, and hate them accordingly (as does anyone who has had to live near muslimes).

      4. Great! I am so tired of this. Time to drop this mad idea in the dustbin of history. And if it means war, so be it (at least this would stop the “refugees” going TO europe).

      5. They are pushing people, that still adhere to the nation state, to fight to protect nationalism. The PTB will have their world government, because they are so close to achieving their dreams to stop.

        You cannot deny that a country without borders is not a sovereign country. They HAVE to kill nationalism in order to achieve ONE WORLD GOVERNANCE!

        • Question: If 51% of the population of a country (e.g. England) is not indigenous to that county (i.e. foreigners) is it still England?

          • No! It’s just a Muslim EN-GLAND.

          • Where on earth did you get the figure 51% of none indigenous population in England from? The school of made up facts?

            The ignorance and scare mongering of Americans on this site, who barely know where England is on the map (what about Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland?) would be amusing if it were not so frightening.

            You all claim to be Americans yet, in truth, you yourselves, are all descendents of immigrants!

            The state that Europe is in now can be laid directly at the door of clumsy, misguided and ignorant American foreign policy. Learn world history, it’s causes and effects, and do not learn it from Hollywood!

            America – the only country to go from barbarism to decadence without the intervening period of civilisation. Reading most of the comments here it would appear that you’re still stuck in the barbarism stage.

        • Justice, spot on. If I was a European I would tell the EU prick to go f#$% himself!


            • I keep saying, ‘bring back the guillotine’… let some psycho heads roll.

      6. Timmermans has no appreciation of European history. All previous European wars were based on Empire building.

        The Germans no longer need to invade their neighbours; the French don’t need to protect any overseas interests; the Austro-Hungarian Empire no longer exists; Spain and the UK can divide along their fault-lines without going to war – the Czech and Slovak Republics were formed without resorting to warfare.

        The political dream of uniting all of Europe under one political and economic Federal Union was never a feasible option. The majority of the population in Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy will revert to pitchforks before submitting to the Brussels am Berlin Axis.

        Sovereign Democracy and national borders will be re-introduced by popular demand and there will be a lot of blood on the streets. You wouldn’t want to be a disabled, gay, black Muslim in any part of rural Europe right now…

      7. Europe has the Muslims and the USA has its Mexicans.
        I’ll take the Mexicans.

        Europe doesn’t know what to do. Like Smokey said, An idle threat of war. Ruin the infrastructure completely when the economy is going down toilet.

        Lots and lots of riots over the horizon.

        • The truth hurts, When you said Europe has the Muslims and the USA has its Mexicans, USA will get 700,000 musliums in 2016 because of obama. When obama says he will let in 200,000 illegals it means 4-5 times more than what he said. he lies to the people of the United States allot.

          • And most of them will be young men of military age (and probably with military training and intentions as well).

          • Yes and it is so that Israel can soon steal enough Lands in mid east to become “Greater Israel” or Greater Yisreal as spelled in most israel state newspapers such as Harrattz and Jeruselem Post articles about their rabid quest for more lands to create a much larger size “jewish state”

            Picture the vast Howels and crys if some whiteys demanded a “White and/Or Christian State” eh!

            Then it be a Rayssis opps and antisemitic issue eh!

            be sure to read the other prior reply post I did here for actual proof solid of real truth reasons this is occuring now. Can’t argue or deny transcripted documents and photos of whys and whom’s it is happening.

            And it is NOT about Oil nor gas line pipes etc! it IS Two Main reasons…#1- boot out or kill off non jewish persons so to steal lands they Own, and #2 to Punish Whites of EU (usa too soon!) for not doing anything to stop the alledged holohoax events from happening 75 yrs ago!….Read and Learn. Transcripted Facts do not lie eh!

          • Border-

            My thoughts exactly on we will have 4-5 times more that Obama says.

            But I also know that they are already here. I have seen it for myself.

            • It’s true that a number of muslims are already in USA. In fact the muslims even have 15-23 terrorist training grounds in the USA & the FED & obama already knows where they are. Even the news pointed it out their locations in USA & still nothing is being done to remove them. it goes to show you many countries that took in the so called muslim refugees will have a massive war on their hands.

      8. Sling, that horizon seems to be getting closer. I hear thunder; there’s a storm coming.

        • Braveheart1776

          I figure when we get enough of the refugee’s or illegal aliens within our borders they will start to riot and make demands. There will not be a large enough jobs market to keep people happy. So future riots are high on the percentage scale. Like these college protests and Race riots many will copycat to get what they want. Many will riot because they have an agenda. Others will riot cause they are followers. Some will riot for revenge and even some because it would be fun to be part of the movement.

          It is hard waiting for all of this to come to us. But it will eventually.

          When it does, the pushback will be pure hell.

          • When Obama was running for Office the first time around, he promised Unity. As usual to his habitual, manipulating lying he did not bring us unity – he brought us Division.

            With all the PC crap, and these Po’tessin at Nigzou and other Liberal/Commie Universities demanding basically mo’free shit. The Obama Administration is igniting the powder keg as we speak between Race and Religions.

            I’m afraid it is turning and unfolding into White Genocide.
            The NWO has been pushing hard to strip the United States Of Americas identity.

            Seems the Government is failing at trying to ignite WWIII and nobody on the other side is taking the bait. They are resorting back to basics, and stirring up a shit storm right here within our country.

            • FTW.

              It is possible The USA can become like South Africa.

          • Sling, there will definitely be pushback on my part. Let’s see how the rioters feel when their numbers start getting reduced by gunfire.

            • I’ve worked construction with these people for thirty years. They smile at you real nice . But you soon figure out they are not on our side. Any of you that haven’t worked with these people eight hours a day for thirty years have no opinion based on experience.

      9. Reading there are more protests on many campuses like the Mizzou.

        • Sling, I saw that one last night. Pissin and moanin over student loan debt and wanting to get FREE college education? GMAFB and GTFOOH! OK, I know I’ll catch some flak over this one, but I don’t give a shit. Colleges don’t teach anything useful in my view. It’s all about political indoctrination aka commie brainwashing. No way I’d let any kid of mine go to college and me expected to pay some six-figure sum for the brainwashing. Those kids will just end up being caught up in ‘the great culling’ later on. They don’t stand a chance.

          • Braveheart1776

            There is something to be said about that. Imagine expecting to get a six figure job after you spend thousands of dollars and the time to get the degree.
            Only to have to take a small paying job and saddled with all those student loans, because first they are many like you competing for that same job. Second, Are there enough jobs of the type your degree encompasses.

            Wonder how many student have change their Major over the years?

            • Sling, it’s been estimated that since 2008, at least half of all college graduates in the US have had to settle for less than what they hoped for. And these were people who voted for the ‘hope and change’ turd in the WH.

            • Last time I roofed my house I got a few laborers, one of them had a degree in International Relations. We spent the week joking about how that and a dollar would get a cup of coffee.

              I hope he found a decent paying career since then, he was a good guy to work with.

            • I have a step son just like that. A hundred thousand dollar education and works as a bartender thing is I pay the bill. He could care less.

      10. What is happening in Europe soon will be happening in the US of A. Bush hired the former head of the East German STASI, Marcus Wolf (Jewish), to advise/design Homeland Security He was followed by “dual”citizen creeps Chertoff and Napolitano. Why? To set up a tyrannical Police state to lord over the American people. How can we be surprised that we are being treated like Palestinians ……. when our GUARDS are trained by their OPPRESSORS ?

        If you don’t want to see the truth just check the latest killing of the ranchers and day to day Americans and not the black thugs who are being paid by the Soros and the company to scream black lives matter.

        • Spot on and nice post Stolz – and I agree that we will end up being treated like the Palestinians…but the difference is. We actually have weapons to fight back with, and it won’t be a cake walk for the likes of the IDF to shoot down an individual who has a rock or stick in their hand.

          • Read what Ben Franklin George Washington ,Jefferson . Said about the Barbera learner Specter types.

        • Stolz Vor:

          In the United States I believe there will be a competition for top dog between Pro-Zionists and Traditional Americans.

          In Europe there will be a similar battle of wills for Power that of Pro-Zionist against Traditional Europeans.

          Who will win, God knows.

          Interesting post. Better than just venting against your usual suspect. Keep up the good work.

          • God has told us who will win regardless of the ods. He said he would do miracles as in the times of Moses . He’s not as stupid as our human leaders.

            • Lone-

              Good post, 100% agree.

        • Stolz, I’ve heard the story behind Wolf and a former high-ranking KGB official brought over by the US to design DHS but I never knew wolf was a member of ‘the tribe’. Interesting and explains a helluva lot.

      11. The President of Hungary, an EU member, said that the whole things is being orchestrated by Leftist from Europe and the U.S. He mentioned Geo. Soros, and stated that he believed that the Left was trying to flood Europe and the U.S. with new Left voters.

        Coming from a Head of State, this is a pretty heavy statement. Can anyone say; Cloward and Piven?

        Don’t know about the rest of ya’ll, but this old Rebel believes that America is worth fighting for when the time comes.

        • “Don’t know about the rest of ya’ll, but this old Rebel believes that America is worth fighting for when the time comes.”

          Agreed Stars & Bars – White America is being pushed out in the form of stripping it’s Historical Heritage and Identity and being replaced with “Minority Rules and Culture”.

          It appears our own Government is selling us out once again down the drain in the form of Racial Division. The NWO would love nothing more than to start a Race War in this country. It would help disguise their role(s) and further their progression of fulfillment to achieve their One World Government.

          • FTW,
            This is not the first time DC has done this. During The War of Northern Aggression (1860-64) Mr. Lincoln allowed massive migration of the Irish/Germans to North America, as long as they were willing to join his army.

            NY state fielded whole divisions of Irish soldiers.

            • No doubt our Government has done some dirty tricks back in the day … and yet, they still continue to do them. Problem is in today’s current events, they are not masking them very well. Almost as if they forgot how to be discreet, and if caught. The arrogance is overwhelming … as in – who cares about it, and who is gonna stop us – kinda attitude.

              • Almost like they have a new weapon and we don’t matter.

              • The potatoe famine gave the federalists an Irish army. The con. Federalists . Tried to save our country against incredible ods. At least they tried?

            • By civil war era Lincoln was worried since all of the former Officers of usa military status from war of 1812 were far too old mostly for new service, many were dead by then too.

              Then, I do not now recall the advisor guys name?…But Lincolns advisor guy said “Hey! we just had a huge influx of new immigrants from Germany! and they Do have military experience due to fact they just fought and Lost an one year revolt-war to Communise germany!”

              They were nick nammed the “48-Er’s” aka did a 1848 german revolt.

              Indeed most lived in Northern zones of wisconsin and minn areas…Other states in mid west/north too and every single one had military experience due to they all were staunch Marxist Believers and jewdeokommies!

              They were german-jewish marxist that attempted a revolt takeover of germany similar to what happened by same types in Russia 1917 revolt…in fact 1917 russia was THIRD try at russian communization revolt! 1st try in 1899, 2nd try was 1905…Only in 1917 when usa bankster Jacob Shiff gave trotsky $20 mill in pure gold and germans warburg banksters gave Lennin $10 mil gold was the 3rd attempt to destroy whites and christians russia a huge success.

              Well back in germany the same type jewish kommie marxist tried it there but in 1848! Same year marx manifesto went viral public! Just under one year failed badly and them what weren’t rounded up and killed for treason against germany Fled! To…the USA! where Linocln Hired them as his brand new Officer core squads to be leadership in the civil war etc….Ironic how jewdeo Bolshevik kommies, like a Lepored never change their spots eh.

              Now 2015 we see their great grandkids, ie: schumer-finestien-bloomberg et al doing exact same scenario in EU and USA to finish the extermination of whiteys projects first began over 100+ yrs ago eh.

              And some wonder why they get called Nation Wreckers?!! OyVey!

              • You really suffer from delusion, this is made obvious by your one track mind, only one thing, over and over, it lends itself to your made up view of history, you have to be a lonely, old man, you’ve got nothing else to occupy your time but your seething hatred. I’m glad not to be you, it must be a miserable existence.

        • Stars & Bars, welcome, and I wholeheartedly agree. Again, welcome.

        • S&B. There’s no place to run to. We either stand and fight or die.

      12. Norway just told their cops they can no longer carry their guns on their belts, like they have been doing for the past year .. they say the Muslim threat is down, so they have nothing to worry about

        FOOLS!.. there’s a huge possibility that this was the dumbest move Norway could have taken .. time will tell

        • EOTS, the dumbest thing the Norwegians and other EU states have done is taking in muslims. It ranks right up there with adopting socialist policies also. The EU is doomed.

          • Agreed it is dumb and I’m not disagreeing with you, but it appears to be PLANNED.
            When so called leaders like Angela Merkel offers these people a better life – how many would deny the offer?

            This mass influx of immigration/migration is 100% orchestrated from the likes of Washington D.C. & Pals.

            It is a well designed plan to destroy all identities of nations, to create their “new” identity under one rule of law called One World Government, or simply put New World Order.

            Destroy, rebuild, and redesign a geographic area.
            Repeat process until the Globe is United under ONE SLAVE OWNER. If what I say is the probable scenario being played out, the outcome will be unbelievably … unrecognizable pure carnage.

            • germanys Merkel was raised in what became east germany once that kommie wall was erected…She was a Teenager TOP Head of the kommie bolshevik Youth movnt!

              So entrenched into bolshevik kommie groups she was one of the small Few trusted with a Pass to travel back and forth into and OUT of eastern german sector from Behind the wall…Her main job while in West germany and France and other nations then was to gather intel aka to SPY!

              Merkel is also at least 1/2 jewish on mommas side so acording to state of israel talmudic return Laws she is a 100% jewish female period…Mothers dna is what matters for them.

              Merkel is a full Blown former and lifelong current Bolshevik Kommie period…But they probably now calls it something other than bolsheviks or kommies eh…DemocRATS something or other I’d guess…She Cares NOT for german folks especially them of the white and/or christian types.

              PLUS: aprox six months ago maybe a bit longer now?…about 120 EU Jewish Males and rabbis demanded a right to not just create a EU-jewish Parlimentarian group, but also demanded to Occupy Space Within the same EU Parlimentary Building as used by True elected EU officials from all eu stetes etc!

              And of course this new group of 120 got their demands met asap fast…They since occupy a wing within eu parliment buildg…Their stated reason/goals for such a large group of jewish Only membership…was in order to “Look out for EU jewish intrests of the eu jewish folks there” thats like what?…perhaps a Tenth of ONE percent total eu POP is jewish today? or Less yet!…But they Must have “official” status right…

              Anybody that thinks this new 120 member group hasn’t had much to do with current immigrant influx has been fully asleep at wheel far too long now folks!

              Meanwhile back here in usa fed govnt…A few yrs ago under GW Prez he did exec orders to create a new official agency Within the usa state dept…An new agency to hire tons of new fed paid work force to look out for and compile Globally everywheres, any type of antisemitic activity etc regardless what it is or where originates from…This new work force is supposed to file a usa congress official antisemite activity report at least twice per year if I recall it correct.

              WHERES the new fed state dept agency to record and compile the vast massive increase of anti-WHITES activities here and abroad eh?…Being aprox 68-70% of usa POP Us whiteys rate more concern than the measley tiny small 1.7% that Other groups POP represents no? And Whiteys has had far more anti-white activity against white folks of usa in past 30+ yrs than any type or form of antisemitic crap being done…unless it is still counted whenever some jewish person spray paints swastikas on their front door or car then phones fbi to cry and complain, only to Later be found out as the real Culprit stiring up discent eh…Happened just couple yrs ago in Kalif for recent example of college age jewish girl did exact scenario I wrote here with spray paint to gain sympathy for her “peoples”…While white women had in 2010 OVER 37,000 White women raped by Savage black attackers…and same year 2010 just 7 black women was raped by a white male attacker…So Wheres Our white concerns state dept agency eh?

              Seems Very Lopsided against whiteys no? while the Top Two Parasitic races that numbers Lowest POP’s gets all sorts fed govnt support and Much Cash grants…Wake up whiteys!

              • Them Guys, as always, an outstanding post, and I have been learning something from all your posts. keep them coming.

                • Yeah brave, just what you need, as if you aren’t paranoid and nuts enough already.

                  • Thanks Braveheart…Just too bad that most of my replies still get held in moderations for 2-3 DAYS and even after so long only “some” gets posted up. Many still being Deleted/censored….I think it depends weather its Mac or Test moderating…I think Mac does allow my replies to go thru while Test simply deletes EVERYTHING regardless what I write of!

                    I guess its a matter of nobody whos info refutes his can be allowed so that folks will get ONE side issues when test RE posts his same stuff again and again, then resorts to childish name calls when other far more intelligent types like John Q Public for one counter his repeat postings eh.

                    Now This thank you reply is probably going to get deleted for me writing such truths again! OyVey! Vy Us? Ve neva do Nuttin bad or wrong yet ve alvays gets Das Booten!

                    • Your replies probably get deleted, as they should be, because it’s the same crap every time, you find a whackjob website that appeals to your insanity and try to pass off the crap as ” fact”. What you really need is to visit websites about mental health issues,THAT is something you really need.

      13. What I do not understand, is why anyone would willingly follow/convert to Islam. They have to know its so-call prophet was a child-rapist (Aisha, aged 9) and a murderer who slept with his dead aunt.

        Why would anyone voluntarily follow someone like that?

      14. These cops can’t be part of this ? They know what will happen ? Their on the streets every day .They don’t have to rely on the lieing media for information. They have kids in school . Have they been drugged up with new mind altering drugs? What else could be the answer? The bodyguards for these politicians that are responsible for this . Their too cowardly to sacrifice their lives to save their people? Who are their bodyguards ? Are they foreigners that don’t care? Or the worst traitors that the modern world has ever seen? The secret service are suppose to be the best of the best? The best of the best would allowe their own country and people to be destroyed? Every single one of them is a selfish coward? Would you or I sacrifice our lives and our families lives to save our people? Many have.

      15. Muslims are killing people in Paris right now. The backlash will be horrific one day I fear.

      16. We should start thinking of European countries as Islamic countries.

        That’s the way it’s going and their governments aren’t going to allow the people there to do anything about it.

      17. 10+ dead in Paris, looks like the savages struck Paris again. Rape rate in Sweden by muzzies up 600%.

        How soon before this starts happening in Detroit or Minneapolis?

        Posted for 5th time: Either We swarm DC with our sporting goods in hand ASAP, or get used to being a minority population.

        For Freedom-For Liberty-For our Kids/Grand Kids!!!!!!

        • We have to let their security people know the penalty for aiding and abeding traitors.

        • The number seems to be heading past 60. Seems Paris was culturally enriched tonight by the presence of this outstanding faith.

      18. @Them Hogs
        Yup, something needs to be done soon before our Republic slips away.

        Look at the crap going on at the Communist Training Centers (Universities) If those dumb ass kids could read, can you imagine what they would say about conservative sites like this?

        Been putting in 12 hour days for 45+ years, WHITE PRIVLAGE MY ASS!!!!

        Ya’ll better watch out fur them hogs!

      19. Isn’t it obvious their attacking us the only way they can?

      20. Did it cross his mind that maybe the european nations, as in the people, recognise a common enemy……..in his arrogance he fails to see the danger to himself. They’ve lost control of the narrative and de facto declared war on the people – “its our way or we will subject you to extreme coercion”
        I suspect that that there is no way back from here and look forward to the complete destruction of the EU and its apparatus. If he thinks they can send us to war against each other – then we appear to have the element of surprise yo ho ho.

      21. France has closed its borders.

      22. Obama is going to put this shit right on our doorstep.

      23. This is why extra-terrestrials view the earth humans as a violent, and primitive species…No progress since our beginnings…it’s still, war, war, war…nothing learned…

      24. Maybe what’s happening in France right now is finally a wake-up call!!
        I am originally from Germany and fear for my old country. How can they be so stupid????????
        Never give up!! My friends and I are locked and loaded!!!
        As long as I can take some enemies of America with me I am happy to meet my heavenly father.

        • CommonCents, when that shit finally happens over here, the African virus will be out on the golf course.

          • Yes Braveheart, I agree, he’ll be out golfing as if it’s another day in the neighborhood. But then invertebrates aren’t known for taking charge of anything that doesn’t directly affect them.

      25. Been watching the “news” for a couple hours now.

        one question comes to mind……..

        Where are the refugees?? you know the ones coming by the hundreds of thousands??

        in their camps asleep?

        bet not.

      26. TBTB will do whatever they can think of to divide and conquer. Leaders with that mindset let its’ people fend for themselves — they protect themselves. Period.

        It brings to mind the quote, “United we stand, divided we fall,” which is not used directly in this fable that follows. However, the moral of the story is the same.

        This short fable tells of a man whose sons often quarrel among themselves. To show them the benefit of working together he brings them a bundle of sticks. He asks them to break the bundle of sticks. As expected, the brothers cannot break the sticks when they are together. However, they can easily be broken individually. The moral of this story is:

        “My sons, if you are of one mind, and unite to assist each other, you will be as this bundle, uninjured by all the attempts of your enemies; but if you are divided among yourselves, you will be broken as easily as these sticks.”

        Since they’ve already succeeded in pitting good people against each other, and inspiring mistrust, I disagree with those who think these attacks occurring throughout Europe will never happen here in America. They will.

        • United we stand devided we fall. In unity we stand in diversity we fall.?

      27. Number of dead will be close to two hundred. News media will withhold disclosure as to not highly inflame the French public causing blowback on Muslims.

        So Islam is the religion of peace. How many Sheiks/Imans will speak against these attacks.

        Young Muslim Men. How many will be coming to the USA.

        Any politicians speak out against George Soros and what he is doing?

        • Slingshot, bullets work on young muzzies just like on anyone else.

          • Braveheart1776

            Talking about over the horizon events. News says they have found guns caches in refugee camps in Sweden.

            The US made ISIS to fight who ever it was our enemy at that time. Now ISIS is a threat to the USA and Russia is trying to defeat that Islamic threat and we are against Russia because we want the Syrian president out. Like Egypt and Libya and Tunisia. Obama wants more Muslims in the States. Muslims if given the opportunity will plant the ISIS flag in the White House.

            We have another year of the African Virus too.

      28. on the news now they are reporting 140 people slaughtered in Paris theater by shit for brains muslims. It’ll escalate in the EU to WW III then probably spill over to the U.S., when the muzzies don’t have innocent people to kill, then they start killing each other. Would be a lot better for everyone concerned if they would just get to the part of killing themselves, Sheesh.

      29. This is the first time that France has declared a curfue since the 1940’s, during WWII. when will the west wake up and take these muslimes seriously?

        My prediction? this will wake up the right wing of europe and soon there will be a war there between white Christians and muslimes, and the muslimes will loose. They are waking a sleeping giant…that didnt ask for or want this fight.

        • Very wrong, America will not be far from the party.
          Russia will not allow the victory of Islam in Europe.
          America and Europe later forced out of the Far East, because China is expanding.
          Before the war forced the collapse.

      30. RT TV Just reported that these attacks are taking center stage on MSM TV and Not mentioning any news about the soon, next week upcomming Votes on Syrian issues etc! And also the soon next month G-20 next meetings!

        Soooooo….This “May” be another backwards attack in advance of said Votes to make certain France votes the…”Right Way” so to speak eh.

        recall Last Paris france major snafu and riots etc?…That was After France officials voted in Favor of Palestinians and Against the jewish state of Israel!

        Perhaps we are witness to the new French versions of the USS Liberty Navy ship attacks in 1967 when Our usa navy ship was attacked by Israeli fighter jets and PT torpedo type boats attempting to kill all 300 naval men and sink the uss liberty totally.. Then israelis planned to have every of the major newspapers and TV news stations in usa and europe, which are fully under jewish controls, claim it was an “UN-provoked Attack against USA By EGYPT”! so to drag usa folks into massive WWIII events Via carpet bombing egypt into stone age….Very sneeky are them fanatical talmudic jewdeokommies eh.

        • So, WHEN the fuck will you actually DO something about it other than cry? Yeah, that’s what I thought….

      31. Thanks a lot USA. Who start all these wars? Now UK and France pay joining that war. Where was all Iraks chemical weapons? War for money all around Mediterranean.

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