Michelle Obama: ‘Men Are Entitled And Self Righteous’ Because Women Protect Them

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment, Headline News | 111 comments

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    Hating on men has become the new normal for leftists in the United States and liberal former first lady, Michelle Obama is no different.

    Taking shots at men, the former first lady opined Wednesday at a summit in Chicago that she believes men are “entitled,” and that women protect them too much. Speaking at the first Obama Foundation international summit, Michelle Obama (one of the event’s headliners) said that men are essentially babied and protected by women, while women are raised to be “strong.”

    “It’s like the problem in the world today is we love our boys, and we raise our girls,” Obama said. “We raise them to be strong, and sometimes we take care not to hurt men — and I think we pay for that a little bit.” –Michelle Obama

    She continued that men should just get some friends and that that would “straighten them out” some. “Y’all should get you some friends,” Obama joked. “And talk to each other, because that’s the other thing [women] do — we straighten each other out on some things, our girlfriends.”

    But Michelle Obama continued to rant away about how women are raising their boys all wrong in the entire world. Blame women, and hate one the men. It’s like she wrote the liberal’s handbook.

    “It’s powerful to have strong men, but what does that strength mean? You know, does it mean respect? Does it mean responsibility? Does it mean compassion?” Obama went on to pose the question of whether women are protecting the men in their lives too much. “Are we protecting our men too much so they feel a little entitled and … self-righteous sometimes? But, that’s kind of on us too as women and mothers, as we nurture men and push girls to be perfect,” Obama said.

    This is far from the first time Michelle Obama has used inflammatory speak when describing men. Separate comments made by the former first lady came under fire early last month when she suggested that Republicans are pretty much “all men, all white.”

    Michelle is simply towing the leftist line. Creating division and hating or blaming a certain group for something they can’t control.  Men didn’t choose their genders anymore than women chose theirs.


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      1. That first picture, what an angry looking old hag.

        As for entitled, I cannot think of any male who projected more of an attitude of entitlement than Barak Obama. Clean up your own mess witch.

        • It may be that liberal feminists gravitate to useless males.














          • So Iron Cross – what is the point you’re making in your typical juvenile way? That you still live in your mom’s basement? That you’re totally ignorant of world affairs? That you’re a repressed homosexual desperately trying to sound macho? That your completely bereft of any logical reply and have to resort to childlike insults?

            You make silly statements yet never back them up with facts. Without doubt, every time you rant, you make HCKS seem eminently sensible.

        • I have never seen anybody project more of an attitude of male entitlement than Michele Obama.

          • I wouldn’t touch that if there was no others left on the planet.

            • Menzo, happiness would be seeing a picture of her laying dead with a gunshot wound to the head.

              • Amen brother. Ilike the way you think.

              • Moochelle isn’t even a woman. He’s a chimpanzee with a faggot husband.

                • It is clear that she is talking about BLACK boys……..

          • as a male,it should know

        • Michelle, Michael, is also a very protected male.

        • Mooshell is a man. So now she hates being a man? Sounds like a nutcase that needs a shrink.

          • CSS, not even a shrink can help Mooshell.

        • “ITS” self loathing is showing !

      2. Only one question, just how would Michelle know anything at all about what a “real” woman would think, do or say ? Just askin..

        • Michael should know. Farry Obama looked after him pretty well with all those taxpayer-paid vacations. I hope he realizes that he did more to create racial hatred in a short (even though it felt like forever) 8 years than the entire KKK/Democratic Party did in over a hundred. And as for knowing men and how women protect them? Funny, for all of human history it’s pretty been much the opposite as regards being entitled or protected. Word she-boon… nature and God placed 2 genders on this planet for good reasons. Pick one will ya?

      3. Or for that matter, a “real” man either..

        • Ouch, good to see you back, and good points you made.

          • Thanks Braveheart.. I’m always around.. ish.

      4. Which species is it talking about?

        • I think she’s refering to Wookie men

      5. the most non relevant person other than her husband who occupied the white hoise.

      6. “Are we protecting our men too much so they feel a little entitled and … self-righteous sometimes?”
        He, Obama, is referring to Black kids.

        • Ya know, i never used to think of myself as racist,
          But im willing to change that and make it un deniable

          • If you are white and male then you are racist and sexist, if you believe Jesus is Lord then you are xenophobic. All three are admirable traits.

            • Greasemonkoid, I’m deplorable and irredeemable according to Hillary. The other libturds claim I’m racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, homophobic. I have plenty of admirable traits.

            • I am White, conservative more towards moderate, consider myself Christian and prod to be a deplorable gun owning girl chasing (well in my younger days, i have a good woman and love her) pickup truck driving framing hammer swingin good old boy!
              That cover it?

      7. I am still a little confused about to what am I entitled?!? I guess she means I am entitled to working for 60 years or more to put food on the table for my family. Or maybe serving in the military and getting shot up and crippled. Or having three heart attack’s from a stressful job. I can’t honestly think of how any woman in my life has protected me from much of anything. Maybe in her circles that’s fairly common. No in mine.

        • Got that right, Lefty!

      8. No one cares what that black jezebel has to say so she needs to STFU>

      9. Entitlement does not know gender or age. Some self-righteous entitlement people are males and some are females. It depends entirely upon the individual and is an individual thing.

        Former FLOTUS is generalizing. End of story.

      10. Hey Michael Robinson,

        You hate men because you were born one. You lopped your thing off to become Michelle. You and bathouse Barry are one in the same.

      11. Michael / Michelle is a tranny. She needs to apply her/ his stupid statements to himself.

        • Leftist NEVER apply their own pontifications to themselves, Upstate. Just ask the Learjet leftists in Hollywierd. I will vote left the very first time just ONE of them opens up just ONE room in just ONE of their zillion room mansions to just ONE illegal immigrant for just ONE night.

          Want a hoot? Google “George Clooney mansions” then click on image; or try Mikey Moore. I tried to see one of his mansions at Torch Lake MI – can’t get near it. Reportedly he stiffed some of the contractors who built it, too.

      12. she is a man, look at the hand structure

      13. No wonder Bammy looked pussy whipped all the time.

      14. Here’s a funny thought: imagine Barry Soetorro and Michael Obama made it back in the White House for a moment.

        Banana Republic.

      15. Do I detect trouble in paradise?

        I’m betting they are headed for divorce and this is so women rally around her and support her because “Men Are Entitled.”

      16. Hey Michael, GFY !

      17. Knock it off Michael. The charade is over.


      18. Yea but she’s a guy


        Hides behind a dress to protect her ( it) self

        Hypocrisy much reggie

      19. Must see, Mark Dice video . Latino democrat anchor babies. Unbelievable.

      20. She/He/It was irrelevant then and “IT” is irrelevant now!It is so fucking ugly I hack every time I accidentally look at it.

      21. The only real surprise here is that ABC News categorized this under “politics” instead of “news”. THAT is the buried lede.

      22. Hoser, agreed. I’m also sick of seeing pictures of those 2 apes.

      23. My last ex might think of protecting me. We have a great relationship, for people who divorced. I would protect her too. But that’s because we have a child.

        Other than her, there is not a woman on the planet who would protect me from jack shit, unless it also protected her. Except my mother, of course.

        Michelle seems to have taken the adoration of the Obama years to heart, and not noticed that there are far fewer people now (even compared to early 2016) who idolize her or her even more worthless husband. She, and ESPECIALLY her husband, need to fade into private life and disappear. NOW.

      24. And for the record its MICHEAL not michelle obama. Even the ex-liar muslim loving fag himself barack called michelle by his real name MICHEAL more than once!!! I for one can’t wait to piss on their graves…

      25. Wonder what they’re selling in the lobby.

        • Ellen, despite her “aw shucks” schtict, is actually one of the most despicable propgandists in the nation. Very slick – look at all those gullible women in the audience with quivering lips as she does her leftist song and dance.

          I found it VERY interesting that the LVegas shooter security guard was only allowed to talk on her show. She is nothing mroe than a Joseph Goebbels who dances.

        • I don’t understand why it doesn’t scare people, though — the total loss of credibility.

      26. The soddomites will rule , For a short time. Then the endtimes. Onwards Cristian soldiers. He will rule with a rod of iron ,and his robe will be red with blood. What’s the alternative? Plan accordingly. Fill your flasks virgens. Your redemption is near .Luke warm. Pick a side , and live for eternity with your pick.

      27. Coming to wonder who are the Tares. And why do they must burn. Would a loving God burn the soddomites. So it’s kind of obvious Gods red line . Hard for some to understand. Untill you see what’s happening in our schools. Perverting an entire generation? That’s why. Isn’t it obvious.

      28. Her momma must have taught her that….and then she married Barack. Talk about entitled! If you are white and male you are a target…extra credit for being republican/conservative/christian. no apology here for any of it.

        • Jim, same here and I wear those labels with pride and honor. No apologies from me either.

      29. REALLY????

        +I was going to post a comment, but…

        I’m not a-gonna waste my time.

        Moving on to next article.

      30. Jeff cooper. Endorsed a 44 mag carbine as the best combat weapon? Right or wrong . Low powder consumption, good stopping power , cast bullets, long brass life, Seems shotgun slugs fill the Catagory. And buck shot fills the rest? Not as reload able? And more powder? Three balls in a 44 case? The average combat distance in South Africa was 40 yards ? Maybe too much emphasis is on sniping? Not enough on close medium range stopping power? And night fighting?

        • I had a Marlin 1895SS in 44 mag. That heavy ass bullet was gasping at 125 yds. Shotgun with slugs would be much better. Now it would be an ideal hog gun especially in thick cover.

      31. As a man, she would know!

      32. That’s an opinion common to women who spend their lives around academics and other narcissists. And then she married a man who is both.

      33. When SHTF women can empower themselves, because I will not give a shit

        • hhb3

          Are you saying they spread :)-< the good word ?

      34. Sometimes it feels our own women are our worst enemy?Eve and the apple? From the beginning. So what do we do? Unwilling to have children . They might loose their looks. Uncomfortable? Maybe if men had to have children it would be worse? What could be better then to bring a new life? Seems most men would be dumping one every year? Ruled by women? Sneak the pill for comfort and convenience??? Comfort and convenience? Then extinction?

      35. Its ok,

      36. What do you expect from a silverback tranny that is married to a pussy that has been protect his whole life.

      37. Seems I read the She is really a He.

      38. Awww, dammit! Gotta clean up the chunks off my monitor!

      39. How many women were on the beach at Normandy???

        • Easy Bob. A BIG FAT ZERO. But I do say, send the feminazis to the front. And when captured, that’s their problem what happens. I don’t mean to be cruel, but IMHO, the BIGGEST, most ignorant purveyors of what has destroyed this nation – including the lives of other women like my beautiful wife – is the CURSE of radical feminism. They are the ones that started, in their UTTER ignorance and foolishness – this whole path down destruction in the 1960s. Just like in the Garden of Eden, women were once again the dupes of evil. And as extra credit, they have now MURDERED over 60 mm babies, in addition to supporting communism the murdered over 100 mm last century.

          I have ZERO sympathy for the feminazis, and every time I see the word I want to vomit. Thankfully, a LOT of women are turning against this filth; interestingly, the humble ultrasound is pulling a LOT of women out of the clutches of this evil. How? When you see a baby in the womb moving, there is something God has imprinted on a woman not to abort this.

          Feminism – along with Communism and Islam: worse the the bubonic plague – and if you are a fetus in the womb, or someone on the streets of NYC a few days ago or at 9/11 – this is **literally* true

          • TEST, truer words were never spoken.

      40. I didn’t realize Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama was back from her latest zillion dollar uber-luxe vacation. Did I miss something?

        Last I heard, she had rented out the country of Lichtenstein for just her and 800 of her Chicago Democrat cronies, tell the regular citizen of the country to “take a hike.”

      41. Dude looked like a lady. No, wait. Lady looked like a dude.

      42. Perhaps she is speaking of black women. If so then she is absolutely correct when over 74% of black children are born to out of wedlock women. It does help explain why more than any other group in America are felons.

        • I think she (it?) is talking about black women and young black men. And on that score, she is right. A generation told their black boys they were channelling some BS from African kings and called them stupid Swahili-light names. These ‘African princes’ thought they didn’t need to study, work hard, be reliable young men, marry and stay with the same woman and instead they were God’s gift with their giant bamboos that needed to be seeded everywhere like so much pollination in springtime. The result? A culture of ignorance and violence, a culture of unwed single women on welfare, men rapping about ‘bitches’ and ‘hoes’ (and that is black women they are talking about!), etc. It is a tragedy.

          We are now in a situation where any smart, beautiful black woman would be wise to get with a white guy if she wants to have a future. If she wants to be be treated right, with love and tenderness, and loyalty.

          I had my problems with Obama (his naked support of the military industrial murder complex and his support for the morons and greed bags on Wall Street) but as a person he carried himself well, dressed well, didn’t act like a moron. He was respectful of women in public. He even pointed out there should be more mixed race marriages and that a whole generation of black women were being left on the shelf because they were waiting for Prince Wabooty to turn up and carry them away in a pink Cadillac to a magical African palace somewhere.

          I know a lot of white guys who would date black women but are reluctant because of all the cultural baggage. Nobody wants to hear all the hate against white people and nobody wants to subject their parents to that.

      43. So I guess this Silverback did the same for Barry huh? This tranny is the same piece of dog shite that said women were voting against their own interests and against themselves if they voted for Trump instead of Hillary. So I guess that means she must have voted for Hillary instead of her husband right? These murdering, immoral, Godless, commie lefty scum are all mentally ill! They can’t even string together a coherent argument without contradicting themselves.

      44. OT
        How yall like whats coming out about the DNC and the cliton beehatch,,,,
        What a loada crap huh, i hope it just keeps pouring out about their corruption

        • Nailbanger:
          If she had made it to to POTUS, which she was assured of doing, ALL of this stuff would have been swept under the rug and most likely a LOT more folks would have woke up dead!

          I think her overconfidence gave her what she considered “Special Privilege” to do and screw who ever and what ever she wanted to do.

          Can you Imagine how much further down the tubes we would be now if she had actually won???

      45. Well….exactly how many boys has Mooch raised?
        I’d say her GIRLS are so pampered and protected…
        with security 24/7….and their grandmother to herd her litter
        everywhere, everyday, they can hardly look sideways
        without being monitored.
        Truth is, if they follow their daddy’s example….they will
        be lying, smoking, using drugs, and growing up to be
        Good little mooslime Communists by the age of 25.
        They keep them hidden most of the time, except for photo opps.

      46. LOL, one of the amazon books advertised is; ‘The Meaning of Michelle .’ Double ooga booga.

      47. You didn’t build that.



        Go ahead, build your own. Impress me. We’ll be on strike.

      48. before her parshel sex change he was picked on on his football team chicago high school football #44,,he hates herself

      49. Michael Robinson aka Moochelle is Obola’s tranny wife.

      50. Amazon book advertisement;The meaning of Michelle. Yeah, mean. Ooga~booga.

      51. Michelle, from now on, when you address a white man, the first and last words that come out of your filthy sewer will be “sir”…….
        Got it, tootsie roll?
        Now, get down on your knees and choke yourself.

      52. What lot of nonsense this woman is speaking of, all she does is lump people into groups and categories. The traits she speaks of can be found in either sex. I wonder why she is not going on at length about all the attacks and perversions coming out from her hollywood friends?

      53. I wouldnt cross the street to piss on her and her ilk if she were on fire….

      54. She looks like an angry MAN

      55. the most important thing – What shoes did she have on????

        that seems to be the only topic concerning the Trump women – Ivanka presides over a woman business conference of the country’s most powerful females and it’s catty time for the media ….

        • Ah yes. The fascist left, arrogant, ignorant, intellectually dishonest Goebbelian media. More truth on Mac’s site in day than a year of the NY Slimes. Their reporting abilities are worse then my typing.

      56. Is it cultural Marxist season yet? What is the bag limit on them or are they going to be like coyotes?

        • DNJ, it’s supposed to start on the 4th and there’s NO bag limit. It’s going to be no hold barred and anything goes.

      57. We’ve had now a black president – the “top” citizen in the nation if you will, two attorney generals in a row that were black, two black head coaches that met in the Superbowl (Dungy, Smith). Maybe these racist scam artists ought to just SHUT UP

        And if black lives matter – and they do – just perhaps these hypocrite kneelers out to remain around the children they sire to actually FATHER them, given the THE biggest predictor of social pathology is the ***absence of a father***

        You want to take a knee? Take a knee at the ALTER while you marry the mother of you kids, hypocrites. But then, that wouldn’t allow you to showboat as much, would it.

        • Very well said!

        • More typos: “out” should be “ought” and mother of you kids should be “your.”

          My typing is as bad as the media’s intellectual honesty

      58. The NFL is taking a beating over the protests. ESPN lost almost 500,000 subscribers in just October. Comcast is taking a big hit also. Next year when lots of people don’t renew their season passes those pay checks will shrink. Smaller contracts for the players.

      59. I live in the Chicago area. Anyone ever see the phantom job she had at Univ of Chicago Medical Center for beaucoup bucks. The fascist left factcheck.org frantically denies is, but of course, this is just another disinformation scam.

        My “entitlement” as a white male included working FULL time at night while going to university full time during the day (and taking an overload of courses to get through quickly), then living in an UNHEATED basement while doing grad work in Canada and living on Kraft Dinner. When I got out, I went to the end of every job line possible as a white, anglophone male (this was in Canada, but same diff). I scored on the 94th percentile on the gov’t entrance exam, despite showing up just as the test started, was a Novell CNE, two grad degrees, teaching certification (takes 5 yrs in Canada) etc. I went to the back of EVERY line that ever formed.

        The upside of this? I woke up to what the cultural Marxist and fascist left was all about. Boy, what an epiphany! And these vile fascists made a committed, articulate, active enemy of their evil philosophy that will never, ever, EVER go away.

        Yeah I was real “entitled.” I will refrain from calling you Moochell, as I leave the H8TE to you leftists, but certainly “Moocher-shell” is apropos, or better, given all your zillion dollar uber-luxe vacations, maybe Michelle-Marie Antointte Obama.

        • Let’s take madame M and turn her loose in south side Chicago after dark and let her experience her “privileged males” and how they display their privilege!

      60. Wait. She just said women are to blame for everything that’s wrong. That lets me off the hook!

      61. Firstly, third wave feminists despise trans mtf’s, for pretending to be oppressed. It’s considered an example of cultural appropriation, for the football player, to stretch the tight, revealing dress over his ‘sex junk.’ Michael, with the big shoulders, is not entitled to an opinion, whether as a dissident, or in formal society. ffs.

        An actual, bonafide feminist, but pretending to be in a relationship, is like the Allinksy-ite, Weatherman Underground stereotype, cutting his hair and putting on a suit, to play the change agent from within. You’re basically telling me to put my family name on a saboteur, if (s)he will take my name. It’s like those “urban” kids, who would tear up the museums, buffets, bus stops, restrooms, and drinking fountains, while believing it was political activism. You should share a bed and a fridge with that person, give them your children and the credit cards?!

        Be contrite, ftlog, or you’re not making it to the first coffee date. I don’t trust you with my phone number.

      62. Too many people with an opinion on what is wrong with everyone else. Most men and women are trying to support a family, make a living, and occasionally have a good time. Who am I or anyone else to make such generalizations.

      63. Watch out Barrack! She’s gonna cut off your Johnson to prove SHE is not weak!

      64. Hey LOOK! a SHE-BOON SILVERBACK that SPEAKS! Not very well mind you, but it DOES!

      65. DMONIC, LMAO. Good one!

      66. I keep sitting here keeping my mouth shut over the past 40 years listening to this witch spew get worse and worse; i.e. shitting over the WASP white man. I won’t argue we’ve done some bad things over the millenniums but let’s face it; we’re the “go to” when things are in the shitter. Find the food, kill the food, protect the family, defeat the enemy, build the city, build a country; you name it, we did it, over and over. There is no way women have ever been able to establish any kind of reasonable economic state; EVER. I’m tired, I’m tired of being shit on just because I’m white and I have a “Y” chromosome. I say we all move to Canada and watch the country get handed over to no less than a few dozens other countries just waiting for us to get just a bit weaker. I caution this vile spewing BS from going too far. There is a point where we might start biting back.

        • CoinCrusher, don’t waste your time coming to Canada. Things use to be good here until we got this pretty boy, faggot, libertard prime minister Justin Faggot Trudeau. Fucking useless piece of shit is ruining our country already. Then in Alberta we have a stupid cunt Premier that is completely ruining our province. With fucktards like this in power across our country will be totally fucked like most of Europe. I mean which other country pays someone 10.5 million dollars for being a terrorist?

      67. And what have trans-sexual racists like this freak ever built?

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