Miami Sprays Dangerous Insecticide That Causes Microcephaly: “Chemical Weapons on American Soil”

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    The Zika scare has not only stirred massive media hysteria; it has now unleashed a dangerous campaign to spray a neurotoxic chemical over the city of Miami and surrounding areas.

    What damage it will cause remains to be seen, but its use as a means of controlling mosquitoes and stopping Zika should raise serious alarm bells, as its effectiveness has already been discredited and its risks are unacceptable.

    Watch this video:

    Local 10 News (an ABC affiliate in Miami) reported:

    The crew and aircraft used in the operation was flown in from Sarasota. The King Air Beechcraft fixed-wing, dual-engine plane is specially equipped with nozzles on the wing to disperse the chemical, called Naled, that is meant to kill adult mosquitoes that could be carrying the Zika virus.

    Naled can cause respiratory problems in people who are exposed to it and long term exposure can cause possible neurological problems, according to Cornell University.


    The plane and crew will fly back to Sarasota after the spray Thursday morning, but Mayor Gimenez has ordered aerial spraying to continue every seven days for the next four weeks.

    However, authorities claim that the amount being sprayed over a 10-mile radius in South Florida is too little to cause harm.

    But why would anyone trust what they say, or take any chances fighting fire with fire… especially if avoiding getting burned was the whole point in the first place?

    As Toxipedia reports:

    Naled is an organophosphate insecticide first registered for use as an “adulticide insecticide” in 1959 primarily to control adult mosquitoes (#EPA Pesticides – Mosquito Control, 2007). Naled breaks down into dichlorvos in both animals and in the environment and has many health effects, both chronic and acute (#Cox, 2002).

    The planes are releasing Naled (trade name Dibrom), an organophosphate pesticide that is considered one of the most toxic and, like many other organophosphates, has been banned in many places. Worse, it has been proven to be dangerous to pregnant women and its breakdown product, dichlorvos, causes actually causes – wait for it – microcephaly. Yes, really.


    Naled’s breakdown product DICHLORVOS (another organophosphate insecticide) interferes with prenatal brain development. In laboratory animals, exposure for just 3 days during pregnancy when the brain is growing quickly reduced brain size 15 percent [Ed. note: a.k.a. microcephaly].


    In laboratory animals, exposure to naled’s breakdown product dichlorvos causes more frequent fighting and hinders learning. Number of fighting episodes (per minute, with standard deviations) ore common among exposed rats than among unexposed ones.

    Exposed animals also required more trials than unexposed ones to learn an avoidance behavior, indicating a “severe deterioration in their memory and learning functions.”

    Moreover, the use of insecticides to target adult mosquitoes (including Naled) is known to be one of the LEAST effective methods of controlling populations, and has produced only short term gains:

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has written that “adulticiding, application of chemicals to kill adult mosquitoes by ground or aerial applications, is usually the least efficient mosquito control technique.

    Naled is no exception. For example, researchers from the New York Department of Health showed that 11 years of naled spraying was “successful in achieving short-term reductions in mosquito abundance, but populations of the disease-carrying mosquito of concern “increased 15-fold over the 11 years of spraying.

    The very condition which caused the Zika scare will potentially affect more people thanks to the ludicrous decision to spray Naled… especially since the actual link between Zika and microcephaly has not been established by science and appears quite dubious.

    As Mike Adams reported, Brazil’s problems with microcephaly has already been linked to the spraying of another neurotoxic organophoshate which has many of the same effects:

    This Big Lie is repeated by the CDC which claims, without any scientific proof whatsoever, that “Zika infection during pregnancy can cause a birth defect of the brain called microcephaly and other severe fetal brain defects.”

    This conclusion was reached by the CDC using epidemiological statistics, not rigorous scientific studies of cause and effect. In other words, the CDC observed that women in regions of South America that hosted Zika-carrying mosquitoes were suffering from microcephaly in their newborn children. From this, they concluded a cause-and-effect relationship between Zika virus and the developmental deformities. What they failed to recognize, however, is the presence of the dominant cause: All these same areas were also being sprayed with highly toxic larvicide chemicals that work by interfering with the nervous systems of insects.

    Those same chemicals, when ingested by pregnant women, also cause neurodevelopmental deformities in human children.

    Choosing to repeat this process in Florida won’t stop Zika, but it will put lives at risk.

    This amounts to full circle retarded on the part of policy makers. This will be tragic for any and all mothers and babies who are harmed as a result.

    Absolutely unbelievable!

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      1. The Government do not care about the people
        Thanks to Bill Gates and his wife.. They love germ and chemical warfare

      2. Zika Is Linked To Microcephaly, Health Agencies Confirm

        ht tp://

        “And scientists have found the virus in the brains of affected babies.”

        and Zika can have VERY negative and LONG TERM consequences in anyone who contracts it
        it’s not just a risk to pregnant women

        • It’s “Environmental Terrorism” … done by Government.
          It is “Chemicals” … not “Mosquitoes” creating the problem.

          Did you read the Article at all?

          Click the hotlink: Mike Adams Reported

          As per usual – the CDC and other alphabet agencies involved are trying to cover their tracks and shifting the blame onto something else – this kind of process is nothing new from them.

          • do YOU have ANY critical thinking skills at all?

            I could take this article apart piece by piece
            but I’m not gonna waste my time

            it’s not my job to fix all teh stoopid on the internet

            • “do YOU have ANY critical thinking skills at all?”

              Evidently I do, and there is a reason you don’t see it.

              If I followed News Sites such as the stuff you post links onto this Forum [CNN,FOX,Politico,Zerohedge,Washington Post…etc.] I suppose I would feel the same, as what you are feeling now.

              A lot of those sites are not considered – reliable & accurate reporting. Most those sites follow the MSM Narrative! They are completely biased and they should never be taken as 100% accurate information.

              If you do … you’ll only end up being like most of the gullible people in America. – misinformed and dumbed downed.

              • Facts ARE facts
                the source is usually irrelevant

                out of curiosity
                you get your “facts” from where exactly ???

                have I ever posted any incorrect info on this site?

                if so
                by all means enlighten me

                waiting for links……

                • Satori –

                  I’m not going to get into some kind of pissing contest with you. If you want to believe your sources [ones I mentioned above] to be 100% accurate, reliable and credible – then by all means … have at it.

                  I suppose I’m wasting my time with someone who actually believes the CLINTON/TRUMP POLL NUMBERS to be accurate & factual.

                  “have I ever posted any incorrect info on this site?”

                  Not always … but … as of lately … very much so.

                  • More,
                    Brazil is known to be the worlds largest per capita consumer of insecticides. And few insecticides are banned there, even the most notoriously dangerous ones.

                    Over use and abuse of insecticides is common in Brazil.

                    Time will tell if other Zika infected areas even produce an increase over normal rates of microencephaly.

            • Smart environmentalists would be releasing millions of dragon flies, martins, and Bats which eat mosquitos.

              But no lets in fumigate the entire mass population with poison and kill everything. Just like in the BP spill dumped million of gallons of Oil dispersant poison to mask their crime, and make the oil fall below the water surface to hide the destruction. Thus millions of fish and dolphins washed on the beach.

              Who the F*ck gave them permission to poison the population over a dozen mosquito bites? Who? I want their name and home address.


      3. What are you all waiting for?

      4. I think I’d be leaving Miami about now.

      5. Another dead body:

        ht tp://

        • The Clinton Body Count continues to rise – 5 in the past 6 weeks. Who is next in line on the list to have an “untimely death”?

          • Not me. I’m staying the hell away from that witch.

      6. Do you think rich Floridians will be in town while the genocidal spraying happens. Or, will they be on vacation.

        If there is any possibility you might be pregnant, high tail it out while they spray. Early pregnancy is when the brain is effected.

        If you are sexually active and of childbearing age, abstain; or at least use two forms of birth control. This is serious.

        I have some thoughts about what I would like to do to the subhuman freaks who are responsible for this. ,?;:/$)&&&$$:/-@”(;:&;:/-!

      7. These monsters have viewed citizens as guinea pigs for decades, military servicemen also. I commented on an earlier article about heavy mosquito spraying where I grew up in Tampa. I can’t imagine what poison was sprayed there, but it was heavy and often in the summer. Just like they supplied poison gas chemicals to Iraq during the Iran war. We live in a nation controlled by mass murderers using every known killing method at their disposal, a threat to humankind worldwide. It is clearly evident by the government support for Monsanto and other genetic manipulators who it appears cannot be challenged.

      8. “Silent Spring” on steroids-bring back DDT – at least it was proven not to be harmful to humans.

        • Actually DDT in studies is shown to cause Alzheimer’s, specifically long term low level exposure.

          As DDT works its way out of our food stream, the incidence of Alzheimer’s appears to be dropping.

      9. I was awakened Monday morning with a chopper hovering just above my roof ridge line. I looked up thru the skylight and saw he had sprayer booms and knew he was from the aero AG service. They like to mess with me like that cause they know how I am. I ran outside with nothing on but my skivies and an undisclosed weapon. The pilot was laughing his ass off and I flipped him the bird as he was flying away. I got on the radio with the tanker truck driver that refills his eggbeater and he said they were spraying the non GMO’s across the river with fungicide and gawd knows what else. I think we had rain almost everyday in July.
        Update: 19 arrested in UK Black Lives Matter protests; more demonstrations planned for evening – BBC News


      10. I was born(1952) & raised in Florida. I remember the spray trucks crawling through our area at dusk, spraying that toxic junk. No telling what chromosome damage I sustained. But, I’m still alive and kickin’…so far.

      11. Make ZIKA. it gets out of control no spray it with Chemical weapons to kill it. Talk about out of control.

        The End is Near!!!!


      12. What if the cure is worse than the disease….

      13. Rick Scott is the REPUBLICAN Governor of Florida

        so I guess this time it isn’t the “libtards”out to kill everyone ??? it’s a conservative plot ???

        LMAO !!!

      14. Saw a clip on Tv. There were planes spraying overhead and people on the ground spraying. So much spray it looked like fog.

      15. I hope no kids or pets are outside when they are spraying that toxic sh##.

      16. With friends like the Feds, who needs enemies?

      17. AGENT ORANGE ?

      18. Okay, this chemical insecticide is unsuitable. What course of action SHOULD be taken?

      19. We don’t have mosquitos where I live, we have air sharks that sport ghindsu knives.

      20. So serious question. Since this spraying (and SRM aerosols/’chemtrails’ as well for that matter) are technically chemical warfare against a populace, under self defense laws, as well as the 2nd Amendment, do we have the right to protect ourselves and loved ones by shooting these planes down?

      21. I do pest control for a living, and have long suspected that Zika was engineered by someone. Our training program went into some of the details on Zika, such as Zika first being identified in 1947 in Uganda. Date and location send up red flags with me: the year falls into the Cold War time window, and the country in question is in a part of the world where heads of state would let Russia or the US into their country and do whatever they felt like doing, no questions asked, in return for weapons, ammo, and cash.

        This article confirms what I suspected all along. Look at the possible ways a mosquito-borne virus can infect humans. Go to where the mosquito is, get bit, get infected; easiest possible way. Or the mosquito can come here and take a liking to mid-latitude to sub-tropical climates; problem: this is a process of adaptation that takes years, not weeks. Finally, the virus can mutate then make the leap from tropical species of mosquito to sub-tropical and mid-latitude species of mosquito; problem: this constitutes a monumental evolutionary leap for the virus, something that takes years, not weeks.

        Fundamental science debunks every last propaganda talking point on Zika. Adaptation is fundamental science in motion, and the process takes years to work its wonders, not days or weeks. Don’t let the government-sponsored Muppet Show fool you.

      22. degrade the soil fertility

      23. The rich won’t be around when this spraying is done. I agree with the poster above who asked why more natural methods of mosquito control aren’t being used (dragon flies, bats etc).

        Relocation is something people talk about but I’ve seen far fewer city folk do – the internet favours the BOL. However the realities of being able to afford two homes in different locations without taking on unsustainable debt to do so means that for many of modest means moving their permanent home out of the big city makes more viable sense. (You gotta get out of the city to a BOL too, something that even with the best plans in place noone can state categorically will be possible in all scenarios). On a very serious note having first sold up and bought a permanent home in another part of the country and then helped my elderly mother repeat the process I feel the need to make a few points.

        Both times the entire end to end process has taken around a year, and I can’t see an easy way to speed that up a great deal. Finding a new property involves more than just price and the details the agent gives you on paper – you need to look at the people in your intended location & that takes a little time. Schools weren’t a factor for us as I Home school now, but some may want to give it serious consideration. Ditto a decent Church or Chapel congregation (if faith matters to you then being around people who share your values makes settling into a new area go a whole lot smoother & boy do Churches vary a helluva lot in their Christian “values”!). For most folk you are still going to need some way to earn a living too.

        If you have been considering relocating please don’t believe the hype of sales agents who tell you it can be achieved in weeks. That may be possible if hopping from one big city centre to another for a corporate job where the company helps out with temp accommodation, school district info etc, etc. For your average city living prepper though, looking to switch up their entire lifestyle it’s gonna take some time.

        Off Grid sounds great but there’s a long sliding scale between living in a high rise inner city place working for a corporate and living out in the boonies totally off grid. Most of us will need to find where we feel most comfortable along that sliding scale. Some like me, will need good Internet connections to earn an income self-employed, others will need to be close to decent hospital facilities, or prefer to have an accessible homeschool co-op within easy reach. Once you have settled do bear in mind that if your soil isn’t great it can take 5-7 years to get a new garden to full productivity.

        You won’t form instant bonds with the folks already living in your new locale. Be prepared to spend some time proving your worth as an outsider before you are accepted into anyone’s circle of trust. Assuming that you can pitch up and gain an instant circle of locals willing to bail you out of whatever silly mistakes you make as a newbie to their way of life is daft. At best you’ll attract the parasites and predators looking for fresh blood to fleece. There’s an emotional cost to moving away from those you know and trust to being around strangers all the time after relocation that I’m not sure we hear enough about usually. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman and it’s usually women who need those close friendship connections for child rearing etc to a greater degree? Either way, the theoretical concept of the lone wolf can sound a lot more fun than the reality of actually being one for a while. Another thing to watch out for is that within smaller communities, newcomers stick out like a sore thumb. Until folks have adjusted to your presence there is no chance of you being the Grey Man – they’ll be watching your every move & this can make OPSEC tricky.

        For those who have been considering getting out of the big cities, you need to get off the fence and start getting those plans & theories translated into practical action sooner rather than later. Do not leave it too late. I do realise that many on this site completed their relocations more than a decade ago but we have new folks waking up all the time and this post was aimed at that new audience.

      24. Were from the government were here to help. DUH.

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