Melbourne’s Lockdown Could Be Extended After 51 New Cases Of COVID Discovered

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Headline News | 3 comments

Melbourne, Australia has pretty much been in a state of fear and panic since last March. Now, 51  new cases of the scamdemic have the ruling class threatening to keep them in a perpetual state of lockdown.

Reuters reported that 5 new cases were discovered over the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of COVID cases in the Melbourne cluster to 51.  Remember, the tyrants will use any excuse necessary to enslave humanity:

Australia Institutes Strict Lockdowns AGAIN After 26 Tested Positive For COVID

This isn’t left vs. right. This is master vs. slave, and at this point, the other slaves seem content to comply. Even with Australia’s notoriously stringent COVID-19 restrictions, a few cases have managed to slip by, reported ZeroHedge, and that could mean the latest lockdown will continue.

In the face of the biggest cluster uncovered in months, Melbourne and the surrounding Victoria State entered their 4th lockdown last week. Though it was only supposed to last a week, that could soon change as more cases are confirmed.-ZeroHedge

Australia’s second-most populous state of Victoria, the epicenter of the country’s latest coronavirus hotspot, reported 11 new cases of community transmission on Monday and authorities warned the situation could worsen in the coming days. So they plan to keep the population on lockdown over 11 new cases.  Nothing is new here. Other than the glaring call to wake up to what’s being done to humanity.

Victoria is already in lockdown again going into a strict seven-day lockdown on Friday after new COVID-19 infections in the state capital Melbourne ended its three-month run of zero community cases. Authorities identified several Melbourne schools, supermarkets, department stores, and gyms among hundreds of exposure sites. So, shut ’em down!

The “authorities” are “concerned.”  Just wait until they prop up the new India variant as deadly, and perhaps it will be while immune systems are attempting to repair themselves after the experimental gene therapy shots. 

Continue to stay alert, know what’s happening, recognize the propaganda, and use your own critical thinking and discernment.  Stay vigilant and prepared. It doesn’t look like the ruling class is going to let this COVID hoax go.  They have most where they want them, so stay alert.

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    1. Him

      Heads up! The largest meat distributor has been hacked. Meat packing plants are starting to shut down in the US. Be prepared.

    2. loudmouth

      Today’s date is now
      June 1st. 2021 and we are still dealing with this
      phony 19 nonsense.
      There are still no signs of a “pandemic” anywhere but the ridiculous rules and stupid
      “mandates” continue.
      I just wonder if there is anyone still asleep who has yet to figure out the obvious:
      This entire scamdemic has never ever been about any
      “virus”. This has always been
      about power and control and now that the evil bastards have it – these psychos refuse to ever let it go.

    3. TharSheBlows

      Once the Australians gave up their guns, they became slaves. Toasted Slaves. So lessons learned. Never give up your guns. If the day ever comes where your guns are taken, you better not have a single round left to shoot. However that’s when you fix your bayonets. As your battle rifles can still be used as a weapon. CQC.

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