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Australia Institutes Strict Lockdowns AGAIN After 26 Tested Positive For COVID

Mac Slavo
May 27th, 2021
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Australia has locked down 7 million people in the state of Victoria after 26 people tested positive for COVID-19.  The rulers will “allow” people to leave their homes for food, exercise, or to get jabbed with the experimental gene therapy.

The state’s acting premier James Merlino announced the new weeklong “circuit breaker” lockdown on Thursday, telling reporters that the fresh outbreak would become “increasingly uncontrollable” in the absence of “drastic” action. So the drastic action necessary is slavery. It has become quite alarming that the Australians have not figured out the game yet.

Schools will also be closedd for the week, while in-person weddings, funerals, and religious gatherings are set to be barred entirely.

“We’re dealing with a highly infectious strain of the virus, a variant of concern, which is running faster than we have ever recorded,” Merlino said during a press briefing in the state capital of Melbourne.  These new restrictions come after 26 cases that are linked to a viral strain first detected in India cropped up in Victoria over the last week, 12 of them reported overnight between Wednesday and Thursday. That brought the state’s active case count to 34.

So let’s do some basic math. Because of 34 “active cases” and “26 positive tests,” 7 million people were just enslaved only allowed to do what their master will let them do. Additionally, Merlino said that more than 10,000 people had been identified by contract tracers as needing quarantine after potentially encountering one of the new patients, predicting that figure will continue to grow and change” in the coming days, according to a report by RT.

New lockdowns are popping up all over the globe, and if they believe they can get away with it here, expect another here.

It is Victoria’s fourth lockdown since Covid-19 emerged on the world stage in late 2019. The new round of restrictions will take effect at 11:59 pm local time on Thursday night, forcing millions of residents to remain home for seven days with the exception of urgent travel for “necessary goods and services,” “authorized work” or health reasons. Even then, Victorians were urged to remain within 5km (three miles) of their homes. –RT

The ruling class is blaming a “lack” of a mass vaccination program on the statically negligible active cases (36 out of 7 million is a rounding error.)

Victoria’s vaccination drive was recently extended for residents aged 40-49, after previously allowing immunizations only for those older than 50. Merlino, however, lamented a lagging campaign earlier this week, saying “we might be facing a different set of circumstances” had doses been rolled out faster. To date, just shy of 400,000 shots have been administered across Victoria, with less than 63,000 residents fully vaccinated.-RT

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

Stay alert and aware of what’s going on.  Stay prepared so you do not succumb to irrational fear. Lockdowns continue to pop up everywhere over statically negligible numbers so stay ready for anything. The ruling class’s ultimate goal is not just slavery, but a permanent enslavement of which there is no escape. Wake up and continue to ask questions and use your critical thinking skills.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: May 27th, 2021

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Surveillance State

      You’re just a state of someone else’s mind
      Or specifially, in this case, mine
      You’re just a collective blob of flesh
      With gargantuan egos, eyes, mouths, ears, and assholes
      You have no hearts, souls, brains, spines, guts, or balls
      Which means that you’re not qualified for anything at all
      You invade my life looking for ideas
      Well, here’s my advice to you
      Go and jump into a vat of lye
      And just stay there until you die
      You’re all just useless, worthless spies
      If you had anything to offer anyone, anywhere in the entire universe
      You would not have to invade my life
      You’re just uselesss thieves, destroyers, serial killers, perverted freaks, and geeks
      Spying is not a skill it is a crime
      You’re nothing but blobs of slime
      You are the enemy
      You are depravity
      You lack morality
      You’re an obscenity
      You’re a monstrosity
      You’re unmistakably
      Totalatarian psychopathy
      I don’t want you 
      I don’t need you
      I detest you
      I won’t let you 
      I’ll forget you
      I’ll destroy you
      I’ve overcome you
      I’ve outdone you
      I have beat you
      You’ve been defeated
      You are done
      You are dead
      You’ve been exposed
      For what you are
      The anti-Christs
      The truth destroyers
      Jesus killers
      Blood thirsty vampires
      Brainless megalomaniacs
      School of pirhanas
      Scummy little maggots
      Stinking iguanas
      CYAs, and MIBS, and FIBS
      Changling chameleons
      Invisible parasites
      You’re the deadly vivrus
      You’re the disease
      Useless, destructive, wastes, and thieves
      Over-educated, but brain dead vacuous talking heads
      You are a crime
      You are slime
      You are unwanted grime
      You are out of time
      Church Committee
      Pentagon Papers
      Impeach Nixon He’s the guy
      Impeach Nixon He’s the spy
      Impeach Trump He’s the guy
      Impeach Trump He’s the spy
      The Russian agent national secret divulger
      of $21 trillion missing from the Pentagon
      Russians are the problem
      Iranians are the problem
      Arabs are the problem
      White Christians are the problem
      It’s a numbers thing
      Men are the problem
      It’s a counter-cultural thing
      Heterosexuals are the problem
      It’s a population growth thing
      Space aliens are the problem
      It’s a Navy laser hologram thing
      Viruses are the problem
      It’s a charlatan racket thing
      Trust the surveillance state
      In cahoots with the police state
      Married to the war mongers
      Sleeping with Wall Street
      Cheating on Main Street
      Sending money all the way around the world
      Hacking and attacking
      200 quadrillion computations per second
      And yet you worthless asses still invade my life
      Bad company
      Unwanted invaders
      Anti-Christ crusaders

      By Andrea Iravani

    2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Just Like The Seventies! You Are All Richard Nixon! Just Like The Seventies, We Need A New Church Committee and Pentagon Papers For Out of Control Deep State Spending That Is Destroying The Economy, The Country, and Everyone’s Lives That Are Not Part Of It!

      It Is Not Working and It Will Not Work! It Is Not Possible! I Know it, and So Do You! Cut The Crap!

      It pretty much looks like the surveillance state and Wall Street have run into the same problem that they ran into in the seventies, where numbers became so blown out of proportion that they are completely unbelievable, as well as everyone that attempts to try to explain things like:

      Q How does the Pentagon lose account of $21 trillion in a span of 18 years? 

      A. Because it gave it all to Wall Street and the surveillance state in the Treasury, Pentagon, Wall Street money laundering circuit through The Good Jobs First Program created by the Rockefellers, and through the Plunge Protection Team, artifically blowing asset bubbles and levitating insane stock prices.

      Q How does a retractable fence, new locks, windows and doors cost $500 million for the Capitol?

      A It doesn’t. They are running out of explanations for funneling money to the surveillance state and Wall Street.

      Q Why would it cost $700 million for the Capitol police?

      A It doesn’t. They are running out of explanations for funneling money to the surveillance state and Wall Street.

      Q. How can a pandemic cause such destruction?

      A. It cannot! It was a lame and desperate excuse to explain their failures and corruption! There is no pandemic! The “vaccines” may cause many deaths from charlatanism, Munchausen’s Syndrome, and scientific and medical fraud!

      They have to come clean, like they did in the 1970’s when the surveillance state spending ran out of control. There is no other choice. Everyone knows that these companies are not earning anything. It is not a secret. These social media companies are not charging for their products, so, you do not even have to be mathematically gifted or inclined to realize that it is all complete bullshit! And you do not have to be an accounting wizard to know that almost no companies that are publicly traded are using GAAP, and when they are not, they are literally making the numbers up! This is not high level math!

      American Zionism is the Leading Contributing Factor For Supporting the Surveillance/Police/War Economy, Which Is Why So Many Support It, Not Because of Any Ideological or Religious Belief Other Than Their Own Self-Serving Heathenistic Hedonism – Money Is the Goal! Nothing More!

      Obviously, a group of devout racists that decided to move into a well established and settled area and attempt to assume control and command of all resources and authority is a ticking time bomb and a guaranteed constant state of hostility, rebellion, resistance, oppression, and violence. That is the premise that Israel was founded on. Supporting Israel, in even the sloghtest terms, by its quintessential nature, is supporting a state of permanent war or complete genocide of the oppressed and occupied by the Israelis that have streched from a relatively small settlement of several hundred people in 1917 all the way into Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, and has also been the reason for three wars in Iraq, the first on the side of the Iraqis, and the next two against the Iraqis, supporting the war in Yemen, and inflicting mass suffering on the Iranian population over total lies in a campaign of terror through sanctions and psy-op attacks blaming Iran for attacks without a shred of evidence every time an attack in the region occurs, even though, all of the evidence points to the usual suspects each and everytime, and most realize that those usual suspects are supported by the U.S. military, including well known terrorist groups in the region, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

      Israel is the biggest boondoggle for the war/surveillance/ police state economy, and that is the single reason that it is supported by over 95% of American Zionists, because face it, none of these people are living in Israel! If they really loved Israel, they would live there! They do not! They love the money provided to thenselves by the Pentagon financed protection racket! They are murderous whores! 

      As a result of American Zionists support of Israeli there has been demonization and antagonism against Iran, Iran has allied with China, which will bite America in the ass, harming America both economically, and politically.

      The American Zionist psychopaths are guilty of terrorism, high crimes, and treason. American Zionists are totally destroying the United States economy as well as national security, and it is all for their own rapacious benefit alone. 

      Obviously, it is not possible to negotiate peace between a group of invaders, occupiers, murderers, and oppressors, and their victims, and only an absolute ass would think that it is within reason to expect the Palestinians to compromise in the slightest way with such monsters! You only stand to lose by negotiating with a thief, so everytime that the Palestinians attempt it, they either lose the negotiation, or are blamed for failing to reach a settlememt agreement. 

      Blinken and the United States have to stop enabling Israel’s crimes against humanity, that would not be possible if it were not for United States enabling.

      Blinken is dead wrong. Israel has no right to defend itself because Israel’s actions and locations are totally indefensible on all legal, moral, and intellectual terms. Murderers and thieves are not entitled to the right to self defense against their victims as a legal, intellectual or moral argument. 

      It is my hope for the Palestinians that Hamas and Palestinian officials will refuse to meet with Blinken and Israelis.

      Blinken is in absolutely no position to be involved in anything having to do with Israel. Israel is a terrorist state and has been since its inception, and it is not part of America.

      Blinken and the United States must totally cease all diplomacy and trade with Israel. The United States must stay out of it altogether. 

      As long as the Israelis have political, diplomatic, economic, and military cover from the United States, the bloodshed against Palestinians, and other Muslims and Christian Arabs in the Middle East is guaranteed to persist, and there is over 100 years of history to back that statement up. 

      Opposing Israel is backed by legal, intellectual, moral, philisophical, human rights ideology. There is no legal, intellectual, moral, philisophical, or human rights based argument for assisting Israel in the slightest way. The fact that Israelis are Jewish is everybit as irreleveant as the fact that Jack Ruby, Jeffrey Epstein, Gilsaine Maxwell, and Bernie Madoff were Jewish. 

      The only contexts that the Israelis actions must be viewed in is 
      in legal, moral, philisophical, and human rights contexts, and when that is examined, without prejudice, the entire world with the exception of the United States and Israel have denounced all of the actions taken by the Israelis. The actions taken by the Israelis are totally unjustifiable in any context whatsoever. 

      Andrea Iravani

    3. The whole world needs to stop doing any business with China. These monsters are the ones who put out this covid mess.

    4. Sarcasm 101 says:

      26 positive tests? Oh my God!!!!! Quickly, lock everyone down!!!!!
      Close everything!!!!!-
      The horror!!! The horror!!!🙄

    5. Unreal says:

      The insanity continues in the land down under. smdh

    6. Obviously says:

      Let’s see: Locking down 7 million people due to 26 new cases of covid? Does seem
      like something completely
      logical to do – doesn’t it? sar.

    7. Indeed says:

      Anyone living in Australia needs to look on the bright side – at least you’ll be allowed outside to go get your “helpful” gene therapy

    8. Now all you have to do is Prove the test is WORKING.

      One problem….. Nobody has ANY idea what a Cov sar 2 isolate is, has one to TEST against or even has an idea how to get one.

      And the so called test that does not test is being used to test/restrict anyone (((THEY))) want to restrict…. especially if it gives (((THEM))) access to a large group of undesirables to stomp the boot into their face..

      The Five Eyes have a CANCER…. All are going to require radical therapy.

    9. Reprint says:

      Recent Headline:
      “CDC Director Says
      Children Must
      Continue to Wear
      Masks, Doesn’t Care
      What it Does to
      Their Brains”

    10. This BS is not going to stop.
      In fact it is going to increase.
      The elite need to keep control of the masses
      The masses are being conditioned to do what they are told to do.
      Just wait until the biggy hits – a much more deadly pandemic
      That is when you will see the real draconian dictates.
      Once the world shuts down (ie lockdowns) the world economy will collapse then the real fun will begin!
      Bada Bing Bada Boom
      tick tock tick tock

    11. Anonymous says:

      What our rulers, want, they get.

      Same here in the US as there in Australia.

      Nothing can be done about it.

    12. Anonymous says:

      I have been reading and watching videos of what has been going on In Australia over the past 12 months. It has turned my stomach to see how their government and police treat their people. The Australian people need to take a chapter out of the American revolutionary play book. The chapter regarding Tories/Loyalists, and how they were dealt with.
      The police and the military are going to have to make a choice. Step away from the Tyrannical medical lock downs and government authority and let the people live free or face the people’s justice.

      • cranerigger says:

        Anonymous, thanks for the apt reference to the American Revolution. Our ancestors were armed and occupied by an oppressive British military (taxation without representation, required housing of military personnel, property confiscation to feed & house the British Troops, etc.). Eventually American Patriots were fed up with the tyranny. The key to doing something about it was having armed citizenry – otherwise the tyrant has NO deterrent.

        Restrictions on firearms in Australia for many years make any ….