MegaBanks Exiting: “Prepare For Economic Nuclear Winter… Sell Everything”

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    This article was written by Matt Agorist and originally published at The Free Thought Project.

    Editor’s Comment: It is as if a terrific catastrophe has been prepared to reset the power structure, only the biggest players in the game have already repositioned their assets and will be largely shield from the direct effects of what is coming.

    This is very much a house of cards scenario, and anyone who has been foolish enough to put major portions in the traditional stock market is likely in for a devastating fall. The system is combining the dual aspects of illusory and usury to hold monopoly, and redirect wealth to the top. The algorithms are programmed to starve the masses out of their homes, and jobs and any claim to financial stability. Pay close attention to how they are reacting, and how they want you (and everyone else) to react to their decisions.

    Major Bank Official: Banks Are “Preparing for an Economic Nuclear Winter”

    by Matt Agorist

    After years of giveaways to megabanks, marketed to the taxpayers as ‘quantitative easing,’ the crutches shoved under the banker-controlled global stock trade are about to snap. Bankers now say they are preparing for the collapse.

    In June of 2015, former Congressman Ron Paul predicted that these crutches would fail, and the financial bubbles created by them would send the stock market into a free-fall.

    The consequences will not be minor. Surprises will be many, since we are in uncertain waters and the world has never faced the gross misallocation of capital that exists today. The process is self-limiting. It will come to an end, and it’s not going to be far into the future.

    Now, as chaos in the EU and weak corporate earnings create a tornado of uncertainty, banks are preparing for the worst.

    According to CNBC quoting a major lender, banks are “preparing for an economic nuclear winter situation.”

    The chaos in the market has major bank officials running for the hills. According to CNBC, European banks, in particular, have had a very tough six months as the shock and volatility around Brexit sent banking stocks south. Major European banks like Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse saw their shares in free-fall after the referendum’s results were announced. In the U.K., RBS was the worst-hit, with its shares plunging by more than 30 percent since June 24.

    On Sunday, a source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, due to the fact that revealing this information can get bankers killed, a source from a major investment bank told CNBC “that financial services firms have put together a strategy in place that takes into account the worst-case scenario that could happen by the end of this year.”

    “This could mean triggering Article 50, referendum in other European nations leading to a break-up of the euro or sterling hitting below $1.20 or lower. The banks are ready for anything now,” the source said.

    This grim warning comes after the Royal Bank of Scotland has warned its investors of a “cataclysmic year.” In an eerily ominous note to its clients early this year, the megabank predicted another worse case scenario.

    Sell everything except high quality bonds. This is about return of capital, not return on capital. In a crowded hall, exit doors are small.


    This article was written by Matt Agorist and originally published by The Free Thought Project.


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      1. It’s the same story repeated again and again. Now, if the economic sky is really falling. What do you suggest we do about it????

        • Buy some popcorn, butter, and fine salt. Hurry up. There may not be much time!

          Seriously. If this thing craters, and it will, make the best of it. See the bright side, and yes there is one. This is an opportunity to get your affairs in order. It’s a chance to reconnect with family and those you love around you. It’s a time to review what is really of value in life… is it stuff or is it your personal and intellectual development?

          There are hundreds of positives to the reset. Perhaps the greatest is that the edifice of old is preventing a new world… a better world. Will we go through hell to get there? Perhaps. Will it be worth it? Believe it brother, it will.

          There are many who focus on the NWO that is planned by some. It will not come to endure because it is not true to the nature of man. We are creators; we love each other and we serve each other. The new earth I refer to is a spiritual, moral, and ethical revival that I think we can all agree is needed.

          • “The banks are ready for anything now,” the source said.”

            They probably are. That doesn’t surprise me. Its their system and NO ONE knows it better than the top bankers.

            No “economic collapse”. Just another extended business downturn until TRUMP takes office, invites trillions of dollars in offshore capital back to the United States with a 5% tax rate, to invest in new infrastructure projects.

            If TRUMP is elected, there will be an economic BOOM in this country unlike anything we have ever seen before. 🙂

            • Durango, get off your blinders!
              Are you kidding!?
              They are preparing for a MAJOR APOCALYPTIC DISASTER.
              Politics is for kiddies… a mere distraction.

              • For them, its TRUMP !!! 🙂

                • DK,

                  That was a good one!

                  “They are preparing for a MAJOR APOCALYPTIC DISASTER”

                  “For them, it’s TRUMP!!!”

                  Louisiana Eagle

                  • I thought All that Woe all is soon to fall stuff was just banks in europe creating mass hysteria fear mongerings to scare brits into a vote to Remain and Not exit?

                    The other day on some tv news they stated yellin spoke after that Denver fed meeting and said QE is ready to resume if needed and that intrest hikes are Not likey to occure at next round etc.

                    So this article sounds alot more like similar fear speak is all.

                    Bottom line is this…Most all in Alt online medias for past 8 to 10 yrs have all been warning folks to exit stock markets asap fast. And if not in stocks yet? Do NOT enter into ANY stock markets period.

                    But…Those few folks that failed to heed these constant warnings and did invest in most any stocks during the past decade have made enormous profits.

                    More New usa Millionaires have been created in recent years than at all other times in usa ever before.

                    So?….Somebodys either very Misinformed? Or Unqualified? or simply nakeing Up stuff to cause mass hysteria fear same as banksters does!

                    Persoanlly I had half dozen stocks picked to begin investing in, as I never yet did any stock market investings ever yet.

                    Well I figured all these online “Experts” Must know what they speak and write about right?…So I never did invest in a single one of the aprox 5-6 stock picks I decided were a good choice.

                    One such stock was. I read about how Back when “Tazer cops stun guns” were a new company kinda…Not Brand new…But recently created new co. That Tazer stun guns for cops use had its stock priced at about Just over a Dollar per share. Like aprox $1.03 us dollar value per share…Then I read an article online that stated “LA Kalif Cop Chief says decisions been made and Funds are appropriated to Buy about 60,000 Tazer stun Guns so to equip Every LA cop at that police force.

                    I thought to self..”Hmmm Cops everywheres always highly Compete in every phase of cops, therefore soon after LA Kalif cop shop gets 60,000 New Tazer stun guns that cost about $1,200 each, NY cops are the likly Next cop shop to want to be Equal with La cops so NY is going to also Buy as many or close to as many stun guns too…

                    And Then EVERY cities in America cop shops are also going to Demand their cops recieve a tazer gun also!

                    Well Fast fwd to One full Year later..I know Not if each cities cop shop did get tazer guns?…But Enough cops across america DID get tazer stun guns so that stock that sold at $1.03 per share, was a Year later almost to the Day, selling at aprox $103.00 per share!!!

                    And that was also when the fed IRS tax rates for capital Gains if held for at least ONE full ear since stock buy, you only had to Pay IRS 10% fed tax on ALL such Gains!

                    I was 100% set to invest between $5,000 to $7,000.

                    But was very worried/concerned after i read so many online articles exact same as THIS article above!

                    Bad bad move by me, for if I did invest then a year later my Five to seven thousand dollars would have grown to Half to three quarters of a Million dollars worth and I pre palnned to SELL all or Most once one full year passed so to pay Low fed 10% tax on capital gains taxes.

                    And so far even to Date Now 2016 every single one of the article writers online have all been totally 100% WRONG about every such issues as bad as they was WRONG back then period.

                    I also wager This forums folks if they wished to do so can post up very similar Woe is me for takeing these articles “Experts” advice to remain UN invested past 10 yrs now. I bet Many here have same type story of Missed oportunity as I write of here on that Tazer stock deal.

                    And I picked several More stocks that also did as well or better and never invested due to these articles.

                    Like Google stock back when firtst went public shares.

                    I wateched a TV market show that stated good futures for google stocks and how Tons of Teens and usa Youths as low in age of 5 yrs old got Parents to invest their piggy back coins saved into google shares.

                    That was when google public price was around, $3.50 per share…Again I aid to self “Hmmm maybe these Youths that are so Savy of web and internet type stuff compared to us older boomer types knows more than We does eh?…maybe google stock will also be like Tazer stock was eh?”

                    but Again due to so Many articles of warnings against stocks etc…I never invested in a single share google,

                    And again a couple Years later Googe traded at an astounding per share price of aprox $1,000 Plus per share! and with capital gains fed tax still rated at just 10% if held a full Year!….A New later on TV show I also saw, stated that Due to Google shares gains, there are Now around a Couple Thousnds of NEW usa Multi Millionaires that are at age of 4-5-6 Yrs old! Thanks to parents whom did listen to small kids demands parents invest in kiddies favorite website of google. Once them kids reach 18 or 21 yrs old they may be worth Hundreds millions then as it remains in a trust for kids now. This is a stock market Phenom like nothing else every yet seen.

                    I am very very Glad I Never meet such “expert writers” in Person…Because even though I am totally opposed to violence always unless self defense or defense of state or nation etc…I just probably may do stuff I later regret if in person up close to these clowns!

                    So My personal Loss experiences tells me to NOT trust nor believe whatever these guys warns us of period.

                    Like TV news or pols its best to believe exact Opposite.

                    Because so far for at least a decade direct Opposite is whats correct. I think they are worlds Biggest Gold “Buggs” and all they really care of and do is try to PUMP up metals so they get rich and they Need You folks to believe and then Buy as much metals as possible as thats the only way they can Pump it all higher before they cash in and get dolars and very Many dollars in exchange for their gold etc.

                    Then once gold or silver drops to prior Lows very very Low again, these same “experts” are going to do tons of repeat articles telling folks “buy Bonds or stocks since Gold is worthless today!!” yeah after They cashed it all in right?

                    I also Note a vast Majority of these article experts seem to be tribe members eh….That alone is a huge RED falg I think. Anything tribe related is and remains a 100% tribe deal always…They always stick like super glue no matter what. And most often at expense of the hated Goys.

                    if I Failed to so trust or believe what they all spewd the past decade or longer now?…In all Honesty I would have invested in at least two or three of my half dozen picks..And Today in Reality No Jokes my Today Net worth would DEFINATLY be at least a couple to several Million dollars and any preps or land or whatevers I can ever wish for would be easy to achieve.

                    So consider these things prior to placeing trust into these articles and writers “Expertize”.

                    “If” there existed a Nobel Prize award for best american BS’ers and Fear Mongers? Then perhaps they’d really be an Expert and have a Nobel prize that affirms it!

                    I VOW to never agin take these economic articles as anything else than stuff to read to pass days time away from here on out. And IF I see a stock share that again seems to good a chance to pass up like Tazer or google was?…I am ALL IN!

                    Maybe I can earn ebough Profits to Pay some Louie Da Thumper guy to pay these “experts” a visit eh?! Just Jokeing! Just Jokeing so do not go all off on me as some type “hater” or raysis whiteyboy ok.

            • If there is one person on this planet that understands how to guide a Company [country] through bankruptcy, it’s our boy Trump. You “may” be correct [preferred]
              on capital attraction but I’m thinking Trump is the go-to guy for bankruptcy. Peace

            • There will be a BOOM alright. Just not an economic boom.

          • ISHK.

            “The new earth I refer to is a spiritual, moral, and ethical revival that I think we can all agree is needed.”

            I guess that leaves me out.

          • The NWO will never work, because they are outnumbered 99 to 1. The odds are not in their favor. 99 guns pointed at One Zionist dictating orders..
            LMFAO 99% >>>—-> 1%.

            And surely nobody on this earth knows how to express suffering more than the Jew. Oh the pain from generation after generation who just mentions it. I think in their small peanut sized nutshells, they created this illusion that somehow the 99% will obey their made up rules and laws. This is their payback to create chaos anyway they can. Their bankers have backed up the truck on Gold and Silver, and when they are ready, they will make off with their loot, and declare bankruptcy, leaving the bill to Tax payers. And those dumb enough to keep any personal assets in a bank will be o the stick for bail-ins of their corrupt failings.

            Well here is a clue, their debts are not my debts, lets get that strait. Do not expose yourself or your assets to any seizure. Hide them, just like the bank, and declare bankruptcy along with them. I can play poor too.

            Maybe one day the slate will be wiped clean and all debts erased. What do you think?


          • Since you are so enlightened take a wild guess on how many will die during the reset. Hell on earth? Most definitely.

          • I’m gonna miss air conditioner.

            • I’m Gonna Miss Bagels.

        • Make sure you’re fully prepped and fully armed. Then buy silver and gold. Don’t hold a lot of cash. The dollar could start losing value at any time.

          • Has been losing value on a daily basis. My preferred beans are up another 10 cents a bag. Jeez, the cost of gas goes up almost daily.

            • WWTI: You Guess correct! IE: Zios use Mass Hysteria Fear mongerings constantly to get the whole tribe globally to act and think as desired by their top zio masters and rothschilds et al.

              Proof of this was found within too many former secret papers of every allied nations armys dept’s and cia’s etc.

              That have been released to public over past 20 yrs or so.

              Putin had kgb release a few Million pages former top secret WWII papers. And the Russian red army kommies, usa allies!, were who Held most if not Every docuement from Aushwitz camp and “campers”. In Fact Aushwitz was orig Built by bolsehvik jewdeo kommies and used to House White and Christain east euro folks slated for exterminations, or very Short life of hard labor in 50 degree below zero Siberia projects. I bet not one in a hundred Thousand usa folk knows germans never built that Most famous of all such “camps” eh?

              Once released, kgb papers, it proved as False and Hype and half truths probably at least 98% of all we were taught as real or true.

              One such issue was that Globalist Top zios like rothschilds and warburgs et al with tons top rabbis in as well, made a “Transfer Agreement” with Hitler. So to Allow what ever of the jewry in germany or under german controls to Leave and Move into Israel state.

              Hitler agreed if zios or somebody will Pay a fee of just $1,000 per jew person, they can leave german controls and move to israel..Many did that too.

              But…For them rabbis and top zios it was Nowheres enough jewish folk interseted to move to israel. Soooooo.

              Thats when they began to Cook up a bunch of Fear mongerings.. To create mass hysteria fear within avg jew so to cause them to consider a move to Israel state as the jews ONLY last final Hope to live.

              Today online websites that contains such documents and proofs galore can be fast researched to find the real true answers to such issues.

              Too much fear based mongerings got done by the zios behind backs of avg jews to list here.

              Go check website’s of www dot codoh dot com

              and judaism dot is

              That last site is owned and operated by a SHTF poster guy named John Q Public! and is filled with so much actual documents and facts etc it will cause yer head to spin!

              And Most of JQP’s website info was Written originally by jewish writers and rabbies! so nobody can call the info antisemitic or raysist eh…Just can call it what it realy is…Pure Unadultered, Proof solid Factual Truths period. That will Blow the Lid Off, of most every notion and story of “woe is jewry” and jew vs nazi stories you ever heard. Try it and See as folks Owes it to their selves to learn truths eh. Zio/hitler Transfer agreements is just one small issue in Dozens and Dozens more you can research now and do so for Free online!

        • prepare for a time when you prolly wont have an income is prolly what you should do about it.

          • stuff…..THAT’S what you buy to get ready for collapse…buy stuff people will NEED after the collapse…food, water, guns, ammo, food, water, gold and silver, food, water, tools, bicycles, food, water, gasoline, food, water,……….

        • As a city banker …. I recommend the 3 G’s! Gold, Guns and grub (:

        • FTW:

          Thanks for the link. I’m On it. And btw, that really sucks. Can they actually get away with it? I sure hope not!


          • “Can they actually get away with it? I sure hope not!”

            They(Government) have been getting away with numerous Un-Constitutional rulings/laws over the years – this will just be another that will be added to the huge list.

            It’s unfortunate, that a large portion of Americas populace have no backbone – Seems most have the “I don’t care” and it’s “all about me, myself & I” attitudes.

            Otherwise – I highly doubt this nation would be in the shape that it is.

            I’m afraid the 卐 ϟϟFOURTH REICHϟϟ 卐 is almost complete!

        • FWT. The States run elections, not the Feds. But the good news of this is that Obama, the Dems, and Hillary are skeered shitless that Trump may win, so they will pull out every trick in the book to score a win. Hillary is already a know cheater in the Primaries. She is a liar, thief and traitor, besides a trail of deaths from anyone who crosses her. Anybody with minimum of 2 brain cells, that they can rub together, can see this.

          ~WWTI… I’m thinking and EMP while Hillary is in fight would be appropriate.

      2. nothing is going to happen.nothing burger.

      3. Well………i guess we continue to wait and watch for signs. I need to but some whiskey for the ride.

      4. I hope the shit hits the fan tomorrow.


          • Yup, dig a biffy now while you can still afford a shovel. I’m thinking that way too. Peace

      5. If it fails they all may die so do you think bankers want to die,no they just want all our stuff. Y2K all over again. Remember that big lie.

      6. Im pretty much fixed where we are not at the mercy of other people things or conditions. Bring it on. Im tired of waiting.


        And now this. It gets worse. I will continue to work, getting more preps, solar, etc to protect my critical infrastructure as in my survival. Something bad is coming and I am almost certain that I know what it is, and I will continue to prepare to see if its possible to live for another 1 or 2 more years, possible make to 2025. My survival score is a 25%, and this is not looking good. I am working on a new BOL with a friend, and wont be discussing its location on this board.


        25% is not a good survival score.

        • Live for what? I see so many advocating for survival, but few speaking of purpose. I’ve been through a crash and I lost everything physical. Trust me when I say it didn’t matter. What pulled me through was purpose. Is that among your coveted preps?

          • I live for God. Is that enough purpose for you? It’s more than enough for me.

          • ISHK

            Purpose. Very Important. Very selective. Many choices.

            Big impact on outcome.

            That topic would be argumentative here at SHTF for sure.

          • Sure I have a purpose: I get to P on the ones who laughed; what better one??

          • Live for what is a good question. For me its the Grandchildren. All our plans are for them. They carry our DNA and its impportiant to us that they survive and carry on the family tree. We already gave grown children a good start. Now its the Grandchildren who will need us to be there for them.

          • Survival didn’t matter. Yeah right.

            • Survival without purpose is not existence. We are social beings. We are evolving. If you’ve no purpose beyond self, you’ll not remain sane.

              • my Reason to Survive: is so I can Be the Next New Alex treback Game Show Host!

                the new TV Game show is going to be all about Whom has created the largest size or tallest Mountain of Toilet Paper Rolls!….And of course who has forsaken the most good stuff in life and fun stuffs one can do, and basically has existed as abject cheeply and self depriving as possible, so to create a cave bug out hiddy place to continue a meek sparse existence after smoke clears.

                The winners shall be the persons that can show TV audiences they wear the most hole filled and worn out clothes, drive the cheepest oldest non advanced autos, and eat dirt or grass clippings to to save up cans and stores real foods for some future event that may never happen.

                Which ever person at final end year show eposide can cause TV audience to cry more tears of woe, for the most lived like detroit bum under a roadway underpass bridge style of life and yet kept his shopping cart filled with rolls of TP and has the Old used ass wiper rags as proof…Thats our TV show game grand winner!

                Survivialist of the century! He/seh was able to go without, and become the worlds biggest Miser and have the fewest good memories of avg good lifestyles one can picture, all while maintaining a store or stock of ten millions dollars worth of stuffs they too Fear use of “Incase” bad things happens some day.

                Discalimer: Of Course that don’t represent every perpper person…But Many based on reply comments here and elsewheres websites sure do seem like a good fit to that type prepper eh. You cannot take it with when you exit this life is a good plan some think. Enjoyment of things is also a good plan while still alive to do so.

        • HCKS

          I give myself a 60% chance of living through it all.

          You are more than 25%.

          • Anyone awake enough to know we have a problem is way over 25%

            • Agreed. It’s the imbeciles that come to websites like this one and ignore the warnings or think there’s nothing wrong. THOSE people are going to be really fuckin dangerous.

              • Surviving whatever (within relative reasoning) is coming is something I do not view as a problem.

                As for life-expectancy, as soon as we’ve gotten through it we’ll be not only old, but ancient!

                • Speaking of Life expectancy, Preppers, get out your Bins and go through all your toiletries, asprin, Ibprophen, banking soda, etc, and check for expiration dates. I have many new unopened bottles of that stuff hitting their exp dates. Maybe use it, or donate it to someone who doesn’t have any. Have a prepper get together and share or trade soon to be expired products with each other and family. This also is a chance to check your inventories of what you are shy on, and make a few new lists for restocking.

                  Of course we all know many products can be used well beyond their Exp dates. But things like medicines, pills, etc will start loosing there efficacy. That’s why on some of these preps with expiration dates, don’t over stock up on these things. Clean house!! Also go through your BOB’s and get home bags, and update these preps as well. Check the exp dates.

                  I was looking for an extra tube of shoo Goo, because the already opened tube I had, already hardened. I may have more in another bin. I’ll try to use what I have, before buying more. That is a good prep that will prolong shoes and boots. Seems no matter how much I pay the stuff, it seems to fall apart.. That’s why you better have minimum of about 3-4 great pairs of work/ hiking boots, 3 pairs of sandals, about 6 pairs of thick durable leather gloves. Its amazing how fast I can wear out a pair of gloves. Better the gloves than my hands.


                  • Fook ya…Shoe Goo is great stuff! Thanks for the reminder. I got more shoes and boots that payless lol. Plumbers goop is great too. Liquid nails, silicone caulk, wood glue, screws, nails, brackets, saw blades etc. all good. I do need more gloves though, maybe I can find a bulk deal on ebay for a good price. Also need to get an swfa ss scope for the .243 then I’m good. I have used ibuprophen that was way expired and it still worked fine. Antibiotics are a different story. Don’t forget ace bandages too.

                    • WWTFK, Genius,

                      I had some rice krispies that had expired and the children would not eat them. One of my son’s went and threw it into the trash. I hope they will remember what they did when they are going through the trash looking for something to salvage, something to eat, and laugh! I tried one, and it was quite edible but it was not in its prime fresh state. Most medicines, including antibiotics, are still potent for many years past their expiration dates according to some reliable information from a friend who is a pharmacology professor.

                      The folks in Baton Rouge area really got battered. Thanks to Trump, they got some much needed national attention and are getting more assistance. Some of the powers that be tried to shut down the “Cajun Navy”. They have forgotten the role of Jean Lafitte’s irregulars in defeating the British.

                      Louisiana Eagle

                  • Aspirin breaks down to acetic acid, so if you open the bottle and it smells like vinegar, it’s no good.

                    • Ask the Local druggist guy, how many Lbs of willow Bark does it take to make One single asprin tablet?

                      Then jusy locate a nice big willow tree and chew its Bark for reliefe of headaches!

                      I aint no pharmacist, but am thinking between Ten lbs bark to no greater than 50 lbs willow bark to make one 100 MG asprin tablet eh?

                      If correct? May be good idea to start chewing willow bark at least eight weeks prior to next headache arrives in order to consume such quantitys of bark.

        • HCKS, good luck with that BOL.

      8. Don’t get caught without a chair when the music stops. It can stop at night when you’re asleep. Or when you’re on the road, away from the family. Make sure the entire family knows what to do when the balloon goes up. Always have at least a small go bag with you at all times. And the rest of the family must have go bags with them at all times. At home. At work. In the cars. What ever. Even if it’s just some energy bars, a bottle of water or two, knife, flashlight, small amount of cash, gun if possible. Enough to get you back together.

      9. Question. If we all bug out, doesn’t that surrender most ground to the bad guys? My plan is to stay behind and make life interesting for the bad guys. My situation allows for this. I know other folks can’t do this.

        • If you bug out, aren’t you saying that that plot of land isn’t worth holding? If it’s not worth holding, why feel bad you gave it up to get something you want to hold even if it’s worth something only for the fact it gives you time to breathe for a moment, reflect and collect yourself?
          I’m not budging. Not easily anyway.

          • Boyo, once I make the next trip to the BOL, that’s it for me, I’m bugging in. If someone wants my BOL they’ll have to kill me for it. Ain’t going out of this world without a fight.

        • It’s not just the “bad guys”, it’s the legions and legions of people who are probably fine people today…but if things come to a pass where there isn’t enough food and other resources to go around, they WILL get vicious. You don’t want to be in a city full of hungry, angry people. Full stop, the end. Far better to bust a hump out somewhere remote, the lonelier the better unless you know all your immediate neighbors can take care of themselves. My neighbor just came home the other day with a brand new pickup, and I know they can’t afford that. They’re great people with great kids…but there are scenarios where they would be ready to kill someone to feed those great kids. And now they’ve spent all their money plus a bunch they don’t have on a fancy pickup. Food will have to come from somewhere else in a pinch. Like the neighbor’s place.

          • If its just a few I will let them find the stash of poisoned food. and do whatever comes next. Too many and I will burn everything down . That accomplishes two things. It insures I wont be temped to return. And it leaves nothing to enable a thieving trespasser.

            • Old Guy,… You are pretty creative, you should be writing books or movies. Sounds like John Wayne bravado.


          • I think there’ll be a lot of homocides and suicides, people will be servicing years long grudges and just about any other bad scenario that comes to mind. When the shtf, Stay quiet Be smart.

          • Jaxx is absolutely right about people. Even those who claim to be christians will justify their downright immoral actions if it means feeding themselves and their family. Trust no one! The majority of people have the “What’s in it for me mentality.” There are few people who act unselfishly and without getting some type of benefit out of it.

      10. sell everything and get your ammo now boys and girls…
        things are speeding up.
        dhs conducting the elections?
        trump IN mexico (pray all goes well and he gets back)
        and now this…
        Obama ATF Announces Backdoor Ammo Ban!
        ht tp://
        May the Good Heavenly Father Bless us all!

        • Good one Mark.

          Yes it is up on google but the ATF has stopped since it got 80,000 messages.

          The “THE FN” in the white house is going to find a way to do it to us.

          If he can’t old Cankles is going to give it a go.

          FTW. Your article is coming true.

      11. Oh no… The sky is falling… again!

        • You sound like someone in Germany during world war II: “They predicted Germany would lose the war in 1942. Then again in 1943. Then again in 1944. 1945? Germany will never lose.”

        • PackRat

          Always something.

          Some of us have had floods from rain and others wild for some fires. A few earthquakes and myself might have a Hurricane on my doorstep. Tropical storm as of now.

          So the sky might be falling for me. :0)

          • anon, been sitting watching it rain most of the day here in N Central FL. The worst is coming tomorrow and Friday. 6-10 inches of the wet stuff possibly. So far today only a light steady rain of about 1 inch.

            In just checking, 7pm Thurs, it now looks like this storm is heading more north and we may not get much of anything. That is good.

            Link to tracking map.

            Keep checking the updates, as it keeps changing course more north than east.


            • WWTI

              In all the years I have been prepping for storms my wife said the minute I stop we will get clobbered.

              Locking shit up. Charging shit up. Getting shit ready.

              I’ll tell you the truth the last go round I got a taste of a tornado warning, 2 miles away at night. Not fun I can assure you.

              Watching NOAA close.
              Hope things go well for Florida. Take care.


        I filled a 55 gallon barrel with water,put in a quarter cup of regular bleach to kill any critters -and now the damn thing is a barrel full of suds.Friend of mine said he did it this way and worked out fine. Besides emptying the barrel what do I do now?

        • southside

          Go back to square one. Did your bleach have some scented goop added to it? What was in the barrel in the first place. Dump it, rinse and try again.

          Most decontamination involves triple rinse.

          • Thanks anon,will do. No goop in this bleach container,just regular.

            • Something was in the barrel when you got it.
              I bought a couple of blue food grade barrels.
              They had left over 7UP syrup in the bottom. Took a lot of water to get rid of it.
              One time I got a new pair of tie downs for a trailer boat and while rinsing off the boat the tie downs started sudsing like they were made of soap.
              The mfr. had put something on the nylon straps that did it, probably to shorten their life. It also took a lot of water to rinse out.

              • South,for long term bleach need use pool shock(calcium hypochlorite)look up on net,in solid form good for many years.You mix with water for ,well,treating water bleach does not have a long shelf life in that it loses half potency at 6 month mark.5 pounds of pool shock less then 20 bucks you look around,will treat literally millions of gallons of water,will actually look up how much and get back but a huge amount,probably a lifetimes.

                • OK,a bit optimistic!A pound though will treat 10,000 gals. of water,so a 5 pound container 50,000.Now,a gal. a day to survive,in a perfect collapse(?),that is 50,000 days of water,pretty good run for under 20 bucks.

                  I would have say a baby Sawyer water filter for on the hoof/no place to mix up bleach ect.I have used mine on some ? waters and no ill affects,again,under 20 for the kit from the big online and they claim will treat 100,000 gals.,just a thought.

                  • just a word of warning

                    store calcium hypochlorite STRICTLY according to directions

                    that stuff is EXTREMELY caustic

      13. ISHK, Welcome to the board. That was a damn good start on this website. This is not economic crashes that most of us are prepping for. Its something much worse than that. That I can deal with, I have food and water, and can leave this city and go to my new BOL, to meet up with trustworthy friends. It’s environmental collapse, and soldiers from other countries, rolling into my city in UN military combat vehicles looking for men to shoot on site and women and children to rape and kill. The recent attack in and area of Africa where America aide workers were at, got a field test of what it like to get attacked, raped and phucked up really badly and yes, some of the men got there asses raped too. I have purpose in life, I don’t put up with shit like this and I can tell you that the American white man wont put up this type of shit on his soil.

        Purpose is everything. I rate myself at 25% because what I have learned from my source a scientist, it that everyone can prep all they want, and the question is really purpose. Without purpose, you wont last very long, because without it, reasoning makes no sense, much less a reason to live. When I open fire on the chi-com soldiers in my city, the russians, the jihadist and other soldiers, who are here to rape women, your daughter, your sister, you mother, and your small children, then the soldiers that I fire on will fire back on me, killing me. If I don’t fire on them, they are still going to shoot me, kill me, and gang rape my fiancé, so my survival rate is still 25%. I will shoot to kill them on site.

        Try growing and organic garden out in the middle of nowhere, and you have no natural pesticides to ward off the predator insects and other plant diseases.

        Nature gives us options if you work with it. My 25% assessment is about long term survival over the next 20 years. With the ever changing environmental changes, affecting your location, your ability to stay healthy, feed your body properly to prevent diseases, etc, without these things taken into consideration, you have to rate yourself. Most of us on here according to my scientist friend, wont be surviving much longer ever if you get away far from the soldiers and away from the conflict. The ruling elites have complete infrastructure , life extension, medicine, medical doctors, secure food supplies indefinitely and are in it for the long haul. Their survival unfortunately is 100% +. In a collapse of civilians going ape shit, my survival is over 90%, because if they come at me, I will blow them away. But if soldiers are on your streets, this is a different dynamic. I probably wont make if past the first wave if I am trapped in the city, in fact I die within minutes or a few hrs. Not looking good. War reduces your chance of survival. Since my grandmother was raped and murdered by soldiers during ww2, this I take seriously and it gives me a reason to prep. I hope folks on this site will understand why I think at this level. Of course the women who post on here feel I have a problem with women.


        Hope this helps in you understanding purpose. Purpose makes sense.

      14. Have long suggested to preppers, who say they don’t have enough money to fully prep, to sell everything they own that is not already preps, or does not make them money or save them money on essentials. Then, take that $ and finish getting your preps before time runs out.

        I see a day coming where everybody will be scrambling to craigslist and having garage sales of all their toys and non-essentials, and nobody will be getting much of anything for it then, if they can get anything at all.

        Panic Early, Beat the Rush, sell your soon-to-be-junk now while there’s still plenty of buyers, to then go buy your preps while they’re still cheap and plentiful.

        Downsize now on your own terms, too, if that’s what’ll eventually be required. Don’t be the guy I know who sold his RV to make a few more payments on his house, that he eventually lost anyways, and then did not have his RV anymore to move into.

        I think the suffering will be so intense so quickly, when TSHTF, that most then would give their right arm to turn back the clock even just two weeks, to have better re-positioned their priorities, overwhelmed with regret, pain & shame over what their families are now needlessly forced to endure then. Don’t want to be that guy!

        • Simple but brilliant advice!

      15. To in the hair just hit the fan, see second article…look at the timing.

        Mac, you may need to post a link on this one to and get ready for and SHTF STORM.


        • reclassifying nitrocellulose? Drive up powder prices? Good having powder out the wazzo! 🙂

        • the site was down when i tried

      16. Topic aside, this is some of the worst writing I’ve ever seen in an article. If you want people to take you seriously, don’t write like a stoned 10th grader. Everyone knows the hsit storm is coming.

        • Cabingirl – HCKS will have your ass band cos he is a super moderator you sad assed agency troll clown! He will call on his SPETSNATZ buddy and his scientist friend to band you in real time! Do not mess with HCKS! He has many friends on this sight who will band your ass two! Brother Bravefart is his biggest admirer! Brother Bravefart wants to carry HCKS babies – except he is past the menopause!

          Actually, his (HCKS) recent posts are unusually lucid – for him…rampant insanity sometimes makes sense ?

      17. a winter nip in the air

        Global Supply Chains Paralyzed After World’s 7th Largest Container Shipper Files Bankruptcy, Assets Frozen

        ht tp://

      18. Banksters issuing warnings now. Running for the hills. Well. Well. Well. The time for reaping what has been sown IS NOT far off.

      19. People the gun industry is in on this fear of nitrocellulose ban. Why wouldn’t they cause hysteria and cause a run on ammo. They start to make a huge profit gouging customers per box of ammo. I’ve pondered picking up a flintlock blunderbuss you can make your own black powder there is multiple recipes. There was one in the backwoodsman magazine a while back that used chicken manure. It used to be a good publication but now like magazines its advertisements. If you ever get a chance to pick up the older magazines at a yard sale or flea market buy them. There is a lot of tips and tricks and how to make hunting and fishing gear recipes for things like black powder. The blunderbuss can be loaded with whatever you find nails broken glass so all you need is powder. It’s like .75 caliber so it’s no joke.

      20. We are losing clients left and right due to this damn election that is coming up in November. Our business is always worse when the elections come up. This year is the worst. I don’t think we will make it after the end of this year. It is bittersweet to have to apply for jobs and work for someone else after 15 plus years of working for yourself. Though the stress of having to barely scrape by is even worse it brings about a depression that can be hard to climb out of.

      21. According to the b5ook secrets of the temple all recessions since WWII were created by the Fed. recession6s are when banks make the most money as people lose their homes. It is no big leap of logic that they can create another major crisis at will Recessions kill people and to date the Fed has killed about 350,000 Americans more than Hitler did

      22. There is never any meat on these reports simply recycled information with a good helping of dooom. The extra o is for o really.

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