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Media Caught Lying: “Horse De-wormer Overdose” Story Was Fabricated

Mac Slavo
September 6th, 2021
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A story out of Oklahoma claimed that a hospital was turning away patients with gunshot wounds to treat people who had overdosed on the horse de-wormer, Ivermectin. As it turns out, that story was fabricated from the very beginning.

Ivermectin, which is a common horse dewormer, has been claimed to be a treatment for COVID-19. In fact, infamous podcast host Joe Rogan announced he was treating his own case of Covid-19 with a cocktail of medications including ivermectin. Once that happened,  the establishment mainstream media went into overdrive, describing the drug – a Nobel Prize-winning anti-parasitic widely used around the world – as a dangerous substance used in the treatment of livestock.

Don’t forget that Rogan is not on the side of liberty or freedom.  He endorsed Marxist totalitarian Bernie Sanders. 

Even after Joe Rogan kicked Covid-19 within three days, the media’s onslaught against ivermectin kept going, as pundits continued to refer to the drug as a “horse dewormer.” Then the mainstream media completely fabricated a story to attempt to control the narrative. Rolling Stone, The Independent, The Guardian, and other outlets reported on Friday that in one Oklahoma hospital, the ER was so overflowing with ivermectin overdoses that gunshot victims were being turned away.

Based on a local report from a few days earlier, these outlets quoted Doctor Jason McElyea of Sallisaw, Oklahoma, who described patients showing a litany of symptoms including nausea, vomiting, muscle aches, and even “vision loss.” And the ruling class’s media lapdogs helped spread the lie far and wide.


The hospital McElyea worked at, NHS Sequoyah, released a statement on Saturday disavowing the doctor’s story. “Dr. McElyea has not worked at our Sallisaw location in over 2 months,” the statement read. “NHS Sequoyah has not treated any patients due to complications related to taking ivermectin. This includes not treating any patients for ivermectin overdose.”

“All patients who have visited our emergency room have received medical attention as appropriate. Our hospital has not had to turn away any patients seeking emergency care.”

Ivermectin has been used in both horses and humans to treat parasitic infections. However, the Food and Drug Administration has said it is not a drug approved to fight COIVD-19.  That’ll be reserved for the “vaccines”.

According to a report by RT, despite some studies touting its efficacy against the virus, the discussion of ivermectin as a treatment option is all but banned on some social media platforms. YouTube suspended a sitting US senator for talking about ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as treatments, while Twitter blacklisted a peer-reviewed medical journal for publishing evidence of ivermectin’s effectiveness.

SInce COVID-19 is just a cold or the flu renamed to panic people into taking a “vaccine,” it seems strange that they would go to these lengths to stop people from discussing a drug that could help.  Or they are trying to use people like Rogan to make people who talk about ivermectin look like imbeciles.  This whole hoax scamdemic is all a big psychological operation and this time, the establishment power structure was caught red-handed.

They are lying to us. They know we know they are lying. They don’t care anymore. There is no pandemic.  If the common cold was a “bio-weapon” it’s the worst one ever invented in history. That said, stay alert.  More people are catching on all the time. As that happens, we creep closer to a time when drastic measures such as a real sinister and devastating illness could be released upon us all. They won’t give up easily and they need more people to take their shots that don’t work.

Now they need a new scariant that’s “vaccine-resistant” when those who took the jabs get a cold this fall or winter and inevitably test positive for the COVID. They are covering their asses and making mistakes now.

WHO Says “Mu” Variant Is Probably “Vaccine-Resistant”

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: September 6th, 2021

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Russian Abuse of the Nuclear Option

      It is extremely disappointing that Russia is acting so irresponsibly by developing nuclear power plants in African countries.

      Russia, as the largest fossil fuel reserve country, in addition to many top notch scientists that know the inherent irreversible dangers of nuclear power plants, which are even more difficult to manage in Africa because of cooling factors and water scarcity.

      Naturally, if Russians truly wanted to power Africa, they would go solar, and the fact that they didn’t shows that Russians obviously have it in for African countries, in a really big and evil way.

      As far as the JCPOA is concerned, Iran already was a quasi-nuclear power, and the JCPOA limited Iran’s nuclear capabilities, not enhanced them.

      Now, Africa will be swimming in nuclear waste like India, and there is no safe form of nuclear energy and all nuclear power plants create more nuclear waste.

      Africa also has many undeveloped fossil fuel reserves. 

      Russia wants Chernobyl for all of Africa.

      Andrea Iravani

    2. Apache says:

      And so this shows even more how far these leftists scumbags will go to spew their venomous lies!

      • TharSheBlows says:

        I been taking Ivermectin and I feel as healthy as a horse. hehehehehehe. Just kidding.

        I actually do have some Ivermectin for my rabbits ears for ear mites. Shelf life of this tube is like 10 years. Just a yellow dab of the Ivermectin on the brown mite mass in the inner ear using a Q-tip and poof the next day the ear is totally clear. Works great. I wish I bought a few more units of this, and Tractor supply is totally out, and one store lady said the Government might try to ban it. Like WTF? They Fascist drug pushers sure want the scam monopoly on the phony jab and cut out all competitors.

        Ivermectin wiped out 86% of covid cases in India and Japan. Proven winner.

    3. Anonymous says:

      So what will come of it?

      My guess is nothing, at least for the media, everything will just keep going the way it is now.

      They’re just propagandists, and propaganda doesn’t have to be true to be effective.

    4. Anonymous says:

      Ivermectin won’t hurt you,dosage is according to body weight. I used it when I use to raise AKC Rottweiler’s to de-worm both pups and breeding stock. It must have multi-various uses if it kills viruses too. Buy now before they ban it or think you are a terrorist for possessing it.

    5. Brockland A.T. says:

      What the MSM conveniently forgets, is that ivermectin was an antiparasitic drug first developed for humans. The MSM smears ivermectin by omission and misdirection.

      Ivermectin was later reformulated for veterinary use because it was so effective in humans.

      Pre-COVID, human-formulated ivermectin was being investigated for potential antiviral and anti-inflammatory applications with very encouraging results.

      The drug has been in use since 1981, is well-studied, inexpensive, and widely used, especially in places like Africa, where parasitical worms and flies routinely infect people.

      Human-formulated ivermectin is safe at doses of 300 micrograms per kilogram of weight. A recent meta-analysis study indicates ivermectin for humans MAY be 62% effective at reducing death and MAY be 86% effective at reducing transmission.

      Ivermectin appears to work by inhibiting viral reproduction and reducing inflammation. Since ivermectin is not officially approved for use against COVID, physicians can’t prescribe ivermectin for COVID without the regulatory body threatening their medical license.

      This is an abuse of licensing power and ire should be directed at those quack officials, as well as governments. Doctors normally have the discretion to prescribe accepted medications a little outside normal guidelines.

      Ivermectin is usually available over-the-counter. Claiming a bad case of head lice or ringworm might snag an ivermectin prescription.

      However, COVID-1984 reset fanatics are determined to destroy doctors who stray from the vaccine-only narrative so they can wear their little vax passport pedigrees.

      Never take any medication, antiviral or antibacterial, that is formulated for non-human pets and livestock. What’s safe for them may be toxic for humans.

    6. Brockland A.T. says:

      Ivermectin was first developed for humans to treat parasites, and proved so effective formulations were developed for pets and livestock.

      The media lie hangs on pretending human ivermectin use never existed.

      Ivermectin is a well-used and well-studied drug, and pre-COVID was also being investigated for anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, with promising results.

      The therapeutic results against COVID-19 are also promising, but this is not a drug to take without competent medical direction.

      Especially, humans should never use drugs formulated for pets and livestock. What’s safe for them, may be toxic for humans.

      Only use drugs formulated for human beings as directed by the manufacturer and real doctors. If the directions on the box and a prescription say ‘x’, don’t go triple ‘zzz’.

    7. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      It is ridiculous watching these people in the media attack Biden over the thirteen deaths, because the individuals attacking Biden know that Afghanistan is a war zone, and it is filled with known terrorist groups, and that there are casulties in war.

      Frankly, I think that it is really remarkable that only thirteen people died vacating a twenty year crimes against humanity scene.

      The calls are absurd from the media, including Lieutenant Colonel Schelner ridiculously asking who decided to close Bagram airbase which was located in the Panjshir Valley controlled by the NRF and enemy of the Taliban that probably would have been bombed not by a suicide bomber, but gravity bomb, reusulting in thousands of deaths if
      they tried to, to critics claiming that they should have drone struck the suicide bomber, by Scott Ritter, which also could have resulted in gravity bomb attacks or multiple suicide bombers in retaliation, to
      attacks by cartoonist Ted Rall and VIPS Philip Giraldi saying that Biden should keep the embassy in Afghanistan filled with what they both acknowledge to be various terrorist groups, and since the US and NATO forces committed a twenty year crimes against humanity genocidal spree against Muslims for over twenty years, far surpassing the crimes against humanity by the German Nazis, and on equally false pretenses since the 911 plane attacks were faked and the buildings were imploded with explosives which is why only three thousand people died, because Afghanistan was a $300 million a day cash cow. What do they care if embassy employees die in a terrorist attack? Then, they would blame Biden for it, of course.

      6,294 U.S. military and private contractors died in Afghanistan prior to the thirteen, and the way that the media has not let up, you would think that 13,000 military personel died, and not 13.

      The truth is that over 13,000 Americans have died from the mythological virus “covid-19” from the GMO bioweapons shots, and those are only the ones reported to VAERS, and those are not individuals that volunteered to go and murder people in a war zone filled with known terrorists either.

      It is acually much higher than that though that died from the shots.

      Andrea Iravani

      • TharSheBlows says:

        The CIA’s World wide Heroine drug trade, are the biggest illegal drug dealers in the world. They used US Tax payer monies to pay US Troops to protect the Poppy fields in TrashCan-istan. Maybe the US Claimed citizens stuck in country are the CIA Drug dealing operatives that are dead meat in TrashCan-istan. Karma find a way.

      • Darth Skippy says:

        Hillary publicly admits, via msm, that the groups were created as part of the Afghan Strategy — as proxies in a forever war against Russia.

    8. The American Journal of Cancer research just published a report that states that Ivermectin is a cancer killer.
      This is not theory this is Fact form the experts.
      Ivermectin prevents and cures Covid
      Big Pharma is fighting hard to keep you stupid!!
      Mega billions are at stake

    9. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      America, You’re Not Worth The Risk!  – Love Blackrock

      The countries largest fund, Blackrock, run by Larry Fink with over $9.5 trillion AUM is voting with its feet, all the way to China, because the corruption in America is so thick that you can cut it with a knife, and no economy is sustsinable under such a criminogenic and corrupt environment. Of course, China is also extremely corrupt, but Xi JinPing has been making steps to reign in the crony communist corruption, which may be initially painful, as it was in America after the S&L scandal, followed by the 1987 market crash, both of which received no bailouts, and corruption was brought under control, and people were charged and held accountable for control fraud.

      Hopefully Biden will start working on reigning in the corruption. If he doesn’t the situation remains totally hopeless.

      Now that we are out of Afghanistan, maybe they can start.

      Andrea Iravani

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