Media Bias BACKLASH: NRA Memberships Up As MSM Propagandizes For Gun Control

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Headline News | 64 comments

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    NRA (National Rifle Association) memberships have skyrocketed in recent weeks since the mainstream media has been ramping up their anti-gun agenda. As the media continues to weaponize the news in the form of gun control propaganda, the NRA’s profiting continues to go up.

    The Daily Mail reports that Google searches for “NRA membership” rose 4,900 percent since the Parkland Florida school attack. That rise occurred at a time when many Democrats, media personalities, and Hollywood celebrities were denouncing the NRA and leveling blame on the association for the shooting that took 17 lives in a gun-free zone.

    Hollywood also took to social media to make sure they press an anti-gun agenda for the elitists as well.  Notorious leftist, Chelsea Handler tweeted the following:

    There’s nothing like a little scapegoating when it comes to placing the blame for mass shootings.  It seems like the blame falls always on the NRA and law-abiding gun owners, not the psychopaths who shoot up schools.

    CNN’s February 21 gun control town hall highlighted the media’s animosity towards the NRA, as it featured survivors from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting confronting Republicans over NRA affiliation. The Guardian reported that one student spoke to Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and asked, “Can you tell me right now you will not accept a single donation from the NRA?”

    According to The Hill, a large swath of the American populace is equating these various attacks on the NRA with attacks on the Second Amendment and gun rights in general, while others see the attacks as proof of “media bias.” The result is an explosion in NRA memberships.

    After several large corporations dropped discounts for NRA members, many took it as shots fired at the NRA for a crime they didn’t commit.  The Daily Mail quoted Cleta Mitchell, a former NRA board member and former Oklahoma lawmaker, who said, “There is no one. NO ONE. Who joins the NRA for a discount on a rental car. You can rest assured that the NRA will not lose a single member as a result of this. If anything, it should spur people to join the NRA as a means of demonstrating that we who believe in the Second Amendment will not be bullied by these left wing multi-billion dollar corporations.”



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      1. I sent the NRA an extra $150 and DICK HEADS SPORTING GOODS WON’T SEE ME AGAIN

        • I’m with ya. The NRA ILA got a check for $100 from me.

          • K2,
            I can only afford $26
            for my yearly calendar.

            • Don’t forget to boycott these companies too:
              Sara Lee

              • Genius, those 4 are already on my list going back for years.

                • GOOD MAN!

              • McDonalds is Trumps favorite.

            • The NRA needs to do two calendars one of nude Gals with guns, for us, and one for the ladies. EEO. Don’t worry not having any bucks$$$ to spare is not a crime, BT-DT ,got the old T Shirt..

                • Genius, thanks for that video. Very interesting.

                  • 😉

                • I wonder if there’s a course I could take in the study of recoilology. Thanks Genius. I think I learned something… not sure what; but, let me watch that video again and I might recall.

          • I renewed two days ago. I did not want to because I am still pissed that NRA sent the memo requesting review of the Bump Stocks. I vowed not to renew my membership because of that, but will all the attacks against guns I decided I better renew before there are no more guns.

            • I am with you, not putting nra on any pedestal. Administration needs to get their collective butts in order. The rank n file are strong.

        • Paranoid, I’ve only been in Dick’s one time and never went back. They didn’t have anything that turned me on.

          • Unfortunately, none of them have the MK=86 thermo nuke in 5-8 meg I want.

        • Well I dumped the NRA, partly because of Wayne’s zero tolerance (zero intelligence) statement against armed teachers and CCW in schools. There were other reasons too, mainly around the fact that the NRA repeatedly compromises our rights away too eagerly, while constantly fear-mongering its members to send them more money. Oh, I won’t mention their ridiculously over-compensated executive salaries.

      2. I missed the equivalent response after the Las Vegas shooting took over 3 times as many lives.

          • Excellent!

          • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
            Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!

        • That’s cause it was Country western music/rednecks, this is for the children.

      3. I was a lifetime Democrat until Hillary stole the primary. Voted for Trump. I never felt joining the NRA was worthwhile before. Joined to voice my support. Nice work, asshole liberals. You’re creating more trouble than you can ever imagine with your gun-grabbing, afraid-of-life mentalities. Simple solution – all of you move to California, then succeed from the rest of the county. Everyone will be happy, and you can give up all the rights you want to. Just don’t try taking mine or those of my family.

        • Welcome to the good side DOC333. The far left is chasing the remaining thinking patriots away.

      4. I just watched a video on YouTube titled “the secret life of Timothy McVeigh”. What was interesting was that besides claiming that McVeigh was still with the service, he was involved in CIA drug smuggling, all Pres Clinton’s files as Governor had been sent to that particular FBI building, and there was a secret Gov/CIA/FBI ( ? ) group which infiltrated militias in order to bring them down. It is important to note that the intent of the Second Amendment is not private gun ownership for either hunting or ordinary self defense, though such is not prohibited, but it is for the maintenance of a militia. Therefore one can deduce from this information, if true, the government by means of the cia or fbi is actively covertly at war against the people and in violation of the Second Amendment.
        Oh well. What else is new.
        Same shit, different day.


        • What really pi sses me of about nut case killers, is that the targets they pick are so bad.
          Tim could have drove that bomb into the Nations Capital, His state capital, or a police station.
          Kill the real criminals not some kids in a daycare, or a school.
          At least in 9/11 they killed lots of Democrats.

          • Tim didn’t do it.
            Paddock didn’t do it
            ragheads didn’t do 911
            oswald didn’t do it
            Your not a very good detective lol.

            • That is you’re, or you are depending on how you want to do it.
              I’m an engineer not a cop.

              • Forgive me, my mother was an english teacher. Imagine that lol 😛

        • check out videos on youtube from Cody Snodgrass – he used to be with CIA – he has come out as a whistleblower against alot of these shootings – interesting stuff – he also speaks of Timothy

      5. Below is an Alert for Illinois. It seems like no one is calling their State reps, senators or the Governor to say no to this gun grab.
        What the hell, do Illinois gun owners no longer give a rat ass about their guns, magazines or families? Should we just turn in our property and say oh well it was nice while it lasted.
        I dont understand, WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED !!!!!!!

        RED ALERT! Grab your phone and make some calls!
        March 5, 2018
        Jim Durkin’s offices aren’t getting enough phone calls. I managed to reach both his District Office # (630) 325-2028 and his Springfield Office # (217) 782-0494 without catching a busy signal at 10am this morning. We need to call him early and (more) often.

        For those who missed it earlier: House Minority Leader Jim Durkin is urging his fellow Republicans to support the bill to ban magazines (HB-1469). Yes, Jim Durkin wants to send you to prison for 7 to 14 years for your Glock 17 magazines. Or your AR magazines. 7 to 14 years in prison!

        And he’s urging his fellow Republicans to vote for the bill – known as the “Bauer” Act – as well. From the Sun-Times:

        Sneed also hears House Republican Leader Jim Durkin is encouraging Republican members to support the Bauer Act.

        “Leader” Jim Durkin needs to hear from gun owners. Call his office Monday morning. And again Tuesday, as the magazine ban bill may “be ready for a vote” as soon as Tuesday. Tell the person answering that you are opposed to all of these gun control bills. Tell them you’re opposed to the magazine ban and how you would urge Mister Jim Durkin to urge the same with his fellow Republican caucus.


        HB 1469: Bans the sale, purchase, transfer or possession of any gun magazine over 10 rounds and use of body armor (applies to all gun owners; even retired law enforcement or military veterans).
        HB 772: Creates the Lethal Order of Protection Act to allow family members to petition the courts to have citizens be labeled a “danger to themselves or others” just for owning a gun. HB 772 would cause the surrender of your FOID card, CCL and firearms without notice or due process. AND you will bear the costs of fighting to restore your FOID/CCL, both legal and for psych evaluations.

        HB 1465: increases age to purchase or possess rifles to 21.
        HB 146: bans sale, purchase, transfer or possession of bump stocks and trigger cranks.
        HB 1468: increases waiting period on rifles to 72 hours.
        SB 2314: Grants municipalities authority to regulate possession and ownership of assault weapons (takes it away from State of Illinois).
        SB 3297: Bans the transfer of a modern sporting rifle, .50 caliber firearm, and large capacity magazines of more than 10 rounds.
        SB 3298: Requires local law enforcement agency to approve conceal carry licenses (in addition to IL State Police).


        Here is a nice, printable brochure to share with folks.

        • You pretty much just listed existing Hawaii law.
          We ignore it.
          Molon labe

          • Rellik, even if such laws were passed in my state, we would just ignore them. Null and void.

        • Call your local criminal:
          These “laws” don’t exist. They violate the real law. Criminals don’t care who writes the phony laws, cause their criminal bosses have paid them off with counterfeit money, laundered drug and prostitution money from human traffickers, and taxes swindled from hard working families.
          Who wants to talk with these scum from the bottom of the barrel of lying con artists. Lock them all up or put them up against a wall and turn over your guns.

          Dramatic license taken here. I never advocate violence. Just trying to make the point that phone calls are probably a waste of time. But go ahead if it makes you feel less impotent.


          • Naaah, I’d rather bury myself in guns and ammo! AMMO BATH! God I love the smell of gun oil in the morning 😀

            • Hoppes or Safari CLP?

              • Actually I use Mobil-1 0-20 for most applications. For finer work I like MC-2500 synthetic. 5 star rated mil oil, try it you will LOVE it!

                • I use 10-40 Mobil in my wifes diesel. You saying that is OK for guns?
                  Thanks for the MC-2500 advise, I forgot that one.

                  • 10-40 is too thick. Use 0-20 in the mobil-1 full synthetic. Works great for me and lasts!

                    • relik, I just saw your post on another thread about black powder. You can get everything you need at skylighter dot com. But as far as the tumbler e-bay is a LOT cheaper for the same unit. That site has the recipe and instructions too. While your on ebay getting your tumbler don’t forget a scale that weighs grains…

                    • Ditto, Mobil 1 is what I use too. 5W20. There is no better gun oil in my opinion.

              • The OLD Hoppies when it still had nitro methane in it.

                • If one were to be looking for NM you can still find it in fuel for RC cars. Works well as an additive for certain things lol.

                  • Yup, Super on Ice Cream

        • Give a rats ass?? I live in Illinois, I’m a registered voter and gun owner. I’m a member of ISRA, NRA, GSSF, GSL, Illinois Carry. Family, friends, everyone that I know has filed witness slips/called/emailed Governor Rauner, Jim Durkin, and John Curran’s offices regarding the bills mentioned. Sneed, really??? FYI, the Sun-Times is another purveyor of fake news.

      6. Right or wrong I signed back up. Right to show the MSM and TPTB I will stand against them. Wrong I don’t completely trust the NRA. I don’t trust any large outfit.

        • Nothin wrong with that Sgt. It shows the pusscakes we have bigger numbers if anything. I wish I could donate to GOA anonymously as I don’t need to be on yet another list (grey man) lol. Now if you will excuse me I need to fill the bathtub with ammo and silver and roll around in it for a while lol 😛

        • Sgt.
          I’m a life member, and I don’t trust them either.

          • I’m a Life/Benefactor member; and I trust them, But I still take a gun to the meetings. Dallas this year.

            • I wish I could join you. It’s a long expensive trip for me.

        • You can trust a maximum of three people: If two of them are dead.

      7. Negotiating rights?
        WTF is that?

        It’s “Shall Not Be Infinged “
        Anything otherwise is illegal , and we should start prosecuting for these attempts on our unalienable rights , NRA you have not been doing this
        Take the fucking gloves off and stop Negotiating Rights Away

        • NRA= negotiating rights away! I’m going to use that one, thanks lol.

          • NRA = Not Real Activists.

            The NRA is to gun owners what the GOP establishment is to Republican voters.

            GOA and NAGR is where principals can still be found.

          • That’s what NRA has done for decades. Compromising, and negotiating our rights away.

      8. Wondering if NRA membership roles will become a hit list? Dam the torpedos?

      9. In Alexander Solsenitzens ,Gulag Archepeligo, Many were regretting being taken alive ?Prefering a fighting chance to torture. And taking some of them with you.

      10. I’ve never been a “joiner”, but I joined the NRA maybe an hour or two ago. 5 years, $140. Totally worth it just to see Lefty heads explode when I tell them. I had doubts…nothing is private anymore…but at some point you have to make a stand, right? And mine is with the NRA. I have never met a member of the NRA that I didn’t like instantly. You could do worse, if you’re going to tie yourself to a cause.

      11. Dicks sporting goods is boring and I was done with them anyway, but now I have an even better reason never to go back.

      12. I think Dick’s was a pure political move to attract the bike riders and clothes buyers that patronize Dick’s. I never have seen many guns sold there and no one i know has ever purchased one from Dick’s- that I know of. They were always overpriced and hard to ever get anyone to help you or anyone that was very gun knowledgeable.

        But anyway I used to purchase some stuff, sports equipment, gun cases fishing stuff-BUT NO MORE! DONE WITH DICK’S

      13. Inch by inch, bit by bit, so goes away the right to bear arms.

        • You can thank the NRA for some of that.

      14. The Washington DC area recently suffered massive power outages from a powerful windstorm. After keeping the nation in the dark on so many things that are going on, they found themselves in the dark for several days. Ironic?

      15. It is amusing to see the surprised look on a Liberal when call for a banning of a firearm after high profile crime that there is a surge in the sales of that same firearm (and others of that type). Liberal logic in action, provoke people into deciding to buy an AR-15, who otherwise would not have considered buying one, by calling for banning it, so you now have MORE people owning on. And any organization that is so hated as the NRA is the Liberal Left, has got to be an organization worth joining. I’m thinking about joining the NRA just to piss off my liberal co-workers.

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