Medal Of Honor Recipient Warns: “It’s Going To Come Here… Trump Must Release The Gates Of Hell” On Islamic State

by | May 25, 2017 | Headline News | 84 comments

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    With British Prime Minister Theresa May warning that another attack may be imminent, Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer says that it’s time to strike Islamic State strongholds without mercy, because sooner or later we could well witness suicide bombers detonating themselves in the middle of large crowds right here at home.

    Arguing that President Obama, who awarded Meyer his Medal of Honor, was weak on ISIS and terrorism in general, he says President Trump should take a completely different strategy.

    In short… it’s time to unleash the gates of hell…

    I’ve been saying this is going to happen for a long time.

    When is it coming here?

    I think the only way you get this point across is that we release the gates of hell on them and we start making war so ugly that…their recruitment videos… it won’t be cool to join ISIS anymore.

    And at some point we’re going to have to do that… this labeling of ‘it’s a lone wolf’ attack… or saying it’s not connected or this or that…

    You can’t just ignore this problem because it’s going to come here…

    The only thing I am optimistic about with this situation is that we have a President… think whatever you want about his politics…

    At least we have a president that’s in place that’s not going to allow us to be the victims… you can guarantee he’s going to do whatever it’s going to take… no matter if it’s popular in the court of public opinion… he’s going to do what’s right to protect America…

    Our guess?

    President Trump was just warming up when he dropped this mother of all bombs on an ISIS complex in Afghanistan earlier this year:

    Related: Trump Drops ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ On Islamic State Hideout: “The Largest Guided Bomb In The History Of The World… Blast Radius Stretching One Mile In Each Direction”


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      1. Every Patriot and Prepper, Must be prepared to fight and defend our homeland. There is no sit and wait to be hit any more, we need to take it right up their asses before they hit us. This is a well known “Art of War” documentary, you must know like the back of your hand. You will either survive or be a victim. Carry daily and prepared to shoot. This failure to know the Art of War is why the US gets its ass kicked over and over again, from Viet Nam to Iraq.
        Sun Tzu – The Art of War – Documentary (History Channel)

        • YellowPokaDotBikini

          Think we maybe shouldn’t have been in Vietnam & Iraq?

          • And maybe we shouldn’t be in the Middle East either. No wonder everyone hates us, we stick our dicks into every damn country.

            • The roots of todays messes in the sandbox go back to WW1 and how the victors divided up or combined the territories or countries. However, its clear that Islam is evil and if we are to live as Infidels Islam will have to be totally destroyed.

              • Jaque Bauer

                Actually the root of the problem goes back to BP discovering oil in the Middle East in the 1920s and carving up the geography into ungovernable nations giving the Saud family Arabia thus christened, “Saudi Arabia”. The US has armed and even used its air power to help Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists overthrow secular (non religious based) governments. Syria for instance has a 10% Christian population protected by the Syrian government and Christians hold government positions.

                ISIS is a US / CIA creation.

            • From what I saw in the military is that if we just pulled up in big boats and let all the women leave with us that liked white guys, the ornamentals would have died out

            • The US has been sucked into repeated Middle East quagmires. The Islamic world sees the US as just another group of Crusaders.

              America is now hated above all others. Hillary stuck America in several new conflicts, she did this on purpose. Hillary serves the same god/demon as Islam. War is the plan!

              The quagmires the US has been put in are well planned. There’s little Trump or any president could do to change matters.

              Just my opinion, but the US needs to just leave the Middle East and not look back, until it’s critical. Stop droning terrorists, it just makes lots more.

        • The federal Government will detain ans strip Citizen Patriots before they will hunt the Jihadists. Knowing how to conceal weapons will be important. At least one state (Florida ) has issued arrest powers if you are carrying arms during a declared national disaster. You, you are evacuating your family thru a hellish city with looting and murder and the cops will arrest and sieze otherwise lawfully owned and carried arms.

          • “At least one state (Florida ) has issued arrest powers if you are carrying arms during a declared national disaster.”

            Actually its quite the opposite as the need for a carry permit is suspended if fleeing a disaster.

            “Governor Rick Scott signed 44 bills into law Thursday afternoon, one of which will allow Florida residents to carry concealed firearms –without a permit– during the event of an emergency evacuation for 48 hours. The 48-hour period may be extended per the governor.”

            • Kevin is 100% Correct and Bauer is un-informed and needs to do the research before commenting. I live in FL and know Kevin is correct. And person in FL 18 yrs and older who is a non fellon can carry a fully loaded pistol in the glove box ready to deploy in a aeconds notice even without a carry permit. About 10% of the Florida population is a carry permit holder.

              • Governor Scott addressed a specific instance of evacuation wavering the need of a carry permit. Unfortunately the “concealed” means concealed as even with a carry permit you have a potential criminal charge (I believe a felony) if your weapon shows. In this hot climate, sans jacket, your limited on what you pack. Florida kicked off, “Shall Issue” in 1987 and unfortunately in many peoples eyes it was a dangerous experiment. We law abiding citizens were more than vindicated as “shall issue” has spread into constitutional carry because of our ultra law abiding track record. Florida is now having difficulty modernizing their 1987 “experimental” law that has served so well that law enforcement officers have had permit holders come to their aid. Demographics from northern immigration will no doubt alter politics in Florida. The comical but true statement is, “Its the only State that the further north you go the more south you get”.

        • that was great,i think i seen it before.i am going to get the book.

        • Your point is well put. You will either survive or be a victim. Knowledge is power. Learning everything you can to ensure your survival and that of your family is primary.

      2. So tell me, why is it ok for the West to bomb and slaughter men, women, and children in the East, but it is evil and wicked if the East bomb the West?

        • Why ??? Because the victor writes the history of any conflict. That said, Jihadis in the ME and everywhere else should be annihilated because Islam is totally incompatible with American Constitutional Values. Its kill them or be killed by them.

          Their choice.

          Disparate ideologies cannot co-exist on a global scale. That’s why the Soviet Union dissolved. They lost the competition and disappeared. 🙂

        • Let me take a swing at that one…

          We’re us. If you haven’t picked a side yet, this would be the proper time.

          Just like any other war, things don’t start on the battlefield. As the pilgrims learned (the hard way), the ‘red man’ wasn’t their friend. We didn’t land killing indians. We landed and tried to survive. The indians attacked up like a savage army. They were stone-aged aggressors. Superstitious and backward.

          We would trade with them and try to make friends but on numerous occasions, after lulling the colonists into a false sense of friendship, they attempted to wipe out all traces of the whites in the new world.

          Eventually, we adopted the same battle tactics of the enemy and began to spare no one. Yes, women and children became targets in total war. That’s what total war is. They deliberately targeted our women and children and they received the same in return.

          Flash forward – Present day. Our problem is, we are still attempting to fight a gentleman’s war with another stone-aged antagonist. We haven’t gotten to the point yet when we are willing to take the gloves completely off.

          If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Blackhawk Down”, you’ll know my meaning. Rules of engagement? Wait until you’re fired upon? Sort out the combatants?

          Sun Tzu would’ve lit that place up like a Christmas tree.

          So the only difference may be that history is written by the victors. If so, be a victor.

          • PretzelLogix what utter crap! Typical of some white supremacist to make it an issue of race. Get your facts straight.

            Those innocent white europeans weren’t traders, they were colonialists. In order to colonize a region you must wipe out the indiginous inhabitats that reside there…aka extermination. Which is why the “innocent whites” used biological warfare (small pox) to kill the natives. They were crossing the ocean to conquer in the name of their King, Country and Religion. The passengers on those colonialist ships were prisoners, not settlers. There was not trade only deceit! Broken glass, moldy blankets and liquor was given in trade for furs, precious stones and food. None of which the limey scum had.

            Want proof, the 3 main conquerors at the time were fighting for new lands to discover. The british empire, France, Spain and Portugal. Hence why so many of those European languages are still found in the America’s while the original indigenous languages (Quechua) are all but extinct in common practice.

            Innocent traders my foot, you can still find galleon ships off the coast of Florida with tons of gold and silver bullion. You can even buy bars of the Garisopa stolen silver online. Millions of indigenous peoples have been killed over the century’s. lands stolen, property stolen, culture destroyed and white Europeans think this land belongs to them through bloodshed. So now don’t complain that the disgusting muslims are conquering Europe now, isn’t that how it works you own something by stealing it…aka colonialism.

            What SOME of the European colonialists did is now happening in Europe, is it wrong, it sure is…back then and now, but don’t you dare make a comparison of the native indigenous peoples of the America’s and muslims. The Europeans crossed the ocean, not the indigenous peoples. The savages were the colonialists.

            The indigenous peoples were defending their lands, livelihood and loved ones, but their savages because they defended themselves only whites are the innocents right?

            • Here or there, Muslims are fucking savages and need to be dealt with. We must fight fire with fire and wipe their asses out because they will try just that to us. Fuck all of these muslim bastards.

      3. May 25, 2017 Manchester Terror Attack Proves that the War on Terror Is Failing: Ten Ways to Reduce Terrorism

        Given that the Manchester terrorist was a product of the interventions in Libya and Syria, it’s time to have an adult discussion about what it will take to stop terrorism. There are 10 basic principles that serious, mature people need to discuss if we want to stop terrorism …

        • LMFAO !!! 🙂 Those ten ways to stop terrorism won’t do SHIT to stop terrorism !!! You probably believe Islam is a nation of peace !!!

          It’s an ideology of war, conquest, and domination determined to convert or eliminate the INFIDEL:

          THATS YOU !!! 🙂

          • Glad to know you did not read the article. Pretend much? Will you view or just listen to this information?

            Nov 20, 2015 The One Thing You Need to Know About ISIS *America please wake up*


            • I DID read the article. Those are just not effective remedies against a FANATICAL enemy. 🙂

          • DK, we need to eliminate the sandapes.

          • Goes back before the crusades, much further back, but traceable from the crusades to modern day,

          • I agree USA should get out of the ME, but that won’t stop muzzies from trying to kill the rest of us. They will only back off after getting the shit stomped out of them, same as it ever was…

        • we MIGHT be able to SLOW it’s advance, but the enemy is inside the wire already, in NUMBERS….it’s much to late to stop the muslim takeover. it would require ACTION from the dumb masses.

          • Inside the wire.


            Inside… the… wire. HMMM.


            Evil laugh…

          • The problem are not some goat and camel herders in the middle east.
            The problem are the legions who already are in the nations of the west.

            (What is the difference between an ISIS member in germany and an ISIS member in the UK?
            -How he entered the country!
            The one in germany used a border crossing.
            The one in the UK used a maternity ward.)

          • NO, it’s not too late to stop Islam in the US. Patriots must push back harder using the legal tools available to US. The US Constitution is the law of the land and that is our most powerful weapon; supported by MANY TENS OF MILLIONS OF VETERANS and twice as many firearms in the private sector.

            The NWO and Islam in America can be eliminated overnight, if necessary. 🙂

            • Thats a big “if”.

          • Yup, this stupid fucking country has allowed all of these filthy, foreign apes into this once great land and look at it now…piss-poor cluster fuck mess.

        • Agent76

          Spot on. We’re arming them, our “friends” are funding them and one wonders how they exist?

        • “…that serious, mature people…”

          Good luck finding them!

      4. Unleash the internet tough guys on ISIS.

        • You damn right! We could do a better job than what’s being done. Just wait, it’s coming.

        • Hah. You see that too. Lots of them here. Send them to Dearborn, Michigan and Bridgeview, Illinois. Watch those tough guys get their heads banged in. Its like sending the
          so-called Invisible Empire to any housing projects anywhere. Not gonna happen.

      5. Quit arming them and extremely vet any Islamic immigrants coming here or don’t let them in at all. Going into their domain is fighting their war. No US personnel there, no target.

        Indonesia has 300 million Muslims with nary a terrorist influence of substance. Coincidentally they have little oil too. Connect the dots. This isn’t about terrorism.

        • Quit arming them? In case you haven’t heard: CIA/ISIS is funded/run by the Illuminati’s swamp monsters controling the United Sates of America. OUR civil war is being fought around the world!

          • I’m very well aware and have been sounding off about this. ISIS was born out of the CIA and exists because it does their “big picture” bidding.

        • We’re very fortunate that Trump had the wisdom to institute a travel restriction on terrorist dense countries until we can thoroughly investigate those coming here from there.

      6. The object and any war should be to kill the enemy and break their stuff. We no longer do that because there could be “collateral damage” but that is what happens in war. Innocents killed along with the guilty.

        • This Texan Has Had Enough

          Find the enemy. Kill Saddam & Gadaffi, oops wrong enemy. That only increased the real enemy which in reality isn’t an enemy at all.

          Simply put the US is arming terrorists to overthrow governments out of favor with the globalists who by the way control the US.

      7. Meltonmark asks a key question that leads to the crux of the problem: the US continued drive to hold onto our hegemony worldwide. We, supported by our vassal states (Great Britain, France, Denmark, Germany, etc.) continue to kick the beehive for hegemony and resources. So, we get blowback. The solution seems obvious.
        Trump? Oh, yes, he dropped a big bomb. Then he went to Saudi Arabia to sell those supporters of ISIS and numerous other terrorist gangs billions of dollars worth of arms while they war on Yemen for Yemen’s oil. Who’s happy? The Saudis and the US military industrial complex.
        buttcrackofdoom is also right: Most of Europe is now toast, completely neutered and unwilling to do more than whimper with every beating the Muslims give it. Our cultural enrichment imports continue, legal and illegal, and we are ripe for blowback from them – and they are not all Muslim-related. Personally, I don’t see Joe and Sally Sixpack and, certainly, their Millennial offspring, aware of the seriousness of the problem nor taking steps to survive the inevitable result of our national bankruptcy nor some other catastrophic event.
        And, no, I do not think Trump is capable of protecting America nor returning us to a nation under the Constitution. It’s too late.

      8. We must first know who our real enemy is.


        • BINGO

        • BINGO. CIA/ISIS is funded/run by the Illuminati’s swamp monsters controling the United Sates of America. OUR civil war is being fought around the world!

      9. Japan won’t let these people in,needless to say they don’t have a problem with them. Let’s use our own oil and to hell with the middle east. Let them all kill each other over sand. Its between Sunni/Shia and has been for quite awhile. We need to take care of our southern border where they are walking across with little resistance. We’ve spent too much blood and treasure and where have we gotten? Now we have Korea to worry about. Pass the plate boys,its going to get expensive.

      10. Start closing the gates of hell by getting our forces completely out of the mid-east.You feel strongly about isreal,idf is hiring 16-60,same with hamas/what have you’s.

        • There’s no getting out of the ME, for anyone.

          Every nation and people on earth will be drawn into it whether they want to be there or not.

          Read the prophecies to understand the times we are in.

      11. Medal of Honor Recipient might want to consider shutting his stupid fucking mouth until he realizes he’s a worthless pawn in a corporate/world government game that his puny brain could never comprehend.

        This stupid fucking douchebag really thinks you can win this game?

        Holy fucking shit, does this piece of brainwashed whitebread understand we (The good ‘ole USSofA) created the whole motherfucking deal?

        So hear me simpleton, NO 9/11 MEANS NO WARS FOR OVER 25 YEARS!!! That could not be allow to happen. Just think of how different the world would be, and how much less money the MIC would have made.

        Trace the money dickwad and you’ll find the real answers.

        Oh, and it’s always, always, always about energy. Always.

        • Fuck Amazon

          If their main export was coconuts we wouldn’t be involved in the middle east nor would the Islamics be a threat of significance. Interestingly the most Islamic populated country, Indonesia, with limited oil has insignificant terrorist activity. Therefore either:

          This is not about terrorism


          Islamics go crazy if exposed to oil

          • In




        • I say fight, even if it’s useless. It’s better than just sitting there and letting it happen. The time is coming soon and I will kill until someone kills me; even if I can’t win. The USA = NWO = Deep State created this MFing deal, not “we the people”. I will stay in the fight if I have to go it alone. It is about money and power and that comes from OIL. It’s all located in the middle east. The war in Syria is all about a pipeline.

        • He probably won the CMH for saving lives? Who’s the stupid brainwashed douchbag?

      12. Anyone who attacks me will be opening ‘gates of hell’. I’ll show them what an INFIDEL can really do.

      13. The 3rd Jihad is upon the world. They have infiltrated the west as immigrants, refugees, aslyees, etc….they’ve used the Trojan horse of liberalism, multi-culturalism, and our domestic traitors in govt and the courts….and have used our own Constitutional & civil rights protections to protect themselves. They have neutralized our natural defenses (white blood cells), handcuffing our law enforcement agencies. We have reached a point where our own white blood cells are attacking the host organism, to protect the invading viruses. And they have successfully managed to fund their invasion using our welfare and social systems.
        Its only a matter of time. If there is not an all out 2nd American revolution, we will go the way of Europe….once there invading population is large enough, the so-called moderates will also become radicalized. A signal will be sent by the Islamic Leaders in the ME soon to “rise up and kill them now”…at that point all hell will break loose in America. There will be daily acts of terror, until we fall to our knees and convert to Islam. Its happening in real time in Europe. Watch and understand whats coming to America soon.!!!!!!!!!

        • Folks, ALL muslims need to be exterminated, there is no other viable option. It sounds extreme but that is what must be done with those nut job radicals – Execute ALL of them or do nothing and watch them rape your mother and sister and wife and then cut off all of your heads, think about it.

      14. p.s…..want proof.? Have you ever seen any bloody bodies, terror victims in hospital beds, or any victims at all from the Orlando or San Bernadino terror attacks.?
        Nada….none. Like it never happened.!!!

      15. Trump might not want these turds to hit us but look at the devils who are blocking him,,,
        I hold each and every democrat responsible, all of you because its primarily your side that will allow this to come to our shores, it was clinton who enabled 9-11 and barry who started arming these turds,,,
        I say hold the democrats directly responsible, an eye for an eye

      16. It seems we have been pampered for so long we can’t understand that we have enemy’s. Negotiate with a serial killer? Try to make them understand there wrong. Or kill them. What would Jesus do ? Did he not leave us to fend for ourselves Maybe this life means nothing and we should go quietly into death?so much unclear. Sell your clothes to buy a sword? Tie a mill stone. Whip a money changer? It seems like injustice to leave us like this? A test of faith. Let’s be exterminated. Tortured like him? We are being lied too. Fill your lamps . Sell your clothes to buy a sword. Whip the money changers. Distroy soddom and Gomorrah. Use our God given superior weapons. Will this world be better? Or let Satan rule ? Rev. 2:9 3:9 John 8:44 ?

      17. War is one country or alliance against another. Every citizen – man, woman, child, old, young – of one side versus the other. There is no such thing as a non-combatant in war. In WWII we bombed from the air – cities. They bombed from the air – cities. A bomb has no discrimination in who it kills. And there should be none. I agree with the author – unleash the hell. Ensure that the price paid for arraying against us is so terrible, so severe, so frightening that they’ll never for hundreds of years dare think of attacking us again. Conquer them. There people become our chattel, their goods – ours. Their lands – ours. Be victors.

        • “WWII we bombed from the air – cities. ”

          During WWII we weren’t arming the Japanese and Germans. The US is arming ISIS as it attempts to overthrow Syria.

          Sooner Or Later Someone Is Bound To View This.

          Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

          h ttps://

        • Exactly: they have already crossed the line and are targetting our women and children and have killed many. Let’s be clear: we have the upper hand if we are willing to use it. We could round up ALL Muslim radicals within a week and intern or deport them. We have the big data on them already; we know who they are and where they are.

          As for elminating their bases and training facilities, we also have the upper hand with the right weaponary. From the MOAB to drones to napalm – you name it, we can deliver, on target and on time.

          What happened under Obama was a war crime and treason. He allowed for this to proliferate for eight long years. More terrorist attacks happened overseas and within Western countries on Obama’s watch than ever before. He even actively flooded Western countries with terrorists and placed highly sketchy individuals in many high-level positions in the government and security services. Any clean out is going to require house-to-house operations but also a sweep through all levels of government.

          A big operation but actually, with modern data collection techniques, one we could do within a month at the most. It just takes the political will and urgency to do it.

          • Execute them ALL period…that is just the way it has to be period.

      18. An Medal of Honor winner we enough balls to tell the truth. Wow .

      19. the only terrorists are the ones supported by the CIA and Mossad. ISIS is funded and created by the CIA, Saudis, Mossad etc.

      20. It’s going to come here? How many Americans know that the first time women got to vote they voted for prohibition. That gave organized crime the foot hold we will never break? Now they want unlimited imigration a foot hold we will never break? Why ? If someone told a man he would get laid more if he got silicon implants would he do it ? And if you have a child it sucks on the silicon. See our situation. Sex crazed demons? Willing to destroy there own children’s future for their personal desires? Isn’t it obvious? Will we go quietly into the night? Or make some hard choices? Is it too late?

      21. A few words here,first it’s “unleash the dogs of war”,but no matter. It will not happen anyway. If/when people start blowing themselves up here,libs and progressives in the media will fall all over themselves making excuses,blaming the victims,and worry over “Islamophobes”. We will not act “without mercy” because politicians don’t have the stomach to give the military free rein to do what they have to. And last,the fuckin’military lawyers would go ape shit. Thank you,Dakota Meyer for your service.

        • As an electrician crew foreman, I unleashed my Dogs of Wire…

      22. Petro doller=war till the last drop.

      23. Anybody who thinks Islam is a religion of peace should take it from the horses ass, or mouth, as the case may be:

        “In February, members of an ISIS affiliate released a video saying that Egyptian Christians were their “favorite prey.” The video showed images of a suicide bomber who killed nearly 30 people inside a packed Cairo church in December.

        “God gave orders to kill every infidel,” one of the militants carrying an AK-47 assault rifle said in the 20-minute video.”

      24. The Middle East quagmire is actually are own doing.
        We put rediculious rules of engagement on or troops .
        One day they are being shot at by a faction the next day they are told to walk patrol with that faction.

      25. The longer the wars go on the more I have to believe this is a globalization plan tool. The narrative is the GOV demonizing to create chaos on home turf to further the UN Agenda. Pit one group against another with the direct action initiated on a Tuesday morning in NY.

        Who here really cares what islamics do over there in their home lands, I sure don’t. Its not about petro as much as it is about depopulation and destabilization resulting in a globalized police state.

        The financial schemes are directed at the middle class which is about gone. Taxes, crashes and forced healthcare schemes.

        Tyranny is here! Karl’s Marxism is being implemented now right here in the US. You are not Sustainable!

      26. It’s coming here? No. It’s already here. The US government let them in. For a reason. Can you guess what that reason is?

        • Democrate votes?

      27. The fight against radical Islam requires Total War. This means fighting it like we did WWII against fascism. This needs total society mass mobilization to take radical Islam down.

        We need to do the following:

        1) Intern or deport all radical Islamists.
        2) Draft 18 to 30 year olds.
        3) Clean out the festering crap holes where these people live in Western cities.
        4) Weed out all the pre-planted ‘folks’ Obama placed in all the major institutions of the West, in particular anything to do with security and the military.
        5) Fight it to win not just to keep it on the boil. Hey, f#ggots, how many years have you had in Afghanistand and Iraq and you still haven’t brought security to these places. As in, replace members of the military who do not have the fight in them.
        6) Fight on all fronts and make alliances with common allies, ie: Russia.
        7) Restore the Muslim Frequent Flyer programme that was working at cleaning out radicals and interogating them. Re-open dark sites for these guys.

      28. Protect home that’s all you have to do, we have our crazies too. deal with the Jihadis’s as if would deal with them.

        Being polite is using birdshot.

        Being merciful is using a slug or buckshot.

        Being cruel or twisted is using steel turkey shot. When that hits bone it doesn’t spread or mush up like soft hot lead.

        • I just wonder about the Jihahi’s faith. I really do.

          To kill for Allah? Well’ if Allah was a true god it could do it’s own killing.

          The maker of the creations can undo what it has done? Right?

          Therefore killing in it’s name is form of Blasphemy. Correct.

          the Jihadi’s cowardice does not allow them say it is their killings and for themselves. They have use “this” Allah.

          Folks’ know your enemy and deal with accordingly.

      29. fuck obama
        fuck hitler
        fuck liberals
        fuck mentally ill liberals

        • Watch the documentary. The greatest story never told . before you say f Hitler. Would Hitler let in the third world? Watch . What famous men have said about the Jews. Why did general Grant ban them from the south. Rev. 2:9 3:9 John 8:44 ?

      30. Our national character should be one that brings out in our friends the response ‘Thank God, here comes the Americans’ and in our enemies ‘God help us, here comes the Americans’.

      31. our military has a general they will follow to the gates of hell then quench its fires.

      32. Bombing ISIS in the Middle East (we won’t even get into funding and arming them in Syria) to stop terrorism in the US is about as logical as bombing Sicily to stop the mafia in New York.

        All of this, every last bit of it is ostensible bullshit that has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism.

      33. Folks, these muslims are very dangerous, radical, nut jobs. Do NOT even allow them into the US at all if you value your life and your way of life! Muslims hate us all and that is the damn heart of the matter. They are Invaders and their plan is to take over and they do it because they breed like god damned rats and have 5 or 6 wives and 3-4 kids with each cunt whore…you can do the math folks, please, wake the hell up and do it yesterday.

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