McDonald’s Salad Parasite Outbreak Sickens 286 People In 15 States

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    The fast food restaurant McDonald’s is having problems after a parasite outbreak linked to their salads is sickening people in 15 states.  So far, 286 have become ill after ingesting the parasite found in the salads served at the restaurant.

    As of July 26, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports a total of 286 people in 15 states have been infected with a parasite called Cyclospora, an increase of 120 people in the last week alone, according to ABC News. So far, 11 people have been hospitalized, but thankfully, no deaths have been reported.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, a Cyclospora infection (cyclosporiasis) causes watery, and sometimes explosive, diarrhea. The one-celled parasite that causes a Cyclospora infection can enter your body when you ingest contaminated food or water. Fresh produce is the culprit in many cases of Cyclospora infection in humans. The treatment for this parasitic infection is antibiotics and the infection is very often short-termed. Once someone ingests food or water that has been contaminated with Cyclospora, symptoms of the infection may not begin to manifest until about a week later, sometimes up to two weeks.

    McDonald’s has voluntarily recalled their salads from over 3000 restaurants across 14 states beginning on July 13. But the people who ate those contaminated salads before July 13th may just be starting to develop symptoms which would prompt them to seek medical attention. Therefore, the official number of people infected by this parasite may continue to increase in the next few weeks as more reports come in.

    Obviously, food safety measures, such as washing produce, can prevent the Cyclospora from being ingested. Peeling and cooking vegetables can also ensure parasites and infectious bacterium are killed before it’s eaten.

    “It’s a myth that a little bit of dirt doesn’t do you any harm,” says Dr. Andrew Wadge, a  chief scientist of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the United Kingdom. “Soil can sometimes carry harmful bacteria and, although food producers have good systems in place to clean vegetables, the risk can never be entirely eliminated.”

    When you wash vegetables, wash them under a running tap and rub them underwater, for example in a bowl of fresh water. Start with the least soiled items first and give each of them a final rinse. Washing loose produce is particularly important as it tends to have more soil attached to it than pre-packaged fruit and vegetables. It is advisable to wash all fruit and vegetables before you eat them to ensure that they are clean and to help remove bacteria and parasites from the outside.




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      1. I’m not fool enough to eat there. It is my belief they have served Americans rat meat from China.

        • Agreed Menzo. If it isn’t rat meat it is lab meat. Just say no to fast “food”. Grow and cook your own food.

          • A few years ago I read some info about several million pounds of rat meat that was bought by a company that supplies McDonalds. In China they have factories devoted solely to the growth, slaughter, and production of rat meat. I agree about the lab meat also. Makes me sick thinking about either. We cook at home and eat a lot of deer I kill.

            • Years ago I remember seeing a video that showed someone in a Chinese restaurant cutting up a rat, battering and deep frying it. They cut it up to make it look just like it was chicken.
              It’s a crime what has been done. We only eat out at one or two select places in our town.
              Too much going on with the quality of food. I want to know what I am eating.

              • I would have to be literally starving to eat that intentionally. I don’t know even then.

                • Menzo, agreed. ANYTHING in my preps beats ‘fast food’ hands down. I only go for real meat. I was raised on meat and will die having meat.

          • Agree, as many are incl. me and spouse, on somewhat restricted diets anyway and only eat out at a mom and pop home cooking place. gotta watch animal fats and know this place doesn’t use trans fats. Excess salt in most places esp. fast food is a problem. Law suits hopefully will follow or a big settlement.

            • Laura Ann, same here on eating out. The home cooking places aren’t as numerous as they used to be. I used to go to Shoney’s a lot way way back in the day. There’s only one Shoney’s in my area now and I only go there occasionally. I’m the same way about salt. I try to avoid salt all I can and yes, fast food joints are the worst in the world about excess salt. Twice a week I go to Subway and at least there you can refuse salt altogether. The one thing I miss in restaurants is the buffet and the salad bars. With a salad bar you can fix your salad exactly like you want it. Home cooking is disappearing and that’s the biggest damn shame.

      2. They don’t sell enough salad to continue to sell it. The food Nazis would pitch a fit but who cares. Burgers and fries are its mainstay. If I want a salad I’ll make my own.

        • Jim, the food Nazis can kiss my white ass.

      3. Just make the “migrants” stop wiping their a**es with the lettuce and problem solved. Introduce them toilet paper.

        • If it was a test in using TP for crossing the border, many would fail. Read about the “bathrooming” problem a few years ago in the holding facilities. That why the facilities need to be literally hosed down at least once a day.

      4. Let me look into my crystal ball … I see giant lawsuits stacked up over Cleveland.

      5. I’m 60. I don’t remember food recalls back when everything we ate was grown, raised, harvested and processed in the US. This is another downside of globalism.

        • Exactly!

        • People were more careful about everything back then.

      6. But, at least the people are “protected by (big corporations’) Government” (from having any real choice other than big corporate ones).

      7. I saw Justin Wilson, the Cajun comedian and cooking show host, on David Letterman one time many years ago. He was going to demonstrate how to cook collards. The first thing he did was have the crew wheel out a washing machine. He said that he would put his collards through the rinse cycle to clean them.

        My mama always examined each leaf for worms before washing the collards. I never had any problems with her cooking, or that of my grandmothers or great-grandmothers.

        • Archivist:

          Most washing machines have E-coli bacterium. After a few washings, put a cup of bleach into an empty washing machine and run it through with HOT water cycle.

          Funny story.


      8. There is a disturbing interview between Finkelstein and James P. Wickstrom Of Arcodeaous on YouTube. According to Finkelstein, non3ewish children and babies are in MacDonalds burgers.

        The Chinese eat aborted babies, so perhaps our own aborted babies are put into burgers for our consumption.

        The Chinese and 3ews from Kazaria have similar cultural standards which are so abhorrent to western thinking that many westerners fall into a condition of denial rather than confront these atrocities.



        • B from CA, you are retarded beyond belief. You must have eaten a few of those ‘burgers’.

        • Not sure about their customs, but some Khazars have huge noses. They like to suck up all the free air around them.

          They also have an exceptional sense of smell for gold.

          Keep them away from your lake…

      9. Question: Where does McDonalds get their produce?

        If factory farms supply one place….they likely serve
        many places.

        Those migrant farm workers….. is this a silent
        to protest strike out at Americans??

      10. When I was in Italy, I went to the local
        store near the hotel in Naples. I actually
        saw SKINNED CAT in the meat case!!
        They labeled it RABBIT! Having skinned
        wild and tame rabbit myself, I KNOW it
        was NOT RABBIT.
        In foreign countries be careful what you eat.

      11. McDumpster’s.

      12. I believe it was romaine lettuce that caused the sickness outbreak at McDonalds. Not the first time that lettuce caused health problems.

        • Romaine lettuce used to be an exotic veggie; now it’s as common as dirt. I think it’s tough and tasteless so don’t consume it. Many other varieties of lettuce are so tasty and don’t leave strings in your teeth.

      13. The only food you can order at McDonald’s that is safe and non-fattening is the salt packet(I think) and maybe the syrup.

      14. Under SHTF conditions, a parasitic condition like amebic dyssentery can kill you. At the very least, you would be terribly weakened and without treatment, never get better.

        Lots of people used to get water bourne infectione and be horribly sick and many died.

        Many people would make errors butchering meat, undercooking it, and get sick.

        Many desperate people would eat snails and slugs and get parasites.

        Many indoor cat owners are routinely exposed to parasites.

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