Mayo Clinic Doctor: The “Vaccine” Is Useless Against New Variant

by | May 5, 2022 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    Mayo Clinic infectious disease expert, Dr. Gregory Poland said that the new COVID-19 variant, BA2.212.1, has created a surge in the central portion of New York state and in South Africa, where it originated.  Dr. Poland also says that the “vaccines” are useless for preventing infection with it.

    Prepare for more injections if your master decrees it! Scientists are now keeping a close eye on the subvariant because it is 30% more transmissible than the Omicron variant and initial lab tests show it evades current vaccines, according to a report by ABC 5 KSTP Eyewitness News.  “Using human sera in hamsters, a hamster model, but it’s a good model, the vaccines didn’t offer much of any benefit in the face of these new, almost — I call them super variants — and that’s a problem,” said Poland.

    CDC Director: “What Vaccines Can’t Do Anymore Is Prevent Transmission”

    Poland said the new variant is likely playing a role in the recent increase of new cases across the country and in Minnesota where those numbers rose from 1,000 new cases last week to roughly 2,500 new cases this week, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. Poland adds that it’s the fault of the public for being “complacent” and tired of being obedient slaves to the ruling class.

    “We are pretending societally that the pandemic is over, and it is not,” said Poland. “Cases in the U.S. have increased by about 50% since we took masks off.” Other “scientists” and immunologists have predicted that this “fully vaccine-resistant” variant would rear its head by spring.

    Immunologist Predicts A Fully Vaccine-Resistant COVID Variant By The Spring

    And the most hilarious part is that even though they are admitting that the vaccines don’t offer any protection against the BA2.212.1 variant, they still want people to get the booster shot.  You can’t make this up!

    Dr. Peter Bornstein, St. Paul Infectious Disease Associates said that the BA2.212.1 variant is “concerning,” and urged anyone 50-years-old and older to get a second round of the booster shots to help prevent another surge in Minnesota.

    This is what totalitarian and Orwellian propaganda looks like. Ignore your common sense, and when the rulers say the vaccine doesn’t work, roll up your sleeves and get injected anyway!


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      1. “Dang, beyatch – our gain-of-function virus keeps gaining function. Who da thunk it??!!!”

      2. The MRNA tech shots are useless at protecting you against anything! There fixed it for you. Cause it’s so normal to get a shot and then have to have time to recover afterward right? No sheeple, that is anything but normal. All the real vaccines I had when I was a young lad did not make me sick afterword ever!

      3. Is the natural immunity obtained by catching that Omicron thing also useless?

        • No. While it’s possible you could get a symptomatic reinfection, your natural immunity recognizes additional surface areas of the virus. Your natural immune system will react quicker and you will recover quickly. This natural immunity can be destroyed by getting a clot shot post infection. Avoid the clot shot at all costs.


      4. Omg thousands of colds are being caught who would of thought? I remember the good old days, about three years ago ? when you worked through a cold or respiratory illness. This commie Hive collective mentality is truly soul crushing!

        • @Manacles_For_Hel….
          You are absolutely correct!!

          Recently read this:

          Remember when you got a cold or the flu and you ran out and paid good money for a test to tell you that you had it?

          Me neither. People need to
          move on with their lives.

      5. Make no mistake – the “pandemic” IS over. COVID is endemic now. Learn to live with it, and stop being fearful.

      6. Mayo Clinic Doctor: The “Vaccine” Is Useless

      7. There is no vaccine. There is no covid. There are only lies and slow kill shots.

      8. How do you call people who believe in liars?

      9. The vaccine is as useless as Darwin the DarTard!

      10. Not news…since this is a flu virus and the flu hasn’t ever been tackled with a vaccine. It mutates too quickly for a vaccine to help.

        Pure Blood

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