Immunologist Predicts A Fully Vaccine-Resistant COVID Variant By The Spring

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Headline News | 60 comments

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    Dr. Mark Dybul, a professor at Georgetown University and immunologist is warning us to expect a fully “vaccine” resistant strain of COIVD to start spreading in the spring. Is this really a warning, or is this a threat?

    Dybul, who is currently the CEO of Enochian BioSciences and a professor at Georgetown University Medical Center’s Department of Medicine, is warning that this new variant will hit in the spring unless we all just take the shots. Is anyone else sensing a theme here? We should all just comply and get the shots these psychopaths so obviously need swimming in our bloodstream.

    The faster we get boosted, the better off we’ll be for the next couple of months,” he said. “Sadly, every prediction I’ve made has pretty much come true. I hope I’m wrong this time, but I think by March, April, May, we will have a fully vaccine-resistant variant. There’s simply no way you can have such low rates of vaccination around the world with the virus ping-ponging between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. I’m an immunologist. The probability of us seeing a vaccine-resistant strain is very high.”

    If the virus is jumping between vaccinated and unvaccinated, what good is it anyway? The vaccinated are still getting it and spreading it (if it even exists) and the shots then won’t protect the unvaccinated either, so aren’t we going to have the ridiculous hoax variant pop up anyway then? They literally planned this scamdemic with Event 201 a few months before they actually pulled this hoax off.

    But guess what else this sociopath said? Expect twice-a-year shots. We should all have known this was coming. These shots are anything but “vaccines” and COVID is nothing more than the common cold or the flu renamed and we’re supposed to just allow others to dictate what goes into our bodies to prevent things we can’t stop from getting?

    “It’ll become like influenza. We’ll have every year or twice a year therapies, vaccinations, prophylactic treatments, and we’ll be fine. We’ll have some people dying and getting sick and breaking through, but we’ll be fine,” he said according to a report by Forbes. 

    Do we honestly believe that the shots will stop at twice a year?

    Prepare For Booster Shot Propaganda: Fauci Begins The Push For A Third Gene Therapy Shot

    The British Will Now Need 3 COVID Shots To Be Considered Fully “Vaccinated”

    Stay alert and prepared and keep honing those critical thinking skills.  This ends when we say it does and when we stop complying and stop acting like others have some sort of right to rule over us. Be happy and be free.


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      1. Perhaps he should get into writing fiction…oh, he already is!

      2. Developing vaccine resistant Covid is about as likely as developing antibiotic resistant Gonorrhea.

        Something we’ll probably never see in our lifetimes, if at all.

        • It’s always been “vaccine” resistant.

      3. Since the gain of function programming makes it physically impossible to make a vaccine… A fully vaccine ineffectual variant has existed since infected victim #2. Why does no one ever pay attention to the bio weapon component – gain of function? Any time anyone used the words covid, and vaccine in the same sentence, it’s a BS intentional misdirect.

      4. predictive programming???

      5. The vaccinated need to be protected from the unvaccinated by forcing the unvaccinated to be vaccinated with the same vaccine that doesn’t protect the vaccinated.

      6. For anyone out there who
        may still believe any of
        this conjob 19 bullshit:

        “Their stupidity does not amaze me, its when they’re smart that amazes me. It’s baffling whenever you find someone who’s smart — incredible. Soon you’ll have zoos for such things.” – Frank Zappa

        How can so
        many be so
        stupid 4 so long????

      7. Too many people are onto the covid scam. Whats their next move? Ta Da! Ebola and small pox! All the people that destroyed their immune system with the covid vax will get wiped out this winter from flu, ebola, all manner of things. They basically gave themselves aids. The majority of idiots that got the vax are lefties so we can look forward to a lot less of those shitbages soon. 😀

        • The Delta variant is already vax resistant.

        • Genius, we’re geniuses!
          This is EXACTLY what I’ve been telling all my friends and family in hopes it will dissuade them from the jab. Except for my immediate family, most have told me how insane I am and got the poison. God help us all!

        • “Whats their next move? Ta Da! Ebola and small pox!”
          The only problem with that statement is that Ebola was just as fake as Covid 19. In fact, Ebola & Zika were both fake virus test runs for exactly what we’re currently dealing with now.

        • “Whats their next move? Ta Da! Ebola and small pox!”
          The problem with that statement is that Ebola was just as fake as Covid 19 is. In fact, Ebola & Zika were both fake virus test runs for exactly what we’re dealing with today.

        • Unfortunately, a great number of the jabbed or soon to be jabbed are only doing so in order to keep an income coming into their households. These are not useless leftists but hardworking citizens being forced against their will. Not everyone is in a position to walk off their jobs.

      8. recently read this:

        The alleged coronavirus does not actually exist. The people dying are dying of other respiratory infections that we’ve known about forever – the flu, bronchitis, etc. Along with that, they are classifying completely unrelated deaths from cancer and obesity-related illnesses as coronavirus deaths.

        This situation has gotten more extreme every month since February of 2020. But it’s possible for someone to believe that it just got as bad as it’s going to get in November of 2021, and that now, they are going to start dialing things back – after having spread this narrative of total demonization against the unvaxed, claiming that they are disease carriers who are destroying civilization?

      9. This guy is not smart, but he is right that there will be a vaccine resistant mutation that comes along eventually if not already.

        The fact that he thinks it is beneficial to vaccinate up with a leaky vaccine during an outbreak shows he has very little intelligence.

      10. So a vaccine resistant variant and the solution is just take the “vaccine.”

      11. The Delta variant is already vax resistant.

      12. How much was this individual paid by the current Whitehouse administration to put this out? Sounds like another way to keep everyone locked up, mandatory vaccines implemented, rights taken away.
        Such BS.

        • By WH and Pfizer, Moderna, etc.

      13. The government and their minions ARE the virus.
        A disease with a 98.5% survival rate untreated and
        100% survival with Ivermectin isn’t something anyone
        sane should be worried about.
        But a “vaccine” that has killed 58,000 people already in the UK
        (with 1/4 our population) and very likely over 250,000 here
        IS something to be very worried about.
        I’m not “vaccine hesitant” I’m “No effing way will I EVER
        let that poison inside me. Ever.”

        • @ M Aurelius, well said. I won’t EVER
          be taking that garbage
          either – not ever.

      14. The vax resistant strain is already here. Easy to see from the statistics where big Pharma doesn’t have their thumb on the scale.

      15. Chris,
        Methinks you’re greatly mistaken.

      16. One word “IVERMECTIN” and vitamins
        The end!

        • I’ll stick with my natural immunity, thank you!

        • Where do I get ivermectin?

          • Your doctor or a veterinary supply store, or a veterinarian that treats horses, or a farm store catering to horse owners.

          • Drive to a USA/Mexico border city. Park your car on the USA side. Walk across the border. Go to a pharmacy, and buy the pills over the counter. It’s $5/box of 4 pills. A dose is 2 pills. 1 1/2 boxes per disease treatment is required per person.

      17. “The faster we get boosted, the better off we’ll be for the next couple of months,” he said.

        We need to STOP calling them ‘boosters’ and instead call them what they are: Replacements.

        When my computer, TV or car stops working I don’t get a booster model, I get a replacement! Stop going along with the notion that these shots are anything but temporary. Help spread this advice.

      18. I’ll stick with my natural immunity, thank you!

      19. There’s already vaxx-resistant strains. Why does he think vaxxed people are getting Covid? Idiot.

      20. Hmm, is this mother nature’s way of cleaning house, so to speak ?

        • No. It’s muther pharmas way.

      21. Have a nice day! 🙂

      22. Can’t wait to get the booster jab!
        The more of this posion I can put into my body the safer I feel.
        Why would our government and medical folks lie to us?
        The crazies think this is some type of de-populaton scheme
        But what concerns me is these are truly vaccines why do I need to keep taking them? Why do they reduce my own immune system’s effectiveness? Why are most new covid infections with those that are vaccinated? Why are healthy young people an athletes dying suddenly? Why is this a totalitarian mandate requirement?

        why are they predicting a smallpox outbreak?

        Folks you are being played – Wake up and fight back – or else lie down and succumb

        • My wheesky can kill any virus! I think I will take a shot and then a nappy poo… 😛

      23. Georgetown is a jesuit university. FauXi is a jesuit.

        • Dybul is Yiddish for Devil. Nuff said…

      24. “I’m an immunologist…”

        If you have to say that in your statement, then something’s wrong with your statement.

        I suspect huge payoffs from somewhere for him to be holding this point of view.

        A real immunologist would put value on the natural human immune system rather than claiming the only way out is for everyone to quickly get “vaccinated” with an experimental genetic-manipulation treatment.

        A real immunologist would know you CAN NOT vaccinate your way out of a pandemic because of something called “immune escape”, which is the “pressure” for viruses to mutate in that scenario, leading to more dangerous “variants. (This per Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche.)

        Guess what, “doctor” Dybul? Many of us are not interested in a subscription to your gene-therapy poison! We’ll take our chances without it, and if it doesn’t work for the “vaccinated”, that is NOT ON US!! Please communicate that to your bosses Walensky, Murthy, Fauci, Grady, Gates, and the rest!

      25. They should have just immunized old, at risk people and let everybody else get it and develop natural immunity. The vaccines are pushing the virus to mutate into new variants. This would not of happened had we relied on natural herd immunity.

        • They did jab the old. It’s called genocide.

      26. It’s not ‘just a flu”.
        It’s a weaponized flu. It’s going to kill many millions more but eventually there will be herd immunity.
        It’s not a vaccine but an immune system booster. It gives you a head start on infection. Everyone out in public is going to catch this.

        • Gives you a head start on infection maybe that lasts 119 days (Widge, et al.), and vandalizes your body in return for those few days, destroying your immune system in the process. Not a vaccine, but a big pharma/govt con job. The super majority of fatalities are steadily in the jabbed, made worse by boosters. SAEs are common as well. It’s not a virus killing, it’s the jab injuries and ADE.

      27. Dybul the Diabolical is obviously hoping COVID boosters will give an ADE boost to Delta and push the SARS CoV-2 to the next level.

        Continuing to push the original European/Asian strain vaxes despite their waning effectiveness, is obviously gaming antibody dependent enhancement.

        Delta, though, very much appears to be the genetic limit of SARS-CoV-2. Because we hit that ceiling so early, COVID-19 is at risk of dying out or at least dying down enough to end the scamdemic.

        Vitamins D, C, K, and B12 with zinc are the immune system’s best friends, vaxxed or not.

      28. It isn’t “variants” that are making the “vaccinated” ill.
        It’s ADE, making it easier to get infected and more serious when you do.

      29. What is the sense of taking the shot if the virus will be fully vaccine resistant? I surmise the ineffective vaccines is WHY the virus will be fully vaccine resistant

      30. Dr. Van den Bossche would have a lot to say to this guy about how wrong he is as far as giving jabs making things worse in the long run. Ax the Vax. It (all of them) has killed more people than in 30 yrs of reports on VAERS.

      31. LIAR.. There is NO vax, it’s an untested, toxic injection.. and there’s no virus, it’s a lab created spike protein. Dr. Francis Boye. and ..

        YouTube.. Spike Protein Goes to Nucleus and Impairs DNA Repair (In-Vitro Study) Stochholm U

        By Ivan Pentchoukov. November 17, 2021. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asked a federal judge on Nov. 15 to give it until the year 2076 to fully release the documents in its possession tied to the approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

        Global Research. 29,934 Deaths 2,804,900 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database of Adverse Reactions – Corporate Journalists Have Pericarditis after Pfizer Shots

      32. Keep your natural immune system healthy and strong by not being a shrinking violet and taking care of yourself.

        You will have nothing to worry about.

      33. Several problems here.

        1. The “vaccine” is a gene therapy. Stop calling it a vaccine!
        2. The “vaccine” doesn’t prevent infection or you from spreading it. So if already doesn’t work.
        3. Any mutations naturally occurring must be LESS deadly. If not, it means they released something more deadly.

        We need to figure out why they want whatever these shots are in every person on earth. 7 billion people. Normal people don’t mass inject 7 billion twice a year until the sun burns out for a 99.997% survival rate virus. An injection as I said doesn’t work. They admit it won’t stop you from getting it or spreading it and as I said the mutation excuse doesn’t fly. Any mutations must be less deadly. That’s not a normal response. So what is really going on?

        Focus on putting those behind this on trial. They must pay and the people must fight back. Be willing to die over this. It’s that important. If you’re not right with God I suggest you get right.

      34. I ll take what is natural immunity for a 1000 Alex. Another scarriant is coming in the spring, well if you don’t have an unaltered immune system you will be fine. Corona viruses are very similar to each other and cross-immunity has been proven over and over again.

        The vaxed though will need to worry, because this is a perfect type scenario for mareks disease. With a destroyed immune system it will be like full blown aids and a cold will kill you!
        Do not give in and do not comply!

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      36. Great delivery. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the amazing spirit.

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