‘May the Farce Be With You’: School Locks Down Over Man in Stormtrooper Costume

by | Jun 5, 2015 | Headline News | 78 comments

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    Chris Walsh, Wikimedia Commons

    Chris Walsh, Wikimedia Commons

    It was the worst Star Wars sequel ever – more a farce, than anything.

    But intergalactic justice was served, apparently. Or maybe we just crossed over into a dimension without rights or even basic sense.

    It was towards the end of the school day, and by all accounts, one George Cross was just passing by the Massachusetts elementary school in order to show off his newly-donned stormtrooper costume to friends.

    But the 40 year old Star Wars geek was arrested before he could, after the school principal called police, concerned that she wasn’t sure the fake laser gun was just a plastic toy.

    As the Guardian reported:

    A Massachusetts man is facing charges after he was spotted outside a city elementary school dressed as a Star Wars storm trooper, complete with fake gun.


    The principal called 911 to report a man with a gun, and the school was briefly locked down.

    Admittedly, the relevant authorities didn’t believe the man posed a threat, and could have warned him or asked him to move along rather than  arrested him, but instead they created a panic situation that delayed the school day and brought everything to a halt.

    The Salem News reported:

    “The principal did delay the dismissal of the school because of this entire incident,” said Donnelly. “The kids can’t get out, the parents can’t get in.”

    George Cross, 40, of Lynn, was dressed in a white plastic “Star Wars” stormtrooper costume, and the gun was not real. But Lynn Police spokesman Lt. Rick Donnelly said that “the way things are today, you can’ have that.”


    Donnelly said the principal thought the gun might be plastic, but since she wasn’t certain, she erred on the side of caution.

    “Our feelings are that he was not there to cause harm to the kids, but he used bad judgment,” said Donnelly. “He did cause a disturbance and we can’t tolerate that.” 

    But we are told judge not lest ye have your own judgement called into question.

    Why are both a principal and a police officer barred from using their own best judgment, and avoiding a pointless lockdown, a delayed school release and an all around heightened incident that they knew full well was not a threat to anyone?

    AV Club mocks:

    “He did cause a disturbance and we can’t tolerate that,” Donnelly claimed, no doubt in reference to the disturbance in the Force triggered by Cross’ actions. Though he didn’t say it, Donnelly sensed a great disturbance, as if millions suddenly cried out terror, and were silenced by the sound of a weirdo tromping around outside a school playing make-believe.

    Clearly common sense is among those things which cannot be tolerated.

    The same paranoid state of overreaction that has gotten school kids suspending or disciplined for pretending to have a weapon at recess, or fashioning one out of a pastry, or bringing a plastic bubble gun (and many other incidents) has now created another scene – apparently straight from Star Wars.

    The rhetorical question can be answered by anyone following the hysteria over schools and non-gun incidents, where increasingly there is pressure to enforce a policy against gun “thought crime.”

    Anti-gun messages have been sent down through the school system, in the name of safety, to not only propagandize against 2nd Amendment rights, but to intimidate children and those in the community against their own expressions and thoughts.

    Back in the Clinton Administration, a younger Eric Holder, now the former Attorney General, literally advocated “brainwashing” children about guns:

    1984 is definitely here and it couldn’t be more ridiculous.


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      1. Than God did no bring one of these to school.

        World’s BIGGEST & MOST POWERFUL NUCLEAR BOMB EXPLOSION of all time! (Tsar Bomba!)


        • …and if you’re done rolling on the floor laughing about this article, here’s another on that will have you holding your sides and peeing down your leg with laughter…

          ht tp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/05/man-911-cat_n_7521966.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592

      2. “A Massachusetts man is facing charges after he was spotted outside a city elementary school dressed as a Star Wars storm trooper, complete with fake gun.

        The principal called 911 to report a man with a gun, and the school was briefly locked down.”

        Dem! Hope he’s not a geek prepper.

        • I’m not surprised, I expect crazy stuff everyday, now days…

          • Seems to me this country is having
            a psychological breakdown that is
            contributing in part, if not in whole,
            to the complete physical destruction
            of the entire American way of life.

            • Amen.

            • It’s deliberate.

        • What are the charges? Felony geekiness? Dorkiness in the first degree? He’s facing charges because the principal is stupid? Who would think a SW stormtrooper was a threat? That principal is probably worried that Mr. Spock might squeeze his/her shoulder, rendering them unconsious while that dramatic tone screeches in the background.

          • Disturbing the peace and loitering near a school were the charges I read on a local news site.

      3. You can’t do anything without, “with the see something, say something’ being embedded in the peasants dribble minds.

        • I was thinking…(I know, I shouldn’t exert myself in the heat)

          So this guy puts on a halloween costume in the summer, WHY does that seem so threatening now? A couple of decades ago, people would’ve laughed at him and went on with their day.

          Now, they instantly panic as if a hellfire missile was just released, bearing their name and coordinates.


          Perhaps it’s because we live in almost constant fear now. We’re bombarded with terror and chaos. It could come from anywhere, even a stupid halloween costume.

          WE EXPECT TERROR NOW. We see it everywhere, even where it isn’t.

          So I ask you people who think this guy was “stupid’ for trying to have a little harmless fun: Was HE really the stupid one, or are WE, for allowing ourselves to become acclimated to fear and controlled by terror?

          Are we boiling frogs? Why are we not noticing that even the most innocuous acts, are now arrestable offenses? I guess The “Batman” shooter got his last laugh on us anyway. we do remember him and what he’s done, in fact, we can’t seem to get it out of our minds.

          At any rate, the guy in this story didn’t really DO anything worth getting arrested and charged with a crime for. Not really.

          PANIC and FEAR is our enemy…not a star wars storm trooper costume…even if it was outside a school full of children, who would’ve been delighted by the sight a couple of decades ago.


          • BTW, in the late 70’s, my Anatomy teacher wore a gorilla costume to school, in class, on our last day of school. We all got a good laugh and something to remember him by…and almost 40 years later, I DO remember him.

            TODAY, he would’ve been arrested and we might’ve been cowering under our desks.



              You absolutely got that right!!!!

          • Pathetic and sad to see, isn’t it? I think you hit the nail directly on the head, about the nation going through a psychological breakdown. That’s exactly what it is.

            I’m only 32 years old, only recently awaked from naivete, and the wholesale destruction of this country is plain to see. I can only imagine what my great grandmother must have felt like, to have witnessed this country circling the drain her entire live. She gave up her life of smoking and drinking and every other wicked idea or habit she’d picked up from society, and became a Jehovah’s Witness in the 1960s.

            Those people saw the destruction of this Empire coming back in the 1880s, when it was still young and glorious. Imagine living your entire life in a increasingly corrupt and wicked society, and feeling powerless to do anything about it.

            At least my generation has the opportunity to take action to make real change. I think it probably takes a lot less courage and resolve to fight a war, than it does to simply keep the fires burning, as they did, under decades of constant oppression.

        • Ain’t that the truth. I change the radio station every time I hear that announcement.

      4. “The principal called 911 to report a man with a gun, and the school was briefly locked down.”
        “…but instead they created a panic situation that delayed the school day and brought everything to a halt.”

        So, tell me again- WHO created the “Panic Situation”? Looks like a false report- She claimed he had a gun when , in fact, he did not.

        “But Lynn Police spokesman Lt. Rick Donnelly said that “the way things are today, you can’ have that.”

        Can’t have what exactly L-T? Freedom?

        • The “that” is “people dressed up in costumes, toting around weapons that have even the remotest chance of being real”.

          • You mean like that toddler with the “L” shaped pop tart?

            Or perhaps that dastardly pink “Hello kitty” bubble gun?

            And that finger pointing thing where kids make an “L” shape out of their hands and go “pow”?

            Exactly how “remote” does the chance have to be, before we look like a bunch of paranoid delusional gutless idiots?

            • The movie “Demolition Man” is one of those sort of cheesy films that holds up surprisingly well over time, and is still quite enjoyable today, because of the truthfulness of its observations.

              In the Demolition Man society, they are all beautiful people, surrounded by beautiful scenery, and who obviously believe themselves to be the greatest people on earth for it……..yet they are portrayed as cowards, slaves, and fascists, basically, who are keeping down and even trying to kill off the little people who live down in the sewers, who are themselves shown to be courageous (and moral) survivors.

              Compare and contrast this to a show like Continuum, for instance. (Which actually might be a CIA psy-op. Sure seemed like it at the end of season 2. Will be sure one way or the other by the end of 3…)

              In that show, the “good guys” are also beautiful people, surrounded by beautiful scenery, just as these sort of people inevitably always are (because, in their minds, that is what is defined as GOOD….being surrounded by beauty, at all costs), and of course they believe themselves to be the greatest and best on Earth for it. And the entire show consists of them outwitting and outsmarting the “freedom fighters” (actual terrorists who blow up civilians and such, who say legitimate things about freedom and liberty in between obviously terrorist actions), believing in “might makes right”, using and betraying each other and every other Machiavellian thing you can think of, and showing themselves to be terrible and immoral people in just about every way, yet they’re the “good guys” we’re supposed to cheer for.

              We’re led to believe that the “good guys” always have a computer wizard on staff, who can hack into anything at any time on a moment’s notice, and pull rabbits out of hats and elephants out of stockings on a daily basis, so the “bad guys” will always be defeated, no matter what, while the beautiful protagonists make smart ass remarks about the situation and walk off into the subset, every time.

              That’s just one show, among countless others with similar themes. Just goes to show how corrupted the country has become over a SHORT period of time.

              These Satanists love to portray themselves as beautiful, and yet the ugliness in them goes straight to the bone, down to the genetic level, doesn’t it?

              Folks never do seem to ask questions like:

              What happens when the COMPUTER GEEKS (who tend to be fairly intelligent individuals, in general) figure out that they have been duped into working the further the ends of immoral pieces of shit?

              Read slashdot.org and tell me it isn’t happening. It was the NSA revelations, specifically them recording and sniffing every packet that goes across the internet, and moreover compromising EVERYONE’s security by them having armies of hackers who do nothing but exploit anyone and everyone’s system with seemingly no legal or moral boundaries whatsoever, which really opened certain geeks’ eyes up big time…and their numbers are growing.

              What happens when some ugly but really smart geek, who’s been ostracized, mocked, and ridiculed his entire life for not being part of the “in” crowd, decides he’s had enough of these people’s arrogance and delusions of grandeur, and decides to throw his lot in with the freedom fighters instead?

              I’m sure he’s out there, somewhere. He’s a wild card and nobody knows what the effects will be when he comes into play.

              What happens when some really smart, and really GOOD LOOKING geek (who can sing, dance, act, and run a corporation or government, too) decides he’s fed up with his entire life, and that of his contemporaries, being steadily crushed under the bootheels of these arrogant fuckwits?

              We may end up finding out….

            • Yup. Bananas are evil gun shapes. Sticks with a crook in them are gun shapes. Pointing your fingers in a gun shape? That’ll get a kid sent to a shrink faster than you can blink.

          • Jenn-
            The “weapon” was plastic. It was a toy and made to LOOK like a toy. So it wasn’t a “weapon” get over it.

            Or- are you saying his costume was made to make HIM look real? Seriously? You think he REALLY WAS a stormtrooper because he wore some stupid costume?

            That’s almost as dumb as the “weapon” schtick.
            Jeez, seek help. Really.

            PS- What IS a “weapon”? A knitting needle, A shovel, Baseball bat or a knife?
            Answer: any of them. Get the idea? Suspect you don’t.

            • Walter Middy,

              I don’t have to get over it. I’m not the one who call the cops on him, and I wouldn’t have done so in the first place, because unlike whoever dropped the dime on that call, *I* am not a total moron.

              And the quote marks I used were a grammatical visual of how real I did NOT think his weapon was.

              Maybe you should try to read all of the posts I made on this particular article before you shoot your mouth off.

              As to what a weapon is… It’s anything you can use to harm someone else. I have been known to keep myself entertained on airplanes by looking at everything I see on the plane and wondering how I could use it as a weapon in case some nutcase decided to try to take over my flight. So, perhaps you should go read what I wrote and actually reading it for COMPREHENSION this time. ‘Kay?


      5. We can no longer tolerate liberal stupidity.

      6. My husband and I ran into this kind of stupidity at a local sci-fi/fantasy convention. He was dressed as Han Solo with a replica (solid barrel) blaster and the line the “security” chick gave us was “well, with all these school shoots, we need to be careful”. Because, you know, we’ve all heard about those shootings at conventions, right? The worst he could do with that blaster is knock you in the head. She eventually let him zip tie it into the holster so he couldn’t draw it. But hey, we were safe, right? Nevermind that I later got smacked in the face with a bowstaff that had been “zip tied” as well. It was safe because it was zip tied!

        • Renee, sorry to hear about your experience. I’m in the private security industry and I believe what the security ‘person’ told you was what her company’s client wanted done. I don’t think it was the security person’s idea at all. I think it’s insane myself that a lot of people’s idea of ‘security’ these days is turning someplace or even the whole country into a prison. Well, I say NO to that crap. I believe the metal detectors, surveillance cameras, all of that stuff is BS.

      7. Totally stage event, the ideots in the main stream media are getting desperate, the BS being reported is no longer getting the sheeples attention, they need something more to do it. Nice try agency azz clowns.

        What a dumbazz, if that ideot was reading the shtfplan.com, he would have taught and think twice about wearing that crap out in public, he must not know that the school would land open arms to the swat team,. and foreighn soliders on campus to take your daughter home for a ride whil momy and daddy get processed at the local walmart to be shipped into the under railway system striaght off to the concentration camp to be guilotined.

        What a holloween cluster f….k of and ideot this is. I believe that this was a staged event to guage reaction for the real soldiers who will be permanenlty waiting on school ground for parents coming to pick up the kids, i think this was a staged event.

        • HCKS, damn good points. With the way the schools are run these days and with the attitudes the ‘educators’ have toward the kids, I’m glad I’m not young and in school these days. I would have been expelled long ago because I couldn’t tolerate the police state BS environment. I also get the feeling it was a staged event, some kind of test for someone.

      8. Pardon me for sounding antagonistic, but perhaps we should start generating propaganda videos regarding baseball bats and knives. After all, they kill more Americans every year than firearms. Once we have public attention we can demand baseball bat and knife owners must buy liability insurance to own them. Just saying.

        • WhiteWolf, I understand your point, but I collect a ‘few’ knives and won’t be getting insurance for them.

      9. The only reason they didn’t shoot him was that he wasn’t dressed as SpongeBob SquarePants. He is a lucky dude.

      10. Oh, good grief! I can’t believe my stupid city made it to Drudge and to SHTFPlan for THIS.

        As if our murder rates and our heroin overdoses didn’t make us badass enough for the news…. No, instead, WE get to show the world how “special” we are.

        Mac, in answer to your question of why the principal and the police acted the way they did, it’s because Lynn is an incredibly sue-happy city. We’re full of super-poor people, and nothing would make them happier than to make a fortune and continue not-working for it.

      11. On the other hand, given that I’ve lived here all my life, I think I would have been a bit disturbed to see this guy myself. Yes, it’s a costume, but he should have KNOWN better than to dress like that at any other time but Halloween…. *especially* so near a school. I mean, the first thought that entered *my* head was that he was wearing the costume near the school to entice kids, and that he was a pedophile. Then there was the part where he had a “weapon.”

        You have to understand, when kids here get dressed up for Halloween, they aren’t allowed to bring a fake broom (witch costume) or a fake sword (pirate costume) or a fake pitchfork (devil costume) or a fake gun (cowboy costume), because they could harm someone.

        To you it might seem like, “C’mon. Gimme a break. It’s harmless.” Well… not quite. We have metal detectors in our schools. I have witnessed knife fights on school property, and kids have set posters ablaze on the walls in school hallways where I went to school. Lynn is NOT a nice place. Give our kids that plastic sword, broomstick or pitchfork, and they’re likely to try to use it to stab someone in the eye (or shove it up someone’s butt, quite literally).

        So, in a day and age where weapons (even fake ones) are looked on so suspiciously (and we have plenty of people here who try to make their very REAL guns look like their fake toy counterparts, to avoid detection), the principal and the police tried to err on the side of caution. They would rather embarrass the hell out of one Star Wars geek than to end up the next Lifetime Movie of the Week for the massacre of a class of 35 or 40 inner-city kids. (And when I say 35 or 40 kids in a class… I mean in a single classroom. There is severe overcrowding in our school system here.)

        • Ah Jenn,Lynn/Lynn,city of sin!You never come out,the way you came in!I wonder what charges will stick with the stars wars bust.Jenn,unless times have changed believe a well known chapter of a motorcycle club calls Lynn home.I guess would feel safer with them as neighbors then some of the people I have seen in lynn/lawrence/lowell,mass. towns that begin with L that are on the skids.Jenn,get out of the insane mass. ratfuck while you can is all I can say.

          • **grins** Warchild, it never ceases to amaze me that people all over the Internet know that saying about Lynn. One person even posted the whole song it comes from. (I never knew it WAS a whole song, but what she posted had five or six whole stanzas to it.)

            Yes, I do believe that particular club does call Lynn home. I haven’t had any problems with them, so I haven’t had reason to fear them.

            I’m tickled pink that I will finally be escaping this blighted city. I’m moving north in just a couple months, where the people are saner, and where the restrictions on my liberty are far fewer. (But where people still share my charming accent. 😀 )

        • Jenn, after reading this post and the previous one, I really, seriously think you need to start planning to get the hell OUT of that city you live in, ASAP. Not only are you in physical danger just from being there, but your thinking and judgment is also being fucked by the mindset in that city, whether you realize it or not.

          Your first thought was that he was a PERVERT trying to lure in kids? Really? Does that happen often where you “live”?

          Kinda like people who stare at the TV all day, or even “most days.” It fucks with you. Warps and perverts your thinking.

          Or how about the segment of society who think it’s perfectly normal for people to be accidently forgetting their KIDS in the car on a hot day. And trying to explain and justify it as if it’s a reasonable thing to happen, ever. There are even big warning signs on the Wal Mart doors telling you not to forget your kids.

          Folks need to step back and ask themselves, what….the…..FUCK….is WRONG with a batshit insane society that is so God damn rushed and mindfucked they are forgetting their damn KIDS?

          The question kinda answers itself, doesn’t it?

          I never forget anything anymore, least of all my fucking KIDS! (If I had any…) But then again I got off the hamster wheel a long time ago, and my muddled thinking has had years to clarify.

          • Nathan, you’re quite right about it messing with a person’s mindset.

            But as to this my orinal take on this guy, it wasn’t that he was wearing a costume, but that he was arrested for lingering around a school while wearing a costume.

            If he had just been walking by the school, or even waiting in front of the school for a ride or a bus to come or something, I wouldn’t think anything of it. Sadly, yes, Lynn does have a large number of sex offenders other assorted creeps. (See? 60 registered ones, and who knows how many *unregistered* ones: http://www.city-data.com/so/so-Lynn-Massachusetts.html )

            I don’t have any kids, but yeah, there’s no way in hell I would forget them, either. But then, I was fortunate enough to be raised by intelligent, responsible parents with fully functional brains and an innate understanding that family ALWAYS comes first.

      12. Gee, where are the daily Nazi rants here?? I am well aware there is a disproportionate % of left wing Jewish people in the control grid; but you are -as noted before, but apparently unable to understand – making a sophomoric category mistake (and BTW, are you anti-Jewish rants when it comes to anti-communist warrior David Horowitz? Wonderful conservative Jonah Goldberg? Founder of World Magazine Marvin Olasky? Founder of the Christian Anti-Communist Coalition, the late Dr. Schwarz? – excellent newsletter at https://schwarzreport.org. The list goes on and on)

        Per that historically ignorant Naz/holocaust denier in the previous post who talked about the holocaust and Churchill, yet just more ignorant horse manure from these one-track-mind nutbars. For those of you who aren’t yet another insane Nazi supporter, here’s just one comment at BBC:

        Sir Martin Gilbert noted for BBC that Churchill – speaking in the House of Commons (!) stated about the early deportations: ‘… the most bestial, the most squalid and the most senseless of all their offences, namely, the mass deportation of Jews from France, with the pitiful horrors attendant upon the calculated and final scattering of families. This tragedy fills me with astonishment as well as with indignation, and it illustrates as nothing else can the utter degradation of the Nazi nature and theme, and degradation of all who lend themselves to its unnatural and perverted passions.’

        Gilbert then states: “In April 1943 (Churchill) opposed the Spanish closure of the French frontier to Jewish refugees, telling the Spanish ambassador that if his government: ‘… went to the length of preventing these unfortunate people seeking safety from the horrors of Nazi domination, and if they went farther and committed the offence of actually handing them back to the German authorities, that was a thing which could never be forgotten and would poison the relations between the Spanish and British peoples.”

        Finally, Gilbert notes: “In March 1944 German troops occupied Hungary. Three quarters of a million Hungarian Jews were at risk. Churchill asked Marshall Tito to protect any Jews who escaped Hungary to partisan-held Yugoslavia. That July, Jewish leaders brought Churchill an horrific account of Auschwitz. It had been smuggled out by two escapees, and revealed for the first time the nature of the gas chambers there. Asked to bomb the railway lines to Auschwitz, Churchill instructed Eden: ‘Get anything out of the Air Force you can, and invoke me if necessary… and Reading in July 1944 the first detailed account of Auschwitz, Churchill wrote:

        ‘There is no doubt this is the most horrible crime ever committed in the whole history of the world, and it has been done by scientific machinery by nominally civilised men in the name of a great State and one of the leading races of Europe. It is quite clear that all concerned in this crime who may fall into our hands, including the people who only obeyed orders by carrying out the butcheries, should be put to death after their association with the murders has been proved.’

        These idiotic Nazi protestations are getting really, really old… and ignorant

        • All lies. Get a clue.

      13. What are they worried about- have you seen the way stormtroopers shoot?

        • That’s the future: Incredibly powerful weapons operated by incredibly poor shots.

          • But they have some really snazzy apparel though. And you gotta love the grand architecture on their vast imperial warships…other than whichever dumb fuck they keep putting in charge of the cooling vent design. That guy should definitely be fired.

      14. I hope nobody tells these insane people in Massachusetts about Texas. They would soil themselves.

        • Bahhahahaha!!!!

        • Yes they would. Just read an article today of a school district in Texas that is issuing rifles, yes rifles, to some teachers AND training them to use them to defend their students. God I love it here in Texas. Now if we could just close our borders to keep out the liberals fleeing the cesspool cities they created before they attempt to turn us into the cesspools they are gleeing

          • Sorry, last word is fleeing not gleeing in my post above. Fat fingers on a phone keypad doesn’t always wor real good.

            • Ha haaah, twice! Darn those fat fingers.

      15. apparently to be a school principal
        your IQ cannot exceed 80 ???

        the poor excuses that pass as “educators” these days

        no wonder the public school system is such a massive FAIL

        • Satori, I agree. I use that word ‘educator’ tongue-in-cheek and with great reservations. Except for the trolls, I believe everyone’s IQ here is a lot higher than 80. I know mine is.

          • The article does not tell us if the man in stormtrooper costume was wearing a badge or not. If so, that would definitely be cause for putting the school on lockdown until this dangerous threat was eliminated.

      16. I never knew that you had to have that much education to be so stupid.
        What is next, they call the cops because they see a Wookie (sp.) and think it is an sasquatch.
        The only reason their brains will not fall out is because they have their panties are all in a bunch and the earphone jacks are screwed in tight.
        God Help Us!!!!
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Here in my town, I saw the front of the newspaper today at the gas station, and the local police were investigating a “suspicious bag” which “turned out not to be explosives.” Wow, really? Were you assholes expecting it to be, in Gadsden, AL? lol…. It’s all security theater. The sheriff in this county is a corrupt methhead faggot, who has already chosen his side in the coming conflict. Wonder what happens when folks realize they can use their laser printers to write their own stories and explanations of current events and put them in circulation, just as easily as the “news”paper does…?

      17. Maybe the principal went into CYA mode.

      18. Stupid is as stupid does!!!!
        Lock down a school. how stupid is that!!!!
        Thing we call civilization needs an ENEMA!!!!

      19. The Freedumb Sheople (goyim) are Scared.

        Scared Sheople (goyim) are Dangerous!

        Tread Lightly Prepper’s and Patriot’s.

      20. Disturbance? More like f-ing disturbed to me.

      21. They locked my kids elementary school down two years ago they never called me I went to the bus stop to wait for the bus it didn’t show up so I waited 20 min then called the school. They said he would be home soon and not to come to the school. Someone sent a letter to the school with powder in it and they didn’t know what it was. So they now take all the mail to the administration building to be checked out first. But the school is still unlocked I can just walk in the front door and take a right five steps into a lunch room full of kids how safe is that I told them that they did nothing to secure the school to this day.

      22. Holder sounded like a black comedian doing a pretend white person voice.

      23. When people mention police and charges, I can’t help but think that those people charged with shooting police officers should use the same defense the police use, and that is that they feared for their lives, since everyone knows what insane nut jobs so many police are.

        • It’s been done, they’ve tried that line for decades in courts. It doesn’t work.


        just watch…

        ‘Prepping for Genocide’: White minority fears ‘anarchy’ in post-Mandela S. Africa


      25. 15 more Black on White Murders ignored by Zio.Media

        We have been working to create a comprehensive look at black on white murders for the years 2014 and 2015. Many media bosses openly admit that they censor black on white crime. We have been working to collect the biggest sample size of black on white murders possible.

        From information we have already collected, many important conclusion can already be drawn. People who drive taxi cabs, deliver pizza, or deliver other food items are probably in much greater danger of being killed on the job than police officers. The overwhelming majority of these killings seem to be black on white and black on Asian. For people who delivery food or drive a cab, this is important information that they should be aware of. They should not be put in greater danger by having this information censored in the name of political correctness.


      26. “Those who come to us with a sword, from a sword shall perish.”

        ~ Alexander Nevsky

      27. Surprising that no one mentions the supposed massacre in Sandy Hook Connecticut back a year and a half ago. Believable evidence exists to prove this event as a false flag exercise to disarm law abiding Americans. A lot of evidence! I won’t go into that evidence because it is readily available on the net. Obummer said while campaigning for head liar that Americans want to cling to their guns and their Bibles. Well blowhard deciever, there is separation between church and state, otherwise we would be controlled by a bunch of religious nuts in a country that wouldn’t be worth existing in. Now guns, that’s the only thing protecting the people from this evil government’s total immediate enslavement of mankind in these united states.

      28. Americans are exactly where the government wants them, living in fear…

      29. Hello, officer!

        My neighbor just left his house to go to work. He had an unusually big bulge in his right pants pocket. I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN this could possibly be a gun, a very large one, or maybe too smaller ones!

        He has been distraught lately over losing his girlfriend, a neighbor that lives behind him told me. I am WITHOUT A DOUBT that he is on his way to the office where he could be planning on murdering all the staff!


        Think it couldn’t happen. People get “SWATed” everyday.

      30. Orn that’s how it goes down it starts with someone that feels your business is theirs and rats to the police a fabricated story of some gun owner on a murderous rampage. This stuff is why people are a waste of time IMHO. This is the culture tptb is cultivating a society where neighbor rats on neighbor . This is what scum in the projects do rat eachother out. The police love it sure makes their job easier. I fuckin hate that shit I’ve worked at places where everybody wants to know your business I can smell this culture in a heartbeat and I don’t participate in any of it. These types of jobs didn’t last for me. I even got followed by the police on lunch once the manager hated me and put his minions out to snoop and rat. I lasted a year there and went somewhere else. It was a joke people were ratting each other out and the pay sucked too. I’d have to say it was one of the worst years of my working life I was there when 911 went down.

        • Are you really planning on “riding it out” in whatever place you’re currently living, as you’ve alluded to in previous postings? Didn’t you say you’re in Jersey or some other similar place in New England? That place is going to the dogs, dude. If and when you decide you need to evacuate, and start over with like minded individuals to support you instead of fighting you at ever turn, there will be a spot ready for clear thinking individuals such as you and your family in our fortified community, down here in the safety of Appalachia. Details will provided in the near future on the rendezvous point. No matter what you do, please stay safe.

          • Nathan,New England has many issues and some evil state govt.s,that said,some good states like Me./Vt. and N.H.!Good folks in the hills and still ok quality of life,and yes,have drawn a line in the sand and will ride out and die in the hills.

          • NK, I have another supply run scheduled for July to my cousin’s BOL in north GA and can hardly wait. I have some fun every time I go there. Once I finally bugout to it, that’s where I’ll be for life. I’ll take Appalachia over anyplace else any day.

      31. Most people seem to be missing the obvious here.

        When the idiot chief of police gets up and spins this to put the blame on the person wearing the costume and the idiot school administrator for calling in a complete lie, he in essence has opened mouth and removed all doubt that he has shit for brains…….The sad part is what does this say about all of his underlings, and all of government along with everyone who wishes to follow along and agree to accept? I bet that these officers were educated by the same school that called upon them…. And they call me crazy? Wow.

        These are the people who claim to protect and serve. more like the keystone cops to me. It’s hard to believe that these idiots get paid for being idiots, all of the people who support them, work for them live near them, etc. deserve what they get…….

        I’m not crazy anymore, everyone else must be. LOL!

      32. What do you expect from America’s Most Earnest Nanny State, where a handful of illuminated LED advertising signs of cartoon aliens caused a bomb panic.


        The only people who live in Massachusetts anymore are the sheeple and the financially trapped.

      33. So the principal couldn’t tell if the ray gun was a toy ray gun or a real ray gun. I have to wonder about the fitness of a person who believes in real ray guns.

      34. I could see him being arrested for hanging around on the playground (on school property) during the day while school is in session. I wouldn’t want some weirdo hanging out around my kids while they were at school.

        However, If he was just passing by about his business he should have been left alone and he should NOT have been contacted PERIOD.

      35. Later that evening his mommy was arrested on Child Endangerment charges after sending her 40 year old son to basement bedroom without his supper.

        And he’s not allowed to play with his ray gun for a week.

      36. Well, this is ALL part of the Agenda of the Progressives. Make ALL the little heads of mush scream in terror at the sight of ANYTHING that triggers a brain wave regarding a gun…When the greatest generation and the baby boomers are all gone, the next groups will be perfectly brainwashed to reject gun ownership…People will turn in grand pops gun collection and that will take care of everything. Problem solved, move on…Unless, they can’t wait any longer, THEN, TSWHTF…

      37. I keep wondering “How do we protect ourselves from someone else’s perception?”

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