MATT DRUDGE UNLEASHED: Rare Interview: “I’m A Free Thinker. I’m An American. I’m Very Concerned…”

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    matt-drudge-217x300The internet’s leading headline journalist Matt Drudge joins Infowars‘ Alex Jones for a rare interview.

    The show was being recorded live when Drudge happened to walk into the studio thinking Jones was on a short break.

    Jones, who it appears has never met Drudge and whose reports are often featured at, was in disbelief as Drudge is notorious for staying out of the media though his web site sees over 500 million monthly visitors.

    Other than posting stories on his web site and an ominous tweet every so often, the media mogul has very little interaction with mainstream news or the public.

    Drudge initially avoided the limelight opting to stay off-set, noting that he hasn’t had a picture taken in over eight years. But he eventually joined the show in a rare media appearance to discuss everything from the death of the internet as we know it to why he doesn’t need to be liked.

    Clip: “I Don’t Need To Be Liked”

    I have a clear perception what the internet is. In my mind, I’m free. I’m not defined by what they say the internet is… meaning Goldman Sachs, meaning who they invest in for the latest startup… meaning the latest Buzzfeed… or Salon…

    There’s a lot of corporate makeover of the internet that I have not adapted to, simply put.

    I am not a part of that system.

    I’m a free thinker. I’m an American. I’m very concerned with what’s happening.

    I just give it my all. I’ve learned how to take care of myself and detach from outcomes. Otherwise you can’t survive.

    I have remained completely independent from all of them. I am not influenced by any of them.

    I need no traffic from Google. I don’t care if I get one traffic referral from Google… or Bing… Or Yahoo or any of these others. It’s always been that way.

    If you think of that setup, how rare that is because everybody is so hungry for referrals and likes.

    I don’t need to be liked. I don’t need to be liked at all.

    Clip: The Death of the Internet

    Full Interview Via Youtube:

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      1. Matt Drudge has changed the world for the better.

        Kudos to him for not being influenced like the rest of our so-called “journalists”

        Kudos to Alex Jones too. Drudge speaking so highly of him certainly adds validation to the hard work he’s put in over many years while being constantly attacked as a conspiracy nut.

        • It doesn’t take very many days of visiting Drudge’s site to refute his self-serving remarks. Drudge is a Zionist…. and, of course he doesn’t need to be liked, he has already made his millions.

          Jones, Shemitah Boy, Hodges, TEST, and now Drudge. Judas goats, all of them, and you don’t need to leave this site to choke on all of them.

          • I agree. All these guys are super self serving and have egos as big as Hilter.

        • I can’t believe they haven’t murdered him yet. Hope they don’t.

        • I also give MEGA kudos to Matt Drudge. His mind is just like mine. I’m also an independent thinker. Nobody tells me what the f#$% to say or think about anyone or anything.

      2. Took my girls to see Owl City concert.
        Look em up…

      3. Ha! First 🙂

        Seriously, though – I smell blood in the air and the dying prey is our liberty ebbing out onto the ground. Like it or not, there are MANY more people singing the same doom sing…sigh keep alert and keep prepping everyone!

      4. Mac, your “Moderation” is killing me, I have been posting here under the same name and e-mail for nearly 3 years, wtelf!

        Song, not sing….

      5. Google has been upping the scams to censor search. A month does not go by in which Google will throw up another scam to force websites to conform.

        First it started with getting rid of blog search, then it was the news search, then it was claiming your site was not ‘mobile ready’, etc. etc. They are pushing the cost of being on the web up and up and forcing people to engage in a matrix of red tape and nonsense to prove their content is worthy of listing. The big plan was to get the internet like cable TV and they are doing it. Look ahead two years, and you will have to access the internet through a gate-keeper system and pay – a lot – for it. It will be highly censored and all your search and content will be shared with the government in real time and run through legal sifters to see if you broke some law. The internet will become a very dangerous and expensive spider trap.

        • No doubt what you say is true. Its been too easy, comfortable, and a lot of info out there that can be used. So just like our rights, this info highway will diminish as well.

          • Drudge is so-so. A lot of what he prints reminds me of scanning the cover of the National Enquirer in the check out line.

        • The internet, along with Faceplant, and many other social media sites, are already set as snares to entrap the gullible and thinkless.

          If you have a Faceplant page, it can be downloaded with internet child porno crap, that is embedded to use against you at a later date. It is already loaded unto mega storage systems and can be pulled up years after your page has been discarded and your computer crushed under tons of trash debris and dirt.

          There is no escape if you become a threat to their evil system at some point in the future. Any person spouting LGBT hate, Anti-abortion displays, will be targets.

          Did you know, that Planned Parenthood spends 11 million dollars on POTUS campaigns each year? So far, not one dime has went to any party but the dems. So of the approxiamate 550 million taxpayers $$ paid to them for their butchering clinics annually, at least 11 mil goes back to the dems. I wonder how much is funneled under the table? Probably three or four times that much.

          • You know Passin’ I ain’t no righteous man. In the flesh I’m not perfect. But those folks who are linked to Planned Parenthood and all that they do, will split hell wide open on the day of reckoning.

            • Yes, and all the fine outstanding sunday-go-to-meeting folks, that have cast a vote for liberals/dems, will not get a free pass when it comes to judgment of actions.

              They never stop for a second to think about it in terms of what those little ballots mean to their Creator. Most say i’m just mean for stating the truth, but it does matter…all our actions matter, and I am no saint myself, and never claimed to be.

              I just see things more clearly because i stay in the Word, and “try” to walk in the light.

              • So now God cares who people vote for? I always thought you were an imbecile before, now you’ve removed any doubt.

              • As if conservatives and Republicans will get a free pass into Heaven for supporting global war and global usury? As if right and wrong matter no longer? Only right and left??? Go figure.

                Matthew 5:9
                Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called children of God.

                Luke 6:32-35
                And if you love them that love you, what thanks are to you? for sinners also love those that love them. …And if you lend to them of whom you hope to receive, what thanks are to you? for sinners also lend to sinners, for to receive as much. But love ye your enemies: do good, and LEND, hoping for NOTHING thereby: and your reward shall be great, and you shall be the sons of the Highest; for he is kind to the unthankful, and to the evil.

        • Google hasn’t cost me a dime. My websites are not mobile ready, nor will they be because of the nature of their content. I know Google said they are giving more weight in their searches to mobile ready sites, but that still doesn’t trump content. I don’t have to “prove” my content needs to be indexed at the top of the search results. My content gets there by my own design. One can search for things on my websites and, for most of them, my sites come up at the top of the search results.

          A website needs to be unique in some ways to come out on top. If it’s not, then there’s no good reason for it to be near the top of search results when there are a million similar sites with the same content. If the site is not in the top 20 or 30, it will never be seen by anyone. My sites are different from all others in enough ways to get hits from around the world. A website that is similar to thousands of others might just be a waste of the creator’s time.

          I just did a test search on Google for a name found on my websites. There were only 7 results, 2 of which were on my websites. That shows me that content is still the main factor in Google searches. I still use Startpage because they don’t track your searches.

      6. That was the best hour of Infowars ever! The words spoken by Matt IS the opinion of the MAJORITY. Of people in this land! ‘Take protection from Hillary and B.O.’…….F’N priceless Matt!

        • hypocrites never look in the mirror

          to top that Matt, you should also require that the kids of all of these so called protected ones remove all the guns around their offspring too.. like other kids in College cant have weapons to protect themselves , but Osuper and the Witch have and has had their children surrounded by SS while in schools

          come to my Jungle Beotches and see how the world really is, or STFU

          If Hilabeast and Osuper want my guns they will have to personally come unarmed to pick them up or this conversation is OVER! ( I’d still turn them away , because they are not the only threat to my safety)

        • hypocrites never look in the mirror

          to top that Matt, you should also require that the kids of all of these so called protected ones remove all the guns around their offspring too.. like other kids in College cant have weapons to protect themselves , but Osuper and the Witch have and has had their children surrounded by SS while in schools

          come to my Jungle Beotches and see how the world really is, or STFU

          If Hilabeast and Osuper want my guns they will have to personally come unarmed to pick them up or this conversation is OVER! ( I’d still turn them away , because they are not the only threat to my safety)

      7. I was listening to Alex when Drudge walked in. I am on Drudge Report a couple of times a day. I have noticed that every picture of Hellerie shows the ugly soul beneath the facade. Drudge said that the PTB could put her dead brain in a jar and lots of morons would vote to put the bodyless brain in the Oval Office, just because it had once been Hillary Clinton. She has lots of health issues and the MSM are very careful to keep it from everyone. Probably transhuman like many other old tyrants. I did not quote Drudge exactly, cause I am another old, ugly woman with a lot of health issues and the memory is spotty. I would not want me running things either.

      8. I too was listening to Alex, because there wasn’t anything on to listen to on the radio.

        Drudge tells it like it is and hold back no nothing. I hope he is for real, and I think he is.

        Good Work Drudge!!!! Keep it up.

      9. I watched the video before I came here this morning, but only because it was linked from Drudge Report.

        They can’t legally take away the right to link, because that’s the “web” part of the world wide web. It would also ruin major sites such as Wikipedia and archive (dot) org.

        BTW, “Hillary in a jar” would look much better.

      10. How about when Drudge asked why we aren’t hearing about Hillary’s lovers. Then he said “excuse me” and said it again. He is talking about her lesbian lovers, right? Crazy stuff, and Matt hit the nail on the head on so many topics. The need to unplug from the matrix and not get sucked into their BS is very important. He talked about being the best you can be, being an entrepreneur, wanting to be the best, will make all of us better.

      11. More and more very reputable people are coming out of the woodwork and ringing the warning bell. Interesting that he chose the Alex Jones show to voice this. We will see if he speaks out on the more mainstream media to voice this.

        • and we’ll see if he lives out the month!

      12. Why doesn’t he rebel against the israel influence? Is it because he is an israel influence?
        He got his big break from… the clinton scandal.. which they knew wasn’t going anywhere since they pulled the strings.. how fortunate to be the controlled opposition.
        Going on infowars was probably to help out Jones after getting wrecked by david duke a month ago. Damage control go!

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