Mathematician Claims 6th Mass Extinction Is Coming To Earth SOON

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 82 comments

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    mass extinction

    According to MIT geophysicist Daniel Rothman, the sixth global mass extinction is right around the corner. Using his skills in mathematics, Rothman has determined that earth will be well into the sixth extinction phase by the year 2100.

    Rothman began his math journey to determine our next extinction by investigating fluctuations in the carbon cycle. The carbon cycle is the path carbon traces through Earth’s land, oceans, and atmosphere that has occurred over the last 542 million years. By analyzing 31 established carbon isotopic events recognized by geochemists, Rothman identified the ebb and flow of carbon–12 and carbon–13, which are two isotopes of carbon whose abundance has varied considerably in Earth’s history.

    From this information, he constructed a database to assess how much carbon mass was pumped into the world’s oceans in each historical event. In most of these episodes, the carbon volume stayed under a certain threshold. But in some of them (including four of the past five mass extinction events that exterminated multitudes of life-forms on the planet) that threshold was breached. “It became evident that there was a characteristic rate of change that the system basically didn’t like to go past,” Rothman said about his findings.

    According to Rothman’s math, there are only two ways carbon levels can exceed the threshold of a catastrophe. One is where CO2 emissions slowly swell over thousands and millions of years, slowly triggering a global calamity. The other case occurs on a much shorter timescale, where an immense shift in carbon volumes moving through the carbon cycle happens in the space of say, decades or years.

    Rothman warns that by the year 2100, about 310 gigatons of carbon will have been added to the oceans. This is a potential “tipping point” for an ecological disaster, according to his study. That’s also the minimum amount of carbon expected to enter earth’s oceans by 2100. When CO2 dissolves into the ocean as it did in the case of the End-Permian mass extinction, all life on Earth is at risk.

    The formula predicts that by the end of the century oceans will hold enough carbon to launch a mass extermination of species in the very near future. Rothman also stated that it would take about 10,000 years for the disaster to completely play out.


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      1. The “End” is always near. The “Crash” is always imminent. Even broken clocks are right twice a day.

        • in 2100 i will be 140 years old so i hope i see it.

        • I wonder if Mr Smarty pants knows that Jeremiah Johnson says it’ll begin when NK knocks us out with that super duper EMP he’s been tellin us about. Maybe those tards at MIT need to have Johnson give a talk. The nerve of those people

        • apparently it’s tomorrow

          according to FoxNews Alert. This just in–

          TV programs in California interrupted with end-of-world prediction !!

          ht tp://

          (and no, I don’t think it’s tomorrow)

          • Apparently not–whew !

            retraction – breaking news at

            ht tp://

            glad it’s not today. Hubby’s birthday is today and we wanted to celebrate his 64th. He got his best present ever. Got to put his feet on the floor. 🙂

        • Who pays for this mathematician and for the extinction?

      2. We’re already in the beginning of a mass extinction. Our destruction of the planets environment & resources will ultimately destroy us, sooner than 2100. A super-virus will be our likely demise….More virulent than the black plague, Spanish flu, or ebola, it will decimate the human race within months. It will have spread and infected 95% of the worlds population before the first fatalities are discovered & diagnosed. (thanks to international travel). The human race will be essentially wiped out before a vaccination can be developed. The end comes not with a bang, but with a whimper.!!!

        • You sound pretty sure of yourself, do you have this virus in your lab?

      3. Okay, Okay, Okay – I get it. I’m going out right now to run naked screaming in circles out front of my house that “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!”.

      4. i predict that I will be extinct before 2100

      5. Well at year 2100, Using my statistics skills
        I will have been very dead for about 40 to
        50 years.
        Even If I get shot by a jealous husband at age
        120( which is my goal) It will still be many
        years short of 2100.

        • Bwahahahahaha. Now that’s funny

        • Jealous TEENAGE husband. I’m safe. I passed my use-by-date seven years ago.

        • Cool. As long as your concern is so short-sighted as to only include your own lifetime and not that of your progeny or any other humans that will outlive you.
          Selfish much?

      6. Astronut Jack Swigert Apollo 13

        “I can add”.

        • But can’t spell.

      7. However you want to say it: Matthew 24:22

        New International Version
        “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.

        New Living Translation
        In fact, unless that time of calamity is shortened, not a single person will survive. But it will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen ones.

        English Standard Version
        And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved. But for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.

        Berean Study Bible
        If those days had not been cut short, nobody would be saved. But for the sake of the elect, those days will be shortened.

        Berean Literal Bible
        And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh would have been saved; but because of the elect, those days will be shortened.

        New American Standard Bible
        “Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.

        King James Bible
        And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

        That prefers to The Physical Second Coming of Jesus Christ I think.

        So, there will be no 6th extinction although it seems that we could come pretty dog gone close.

        World on track to lose two-thirds of wild animals by 2020, major report warns—

        Often we post our own personal thoughts regarding a SHTF situation sand how each of us would adapt and should adapt.
        We may shortly have the unfortunate opportunity to test those theories.

        Considering what has occurred just this month in earth changes, I would hate to see the results from a social, religious and economic disaster and it seems we are on that path.

        I really think the time is here to double our efforts to prepare.

        • AMEN!

          • Why are people denying this? There was a radio program on a couple days ago and the man (forget his name) from the geoeneeringwatch web site said that the earth has ten years or less and it’s all gonna collapse. There is more methane in the oceans that is coming up to the atmosphere. He said the methane alone would kill us. The fish are dying all over the oceans and lakes. The ocean is too warm at 25 percent warmer. He said the ozone collapse is what is gonna be the nail in the coffin. They are trying to slow it down by the chemtrails, but they are making it worse. We are all breathing in nanoparticles which is damaging our thinking ability and the aluminum is going straight to our brains. He said if we continue on this same course then all life on earth will soon die and not in 100 yrs. He said in ten yrs or less. He said the elite who will live in their underground cities will not live long either. The ozone layer is being destroyed by the chemtrails. They are making it worse he said. If the ozone collapses completely then we will have no protection from the solar flares. He said our government is not there for the common good and that the gov. WANTS the people dead. If the methane in the Arctic melts then it will kill all of us. He said to do a search on Siberian methane craters. Plants are mutating now he said. Total ozone collapse is coming in ten yrs or less. Very upsetting. I knew about this before, but i thought we had 50 yrs left. I think it’s a liberal site, so i don’t know how much of it to believe, but right now in Western NY state at end of Sept. 2017 today sunday the temperature is 87 degrees, and it’s supposed to be chilly starting at middle of August up in the hills where i live…..

      8. —“about 310 gigatons of carbon will have been added to the oceans. ”

        Didn’t state **WHY**

        Is it because multiple volcanoes have done it? Or is he trying to blame humans?

        I think I read that 1 or 2 volcanoes erupting spews out more than humans have in 1000 years.

        • Eh I’m not real sure on that particular one at the moment. That garbage patch the size of Texas is pretty impressive.

        • no prob, we will just mine the ocean for carbon and diamonds?

        • i wonder if the mathamatician remembered to carry the decimal?

        • ht tps://

        • I don’t know what you think you read, but the ‘volcanoes contribute more CO2 than humans’ argument is straight up wrong.

      9. Soon is a word associated with time, soon can mean a span of millions of years in a geologic or climatological epoch. This article is silly; over the past five years I’ve read prediction after prediction, and all were absolutely certain to happen with the gravest of consequences for civilization. There was suppose to be global nuclear war, mass famine, global pandemics of Ebola, total economic collapse, huge asteroid strikes, earthquakes a tearing apart the North American continent, pole shifts, melting of the poles flooding all coastlines, EMP’s that would set us back 200 years, and massive Asian armies invading America for starters. I even read about an imminent alien attack on Earth that would wipe out almost all life. All these stories are products of mental illness. It honestly appears some of them must have a death wish. We already have enough problems, why fabricate more and try to pile more on top of the ones we have.
        I want to be informed and engage in the exchange of real information and try to learn something intelligent and useful, I’m losing interest as the quality of material is really declining. What I find disturbing is so many readers and commenters eat this stuff up; I don’t know if it is because they want it to happen (which makes me question what their motives must be), or there are just a lot of people who are irrational or have poor critical thinking skills.

        • He is not allowed to say the truth.
          He gives a few pointers which suggest that the real END will arrive much sooner.
          One thing seems pretty certain; the millenials won’t die from old age.

      10. Mt Pinatubo erupted out 15-20,000 times more carbon than mankind has emitted since the industrial revolution…..Yes. that is an inconvenient truth. For the con man of the century, Al Gore…and all his lying zombies.

        • Nope. Do you happen to have the back of an envelope and a pencil handy?
          Then get crackin’.

      11. All things must pass away. None of lifes strings can last. But I must be on my way to face another day. – Harrison

      12. We are in the mass extinction right now, and it is called the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling. The FINAL SOLUTION and coming population reduction through mass murder of 6.5 billion human beings on earth from the Fallen Angel psychopaths is probably a long time away…the psychopath monsters controlling our collapsing Police State hell on earth are having too much fun and getting their evil pleasures from watching their “magnum opus” of the chemical poisoning and dumbing down of the New Babylonian American cowards still living in their fantasies and lies.

      13. When God says it is over it is over! Not man.

        • but if someone shoots you in the back it is over too isnt it?

        • Here is a clue, I’ll tell ya when its over. And have plenty of Weapons, Guns and Ammo that days so. And at my time and choosing. No pretend ghost in the sky. The dumb and weak die early. The prepared and those with grit will win. Its the 2nd mouse that gets the cheese. Pay attention.

          • I will laugh
            The earth will cry
            As the masses of consumers go bye bye…

        • Amen Sgt.

        • god is a figment of man’s imagination, only a fool would believe in a god that allowed/created this mess. I guess that is why there has to be a devil to take the blame for all the bad things, you would think after all this time humans would have gotten over dumb fairytales.

      14. Better invent some AI as our descendants.

        Or send some embryos to those earth like stars.

        Or something.

      15. Not worried about anything happening in 2100.

      16. Sgt…..I agree.
        The earth grows in size because everytime vegetation, animals, people die they add to the soil.
        There is no tipping point, no mathematical calculations. What?…..does this guy get government funding to keep pulling fake rabbits out of his hat?
        Boring people have to have a mathematical equasion to explain what nobody cares about anyway. Fear porn. Why doesn’t he explain how the (FBI / CIA )TOWER 7 exploded on 9/11 all by itself…into its own foot print? While not touching another building? And what was in there the CIA wanted destroyed? Things people want to know.

        • ‘…Things people want to know…’

          Let me repeat this now famous phrase; people can’t handle the truth!
          Those who really want to know the truth are less than 0,001% and they have learned to keep their mouth shut because they don’t like being called names.
          Truth is available and is public domain. That includes the fall of tower No 7. It doesn’t take much effort to decode its real purpose.
          Even the author of this article is getting his share of stupid comments…

      17. I will not be here thank goodness I will be on planet wbnr438

      18. Another excuse to scream global warming blah blah blah. How many time have we heard this crap. Much of our weather is controlled by the sun which we can do nothing about. Lets just get on with life.

      19. Hmmm, so which climate data was used in his calculations?

        Was it the data from Cambridge University that produced the world famous fraudulent hockey stick chart?

        Was it the fraudulent data from NOAA and NASA that produced the fraudulent reports of global warming that propelled the Paris Climate accord?

        Was the the fraudulent climate data that came out of Austraila just a few months ago?

        Inquiring minds want to know, because we know that climate science has gone full quackery with falsified data. Not once but many many times they have been caught tampering with data. It’s no longer science, it’s just lying politics.

        I won’t be prepping for this disaster.

      20. Well, then, it’s all good because by 2100 nanotechnology will have changed humans to posthumans unaffected by pretty much anything except an exploding sun…

        Plus, this sounds like pretty much every other “doomsday” prediction, i.e., not terribly believable or well explained as to exactly HOW.

        Someone identify a single “doomsday” event that has actually OCCURRED in the last, oh, 100,000 years. Obviously none, since we’re all still here…

        • “Someone identify a single “doomsday” event that has actually OCCURRED in the last, oh, 100,000 years. ”

          Well I did run out of beer a few times 🙁

          • Tampbora?
            ht tps://
            Tambora is the only eruption in modern history to rate a VEI of 7. Global temperatures were an average of five degrees cooler because of this eruption; even in the United States, 1816 was known as the “year without a summer.” Crops failed worldwide, and in Europe and the United States an unexpected outcome was the invention of the bicycle as horses became too expensive to feed.

            • Seems to me the advent of nuclear power and weapons are also a game changer. Not to mention many other potentialities that exist today world wide. Humans are well past arrogant and oblivious to the actions they take. We have many tons of radioactive debris we have no way to dispose of or contain. Just because we have been able to deal with it up to this point and hide it does NOT mean we have succeeded in anything. In fact it seems we have simply stuck our heads in the sand one more time ? How many ways have we shit in our own nest and fooled ourselves ? We now live in a toxic world because humans made this happen for various reasons. Most of it was for some profit motive and not well thought out at all for any negative outcomes. We think we are very smart and in control of everything. Now we are finding out just how smart we are, Hey ?

              I am much more concerned about many other events than carbon build up by 2100. I think we will see many environmental catastrophes going forward. The fake GW paradigm as presented is actually taking away attention that should be paid to the dying oceans and other serious matters on this planet we have created with our over indulgence in various forms of materialism and ignorance.

              Also what is the most abundant compound in the universe and certainly our solar system ? It is carbon. what matters is the forms that it exist and there in lies the problem, our habits and lack of thinking how to live in balance on this planet ! Why are so many people sickly and obese and generally puny ? All the same reasons, a lack of thinking and taking the necessary actions to solve problems.

              No rocket science involved, just arrogance and collective ignorance that abounds on the planet. Which is the most destructive species on planet earth ?

              • No, It’s Hydrogen–90 percent of the universe.

              • Exactly! That’s why I hope all these zombie consumer asswipes fookin die a miserable death. Fookin ignorant retarded, braindead, worthless, shit for brains!

                • Oh almost forgot… OVERPOPULATING asswipe shit for brains!

              • The problem is (((human beings))) not human beings.

                Research fraud? 95% of “research” is funded by government. “Governmental scientific research” is a contradiction in terms-
                Ayn Rand. Should I be consistent and say (((Ayn Rand)))?

                You may be interested in what AYN means in Hebrew- google on AYN SOF. . .

      21. I think somebody said this was gona happen while I was partying like its 1999, oh wait maybe it was 2012, oh never mind ….

      22. Mass extinction? Ask the Communists. They MURDERED around 100 MILLION last century. And I’ll bet if the Antifa brownshirts had their way, they’d beat that number in a heartbeat.

        Are these carbon events cause or effect?

        • (((The communists))) if you please. . .part of ongoing genocide of White people. . .

      23. This math guru didn’t hear about the fact of peak fossil fuels? His calculations are way off.

        There needs to be an extinction. Too much competition from unfit species. The planet needs to be teraformed into an Eden

        • Agreed- the way to do proper terraforming is to prune (((them))).

      24. Blah, blah, blah – the planet has had catastrophic episodes many times. It does not care about what life forms exist on this planet so it is an epic act of ego to think the planet cares about human beings. Do you think the planet cares to preserve the life of, say, Kim Kardashian’s butt?

        It is better to think along these lines: we now have the knowledge and science and technology to go beyond this planet and have the whole universe to live in. But, but – we currently are wasting our time and resources on an out-of-control third-world dirt population, mostly the dumbest and most ignorant people breeding.

        We need to clear that time-wasting garbage out of the way so we can focus resources on what matters.

      25. Bullshit article. Numbers don’t lie. But even a small miscaculation can skew the answer.

      26. If the global climate is changing, then Greenland will someday be a tropical paradise. Now is the time to purchanse beach front property in Greenland while they are still covered in year-round ice and snow. You would need it to be on fairly high ground since the ocean levels are supposed to rise. Why isn’t Al Gore doing this/

      27. I think if we were to check the funding for the study we might find George Soros or Al Gore on the donors list.

      28. 2100? Bummer. Stopped reading this one after that…..

      29. The most reliable form of Science manifests itself through the formation of an Hypothesis, the construction of Experiment(s) to test the H, and then the analysis of the data from the E(s) to see if if it supports the H. If not, modify the H, rinse and repeat.

        The next level down on reliability in Science is what this Person has done and what the Climate Scientists do.

        In the case of Dr MIT, he looks at historical scientific data and tries formulate an Hypothesis to explain said data. Experiments are often impossible or very difficult and expensive.

        In the case of the CS(s), they construct computer models of the Climate and then make projections into the future.

        But in both cases, the H and the Models are filled with assumptions about variable values and constants.

        That is why the CS world has been embarrassed by the last 15 years or so of no warming. Some of the values they used in their models were wrong.

        Models are not reality…..<bb

        • In other words they are liars figuring.

      30. 2100?
        Yea, ill be right on that

      31. The problem with Science is the “assumption” of the “unknown” is calculated by the “possible”…which equals “Somebody Said” and the use of “common core math”, which draws major funding from communists taxing of Americans.

        Makes a good “Road Runner Cartoon”, but, not much else.

      32. Total a waste of time !!!! its like Al Gore – climate change and New York will be under water in 2012 !!! what a joke. simple a waste of time of the publisher.

      33. Ewwww. A “mathematician.” I am so afraid. I here I thought I was going to dress little Johnny up as a clown for Halloween. Nope. A “mathematician.”

      34. Bear in mind that this is all guesswork by people who won’t be around to see if they were right or wrong. In the meantime, I have to prepare for the coming disaster with a bottle of fine Scotch.

      35. Is this a teaser for another inconvenient truth?
        Of course a mathematician figured out the ice age patterns. So I wouldn’t discount it totally.

      36. Fukushima will provide the tipping point way before this one.

      37. And here we are the morning of 9/23/17 and the world hasn’t ended as of yet, wasn’t the last prediction that the world would end today? My prediction for today was I’d wake up make coffee and be on my computer making a comment on this kind of thing and it’s looking like my prediction has come true but the day isn’t over yet we are waiting!

      38. BB:
        I agree. That toxic waste in Japan is poisoning the Ocean and everything in it at Millions of gallons per day. That waste evaporates into the air only to rain down on the US west coast. Where is the study about what that waste does to weather, crops, ocean, fish, people…etc., here in USA.
        The Food stores import all this contaminated food with nuclear waste or filthy waste contaminated ponds from China……..yummm.
        What happens when the waste contaminates the world wide ocean currents?
        They sank an old rusty freighter ship that floated to our west coast (near Oregon) from the tsunami in Japan, along with an island of radiated trash which still washes up on our coast. This should concern us more than fake weather fairytales.

      39. The mathematicians are 100% right, and its going to happen again. Did I not tell you about the ocean floors about carbon dropping oxygen levels, killing off the populous, now you all on here calling bullshit. I talked about this over 2 years ago on this site. Why do you think the secret space program exist. Its to prepare to survive off world. The Type 2 aliens that are here told the Type Zero Cabal that they needed to prepare to find another solar system. The sun will be expanding and will burn up the earth. Venus was just like earth one time, look at it now and earth is next. Like I said, we are so fucking dead its not ever funny.


        • HCKS,
          I AGREE TOTALLY, 100% with you. Mars is setting itself up with life for us to hop on it. Interestingly I would like to be part of it but I surely hope that my children or grandchildren get invited to go.
          I believe that we have run from planets before. This is our solar system and we need to stay in it for history’s sake and for our austerity and penance. We have all sinned.

          • No “average” person will be invited to go off planet. Only the super rich Elite/gov will go. The rest will die here.
            Our children and grand children are all doomed. I very much doubt they will live to age 60 much less 40. I am 68 now. I will see the end come. My son who is 47 will most likely not reach age 60. My grandaughter who is 22 will not reach age 40 and my great grand daughter at age 2 i doubt will reach age 20. I feel it coming. I see it in nature. My pine trees are dying. My two cherry trees died. My beautiful Elderberry tree died. I have not seen toads in 2 yrs. I have not seen bees – yellow jackets in the last two yrs cept for a very few and no bee hives. I live in the country and it appears to be dying. Something is not right. It is now 87 degrees outside in Western NY and it is supposed to be 60. It has been holding at 80 for over a month now. Something is very wrong.

        • I agree with you totally Hcks! The oceans ARE warming up and the fish are dying in tons, see pictures of dead fish on I have also read that the space technology is 300 yrs ahead of what they are showing us., and yes they ARE planning to leave this planet, but the scum will only poison and pollute other planets they go to. The sun is already WHITE! When i was 12 yrs old back in 1960 the sun was always YELLOW, now it is white. I believe it appears white due to the ozone layer being thinner. “They”, the ptb, the Controllers, the Elite, are hiding the truth from us! The geo site even said that the earth will soon be like Venus!

      40. Bear with me for a second (i.e, please finish reading my entire post before you flash judgment on what I’m about to say…lol)

        I think everyone is reading this the wrong way. What the guy, the researcher is saying is, in many ways, restating the obvious. The researcher is making a name for himself by spinning it as a doom and gloom article, but in reality, it’s a natural cycle that occurs and can be expected for the plant that we inhabit.

        It’s like spring, summer, winter or fall….you all expect the seasons to transition, or cycle, because they’ve done this in the past. The seasons recycle themselves. Because we’re spinning around in an orbit around the sun, at a certain tilt, with an unlimited amount of forces acted upon us from every direction possible, there is certainly room to expect that BIG THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN now and then in terms of Mass Anythings….Mass Extinctions, or Ice Ages (we can re-term Ice Age as Mass Ice Cubey Time for those who have trouble following my point).

        The sun also has cycles. And it would be silly to think that we, as humans, have even the slightest impact upon ANY of those things, WHATSOEVER, because the forces that cause them are so much more powerful than we could ever even begin to think of getting the best of. It is an arrogant concept to buy into global warming. We’re simply not that impactful as a species. Yeah, we do stupid things like Fukashima now and then, and things that are massive like that, might, have a teeny influence on something Earth-scale. But it’s like this: if a dog farts in Iowa and someone in Hong Kong, some time later, suddenly winces because a strange smell has passed by their nose—THAT is what it is like; in other words, humans have so very little impact Mass events of any sort that involve planetary cycles. It’s imaginative to think that we might, but we’re simply not that significant of an influence, and anyone who tells you other wise is retarded. And I mean, retarded, as in has a low IQ and cannot understand the concepts that I just spelled out. (And, to those that are retarded, I convey my deepest sympathies.)

      41. HCKS:
        What we have done as humans have destroyed our oceans. Look at all the airplanes, ships, subs, weapons, tankers, ammunition, pollution from WARS, nuclear waste from upstream run-off, herbicides, pesticides, tsunami waste and destruction, sewage and debris, from eartquake disasters, oil spills, third world dumping, etc.. What happened to the fishing industry? When you could buy fresh ocean perch and red snapper? Fish that didn’t come from China…and didn’t stink.
        Tuna that was free of mercury and toxins?
        Speaking of filth….think of the pollution from city pets?
        Just the run off in this country from dog poop should be illegal. I used to watch people in my neighborhood walk their dogs every day. (Some had 3 dogs)… about 20 dogs pooped and peed in or near my yard each day. ( I hated to see the grand kids go play in the front yard!
        Now with testing bombs in the ocean, what is happening to our clean water and or food sources?

      42. Yarmulke-wearing, Talmudic nation-wrecker and his whole Tribe of liars are hopefully extinct by 2100.

      43. I thought he was going to use Nick Bostrom’s ‘Doomsday Argument’, IE:
        If you have two jars, one has 10 numbered balls 1-10, the other has 1,000,000 likewise numbered balls, and you pick a ball at random from one jar, if the number is 7, you would ASSUME that it is the jar with 10 balls.
        Using the same analogy with human births, if you have one jar with 7 billion numbers and one with 7 trillion, if you pull number 659,000,000 you would assume you are in the lessor jar, (or in this case number of people ever born on earth).
        If there has only been this ‘small’ of number of people born, versus the ‘potential’ trillions, it is a bad sign that possibly humanity doesn’t have far to go before something wipes it out.

      44. I am not going to spend a lot of time worrying about what will happen when I am 157 yrs. old. We will probably blow ourselves plumb to hell long before then.

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