Mass Surveillance: The Government’s Secret Tool To Convict By Violating Rights

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 18 comments

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    A devious process known as “parallel reconstruction” lurks behind many cases being brought to trial in America these days. It’s actually a mass surveillance tool for the government and it violates the rights of every single person in the United States.

    “Parallel reconstruction” is when law enforcement uses secret surveillance techniques to try to find evidence. Then they try to seek it out again making it look like they didn’t violate rights by being intentionally vague about where they got their evidence, suggesting it wasn’t so nefarious.  Devices like Stingrays are often used by law enforcement in “parallel reconstruction.” Stingrays are devices that behave like fake cellphone towers, tricking phones into believing they’re pinging genuine towers nearby. By using the device, cops can determine a suspect’s precise location, outgoing and incoming calls, and even listen in on a call or see the content of a text message. Real cell phone towers just aren’t that accurate. And all of this is being done without consent or the knowledge of most of the American civilians.

    Hemisphere, a massive telephone-call gathering operation revealed by The New York Times in 2013, is one of the most well-documented surveillance programs that government officials attempt to hide when they use parallel construction. The largely secret program provides police with access to a vast database containing call records going back to 1987. Billions of calls are added daily.

    In order to create the program, the government forged a lucrative partnership with AT&T, which owns three-quarters of the US’s landline switches and much of its wireless infrastructure. Even if you change your number, Hemisphere’s sophisticated algorithms can connect you with you new line by examining calling patterns. The program also allows law enforcement to have temporary access to the location where you placed or received a call. –Wired

    Joe Joseph from The Daily Sheeple says this is just a way for the government to hide from the scrutiny of the public.

    A new report released by Human Rights Watch Tuesday, based in part on 95 relevant cases, indicates that law enforcement is using parallel construction regularly, though it’s impossible to calculate exactly how often. And it’s extremely difficult for defendants to discern when evidence has been obtained via the practice, according to the report.

    “Really, it’s just a matter of how many times they can get away with it,” Joseph says of parallel construction. “And you also have to wonder: how many times has the use of Stingray actually tied their hands to the fact that they know a crime is being committed. They see it happening, they can’t do anything about it because it would tip their hand that they are using this thing.”

    Joseph urges defense attorneys to push for the means with which evidence was obtained. Because more likely than not, these cases are “victimless crimes” and a defendant will be let off to protect the secret rights-violating programs used by law enforcement to convict.


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      1. As time goes by I gain a greater understanding of what motivated Ted Kazinsky (the Unibomber). He was trying to stop this advancement into tyrannical oppressive ease dropping surveil-psychopathy.


        • I have a Dream.

          I have a dream that one day I can visit this site and not see it trashed with photos of the Clintons.

          • I have a dream that one day I can visit this site and not see it trashed with photos of the Clintons.

            This is an easy fix –

            Click TOOLS at the top of your browser heading.

            Click ADD ONS

            Type ADD BLOCKER PLUS in the search box.

            Download “Add Blocker Plus”

            After download, “Add Blocker Plus” should be at the top right corner of your browser heading.

            Reload/Refresh Shtfplan webpage – Guess What? … no more Clinton photos and other adds.

            YOU’RE WELCOMED

      2. I can just see retired KGB officers drinking vodka while discussing their working years saying, “You have to hand it to the capitalists, they do what we did without looking like they are doing what we did”.

        Soviets were rank amateur thugs compared to the slick Madison Avenue advised, Wall Street run government that can sell the destruction of freedom to a relatively educated populace.

        • Kevin2, I’ll bet those retired KGB scum are jealous of what our neocons are doing to us. I still hold neocons and the left in total contempt.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            You got it. That’s the gist of my post.

      3. OK. The gist of the story and argument against government spying is right on. Why, for Pete’s sake, why do people have to go down the “fringed flag rabbit hole of admiralty law tin foil hat bullfeces?” It is as if they are bound and determined to ensure folks with an education and even a rudimentary comprehension of law will refuse to embarrass themselves by using this video as a source.

        Lastly, Appellant argues that the gold fringe adorning the American flag displayed in the district justice’s courtroom conferred Admiralty/Maritime jurisdiction. In addition to the fact that this is a preposterous claim, Appellant was afforded a trial de novo and, therefore, matters pertaining to the proceedings before the district magistrate are irrelevant.

      4. What else are they doing to spy on the American public. I don’t believe there is anything private anymore.

      5. If you look at the state of society, it is not surprising they do this. Today’s population is not the same as the population in the 1950s. We have millions of illegals, we have people with no morals, violent drug gangs, etc.

        • FT,
          The peace and safety argument. It is not about peace and safety. Psychopaths are nosey and paranoid and controlling fing freaks. It’s all a set-up for the internet of things.

      6. Frank Thoughts

        The intent of this spying is political control. The ostensible purpose is keeping the population safe. If they cared about justice they would prosecute the bankers who launder money for the cocaine business. In this case the tribal sum of 378.4 Billion Dollars paying a fine of $160 million and no one criminally charged.

        h ttp://

        • trivial not tribal

          • > trivial not tribal

            Oh, it’s more tribal than you think.

      7. Simplest solution all you so-called ‘preppers’ – learn to talk to each other in person again. Toss your supposed ‘social’ media out, toss your supposed ‘improvement’ and ‘better’ communication tools (cell, smart… phones) out. You don’t really need any of them. And… if ‘**it’ happens – might as well get used to it ahead of time. And don’t give me “…. but, but, how would I be able to talk to family; or, I need it for business”. That’s just the addict you talking.

      8. Heartless..exactly, they don’t have enough agents and spies to track even a small percent of the populations whereabouts and communications. F this willingly led to your own demise.

        • A guy speeds through a red light and the camera snaps a pic of his license. The guy gets the ticket and fine in his mailbox. No cop involved as spy tech did the work.

      9. All they need to do is listen to a few of my calls and they’d realize I have their number. I spend a lot of time on the phone bitching about the psychopathic, paranoid controlling shadow freaks.

      10. Everything you have ever said on the phone or written has been recorded and stored. So maybe it’s better not to starve to death in a FEMA camp? Die free or be tortired to death? Take your pick?

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