Martial Law Declared Ahead of Ferguson Verdict: National Guard Activated to Handle ‘Period of Unrest’

by | Nov 17, 2014 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 442 comments

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    As discussed here a few days ago, the authorities are expecting violence in Ferguson regardless of what verdict the grand jury reaches in the Michael Brown shooting case.

    Now, SHTF is definitely expected, as Missouri has officially declared martial law, the National Guard has been activated, and it is on:

    Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed an executive order activating the Missouri National Guard on Monday afternoon.

    According to a news release, the role of the National Guard is to “…support law enforcement during any period of unrest that might occur following the grand jury’s decision concerning the investigation into the death of Michael Brown.”

    Under the executive order, the St. Louis County Police Department will have command and operational control over security in the city of Ferguson in areas of protests and acts of civil disobedience, should such activities occur.

    The actual grand jury decision is expected to be announced soon, and Gov. Jay Nixon’s state of emergency announcement is surely coordinated with that verdict, regardless of when it becomes public.

    Clearly, everyone expects that riots will be in the cards for these coming days.

    Gov. Nixon stated in his emergency declaration: “Regardless of the outcomes of the federal and state criminal investigations, there is the possibility of expanded unrest,” particularly given the unrest already experienced in Ferguson and the surrounding area over the past three months.

    Gov. Nixon’s official mandate also ordered:

    I further direct the Missouri State Highway Patrol together with the St. Louis County Police Department and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to operate as a Unified Command to protect civil rights and ensure public safety in the City of Ferguson and the St. Louis region.

    I further order that the St. Louis County Police Department shall have command and operational control over security in the City of Ferguson relating to areas of protests, acts of civil disobedience and conduct otherwise arising from such activities.

    I further order that the Unified Command may exercise operational authority in such other jurisdictions it deems necessary to protect civil rights and ensure public safety […]

    […] forthwith call and order into active service such portions of the organized militia as he deems necessary to protect life and property and assist civilian authorities[…]

    As Daisy Luther pointed out in Pre-emptive Martial Law in Missouri? State of Emergency Declared…and the Decision Has Not Even Been Read, this orchestrated event has been a classic recipe for order out of chaos.

    Here’s what you can do to stay clear of said chaos:

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      1. Coming to the city and state near you. This is just a foreplay.

        • Stolz, I hope NOTHING happens at all, but I am prepared just in case. I’m in Memphis so I’m not in an ideal situation at this time.

          • Brave, just stay safe brother. This is a dirty setup by TPTB and they are after their own agenda.

            • The Race Baiting MSM like MSNBC just loves to call this Police Brutality with their paid shills juicing up the Hoodies for the big cage fight. It’s time to put a paid bounty per head, on looters and just mow em down like infested Rats in a sewer pipe.

              • So I wonder, maybe – this time – it isn’t “Police Brutality” … but what of all those other times when it was?

                You’d have to be utterly and absolutely naive to think there wasn’t a time when a great number of individuals didn’t experience “Police Brutality” at the hands of our overlords.

                You call them, “the Hoodies for the big cage fight” but in reality, aren’t we all in the same cage, facing the same multi-headed monster?

                Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending those who destroy private property, it’s just that, from this viewpoint, they seem to be lashing out – raging against the machine – in the only way they know how.
                How are they all that different from us?
                Is the only difference, one of focus?

                In the background I hear the guys talking about the pants half-way down to their ass. Yeah, yeah, I get that, however; that’s just the way they want to live, no different than how your parents or grandparents looked down on you for listening to pop music and piercing your ear, or listening to rock N roll and getting a tattoo. It’s superficial sheet.
                The bottom line is, who rules who?
                Or, said another way, what the heck gives anyone the right to rule over another?

                Perhaps even, the question is, “To be, or not to be” the owner of yourself?
                IDK, just thinking out loud here. As if thoughts matter.

                • lol i was recently informed that the pants hanging off your ass has its origins in prison..when you wanted a good buttF***ing.

                • Nah, man. In your very last line you made it clear you’re just like those who hate without thinking and the psychopaths who try to rule us all. I hope you find your way out of that box.

                  Who gives a sheet if they don’t work for a living?

                  The only real problem with that is the taxes that are stolen from people and given to them. Stop that, and there’s no problem. The Real problem is those who steal from the taxpayers to give to them.

                  You say, “WE don’t take things that we didn’t earn” well, are you trying to make human beings perfect? Good luck with that! It happens in every race at every economic level. It doesn’t mean their rage against the machine is any less just.

                  You say, “we don’t riot, rape, pilfer, murder like jungle savages.”

                  Um, ok, by “we” are you excluding the military? Cause they do just that and more.

                  If you mean “us” here, well, when SHTF a lot of us will be rioting. Right?

                  And again, if you want to make people pure so they don’t rape, Good luck with that! It happens in every race at every economic level. The same goes for pilfering and murder.

                  It’s almost like you think “other” people are above all that and incapable of all that.

                  After reading here about how so many people yell out: “Hang ‘Em from the lamp post” this, and, “Get out the pitchforks” that, how the heck you can say, “Their way is so mush more different than our way.”…I don’t get that. ?

                  • Whoops, I left out the police in this line: “Um, ok, by “we” are you excluding the military And The Police? Cause they do just that and more.”

                    Whoa, do they ever.
                    And, most of them Like it.

                    See also: Will Grigg’s blog, or CopBlock, etc.. and etc… and etc…

                  • helot; Stay on your meds!

                  • Helot, you really have a lot of problems understanding the posts of others. You should take classes in reading comprehension and logic. It may help.

                  • “Helot, you really have a lot of problems understanding the posts of others. You should take classes in reading comprehension and logic. It may help.”

                    I hope those classes help too. Good suggestion.

                  • Helot, I’ll address by paragraph:
                    1- good point
                    2- I do, since the only options to not working for your own food is to steal or take entitlements from others
                    3- ok, so which is it..??
                    4- people are held to a minimum standard. Cal it law, call it morality, call it decency whatever. The rest of para 4 is pure straw man.
                    5/6- straw man argument. you’re pointing to an unrelated sliver of a separate minority of the population. You’re trying to prove my dog will bite by claiming another breed in a separate state that isn’t even representative of its own breed bit someone once.
                    7- incorrect, and illogical. your are trying to color everyone the same to support your argument we ARE all the same. Sadly, you’ve also missed the point that SHTFplan is for people who wish to be prepared so they don’t have to go riot or whatever to survive like the rest of the sheep.
                    8- see #4.
                    9- good point, but frankly that’s a vocal minority and you cant judge all of us by that.

                  • Sorry but stealing shit from people who are trying to make a living and support family and burning down places and other peoples property that had nothing to do with the shooting is wrong.

                    Even killing others and that is the same reason they are rioting right because he was shot, then others go out and do the same crap all those people are hypocrites.

                    It isn’t even about that anymore, now the rioting looting killing you are no different than wild animals

                    Also reading what you said helot and nobody rules us its in your head laws are set there for everyone even parents give you rules to follow in the house as long as you follow rules and laws you can do what you want, though seems you have a issue with these laws and rules and want to do bad things? because I see no other reason why you would be against it.

                    you must be one of those conspiracy people who think the gov is out to get you and cover ups and other nonsense people spread like wildfire and nothing happens in the later years and make up new shit just shut up.

                    also yeah his racist comment at the end was wrong but the rest is right you don’t steal what you didn’t earn so if I ran up to you and punched you in the face and took your car you aren’t gonna care? gtfo

                • Oh crap, I just realized that when you wrote, “Their way is so mush more different than our way. They are very different from us, in every possible way. ” what you were saying is: you’re an obeyer and you think they should be too.

                  Ya. That makes sense. It explains the attack on them and trying to lump them all together as if every single one of them are no good lying shiftless good fer nuthings and that’s why we should all support the police. ..Because it’s “us” against “them”… only, “them” and “us” don’t include you and the cops?

                  Maybe I got that all wrong? Help me out here in understanding. How are you not advocating for a police state like they had in the GDR?

                  • Helot, it truly amazes me how you take facts and always reach the wrong conclusions.

                  • This shooting may be justified but unless you live under a rock without access to video there are plenty of murders under color of law that are never prosecuted.

                    The, “Who protects us from our protectors” question has been asked a few thousand years ago and we’re still waiting for an acceptable answer.

                  • OBTW, this is not a black white issue but TPTB strongly desire to make it just that to divide and conquer. The black community taking a case that has “issues” and not one that is more (not pun intended) “Black and White” plays into their strategy.

                  • Just look at crime statistics. That will end the argument. They are animalistic and after integration the white race slowly deteriorated because of association. But of course that was the objective.

                  • In the end what would be the social / psychological impact of riots over this incident?

                    1. A huge use law enforcement augmented by elements of the military and Federal authorities with the associated armored equipment used on the streets of the US.

                    2. Public acceptance of #1

                    One with a conspiratorial view of history may come to the conclusion that TPTB desire the above outcome.

                  • Helot, you are an expert on the military and police now? Your talent and intellect know no limits. You should tackle some of the world’s more serious problems.

                  • Mark

                    I’m well aware of the statistics in the FBI Uniform Crime Reports which shows the 12% segment of the US population which is black are in prison for 55% of the murders (most against other blacks) and 68% of the armed robberies. Sane individuals with options of all races keep out of the black neighborhoods because of their high percentage of violent crime.

                    The above being said every use of lethal force by law enforcement needs a non partial review. Historically the “non partial” part has been open to question. Like it or not we’re all entitled to “Equal Protection Under The Law”; this concept makes us unique in the world. Its unfortunate that this ideal is not followed at the top, “Too big to fail, too big to jail” and unfortunately at the bottom too. The middle doesn’t fare too well either in this regard.

                • There are about 900,000 law enforcement officers in the U.S. who make about 12 to 14 million arrests each year, according to the FBI. There has been one Line of Duty death of a police officer every 56 hours so far this year.

                  There are at least twice as many people who are stuck and killed by lighting each year as are ‘brutalized’ by rogue police officers.

                  When you put the facts on the table, they do not support a nation of corrupt law enforcement officers, quite the contrary.

                  Are there bad police officers? Yes. When they are uncovered, they are routed out. Why would you believe any demographic; business men and women, lawyers, mechanics, journalists, politicians, etc. have somehow better or more ethical people is beyond me.

                  Don’t forget who is behind the effort to smear police. It’s the same people who want us to fight among ourselves. Divide and conquer.

                  We talk about ROL and WROL (without rule of law). Without law enforcement working 24/7 in less than a week we would be facing a crisis worse than the Zombie Apocalypse, or whatever scenario works for you.

                  For all the lip service given to how bad police are, I notice nobody advocating that we get rid of them all.

                  Police are a lot like fire trucks. When you need them you need them right away. I would suggest you educate yourself more about what police do and how they do it before jumping on the ‘all cops are bad’ bandwagon. You can’t do that by searching for bad cop videos on the Internet.

                  • “There are at least twice as many people who are stuck and killed by lighting each year as are ‘brutalized’ by rogue police officers.”

                    If you use the term “Brutalized” to mean unlawfully killed your probably correct. If your using it to describe unjustified violent force as in beatings your math is way off. Hell they don’t even keep valid statistics as the investigator is in cahoots with the investigated.

                    Good cops don’t unjustifiably use violence but neither do they testify against officers that do. Actually they don’t testify against officers on the take either. Its sad when the bar of “good” is that low from someone entrusted in upholding the law.

                  • “There has been one Line of Duty death of a police officer every 56 hours so far this year.”

                    And the overwhelming majority are traffic accidents not violent encounters with criminals.

                  • 31 officers were shot and killed in 2013 and 13 died of occupational illness.

                    You have any idea how many chemical / oil refining workers die of occupationally induced cancer in a year? No one does because they’re not important enough to keep accurate records on. I worked at a plant that has 600 cases of bladder cancer out of a workforce of 6000. The companies official reply, “We did not cause it”. Men worked with chemicals that they had no idea what the dangers were while I company knew it and hid the danger. No criminal charges for them either. Asbestos was a known health hazard since the 1930s because no insurance company would insure an asbestos worker. There is no sympathy for these people.

                    Law Enforcement has its dangers but its far away from the most dangerous employment. Actually its statistically quite safe.

                  • “When they are uncovered, they are routed out.”

                    Who uncovers them? Well in the case of several Philadelphia Narcotics Squads over two decades its the FBI because the home the cop has in Stone Harbor NJ poses no suspicion of corruption to the detective within their own department even though there is no way an officers pay could afford such a thing. The wife of a cop beaten in domestic violence gets a talking to by other cops letting her know that if he is convicted he may loose his job. Oops no mortgage payment, no alimony in event of divorce. Guess I’ll just forget this black eye. Put your car through a fence into a backyard after leaving the bar down the road and literally fall down obviously intoxicated and low and behold no breathalyzer test.


                    Cops protect cops. Anything else is nonsense.

                • Yes we are different. Very different.

                • lol

                • Behavior is the word your looking for….

                • Kevin2: The murder rate of black-on-black is even higher than you think according to FBI stats. It’s nearly 90%, and if you dig further, blacks kill twice as many whites than kill blacks. Now, adjust that for the much larger white population and you’ll find that blacks kill whites at nearly 5X the rate of the reverse. People (liberals) may not like these numbers, but facts are not to be argued with, unless one is insane (liberal).

                • Nobama, AMEN to your comments. Helot must be from some fantasy world.

                • Rage against machine? Fine. Rage against me or mine…I’ll blow yer freakin’ heads off.

                • Whites killing blacks are far more uncommon than the reverse; no question. However blacks predominately kill blacks.

                • Very good post! I wish I could keep my thoughts in order and anger in check to type it out as well as others like yourself do. I have it in my head, just can’t get it typed that well.


                • Good work Hard Justice!!!

                • …the KKK raped, pilfered and murdered, so did the Nazi’s. More white’s are involved in protesting than blacks. Don’t act like jungle idiots? Look at the dumb arse riots that ensue after a big football game, no matter what team wins. College campus rapes, most committed by white guys. Serial killers, 98% white guys.
                  Child molesters and rapist, the majority are white guys. Genocide of peoples, vast majority committed under the hand of the white man. The whites steal more minerals and resources than any other ethnicity, and have even moved your mining to freakin space.
                  I don’t know what state of delusion you live in, but there sure are a shi* ton of honkey ass crackers not working across this country and elsewhere around the world.
                  Get of your high horse, whether it be your redneck truck or your own ass and attempt to look at humanity as a force that needs to work together instead of letting the color of our skin divide us. We all breathe the same and bleed the same, and if the black man was your last hope, would you honestly give up your life for your racist pride? Never mind, I already know the answer to that…

              • That’s because the whole thing is one giant psy-op with plenty of willing participants completely unaware of their contribution to their own enslavement. Kinda like taxes. Kinda like voting. Kinda like a lot of stupid shit used to keep us divided and distracted, fighting amongst ourselves, while the real masters pulling the strings are busy selling us chains to wear around our necks until they’re ready to hang us with the same damn chain. A psy-op for sure.

                A good shepherd never sharpens his knives in front of the herd.

                • Imo, based on that comment, you should maybe post more often, JoeRepublic.

                  That’s my Thumbs Up.

                  • Helot:

                    I hsve a couple questions for you and several other posters here.

                    First, do you believe when the OJ trial concluded if that verdict would have gone the other way, would there have been riots? I believe the answer is yes. Was there police brutality involved in that case to cause anyone to consider rioting.

                    That trial was the biggest circus and the biggest miscarriage of justice I had ever seen. If there ever was a time for white people to riot, loot, burn, it should have been then.

                    Second, if you do not know, and I suspect from the tone of your post that you do, communists have worked their magic on black people and blacks are allowing themselves to be used to take our country to its knees.

                    When blacks allow Sharpton, Jackson, and their fellow travelers to be their leader/spokesmen what did you expect the end result to be. Please tell me what Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, etc. think their end goal is for America? Where are the voices of the Negroes saying we will not with these people who are determined to take America to hell.

                    And the morons posting here about white guilt….are you blind? The PTB must be jumping up and down with glee. They know as long as they can make you believe you are responsible for how black people act that you will not bother to protest what is happening to America.

                    You be sure to take a look at the post KY Mom posted about the supposed targets that have been laid out in the Ferguson area. If that list is the truth, then WAR has been declared on America.

                    Your bleeding heart posts, full of excuses, makes my blood boil. I came from a poor white family; but my folks never thought we should rape, rob, or kill to get what we thought was owed to us. We were taught you earned it, and that is what most of us did.

                    • Sorry:

                      Should read where are the Negro voices that are saying we will not stand with these people who are determined to take America to hell?

                    • Pissed Off Granny asked, “do you believe when the OJ trial concluded if that verdict would have gone the other way, would there have been riots?”

                      Answer: No. It was not in the interest of the Power Elite to forment unrest at that time so they did not facilitate it.

                      Pissed Off Granny wrote, “If there ever was a time for white people to riot, loot, burn, it should have been then.”

                      Reply: As if. Like you wrote, “That trial was the biggest circus” People love bread and circuses. It satisfies them.

                      Pissed Off Granny wrote, “communists have worked their magic on black people and blacks are allowing themselves to be used to take our country to its knees.”

                      Reply: I think maybe “oligarchical” or “fascist” is a better term instead of “communist” At any rate, the whole of The People have been bamboozled and propagandized into “allowing themselves to be used to take our country to its knees” why single out one group as if the others aren’t just as pliable?
                      Also, I don’t believe in magic.

                      Pissed Off Granny wrote, “When blacks allow Sharpton, Jackson, and their fellow travelers to be their leader/spokesmen”

                      Reply: The keyword there is, “allowed”. Did you “allow” Bush or Obama to speak for you?

                      Pissed Off Granny asked, “Please tell me what Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, etc. think their end goal is for America?”

                      Reply: Isn’t that rather obvious?

                      Pissed Off Granny asked, “Where are the voices of the Negroes saying we will not with these people who are determined to take America to hell.”

                      Reply: You’re not making a lot of sense there. However; I would say there are many black americans who speak and write about how to live a life worthwhile. They are marginalized and silenced by the MSM. Several that stand out are: Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Wilton Alston, and going back in time, Booker T Washington.
                      They are great and admirable men who have written words worthy of reading. You should become familiar with what they wrote. And even Bill Cosby has said things about how black people should lift themselves out of the mire the empire hoist upon them. I suspect that’s why he is being dragged through the ringer right now.

                      Pissed Off Granny wrote, “as long as they can make you believe you are responsible for how black people act that you will not bother to protest what is happening to America.”

                      Reply: Again, pardon me, you’re not making much sense there. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have no “guilt” or feel responsible for how other People act. That’s a bizarre notion to me.

                      Pissed Off Granny wrote, “If that list is the truth, then WAR has been declared on America.”

                      Reply: Psft! Hardly. That’s a ridiculous notion. Tantrum might be a better word.

                      Pissed Off Granny wrote, “Your bleeding heart posts, full of excuses, makes my blood boil”

                      Reply: I deal with facts. If those appear to be “bleeding heart” to you, you’re, I don’t know,… misguided?
                      I’ve Never made excuses. I think maybe your anger blinds you to the truth.
                      If you support the empire, you support robbing People.
                      If you support the empire, you support raping People.
                      If you support the empire, you support killing People.
                      If your blood boils, it’s towards your own self and those like you who love and whoreship the empire.

                      Please consider pulling the plank out of your own eye.

                    • What I want to know is how many convenience stores burned, stolen bottles of liquor and how many looted cartons of cigarettes, tv’s, etc. will it take to achieve social justice? There is no number because that has never worked.

                      I’m not against peaceful protests, but it’s clear that the intent is to hijack and convert them to violent protesters.

                      Does anybody else think all this ‘cracker’ and polar bear talk by blacks is not racist? Then there is the knock out game, but only blacks can play.

                      What does it say when peaceful protestors are armed, have gas masks and bullet ‘resistant’ vests? Sounds like they intend for things to escalate quickly.

                      We don’t have mob rule in this country yet. We don’t try court cases on TV and on social networks. People get paid money by the media for that exclusive story.

                      If there are riots in Ferguson, it will only serve to make both sides more firm in their beliefs and set back race relations 100 years or more.

                      It’s all fun and games, until there is bloodshed. Once the genie is out of the bottle, you can’t put him back.

                    • POG, you are dead on right. War has been declared.

                      This is terrorism from inside the USSA.Its also a hate crime and as long as that bs law is on the books and unchallenged by SCOTUS we can use it for what it is back at them.
                      Just imagine if a group of white people posted a bunch of targets for violence. Whitey would be called terrorists, arrested, thrown in prison for the rest of their lives.

                      Racists and apologists for the blacks want an unbalanced system. Case in point is affirmative action. Its the plan. Racial discord. Racial divide. Its just another hyped up War on ____.

                      Holder should be held accountable for inciting riots and terrorism. But hes black and a liar and hes in a position where hes an untouchable.

                    • Pissed off Granny, you and I do not agree on much but in this cae we are spot on united.

                      Helot, I suspect you are someone else of old who is because of your inteligence is toying with the other members of this boards heads.

                      You know very well that if this board had the old rating system your comments would be down thumbed out of existance. Messing with people is not nice.

                      If the black people and the liberal leftist want to continue to coddle the people such as are in Ferguson with the notion that they have the moral superiority then all that beleieve this way will perish.

                      If you have never given to society then you should expect nothing in return. If you bite the hand that has fed you as in this case you are internationaly no better than North Korea and must suffer the same consequences.

                      Stop feeding the poor and uneducated in this country. It is the only incentive they have in which to better themselves.

                      As for the government’s complicity in this they to must be abolshed the same as those mentioned above.


                    • POG, I totally agree with your chastisement of helot. Helot is a communist-brainwashed moron.

                    • Joe Q. Republic,

                      Do you wear the same size tin foil hat as Stephen Wright, the author of the World Government text you posted?

                      While those individual entities exist, the coordination of all those pieces into one cohesive, smooth, and united “World Government” is belly-busting laughable. A good Saturday Night Live skit combining all past and present cast members to mock the inherent stupidity contained in such baseless fear-mongering would be hilarious.

                    • Helot–I actually agree with some of your underlying logic and that this only benefits TPTB overall. Definitely a manipulation and they know how to push the buttons of the black community.

                      HOWEVER–what you don’t seem to get is the vast chasm between “black think” and many of the rest of us.

                      When Brown or Trayvon are shot and killed, the blacks put them as icons and martyrs and make them idols.

                      When a white person is a thug and robs stores by strong armed robbery, sells drugs or tries and takes the gun from a cop–when that person is shot and killed, the white community gives a collective, “good riddance” !!
                      We don’t canonize them and hold them up as idols of some invented racial struggle.

                  • So Helot, you and Joe Republic tell all of us here who the REAL masters are. Name them for all of us to see. Maybe then we can begin to join forces if we can ever find out who THE REAL MASTERS ARE.

                    • Helot:

                      You avoided my question about what Obama, Sharpton. etc. goal is with a trite answer…”isn’t that obvious”.

                      No one here is a mind reader Helot, how about an upfront answer to that.

                    • Pissed Off Granny asked, “tell all of us here who the REAL masters are. Name them for all of us to see.”

                      The list is available online. Lots of People have detailed who the Power Elite are. IMHO, that’s not important.
                      What’s important is living free in an unfree world.
                      If you go after a many headed monster/Maduessa you’ll waste a lot of effort, time and life.
                      A key phrase to being free is one the lovers of empire hate: Opt Out.
                      That’s the only real solution.
                      You cannot change the nature of the beast.
                      You cannot change the beast from within.

                      I hope what I wrote to you wasn’t a waste of time.
                      I gave you alot. The rest is up to you.
                      Goodnight, and farewell.

                    • Wow helot, you mean you don’t have a 24/7
                      Broadcast from the Church of helot atop
                      Piety Hill?
                      A serious flaw from someone who proclaims
                      them self the center of the universe.

                      As I am being so overwhelmed by your self
                      aggrandizement and your streets paved with
                      the backs of those who cannot measure up to
                      the Masters standard of introspect, I can
                      only beseech you, where may I come to lay
                      the manna at your anointed feet?

                    • Helot, how do you know what is in the interest of the power elite? POG is right, get off her back.

                    • Sure, I will gladly provide links to some very intricate information detailing the entire scheme. However, even as detailed as this information is, I have yet to find any source that provides everything from the start. Yet, the information provided in these links will get you started in a big way and require many hours of analysis for complete comprehension.

                      One last caveat: The links to the blueprints should be right clicked and “saved as” to somewhere you can view it later. The files themselves are fairly small in size, however, the blueprint is absolutely massive. Viewing it in you browser plug-in isn’t exactly a great idea. View these files offline in your Adobe reader and remember be sure to zoom in for the details.

                      Blueprints 1:

                      Blueprints 2:


                      Yes, someone actually drew you a map. But hey, it’s all that pathetic puppet Obama’s fault. Nah, him and Shitbag Sharpton are nothing more than tools of the real owners. Believe it or not, the global oligarchy exists and “they” have names.

                    • Read Javelin’s comment….spot on with nothing to add. A thousand thumbs up.

                    • Good effort Joe Republic!!

                  • helot, you are an idiot. If you truly believe all the BS that you post, please feel free to join the monkey-mob in your nearest big city as they give their contributions to society when the decision gets released and see for yourself how wonderful they truly are.

                    • Nobama, I think Helot is retarded.

                    • SD Mule, good to see you back. How have you been?

                • Agreed, well said.

                • JoeRepublic

                  ” one giant pay-op ”

                  Yep…….you got it.

              • What does wwti and Bill Cosby have in common?

                They both have to ‘roofie’ their women to have sex…

                • In response to eppe’s lack of maturity and inability to stick to the subject topic, I post this from Wikipedia.

                  In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1]by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[4]
                  This sense of the word troll and its associated verb trolling are associated with Internet discourse, but have been used more widely. Media attention in recent years has equated trolling with online harassment. For example, mass media has used troll to describe “a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families.”[5]

                  You show your true colors eppe.

                  • WWTI, you’re wrong about Eppe being a troll.

                • Eppe, I don’t know how my computer survives all the times I spit up fluid on it from your jokes. Damned good one.

            • Stolz, I know that all too well. thanks and take care.

              • If you’ve got food and water you can stay at home for a few days. Probably a good idea if you are near concentrations of inner city ‘youths’.

              • OK – I just read thru that article twice. NOWHERE do I see that Martial Law has been implemented.

                Civilian police forces will enforce civilian law, with support from the National Guard.

                Martial Law is an entirely different animal.

                • You will know when the Grand Jury is about to announce their Decision, as the Public Schools in St Louis Co, will get a 3 hour ahead notice so kids can go home. You will also see overhead drones flying to capture the movement of crowds. I would not doubt that satellites are also over head spying on Ferguson monitoring crowds. Get ready, Its going to be a cold day in Hell, as the current Air Temperature in Ferguson is only 22 Degrees right now.

                  • BREAKING NEWS! They have figured out how to stop them, they are bringing in a 53 foot semi trailer full of basketballs and throwing them all around 🙂

                    • They bussed in a “Job Fair” contengency…protestors scattered immediately!

                • I was wondering the same thing when I first read this article last night. I didn’t see “martial law” anywhere. This could certainly lead to it adn with the national guard in place already, implimentation would be easier and faster….but I don’t think martial law has been declared.

          • The only good government
            is a government model Colt.

          • Brave—>

            Go ‘locked-n-loaded.’

            …now’s not the time to worry ’bout what’s legal…or not, per your local environment! Your job is to SURVIVE any chimp-out scenario….& GOD knows, Memphis is akin to Kinshasa or Johannesburg(african cities)…on the Mississippi!!!! If you’re caught in a riot situation:

            ..per the Sgt…aim small, miss small.

            …eject mag…reload…focus / squeeze often…clear a path…make ’em run.

            ..then haul ass…& keep quiet!!!

            Safe journeys to you!

            • Putting the rifle in the trunk tomorrow. Will have pistol with me (would use that until I can get to my rifle).

              I won’t look for trouble, but if it finds me, I will be prepared.

            • Hunter, will do. I’m not concerned about “legalities” anyway. As I’ve posted previously many times, I already carry certain “non-lethal” self-defense items in my truck everywhere I go for the past 20-plus years. I refuse to follow ANY policy that can leave me 100% vulnerable. I’ll start carrying my new .380 in the truck tomorrow. Those monkeys won’t be touching me. On the nicknames you mentioned, it’s sad but true. Believe it or not, back during segregation, Memphis was actually a much better and safer place to live. Not anymore.

              • Or, instead of, “Believe it or not, back during segregation” what that really means is: back before forced integration and the destruction of the family unit via welfare programs and the like?

                I mean, back then, isn’t it true a person, of any color, in a lot of neighborhoods could leave their front door unlocked and not expect to get robbed where they could not expect such today?

                I think the infighting of People of different races has More to do with gunvernment interference masked by the do-gooderism of the progressive mindset supported by the enabling mindset of the warmongers, more than anything else.
                See also: JoeRepublic’s comment above.

                • Helot, why do you always criticize the posts of others? Do you feel superior to others? How about using that superior intellect in some constructive way? Were you bullied as a child?

                • Helot

                  No body forced “your people” into to welfare,
                  they willingly took it. Stop trying to
                  blame others for the destruction of your families.
                  Look in the mirror and you will see the person to blame.

                • @helot;
                  whether not anyone agrees or disagrees with you… I give you a thumbs up for your posts. You are able to articulate your position without lashing out at others or reducing yourself to name calling.


                  • I agree 100% Ghost Rider.

                    I also notice that his posts brings out some we never see, and some anons.

                    Reminds me of the way Gods creation can bring out rabid posters when he posts truthful stuff about true law and TPTB, or the Corp as he calls them

                • Helot, yes, before integration American society was a different place. Social and economic conditions were so much better than what we have today.

            • Do you know what the longest bridge in the world is?

              It is the bridge that connects West Memphis to Africa! (Memphis)

              • Damm and here they just built a new mass transit system in ferguson by planting trees 8 feet apart 🙂

                • Hey Genius. Let me guess the planted Banana trees at the All aboard Tree Bus Stop?

          • T would rather be where you are then just south of the center of hell. We now have a shot gun leaning against every outside door and 2 in the bedroom I don’t give it more then tomorrow AM before they make the announcement. Things are really jumpy around here.

            • mallardhen, your comment reminded me of this guy and the “other’ boogie monsters that are out there:

              No Gun on the Border
              By David Hathaway

              “Of course you carry a gun, right? You live in the state with the No. 1 ranking for preservation of gun rights. You live on the Mexican border. We all know what Fox News says about that. You roam the rural areas near the border. Why wouldn’t you? Of course you would sling that AR-15 over your shoulder or wear a sidearm as a matter of routine when working, driving, and hiking near the border. You could probably even get on TV as you act out the part of a besieged rancher who is afraid of his shadow. Well, not so for me. I own guns, but I don’t regularly wear one when I am near the border or have one available in any visible fashion.” …


              Don’t jump to conclusions, read the rest, it ain’t no anti-Second Amendment bit. Besides, just south of the center of hell is Va.

            • Shotguns are wicked good at close range. I just put Velcro side saddles on mine in addition to the ones on the but stock.

              • You might want to take off that Velcro before deploying into the ‘hood, or you’ll end up stuck to the ‘fro’s of your intended targets.

              • Get a 2x 50 Round Bandoleers of 00 Buck or half buck and half 1-Oz Slugs, and Let er Rip’

          • Brave, I to am here in Memphis trying to hold on. And like you am prepared as best I can being away from home. Stay strong my brother.

            • Otis Campbell, what area?

          • watch your back cracker

            • Who you calling a Cracker?… Hillbilly Caveman?

        • Sounds like the verdict is already in.

          What sheep we have become.

          • We? 🙂

          • Tension is being ramped up like a jet engine ready for takeoff. by many and purposefully. Be prepared to hunker down. Kula is right, stay away from the crowds. Curiosity killed the cat.

            Louisiana Eagle returns safely to the Atchafalaya swamplands. I enjoyed circling around our great nation’s birthplace.

            Stay safe,

            Louisiana Eagle

          • It won’t matter what the decision is. They will either riot to protest an acquittal, or riot to celebrate charges. Either way, they will riot. It’s their mentality.

            Take away the EBT/WIC/SNAP and Obolaphones, hand out job applications instead.

            • Like the VJ day riots in San Francisco?

            • My thoughts exactly. A riot will occur no matter what decision is made.

        • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Ferguson will have justice for Michael Brown, Michael Brown style justice that is!

        • Mac,
          This is no drill DHS and FBI has expanded as of 5:40 pm 17-11-2014 alert status to 60 cities to be alert for civil disturbances . The Law enforcement advisory indicates there may be outside agitation incitement involved . Everyone BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL transiting urban areas , avoid crowds , be alert to events and have different routes to and from work with plans to avoid areas of unrest . Trust your instincts if it feels unsafe or wrong to be in an area it most likely is.
          Evacuate if the situation warrants. Avoid being a target , this has the potential of being at or exceeding the level of the Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles.

          Be prepared for this to last an INDETERMINATE amount of time .
          Things may RAPIDLY deteriorate with little or no warning.

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Night Breaker—>

            Thanks for the ‘incoming’ heads up.

            …but you know, I cannot shake-off the hunch that, there’s a huge amount of pumping / amplification, on the psy-ops side of this fiasco, per the media leaks, the alerts /call-ups (yours included) and a waste-not-this-crisis…hidden meme!

            ..remember / recall Benghazi???


            …listen up, pal…the regime has no qualms / reservations..when it comes to sacrificing those who’re below a certain level of…..(“ahem”)..employment, if such will suit their agenda’s goals.

            thus, CYA brother..have your own “plan B”!!!!

            ..GOD speed & good luck to those under your command.

            • Thank god I don’t live in or near any big city and have extremely few black folk around. Everyone around here has guns and knows how to use them. Remember the movie escape from new york? We could just fence off new york and throw all the rioters in there and let them have it 🙂

          • Night Breaker, thanks for that heads up and I’m sure my city is on that list. I’ve already done maintenance on all of my weapons, checked ammo supply, food, water, medical supplies, etc. I’m as prepared as can be.

          • “agitation incitement involved” as in outside of Ferguson, or outside the country?

            Sounds like a bunch of people will be in Ferguson Harvicking.

          • RE: “This is no drill DHS and FBI has expanded as of 5:40 pm 17-11-2014 alert status to 60 cities to be alert for civil disturbances . The Law enforcement advisory indicates there may be outside agitation incitement involved.”

            Pardon me, but after reading that I can’t help but think this a pile.
            And, how this must be quite a bit like the bizarre sheet the population went through when the goobermint rounded up all the People of Japanese descent in California during WWII.

            “The Law enforcement advisory indicates” is that another way of saying, “They’re all guilty!”?

            I “get” what you’re saying, Night Breaker. You’re maybe just trying to give a heads up. However; it reads like a work from a police state sci-fi novel.

            They might as well be screaming out, “Red Alert! Red Alert!” …Reminds me of those color bars they used to have for terrorist warnings. (BTW, whatever happened to those? I haven’t heard about them in what seems like forever. Yeesh, for awhile there they were all over the place everyday, but now, “poof!’.)

            That’s not to say some Paid For goobermint whores aren’t dead-set on causing trouble and trying to get other people caught up in some mayhem like just about All the F.B.I. so-called “terrorist stings” to date.

            Is it just me, or when “they” imply, “Everyone BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL transiting urban areas , avoid crowds , be alert to events” does that = trust Only the goobermint, only the goobermint can be trusted, suspect All your fellow americans, they are guilty until – and even if – proven innocent! Turn on yourselves, and tear each other apart, for the benefit of the Power Elite! ???

            Whoops, thinking out loud there, very un=PC thoughts, I’ll prolly wind up being labeled a terrists like that guy who took photos of the Uber-Homeland Department Gestapo SUV’s parked at the hotel. ?
            Look! There’s a kidd pointing at me and hissing like the BodySnatchers as if he were a GDR border guard!

            …And this is the world Americans have created for themselves? Devoid of liberty,… ah, you get the point. Or, maybe you don’t?

            • I get it and agree…..seems that’s the way my mind thinks a lot of the times too.

            • Helot, anything you post is a pile.

              • A pile of ….?

          • Can you provide a link please?

          • Yeah, I got the memo. Rocks, pipes, knives, blades, shields, gas masks, hoodies, spray paint, incendiary objects, guns bullet proof vests, changes in clothes for disguise, garbage and trash to block roads, nails, caltrops, provocateurs, hacks and attacks. Be alert everywhere for those who wish to exploit the situation. Stay safe and off the streets. Lock and Load Baby, this is NOT a drill.

            • WWT ,
              Could be worse than thought , now their advising possible infrastructure threats , watch your but out there in the FD arena , in 67, 68 firefighters were a target .
              A lot of experienced guys here are really getting nervious some stuff that’s going out in internal memos is not good , remember those prayer mats and Korans found at the border?
              May lox moment .
              Helot if you think this is a pile feel free to travel first into these areas , if you liked Falluja you will like Ferguson.


              ALLES KLAR ?

              Semper Fi 8541

              • Helot , this is for you
                Don’t be an uninformed normalcy biased sheep that gets slapped in the head by reality ,

                Hunter advise taken , I am in a tight group , solid . Haven’t heard from Sgt Dale he’s most likely doing the same as us right now , Get your batteries , gear and supplies before dark today top off those last minute stuff. It’s going to get interesting real fast.


                Notice this is a Boston Ma ” Station , this is nation wide .believe it or not. It may be in your best interests to accept this reality and prepare for it.

                This might be my last post for a while things may get busy and sporty I may be Away from my electronic personal gear for an undetermined period .

                Stay Safe

                Semper Fi 8541

                • Night Breaker,
                  Did you ever post on the Survivalist Boards?

                  • No,
                    I am on max velocity tactical and bushcraft USA .
                    Just dont have a lot of time for all of them mostly on down time at work .

                    The Internet is great for learning very useful things that can be applied everyday and sharing information for the benefit of many used for education you have the wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.
                    The main goal of the prepardness movement is to make as many people prepared , self reliant as possible and be able to care for themselves in an emergency situation, it allows resources to go farther and be able to help a larger amount of those that can not prepare from no,falt of their own.
                    After Sandy and Katrina most intelligent people realise this and besides its fun to practice preparedness in the outdoors it’s my sanity time .
                    Cold night again tonight, still,on stand by a lot of resources are moving something definately is going to happen. My best hope is this turns out to be an all dressed up and nowhere to go situation . There are a lot of unknowns . Be careful out there BJ .

                    Semper Fi 8541

        • I support law and order in this particular case. If the grand jury finds that officer Wilson not guilty based on the evidence (which looks good to me), then the citizens need to abide by a righteous verdict and sound legal process. To threaten rioting, arson, and looting to get the ruling you want is bull crap bullying. To heck with that. Bring on the law enforcement officers to quench this immoral liberal mob.

          • FreeSlave, I agree. If/when they start their crap, just shoot them on sight and get it over with. Save the taxpayers the cost of legal process, etc.

            • Every hoodie you waste saves Tax payers EBT Welfare, WIC Snap, crime costs and drugs, rap music and thousands more of hoodies in regenerating breeding. Cheaper to put a bounty. Prefered dead over alive. Remind me of the Asian Carp in the Illinois River.

              • Except they’re human. I’m not condoning their actions, but I definitely am not for a genocide of hoodies, nor am I for the hunting down of cops. Peace sounds nice. But perhaps that’s what tptb want, they have dehumanized us, we dehumanize them, the divide and conquer continues, and no one, especially you, is any the wiser.

                • No Eagle 1, they’re not human. Then are the so-called “missing link” between apes and humans, no better than apes but certainly more useless to society. At least apes don’t drain society of welfare, food-stamps, Obolaphones, and smoke crack while raping women and children. They are very sub-human.

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt says: “Every hoodie you waste saves Tax payers…”

                    Get your head on straight there, buster.
                    The taxpayer Never gets a break.
                    So long as our overlords get their wish, the role of a taxpayer is to pay, and pay, and pay.

                    I think that if you tried you could escape the box you and Nobama are trapped in.
                    For instance, Nobama thinks, “At least apes don’t drain society of welfare”.
                    He misses the point entirely.
                    No one single group “drains society of welfare” other than the ones at the top – who steal from those who are productive – in order to give to those they favor.

                    Your focus is on the recipient, not the middle man who runs the show and enables the rip-off.

                    This is your failure. …Overcome it.

                    • helot, put the crack pipe down.

                    • Helot, you’re full of shit.

          • This is one time I’d be willing to lend a hand to the government (as long as they reimburse the ammo of course.) If we the people would police ourselves, there wouldn’t be a need for a state of emergency. Look at the business owners who armed themselves and protected their storefronts. They didn’t get looted or burnt out.

          • Amen!
            Im pretty sure thats why DHS is mobilizing in the area,
            Domestic terrorism, its pretty simple,

          • The ‘FreeSlave’ says, “I support law and order in this particular case.”

            In other cases you do not?

            Which is it? Do you prefer to be a slave, or do you prefer to be free? There is no, in-between.

            Based on your statement that you support the empire and the laws that apply to some, but not to our overlords – in This particular case – it appears you prefer to be a slave in all cases.
            Pardon my grammar, but: Who’s law, and Who’s order?

            Yeesh, “Bring on the law enforcement officers”? Don’t you mean, “sick the dogs on them” and let the population know who rules whom?
            I’d say that’s The End of any notion of a “Republic”.
            ..Oh wait, they did that already, bit by bit, one individual and family at a time.

            … That’s not to say anyone should go out and riot. Far from it.

            What if they had a war and no one showed up!

            • Amen helot….and he isn’t the only poster tonight to show that they are confused and conflicted inside. Either that or a damn fast turn coat hypocrite!!!

              They think they have the moral high ground, a ground that isn’t easy these days to find, I admit.

              But this is in part how the mind control brain washing happens. This is how the people get turned against one another….and it looks like an easy job to do since TPTB are so successful at it.

              I even see some here touting the horn for the fucking DHS…..fucking seriously people!

              The unconstitutional and illegal dept put into effect by georgie after the largest false flag in american history. Wow…..some people are sucked in hook line and sinker with such ease.

              I haven’t been this disgusted and disheartened on this site in a damn long time. I think the last time I was this pissed off was when a guy tried to drown himself on the West coast and the officicals looked on and did nothing and a bunch of no heart pricks on this site applauded. Ahhhh never mind

              • Are you an anarchist, BJ?

                • “The strange phenomenon of the opposition to Anarchism is that it brings to light the relation between so-called intelligence and ignorance. And yet this is not so very strange when we consider the relativity of all things. The ignorant mass has in its favor that it makes no pretense of knowledge or tolerance. Acting, as it always does, by mere impulse, its reasons are like those of a child. “Why?” “Because.” Yet the opposition of the uneducated to Anarchism deserves the same consideration as that of the intelligent man.

                  What, then, are the objections? First, Anarchism is impractical, though a beautiful ideal. Second, Anarchism stands for violence and destruction, hence it must be repudiated as vile and dangerous. Both the intelligent man and the ignorant mass judge not from a thorough knowledge of the subject, but either from hearsay or false interpretation.

                  A practical scheme, says Oscar Wilde, is either one already in existence, or a scheme that could be carried out under the existing conditions; but it is exactly the existing conditions that one objects to, and any scheme that could accept these conditions is wrong and foolish. The true criterion of the practical, therefore, is not whether the latter can keep intact the wrong or foolish; rather is it whether the scheme has vitality enough to leave the stagnant waters of the old, and build, as well as sustain, new life. In the light of this conception, Anarchism is indeed practical. More than any other idea, it is helping to do away with the wrong and foolish; more than any other idea, it is building and sustaining new life.

                  The emotions of the ignorant man are continuously kept at a pitch by the most blood-curdling stories about Anarchism. Not a thing too outrageous to be employed against this philosophy and its exponents. Therefore Anarchism represents to the unthinking what the proverbial bad man does to the child,–a black monster bent on swallowing everything; in short, destruction and violence.

                  Destruction and violence! How is the ordinary man to know that the most violent element in society is ignorance; that its power of destruction is the very thing Anarchism is combating? Nor is he aware that Anarchism, whose roots, as it were, are part of nature’s forces, destroys, not healthful tissue, but parasitic growths that feed on the life’s essence of society. It is merely clearing the soil from weeds and sagebrush, that it may eventually bear healthy fruit.”

                  Are you ignorant of what anarchism really means? You know “they” have made the word anarchy a bad word much in the same way they did to the word “conspiracy.”

                  Wake up!

                  ht tp://

                  • Some Preppers use this acronym to describe a situation that preppers need to prepare for: WROL.

                    Do you know what that stands for, BJ?

                    WROL is anarchy.

                    • A Lot of people are Very confused about life.
                      WROL is Not anarchy.
                      WROL is chaos.
                      Chaos is quite the opposite of anarchy.
                      Likely everyday you participate in anarchy. You walk down a sidewalk or stroll through a grocery store isle. There are no stop signs in the grocery store isle, the grocery carts have no turn signals, nor do the people walking down the street, yet everything flows ok.
                      When was the last time you saw a “walking speed limit” sign on a sidewalk, or a “No U-turn” sign on a sidewalk? People don’t need goobermint.
                      They get along just fine without the need for grocery cart laws or dotted yellow lines down the sidewalks.

                      Just understand this: anarchy is not an absence of rules, as highlighted above (you don’t elbow your way through the grocery store or down the sidewalk, or butt your way in a line to a club, do you?) there are rules under anarchy, but they are imposed by culture, by the People themselves, or even by religion, but not by an overlord called government. Anarchy exists everyday, all around us, all the time.

                      Did you cuss out the guy who sold you gasoline?
                      Why not?
                      There’s no law against it.
                      Perhaps it’s because you followed an anarchy rule of culture?

                      Consider this:
                      Civilization and property rights pre-date government.

                      Or? Maybe you’re one of those types who are ok with this title:

                      ‘School Teaches Kids “The Government Gives Us Rights”’

                      And, maybe you’re ok with the idea that you don’t own yourself?
                      If so, you may be one of “them” and you could be a lost cause, unable to fight your way out of the paper bag you’re trapped in. IDK, it’s your call. Who owns you?

                    • Yes Helot, I’m owned by Christ who paid the highest price to pay for my sins. Who owns you?

                    • You are not owned by Christ. He didn’t “buy” you, he only paid for your sins. That’s two different things! He told the guy who got on his knees before him to get up!

                      While you’re on this earth, FreeSlave, you own your self. That is Gods gift to you.
                      No one else on this earth owns you.
                      From that thought springs anarchy.
                      Please spend some time reading on that and decide for your own self. I think you’ll see.

                    • FreeSlave, you are not totally free, at least not your mind. Ask Christ to free your mind and show you truth, cause right now you are misinformed and ignorant of certain things. You have no clue about what anarchy really is and you obviously didn’t read much that I put out there for you. What you know about anarchy is what you have accepted as truth from public school I am guessing and the media. You probably think militias are all hate filled skin headsd too.

                    • You are so far off on this. Without Rule of Law (WROL) is not anarchy. Your brain has been totally inundated by the system.

                    • Slave, Anarchy simply means the lack of rulers and/or masters. Anarchy=freedom. It does not mean chaos in any way. There is always the rule of natural law and it has true justice. Learn to disect words my man…

                  • Sounds a bit Noam Chomsky to me.

                    • Hey sixpack, why aren’t you jumping into the fray to protect Helot with your ” it’s only word’s for pete’s sake!” quip that you like to use? It will be damned interesting to hear your answer about THAT, but I’m expecting only the sound of crickets to THIS question.

                    • A FEW GOOD QUOTES FOR YOU:

                      1: “An armed society is a polite society”

                      2: “You can lead a sheep to knowledge but you cannot make it think”

                      3: “Segregation works”

                      4: “If a conspiracy sounds too crazy to be true, it probably is true”.

                      5: If you can’t tell your surrounded by idiots, your probably one of them”.

                      6: “Those who trade liberty/freedom for temporary safety end up with niether”.

                      7: “Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foriegn policy” Hienz Kissinger.

                      8: “Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it”.

                      9: “In a democracy, people always vote themselves into slavery”.

                      10: “People will do anything no matter how insane to keep from facing who they really are” Carl Jung.

                    • Hey Frightened Fossil, what makes you think it’s my job to “protect” commenters? People here are adults with brains, they can defend themselves.

                      If I’ve got something to say, I’ll say it. So piss off, Frightened Fossil.

                      Expect whatever you want, but you’ll only get what I give you.

                    • Well sixpack, that’s a really chicken shit answer from a chicken shit old bag. YOU should be using my handle as it fits your personality superbly you god damned hypocrite.

              • BJ:

                I know BJ that you and I are usually on the same page, but tonight not so fast.

                Don’t you know that Obama and his handlers MUST start a fire somewhere and unfortunately, Mikey Brown, the little hoodlum, would have never guessed he would be the “spark” to begin TPTB’s ultimate destruction of America.

                Do you know what martial law is, BJ? It is no law, lawlessness. If KY MOMS post of the places the rioters have targeted is true then those rioters have declared WAR on America; which could lead to martial law.

                If anything is planned like KY Moms post, who do you appoint to keep these people from ravaging America; or do you think they have a legitimate reason to carry out their plans. Are you and Helot going to lead a group to explain to these people that they need to restrain themselves and find another way to get TPTB to listen to their grievances?,

                If you ever bother to read Russian history, that Bolshevik revolution playbook is beginning to take shape in America. And the negroes are to be used to help bring that plan to fruition, whether we want to believe it or not.

                So do you have a plan BJ or are we just going to sit back and watch?

                Just to let you know, I believe in Revelations. Only when God/Jesus Christ says ENOUGH will the mess we have created be cleaned up.

                • OH, by the way, Take note that Helot calls what may happen in Ferguson probably a “little tantrum”.

                  Like the riots this summer there were “just a little tantrum”. Tell that to the people who live in that town…..

                  Time will tell about the “little tantrum”.

                  • POG,
                    I could turn out to be wrong….many of us are a lot of the time on opinions regarding what will happen, where and when. But IMHO, I see Ferguson as another distraction and practice for conditioning or a trial run. I don’t, at this time, think it is going to be as big as some are thinking. Usually things never turn out to be as big as most predict……kind of like storms. If you listen to the weather forecasts anymore, you’d think the world was going to end any second…..I view things like this in that way, 12″ of snow usually tunrs out ot be maybe 4″. I think if anything you will see more rioting and protests in Ferguson with 24 hour news coverage of it….mean while back at the ranch……what’s going on that we aren’t seeing. I think it is slightly possible that you may see some rioting and protests in other cities, but not an all out break armageddon thing. I think that some protests will be over run with idiots trying to just cause mayhem and trouble. And I think the media will blur the lines and spread lies and propaganda like they always do. I also think we will see PLENTY of whacko pigs and military get out of hand…..AS USUAL.

                    NetRanger’s post had it right. There are no winners in Ferguson!!!

                  • Everytime I went to Atlanta I thought I was in Africa. Damn never see so many Blacks in one place ever. Would not want to live anywhere near that city a gas tak away. Fn Congo!!

                    • BJ: Many times you complain of how folks aint acting all together etc…Yet are you aware that one of the many things Christ said is “do NOT think I came to make peace in the world…But Rather think that I came as if bearing a HUGE SWORD with which to DIVIDE the world into TWO Camps”?

                      Does That sound like Christ is telling you/Us we need to all be and act as ONE?…I sure dont to me.

                      just maybe there really is some folks whos never going to act proper eh, and no matter what are never going to join forces with you or others to vanquish crooked govnt etc.

                      And all that anarcy stuff is just stuff. it cant ever work as promoted when 1/2 or more of people aint going to go along with your 1/2.

                      Helots a blind fool utopian if he thinks all we need is get rid of cops and all forms govnt controls and jungle minded apelike savages all a sudden are going to act Nicy nice?…Really?….

                      And if all forms govnt is so bad why did the new testement advise folks to obey govnt, IF and WHEN govnt acts proper and righetous?…just perhaps all them who promote anarchy are flat out wrong eh…

                      What they promote is akin to somebody saying “Gee if we all had wings we can go fly to and live on the planet mars as long as Air is there to breath”

                      Well humans aint got wings, air is not on mars and no matter how lofty writers makes it all sound its simply a fools utopian goal that never was nor shall ever be in the REAL world we all live in.

                      They crack me up with all that utopian sounding goals…As if just rid usa of every single cop, then expect every driver is going to drive proper and care for YOUR safty on the freeways right?

                      Because we ALl is deep down all same and real good folks inside right?…Well No thats not reality and ergo utopian lofty anarchy goals wont ever work in real world period…unless that world consists of maybe just a thousand or LESS persons…Even then its lofty at best.

                      Maybe instead of falling for such writers its better to use your own mind to think it thru eh….IMHO the anarchy types are no different from all them fools whos fallen for the pastor john hagee crapola apostacy he teaches…Different subject yes, but them fools are just as delusional as anarchy types is.

                      PS Please somebody tell me if they support all that all act as ONE stuff. Tell me How to do so and yet still follow the biblical teachings that tells christians about all them folks of the Darkness satanic side and how as a christian we are to “From Such type people TURN AWAY from”?….To me it sounds like have zero at all ever to do with that bunch, and that verse even advises us to not let them into our homes ever and never to bid them God speed for then we too shall be judged as Acomplices With the evils they do Next after leaving our home etc…

                      That sure dont fit with lets all act as one and come together as one eh…..Talk of being Conflicted folk huh!

                      Glad I aint!

                    • Them Guys,
                      2 camps according to my understanding is the goats and the sheep…

                      What we have is millions of camps and even hundreds among preppers that are supposed to be awake. I don’t expect everyone on the same page in the world…..I do expect all awake Christians to be on the same page and act as one. I guess I am a dreamer and idealist.

                      I still believe that man was born to be free and independent, especially here in america and am an anarchist at heart……I guess I just believe in being left alone and to govern myself. I do know this from what I have studied……our founders were close to anarchists, at least a lot closer to anarchists than the system we have today.

                • POG. good post. I think I see what Helot is also trying to say about the gov. The problem is that both the gov and the rioters are wrong. The mob should be attacking the ptb when they have a “just ” reason…not when they support some dirtbag, and then to top it off, target busnesses, instead of the politicians. There are plenty of innocent victims of cop violence, but the rentamob al
                  ways seen to pick the wrong one to riot against. Maybe its just a excuse top sell t shirts and get a freshly looted tv set.

                  • The Reality of it all, is anybody other than LEO’s attacking anybody will be considered Domestic Terrorists. And the sound of cracking skulls will prevail in this Cage fight in Ferguson if protectors get out of hand. This is the wrong battleground to take on TP2B.

                    • Remember Bundy ranch? The “peaceful” liberals called the patriots domestic terrorists and wanted the government to kill them for peacefully protesting and exercising the 2A for self defense. But you won’t hear a single one call black rioters domestic terrorists for slogans like
                      “no justice, no peace” which threatens violence, making threats and death threats, issuing bounties, attacking police, attacking innocent people, blocking highways, looting and destroying businesses, and burning cities over the years.

            • Helot, I believe in Truth with a capital T. Meaning that there is a truth that is absolute, objective, and transcendent.

              From this foundation there exists absolute and objective morality. The law enforcement officers have the moral high ground in this *particular* situation. The liberal rioters, looters, arsonists, race baiters do not.

              • What’s the moral high ground? That it was ok to blow this kid away cause he was a street punk thug? A sub human in many peoples eyes, since he doesnt contribute to society. So blow him away oppsed to stun gunning his ass?

                I digress…….what’s the moral high ground and by what authority?

                I for one am seeing this as looking to many as just another police shooting. It may or MAY NOT BE, Wilson may of been justified? We will never know for sure. IMO he is at the least, guilty of a lack of judgement on many points. But, I can see how those on the ground close to the situation that haven’t been raised with morals, values, discipline and family…..would see this as just another pig shooting someone.

                It is to the point of becoming a culmination thing….can’t think of the word I am looking for here. But this is an adding up thing of all the shootings that are happening all too often and with a high percentage of the pigs being totally drunk on power and in the wrong.

                • Why no rioting over the guy beaten to death by the cops in Fullerton or the guy walking down the street witling in Seattle and shot in the back by a pig? These clown was a threat to the cop and he had just done a shoplifting that became a strong arm robbery. I have no sympathy for Mikey. He had already set his course just like little six foot two Trayvon.

                  • That’s a good question John,…..why no protests for the other shooting?

                    Wife and I were just asking and talking about that last night. We think there should be every single time there is a cop shooting and that there should bea very thorough external investigation and a lot more cop trials.

                • “what’s the moral high ground and by what authority?”

                  The Ultimate Authority is the Almighty Triune God. He is The LawGiver and The Judge.

                  His Character defines Justice, Love, Mercy, Holiness, and a number of attributes.

                  Objective, Absolute, Transcendent Morality is from Him.

              • Condor, that’s the best description of communism I’ve ever seen from anyone. My wife and her family were victims of it in Cuba. She lost half of her family to Fidel Castro’s butchers.

            • Helot,

              After reading your posts, it appears that you are an eletist troll. You attack everyone with made up reasons from your pseudo interpretations of their statments which indicates not a desire to understand but a desire to find fault and cause hate and discontent. This, more than anything else, tends to refocus the purpose of this site to anything other than an exchange of healthy ideas, understanding, and useful information for productive communication. If you cannot say anything that helps, why say anything?

              • Keen observation, Green Tomato.

              • Green unripe Tomato,
                You sound like an elitist moderator IMHO.

                I agree with most of what helot posts.

                I think your post on the tactics of some people on the internet to discredit others hit some nerves. I may be wrong, JMHO. Ignore the troll stuff, some people misuse words out of ignorance, some for distracting and projecting reasons and on puropse. It seems “troll” has become the new word to make anyone look bad or to discredit them. It applies a lot less than the word is used. And it has become the same in use as words like “conspiracy” “militia” and “anarchy / anarchist.”

                You sound like an intelligent person…..whoopee. It means nothing in a day and age where wisdom and discernment trumps all. I don’t know jack compared to some, but I am a heck of a lot further down the road than anyone who still sits in a pew in a 501c3 building wrongfully called a church and one who believes that one political party is superior to the other in america.

                You answered my question on authority in a cop out way. You are correct in that He is the ultimate authority. Now answer the question in a way that deals with the Constitution that we were given by Divine Providence, on down to what we see oan everyday basis as “the authrity?”

                I don’t know a single person which I agree with on everything. If the fight came down to the street punk thugs….I would not just sit back and watch. I would wisely take mine and go hide and pray. I would hope that both would be just about totally eliminated, for both are a danger to freedom / liberty lovers. I dang sure would never in any capacity root for or help the state. They are in their very essence an enemy to God.

                • “If the fight came down to the street punk thugs against the cops and military”

                  Mac, how about an edit feature 🙂

              • Green tomato, I agree with your evaluation of helot. I’ll give helot credit for one thing; he’s one of the best-sounding trolls I’ve ever heard so I don’t get too hard on him.

            • helot, if you continue to put words in peoples mouth, you will never be wrong with the conclusion you reach. You will never be correct either.

            • Condor, I also agree with this post. Excellent post.

          • “Bring on the law enforcement officers”!
            “just shoot them on sight and get it over with.”!

            You guys don’t think you’re binding your own chains when you say that? And the chains on those you love?

            My question is, what if the grand jury finds that officer was guilty as all-get out? And, they let him go? And it was your loved one that was the victim?

            Would you still think there was a “sound legal process”?

            Do you suppose that might have happened already, one thousand times, without fanfare?

            Oh wait, one of you is implying there is such as thing as a “sound legal process” and the other wants to “Hang ‘Em High”.
            I guess you guys never listened to or read:

            Harvey Silverglate: On Legal Terror


            The Overcriminalization of America: Are We All Criminals Now?
            By John W. Whitehead


            How the Feds Imprison the Innocent
            By Paul Craig Roberts

            Yeesh, this sheet is maybe going waayy over your heads like, WHOOSH!?
            the renegade braveheart blindly and ignorantly says, “Save the taxpayers the cost of legal process”!
            The willing slave, FreeSlave says, “I support law and order”!

            They might as well be saying, “Bring on the guillotines, I’m volunteering to test the blades on my neck and on the neck of my family.” …If you bother to read the titles I posted, you’ll understand why I wrote that, btw.

            • This should be reposted at the top and on every other thread on this ubject.

        • I carry my rifle with hundreds of rounds already loaded in magazines in my vehicle along with other ‘stuff’. At least I have more than a chance to get through a bad situation. Better leave some of us be.

          • Always have your kit at hand.

            Keep your heads on a swivel people.

        • It’s not just a coincidence that silhouette targets are usually black…

        • “the authorities are expecting violence in Ferguson regardless of what verdict the grand jury reaches in the Michael Brown shooting case.”

          If the grand jury votes to indict then why would there be violence?

          Wouldn’t the activists get what they wanted with the indictment?

          • Just me, They don’t give a damm about the indictment, they just want an excuse to go ape and destroy and steal. Isn’t that obvious??

          • Yep Charlie, Busted Grafique for posting that lefty Joo crap. Now just need to clean up the other useless trolls that contribute nothing here. Working on it. You spot them cal them out and explain them selves. They usually run away, some run away, just for a few weeks, then come back cause they can’t help themselves.

            • Fighting the good fight, WWTI

        • CNN is fomenting black violence all over the country. CNN needs to pay for what they’ve done.

          • I’ve heard that CNN is suffering from declining ratings.

        • Stolz:

          If these people headed for Ferguson were instead headed to D.C., The United Nations, the owners of the MSM and the lying talking heads there, the men who are the stockholders of the federal reserve, the federal reserve banks, the owners of the international monetary fund and the bank of international settlements, etc., then most here could support that cause.

          However, most people are unaware who is pulling the strings in the downfall of America. Until we clean out the communists in the NAACP (and everywhere else) whose plans from the beginning were to use negroes to participate in the downfall of America we will do nothing to change Americas destiny.

          I would like to call everyones attention to Helots comment that the expected riots in Ferguson is at best just a “temper tantrum”. KY MOM has a link that shows the sites that the rioters/destroyers have targeted around Ferguson. If that list is true; War has been declared in America.

          Keep in mind Helots “temper tantrum” comments as you read his posts trying to discourage American patriots from sounding the alarm.

          Helots final suggestion, it seems, is to “tend your own garden”. In other words, set down, close your eyes and ears, and however this mess shakes out…..So be it!

          • IMO, if this blows up like some seem to think it will, I believe it will be on purpose and it won’t be at the hands of the street idiots in Ferguson. It would be at the hands of others. Yes the idiots will play a part, but the main culprit will be much bigger game than the peons in Ferguson.

        • As i have felt and said from day One..If Officer Wilson shot an unarmed innocent man with his hands up then where is all of the cell phone camera footage and You Tube video of it? People on the street record everything! The reason is that a criminal was shot who tried to kill a cop. 50 witnesses stating what happened but not one recorded it? Yeah right! C’mon people.

      2. I live here in Ferguson, pray for me and my family.

        • Arm yourself. God be with you and yours!!

        • Is it a little tense there? I feel for you folks, hope you are not right where the S is going to HTF!

          • A good friend of mine lives about a 1/2 hour from there. He works 10 minutes from where Brown was killed. From what he tells me, the people around Ferguson and St. Louis in general are VERY concerned and many have “armed up”. He also believes there’s going to be a LOT of outsiders coming in to riot and loot. Gonna be very interesting indeed………..

        • praying, as always. remember, E&E is always a better option. Keep your head down and your powder dry.

          • As long as Eric Holder still holds office many of the thugs know there will be little or no federal charges brought against them. Its just like what is going on with the illegals, they know they have a free shot here to riot and loot and that’s what they will do.

        • Hal,

          You are all in our prayers and thoughts. You are at ‘ground zero’ but before it is over it appears there are plans for significant shock and awe being prepared for the peaceful and freedom loving citizens of this great country. This is not a time to become a hero. Lie low or get out of the way. Be prepared to defend yourselves and your properties if you decide to ride it out. Those of you who must be at the front lines, don’t take unnecessary risks, stay safe.

          Wishing the best to all at danger’s edge,

          Louisiana Eagle watching scenes unfold with an Eagle’s eye!

        • Ya may want to test your survival skills with camping trip > for a year!

          Be very aware of your surroundings
          Stay safe

        • Praying won’t do anything. Lock and load. Good luck.

        • Keep your head down. Enjoy the fun. TARGET PRACTICE……

          • I can’t even think of a word to describe somebody, who thinks killing living things, animal or human, for “target practice” should be FUN.

            I guess Charlie Manson was a “fun guy” then.

            not so much. I guess I’ll just go with DISGUSTING.

            • Hey Six. So what do you think when Cats kill for the fun of it? Ask your cat and see what he/she says.

              • Somehow, I still separate humans from lower animals. That’s why I said “SOMEBODY WHO”. If you think I shouldn’t separate men from domestic cats based on their ability to control themselves, then it should be okay for me to put a leash on a couple of guys, and make them go lay by their dish when they’re bad.

                I could do that…

            • Notice the name too…”Americanism.”

              Unfortunately, that is what Americanism has become to many today. Along with patriotism and exceptionalism.

              I love america, but not much at all of what america does in the world and here at home now a days.

              I love the idea behind the experiment more than what it has become today.

        • Hal,
          We are starting family prayer time in a few minutes and will include you and your family n them.

          Just so you know, we will be praying for your safety, wisdom/guidance and for the peace that surpasses all understanding.

          • Instead of family prayer time into a false, useless, empty, hope and change, do something worth while like clean and oil your weapons, or recheck your bugout bags or chop another cord of wood.

        • Get some food and water put by, tonight. Get ready to hunker down, and talk to the neighbors about it.

        • Ready at battle stations with your battle rifle and high capacity mags. Let er’ Rip!!

        • Hai

          prayer has already been said for you and yours. God bless you.

        • HAL, praying for you.

        • Hal:

          I, too, am praying for your safety and for America. Please keep us posted on what is truly going on there. There are so many lies connected to this story only people there will ever know the truth.

        • HAL,

          Praying for you and your family and others that may be in harms way.

          Be careful!
          KY Mom

      3. Here we go…

        Another excuse for chaos!

        • Hey “Ready in NC” I’m in gaston co, where are you?

          • Transylvania county

      4. F@#K FERGUSON

        • FERK FUGUSON

      5. KKK has also responded with promises to counteract any protester violence.

        Meanwhile, Obama tells the protesters to “stay the course”. WTH.

        Why isn’t somebody talking about respecting the process? we are so —-ed!

        • T-town,

          Re: Obama tells the protesters to “stay the course”

          Obama (quietly) met with activists on November 5th, the day after the lections.

          “The Ferguson protesters have already LOOTED OVER 100 BUSINESSES in the St. Louis area.”

          Ferguson Protest Group Releases List of Targets…
          Including: Anheuser Busch, Boeing, Emerson Electric, Airport

          “The Ferguson Mike Brown protesters are NOT ruling out (additional) violence or looting.”

          The Gateway Pundit

            • KY Mom, we all know what Obama meant by ‘staying the course’ to those activists. he meant keep on rioting, looting, raping, killing, burning, etc. It’s time for force to be met with greater force. that’s the only language those monkeys understand.

              • yep.

            • KY MOM:

              Thanks for that link. I have used your link/post in some of my posts here tonight.

              If that link is the truth then WAR has been declared on America. May the Lord look after all of us.

              • Pissed Off Granny,

                I pray NONE of those targets are attacked.

                Take care.

          • Ky Mom, I’m here in Louisville and I know 100% that the LMPD just finished training at Fort Knox at their Urban Warfare facility specifically for repercussions that may arise from Ferguson in Louisville.

            Keep your head on a swivel people.

        • @ T-town : What is the course they are supposed to stay on? He is telling them to go ahead, loot, pilage, plunder, burn, steal, take over, smash ole whitie on the head, hurt ole whitie anyway you can.

          • In order to stop the puppet, you KILL THE PUPPET MASTER.

            • Sixpack, That is so true. People that attack politicos and think they are the problem are what I call “Branch managers”. Think of the analogy as a tree. You go around attacking the branches but never the root. What happen’s? Another branch grows and nothing is accomplished. People need to kill the root of the tree and the rest will die with it!

        • I saw that helpful quote from Obama encouraging protests. It’s disgusting.

      6. Interesting the MO governor declares a state of emergency ahead of the grand jury announcing their findings. It’s a foregone conclusion that the lid will blow off the pressure cooker and this could easily spread to other cities. Where I live is 65% black WITH a black-dominated local government. My weapons have been cleaned and oiled, with plenty of ammo, and ready to go just in case. Have enough food, water, medical supplies, etc. to last for a while. Hope everyone else is at least as well-prepped. Sounds like party time is just around the corner. I wish it was much, much further away, but I’m not holding my breath on that.

        • Is all this riot preparedness a result of deep psychological racist fear or the knowledge that white people ant stand to see one of there own who might be in the wrong pay a just penalty for going too far?

          • You mean going too far like this. Oh but wait, they’re police officers so its justified and advocated by many.

            The police state is alive and running well, one day we’ll all get our share of it because its “Justified”


            • For every innocent one killed or harmed, 1,000 cops should pay with their lives, after watching before thier eyes the life of a loved one snuffed out.

        • This is what they should have done before the Rodney King verdict was released. Alert the Nat. Guard, and get ready to flood the area with enforcement.

          Could have saved a lot of lives and property if they had done that.

        • It is not going to be a nation wide party yet. Everything is not quiet in order yet. That is not to say that this might be the beginning, but as far as a national, all out SHTF event, not yet.

          • I can easily see this going nationwide. Many areas of the country are just like Ferguson Mo. Many have large populations of 14-30yo blacks with nothing else to do and are looking for an excuse to riot and get themselves a ‘free’ big screen TV or whatever else they can grab. Race relations, as we all know have tumbled in the last 6 years under Obama. You would be hard pressed to find ANYONE who would disagree with that statement because it’s absolutely true. It’s going to all come to a head soon. Will Ferguson be the catalyst to something MUCH larger? I say yes…….

        • Brave…hope you have 3 or 4 fire extinguishers.

      7. Wait till it’s 10 deg outside and announce the verdict; have water cannons ready; no riots Popsicles

        • I was thinking the same thing. Freeze the numbnuts out. It’s going to be 17* in MS tonight, got to be colder in MO. They should go for it tomorrow.

        • That won’t stop them in other cities. They are just waiting for an excuse to riot in any city.

          • How about God freezing your crops and bringing famine to this country. Moses and Pharaoh type situation here. Time for Black people to grow up and become responsible, and not be beggars. Hell they did build the country for free. 300 years of free labor X 17,000,000 freed at the end of slavery. Thats a lot of interest. Nothing is FREE! Every thing comes at a cost and you know it! Whats is the price to pay, How much?

            • Bill,
              You are a moron. Slavery set the South back a hundred years, freeing them the wrong way has set us back two hundred. There were no seventeen million slaves and there were only a little under four hundred thousand that were brought into what would become the US. That’s right numb nuts, the US was not even in existence when the black and Arab slavers shipped the slaves off most of which went to Brazil. As long as blacks buy into the white liberal view of black culture and follow the two hustlers Sharpton and Jesse Jackass they will remain at the bottom of the low expectations heap.

            • They weren’t free at all. We had to pay those nice africans we bought them from, feed them, provide clothing, housing, and healthcare. Not really all that different now except we don’t make them work for all the free stuff anymore and let them riot every so often to let off steam.

              Too bad we can’t return them and get a refund.

            • Hey Bill;
              Your post is kind of disjointed.

              “Time for Black people to grow up and become responsible, and not be beggars” – I think we can all agree on that for all people.

              “Hell they did build the country for free. 300 years of free labor X 17,000,000 freed at the end of slavery. Thats a lot of interest.” – Sounds like you feel they are they are “owed” something for something that happened generations ago. Slavery happened and that’s a shame, but I will not be responsible for reparations. Blacks aren’t the only race that was enslaved but it seems people forget that.


        • Great idea Paranoid….great idea.

        • Don’t you mean fudge sickens. Sorry I just couldn’t resist.

        • Paranoid, I think at 10 degrees the water lines will be frozen.

          • Not in the big water cannons. Just park them inside and bring them out as needed. Those things shoot about 1000 Gal per min. Drive out, spray, go home. As far as widespread riots, I’d be happy to bet anyone a $1,000, donated to the Salvation Army that Casper has no riots.

            • While I sometimes miss living in Dixie, events like this make me glad to have left. No riots are expected in Idaho.

      8. can you believe this crap. We should be rioting but not peoples stores. We should be going after this fraud government. This slap in the face lie after lie should be repealed right now. I know they are playing games with us, but if any of us get charged by the irs for not having insurance then we should be able to sue the piss out of those frauds.

        • Everybody calls TPTB stupid and ignorant. Them MOTHER—-ERS are smarter then they look and act. They keep playing the nonexistant race card, to keep us at each others throats, instead of peace and harmony. If we were to stick together as a nation, ( red and yellow, black and white ), we would have kicked their A$$es along time ago.

      9. So now what? Who’s side are YOU on? Do you support the thugs itching for a fight (i.e. the civilians in Missouri) or do you support the thugs itching for a fight (i.e. the .gov)?

        • Oh Snap!

          I’ll take “Burn It Down” for $500 Alex.

          Prepare for epic Chimpouts.

        • It is NOT the civilians of Missouri that are itching for violence. these so called “protesters” are from all over the USA, maybe even the world. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if some ISIS terrorists are among them just to get a few be headings in while the getting is good!

          • T-town,

            Good point.

            A few months ago it was reported that after a night of ‘protests’ and violence, a number of people were arrested. The very large majority of those arrested were from NOT from Ferguson or Missouri.

            Remember this?
            Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Detail Role of Justice Department in Organizing Trayvon Martin Protests

            “Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained documents in response to local, state, and federal records requests revealing that a little-known unit of the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Community Relations Service (CRS), was deployed to Sanford, FL, following the Trayvon Martin shooting to help organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman.”

            “These documents detail the extraordinary intervention by the Justice Department in the pressure campaign leading to the prosecution of George Zimmerman,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “My guess is that most Americans would rightly object to taxpayers paying government employees to help organize racially-charged demonstrations.”
            -Judicial Watch dot org

            August 2014 – Following the same play book, Eric Holder dispatched the (CRS) Community Relations Service to Ferguson, Missouri to INFLAME racial tension, rather than minimize it.

            Eric Holder dispatches team that ‘inflamed’ Trayvon case
            -WND dot com

            Now, we understand the basis for Obama’s “stay the course” message.

        • Billy Hill, it’s the criminal elements of the black community in Ferguson, along with outside agitators, especially from USDOJ, who are itching for a fight. They don’t even care about Michael Brown, they’re just looking for any excuse to riot, loot, rape, burn, etc.; what they call “getting back at whitey”. Whitey hasn’t even done a damned thing to them, doesn’t owe them any damned thing, either. If anything happens in my area I’m as prepared as can be. I’m not giving up anything to the “free shit army”.

        • NetRanger nailed it perfectly the other day with his post on this subject…….there are no winners in this to pick.

          • I say the ‘law abiding’ riot and go after minority ‘obama child look-a-likes’ if the officer IS indicted.!!

            • If Obama had a son, he would look like Michael Brown. If I had a son, he would look like Darren Wilson.

              • RB. What would you do if you had a Daughter and she looked like Hillary?

                • WWTI:

                  Now that remark is FUNNY. Can’t wait for Braves answer.

                • WWTI, regardless of what my daughter looked like, I would make damned sure she was raised RIGHT and NOT brainwashed with any feminist or communist crap.

                  • Beat on her like a Red Headed step child!

              • Braveheart, if you had a son, he’d look like gomer pyle!

                • Frightened Fossil, even if he did, he would still be raised right and know how to survive on his own. He wouldn’t be a ‘sheeple’.

        • Jesus hung out with thieves and robbers. Sounds a little like the founders and owners of this country. Theives,Kidnappers, Murders, Cut Throats, and SLAVE MAKERS! Karma is here!

          • Jesus was a homeless drifter selling snake oil to the Gullible. No different than a wagon full of Gypsy fortune tellers. When I was a kid and the circus came to town, home burglaries went up that week. While one hand is waving in the air distracting you, the other is picking your pocket. Watch your back when everybody else is watching the big showdown.

          • Oh look, the little black kid grew a pair and came out to play since we took away his ability to hide behind anonymous red thumbs. LMFAO!!

            Seriously, hey Bill, thanks for playing, takes a small amount of courage to come here and talk shit about something you KNOW you’re wrong about.

            Why do you go ahead and explain to the thieves, kidnappers, murderers, cut throats and slave makers what, exactly, that cop should have done when that huge black thug attacked him and tried to take his gun. When you’re done figuring out that, go look at why these thugs are rioting and what they are destroying in the process and you tell me how that’s good for you and your ilk.


            • And by “small amount of courage”, I mean a VERY small amount of courage!


          • Bill,

            Yes, there was slavery in the U.S. at one time. I do NOT condone it.

            In some countries of the world, slavery and great abuse still continues – especially with women and children.

            Remember, it was Africans who captured and SOLD other Africans (from different tribes, enemies, etc.) into slavery.

            • KY, “there was slavery?” There always has been its just been revamped to include everyone. As long as there is govt. there is slavery!

          • Bill:

            Your remark must have been posted wrong. Jesus was hung by thieves and robbers. There I fixed it for you.

      10. Hey, this type of hellish behavior happens in Chicago on a daily basis, that’s where the National Guard is needed. The media is already poised and waiting for some disturbing video to happen and all the left wing-nut extremists are being bussed in to incite and ignite this volatile situation, regardless of the outcome. Humans acting like feral animals is not only expected but encouraged, sickening. Many of the Families that live there will be behind closed doors but the media will make it look like the whole town has turned rabid.

        • Swinging on a star, what is really telling about this whole affair is that the US Dept. Of Justice has a certain unit that goes out and also agitates the same as any outsiders from anywhere else. They’re not trying to keep things calmed down at all; it’s the exact opposite. If they interfere with any law-abiding people acting in self-defense against the animals, they should be shot. I know if they ever tried that shit with me, it wouldn’t end well for them.

          • You know Brave…you’ve got me thinking!

            ..what would happen if there were a disgruntled ‘defector-in-place’..within the DOJ…a mid-level guy perhaps..who decided to leak some info / data, onto a committed / fed-up, but talented group of ‘guys’ who possessed…”resources and talent”, in the Ferguson area?????

            ..maybe he went to school / college or served with them..


            ..and say he released the:

            ..Obama / Jarrett / DOJ script, game plan behind:

            the..stay-the-course strategy / tactics and their privy, behind the scenes staging / assembly points / areas, to incite mayhem for the regime’s benefit.

            NOTE: –(more than likely, DHS’s armored contingent will be…forward deployed)– ..for a show of intimidating force / projection of POWER!

            —(that’s how these cretins think, after all)—


            ..and let’s say the OpFor consisted of:

            …a mere 16 guys, split amongst 4 teams w/ 4 pick-up trucks.

            –(4 men to a vehicle..driver, shotgun position guy for radio ops w/ other teams and two shooters laying down in the bed w/ ARs…w/ beta-mag drums & sandbag protection)–

            ..can you imagine the level of suppressive fire-power each team / truck could lay-down with their tailgate lowered & facing the assembled / encamped enemy command centers?

            ..say they limited action to 2 minutes, tops!

            ..ideally, each pick-up would have a separate / different target…and hence be at a different locale…so as to create maximum confusion simultaneously, or close to such as possible!

            ..what if there were additional teams of several ‘participants’ w/ easily concealed “folding stocks” under their loose winter-clothing at / near each site…as a rear guard for the 4 truck’s E & E?


            ..the biggest worry would be drones overhead w/ FLIR cameras, recording the debacle!

            ..but then again, if the Afghan peasants can overcome such gizmo warfare….so can we!!!!

            ..all it takes is decent knowledge of the enemy’s techno-limitations and the will…to capitalize on such!!!!!!


            Think outside-the-box folks…as the ultimate enemy is manifold echelons above..the ‘chimp-out’ rabble!

            ..and he’s prepared to wage WAR…against us…no matter the cost!

            ..prepare yourselves…as another here, would say:

            To ENGAGE them…sooner or later!

            • Ahhh does the Hunter become the hunted? The element of surprise usually has the most success.

        • Accept the fact that this is no longer the country most of us were raised in and figure out a game plan to survive. This nonsense will just get worse as whites become a smaller part of the population. Be honest with yourselves and realize that the end game is saying goodbye to whitey. Most whites seem fine with that so just what can be done to prevent that?

      11. Your stirring the shit. You know it. It is in fact the responsibility of the state to have the players in place. This officer will be found” No True Bill” , and the animals will go ape shit.

        Let’s say they state did nothing, knowing the predictable verdict. You would be up their ass a fucking mile for not having their ducks in a row.

        Salvo, there was a time I thought you got it. Rarely anymore. Your a professional agitator. Who’s do you really represent?

        Hold the state accountable when their wrong. Be apart of the solution, don’t become apart of the problem. You have done some great work in the past. Personally I’d like to see you drift back that direction. Your a good man.

        Dirk Williams

        • Who is stirring the pot? Mac is reporting the news. People need to know what is going on. You can bet the mainstream media isn’t reporting the truth. somebody has to!

          • Mac Slavo is the only free press in town. Pay heed.

        • This planet belongs to the Apes (Black Gorillas)! Karma is here

          • Bill. The apes think they are king shit until their EBT cards are cut off. I would make EBT card holders wear GMS ankle bracelets and requir palm prints to receive food and only put one day of food benefits on the cards after a day of honest labor was completed. No worky no food.

            • Do you really mean PAW prints?

          • I’ll be looking for your unique words of wisdom when this party is over, provided you live through it. Don’t you know brown has become the new black?

        • Dirk Williams, I’ll have you know Mac Slavo NEVER stopped doing great work and CONTINUES to do great work. Mac DOES ‘get it’. He always has and always will. Mac is part of the solution not part of the problem, mofo. I, for one, am very happy with his work and I believe everyone else is here also. So who is the agitator again, mofo?

          • Man,
            Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I like Mac too. But we really need to fit you with a tight sweater!

            • BJ, go f#$% yourself!

      12. I saw the main photo on The Drudge Report.

        I couldn’t help but think, for every every thinking person out there who is the slightest bit aware, no matter if you identify with the crowd or not, isn’t That exactly how most everyone here, indeed, most every Average Guy feels?

        The best response, however; is to just Opt-The-Fuck-Out and stop being a part of their system rather than meet the empire head on. …As if ‘meeting the empire head on’ would make a bit of difference in a positive way, anyway.

        Tend your own gardens.

        • I agree one hundred percent. It’s time to let these people go! But they are addicted to the the system. Dependent on the children of their former slave masters. We really messed these people up. And If they don’t make us pay God Will!

          • The most they can have from me is approx 25’C each, lake City.

        • You cannot opt out. They will not let you and even if they did you are still dependent on the system.

        • Tell us, Helot, your version of opt the fuck out…..

      13. STAY

        I sure hope they give the NG guys and gals their M4s and live ammo
        These stupid baboons who will riot hove 0 respect for anyone or anything.
        I find it humorous that theres a bunch of idiot whites protesting,
        Now what, the cops cant even defend themselves? BULLSHIT,
        I hope the Police beat the crap out of the rioters.

        • And “protesting” is different than rioting,

          • The MSM calls them Peaceful Protestors. Reality is 100 businesses were looted and now 60 Cities across America are on high alert. When there is this much gapping disconnect between propaganda and reality, there is more behind the scenes stirring the pot for a boil over. Somebody wants this to erupt. An excuse for what? Maybe nationwide Martial Law or testing in pockets of America as an urban training ground for Gun confiscation. Maybe hide half your Guns and ammo just in case. Trust no one. Lots of actors out there.

        • Becareful what you wish for……some day it may be you on the bad end of that M4 and you getting the crap beat out if you.

          • Yea, seriously doubt that, i avoid any situation that would even remotely place me in that situation,
            but i get your point.

        • I’m with you KulaFarmer. These progressive liberal criminal rioters, arsonists, and looters need to be stopped. If need be, with rules of engagement violence to stop these lib zombies.

          • Yea, its one thing to exercise your first amendment rights, its a whole nother to loot and burn and beat others,,,
            The legit protesters need to police their ranks,

        • If the National Guard’s standing orders are anything like the OPP had in Caledonia and other hot spots with the Mohawk in recent years, then I wouldn’t want to bet my safety and security on them doing the right thing.

          In all events involving the Natives and the OPP since the Ipperwash incident, the OPP’s standing order has been to “not antagonize the Natives”, which has somehow translated into “come down on White folks unhappy with the situation like a ton of bricks.

          As such, be ready to see them turn against the people standing their ground against the rioters, or who organize any sort of neighbourhood defence and protect the savages from their would-be victims.

          • Canadian Vet, welcome back. You make some valid points and I highly suspect we may witness some of that taking place. If anyone tries to act against me for a legitimate act of self-defense against an animal, it won’t end well for that person.

          • You got that right CV,

            But maybe a little bit of that would be good to open the eyes of the half sheeple here that are calling for the hounds of hell to be released. They have no idea what they are wishing for….NONE!!

          • The Mohawks had a legitimate claim in their stand off. The fucking Whitie was stealing more of the Mohawks land to expand a Golf course. The Mohawks stood their ground as best they could to stop it. This Ferguson case is nothing even close, as a hoodie thief just minutes before his death was looting and terrorizing a store owner. And these nigs think it is find and dandy

            • That would the the Oka crisis back in the early 90’s. Look up Caledonia, and when the CBSA was issued weapons.

              Then come and tell me they have a legitimate claim to anything.

        • Just like our great grandfathers and fore parents beat them crazy in slavery! Ha sounds like a plan! You go Boy!!! Its not that easy you jack ass!

          • History reflects to get a black man to work he most likely needs to be in chains and beaten. (Not all, but many). Today we reward laziness with EBT CARDS. I would like to see ABE Lincoln’ s reaction if he could see the results of his Emancapation Proclaimation today. Abe’s Facial Expression= Priceless!!.

          • So, have you paid for the sins of your great grandfathers? If so, how? My ancestors were poor farmers who lived off the land, we don’t owe anybody anything. If you want to fall on your sword, just do it, like nike says and quite talking like the pc queen you are.

      14. All prepped up and no place to go.. man, is that nice.

        • Bill=all dressed up and no one to Blow.

      15. I really think it will be too cold for the jungle bunnys to riot. However in this instance the governor is doing the correct thing. Taking preemptive measures to protect the law abiding from looting & violence is what should be done. and the use of water cannons to spray rioters is a good idea. The message should be sent that unlawful rioting will not be tolerated. Now Im not very fond of LEOS. I consider them paid mercenary enforcer parasites that consider themselves above the law.

        • Water cannons,
          Now that would be funny especially if its 10 degrees out,
          Buncha frozen violent forkers!

          • Fudgesickles.

            • Thugcickles
              Funny stuff friend!

              • Too funny! I can visualize some 450 LB huge fat ass negress female furless ape with ass cheeks 6 ft across wide, stark naked running around 1/2 frozen with a broom stick up her fat ass cheeks yelling that shes now a frozen fudgesikle!

        • I wonder how many shop owners have purchased firearms. They had an epic preview of what is in store for their business’s.

          Wanting a new free teevee for Christmas might turn out to be a little harder to obtain this time around.

          • Po Granny. I read where gun sales in Ferguson were up Ten fold. One shop said they sold 100 guns in a week where normally just 10 sold.

        • Jungle Bunnies! What about the Jungle bunnies who can outsmart out think you and your children. Taking a job from a white man, because he is more qualified. This is happening while you can only spell Jungle Bunnies. Just say Black people, NG but don’t be such a coward.

          • I’ve met several hard-working black people. Honest, loyal to their families and friends, contributed to society, very respectable people.

            Every day, they worked long arduous hours, dangerous jobs many people wouldn’t dream of. Yes, they were black, every day. Until they washed off the coal dust and became white again.

          • Bill.. would you prefer Spooks or Spades? And if the NAACP is so progressuve then why do they still have Colored in their title name?

          • Hey Bill, you do understand what “work” means right? Especially as it relates to, you know… having a JOB?

            • The good thing to all this protesting is that ONLY 2 OF THEM HAD TO MISS WORK! 🙂

          • Very nice post Paranoid, thanks for sharing.

          • When still in detroit I used a pair of old work boots filled with dirt and planted geraniums in the boots then placed plant/boots on top of front porch sill to ward off negores…..placeing EBT cards Under pair of work boots also works to keep negroes far distant! Which in turn will cause them to starve fast or go elsehwheres.

            what time frame will rioters begin to chant “Wish I had a watermelon”

      16. This is the kind of thing Big O wants. A new world order bring it on.

        • If any one of those targets are attacked, and just one person dies, everyone who is involved in that list, from preparation, concept, distribution, and the actual violence, should be charged with accessory to premeditated murder. Every one of them.

        • For the fun of it lets start a lottery bet. Question Poll: How many blacks will die due to their Rioting and Looting in Ferguson alone, after the Grand Jury Virdict is read??. I’m guessing 25+

      17. I’m going to hike the virgin river trail in zion national park and need a pair of wading boots. Any suggestions?

        • If money is tight, just go get a pair of regular boots at the Goodwill, use ’em when you need to slog the mud and wade a bit. Carry your regular hikers in the pack.

          In the Grand Canyon, on days I knew I was in and out of the water constantly, I just wore rainpants, barefoot in boots, hat, and shirt. The rainpants dried almost instantly in the sun, and the boots, of course, stayed wet, but I could dry them out and had dry socks in the pack.

        • Neos trekkers are pretty good if your not going too deep

        • Keep your knees close together so your guts don’t fall out.


        (The chant from the crowd on the other side of the street 😉

        • Hold on there, if they pull their pants up they can run and climb. I say Pants Down, Run Fast.

          • Might get to see some of that ‘pants down run fast’ action on the evening news.

            Or on a blooper reel somewhere……

        • This is the best one! I Agree! The brothers really have a dress code issue! This is funny but sadly true. Im with you on this one!

          • The “brothers” have a reality issue. You think that punk was shot because he was a brother? Ha! He was shot cuz he was stupid and attacked an armed cop. Black, white, brown or yellow don’t fucking matter. Attack someone that has a gun and you get what you get with ZERO sympathy from me.


      19. This sounds like a massive PSYOPS to bring out the DHS. Just like the ATF did in Waco with Operation Showtime against David Koresh.

        • 1st sentence…..ding, ding, ding.

        • Since the DHS has never caught a single terrorist which is a fact. They once again need to create a boogie man to justify their existance and the Trillions of dollars wasted on militarization of the police. The media is hyping it up and the blacks of course are getting sucked up into this suckers play. Just look at the rioting over one hoodie. How about kill a few hundred and its game on nationwide. Blacks underestimate Whitie is armed to the teeth and just waiting for this moment in history to crack some heads. .

      20. If there is rioting, then it will be an opportunity to cull the herd…..

        • Herd. Your language sounds like you agree with the justification of re enslaving these people. Our fore parents sold & breed them like cattle, then stepped back and laughed, and got rich. Now God is taking everything back from us whites. Were in trouble. not wit the herd, but the Shepard! God have mercy on us because we won’t change for enough good to do any better by humanity.

          • Bill,
            Is that a family history you are telling us? That why you have all the guilt? No one wants to see anyone re enslaved as if that could even happen. Blacks have willingly re entered the plantation. You sound as nuts as Obama constantly accusing others of doing evil things. Not projecting what is in you own mind are you?

          • Well Bill let’s see if God saves your ass when you’re being pounded and kicked by a bunch of street monkeys.

            • All of this is out of any gods hands. He can’t even print his own money and begs every sunday for all of yours if he massages your ego with a few poems that everthing is gonna be alrights if you obey him. Like who was the clever salesman who first invented this cult? Oldest con in the world.

              • I agree completely. Gullible sheeple can thump that stupid bible all they want, but no one is going to save them, not God, not Jesus, certainly not the cops.

          • Speak for yourself Bill, not every white man is or was a slave driver no more than every black man is a shiftless _______. You can keep your white guilt as far as I am concerned.

          • Speak for yourself there bill. None of my ancestors ever bought or sold blacks. I don’t owe them anything.

          • Bill:

            Better learn who the slave traders were; weren’t any of my kin. It is all there if you bother to research it.

            God is disgusted with America, but not for the reason you have posted.

            He gave us this beautiful country and we have allowed it to become a shit hole. Not paying attention to who was leading us away from our belief in him and why.

            Your white guilt is appalling. Why aren’t the Negroes making a bee line out of this country if things are so bad for them.

            • “Why aren’t the Negroes making a bee line out of this country if things are so bad for them.” ???

              Yeesh, “Love It, Or, Leave It” Eh, Pissed Off Granny?

              Wow, I Do hope you read those titles, authors and links I gave to you.
              You’ve got a looong ways to go.

              • I am sure your titles, links, and posts reflect your posts here.

                I do not need any more sit down, shut up, propaganda foisted on me, thanks.

                When you lead a march on some of the persons and entities I have suggested in my post then I will pay attention to your diatribe.

                • You have made yourself the resident expert on diatribes on this site pog.

                  • Frightened fossil, POG knows what she’s talking about so back off from her before I do something to you.

                    • Braveheart, PLEASE! Empty threats are the refuge of the stupid elderly who only shoot their mouth off on websites. You couldn’t hurt anybody if you WANTED to old man. By the way, how do you like my handle? It’s NO accident how I chose it as it’s a very accurate reflection of about 75% of the regular posters on this website.

            • Blacks have been selling out their own for centuries. Thus the term Black market. Of all the slaves taken from Africa only 5% were brought to the US soil. Most were taken to the West Indies Bahamas, Caribbean and South America. Of all the slave owners, 15% were blacks owning blacks. Blacks just fail at taking advantage of the American dream and focus more on drugs freeshit and breeding like rabbits instead of improving their lives. A few play sports or get into entertainment. Of course their black father role model Bill Cosby turns out to be a Rapist so what’s new?

              • Frightened fossil, if you’re not impressed with our site, then so be it. There’s a whole world of MSM sites where I think you can fit right in. I’ll be able to hold my own in the “upcoming festivities”. No need to worry about me. BTW< all of the regular people here will be able to hold their own as well. We're not giving up anything to our enemies, period, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

            • POZG,

              Should all the people not black that are complaining about amerikka leave too?

              So it’s a one way road huh? You read my stuff and believe my side, I won’t read your stuff at all?


              We can disagree on things Granny, but I think that attitude is just wrong and am some what surprised again with you.


              • Crap…EDIT…POG, the Z was a typo mistake, sorry.

          • Bill;
            First, I’m shocked that you are white. I assumed from the tone of your posts that you were a minority.

            Second, the amount of white guilt you have is shockingly incredible. Maybe you should enslave yourself to a black family, it may help you feel better.

            Third, no one that I know of in my family had slaves. Can’t blame me for that. no guilt here.


      21. For what it is worth, for any of you that might like a reference document that has a summary of facts, quotes and links on the gun control issue, here it is. As you can imagine, this is extremely pro-2nd Amendment and in support of right to bear arms. Please download and feel free to copy and use anything you find useful. There is a LOT in there!

      22. What if every time a white person is killed by a black person whites riot in a black neighborhood.
        Oh, wait, that would be all racist and what not. Never mind .

        • What are saying. This is not possible. These people are peaceful, and have never hurt any one but themselves. Because we programed them this way!

          • Boy did you drink the stupid juice.

            • 🙂

          • There you go again Bill, we, we, we. It sounds like you and your clan have a lot of repenting to do. Why don’t you find a worthy black family and sign over all of your property to them? Why don’t you give up your job and encourage your boss to hire a black to replace you? It’s easy to sit behind a computer and act self righteous isn’t it? Give it a rest, nobody believes you are speaking the truth anyway.

          • Hey Bill hit your history refresh and go watch the LA Riots on YTube. Look up Regenold Denny.

      23. These rioters are all spearheaded by the government

        with obamas blessings btw..

        as KY Mom posted earlier…

        We’ll see just how many decide to protest and riot given the forecasted temps for MO..

        Mac..just where is Martial Law pronounced by the governor?


      24. Well…if it’s outside agitation coming in…the shooting starts. All can say is that let them get as violent as they want and shoot the biotches dead…they’ll be out of the agitation job..and no more proxy psyop from Eric and Barry and the real residents of Ferguson can address the issues with their LEO’s in a manner that can resolve their concerns legally.

        Let the Hunger Games begin!

        • There is a God who is bigger and more deadly than us white people! Im with him… Keep up the killing and we are at a -1.6 % birth rate, which statistically impossible to reverse. Whose dying. No shots fired. Our DNA a is expiring. Don’t rush in to fight and kill so fast. We can’t afford it (violence)…

      25. They said the same crap when the other black kid got killed in florida. The blacks didn’t have the balls then and then don’t have them now. Remember how the blacks work, at night, hit and run, and only when they put number the victim. They won’t do it now because they know the whites won’t take their shit and they armed themselves.

        • God is not taking our shit either big scared to death white man. Look at us weak before the entire world. Wont talk that shit to China. We owe them over 100 billion yen. Cant shoot ourselves out of this debt. And its getting worse. But blame everything on Obama and the poor ignorant misguided thugs.

          • Where are my thumbs mac?

        • You’re not allowing for Obongo and Holder inserting provocateurs into the situation.

          Do not forget – these two arrogant, pathological, mentally insane psychopath mulatto communists have spent the last 6 years, engineering or staging one false flag/black op school shooting or public shooting after another. They’ve conspired to smuggle certain makes and models of firearms across our border and place them in the hands of the murderous Mexican drug cartels – knowing that they would be used to murder innocent people. These two evil sonsabitches are consumed with an obsession to find or manufacture a pretext that they can use as an excuse to enact gun bans or gun confiscations or an outright repeal of the Second Amendment.

          It would be a Commie wet dream, if they could arrange a confrontation between a group of whites armed with AR-15s and those full capacity magazines that these two commies want to ban – and a group of Trayvon Martin-Mike Brown tee-shirt wearing, African Gentile Giant Thugs and then provoke those Whites to euthanize those thugs.

          Imagine how the jewish controlled, virulently anti-white, virulently anti-Second Amendment media would pounce on an incident like that and then spin it 24/7, 365 as clear evidence that evil ‘racist’ Whites cannot be trusted to own firearms and how its time to repeal the Second Amendment Je$$e Jack$son and Al $harpton would be all over the TV networks – and given a platform to spew their anti-White venom and hatred and to issue DEMANDS that something must be done to disarm those evil White crackers. We’d start hearing calls from the left that it was time for ObongoMugabe to issue another executive order and repeal the Second Amendment – since Congress has refused to bow to his wishes to enact gun bans and gun control laws.

          Personally, I am hoping that Whites in Ferguson can avoid handing this evil pair of Communist mulattoes any pretext on a silver platter. I hope that the Whites in Ferguson are smart enough to see that they could be drawn into a trap that just might be in the playbook of ObongoMugabe and Eric ‘Gun smuggler’ Holder.

          • Tucker:

            Great post….Thanks!

          • Tucker, excellent post.

      26. Well shit! I guess I will have to cancel my trip for xmas shopping to beautiful Ferguson for this week!!! I worked in that area 15 years ago and it was a shithole then , they should wait for the riots to start and just use napalm and burn the free shit army into the ground and then rebuild in a few years.

        • George, if they rebuild at all, let them do it on their own dime, NOT the taxpayers’ dime!

      27. The corporate gv has and well armed army to fight those those who want to fight them. Ever see the movie Red Dawn? It took them days to build the force necessary to clean you clocks. Don’t play their game. If you want to fight, cut of their funding and expose them, don’t go head to head with a well equipped army. Use you head on this one.

        • I totally agree. Kick em in the pocket balls. In God we trust green machine dollar bill.
          45-60 million black consumers get smart and pull there spending dollars out of this economy and its sudden doom.

          • WARNING! White Guilt will enslave you. Just ask anyone who remembers what America used to look like.

          • We need to cut off 40 to 60 Million EBT cards and force the blacks hands. Make It a work for foods program. No Mo Free Shit!! Teach em what work for it means.

        • Ideas Time;
          Funny you should mention this. Today I was driving on the highway noting all of the self important assholes out there and got to thinking. From what I have read of the American revolution there were some really great leaders and a number of people who would take orders from them. It barely worked out. Today there are millions of egotistical people running around spouting about how bad they are with no background. Just look at some of the egos on this site. In the event of a government take over what good would a bunch of fragmented loners do? I’m sure there are some seasoned people at this site who could do a lot of damage but if not organized my guess is they will be bitch slapped in short order.

          • I agree with your statement Skeptic – Fragmented loners that think for some reason they are special.
            No one is special, and we better (at very minimum) have a group of close friends to fight the battle with us.
            Everyone is so worried about OPSEC, but if that’s your fear then its time to move.
            I live in a town where we talk about our preps openly, and the unprepared ones are severely outnumbered, and very well known!

      28. All it will take is some numb-nut on either side to bust some caps, and it could very easily get out of control fast. Yes I believe events are planed for several other cities also. Although this just could be a major test for Martial Law down the road. Be safe my friends no matter where you are. Use commonsense and you will be alright. Pack no matter what, there are no time outs to get your weapon. If the need arises defend yourselves. Second place dies in this game.


      29. What’s pathetic are some of the comments above. Free target practice my foot. Today it’s Ferguson, tomorrow it’s your hometown.

      30. Avoid all people of color until this blows over unless you enjoy being beat down by a gang of animals. Not being a coward…just smart.

      31. It is clear that a subversive element that is condoned by the White House will use Ferguson as a pretext for violence. This violence will spread beyond Ferguson to other cities across the nation. Rather than relying on the police to “save” us or more specifically, the National Guard to disarm us, there are better options like organizing our own local defenses.

        We all know that on the list of priorities for the government, the protection of your family or your business is not high on their “critical infrastructure” list. Last Minute Survival is organizing a nation wide civilian response force to help out like minded neighbors in need like the 70 year old veteran or the woman that started a coffee shop on the corner. If we can’t or won’t pitch in to help innocent people and their businesses as a community, we might as well hang things up as a society. Let’s face it, if a mob targets your business, having more men in the fight is going to be a huge help no matter how well you think you are prepared. Last Minute Survival has a call out right now for volunteers to help businesses in and around Ferguson as well as other major cities in the event of riots spreading or future disasters. Perhaps we could care less if Ferguson burns to the ground, but there are good people there just like every town and city. Your town or city might just be next. Check it out at If nothing else, it helps like minded folks get organized before things really fall apart.

        • According to my Bible: “There is a season for everything under heaven, a time to hate and a time to love, a time to make war and a time for peace” Ecc 3:8

          “Gentlemen prepare to defend yourselves!”.

      32. When you look at picture after picture of out-of-control black mobs looting and attacking innocent folks in city after city……you realize there is really only one way to make it stop: Kill some of them. Period. Kill ’em. Shoot ’em dead. Dirt-nap time. Six foot under.

        Kill some of them now, and that’ll be the end of it. No one in the future will riot or play knockout king when they KNOW it will lead to death. Kill ’em. No mercy. Let them fall where they are shot. Leave them. Kill some more. It will stop soon enough afterwards.

      33. Come on man, you know what’s going to happen. Is it even a question anymore after Los Angeles 1992?

        • After the initial rioting at Florence and Normandy the majority of rioters were illegals not blacks. It was blacks that saved those that were getting beaten from the rioters. Most of the black population has been pushed out by the Hispanic invasion.

      34. In times of trouble I like to quote a little something from Psalms 23.
        “Thy shotgun and thy shells, they comfort me.”

        (From the Paraphrased edition i think 🙂

        • Amen…..May god have mercy on their souls.

      35. a riot is the response of idiots. organized rebellion
        peaceful or otherwise is the answer. this may not have
        been a NWO plan but never let good turmoil go to waste.
        they are involved now for sure. how far will the shit
        spread and for how long? i am prepared but if i come up
        against 20 to 1 somehow, i will go down swinging.

      36. As Rahm said “never let a crisis go to waste” Obama will sign amnesty the night of the verdict while his willing accomplices in the MSM focus on riots.

      37. Verdict announcement…tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday???
        It is cold there 19 F.
        o’s visit and comments to the protesters.
        DHS making their appearance.
        NG being brought in.
        KKK throwing in their .02 cents.
        MO in state of emergency.
        Just wondering how things will go in my town?
        Casa Grande AZ, pop 47,000, 30 mile buffer between Phoenix and Tucson. As far as looting and rioting I don’t see it happening here. A team mate drives for England. He drives a regional Arizona (WalMart contract) state only route and reports to me what is happening out on the roads and in the other towns in the state. Yet, I got them eyes open in the back of my head going. Should be very interesting event. I’m ready!
        Be careful and Good Blessings on out to all of you.

      38. Whats up Monicas?

      39. Verdict announcement…tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday???
        It is cold there 19 F.
        o’s visit and comments to the protesters.
        DHS making their appearance.
        NG being brought in.
        KKK throwing in their .02 cents.
        MO in state of emergency.
        Just wondering how things will go in my town?
        Casa Grande AZ, pop 47,000, 30 mile buffer between Phoenix and Tucson. As far as looting and rioting I don’t see it happening here. A team mate drives for England. He drives a regional Arizona (WalMart contract) state only route and reports to me what is happening out on the roads and in the other towns in the state. Yet, I got them eyes open in the back of my head going. Should be very interesting event. I’m ready!
        Be careful and Good Blessings on out to all of you.

      40. YAWN!

      41. I wish there weren’t so many cop haters on sites like these…it reminds me of a decal I have that says “I’d like rap music a whole lot more if it wasn’t about killing people like me”. This past Sunday I responded to the residence of a WHITE male who had just been recently released from the state mental hospital and was off his meds and threatening suicide. After my partner and I got his knife and handcuffed him, he began to resist going into the patrol car ( yes, people in cuffs can still fight like crazy). Before it was over, I had him bent over the hood of my vehicle, over the fence at the residence, push-pull-and drag him into car. Then he began to kick the windows out of the car. So out comes a leg strap, then handcuff legs to roll cage of car. All of this taking place in residential neighborhood in plain sight. If some citizen had taken video and posted it from their view of context, I realize it could look like drunk on power cops out of control roughing up a perfectly good white boy. It was appalling to be part of and I was sore and jittery all day afterward ( I know this young man’s family and used to hold him on my lap when he was a boy at basketball games). I know some bad cops…I try to stay away from them…guilt by association, plus bad cops seem to generate more paperwork:-) . By my own guesstimate, up to a quarter of cops are “drunk on power” like I saw posted earlier. I’m sorry folks, but not all of the best and brightest are jumping out of airplanes and lifeboats to get a job that is relatively low paying in some areas, dangerous, and can make you a pariah in your own community even if you do it well. The police force as I know it does not work for the masters and overlords, that’s just tinfoil hat stuff. We are just barely treading water to keep things to a dull roar in a disintegrating society.

        • Right on OC
          Hope you have a good holiday season, some of us know there are good and bad in all circles.

        • God bless you Old Cop. Stand Firm and keep fighting the good fight. Even when you’re condemned and hated.

        • You violate the Constitution along with mans freedoms and liberties every day you go to work. One day you will be shown that, the day all things are revealed.

          • If you’re unhappy with your job old cop, then you have the absolute freedom to leave it and find suitable employment elsewhere as anybody else does. Please don’t whine about how nobody loves cops because they DON’T and never WILL.

        • Old Cop, I’m glad to hear you are not a steroid headed out of control psycopathic cop 🙂 Since you are here with the critical thinking community I would like to point out a few things. I’m sure being a cop is a hard and shitty job a lot of times. But you cannot make a gray area of what is right and what is wrong. For instance, observing the constitution (your oath) without a victim there is no crime. How many citations (extortions of wealth) have you issued for not wearing a seatbelt? How many for not wearing a helmet? How many for possesion of drugs? How many for barely exceeding the speed limit? How many countless non-crimes that have no victim have you arrested or cited people for? This is NOT a gray area it is a crime on your part! I respect the things cops have to do in fighting real crime I sure as hell would’nt want that job BUT… It is not an excuse to do the wrong and unconstitutional thing and throw it in there as just doing your job. One cannot have theyre cake and eat it too. You either side with right or wrong no matter who says its right. I hope you see my point because it’s the truth. You can either do the RIGHT thing or not do the right thing. There is even a supreme court ruling (I forgot which one) that says, “if a law defies the constitution then it is as if that law never existed” If you do not practice this on the job then that would make you a hypocrite of the highest order if you think your doing the right things. If you are afraid of doing the right thing because it will get you fired then you are even worse, you are selling out your family and country for a bowl of stew! I hope you can understand what I’m saying and use some critical thinking. Be part of the solution or part of the problem, it’s your choice 🙂

          • Some laws are needed. Speed limits protect others using the roads. Police are needed for enforcement. The problem is that there are 10000 laws that are violations of the constitution, and too many LEO just drooling at the chance to write up a revenue slip. Why should I have to where a seatbelt? I do for my safety, but thats my decision. Why do police force NEED MRAP’s? They dont. Its all about $$$$, retirements, and a whole lot of Authority craving piles of crap. There are a few good LEO out there, but it sure isnt 75% IMO.

            • Idaho should put a new motto on theyre license plates.. “Idaho, the police state”. I grew up there I know. Fooking nazi central and it’s not just me it’s everyone I know there that bitches about it. SE idaho is a police state shithole and being taken over by the econazis too!

              • I could go with “Speed Suggestions”, but only in residential areas or near parks where kids are playing. Out on highways, you should be able to drive as fast as your car, tires and condition of road allows. JMHO

      42. “In the event of a racially charged issue like this one…”

        Hey, Daisy! Hold on a second. I thought the evil, conniving jew Franz Boas told us that ‘race was only a social construct’ and that ‘race did not really exist’. except, of course, for his own self-chosen tribe of Satanic nation wreckers.

        So, if race truly does not exist – how can it be possible for Ferguson or anywhere else to have a ‘racially charged issue like this one’?

        Just curious.

      43. Well the professional rioters might be out and about at targeted cities across this nation..

        but back here on sleepy Cape Cod nearly everyone is struggling with housing(or lack of),rising food costs, raising kids,exponential health care insurance(or lack of),flat and declining wages etc etc etc..

        For those who have jobs..we will be working as usual.

        As far as protesting and /or rioting..

        well that’ll get you nothing but the full extent of the thugs with a heel on your throat at best..or dead at the worst..

        Smart individuals would and should be preparing accordingly for the real fight someday..


        • possee…hope you are well prepared for this winter.

          I read that Mass. electric is asking for a 37% rate hike.

          Something to do with tight natgas supplies for their generation plants and not enough pipeline capacity…so they have to pay higher prices.

          Didn’t they just mothball a nuke plant? Sounds like poor planning to me.

      44. trigger control is nixxer control…

      45. I had spoken with manos when Greece had their riots..

        (He subsequently sent me the pix substantiating the following)

        They had dozens of instigators/provocateurs at every incident with colored umbrellas..

        When the coded umbrella was raised..the professional rioters would engage and then disappear from the ensuing riots and leave the collateral damage to the mobs..

        Surely this will be in play as well here in one form or another.

        These tactics are age old and used extensively during the Vietnam war/civil rights protests in the 60’s..foment the angry crowd to violence and quickly disappear from the ma-lay..all to discredit the original protesters who sought no violence in the first place but the mob mentality was instigated…and worked.

        As many here have stated..stay away from crowds and inner cities once the verdict is in..


      46. Pants up don’t loot…pants up don’t loot…pant up don’t loot……

        • Just drive a truck of free Water Mellon into the mix. Laced with Ebola.

      47. I only hope the truth is told. The evidence should tell what action should be taken. There is no reason for the black community to riot. Round up the instigators and jail them.

      48. By Maureen Scott
        Barack Obama appears to be a tormented man filled with resentment, anger, and disdain for anyone of an opinion or view other than his. He acts in the most hateful, spiteful, malevolent, vindictive ways in order to manipulate and maintain power and control over others. Perhaps, because, as a child, he grew up harboring an abiding bitterness toward the U.S. That was instilled in him by his family and mentors…it seems to have never left him.

        It is not the color of his skin that is a problem in America .

        Rather it is the blackness that fills his soul and the hollowness in his heart where there should be abiding pride and love for this country.

        Think: Have we ever heard Obama speak lovingly of the U.S. Or its people, with deep appreciation and genuine respect for our history, our customs, our sufferings and our blessings? Has he ever revealed that, like most patriotic Americans, he gets “goose bumps” when a band plays “The Star Spangled Banner,” (no he gets goose bumps when he hears the ”Muslim call to prayer” (his words) or sheds a tear when he hears a beautiful rendition of ” America the Beautiful?” Does his heart burst with pride when millions of American flags wave on a National holiday – or someone plays “taps” on a trumpet? Has he ever shared the admiration of the military, as we as lovers of those who keep us free, feel when soldiers march by? It is doubtful because Obama did not grow up sharing our experiences or our values. He did not sit at the knee of a Grandfather or Uncle who showed us his medals and told us about the bravery of his fellow troops as they tramped through foreign lands to keep us free. He didn’t have grandparents who told stories of suffering and then coming to America , penniless, and the opportunities they had for building a business and life for their children.

        Away from this country as a young child, Obama didn’t delight in being part of America and its greatness. He wasn’t singing our patriotic songs in kindergarten, or standing on the roadside for a holiday parade and eating a hot dog, or lighting sparklers around a campfire on July 4th as fireworks exploded over head, or placing flags on the grave sites of fallen and beloved American heroes.

        Rather he was separated from all of these experiences and doesn’t really understand us and what it means to be an American. He is void of the basic emotions that most feel regarding this country and insensitive to the instinctive pride we have in our national heritage. His opinions were formed by those who either envied us or wanted him to devalue the United States and the traditions and patriotism that unites us.

        He has never given a speech that is filled with calm, reassuring, complimentary, heartfelt statements about all the people in the U.S. Or one that inspires us to be better and grateful and proud that in a short time our country became a leader, and a protector of many. Quite the contrary, his speeches always degenerate into mocking, ridiculing tirades as he faults our achievements as well as any critics or opposition for the sake of a laugh, or to bolster his ego. He uses his Office to threaten and create fear while demeaning and degrading any American who opposes his policies and actions. A secure leader, who has noble self-esteem and not false confidence, refrains from showing such dread of critics and displaying a cocky, haughty attitude.

        Mostly, his time seems to be spent causing dissension, unrest, and anxiety among the people of America , rather than uniting us (even though he was presented to us as the “Great Uniter”). He creates chaos for the sake of keeping people separated, envious, aggrieved and ready to argue. Under his leadership Americans have been kept on edge, rather than in a state of comfort and security. He incites people to be aggressive toward, and disrespectful of, those of differing opinions. And through such behavior, Obama has lowered the standards for self-control and mature restraint to the level of street-fighting gangs, when he should be raising the bar for people to strive toward becoming more considerate, tolerant, self-disciplined, self-sustaining, and self-assured.

        Not a day goes by that he is not attempting to defy our laws, remove our rights, over-ride established procedures, install controversial appointees, enact
        divisive mandates, and assert a dictatorial form of government.

        – Never has there been a leader of this great land who used such tactics to harm and hurt the people and this country.
        – Never have we had a President who spoke with a caustic, evil tongue against the citizenry rather than present himself as a soothing, calming and trustworthy force.
        – Never, in this country, have we experienced how much stress one man can cause a nation of people – on a daily basis!

        Obama has promoted the degeneration of peace, civility, and quality of cooperation between us. He thrives on tearing us down, rather than building us up. He is the Architect of the decline of America , and the epitome of a Demagogue.


        • By definition, Obama is a Zionist owned communist…The Robber Hood of America surrounded by his ‘Merry Men’.

      49. Fergadishu is nothing more than a martial law test for the United States. The Gov’t is taking notes on how the people will react and tactics work. We should be taking notes too…get ready.

      50. They have been burning down villages for years… what’s new

      51. “This town (Ferguson)is like a great big pussy just waitin’ to get fucked.”

      52. IMO – This is so much BS. There are not going to be any &^(&* riots, at least nothing that is substantial. I actually find it insulting that the media is ginning this whole thing up, and in a way hoping and wanting something to happen, anything that will be blown up and out of proportion to deflect the embarrassment if nothing do happen. These are the people who are appointing and designating the potential rabblerousers as the face of a community and the colored people in general. No. I think the people should be quite insulted about this whole low expectation thing and lack of an ability to express a grievance or civil outrage without being destructive.

      53. At least the blacks have something to unite themselves together against. Do you actually think whites would raise this opposition to a white man killed under the same circumstances? The blacks have some unity, while the whites display little except words. If the whites had that same unity they would band together to oppose the tyranny from an out of control federal government whose aim is to divide and conquer all u.s. citizen’s. People don’t pick their race, all colors are human and have the same needs to survive. The racist anger has it’s base in those different from yourselves. Quit playing into the racial divide that seperates all the people from justice and freedom.

        • If a white guy was killed under the same circumstances i would say he got exactly what he deserved as well.
          A punk thug is a punk thug, skin color doesnt matter.

          • Kula:

            If that “innocent little child” Mikey would have confronted some of the posters here like he did at that convenience story they would be dialing 911 as fast as their fingers would move; and praying to heaven that was all that thug was going to do to them before they could escape his grasp.

            Those who have bought into Mikey’s innocence must not have looked at his rap sheet.

            If he had not encountered Officer Wilson he was headed for a train wreck any way.

            His parents, who were never married to each other, had an all expense paid trip to overseas to see if they could get the UN thugs involved in Ferguson. Look up who paid their expenses.

            Look for the UN thugs to become involved in this mess called Ferguson before it is all over.

            We need to rout out the UN from our shores immediately. They are the organization paving the way for the NWO. American tax payers financing their own demise.

            We really are “stupid” aren’t we?

            • Granny
              We have had this same sort of shooting occur here on Maui, 3 times in recent memory, every single time the families called for prosecuting the officers involved, every time the dead POS had tried to run down the cops or something similar endangering others, every time the families said, ohhh was one good kid they neva need kill em, every time the dead POS had a rap sheet a mile long,
              I say kill em before they harm anyone!

            • POG, on 9-11-2001, those planes should’ve struck the UN building, NOT WTC. Think how much better the world could’ve been by now had that happened.

      54. 1. Very, very few people will charge coiled barbed wire. Lay some out in Ferguson to protect the businesses and homes, and also to funnel the rioters. The Feds have slinky coiled barbed wire that self erects from the back of a moving truck, they can do this quickly.

        Keeping the two sides separate will save lives. No one needs to die over this.

        2. The Bible says “without wood a fire dies out”, and without contact a riot dissipates.

        3. If you live in Ferguson with kids, and are staying, fill up pillow cases with dirt, tie them off, and stack them around where your kids sleep on the floor to protect against stray bullets. The military does this to protect their soldiers.

        The Police have a unique opportunity to minimize this since they control when and where the riots will occur based upon the timing of the announcement.

        There will only be violence if President Obama and Homeland Security want to incite violence.

        • Or take an unannounced vacation away from any rioting in advance. A Navy veteran just exposed DHS vehicles hidden and waiting in a parking garage, Drury Plaza Hotel.

      55. It is all about racism against the white officer because he IS white. If he was a black officer, would there be riots, looting, and protests in Ferguson over it? Nope!

        I don’t blame martial law declared in Ferguson. I wouldn’t live near there. The blacks are being led by racist idiots from Sharpton camps to destroy the town and spew hate towards whites, supported by Bummer. It will be interesting to see how these people react if they are indicting the white officer. I bet there will be violence in that too.

      56. Some people may want to look into the documents tying: Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Brotherhood’s US arms Nation of Islam, La Raza, and New Black Panther party (the New Black Panther’s are the main MO violent protesting organizers), Mexican Drug Cartels, Peruvian Drug Cartels, MS-13 (undergoing militant transformation with military and terrorist training), Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Hezabollah, Hamas, and etc
        Malik Obama is the Muslim Brotherhoods financial, supply routes, and logistics coordinator. This is the arm that connected to the Iran-Contra styled issues that resulted in Benghazi Massacre as well as armed the revolt to begin with as well as conducting the same in Syria. It’s also how MS-13 attained ties for military and terrorist training in addition to military grade weapons and munitions who also happen to be documented as unaccompanied minors by whistle-blowers.

        We’re staring face to face with the mechanisms for Martial Law, Suspension of the Constitution in officialdom opposed to practice, and the ultimate justification for UN Peacekeepers to enter the US as a police action, and Russo-Sino already have around 600k within the US thanks to DHS as well as UN observers at the illegal immigration centers.
        Mike Brown’s parents have also approached the UN’s Human Rights committee imploring interventionism into the US even though the committee is attended by dictatorial regimes who have an even worse offenses to date, yet Mike Brown’s parents pleaded to them…

      57. when you the reader happens upon someone with their pants no higher than their thighs, please ask them this question…are you a pants half on kind of guy, or a pants half off kind of guy?

      58. Sooooo many blind.. sooo little time

      59. You can bet this administration will use any crisis to power grab or sneak something through in the distraction because they ‘never let a crisis go to waste’. If there isn’t one, then they’ll create one. And the UN arms treaty is going into effect next month on the 24th.

        Ferguson’s a powder keg. A protester or provocateur shoots at police, or police or National Guard shoots some protesters and it’s going to get ugly. I hear lot of Missourians have been buying guns, I suggest adding ballistic armor also for those expecting rioting in their area. Level II, IIIA, or III with an anti-spalling coat for frag protection. Level II will protect from pistol rounds (.44 and .357 for IIIA) but III is above and beyond riot protection from most threats including rifle rounds and any bullets from rioting “yoofs” with street gats. I doubt anyone will be using armor piercing rounds that calls for level IV plates. Can’t protect your business if you take a 9 to the chest.

      60. Ferguson, what’s in a name?

        Ferguson is a Scottish surname and given name. The surname is a patronymic form of the personal name Fergus. The name Fergus is derived from the Gaelic elements fear (“man”) and gus (“vigour”, “force”, or “choice”).

        Interesting don’t ya think?

        Well the trust is broken, now and forever, and it’s not just in little old Ferguson.

        People might want to start to rethink this whole idea behind police forces. The sword of government is supposed to be in the hands of the people, and not in the hands of would be rulers. To that end, President Washington spent a good portion of his time after public service establishing a system whereby the sword of government was in the hands of the people.

        Police forces are fairly modern inventions. Not that we don’t need detectives, but seriously shouldn’t it be as it once was, and which is whereby the local vets drill the next generation as citizen soldiers, whom maintain the local peace and go home to their mom and dad’s house for dinner? This is what America once had.

        People should find and read President Washington’s Plan Number 2 for the organization of militia. That served our nation well and can do so again, both for defense and for maintaining local law and order. We need to rethink this idea of the police, of private prisons, and of private security guards. These aren’t good things in my view.

        • Good post Baron.

          Police forces seem to have come about in the 19th century in NY at first to protect the “financiers”, the jewelers and diamond merchants.

          They also seem to have evolved from the Pinkerton type private enforcers to take on the unions and put down strikes.

          I don’t see any constitutional mandate for these police forces. Perhaps elected sheriffs should be the only law.

          People need to take their own defense in hand and embrace the true spirit of the 2nd and get rid of the blue shirts. They are only for the protection of the state.

          • Thanks, good post, both yours and Baron’s.

            But where the heck were you guys the last few days when I was getting ganged up on 🙂

      61. THANK YOU to Helot, Joe Republic, and Kevin2 for the new, fresh thoughts… Majority of the posts on here are just racist diatribes that doesn’t make much sense…

        @ Dirk Williams — Yes, I agree with you that Mac Slavo needs to come clean on what side does he represent. He seems to be agitating stuff more lately, than exposing this fake Matrix reality that we are all living in.. There’s plenty to be exposed, yet the focus is on stirring the pot of Fear..

        God Bless…

      62. herlot you are a snot-bubble. Easily gotten rid of…

      63. Caught on Video: Ferguson Activists Planning to Target White Areas, Police and their ‘Children’

        ht tp://

      64. Not that it’s applicable any more but does anyone know the Constitutional basis for declaring martial law? I don’t think the Founders ever devised a concept whereby the Constitution could suspend itself.

      65. How I wish a comet or meteors would just start wiping out all the satellites up in the sky and the news would disappear over night along with the Internet. Then people could just take care of their own problems their own way in their own neck of the woods.

      66. Why was NG called out so early . I can understand 72 hrs and go time but a week or more a head of time. Nothing but a wast of money. Waiting on weather not going to matter this time .

      67. So much for the Guard

      68. crazy stuff. i think we all will see some of this first hand in the future.

        here is some footage i was watching

        i dont understand why are there so many white people in all this mess. i seen hundreds in it. walking around with masks and getting right in the thick.

        there is no way in hell i would be caught anywhere near the ghetto here with something like this going down.

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