Market Red Flag: Stocks May Be About To Tank: “If There’s One Thing That You Need To Pay Attention To It’s This…”

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    Stock and bond markets may be teetering on the edge of a widespread crash following a stellar year that has seen all-time highs across just about every major asset class. Earlier today Zero Hedge reported that Bloomberg market commentator Mark Cudmore says markets could be in for a violent downside break in the weeks ahead.

    It’s a sentiment also shared by Traders Choice analyst Greg Mannarino, who up until this point has been generally bullish on short-term market movements. On Thursday, however, Mannarino reports that bond buying, which has been used to prop up stocks through massive cash injections in recent weeks and months, failed to keep stocks from falling.

    This, says Mannarino, is a major red flag that could signal a reversal going forward:

    If there’s one thing that you need to pay attention to it’s this… savage bond buying occurred today in an attempt to re-prop up the stock market and it didn’t work…

    They’re trying to play a game here and it’s been working time and time again…

    Without fail every single time… except for today… that has worked.

    I am not sounding the alarm saying ‘this is it… this is the market crash.’ What I am saying is that you need to exercise caution right here… there’s a divergence going on and when you see divergences like this your eyes should open up… maybe it’s time to pull profits… maybe it’s time to hedge positions…

    If we continue to see this action… the one thing we need to watch for is a simultaneous sell-off which will occur in the bond market and the stock market at the same time… when these things start to fall in tandem get out of the market…

    They are buying bonds here at a feverish pace… and it failed to prop up stocks… that to me is a red flag.

    Earlier this year Brandon Smith of Alt Market warned that the data points show an economy in severe deterioration:

    Corporate earnings expectations continue their dismal path, suggesting that stock markets have been supported by central bank stimulus and blind investor faith in central bank intervention. The stimulus is now being cut off. How long before investor faith is finally lost?

    These are only a few of the MANY data points that paint a very ugly picture for the US economy. The rest of the world is just as tenuous if not worse.

    The question is not “when” we will enter collapse; we are already in the midst of an economic collapse. The real question is, when will the uneducated and the biased finally notice?

    It shouldn’t be long now.


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      1. Oh boy, when it blows, it is not going to be pretty…All of it is fake and manipulated and cobbled together any damn way.

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        • Market ‘melt-up’ could push stocks to new records, 50,000 -60,000 including an S&P 500 rally of 15%

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        • Do you believe an “earnings melt-up” scenario will drive stocks higher into next year?

      2. “… when these things start to fall in tandem get out of the market…”

        … and help create a self reinforcing feedback loop to the downside. Because of this you will not be able to “get out”.
        It will happen to BitCoin also.
        If you don’t know how to hedge your bets then the safe thing is to go to cash. The good thing is that when it does crash, those with cash will be able to take advantage of the situation. That is how fortunes are made.

      3. If it tanks its because TPTB have approved cutting off the “life support” stimulus. This is therefore not an unknown, happenstance, unforeseen event but rather one that is contrived that logic dictates has a purpose.

      4. Greg Mannarino is one of the brightest realist out there. The bond market represents all of the debt… The FED will not be able to print enough fiat to keep covering this massive debt as interest rates rise. Coming soon… POP

        Greg also said that now is the time to exit cryptos… Pump and Dump will continue… but Coming soon… POP

        • I have been trying to tell folks for years the fed doesn’t print the actual paper cash to represent the dollars of debt. no one will have wheelbarrows of worthless paper money. The mint prints 24×7. but they don’t print anything larger than the $100 bill. and paper money wears out. truck loads of worn paper cash is burnt every day. The debt can be increased simply by adding zeros on a digital spread sheet.

        • Interest rates have been artificially held down with the creation of money from nowhere, fiat currency QE. If they rise its because TPTB choose it to be so. They decide when the party ends.

      5. And if your money is in 401(K), you can’t liquidate without major tax penalty, so the middle class once again will watch retirement savings vanish.

        • Check to see if your 401, 403, etc has a money market fund as an option to ride it out in.

        • Terminator
          That’s what I’m worried about, my 401K. Any suggestions…?

      6. Greg Mannarino hasn’t been right in 9 years. You can go on youtube and every year listen to a video about the next market crash.

      7. Put a stop loss on stks in case the market tanks, convert to in state muni tax free fund (Vanguard or Franklin T. class A) for income if stks drop low enough to sell. 401k and IRA’s for working folks: diversify if close to retirement (five years or less) move stock index funds into treasuries like we did.

      8. “….Man it doesn’t show signs of stoppin’
        And I brought some corn for poppin’
        The lights are turned way down low
        Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…” And I just can’t wait for the ‘POP!!!’.

      9. Ho-Hum. We have heard this before.

      10. heard it before is about right………….

        the past 8 years the FED has been doing just swell pumping it up. Along with their half brother the BLS bsing about inflation, inflation for “normal” stuff that is. And even when there is a slight increase in COLA, it just ends up 0 anyway when its eaten up by medicare part B.

        So Let the sucker drop, get the damned interest rates up, let the fixed income non stock marketeer non stacking retired savers finally get something back.

      11. As long as the government keeps pumping digital petro dollars into the stock market it will not crash. Just more of Snyders cry wolf bull crap

        • Old Guy

          The market should have crashed some time ago and would have if, “one plus one equaled two”. The reality is nothing is real. As I stated before its like watching professional wrestling or a stage show.

      12. It will be catastrophic. Been hearing especially for over 2 years it could happen any day now. Miraculously, it hasn’t. More time to prepare for the diligent.

      13. Closed UP today, +143. Go figure. Maybe it’ll crash on Monday.

      14. This Website has been predictin crap for years and one day they will be right lol

      15. You only have to be right one time in a major decline. I have my 401K in the money market now for 2 years, thinking that it has got to crash and I was not about to loose half my money on the crash. I am still the doom/gloom guy, but wished I had made money on the last two years.

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