Mark Levin: Government Is “Simulating the Collapse of Our Financial System, the Collapse of Our Society and the Potential for Widespread Violence”

by | Mar 8, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 806 comments

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    Along with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, leading conservative radio host Mark Levin reaches tens of millions of listeners weekly, and what he talked about recently on his nationally syndicated show has sent shivers down the spines of many of them.

    A few years ago this was fringe theory, restricted only to the sphere of alternative (conspiracy) news.

    Warnings of a massive economic collapse, government stockpiling of weaponry, and the idea that Americans could be broadly classified as terrorists and then detained indefinitely or killed often fell upon deaf ears.

    Today, as more information ‘leaks’ into the mainstream, it is no longer just conspiracy theory. We now have some of the most influential journalists and commentators in the country alerting Americans to the possibility that everything the government has been preparing for the last several years may soon be realized.

    I’m going to tell you what I think is going on.

    I don’t think domestic insurrection. Law enforcement and national security agencies, they play out multiple scenarios. They simulate multiple scenarios.

    I’ll tell you what I think they’re simulating.

    The collapse of our financial system, the collapse of our society and the potential for widespread violence, looting, killing in the streets, because that’s what happens when an economy collapses.

    I’m not talking about a recession. I’m talking about a collapse, when people are desperate, when they can’t get food or clothing, when they have no way of going from place to place, when they can’t protect themselves.

    There aren’t enough police officers on the face of the earth to adequately handle a situation like that.

    I suspect, that just in case our fiscal situation collapses, our monetary situation collapses, and following it the civil society collapses – that is the rule of law – that they want to be prepared.

    There is no other explanation for this.

    Sourced via Red Flag News

    The Pentagon and military have been war-gaming large-scale economic collapse and civil unrest for nearly four years. Those within our government who understand the ramifications a massive breakdown in our systems of commerce, transportation and justice are preparing by stockpiling weapons and ammo, tens of millions of food rations, and even emergency shelters. They are spending hundreds of billions of dollars on continuity of government programs and exercises, preparing for what they know is coming.

    Now why would the government be doing this if there wasn’t a reasonable chance that such events could come to pass?

    We’ve urged our readers to prepare a well thought out contingency plan for the very scenarios our government is spending your hard earned tax dollars on.

    The government may be stockpiling and preparing, but understand that none of these emergency supplies are reserved for you and your family. Only essential personnel involved directly with government operations will have access to these critical survival supplies.

    So you’d better have your own reserves. For those who fail to prepare, it will be horrific.

    Hat tip Posse


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      1. Obama is simulating being a leader. Congress doesn’t even bother to simulate having even one pair of balls!

          • KY Mom,
            The best book I have ever read on the potential reality of drone use on civilians is Matthew Brackens, Foreign Enemies and traitors; The Greater Depression and Civil War 2. In the book the PTB use drones to kill civilians who “look like they may be carrying a gun.”

            It definetely opened my eyes to the eyes in the sky.

            Some good news to report..sort of…I was at Gander Mountain yesterday and was at the handgun counter drooling over some other toys I would love to have. The guy to my right was talking to the clerk about a handgun for his grandma and the guy to left was looking for one for his girlfriend. Two other guys were listening in.

            The one to the left was looking at the Ruger LC9 380 and I couldn’t help but look at him and shake my head no. The other guy was looking at a 1911 45 for his girlfriend…again I shook my head no.

            Before I knew it I was educating 4 guys on the needs of women when it comes to a handgun and showing them the various things “we” would be looking for. My loudest advice was for them to not just buy a handgun for a female but to bring her in and have her go through them.

            It was kinda funny, but I really began noting the difference in men and women when it comes to handguns. It was good to see so many looking to arm the women in their lives. Needless-to-say, our conversation evolved to the state of affairs in the world and America.

            Good to see so many waking up and taking action….now if they can just find some ammo for those new tools.

            • kindle – i made the mistake of picking a firearm out for my wife , so now i have an “extra” gun in the safe. LOL

              you are exactly right , she found her own , and its all good . we men learn the hard way !hahaha

              • hammerhead,
                One of the things I have noticed is that the firearm you are trying out at the gun range is not necessarily the same as a new version of it.

                When I was testing some loaners at the gun range I fell in love with a Glock. Went to the store to buy a new one and couldn’t even pull the slide back or work the releases without difficulty.

                The loaners at the gun range were nice and broke in whereas the new ones needed breaking in. Big difference.

                • Glock 26 for the “little woman” in your life. Not so good, if you’ve got bigger hands though.

                  • “””Why would the government be spending hundreds of billions of dollars to prepare if there wasn’t a reasonable chance that such events could come to pass?”””

                    How would the corp know a collapse was coming if it had not caused it to happen?

                    The hundreds of billions is for the protection of those who caused it, from those who have been victimized by it, in hopes of “getting away with it” unharmed.

                    They WILL NOT.

                  • Bersa Thunder .380 out of Argentina. Good features including safety, around $350 won’t break the bank, easily concealable, shoots like a dream. Makes a great first gun for anyone to carry concealed.

                • Take a few hundred round for new guns to break in.

            • Well said KY Mom. There’s a lot of truth to the expression, “It’s not paranoia, if they’re really out to get you.” Especially in the here and now.

              What was cited a ridiculous fiction 5 years ago is turning out to be fact today. When I hear politicians say one thing, I believe the exact opposite.

              • YH,

                We certainly live in unusual times…

                CIA Brennan takes oath on draft Constitution — without Bill of Rights

                “Director Brennan was sworn in with his hand on an original DRAFT of the Constitution that had George Washington’s personal handwriting and annotations on it, dating from 1787.”

                Earnest said Brennan had asked for a document from the National Archives that would demonstrate the U.S. is a nation of laws.

                “Director Brennan told the president that he made the request to the archives because he wanted to reaffirm his commitment to the rule of law as he took the oath of office as director of the CIA,” Earnest said.

                The Constitution itself went into effect in 1789. But, … what was missing from the Constitution in 1787 is also quite symbolic: The Bill of Rights, which did not officially go into effect until December 1791 after ratification by states.

                That means: No freedom of speech and of the press, no right to bear arms, no Fourth Amendment ban on “unreasonable searches and seizures,” and no right to a jury trial.

                How … symbolic?”

                Posted on Drudge Report

                • KY Mom,
                  We are thinking alike. I posted the link to the article you are referring to on down in the page. It hasn’t yet cleared moderation.

                  We are so fubarred!!

                • Astounding, they do their homework well.

              • We tried to warn everyone 20 years ago…

                • Yep but we were called “tin hat wearers” and “conspiracy nuts” for our efforts. I can well imagine some sheep-like American colonists saying that about Paul Revere as he rode past yelling, “The British are coming!”. Times change quickly but people change slowly, if at all.

              • God’s Creation: Some would say that your analysis was paranoid, but others including myself, would say that’s quite insightful. All departments are given an annual budget based on last year’s expenditures with some very minor tweeking for this year’s anticipated increases and decreases in various areas. But when all federal enforcement agencies have massive (unprecidented) increases in ammo purchases at the same time, one has to ask themself why. This is far more than just a coincident. They either knew something, or at the very least, were anticipating something; such as an ammo shortage. Something wicked this way comes I fear.

                • I agree, Greg. In fact, the entire ammo “shortage” looks like a trumped up steaming pile to me. I can see where massive government buying of .223 and .40 ammo would cause shortages in those calibers, but WTH does this have to do with .22, AK, and 12-ga. ammo that is not being bought by the Gov? These are manufactured in the billions of rounds, yet EVERY store out there that sells ammo has little to no ammo. I call BS on this entire “shortage” nonsense. Something else is at work here. I don’t know what it is but this is not just demand causing all these shortages.

              • Saw a bumper sticker that said, “Don’t believe anything until it is officially denied.”

                • That’s a good one. Thanks for posting.

                  My favorite bumper sticker read:

                  “If you think that health care is expensive now, just wait ’till it’s free!”

                  • Sure! IF ONLY we weren’t taxed enough to provide quality medical care, solid infrastructure, and good education for EVERYONE … if *everyone* paid their share of taxes, and there were not INSANE profits built into the health care system. Any doubts? Read Stephen Brill TIME article “Bitter Pill”.

                    By far, the biggest chunk of the GDP goes to “defense” of the wealthy, powerful and corporations. Oh, why do I waste my time? Most don’r know, and the rest don’t care…yet.

              • many people brush this off as paranoia and a small portion of americans can honestly say that i have a gut feeling this shit is really gonna happen and pretty fucking do i preparefor something that is gonna happen at a moments notice and still get me and my family safely away from the frontline how and were arethe safe places do we hang out on riverbanks or mountains or caves and if so what is the plan of the existing people

              • They most likely have a silenced sniper system for a drone. It would have to come down below a half mile of altitude to be in proper range, and you should be able to hear it then, sounds like a fly buzzing in your ear intermittently, train yourself to listen for it, it will sound like a small plane like a piper cub or smaller. I dont think they can snipe at 20 or 30 thousand feet even with a fifty. They would be able to take somebody out and blame it on a gang drive by. The optics and thermal is state of the art tech, the weapon will probably be set up with three round burst, they dont want to miss. Learn to defeat thermal……….Stay Frosty Watch Ur Six

                • Listen up, Kwans. Here is tip that will save your life and if you are smart, you’ll heed it.

                  Wean yourself and every one of your family members off of cell phones. That’s right. Throw these gadgets in the dumpster. They will get you killed.

                  Over in the Middle East, these predator drones are being used to target people on the ground, right? Well, guess how the jackbooted thug geek monsters in our despicably evil neo-con controlled military are locating these humans on the ground who they want to kill with a drone missile? They are tracking them by triangulating their cellular phone signals, which can be used to pinpoint their exact location. That’s right. When some goat herder decides to use his cell phone to call for a pizza, bingo, ZOG and their GPS satellites know within seconds his exact location and that data is funneled into the computer console operator’s targeting acquisition menu. One click of the mouse, and scratch another goat herder. Oh, and the newer cell phones don’t even have to be turned on – they emit a constant GPS trackable roam signal which pings for the nearest cellular towers.

                  Wean yourself off using cell phones, folks. Consider this a top priority. And, if you are hanging around with fellow prepper friends – and they are packing a cell phone, that could also get you killed.

                  • Most of us would probably choose death. You can’t go cold turkey on the cell phone drug. Not going to happen. Now, shtf, pull the battery. Probably won’t work for long anyhow.

                  • For God’s sake… Even if a shtf event did happen, you really think you’ll become a target for extermination simply for being a prepper or hanging out with them? Dude, switch to decaf.

                  • ‘Oh, and the newer cell phones don’t even have to be turned on – they emit a constant GPS trackable roam signal which pings for the nearest cellular towers.”

                    So wrap it in foil so that it cannot send anything when it is off. Hmmm… foil cell phone pouch, anyone?

            • Since Homeland Security is buying and hoarding weapons and ammo then you better too. Since Homeland Security is hoarding food then you better too. Since Homeland Security is not telling anyone why they are hoarding these things then you better not either.

              Stock up, and whatever you see Homeland Security doing then you do it too. They have emergency shelters, code word for,(fema trailers to be put in fema camps), so you better make your home a safe shelter with a protected perimeter just like fema will have.

              The pres. has underground bunkers beneath the white house, so why is it that if a prepper has an underground bunker then he is a psycho? I guess homeland security, the pres., all the government elites and all the dictators in the world are really just extreme preppers who are special.

              • Speaking of homeland security, doesn’t anyone on this site know anyone associated with homeland,FEMA,Tsa, cops or any military personnel with the guts to speak up. Someone knows what the hell is going on! Ask questions ,press them for any info,no matter how small.

                • I was making an inquiry about the new Fusion Center that was built. My neighbor is retired military now working for DHS. Said his son was going to work for DHS too when he graduates college. Point blank told me better to be the one throwing people in FEMA camps than be the one getting thrown in. That is a true encounter. The guy is a weasel and it came as no surprise.

                  • richard to anon;
                    you know him, his family, where he lives and his plan. make sure others know also. G.I. Joe says, “now you know, and knowing is half the battle.” yep! everything I learned, I learned from G.I. Joe.

                  • Gregory 8,go to the and take a look,that ammo the government is buying is to kill women,children,old people and VETERANS who refuse to hand over their weapons,to a bunch of government terrorists…………lots of great photos of the latest target practice sheets,of WHO they plan to encounter while searching for weapons,YOUR FAMILY,after looking at these remember,the very people who america has been kissing ass on for a hundred years,NOW is planning to blow out your families brains to get your weapons…………..

                  • there is never any loss for finding people who will man the concentration camp machine guns.

                    sad, but human nature.

                  • A lt of young people think that way!

                • A SWAT Team Cop and a Defense Contractor I know both recently sold their suburban homes and moved out to the country. Lifelong suburbanites, their new hobbies are vegetable gardening and chickens. One of them is now preoccupied with and constantly talking “Off the Grid” — for what it’s worth.

                  • Thank you both, Good stuff. What does that tell you when it comes straight from them?

                  • Arizona: What most folks fail to realize is that a large part of DHS are the uniformed folks that were formerly U.S. Customs and Immigration. They can’t be moved very easily because they still have to cover every land border crossing and all international airports and seaports. They could be used to augment the local authorities, some of which are big cities such as Miami, San Diegeo, El Paso, NYC/Newark, etc. That’s just one of the reasons I moved from a big city to a rural, gun loving, county. We’re nearly two hours away from any big city and that’s by a two lane road. No place is perfect but if something does come, we’ll see if from a long way off.

                • I actually did a job today for a customer who told me he is a retired cop and now works for Homeland Security. I started soft on him, asking him an easy question. Boy, what do you think of this messed up economy and no jobs. I got the usually government employee answer, “Well, the government will get it worked out sooner or later”. Then I hit him with, I hear Homeland Security is really beefing up ammo and such, any idea why? I just got a smirk and shrug. So I figure, his ass is covered, “we” don’t seem to be of any concern to “them”!

                  • When SHTF I going to explain to him that we are people and not animals.

                • if they did haveguts to speak up have you ever heard that snitches end up in ditches

                • Yes, That is why I posted that the 2700 armored vehicles that DHS is purchasing are slated for the UN. The purchase order say that they are going elsewhere, but I trust my source. It wouldn’t surprise me that they are arming foreign troops on our soil.

                  What else would you like me to find out?

                  • A time frame would be nice. Even a few month’s warning would be very helpful. Thanks!

                  • I did not ask about delivery dates. The other big question is about FEMA camps? I have asked this question a number of times, but the source has no information. I am willing to ask any questions.

                  • The meaning of Life!

              • That’s the argument the members of our small group were making last night. It’s very reminiscent of medieval days when the king locked himself in his castle with OTHER people to defend him, and he sent the immediate royal family away to keep them safe. Ditto on deadly diseases when the court would go on “progress” to avoid the illness, leaving the masses to starve or die where they lay. (a “progress” cost a lot of money, always at the expense of the people living in the path of the royal locusts.) Something nasty is coming down the pike, and I don’t know whether it’s a natural anomaly or government plans. We’re at the point where we are afraid of our government and they aren’t afraid of us, but consider us to be a nuisance or a noxious pest. What you do with noxious pests is to kill them and get them out of your view. Resist!

                • Yep. Lyme Disease was just the beginning. No telling what they’ll do.

              • Yes, they are special. This is why they all want gun control for us but heavily armed security people all around THEM. Of course, if I was up to no good and doing bad things that are likely to tick people off, I would want lots of protection too.

            • Just buy her a Glock 19 and call it good.

            • It is technically illegal for someone to purchase a firearm with the intent of giving it to someone else. Doing so defeats the intent behind the instant background check, since the actual buyer’s name and info is run through the system and not the name and info of the individual who will eventually take possession of the firearm.

              There is an exception to this rule, and it involves using a private sale/purchase option, as opposed to going to a FFL dealer. The private sale issue varies by state, so I would recommend that each individual do the proper research ahead of time, so as to not inadvertently violate any local laws.

              For the record, I am steadfastly opposed to any law or legislation that would prohibit private sales between responsible individuals. We all should come down very hard on any greasy politician who tries to ban or force private sellers to submit to a background check, because the #1 reason why rats like the despicably evil Chuck Schumer wants these kinds of laws is to help his gun grabbing pals create a national database of ALL guns and gun owners, which I promise you – they plan to use to confiscate our firearms.

              • “””It is technically illegal for someone to purchase a firearm with the intent of giving it to someone else.”””

                You seem to believe that any gun “regulation” is Law.

                SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED means that ALL corporations that form as governments under the Constitutions are forbidden from REGULATING guns in ANY way.

                It’s not a matter of new gun laws, it is a matter of using the guns we Lawfully own to enforce the ONLY gun Law as it IS ALREADY WRITTEN.

                The corp has ZERO jurisdiction or delegation of power to contemplate a gun law, much less enforce one. Any effort to do so is an act of mixed war against the People.

                It’s time for everyone to understand that these corporations have NO LAW MAKING AUTHORITY concerning guns. Or anything else for that matter. They are privately funded corporations, or governments acting in a private character through the use of privately issued commercial paper.

                You are your own government and regulator, anyone else pretending to be a government official is an enemy. They have declared as much in the Public Record.

                • You are correct. Any of their gun laws need not be obeyed as it goes against the Constitution which they all SWORE to uphold. Bunch of LIARS.

                  Don’t be tricked by liars. Arm yourself, learn to be lethal if your life is threatened. Don’t believe what the liars say.

                  Use common sense if you smell a rat.

                • i dont care whos name my protection is in it all ends up the same when defending your home,i know the government is going to collapse on the very people who put these lowlives into office

                • GC and Bimbam: Tell that to the hundreds of folks locked up in federal prisons for “tehcnical” violations of gunlaws. Many of them had the same idea and they are now convicted felons unable to own a gun ever again once they get out. Congress has great powers given to them by “We the People” in Article 1 of the Constitution. They have both enumerated powers, those clearly defined like taxes and rasing an army, coining money, etc. Then they also have, in the last paragraph of Article 1 Sec. 8,. the “necessary and Proper” clause also know as the ‘elastic clause’. This allows them to do anything they believe is needed to run the government, like creating the various agencies and giving them the authority to create regulations. And that’s exactly what Congress has done to us for over two hundred years. No one has to like it, it just is by virtue of their power under this article. Many of those doing time in prison have protested these regulation as being unconstitutional, but the judges have still sentenced them. You can be right legally and morally and still be wrong technically. What we need is an amendment to this part of the Constitution to severly limit, or even eliminate, this ‘elastic’ clause. Until then, we are all in danger of being violators of the technicalities of the law.

                  • Gregory,

                    ALL federal “inmates” are political prisoners who are where they are VOLUNTARILY because they lack knowledge of the Law. The federal corp has no law enforcement jurisdiction in the states against the people.

                    Congress has VERY LIMITED powers, NONE on the land of the states, and “necessary and proper” only extends to federal property physically located in federal territories.

                    If you hire an attorney, you have voluntarily subjected yourself to the foreign commercial jurisdiction of the corp.

                    All those political prisoners are not there because they violated a statute, they are there because they lack knowledge of the Law to PROTECT THEMSELVES and HIRED AN ATTORNEY or allowed one to be appointed against them.

                    So long as people like you continue to believe the corp IS the LAW, it will continue to accumulate political prisoners to use as slave labor for private corps willing to pay the price.

                    The corp is NOT the Law, does not make Law, can not make Law, and has ZERO enforcement authorization for it’s CODES no matter how many times it calls them law.

                    If you do not understand why sometime I have capitalized Law, and other time I have not, you can not understand what i am saying and are ripe to be a victim of code enforcement as the representative of a fiction that is NOT you.

                    Learn, and understand, so you will stop in your unwitting effort to have others follow in the footsteps of your ignorance of the Law.

                    Law for People comes from God. The corp writes “codes and calls them law.

                    You can get your Law from God, or you can get your law from the corp. It is your CHOICE as to which Law you want to protect you.

                    Thus far, you have made the wrong choice. But you are free to change that ANY TIME, without approval or permission.

                    It’s called FREEDOM. If you don’t know how to protect it, you don’t have it.

                  • I forgot, the LAST thing we need is for a corrupt government to amend the Constitution it ignores anyway, and instead enforce through the barrel of a gun the Laws already written that restrict the corps actions in the states against the People.

              • I believe that is call straw purching. They are now trying to make it a felony.The Senate Judiciary Committee approved it last Tuesday.

                • Just in Case: That’s exactly what it’s called and it’s a felony. Line 11a on form 4473 asks if you are the real purchaser for the gun. If someone else has given you the money to buy it because they can’t do so legally, you the ‘straw purchaser’ and both of you are committing a federal crime which will land you both in prison if discovered. That does not mean purchasing a gun for a spouse or friend as a gift. You can do that as long as they are not prohibited from owning a firearm. People can argue all they want about the Constitution and other laws such as the Dick Act, but what folks fail to undestand is that TPTB don’t care. If they want you in prison on a technicality, you’re gone-period. Operation “Fast and Furious” was the ATF asking gun dealers to turn a ‘blind eye’ to purchases they thought were straw purchases and let the bad guys buy their guns. But some folks still insist on standing on priciple. The only thing they’ll if they truly want to make a federal case out of it is a well publisized trial where they’ll painted as an extremist and receive a very long prison sentence when it’s over. This isn’t the movies where the good guy wins because he has truth and justice on his side. His life, and that of his family, will be turned inside out physically, financially, and emotionally. And TPTB will take everything that they’ve prepped for as evidence of a paranoid and conspiratorial mind. The ‘hero’ will be in prison and his family will be unprepeared and defenseless WTSHTF. Only and egomaniacal moron would do that to his family. A wise man picks his battles, both the time and the place. Now is not the time and federal court is never the place. The thumbs down will come from those that hate what I say but know that I’m right. Be samrt, or go to prison.

              • THE DICK ACT OF 1902,is a attachment to the 2th amendment of the US CONSTITUTION,IT IS STILL IN FULL FORCE,it forbids any and all gun laws,it can’t be repealed,it can’t be changed,and goes on forever,THIS is a law that makes all gun laws NULL AND VOID,IT also forbids our national guard from ever being used in a foreign war and being taken out of the country,the government knows about it,why don’t YOU,I guess they kind of forgot to tell everyone huh…figures don’t it……………..

                • Interesting. But it does make me wonder why the gun rights advocate groups have not jumped all over this to have all 20,000 US gun laws revoked as being unconstitutional.

              • It is not illegal to purchase a firearm for a person that may legally own a firearm in certain states. Purchasing a firearm for your spouse in a free state as a gift is legal. A straw purchase is the purchase of a firearm for a person that you no cannot legally own a firearm.

            • That could explain why the 357 my wife bought me for a present has become her pistol of choice.The person receiving the firearm should be the one choosing I guess?But as long as she is happy Im happy.

            • Kindle, I read Enemies and Traitors TWICE! Highly recommend!It opened my eyes, also.

            • Well spoken! Gun wise you need a .40 cal. .45 weighs 7 pounds loaded. Who needs it? Plus the government has bought 5 million rounds, we will take theirs. And get guns that cross over to NATO rounds. Think ahead! Stay true to the constitution!!

              • LUCKY days are here again,DHS is placing 8x8x8 cargo containers in pairs around the nation,they are painted sand colored,camo green colored and no other markings,GUESS WHAT,there full of ammo and weapons,they been seen in truck stops,super markets and other places like police department parking lots,keep your eyes open,because theres your supply of ammo and weapons…just waiting for you to come and get them…………..

              • Who need a .45? Lots of us, actually. My Colt .45 Combat Commander weighs closer to 3 lbs. than 7 but whatever. I like it because I can shoot it quickly and accurately. Anything shot with it is likely to stay shot and not jump up and shoot back. At 6’3″ and 240 lbs., handling a .45 is no problem whatever. Maybe for a small person it would be. Not every gun fits every shooter. But if the gun fits, strap it on! 😉

            • in my opinion the best all around handgun to protect yourself from another human being would be the 357 magnum revolver its fail proof just point and shoot until u can get to your ak-47

              • The .357 is a good weapon, no doubt. It has enough power to do the job and tends to be accurate. The fact that it only offers 6 rounds could be a problem, though. Another problem is the effect of its muzzle blast and the shooter’s night vision. I own a S&W Mdl 19 in .357 mag and have shot it a lot. Yeah, I would use it in a combat situation but only if I could not get to my Colt .45 auto first.


              I have been trying to spread the word about Bracken for a long time. I try always to link to his website so people here can buy his books. ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC is the single best set of books available on our future. Almost everything Bracken anticipates in his novels are becoming reality. We see it on an almost daily basis. Sure, the scenarios change a little–instead of a stadium shooting set up by the ATF renegades, we get the Batman and Newtown shootings from which the Statists maximize their control. Just as Bracken describes, the SW descends slowly into the chaos of a Balkanized New Mexican State. Just as Bracken describes, good, decent, honest Americans are made into bad guys to be dealt with.

              I urge every reader here to read Bracken.

              • I took your recommendation about EFAD about 2 months ago and have since recommended it here several timss.

                Truly is a story coming to life. The stadium massacre, aztlan, civil war and how they came to be are a live blue print being displayed everyday in the news.

                I haven’t been as depressed about a book since OSA.

            • Yes, it IS good that more ladies will be armed but I agree that they need to be part of the selection process. The feel of a weapon in your hand is critical to how well you can use it when the time comes, so handling it BEFORE purchase is necessary.

              I bought a Ruger LC9 (9mm) handgun about 6 months ago. I am not a 9 mm fan boy by any means and only got it because I wanted an inexpensive hideout gun with better than .380 punch. This fits the bill nicely. No, it is not my Colt .45 Combat Commander or even my S&W Mdl 19 .357 mag but it is a decent little hideout weapon that my wife handles easily. Recoil is moderate and accuracy is good. Only thing I do not like about it is the excessively long trigger pull. There is a $45 kit that reduces this by half and I am strongly considering it.

            • Yes, by all means, let her pick her own. You want her to be able to hold onto the thing comfortably. My wife held, handled, and inspected damn near every gun in the cabinet. She settled on the M&P 40C. That was the most comfortable for her to start. Now that she has done more handgun shooting, I can hardly pry my Kimber 1911 from her hands.

          • Pretty soon I’ll have to wrap my gun in mylar to make them invisible.

        • Do you all remember the 2700 tanks? They are not for DHS. They are for the UN. Don’t ask, but that is where they are going.

          Call your Rep. De-fund this now. Let the corp. starve.

          • I thought those were bradleys not tanks?

            • They are “mine proof” vehicles. One of the articles called them “Tanks”. That is why I used it. Does not matter what the PO says they are destined for the UN. I trust my source.

              • It’s a “rose by any other name”. Regardless they’re not police vehicles but rather armor plated military vehicles. The ruse works both ways when soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors are used in a “Police Action”.

                Change a word or two to something close but not accurately descriptive and you can completely alter the intent of any statement.

                • DHS Charter is to protect us. In light of that they should be protecting American jobs, environment, and our investment in GM by purchasing 2700 Volts. Let them do what the Military had to do with the Hummers. Strap on their own armor.

              • I would be willing to bet that, like all other armored vehicles, they are not Molotov Cocktail proof! 😉

          • Dumbass Read the purchase order. 2684 for the Navy (Marines) to be deliver by 2017.

            And 16 only 16 for the DHS. There reason to hate them. But we dont need to make issues up.

            • Really? Please provide a link to “purchase order 2684” for the Navy. Your post is the only one I can find making such a claim. Every other story about this order identifies the Department of Homeland Security as the purchasing agency. For whom do YOU work, by the way?

        • Yeah they do have a pair. One’s about the size of a’BB’ and the other one is a real little bitty thing.

        • oh my america has turned the government on the very people that elect/vote the mf”rs in i swear this country is going to destroy itself from the inside out. the final scenario will be united states citizens/exmilitary/militia groups defending themselves from there own government.were do u draw the line do u kill a cop?what if he is trying to get your food or water ?has the president played this out fully?or is he automatically assuming victory over his own people ?i for one will not buckle to a communist rule without myself being shot dead.i know im not the only one thinkin obama is the worst thing that could ever happen to the united staes of america ?just open your eyes this country is setting itself up for a fall.the government of this country has far more resources and manpower and just to much stuff to be using on domestic soil .stop watching your own people look at the mexican ice dealer or the(oh god should i say it the black crack dealer) or the pimp or the bum wantin money at the liqur store were is the line and why do we need em? all im sayin and this is my own personnel opinion i dont trust the government its corrupt and deceitful and polluted and to be honest its a fucking joke this country has been running on luck and the good loreds blessing but that is soon to run out >>>>>thenwhat armeggedon im not lettin suits take my shit how bout yall

          • Most of us respect our police and military people but neither of them has a license to steal what we have, regardless of reason. Those of us who prep for an uncertain future do so at the cost of other things that we could be doing with OUR money. We make a choice, same as everyone else, yet if the SHTF, somehow we are the bad guys who are “hoarding” everything and forcing others to do with out. I call BS on that! Anyone CAN do what we are doing but the sad truth is that a lot of them just don’t. I guess it is just plain easier to sit on their ass and then bitch when life treats them harshly.

        • Well well well..

          Forbes of ..all sites.!!! is now questioning the 1.6 billion rounds and 2700 armored vehicles by homeland security..

          Link below.


            • If I were the Head of DHS charged with the responsibility for the safety of the American people and the preservation of the nation; and if I knew that Nibiru were real and would present itself to US in unmistakable terms within a few years, having a profound effect upon all of civilization, I would order:

              1. 2 billion rounds of ammunition of various caliber, anticipating that supply lines would be severed and production facilities destroyed;

              2. I would accelerate the construction of underground facilities to house OUR command and control structures to maintain OUR national defense;

              3. I would want 30,000 drones in the sky to monitor conditions on the surface, repel any aggressors, and coordinate police charged with corralling the zombie hoards bent on destruction, mayhem, and murder;

              4. I would ensure that there were sufficient internment camps for the zombies, 7,000 “personal defense weapons” for the use of Camp personnel, and 2700 armored vehicles to help round the zombies up, rather than let them ravage the countryside;

              5. I would want ExO’s in place sufficient to organize the chaos and quell the insanity;

              6. I would WANT the population unarmed to make my job protecting them easier; BUT instead, I would direct all gun owners to register with their local Sheriff’s Posse to swell the ranks of legally armed citizens desiring to protect their community;

              7. I would be transparent about the potential threat to civilization …. and delay that announcement for as long as possible understanding that madness could ensue throughout the length and breadth of society; and to ensure that I had all possible preparations in place beforehand.

              8. I would rely on conspiracy theorists and Alt Media to spread their concerns and encourage others to prepare for “Doomsday” understanding that there are limits to what I can do to protect every individual American; knowing that some enlightened souls could read the handwriting on the wall and become ….


              Just saying. Not everything that glitters is “gold”. Still, invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes.


      2. Why don’t the Bastards just stop doing all the crap that is causing the problem in the first place.

        • How are they going to render the Const obsolete and usher in their NWO communist wet dreams if they do that.

          • Why anyone would give Not so Much a thumbs down indicates that there are those here who either STILL don’t get it, OR, the Zionist shills are keeping close tabs on Mac’s site, meaning, we have some infilTRAITORS (working consciously or unconsciously i.e. programmed) cozying up with us.

            Clearly they are “Bastards”, Paranoid, but like cancer eating away at healthy cells and tissue, these bastards are fulfilling their destiny, i.e. doing exactly what they’ve been groomed/designed to do, i.e. spreading dis-ease, chaos and entropy to break down the present (Constitutional) system. Just as Cancer feeds on weak immune systems, these bastards do the same. That’s why the solution is not “burn”, “slash” or “poison” the immune system, weakening it and making it vulnerable to increased infection, but to utilize preventative measures, i.e. tactics and strategies, to strengthen our mental, physiological and emotional immune systems, on a personal level, so these cancerous bastards can’t get a foot hold in the first place.

            Americans, as a collective, have become weak and the present Fascist State is a reflection of that, i.e. corruption has been allowed to run free while the majority of Americans are to busy looking the other way. However, if the entire collective prepped at once, the ‘cancer’ would die instantaneously.

            • If I ever become aware that someone in my life is one of the bastardsthey will be kissing the barrel of my 30.06, after it is rammed up their ass to protrude from their mouth. Nothing I despise more than this type pf bastard and they will regret ever having been born. My engagement with them will be protracted and exquisitely fine tund for maximum effect.

              • sounds like, “terminate with extreme prejudice.”

            • No, the reason you get thumbed down is that anyone who uses the term “Zionist shill” to refer to enemies is a Nazi shill, a racist, and a fascist, and must be weeded out along with all the other statists. The only difference between you fascists and the fascists you pretend to oppose is that they’re in power and you’re not. Were the positions reversed, you would behave exactly the same, and that is why real preppers will have to treat you exactly like all the other parasites and thieves when the SHTF, i.e. shoot you and grind you up for dog meat.

              • Anyone using the user name “Pro Zion” gets an automatic thumb down too, just in case you happen to be curious as to where all YOUR thumbs downs are coming from.

                And the “real preppers”? I don’t think their really in it for Zion. I’d like to encourage you to do some research regarding the “real” enemies – and please be open to the fact that you may be wrong. I don’t profess to know everything but I sincerely believe that the Zionist agenda is not compatible with the Patriot agenda.

                • Fuck you too, Stormfronter Nazi cunt. There is no Zionist agenda, except in the fevered brains of racist cunts like you too illiterate to read anything but that Protocols of the Elders of Zion bullshit published by the anti-Semitic nutjobs who preceded the Nazis and republished by every Nazi successor on the internet ever since. True prepping is about laying in supplies for tough times, not spewing paranoid racist shit about a tiny ethnic group in a tiny nation struggling to survive in the midst of its enemies’ empires clear on the other side of the world.

                  As for patriotism, I’d say trying to blame all your country’s woes on a race instead of on the actual individuals self-selecting groups that perpetrated these crimes against us makes you just as much a traitor as they are, and just as deserving of execution. You’re no patriot! The only difference between you Nazis and the Commies currently in the White House is that they’re currently in power and you’re not. Were the positions reversed, you would be doing exactly the same things they are, which is why you will behave exactly the same as they will when the SHTF, and be put to death for the same crimes against humanity.

                  • Strongly said but it needed to be said.

                    Prep to Survive the Death of this monster we all helped create. We are all at fault.

                    But just to add AM NEVER LEAVING aT LEAST MOST OF US ARE NOT GOING TO RUN TO
                    ANOTHER COUNTRY.

                    Americans For Americans.

                  • Wow Daisy sure got yer Shnoz out of joint huh. I bet when someday you finally attempt a removal of said shnoz from your ass the hook part will render such a task nearly impossible, without assistance from at minimum a bulldozer for it’s massive pulling power.

                    How many shekles equals one dollar when you get paid off by telaviv or splc? I love seeing you types come unglued when all along you thought america and especially whiteys would never awaken eh. The exact Same mistake your kind made prior which always led to expulsions by the Host nations you wrecked. 109 nations so far since 245 AD. And yet it was Always never the fault of jews right?…

                    Everybody worldwise is nazis except of course for the innocent jewsih group who never ever do nothing evil or wrong right.

                    Like the evil bastard kid in every neighborhood who is the terror of neighborhood, yet always crys and whines “Why oh Why am I always blamed”?…When all along it IS him that causes all harm by evil devious methods.

                    Your are SO Typical!…But Yes we Are on to you now and Millions awaken every month! Tic-Toc Kommieboy Khazers.

                  • @Anti Stormfronter….Can you not speak to one of our prepper/colleagues in a civilized manner? The rest of us come to this site to learn and share with each other….not to listen to your dirty mouth… you actually EAT out of that mouth????? and you take care, CC.

                  • @ Anti-Stormfronter/Pro-Zion/Patriot Agenda/Stan/Wolf359

                    I wonder how many more names you have, Bitch?

                • Ever hear of Cindy Sheehan, Dumbsy? She talked exactly like you… and was a great friend of Hugo Chavez. Disgusting how you goose-steppers do stick together.

                • Bitch, you’re siding with Hitler’s apologists!

                  Now I believe in equality for nearly everyone, and tolerance, and all that gay stuff; but bitch, fuck you!

                • Well Daisy then you dont profess to know shit for that matter. To think I actually read your posts along with your website and thought of you as an enlightened individual but I have finally had it with you ‘re anti semitic jargon trash. WTF is up with everybody and this fabricated anti zioninist BS. Are you all that despondant? Its not some jew hiding behind a tree pulling the strings!
                  I have studied history, have a degree of history yet from you and the likes of AM, AP or Grumpy you all have a secretive hidden version of historical perspectice apparently us lay people have never been privy too.
                  You know throughout history everytime there was a downturn whether economically, m ilitarily or medically the Jews were always to blame. Entire villages and families were layed to waste. Its easy to find another people unlike urself to fall blame upon.
                  The old hatreds are once again resurfacing and shame on you Daisy and shame on me for following you.

                  • @ Wolf359

                    You “studied history”? “Have a degree of history”? “OF history”?







                    So, Wolf359 you’ve got a degree “of” history? What school was that at? When and where?

                    I’ll save you the embarrassment. You didn’t get a degree, except in Bull Shitting anyone who would believe your psychopathic nonsense.



                    YOU’VE BEEN EXPOSED Wolf359/Stan/Patriot Agenda/Pro-Zion/Anti-Storm…

                  • Is it possible that the issue is confusion of terms? Jewish is not the same as Zionist. Jews are not looking to set up a Zionist nation. The NWO types are trying to do that. To be against the NWO is not to be against the Jews. Anti-semetic refers to anti-jewish. But an anti-zionist is one who is against using the NWO to capture Jerusalem and use it for the NWO Zionist plan for a one world commuinist government that may also be used for a one world religion.

                  • Well stated, Cara.

                    If one re-reads the above comments, e.g. Wolf359, Angelo Mysteriouso, Pro-Zion, Stan, Patriot Agenda, Anti-Stormfronter, one finds that those who bring up the term “Jew” are the real Nazi, Racist, anti-semitic Psychopaths. They’ve infiltrated this site, and a few others in particular, and contaminate, spewing their fecal verbiage, where ever they please.

                    Contrary to the popular belief of many religious sects, Zionism is a cancer, created by TPTB, to methodically break down the purity of moral and ethical behavior. It’s infiltrated various religious doctrine which is why so many regular posters at this site take offense when the vile and infectious Zionist organization, run mainly by Jews but not exclusively, is exposed at it’s Source.

                  • @ Wolf359
                    I don’t buy what you are selling, any of it. Still waiting to hear about that “History” degree of yours.

                    In addition, how could someone who exposes Zionism, the dark corrupt entities trying to control and manipulate the masses, be considered a “racists”? How is that possible? When did Zionism become a “race”? Sounds like you are the racist…but you haven’t got a clue of what I’m alluding to here, do you?

                    And don’t include “we” in your “we are hard working well informed constitutional patriots” statement. Well informed, you are not. You can’t think outside of your own programmed box to join that group. Anyone who truly is informed of the principles of the Constitution and why it was cognized in the first place, knows who the framers were fighting, even way back then.

                    Your still a shill, even if you don’t know it. It’s how you’ve been programmed to say what they want you to say that says it all.

                  • Sorry ea that is not how a shill infiltrates. LOL HEY IM A SHILL IM HERE LOOKIE ME…. no that is not how to do it.

                    A shill would sit back and watch and read for a few weeks.
                    You know the ones who say “I have been a long time reader first time poster.” those kinda ppl ( not saying all who do it are the infils. )

                    Then they slowly add comments testing which way to go how far they can push by reactions. Then after they set their limits they make comments that many agree with or even some agree with. Slowly throwing out false information making it look real. having some proof of what they are saying but not much proof if someone actually looks it up.

                    We keep calling trollers infils. they are just pains in the ass who like to fuck with people. A true infiltration specialist will not be seen or known even when they are spreading the lies. I would actually suspect someone who is well known here and someone others listen to when they comment.

                    The top suspect for true infiltration and set up would be someone who actually puts out articles here. Take it from someone who has used the skills in real life not just on the computer. To infiltrate you want to assimilate yourself, make yourself thought of as a non threat. Some of the deadliest ppl in this world would seem to you as nothing more then a clown and a fool. I was always the class clown.

                • Daisy
                  Screw their thumbs down when the truth is being told.
                  We know who the straight shooters are on this site.
                  There seems to be an awful lot of carp swimming up
                  Mac’s trout stream lately. You don’t deserve that
                  tirade and those a-holes can go piss up a rope. What
                  the hell are they doing on this site anyway!
                  Obviously, they are mistaking us for someone who gives
                  a shit about what they are saying

                  • OutWest….I wouldn’t worry too much from naysayers. In reality most on this blog knows troubled times are ahead. We need each others ideas and thoughts. I have learned from others on this blog, and that includes the so-called naysayers. The future will not be easy. Thus, I know what to sift as good idea or bad idea.

                  • Thanks Ugly
                    but if I need any shit from those kind
                    of people, I’ll squeeze their heads….

                  • EA,

                    A shill I am not. My entire composition and compilation of posts attest to that and all my posts have always been under one name and with one IP address. I have had numerous back and forths both learning new and constructive ideas about shtf scenarios and putting my own personal experience and informational skills into discussion to help others on this site.

                    Most on this site are not tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists looking for an illuminati zionist reptillian plot to over throw the world.

                    Instead we are hard working well informed constitutional patriots who view the current direction of the us and world as fundamentally wrong and we are here to better ourselves and help others for what’s to come.

                    Whenever the term zionist is used by you or other racists you not only invalidate anything positive or worthwile you may have said but you lower the bar of discourse on this site.

                    There is no place for your obscene tin foil hat conspiracy theories here on this great site. Stick with above top secret and godlikepredictions for your ridiculous theories.

                    I will concede my punctuation and spelling was horrid but that’s what happens when posting in a truck from my phone on a dirt road.

                  • @ Wolf359
                    I don’t buy what you are selling, any of it. Still waiting to hear about that “History” degree of yours.

                    In addition, how could someone who exposes Zionism, the dark corrupt entities trying to control and manipulate the masses, be considered a “racists”? How is that possible? When did Zionism become a “race”? Sounds like you are the racist…but you haven’t got a clue of what I’m alluding to here, do you?

                    And don’t include “we” in your “we are hard working well informed constitutional patriots” statement. Well informed, you are not. You can’t think outside of your own programmed box to join that group. Anyone who truly is informed of the principles of the Constitution and why it was cognized in the first place, knows who the framers were fighting, even way back then.

                    Your still a shill, even if you don’t know it. It’s how you’ve been programmed to say what they want you to say that says it all.

              • @ Pro-Zion

                It would be interesting to see how many other names you go by, here at SHTF. You’re a delusional, chicken shit psychopath who hides in a dark (stenchful) basement office cubical (in a very low rent industrial park), sitting with other smelly Zionist bitches, getting paid minimal wage to slink around on the internet, infiltrating sites like this and contaminating them with your mindless, foul smelling presence. When the revolution begins, you’ll be one of the first up against the wall squealing like a piglet as you’re put out of your miserable, demonic life.

                • EA,

                  Regardless of what you beleive nothing short of showing you a public trust clearance will convince you of what I assert to be nor does it really matter to me or most people on here.

                  My posts speak for themselves and when I see garbage posts like you’re posts advocating crazy racist conspiracy theories I call BS.

                  Again there is no room on this site for your ignorant fantasies of illuminati, hollow earth reptilians zionists here.

                  Have you ever seen an article which Mac has posted supporting your racist conspiracy theories?

                  I haven’t and I don’t expect to. Its beneath this site just like you.

                • Speak for yourself, Eurocunt… or should I say John Q Pubicscabs? Or should I say AM? Is it true what they say, that Hitler’s semen tastes exactly like his shit? You’d be in a position to know, I’m sure…

            • Ah, but the question becomes: Is Madagascar still a feasible option, for the relocation and permanent confinement of the world’s #1 greatest threat to freedom, liberty, and White European survival?

              • Tucker: No Madagascar is not a feasible option. Madagascar has lots of gold and its offshore environs are brimming with oil.

                Try again.

        • This is all planned the grand scheme,to change our republic,get ready its coming,90 days food not even close to being enough try at least a year to start.Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of there country.

        • If you have this kind of questions now, then you have to Research, Read and learn Quickly!!!!! Just follow the MONEY !

        • Dear Paranoid,

          They won’t stop because they are doing it on PURPOSE! Obama learned his lessons well from the radicals of the ’60’s who said that overburdening the welfare system would cause the whole economy to collapse, making room for a new communist state

          • @ Neva, Exactly! It’s called the Cloward-Piven plan.

          • Hung from a gibbet comes to mind here.

            • Five Rings.

      3. Not a real big fan of Mark Levin. I take what he says with a grain of salt, same as I do with AJ. I’m plodding along. Got a firearm with me or nearby most days. Something comforting about that, always has been. Got family that I can depend on. God’s still on the throne.

        • Patriot

          The likes of Levin ,Limbaugh etc are all water boys for the neo con schools of thought..
          The fact that they are taking notice ,of what usually is dismissed as conspiracy lunacy,is now relevant to the process..and just might inform a few bit more.

          As you, I pack every day 24/7

          Just in case….

          Keep packing,stacking,and preparing..


          • None of these guys is perfect, but it is all we have at this point. You better start liking somebody. We would be in a world of hurt without some of these blowhards. However, I will give it to you on Bill O’flatulence. That asshole I can no longer watch (refuse to). He does not seem to understand that Obama actually does want to bring the country to it’s knees and he also doen’t get the 2nd amend. As stated above, keep packing.

            • You haven’t been watching BOR recently. Not only has he been absolutely brutal on Obama, he has specifically been warning about the potential for Economic Collapse.

              • You are right. I won’t watch him since after the election. His moderate speeches along to road to the election, I feel helped Obama enormously. His ass kissing trying to get Obama to come on the show were nausiating. Now Johnny come Lately is a soothesayer. No thanks, I am doing fine without his drivel. But, to each his own.

              • Be sure that NONE of those Zionist enablers (including “Catholics” like O’Reilly and Hannity) WILL EVER NAME THOSE RESPONSIBLE.

                That is why all those talking heads, screeching Mark Levin included, must also be prosecuted at Nuremberg 2.

                • No matter how many internet talk-backers the Zionists pay*** it is impossible to hide that neo-CON MEN Hannity, O’Riley, Beck, Levin, Weiner/”Savage,” et al., toe the Zionist line most obediently.

                  Be sure that NONE of those Zionist enablers (including “Catholics” like O’Reilly and Hannity) WILL EVER NAME THOSE RESPONSIBLE.

                  That is why all those talking heads, screeching Mark Levin included, must also be prosecuted at Nuremberg 2.


                  • No matter how many internet talk-backers the Zionists pay*** it is impossible to hide that neo-CON MEN Hannity, O’Riley, Beck, Levin, Weiner/”Savage,” et al., toe the Zionist line most obediently.

                    Be sure that NONE of those Zionist enablers (including “Catholics” like O’Reilly and Hannity) WILL EVER NAME THOSE RESPONSIBLE.

                    That is why all those talking heads, screeching Mark Levin included, must also be prosecuted at Nuremberg 2.


              • Bill has advocated a national registry of guns. Sorry, but Bill does not understand the 2nd Amendment or how the gov wants to confiscate firearms.

                • Just for giggles, we should rewrite all the gun laws on the books today so that they infringe upon the media’s beloved 1st Amendment rights and see how they like those apples. Something tells me that they would not like that nearly as much as they do infringing on the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans.

            • Oreilly had an interesting exchange with Dennis Miller about that lastnight actually. He begged Miller to be honest and tell him what he’s been missing and Miller obliged. Told him he’s been late to the party and people have been warning about this for years and he had tried to tell him but O’Reilly would have none of it. Then told Bill he was waking up now with a lot of other people who just refused to acknowledge reality.

              A sign of things to come I’ve been looking for is when the likes of O’Reilly, Levin Kristol etc begin talking economic collapse and destruction then it’s nearly game time.

              All of them have rIdiculed and mocked people like Beck and Jones who have been ringing the bell for years too.

            • Bull O’Reilly is a virulently anti-White, Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxist indoctrinated, White European genocide promoting, neo-con, RINO cockroach.

              Remember a few years ago, when a group of White high school kids down in Alabama, I think – wanted to have an after-prom party for White kids only? They wanted to have this party at a PRIVATE residence, not on any public property. Remember how O’Reilly reacted that story?

              Here we have what were obviously a group of racially healthy White kids, who were probably sick and tired of worrying about getting assaulted, raped or shot by some black or mestizo gang bangers – an occurrence which is almost a guaranteed event at any party or gathering where large groups of blacks and mestizos assemble, and these White kids wanted to have a party that reflected their celebration of White culture and which would be dominated by White behavioral standards instead of inner city degeneracy – and O’Reilly comes unglued. Screeching and screaming ‘racists’, ‘bigots’, and spewing every other Marxist smear word in the books at those racially healthy White kids.

              A private party, at a private residence, is the sole business of whoever plans the party and so is the list of people who are invited, Bull buddy. O’Reilly clearly has no concept or clue about ‘private property rights’ or about ‘freedom of association’.

              He’s a Cultural Marxist Communist cockroach.

              • BOR will help insure White Genocide.

              • I love how all you fanboys jump on the bandwagon after I’ve been saying this shit for years and been mocked for it.

                • You have been screeching like a bitch all these years. No one been able ever follow what you say or mean.

              • Inform us all then of who you listen too and draw inspiration from other than the almighty?

                I’m very curious to know since you put down a lot of personalities ppl here prefer to listen to.

                Please enlighten me?

                • My personal experience and studies.

              • I personally have never had a colored person at a party I had. Does that make me a racist

              • Does SHTF promote racism?

                So now a white man can’t call a Spade a Spade (pun intended). I thought the topic of discussion was Collapse?

                Am I to believe that 4 million blacks and 8 million browns are savaging the country in large numbers? Correctme if I’m wrong, but isn’t it a fact that the reason we have Social Programs in this country is because a White Politician instituted it?

                Wasn’t it the very same Politician that confiscated everyone’s Gold, then Devalued the Dollar?

                Of all the Wall Street Barrons lobbying successfully for their continued bailouts to the tune of $11 plus TRILLION from the Federal Reserve, how many of them are Black or Hispanic?

                Has Welfare even distributed $11 Trillion to Blacks and Browns in its 60 year history? What’s the total number of Social Security and Medicare/Medical dollars that went to White People (not to mention Welfare)?

                Oh yeah, did Blacks and Browns issue themselves ONE HUNDRED SIXTY BILLION DOLLARS AFTER THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (that would be taxpayers) BAILED THEM OUT?

                You really are funny Tucker. I see Blacks and Browns all over White Neighborhoods repossessing homes after issuing loans they knew the borrowers couldn’t afford.

                Next you’re going to tell me blacks and browns issued loans that Greece, Spain, Ireland, and Italy couldn’t afford right? And when it affects mainstream America, via the Derivatives (the blacks and browns created), it will be their fault too-right? Is that what you’re trying to tell us Tucker?

                I don’t mind it if your Racist children want to mingle amongst themselves. Just make sure they invite the other white trash-you know the ones that destroyed our country- to the party as well. They’ll be right at home.

          • “water boys for neo con schools of thought” WTH are you talking about. Listen to them instead of reading about them and you wont sound so stupid.

            • I listen to them. I listen to them all. Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage… and they all have the same thing to say… after all their rants… all their drivel… all the talk…

              VOTE REPUBLICAN!

              • WE better ALL vote Republican in 2014 or the commies in government will dissolve the US Constitution with majority control of the House, Senate, and WH.

                Better Right than RED.

                • Unless there is divine intervention by fall 2014, the last thing we will be concerned with is who to vote for. I hope we have that long to prep; but, I wouldn’t count on it.

                • I do not believe we will make it to 2014…. this all will crumble before they get into the heat of campaigning

                  • You guys are not paying attention; Market’s up! Job’s are up! Housing is coming back! We are just around the corner from being a world leader in energy!!!
                    And when Obama care “really cranks up”, you’ll see what a great benefit it will be.
                    And as far as the general economy. Bernanke’s got things well under control. You just don’t posess the brain power he does, and therfore can’t follow along.
                    And for those rare instances when you need protection,”just go buy a shotgun”. Joe Biden has been a UNITED STATES SENATOR for over 35 years for god sake!! He’s freaking brilliant. ( and looks good too!).

                    so stop whining, your just bringing us down with all the negativity.

                    (now for the fun part. seeing how many knucklheads td!)

                  • vote in this country is a fraud. Will you continue to play this game?

                • How many Republican congressmen voted for the NDA? The 2008 Republican Presidential candidate wrote it. You still think Republicans are going to save us?

                  • This is why all you stoopid old people need to become libertarians.

                  • No, they are not. But perhaps they are a bit less rabid about the same infinite government agenda that the left has. If so, then having them in control could mean up to several months of additional prep time before everything turns to crap. That time is more precious than many realize… but only if it is used to prep.

                • With the November 6th, 2012 election results – as broken down by race – the left clearly thinks that the game is over, and they’ve won and are now unstoppable.

                  This sudden explosive push to come after our firearms, so soon on the heels of November 6th, was no coincidence – and neither was Sandy Hook, either. I really do get the sense – from watching the huge amount of nauseating gloating that is busting out of the leftist controlled media, the amount of raw, unfiltered, no longer subtle – the in-our-faces racial hatred and venom that is being spewed like rancid vomit at White European people – these anti-White racists on the left have really dropped their masks and are now revealing just how deep their hatred and animosity is for the traditional founding stock of America.

                  They believe that they’ve got a lock on a permanent, one party dictatorship – and that might very well be true. It will most certainly be true if the RINOs like Rubio, McCain, Graham, Cruz, Gingrich, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, and the rest of these RINO rats manage to cut a deal with the Communist at 1600 PA Avenue and grant amnesty to 30 to 40 million illegal aliens and then also let them import 50 or 100 million of their relatives.

                  The D’s know that only a second American Revolution will threaten their one-party totalitarian dictatorship – and that’s why they were so quick to try to grab our firearms after November 6th. They won’t give up on this, folks. They just got a little too impatient and made a tactical mistake in showing their sinister cards a little too soon.

                  Already, we see signs that they are trying to quiet this issue down a little and revert back to their former stealthier schemes. Do not let this fool you – they want our firearms because they want to resume where the Bolshevik Communists left off in the former USSR and mass exterminations of White Europeans is not possible when we are still so heavily armed.

                  Remain vigilante and start preparing for what is sure to come in the future. Oh, and stop voting for RINO cockroaches in the R party, people. They are our biggest enemies, and even more dangerous than the hard core, out of the closet Commies in the D party.

                  • Tucker: So correct on all points you covered. If only a multiple of times one Hundred would awaken from such a massive arsenal of potential White folks in America. And begin to see reality as you so well wrote and articulated it. Plan-A= whites must rid themselves of all forms of kommie indoctrinated white-guilt. There simply is no other method that has any hope unless whites by massive numbers do so and quickly.

                    Such white guilted folks will Never recieve the much sought after aproval, and words to the effect that they are no longer a racist, from african blacks.

                    The lables of racist and antisemitic are the Only “card” those two groups possess. Their entire deck of cards has but one single card. They can never tell any whites what whites desire so to hear. If they did so they would no longer have any “ammo” to use against whites.

                    The only real method to rid them of white guilt is on a personal individual level. Only then are they able to see the true war against all whites being played out. And once they do awaken and get rid of all forms of white guilt, it works similar to confession of sins or wrongs. A true feeling of newness and no longer anything to hold them in check, by kommie blacks and zionists.

                    That ability to use stupid words like racist or antisemitic is the only method the kommies have to keep whiteys in Check. And Only white folks can cause that method to no longer have such an effect. Thats when things can and Will change for the better. There is not much time frame left though. Mestizo-amnesty will surely negate all chances for not only todays whites, but especially all of their kids and grandkids who’s future will be a literal Hell in America….”IF” them white kids are even still allowed to remain Alive.

                    You are 100% correct that we are knee deep in an Ongoing plan to finalize what began in 1918 russia by those evil bolshevik zio kommies. Over 1/2 of them are now living here in usa. And that 1/2 Is of the Top kommie party honcho class mainly.

                  • Lest anyone be suckered by the non-Biblical ‘Noahide Law’ of the rabbis, be aware that Christians are defined as ‘idolaters’ liable for beheading under halacha.

                    “… a gentile who worships false gods is liable, [for the death penalty] provided he worships them in the accepted manner [in other words, insincere worship such as (1) faking worship to obtain business or social advantage, as the Marranos, or (2) denying Jesus’ divinity, does not earn the death penalty]. A gentile is executed for every type of foreign worship which a Jewish court would consider worthy of capital punishment.” [Maimonides, Hilchot Melachim XI, Mishneh Torah]

                    The Jewish Encyclopedia affirms that the punishment for Christian “idolatry” is beheading. See:
                    “Laws, Noachian,” Jewish Encyclopedia entry,

                    Of course, as Chabad’s rabbis tell you, that will be applied “only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”

                    Much like the word “Torah” makes a Christian wrongly think that the rabbis are referring to the Pentateuch, but actually refer to “Torah SheBeal Peh” (the Oral “Torah” that was later compiled into the Talmud and Kabbalistic books), Christians think that the “Noah” of “Noachide Law” is the biblical Noah, but wrong again. No, the Noah of the Noachide Law is most unbiblical, mocked in the rabbinical literature as an incompetent drunk incapable of fulfilling God’s commission, and who compounded the sin of Adam.

                    “Three had a passion of agriculture [N.B. farming is an occupation of disrepute in Judaism] and no good was found in them: Cain, Noah, and Uzziah.” Midrash Rabbah: Genesis I, translated by Rabbi Dr. H. Freedman (Soncino, 1983) vol. 1, p. 289.

                    “The rabbis teach that Noah ended as a castrate. One story has it that he was castrated by a lion while he was drunk and on his way to have intercourse and this `scattered his semen.’ Alternatively the Midrash says that it was actually Ham who castrated Noah, and that Noah told Ham, `You have prevented me from doing something in the dark [having sex], therefore your seed will be ugly and dark-skinned.'” Midrash Rabbah: Genesis I, translated by Rabbi Dr. H. Freedman (Soncino, 1983) vol. 1, p. 283.

                    Much more is available on the virulent racisim of the “Great Ramban” Maimonides’ racism.

                    The rabbis teach that Jesus Himself was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b], even teaching such insanities as claiming that Jesus worshipped a brick. [Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 67a, 107b] There are, of course, other numerous scurrilous accusations against Jesus in the Talmud and rabbinical literature. Though the passages have been denied and expurgated Talmud editions have been published, often using code words for Jesus, Princeton Professor and Director of JUDAIC Studies Peter Schafer has examined dozens of Talmud editions in the original and vernacular languages. Schafer not only adduces the explicit references to Jesus of Nazareth, but he also traces the code words used in the Talmud editions expurgated and sanitized for Gentile consumption. Schafer traces from edition to tractate to folio how “Balaam,” “that man,” “the carpenter,” “ben Pandera” (son of Pandera), the blank spaces, and the rest of the code words refer to Jesus of Nazareth. In his book “Jesus in the Talmud” (ISBN 13: 978-0691129266) Schafer has affirmed that the Talmud teaches that that Jesus was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b], was a “mamzer” [bastard] conceived adulterously in “niddah” [menstrual filth] by a Roman soldier named Pandera [Kallah 51a] of a whore [Sanhedrin 106a] and that He is now in Hell boiling in feces and, in some editions because Jesus is accused of sexual perversion, semen [Gittin 57a]. Schafer documents much more, including the Talmud claim that the Sanhedrin justly executed Jesus because he was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b] who worshipped a brick [Sanhedrin 67a], even boasting that the Sanhedrin overcame Roman opposition to the execution of Jesus [Sanhedrin 43a].

                • dk, in this case, yes, voting , even if it is for the repukelicans, is important. Obama cannot have a clean slate to implement his agenda. However that is the only reason why and the repukelicans certainly cannot be trusted.

                  • eeder: Agreed

                • What does it matter if you buy matzoh in a red box or a blue box?

                  The genocidal Zionist banksters think that they are the Master Race and you are not even human.

                  Because Gentiles are not human, Gentiles are owed no debt of morality or decency – not honesty [Baba Kamma 113a], not property [Baba Mezia 24a], not even life! — “The best of the Gentiles should all be killed” Soferim 15, 10

                  “…although our Sages declared, ‘Kill even the best of the gentiles,’ and that, as mentioned above, the Rambam [Maimonides] states in Hilchot Melachim 8:10 that any gentile who does not accept the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants should be slain. These directives, however. can be interpreted to apply only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”

                  Scroll down to the Commentary on Halacha* 1:

                  “I too, like Hitler, believe in the power of the blood idea” -Chaim Nachman Bailik, Israel’s national poet, in “The Present Hour” (1934)

                  * halacha is the Judaic version of sharia

                  • WOW! Simply WOW! JQPublic posted a few Very informative posts. And which Nobody can deny is factual truths regarding the context and actual writers etc. Yet all a sudden in a few hrs time every post of his is slammed with tons of down thumbs!

                    This can prove one of but two things. Either the normal reg folks here who usually contest everything and everytime if a post or reply deals with, judaisim-talmud-zionists-or jews. And always Demand Proof of whats been said, have now gotten more than enough proof solid even the us supremes could not deny as Valid proof. And like typical libs who cannot ever admit when they are proven wrong is where all these thumbs down came from.

                    OR!!! This website has all of a sudden been invaded by a slew of typical SPLC-ADL type paid disinfo shills aka Hasbara and Sayanam’s.

                    After yesterday reading an article at Dailysheeple site about the new latest list additions of “haters” put out by the SPLC zionists hate group of anti american kommies(mark potok-morise deese and 25 more kommies at work there)…I do wonder if it is the Latter group?.IE: Not regular posters here but rather invasion of shills.

                    I rekon a thrid posibility exists. A Combo of both shills from splc-adl-telaviv paid disinfo shills And several reg posters from here.

                    It appears that the factual truths are sure working swell J Q P and a few others who post such here. Yes indeed nothing lights a fire under the asses of the True Hatemonger kommie crowd, as such Truths and facts, especially when such things were written by some of their OWN!!!..OyVEY!

                    “they hate Me for I speak truth in All things…And therefore they shall also hate Thee likewise for you also speak the truth”…Jesus Christ, NT.

                    Yes siree the real true haters are out and in Spades. Good I love to see them get so filled with rage and hate as it only Proves what type true Enemys we are facing in this ultimate battle. Even Daisy got slammed badly!

                  • AM, JQP…i was wondering wtf was going on.

                    If anyone has any doubts, listen to Mike Rivero’s “All Wars are Bankers Wars.”

                    Great job guys…thanks…lms nomi.

                  • Really! The thumbs-downers cannot contest facts, but they may have to hire more kosher thought cops.

                    What does it matter if you buy matzoh in a red box or a blue box?

                    The genocidal Zionist banksters think that they are the Master Race and you are not even human.

                    Because Gentiles are not human, Gentiles are owed no debt of morality or decency – not honesty [Baba Kamma 113a], not property [Baba Mezia 24a], not even life! — “The best of the Gentiles should all be killed” Soferim 15, 10

                    “…although our Sages declared, ‘Kill even the best of the gentiles,’ and that, as mentioned above, the Rambam [Maimonides] states in Hilchot Melachim 8:10 that any gentile who does not accept the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants should be slain. These directives, however. can be interpreted to apply only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”

                    Scroll down to the Commentary on Halacha* 1:

                    “I too, like Hitler, believe in the power of the blood idea” -Chaim Nachman Bailik, Israel’s national poet, in “The Present Hour” (1934)

                    * Halacha is the Judaic version of Sharia, but you’ll never hear about Halacha on your talmudvision.

                  • Clearly the Synagogue of Satan (God’s name for them in Apocalypse 2:9, 3:9) wants to hide their beliefs from the goyim.

            • jimb

              I listen to Levin every it or not..He is a Constitutional lawyer and well versed in his subjects.

              I sent this link to mac and it was posted..thank you very much..

              I listen to Limbaugh.

              I listen to Michael Savage.

              I listen to Alex Jones.

              I listen to Rachael Maddow.

              I listen to them all…

              and when anyone of them speaks the truth..we have won a small battle.

              the right wingers and the left wingers all disseminate their angles ..

              and the likes of Levin,etal,although brilliant in their intellect..

              are still a neo con shills ..

              at least they are honest in their convictions.


              • “Constitutional lawyer”… That’s funny.

                • The original 13th Ammendament forbade public office, to anyone holding a title of nobility. This includes barristers and esquires (attorneys, for the uninitiated). Now take an inventory of how many attorneys are holding local, county, state and federal office.

                  The phrase “constitutional lawyer” is a contradiction in the purest sense. This form of infiltration goes back thousands of years. Check your Old Testament Bible for a recent example.

                  While you focus all of your energy on killing yet another messenger because you don’t like the message, their agenda moves forward.

                • I spoke via email with an attorney a friend had recommended. I was hoping he’d defend a friend who is in prison in TX for blogging the same truths we see here on this page. Attorney scoffed at me, a mere mortal, thinking I might understand the US Constitution. He looked up one or 2 things & made assumptions about the fellow in prison… believe me, friends, the NDAA is well in effect; it is not just possible, it HAS BEEN happening already for a few years now. 🙁 Better to die free than to be taken by Them in any way for any purpose. And put not thy trust in any attorney.

                  (Hoping I don’t offend any attorneys here who are awake & are good guys… but you are in the minute minority. May you be well & safe & may you do a lot of good while you still can.)

              • Being a CONstitutional lawyer only means that Levin is well versed in the ways of the rabbis to twist and pervert the law to his interests.

              • I have no idea what you just said?

              • A shill is not honest, a shill carries water for those whom they are beholden. Why fool yourself?

              • I listen to what God puts in my head and heart.

                I don’t see a need to listen to paid propagandist, even if sometimes they speak the truth about their own lies.

          • Glad to see I’ve convinced some of you knuckleheads to see things for what they are.

            • Eisen. Yes we are hanging on every word you say. You are our guru. Thank God we have you.

          • POSSEE,a friend of mine,Had a vision from the lord a while back,He came out of a china-mart and him and a friend noticed troops in the parking lot,before he could get to his truck, they got the drop on them and they were rounded up in the corner of the parking lot by the chinese troops,when the chinese troops tried to talk to him and his friend,he didn’t understand anything they said,then the chinese guy who appeared to be in charge,gave a command to the other troops and they opened fire on him and his friend killing both of them,now consider, I’ve seen things like this to,DON’T go anywhere without your best weapons,THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN,I’am very sure of it…………….

        • They are deliberately accelerating the process. This is NOT a contingency plan.

          • The PTB ARE accelerating the process. The Tucson AZ Mayor and City Council have recently signed a resolution giving the Air Force military control of the city in the event of an emergency, stating that an emergency situation NOW exists.

            I believe this is emergency status is intended to prepare US for one of three things:

            1. The existence of Nibiru and its visible manifestation; 2. Intentional Financial Collapse; or 3. Fear of EMP/Earth Changes with the danger of solar flares to civilization.

            Personally, I do not believe in Intentional Financial Collapse. That is nonsense. The PTB controlled more wealth than the bottom 90% in 2007 prior to the crash.

            Post crash, the middle class had lost 40% of what wealth they had. There is not a rationale for an intentional financial collapse. The only ones with money to lose are the people who have it: namely the PTB.

            War IS imminent and the PTB know it. War creates chaos. Chaos has unintended consequences; but I believe they have pre knowledge of Nibiru, and expect that flyby to have serious consequences for every nation on Earth.

            Read Mother Shipton at SHTF Earth Changes.

            • DK,

              I would wager on an instigated crash before I would nibiru showing up. Recall, all the financial crisis of the last century were instigated, and controlled. The desired outcome being systemic breaking of the people’s will to remain free, and institute socialism, in incremental steps, and justify endless wars.

              At this stage, money is just a tool and a weapon to the real PTB, they could care less what happens on any national level. They have untold reserves of hard assets, and a compliant army to crush thier enemies with. It would be nothing for them to crash the economy, and would give them all the reason they need to facilitate the North American Union, and go cashless, which is one of thier stated desired goals.

              These things are more likely to happen long before any real Earth changes.

              • I think your giving the dimwits in government too much credit.

                • Dimwits don’t OWN the gov…

              • JustMe: I thought about the NAU scenario but that is too heavy handed, even for the NWO PTB. It would instigate an American Insurgency and that insurgency cannot be successfully contained until they have OUR guns.

                And they are not going to collect OUR guns. 🙂

                • They don’t care about heavy-handed, otherwise I do hope you are correct.

              • I agree the $ collapse is likely and could result in world wide collapse of the current economic system. Then they would restructure, using an electronic cashless system. And that is their ultimate goal and power play.

                • Barter to survive.

            • You both may be right. If they have historic astrological knowledge of an orbiting large body celestial passage, they could time everything to that. It would explain the stalling. This thing should have collapsed years ago. Comet C2012-S1, as it is being called, could be such an object. Call it Niburu, Wormwood, The Red Cachina, Snoopy, it doesn’t matter.

              • Astrological knowledge? No. Astronomical knowledge? Yes. And Infra Red telescopes that can look back 14 billion years.

                Still I will admit there is considerable ancient artifacts, drawings, maps, and oral history to support the possibility of Planet X, Earth Changes, and Aliens.

                But now WE have science and technology …. and two suns in the sky. Its coming. Its years yet away, but it IS coming. The PTB know it and they are planning to use this knowledge as an opportunity to implement their Agenda when it happens.

                WE need to understand that, and be prepared to resist the North American Union when they try to dissolve the US Constitution and replace it with a Compact under UN auspices after the Changes.

                Just saying.

                • DK,

                  I have seen purported pics of the “2 Suns” seen only, oddly, in the southern hemisphere. I am not saying “Nibiru” does not exist, the knowlege of it does go back to the ancient Sumerians. And, yes some deep space infared telescopes do show what appears to be something coming into the solar system, and we have had a lot more near misses from asteroids lately.

                  But, barring a major solar flare, I still think we will see many events occur here, long any deep space objects come close enough to affect anything. Why would TPTB bother to wait around for Nibiru, when they are so close to acheiving thier goals?

                  • Are they “sundogs” which are reflections of the sun in the earths atmosphere?

                  • JustMe: I don’t expect the NWO to wait. I think they will pursue their Agenda as long as there is no real political resistance to it. I do expect them to take advantage of the special info that they have, which WE don’t.

                    Actually, Nibiru is suppose to be coming from the South, in an eliptical orbit that intersects the normal solar system plane, coming and going. This would be similar to a recent planetary system they have also found elsewhere, so not unusual in the scheme of things.

                    I believe this is why they are getting more aggressive with implementing their goals so that the “trap” on US is ready to spring as soon as they have justification for it. IE Earth Changes, pole shift caused by Nibiru’s gravitational effect, and Martial Law.

                    Note their underground cities built to protect them, provisions purchased to supply them, and enough bullets to arm them until some semblance of civilization is restored, while drones monitor activities on “top” that are remotely controlled from underground.

                    Note that I have LONG advised Preppers to: ” hoard your lead. They won’t be making any more of it after the Changes”.

                    I now advise those who like to blow off a couple hundred rounds at the Range to stem their fun and save their bullets.

                    Shooting is like riding a bicycle. WE don’t need to spend those rounds on paper targets. Engage.

            • DK,

              Let me get this straight. You deny the possibility of even a remote threat to our sovereignty by the chinese economically or militarily and an economic collapse brought on by Globalists yet you advocate a hidden planet sweeping across sector 001???

              Wow, how much you have falllen.

              • Wolf: The CCP and US are financial partners and economic competitors. A severe break between the two would effect the Chinese as much as, and maybe more than, the USA; and China’s economy is as fragile as OUR own. The CCP fears Revolution more than the PTB.

                Economic integration was the NWO plan from the beginning of the opening of China. The natural expansion of China is North, West, and South.

                A collapse of the American economy would plunge the world into global conflict that the PTB cannot afford. Not gonna happen. At least not deliberately. The coming war with Iran is not WW III.

                If the GB’s wanted collapse, Uncle Ben would not be propping up Europe with OUR fiat. He would just let it fall and Western Civilization with it.

                The biggest threat to US sovereignty is the army of Illegals crossing OUR border by the tens of millions and infiltrating every nook and cranny of the United States.

                The Bible states that the earth will “stagger to and fro in space like a drunkard”. I believe the Bible. It also states that a “sun (not Son)will rise with healing (cleansing) in its wings”. Nibiru is known as the winged planet.

                If Nibiru IS the brown dwarf spotted in 1983, and if it is heading OUR way, then it has the potential to make the world anew, physically speaking.

                The fact that the earth is resounding with major quakes that appear to be increasing in magnitude and intensity is self evident to the general public.

                Something is causing that. It may just be increased energy from the Sun expanding the planet causing breaks and cracks in its surface. I will put my money on Nibiru.

                Try to think outside the box. 🙂

                • DK,

                  We’ve gone over this before and we’ll never convince each other. With regards to Nibiru. I haven’t found any reputable information, just fringe posts on websites and outlandish conspiratorial sites. I keep an open mind so do you have any sites you could lead me to.

                  I agree with you about increased eq activity and volcanic activity but w o more substantial information regarding Nibiru I’m not remotely close to attributing it to that.

                  I have read that since earth is lined up w the galactic center they’re could be a
                  gravitational swell affecting the sun and also earths outer molten core and mantle by altering its temperature and motion hence affecting the earths crust causing increased eq and volcanic activity.

                • I have just written 3 articles, basically in story form, about how Joel2:15-20, Ezek. 38:18-22 and Revelation 6:12-17 & 8:7-12 all come together when Turkey, Iran, Russia et al attack Israel and the Lord intervenes with Nibiru to miraculously save it. So I think this is very plausible. However, I believe several years before this happens the world economy will collapse and be totally restructured.

        • I’m not a big fan of either Limbaugh, Hannity or Levin but I do listen to them. But as was previously mentioned the Big 3 are beginning to discuss it so they realize it we are in trouble.

          Actually Glenn Beck has been saying this along with Alex Jones way before the Big 3 admitted we have a problem.

          • Rodster,
            I agree with you. Alex Jones has been talking about it for years and people mock him. He actually has done some good research on all this but has been getting a little hysterical lately.

            I can barely listen to him anymore because he bounces between tears and anger. He had to take this week off because his blood pressure was getting too high.

            • That’s what happens to a lot of men when they feel helpless. I often feel the same way. When I look around at the obvious, serious problems we have today, I feel frustrated that there are answers out there, yet the people in this country can’t grow the fuck up and come together long enough to fix our country.

              People can’t turn off American idol and the super bowl long enough to secure our government.

              The answers I feel most frustrated over, are the non-violent ones that just lack a large enough number of people to implement. If we can’t get the simple things done, we’ll surely never get out of this mess.

              I can say that I do fear for my life and the lives of my loved ones today. Although there isn’t a gun pointed at them at the moment, just the thought that some idiot could wipe one (or all) of us out without a second thought terrifies me.

              THE FACT THAT I CAN’T MEANINGFULLY FIGHT BACK TERRIFIES ME, that I must look to literal corpses for protecting my future scares me to no end. I now realize that the only use there is for the dumbed-down masses, is as a shield in a hail of gunfire.

              The nightmares will destroy you. I think I understand where Alex is coming from, but we should be p0aying attention to his mood change. We already know he has a helluva lot of insider information that most of us do not, and I’d say he’s reacting to that.

              Our moods SHOULD BE changing as we get nearer the tipping point! We SHOULD BE getting more edgy as the clock ticks—but we are not, but at least some of us still recognize the change in others.

              WHY IS THAT? Why are we not feeling more trapped and volatile at this point? If what we believe comes to fruition, PEOPLE (maybe us) WILL DIE!

              The urgency SHOULD BE weighing heavily on us.

              Have we just gotten so used to the “any minute now” collapse that never comes, that we are failing to feel the change in the weather now?

              IMO, now is not the time for normalcy bias.

              • Sixpack,
                Very well said. Tons of truth in your words. On down the page I posted a reply to Braveheart, “My mind will start going into overdrive trying to figure out what I need to do. I keep hearing “Be still and know that I am.” This has really helped calm me down in the last couple of weeks.

                I just finished a really good book that dealt with a lot of what we discuss on this forum. To the question of “how do we fix it” a number of people in the book found a way to force the life-long statesmen in congress to put a bill before the states for ratifying the constitution to include term limits.

                The more I read the more it made a ton of sense. Term limits would keep the “lobbyist, unions, corporations, fed. agencies and power-hungry professional politicians from controlling congress.”

                It was called, “Tyranny Demands An Act of Self-Defense” by Erne Lewis.

                • We already have term limits… RE-Elect Nobody!

                  • that only limits the ones who can’t keep conning the masses, and who don’t have powerful friends/masters to buy their way back in.

                    That’s not much of a limitation.

              • Sixpack, right now I am not involved as I should be.
                Call it what you like; I call it frustration and a ‘why bother’ attitude. Example..Rand Paul and his supportive senate(not!!)
                Now, saying that does not mean when we are called to act, I and my husband won’t be there.
                As many would say, we got your back and any others here.

                Peace…and may love be the light that gets us through the darkness.

                • DITTO.

              • Never posted here before. But your comment prompted me to and to say that I share your feelings. I’ve been wondering what I will do when they come to my door. Playing through horror scenario’s. It is scary… And let me add, we should not be afraid of our Government, but we are. WTF has happened?

                • Hello SGN. Even your handle says much about you. We all hope you will find Mac’s site informative and thought provoking. Looking forward to any future comments of yours.


              • “When the government lies to its people, and there is nothing they can do about it, then that changes them. The people begin to understand how little power they really have.
                I think when you lie to people’s faces and force then to be silent about it, that this breaks their spirit. And when you can finally make them repeat those lies, and put the lies into effect in their work and everyday lives, then this affects their ability to perceive reality. Or to even care what reality is. Being lied to constantly erodes the human spirit until there is nothing left but a soft, malleable putty that we can mold and shape into anything we want.”

                ~~J.T. Hatter; ‘Lost In Zombieland’~~

            • Yeah, I really like old Alex when he gets passionate… and the last couple days (6th and 7th March) he’s really been passionate. He knows a lot about the stuff he’s researched, he’s an expert in his field. (However, I just turn the button off when he talks about climate change. He’s clueless about that). But he really knows his stuff about the elite.

              • If you go watch his old videos when he was in his 20’s or so, he is much more matter-of-fact in the presentation. He looks more like a newscaster back before CONSPIRACY BECAME FACT.

                NOW the urgency and desperation has set in.

                I always pay my attention to the MESSAGE rather than the MESSENGER. Things don’t always come out of my mouth as I intended them to either, but the message Alex puts out there is spot on in most cases.

                But the one thing that I DO SEE that gives me pause, is that Alex Jones is DESPERATE to push the message and wake people up because the time to REACT is upon us…here…now…and we’d better be as ready as we can be.

                I don’t know if I’m ready or not, but readiness may be a luxury we can’t afford to waste.

                • “When the government lies to its people, and there is nothing they can do about it, then that changes them. The people begin to understand how little power they really have.
                  I think when you lie to people’s faces and force then to be silent about it, that this breaks their spirit. And when you can finally make them repeat those lies, and put the lies into effect in their work and everyday lives, then this affects their ability to perceive reality. Or to even care what reality is. Being lied to constantly erodes the human spirit until there is nothing left but a soft, malleable putty that we can mold and shape into anything we want.”

                  ~~J.T. Hatter; ‘Lost In Zombieland’~~

            • I’m in your boat, about Jones. I can hardly stand to hear the sound of his voice anymore. He sounds unhinged and raves like a lunatic, and often lapses into rants that are almost completely incoherent.

              Plus, I am sick and tired of hearing him harp on Hitler and the long dead and decomposing German Nazis and trying to blame them for everything that is going wrong with American today. Come on, Judas Jones. Get real.

              Feinstein, Schumer, Lautenberg, Levin, Bloomberg, Foxman, Potok, Chertoff, Kristol, Perle, Wolfowitz, Libby, Boxer and the rest of these totalitarian slime balls on the left and in the neo-con camp are not GERMANS and they are not NAZIS, you moron.

              They belong to the same tribe of nation wreckers who were trying to impose Communism upon Germany, bucko.

              And, those ‘awful’ Nazis were fighting them!

            • @Kindle, Maybe TPTB finally spiked his food or water with something?

            • Alex Jones is a nutbag.

              • You are the all time expert on mental illness

          • I’ve watched Bill O for years. He seems to work hard at NOT being a demigog. But lately, he is espousing an epiphany. That Obama is a BOLD FACED LIAR. I think this is feined. He knows what a jerk B.O. is. But he has been showing deference, and giving BO the benefit of the doubt. Don’t forget, it’s “entertainment”, and Bill is #1 in the genre, like it or not.

            I watch whatever I choose. Don’t need someone telling me what channel to tune in or out. Piers even got some eyeball time, with all the gun crap. It was fun! Mika gets my attention in the morning, but the evening MSNBC lineup is “unf*^$ing watchable”. Who in their right mind would give Al Sharpton an hour on tv??

            blah blah blah… my .02

            • I heard a rumor on the grapevine that the shiver that Chrissy Matthews claims ran down and up his leg when Obongo got elected and then reelected, was actually caused by a hole in his pants pocket that allowed his key ring sized stun gun slip through and the ‘on’ switch got pushed as it slipped past an unspecified part of his anatomy that was about 1 inch long.

            • Rick,

              The same kind of ignorant, programmed slave who would watch Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, J. Jackson, Blitzer, ect. Learn to think for yourself.

              • Why the fuck do you people still watch tv. For the love of god. Research the state of your mind when being programmed by the t.v. your put into a hypnotic state and easily manipulated regardless of ur views. Maybe you have not gone deep enough into the rabbit hole. But take this as your first warning. The sheeple still sleep.

              • Everybody is “something” to somebody else. My wife, though, (and SD Mule?) is perfect. Ask her. Never Wrong.

                Hey Mule, keep the personal ad hominims to youself.

                • Rick,
                  I don’t need your permission for any thing, but you are welcome to speak as though I do.

              • What’s your preferred veiwing Mule,reruns of Beverly Hillbillys?

          • Beck has been saying this for years,been put off as a nut,moved to Texas,bought a farm,weapons, stored food, not so dumb.

            • Beck is a neocon jackass.

              • And also the world renowned leading jackass.

        • The thing is, Levin and Limbaugh, et al are now using their bandwidth to communicate a different set of talking points because they see what we see. Besides, their listeners give them feedback and opinions, so they’re hearing the anger and frustrations of the Working Class.

          Why waste precious time deciding if you like them or not. At the minimum, they have evidently jumped onto the subject of fiscal collapse — we shouldn’t knock them for talking about a financial collapse. Who knows, maybe they’ll start talking about preparedness in earnest by April.

          • Limbaugh is a FRAUD !

            There I said it. He likes to pull off his pseudo conservative BS and it’s come to bite him in the ass, but he will NEVER admit that Ross Perot was right. The man who Limbaugh vilified and marginalized during the ’92 elections.

            Ross Perot warned against NAFTA and said all you’re going to hear is a giant sucking sound when jobs leave the US.

            And Limbaugh who is a hatchet man for big corporations dismissed it and railed against Perot’s premise that NAFTA would cause huge jobs to leave the US.

            Well look at what we have today. Kids going to college so they can get one of those great Taco Bell jobs. And he still blames it on Democrats who along with the Republicans pushed NAFTA thru.

              • Satori: That’s called the marketplace. Thank you E

              • BAM!! Nail on the head, Satori

            • Rodster, Personally I don’t care if he’s a fraud or a transvestite. The point is that Limbaugh (and these others) all have a large audience and they are all a big threat to the Left. Perot doesn’t have any skin in the game — he’s gone. It doesn’t matter what Perot said 20 years ago. Forget Perot.

              We’re in today’s world and people need the opposing shock-factor that the far-Left keeps tossing out against the Conservatives. One of the reasons Obama gets away with so much is because he has the main-stream-media (aka propaganda dot gov) on his side. Until the MSM turns on Obama, he’ll continue to have it in-the-bag.

              • It doesn’t matter what size audience they have, I no longer take him or any of the other 2 seriously. In Limbaugh’s case he helped facilitate mfg jobs going overseas because of his mass audience.

                So forever say hello to low wage jobs. And now Limbaugh and the others want to tell us how bad things are because they helped soften up their audience for big corporations and NAFTA. You reap what you sow.

                So I say to the big 3 welcome to 2013 where alternative radio host like GB and AJ have been preaching for at least 6-7 years we are in serious trouble.

                • Rodster, You have the choice to listen to them or not. Personally, after the election was sunk, I turned it all off. I haven’t heard one minute of ANY talk show since November last year. The only “talk” I have heard is from an online link from here, Rawles site, or a news site that has a story linking to something specific. I also turned off the fricking TV. I hit my threshold after Obama stole the election.

                  Last week, Levin went on a rant about the probability of economic collapse and I listened to what he said. I agreed with what he said so I listened to the full 10 minute segment at Youtube. I had the choice to NOT listen, and that’s the same choice you have with respect to any of these talk show hosts. If you honestly can’t “take him or any of the other 2 seriously” then why do you listen? Why waste your time and get upset or frustrated? You cannot blame Limbaugh for NAFTA — it was in the NWO plans way before Perot decided to get involved in politics.

                  If you’re mostly angry because they’re only now “jumping on board”, well that’s show biz. They’re for-profit and they’re gonna go where the money is. Tell me where that’s any different than Glenn Beck or AJones having advertisements that are gloom-and-doom oriented (or propelling their shows and their brand).

                  The big thing to remember about these talk show hosts is this: they are making money by selling OPINION.

                • I love how you guys are all jumping on the anti-free trade bandwagon after I’ve been fighting the Neocon communists for years.

              • No shit Z…the past is the fucking past.

                One needs to have a plan or 2 or 3 for when they finally pull the plug. You must do whatever it takes for family and friends to survive…WHATEVER it takes.

                If anyone is looking down the road to 2014 or beyond…

                You are done. This country won’t make it that far. NFW.

                Every day right now is a gift. Use it wisely…Make sure you put on the full armor of God…and…

                “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

                If one doesn’t stand up for one’s self and humanity, God won’t be lifting one finger to help us.

            • He is human, He’s got things mostly right. I don’t like to hear him talk of how wonderful our old Healthcare system was/is. I can’t afford care and my family is on a $7500 deductible for catastrophies only. Don’t go to a physician unless absolutely have to. Hell the last time my youngest complained of abdominal pain, I held her by her feet and gave her a good shake. Gas settled quickly and she was fine. I can’t afford to run her to the Doc every time they sneeze funny. Limbaugh does’nt live in the real world and I think often forgets about regular people’s universe. I have told people for years, the healthcare system in the US will be the undoing of this country’s financial system in one way or another. It should not cost $4000 to apply a cast on a fractured radius on an 11 year old. It should not cost $11000 for a 3 hrs ER visit for what turned out to be gas in a 12 yr old. It should not cost $130k for a 12 hrs hosp visit for a snake bite as it dod for someone in the New England area last year. Things are way out of hand unless you are a govt employee or a millionaire (as far as health care costs).

              • The healthcare system was great before everyone had to have insurance for every little thing. When I was growing up, if I had to go to the doctor, my father took me, paid the doctor cash, the doctor put the cash in his wallet, and we left. It was simple. The doctor’s office was a couple of rooms upstairs in his house. The only employee was his nurse. If I needed medicine, my father went to the drugstore, paid a little cash, and brought the medicine home.

                About 40 years ago, I was told in a class that the average price of a prescription was just over $2. I imagine that if insurance and the government were taken out of the picture, the average now would be maybe $20 or $30.

                People want insurance to pay for every little thing, such as regular office visits, prescriptions, etc. Even if you don’t, there are others who go to the emergency room for colds and minor cuts. Car insurance would be outrageous now if we expected it to pay for gas, oil, filters, checking the tires, etc. We’re also having to pay for people who don’t have insurance but are taken care of anyway. If all health insurance only covered catastrophic hospital care or drugs that have to be expensive, prices on everything else would come down drastically.

                • It’s a racket. In my opinion, ushered in by Medicare and Medicade. Private insurance picks up the slack.
                  I have been told by friends in the H.C. industry, now hospitals get a “lump sum” from fedgov for Medicare, and are told to “make it work”. No wonder they report 2% admin costs. There is no admin.!
                  And just what can we imagine the hospital is doing to insure a profit??? All the dumb crap we now see.
                  Government is the anti-Midas touch. Everything turns to shit when they get involved. Everything.



                • We has factories in the 50s.

                  Zero factories now.

                  Socialist plot to destroy America.

                  My retirement plans…..
                  Keep buying metals….they are real and I can touch them.
                  Buy country property….well water, firewood for heat…maybe buy a pellet stove and a pellet making machine…make my own…
                  Game, garden, fish.
                  Live deep in the sticks until God takes me..and turn off the TV forever…forget about all the problems of the world…

                  • I think that sounds just like my retirement plans .
                    Now if I can awaken to my rooster crowing as the only sound .

                    Have decided the military helicopters look like cowboys surveying the herd .

                    Round up and culling comes next .
                    Steady .
                    Not one more inch!

              • and gonetoolong if you try to reach that deductible of 7500 you find that 80% of the shit you turn in is not deductible.

                my wifes cancer treatments. totaling over 80k surgery chemo and radiation, blood tests, scans, visits. All supposed to be covered. we owe over 30k so much for the max out of pocket.

                They told a person who broke his femur that he could of drove himself to the hospital and the ambulance was not covered. This is pre obamacare by the way.

            • Rush, called Ross Perot “a hand grenade with a bad haircut”. But I think it was the “Moon Men” on his front yard that did Ross in. Think of the Doors, (When Your Strange). Could have been his campaign song.

              Educate yourself, associate with like minded people.

              • It doesn’t matter whether he had spaceships land on his front porch and they had tea together with green aliens. As a politician I had no interest in Ross Perot.

                He like Ron Paul have said that certain decisions will have ramifications on our economy and our nation. That’s where I agreed with Perot and I did not vote for him. He said the decision to go ahead with NAFTA was going to have major ramifications for the US manufacturing sector. He was right, Limbaugh and the others who supported it were wrong.

                So know graduating college kids are left fighting for Taco Bell jobs and basically most of the stuff that we import and buy comes from China. 😉

                • I could have told you back then, TPTB were going to INSTALL Bill Clinton. That “election” was a farce, just like every one since Woodrow Wilson’s.

                  “Presidents are selected, not elected.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

                  Also, America’s manufacturing base was slated to be stripped and given away, via a treaty, signed in the late 1960’s. It was only that Bill Clinton was destined to oversee it. It continued under Bush too, and he could have stopped it.

                  • You are right. It goes back to the early 1900s with GATT. This was continually modified over the years and was absorbed into the NAFTA agreement. In turn, NAFTA was absorbed into the WTO which has REALLY gutted the American economy. The globalists will not be satisfied until the “unit of labor” has been reduced to the lowest possible worldwide common denominator. It’s what clark would call “free trade” as opposed to DK’s “fair trade”.

            • Rush is a controlled steam-valve. He and others are still part of MSM, and will say nothing that they can avoid talking about. The fact that they are speaking about the coming crisis, is only because MSM can no longer ignore it, only try to spin it.

            • My daughter is getting a PHD (Piled High & deep) so she can get a GOOD job. You know, like cashier at Target.

            • yes, Perot was WAY ahead of his time. we need those kinds of facts and charts and someone the people will listen to to present them…

            • Bingo! Rush Scumbaugh is what he used to call a ‘Country Club Republican’, which was a term that was used to describe what was later dubbed a RINO. He is NOT a conservative and anyone who believes that he is needs to spend some time at their local library doing some remedial homework on the ideology of conservatism.

              In short, a ‘conservative’ seeks to conserve. What, might I ask, is more important in the area of conservation than one’s own race and species of people? Or, in turn, a desire to conserve the civilization that was the by product of the talents, genius and ingenuity of White European mankind?

              Perhaps Rush has suffered so much brain damage due to his Oxycontin addiction that he thinks White Western Civilization was created, invented, and originated from the remote regions of the Third World? Or, maybe he believes the Cultural Marxist baloney that transforming America into a Third World alien majority populated and dominated nation consisting of Africans and Hispanics who, like the 80 percent of New York public school graduates, are unable to read or do arithmetic above 7th grade levels – are going to somehow pick up the mantle and carry White Western Civilization and the USA into the next century as a major economic and military super power?

              So, no, folks. Rush is no conservative. He is a greedy, materialistic, self-centered globalist and he has zero loyalty for America or for any of the values, traditions, principles, or ideals as espoused by our 100 percent White European Founding Fathers.

              Most alarmingly, Rush fails to realize that filling America up with millions of non-European people will result in them deciding to dismantle the institutions and form of government that they played no significant role in creating and which, therefore, has no sentimental value to them. This is what Obongo was calling ‘change’, folks. Change means destruction of Western Civilization and the dismantlement of our Republic.

              What was that Jesse Jackson chant of a few years ago? “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Civ has got to go?”

              As James Edwards on the Political Cesspool radio show likes to say: “You can’t have or maintain a first world nation when you replace it’s population with third world people.”

              Exhibit A for the prosecution: California
              Exhibit B for the prosecution: Detroit
              Exhibit C for the prosecution: Chicago
              Exhibit D for the prosecution: New York City

              Oh, or maybe Rush believes that if Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning would exchange uniforms, then Tebow would become the NFL’s top passing quarterback?

              Hint: It ain’t the ‘uniform’ that makes the man, Rush. It’s who is IN the uniform. The same rule applies to nations; the caliber and the quality of the people inside it determine the success or failure of a nation.

              • It seems all my rants have educated you people. Im proud of you all.

                • kiss off eisenkreuz

            • Every one of those named radio jockys is part and parcel of and hangs out on a regular basis with the eliets-polititions of Both partys and wall street crowd bankster class.

              For anyone to believe that just because Now all a sudden we hear them speak of such things means that they, the radio eliets, somehow just now awoke? Sorry but that equals either ignorance or denail of truth due to a likeing of said radio jockys.

              A much more likly fact is these radio folks such as hannity-beck-rush-levin et al have known of it all along, and are paid enormous sums of $50 million per yr with many book deals on the side too to keep their mouths shut tight.

              What did Levin really report?…”Govnt is Simulating the Collapse….” as in he wants to convey fed govnt is gearing up to do the work they are supposed to do in saving us peons etc…Did Levin actually report how Involved the fed gov really is in all we see today?…NO!

              They all twist it into a type of hegelian dialectic form of mambo-jambo. Like O’Rielly every day does.

              First 5 min of show he slams hobammys recent crapola. Then cut to commericials for 10 minits. Then upon return he uses the entire remaining show time of 45 min. to make tons of Excuses for hobammy and libs and antigunners etc.

              Yet dumbed down viewers, and radio listeners cannot seem to conect the dots and believe these Controlled opositioners are somehow on Our side?…Riiiiggghhhtttt!

          • i would agree that the mainstream conservatives are singing a different tune.

            i think they had to see the US choose the path it did in 2012. they were probably convinced as i was that the US people would reject the path it has been heading down for 10 years now; i know i was; but the US has either changed or too many have yet to feel enough pain.

            i think it took them some time to accept it and are now accepting the results to come as the US will hit the worst of this before 2016, europe will hit the wall before then and take the US with them.

            having read a lot on the great depression, i’m not expecting a collapse; i’m expecting the next 5 or 10 years to be pathetic with a depression or more recessions while we deleverage.

            best thing you can do to come out of top on this is to follow the dave ramsey folks. have no debt except the house, live on less than you make and 6 months of funds in reserve.

            • BIG DIFFERENCE between Republican and conservative.

              BIG DIFFERENCE!

              • I no longer call myself republican. Period. Most seem to be fine with the RINO dialogue. Kind of like like all of the peaceful muslims (you know the ones). The ones that don’t have the balls to stand up and denounce sharia law and radicals.

                • Muslims don’t have any place in this country. Period. Every Muslim country on the face of the Earth is a hellhole of terror, torture, and opression. If we breed too many of them here you know what to expect. Still think racism is bad, stoopid old people?

                  • @ Eisenkreuz. I don’t like dealing with absolutes, but when you say every Muslim country is a pit, you are right. I checked the Almanac real quick to see if ANY Muslim country had any decent life expectancy and ONLY Qatar and Bahrain do with 76 for male and 80.3 for female. These countries are extremely wealthy and should have a life rate like that of Japan as the Arab diet is lots of vegeatables and fruits and this still doesn’t do them much good. Saudi Arabia with all its money has a life expectancy of 72.2 for male and 76.2 for females.

                    I think what is most terrible about Arab countries is how women are treated like donkeys. I have known a few American white and black women that were married to a Muslim and their lives became a living hell. I hate to single out a single religion, but I have not seen too many Muslim males treat their spouses with much respect. Another bad point is the way they treat their pets. When I lived out in California this one Muslim actually whipped his dog and his monitor lizard with an electric cord till they had bleeding welts all over their bodies and he tried to saw off his pet Macaw’s beak but thankfully the bird escaped.

                    I think much of what makes Muslims so unfair to women and animals is the belief that allah or the prophet muhammad has given them free range to act like savages. Everything is justified in their koran.

                    The main issue though is that I feel that time is growing short, and I could go on and on about what I have seen with Islam, but I rather concentrate on preparing for what hell is coming. Within the next moment the San Andreas, Cascadia, and/or the New Madrid faults go break and usher in martial law for the whole country. Tomorrow is a new moon and Israel could attack Iran, or within the next 5 days, and send the world into war and oil prices to $300-$400 per barrel. I feel that all of us should be focusing on getting ready. I would enjoy hearing some unique ideas on getting safe water from nature, like dew collection. You and others are quite intelligent and can add a lot of wonderful ideas on preparing to help us all. Please consider this in the future.


            • They are now singing a different tune because they realize that their so-called conservative republicans were no different than the democrats they vilified.

              So now they have to save face that they were just water boys for the republican party and big business.

              They now have to admit where all of this is leading and that is a collapse of the global economies. But guys like Limbaugh continue with their conservatism spiel as if it will all work out in the end. Maybe it will but not under the current economic system. It’s broke and it will fail.

              • Do not confuse conservatism with republican…

            • How can there not be a collapse?
              The more the cost of electricity, foods, gas, clothing, schooling,etc. to the consumer which are basically essentials, the LESS spending in those areas and NO spending for any entertainment, dining out, vacations, high end items like 4 wheelers, boats, new cars, even motorcycles and bicycles.
              Therein lies a pathway for unemployment in all walks of life, part-time or full-time.
              When GDP suffers, then revenue from corporations suffers and taxes from income suffers.
              A cycle and I wish I was smart enough to stop it.
              Truthfully, I see this as a plan created by TPTB.
              Destruction worldwide creates dependency and more control for them.

              • JayJay, what you’re describing is the symptom of Bernanke’s money-printing of the USD. Never has a country been able to manufacture currency out of thin air and survived the influx of ‘new money’. We are seeing the effects of what the Fed has been doing and we will see it worsen and worsen.

                Oh, but wait! The unemployment figures for February are 7.7%!! Glory Be!

                • Closer to 15.4%, but when you are the publisher you can publish anything.

                  • Like that “publisher” thing, Shootit. The Feds use that U3 number which is faked, and they throw it out there for the soundbites and idiots who buy it. The 15.4% is a bit higher than the Fed’s U6 figure, isn’t it?
                    I’m somewhere between Shadowstat’s and the U6, making unemployment one mellofahess for the working class.

                    But whadoIknowImagirl….

                  • I don’t know the true number. They lie and I was giving them the benefit of doubt. It may be higher. Just like inflation. Just trying to get people to pay attention to reality Z. 🙂

          • They are shills!!!! Only now, they are talking about something that has been going on for years?? At best that makes them lacking in vision and intellect. They suck!! Think for yourself, believe in yourself!!

        • ok, so who are your voices of reason and sanity?

          • The little ones in my head that keep saying Ammo, Silver, TP, Food. can’t you hear them?

            • You know that’s not what I mean. Who helps make you think? Who do you respect and admire for their thinking and their actions?

              I listen to voices that stimulate my thinking. I’ll respect and/or admire those whose deeds match or surpass their words.

              And notice that agreeing with someone all the time doesn’t come into it. I dont even agree with myself all the time. I always reflect on my words and actions and sometimes need to apologise.

              The results of my thinking and observation guide my conscience accordingly.

              • Listen to your heart. Go within. Communicate with the Spirit of God that is within you.

                Watch everything. Listen to all sides. Then go within, use the Spirit of Discernment that the Lord has given US.

                He will lead you, guide you, inspire you, heal you, protect you, and make a way for you. My God is an awesome God.

                Thank you Lord.

                • Couldn’t agree more,dk

                  I’ve been a lurking for about a year and have been slowly preparing for what’s coming. Since the election I’ve been on a fast pace to prepare as quickly as possible. As crazy as it sounds, I feel I’m being pushed in this direction by God. It’s the same “gut” feeling I got when I joined the National Guard in 2007 as a 48 year old prior service Marine(1976-79). I told my wife in 2007, that I felt that I was being called to join and I have that same feeling of a calling now. Thank God my wife trusts me to do the right thing to take care of her and our girls, to the point that she is getting almost as active in preparing as me. (although she’s tired of me pushing to always buy more beans and rice. LOL)

                  I love this site and have learned so much from everyone here. Thanks and my God watch over us.

                  • Not So Much, you are right. About seven years ago I felt driven to make major changes. Get out of debt, move across the country, shift money from stocks to tangibles, stock up. My wife went along, though she sometimes must have thought I was nuts. She is happy now. We have stayed ahead of the curve. We live in a safe place. She heard about ammunition shortages and asked the other day whether we needed ammo. No, baby, we are good.

                    My latest drive is to make our house independent of gas/electricity for heating. No small chore in the frozen north. She tells me OK, pay attention to those feelings you get, since they have been right so far.

                    I’m not a smart guy. I think we need to listen to our inner voices and read the signs around us, though. Animals do this when the days start to shorten and they prepare for winter. If animals have the ability to sense oncoming storms, why shouldn’t we as humans have the same capacity? Take care.

                  • Best of luck. Thanks for your service…

                  • I started smelling something rotten in the air in 2004. I moved in Jan 2005, which is 8 years ago. LOL, nice coincidence.

                    I had a VERY lucrative rental properties business in Cali and sold everything and moved to flyover country.

                    I’m of the same mind, stay out of debt and be prepared. I was sure my wife would think I’m nuts until she paid me a great compliment. She said, I love you because you have foresight enough to make sure your family is taken care of.

                  • @Not so Much. Yup, don’t know what tipped you off, but it was clear to me our economy was overleveraged. Debt, based on more debt, with a diminishing ability of the consumer to pay off the debt at the bottom of the pyramid. Mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, etc. A house of (credit) cards ready to fall at the slightest breeze. Much of that debt load has been shifted onto the federal balance sheet now. That shift makes it no less unstable. Note the current default rate on student loans now that the feds have taken that over.

                    In my view, about the only things that have changed is that the numbers are far greater and the liabilities have shifted largely from private institutions to the taxpayers. That doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies.

                    The explosion in government dependency, coupled with a desire on the part of the central government to further tax the productive, is also an unsustainable dynamic.

                    A person isn’t delusional to see these things. A person is delusional to deny these things.

                    Our greatest reponsibility is, and alway will be, to protect our families. Left a good paying job and an almost paid off mortgage behind. Physical security trumps most other considerations. No point in being financially flush if you live in an area, like I did, where drivebys, home invasions, gangsters, and robberies were routine. An old truck, jeans, and work boots suit me just fine. I don’t own a tie anymore. And my family is happier.

              • Seriously, there are effectively no Voices of reason out there. The people on this site ARE the voices. No national figure can come out and tell the truth. If he was believed he would cause panic, If not he would be vilified and destroyed by those that love the PTB. Besides you can lead a fool to wisdom but you cannot make him think.
                Using the figures from the Market Ticker today: Medicare/Medicaid took in 200 Billion and spent 1000 Billion last year. You want to tell the public we must cut it 80%.
                Social Security needs cut by 1/3, you going to tell the AARP
                Obama care will bankrupt the whole country, you want to tell the 11 million on disability, work or starve? I once wrote down nearly 50 things the Gov could do to make things better; that wouldn’t cost effectively anything. From throw out 10 million illegals and tell Americans to take the jobs or starve, to get rid of the Homeland Security guards on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. you want to hijack a ferryboat, go ahead.
                All the Meds I take require a MD visit here and prescriptions. In Canada they are over the counter and cost !/4 as much. And they are made in US. But the Congress prohibits re importation. Nothing is being done. I’m afraid the “Voices of Reason” know it’s to late, and people who are smart enough to be worth saving will figure it out themselves, for the rest rat bait.

                • “Seriously, there are effectively no Voices of reason out there”

                  Not so much.

                • Paranoid: “Seriously, there are effectively no Voices of reason out there.”

                  Actually, there are quite a few voices of reason out there- the problem is that (at least for the moment) they have little or no chance of breaking through the barriers of mainstream media and reaching the ears of Boobus Americanis. (Which I’m assuming is your point RE: ‘effectively’. Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

                  Folks like Stefan Molyneux, Larken Rose, Derek J., Ian Freeman, Mark Spungin, Karl Denninger (Your own example), Cliff Schaffer, Tinsley Grey Sammons, etc.,etc.,(far too many to mention), have been banging the drum of liberty for years. Unfortunately, for the the most part, they are doing little more than preaching to the choir.
                  I guess what I’m getting at (Please pardon the rambling- I’m currently working rotating shifts, so I’m more than a little brain-fried at the moment.) is:
                  How do we nullify the current flood of propaganda and set the masses on the path of critical thinking?

                  • 1 The masses never will “get it” ahead of time

                    I don’t know what the title was; I wish I did, but before WW II there was a movie which had a huge table with supposed diplomats discussing peace, right in the middle of the discussion they all drew guns and shot each other. You suppose the people that made the move knew war was coming? Hitler told anyone who would listen war was coming,so did Winston C. no one listened.

                    2. At this point I’m not sure we even want them to, who needs millions of terrified sheep

                  • “At this point I’m not sure we even want them to, who needs millions of terrified sheep”

                    Who needs millions of any kind of sheep?

                • Paranoid…none of those cost cutting talks would have been needed if the world would have stuck with a sound money system and not the fiat based, compound usury system we have now. The government would not have been able to spend “thin air” currency. They could only spend what they tariffed or taxed. The programs would be funded albeit smaller and fewer. Hang the bankers.

                  • Wishing the past or people were different will get you nothing. Is,is. Just remember to stockpile antacids, you stomach isn’t going to like what’s on the way.

                • “Obama care will bankrupt the whole country…”

                  As many have said, hindsight is often 20-20 and this rule can also be applied to the shenanigans that lead up to the ill-advised passage of ObamaCare.

                  I’ve been lately remembering how, just a few years ago, the enormous degree of protesting that we heard from millions of Americans and also from the mainstream media about the astronomical explosions in the cost of health care. For companies and businesses in America, it was once a standard practice to offer employer-sponsored health benefits and this was considered a benefit that helped attract and keep the best and brightest on the company payroll. Some companies paid 100 percent of the premiums, and some contributed a percentage and the employee paid the difference.

                  Once the health care and pharmaceutical industries began to get greedy, however, the costs of medical care skyrocketed – and employers began to rethink their policies of providing company sponsored health benefits. Also, the illegal alien invasion of the USA and the Supreme Court ruling that forced hospitals to provide ‘free’ health care services to these criminal invaders helped to drive up the costs for those native Americans who were insured and paying for their medical care. In the Southwest alone, I remember seeing news articles which were chronicling the huge number of hospitals which were going bankrupt and closing their doors as a direct consequence of the illegal alien mestizos who were being allowed to flood across our Southern border and then march into hospital emergency rooms and demand ‘free’ services.

                  Hence, I am now starting to suspect that the whole ObamaCare fiasco was a deliberate plot to provide an excuse for American businesses to cancel their employer sponsored health insurance programs – and we are now seeing businesses cutting the number of work week hours down to 29, so they can avoid the penalties and also terminate any health insurance programs that they once might have offered to full time, 40 plus hour a week employees. In other words, the intended purpose of ObamaCare was to collapse the health care insurance industry in so far as company provided health benefits were concerned.

                  Oh, and if the RINOs are able to cut a deal with Obama and grant amnesty to the 30 to 40 million illegal alien criminals in our country and then give them the ability to import another 50-100 million of their third world relatives – every last one of these aliens will be eligible for tax payer provided subsidies for ObamaCare, folks. These are massive additional costs that were never considered when the sleazeballs in blue suits inside D.C. were discussing and designing this ObamaCare abomination – so we all need to remember this, when we see these RINOs trying to cut a deal with Obama and grant amnesty.

                  Amnesty is a guarantee of a total and complete economic collapse of America. And, for anyone who currently has a pretty decent health insurance policy and reasonably good health benefits – they can kiss those benefits goodbye, because they will either become completely unaffordable as the premiums skyrocket – or their health insurance provider will go bankrupt as the economic collapse sweeps across all sectors of American society.

            • The Dream Police —Cheap Trick.

              It’s not paranoia, it’s just classic rock, lol.

          • Not so Much,
            Here is an ounce of sanity from the the insane……
            “Nobel Committee Asks Obama “Nicely” To Return Peace Prize.”

            The article is posted at From the Trenches..

          • That’s funny, thumbs down for asking a simple question.

        • @PO’d:

          Spot on Sir.

          At home, I am never more than a few feet from a shotty, and usually have a handgun holstered on my side.

          I believe that being armed in the home as a force of habit is just good OPSEC. Every day carry in the home creates opportunities for target acquisition practice, off hand reloading, low level sight training, etc.

          My girlfriend use to kid me about such “extremes”, but now she quite often teams up with me and we do defense drills, or intruder alert response drills. I am glad she is on our side, I think she might have been a black widow in another life, lol. A mama bear protecting her cubs mindset.

          I, like you, find comfort in knowing that I can defend myself as muscle memory, instead of ” Oh shit, where are the spare mags !!”,lol.

          Be safe Sir, NOMI.

          shut up
          sleep like a baby………………BA.

          • Wish my GF would get on board,
            She doesnt want to hear about any of it, says if someting ever happened then well talk about it,
            Tried to tell her that then it will be too late, but just got more guff.
            Not sure how thats gonna play out but i guess ill see huh.

            • She better hope she can talk while she’s running trying to keep up with you and talk loud enough over your gunfire.

              • If were on the run there will be no talking, too late for talk.

            • Women, I’ve found, are not good conversationalists when the subject is politics. I’ve known a few who might sit and listen when I am trying to explain the issues and the various aspects and contributing factors behind the cultural, social, financial and racial decline of the USA – but, not many females seem to have the ability to understand and digest issues that are often somewhat complex.

              Clearly, male and female brains operate differently. I have spent most of my adult life hoping to meet a woman who was able to carry on an intelligent and informed conversation about political issues, but have not had much success. Thus, I tend to seek out male companionship whenever I am in the mood to discuss politics. It seems to be a ‘guy thing’, for some reason.

              I am often struck by the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, when surveying the incredible damage that liberalism, and ‘feel-good’ feminine thinking has done to our nation since women were given the right to vote. Our Founders had the right idea; they understood that women are too driven by their emotions and while that might be a grand quality inside one’s home, it is a death sentence for a nation.

              • It is not that women do not or cannot understand, they for the most part, do not want to face the truth. The truth is brutally cold and hard, and does not make one comfortable, and/or happy.

                It is far easier to seek another happy, and/or fun moment, than face reality. This is an issue that has been conditioned into not just women, but Amerikan male persons, for the last century.

              • Tucker: the main differences are men think with Logic mainly, while most women think based on pure emotional feelings. Picture driveing down a road and you point out a nice John Deere tractor to another male pal.

                What would you think if he replied..”Yeah what a CUTE! tractor”?…To most women Everything is decided upon by it’s Cuteness potential. If I was in that position and another guy replied a tractor was “Cute”…I’d think hes a faggot or wannabe fag. But with women everything is either cute or not. “Feelings, Nothing more than, Feelings”!(an old song wasn’t it).

                Thats the reason God in beginings of Genisis told Eve “your desire will be for the Man, but You shall Submit to Him”

                That didn’t mean desire as in sexual desires. It meant once Eve scammed Adam to sin as she did already, her next idea or thoughts were that Now she can be Head of it all and Rule over the Man Adam. But God said NO! the order of hierarchy Will remain as God first Then Man submits to God and Then Woman submits to Man.

                Today just this explaination will usually cause 99% of women folks to litterally go Balistic! Femnazis has convinced woman such as I wrote about the bible version is akin to Slavery for all women by “evil” men.

                Thats insane though. Gods way is he created men and woman Both opposites so as to Compliment each others lack and needs. When the Two become as One it results in the perfect ballance. But Only as long as Both men and women agree to play their own respective roles as God designed it to be. That pretty much worked out swell for about 5,950 yrs. since eden. Then somewheres around the 1970 era Kommie bolskevik femanazist man hater lib women convinced a vast majority of women to follw the femnazi lead.

                Now after 40+ yrs. Many women have awakened to the swindles of femnazis libs. Although for many women it is far too late to remake their lives once past the age of youth. I credit lib kommie femnazi movement as vastly more destructive overall than the mess we have due to Ghettoization and control of major cities by african rule.

                Whatever the african influx into centers of power and control was Unable to achieve towards destruction of whites amd america….Them Lib Kommie Femnazis acomplished. And did so in Spades.

            • Time to trade her in for a new model? 😉

        • exactly anyone with a little common sense can tell that this world cant keep up with itself and pretty soon its gonna fall apart without warning.

      4. Mac,
        This is short and to the point, thank you for the words of wisdom, and thanks to Levine for his insight. I listened to him last night when making a prepping run to the store. The guy is brilliant, especially when dealing with the US Constitution.

        • @230 JHP,
          As far as the Constitution, I have heard Obama in a soundbite say, “The Bill of Rights says what the government can’t do to us, but it doesn’t say what it can do to us.” That says it all about why he wants to stick it to us.

          • That’s not what he said.

            • Uhh, That’s exactly what he said.

          • It was once leaked that president G. W. Bush said that the Constitution was just a “goddam” piece of paper…..

            • Leaked? Bush proved it every single day.

            • Well,…. you tell me what he did that was
              “Condtitutionally Correct”!

              • Constitutionally—sorry, ~finger fart~

                • LOL @ finger fart.
                  I love da Intertubes 🙂

            • I used to throw that arrogant comment that Bush made in the faces of a lot of Republicrats who voted for this rat twice and who were supporting all of his illegal wars and criminal use of sadistic torture and the rest of his sleazy and criminal abuses of power, and I seldom ever got any of these types to respond. They would usually get a strained, uncomfortable, queasy sort of expression on their faces and then try to change the subject to something else.

              Its that old disease of partisanship. I’ve never understood it, and I’ve never suffered from it. I don’t care if the guy I voted for or the guy who I didn’t vote for steps across the line and abuses his oath of office and abuses his position of power or authority – it makes zero difference to me. If anything, if a guy I did vote for violates the Constitution and rule of law – I want that rat to be busted and punished even more severely, because that SOB betrayed me on a personal level.

              • Thank you Tucker
                I was beginning to think I was the only person aware of
                that treasonous comment he made.

        • I used to read fiction for pleasure. Now I think fiction is becoming fact. Wargaming for what might happen? I’m reading the book, Enemies Foreign and Domestic, by Matthew Bracken. What he wrote as fiction, or fringe, is becoming truth right in front of our eyes. It’s sometimes hard to sleep at night after reading several pages.

          • Please read: Civil War 2, by Thomas Chittum.

            Search, there is a free PDF out there. It is an uncomfortable read, but very prescient.

        • He’s smart alright,smart enough to be aware that Lincoln was guilty of treason by invading the south.Yet,he continues to hold him up as our greatest president.Therefore,I don’t trust him. Sure,he’s talking about an economic collapse now.But only because he doesn’t want to be left in the dust.Even Levin can’t ignore what is becoming obvious now.To use his own words,he is “running to the front of the parade”.

        • The thing with listening to the Mockingbird… is well, he repeats. Don’t be so quick to buy into Levin. He sounds off and appeases when necessary. (follow the money, tip is free).
          Herd mentality – think for yourself and be very, very careful in buying into who is leading you…
          just sayin’…
          I have no points or links – you have to do your own homework; but it hard work to not just ‘Jump’ on someones’ boat because they ‘said’ what you were thinking.

          again… careful… take care who you are bedding with. Some bugs are hard to shake; brilliance can be quite deceiving when it’s oh, so convenient. Levin is a RINO-enabler.

          !..! TG keep prepping every chance you get and turn off the damn MSM – yes, Levin is also… in a weird Mockingbird way!

          • I get the mockingbird reference even if nobody else does.

            • What Mockingbird reference? The CIA operation?

        • Come on people… half awake isn’t going to cut it. We need to comprehend that our nation was never what we thought it was. Deception is a bitch because admitting you’ve been deceived hurts.

          This little rag-tag site (see link) probably does the best job of sorting out the United States of America vs. the UNITED STATES corporation. We need a firm grasp on what has happened here if we are to act decisively. The Constitution cannot protect you as you are not a party to it.

      5. Well it’s like my Dad use to tell me, “Son you saddled this Bronc now lets see if you can ride him”. Looks to me like they have saddled a Bronc they have no chance of riding. Good luck

        • Only chance they have is if they plow the field first.

      6. I have always been of the mind to be as self reliant as possible. Growing p in a harsh environment will do that to you. No fishing, no hunting meant no protein on the table. I knew what it was like to be hungry…

        My Grandparents taught me this as well as the farming side of the family. Later, I taught myself to trap fur bearers and to hunt big game.

        Continuity of Government…that is a good one! Who are they going to govern? The ones strong enough and prepared enough to weather the coming storm are certainly not the kind to be governed by a bunch of candy asses when the skys clear.

        Thaqt is the laughable thing about the PTB, they hole up in their enclaves, suredly stocked with all the niceties, but….they have to come out sometime and society has to go on. You cannot live in a hole forever, or barricaded behind some compound walls and razor wire.

        I’m sure some of us will be fine despite all the doom and gloom. Those of us that are smart enough, skilled enough and prepared enough to handle whatever is coming.
        And I’ll say again, not likely we will be the type of peeps to lay down and say, “Tax me”….lol….

        Whats ours will remain ours and they can have the enclaves and so called safe spots, we will be fine out in the Big Thicket. Don’t come looking for us. You will get your south end handed to you on a platter.


        • My fear is several thousands rounds of ammo, several years of food and off grid comfort in an out of the way, unpopulated place is not enuf !!

          But I guess we’ll see

          If your not ready yet – it might be too late

          • I have made the same preparations so we can go to ground for a couple years without external inputs. The only risk I see is being too isolated and/or appearing to be a working farm as both would be targets.

            Being prepared is like running from a bear. We don’t have to be faster than the bear just faster than the other guy. We don’t have to hold out forever, just longer than most.

            • Being isolated isn’t the way to go. Whole rural neighborhoods need to become resilient enough to go back to 1800s standards of living if necessary. I hope mine doesn’t have to go back that far. I am promoting growing and processing biodiesel so we can still run logging, farming and other equipment.

          • Looks like we will be doubling the size of the garden and adding some apple trees this spring.

        • Same here Terry. My pap use to say, “Learn to do as much as you can by yourself son, cause help just ain’t a’commin’. I hear gators are of good size around the Big Thicket.

        • I happen to agree with everything you say, Terry Reed, except we didn’t HAVE to hunt for our protein. We did do our fishing and we raised our beef, and looking back on it all, I know that my lifestyle was a direct result of the upbringing I had and the family I came from.

          Those of us who are fairly self reliant now will be fine when the stores close up. Millions survived the Depression and many will survive this collapse as long as we are not oppressed or killed-off by the government.

        • Be sure to check out the new AMC show… “The Walking 90% (Wal-Mart Edition)”

        • Terry,

          The video game series Fallout comes to mind….

        • The absolute first thing to do will be to have the cement contractors go and fill in the access holes after they are in their enclave bunkers!

        • Continuity of their cushy ass lifestyles, at our expense. Same play, differant actors.

        • “Continuity of Government…that is a good one!”

          Agreed, Terry. Besides that, considering how badly these dolts have screwed the pooch, who cares if they continue? Seems to me that we would all be better off if the bastards went underground to hide and an earthquake just buried them permanently.

      7. …..what we have here is…a failure to communicate….
        “Cool-Hand Luke”

        • Wrong.

          The quote is:

          “What we have here is… failure to communicate.”

          • E.
            Close enough for hand-grenades, eh!

        • Outwest: E is being too hard, so you added “a”. Your point is well made, but you should have finished with the part of the speech that follows: “some men you just can’t reach”… One of my favorite movies by the way, thanks.

      8. Stalinist commies will kill you.

        Carry a long rifle, or at least have it nearby. For those that can handle it, an M1 Garand and 4 bandoleers (192 rounds) or a bolt action deer rifle at the minimum. Have secure caches in your area.

        Dead Stalinist commies will leave machine pistols and their billions of rounds of poodle popper ammo all over the place. Pick up what you need.

        Also have food, shelter and clothing with an ample supply of antibiotics and battle field medical bags with bandages, scissors, wound repair kits, etc.

      9. Even someone like Levin is now talking about this. Even mainstream is waking up, or they can’t deny it any more and now have to acknowledge these facts.

        Keep your powder dry,

      10. the key is to keep up on current affairs and hopefully have a couple of days to fringe buy, board up or get to your bug out location. its unsure how guick it will happen but most people will still be waiting for help. i for one will be ready & i feel secure in knowing im in good shape

      11. My next door neighbor just mentioned his buddy was a drone pilot and upon getting out of the military was offered 150k from a private company to fly for them??? What private company is allowed to fly drones? Shit is so top secret this was about all he could say.

        • Contractors, Scott. Somewhere nested in the purchase orders are some awards for services. Maybe we should start sifting through contract awards…

        • Drones aren’t strictly military, top secret. Forest Service; patrolling for wildfire. Search and Rescue. The list goes on and on.

          “Domestically, different types of drones are now being used on a non-controversial limited basis for border patrol, biological and chemical air testing, geological surveys, livestock and wildlife monitoring, crop dusting, wildfire containment, and search and rescue operations.[3][4] These drones are not armed with weapons, nor are they capable of carrying any. Their use will only increase as drones become smaller and more sophisticated and their cost plummets. Non-governmental entities, as well as individuals, can purchase a wide variety of drones for their own use.”

          I’ve got a (very quite) drone with a camera, only $175. A rather voluptuously, thin and curvaceous neighbor likes to sunbath in her birthday suit.

          • That sure makes Drones worthwhile

            • 6 Downs? Someone here thinks looking at girls isn’t a reasonable use of drones? Worlds in worse shape than I thought.

        • There are actually a lot of non military drones, NOAA has some, many different power companies and telcom etc, also research groups and universities, oil companies and shiping companies have them, lots of applications beyond spying on you and I, pretty useful for many tasks that would have been prohibitive if a regular aircraft was used.

        • Can he tell you what vulnerabilities drones have? How can you best bring them down?

      12. When SHTF we will bring to justice all those who have precipitates this. All those who have plotted to do evil to the American people. Normalcy bias kills. Be ready to change your mindset.

        • It’s “precipitated” not “precipitates”.

          • Touche.

            • Eisen, Mon Dieu!!

              It’s “Touché”, not “Touche”, mon ami.

              • You go Z!!

              • If I knew how to put in the acute accent I would have done so. Are you going to tell me?

                • Eisen, both of those accents, along with many other characters, are made with control characters (in a specific sequence).

                  The acute accent (accent aigu) can be typed as follows:

                  É – ALT+0201
                  é – ALT+0233

                  The numbers must be typed from the keypad set.

              • Careful, Eisen loves it when you talk dirty.

                • Zoltanne doesn’t talk dirty…..get yer mind outta the gutter!

                  • It was just a joke.

                  • How do you put the accent on, you nutbag?

                  • Live free or die, yuck….not w/ Eisen! That’s no joke!

                    [insert barf icon]

              • Zoltanne. Stop being a Douche’

              • Maybe his keyboard doesn’t put that thing over the e. I don’t know how to do it?

                • Can’t find mine.

                  • Shootit, gotta use that sequence — with your ALT key depressed, type that numerical sequence with your number pad keys.

                    Show us whatcha got!

              • good one Zol…ha ha

                • Z must be related to my wife. 35 ACT. Masters in Reading. Me? “Mr. Fix it” Nice fit.

                  • Call her over to your keyboard. She’ll get you up and running, Shootit. 😉

                    I’m married to Mr. Build It — nice fit here, too.

          • How I love this site. I can go from hostility, to laughter, from one comment to the next. Prepare, but keep your sense of humor!WASP. Come And Take It!

        • Eisen. I find it funny that you are so interested in justice. On one hand you advocate raping women And on the other you want everybody strung up for injustices. Can you please reconcile that for me.

          • I have never advovated raping people. I advocate not living in a sexless marriage where your hoe wants to steal all your money but never wants to do anything for you in return.

            • I guess holding as you call, bitches and hoes down and having sex with them. “If the want to or not” is not rape to you? It’s obvious you can’t get sex without either taking it or paying for it. I really don’t know how else to take your comments. Perhaps your hoes don’t find you appealing? Perhaps your bitches were dumb enough to go out with you but don’t want to have sex with you. Just like a lot of young guys who feel entitled. Rape the hoe if you buy dinner.

      13. Well hey…
        Its not like we weren’t told! We just failed to listen…


        Otherwise known as The Cloward Piven strategy.

        • Piper Michael,
          yep, yep

          “Its not like we weren’t told! We just failed to listen…”
          I would phrase that as “many failed to listen.” I and many others did listen.

          Just saying…not everyone was asleep.

          • Agreed. Was referring to the collective ‘we’, as in 51% of us who were stupid enough to drink the koolaide.
            When that fact is taken into consideration, we are so f….d.

        • Post collapse. IMHO, it should be made law that anyone claiming to be a Marxist, Socialist,or Communist be shot on sight.

          • That’s extreme, Sierra. Can’t we just give them their own island??

            • So they can regroup and come back?

              IMHO, these people will lie, cheat, steal, and decieve to spread their form of government. With them at top making the decisions. Sending people to education camps or worse.

              America is under attack at ALL levels. They are working to destroy us at every level. In the schools. From Hollywood. Government over-regulation. Open borders. Etc.

              It all comes down to a free ride through force.

            • “We’ll probably have to kill about 25 million Americans after we take over.” – Bill Ayers, formerly of the Weather Underground, mentor to Obummer

              • Good decent people are going about their life, Maybe not paying enough attention to whats going on.

                These people have been planning for decades. JustMe points out correctly what they have planned for productive Constitutional prone Americans.

              • That comment dates from the 70s. The math will probably be revised to reflect a larger population.

            • Fuck Jay Jay…we gave them the rest of the world!

              …and it is still not enough.

              I spend most of my time outside in the mountains along the continental divide…I understand how the earth works.

              There is no way on earth that the planet will let these bastards win…no chance.

              • What if they’ve won before?

                One of the things we’ve been told is that his-story is a straight line and that the “species” is evolving on a linear course. What if it’s not? What if they’ve done this before; each time further enslaving the the human race by its own consent (through deception of course)? This, to them, is perfectly fine because its not their fault that we’re too stupid to figure it out.

                What if every time the Creation tries to purge them, they manage to survive along with enough human slave stock to start all over again with their multi-generational accumulated knowledge intact; “handed down” if you will? Every subsequent manifestation of the human species believes it is the pinnacle of evolution and development because that is what it is told. Each version believes it is above reproach and incapable of being deceived.

                The Creation is forced to temper its response against the cancer because the human gets in the way as a “relatively innocent” bystander, because of its programming. Healing becomes impossible because even though the slave eventually discovers its cage and its captors (and grows to hate them), it still doesn’t know how to, or want to be free, and the Creator can’t make it be free.

                What if every time someone tried to explain this to the human race, they were labeled a lunatic or a madman?

                • Heritic H: You make a good point to dwell upon. Just like there realy is nothing New about “New Agers” false religion, so too, what we see today is not “new” as in the NWO is not a new idea. We are facing another attempt at what first began with the tower of babble and it’s King/Leader, Nimrod-son of Cush-son of Ham-son of Noah.

                  Since that first attempt at worldwide rule with Nimrod, history proves a NWO is not a new thing. Just another repeat of several prior Failed atrempts.

                  So far each one was finally destroyed by God once he got fed up enough. This time will be no different. Except for IMHO, this time will be the Final attempt and short lived. Then it will become the only true and rightous one world govnt. of Christ’s rulership. That one will have No end to it. And will be the Only real and good solution.

                  Acording to Rev chapter 13, once unveiled to the world at large, the antichrist and his nwo systems shall last only for 42 months…3 1/2 yrs(back when written each year= 12 months of 30 days each=360 daye per yr Not 365 as we now have it).

                  If you read ch 13 of Rev. it says that the Very first thing he the antichrist and his system of nwo will do is…”he will Make War against the Saints(saints=All True christian believers), and he shall Overcome them by the Sword(kill the saints off) and those he don’t kill he shall capture into prisons(fema camps?).

                  That is even Prior to any mention of the 2nd Beast, the False Prophet man(next and final Pope?)….Which is the one who actually causes All humans to recieve the Mark(666=implant chip?). And to force all who accept that Mark/number/ID, to Worship the Image of the First Beast(antichrist man) or be Killed also.

                  From the first revealing to the world of him, his reign of nwo control is to last only 42 months. Then is Christs reign. 42 months will be a very long 42 months when we are trying to remain alive while being hunted down by he and all his duped followers eh.

                  But Gods Wrath once poured out upon him and all his followers and their combined Evils shall surely finish it all for good. They who believe vast wealth $$$ etc will save them from Gods Wrath will be sorly mistaken…Good riddence to em all. They Will Pay for what was done.

                • It is a repeditive pattern…perhaps ‘win’ was a poor choice of words.

                  Let’s use the tech that they have so rapidly developed to enslave us, our kids and grandkids (at our expense) to send them back to hell once and for all.

                  That is my prayer.

            • Sure, What’s that island in the Arctic that keeps being covered with lava? On average it’s nice.

            • JayJay: Be carefull! Hitler only proposed sending them all to Madagascar to live. And they declared War against germany and got the entire free world nations to totally destroy germany and a huge portion of german folks.

              ps: good research will Prove that, that Was the true real “final solution” plan of his. Not to kill off all of them. Just to Move them to where they can no longer be a burden, and wreck nations that Hosted them as always happened. That is always the results whenever any nation hosts any group who refuse to assimilate to the Host nation and it’s peoples cultural ways and language etc.

              America is now on the Cusp of a repeat situation of lack of assimilation by the vast Hoards of mestizo influxes of current times, along with the time frame since 1965 changes to imigration happened.

              At least a return to mexico will be a shorter route than madagascar would be. Perhaps Both the mestizos and bolshevik zios can travel there together.

              • The Jews have a demographic problem inside Israel and will get a taste of the carnage they seem to always inflict. The Israeli Arabs are outbreeding Jews by three or four to one. The Jews have also been giving birth control shots to Ethiopian Jews inside Israel without telling the Ethiopians.

                If USA cannot keep sending mountians of cash to Israel, the Jews will be overwhelmed through sheer numbers. They will use up the weaponry in inventory, but will be overcome when it is exhausted. The Muslims can pour into Israel and “hold their enemy by the belt buckle” to prevent the use of nukes.

              • You know, Hitler was really a pretty nice guy.

                • Please do NOT use MY screen name. I did not write that post. Thats as low as can be to scam a users screen name in order to cause others to believe they wrote such crap.

                  GROW UP asshole and stop useage of my name. Do you really think Mac can’t tell whos who here by IP numbers idiot?

                  • @Angelo….I did not think you wrote that. You have mentioned many times his regime nearly exterminating the Polish community. ID Theft is rampant. I guess it happens on blogs too.

                • Don’t listen to that Zionist imposter pretending to be me. I’m the real Angelo, and I say Hitler was a pretty nice guy.

          • To include all liberals,welfare lifers,and anyone with a handycap placard who’s ” NOT” handicapped !

          • Also Jane Fonda,Sean penn, and Michele Moore , then set on fire to eradicate any DNA .

      14. Reading a book called “Going Home” it’s about a man trying to get home after an EMP. Picked it up after a recommendation from SouthernPrepper1.

        As far as Mark Lavin goes he’s okay by me b/c he authored the brilliant main argument that was used in court showing how Osama, i mean Obama, violated the constitution by appointing some people into office in 2012.

      15. Im glad if mickey mouse starts acknowledging whats going on…everyone(almost) has a group of persons they can influence…guys like Limbagh and Levin can reach a group you and I may not be able to talk to…just like Mac reaches this group and Drudge reaches another…the old adage that even a stopped watch is right twice a day applies whenever someone speaks the truth even if theyre not known for it on average….(it certainly doesnt make up for or negate the stupid things they say and do)…we gotta take what we can get from wherever we can get it as long as liberty is promoted…you know the old adage…my enemies enemy is my friend…at least for the moment…dont worry theyll likely say something really stupid next week and be out of our graces for howeverlong…then maybe the week after theyll be back around….the fact that even they are saying things like this though is somewhat encouraging even if infrequent!

      16. Sorry, but I really wish Sen. McCain would just shut up. I’m sick of listening to the pompus senator for life windbag go on about how good drones are. Whose side is he on??????

        • He’s on McCain’s side and no one else’s.

          McCain is a dirtbag.

          • Piper claps…
            Scum sucking bottom feeder comes to mind.
            Along with Lindsey G. and all the other RINO’s and neocon’s who had dinner with Dear Leader instead of supporting Rand’s filibuster.
            They are all simply making sure they have a seat at the table of whatever comes next.

            • yeah they are..I’m beginning to think we need a seperate list for them.

            • It will be poetic, when dear leader gives them a seat in a gulag.

          • yeah Daisy~ new name= “Jowls McDirt”….fitting, no!?

          • McStain is on Isreals side. So is Levin and hannity and rush and beck ET AL. Don’t believe it?…try to phone in their radio shows and simply state that america Must halt all foriegn nation welfare cash…INCLUDING cash to Isreal!….Before you can finish the statement each of them will abruptly slam down the phone on you.

            Then listen close to all the Vile names they call you before they quickly go to a Commercial break. Then upon return from break quick as they can, Change the subject to anything else but what You stated.

            • Try and mention the word Zionist to these dbags…

            • Angelo, last year I heard Hannity and Beck say they support Israel. I don’t think there’s any secretive behavior with them — they’ve publicly stated as much.

              • Donkey fellatio is a job requirement for anyone in the mainstream media, Zoltanne.

                Hannity and Beck make me want to puke. Both have sold their souls to Satan and his crumb crunchers.

                • Zoltane: I do not know where you got any idea of “Secret” support?…I never said that. And they et al do not simply support isreal…They also run cover and never allow ANY negative reply or statements of isreal or jews.

                  They care Not even when it is Truthfull negativity. All hannity and rush and beck et al do allow is the mainstream Standard of, jews are and always were 100% Innocent Victims(much like blacks today are treated regardless how many evils or wrongs they commit) and Victims of ALL non jews of the world(all Gentiles=nazis).

                  If any person says any other thing, them msm and radio jockys Jump into High Gear with several vile names they use to Stiffle all disent of isreal and jews. They NEVER allow any side to get aired but One side. The Pro isreal and Pro jew side period. You cannott deny it. Well I guess yes you can deny it. Although I think you are far too smart to not see this as truth.

                  How is that any diffeerent from usual liberals who also refuse to allow disent from Their kommie issues or goals?…Hannity-beck-rush-levin et al use the exact Same Sol Alinsky tactics as lib dems do. And same as libs when that is pointed out they vhemently Deny doing alinsky tactics. Stiffle all negative comments regardless of facts and truths.

                  Why do we Never Ever see tha palestinian side of issues in state of isreal on cnn-Fox etc?…RT tv news shows Both sides!…Perhaps you need to watch a bit of that side and see how isreali jews treat non jews…Especially how they treat African Black Jews which Netanyahoo is leading the charge of rounding up nearly 100,000 Black Ethiopean and other african Jews in Tent/prison camps in Isreal untill they can Deport ALL Black jews, to presereve only a WHITE jewish state of isreal. This is Facts Zoltane.

                  Them jews are doing what they Always accuse american white folks of!…Except we do NOT do that to blacks…Isreali Jews Do!…Is that ok due to their Self chozeness. NO!…ps read in bible book genisis to see Where these so called “jews”(95% of todays jews) really decended from. They are from Noahs Son JAPHET! NOT his son “SHEM” which is where True “Semites” derived from.

                  Read down decendant list in genisis, see that ASKENAZI was a Son of Japhets line. You can find Many references by todays and older times Jewsih folks who admit most jews today are Askenazi-jews…They also make up a majority of Ashkenazi-Khazers…Which are only “jewsih” due to Conversion to beliefe in the Talmud back around 800 AD era. ZERO-True link or DNA to True isrealites of the Orig 12 tribes Zoltane. These facts are easy to find in several Encylopedias of Jewsih Historys etc.

                  But if you reject such evidence and Proof of what I say and others also say on these issues?…That is your choice. Not sure Why any seemingly smart and normal person would choose to make such a choice…But it is there to choose. I prefer to Know truth. Even if it Upsets my prior beliefs or brainwashings done to us all.

                  • Angelo, I wrote, ” I don’t think there’s any secretive behavior with them — they’ve publicly stated as much.” Note I did not say “Secret” support, as you mistakenly interpreted.

                    My point is simply this: Those guys openly made statements that they stood with Israel. Last year at some point, Beck traveled to Israel. You are right that in the times I’ve listened to their shows, I don’t recall point-counterpoint because they drive the messages THEY want to be aired. It’s their call, their show.

                    Personally, I’m not anti-semitic, and I will openly say/admit that there are some very strong correlations and definite ties between powerfully-wealthy and politically-strong Jewish people and the NWO backers and players. I am not so entrenched in the subject as you are, nor have I tracked back their lineage.

                    I see your passion, Angelo, but we obviously have different perspectives. You call it “truth”, which it very well may be, but I guess I haven’t arrived to a conclusion like you have.

                  • I like how Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin et al bash the “mainstream” media.

                    Two points:

                    There is nothing “mainstream” about it.
                    They are all part of it.

          • unfortunatly the dipstick is my senator. I contacted him 3 weeks ago about the gun grab going on. I received his email today telling me it’s a complicated issue and he doesn’t want to harm lawful gunowners. Didn’t say he supported the 2A. I think they cut off his balls when he was a pow. I hope the mechanic working on his private plane was drinking hard that day.

            • Zoltane: I understand and it is ok as some folks can Never handle nor accept the truth or facts. usually they are of the liberal varity. Not always though eh!

          • The nazi that he is married to pulls the strings for him and his butt buddy lindsey.

            • McAmnesty isn’t married to a Nazi woman.

              His old lady has connections to Edgar Bronfman and organized crime in Arizona.

              Read the book by Jeff Gates, Guilt By Association.

              He devotes a couple of chapters to McAmnesty. It’s like reading an instruction guide on how to do hemorrhoid surgery.

              • Sorry t…nazi was a figure of speech…should have said facist. thanks for the info.

          • He’ll be all for the use of drones until he finds himself on the wrong end of a Hellfire missle. Tyrants like Obama always end up liquidating potential rivals.

        • I used to like McCain but now when I see or hear him, he reminds me of a little wind up doll that needs to be retired. He is not a bad man but his time in office should be over.

          • I have NEVER liked McCain– in 1995 I had the misfortune of seeing that POS in a 4th of July parade in my hometown. Came up to me with his hand outstretched to shake mine- I took one look into his eyes and REFUSED, saying to him that all I saw was a COLD,DARK and EMPTY SOUL! About 20 people heard me say that, including the _____ he married, 19 agreed with me and his wife just about shit herself and gave me a look that would have killed a lesser man. He, like most other politicians, are soulless drones for the Republic! Sorry, gotta go puke in the toilet now…..

            • Anonymous,

              That is rediculous, to judge a man because you don’t like the look in his eyes, this guy went through hell when he was a prisoner of war. Sure you can hate what he stands for now but what the hell gives you the right to say he has an empty soul. You aint God!

              • I don’t give a damn about his POW camping trip. The man need to learn to mind his own damn business. I’d like to sit him down and give him a good talking-to.

        • You have to ask the question “How does this benefit me?” Most of the time the only benefit is for the politician.

        • McCain has sold out the military retirees by shutting down Tricare Prime for most retirees. Ends in October, resulting in higher out of pocket costs for military retirees.

      17. I don’t recognize this country anymore. What have we become?

        • i DIDN’T EITHER, EISEN, UNTIL I read couple websites today that made me cry.. and realize I loved my country all over again.

          One was “NY CITY GUNS” and the other was Pat Dollard website which tells about all the sheriff associations which keep pouring in, saying they will disregard Obummer’s gun grab and will prosecute anyone who tries to enforce bummer’s bull crap.. “not in my county!” Another good website was CSPOA association.

        • America was usurped from within about 100 years ago, and has reached the end of her designed lifespan. We, and our desires for truth and liberty are in the nwo’s way.

          They fully intend on crashing America, but that is not the worst of what is to come.

      18. McCain was and is a complete nut-bar.

        Say what you will, but (last time around) Obama was (sadly… I admit) a better choice than McCain.

        Then again… Garey Busey would be a better choce than McCain… so there’s that…

      19. McCain is the dirt bag that gives other dirt bags a bad name

        a national disgrace

        • Thanks to John McCain I am no longer a registered voter. If McCain or Obama was the choice, I figured why waste my time playing their silly little game anymore.

          • We need a third party. After the McCain betrayal, I too refuse to vote Democrat or Republican. But I still vote.

          • Just remember guys that you are only voting (recommending). You are not electing anyone. Preside-ents are appointed by the owners of the corporation and that is not you.

            It could be a ten party system and it still wouldn’t matter as long as TPTB have the time to fabricate and install the personas needed to fill all of the nominations. Your vote is an illusion. The deck is stacked. Their agenda moves on while we pick the fly shit out of the pepper.

      20. Magpul, the high-cap magazine manufacturer in Colorado, is offering Colorado residents a cahnce to order a few mags straight from Magpul, limit five of one type per customer. You must be a Colorado resident.

        They are offering this in the event the Colorado legislature decides it’s time to ban these magazines. If they are banned, the company is moving to another state and taking their business with them.


        • Please find your cap lock key. That is the only message everyone gets from your post

      22. When neocon cheerleaders start being honest about something, there’s got to be some ulterior motive on their part. Things are coming down to the wire now; I can feel it. My prepping is continuing all the way to the last minute. The more I can get, the longer I can hold out. I smell false-flag in the air, either this month or April. The final conference on the UN Small Arms Treaty is from March 18-28. If the US ratifies that treaty, all bets are off. 2nd American revolution is only a matter of weeks away now. Everybody get everything you can now before the balloon goes up.

        • Braveheart,
          It keeps coming to me also that something major is in store for us in a couple of weeks. After all the years of reading, researching, watching and prepping I can’t remember ever having such an ominous of a feeling that it’s nearer than ever.

          My mind will start going into overdrive trying to figure out what I need to do. I keep hearing “Be still and know that I am.”

          I would say no later than May for sure.



        Take a grain of salt with all you hear .

        Hope for the Best …

        Yet self educate prepare train stock up for the worst .

        I firmly believe AmeriCa’s back will be broken by the 1% nwo njo zog so the globalist dream of a one world banker government can coime to fruition , globalist banker rule of the entire world .

        When ???

        Could happen any time … the globalists are actually 13 years behind schedule on the globalist nwo one world plans plans .

        I HONESTLY AFTER 6 YEARS OF STUDY of THE GLOBALISTS expect them to execute IN AMERIKA a nation wide multiple 9/11’s with nukes , bio-weapons , national electro grid collapse at the same time to force Americans to kneel to the nwo globalists one world government one world bank one world religion .


        AMERIKA MUST FALL (be completely destroyed) for the NWO NJO ZOG to RISE to COMPLETE POWER OVER ALL THE WORLD .



        • Now outta south Alabama came a country boy
          He said I’m lookin’ for a man named Jim.
          I’m a pool shootin’ boy. My name is Willie McCoy
          But back home they call me Slim.
          Now I’m a lookin’ for the king of 42nd street
          He’ drivin’ a drop top Cadillac
          Last week he took all my money
          And it may sound funny, but I come to get my money back
          And everybody said, “hey Jack” don’t ya know.

          They say you don’t tug on Superman’s cape.
          You don’t spit into the wind.
          You don’t pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger
          and you don’t mess around with Jim.

          Now a hush fell over the pool room
          When Jimmy come boppin’ in off the street.
          And when the cuttin’ was done the only part that wasn’t bloody
          Was the bopttoms of the big man’s feet.
          Yeah he was cut in hundred places and he was shot in a couple more
          And you better believe it was a different kinda story
          When Big Jim hit the floor. awwww huh.

          They say you don’t tug on Superman’s cape.
          You don’t spit into the wind.
          You don’t pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger
          and you don’t mess around with SLIM.

          • basically what im saying by the above post is,, they better hope they didnt underestimate us..

            • One of Jim Croce’s best. Thanks VRF.

          • Always a classic. Something… metaphorical about it.
            Yeah, WE are SLIM.
            The III,
            We’re everywhere.

        • Number one reason so many refuse to awaken is due to abject Fear…Abject Fear of one word used to lable them….Antisemitic. What is this thing called “ZOG”?…It is- Zionist Occupied Government.

          Why do so few speak of it?…And fewer yet even will admit it is fact and truth?…FEAR! Fear of one stupid word they will for sure be called. Simply for telling the truth. How many so called christians repeat Christs words of: “Know the Truth” and He also said “Speak the Truth”

          Yet vast majority of them christians Fear being called a stupid name like antisemite for simply doing as Christ commanded. At least the Race-Card no longer gets it’s desired effects by many folks any longer, due to over usage by race hucksters like sharpton. Perhaps soon those same folks will do likewise after hearing non stop the Other feared word of antisemitic.

          If that happens then you will see a massive Joint awakening all over america. Like a tornado and twice as fast.

          Many folks here keep saying “Somebody should make a List of names” of the nwo perps.

          Yet gaurenteed 100% if anybody did make such a named list of NWO perps and their enablers, they too will get ton’s of down thumbs and hear that “feared” word too. Due to the fact that an Overwhelming(not all mind you)number of those perps and enablers are of the ones that, that feared lable antisemitic is used to defend, and Halt all talk regarding them.

          That is akin to expecting a woman Rape victim to call cops at 911 to report it…But then refuse to describe the race of the Rapist if he is not white.

          Victim= Yes officer it was a large man in blue jeans and a t-shirt. COP= Describe his features Mam…Victim= Sorry I so Fear being called a racist I cannot say it. Please make certain to find the criminal though(without a Clue besides jeans and tshirt wearing!).

          Prepper= “gee man ya just gotta wake up! we face terrible threats and very Soon now!”…Preppers Pal= “Ok so Who are we supoosed to be aware of?”

          Prepper= “gee I Know who is the MAIN culprits…But I rather not tell you ok”!…yep that should go far to awaken the masses eh. FEAR the Death Blow to Americans.

          What happened to when we were kids and it then was “Sticks and Stones can harm me, but Names/lables will NEVER harm me”?…FEAR of Two words is what happened to americans…Antisemitic and Racist is what.

      24. PREDATOR OR PREY ???

        WHICH ARE YOU ???


        • I am the Wolf.

          There are some thing worse than death…like teeth. –Stephen King–


          • BadAmerican…. I would give +100 in your response.

            Everyone is looking for hero, a savior… because that would be so convenient and prove the program is working.

            nina gets a bad rap with thumbs down, because it quite uncomfortable; but I got the drift because he doesn’t buy into any MockingBird system … very good thinking if you don’t want to be a fly in the trap. I reckon some might wake and others will wait for a Super Man to make it better while they, tee hee, wait… waiting.
            wait for it.. assembling the cast of characters.

            ~..~ TG …. hey, I guess I get a first class ticket to the head of ‘target’ list. I’m honored!

            • @TrailGuide:

              Thank you for the kind response.

              I agree. I am just a regular Joe. I am just tired of all the bullshit, all local, state, and fed variety. NOMI.

              Those that have chosen to be a victim can pound sand. I cannot fix stupid, but I do try to give it a wide berth.

              Again, thank you.

              ……be safe…..stay the course……BA.

            • WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER HERO …

              ;0P pssszzt


              if we do nothing WE and our children ARE DOOMED to a life of true tax debt serf slavery to the globalist bankers and inbred fake royals .

              IF WE TAKE A UNITED STAND TOGETHER AS ONE with GROUP , TEAM , INDIVIDUAL acts of PATRIOTISM across once free AmeriCa !!!

              WE eventually will win this … WE CAN WIN BACK OUR TRUE FREEDOMS OF LIFE !!!

              it’s really that simple .

              Stand Up , Fight Back … TAKE A STAND and just say NO to the NWO NJO ZOG !!!

              NO TO AIPAC SPLC ADL etc etc etc

              THEY CAN’T FIGHT US ALL !!!


              * just remember watch out for camera’s even at night , use cash , obey all traffic laws and don’t get caught or be seen .

        • Never been prey…no chance of it happening now.

          All the marbles are in play…I’m in.

      25. McCain sold out other POWs down the river in Vietnam and his father, an admiral, had some kind of role in th USS Liberty affair. Treason unfortunately seems to run in that family. Like father, like son.

        • I can’t believe I voted for that bastard.

          At least I didn’t vote for Mittens.

          • BWAAAA HAAAA HAAA! Libertarian my ass – leftist or not. You’re a blithering idiot or a pathological liar.

            My money says you’re just a butt hurt leftist that wants someone more revolutionary to Obama’s evolutionary.

            • Like many libertarians I voted Republican in many elections. No more. From now on I vote my conscience. Period.

              • LOL…Maybe you are catching on.

              • Eisenkraut, always vote your conscience. “To Thine Own Self Be True” I get sick of hearing all these people say your throwing your vote away, if you don’t vote for the Big 2. And they always say, well I voted for the lesser of two evils.So if your a Libertarian, vote Libertarian. Myself I usually vote for the Constitution Party candidate. If their’s none on the ballot, then I have to vote for the one that reflects my values the most. Their’s always going to be a loser, so if you voted for the loser, I guess you threw your vote away. Funny so many say we need a third party, which we already have, but most don’t vote for them.WASP. Come And Take It!

                • Virgil Goode was my second choice. The Constitution Party is anti-free trade, while the libertarians support free trade. I hate free trade. However, I don’t like the Constitution Party’s religious bigotry.

                  • Eisenkraut, I hear alot of people talk about being libertarian, just think if they had all voted their conscience, and voted libertarian, it would probably now be a viable party. But NO they threw their vote away by voting for Rommney. So if things are still around come next election, it will still be the Big 2. WASP. Never Give Up!

            • Not So Much, it just dawned on me of whom you remind me.

              You are the same kind of Negative Nelly as another poster here. Did you get tired of criticizing people with your other identity and decide to start a new one? How’s the weather over on the West Coast?

              Syntax is very difficult to disguise.


              • Hey Daisy, I noticed that too! In fact, I find it quite telling when some new identity begins to post and then posts often, jumping right into the fray, getting confrontational with certain people here. There’s a couple of “new” posers here now who raise the eyebrows.

                The behavior and the negative bias shows there are some pre-determined “targets” who get the verbal assault.

                Oh well, have a go at it Not So Much. Eisen can take it. Be sure to check your responses, too. I’m sure your spelling, although quite good, will probably need correcting every so often. Emotion always screws with common sense.

                • “find it quite telling when some new identity begins to post and then posts often, jumping right into the fray, ”

                  Im sorry, I’m unaware of the rules regarding reaching milestones before I can throw myself into the fray. Again, you’re free to move on.

                  • Online behavior with syntax isn’t difficult to assess. But it is difficult to break away from emotions that lead the behavior.

                  • Umkay. You forgot to say you were psychic. And just where exactly was I emotional? For someone that knows so much, you sure don’t shit.

                • I have always considered the possibility that E is one of many within a group commenting under one name….which would explain the disparaties of comments…..or E suffers from multiple personality disorder….if I were a betting woman (and I have been known to be so on occasion) I would bet on the former……everyone has their own writing style which does not vary much from comment to comment…..also, most people who post comments are consistent in their ideology…, logic dictates that, when presented with several styles of writing and ideas, one must conclude that comments come from various persons…..nothing wrong with this. per se, except that those reading the thoughts of many under the guise of one, are far less likely to believe a valid point of one of the collective….due to the duplictious nature of the commenters…..
                  just a thought….

                  • BTW….I could change my name to Lil Mary Sunshine and I would be willing to bet that there would be those who would know it was me commenting…..

              • *Snore* Yea, not so much. You mean my English is the same as someone else’s. Whoda thunkit. Sorry, I dont live on the west coast and I’m not the droid you’re searching for.

                I do enjoy hammering the trolls that claim one thing and then contradict themselves constantly. If you dont like it, then you’re free to move on.

                • Never underestimate computational linguistics, especially when there are analytical methods to compile and assess certain similarities. Evidently Daisy knows more of your online specific but there are behaviors and semantics that can be as good as ‘online fingerprints’.

                  No worries — you’re not the only one on here who is using an alias. So keep having your fun, but don’t think for a minute that you’ve fooled everyone.

                  • “Never underestimate computational linguistics, especially when there are analytical methods to compile and assess certain similarities. ”

                    So, now your military intel? LMAO! Umkay, You go girl. I’m not trying to fool anyone but you’re certainly free to project your little paranoid fantasy and see when I give a shit. Oh wait, I dont.
                    LOL carry on.

              • Daisy,
                Agree! Now who is Tucker? Women belong in the kitchen and just don’t understand politics….woes of the world started when women got the right to vote..sound familiar?

                • Kindle ~

                  Tucker’s opinions aren’t my favorite and they are similar to someone else we know and love, but the two don’t “read” the same otherwise. 🙂

                  It’s a weird little talent that is useless for anything but outing trolls, but what Zoltanne said is true – someone’s style of writing can be very identifying. Things like the composition of sentences, commonly used words, proclaimed values, ordering, punctuation, and regional linguistics are all very unique to each individual. Add to this behavior, like targeting the same people or topics and you can get a pretty clear picture.

                  The interesting thing is, it’s hard to hide because most people are unaware of their regionalisms (sort of like typing with an “accent”, their common words, and those other things that make them unique.

                  Yep, I’m a word nerd. 🙂


                  • No, you’re just a paranoid freak that thinks she knows someone.

                    YEA it’s them NWO ZOG Jews. LOL. Now I guess I’m Eisen too.

                  • Nope, Eisen’s grammar and spelling are distinctive.
                    Plus, he’s generally nice to me. He’s never called me a paranoid freak once. Old, maybe, but not a paranoid freak.

                    Did you know that there are 4 common ways to spell the word “yeah” and that the difference is largely regional?

                    Just FYI…

                    You have a nice day.

                  • And Daisy don’t forget when emotions aren’t in check, the inconsistencies appear with more frequency. When that happens, you don’t need the computer programs to pick that up. Heck, we can see it unravel right before our eyes.

                    But you know how some think they can “fool” the lie detectors or the drug tests? Yeah, them…

                  • I wuv u 2 Daisy. 🙂

                  • Eisen,

                    It’s “♥♥♥”, not “wuv”….

                    (You’ll win her over with those hearties, Eisen.)

                  • yes daisy and i am a numbers guy. the numbers here , just dont add up.


                  • (I love it when you go ALL CAPS…)

                    But where’s the accent character?

                  • @Eisen….That is wrong way to write letter to lady. Take old man Ugly’s example and try to learn.


                    The moment you smiled, my heart had melted and I knew I wanted you because you are real. A rainbow cannot hide its colors. Nor can your beauty be hidden amongst men that have eyes that can see. You are a pearl of a great price. A ‘true’ diamond in the rough.

                    Your smile melted in me a new attitude of hope and joy. You truly are the ‘Apple of my Eye’. I want to walk with you, in heaven, side-by-side, with our hand and our hearts as one. I emulate what the old men Bee Gees wrote in Words:

                    ‘Smile an everlasting smile, a smile can bring you
                    Near to me.

                    Don’t ever let me find you gone, cause that would
                    Bring a tear to me.

                    This world has lost it’s glory, lets start a brand
                    New story now, my love….’

                    I want to start a brand new story in a world that really has lost its glory. Daisy, my love, I am a prepper as you. I do not have any cows nor chickens, but what I have is my heart and my word and my soul.

                    In the meadows, you are a chosen Daisy. A handcrafted flower of beauty and colors that is easily picked apart from the millions of other daisies that exist in the forest. Your beauty stands alone and you need no introduction.

                    I know we live in a valley of uncertainty. But I want you to know you have a strong arm to rely on. A strong arm to hold and depend on. A strong arm to hold for comfort, safety, and protection. I am there for you and I will be there with you, always.

                    Love never ends.

                    I give my most sincere and best wishes,


                  • Now I am going to be sick

              • You are hardly anyone to critcize about negative comments Daisy. Your good buddy eisenkreutz has stated among other vile things he would like to see children starve,and yet here you are still engaging in conversation with him. Your credibilty is really strained.

                • I wasn’t really criticizing, more observing. I noticed a pattern and pointed it out.

                  And yes, E has made a lot of offensive comments – I guess you missed my responses to those comments?

                  I can disagree with someone and still be pleasant, Anonymous.


                  • Your Syntacs always shows support for the dribble shit that come from these freaks.

                  • This is what happens when the same story is left up too long.

                  • For the record, I never called you old personally.

                  • @Daisy,

                    Facebook Page is correct. Indeed I have read your responses to eisen,and the best I can say for them is they’re weak and sound more akin to a parent giving a child a minor scolding. Perhaps you haven’t noticed that eisen continually leads the league in hidden comments due to God only knows what thought process is hatched in that tortured brain. Your playful banter with him makes it look like you’re playing in the dirt.

                • I couldn’t agree more. I just don’t understand how everyone here can engage with this troll. He’s needy, ill-informed,
                  petulant, childish and ignorant. Not to mention his disrepect for women. Ugh.

                  • @Kittyhawk,

                    Here’s how eisen works it. After pissing off even his supporters,he knows enough to dial it back,and add some red meat comments about how everybody is ” out to get our guns!”. This,along with other nonsense about how everybody he doesn’t like has ruined the country.This brings on the green “thumbs up” brigade,and they feel that he’s one of them. Then,after a short time,he goes back to being his sorry assed self. He’s made a fool of a lot of people on this site,and they are loathe to admit to it.

                  • Of what am I ill-informed?

        • Finally. I read his father did have influence; McLame spent a lot of that POW time in the enemies’ tents being pampered.
          Now, if that was wrong, why isn’t someone suing??

        • Braveheart: You are right about slimeball McStain. I saw parts of a video that had McStain at a formal senate hearing with several Familys of the USS Liberty dead and severely wounded. I believe basically the Main issue for familys of uss liberty victims was simply to Finally after so many decades, since 1967, for the us fed gov and us senate to Admit that it was Isreali fighter jets that usa taxpayers paid for, which were Piloted by Isreali air force and used to try to destroy a american UNarmed spy ship in international waters, 100% legit, and also to Kill ALL us navy persons on board.

          Something like 34 men killed by Isreali .50 cal guns as well as 20mm Cannon fire! And the remaining crew badly wounded. They numbered aprox another 145-50 men.

          The attempt to destroy and Sink the uss liberty lasted several Hours!…The jewsih pilots had to go back to isreali bases to Rearm and refuel, then returned and brought several Gun Boats america taxpayers also paid for, and besides trying again to Sink their ship, they kept ceaslessly Firing .50 Cal and 20 mm cannon fire at the Wounded US navy Men struggleing to remain afloat and alive. The Bastard jew pilots even shot holes thru the rubber liferaft!…While desperate Unarmed and severaly wounded, Bleeding profously navy men watched Sharks circling them!

          That Attack on American navy men, and a US navy ship by what is supposed to be Americas Best Friends and Allies in mid east, was done as a False Flag attempt to use the dead sailors and Sunken us ship as fodder to Blame Egypt!

          So an Enraged usa citizenery would demand the usa military annialate Egypt for good.(shades of 9/11 eh).

          And John McStain, a US Senator rejected the grieving Families concerns outright, Swore at them all, and acted as if he, McStain could care less. He had the entire family group in Tears crying due to his Unconcern and actually swearing and Cussing at them in an official senate hearing!

          With such good Best Friends and Allies in the Mid East regions, and us senators like him…Who could need any Enemys?

          Just never repeat this event as it may “offend” jew firsters and israel defenders. Or even offend such Stalwart bestest friends and allies as them isrealis are.

          ps after fear of speaking out after warnings of courtmartials if any survivors did speak out about the US Liberty events…At a ripe old age of mid to late 70’s age, one navy man survivor finally wrote his Book about it and Names names, and has many Pictures of nearly destroyed yet still afloat liberty ship in dry dock and while being towed back to america etc.

          One Hole in ships side, midship, is large enough to drive a Semit Truck thru it!…It has to be a True Miracle by God the ship remained afloat…One gander at his books pictures and you will agree.

          John McCain along with his isreali jew pals are Less than evil scum. The Many Tears showing as the Familys openly wept at his harsh cussing and rebuke of their legit claims, and simply wishing for finally an aknowledgment of what really happened, is Proof Solid what I said of McCain and his jew isreali pals is Truth.

      26. Stopped in Hamburg PA to avoid crappy travel conditions. I was hanging out a Cabelas for a while….180 rnd boxes .308, other wise pretty much any caliber but .22 LR available in 25 or 50 rnd boxes (.22LR sold out before I got there). 5 box limit. Almost bought a nice, used, Ruger M77 30-06. Dear Hubby is more and more on board with my prepping every day. I’m hoping we can leave “The Communist State” before the SHTF. It’s gonna be a chore moving all those preps, but it’ll be worth it. Now that the MSM is picking up on this, I feel like I’m running out of time….And I’m nowhere near as ready as I’d like to be.

        • Come to Wyo. I admit the rifle of choice for Gals seems to be the 7MM. 30-06 is still OK, I’ve got 4-5.

          • Paranoid,
            I was looking at one of those yesterday and having a real battle with myself on whether to get it or not.

            • I like the 25-06, gives a good account on up to deer size. Flat shooter. For over that 30-06 is good, I think they make a sabot for 25 slugs to shoot in 06, case is the same. most people don’t know things like 300 win mag performance can be matched by 06; but there are so many 100 year old 06’s out there that most won’t load them that hot. Nice thing about 06 brass is that with very little effort it’s also 270.

              • Item: 30-06 case was originally designed for 220 grain slug. After awhile army decided it used to much metal and was far to hard on the shooter. Kept reducing slug and powder until it got down to 158 grain, then figured out it could duplicate the load with the 308/7.62 and save lot of brass in the smaller case(Also designed 270 for similar reasons). If you have a new rifle and can stand the blast it can be on Mother of a load.

                • If memory serves, got down eventually to 150 Gr then went Boat tail for longer range at 147

              • I had an old mauser action 30-06, sporterized and fitted with a new 25-06 barrel, under a 6 X 18 scope. Shoots like a dream and the little woman loves it. At 200 yds. a head size pumpkin kinda explodes. A dandy zombie neutralizer at long range, that eliminates the shovel part; so you can just let the coyotes clean up the leftovers.

          • Gun show in Casper, March 15 and 16.

            • I’m going, may take some 22 to sell.

              • I’ll be driving up from Denver. Got family near there to stay with.

            • How about Riverton.WASP

              • WASP,
                I found this online, but I don’t know if it’s still valid.

                WY, Riverton Gun Show-Fremont County Fairgrounds
                1010 Fairgrounds Road
                Riverton, WY 82501
                United States

              • You are a two-hour drive from Casper, correct? I used to drive up to Thermopolis to see my grandmother years ago, so I kind-of know that area.

                • ScoutMotto, Thanks for the info, I’m alittle more paranoid than “Paranoid” is, as far as my location! I just have trouble finding out when that show is in Riverton. What I like about that show is,it seems they usually have alot of PM’s as well as guns and ammo.WASP.Live Free Or Die!

          • My rifle of choice is a remington model 7 .308 (165 gr)with redfield retic scope. My husband has been eyeing the M77 .30-06 because that seems to be the type of ammo left on the shelves everytime we go out. I grew up learning to deer hunt with the remington 700 .30-06. It wasn’t necessarily a good fit for me, but I managed to get my deer. 🙂

            • Military Ballistics on 06 and 308 are effectively identical. Smaller case is just more fully loaded. Slug is identical, or used to be. Velocity was nearly identical. Larger case on 06 allows more variation of loads, smaller case on 30 is a little cheaper to manufacture. I like the 06 for the same reason I drove a Pinto 40 years ago, shake any tree and cheap parts fell out and anyone could fix them because they were everywhere..

        • Oh, forget it; she’s on the dem dem governor is enough.
          Sorry–she lost my vote–I bet she hates guns.

          • JayJay,

            This is off topic, but did you ever figure out what you wanted for solar? When Mac gets the PM up and running I would be happy to walk you through it.

            • I can’t do those project things.
              I don’t have help and am thoroughly lacking in the mechanical dept.
              My husband said today he is sure he lost more memory processes with the last stroke, so count him out.

              But, if I had the capability, I’d probably try it–just not my thing.
              Now, if you want shelves made or a plywood floor laid in your attic, I’m your girl!!!

              • I did get a solar oven when I passed on the solar generator, though.

              • If you were my neighbor I would be over to help. My guess is that we may be miles apart.

                Sorry to hear about your husband.

                We will pray for healing.

                • So many prayers; we are blessed with those.
                  We only have each other–no real neighbors, no friends, no family.
                  If only….there was a state for us here on this site to gather and create a community.
                  What a dream.

              • @JayJay….I’m with you on “in more ways than one!” Hubby has lost some ability to do “much” at this time (due to his long stay in hospital and surgery)…now limited in what he can lift etc. etc

                Wouldn’t it be nice to get together on some of the above projects? I bet with all the knowledge of people on this site….we could make/build ANYTHING!! take care, CC

          • ashley judd is a rabid communiST. BE CAREFUL what you wish for.

        • Dat whore would be even worse than Dickweed McConnell.

          • The “lesser of two evils” — that’s my Republican Party.

            • Cathulu for President! Why vote for the lesser evil?



          Try looking in the mirror homegirl. YOU couldn’t win an intellect competition in a kindergarten class.

          • That would create a feedback loop…
            It would lose all the “blue smoke”…
            No more entertainment and great words of wisdom… 🙂

      28. Of course, everything is going to collapse, Peak oil occurred in 2005 and climate hell is on the way. The Pentagon knows this… even under Bush, their reports stated there exists substantial evidence to suggest that significant climate change will occur this century.. the evidence of an imminent, abrupt shift (in climate) may become clear and reliable within a decade (2015)”. They are EXPECTING a shift around 2015. (Not that a shift hasn’t already occurred– anyone with half a brain has to have noticed. DUH!)

        But in addition to the climate hell that’s on the way/already here, we also have peak oil… if there was a lot of oil would they be searching for oil in oil sands and fracking, both of which are extremely energy intensive and expensive? Anyhow, we have peak almost everything… peak oil, peak debt and peak climate hell.

        • Go Google “HAARP images”

          and get your head out of the fog on climate change.


            2 years ago, we had 100 degree weather UP NORTH for over 2 months, in the BEGINNING of the summer. Russia was on fire most of the summer and didn’t export any crops, In Brazil, the rainy seasons didn’t end. My friend said they’d never seen anything like it! they’d be driving along around the mountain and suddenly there was no road! Homes were falling off the cliffs because of all the rain.. I could go on and on. the point is, if you don’t realize climate hell is real, then you’re really in a fog… Look at and then say your bull crap!

          • Oops.. I meant The guy who runs the site, Joe Romm, is a physicist from MIT, used to be secretary of energy under Clinton. The information there is from all over the world– excellent site IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN THE FACTS.

          • I DON’T HAVE TO “GOOGLE HARP IMAGES”, MAD SCIENTIST. FOR YEARS, I READ EVERYTHING I COULD GET MY HANDS ON ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE, HAD TO PUT MY COMPUTER IN STORAGE BECAUSE I WAS STAYING UP HALF THE NIGHT STUDYING IT. SO.. keep your little “factoids” to your self. I KNOW the facts. Wishful thinking on the part of yourself and your little retard conservative friends don’t make it unreal.

        • Peak oil is very real. Oil return for oil spent in exploration, drilling, and production is diminishing rapidly. Oil sands are very resource intensive, and very polluting. Fracking is not going to save us, either.

          And, if you knew just how many fresh water aquifers have been destroyed in the US alone, for oil/gas extraction, you may well be rather concerned. If you have had the opportunity to see first hand how environmentally damaging the whole petroleum extraction process is, you may take a different point of view on oil. Oil companies have been forced to be more careful, on land, but still pretty much get away with making a mess in the seas.

          • Thorium nukes.

            Electrolyis of seawater to hydrogen.

            That second is silly inefficient but given the quantity of thorium on earth who cares.


            • The oil issues are very emotional to a lot of people. Americans have had relatively cheap gas for the last 75 years, and cannot imagine it will end, like all things do.

              Working in the oil fields made me an “environmentalist”, I guess that is what happens when you like clean water to drink, fresh air to breath, and non-toxic food to eat.

              Like many things, though, most people do not want to face this issue, they just want to hear about cheap gas, “high-paying-jobs”, etc, not the raw truths.

              • We need a drastic reduction in population size to eliminate all the cars on the road. We must also have very expensive gas to stop the idiot populace from driving so damn much. Damn you old people to hell.

                • LOL…

                  You seem to think everyone older than you is to blame for the current mess. FYI, there were alternative energy sources available over 50 years ago.

                  TPTB long ago decided there would bo no access to those ealterantive enrgy sources, because that would cut into both thier money making apperatus, and their control. Try bringing an alternative enrgy source forward, and see how far you get…

                  The politics of oil are very deep and dirty, no pun intended. The politics of oil go hand in hand with the politics of scarcity, which are designed to keep people down. Again, however, the WW2 generation could have put a stop to this, but chose to say nothing, and look the other way.

                  • I gots many solar-powered devices in me preps, yo.

                    When I started cruising we had to run a generator on the sailboat. Now everybody uses solar pannels. Isn’t it groovy to help the Earth?

                  • Groovy? You mean like those old plastic records, or something?

                • Esienkreuz.

                  Even old people can get crazy too.

                  Give it away, give it away, give it away now!

                  Hot Red Chili Peppers.

                • Eisenkreuz,

                  I am sorry you have such hatred for “old people”. It may be easy to categorize all of a certain age bracket as —–, but it is not fair or true. There are good and bad found in all ages.

                  I guess now that I am a grandmother, I am “old” too.

                  I am thankful that I had good parents. Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money. My parents worked hard and did the best they could. They LOVED us and we knew that. Did they make mistakes? Yes.

                  I wish my Dad was still here and that I could give him a big hug and tell him how much I miss him and appreciate all he did.

                  KY Mom

                  • KY Mom,

                    Thanks for your heartfelt words. I love you too. The American people of your generation were given the greatest birthright in the history of the world. Like the prodigal son, your generation has squandered it. When you really think about it, all of this was totally unnecessary. All that was required was a little common sense and the desire not to enslave oneself. My generation will never be free or prosperous thanks to what your generation has done to us. I have every right to be furious with you “oldies”. I work hard every day and I know there will be no fruit of my labor.

                    The least you could do is give me a big grandmotherly hug for my sorrows. But no, I fear only the thumbs down awaits.

                  • Eisenkreuz,

                    -hugs- to you … Try to let go of the anger. When I am really upset about something, I pray about it. Concerns about the economy and the future are shared by most everyone on this site. We may not be able to change what is to come, but being ‘aware’ – we at least can prepare.

                    You have a lot of anger mis-directed toward an age group. If we looked hard enough, we could find reasons to be angry with every age group. For example, should we be angry at those in their 20’s for electing Obama? We know that age bracket had heavy support for him. Some voted for him, but not all.

                    I believe the grand plan’ to manipulate and destroy our currency and our country has been going on a very LONG time by a powerful, corrupt minority. There have been some ‘milestones’ – such as establishing the federal reserve. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, it is gaining momentum.

                    Some of the ’50 Communist Plans for America’ (a copy was found and printed in the early 1960’s) were to take control of the colleges, education and the media. For the most part, they accomplished those goals a long time ago.

                    Take care!
                    KY Mom

          • You’re mistaken about fraccing. Please give your groundwater contamination evidence. Fraccing non-conventional formations occurs thousands of feet, sometimes miles, below groundwater. Stop watching Gasland (a comically false “documentary” probably funded by anti-American interests to help keep us buying foreign oil) and study the facts. If you read the research, America is sitting on energy independence. Read about the Eagle Ford, Bakken, and a newly emerging play in west Texas called the Cline Shale that may hold the largest onshore oil reserves in North America. Plus, we are literally awash in natural gas, a good amount of we are going to start exporting to other countries. Read Shell’s press release from the last week or so about the export terminals they are building in Louisiana and Canada. This is one of the largest companies in the world making a HUGE bet on America’s natural gas.

            If you are looking for a job, have a clean driving record and can pass a drug test, come to Texas and go to work. Unless you are a liberal or union member, in which case stay where you are, you have already helped ruin the economy where you live.

            These reserves are REAL, research them yourself. This is one reason I believe, and I could be wrong, but I believe that the USA economic crash is going to be a slow wreck which will end in dollar default, war, and a new reserve currency.

            God bless


            • I am very aware of all the statements and press releases about oil and gas those companies put out. I did’nt need to watch “Gasland”, I saw the damage myself, firsthand, long before that movie came out, and no, I doubt it is funded by “anti-American intrests”.

              I am very aware how the oilfield works, having worked in the west Texas, and southern NM fields. I’m no fan of communist unions, and probably a bit less “liberal” than you, I just spit out the koolaide long ago.

              Yes, the reserves are very real, lots of them everywhere, that does not change the fact that extraction is costing more, in terms of oil spent for oil returned. All the easy to get oil and gas has been gotten. Wells that ere capped in the 1980’s, because they were not economically viable, have already been sucked dry by the late 1990’s.

              Good thing Shell is building EXPORT terminals, eh? How long do you think your good-paying-job is going to last? The people how own the patch are NOT your friends.

              • Is that the Matt Damon movie funded by the United Arab Emerates?

                • Gasland is by Josh Fox. It looked pretty real to me.

                • Just did a search for the movie, did’nt say funded by Matt Damon, or Saudis, someone named Josh Fox.

                  I have seen a couple trailers for it, looks interesting. Even if it is spot on correct, that will not change the neocon spin, or the true believer’s wishes.

                  People don’t like to hear about who controls the oil and gas, and what thier goals are. Royal Dutch Shell, aka Shell Oil, and all the rest are really good about taking other people’s resources and selling them to whoever. That is one reason why it does not matter that the continental US has any reserves left. There was a time when the US was a leading oil exporter, but people like the Rockenfelders sold it to other countries. And they have no intention of allowing the masses to have viable sources of cheap fuel.

                  Petroleum is far too vauable a resource to be squandered as a cheap fuel source, but again, most people don’t understand that either. People of the Earth, in the future will really hate on the people of the 20th century for wasting all the oil.

                  There are people who promote oil as a self-reproducing hydrocarbon, or “abiotic oil”, and it likely is, but it took several billion years for the Earth to create what oil was/is here, and reserviors will not be refilling any time soon.

                  • I noticed you didn’t post any aquifer contamination evidence. You throw out accusations but don’t back them up.

                    Your exports/jobs comment makes no sense. Jobs are created here to produce the commodity that gets exported. It is free market capitalism at work. A demand exists, and it is filled by supply, thereby controlling the price and helping the end consumer. Tell me how Shell and Exxon are screwing the USA by creating jobs? The facility in Louisiana is going to create about 8000 permanent jobs there. And tell me how the mineral owners (a lot of the time middle class to poor farmers and ranchers) are getting screwed by increased demand coming from exporting the commodity under their ground?

                    And yes, the new Matt Damon movie Promised Land was partially financed by the Image Media Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates.


                  • It’s a great documentary and will totally turn you against fracking. An interesting aspect of the prepping movement to me is that it has brought together people from the far left as well as the far right.

                  • Dustin,

                    I don’t have a site link to show you. However, I’ve been on more than one drilling, cementing, and fracking operation, that has destroyed aquifers. One example, one rig I was on, lost circulation, just before longstring, every hour, for over 2 weeks, we pumped in 50 sacks of Thickset, until circulation was regained, well was in southern NM, north of Roswell. The aquifer north of Roswell is polluted, no longer potable, tainted with drilling caustic, and fracking acid. I’ve seen that scenario play out other places too. As I have said, I don’t have a link to anything you would believe, I’ve seen it first hand.

                    Dutch Royal Shell, and Exxon, etc, are giving you temporary work, nothing more. Very little if any of said oil/gas extracted from the Coninental US will contribute anything to “energy independence”, they have been saying that BS for DECADES. They are all about stripping resources, and leaving behind toxic waste. And, guess who they are going to sell most of it too? I’ll give a hint, they are selling it to poeple who are not your friends. I understand how oil commodities work.

                    In the long run, not only will those people be screwed, they always are, our country is going to be screwed. Petrochem companies are about money and control, and have ZERO allegience to the people who’s resources they take. I’ll believe they’ll create 8000 permanent jobs when I see it, and if they do, what good are 8000 jobs that send America’s resources elsewhere? How long do you think that can last? I understand your desire for a “good-paying-job”, but make no mistake, the petrochem poeple are in lockstep with the people bringing America down, they are part and parcel of the nwo crowd.

                    You mentioned “Gasland”, not “Promised Land”, and no I did’nt see either one of them. I lived, ate, slept, and breathed oil long enough to not watch movies about it, and long enough to tell you that I have seen aquifers destroyed, and people get screwed…

        • The whole thing about Rand Paul “winning” is BS. Holder’s letter carefully states that “noncombatants” cannot be targeted. Guess what? All Americans are now considered “combatants”.

          • Was there ever any doubt?

      29. GOOD NEWS! Saw on couple of webpages that 14 Sheriffs Associations have vowed to disregard Obama’s Unconstitutional gun grab. Almost cried when saw this– loved my country (for a change). I know..I’m a wuss.

        Also, great website called “NY CITY GUNS”– which says that nearly one in three sherriffs now oppose the gun grab and the list is growing daily… Sheriff Macke (wrote, “From my cold dead fingers”) says that WE have to talk to the sheriffs in our counties and tell them to join the group of sheriffs vowing to uphold the second amendment.

        NY CITY SUPREME COURT tells Cucome (sp?) that he has to show the gun ban is constitutional…and 33 county sheriffs in NY oppose the gun grab..

      30. Kindle, in all of my years of prepping, I’ve never had feeling THIS ominous. It all started right after Election Day when the BOY in the White House and all his gun-grabbing friends started talking their trash. That’s when the run on the gun stores began and it accelerated only right after Sandy Hook. North Korea is talking more trash than usual. Plus, they’re having training exercises at the same time we have our annual exercises with South Korea. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. Maybe the globalists are setting them up for false-flag on us? I hope I’m wrong, but we’ll see.

        • They could let North Korea do the EMP…

          • Or iran…

            • More likely North Korea, Kim Jung Un actually has nukes, and missles, and is all hopped up on hiphop 😉

              • Maybe, but iran has better track record of stable launches…

                • They “claimed” they did a space launch, are known only to have something like an updated SCUD, but to date, they have nothing that will reach the Continental US. And no-one knows for a fact that they have any nukes, lots of hear-say, no proof. I’d still wager on North Korea, Kim Jung Un wants to nuke US…

          • but with an EMP wouldn’t it be real hard for the PTB to force us to wear chips & such? a lot of their controls rely on electricity. So… I winder if They will keep allowing us to have electricity because their plans need it even more than ours do. Just wondering.

            • EMP is a burst effect, and would be very short-lived, just long enough to fry the grid, radios, TVs, computers, ignition systems, etc.

              RFID tags do not require electricity to operate, but rather are a digital number storage device, like the magnetic strip on the back of your credit card, or on a store inventory item.

              Supposedly, there are already enough enough RFID chips manufactured to cover the population, although I don’t know that for a fact, maybe someone could offer proof. But a microchip designed to store about 50 digits need not be larger than a grain of rice.

              The only thing that needs to be functioning is the reader, not much more complicated that a small transceiver, which could be easily hardened.

              • There is not gonna be an EMP, tidal wave, earthquake, polar shift, solar flare, or anything else but an economic collapse. You preppers really are crazy as hell.

                • Well…thank you, all inlighted one…
                  That means we win…
                  It may be bloody…we will prevail.

      31. “You are not going to be that crazy son of a bitch no more when it all goes down”.

        This is going to be a long hot summer and you can throw your predictions out the window. Anything is game and if those people are gambing with the idea of it all going south soon by their increased activity, then you should take it serious too.
        I would be a good idea to get on google or bing or whatever and get the info and gear you need instead of beating your gums together.

      32. Mar 4, 2013
        Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in U.S
        Internment camps for political dissidents in the U.S. aren’t a conspiracy theory. The Department of Defense document entitled “INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS” or FM 3-39.40 proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

      33. Dow at record high. Fool’s rally. What goes up…must fall off a cliff, or something like that. Think about it. If unemployment really went from 7.9 to 7.7 in one month, the Dow should have been up 500 points today. People are catching on that this is all a propped up, bullshit economy. Watch out below.

        • If you count all the people on SSI, etc, unemployment is well above 1930s levels. BTW, was the soup for the soup lines provided by the government or was it privately funded?

          • Nearly all private, lots of farmers had potatoes and such they could not afford to ship, Oats were 10C and weren’t worth sending to market

      34. That’s good to hear grasshopper.

        I am just waiting for them to try to take the guns from Texas … that would be one wild show. I don’t think they would try that, but you never know.

      35. The government is certainly planning for the collapse of SOCIETY, whether or not it because of the economy is of course totally up for debate. There are PLENTY of other reasons for the government planning to begin a new era in “SS or KGB” style of rule over the people that could be the reason.

        It could be as simple as a planned day when they have decided this is IT for the people and the end of freedom. It could be the planet itself is going to begin a series of geological upheaval and THEY know it. Could be THEY know the Sun is going to wipe out the modern era in a few months with not just one EMP, but many. Could be war is ready on a regional or global level. Could be THEY know that cheap oil is now gone and we are just about ready to go into that new phase of very limited energy.

        I have heard this again ang again that it just has to be an economic collapse is WHY the government is planning to massacre us. This is not accurate, as there are a whole slew of other reasons I can think other than this. A black swan that none of us know anything about. That comet for one might hit Mars in october fo 2014, and that would mean thousands to tens of thousands of pieces of Mars hitting the Earth several months later.

        OF COURSE it could be the economy collapsing is the reason behind all of this. To say there can be no other reason why the “guv’ment” is preparing other than the economy I hope Mark Levin didn’t mean. There is the possibility that the government is just plain stupid enough, like many credit card junkies, to get stuck in the same debacle. I know this sounds far-fetched, but those in the government are not too bright too many times to count.

        The main consequences of what happens is what people need to be preparing for of course. However IF the government does know something, and it is NOT the economy that is going to cause society and civilization to collapse takes on an entirely different angle to prepping for an economic collapse and ANOTHER reason for it.

        IF it is an EMP then people will have to add to their prepping, Faraday cages to what they want to save such as radios, generators, solar power, and other electronic equipment.

        IF it is nuclear war, then everyone will have to learn as much as possible about fallout protection and learn how to monitor radiation levels and learn a lot about the weather that could bring in deadly levels of radiation. AND find or build something where they can shield themselves from fallout.

        IF it is about goelogy upheavals then people need to know IF there area is going to get blasted or not. they might have to bug out hundreds or thousands of miles to get away from a super volcano going off. Mass quick getaways and the transportation to haul what you have to safety is so important.

        IF it is a pandemic, then people absolutely must learn how to sanitize everything AND to remain totally isolated to try to avoid catching death in the wind.

        IF it is something like a comet slamming into Mars and the planet being showered 2 years from now with pieces of Mars, then people will likely have to get use to living underground somewhere, likely deep caves.

        IF it is some mass energy depletion then people right now need to find some other way of getting energy, and living off the grid because powering your home will become way too costly for most.

        In othewr words NO ONE out there should be planning for JUST an ecomonic collapse alone, they should be ready for much more and the totally unexpected. If I can predict earthquakes, then those in very high positions with super computers can do the same. They know a hell of a lot more than the public has clue about. IT could be something WAY WORSE than the economy just collapsing, something so rapid that is no time for those unprepared. People need to hit that next level of preparing just in case something OTHER than the economy collapsing is going to bring about the nightmare on Earth that so many feel is quickly approaching.

        • To cover all the bases you must prepare for WAR. War is all inclusive.

        • I hate to add to the disaster list but my recent research makes me worry about a pandemic that hits livestock and wildlife but not humans. What happens if, in addition to economic disaster, we are facing something that wipes out half of the domestic livestock (either by dying from the disease or being slaughtered by the government to prevent disease spread). And the same disease takes out a large chunk of the wildlife population. It would be frighteningly easy for such a situation to take place either naturally or by bioterrorism.

          • @ Merree. To me if it was not humans, I would be far more worried about an agricultural blight than anything. Animals and livestock can hurt the meat markets, including milk, cheese, butter, eggs, etc., but people can live without starvation on grains, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and other staples. In the past the highest death rates of people have been because of crop failures due to disease, drought, freezing weather, floods. Lack of crops also hammers livestock. Someone could really hurt human civilization by releasing a disease that targeted rice and wheat.

            Another real horrifying scenario is something that goes after bees. These little creatures are responsible for pollinating about half the world’s crops. Moths, butterflies, birds, bats, and other insects and flying animals account for the other pollinating of crops.

            Why I stress the human plague so much is that humans just like other life forms of the plant and animal kingdoms are extremely prone to panademics when their numbers become too much. Most lifeform extinctions are due to disease. When you look at smallpox for example it is one of the worst killers in human history, yet the fatality rate has remained about 30-50%. A natural borne killer from nature I have thought would come from the filth, the perfect petri dish, of India or other wet tropical zones where the mass of people is so much that germs fester waiting for the next host to infect in some hovel.

            The nightmare super virus that would develop would be an upper respiratory, not like Bird Flu that is much deeper, and be hemorrhagic like smallpox sometimes can, and that filoviruses are. It would be extremely contagious, more so than the flu, like how only very few individual viral particle could cause infection in Lassa Fever. I would think it would also behave like the common cold and cause abnormally “active” sneezing which would really spread it. The fatality rate would approach an Andromeda type strain. God help us if they have engineered something like this in North Korea, China, or some other country. However Mother Nature probably has it served up, again, in some slum ready to spread one day.

            I think the a bioterrorist however would be more likely to target a country’s chief crops with some blight, which would be awful and could lead to millions or even hundreds of milliosn of people going hungry.

          • @Meree:

            The UK came back from Mad Cow & they reacted in an extreme manner. Asia battles Hoof & Mouth chronically. Chicken cholera is endemic in many 3rd World countries, most recently in Mexico. The US battles prion infection in deer and the sheep producers battle scrapie. Bees are vulnerable, but, so far, at least in my area, they are still thriving.

            All our grain crops are at risk from disease in any growing season, but since we have staggered growing seasons (different Hemispheres), it hasn’t had a disastrous impact. Drought, flood and wildfire have more impact, IMO.

            Even the elites seem cognizant that animal, plant & human disease could easily get out of control. I observe more of a coordinated effort to contain/curtail these problems than to start it.

            My county had a Hoof & Mouth epidemic back about 6-8 years ago. We are an ag area. I personally work with wool, a known fomite. I know professionals on the county Infection Control Board and was impressed with the quarantine protocols. Luckily, the producers responded well and the protocols were never implemented, but everyone was more than prepared. Farms were to quarantined with disinfectant at the base of the drive, no one/nothing in or out w/o disinfection, deliveries by protected personnel into closed containers provided for that purpose. We stocked disinfectant and medical grade gloves and particle macks for several months. Visitors were strongly discouraged. One of our local vets was prepared to provide a surgical grade product which degrades all tissue residue in a short time. Everyone was calm and ready and if it had escalated it would have been contained.

            A good resource is ProMed. They have human, animal and plant warnings, all on a professional, scientific level. They also have email lists. It is a good way to sort out the popular media hype from reality. As you might know, the Infectious Disease folks have sentinel programs for human, animal and plant pathogens in place, globally, and professional communications are also in place.

            Anything can happen, of course, but I have been impressed with the rapidity with which our scientific professionals can determine a pathogen’s genetic make-up & origin and come up with responses.

            Right now, there is a Novel Coronavirus (human) coming out of the Middle East and Southeast Asia. It is being actively tracked and hospitals in the UK have been on alert for months.

            • Be Informed,
              I agree with much of what you have to say. Although people can survive on a vegetarian diet, I think there is a reason that there is no major culture that is entirely vegetarian. Animal products provide concentrated energy and nutrients that is unusual in plant products.

              The problem is that many preppers have plans around a small farm or hunting to provide extra food supplies and there is a danger that these resources might not be available.

              Plant material availability varies based on season and it can take time to grow more food, while animals can be an immediate food source. Make them unavailable and the situation changes dramatically.

              Blue H2O
              I agree the government does extensive surveillence. What I haven’t seen is preppers thinking about what they would do if a government inspection team shows up and says they want to inspect their farm due to an outbreak of disease.

              There have certainly been instances in the past of confiscation of livestock. In some cases it has been justified by a disease out break, but other times by political maneuvering (such as the feral hog issue currently going on). It can be devastating for the small farmer. I may be being paranoid but I think it could also be used to control and manipulate independent groups that have built islands of self-sufficiency.



                • Tofu causes cancer. Do the research. I did.

                • Grasshopper, about the Tofu, be careful that it doesn’t contain genetically modified soybeans 🙂

                  • Grasshopper: So God made a huge mistake when in the bible it says (God speaking) “I have given you ALL Split Hoved animals to be for Your Food to Eat of their MEAT”?

                    No offence but your envirowhacko posts and prior admitions of being a dem liberal proves once a lib always a lib most often. I do hope you become one of the Rare few who escape the mental derangments of liberalizim.

                    ps for Truth and Factual info on the Total swindle scams of global warming etc READ TOM Deweese articles at newswithviews site. He is one of if not the Most qualified, and Recognized as such, debunkers of Falshood scams of climate change, which is simply global warming RE named, after their Hoaxes were made public a couple yrs ago. So far it seems all you have read from is the hoaxers articles that will never admit to their swindles.

                    READ TOM Deweese. Every article of his at that site is about such swindles with tons of proof. It is another form of Marxist propaganda swindle.


                  • Caps lock is reserved for me.


      36. For many years I have been telling you that Rush and Hannity are fraudulent communists and there is no difference between the parties. Finally its starting to sink in with some of you. Neocons are no better than socialists. Wasting money on the military “defense” costs just the same as socialist welfare.

        • Eisen. Rush does exactly the same thing you do. Rush says crap and then stands back to watch people fight. Rush doesn’t mean what he says very similar to you. I am very surprised that he is not your hero. Rush is also a hypocrite just like you. Rush talks about personal responsibility and yet uses Viagra and he’s not married. Rush also talks about personal responsibility and then does drugs. You seem very similar to him in many ways.

          • Rush is married.

            • He wasn’t during the Viagra scam.

          • Um, I think Rush is actually married. To a beautiful woman if not mistaken, Then again with how quickly things change, maybe already diviorced, but I don’t think so.

            • Rush was between marriages when he was gaming the viagra at the airport and getting his maid to get pain meds.

        • I like what Michael Ruppert says

          to paraphrase him

          when I hear people talking about left and right


          • If you do watch the leftwing talking heads ( I rarely do) discuss problems in America or the world, 24/7/365, they blamed the right did it — just happened to be the right; yep at the same time it does not matter either left or right.

            This is how they convince you, the right to vote for the left, as they say:

            – two parties are no differences
            – or you don’t need to vote, so the leftist will and their candidates will win.

            Nice try!!!! 🙂

            Satori say: “I like what Michael Ruppert says
            when I hear people talking about left and right

            So all the leftwing talking heads (Chris Matthews, John Stossel/a shill, Anderson Coopers, Rachel Maddow, Mika Brenzinski, etc….) ARE ZOMBIES folks, according to Michael Ruppert and the LEFT’s THEORY.

            • Anyone remember the old Three Stoges skit of point right? And they all point in a different direction. Well that’s how its these days.

            • THIS AIN’T NO PARTY !
              THIS AIN’T NO DISCO !
              NO TIME FOR DANCERS
              NO SHEEVIE GEEVIES
              I AIN’T GOT TIME FOR THAT NOW!

              • Same as it ever was…

        • “Wasting money on the military “defense””

          This is even dumber than the last thing you said.

      37. Off main topic….but wanted to remark on Ziplock Vacuum Sealer….hand pump and seals well – very inexpensive. Less than 5 bucks for the pump and a couple bags. A dozen bags is around 3 bucks. I have been utilizing this nifty lil gadget to seal everything….from meats for the freezer to coffee. I think this will come in handy when I begin to harvest and dry herbs and fruit and vegies. But, in actuality, could be used for many things in the times to come…

        • Feisty, I totally agree about the sealers. We have just finished some frozen homegrown broccoli that was dated July 2011. The broccoli was still very green and there was no freezer burn at all. Vacuum sealing is the way to go!

          I also used this method to take some prepared meals from the recipes in the book “Food In Jars” and sealed them w/ the vacuum sealer. I didn’t want dehydrated meals in glass jars so I used my Foodsaver vacuum sealer. I filled a 5 gallon bucket with prepared meals that can be made quickly.

      38. I don’t follow Mark Levin but something is going on. No way with these high prices on gas, food, and Obamacare are we doing better. He is right about what he is saying.


        Reflecting Ongoing, Seriously-Flawed Reporting, Neither the Jobs Gain Nor the Unemployment-Rate Decline Was Meaningful
        • February Unemployment: 7.7% (U.3), 14.3% (U.6), 23.0% (ShadowStats)
        • Consumer Credit Outstanding Remained Stagnant, Net of Federally-Held Student Loans
        • Slowing Growth in M3 Suggests Mounting Systemic Stress, As Monetary Base Continues to Soar

        Valerie Jarrett’s remark. Its pay back time?

      39. I can hear the thunder…there is a storm coming……

      40. If you truly believe what you are claiming is going to happen, Mr Levin, why is it that you have not called for the end to Obama in whatever way is necessary? Short of such a call, Mr Levin, I think you are full of sh_t. Because anyone who actually believed what you say you do would call for the end to the individual perpetrating what you claim is being perpetrated.

      41. GEE, we already know that. After the looting was done and with trillions of $$$$ in debt, nothing was left to save. 🙁 The cabal is building their own empire which they’ve said would last forever. This is the same kind of collapse that happened in Germany, Russia, etc…


        1. “I’m not talking about a recession. I’m talking about a collapse.” – M. Levin

        Wouldn’t it be too late for Mark Levin telling us our economy will collapse?
        Regular Joes have talked about this for several years now.

        Once the economy collapses, society will collapse and Anarchy (Pol Pot) will happen.

        2. “Law enforcement and national security agencies, they play out multiple scenarios. They simulate multiple scenarios.” – Mark Levin

        More political propaganda, that’s all. They made you and the world believe, they will have law enforcement and the national guards that will handle the chaos, but they don’t. 🙁

        The One won’t bring the soldiers home, because they may overthrow them.
        As we’ve heard, they called us the useless eaters.

        Some Liberal leaders’ve said, it’s easier to kill millions than to control millions.

        • “For the first time in human history, for the first time in all of human history, almost all of mankind is politically awake. And these new, and old, major powers face still yet another novel reality, in some respects, unprecedented. And it is that while the lethality of their power is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historical low. I once put it rather bluntly and I was flattered that the British Home Secretary repeated this as follows, namely, in earlier times it was easier to control a million people, literally, it was easier to control a million people than physically to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million. Easier to kill than to control.”

          Zbigniew Brzezinski
          Nov 17 2008

          • Sorry, I mean to say “The NWO leaders won’t bring the soldiers home, because they may overthrow them.”

            I now realized why my “cut and paste” program wasn’t that successful. Contrary to what our leaders say, it’s working but it’s actually a FAILURE.”


            Hey JustYou,

            That’s him, Zbigniew Brzezinski — “Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million. Easier to kill than to control.”

            ???? 🙁

            • Interesting, is it not, that he actually took pride in a political official quoting him on that. That’s how those people think, to them people are just numbers to be disposed of on a whim.

        • People believe the FUNDAMENTAL Human Rights are the bases of human rights. 🙂

          And This is what the leftwings label you as the right aka Conservative.

          It’s the quality or fact of being human with the basic needs. It should be NO debate, NO non-sense arguments left or right; and Americans should not being labeled as rightwing extremists or enemy combatants.

          Fundamental Human Rights are in the charter documents,
          and are guaranteed under your Bill of Rights and the Geneva Convention’s rules. 🙂

          • As much as we try to blame the true Conservative Hosts, especially Rush Limbaugh. Why didn’t they freely discuss certain topics like youself, others & trolls did here, such as Zionism or the people who are behind communism. Basically free to talk about anything we demanded them to.

            You seem you’re still in the wonderland. This is reality.
            Actually, the conservatives are not allowed to speak as freely as other hosts can.

            If they do, Conservative hosts could be fired, and the network could be sued or be fined by the FCC.

            For Example: Cardinal GIANFRANCO RAVASI who posted Amy Winehouse, his favorite Jewish singer’s quotes even though she is no longer alive. Alot of people were disappointed in him, because she was not a good role model for the younger generation.

            But if pope BENEDICT XVI did this, oh boy ……

            We should not blame the past or the existing problems on to the ones who didn’t and don’t have any power and are constantly under attacked, just like us … the regular Joes.

            We need to learn and think for ourselves, because no one will be there to guide or to protect us.

            I try to arrange my thoughts, and I sometimes overlooked and make some errors. Because, I just want to make it easier for you to get a big picture. So i hope my contribution will help to clarify what the media outlets are hiding from us.

      42. It does not matter what guns you purchase now if there is no bullets to load them with. The only thing to do now is prepare for the bare essentials (food, water, propane, etc).

        • Look around, I don’t need any, but I have managed to buy 3-4 thousand rds of 22, 9MM, 40, and 45 in the last three weeks for a shooting class. The Ammo people are making a Billion a week, it’s out there.

      43. @FOB
        If I may trouble you, I have never heard of a Ziplock Vac Sealer, where can I get one? I’ve been through 2 “Seal A Meals” in about 2 years.

        • They are available at almost any grocery store, Wallyworld, Amazon (I purchased additional bags from Amazon). It really works well…and no electricity required.

          • you can also use foodsaver or seal a meal vacuum bags to “keep your powder dry”

        • Ziplock Vacuum Sealer/bags in the plastic bag/foil aisle. It is a hand pump. Good for cheese or other items kept in the fridge, but will lose the vacuum over time. However, they can be opened, the contents used and resealed, so they have utility.

          Reynolds has a battery-operated hand held vacuum sealer/bags.

          FoodSaver is the best, IMO, for long term vacuum packaging that will not be opened/re-opened while the product lasts. Best used for short time periods, as it can become overheated and lose the vacuum ability. You can clean it & let it rest in-between if doing a large amount of sealing.

      44. Mark Levin… nice guy for the most part, but he’s just another big government fake conservative. I’m sorry, I just can’t take anyone seriously who pretends 9/11 wasn’t an inside job, pretends Reagan was a real conservative, and is a cheerleader for the war on terror.

        • well even a broken clock is right twice a day !

        • And major cheerleader for zionists.

          Zionists & Bolsheviks= Two sides of the Same Shekle.

          • Nazi fag Stormfronter shills like AM and Usurper Zero Boy fags: two sides of the same coin. Fuck off, Nazi fag.

        • 9/11 was the work of a bunch of pissed-off Muslims who hijacked commercial airliners and flew them into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. What, are you retarded?

      45. Read up on how bad things got under Hugo Chavez. I grew up in South Florida and sold medical items into South America 25 years ago. Back when I was selling, before the Communist Hugo took over, his country was very rich.

        Now they have a 23% inflation rate and a 44% increase in the murder rate.

        Given that Comrade Barry is following the same playbook as old Hugo/Castro/Lenin/ ect. , we can guarantee we will be seeing similar troubles in the future. The sad thing is that Levin, Rush, Beck, and Hannity all seem to believe that there is a political answer to this problem.

        The laws of economics can not be suspended, just like the laws of physics.

        (Drones or no drones) NOMI

      46. It all makes sense… They are getting read for the collapse of the dollar.


        China and the US are gearing up for war with each other.

        I think China and Russia have teamed up.
        We NEED to crash our dollar…and start fresh.

        Yes, the collapse of the dollar….non preppers and the inner cities will just erupt over canned food.

        Now here’s a nice crop to grow….. for survival food…
        Parsley… It can grow in colder climates in cold frames.

        I keep a few cases of bird shot…and regularly feed the birds and squirrels.

        Yep… all the liberals who are not preppers will be licking our boots.

      47. *************************************************************


        “If the Silent Generation made America Strong… did the Baby Boomers Bleed it Dry?”


        Here’s my opinion. The parents of the greatest generation planted the garden..their kids..the greatest generation…. grew and expanded the garden. The silent generation, the children of the greatest generation make the garden into a large banquet….then the ilk of the boomers showed up and trashed the buffet for the generation X and millenials.

        There you go….
        I’ll give you an example. I’m a gen x.
        My grandfather could buy real estate for investment at no money down.
        Now all these houses were new builds….so zero repair costs.
        Along come the boomers…the buy and default..
        Now…I have to put down 30%. No way.


        • Before I go… would you mind if I try to help right the wrong?

          • It’s the least you could do for us.

            • I think your comment was meant to elicit emotional responses from the shtf community. You don’t know the age of anyone here. You are also incorrect about the way loans worked. It is not the fault of any generation. Underwriting was strict and worked for decades ending in the late 1990’s. FHA loans required 3 percent down, incomes were verified, the source of the down payments were also verified. Income to debt ratios were seriously considered. HELOCs were unusual and considered poor personal finance options. Bad credit was the kiss is death when applying for loans.
              Then came the liar loan, interest only loans, 125 percent loans, and a person could have up to 10 loans. This house of cards fell when derivatives made underwriting a joke. Bundling loans and selling them to investors. No one cared or were too stupid to check the strength of the portfolio the were buying. There were a number of issues I didn’t list but the point is clear. This was set up by banks and investors who really couldn’t lose. They knew they would be bailed out.
              When someone blames a generation rather than a corrupt system every age group took part in. The younger home buyers ( gen x) bought houses and like everyone else, either didn’t see or didn’t want to see the obvious. This could not go on forever. Some older people either bought before the bubble and built equity or had paid off their house. Not too many generation x people had the time or money to do so. We were all fools. We all let the bankers and investors run the scam. We all thought we were making money and greed blinded a lot of folks. Not every individual but certainly every age group had a hand in this.
              No one owes young people anything. Young people need to quit blaming and take the challenge. We are where we deserve to be. This is your lot in life. Quit complaining and blaming and get busy.


              • Roy, stop trying to dazzle us with logic and facts. Those thing just don’t work here on this site.WASP.Never Give Up!

        • The WW2 generation could have stopped what is coming, but chose to look the other way, and say nothing, thus enabling the parasites. Most baby-boomers are as clueless about what has happened, as the current young generation.

          • I doubt you are sincere in your comment JustMe. I would assume you are not talking about the 90 year olds (then 80 year old) WW2 generation doing anything about the problem. If you are referring to the boomers, I would agree with you to a point. Every generation shares the blame and still have not learned their lesson. Some of the loans that got us here are on their way back.
            I also fail to see how an older generation can stand by and let a younger generation do anything.
            I don’t mean to be rude but I will give you some examples. I want the younger generation to quit having kids without being married. I want all drug use to stop. I also want the younger generation to go to church more…etc. I know the response I would get from most young people and it would be to shut up.
            My point is, no one generation could have stopped the many catalyst that lead to the way we are now and the way we will be. I have faith in the younger generation and believe that as the WW2 generation did, will rise to the challenge.
            I wish you well..I really do. You may not agree with me and I guess it doesn’t matter much if you do or not. We have the issues in front of us. How we got here was predictable and should not be repeated. Now that you and I along with most people have determined that we are in a pickle…..what are we going to do?

            • You make good points. There was a time when I beleived the lies that got us here.

              My take is this: I grew up on the WW2 generation’s mythos, and upon learning a lot of the truths behind those mythos, was promptly told to STFU, that questioning anything was “unpatriotic”, and “anti-American”. I was told not to question “authority”, good Americans shut up and let TPTB do as they please. Good Americans follow orders, and don’t you dare think our orders are not rightious. Only when other people “just follow orders”, are they in the wrong. We only fight just wars, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

              The WW2 generation was psychologically broken by the Depression, and as a result, chose not to question what was really going on, who was really running the show, and what thier real goals were. Despite it all being laid out before them in print for everyone to read. Those few of that generation who did dare to stand up were very quickly shut down, ostracized, some even murdered. The rest just looked the other way.

              Sorry, but they not only had all of history before them, they had the words of those in postions of power, laying out thier goals, and still, they were the first generation of Americans to allow socialism to take hold in America. And then, try and blame it on “the liberals”…

            • Marijuana is good for you. Pill-poppin’ old man tellin’ us to stop takin’ drugs. That’s rich.

        • you didn’t get enough spankings as a little girl.

          • I don’t get enough spankings NOW! I’m sure some psychatrist will dream up something like spanking defeciency syndrome. Then I can get SSI for having SDS.

            • ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

              That was good 😉

      48. This was a great article. Fact is Mark Levin is not into conspiracies. When he said this my eyes just widened because for him to say it speaks volumes.

        We all know something is different in the air. I feel we can all sense that something is going to happen, but we really don’t know what exactly it is. So we do what we do. I don’t remember this feeling as a kid, don’t remember it when I was in high school or college. But now I go to bed and wake up with that strange feeling of “something’s coming. I have no idea what it is but something’s coming and it’s bad.”

        I dunno, it’s just a pretty big deal, to me at least, when a guy like Mark Levin, says this.

      49. Simulating. I know what is simulating. Hale to the V.

      50. Despite the best efforts of the powers to be the US may be getting a reprieve from a Bakken crude oil supply. This is a game changer.

      51. until someone’s willing to light the fuse they will continue to grow stronger.If given enough time their victory will be certain.How sad.

      52. Levin is a classic gatekeeper. Assuage the conservative population by explaining half the cause of our economic calamity, but never mention that it’s our involvement with the terrorist state of israel, and the $$ wasted on the military, that causes the other half.

      53. My financial advisor asked me of my retirement goals in next 15 years. I laughed. Instead of signing papers, we just went to pub had a couple beers and watched a ball game.

        • Ok old man. At least you’re with it.

          • Eisen- good thing you didn’t buy the beer. These men would have to put out and if they didn’t want to….hold them down and rape them. Your words baaafoooon.

      54. I can imagine a world where Francs, Dollars, Yen, Pounds, and Euro’s are worthless.

        I can imagine a world where Real Estate is worthless, like inner city Detroit?

        I can imagine a world where human life is worthless. 55 million killed babies by abortion in the U.S. since the 1980’s.

        I can imagine a world where you as a person have no rights, no power, and no way to improve your lot in life, defend what you do have, or express your political will.

        I can not imagine a world where gold, diamonds, or silver ever become worthless.

        I can not imagine a world where food, water, medical supplies, alcohol (both drinking and disinfecting), guns, ammo, a garden, warm cloths, security, good shoes, hand tools, motor oil, nails, screws, wood, chicken wire, or The Bible ever become worthless.

        I can not imagine where a Mother’s word, a Father’s love, a family, a Godly sermon, a Friend, your honeymoon night, a helping hand, or kindness is worthless.

        God is Love, He is also Just, thus He must punish the breaking of His laws. His laws are set out for us in The Bible.

        Because God is love, He gives us a way out of our problem. Instead of us paying the price for our lawlessness, Jesus, The Christ, His own son became a sacrifice to satisfy God’s Justice.

        All you have to do to obtain God’s forgiveness is to put your trust in Christ.

        Do it now before your life becomes worthless.

        • Not that anyone will give a shit, but after some thought and prayer, this will be my last visit to SHTF Plan.

          I just can not go on supporting this site with my visits when so many here are such hate filled monsters.

          Will the Last American leaving SHTF Plan please turn off the light, take down the flag, and say a prayer for all of the lost souls who post their poison on a hourly basis.

          “May The Lord Bless you and keep you, make He make His face shine upon you, and give you peace”.

          • The Last American,

            Hail Mary, full of grace.
            Our Lord is with thee.
            Blessed art thou among women,
            and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
            Holy Mary, Mother of God,
            pray for us sinners,
            now and at the hour of our death.

            Thank you for your inspiring posts, sorry you won’t be around here, not all are full of hate.

          • The Last American,
            For what it’s worth, I totally agree with you. I am having trouble with all the hate being espoused on this site of late.

            See my post at the bottom of the page to possee & BI.

            “Will the Last American leaving SHTF Plan please turn off the light, take down the flag, and say a prayer for all of the lost souls who post their poison on a hourly basis.” Amen

          • Would you like some cheese with that whine?

      55. I think we can all agree that something bad is coming, perhaps just over the next horizon. It might come next week, or it might take a year or two. It might happen overnight or it could be a gradual change that the majority of the people don’t wake up to until it’s too late (in my opinion, this is already happening).

        The need to be as ready as you can be is paramount for the survival of you and your family. Awareness of national and world events is critical. Admittedly, it’s like a game of chess, trying to anticipate your opponent’s next move, but you need to have as much advance warning as you can possibly get.

        The military cannot be trusted to fire on American civilians. This is why the government is arming and training its own private army. I look for another war (incursion, police action–whatever you want to call it) during which they government will knowingly and deliberately undermine and deplete our traditional military forces, thus leaving the federal thugs free to administer whatever agenda they have in mind here at home.

        As I have stated before, I believe the government will eschew a straight-on incursion against the American public, favoring instead to manipulate civil unrest from behind the scenes, and will therefore appear to be the peacekeepers when they roll in to quash the violence in the streets. During this time, they will also confiscate our weapons and silence their most vocal opposition.

        Keep in mind, this is simply my opinion of the most likely scenario. I could well be wrong, and we waste precious energy by debating how the axe will fall. As I stated earlier, we all agree that something is imminent. Aside from preparing for ourselves and our families, we should try to awaken as many of our friends and co-workers as we can. The more people open their eyes, the better chance we all stand in the long run. An entire community which is prepared to resist is better than one or two families. Hiding in a bunker or in the hills is simply not a long-term solution.

        I realize that most people are nervous about becoming too visible. No one wants to be on the government’s radar. Still, without leaders, what chance do those of us who would oppose tyranny and forced servitude have in the long run? The founders of this country did not hide in bunkers when the British came.

        Though prepping and having a survival plan are ESSENTIAL, we must consider what will happen in the years afterward, lest we be eventually be assimilated into the New World Order anyway.

      56. @BI: Got another E-mail from my PM friend in OK, like he told me earlier those things looked like they were going to pick on the southern portion of the Caribbean Plate, and they may have just that.

        His latest E-Mail said that this is only the beginning of shake, rattle and roll there, and things may get a whole lot worse. Look for the Venezuela’s oilfields to be hit hard and the price of world crude to go through the roof sometime soon.

        I guess we will see.

        NOMI and KTLTW

        • @ pale rider. Just like in 1812 when Venezuela was hit by a super quake and the New Madrid and central San Andreas went off. I think that it will not just be the southern Caribbean portions, but also the eastern flank where the chain of islands like the Leewards are at will go. The Caribbean is affected a lot from the Cocos and Nazca plates. The New Madrid is affected from the Caribbean and the Mid Atlantic Ridge regions of 14-20 degrees north and 54-60 degrees north.

          Right now though the Pacific Northwest is under a watch because of the extreme swarm down in the Prince Edward Islands region that shows the African plate is on the move and will cause an increase of pressure on the Pacific and North American plates, and even more so on the Australian plate. This is up until March 21st from this swarm.

          The earthquakes in Venezuela actually are not a bad sign as it is not as locked as it could be. The eastern Caribbean plate seldom or never has any earthquakes of any size on it. This means that it is mega locked and WHEN it goes it could rival the Japanese earthquake of 9.0, or maybe even reach to the Indonesian 9.1 or 1964 Alaskan earthquake of 9.2. Anything larger would have to include the southern portion of the plate. You have the southern and eastern sides of the Caribbean plate go you are talking about a high 9 magnitude earthquake. The more I read about the Caribbean plate the more I think this is possible, not probable, just possible.

          • @BI: Thx for your time. I truly think CasCada is about to go BIG TIME.

      57. Levin is a little late to the picnic. This has been going on for quite some time. Start using your stump to tell the truth instead of using it to add fuel to the fire of the right/left BS battle. If you are still fighting and playing the right/left game you are controlled opposition. Any nit wit with half of a clue can see that,at the top, both sides are complicit in furthering the destruction of this nation. And citizens, if you are cheer leading for the right or the left, you are steeped in deception.

      58. NASA WARNING ON SUN: ‘Something unexpected is happening there’…
        On Drudge

      59. ” WE THE PEOPLE … are Invincible .” ;0P

        “We the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but the men who pervert the Constitution.” – Abraham Lincoln

      60. Frankenstein Feinstein Strikes Back …

        Diane Feinstein of Californication , Claims it’s legal to “hunt goyim gentile humans” !!!

        That All Veterans are PTSD PSYCHO’S and should be Dis-Armed Forever !!!

        HUH ???

        Muaaaaah ???

        WTF ???

        Who the Hell even put this Crazy Zio-Jew Bwiatch in political office ???


        It’s time Diane Frankenstein retired … before she gets more innocent AmeriCans killed or prosecuted for illegal unconstitutional laws passed by a very obviously corrupt criminal traitorous sold-out zog jew controlled fedgov and zog jew loving cia puppet prez .


        All you AmeriCan Veterans out there might want to put the traitor corrupt criminal Diane Feinstein at the Top of your Citizen Arrest (or other) for TREASON on sight ZOG Zio-Traitors of AmeriCa List .




      61. The guy is correct. Just look at all the “road” signs.

        Government buys billions of rounds of HOLLOW points.

        Are buying themselves urban tanks and assault rifles.

        The negro is not legal to be president and he is still there and they are giving him even MORE power.

        News about drones coming to America. Many blogs and questions are being raised. Evidence points they will be used in someway on American citizens.

        How the demoncraps are trying VERY HARD to disarm and take weapons away from law-abiding citizens.

        Why do they fear our vets being armed?

        These are some of the sign that NO ONE can miss because they are being discussed on radio, TV, the internet in some form or another and at all times.

        Then when you are rounded up, emaciated, half-dead in fear, trembling you still won’t realize what happened because you never paid attention to the “road” signs.

        You will be a very sorry sight indeed!

      62. Just took a trip to the range. Wall to wall old white guys.


        • Hey, I resemble thaat remark

        • Well I guess you packed up your “redrider” and went home.

          • 1911a1 bud.

        • But, I thought race was only a social construct????

          Franz Boas, self-chosenoid, wouldn’t lie about that, would he?

        • The golf range? Do any rapes on the way to or from? You crack me up. You don’t seem to have much of a life. Cool dudes don’t steal sex, young or old.

        • Looks like theys ain’t gonna be any young guys, stand up for freedom. Guess they’s all home playin video games.WASP

      63. I have a hard time following the logic of “Background Check” or “following the law” to acquire a firearm to protect yourself and your family in a collapsed crisis event.
        The very people who caused the event do not follow the law. The Congress does not follow the law. The very President of this Nation does not follow the law.
        No Politicians, Bankers, or CEO’s, follow the law.
        So please explain to me why in the world would anyone with a lick of sense follow the law in a lawless scenario event like an economic collapse where it is assured that someone will attempt to rob you of your possessions?
        Because you might have a non violent felony, are you going to go defenseless because the very people who do not follow the law say you can’t have one?
        When an economic collapse occurs, as far as I’m concerned, all bets are off, no laws apply, and I, for one, will not be tied to laws that the very people who caused the event do not follow themselves.

        Only a slave would be so foolish as to follow stupidity and lawlessness by their masters.

        When the government follows the law, then so will I! Until then, I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees!

      64. How many people on here believe the collapse will be in 2013 ???
        I still think its gonna be a few more years away

        • Rich, I lean a little more toward a year or two myself. YMMV.

        • Its going to happen soon. Very soon. Maybe Monday but definetly before Easter. Pray and Repent.


        for ” LIGHTS OUT ??? ” ;0p

        ……Ladies and Gentlemen, the Vice-president of the United States.
        My fellow Americans, as you know, 27 minutes ago the power went out. Also affected were most of the communication
        and transportation systems in the continental United States, most of Canada, and parts of Mexico. This seems to the
        effect of a large EMP burst. We are not sure at this time of the source of the burst and we do not know if was accidental,
        an act of God, or a malicious attack. We do know that the burst is NOT the result of a nuclear attack. I repeat, we have
        NOT been attacked with nuclear weapons. As many of you know, the President and most of his cabinet were in route to
        his ranch in Texas on Air Force One. Since the burst, we have not had any contact with them.

        “Oh my God….the nwo njo zog cia puppet President is dead!”

        * read ” Lights Out ” then prepare .


      66. Does anyone have info on civilian chemical resporators being use for chem/bio warfare. OSHA and MINE certified equipment. If used for protection against chems like trichoenthanol or tricoenthalyne can is filter out bio hazards. Hell, has to be protection than an N95 mask.

        • Read the Purchase order. You are just a dumb ass trying to create more to worry about then there is

      67. THE CIA (who are very real zio-nazi’s) is “NOT” your FRIEND once free AmeriCa …

        NEW CIA Head Sworn In On Draft Constitution WITHOUT Bill of Rights

        New CIA boss John Brennan endorses torture, assassination of unidentified strangers (including Americans) without due process, and spying on all Americans.

        * the traitor ameriKan zio-nazi freemason cia are starting to really piss me off . ;0P

      68. And we take another step backward… Alleged Fort Hood shooter Major Hasan has been PROMOTED to Lt. Colonel!!! link to post…

      69. This is a great website with lots of valuable information. Don’t you think, if you want to comment, that you could offer up valuable information that you have rather than wasting space (and reading time)ranting in anti-whatever terms. I am horrified at the anti-zionist, anti-black, anti-American garbage posted here. We are all in this together. We love our country. We don’t like what’s happening. We need to hang together, black, white, or purple, of varying faiths and family situations. Why the attack vector? Respect the various backgrounds of preppers. My one cent for the day.


      70. “For the first time in recorded history, we have nearly every central bank printing money and trying to debase their currency.”

        Jim Rogers: We’re Wiping Out The Savings Class Globally, To Terrible Consequence
        Zero Hedge

          • KY Mom

            Excellent article..zerohedge and silverdocs both add superb financial insight to the underpinnings of the geo political morass we are in..

            They are my go to sites every day well as sgtreport.

            Unfortunately way too many here are stuck in the left vs right oxymoron..and it is quite obvious from the recent comments all of our existing problems stem from the financial oligarchy..and then is disseminated to the political and government agencies/media to be ehforced as the law of the land..

            Nice to see there are few here who possess clarity of thought without bias..


      71. WARNING: No electritity, food, clothes, medicine, gas, stores, etc, for near two years – sudden civil war and revolution for approx three extremely violent months then followed by a Russian/Chinese surprise attack.

        Catholic mystics have warned the following: God is going to let our enemies severely punish us for homosexuality, abortion, contraception, divorce, pornography, etc, but mostly and most seriously for the great Apostasy that is now happening, and for the sins against the first three commandments which are the most serious as they are against God’s Majesty Itself. When all is in turmoil, when its seems that both the Church and the world (and America) are finished, God then will intervene and turn the tables – we win in the end but not before we pay for our sins and then the enemy will pay even more severely.

        These mystics say that the enemies of God and manking had planned for a One World Satanic Marxist Dictatorship and it was to be completed by 2016-2017. Obama’s mission was to prepare America for this Marxist takeover by force and to open us up to a Russian/Chinese surprise attack from five sides: Florida (Cuba, Brazil, Venezuala, Bolivia, etc to side with the Russians) – Minnesota (large pop. of Russians and Moslems live in Minn, Dakota’s, Mich and surrounding area), Alaska (Russians come down and try to link up at Canadian border but are stopped by the Canadians and Americans, Mexican border, (Mexico sides with the Russians) and Calif. (One million man – or more – surprise amphibious attack – “with help from withing our own government)
        And some say from Eastern Pennsylvania through past Pittsburg – are there plans. All this was previously planned to happen approx, around 2016 at the end of Obama’s Presidency – then all would be in place.

        However, these mystics say God is going to thwart their plans, to pre-empt them and cause them to attack,to initiate their plans prematurely as they are not ready yet for the reason if they were given to 2016 we would not have a chance.

        The fuse, so to speak, the startin bell is the election of this new Pope – Pope Pius XIII? who will shock the entire world and Church. He will condemn Vatican II and all its aftermath, he will return the Church to its former disciplines,rituals, condemnations,etc, Popes PaulVI, JPII, and Benedict XVI will all be condemned for their part in abandoning near 2000 years of the Christian faith. “Seven Thunders” from the Apocalypse will he declare, seven declarations with the full force the papacy. He will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary which causes all of Russia to descent into a warlike and violent hatred anger.

        So- ready yourselves – soon – sudden civil war and revolutions first in Europe following the Papal election and then after a few months in late July Russia and China with their allies attack and overrun all of Europoe and America with their secret armies (DHS, TSA, etc)-Russia at first wins everywhere, all America in violent fighting never before seen on this scale in history. Starvation, massive killing, canibalism, etc then when we are in this chaos – the Russians attack.
        Obama and his elites are trying to prepare as much as possible before enough people realize and prepare – but God will soon, in a few weeks, wrech havoc on thier plans – look to the Papal election and see what Satan will go into a rage about – all the enimies of the Church “within” and without will shake in terror of what is about to happen. Get out of the cities, find a cabin, relative, farm, somewhere to go, food, clothes what you have in approx four or five months is it for over two years. No electricity = no water in the towns and cities, people will be drinking river and lake water and contracting many diseases, people desperate for food will attack even their own families friends and neighbours, all warned by these mystics.

        Google or Search:
        – JR Nyquist, A website for Patriots.
        – Russia is Preparing to Attack America – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show.
        – The Possible Chastisement of the Third Secret of Fatima by John F. Salza. J.D.
        – Unveiling the Apocalypse, Bl. Elizabeth CAnori-Mori – The Marytr Pope. (This Pope will be killed within three months of his election as the Marxist Revolution begins in Italy,Spain,France,Germany and England.)
        -WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe.
        -The Gregorian Rite: Bl.Sister Elena Aiello.

        Read these all and I guarantee you will change your mind and become seriously worried and scared, but informed and remember in the end these mystics say both Catholics and Protestants fight together to a complete victory in the end. Get food, weapons and lots of ammunition. You may have only a few months to prepare as many other very big events are about to happen. Every single major city in the world will be destroyed by either the war or the element.

        – Sister Lucia of Fatima said in 1990 that Russia will attack America.
        – Blessed Sister Elena Aiello said in 1961 her revelations she saw Russia attack and overrun all of Euroope for two years, whole cities, provinces, and even some countries will be swallowed up in massive earthquakes.
        – In 1981 or 84? in Germany, Pope JPII asked a mystics what he had seen in his visions to which he replied: I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the East and West Coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities, that Russia had been preparing and building planes, missiles, and war material in numbers unbeknown to the world and will attack with over 10million men in arms, all secretly prepared for in advance. China will attack Formosa, India and America, Russia will attack Euripoe and America with “all” the Muslim nations siding suddenly with Russian.

        • Since Putin Booted or Jailed most all of the zionist bolsheviks and himself became an Orthodox Christian and Vows to keep his current ongoing plans to rebuild every single of the 40,000 churches the jewsih kommie cabal tore down during the russian revolution of 1918-1990.(putin Has rebuilt hundreds churches each year so far).

          And since as many as probobly 95%+ of russia is Whites and at least 2/3rds to 75% or more are white orthodox christians, perhaps such “visions” by mystics were wrong.

          much has changed since russia booted the bolsheviks out. Too bad for usa most came here.

          Also when it comes to Mary worship and fatima stuff. Yes I was taought all of that as a catholic kid too..And it is one of the reasons I reject their teachings.

          Basically since at least 2-3 centurys ago and maybe as far back as the 13th century(more likly) the Roman Catholic Vatican et al is simply a form of Talmudisim for Gentiles. So many similarities abound in every form of the teachings-priests-dress code of them-Papacy-etc etc…It is difficult to not believe such is true.

          Vatican/cathoilc= Talmudeic Judaism for non jew gentiles. Vatican II seems to prove this more so.

          John Paul II spent 25 yrs promoting union with judaisim as well as all religions on earth to be joined as One under the Pope of course!…So, sorry I aint buying any “Mystical” stuff if from those sources. Stick to the bible especially the New testement/covenant of Christ I say.

          • Oh Angelo,
            You are so wise.
            With respects;
            Who wrote the Bible Angelo?
            How much was destroyed and called HERETIC?
            Who is the Mother of Harlots?
            Who are her daughters?

            • This reply from the man o’God himself with the flamethrower of the lord.

        • Can you spare a slice of pumpkin pie for a fellow American who’s down on his luck?

        • Well I know one thing. That Crabbe Nebulae sure looks neat. And it’s waaaay out there!WASP.You Build It, And they’ll Come.

      72. I am done. They can feed themselves. Blaaaaaaa I am not a slave. They can grow n can their own food. Let’s see how that works.

      73. Why worry? Our masters are college educated. They have all the smarts.

        Oh, wait.

        “A college-educated person, supposedly certified to know some things, usually knows next to nothing.”

        This bit from the same spot was good too:

        “They are not stupid in many things. They know how to persuade, make deals, charm people, compromise, manipulate, and create images. But they are stupid when it comes to basic understanding and conceptualization. The techniques at which they are good do not serve the public well when their basic ideas are twisted and perverted.”

        Do you know anyone like that?
        I do.
        I pity them.

        “Their “control” mentality is mistaken at the root.”

        • College teaches you good scholarly habits. The problem is that if 70% of professors are communists than 70% of the literature is communist. Which brainwaswhes more students and the cycle continues.

      74. I gave up reading after the first few words and seen, “Rush Limbaugh”. The article is worthless after the mention of that idiot. The man is mentally ill at best, nuts more likely. Seriously, wow. Using anything as a serious article with his name on it is like publishing a science paper from G. W. Bush, idiotic.

      75. @ Ugly. You are so right, we do need each other’s ideas. Each person out there has a speciality in which they excel at and can teach all of us about. It is a terrible shame that anyone of this site that talks out of the side of their mouth doesn’t understand that they can contribute with what they know and add so much to the conversation. We need each other until this happens to help all us prepare as best as we can.

        None of us has all the answers, and unfortunately if SHTF bad enough we all may have to know far much more than we know right now. This is why I sure wish everyone would concentrate at least sometimes on giving the community something that they know that can help us ready ourselves for what is coming. The trolls even have some knowledge usually, but choose to be foot fungus to everyone else. Everyone else knows something that can really aid us in prepping, self defense, something about seeing an event before it happens, how to deal with legal crap, and the list goes on and is endless. I especially like really off the wall ideas that no one has thought of.

        • Beinformed

          Well articulated and spot on!

          This site has been inundated with plenty of, as you said, “foot fungus’ of late..

          more trading insults and attacks of fellow commentators.
          especially the white race/religion vs the rest of the world nonsense..

          religious musings/prophecies of every sort..

          Jew bashing ad nauseum
          (not be confused with Zionism)

          and less of preparedness discussions and ideas.

          Bravo sir..bravo.

          It appears that cognitive thought and reason is extremely rare nowadays..used to be the norm here..but the extremists have taken foothold with nothing to contribute but contagion fungus..


          • Possee & BI,
            Awesome…Thank you!! I keep wondering what has happened to this site….Possee you articulated it perfectly.

            “It appears that cognitive thought and reason is extremely rare nowadays..used to be the norm here..but the extremists have taken foothold with nothing to contribute but contagion fungus..”

            The anti-_____(insert whatever) is a serious turn-off. What good is burning hatred??? I think there is more than enough “blame” to go around. What good does it do to focus on one group? It’s not like you can just focus on them and go blow them away.

            Yeah, it’s good to know who the enemy is but I think there are really bad guys in all the ranks.

            I guess I am a simpleton…I don’t get passionate, all-consuming hatred. I think it leads to a serious down falling. One becomes so consumed by their particular group they hate that they can become blinded by it.

            Just my 2 cents. The hatred espoused on this site lately sucks..I’m up for good debates but this stuff doesn’t fall in that category.

            TPTB are probably sitting back laughing and clapping each other on the back to see such hatred and division.

          • I know more about survivalism than anybody but I’m not gonna share my secrets because I know the piggies are monitoring this.

            • Holy Smokes, E.

        • @ Be Informed.
          Agreed. I’ll start off.

          There are are a couple of items that you should consider before going into the field. As we head into the warmer months there are changes to make to your attire.
          Always wear a good set of boots. Leather or canvas as long as you feet feel fine. Good pair of socks. Remember to take care of your feet and don’t let foot fungus ruin your day.
          Long pants like jeans but I like the miltary cargo. Long pants may be warmer but they keep the brush cuts and bug intrusion down.
          Get a good Belt. Many uses and can help drag your ass away from danger,
          Long sleeve shirt. Again provides protection and you can roll the sleeves up.
          A good set of work gloves. I use leather with truncated fingers. I can still touch but protect the palms in heavey brush.
          A hat made with screen mesh is nice to shade your eyes and let the heat off your head.
          I would suggest that if you go into the brush to camo your face as it is the biggest whitest target out there.

        • @BI….good points. But even a ‘foot’ fungus can say something worthwile once in awhile.

          I am trying to live my ‘new’ attitude. That is, help my fellow American instead of looking at them as competition for food and water if or when SHTF. As the Bible states, ‘…there is no greater love than a man willing to give his life for his brother.’

          I have been asking many folks if they have any food stored, or what would they do if things collapse? The answered are varied from positive to negative.

          In troubled times, real Leaders are needed. I think most bloggers here are Leaders and can be effective in helping others see the light. The light that is turning dark day-by-day. Good luck and keep giving your information for others.

          • To, UGLY.

            Most will not like REAL LEADERS. They will want help but refuse to take action.. Listen to what they say. I will not do this or that. I will never eat that. WHATEVER! I mean to tell you, Ugly that all those Iphones and fancy gadets are not going to be the mainstay of the group. They better chop wood and do things that are productive. They better listen up!
            Lots of fat asses going to be running around yelling Help Me, Help Me and will latch onto you like an octopus.
            I know you mean good. Just do not let them suck the like out of you.

            • @Slingshot….What you say is true. What I mean by Leadership is us (preppers) helping others that are willing to listen. I do believe that 2013 is our last year where prepping will be somewhat easy.

              2014 will be harder due to possible inflation and economic problems.

              You are right. Most people do not want to hear this kind of news. I am surprised just how non-reactive folks are to the drone issues and also to our involvement of wars around the world. Nobody understands what the printing is doing, etc.

              Thus, the day will come when prepping is over and it is down to just basic survival. Yes, 95% will get caught by the tsunami. They will say, ‘Why didn’t anybody warn us?’….

        • Be Informed, possee, Ugly, Kindle, and slingshot,

          I agree! Most everyone has something to share that could be of help to others.

          Now would be a good time to plant some Jerusalem Artichokes on your land or even along your bug out trail. Most people won’t even recongnize them as a food source.

          If you can’t find them locally, you can purchase online. Some places state they only ship this product in the spring.

          Jerusalem Artichokes
          (from “The Preparedness Review”, pages 5-8)

          – a very hardy and adaptable native wild plant to the Eastern United States
          – grows (in the wild) from Canada to the Southern Coast
          – was a staple food in the diet of many Native Americans.
          – a low maintenance, nutritious, hardy, prolific, delicious, and perennial (keeps coming back year after year) root vegetable
          – very tasty – can be eaten raw, boiled, fried them, mashed or stewed.
          – This does NOT need to be harvested. They stay fresh in the ground during the cold months. When you want some, just go dig some up.

          Prepping for a diabetic family member…these are a healthy and safe food for them too.

          Note: There were a number of posts about this topic under the November 13th article, “McGrath: There Is a Disaster Coming. Get Ready For It.”

          • KY Mom….thanks for bringing up the Jerusalem Artichoke. It is on my list of ‘seed’ purchases for this spring. It does sound like excellent ‘survival’ food. The best part is the easy to grow.

            • KYmom
              They have it at the farmers market. Going to give my brown thumb a second try.

            • Actually, it’s more of a weed. We planted a patch which has increased at least three-fold in two years, and these have been drought years. They are supposed to be good for you, but may be problematic for people with delicate stomachs as they can cause bloating and severe indigestion. Less delicately, they cause extreme gas. Your body will adapt, but it may be uncomfortable, although less so than starvation. If anyone knows of a good way to prepare cattails, please let me know. I’ve read that every part of the plant may be used, and I’ve tried, but they taste nasty. Am sure I’m doing something wrong and would appreciate any pointers. Thanks!

          • Thanks KY Mom

            I am not familiar with these artichokes..never tasted nor seen one..just what is the taste profile/texture?

            Looking forward to turning the gardens over for early spring plantings here on Cape Cod..Turnips/carrots have done extremely well and still in the ground.

            We grow an abundance of green leafy as well as root veges as the norm..kale spinach chard lettuces..garlic parsnips sweet potatoes turnips carrots etc..
            Will research the Jerusalem Artichokes as noted.

            Since our local public range had been shut down due to politics and insurance(soon to reopen thankfully)..I’ll turn my expertise to the dirt in the meantime.
            Morning for gardening.
            Late afternoons for firearms.

            Have to keep practicing all the skill sets as not to become rusty.

            What a life..


          • While the Jerusalem Artichokes can be planted in the Spring, it is a Fall-planted crop that winters-over for the following Fall harvest. You can plant some tubers in the Springtime but give them protection against frosts if they begin to sprout — the leaves are very frost sensitive. Spring-planted chokes won’t give you good yields in the Fall but dig a few up and taste them. Don’t dig them ahead of time — these veggies are best left in the ground until shortly before you plan to clean them for a meal.

            They’re perennials so once you plant them, they’ll continue to provide a harvest year after year if you make sure to leave some of those tubers in the ground.

            Deer love the stalks and flowers so be forewarned. And they can grow to be about 8-feet tall, like a small blooming sunflower.

        • Panty hose.

          If you have to go out in the woods in the summer, ticks will be your worst enemy when the SHTF.
          A good pair of panty hose underneath all the pants and leggings that I have never seen keep the little bastards out, will be thwarted when they get to your skin, that is protected by a skin tight layer of nylon.

          I know its not a ‘manly’ thing and that is why the best hunters don’t speak of it…. those who know about it, know, it is their secret weapon against tick bites.

          • Just like some of the South Fl Pompano fisherman and Gator trappers I know use Skin So Soft to ward off the flying critters. You’d be sitting there at the parts counter and some of the most burly looking guys would walk in and you’d swear you’re in a woman’s boutique…
            Quite fragrant… you don’t dare say anything… 🙂

            • That’s what was used in Vietnam…
              Not allowed in the bush though, Charlie could smell you coming…
              Fortunately for me, I was a REMF… and not too proud to admit it.

            • I have used Skin So Soft to ward off yellow flies that bite like hell. Thermocell is good against mosquitoes. Various cans of DEET for those chiggers and ticks. Ate garlic but the smell. Pantyhose? Only use in extreme warfare conditions but it does work. Eye flies are annoying but if you have experience the Flying Teeth called Me-Me’s in Puerto Rico. Oh Boy!

              Also consider spider,fireant,scorpion and saddle back caterpillars.

          • Pawnee Indian showed me the way. Sage. He rubbed his skin with it and then put a couple of sprigs in his shirt and under his hat. We went the DEET route and were being eaten. He didn’t get a bite.

            • Is this sage that grows wild in the Great Plain and Mountain states, or cultivated sage? As long as possible, keep Guinea Hens which are death on ticks. Regular chickens also help, but Guineas are wonderful. I’ll get some pantyhose for my husband and sons. Is there like a Queensize 3 or Queensize tall?

        • @BI…You really hit the nail on the head!! This is not the same site that I fell “head over heels” in love with at all!! Where does all this hatred come from?? It actually is getting more “scary” rather than “informative.”

          I’m sure I have something I could share with others but it’s not the right time just now….so often , I feel like we are not really helping each other anymore….

          I have so enjoyed your “earthquake watches”, and will continue to watch for these items…..and JOG is always watching the sky for us….

          I’m kind of sad to post something like this and I don’t even care how many td I get tonight…take care, CC

          • @ Canada Canuk. I think much of what is happening on this site is happening all over the world, people are feeling something awful is coming and there is so much frustration over the conditions of the Earth and the civilization at large. Many people want to blame a certain race, religion, belief, whatever, for what is happening when the blame should be focused on the elitists. This really doesn’t matter because there are some truly bright people here that could more often focus on solutions to the problems that ALL of us will be facing.

            The worse times are and the more horrible they will become, people will vent much hate. Much of this hate is just pure fear out of what the government and others could and would do to them and their families and friends. It is an awful thought that the government could put all sorts of bans on ALL of our protection and empower criminals and the evil that wants us to be as defenseless as possible. This is the way predators work, they look for the weakest of the herd to pounce on.

            Much of what people are so angry about is also that they can see the rot of society encompasses all of us in every part of world, and nothing is being done to stop it or find a solution to it. The real solution on this site is that people adding their ideas on what we should do. Even after venting like a volcano ready to blow its top, a little idea, after getting rid of the anger, on prepping or something would sure enhance the site a whole lot.

            There are the trolls that enjoy these displays of hate, like some demon or evil energy they thrive on this and try to instigate it. The other people are very upset or very afraid and cannot express themselves other than very irate comments. This is why I and others encourage everyone when they can to add a little something that can help all of us. There are so many different ideas that I have never thought of. ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR SELF HELP IDEAS IS SELF DEFENSE AGAINST THE ENEMY, AND ONE OF BEST WAYS OF CHANNELLING SOME OF THIS ANGER AND GIVING OTHERS WAYS OF SURVIVING AN ATTACK.

            We are all in the same sinking ship and when we can show others where the life rafts are, rescue them from whatever is trapping them, we help ourselves. The more that participate in a group effort to find the best ways to survive the almost certain cataclysm, the better chance all of us have WHEN it does hit.

            • @ Be Informed.

              Lots of hate and pointing of fingers as to who is respondsible for all this. Hate will endure till it burns itself out so we know terrible times are on the way. Only when inhuman acts exceed the flame of hate will it stop. The majority of us are tired of being lied to, tax to support government pork, being look at as servants or second class citizens. Then we turn a blind eye to what needs to be done to help our country and enable it to continue its drug enduced fantasy of all is well. We are bewildered by the apathy of those who fail to acknowledge that there is something wrong. Our American culture has evolved into a selfish, greed, self centered, materialistic and a secular beast with no soul.
              You see his workings in everyday life on the news.
              Let’s face it. We are all going to pay for our sins soon enough.

              • It appears that those who inflict death,lie,cheat,and subjugate the masses continue to flourish throughout time.

                Now is no different than centuries ago..

                Except..more of us are aware of their end game.


      76. Africa for the Africans,Asia for the Asians,white countries for EVERYBODY!

        Massive immigration and “assimilation” imposed on ALL white countries and ONLY white countries.

        It is geNOcide.Anti-whites are responsible for it all.

        Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white.

      77. Stock Market plans to run without human floor traders? (DRUDGE REPORT) How fast can you say pull the rug out from under the people and take the money and run?

        If people stay in the Market; if and when this goes into effect, you deserve to lose everything, like has been said over and over, GET OUT NOW.

        For me this is another piece to the puzzle.

        NOMI KTLTW

      78. BUSTED!

        Gabby Giffords’ Husband Spews Anti-Assault Weapon Rhetoric Then Caught Buying an AR-15!

        do you think he will give it up when the blue helmets arrive?

        I fuckin hate a hypocrite

        • than when busted with the purchase said .he isnt going keep it? is it a straw purchase?…huh?

          or maybe he bought it for Gabby, because she couldnt fill out the paperwork?..oops again straw purchase..

          every way you cut it these people suck!

        • VRF

          Do as I say
          Not as I do.

          Have the link..source?

          Hypocrisy is the cornerstone of politics.




          • If she hadn’t been in congress, he would have never flown on the shuttle. Big suprise. Another incestuous relationship in Washington. After she was shot, she was in no way fit to be in Congress. I think she was unfit even before then.

        • VRF…

          Give us the link please…
          Even if we have to keyboard gyrate it…

          I want my maypo… 😉

      79. While I am fully prepared to protect what’s mine and my family, I am certainly not looking forward to it. The suffering that would follow such a series of events would be horrific on children, families and communities. We need to be like the Biblical heroes of old: strong, resolute, faithful and loathe to act unless forced to act. All you “bring it on” people salivating at the chance to kill and looking forward to hunting government agents need to be more circumspect. I am adult enough to know if it comes to that moment, none of us will be enjoying our lives.
        Be resolute to stand against injustice and tyranny, but do not wish for it.

        My two cents as a normal dad and husband, Christian and observer of history

        • Your kind is what got us into this mess to begin with.

          Refuse to fight until it’s too late and everybody suffers while you focus on “enjoying yourself?. What a contemptable weakling.

          Think less about enjoying your life and more about earning that enjoyment.

          The load hates a coward(you). That’s where things sit right now.

      80. At SGT.

        Video showing MILE long line at Del Mar Gun show. San Diego.

        Reporter has some funny comments.

      81. Keep in mind your own perspectives , evaluate what your hear on the MSM or blogs ,
        Try to verify all information of importance . Do not fall for divisiveness

        LISTEN : listen to what is being said , told , information presented

        UNDERSTAND : understand what is being said and the intent

        KNOW : know right from wrong, maintain the moral high ground , speak out

        ACT: the last ditch function , one no one wants to use , but it may come to this

        Remember, Freedom isn’t Free , the cost is high , those who have seen the elephant are transformed, forever changed.
        It is better to look evil in the eye and stand fast , then to cower in fear



        Semper Fidelis

      82. Mac.

        Need a new subject. This is long in the tooth.

        • get the ammo producers in on this show , and a few of the big manufatures, than you might have something…

          its the Ammo producers that need the wake up call

      83. Grow your own plant nutrients

        for this: Plant these:

        Sulfur: mustard, fennel, and plantain
        Magnesium–mullein, sow thistle, carrot leaves
        Silica (not an established plant nutrient, but interesting)–borage, horsetail,
        Zinc–vetch, alfalfa
        Molybdenum–vetch, peach tree clippings, cornstalks
        Iron–groundsel, strawberry leaves
        Cobalt–vetch, most legumes
        Boron–sweet clover, muskmelon leaves
        Copper–dandelions, spinach
        Carbon–sunflowers, beets, mangles, daikon
        Potassium–fennel, borage, chamomile, yarrow
        Phosphorous–marigold, chickweed, lemon balm, buckwheat, mustard
        Nitrogen–legumes, stinging nettle, kelp, cattail reeds, Elaeagenus,
        fenugreek, carob
        Manganese–rhododendron, bracken
        Calcium–chicory, arrowroot

        In addition to these nutrients, oxygen, hydrogen, and (in some desert and
        salt-marsh species) sodium are required. Under most conditions, plants do not
        seem to have much trouble getting oxygen and hydrogen

        • @ pale rider. There will be a severe problem with malnutrition after everything goes to hell, this is a list that could prove to be invaluable for mineral from nature. Thank you.

          For those that cannot grow things, may I suggest you invest in some trace minerals that they sell in bottles that has an almost unlimted shelf life, even though they say use by on the bottle. Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops is a nice product. It can also act as a laxative when taken in higher dosages because of the magnesium. Each bottle runs about $16-$20 in most health food stores for an 8 oz. bottle. About 1/2 tsp daily is suggested and will last for about 90-100 days. This product has about 50 different minerals in it, even very low amounts of gold and silver. Take your daily dosage of precious metals 😉

        • Yes, I like this comment! My dad told me that beets are a reliable bellwether plant and if they do badly, you probably need boron. I had no idea what to do when the co-op shuts down, so really appreciate this table. I’ve copied it and put it in my notebook. Thanks! (And yes, I’m afraid, too. I took a rifle with me when I hung out clothes on our ONE warm day this month. No earthly reason to do so, but I just felt threatened. Not normal.)

      84. I use a 5 gal bucket filled with NON city water. Get a willow limb
        and cut 2-inch pieces. A good double handful. Put the willow pieces
        into an old pillow case, sock, etc. and tie the top. Toss it into
        the water bucket-it is better if the sock is weighted to the bottom
        of the bucket.

        Sit it out in the sun for….3 or so days. Then use this water for
        rooting cuttings, or watering new transplants. (10 parts regular non
        city water to one part willow water).

      85. Willow water is a safe and organic method for helping plants root.
        willows all tend to grow in stream beds or near them, as heavy rains
        come and wash them over sideways they have a tendancy to root back
        into the ground as they lie. For this reason alone willows seem to
        be very adept at rooting and have higher levels of rooting hormones
        Willow (salix) was the species that was first used to make asperin
        (Salicylic acid), which is now synthesised artificially. So if you
        have a plant to root here is what you do:
        1) go get some willow branches, you can use florist types like
        pussy willow or twisted willow, you can go to a creek and cut your
        own white willow, black willow or other locally available willow
        Make the stems about 1 cm thick and at least 1 foot long. soak these
        in regular water for 1-3 days in a 5 gallon bucket 1/3 full. Now you
        can use this water to help root whatever plant materials you would
        like to root.
        2) you may want to cheat….you can also use regular asperin
        (Bayer or your favorite) do not use an asperin substitute like
        tylonol or excedrin as it needs to say asperin. disolve 3 asperin
        tablets in 1 cup of luke warm water and you can use that as a
        rooting solution.

        There are other rooting mixes as well, Dip and Grow and Hormex are
        2 commercially available (chemical?) products. Also you can use
        liquid Kelp products, which is what I use. it is organic and seems
        to be a great rooting complex as well as a good seed soak and all
        around fertilizer for micro nutrients. I do prefer to use organics
        whenever possible.

        A note on asperin, very few people know that asperin (real or
        artificial) works topically, you can crush asperin and add water to
        make a paste and put it on a burn, bee sting or tooth ache and it
        works the same as swallowing a few pills and have it go into your
        blood stream without the stomach irritation.
        also and lastly, if you want new willow trees simply leave them in
        the bucket and they will root in the water, after they root simply
        move them to a pot or a permanent area of the garden, just watch out
        as willows can become invasive pest plants, although you cannot beat
        a nice big weeping willow for shade.


        • Thanks, Pale Rider. I also stashed this information. Nice to be back on useful ideas. We have many willows (and cattails) and if Ohio ever has a normal year again, the supply should stay steady. I really try hard to carry out the advice I receive, with sometimes inadequate results, although I think that’s my fault. This is SO very good to know. Thanks, again!

      86. John McCain graduated 894 of 899 in his college class. This idiot is my “leader”.

        • Man, wonder where the numbers 893-899 are–walmart greeters??

          • Oops, 895-899.

            • @ Eisenkreuz,

              Don’t worry , JOE LIEBERMAN corrected McCain’s statements when needed as we’ve seen in the past.

              You’re right he is not bright and especially when comes to propaganda. Sometimes he made statements that hurt himself. He obviously took the wrong advices. 🙁


              If you watch conservative shows, you will see they would be more than happy to see him join Democrat party, because they constantly criticize his/mccains leftist agenda.

        • @ Eisenkreuz

          Don’t worry,JOE LIEBERMAN corrected Mccain’s statements when needed as we’ve seen in the past.

          You’re right he is not bright and especially when comes to propaganda. Sometimes he made statements that hurt himself. He obviously took the wrong advices. 🙁

          If you watch conservative hosts and politicians who talked about him, you will see they would be more than happy to see him join the left, because his policies are mostly liberal.

          Hmmm, at your age, you have more of the bankers’ hidden agenda than anyone else we’ve seen.

          • And sometimes you will hear people compare McCain as “a mouthpiece for Joe Lieberman.”

            So if John McCain and Lindsay Graham, their liberal Views do not sit well with their party and conservatives’views, then it’s time for them to retire.

            • Politicians had decided to close Walter Reed National Military Hospital (It was over 100 years old), and then they end up having more wars, this does not make sense.

              Soldiers do not pick and choose their battlefields or to target certain country(s) as propagandists blame the soldiers for and often mislead people into believing in their agenda.

              As conclave approaches in Vatican, it’s said it was indented to select on getting “one of the media’s favourites & to forget the last one.”

              People’re surprised and who would have thought John Paul II (aka Karol Jozef Wojtyla, the 2nd longest serving pope in history) who was an ACTOR.

              John Paul II has placed a lot of Eastern European priests and lobbyists in his administration and canalized over 400 Saints; this is totally unrealistic and unbelievable???

              People believe, one of John Paul II’s allies might be the next chosen one:

              1. Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan is #1 media’s favourite: Although he’s good at promoting himself and know how to manipulate young people for his popularity and his global projects.

              2. Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi: He often quotes Amy Winehouse and, unlike Benedict XVI, actually taps out his tweets himself. Article: “Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi: Intellectual who quotes Winehouse.”

              3. Cardinal Leonardo Sandri: Cardinal Sandri recites the Angelus at the Vatican in 2005, serving as a stand-in for Pope John Paul II. As the media outlets suggested: “Sandri is prefect of the Congregation for Eastern Churches.”

              From whatreallyhappened website:
              “Cardinal Angelo Scola recently presided at the funeral of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, the former Archbishop of Milan. He has also continued the work of Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, his immediate predecessor and an extremely popular leader. The two appeared together, at World Youth Day in Madrid, in front of 7,000 young people who, after singing “YMCA” by the Village People,

              screamed: “Tutti pazzi per Tettamanzi” = All crazy for Tettamanzi.
              and “Olè, olè, olà, Scola, Scola!” …..

              The world “METICCIATO”, which refers to Christians and Muslims living together fruitfully: this Italian word has been invented by Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan, who is among the Italian favourites to succeed the pope. He has a strong chance when one considers that a significant number of the cardinals are his compatriots.

        • Sounds like me, if I had went to college! WASP

      87. Last!

      88. Vampire Elite prepares for US Terror

        * tried to warn you all of 4 years ago … ;0P

        and now it is here .

        And “no one” can stop it now …



        * FIRST 3 MONTHS HIDE … my lil’ bit of advice to all preppers is this … when it does finally kick off … GO TO GROUND , SHELTER IN A SAFE HIDDEN HARD STRUCTURE FOR 3 MONTHS only GO OUT IN ARMED TEAMS OR SMALL TACTICAL GROUPS protect your immediate neighborhood .

        give the millions of AmeriKan tax debt slave serf Zombies time to kill themselves all off in their frantic search for food water and fuel / energy , maybe they’ll take out some of the traitor njo zog fedgov dhs as well for us .



        • I hate it when I have to agree with you. Now my gut hurts.

      89. Something to heed.
        The vast majority of you readers better start learning how to survive in a hostile enviorment. The mentality of one flashlite, a few batteries, a gallon of water and couple cans of sandines is not going to make it. Now there is a possibility that I will not make it either. The difference is that I have options to exploit. Remember there is not only the material aspect but the information and execution side of the equation. Material or equipment is of no use if you do not know how to use it. Get it together. Do trial runs. Make adjustments and have fun doing it. Get to know your limits. You will be surprised.

      90. Let’s break up the guns and ammo thread for a few minutes and talk about some specifics like:

        What is the status of the Big Berkey Black filter cartridges? Has there been a bad batch from the US knock off manufacturer, or are they no longer reliable or has the problem been corrected? Is Ceramus the way to go?

        see critical reviews:

        I bought about five of these Berkey Black replacement filters @ 3 years ago to stock up, before the problem became publicized on the Amazon comments.

        Anyway, to tell besides actually hooking them up, which is kind of a waste since some reports say that the end caps were coming unglued after a few weeks or months…well short of the longevity advertised, but too long a period to be sure I’m not getting a false negative.

        In meantime, the Katadyn filter has enjoyed a solid reputation, I think, and went ahead and bought one of these

        and some stainless steel Kelley Kettles

        Any comments on the soundness of these preps?

      91. There is a new article out about temperature change that vastly affects preppers that are trying to grow food. It says that the vegetation has moved 4-6 degrees in latitude further north. This is important because many plants that you though couldn’t grow where you are, you actually probably can. The old USDA zones are not accurate and need to be updated much more so. many people for example in zone 4 can probably go plants and trees that would survive in zone 5. Many areas in 6 and 7 can grow much more sensitive vegetation. Likely also is an increase in the growing seasons by a few days to a few weeks depending on where you are.

        A suggestion for everyone interested in growing more food for longer than they thought, would be to visit the local agricultral department or local college to see just how much more you can grow than decades ago. Doesn’t matter why, just that people can take advantage of this to grow a little more food for their families.

        Check out this article on increased warmth, that actually may have some true benefits for the prepper growing gardens around the country:

        • I got free double pane windows off of craiglist and some sliding glass doors.
          I’m going to built a big cold frame, put a heater cable in the soil and get some wax pistons for vents. Hang some shop lights in there for extra light in winter.

          The goal… have my own salad garden.
          Prepped up on dried the fresh veggies is a good gig.

          Yeah, just keep thinking self sufficiency.

          America is being taken over….no doubt there.
          We need a bunch of middle aged guys with baseball bats breaking knees to iron out the country.

          I miss the old days… where someone would fuckup those stepping out of line.

          I did read the gun and ammo manufacturers will not sell to the feds now.
          Great idea….fuck them.

          I’m very very glad they built all the fema camps.
          Now we have a wonderful place to put all the commies when we take the country back over. ha

          Dems… here’s your sign!

        • Interesting.

        • Yep, here in Puget Sound, we’ve gone a half Zone south. Haven’t had a hard freeze all winter this year. Lawn mowing started in February for some folks! Only months I don’t transplant is July and August, first weeks of September, the rest of the year is fine.

      92. Lets pray that life goes on.. And that we all die warm, from old age in our own beds..

        • You don’t deserve to.

      93. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin…

        I remember these guys!

        In 2008 they all said “Hold your nose and vote for McCain”
        In 2012 they all said “Hold your nose and vote for Romney”

        The elite water boys know the Republican Party stinks!
        But, then again…
        The elite water boys don’t live in the same world we all have to.

        • They were right, anyone but Obama.

      94. Had a 6.5 in New Guinea just like forecasted on comment# 1241381 on March 6, 6:27 PM with the the article US Attorney General Gives………… This shows that the location of precursor earthquakes will show where the big earthquakes are coming. The real problem here is that New Guniea was one of the location that had an excellent chance of getting hit, and it was, but the Pacific Northwest remains on alert because really the 6.5 was not big enough to indicate it was solely the reason for the swarm around the Prince Edward Islands.

        The recent earthquake south of Africa closer to the Antarctica yesterday had a different target pattern. This was more focused on Ecuador to Mexico, Japan, The Kermadec Islands, and south of New Zealand, especially though Central America and that International Dateline areas.

        Earthquakes in certain spots leads to bigger earthquakes in certain spots. By looking at the past patterns one can see where the most likely places are to get hit, as so with New Guinea just about 4 hours ago.

        • I should have gone more in detail why more energy is likely to be released after this 6.5. Back on July 18, 2010, 6 days after PEI area had some quakes, the area about 100 miles to the east of today’s 6.5 was hit with a 6.9 and then 30 minutes later a 7.3 hit. Back on May 30, 1984 after a similar swarm in the Prince Edward Islands a 7.1 hit after 4 days when the swarm began. It seems like either New Guinea will get hit again with something larger, or the Pacific Northwest could get it. The other locations mentioned are still also a possiblilty for the swarm. The area south of here that had an earthquake yesterday has those different locations mentioned above in the other comment.

          The planet is still warming up and must be watched because something bigger is likely coming by now March 24, 15 days after the earthquake yesterday. As more earthquakes present themselves it should be more narrowed down to where the next place will get hit.

          • BI,

            What do you think about the faultline under the Willamette Valley, and/or the Cascades?


            • @ JustMe. The Juan de Fuca plate has some real similarities to the Nazca plate. Watch the the western portions of it for possible bigger earthquakes to follow. I have seen this again and again down in South America, you start to get these moderate quakes on the western sides of the Nazca plate and western South America has a large earthquake. The Cacadia fault and the sister faults are affected by the Juan de Fuca plate moving, it is moving when there are earthquakes out on the western sides of it.

              That 7.8 and even the 7.5 should have sent off the Cascadia, but it did not. That means that it is locked to the tune of a 9.0+. The difference between a 9.0 and 9.1 for example is huge, it is not like the difference between a 6.0 and 6.1. The energy released could be a 75 foot tsunmai with a 9.0 and a 90 foot tsunami with a 9.1 on the west coast. This is why you start talking about anything above 9 and you are talking about mega catastrophe.

              The Cascadia is overdue to break, not as bad as the southern San Andreas is, but it is ready to go. The longer it waits the bigger it is going to be. The action of the other plates is really what is the equation here. The amount of pinned up energy could explode in a weeks time if the North American and/or the Pacific plate undergo any time of sudden movement that would further push the Cascadia fault to its absolute breaking point. I think that maximum earthquake possible here would be about a 9.4, though it should be between 9.1-9.3 when it breaks. So it is close now.

              • About 10 years ago, local siesmologists said this area was about 75 years past due for a large quake, not on the scale you mentioned, though. So, does that mean the cascadia fault is a subduction zone, slowly buckling, until one day it snaps?

              • Fascinating in a dreadful way. I’m moving pins on my maps as I read your posts. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work you do. Sitting here in NW Ohio, waiting to see what happens with the New Madrid. Need to go home to Oklahoma for extended family, and crossing the Mississippi at St Louis always gives me the vapors. Will be watching to see what you say about that area before we head out. If it’s dire, I’m willing to travel through Wisconsin and back down/over through Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas to get there. I realize you can have a bridge break, dump you into a creek and you’ll be killed, but I really don’t want to go off the bridge into the Mississippi.

      95. i’ve got my baby Remington 870 w/ dragons breath to scare the shit out of em. and various cleaning agents to clean up afterward.

      96. And it is obvious from Obama’s re-election and the federal arm-twisting in Colorado that caused the passage of gun control in the face of massive opposition, that no peaceful means of restoring the US to a constitutional republic is any longer an option.

        The people can either organize to fight (second amendment, no more word fights) and attack before the liberals are in full force, or wait for the TSA and DHS to be fully droned, armored vehicle up, swatted, and totally fully armed; or either take the Glen Beck surrender route, or the terminator route, with no John Conner in sight to lead them.

        America with liberty is gone, if good men don’t fight now to restore a constitutional republic and oust everyone who has violated the Constitution from government.

        Waiting means losing.


      97. This is all you need to know. Law enforcement has no constitutional duty to protect you.

      98. No more than 10 to 20 million killed, tops.

      99. Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here, it’s the war room…

        • DR. STRANGELOVE 1964 A classic

      100. Back from a long hiatus of trolling…if you numb-nuts are waiting on a political party, or a party politician to save you from what’s happening right now, (or what’s coming) , then you are TRULY LOST, there is NO HOPE FOR YOU……..


        Democrate –> Socialism –> Communism –> death camps.
        Just look what Hitler did, and Stalin.

        Folks….it’s time we start riding the dems much harder.
        They are full of it.

        Never give up your guns.

        The constitution and the bill of rights are more important now than ever.
        Anyone who says it’s a dated document are really commies and traitors to the United States.

        LIfe free and put up with no BS and be ready to kick some ass.
        Vote this jerks out of office.


      102. “…it will be horrific…”

        You bet it will. For those unprepared at least. I remember the “Rule of 3’s” – A person, more or less, can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. And make no mistake, 2 weeks with no food (to say nothing of water), people are not going to be running around looking for it, they will be on a dilapidated couch, in a burned out building, weak with hunger to the point of delirium.

        The weak will perish.

        The grocery stores will be emptied in a matter of hours, people shooting one another over a can of green beans. The stronger of the sheep will stockpile, but it will be only a couple week’s worth at best, for them and their brood. In a state of shock and panic, they will go through their stores rather quickly, trying to sedate their nerves.

        Like many on here though, I will be catching up on a good book, oiling and cleaning my gun(s), eating a hot, hearty and nutritious meal 3 times a day. I only hope the evolution is televised. I could use a good laugh while it all falls apart.

        The weak WILL perish. Always. Good riddance.


        • I seem to have rubbed off on a few of you.

        • The 3 weeks without food is not true. Perhaps the skinny dudes is Africa. Not the fat people in the USA. I lived on Dill pickles, sauerkraut, and tums for two weeks once. After the first week gave up the pickles. Was walking 7-9 miles per day for exercise.

          • Paranoid,

            I am going to, instead of arguing my point, ask you how exactly dill pickles, sauerkraut and tums constitutes NO food?

            I said “without” food. That means NO food. You had carbs, some protein albeit small amounts, and Tums has calcium carbonate, sucrose, corn starch, mineral oil, and sodium.

            I also said “more or less.” A fat lard ass weighing 500 pounds will probably last a little longer with NO food. He/she is going to be one miserable, weak, wishing he would die, human being though.


      103. Sad, but true…

        Veterans forced to prove they’re WORTHY of GUN rights
        Soldiers told 2nd Amendment no longer applies to them

        “The Obama administration insists it’s routine for officials to send out letters informing veterans that an unidentified “report” indicates they may be declared incompetent and consequently stripped of their Second Amendment rights.”

        “The letter warned the vet that “evidence indicates that you are not able to handle your VA benefit payments because of a physical or mental condition.”
        “We propose to rate you incompetent for VA purposes. This means we must decide if you are able to handle your VA benefit payments. We will base our decision on all the evidence we already have including any other evidence you sent to us.”

        Completion of the incompetency determination would mean a “fiduciary” would be appointed to manage the veteran’s payments.”

        The VA also warned: “A determination of incompetency will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition. If you knowingly violate any of these prohibitions, you may be fined, imprisoned, or both.”

        • Save a gun for a vet.

      104. Dem Congresswoman: Assault Weapons Ban ‘Just the Beginning’

        breitbart dot com

        also posted at Drudge Report

        • All you Congress critters please pass all the gun control you want.

      105. 5.1 in southern california just now

      106. To anyone wondering about the moderate earthquakes in southern california, they have been on the San Jacinto fault which is an indication that the San Andreas which is locked is transferring some of that energy to its much smaller sister fault to the west. The recent swarm in Prince Edward Islands has continued today and is aiming right at the Pacific Northwest still. The San Andreas fault is connected with the Pacific Northwest faults and is probably the reason behind this activity. Will continue to watch it.

      107. FYI, those creeps that ya’ll are thumbing down are the same person… He is a troll taking multiple shots at your comments…

        • As they say on your Nazi trolls’ favorite sites, li’l catamite, 88 can play that game.

      108. There is entirely too much left/right, Democrat/Republican dialog in many of the posts on this sight. I am a newby reader but I think everyone here needs an introduction to Butler Shaffer.

      109. God has not given us the spirit of fear…so I won’t.

      110. The patriots need to upgrade their weapons acquisition and production. We’ll need missiles to defeat their drones, helicopters, tanks and urban assault vehicles. It’s time to establish clandestine factories to produce these.

      111. Thought to Ponder:
        In NY you are a “criminal” if you have a magazine that holds more than 7 rounds. Since many of us are now “criminals”, let’s buy our weapons from other criminals…………no checks, but you might pay a little more.

      112. Thoughts to Ponder:
        The “experts” are telling you to bugout to private areas, well, the drones overhead have infrared capabilities.
        Hide in plain view instead, a county with a small sherriff’s dept and a town with less than 1 officer per 2,000, and make sure the LEOs are locals. Most important, SHUT-UP and stay inconspicuous.

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