Marburg Will NOT Be The Next Pandemic, But Should Be Monitored

by | Apr 11, 2023 | Headline News

Dr. Mark Siegel says that the Marburg virus is not going to become the next pandemic because it’s not the same as COVID. Dr. Siegel also condemned the World Health Organization (WHO) for not reacting appropriately.

Why does Dr. Siegel believe the WHO is not “reacting appropriately?” Becasue they haven’t administered a vaccine (yet), of course. That’s become the solution for the ruling class to every single problem as of late. The World Health Organization, as usual, is limp — not doing what they’re supposed to be doing here, which would be to get a vaccine in there,” he said.

Siegel said that there is a vaccine for the Marburg virus and that the recommended course of action would be to conduct a “ring vaccination” around the people who are most affected. With the ring vaccination approach, a vaccine is given to a person who is exposed to a virus, along with anyone else who has been in close contact with that person, according to WebMD. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released an alert last week for U.S. doctors to keep an eye out for any potential cases.

The Next Plandemic? Establishment Media Has Picked Up The Marburg Outbreak Story

Siegel also claimed that the ruling classes of Africa where the outbreaks have occurred are “hiding cases.”

“It’s the usual problem — they’re not telling us anything,” he said. “They’re hiding cases. There have probably been at least 29 deaths.”

But because this virus spreads through bodily fluid contact, and is not airborne, Siegel does not see it becoming a pandemic. “It’s pretty stable, so it doesn’t mutate the way we saw with COVID,” he said on “Fox & Friends.”  “It spreads through close contact through secretions.”

Secretions include bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, plasma, semen, and urine. “But it is a horrible virus and it causes a pretty high death rate,” Dr. Siegel noted. “We definitely need to keep an eye on it, because we don’t want to see any cases here [in the U.S.] — but we don’t have control of the situation.”

He also warned that scientists could “play” with this virus in a lab and make it more transmissible. “I can’t tell you 100% that something won’t happen in a lab,” he said. “That’s where my concern is. But in nature, this is not going to cause a pandemic — it’s only going to cause sporadic outbreaks. And it can be controlled, as it just was in Tanzania.”

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