Are You Suffering From GAIN OF FUNCTION SYNDROME From The Fauci Death Stabs?

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    This article was originally published by S.D. Wells at Natural News. 

    Are you or a loved one suffering from GFS, gain of function syndrome, caused by repeated Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations that compromise natural body immunity? Thanks to gain of function research, naturally occurring viruses now have artificial adaptation qualities that allow them to enter human cells through gene editing or super-speed “passaging.”

    Highly dangerous pathogens have been equipped by Fauci-funded gain of function, including avian flu viruses, SARS coronaviruses, AIDS, MERS, and Ebola. No laboratory in the world is safe enough to experiment like this, and now a few billion people are struck with GFS from the Fauci clot shots, now being labeled the “death stabs.”

    A worldwide wave of blood disorders and death coming soon from the booster phase of coronavirus-GFS

    Next come the boosters to exacerbate all the horrific effects of the first few stabs, as GFS kicks into full gear. Cancer, heart attacks, and strokes will increase exponentially, while Big Pharma and Fake News blame everyone and everything BUT the gene-mutating death stabs.

    As the nano-spike-particles gather in the blood of the COVID-vaccinated victims and cause rubbery-clotting blockages, the likes of which pathologists, coroners, and medical examiners have never seen before, pre-existing “conditions” rear their ugly heads in the worst possible ways.

    Post-vaccination humans are experiencing long and stringy blood clots forming in rare places like the brain and lungs. If it’s not enough to kill you quickly, the booster shots will surely speed up the process. Got coronavirus-GFS? It comes from the vaccines, not the “novel” virus made in the Wuhan lab. Don’t be mistaken when a whole world full of semi-healthy people begin dropping dead like flies from blood clots found throughout the entire body.

    Are you or a loved one suffering from GFS? It’s not a “novel virus,” but a planned vaccine-induced, slow-roasting genocide of several billion allopathic hypochondriacs who whole-heartedly believe the insidious Big Pharma complex is out to save them (rather than execute them, and blame anything else but the vaccines).

    Fauci’s insanely dangerous gain of function virus research CONTINUES with Ebola and MERS

    If you thought coronavirus infection was scary, wait until the next wave is released from the labs, pushing all the GFS victims to get BOOSTERS, so when they all start dying it can be blamed on the new “novel” infections. Are you afraid of catching Corona-Bola-22? Run out to the nearest clinic, school or clot shot truck in an empty parking lot and have billions more nano-spike-particles inserted into your bloodstream.

    Repeated injections of COVID-19 vaccines are likely to destroy the body’s natural ability to ward off infections, including viruses, cancer, MERS, SARS, and MRSA in hospitals. These superbugs will now have gain of function capability to isolate their attack on specific parts of the human body, like the heart, brain, or lungs.

    Mass vaccination is the new “pre-existing condition” that will compound all other pre-existing conditions while creating horrific new ones like irregular heartbeats and stringy blood clots throughout the entire vascular system. This is gain of function syndrome, a permanent compromise of the entire immune system. And for the pro-vaccination fanatics around the globe, get ready for the final nails to be “put in your coffin.”

    Fauci must be stopped (he’s the Hitler of the New World “Pharma” Order). Be sure to bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental scamdemic COVID “boosters” that cause blood clots and other horrific side effects.


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      1. Truth in plain sight:
        big pHARMa……

      2. Damn, I got all excited when
        I saw the part of the headline
        which said FAUCI DEATH.
        Please don’t tease
        me like that.

      3. So that’s whats wrong with Mr. Darwin. I didn’t think he could naturally be that stupid.

        • @Genius, thanks so much
          for the laughs.

        • Hey, that’s a brilliant observation, it explains everything.

          • Genius figured the guy out weeks ago.

            • Oh boy, did he ever! “Genius” is way too smart for little’ol me!

              ???You, “Anonymous”, are a fucking shithead??????

        • Mr. Darwin is about to win the award!

        • Let’s go Edwin!!!!!

          • This is at least the second time you’ve posted “Let’s Go Edwin”. Are you so stupid that you think Darwin’s first name was “Edwin”? ???What the fuck are you talking about!!?????

        • Yes, he is certainly a dumbass

          • You should play in traffic more.

          • So, you guys have had Covid like 7 or 8 times then, right!? If not, maybe there’s a gas leak at your homes. Something is killing your brain cells at an alarming rate. I’d have that checked out if I were you.

        • COVID’s coming back! Catch while you can! ???

        • Who ever Darwin is he is a cruel mean spirited human. He clearly believed those clot shots were going to be the answer to Covid.. Maybe he already has his reward.

          • Fuck you, Buttwiff. Still here, still healthy, and apt to stay that way. Here’s to hoping for your expeditious Covid expiration! Cheers, dickhead! ???

          • A person with a fragile self-esteem is vulnerable to the slightest criticism.
            Hence the outbursts of profanity,derogatory remarks,death wishes,etc;
            The behavior will get progressively worse overtime if left untreated.

            • ???”fragile self-esteem”???
              HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for the laugh ?

              I think you have me confused with trump for some reason…

        • I just want to thank you guys for your hilarious attempts to insult me or whatever. It’s just like high school all over again. I can just imagine all of you mouth-breathing retards huddled together at the back of the short bus scrambling your feeble little brains to deliver some sort of devastating burn. I can picture the puddles of drool forming around your feet as brain cell after brain cell perform their lame, final act trying to form a complete sentence. It’s kinda sweet really.

          Meanwhile the cool, smart kid (i.e. Mr. Darwin) is pulling into the school parking lot in his sports car on Friday morning. He’s thinking about throwing the game-winning touchdown later that night and then fucking the shit out of his hot, head-cheerleader girlfriend that night. He has a great future ahead of him. College education. Great job. Lots of money. Beautiful wife and family…AND, brains enough to know how to prolong his wonderful life. He believes in being prepared, he believes in science, and he believes in the vaccine that will keep him and his family safe. He’s gonna have a GREAT life!

          Turns out, that happens to be my reality…how bout that!?

          Conversely, I can also imagine how YOUR lives will go. I see all of the chinless, inbred kids you and your cousin have shat out over the years. I see you riding your rusted 10-speed bike to work at Walmart because your El Camino is still on blocks in the front yard. I see you shuffling into church every Sunday eager to be lied to (again), and tithing yourselves into perpetual poverty like fucking idiots. I see you saving the few pennies you have to scrape together enough cash for a NASCAR ticket or a ticket to a trump rally. It must be a wonderful life. Congratulations! ?

          I’d love to hear from you captains of industry and Rhodes Scholars as to just how accurate I am with my assessment of your pathetic lives. As always, every one of you can fuck all the way off. Covid is making a triumphant return, and it’s coming to a home near you! Catch it while you can! I am truly and honestly rooting for Covid to ravage your lives and dispatch each and every one of you from this world. I just hope that as the air is being sucked from your lungs and the light is fading from your eyes, you think to yourselves, “Mr. Darwin was right…”

          Have a Covidful day, shitheads! ???

          • Your arrogance and narcissism is very entertaining to those who have actually monitored the available data and reviewed the science. You obviously get your information from CNN/MSNBC, who would NEVER lie to you, right? Hey, how’s that Russian collusion frame up going? How about that Russian disinformation Hunter Biden laptop? Nobody lied to you there, right? You are, of course, insane, and will not listen to reason, let alone trust your own senses and logic.

          • So you work for CNN?

          • “It’s just like high school all over again”

            So you were bullied in high school.
            That explains a lot.

            • I don’t even remember high school. I’m guessing this little potty mouth is sweating the next sophomore high school health test.

          • Hey Darwin, was it a girl
            who bullied you in school ?

        • lol ?

      4. The The Purge is almost here, so now is time to make a choice. If there are any here reading who know the Lord Jesus Christ- please go unto the people to proclaim His Gospel unto salvation…

        From the book of Romans: 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10:10For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 10:11For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. 10:12For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. 10:13For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

        (if you have not already done so): Turn your eyes to Jesus- repent of your disbelief of what He did on the Cross in dying for your sins. Confess Jesus as your Saviour. Then understand that after you are born again, NOTHING else in this crazy world matters….except telling others of Jesus.

        to know more go to:

        From the King James Bible; The Gospel according to John: 3:16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 3:17For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

        • Everything you believe is a lie. You live a pathetically ignorant life.

      5. They sent a memo out. Did you get it yet?

        Zelensky is the new Fauci.

        • p.s. He’s even taller than Fauci…in his heels.

        • You are one of the dumbest motherfuckers on this site…and that’s saying something! Oh, and you’re also a traitor. Go fuck yourself.

      6. How many shots has Fauci had?

      7. How many shots has Fauci has?

      8. How many shots has Fauci had?

      9. I’d give anything to be a fly on the wall when you idiots finally realize everything, I mean EVERYTHING, you believe is a lie. If was as delusional as you stupid shitheads I think I’d kill myself. Hey, there’s an idea! You guys should try that!

      10. The deadly crap, nano particles and graphine is now being put in our food, plus it was a theory the death shotin veggies (mRNA with spike proteins) and this is why you should grow your own. You know these theories about the vaccine all came true.

        I knew last year if Ebola or Marburg was released they already had a deadly vaccine for it with Ricin, also another theory was since Marburg is less contagious than Covid, it would be in the next Covid injection, but what do I know? the Covid vaccines are safe and effective and THATwas the REAL CONSPIRACY THEORY.

        • Ya I have read that they are starting to put some nano particle shit in produce now. And fertilizing with biosludge (made from sewage and liquified human corpses). Thats why I am starting to grow my own stuff but I am still in the baby stages. I think that with my tax return money I will make a real greenhouse. The God damm wind here has destroyed my previous attempts…

      11. Well, Covid cases have been pretty low lately, but it looks like it’s making a big comeback! I wish I had some new names for the “Darwin Award Winners” list, but I guess I’ll have to wait a little while longer until the Idiot Eradicating Virus picks up more steam. So, in case you missed it before, here is the previous Darwin Award Winner list. I am really looking forward to adding some new names in the coming months. I truly hope I can add YOU to the list.

        Darwin Award Winners:

        ? Bob Enyart – Denver pastor and RW radio host, DEAD from Covid. This piece of shit made fun of AIDS victims as well.
        ? Caleb Wallace – Anti-vax, anti-mask rally organizer, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Phil Valentine – RW radio host, anti-vax and anti-mask Covid denier, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Dick Farrell – RW radio host, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Robert David Steele – QAnon sh!thead, anti-vaxxer, and former Federal Spook, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Marc Bernier – RW radio host, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Irvin Baxter – preacher who said sex out of wedlock causes coronavirus, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Pressley Stutts – Republican “leader” who fought against vaccinations, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Veronica Wolski – QAnon sh!thead and Ivermectin lover, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Gregg Prentice – Florida “election integrity” official who railed against Covid mandates, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Dusty and Tristan Graham – Anti-vax “Alabama Picker” couple who made numerous social media posts and videos decrying vaccines and dismissing the virus, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Bishop Gerald Glenn – Evangelical nutjob who said “god is bigger than Covid”, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Marcus Lamb – Anti-vax televangelist (aka, jesus grifter), DEAD from Covid.
        ? Doug Ericksen – Republican state senator who led efforts to oppose Washington State’s Covid-19 emergency orders and vaccine mandates, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Maurizio Buratti – Grease monkey, frequent radio talkshow caller, and Self-proclaimed “Plague Spreader”, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Kelly Ernby – Orange County (CA) Deputy District Attorney who opposed vaccine mandates and spoke out against them at a Turning Point USA rally in December, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Doug Kuzma – Anti-mask, anti-vax, Covid conspiracy nutjob podcaster, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Bogdanoff Twins – Freaky looking monsters and Nobel Prize thieves, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Kelly Canon – Anti-vax idiot who contracted Covid from at an anti-vax symposium, DEAD from Covid
        ? Cirsten Weldon – QAnon sh!thead who said, “Only idiots get vaccinated”, DEAD from Covid
        ? Hana Horka – Un-vaxxed Czech singer who got Covid on purpose, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Meat Loaf – Terrible “rockstar” who rallied against max mandates, DEAD from Covid.
        ? Robert LaMay – Washington State Trooper who quit the force over Gov. Jay Inslee’s vaccine mandate, DEAD from Covid.

        Catch it while you can, shitheads! Have a Covidful day! ???

        • So you and your husband work for CNN?

        • And yet, government statistics are showing that the majority of the deaths are in the vaccinated. Imagine that.

        • Hey Edwina, to be an actual Vaccine the shots must have Covid in them. There is no dead Covid in the shit shots. They changed to very definition of what a vaccine is. The mRNA tech is experimental and it does not stop or prevent the spread of the disease.
          This comes straight from the horse Wollensky at the CDC. We have been lied to endlessly. Why don’t you wake the hell up.
          The shots are as useless as tits on a boar. Largest number of adverse events, more than all other vaccines combined.
          A IFR of around 1/4 percent is laughable. Why would you be a guinea pig for that. Check Angela Merkel’s rant on observing the side effects of the mRNA shots!

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