Many Americans Are Now Planning to “Bug Out” Ahead of Election Day as Authorities Brace for Chaos in the Streets

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 17 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 

    Will you be safe where you currently are if the election results cause chaos to erupt in the streets of our major cities?  A lot of Americans are becoming deeply concerned about their personal safety as we approach November 3rd because they can see what is coming.

    It is going to take a lot of extra time to count all of the votes because tens of millions of Americans are voting by mail this time around, and both sides have recruited armies of lawyers and are prepared to contest the results of the election to the bitter end.  No matter who ends up being declared the winner when it is all over, there will be millions upon millions of very angry voters out there that are likely to feel as though the election was stolen from them, and that is a recipe for widespread societal unrest.  I truly wish that we could go back and do things differently so that we would not be facing this sort of scenario, but it is too late for that now.  More than 27 million Americans have already voted, and more are voting every day.  Any attempts to fix the process will have to wait for future elections, and without a doubt, it definitely needs to be fixed.

    It is still difficult for me to believe that I am actually writing about the possibility of violence after a U.S. presidential election, but this is where we are at as a society.

    In fact, there is violence in the streets right now.

    This should break all of our hearts because violence is not going to solve anything.

    Unfortunately, an increasing number of people are not listening to voices of reason, and we are seeing anger and frustration rise to levels that we have never seen before.

    At this point, most Americans are expecting the worst.  To be more specific, one recent survey found that 55 percent of all registered voters expect a rise in violence following the election…

    In the YouGov survey, about 55 percent of registered voters said they thought violence would increase in the U.S. following the Nov. 3 presidential election.

    Just under 11 percent of respondents said they didn’t expect a rise in violence to occur after the election, while 33 percent of voters were unsure.

    Even more alarming, a different survey found that more than 40 percent of Republicans and more than 40 percent of Democrats believe that violence would be at least “a little” justified if their party ends up losing…

    In September, 44 percent of Republicans and 41 percent of Democrats said there would be at least “a little” justification for violence if the other party’s nominee wins the election.

    I truly wish that those numbers were not real, but they are.

    As Election Day draws near, many Americans have decided that “bugging out” is the best thing to do.  For example, one 31-year-old New York resident is going to be staying with her parents on Election day because she believes “the city will be on fire” if Trump wins…

    Flatiron resident Andrea, 31, also decided to pack up before Nov. 3. “I went to my parents in New Jersey for about two weeks when the BLM protests got bad and the looting started. So I definitely want to get out of here the week of the election,” said the public-relations specialist, a Republican who asked that her last name not be used. “I’m thinking if Trump wins, it’s going to be a disaster — the city will be on fire. People are going to go nuts.”

    And 42-year-old Ooana Trien is planning to spend Election Day out of the city because she is concerned that “protesters will try and burn down Trump Tower”

    The Trump supporter, who is mailing in her ballot, plans to open up her doors to others looking to escape. “I told my friends that whoever wanted to get out of the city was welcome here. One friend who lives in Washington Heights is going to vote in the morning [on Nov. 3] and come straight up to the beach,” she said. “My mother thinks that whether [Trump] wins or loses, protesters will try and burn down Trump Tower.”

    Law enforcement authorities all over the nation are also deeply concerned about the potential for violence.

    For example, in New Jersey officials have warned that we could potentially see “civil unrest resulting in riots, violent acts, and fatalities”

    “Election result delays and recounts could result in protests and attempts to occupy election offices,” officials with the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security and Preparedness warned in a threat assessment issued in late September.

    “Incidents of civil unrest resulting in riots, violent acts, and fatalities will converge with election uncertainty, producing confrontations between protesters and counter-demonstrators challenging election outcomes,” it noted.

    Yes, you read that correctly.

    They actually used the word “fatalities”.

    In New York, residents were rattled by a leaked NYPD memo that warned of violent protests from October 25th through the early portion of 2021

    New Yorkers are on edge after a leaked NYPD memo, obtained by The Post, revealed this week that police are preparing for protests to begin as early as Oct. 25 and grow in intensity through next year. The department decreed officers should “be prepared for deployment,” adding: “This November 3rd will be one of the most highly contested presidential elections in the modern era. There is also a strong likelihood that the winner of the presidential election may not be decided for several weeks.”

    In Arizona, the information security officer for Maricopa County is encouraging people to have law enforcement authorities on speed dial just in case something happens

    “Make sure that you’re reaching out to your law enforcement and say, on and around Election Day, what is our plan?” he said. “Do you have an emergency contact list? Do you have your police department, your sheriff, whoever, on speed dial ready to get them to respond to any kind of threat?”

    Election Day is now just a little over two weeks away, and emotions are running really high.

    Most Democrats fully expect Joe Biden to win, and many of them are still anticipating a landslide.

    Of course, most Republicans believe that the national polls are completely wrong again and that President Trump will ultimately emerge victorious.

    In the end, one side will be proven wrong and the disappointment that they will feel will be very, very bitter.

    We all remember the rioting that we witnessed earlier this year, and many believe that what is ahead could be far, far worse.

    In 2020, gun sales have soared to levels that we have never seen before, and many Americans find themselves purchasing guns for the very first time.  One of those first-time buyers is a 44-year-old single mother named Andreyah Garland

    Andreyah Garland, a 44-year-old single mother of three daughters, bought a shotgun in May for protection in the quaint middle-class town of Fishkill, New York. She joined a new and fast-growing local gun club to learn how to shoot.

    According to Reuters, a “potentially contested election that many fear could spark violence” played a role in her decision to purchase a firearm…

    Like legions of other first-time buyers who are contributing to record sales for the U.S. gun industry this year, Garland’s decision to take up arms is driven in part by disturbing news about the coronavirus pandemic, social unrest over police killings of Black people and a potentially contested election that many fear could spark violence.

    “With everything going on around us,” she said, “you see a need.”

    If you could go back 50 years ago and tell Americans what conditions would be like in 2020, most of them would not believe you.

    Our society is literally melting down right in front of our eyes, and I don’t think that anyone is going to be able to stop it from happening.

    Of course, this election will come and go, but the social instability that we are witnessing will remain, and at this point everyone should be able to see that America is heading into a very dark future.

    ***Michael’s new book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” is now available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.***

    About the Author: My name is Michael Snyder and my brand new book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” is now available on  In addition to my new book, I have written four others that are available on including The Beginning Of The EndGet Prepared Now, and Living A Life That Really Matters. (#CommissionsEarned)  By purchasing the books you help to support the work that my wife and I are doing, and by giving it to others you help to multiply the impact that we are having on people all over the globe.  I have published thousands of articles on The Economic Collapse BlogEnd Of The American Dream, and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe.  I always freely and happily allow others to republish my articles on their own websites, but I also ask that they include this “About the Author” section with each article.  The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only, and readers should consult licensed professionals before making any legal, business, financial, or health decisions.  I encourage you to follow me on social media on Facebook and Twitter, and anyway that you can share these articles with others is a great help.  During these very challenging times, people will need hope more than ever before, and it is our goal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as we possibly can.

    *EDITOR’S NOTE: My personal suggestion is to be where you want to be the day before the election. Watch from afar if you’d like, but be ready.  This violence has been already set up. If we have learned anything from 2020, it should be that the plans of those seeking ultimate power over the rest of us are always somehow broadcasted ahead of time.


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      1. The gas-lighters in Wisconsin that have been torturing me with DEWs on me since June of 2017 that started right after my first cell phone was hacked and vault 7 technology has been being used on me and a gang of thugs all moved into the neighborhood and break in steal, vandalize, spy, stalk, and gas-light, are so mentally incompetent that it is shocking!

        The DEW users are attempting to get me to believe that Sputnik is using the DEWs on me, and when I listen to Sputnik radio shows via Sputnik Website, the neighborhood hacking gang constantly hacks and stops the show from broadcasting. These people are so retarded! Sputnik radio in DC operates on a frequency used in Milwaukee by another station.

        Of course the psychopaths that have been doing all of this want to blame Russia! Try blaming Ron Johnson! The likely culprit! On the senate intelligence agency!

        Wisconsin sucks! Home of McCarthy! It never stopped! It is also why Sensenbrenner authored the Patriot Act and why Tommy Thompson was the first head of the DHS! And why Tommy Thompson was a heavy investor in Veri-Chip rfid implants! Illegal medical surgery was performed on me in this sick Nazi Orwellian state of freaked out psychopaths!

        They will face the same fate as the German Nazis because they are acting like the German Nazis! If you want to seal your fate and be sure to go down in history with the same level of infamy as the German Nazis, a sure fire way to achieve that is by following in their footsteps!

        Wisconsin is 55% German, as if it isn’t obvious by their Nazi policies! The second leading export from WI to Canada is
        “medical samples”! They are farming residents!

        The Wisconsin Nazis think that if they do not target Jews, it is not Nazi behavior, what they don’t get is that the fact that many of the Nazis victims were Jews is irrelevant! It is monstrous behavior and the victims religious and ethnic heritage are irrelevant! It is grotesque, macabre behavior !

        Josef Mengela was one of the Nazis that was involved in
        Nazi medical experimentation and blinded many people by trying to turn brown eyes blue with chemical drops, and he sawed off a womans hands and deliberately sewed them back on the wrong arms, and he deliberately infected people with parasites, and he deliberately revived people from a clinical state of death strictly to torture them, and he performed surgery on people without anesthesia.

        Josef Mengela, like the Nazis in Wisconsin did not posess one iota of common sense. These individuals are more mentally incompetent than people with Downs Syndrome, Schizophtenia, Bi-Polar Disorder, and Alzheimers, and more mentally incompetent than people with all of those things combined! If you were to ask people with a combination of all of those things if it would be a good idea to do any of the things that Josef Mengela did, they would all unequivocally say NO! That would be a terrible idea! But Josef Mengela was a highly respected man in Nazi Germany and considered to be one of their leaders, like the psychopaths in Wisconsin, and like Anthony Fauci.

        Let the Nuremberg 2 Trials commence!

        Andrea Iravani

        • I live in Wisconsin for over 50 years we are not Nazi’s nor associated with them. Tommy Thompson and Joe McCarthy has nothing to do with the problems we are experiencing today. The point is we all need to be prepared for the worst. In preparing for the worst we must take into consideration that we must help the less fortunate as they struggle through these difficult times.

          • Arthur Jones ran for mayor of Milwaukee as a Nazi and recieved
            about 30% of the vote, and that is just in Milwaukee where there is the highest minority population as well as liberal voters. Milwaukee and Madison are the most liberal voting populations typical of cities. In the suburbs the Nazi population is much higher. Neo Nazis hold parades every year and some people even hang Swastika flags in their windows. I have lived in Wisconsin for over 30 years. Apparently, you know different people than I do.

            Tommy Thompson and McCarthy have everything to do with the problems that we are facing today, which is a sick perverted surveillance state filled with perverted freaks, thieves, and stalkers. They always search for an enemy and a reason to continue their freaked out perverted life styles. Now the reason is corona, but the real reason is that the spies are perverted sex offenders and thieves.They are the founding fathers of the surveillance state.

            Andrea Iravani

        • Here is a song that I wrote dedicated to the surveillance state and medical mafia:

          I hate to break the news to you
          The Nazis lost World War Two
          You seem to be really out of touch
          Because you apparently don’t care so much
          You don’t have one iota of common sense
          Your thoughts are scattered
          You’re extremely dense
          You’re going to end up like the German Nazis did
          Because you act like the German Nazis did
          Everybody hates you
          The whole world hates you
          You’ll go down in history
          Your names will live in infamy
          For all of eternity
          Just like the German Nazis did
          Because you act like the German Nazis did
          Apparently you didn’t know
          America fought Nazis in World War Two
          You’ll end up like the German Nais did
          Because you act like the German Nazis did
          Every body hates you
          The whole world hates you
          You’ll go down in history
          Your names will live in infamy
          For all of eternity
          Just like the German Nazis did

          By Andrea Iravani

      2. Michael Snyder…

        Chaos in the streets…

        I’m runnin’ off a Toobin right now just thinkin’ about it…

        • I bugged out of the Big city 5 years ago when it was claimed Hitlary was going to win. Trump bought me 4 more years to prepare. Now far out of the city in a honey hole BOL, and now just about all set up 100% Off the Grid. Folks it take years to buy land and get it set up for a homestead. Lots of work, and now have about 25 rabbits producing nicely. Had one on the grill yesterday. All WHITE MEAT!! So now All Bugged in like a Wisc Badger. Come and take it. Make em work for it. Go Trump!! Already early voted and the lines were long and packed. Biden still hiding in his basement this week. Biden’s VP drew a 25 person crowd, and all the Trump rallies are packed with 10’s of thousands of supporters and parades all over the country.

          Prepare for the liberal commies crying in their soup again soon.

          • TharSheBlows, well done. Great comment on the process – prepping sure does take a long time. I’m beginning to think I’ll never be finished.

      3. Every person has the right to defend themselves and their families. Don’t go looking for trouble, But be prepared for it to happen!

      4. I’m not going anywhere, no likely chaos in my parts anyway. However, me and my friends and neighbors have more than sufficient ability to pacify any troublemakers, we needn’t bother the authorities.
        Bugging in is better than out. If locals unite and stand their ground, for any type of chaos, it would become prohibitive for these malicious troublemakers to come in to create mayhem, rape, loot, burn, and to despoil all that is good. With each incidence their numbers would decline sharply.
        This is the nature of the enemy; they have been successfully propagandized, to have a mentality of entitlement, to believe they are victims. They have been inculcated to take on a depraved nature and a programmed unreasoning mindlessness.
        These troublemakers are a walking social plague. But they are not the source of the infection, they are merely the spreaders. The source of the infection are noxious, septic, pus-filled vermin with hidden faces and concealed names that give the orders. These sources of filth and infection need to be treated like the pestilence they are; identified, isolated, and vigorously treated with repeated applications of a potent disinfectant until eradicated. You will then see the disease eliminated.

      5. “This should break all of our hearts because violence is not going to solve anything.”

        I agree that it should break our hearts, but disagree about violence not solving anything. I hate that statement BTW. Violence solves a whole lot of things. If it didn’t WWII wouldn’t have been necessary. The Civil War solved the question of slavery. No, unfortunately violence solves all sorts of things.

        The rules that we have are being changed mid game. The ones not changed are not being enforced fairly either. Violence may be needed to put things right, or permanently tear it all down. That’s the risk when one uses violence.

        • By orders of magnitude, the greatest perpetrator of violence and illegitimate use of force in the history of the world is gov’t.
          (By the way, the War Between the States did put and end to slavery for good, but the question of state secession has only been settled in that the federal gov’t keeps its boot on the neck of the states. However, secession of states is still a completely Constitutionally viable process. That no power on earth has the legal right to keep state from leaving the union if it desires.)
          As for violence, gov’t reserves the right to use violence, and they demand a monopoly on the use of force and violence. This is one reason why so much of officialdom, at all levels of gov’t, hate private gun ownership. They see the possession of privately held firearms by citizens as a challenge to authority. The possession of firearms empowers citizens in their ability to exercise great force.
          It also explains why officialdom hates the concept of citizens practicing self defense. Self defense is a uniquely individual act, it is a legitimate act of force without the permission or approval of officialdom. Gov’t and officialdom don’t like private citizens exercising force, even if legitimate, it undermines the notion that only gov’t sponsored or initiated force and violence is legitimate. You are right in that many believe violence solves problems, the gov’t certainly does.

      6. If I lived in a city, or even a large town I might be worried. As it is, we moved out of a metroplex 6 years ago now. I’m more worried about the feral hogs running rampant around here than civil unrest. However, nobody in their right minds is going to be planning an outing in city centers in the week before or after election day. Nobody should have their car parked out on the street either, if they can avoid it. As we all have seen, the idiots don’t take time to differentiate. They have been known to attack their own supporters.

      7. No matter who wins it is not in China’s interests to let America rest. Just as they have been funding and directing Black Lives Matter, they have also been funding weapons imports, fentanyl imports and black violence. Expect much more of the same since it has worked so far.

        More no-go zones will spread across the US as the country becomes ungovernable (it was never going to work: importing third world trash, having a very large low IQ, welfare-dependent black population). This is not the best material to work with when it comes to creating a first-world, prosperous country. And it shows.

      8. Many Americans “From Democratic Cities” Are Now Planning to “Bug Out” Ahead of Election Day as Authorities Brace for Chaos in the Streets
        There won’t be problems where I live. It won’t be tolerated.

      9. People, DO NOT BUG OUT! This makes absolutely on sense. Think about it. Where will you go to avoid the chaos or violence should it happen? How far will you have to go to be safe? How many other city dwellers will be doing the same? How long will you need to stay there? What resources will you have to sustain you? How will you protect yourself? As bad as it could get, stay home where you have more food, water, shelter and collective security.

        Yes, both sides may tangle, but as bad as it may get life as a refugee is a poor choice. If you want to live like the homeless do in our cities then go for it. The only people who benefit from this are the folks that peddle “bug out” kits and supplies.

        If you haven’t done this yet, find like minded friends and family and encourage them to prepare for a long indoor stay as many did back in March. (If you have enough for yourself do not disclose what you have to neighbors or those who aren’t preparing.) This time you should have the experience to do it better. Forget buying guns and ammo, it’s too late for that, concentrate on store shelf food. There is no such thing as too much and it is NOT hoarding.

        Limit your exposure to the outside and maintain a low profile. Prepare barricades for windows and doors. Go to condition orange NOW. Expect that any type of civil unrest and/or violence will concentrate in urban areas at first.

        Along with the protagonists there will be many who will take advantage of the chaos to further their cause. These will be the general criminals, gangs, homeless, desperate, et al. They will see this as an opportunity to get more stuff for themselves. If you haven’t become 100% self sufficient you have very little time to improve. Get started.

        • I agree. Bugging out with no plan to of where to go, you are just a refugee on the lam. Out here in the country we know our land like the back of our hand, trail cams and security. And if anybody comes out to the country to squat on our lands, prepare to be dealt with lead poisoning, and you will be disappeared. Neighbors watch each other backs out here.

      10. Let’s just be real here;

        95% of the population would REFUSE to “bug out” and would take their chances right where they stand, IF they could NOT bring their CELLPHONE with them,and could NOT have access to the INTERNET..

        And I’m gonna sign off on my comment to make it appear professional and I’m important…

        Drop Toe Hold

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