Major Disinformation Trend In 2017: Fascists Were The Good Guys?

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Headline News | 39 comments

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    The following article was originally published by Brandon Smith of


    Years ago in 2012, I published a thorough examination of disinformation tactics used by globalist institutions as well as government and political outfits to manipulate the public and undermine legitimate analysts working to expose particular truths of our social and economic conditions. If you have not read this article, titled Disinformation: How It Works, I highly recommend you do so now. It will act as a solid foundation for what I am about to discuss in this article. Without a basic understanding of how lies are utilized, you will be in no position to grasp the complexities of disinformation trends being implemented today.

    Much of what I am about to discuss will probably not become apparent for much of the mainstream and portions of the liberty movement for many years to come. Sadly, the biggest lies are often the hardest to see until time and distance are achieved.

    If you want to be able to predict geopolitical and economic trends with any accuracy, you must first accept a couple of hard realities. First and foremost, the majority of cultural shifts and fiscal developments within our system are a product of social engineering by an organized collective of power elites. Second, you must understand that this collective is driven by the ideology of globalism — the pursuit of total centralization of financial and political control into the hands of a select few deemed as “superior” concertmasters or “maestros.” As globalist insider, CFR member and mentor to Bill Clinton, Carroll Quigley, openly admitted in his book Tragedy And Hope:

    “The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank … sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.”

    The philosophical basis for the globalist ideology is most clearly summarized in the principles of something called “Fabian Socialism,” a system founded in 1884 which promotes the subversive and deliberate manipulation of the masses towards total centralization, collectivism and population control through eugenics. Fabian Socialists prefer to carry out their strategies over a span of decades, turning a population against itself slowly, rather than trying to force changes to a system immediately and outright.  Their symbol is a coat of arms depicting a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or in some cases a turtle (slow and steady wins the race?) with the words “When I strike I strike hard.”

    Again, it is important to acknowledge that these people are NOT unified by loyalty to any one nation, culture, political party, mainstream religion or ethnic background. In fact, they will happily sacrifice any country or any group of people if it will get them closer to their goal.

    They are not defenders of the free market as the idiots on the extreme left like to claim. In fact, they abhor any business model that is not dominated by a government and a bureaucracy designed to give them an unfair advantage through legislation. Anyone who thinks free markets are the cause of our economic ailments in the past decade has lost sight of the fact that we have not had anything even remotely resembling free markets for more than a century. The corporations leftists and common socialists constantly wail about could not exist without government charter and the legal loopholes surrounding limited liability. So please, socialist warriors, shut up about free markets. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    The globalists are also not loyal acolytes of any particular theological tradition (at least not any that are clearly identified). Meaning, they are NOT organized around Judaism or even loyalty to Israel as is the common claim of the clowns that make up what some are now calling the “Alt-Right.” Globalists do not care about Jewish people or Jewish beliefs even though some of them are genetically Jewish.

    While a minority of globalists are associated with the political extremist faction known as “Zionism,” Zionists are just another exploitable group to them, and their greater objective has nothing to do with the elevation of Israel. They will gladly fund Islamic extremist groups, for example, that desire and will willingly carry out the obliteration of Israel or the murder of Jewish people. They also exploit elements of the Israeli government to trigger chaos on the other side of the chess board.

    Those who argue that all our ills are engineered by “the jeeeewwws!” or “the tribe” are poorly informed and have chosen an overly simplistic broad-brush explanation for a much more complex enemy they have no ability to fathom. They tend to cite “evidence” that is highly unverified and poorly sourced. They think the Rothschilds are the root of all globalism when the Rothschilds are just one element of a greater cabal. Ask them which globalist institutions actually argue for Jewish or Zionist supremacy and they won’t be able to produce evidence of any, unlike the numerous globalist institutions and champions that OPENLY argue for GLOBALISM even at the expense of Jews and the nation of Israel (i.e. Barack Obama’s consistent support of Islamic extremist groups and the Arab Spring). In fact, ask them for evidence that Jews or Zionists are the core of the globalist agenda and they will copy and paste the same list of perhaps two dozen Council on Foreign Relations members that are Jewish while ignoring the thousands of other members that are not.

    They also tend to argue that the fascist movements of the past century were actually “doing battle with the globalist agenda” — i.e. they were the “good guys.”  Sorry to break it to the “Alt-Right” crowd, but almost everything they believe is wrong.

    I have noticed a disturbing trend within liberty movement and conservative circles; a kind of invasion, if you will. A minority of disinformation agents and useful idiots are operating within liberty outlets to push an ideological revolution oddly similar in tactics to those used by Soros funded groups overtaking the political left. It is my belief that while some globalist created movements are meant to provoke the left to zealotry and cultural Marxism, other globalist created movements are meant to provoke the right to zealotry and a misplaced adoration for fascism.  Divide and conquer is the game here.

    As I noted in my last article ‘Globalists Will Throw Antifa To The Wolves To Further Their Agenda’, the left is essentially a lost cause. Any semblance of the so called “classical liberal” that is so commonly linked back to certain American revolutionaries and founding fathers was snuffed out long ago. They don’t exist anymore. Conservatives (not necessarily Republicans) have taken up the mantle of individual liberty and small government. The labels may have changed, but the principles remain the same. Conservatives are the natural enemy of globalists. The ideals of conservative thought and the globalist agenda are mutually exclusive — both cannot exist within the same space at the same time. One of them has to go for the other to function.

    So, what are elitists with aspirations of becoming god-kings to do? Well, they could try to attack conservatives directly, but this does not mean our ideals will disappear. The ideals might even spread and flourish in reaction to a crackdown, which is the opposite effect that social engineers desire. Instead, 4th generation warfare is in order. That is to say, conservatives must be bamboozled into embracing actions contrary to their principles.

    They must be conned into applauding big government instead of fighting against it. They must be tricked into rationalizing violations of the Constitution instead of exposing said violations as a spreading cancer. They must be cajoled into cheering for even more expensive and ill conceived war efforts that do not serve the interests of Americans. They must be fooled into praising the relationship between corporations and government instead of working to dismantle the government framework that coddles corporations and protects them from free markets.

    While globalists cannot destroy conservatism from without, they might be able to use 4th Gen tactics to destroy conservatism from within. Conservatives have to be convinced that conservative values are weaknesses that must be abandoned for the “greater good.” At this point, conservatives would no longer be conservative; they become something else entirely.

    While the liberty movement in particular has been hyper-focused on the dangers of cultural Marxism and communism, the real danger is the psyop being played within the political right. Both communism and fascism serve globalist interests. It is to their advantage to promote both and to even pit one against the other. The key is to use the left to drive conservatives to desperate measures and then link conservatives to ideals that are counter to their natures until the original ideals are forgotten.

    There are some core weakness to the propaganda campaign that gut the narrative completely. The fact that the establishment is grasping at such methods to me seems desperate, but then again, I make a rule never to underestimate people’s laziness or their ignorance. So, lets look at the primary argument popping up in every liberty comment thread and chat board: “Globalists are purely communists, and fascism is a misunderstood and necessary counterpunch.”

    This assertion falls apart fantastically when historical fact is applied and one realizes that BOTH communism and fascism were movements funded and supported by the very same financial elites. Yes, that’s right, fascism cannot be opposed to globalism, because globalists created fascism to serve their purposes.

    To find the most comprehensive evidence compiled on the relationship between the financial elites and the rise of fascism and communism, one of the best sources is the work of Professor Antony Sutton. Here Sutton answers questions on some of these ties, including the elitist funding and technological development of the Nazis as well as the Soviet Union:

    Let’s not forget about the Bush family legacy of financial support for the Third Reich – yet some people are attempting to feed a growing argument that the globalists were opposed to Hitler or vice versa…?

    Globalist conglomerates like the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil were even exposed during the Nuremberg trials as having funded and aided Nazi technological advancements throughout the war using close relationships to IG Farben. This is made clear in the ‘Von Knieriem Documents’ within the Nuremberg and WWII congressional investigative record, which can be read in full in Elimination Of German Resources For War, starting on page 1302.

    This means that the disinfo-argument that “perhaps the elites funded fascism in the beginning but turned against it later” is a no-go. Of course, these revelations were ultimately buried and no one of import was ever prosecuted.

    So, to be absolutely clear – Fascist movements are NOT a counterweight to communism, they are controlled opposition to communism. If you want to join a real opposing movement to cultural marxists and communists, then the only answer is a movement that supports individual liberty and the reduction of government power. Fascism does not support either.

    Beyond general cash flow and technological backing for fascist governments, the globalist ideology is almost identical to fascist models. Mainstream assumptions aside, fascists are not true nationalists, rather, they are ideologues seeking to spread globally — their propaganda base just happens to begin with national pride. As mentioned earlier, globalism is best understood through the lens of Fabian Socialism, and Fabian Socialism is essentially fascism; though fascism tends to add a frontman dictator as a figurehead rather than an open cabal of oligarchs.

    Fabian Socialists (globalists) are so fond of fascism that they have in the past presented unabashed defense of the Third Reich. George Bernard Shaw, a celebrity member of the Fabians, is notorious for praising the methods of both the Nazis and Stalin, including the mass murder of undesirables.

    The difference between the communist model and the Nazi model? Nazis believed in population control based on genetic origin, while communists believed in population control based on labor potential. Both standards appeal to globalists.

    Bottom line — fascists are slaves for globalists, just as communists are slaves for globalists. Both support big government power, both undermine personal freedoms. There is little more than cosmetic differences between them when one knows the true history behind each movement.

    The disinformation brigade drumming up the pro-fascist/pro-Hitler dialogue on conservative forums may be part of a funded agenda to demonize liberty movements by false association. Or, it may be an attempt to lure conservatives into thinking the only way to counteract the insanity of the extreme left is to become more like their classic enemy, the fascist. And, perhaps it is simply a gaggle of morons with zero historical reference parroting what they have been hearing in their online echo chambers for years, but now they see an opportunity generated by the fear surrounding the mania of cultural Marxists.

    They will seethe in the comments of this article, that is certain. I will be accused of being a “Zionist agent,” with zero proof of course. They will froth at the mouth about how “something must be done” about the cultural marxists as if our only other choice is to adopt even more egregious methods. They will gather a dozen of their friends from their favorite online haunts and “mob up” to flood forums with angry discord to make it appear that there are more of them out there than really exist (much like social justice warriors do), but it is unlikely they will produce any hard evidence countering anything I have presented here. Their opinions might be loud, but they are also irrelevant.

    My concern is that there is something larger afoot. That maybe, just maybe, the conservative right is being tenderized in preparation for radicalization, just as much as the left has been radicalized. For the more extreme the social divide, the more likely chaos and crisis will erupt, and the globalists never let a good crisis go to waste. Zealots, regardless of their claimed moral authority, are almost always wrong in history. Conservatives cannot afford to be wrong in this era. We cannot afford zealotry. We cannot afford biases and mistakes; the future of individual liberty depends on our ability to remain objective, vigilant and steadfast. Without self examination, we will lose everything.

    If you would like to support the publishing of articles like the one you have just read, visit our donations page here. We greatly appreciate your patronage.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at: [email protected]

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      1. Globalists fund both sides in wars that they instigate. So that regardless of which side “wins” the globalist will have that side indebted. They do the same thing by contributing to both candidates in a political run. Again, whoever wins is indebted to the billionaire behind the scene.


        • one man’s facist is another man’s freedom fighter. realistically this is all designed to protect the rich elite by getting poor people to attack eachother. it is working too

        • Its a good article Brandon. The kind you do best. But let me point out that “Conservative” as a brand has been hijacked by the globalists, so “Conservatives are the natural enemy of globalists”, is not accurate.

          Evidence Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and others claim to be “conservatives” when in fact, they are RINOS. Nomenclature is import so that people understand who the various groups really are.

          Patriots are the natural enemy of Globalists. 🙂

          • “Evidence Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and others claim to be “conservatives” when in fact, they are RINOS.”

            Lol, Someone didn’t even read his post. Either that or the comprehension is ridiculously lacking. You imbeciles should read before opening the pie hole.

            • NB, I agree that Ryan, McCain, and McConnell are fascist neocon scum but people here are not imbeciles.

            • No, I don’t read all of Brandon’s articles. He is verbose and long winded, taking the long and winding way to make a point. If you want to waste your time reading his opinions, have at it.

              I have better things to do, but when I spot a major error I have to speak up. Right away. The fact is, that the ‘Conservative” label has been usurped by the globalists and I have pointed that out here before. Nothing new. 🙂

        • BCA,

          Deep Throat may not have actually said it but, “Follow the money!” sounds like some good advice for finding out who is behind a particular movement or activity. Unfortunately, that information is not so easily obtained. A lot of economic and financial data is kept as a ‘national secret’ that is available on a FYE only basis. The so called ‘Golden Rule’ states that “Whoever has the gold makes the rules”! It is true! What Brandon Smith is saying basically is, ‘the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing’ but there is an entity controlling both hands. Who is that entity? Is there a name? A face? A ‘Cartel’ or ‘Cabal’? A ‘unifying’ idea? A ‘Deep State’? We are left with speculations but no specifics. Are we being played for ‘useful idiots’, mere pawns in a great and global game of chess?

          A lot of food for thought! Thank you Brandon Smith! Keep writing and researching.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • We wander in wonder because we did not police the Constitution in real time. The lack of a Constitutional Compliance Division with the powers contained within the Constitution may have prevented the usurpation. That the Founders left that duty to the people may have been a big mistake.

            • GS,

              The differences between a ‘Democracy’ and a ‘Republic’ were not lost on the founders. Hitlery and the DNC would like to rewrite the Constitution and get rid of the Electoral College.

              Louisiana Eagle

      2. Brandon Smith seems to have a better handle on the behind-the-scenes machinations than many other analysts. My advantage as an Olde Phart is that I’ve been watching this crap for over sixty adult years. His analysis is very accurate.

        Irony and amusement: Mussolini was an acknowledged and self-identified Fascist. He loved the “marriage” of government and industry to create a modern version of the old Roman fasces. Hitler’s National Socialism was also a marriage of government and industry. Heh: Sorta reminds me of today’s US, now called Corporatocracy.

        Gonna get worse–and I doubt that it will get better…

        • Next time Smith is right will be the first time. If I threw out conspiracy theories all day, eventually one of them might prove right.
          I haven’t seen any reasonable, educated person suggest fascism was a reasonable counterweight to communism.

      3. Cus the nazis are better than the black panthers gtfooh they both suck.

      4. Enjoyed this article. It is some complicated skullduggery by evil people who are working feverishly to advance the overthrow of US freedoms and it appears they have the upper hand presently. A federal government here that is highly compromised by payoffs to work against the American peoples interests.

      5. I’m heating up the tar and plucking some chickens; anyone got a rail?

      6. Brandon, another great article, but we’ve had a ‘major disinformation trend’ going on even before I was born. That’s what you get with MSM.

      7. Excellent, once again!! BRAVO!!!

      8. The article said; “Much of what I am about to discuss will probably not become apparent for much of the mainstream and portions of the liberty movement for many years to come.”

        Hah, We have been talking about this for years here.

      9. have a look at these two goobers
        McConnell and Ryan Less Popular than fascists
        ht tp://

      10. To be fair: There are hardly any real fascists and NAZIS around.
        Today these words are used to label everyone who opposes the mainstream. Even you Brandon….

      11. “Sorry to break it to the “Alt-Right” crowd, but almost everything they believe is wrong.”

        In a single sentence, he totally destroyed his entire article. An article which was so lame and full of so much bull manure that it was a struggle to finish reading it.

        The ‘Alt-Right’ are NOT wrong about almost everything they believe in, unless, of course – you are someone who is a denier of race realism. Which means you are a denier of evolutionary biology.

        Brandon Smith is a fan boy of Franz Boas, who was the jewish Cultural Marxist who’s diabolically evil brain hatched the B.S. idea that race doesn’t exist and that race is only a social construct. There was an ulterior motive behind the promotion of that false Boasian line of hebrew bull manure and it was this: The Frankfurt School Cultural Marxists (most of who were jews) wanted to destroy White Western Civilization. Realizing that the architects of Western Civilization were White European descended people – the Cultural Marxists also realized that as long as White European people remained the overwhelming majority within the Western nations they had created – they would continue to be the dominant influence over the West and would preserve and even improve upon Western Civilization.

        Thus, the Cultural Marxists were confronted with a puzzle – how would they be able to throw open the borders of every historic White nation and use wave after wave of non-White immigration from the third world to destroy the West – if Whites were racially conscious and had an understanding of the uniqueness of their race of people?

        Whites would resist being displaced inside their own nations and realize that such radical changes in the demographic makeup of their nations would threaten the continued survival of Western civilization. Which is today one of the leading polling responses given by White voters when polled or surveyed about the topic of massive immigration – legal or illegal – from the non-white third world.

        So, Franz Boas came up with the idea that the Cultural Marxists who began their “long march through the institutions” – should begin to promote the idea that “race doesn’t exist” and that “race is only a social construct” – and this is the jewish Cultural Marxist, Frankfurt School garbage that has been drilled into the heads of millions of White college students for the last 40 to 50 years. This B.S. is reinforced daily by the jewish owned and controlled mainstream media. Even most of our current ‘White’ political leaders have been indoctrinated in this racially suicidal, Cultural Marxist, Franz Boas baloney.

        In a nutshell, Boas (and Brandon Smith) – felt that if Whites could be brainwashed into believing that race did not exist and that all different races on this Earth were perfectly equal and perfectly interchangeable – then, they would lose their natural & healthy racial survival instincts and be less likely to resist the efforts by the virulently anti-White Cultural Marxists to flood their nations with hundreds of millions of incompatible and indigestible and largely parasitic non-Whites – which will result in achieving the #1 Prime Objective of the Cultural Marxists – which is the premeditated destruction of White Western Civilization.

        Understanding, as the Alt-Right does, the White Genocide Agenda of the Cultural Marxists and grasping the reality that White European Americans are the primary and irreplaceable architects of Western Civilization and, that without a solid and secure White majority – America or any other historic White European nation – will cease to be a Western nation. The Alt-Right embraces and embodies the acceptable of the truth – while those who denigrate and try to demonize and destroy the Alt-Right embrace a continuation of status quo – meaning, they are in favor of destroying White Western Civilization and turning America into a Third World Hell Hole.

        Oh, and if Brandon Smith would like to volunteer for a remedial homework assignment – and do a little research on what happens to a city, to an island nation, or to an entire nation that were once prosperous outposts of White Western Civilization – but which were turned over to rule and governance by non-white racial groups, may I suggest that he hit the local public library and study what happened to Detroit, or to La Española (now Haiti), or to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) or maybe Monrovia.

        These are examples of what happens to Western Civilization once Whites no longer rule.

        The Alt-Right understands reality and embraces the truth about the topic of race realism – so, they DO know what they are talking about and Mr. Smith does not.

        • it’s not racist, if it’s TRUE, is it?

        • Bravo! Better than Brandon’s article of Jews didn’t do it garbage. They are at the center. Race is a reality to THEM. He accuses the alt right of not have facts to counter his arguments but presents non himself. Just hyperbole. No names. Tell us Brandon if the Jews aren’t behind banking, bolshevism, Zionism, Hollywood, mainstream media, banking, finance, Federal Reserve, academia, then who is? FAIL! just another Alex Jones Jew apologist.

        • You just proved his point, you Nazi fucktard cunt.

        • Come on dude. It is a well known fact that the average European-American IQ is exactly the same as the average African-American IQ. Racial differences only exist in the polluted minds of the KKK!

      12. The original Constitution was written with an eye toward preventing less desirable government constructs and to preserve individual rights. The American founding fathers studied government structure extensively and agonized over those important decisions of “checks & balances”, “limited executive power”, and “equal protection under the law”. It is up to the patriots of our generation to influence today’s government to return to Constitutional structure.

      13. Some animals are more equal than others but they are still animals. Behold the zookeepers. The second amendment now is all we have left. Brandon shines a light to illuminate our proper target. Any other target is misdirection by their purpose. Try this test. The lion tamer is killed by the lion they are trying to train. Do you feel remorse for the lion tamer or do you cheer for the lion? Freedom has always been about whips, claws and how much the animal will take. Choose your target carefully most endangered species are now in zoos.

        • Grandpa,

          I like your parables! Are we (Preppers and the Liberty movement, free entities) the lions in the Serengeti plains or the lions in the Zoo? Prospects do not look good! The Masters of Control are closing in, both at a macro and micro level.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Having to speak in parables is a test of your relative level of freedom. Any worse then comes the poets. Then smoke signals. And you are correct, they grabbed our necks in Camelot, now they squeeze.

      14. On the human path of ideas and ideology, fascism was by the far the highest point reached by man in the 1930s. Many socialists and social democrats went over to fascism because they saw the energy and dynamism unleashed by a partnership for progress between corporations and government. It is true the Nazis last the plot and we know how that ended. But before the war, Germany became the most modern and advanced society in the world. They had the most advanced science and technology, the best armed forces, the most sophisticated and clean cities, the healthiest population, the most modern infrastructure (Berlin was called the ‘city of lights’). They had been kicking British butt when it came to industry and manufacturing for 30 years by then. This was why most of the British elite felt fascism had won the argument by the late 1930s, including the royal family.

        Today, we can see other countries that have picked up this torch and are showing the way.

        The US became the supreme nation because it took all the German ideas and implemented them in the US.

        Countries that do not learn the lessons of genetics end up burdened by populations that are sickly and also with low IQs: I do not need to mention which Western countries those are.

        If the Germans were just swept up in a crazy philosophy that didn’t work, then Germany would be like Haiti today. But Germany recovered swiftly after WWII and is a very advanced and wealthy country today. Today, fascism has many other names – ‘corporatism’, ‘public-private partnerships’, ‘partnerships for progress’, ‘military-industrial complex’, etc. – but it is still out there because it works.

        • Bravo! Truth!

      15. “as some of them are genetically Jewish”. The 1% are 99%Jewish by genetics. Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews. Religion is a cover. The New World Order is a Jew World Order led in large part by the Rothschild banking family. The gobal seat of government will be in Jerusalem and the political State of Israel will stretch from the miles to the Euphrates.

        • Zionophobia is just as effective a tool for divide and conquer as Islamophobia. Both are being spread contagiously and used effectively by globalist shills all over the planet. This is not to say that Zionists are not being used to build a global government, just as easily as the Islamists. Dupes, and shills, patsies and perps.

          Diligence is required to avoid falling into the many ideological traps spread everywhere.

          Quote the Red Queen: “Keep Your Head.”

        • But, if you do something tangible to bless the Jewish people, God will reward you many times over. John Hagee teaches us this important lesson:

      16. The Fascists, Alt-right, and the self-identified bona fide patriots all have elements of truth in their arguments. Putting those elements together in a coherent argument is a problem I’m not competent or wise enough to solve.

      17. So, am i the only waitin for evil magical shit to pop off? Are not the globalists satanic child rapers servants of moloch, yada yada? Literally waiting for the darkness to ascend from the pit… i reckon im finally losin it, for this is really fitting in with my personal narrative. Which i try not to talk about. Alas.

      18. Pure centralization of authority (Republicans, fascism) vs. a dictatorship of the proletariat (Democrats, Communism, mob rule) are false alternatives. Not one or the other is the good guy.

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