Madagascar Outbreak: It Is ‘Inevitable’ The Plague Becomes Resistant To Drugs

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Headline News | 82 comments

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    The newest warning about the outbreak of the airborne pneumonic plague, or black death, in Madagascar has been released. Officials warn that it’s inevitable that this bacterial infection that’s infected over 2000 people will become resistant to antibiotics.

    The only way to treat a person who has contracted the plague is with antibiotics. But experts now warn that because they are being used so much to treat the infection, antibiotics resistance is inevitable and making this disease much more terrifying. Once the bacteria is resistant, the Madagascar healthcare system will be overwhelmed, and the disease will have control of the nation.

    According to the Daily Mail, Madagascar’s healthcare system will be unable to cope if the deadly plague outbreak continues to escalate, a scientist has warned. Scores of doctors and nurses have been struck down with the disease, which is predicted to gather momentum in the coming weeks and there are growing fears hospitals will be unable to meet the illness’ burden. Official figures reveal at least 2,034 people have been infected with the “medieval disease” so far in what has been described as the “worst outbreak in 50 years.” The black death outbreak has so far claimed at least 165 lives.

    Although the plague is responding well to antibiotics right now, drug resistance is also an increasing concern amongst experts who predict it will vastly accelerate the disease’s death toll. Professor John Joe McFadden from the University of Surrey told MailOnline: “Fortunately in [the] plague, it has not developed much antibiotic resistance. If that kicks in, the plague will be far, far scarier. If you throw more and more antibiotics at patients, antibiotic resistance is more or less inevitable.”

    Dr. Derek Gatherer, from Lancaster University’s biomedical and life-sciences department, told MailOnline the country would struggle “to cope” if cases continue to spiral. “Madagascar, typically like many African countries, doesn’t have many doctors. There are around three-and-a-half thousand doctors for 22 million people. They only have around 6,000 hospital beds, so they aren’t particularly well positioned to cope with these kind of events. And if it wasn’t for the international aid coming in things would definitely be much worse for them.”

    And experts continue to fear the healthcare system is on the brink of being overwhelmed. Should the disease actually spread to the African mainland, it will be all but impossible to control and the health care system would certainly be unable to handle the outbreak at that point, making a global pandemic much more likely.


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      1. What did Richard Prior say about The Black Clap in Vietnam? They got a case of it there that I’ll scare the shit out of penicillin. “Come on up in here penna, I got something for your ass”.

        • Plague update…
          from the World Health Organization website

          2017 – Latest numbers August 1st thru November 10th
          November 7-10, 86 new cases
          Totals: 2119 infected, 171 deaths

          ht tp://

          • Thanks KY Mom

          • New BLACK DEATH plague strain can kill ‘in just 3 HOURS’ as lethal disease goes ‘airborne’

            “An outbreak of the “Black Death” – also known as pneumonic plague – has been described as the “worst in 50 years” as numbers of recorded cases soar.”

            “A local news crew following one health worker in the stricken city heard doctors informing residents that the new strain of the disease “can kill in three hours”.

            “Earlier this week, infection and immunity expert Dr Matthew Avison told Daily Star Online that the “extremely rare” disease has been “resilient” to antibiotics.”

            “A spokesman for the World Health Organization admitted there were fears that this strain of plague – which is now believed to be airborne – could cause a global outbreak of the disease.”


          • It isn’t resistant to napalm.

            • Not resistant to colloidal silver. Learn how you can make some yourself.

              • Stop with the “colloidal silver” bullshit. Stop telling people to use some shit that might poison them. Colloidal silver is BS and I have never seen it pushed more than on this sites comments section.

                • Your handle is almost as interesting as your demeanor.Fear porn.Not sorry…

                • I always preferred mercury to colloidal silver.

                • Don’t knock it.

                  When the day comes that corporate drugs fail, colloidal silver will be about it. It may sway the death rate only a few percent, but which side of that coin flip do you want to reside on?

                • DMONIC – The expression ‘Born with a silver spoon in your mouth’ comes from the 16th century when the rich people would suck on a silver spoon releasing silver ions into the body which would kill the pathogen Yersinia Pestis (The Black Plague)y Only an evil Human Being would tell people that Colloidail Silver does not kill the pathogen responsible for whats happening in Madagascar…

          • While every life lost is a tragedy, this is a very low death rate, particularly in a 3rd world country. That is relatively good news.

          • Ciprofloxin and Gentamicin are currently the recommended antibiotics according to the CDC. Cipro can be purchased as a fish antibiotic, not sure about Gentamicin.

        • “The only way to treat a person who has contracted the plague is with antibiotics.”

          Gotta disagree. Massive doses of Vitamin C is being used in Europe and Mexico to kill cancer, AIDS, and HIV. I used very large doses of Vitamin C to kill my lymphoma. I supplemented that with Turmeric, Ginger, and Garlic.

          Vitamin C kills all pathogens, naturally, and it is totally non-toxic. Doctors will not likely use Vitamin C IV drips on those who contact the plague because ….. well, because it is too cheap, they cannot patent Vitamin C, and the victims are in Africa where this bug was planted by the U of C Professor to deliberately depopulate the region. 🙁

          • How exactly did you administer these high doses of Vit C to kill your lymphoma? Honest question.

            • D: I took 12mg of Vitamin C every day; 3,000 mg morning, noon, dinner, and at night before I went to bed. I had a bag of seasoned broccoli every morning for breakfast. I also took a 100% vitamin and mineral tablet twice a day, in the morning and evening.


              I also supplemented with 1-2,000 mg each of Ginger, Turmeric, and Garlic every day, with some black pepper to assist in their bio-availability (assimilation). In addition, I took a 14 essential amino acid capsule a few times a week, Vitamin D3, zinc, and occasionally, an iron supplement. Some cancers ( throat, breast, and prostate) are linked to vitamin deficiency of zinc.


              • TWELVE THOUSAND MG A DAY !!! MY BAD. 🙁

          • Linus Pauling was brilliant.

          • DK : me and most my friends over 60 need to be cured of high BP, most them need to lose wt, quit junk foods, I am ok on my wt. Lots fruits, veg.(no canned fr and veg, no bottled juices, only fresh squeezed lemon/lime)and lean meat once a day. cutting salt obviously, I take vit C,E and other vit. minerals. I use turmeric, ginger, dandelion herb (diuretic), sage, parsley, etc. Maybe older people under some dr’s are pushed to get lower readings. Dr told me people under 40 are being treated more and more.

            • Cinnamon is great for blood sugar and diabetes. Add a cinnamon supplement to your daily routine, that should help your blood pressure too.

              Do your homework My Peeps, the info is out there. 🙂

          • I hear humans are the only animal that can’t self-produce vitamin C.
            DK is onto something here. Large doses of vitamin C are said to combat many illneses.
            I heard about the freak who “happened to be” in Madagascar right before this outbreak. Apparently, he has even talked about this exact sort of thing happening.

        • the NRA is a mental plague

          • Morons like you are a plague.

            • Liberals are the ultimate most destructive plague.

              • BM, at least there’s an answer for liberals called bullets.

                • One piece of good news: Jesse Jackson Sr., one of the biggest black scammers ever in the US, has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The hildebitch supposedly has the same thing.

              • Bl Moe: Liberals lack brain cells related to critical thinking/logic. A birth defect or lowIQ from gov. schools maybe. Ones I spoke to casually on Muslim invasions world wide and related terrorism resulting said they believe in multiculturalism, so how stupid is that?

            • DMONIC, agreed. He must’ve been living under a rock.

              • LOL no, hes a troll that lives under a bridge.

          • Yeah, nothing says plague like a civil liberties group.

          • Ironic that your handle is gandhi…lol…gandhi believed in the right to bear arms and defend oneself. More leftist ignorance.

        • Speaking of which, Kev. there have been235 judgments against Congress for sex harassments since 1995. This per well known writer Cal Thomas. $15.2 mm has been paid out for this since then – but not by the harassers, but by a special Congressional fund which got its money from… well… YOU, dear taxpayer, per a special fund THEY set up for themselves in 1995, during, err… the CLINTON administration (which had Hilary acting as his “bimbogatge eruptions” mgr. to deal with what Democrat leaders called “trailer trash” women. Same time as the leading lawgiver of the land Bill perjured himself (which would have put you or me into jail). If you recall (I sure DO), back then, the mantra from the left was “it’s only sex” (i.e., why be so puritanical), and blew it all off.

          Cal Thomas article at , Now you know why the Founding Fathers were VERY clear on having morally sound (not perfect!) leaders – see (and BTW, the Jefferson accusation with Sally Hemmings only led to it being a male member of the Jefferson family – and there WAS another 20 something Jefferson around the house then) – NOT Thomas himself. But hey! The left will do ANYTHING to slur a Founding Father)

          How do they get away with it? Here’s how, from someone who was there:

      2. The big problem with drug resistance this go-round is the inherent nature of the population that is being treated. Lack of sanitation, hygiene, common sense and other endemic infections/viruses rampant means that the people treated now won’t follow the antibiotic programs the way they should be. I hate to sound so cruel; but, I’d vote to save all such treatment programs for those best suited culturally, educationally and with a sense of true civilization. But it won’t happen that way, will it? As is, we’re almost out of the arsenal of prescriptive treatments as is. Only positive… all the powers that be haven’t any more of a chance than the commoners like us.

        • The nobility fled like RATS to remote county manors when the Black Death struck. Their survival rate was higher than everyone else.

          • “Black Death” sounds so lovely to the ears.

            • BWAHAHAHA! You just broke the internet!

        • Lack of sanititaion amd improper hygiene are probably those people’s best defence! Being dirty ensures a strong, capable immune system whereas people who shower every day and use hand sanitizer every time they touch a doorknob have zero disease-resistance and an even lower ability to fight any illness they become infected with due to their under-developed immune systems and lack of antibodies.

          • I dunno…

            Lack of sanitation didn’t help much in the dark ages.

            • Actually during the dark ages they smeared themselves with human feces to fight the black plague. Do that today, and you will have Heapatitis A on top of the plague along with a host of other diseases. We’ve come a long ways medically, but our good fortune has ran out.

          • It has been found that a genetic mutation in the TLR2 gene is largely responsible for plague survival. That gene does regulate immune response. Sanitation and hygiene merely aid in shielding the body from entry into the body. I agree that modern society overdoes sanitizing; however, lack of basic sanitation and hygiene practices increases the chances of infection/viral insertion into a human host drastically simply by the allowance of numbers. There is nothing at all wrong; rather it is beneficial, to be clean. Killing off natural skin anti-viral/fungal/bacteriological agents by sanitizers is tantamount to removing armor from a Middle Ages knight. Your comment has merit; but, immune systems are both genetically based and also can be compromised by either/or – removal of natural surface protections and by high exposure to agents lethal to the body. Bottom line – stay ‘normally’ clean and stay clear of exposures.

      3. Now the healthcare workers are getting sick, and they have issued this statement !!!

        “Doctors have issued warnings about a new strain of the airborne disease which “can kill in three hours”, local reports say.”

        ht tps://

      4. If this plague kills close to 100% of its victims and kills them in about 24 hours and there are over 2000 cases reported.
        Shouldn’t there be more dead people?

        • They are using Common Core math to compute the number of dead.

        • KILLS 100% of those NOT treated within 24 hours. Most people are receiving treatment, and not dieing.

          • I find it amazing that 90% of people who contract the plague are able to get antibiotics within the first couple of hours.

        • Most likely deaths in remote villages don’t get counted.

      5. As a former Board certified orthopedic surgeon, my medical knowledge is somewhat limited in the area of infectious disease, but as I recall, simple Tetracycline/Vibramycin is the drug of choice for Yersinia pestis. In fact, tetracycline, I have always thought, was the one drug I would want if I had to live in the third world, followed by drugs like Flagyl, maybe Cipro or even Augmentin. Unfortunately, tetracycline, unlike other antibiotics, has a more limited shelf life. It is not as complex structurally an antibiotic as Vancomycin and therefore Tetracycline is more susceptible to bacteria developing resistance, but even still, Vancomycin Resistance Enterococcus (VRE) has crept onto the scene and is becoming more prevalent.

        Of course, viruses like the lethal Marburg and Ebola viruses in Uganda, not to mention the possibility of re emergence of the old Spanish Flu influenza virus are constant threats, especially the flu. It is purely a biologically indifferent numbers game: The more crowded and densely populated an area, the greater the ease of transmission AND the greater the chance of mutation directed primarily towards the ability of the bacteria or virus to SPREAD, whether by acute ease of contact of droplets as in the flu, or by an insidious latent period which allows the virus to spread far and wide before it’s host killing effects are felt-like HIV. If the virus is too deadly, it kills the host before it has a chance to spread. Thus, a latent period of at least a week or two is “ideal” if you are thinking in diabolical terms. Long enough to escape screening/detection AND long enough to allow the carrier to circumnavigate the globe to spread it. whether the virus or bacteria actually winds up killing the host is a purely coincidental secondary effect after that.

        In the case of the flu, vaccinations are a guessing game. This year’s vaccination was determined by what the infectious disease experts predicted would be the prevalent strain. They again, it appears, have predicted wrong. I (63) nor my daughter (13) elected to receive the vaccine.

        Finally, to really ruin your day, it looks like Tuberculosis may be making a comeback, reasons cited by some that prisons for example in Russia who have inmates who have it/carry it/spread it, but are incompletely treated, and are released, and so may be a source for another outbreak with resistance, and more costly to treat, therefore resulting in further incomplete treatment.

        • TB and other diseases are coming back because MEXICANS can buy as many BOTTLES of 800 mg of penicillin as they want or can afford OVER THE COUNTER !!!

          This has been the case for decades and the peasants use it for every little sniffle. Naturally infectious diseases in MEXICO have become resistant to antibiotics and the ILLEGALS who come here are cesspools of drug resistant pathogens. 🙁

          • So, what you’re saying is we should Nuke mehico? I’m game.

        • Those who took the flu shot should demand a refund. They were sold an ineffective, worthless product. Not to mention charges for an office visit, their time and fuel to get there. The pharmaceutical industry and healthcare industry still made a profit. Also plenty of foot traffic at drugstore flu clinics. The customer might just buy something after they get their shot. A win-win for everybody but the consumer.

      6. I hear this plague is partial to anybody connected to (and including) Hillary Clinton; the Democrats; the Libtards; and anybody connected to (and including) George Soros. Oh, happy days. Finally, a way to cull the herd. With any luck this plague will mutate, infect and kill all professional politicians, regardless of party affiliation.

        • When all our politicians are hiden in secret bunkers, there may be cause for concern. Until then –.

          • When all our politicians are hidden in secret bunkers it is time to stock up on bleach and ammonia.

            • When they are hidden in their bunkers, we cement their air vents. Problem solved.

        • We can hope

      7. Pesticide resistance,Herbicide resistance, Bacteria resistance, Virus resistance, Is inevitable? Plan accordingly?

      8. Lack of sanitation. those folks need to learn to use soap and water first.

      9. Created in some Deep State laboratory. Madagascar is the test run.
        This is four horsemen of the apocalypse type shit. Coming to a country near you.
        Bird flu and Ebola didn’t catch on like they had hoped.

      10. The real reasons this plague occurs is these natives dance with their dead loved ones, pulling them out of their coffins and doing the tango. The other bad part is there isn’t enough intelligent people(white) to become doctors and nurses on that God forsaken place. Now we got another little ass crack of the world trying to bring it all down. Best thing they could do is use that island for bombing practice runs.

        • Great place for us to test out some new “bombs”

      11. Okay, treat the Country like the scene in the movie Outbreak, Fire-Bomb it and burn it out, The End. You cannot take a chance of this type of mess escaping and spreading faster than wild fire!



        Since the introduction in 1937 of the first effective antimicrobials, namely, the sulfonamides, the development of specific mechanisms of resistance has plagued their therapeutic use. Sulfonamide resistance was originally reported in the late 1930s, and the same mechanisms operate some 70 years later. A compilation of the commonly used antibiotics, their modes of action, and resistance mechanisms is shown in Table 1. Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928, and in 1940, several years before the introduction of penicillin as a therapeutic, a bacterial penicillinase was identified by two members of the penicillin discovery team (1). Once the antibiotic was used widely, resistant strains capable of inactivating the drug became prevalent, and synthetic studies were undertaken to modify penicillin chemically to prevent cleavage by penicillinases (β-lactamases). Interestingly, the identification of a bacterial penicillinase before the use of the antibiotic can now be appreciated in the light of recent findings that a large number of antibiotic r genes are components of natural microbial populations (43). Which came first, the antibiotic or resistance?


        I have read some that says this plague is easily treated with antibiotics, but the true danger is it’s ability to kill quickly. That’s the catch. That’s the problem.

      13. “Antibiotic resistance” can develop in one species of bacteria and spread to other species of bacteria that weren’t “antibiotic resistant” before. The first solution is to up the dosage which is expensive and grows increasingly toxic. The bacteria that survive this grow stronger. Another alternative is to use several types of antibiotics at the same time. The term “super bug” is the bacteria that is resistant to multiple antibiotics administered at the same time. Unfortunately, we can’t hit them with a hammer. If they ever became “hammer resistant”, we would all be doomed. Phoenix and Horse’sass were right in what they said.

        Your immune system’s reaction is part of what kills you. In the outbreak of Spanish Flu, it was the young people with the best immune systems that died first. All of us old farts with weaker immune systems got a break.

        • Most died of cytokine storming leading to pneumonia and dry land drowning. Also at the same time was the advent of Aspirin that was sold as a “miracle drug” that made the pain go away but did nothing but exacerbate the problem because it is hard on the liver, further weakening the bodies ability to mobilize the immune system effectively.

          • cytokine storming is the bodies immune system OVER reaction to the flu virus by causing the cells to release excess water, particularly in the lungs (the fastest way for the body to shed excess fluids).

      14. I suggest going to wikipedia and reading about MRSA (methacillin resistant Staphylcoccus aureus. There are several different mechanisms that have led to multiple antibiotic resistance in MRSA. Bacteria transfer antibiotic resistant genes by several distinct avenues.

        This coming pandemic is not related to contaminated water, it is spread through the air very efficiently. This is why this will be quickly spread by air travel. Note the mechanism for tetracycline resistance in MRSA. Easily transferred to Yersinia pestis. Also read about Yersinia pestis on wikipedia and why it is so deadly so fast.

        I warn about the lady reporter for the UK Daily Star. She is beyond clueless, referring to the pathogen as a virus. Please read the pieces on wikipedia.

        We’ve lots of N-95 masks. I suggest that now is a good time to prep living as a hermit.

      15. Hey folks,long time and yet nothing much different,plague,just freaking great!

        I am on a island helping a family member with limited net which leads me to 2 ?’s.

        Ques.#1,have a net signal can reach 40 ” from house,without wiring what is best way to get signal into home,a wi-fi bridge/what,am no good at this stuff.

        Ques.#2.I am getting a family member into metals,guy I bought from face to face out of bussiness due to death of owner,who do you buy from on line to any out there who do,will be doing in chunks about 100 thou total in purchases.

        I hope all have been well here and that the upcoming holidays treat you all well,will be in touch much more when get net signal into the home,later all,Warchild.

        • Since my last post wouldn’t post within 24 hours and I reread your post, let me repost something that wouldn’t post and update it.

          Since it sounds like u have an internet provider and a WIFI router (out to 40′) then you need a gateway to the internet called a modem if one has not been provided (at a rental fee/month). Call the provider and ask what do they recommend. Buy it, don’t rent. If it lasts 5 years at $8/month that can be an expensive rental.
          You will call the provider with Modem ID (generally on modem) when its plugged in and the provider will activate on their system.
          A modem will generally be hooked to the wifi via an ethernet cable (meaty looking phone cable but different and often supplied with wifi router) and you will follow directions for setup of wifi and encryption type and key (recommended).
          If windows based computer, learn to use right click over wifi signal icon (lower right) for troubleshooting intermittent problems.
          Invest in another 6′ ethernet cable in case wifi is down or getting interference so you can plug laptop into cable modem directly (make sure computer has a ethernet port/card).
          You can also use a wifi extender device to expand out service.

          • Boyo,thanks for response.I am picking up in yard a free public wifi signal from the trustees of reservations,kind of a private park service.I will only be here a few months,not looking to put holes in me mums home.As I type am 40′ from home with just using a built in laptop antenna,can run from outside service power to this spot,just need a outdoor style repeater/transmittor(?),really not sure what I am looking for to solve this or would go to library which has great service speed and research,don’t mind paying say a 100+/- as service is free,just not sure what I am looking for,I get a modem and shit have to probably run a program into me linux,would rather just something that receives/sends signal that laptop will pickup as it does now outside.

            • A repeater (see my above link) will probably do if original signal is strong enough for it to pick up and boost (signal booster requires its own house power). If that doesn’t work then return it. It is possible even a booster finds the original signal spotty and drops it if the signal is weak/intermittent.
              If you have verizon (maybe other carriers too), a new phone and unlimited plan you may have access to making the phone into a wifi hot spot for yourself (under settings (usually) and maybe sub category “mobile hotspot” on my DuraForce Pro)

              Yes people do this stuff

            • oh, another thing is weather. If you’re signal is questionable on a clear day and you’re picking up a signal outdoors, then bad weather may shred what’s left of the signal so even a booster may fail in a good location when measured against a clear day.

              trial and error.

              • it’s raining here and either my computer wifi cannot pick up neighbors signals or their wifi is barely registering as present,but with no bars. Intermittent on picking them up or not noticing them at all.

                2.4GHZ wifi is microwave radiation spectrum and microwave ovens are 2.45Ghz (2,450MHz). Water absorbs those frequencies very well thus heating water and warming a meal.
                That would be called “rain fade.”
                I Don’t know what router if any would be good for rain as wifi is not a powerful signal to start with.

                good luck

                • Boyo,thanx again,as for phone it only has 2 apps,it makes and receives calls!I have not been outside in the rain as laptop frowns on that activity but even if only good weather signal would be OK,tis temp.I have no problem running power to a signal booster from outside home with power cord(gfi outside) and considered trying a cantenna but seems the library next town over which is in me mums network “loans” out like books battery powered mobile hot spots(am on island and is for tourists though why they need a hot spot at say beach beyond me!),am going to try that and if works have a few neighbors keep pulling it out for 2 week slots,should see me thru!Thanks again for all your input/info,will try other routes if the mobile hotspot does not work out,enjoy the weekend,Warchild.

      16. The American Holocaust and Chemical Culling being carried out RIGHT NOW by the genocidal murderous treasonous psychopaths(DEEP STATE/CIA/Mike “Monstanto” Pompeo) of the United States Corporation Government has destroyed the immune systems, minds, and SOULS of the obese, dumbed down, disease ridden, addicted to everything, depressed, drunken, toxic dump, Big Pharma junkie New Babylonian United States Corporation Government worshiping enslaved COWARDS, and all the New Babylonian COWARDS, who whored out their doomed children for booze, porno, and football, can do is worship and support their pussy grabbing, vice peddling, hypocrite, psychopath Corporate Whore Orange Satan and his murderous genocidal Military Junta in the hopes the Luciferian psychopath pussy grabber can save the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America…… the words of the Luciferian Orange Satan psychopath himself…”AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN FOLKS, IT JUST AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN”, so please Luciferian 5013C US Corporation Government God worshiping FAKE CHRISTIAN cowards find our TRUE Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, before the Luciferian FAKE CHRISTIAN Orange Satan Trump and his Military Junta of murderous genocidal psychopaths complete their FINAL SOLUTION on you dumbed down, disease ridden, New Babylonian COWARDS and your disease ridden doomed children.

      17. Anybody interested in how laws get written and passed? Go to and read the “Legislature and Lobbyists” article. Short article. In case you didn’t know that your congressman doesn’t write the laws.

      18. The Democrat party no longer wants white men involved in their party. I never trusted anyone wearing a suit and a tie. I read that whites only represent 2.5% of the world population. I thought that actual percentage was a lot higher.

        • Whites only represent 2% of population?!Wow,time to play the race card/join white lives matter/look for govt. freebies ect.!

        • I think the number is closer to 8%, but dropping fast. Whites are not breeding in numbers large enough to sustain the race.

      19. Just stick UV lights everywhere and well be safe!

      20. Antibiotic-resistant and airborne were the words that I have always dreaded being used with this plague and now it is here. It may not be this outbreak in Madagascar but the conditions are right for a pandemic in the next ten years especially with antibiotic strains. It doesn’t have to be the black death but something equally as vicious.

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