Local Woman to be Fined, Jailed for Caring too Much

by | Sep 29, 2009 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    The last time I checked we lived in America. Lately, however, we are hearing more and more stories of government intervening in the lives and decisions of private citizens. The most recent display of government overstepping its bounds come from Middleville, Michigan, where local DHS officials have threatened to fine (up to $1000) and jail (up to 60 days) a  woman named Lisa Snyder.

    Of course, this makes sense. You see, Lisa Snyder usually spends about 15 – 40 minutes of her mornings watching young children waiting at the neighborhood bus stop. She watches four or five children at the bus stop to make sure they get on safely. The parents of the children work full-time jobs and have to leave for work before the bus can pick them up. So, Ms. Snyder, who some would call a good neighbor, is actually considered a criminal by the Department of Human Services because she is operating what government officials deem an “illegal child care home.”

    According to WZZM 13, an ABC affiliate in Michigan, the DHS has contacted Ms. Snyder and advised her that if she doesn’t get licensed, she’ll face steep fines and even imprisonment.

    This is yet another perfect example of how the governments of our day are injecting themselves into the personal decisions of parents and caregivers. Obviously, if the parents of these children left them with Ms. Snyder, they trust her to ensure that the kids get on the bus safely. If it were up to DHS officials, they’d probably prefer to leave 5 year old kids sitting at a bus stop alone and then deal with the consequences later if the kids were hurt or kidnapped. In fact, this may bode well for the local government, because then they would have rising crime statistics to show for the area, which in turn might mean more funding for criminal enforcement.

    As we mentioned in Health Insurance to be Enforced at Gunpoint, there seems to be one primary goal here, and that is the collection of revenue, either through business taxes, since this is what DHS is essentially saying Ms. Snyder is running, or via fines for breaking the law.

    It was my understanding that we are supposed to “care for the children” in this country of ours. Remember, Hillary Clinton says “it takes a village.” In this case, that is what Ms. Snyder is doing, and for free, in fact. But I guess caring for the children is only applicable when Local, State and Federal agencies are able to collect funding allotments or taxes on the care.

    We will continue to see more and more gross violations of personal freedom as our economic crisis progresses and socialist idealogies take hold in this country. If they haven’t yet, be assured that stories like this are coming to a community near you.

    Link to story…


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      1. WTF. I guess next time if someone ask you for direction on how to get somewhere, you need to be licensed.

      2. Is there a law regarding the number of sheets of toilet paper I use per site visit?

      3. Not yet, but it may be coming soon! Check this out if you haven’t already:

        “There is a battle for America’s behinds.

        It is a fight over toilet paper: the kind that is blanket-fluffy and getting fluffier so fast that manufacturers are running out of synonyms for “soft” (Quilted Northern Ultra Plush is the first big brand to go three ply and three adjective).

        It’s a menace, environmental groups say — and a dark-comedy example of American excess.”

        Link to article at LA Times

      4. The problem here is not the law per se, IMO.

        It seems perfectly reasonable to have to be licensed or something to run a legit day care center (i.e., a business), for obvious reasons.

        The problem here is one of common sense and moderation.   Anyone who thinks this law should be enforced in this case is a two-bit ass clown.  This is CLEARLY not what was intended by the legislation when they passed the law…and if it is what they intended, we are even more screwed than I thought.

        I wonder if Michigan has a similar law for babysitters.  Heck, you might even be able to make the argument that a babysitter is essentially running a mobile day care center….

        Cuff ’em, boys.

      5. Give the b%tch the electric chair.

        Shoot the parents.

        Let Child Protective Services take the kids.

      6. I can only tell you what my father told me…

        If you should find yourself in a fight and you can’t just walk away, whatever you do, don’t fight to win your enemy to the point where they have nothing to lose. If you humiliate them and take away their diginity and personal pride and what little they might have, you are are endangering your own life as they are apt to take revenge at a later time.

        To the powers that be, you keep on throwing rocks at the hornets’ nest… don’t be surprised when they get angry.

      7. Hum!! Simple solution.  All she has to do is say “Obama is a weenie”
        to the kids every morning and she’ll qualify as a PAC (Political Action Committee) That will officially put her and all her activities above the law and completely without any oversight. Should solve
        the problem.

      8. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME…RIGHT ?!   my people,  in this case sheeple, perish for lack of knowledge.  I am disgusted that no one in this county really knows their rights, but hey that would take work, and for the most part Amerikuns are stupid.  WHAT will it take before you stop convicting your brother or sister, and start working on a very corrupt out of control government ?  How about starting here … http://www.fija.org

      9. The time is now! The powers that be will win or we will win the right to control our own lives.  Most Americans are stupid f$^%s and will not do anything that will rock the boat. They do not know what is going on in their own back yard until it’s too late. The powers that be from the president on down do not care about you and yours. they do not care about you because you will do nothing even when you do find out what is going on. The only thing that you think of doing is holding a sign or voting.

        You need to make it clear that you will not stand it any more and fight back. Good luck Yanks and May your God be with you. Except the one god that hates Muslims. That god can go to hell

      10. really funny how a similar story is developing here in the uk
        two female police officers who were job sharing were also looking after each others children allowing each other to work.
        now the government have said these women cannot watch the children unless they register as child minders .
        theyre example is being used to set this in motion across the board.
        very suspicious that this is also happening in the states at this time

      11. Sooner or later, one of these asinine officials will do something that  creates a social ‘tipping point’ beyond which the general public will not go.

      12. All I can say is that all this was foreshadowed in 1984, brother turning against brother in honor of the state (ie. government).

        To John, I agree with those sentiments. Sounds like a page from The Art of War. Definitely sound advice from your dad.

        Rick, I couldn’t agree more. What we seem to suffer from in this great country is the profound ability to ignore or circumvent laws that were enacted to protect us, while at the same time enforcing ones, out of context, to endanger our personal liberties (and just plain disregarding all common sense). The best example that comes to mind – the Constitution only gives the US Treasury the ability to coin money, backed by gold and silver. What happened?

      13. Just who are those idiots who would mandate such crazyness.  Is this political BS or is someone acutally jealous of this lady’s ability to protect her neighbor’s children.  Someone ought to make those political idiots a pair of cement boots and show them the river.  The hysteria we are facing recently is beyond my wildest imagination.  AND Lawyers are at the center of most our controversies.  Sniveling rats who want to make a buck at any expense.

      14. Wow…this one’s got people fired up…even some people outside the U.S.  I like it.

        Yes, this IS the kind of nonsense that is going to push people over the edge.

        …and I’ll add that I agree that lawyers suck.  Well, except for patent attorneys…

      15. We have had to put up with this sort of bollocks for 12 years now in communist Britain. You Americans might just wake up in time 4 years from now before you’re f.ucked like we have been.

        Never did understand why you lot like Blair so much. Oh, just a sec, it was all those dead British soldiers he sent to help fight Dubya’s wars wasn’t it?

      16. Nationwide, the “McGruff”,”Take A Bite Out Of Crime”,Program, has been discontinued-this story was poorly written, & probably has to do with that simple fact-funding being removed for cool, necessary programs, & being replaced with”Homeland Security” themes.Go figure.

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