Live TV: Man Yells “Bill Clinton Is A Rapist” As Fox News Anchors Look On And Laugh

by | Oct 1, 2016 | Headline News | 122 comments

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    Today’s humorous update on the Presidential election and the many Clinton scandals that go along with it brings a Live TV appearance from a man who really wanted to let people know about former President Bill Clinton’s past. Considered by many to be a sexual predator, both Bill and Hillary have thus far avoided pointed questions from journalists about how Hillary can say she wants every woman’s voice to be heard while at the same time suppressing details of her husband’s predatory nature against females dating back to his days as a Governor of Arkansas.



    This Is Hilarious: Man Shouts “Hillary For Prison” And Clinton Responds With “Let’s Make It Happen!”

    Hillary Caught on Video “Using Hand Signals to Communicate With Moderator Lester Holt”

    This Radio Host Was “Abruptly Censored” For Saying THIS WORD About Hillary


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      1. Gotta love it. Now if that were CNN, an apology would’ve been issued to Clinton in that his network failed to secure this site from an obviously mentally challenged man that has a history of schizophrenia and hasn’t taken his medication since he broke out of the nut house.

        • Why are you calling someone who is stating the truth mentally challenged and bad mouthing him?.. Do you know him personally? How rude. I think you are mentally incapacitated and brain dead!

          • That guy must have been reading this site yesterday. I said yesterday to start calling out all liars, tell the truth, Inconvenient or not. Call them all out, Get the truth out there people. Hijack the news, like this guy did. funny.


            • WhoWTFKnows,

              Tell me more please.


            • He did it because Alex Jones is paying $5000.00 to anyone and everyone up to a max of $100,000 to everyone who says on major Tv networks that he is a rapist AND wears an Infowars Clinton “Rape” shirt while saying it

            • The guy looks like he could be Bill Clinton’s son. Anybody else see a family resemblance? Maybe his mama had a bad run in with the rapist.

              • She took serious what Bill was poking in fun…

                • i wonder who took the guy out of the picture…..and how were they there so SOON?…..and i just wish he had said SERIAL rapist.

                  • please consider modifying your shirt to say “serial rapist”, alex.

              • I read someplace that Bill fires blanks

                • Shit, he’s so old he needs Viagra….

                • a LOT of dead people associated with the clintons would disagree with you.

              • hey muller, maaayyybe it was a GOOD “run-in”………

            • Bill & Hillary The Modern Day Counterparts to Ahab & Jezebel
     I nearly got killed in a car wreck after I posted the song that plays on this page, that was right after I got some nasty email from the Clinton ORG, the song was up in the fall of ’96 the wreck was in early ’98. Would Bill do That? I can’t prove they did, but I’ll bet they can’t prove they didn’t.

          • What? Are you kidding? Reread the post It’s complete sarcasm. You know, people like you really get under my fuckin skin. I can take people flaming me cause they don’t agree with my opinion but your kind, the stupid kind, can be so irritating with your higher than thou stupidity. I was pointing out the level of hypocrisy and protection that the MSM affords to these criminal psychopaths. Dude, you’re a real fucking tard.

            • just another “mentally incapacitated and brain dead” dumbass calling the kettle black….i don’t know if you’ve noticed, jack, but MOST americans could be thrown into THAT basket. we truly ARE the dumbest people on earth.

          • You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you?

          • sarcasm is lost in chat……

          • I agree with What? I like M. Savage. I listen to him a lot.
            Sometimes he makes my blood boil, but he’s alright.

            • M. Savage? Where does he fit in here Marie? You better go check your cookies, I think they’re burning. Make sure you put plenty of nuts in them for you and What?

          • Dear What. It is called irony. And I can only assume you are bing ironic in return, and not actually stating that you think he was really badmouthing him

        • Alex Jones will give you $1000 if you can get his Clinton is a rapist on tv.

          • Need a edit. That should be Clinton is a rapist tee shirt on tv



          WHY? SO WE CAN:

          • Enforcing the Voting Rights Act and drawing congressional and state legislative district boundaries;

          • Establishing federal affirmative action plans and evaluating claims of employment discrimination in employment in the private sector;

          • Monitoring discrimination in housing, mortgage lending and credit;

          • Enforcing school desegregation policies; and

          • Helping minority-owned small businesses get federal grants and loans.





          • Check this out. Found this blog exchange on another website:

            Thor says:
            September 25, 2015 at 6:30 am
            SHTF was the site I had problems with too!!!

            1. laura m. says:
            September 25, 2015 at 10:12 am
            Thor: several were vulgar, one was DK, a cyber bully,who doesn’t seem to be on it much now, and other vulgar one eppe; loser, and another one, I can rem. was acid itch. Gay vet is ultra leftist pro immigration another bully, is on Michael Snyders Econ. collapse site, etc. I rarely go to shtf anymore.
            1. Andy says:
            October 9, 2015 at 6:24 am
            I met gay vet on SHTF too. He was spouting off on loony leftist interpretation of history; I clapped him on the ear for it and he shut right up!

            ~WWTI- Oh My!!! That’s Funny..

            • WWTI –

              Indeed that is funny … interesting … but disturbing as well.

              DK – a cyber bully? … LOL … not even remotely believable.

              Eppe – vulgar? … rarely … but we all have our moments, some more than others is true though.

              Acid Etch – Gay/bi? … only because of his own admittance.

              It will be interesting if we’ll see Laura M – Thor – & Andy post up on here anymore or not – lol

              • Hey, this is how other perceive the people here. I had to chuckle too, when I read it.

                Now keep in mind this was originally posted last year. DK is posting some great stuff lately, and I don’t recall him being vulgar, but that is coming from a woman’s perspective. Acid seems to be on Track keeping it interesting, but what she said was accurate. But eppe = Same shit different day. And you can add liar to the list besides loser & vulgar, degrading, childish tantrums, kneepads, etc. He calls these articles here fear porn then sucks ass to JJ on here and says he enjoys his articles. GMAFB.

                I tells it, like I sees it.


                • WWTFK I am a SHTFPLAN stalker. Most of the time I read and no one knows I am here. Life got in the way and I haven’t
                  been on for awhile. So as I am catching up I just wonder what sewer you crawled out of? Are you always so negative? You mouth off about others not contributing anything worthwhile but I haven’t seem anything constructive from you either. Take a deep breath. Smile. Take a chill pill.

                  • eppe is now Grits too. You are so predictable Loser. LMFAO..

      2. The US government is complicit in the destruction of cities that we have no business being in, Aleppo,,,
        You fuckers in congress etc must be so proud of yourselves

      3. Wait till your chickens come home to roost bassturds

      4. That guy will probably be the next name on the Clinton mysterious death list.

        • So…. we all cower in fear until they come for every freedom loving American (or Canadian, Brit, Swede, etc), too?

          As Niemoller said, “First they came for the … ” Oh, forget it. If you don’t know that quote by now, you are doomed to repeat it.

          • So true. If you don’t know it by now, it’s a wrap for you.

          • TEST, I don’t live in fear of anything. I just stay locked-n-loaded. Everyone else should do the same.

            • The real battle is one of the pen, not the sword. To win this thing on a global scale, we must communicate, inform and educate. I strongly support the 2nd Amendment, but this battle is a non-violent one dealing with the culture. As Breitbart said before he was bumped off, “Politics is downstream from culture.” And culture is disseminated by communication. What are we doing there?

              Truth is, as Victor Hugo said, “All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” And how does that time come? By persuasively and winsomely communicating.

              And, oh yes, and speaking of which, Hilary is the very best candidate Geo Sorazz, Goldman Suchs and other corruptocrat money can buy (just ask all the pay for play sleazeballs who contributed to the Klintoon Foundation.

          • Test, you’re a special kind of tard aren’t you. No. I’m not saying to cower in fear. I am just pointing out the obvious that the Clintons are good at disappearing those that cross them. The guy in the video obviously has more guts than you because he stood up for his beliefs.

      5. Truth hurts.
        You’re spousal unit is a rapist, Killery.

        • COKid: I believe the term is POSSLQ (pronounced “posselqueue”), not spousal unit.

          That is for Person of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters… depending on what the meaning of “is” is.

      6. Hope that guy dose not lift weights or go out on his hotel balcony or walk to work or………

      7. ….what is Aleppo…?

        • No clue – what so ever.
          Has got to be a Klintonista.

        • A city in Syria, close to Damascus.
          Damascus will be destroyed in the end times per John of last book in the Bible.

          • 3 places in the Old Testament as well

          • eppe ordered a Mail Order Bride – A Peruvian Sheep Herder 20 yrs ago, with a freeze dried 25 yr expiration date. Only 5 yrs left. He’s panicking now, maybe just add more water, or coconut oil.

            ~WWTI… Did the Bible also say the last City standing in the World will be Las Vegas? Oh yeah John, that smart guy who said believe this crock of babble BS in the Buy bull, and I will give you everlasting life. John 3:16 Read the big lie for yourself.

            How’d that work out for all you dead sheep out there? Did John keep his promise to you, or flat out lie? Any proof he kept his promise? crickets..

            ~WWTI… No More Lies!!

            • takes a lot more faith NOT to believe in God than it does TO believe in God…

            • Wt
              Yes, the proof is Yeshua (Jesus) rose from the dead and was seen by at least hundreds of people. His resurrection, which He promised He would do, came to pass. As a follower of Christ, (and all believers) His promise to us has been validated by His own resurrection. He is the proof for our eternal future. Yahweh also said not to cast your pearls before swine. Oink Oink Wt.

            • WTF, I have only been here (posting)for 6 months or so,why do feel you have to pick on Eppe so much,did fuck your wife or something?Or were you always a bully?Would liked to have met back in H.S you would have been the one I went after,hate bullies!!
              Quit puttin down people that believe!Me myself I’m not a person that goes to a building,I know there is a higher power.I have posted before my G grandma was a see’er ,the gift still runs in the family.Take it or leave it,there is a world? plane? whatever you want to call it after this and what you do here does make a difference!!!Which plane? you go to ,choose wisely,hey its your soul,energy or what you believe!
              And I like Eppe’s jokes.You know what fuck you!!!Your so smart come find me,I bet my old ass can still whip you PUSSY! SORRY MAC tired of this A-hole better than everyone else attitude!
              Maniac -out

              • zzzzzzzzzzzzz swing for the fences Grumpy old Lman. lol


              • This is funny. eppe slipped up again.. eppe and LaManiac are the same person, both eppe. below eppe using Lamaniac say’s this, and by mistake forgets and says this.
                LaManiac says:
                Comment ID: 3616680
                October 1, 2016 at 9:27 pm

                Be well all
                Maniac –out

                BUSTED AGAIN EPPE. creating fake monikers to defend himself- lame ass. Now that’s funny!! “Be well all.” who says that? eppe. BUSTED. You are so predictable. Way too much idle time on youer hands when you should be prepping. 1 month before D-day, the election and eppe just decides now, after 20 years of prepping, to go look for a BOL for his Peruvian sheep herder and flock.

                • For someone who says they vet out liars, you are the biggest liar here.
                  You have brought this site to its lowest level ever.
                  No one gives a flying fuck in a rolling doughnut what you think.
                  Swamp gas getting to you??

                  • Ever notice that Trump marries beauty queens?

                    I did the same, my wife is killer, and my 2 daughters are beautiful also.
                    Not lying, just truth.

                    If one listens to wwti, well that loser will never get it right…

                    • i’ve seen pictures, and eppe aint lyin’ on THIS one.

                    • I’m sure anything looks better than your sweaty buttcrack. lol Nice try.


                    • I’ve dated so many smoking hot chicks my whole life. It would take a lot to impress me. A Peruvian sheep herder is not what I’m looking for.

                      ~WWTI… Some set their standards so low. What happened no white chicks could stand ya? can she speak English? lol

              • La, it’s a shame that wwti doesn’t realize what a loser dickhead he is. i know mac says we get to say what we want on here, but his constant attacks on eppe are taking WAY too much time to wade through. i don’t read much of what he says anymore, but it does take time to get past his ranting about someone MOST of us are glad is here. If he spoke his mind, he’d be speechless. he should consider suing his brain for non-support. i would like to see eppe and wwti play horse. eppe could be the front end, and wwti could be himself.

                • Buttcrack, now that’s funny!If wwti is so smart he would know I’m in La the state and Eppe is north I think.(who says,be well all,) I do! Was raised in the south,still say yes ma’am,as well!
                  Be well all,lol. except wwti FU!!
                  Maniac –out

            • The proof is Jesus rose from the dead, as He said He would. He was seen by over 500 people. His resurrection guarantees my eternal future (and all believers). By keeping His promise to rise from the dead, We can believe His promise to US that He will faithfully keep his promise to us as well. Yahweh also said “Do not cast your pearls to the swine. OINK! OINK! WWTI

              • Sorry about the double post….thought the first one didn’t take.

            • wwti,
              John 3:16

              I may not live it everyday. But I believe and trust in it!!

      8. A true American hero.

        Similar to Jimmy Doolittle, Medal of Honor winner Sgt York, Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin (founder of Army Delta Force and outspoken patriot), Butch O’Hare (Battle of Midway) etc. America is not dead as long as people like this live.

      9. The only reason some of Bill’s victims are still alive is because they are too well-known. If anything happens to any of them, we’ll know it’s the hildebeast.

      10. Here’s how it will go down. Trump will win in a landslide. Homeland security director J Johnson will announce that the election process was hacked by foreigners, and will put the blame on Russia. (they’ve already set us up for this.!!!) Obummer will then announce that the election results will be considered fraudulent, and the current administration will retain power “temporarily” until the election process is investigated, and a new system of voting is established free from hacking. Once Homeland security can establish that the system is incorruptible, there will be a new election….to be announced. In the mean time, “I will continue to work and serve the American people as we work thru this crisis….Thankyou and God Bless America.”
        If you think this treasonous monkey in the WH could never pull this off….then your a damm FOOL.!!!

        • Hillary Clinton is the desired war monger candidate of the globalists, as she would perpetuate the shedding of blood in war for their own monetary gain. They, including their minion occupying the WH, will not go away quietly or peacefully.

          Trump will win by a landslide, but it will be the fight of our (America’s) life to evict the luciferian thugs that have hijacked our country for their NWO agenda.

        • Hey J. I see how this will go down. Trump is elected and the population gets to hunt down and kill all the Liberal commies for a bounty, plus a tax deduction. That’s how you Make America Great again. Free shit army will cease and no longer exist.

          Any questions?


          • In fact, I could go right out on the street corner today and shoot a Liberal Commie and nobody would care. Nobody would care,… I have such loyalty. lol

            ~WWTI… btw/ the DHS is run by Zionists, owned by Zionists and for the Zionists. They are nothing about the security of America or Americans. They Harass Americans at the US airports under the TSA molesters. And they do this stop frisk and steal for their jollies. Jeh Johnson is a stooge for the Zionists. 98% of all DHS security Grants goes exclusively to Jewish organizations, A shill plant receiving his marching orders from the Zionists to now hijack the US elections, (((They))) hijacked everything else. The Banks, the Fed, our Money, Sports, TV, Media, the Supreme Court, the Presidency, the Foreign Policy and Military, DHS, TSA Full security contracts at many US Airports. They fund Back lives Matter, Isis, Open Borders, open illegal immigration. They are destroying America. Had Enough Yet? How about Make America great Again.

        • I have no doubts they could try and pull it off,how that works out for em,well,no doubt not so well.

      11. Hillary has a lot to answer for because of her husband. Lets see them before the election. Homeland security is putting on the pressure to run the elections this fall…drudge report.

        • thats like letting the Fox guard the hen house!

          vegas registering people to vote for killary

          i saw another story about boxes of ballots found in iowa with hillary and democrats checked off….just like 2008 election was stolen. it’s obvious when she can’t fill a small room, yet trump sends away thousands from HIS rallies, that if she wins, it’s a STOLEN election…..right here in america…who woulda’ believed it…..and stupid americans just fiddle, while america burns.

        • i’m SURE colonel sanders could do a great job guarding the henhouse….soon we will see dracula in charge of the red-cross blood supplies….

      12. We all have to acknowledge,
        That Democrats are “special”
        Black Democrats can be killed with
        impunity, Hispanic Democrats can invade
        our nation, Moslem Democrats can kill
        as they see fit, Women Democrats can steal,
        lie, butcher their babies, and give away
        our hard won secrets.
        As long as we allow Democrats to live we will
        suffer and die sooner than we should.

      13. The politically correct thing to say is; “Your husband is a Sexual Assault’er'”. Don’t offend rapists, rapists have feelings, too. And most rape victims are just asking for it, sluts, whores, and fags. Every time I hear about some poor slob who got beat and butt f••••ed, I ask myself what did she or he do to provoke some poor guy.

        Actually, I laughed quite hard at this guys hutspa. I heard Trump is the real pick now and the show is just bad enough to make people believe TPTB wanted Trump all along.

        I think the Clinton team knows they’ve lost control, and that last rumor is just trying to save face. All we, the people need to do now is double our efforts. They can only win if we become complacent again. Dedication, persistence, and hard work make for success.


        • Thank you, B from CA, Word up!

          “All we, the people need to do now is double our efforts. They can only win if we become complacent again. Dedication, persistence, and hard work make for success.”

          I am tired of all the doom and gloomers saying this is the end. Yes we have to be prepared and saddle for battle. This road won’t be easy, as the enemy has firmly entrenched itself and infiltrated virtually every aspect of our society.

          The globalists and Clinton / Bush / Soetoro criminal cabal are panicking because they HAVE lost control. It is NOT over for America!

      14. In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
        George Orwell
        English essayist, novelist, & satirist (1903 – 1950)

      15. Off topic,spent the day off,splitting and stacking more firewood,farmers almanac says it’s supposed to be a cold winter this year.Built more shelves for preps,trying to organize better,60#of rice into buckets,need more buckets!Do I need to but dried beans in buckets? Have 2 big totes full?Need more sugar,honey and salt,never ends.
        When it happens!Will have from 7 to 12 mouths to feed,depends who can make it,kin across the south!Damn what a army!Be well all
        Maniac –out

        • Definitely better to freeze the dried beans 1 week, then let them normalize, then store in 5gal bucket with mylar bag and oxy absorbers, just best practice, then you will minimize the chance of loss. You can do the small bags same way, then stuff a bunch of them in the bucket with gamma lid

        • LaManiac

          Managed to put together three trauma kits for gunshots.

          • Thanks Nail! Anon still need to get on that one,funny,in my other life /time had field dressing kits,etc couldn’t go to the hospital,lol.In a land far far away,thanks to a good girl that saved me from me! And yes she is still my best friend,wife,mother of our kids and my anchor!
            Maniac –out

            • LaManiac.

              This morning my wife asked me if I heard anything last night. I said , Nope and then asked the question ,Why?

              She said she heard a woman talking loud and after a few seconds, a gun shot rang out. No sirens, but the bullet went somewhere. Checked for a bullet hole in the vehicles or house. Found none.

            • No prob,, i just made the mistake of not doing that and ended up with a tote full of bugs! Was a bummer, had 50 odd bags of beans and lentils etc, all a throw away.

            • read the book “where there is no doctor”…a WEALTH of info on health/doctoring….a must-have.

        • I am on the east coast in western ny….my cousin told me that when there are a LOT of apples on the trees it means it’s gonna be a bad winter! The trees are loaded with apples and all over the ground too!

          • Marie,on the up side a lot of apples for eating/canning/cider jack ect.I would also say some good deer hunting in the wild apple areas

            • Lost count, but I have around 68-72 apple trees. About half are over 35 years old – too tart to eat, but the deer love ’em, and make for some hard cider.

              It would seem most of the old trees would not produce any apples at all – but mother nature has proven me wrong on that theory.

              Thankfully the other half of the orchard produces quality apples. I make do each season with what I want, the rest gets donated to a local food bank an distributed to other charities.

              Overall – apple trees is a lot of work to tend and care for – too much for me … but … I have a feeling that someday I’ll be thankful for how many I do have … know what I mean?

              • i went on a field trip at school in my senior year to an orchard where we harvested, shredded, pressed apple cider. what a great way to educate yunksters on how it USED to be(should be now)… you might just get the help you need to harvest those apples, and do something good(no, GREAT) in the process….offer the school half of the cider(we sold ours at school) for their help.

                • Harvesting isn’t the problem … it is the abundance of supply I have. I have more than I need and these apples don’t go to waste.

                  Most of my apples go to my local city (approx. 5,880)
                  They go to the Senior Center, local church’s, and the Food Bank.

                  If the local food bank has too many to store in their walk-in cooler – they distribute where others could make use out of them.

                  I don’t seek monies for my efforts in pruning/trimming/spraying and cleaning up in the Fall time. Just one of the ways I like to help out others in time of need.

                  • thanks FTW. i put out that idea as much for all the OTHER people that might see it as a way to “make things work” as much as it was for you. throw an idea out there, and yuh never know what might happen.

            • Picture the dog on the cartoon,SQUIRREL! That’s me DEER!!
              Man love deer season,solitude,creeping in the dark,mother nature! Me and my dog at camp,hell yes!!!!!
              Oh well gotta split wood,get some sleep,go to bed
              Maniac –out

        • You should have bought condoms as a youngster. A race to the bottom.

      16. Imagine putting Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby together in one jail cell…
        Ah, the stories they could tell, like some here…

      17. I hope you folks all noticed Fox News had a goon assault that man and attempt to strong arm him. In Fox’s eyes it’s ok to assault a private citizen on a public street because they didn’t like his speech.

        I hate bullies. Amazing how corporations think they are above the law and can deny you your civil rights.

        • Good for you! I was looking through to see if anyone else had realized this, and was going to comment on it, but you beat me to it. And no, no one else noticed, and it’s the first thing they should have noticed!

          • Yeah I’m thinking if he had yelled vote for Hillary, they wouldn’t have sicked the goons on the kid.

            Were the reporters laughing because of what he said, or was it him being roughed up by their payed assault you on a public street goon squad.

            • you do realize of course that if the police had been called
              the kid would have been arrested for at the very least
              disorderly conduct
              he got off easy

          • We, I, noticed. Just because people don’t remark about something, doesn’t mean it went over their head.



        Rep. Dwight Kay, the brother-in-law of a close friend, on how Illinois became bankrupt. This 6 min. video, taken from Ground Zero of the financial maelstrom swirling around the country (viz., bankrupt Illinois), illustrates both the hope – as well as the hopelessness – of the predicament the whole West is in. In a nutshell, you will see in six minutes why we could implode, or return to freedom and sanity. We are at the modern day equivalent of the eve of the Battle of Tours, the Battle of Vienna, or the Battle of Britain. And the stakes are no less profound. The vid is 6 min. This is a must-see, IMHO. Please pass this on. From the floor of the bankrupt Illinois government, one hero, one villain.

        Speaker Madigan’s budget: ‘This is simply embarrassing.’ Ditto. . Story at

      19. Today is historic. The Truth was told on a MSM network.

      20. I think Obama will leave office. The congress over ride of his veto last week is a indicator that he is past his best use by date. And he wants to go play golf and bugger the caddy,s. The best we can hope for is Trump. As disgusting as he is he beats hellery by a large margin. If the majority of Dems and repubs in congress don’t get along with him . They and him cant do anything negative to us. You already know they aint gonna do anything positive for us. And he isn’t as likely to start a war with Russia. If he helped Mexico build a wall on their southern border it would benefit both them and the USA. The USA needs to be paid for any military help we give foreign countries.

        • hell, nowadays, the best we can DO is hope for congress and the president NOT to co-operate, so they get NUTHIN’ done.

      21. His role in getting NAFTA passed makes him a rapist who raped every American, present and future. That alone makes it true!

      22. I do not agree with that man!
        Clinton is not a Rapist, but a horn dog.
        Can’t say that I blame him. I would be the same if I had to come home to Hillary every evening………

      23. Breaking October Surprise: New York Times Obtains Trump Tax Records

        h ttp://

        be interesting if this proves to be true
        it certainly would explain why Trump refuses to release his tax returns

        • What bs. Even I hire the best to pay as little tax as possible…..anyone who doesn’t has to be some kind of dolt or just plain stupid.

          What I’d really like to see is donations to the Clinton foundation and Clinton’s speaking fees along with with donors and what business they had pending with the state department.

          • exactly! who demands to pay taxes they don’t have to? i know of know one.

            Trump should have made that clear at the debates. He let Clinton bamboozle him on that one.

      24. Marco Rubio ‘Deeply Concerned’ About Possible Donald Trump Cuba Business/

        h ttp://

        let me get this straight
        Trump DENOUNCES Castro too many times to count
        but at one time did his very best to do business with the guy

        I got one thing to say

        “lock him up”
        “lock him up”
        “LOCK HIM UP !!!”

        if its good enough for Hillary
        its good enough for Trump ?

        • I wouldn’t give this much of a thought or even dwell on it.
          All Politicians/Big Business Owners do this kind of things.

          Law or no law – it’s business as usual in America and abroad.

          … but you and I better not do it – there is consequences for people like us … none for them.

        • well, it would APPEAR that it WASN’T good enough for killary….at least for HER, we KNOW she’s guilty.

      25. “Socialism works only until you run out of other people’s money.”
        -Margaret Thatcher

        Update on the Socialist utopia of Venezuela

        Venezuelan hospital keeping newborn babies in cardboard boxes
        htt p://

        At a Loss for Meds, Venezuela’s Mentally Ill Spiral Downward
        ht tp://

        Hungry Venezuelans stop a livestock truck and steal crates of chickens after country’s food shortage spirals out of control
        ht tp://

      26. 37 days to go! If we make it that far without some false flag. Chances are something else will replace the elections that is almost as boring, long in the tooth and without substance. I would rather have Hillary and Trump exchanging blows to the head than listen to them speak. ” It’s going to be am amazing”, and ” And Donald said,” Blah, Blah, Blah.

        The banks are in bad shape and we could get into a major war. Among other things.

        Oh, What the Fuck!

        Good morning everybody.

      27. Just spinning our wheels.

      28. Need a new thread.

      29. There is talk about illegals voting, hacking of state voting systems, interference by the Russians
        well if the election is a close one and someone wins by a razor thin margin how are we supposed to know its legit ?
        and what then if we dont accept the results ?

      30. 2% of the people own 98% of ALL the wealth of the planet. And you people relate to this trump guy like you are of HIS equal of class. I can’t fathom the naivety you have for those who truly enslave you. We all struggle to pay our bills. trump hasn’t paid federal taxes since 1995. You want to know where the system is RIGGED? It’s obviously not against a billionaire who doesn’t have to pay taxes. That system is rigged against us. THE WORKING MAN!

      31. You think trump is a magnanimous billionaire? HA-HA-HA!

      32. Why is it that you censure anything that is a negative comment about trump? I mean this is supposed to be a website dealing with the end of the world scenarios. Why do even “moderate” anything?

      33. As proof of FOX News hijacking FREE PRESS and just putting the stamp of approval on anything they can that is PRO tRUMP, you just have to read the headlines. Man says something stupid and the FOX PUPPETHEADS just laugh. If they were in fact “NEWS” they should have fact checked that and said, “it’s not true”.
        Honestly, wake up America!

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