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Hillary Caught on Video “Using Hand Signals to Communicate With Moderator Lester Holt”

Adan Salazar
September 29th, 2016
Comments (218)

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 3.33.49 PM

This article was written by Adan Salazar and originally published at Infowars.com.

Editor’s Comment: Gee, do you think the debate could have been fixed, and heavily slanted to put Trump on the defensive, while giving Hillary a pass for absolutely everything?

Discussion of Hillary’s use of apparent ‘hand signals’ during the debate has been made more difficult by the use of copyright claims against footage from the debate by a third party, which is having the effect of censoring the web as it vets, analyzes and calls B.S. on every moment of this ridiculously fraudulent 2016 election. Hillary is getting away with murder all over again.

Day in, and day out, there is almost nothing that happens on the Clinton campaign trail that isn’t mired in controversy, and careful manipulation of events to ensure the first female pres.

World Champion Poker Player: Clinton Secretly Signaled Moderator during Debate

by Adan Salazar

Hillary Clinton used hand signals to communicate with moderator Lester Holt during the first US presidential debate, a four time world champion poker player has stated.

A video recently uploaded to Youtube depicts the former secretary of state scratching her face several times during the 90-minute debate – signals to Holt, the video’s editor claims, which “meant Clinton wanted to get a ‘zinger’ in and to go to her without changing the subject.”

“Hillary Clinton used this gesture to signal Holt on six different occasions,” the video asserts.

“The first signal to Holt comes when Hillary wants to get her ‘taxes zinger’ in after Trump talks about the country being in debt.”An earlier version of the video was taken down from Youtube citing a copyright claim by [Merlin] SC Distribution.

Reporters at TruePundit.com claim there were no such signals used by Clinton in previous debate performances.

“True Pundit cross referenced Clinton’s speeches, campaign appearances and her 2008 debate performances against President Obama,” the website reports. “According to that analysis, Clinton never previously used these hand motions to supposedly scratch her face. In fact, she rarely touches her face at all.”

Also investigating the video’s claims, author Mike Cernovich reached out to a professional poker player for assistance analyzing the potential hand signals.

Four time World Series of Poker champion Mike Matusow agreed hand signals were indeed used by Clinton during the debate.

Analysis following the debate showed Holt came down harder on Trump, interrupting him 41 times during the event compared to Hillary’s seven interruptions.

This article was written by Adan Salazar and originally published at Infowars.com.

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Author: Adan Salazar
Date: September 29th, 2016
Website: http://www.infowars.com/world-champion-poker-player-clinton-secretly-signaled-moderator-during-debate/

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  1. french reader says:

    the worst though is, whatever it is someone else replacig her, with someone like ashton carter in the pentagon, globe is not safe either.

    • john stiner says:

      If Clinton wins, then war with Russia is inevitable.

      I have been thinking of building a redoubt or bomb shelter.

      • JAMES says:

        your head seems to far enough up your AZZ that a bomb shelter isn’t enough to save you…

        • Steve says:

          James, You are an idiot! Where is your proof that Trump is sucking up to Putin? Are you actually repeating something Hillary has said? You do know that this is a woman incapable of telling the truth. This is typical liberal politics that we see every 4 years, keep repeating lies until the media convinces the Kool-Aid drinkers that its a truth…disgusting!

          • Katie says:

            The reason people are talking about this is because it came right out of Donalds big mouth

          • And yet no one is asking the obvious here. Even if you are a Hillary supporter, how is this blatant cheating ok with you???? How are the missing emails ok with you??? The mishandling of classified info??? Lying to America and the FBI??? Calling Americans deplorable???
            Will NOTHING make you Hillary people see what a corrupt, selfish and cold person she is? ?

      • Beth says:

        And if Trump wins Amerca will be handed over to Russia on a silver platter. Haven’t you noticed how he’s been sucking up to Putin and haven’t you paid attention to the fact that his wife was born in a COMMUNIST country and would then be first lady of the United States, when the US and Russia are mortal enemies. Wake up people, there is far more to this saga than meets the eye. Pay attention.

        • Johnny says:

          He didn’t suck up to Putin you dipshit. I’m so sick of this crap from Hillary bots. She’s absolutely nuts, a criminal, a liar so many times over its becoming normal. She’s an embarrassment to our country as is Obama again today.

          • Bobby says:

            Johnny! You are a pathetic rat. You should stuff your rotten mouth with your own shit.

          • Richard Narlian says:

            Donny’s whole life has been built upon deceit.
            That is all I have to say , because I will not spend anymore of my precious time attempting to educate the “DEPLORABLES”.
            It really will not matter 1 iota if Mexicans cross our border.
            If Donny wins , and drops all of our environmental laws , and opens up that friggi’n pipeline there really won’t be much to protect.

            • Leonard says:

              …and Hillarrhoid’s entire life has been built on total honesty and forthrightness, right? Her global warming taxes will actually enhance the economy to an even GREATER degree than Obamacare saved the taxpayers money on the cost of their health insurance, right? Please, before you lose any more brain cells to anoxia, pull your head back out to where the sun DOES shine,before it’s too late…

          • Them Guys says:

            Oh Yeah? well then If what I said aint Facts and True?…Then please Tell Me…Why do I keep thinking it inside of my Head?…Beth

            Indeed whatever thoughts are in those heads Must be true.

            Because if this means That, and That means This?…Then them over there just has to be enemys, plus I seen it on FOX TV daily for 20 yrs too ya know sooooo?

            if alive today Freud would have a litteral Field Day with american libs no?

            • Freud was one of the original frauds and a drug addict as well ? If we had listened to Carl Jung instead we would all be far better off and most of the insanity that we see and are forced to live in and pay for would not exist !

              Beyond all that I must say there is some serious dumb ass MOFO’s on this site.

        • Redwhiteblue says:

          Hillary gave enriched uranium to Putin. Trump isn’t going to do that sir. Just for your information…Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush got along with Russian leaders. Reagan ended the cold war. Quit the Theatrics about Trump. Bashir Assad is not a criminal, and is supported 100% by the Christians. The Free Syrian Army are radical Islamic Militants whichs how ISIS was formed. Trump is hanging out the the Best of the Military Generals, and isn’t a Communist. He likes Russian women, but who doesn’t?

        • Mark says:

          Man, that Hillary/MSM propaganda machine sure is effective. They can convince the low-information voter to believe just about anything. Even if it were true, handing the US over to Russia would be the lesser of two evils.

        • maxi says:

          so if you are caught between a rock and a hard place so to speak what is your solution? Mine is choose the lesser of the two evils and I know what the she wolf is. the other I am not positive of.

        • Mary says:

          Yes there is a lot more like George Soros. He tried to take over Russia like he is doing here and was outwitted by Putnin. Do you know anything about him? Maybe you need to research more and find out what’s really happening. He is the threat to America. Wake up.

        • Patrick says:

          You are totally brainwashed, Trump will not do anything to jepordize his family’s real estate empire. If anything, he will protect it and we get the benefit at the same time…..wake up!

        • Mad old vet says:

          She is the most divisive person on earth!! will do or say anything to get her butt in the oval office!

        • marshall howard says:

          The only thing that really scares me is too many like u Beth actually believe every word of the propaganda that filters out of the DNC daily.

        • protectionist says:

          Where do you come with the lamebrain idea that the US and Russia are mortal enemies ? The mortal enemy the US has is ISIS, and Russia has been attacking them. I see no reason whatsoever to call Russia an enemy of the US. That is Obama/Hillary/Kerry poppycock.

        • Julie says:

          Grow up! Investigate the issues don’t make such an important decision based on what your friend told you at work today!

        • Matt says:

          No bigger evil anywhere that H Clinton- mean spirited Soros Lover

          No bigger fake – she will see judgement day and it will not be good

        • LORETTA says:

          Beth you are a moron.
          The U.S. and Russia “should” be natural allies, Trump understands this, too bad you don’t.

      • Lynn Baker says:

        Good idea, I wish we could but you cannot dig down in Florida!

      • Dave Nettles says:

        War with russia is inevitable, the outcome is what’s up in the air. Read about it on my web page @ http://www.davenettlesgospelmusic.com/america2.html if Hillary wins, we’re all dead, it’s that simple.

    • yourdaddy says:

      Remember, neither Trump nor Hillary will be inaugurated as the next President.

      • JAMES says:

        why bother, your head is so far up your AZZ that death isn’t far away, anyway…

      • I hope all the Libs who voted for her are ready to suit up

        • Beth says:

          You people believe anything that anybody claims, now that’s stupid. I guess some could always believe that every time Donald sniffled and snorted, he was giving signals to someone also for whatever, that’s how stupid this whole business sounds, incredible that naive gullible people like yourself would just eat it up and run with it…unbelieveable.

          • wilson says:

            beth you sound like a moron idiot

          • Alan says:

            Republicans believe what they hear and are very easily led. The ONLY reason they were against Obama is because he is black, the only reason they are against Hillery is because she is a woman. Trumps base wants a white ‘Christian’ (eh hem) man.

            • carmine says:

              that shows how clueless you are, the media leads you to believe that, to distract people on the real issues, (NO ONE CARES WHO IS BLACK OR A WOMAN) PEOPLE WHO SUFFER THE MOST ARE USUALLY NARROW MINDED, USE YOUR GOD GIVEN BRAIN

              • irwinat least we are not says:

                At least we are not moral degenerates who behave the way the govnt programs them to be ——Degenerate beings without a soul, very easy to control mob mentality like we see in the streets of our major cities.

            • Doug says:

              We’d like a president that isn’t corrupt, so no Hillary, no obama.

            • Are you sure? Because I am convinced you are wrong, are a flame throwing liar, and are probably an excrement eating blind Liberal maggot. However, I could be wrong. It may just be a feeling I have.

            • Dave Nettles says:

              Yep, just a bunch of “Deplorables”. I don’t care if BO is pink with green poke-a-dots. It’s his actions I don’t like.

              As for Christians, they happen to be every colors, one of the best examples is Ben Carson, and he’s real black.
              For that matter, Jesus isn’t exactly white.

            • Gene says:

              That’s why libs are so intolerant to people that have another view, spewing the dems talking points every chance they get. Lord help us if our way of thinking is different from yours, at least we’re thinking, I don’t know what you’d call what liberals do, it’s sure not thinking, because if you did think you would realize everyone has a different way of saying the same thing ” content of heart not the color of your state, red or blue. We’re told we have to get along but your side never wants to get along, riot steal smash and grab, do something about the lawbreakers on your side then I’ll do something about trying to listen to your side. Stop shouting, a calm man is easier to understand.

            • marshall howard says:

              You know Alan. I’ve always said the Dems would actually put a snake in office if they thought it would win. Scary but I think I might have nailed it..God help the USA

            • Patrick says:

              Alan, I could care less that Obama is half black, I also don’t give a shit that Hillary is a woman.
              You apparently
              need to use these two smoke screens to disguise your lack of intelligence and you inability to rationalize what is logical and what is factual.
              At this point in time, I am afraid that you have an inherent lack to ever understand what is important and need to sustain this country. My condolences…….

            • jamesT says:

              Ijust love it how these women and men can sit there and call trump a liar when every word out of hillarys mouth is a lie. these people are either listening to snn and not weighing the facts or just will not look at the truth.if they were a working class they would not fell that way.I have worked all my life and Hillary wants to raise taxes to 60 percent on anything I might want to give my grandkids.the middle class will take it again as we are the only ones paying taxes.wake up we cannot afford another 4 years of Obama politics.if we change things everyone benefits,not just those getting the freebees.

          • Rosemary says:

            Two pieces of grey matter rubbing together and your head would explode. I’m not sure she was signalling, but it sure looks fishy. In other words, she STINKS!!!!!

          • Leonard says:

            No, darlin’, we don’t believe ANY of this stuff. We just make it all up to throw you off…

          • Leonard says:

            No, darlin’, we don’t believe ANY of this stuff. We just make it all up to throw you off…

      • wilson says:

        what a cheap low lfe skanky bitch killary is , lower than dog crap

    • That’s right Mr. French.

      The foreign policy of the corporation known as the District of Columbia is run from the Pentagon by the CIA and not from the White House. The elected government of these united States has been usurped by an unelected rogue group that does not have the people’s best interests in mind.

      Just look how Ash Carter publicly refused to implement the Syrian cease fire and instead attacked the Syrian government troops in a blatant act of war against a country that has not caused any harm to the people of America. This is akin to treason…if we still had a Constitutional government. But we don’t…we have a police state from top to bottom where the public is excluded and the costumed clowns keep the boot of tyranny on their necks.

      Oh yeah…to all citizens in this Brave New World…don’t forget to vote. Bwaahahahahah.

      • Alan says:

        And congress shooting down Obamas veto of the Justice of Sponsors Against Terrorism Act (911 act) will now open the door for Syria to sue the US. Just watch…

        • Them Guys says:

          Yep that was my first thought on congress’ veto. And since WWII at least, USA and its Master controler state of Israel which has basically colonized america for israels use…..The Two nations of USA and Israel have far more illeagle acts done by them and acts against humanity and internationaly recognized international law.

          USA and Israel are RIPE! for too many such lawsuits to list here. But somehow that veto by usa congress had to in some way benifit AIPAC designs on america and the world. Everything done by us prez and usa congress and senate since 1900 has been to benifit israel and ziojewry. Even fifty yrs prior to israel became a rabid stolen state in 1948.

          • Stop the bs says:

            Wow! I don’t even know whereto start with all ofthat anti semitic drivol! I am prettysure the Jewshave already paid a high price just for being Jews…can I get a heil Hitler? You are an idiot! Truly! And I am willing to bet you will vote for Hillary, the champion of women, EXCEPT THE WOMEN BILL RAPED, SEXUALLY ASSAULTED, AND GROPED right? The woman should be rotting in jail many times over for her crimes! You all make a fuss about Trumps WORDS AGAINGT SOME WOMEN….the last I checked his words didn’t result in FOUR DEAD AMERICANS IN BENGHAZI!!! HILLARY IS A LYING PIECE OF TRASH…everything about her is criminal!

      • Redwhiteblue says:

        Hillary gave enriched uranium to Putin. Trump isn’t going to do that sir. Just for your information…Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush got along with Russian leaders. Reagan ended the cold war. Quit the Theatrics about Trump. Bashir Assad is not a criminal, and is supported 100% by the Christians. The Free Syrian Army are radical Islamic Militants whichs how ISIS was formed. Trump is hanging out the the Best of the Military Generals, and isn’t a Communist. He likes Russian women, but who doesn’t?

    • Champion2211 says:

      Just like I said in the first place she bought the questions from Holt or the Democrats. She had that finger stuck up her booty and can’t really think unless it is next to her nose. This is just another way she can’t be trusted or to have a honest election but even when they bring in those from other countries and madly have them given the oath to be citiZens so they can vote for Hitlery is rediclous. With all of the people that have been in line for so long to be citizens and just to shove them out of the way/

      • Marilyn furrie says:

        you got your mind stuck up YOUR BOOTY ?? always have to bad mouth people.donald knows he cant compete so he claims cheating. he is just a blow hard know nothing telling ignorant people anything they WANT to hear but he can never do any of the things he promises since they are not what a president
        CAN do. Only stupid people believe him because they are to lazy to check it out

        • Anonymous says:

          you might want to check the person that caught killary cheating, then u can stand in line and get ur monthly gov check for her

        • Alan says:

          Hillery has 30 years of debate experience. Donald didn’t stand a chance. And he wouldn’t stand a chance in a discussion with the leaders of foreign nations either. If Hillery is such a dumbass and she beat the pure pants off Trump, foreign governments would slaughter him and leave him trembling in his loafers.

        • Rosemary says:

          You prove she didn’t cheat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Dennnis says:

          Sounds like you are as stupid as the ones you are calling stupid. If you think that Killery is good for the country. Maybe you should go back in history and find out all the laws her and Slick Wille have broken. Then there is all who have died or come up missing at their hands. I have prof of this with a family member that is no longer with us.

        • Dale says:

          WOW! You sound just like Hillary. Only you use stupid instead of deplorable. I think you had better go on a fact finding mission. Anyone that votes for Hilary Clinton with all of the scandals behind her (including when they were in Arkansas)is a vote to continue to give our Country away piece by piece. He can compete all alone as he has done. She needs her husband and Bernie Sanders and many others including our President and his wife and the Vice President and many others on the campaign trail for her. Trump has at least done it on his own and is still up there in the polls. Doesn’t say much for her does it! By the way, do any of you care that our President is out campaigning for Hillary Clinton
          instead of running our Country!

        • Dave Nettles says:

          All you have to check out is the post debate polls. Only CNN said Hillary won, ALL the others said the Donald won, these are surveys of actual voters. You retarded liberals just don’t get it.

      • Title liz says:

        Hey, you are so naive.Our govt controlled by the LIbs and run by Obun and Hil know what they are doing AND they get it done. That waiting line of sincere people waiting to become US citizens the correct way is a joke, when you have the power to push through young single men to take over the protections of our country, ahead of them. The new citizens voting for more and more Libs to destroy us. Obum wants to be KIng of the New World Order.Americans need to WAKE up , we are being taken down.

    • Duke Feist says:

      DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS MUSIC IS?….WHAT GROUP? Send answer to [email protected]

  2. It doesn't end says:

    The whole debate was set up against Trump. People see that and the people for Trump will only fight for him more. This country will fall more if Hillary is president I hope the people see this before its to late.

    • I noticed her touching her face excessively—now I understand why. Good catch. This debate was clearly staged to make her look good and Trump look bad—shame on Lester Holt who I used to admire. Now I can no longer watch his news programs.

      I am a Trump Deplorable because I cannot in any way imagine another Clinton presidency. These people need to retire and leave Americans alone. They have had their chance, caused enough damage and should not be given a second opportunity.

      All you need to know about Mrs. Clinton can be found in the statements of her secret service agents. Very informative and very enlightening for those who think she is a wonderful human.

  3. This Texan Has Had Enough says:

    Do we need more proof that Shrillery is a crooked, desperate hack?

    • vocalpatriot says:

      No Tex, I don’t. Neither do need proof that trump is crooked…

    • laura ann says:

      Why didn’t Trump get on the offensive when Hillary threw soft balls? If he “sandbags” the next two debates we are sitting out the election. (we are registered as Ind.) He needs to speak on real issues!! Johnson is a shill pro immigration and mandating kids vaccines.

      • Vernon Devine says:

        Conservatives are clearly on the conspiracy continuum. I watched the debate and would say Trump was ill prepared and sounded stupid. Hillary was prepared and whipped Trump’s ass by a mile. Maybe he will rebound or just continue to self sabotage. He is not Presidential caliber and is over his head.

        • Carol says:

          I can’t believe that after all the Clinton’s have done against our country that so many people still want to vote for her. They have sold out this country to the highest bidder. She wouldn’t pickup the phone to help our men and women in Bengazi and left them there to DIE! She destroyed government emails and let her staff destroy there phones with hammers for God’s sake! No one does that when all they have are emails of yoga and baby showers! If she becomes president she will make more favors than Obama and Iran. the only reason Obama is backing her now is he wants to get the same speaking jobs she got, he’ll be filthy rich in a couple of years. Hillary has not worked a day in her life, she has never ran a business, she has never done anything for the American people, and she and the Obama’s have turned their backs on our wounded worriers! Mr. Trump may not have mastered how to look into the face of the American people and lie with a strait face, or have every crooked politicians in Washington backing him, but he will be a President that knows how to create jobs, and build our infrastructure, and help our military. I used to be a Democrat but now I’m an Independent who is voting for Mr. Trump. He may not have in your mind won the debate but he will win the Presidency!!

          • Beth says:

            I can’t believe that after all of the utter stupidity ad nauseum that Trump has exhibited that so many people still want to vote for him….must be something in thier water..lol

            • Dale says:

              Well Beth, I know why Trump said and did some things over 20 years ago, but the fact that Hillary Clinton would use his words while fighting with Rosie O’Donnell back then and put them in a commercial with young girls and woman, makes me sick! Its unfortunate that it doesn’t do the same for you and others that believe that crap. And enough said for the proven liar and criminal Miss Universe which OH SURPRISE just got granted an American citizenship within a month ago! I don’t think there is anything wrong with OUR water!!

            • Gary Carpenter says:

              Can’t any of you clintonites see that she, will do and say,, y anything to go down in history as the first female president, including bribery of people to rid evidence on computors and cell phones. It is no wonder that Trump calls hercrooked Hillary.

  4. Satori says:

    you’ve outdone yourself

    thanks for the laugh

    Trump was trying to signal Holt too

    he was sniffing and snorting like a pig

    but I think Hillary’s hand signals were a better idea

    maybe Trump will try that himself round 2 ???

    and did you notice Trump drinking all that water ?

    it was a signal to the camera man to “cut” and go to Hillary

    face facts

    Trump did NOT prepare
    and he got his clock cleaned

    did he learn his lesson?
    we’ll find out if he shows for debate #2

    meanwhile people need to stop with all these dumb ass excuses for his laziness

    Hillary burned him but good
    when she said something to the effect
    that “yes I did prepare for the debate and I did prepare to be President”

    how VERY insulting of Trump to show up before 100 million people UNPREPARED

    he wants to be President of the most powerful country on earth ???

    then mother f_cking damn it DO YOUR HOMEWORK

  5. watching and waiting says:

    No problem.

    Already determined who I will vote for.

    Concern: Rigged election ballots, electronic machines.

  6. Nailbanger says:

    Giant meteor 2016!

  7. nubria 123 says:

    G 20 talks starts Friday. They have a new currency for the elite and world trade. You’ll never get it as your money will be the dollar. If you want work they’ll devalue your money as welfare & S.S will not enough shortly. Welcome to the third world people you’ll be praying for death soon.

  8. Satori says:

    oh my God
    have you ever heard so much WHINING and excuse making from a grown man ?
    and this guy wants to be President ???

    Donald Trump Now Thinks The Presidential Debate Was A ‘Rigged Deal’

    h ttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-lester-holt-rigged_us_57ed6fa3e4b0c2407cdcc2b4?section=&

    I’ll use Trumps own words

    ““During the debate the other night, I had to put up with the anchor and fight the anchor all the time on everything I said,” Trump said at a campaign rally in New Hampshire. “What a rigged deal. ”

    but then there’s this

    ““I thought Lester did a great job. Honestly, I thought Lester did a great job,” Trump said, adding that Holt’s questioning as moderator had been “very fair.”

    my question to Donald is

    were you lying then
    or are you lying now?
    it HAS to be one or the other

    MAN UP you pussy
    and accept responsibility for YOUR actions
    if I made excuses like this for poor performance my father would have tore my ass up for a month of Sunday’s

    you want your finger on THE button ???


    • Nailbanger says:

      Quite the unfortunate set of circumstances we find ourselves in,,,
      I gotta say, legitimacy isnt exactly a strong suit for any of these clowns,

    • Plan twice, prep once says:

      You really come across as a closet liberal sometimes.

      Any excuse to vote for Hillary. Kind of like the women that fall in love with death row inmates, the more notorious their crimes, the better.

      • Satori says:

        don’t mistake criticism of Trump as support for Hillary

        if you want to do Trump any favors
        email him and tell him to do his freaking homework
        and maybe actually prepare for the next debate?

        he has two choices

        1)he can do the work
        2)can continue to make EXCUSES

        his choice

        and people who continue to come up with all this
        bull shit nonsense aren’t doing him any favors
        its call enabling

        • Lone wolverine says:

          Bullshit nonsense. Who are you to decide what is truth. The arrogance of ignorance? You are right and everyone else is wrong ? Let us worship you. O enlightened one.

        • Lone wolverine says:

          I read a Hilary agent dressed as a delivery boy brought the debate questions to Hilary weeks before. Hilary did her homework . Who is stupid enough to vote for this . The domestic enemy. The third world scum. We need to do some house cleaning to the bone. And I can’t wait.

          • Satori says:

            I would dispute your FACTS
            but you didn’t bring any

            I don’t suffer fools lightly

            it’s a damn good thing your not a defense attorney

            your clients would be getting the electric chair for jay walking and littering

            now if you can bring some meat to the table
            DO IT

            otherwise you are wasting everyones time

            • Rosemary says:

              Here’s some meat for you. The debate committee admitted, today, that something was wrong with the mic they gave Trump. Do you put anything past the Clintons? There is no crime, I believe, they are not guilty of or won’t do.

              • Plan twice, prep once says:

                There was nothing wrong with Trumps mic. The sound man made Trump’s sniffs audible by tweaking the volume.

                The sniff is something trump does when he speaks, I’ve heard it before, but during the debate they amplified it to an extreme.

                It was the liberal media acting like children.

        • Lone wolverine says:

          Satori are you an Italian. Half a notch above a spic. Go back to Italy . They need you there. Look at what your people have done . And please don’t do it here. You are second world garbage. Thanks for not being third world garbage. Now go. We don’t need you . We don’t want you. Go.

        • D'man says:

          I’m actually enjoying how this bothers you so much. It’s very telling.

    • Lone wolverine says:

      Listen to yourself. Who should we believe? A ranting twelve year old .?

    • Lone wolverine says:

      You seem to do plenty of whining.

    • WhoWTFKnows... says:

      Hey Satori, how much is hillary paying you to blog here? Show some real proof with your baseless babble. You sound panicked, whats up? your EBT Card about to expire? No more Freeshit for you.


    • DevilMayCry says:

      Did you eat paint chips as a child Satori, or where your parents just siblings?

    • DevilMayCry says:

      Did you eat paint chips as a child Satori, or were your parents just siblings?

      • Satori says:

        oh and now the ethnic insults start
        what a surprise

        you guys got facts?

        BRING IT !!!

        but EVERYONE here knows you got nothing

        if your trying to give this forum a BAD reputation in the prepper community keep it up
        your doing a great job of trashing the place

        • smokey says:

          Satori, these folks are dealing with you and your demeanor, don’t try and deflect criticism by bringing up something about protecting the forum.

          You should have thought of the consequences for your childish provocations before you posted them.

          If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

          • Satori says:

            get out of the kitchen ???

            hell boy

            turn up the heat

            and I stand by my remarks,this is supposed to be a prepper forum
            when it gets inhabited by low lifes who have nothing more to say than racial epithets and ethnic slurs

            what do you think is going to happen

            anybody decent is going to drop the site

            I don’t hang around nasty vile people in real life
            why would I do it here

            do YOU really want the forum to turn into that kind of site?

            people who have beliefs with NO evidence to back up those beliefs have only one option
            and that is to start name calling
            do you approve of that?
            are you encouraging that here?

            I only ask for two things
            1)at least try and keep things civil
            2)bring me some FACTS

            few people on this site do well especially with #2

    • Yorkiemom says:

      You’d rather have, and feel very comfortable with, Hillary of Bengazi fame, having the nuclear codes and the button very near her delicate finger?? I cannot think of a more disasterous scenario if it was written by Shakespeare. EVERYTHING that woman touched turned to do-do and in all her near 30 years experience she never accomplished one decent thing that helped the country and her people. If she was in the private sector and had failed this miserably, she would have been uncermoniously fired, but with government and the democratic party, the more you fail, the higher you go until the sky is the limit The democratic party operates on the Peter Principle and Hillary is the perfect example of this. God help us all if she is elected.

  9. The Videos on the website are not working.

  10. anon says:

    The only two ways to fix this country is either nuclear war or a civil war.

    • stephen says:

      Anon is suggesting publicly advocating the violent overthrow of our democratically elected government.

      • Lone wolverine says:

        Democraticly elected? What special kind of stupid are you.? Is the FED democratically elected.? You are the Tares that will burn.

      • anon says:


        Not at all.

        That is the solution because the nation is so polarized that there will NEVER be satisfaction between republicans and Democrats.

        So there has to be a event that in the end causes the whole nation to unite.

        Be careful who you quickly jump on because I don’t give a fucking shit about nothing.

    • Old Guy says:

      Third option Pray for NIBIRU to be a fact? I think as soon as the cold hits. False flag shutdown of the electric grid.

      • anon says:

        Old Guy

        The Farmer’s almanac says we are going to have a cold and wet winter in the southeast. I guess the last time we had a winter like that was about 25 years ago. Hunting was bone chilling near swampy area.
        Today I checked out the winter gear. Gorilla suits, gloves and got my insulated boots out for a look at them.
        A few wool military blankets in a plastic tub. Plus the box of hand warmers.

  11. stephen says:

    Lester Holt is a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN!!!
    Which is why I have a hand signal for you! (use your imagination)

  12. stephen says:

    Oh then donald trump blamed the microphone too. Doesn’t he remember that he approved the microphone before the debate?

  13. ,lone wolverine says:

    After seeing what Angela Merkle has done . Will anyone vote for a bimbo. She will let in more third world crap and you know it. Who cares who wins a debate. Idiots will tell you otherwise. Who will stop the Muslems? Hilary? Hilary voters are third world garbage or government employees . Plain and simple.

    • Lone :

      You obviously have strong feelings about women. I view women very differently.

      From my perspective, I have no problem with a female president.

      I vote Trump. I think he did good. He showed class..

      Only wish he would stop with the nervous facial twisting. He is not bad looking and should bank on that face. Smile. Hold steady. Don’t twist and shout.

      Also, less from the comments section. Interruptions take away. Unless important and quick.


      • Lone wolverine says:

        Maybe I have strong feelings . Do you think Angela Merkle is destroying her country? If not we don’t agree. What will become of Germany? The banks are failing. Do you not agree with that? The rape and crime is increasing. Do you not agree with that.? Sweden and the bimbo philosophy. Do you agree with that? How can you see what is happening to our people and call me having strong feelings. Is this mass suicide? Do we deserve this ? What do you think will happen to our children if we loose control? Do you think they will treat us and ours good ? Are you that stupid. .? Are you blind ? Wake up before it’s too late.

    • Yorkiemom says:

      Hillary, just very recently, named Angelica Merkle her favorite foreign head of state. I presume, though I do not know, she admires how Angelica runs her government, i.e., not paying any attention to what her citizens want and continues to flood their country with Syrians. Hillary is going to do the same thing here – after all, she knows what is best for the citizens, just like Angelica!!!

  14. Old Grumpy one says:

    Why don’t my comments work?

  15. TEST says:

    For the LIFE of me, I cannot understand why Trump, and earlier Romney, simply don’t OUT the fascist press. Look, Trump team, get a freaking clue. E.g., if I had been Romney when that vile jackass Candy Crowley came to Obungler’s defense, ALL he had to do is say: “Look, Candy. If you are not going to conduct an impartial interview, I will leave right now until we can find someone who is impartial.” That would end that scam in a jiffy.

    But no, let’s just sit and take in on the chin. No wonder the fascist left has the upper hand.

  16. Peoples says:

    I think the next debate trump should have his own hand jesters
    These can be known only to he’s supporters. That way he can
    Give us the dirt in a foreign language like many bilingual people.

  17. Lone wolverine says:

    Sorry b from ca. No disrespect meant . It’s getting a little war like. Time to draw the lines . Hope you are on our side. We need good men. Need you.semper fi .

  18. Lone wolverine says:

    And yes B. I do . I’m an idiot . Many women are not idiots. And I apologize to the non idiots. I’m an idiot. But no more Angela mercles. No more let all the third world in. If they do they die. Draw the line . No more. Sorry.

  19. Lone wolverine says:

    Yes again I bow to your superior intellect. I’m a fool not all women are bimbos. I’m losing control of my faculties. Maybe I need to be caged. Where do we draw the line?who is doing this? Who do we blame? Tell me what to do B from CA.

  20. Lone wolverine says:

    Hey B from CA . And all others. If you think I’m wrong . Don’t hesitate to bitch slap me for one minute. But so many things are not what they seem. So you might want to think first.

  21. anon says:

    So we have 40 more days of this political war dance. Then find out which way the country is headed.

    I am sure the comments will become more interesting.

    Remember, Some is better than none when prepping.

    • Old Guy says:

      Nope don’t need 40 days. The country is headed down the tubes no matter what is elected. And Trumps debate performance was dismal at best.

      • anon says:

        Old Guy

        For 40 days and 40 nights the rain fell. Hmmmmm.

        Could be radioactive since Sec. Kerry and the Russians are not doing well in the negotiations.

        • john stiner says:

          So how many people will be on the Clinton kill list in this 40 day window?

        • Old Guy says:

          Putin doesn’t want war. The citizens of the USA don’t want war. Heck whats up with this insanity? Our military (mistakenly) dropped bombs during a cease fire? And they are also trying to incite a race war in the USA? I just attended the funeral of a baby boomer. And most of the boomers there wouldn’t be able to win a fight with a paper bag. And that is who any revolution would come from. And half of them are Taking Parasites who retired from a parasite govt job. Yep Big meteor 2016 is looking better by the minute.

  22. Lone wolverine says:

    But I know . All women will admite that ther e fellow women . Are you know what. and they need to be culled . One way or an other.

  23. Diogenes says:

    Maybe, just maybe, Trump is using the “Claudius” maneuver – make everyone think he’s a klutz, tripping over his d””k until he reaches the last debate, and then unloads on Hillary with e-mails, Benghazi, the server(s), “sniper fire”, Whitewater, the Clinton foundation “donors”, Wall Street “speeches” for 1/4 mil each, etc., all of which Hillary would not be expecting at that point. She has used all her ammunition already in this first debate, all she has left is a porked-out bygone beauty queen from Venezuela who “works” as a porn star. Don’t forget(which you already have), Trump wrote “The Art of the Deal”, how he became successful. Something to look forward to.

    • Old Guy says:

      Maybe he is using the claudis maneuver. However Theres no guarantee that there will be another debate. It appears neither one of them respects anyone or anything. They lack something I call moral compass. Now I don’t want hellery to win. not because I think she would be worse. Naw it is simply that I strongly dislike her. And I don’t want her to be the first woman president. I want to see her agony of defeat. I know that I shouldn’t feel that way. But I would be overjoyed if she lost the election.

      • Babycatcher55 says:

        You and me both, OG. I will party if DT gets the win. Moderately, that is, since we really don’t know exactly what he’s going to do either. But it’s gotta be better than her.

  24. Them Guys says:

    With any luck maybe Hillarys daughter is much like her and will get both her and the daddy klinton both whacked so chelsea can steal the klinton foundations two billion$$$$ swindle scam cash, and then chelsea and her goldman sachs tribeal hubby can go hide out in Israel.

    Where no Extradition laws exist to extradite any israel jewish citizen from for any crimes against any goyim of which daddy klinton is a goyboy.

    Two billion+ in cold Cash is much reason for such an event to occure eh…Plus Chelsea has now had aprox 40 years of life with americans two abject worst criminals to ever live in the usa. That make bonnie and clyde look like 5 yr old kids at play. It seems certain chelsea has learned alot from her two parents about such “events” eh?

  25. Tunkcuf says:

    A twitch or a scratch or not making any gesture etc can all be signals. Applying common sense to a situation is best. If it were rigged, there would be no need for signals because it would be rehearsed, scripted, or signals would come from someone else. The argument Clinton is too brain damaged or too tired to think, would be exclusive of knowing exact signals and the right time to send them. This story is a reach, made up, or at best a humorous jab at conspiracy believing idiots.
    Trump was snorting, drinking water, shifting etc. vote for these clowns if you will, get what you will. Wake up and be able to look yourself in the mirror and reject these puppets. I don’t care who, but either vote for someone else and save your integrity or vote for either of these loons. I will wake up in mid November and look myself in the mirror knowing I did not partake in the end of our country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Since it was so noticeable that she was wearing an earwig, and motioning to Lester. She received a copy of the questions a week ago. The debate should have been considered rigged and stopped Was Lester paid or threatened? He was always interrupting Trump. or not allowing his to finish his comments.

  26. Lone wolverine says:

    What are our women voting for. Our distruction? WHY. How do we handle this? Tell me?

  27. Lone wolverine says:

    I don’t know. Will women vote for our distruction? Can we not see this. Am I wrong. Do they not want more third world immigration . Am I wrong. Or are they?

  28. Lone wolverine says:

    Dam . What will happen next.? How much longer? Is it zero hour? Sorry guys. Loosing my patience.? Need to chill?

  29. Babycatcher55 says:

    Between the hand signals and the TelePrompTer, it’s no wonder she had a smirk on her face the entire debate. Gods gonna get her, you watch.

  30. Edgardo Perez-De Leon says:

    May be Clinton was using a medication causing itching which forced to scratch the air in front of her face but not the tie air by he vagina.Considering all this, maybe Trump is not qualified to be president because in a meeting with the president of Cameron he can be tricked with the paranormal powers of the vudu religion used by the people in that country. This would be devastating if that developing country can get sufficient dolls and needles for each of us. Definitively he is not prepared to attack Black Magic witches.Hillary meanwhile is tricking us with the DOVE appearance before he drive us into WW III. Take me seriously or ask the people from Louisiana.

  31. Beppo the dwarf says:

    Hillghazi should try soap and water. Might help with those itching facial problems.

  32. Anonymous says:

    We all notice that and she was wired and was looking down a lot like she was reading and she did have a eye jump

  33. Ryan Burns says:

    Im voting trump thats all i can do even though its fixed debate trump should get it the united states hates whats been happening these leaders have been all about themselves an other nations what about us.

  34. Ryan Burns says:

    Im voting trump thats all i can do even though its fixed debate trump should get it the united states hates whats been happening these leaders have been all about themselves an other nations what about us.

  35. We notice that, they were mean to Trump

  36. Ginger says:

    If one assumes no signals were arranged, then the psychology of stress finds that touching the nose indicates the person is displeased and about to twist the truth or out right lie.

  37. thinker75 says:

    As a Canadian on=looker it seems to me that if the whole set of comments so far indicates the quality of thinking and mentality exhibited thus far there is not much hope for your country, this is pathetic.Does nobody have some serious well thought out policies and issues that need to be addressed?

    • marshall howard says:

      Yes Canuck, We seem to be fast sinking into the intellectual quagmire the your country sank into many years ago. Sir, your country is dull and not on my bucket list to visit again nor emulate in any way. Sorry

  38. navy vet says:

    trump will be elected just like Hillary got indicted, by the fbi, for her mishandling of classified material over a unsecured network.

  39. Jarhead669 says:

    I listen to all the Bull Shit out there and there is only one way that We The People will get this country back. And this is to use the second amendment and take it back by force. We as a country have become a nation of punks and just sit back ànd take in the ass. When you have a government that has over 1 million regulations that can only tell you one thing. The government wants total control. So keep fighting between each other that is what they want.and quess what fools you all have been caught in their trap. Semper Fi

  40. Crazy says:

    I think everyone should vote none of the above and let the two little kid play in the sand box .we don’t need anymore idiots in Washington

  41. PHYLLIS LANDA says:




  42. steve g says:

    Nope ,She was not signaling anyone. This is just some dreamed up Conspiracy Theory by the Republican Party , just like the dreamed up rigged voting, and dreamed up Media paying special Attention to her(when in fact, Trump got special treatment by the media with billions of dollars in free Air Time). Seems Republicans are such whiny Babies they can’t stand to lose fairly. She wiped the floor with him in that debate. Fair and Square.

    Live with it.

  43. Crazy One says:

    The definition of insanity- voting in the same political people for 50 years and expecting a change!!

    Who is the insane one??

  44. dumer than most says:

    Lets see 2 planes, 2 plane crews, 2 secret service crews, Bill Clinton is meeting head of dept of justice (who the FBI answers too) Loretta Lynch. The meet for 30 minutes on the same runway and same airport. All this is just coincidence. Guess who is promised next Sec. of State? Loretta Lynch, big surprise huh?

  45. Steve says:

    This is by far the dumbest idea I have heard yet. Making excuses for the debate won’t win you the election.

  46. K.M. says:

    Dont anyone get this little, but Huge detail? Which is, it is not a prerequisite for a candidate to release tax info,period, but Clinton started her campaign under both suspicion and INVESTIGATION FROM THE F.B.I., who the hell can even be concidered for President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA under Federal investigation let alone even be concidered for a loan from a common bank,she is supposed to be disqualified, you can’t be vetted for the highest job in America when Wal-Mart wouldn’t consider you for a common store greeter,no trust…

  47. Anonymous says:

    if America votes this clinton TRASH into office they will get what they deserve;;;;unfortunately those of us with a BRAIN will suffer as well. God help us all if this witch wins.

  48. Dave says:

    I could give ‘ol Hill a ‘hand signal’…and the whole world would know exactly what I meant…

  49. James Marshall says:

    I don’t care what she does as long as the orange haired monster is defeated.

  50. marshall howard says:

    Did u ever think how many problems we try to solve with our pseudo intelligent blogs. Trouble is, no buddy the reads our comments votes..

  51. Elkie says:

    Hillary didn’t need to do ANYTHING during the debate to dupe Donald. His narcissistic self took good care of shining a light on his silliness. All the while, she simply was her competent self. And the choice is crystal clear.

  52. Lonnie Blake says:

    Over the past 10 years or so, Democrats have become a cancer to American society.

  53. Chris says:

    The fix was in and Trump never stood a chance. His fault taking the bait from crooked Spillary. But Holt was paid off to take hand signals to cut him off for her to get her scripted lines in. Interrupted Trump 41 vs 7 times to Hillary was so obvious to everyone. This is a corrupt left wing media at its worst. It will only get worse in debate 2. If Chris Wallace follows suit and Fox doesn’t fore his worthless ass I hope they get boycotted in mass. The crooked lying Democrats have got to be stopped. The only way is with our voting them out of office. Wake up and vote Trump!!!

  54. Anonymous says:

    hilary in white house. she’ll use a front end loader and push america in the grand canyon. pure danger.