Liberty Movement Rising: “The Fight Is Just Beginning”

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    “Freedom had been hunted round the globe; reason was considered as rebellion; and the slavery of fear had made men afraid to think. But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing.”  – Thomas Paine

    A protester waves the U.S. flag near the Bureau of Land Management's base camp where seized cattle, that belonged to rancher Cliven Bundy, are being held at near Bunkerville

    This article has been contributed by Brandon Smith of Alt Market.

    The label of “fringe” is a common one used by statists, bureaucrats and paid shills in order to marginalize those who would stand against government corruption. The primary assertion being sold is that the “majority” joyously supports the establishment; and the majority, of course, is always right.

    The liberty movement, which is a collection of numerous freedom organizations and political activists brought together by a shared philosophical bond, has been accused of “fringe” status for quite some time. With corporatist dominance over the mainstream media for decades backing an elitist machine in Washington and a global banking cartel footing the bill with money created from thin air, any such accusation can be made to seem “real” to those who are unaware.

    The problem has always been a matter of physical action giving rise to an acknowledgment of numbers.

    We have all heard the old story of the debate within the ancient Roman government over the idea of forcing the slave population to wear distinct armbands so that they could be more easily identified among the regular population. The concept was rejected on the realization that if the slaves were given a visual confirmation of their considerable numbers and strength, they would be encouraged to revolt against the Roman tyrants. That is to say, as long as the slaves felt isolated, they would remain apathetic and powerless. Of course, that was not always the case. Sometimes, a small group would stand up despite their supposed isolation, and the rest of the world, wide-eyed and astonished, would take notice.

    The liberty movement has just experienced one of its first great moments of realization and empowerment in Clark County, Nev., and millions of past naysayers have been shell-shocked.

    I covered my views in detail on the Bundy Ranch saga in Nevada in my article “Real Americans Are Ready To Snap,” amid the usual choir of disinformation agents and nihilists desperate to convince Web audiences that the liberty movement would do nothing to stop the Bureau of Land Management’s militant assault on Cliven Bundy’s cattle farm. This assault included hundreds of Federal agents, helicopters, contractors hired essentially as cattle rustlers and even teams of snipers.

    The statists and socialists were certainly out in force to misrepresent the Bundy issue and frighten anyone who might consider taking a stand for the family. The Southern Poverty Law Center, not surprisingly, was hard at work spreading lies and disinformation about the confrontation in Nevada, painting a picture of fractured patriot groups and militiamen with “little training” going to face unstoppable Federal BLM agents and likely “ending up dead.” The SPLC insinuated that the movement was ineffective and in over its head.

    The reality was much the opposite. Liberty groups arrived in droves and were staunchly unified — not by a centralized leadership, but in defense of the basic moral principles outlined in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Sources on the ground at the Bundy ranching operation relayed to me that at least 1,000 activists and militia members arrived over the weekend, with many more on the way. This one event proved certain points:

    1. The liberty movement is not afraid to put itself in harm’s way for the right cause — even if this means facing off against highly armed government thugs.
    2. The liberty movement has the ability to field a response team or even an army anywhere in the country at any time within a couple of days.
    3. The liberty movement has the ability to change the course of events, even to the point of removing Federal agents from a region who are acting in an unConstitutional manner.
    4. The Federal government is not invincible, nor is it unfazed by liberty movement opposition. They worry about our strength and ability.

    Over the past weekend, we witnessed the true influence of the liberty movement. As thousands of activists and militia arrived in the area, the BLM finally began to understand what it was facing. The government agency that has been terrorized farming communities throughout the West for years, the agency armed with military-grade weaponry and hundreds of agents, ran away, as freedom fighters descended on the region.

    Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie, two politicians who were deathly silent during the beginning of the Federal incursion on the Bundy ranch, have now suddenly become vocal in defense of Nevada ranchers against the BLM. It’s amazing how “inspired” politicians can become to do the right thing when they see an army of liberty activistsmarching against tyranny in their own backyard.

    Not only was the BLM forced to remove itself from the area, but it was also forced to relinquish all the cattle it had stolen from Bundy over the course of the past week. Here, liberty groups close in on the cattle holding pens of the BLM and take back Bundy’s property.

    Statists are indignant and furious over the surrender of the BLM. The same people who boasted that liberty activists would be slaughtered by Fed agents are now frothing at the mouth because they did not get their massacre. Not only that, but the bureaucracy they worship has shown itself to be impotent in the face of Constitutional champions. All I can say is nothing puts a bigger grin on my face than to see statists cry like babies when their delusions of grandeur are trampled on.

    This was a major victory for the liberty movement. But let’s be clear; the fight is just beginning.

    I suspect that the Bundy event will be spun by news agencies and the government until it is unrecognizable. They will claim that the BLM left not because they were wrong, but because they were trying to keep people safe. They will claim that liberty movement protesters were the aggressors and the poor BLM agents were just trying to do their jobs. They will play the race card as they always do, much like this pathetically lazy and unprofessional article from Slate, which asserts that if the Bundy’s had been black, the Liberty Movement would have never supported them. They will argue the so-called Federal legality of the raid itself, and paint Bundy as a “freeloader” who refuses to pay taxes and who is living off the American people. They will do everything in their power to destroy the image of the victory and soil the name of the Bundy family.

    What they don’t seem to understand, though, is that the liberty movement does not care what the Federal government deems “legal” or “illegal.” Our only interest is what is Constitutional and what is moral. The dispute was never about the “legality” of Bundy’s use of the land, which his family used for grazing without interference for generations — until 1993, when the BLM used the absurd endangered species protection racket to put all of his neighbors out of business and threaten his ranch with invasion.  Add to this the recently discovered fact that Senator Harry Reid’s former assistant and friend Neil Kornze is now head of the BLM due to Reid’s influence, and the fact that Harry Reid and his family are reaping financial rewards by driving farmers from all over the region where Cliven Bundy’s ranch sits while arranging land deals with Chinese solar companies, and one has to ask, why should Bundy pay any of his hard earned money to the federal government when they are just going to use it to bulldoze his cattle and make Harry Reid more rich?

    Disinformation websites like Snopes contend that Reid’s “projects” are not being established anywhere near the Bundy Ranch, yet, one such project has already been launched only 35 miles south of Bundy, and, the BLM has erased a page from its website specifically mentioning the Bundy Ranch and it’s “interference” with Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone Projects, the same projects Harry Reid and his son are heavily involved in.

    What is amazing to me is that in light of this information hardcore socialists are still willing to defend Reid and the BLM.  My question is, if the BLM is so innocent, then why are they erasing such data from their website at all?  What were they trying to hide?

    Harry Reid has not responded to the facts behind his financial involvement in the BLM’s attacks on Nevada farmers, except to say that they are “conspiracy theories”.  He added when asked about the status of the confrontation:

    “Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over…”

    Yes, Harry, it won’t be over until men like you are thrown behind bars.

    Note that he says “an American people”; as if he is separate, as if he is referring to all of us as a subservient organism, or servant class.  What Reid is saying is, the elites can’t have “an American people” openly exposing their criminality and defying their tyranny, and then just walking away.  I’m sorry to break it to Reid, but that is exactly how all of this is going to end.

    Statists and bureaucrats like Reid continually attempt to argue this issue from the standpoint of Federal legality, obviously because the Federal government has the legislative and bureaucratic power to make any despicable action legal (at least on paper) if it wishes. However, the liberty movement has no interest whatsoever in Federal interpretations of legal precedence. We are only concerned with what is right. As the old saying goes, when injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.

    The liberty movement also fully understands that the Bundy victory was only one battle at the beginning of a long war.

    The BLM may very well be waiting for activists to leave the area before attacking again. And even if that is not the case, tyrannical systems have a way of attempting to make up for signs of weakness by escalating violence during the next siege. That is to say, we should expect the next event involving the BLM or other government agencies to be even more vicious than the Bundy incident. It is simply the natural inclination of totalitarian systems to exaggerate their power when their failings have been exposed.

    That said, it should be noted that corrupt leadership often crumbles in the face of steadfast resolve and courage. We have a long way to go before this Nation is once again truly free, but the liberty movement has proven its invaluable worth over the course of the past several days. We arrived at a crossroads, and we are now moving forward in the right direction — without fear and without regret. It is in these moments when history is made — when common men and women thwart the odds, defy the darkness and make good on their beliefs by risking everything in the name of freedom.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. I’ve had a good life. I am ready to die. I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

        • The People can bite back, and the Paper Tiger fears that greatly. They now know those bites will be fatal because it is rooted in the 2nd amendment.

          It is, in fact, the only thing standing in their way.

          • Nice to see the rest of the country finally figuring out what we Southrons knew 150 years ago.

            Better late than never.


            Or maybe not.

            • It seems to me that there are a lot of people who are unaware of the seething resentment that is just below the surface when it comes to the government. This resentment is at any one government person at any given time, or at no particular person, just the agency or the laws and regulations.

              This article seems to be correct in that many were surprised with the number of people who showed up to stand with a rancher against the government. I was. The government has managed to intrude on nearly every aspect of our lives, from property rights to healthcare, and in most instances made everything more complicated, and hence, worse.

              Most people go along with the government because if they didn’t, they would be priced out of the market, charged with a crime, or fined. Everyone, I think, can understand the need for a safety net in the case of natural and even some man-made disasters. When the government takes that safety net and tries to strangle the citizenry with it, that is when trouble starts. I fear that this country is getting to the point of major “disobedience” as the norm. This can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on the outcome. TPTB are very good at spinning the press into giving them what they want.

              I hope for peace and liberty, though something tells me that those two will not go hand in hand anytime soon.

              God Bless,

              Stig’s American Cousin

              • 5 hrs in moderation?


                • 6 hrs


            • Yeah…can’t wait to hear the response from our resident statist government hacks saying how wrong Brandon Smith is on this issue. (You hacks and government toadies know who you are)

              Nope…this is not over by a long shot. The Bundy Ranch standoff was probably our present day version of the Boston Tea Party.

              There will no doubt be a Lexington-Concord moment coming down the line.

              In any case…..WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN.

              When this is over, true patriots will either be victorious or dead.

              BUT WE WILL NOT BE SLAVES.

              • Better to be fringe for liberty

                than be mainstream for slavery.

                Too bad we have to carry water

                for those too cowardly to care.

                • I stated a few articles ago that “and so it begins”…. Kosh Babylon Five. People have had enough. From Obumer care, 441 tax hikes, park closings due to the sequester, BLM, TSA, CIA, NSA, FBI, IRS, ATF, department of agriculture, FDA, EPA, Militarized Police, Bengasi, Treatment of our military, Public schools and common core, Fast and furious, NDAA, “Free speech zones”,….. I could go on for days. I have stated that it is time for the 5 million or so Patriots to put aside small differences and find a way to truly band together. This needs to happen locally and then nationally. Mac…. You and Rawles have the two number one web sites. I know all about the different shows and stuff but we need to do better. There were many folks at the Bundy ranch and that was awesome and a great thing. Next time it needs to be 10,000. And they need to be working as a team and have some leadership. (I know they did there but we should ‘tighten up” that showing). We need reporters, more video production folks, way more protesters. The folks from “Occupy” fielded thousands. We need to do the same. At every bad police shooting… thousands protesting and we need to bring the lawyers and bury them in lawsuits. At every school “no Bible zone” or “no make the cookie in the shape gun zone”. Same thing. We need to overwhelm them. And when we go we don’t need crazy bravado. We need to be firm, laude, and at the same time not vandalizing (privet property) or starting the fight. Let the nation see them starting the fight. We will finish the fight but not start it. They did a great job at the Ranch. This is a good start. Folks get the debt out of your life. Get leave (vacation time saved up). Get to a position so you can GO. Start FORMING TEAMS. If we don’t get together and start letting our voices be herd… we will not have a country left. This tactic has worked at every union protest… bring the protestors and the Lawyers. We need to do the same with the added bonus of firepower if needed. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS, …and stand up.

                • Mich, I’ve always been fringe on a bunch of things and I’m damned proud of it.

                • U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Proselytizes Tenets of Anti-Goyite Rabbinic Judaism at Overland Park Interfaith Service Commemorating ‘Anti-Semitic hate crime’ in which an FBI Stooge murdered 3 Christians and 0 ‘Jews’


                • The Liberty Movement does have power and the standoff in Nevada demonstrates what the Liberty Movement can do when they organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote; as I have urged everyone here to do for four years. WE must exercise OUR power. Liberty lovers and patriots did all of these things in Nevada.

                  Unfortunately they did this in support of an unjust cause: Rancher Bundy’s Cause.

                  Rancher Bundy stopped paying his grazing fees, legitimate grazing fees, in 1993. Brandon, the Ninja Turtle issue did not surface until 1998. Alt Media needs to get that point correct because it has an important bearing as to the legal issues in this case which Alt media seems determined to obscure. 1998 is five years after Rancher Bundy voluntarily severed his lease with BLM.

                  Solar energy was just a gleam in Al Gore’s eye in 1993 as the technology has only advanced far enough to be efficient since after the millenium. Energy storage technology is only now becoming viable, and that was the real Gordian Knot stopping solar power from acquiring a much larger share of OUR energy sources.

                  While REid needs to be investigated for his connection to any land deal in Nevada, Reid is a new issue and not pertinent to the case. If Reid is a new issue then he cannot be the real issue. The real issue is failure to pay legitimate grazing fees by Rancher Bundy, then grazing his herd on Taxpayer land even after order by the Court to cease. For more than 20 years I might add.

                  When Rancher Bundy stopped paying his grazing fees, BLM was legally entitled to re-lease that land to other ranchers, miners, or potential users.

                  Grazing and mining can co-exist in an area that is 300,000 acres. Mining uses approved by BLM trump grazing leases with respect to the land use, because mining generates more return: ie the highest and best use of the land.
                  Mining is not an issue in the Bundy case, but I wanted to point out the hierarchy of use allocated to Taxpayer lands.

                  No one is disputing Rancher Bundy’s fee simple rights to the land, water, or minerals upon his family Homestead. The fee simple land is only one component of Bundy’s ranch, like all other Corporate Ranchers in the West. The second component to these corporate ranches is the Taxpayer land that they lease for grazing rights. This is the grazing fee that is in dispute in this case.

                  Nevada was acquired by the Federal government after the Mexican war in 1848; so ALL of the land came under Federal jurisdiction, except that private land recognized by the Federal government. BLM is the constituted authority designated to manage these lands for WE THE PEOPLE who own them. They have a fiduciary duty to manage the lands competently for US and ensure compliance with the Lease.

                  I am aware that other Ranchers have been defrauded by various government agencies, both state and federal as indicated by the Court in the case of Rancher HAGE. These are different cases and each case has it own legal merits.

                  Liberty Lovers and patriots should not confuse the issues in the various cases, as they have, because it undermines the moral and legal authority of the Liberty Movement when Militia’s support an illegal trespass on the people’s Land and the theft of water and forage on the people’s land by a rancher.

                  If Rancher Bundy’s trespass and theft of Taxpayer resources has been affirmed by the Courts on TWO separate occasions, and admitted also by Rancher Bundy himself, then the Militia cannot claim a “constitutional” right to meet law enforcement with arms.

                  The Liberty Movement MUST win the hearts and minds of the American people to eliminate the NWO from the American Government, by ballot or bullet, but it cannot succeed either way, without the backing of the majority of OUR fellow citizens.

                  Alt Media, Militia members, and rank and file Patriots must use the US Constitution as OUR weapon of choice; and that weapon allows for armed rebellion when the issues between the people and their Administration are Constitutional.

                  Rancher Bundy’s cause is NOT a Constitutional cause in any way shape or form. I wish it were. It is not. 🙁

                  • I would like to read Bundy’s response to your post. If anyone could forward this article to him, and have him respond, it would be greatly appreciated.

                  • The Deranged Kid:

                    And blah, blah, blah.

                    If not at the Bundy ranch, then when?

                    You seem completely satisfied that the court judgements against Bundy were on the up and up. When did you start putting your trust in any court and any judge DK?

                    Where is your blowback about the Reid involvement in the Bundy fiasco. Have you contacted any of your congressmen or reps to ask that they start an investigation into that part of the story. Good luck on that, your senator McStain’s hands are as dirty as Dirty Harry’s.

                    Are you trolling, hoping someone will agree with you. Call on barncat, he seems to be able to be swayed.

                    Most of us here at SHTF dont give a damn about your position DK, we are SICK of it all.

                  • Sounds good to me. Let rancher Bundy speak to the legal aspects of his case and reality; not the emotional ones or the extraneous ones that are NOT legitimate arguments.

                    I would relish an opportunity to correspond with rancher Bundy on these issues, here at SHTF Plan. And let him respond point by point to my Post.

                    Thank you Rancher Bundy. 🙂

                  • Pissed Off Granny: When Granny? When a REAL Constitutional issue arises. Try gun registration and/or confiscation.

                    The O’Bummer Administration thinks it is unlawful for Ukrainians to demand that jews register (and I agree); yet somehow it is lawful to demand Gun Owners in America to register when they have a Constitutional Right to guns that “shall not be infringed”. A double standard from OUR government if they have ever applied one.

                    If you believe that Free Speech Zones are UN Constitutional, then organize a posses, arm yourselves, and meet in the town square after church to tar and feather the NWO and run them out of town on a rail.

                    There are many examples where REAL Constitutional Rights are threatened. Choose a real one to wage war, so that your rebellion is justified and acceptable to the majority of the American People.

                    Can you say, “NSA spying?”

                    Facebook can now track you anywhere by your cell phone. Facebook is owned by a jew, so maybe he should give a free facebook app to every jew that registers in Ukraine, so that government can keep track of them. 🙂

                  • D__K, show me in the constitution where the federal government owns land in the state that’s not a fort, or a post office, etc…? I’ve searched and searched but I’m having trouble locating it. While your at it, show me where it talks about turtles, owls, and snaildarters.

                  • @durango

                    You, sir, will NEVER be ready to take a stand for liberty. Step aside.

                  • “To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of Particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings.” ~ Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the US Constitution.

                    The “Enclave Clause” in the constitution essentially says the Federal government has jurisdiction over the “District of Columbia,” Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings.

                    The Federal Government has no constitutional authority over “Public Lands” in Nevada, or any other public lands for that matter. Public Lands in Nevada fall under the jurisdiction of the State of Nevada.

                    Anyone claiming the Bundy case is not a constitutional case, is just plain ignorant, or a troll.

                    The Bundy case is not about “grazing fees.” Grazing fees are a red herring that distract from the real issue; a constitutional issue.

                    The constitution is under constant assault, and the Bundy case is just another example of that process.

                  • US: The Ninja Turtle is the spotted owl in a shell as far as I am concerned; and as I have stated here in my posts. So I agree on that point, however the turtle did not become a legal issue until 1998, five years AFTER Rancher Bundy severed his grazing Lease.

                    Its a non starter for righteous liberty indignation, and has NOTHING to do with Rancher Bundy’s trespass or theft.

                    The Federal Government acquired all of Alto Mexico, including the area now known as “Nevada”, first as a part of the larger territory, then as a State, after the Mexican War of 1848.

                    California was the prize, the area aka Nevada was “fly over country” that was part of the package. 🙂

                  • DK, you and I will just have to agree to disagree, but you DON’T have straight information about the Bundy affair. The grazing fees are just a cover for the real reason which is Harry Reid and the Chinese energy company he’s in bed with trying to get the Bundy Ranch for a solar energy facility. this IS a righteous cause. Let the feds come back and try something stupid. It will cost them dearly.

                  • Piss off DK. You have no clue what is happening. You’ve got to be a libtard. Your brain does not function at all.

                  • Son Of Sam: I am not standing in your way. Step up to the head of the line, in front of the women, where Sheriff Mack planned to put them, so they could be gunned down for the Media. 🙁

                  • RB: Check your calendar. Rancher Bundy stopped paying grazing fees in 1993, severing his Lease.

                    In 1993, China was still a third world country, with maybe one Free Trade Zone in Shanghai consisting of a couple of factories and a few warehouses. The NWO had just begun the transfer of capital, technology, and American wealth.

                    The Reid/Chinese Solar Farm is a separate and distinct issue with legal consequences of their own. Its a bogus charge when tied to Rancher Bundy. It is a real issue on its own merits; where it needs to be investigated by an independent prosecutor.

                    It should be a red flag for anyone (you) when someone (Bundy) tries to link unrelated events that are 20 years apart. 🙁

                  • I’m just going to quote Martin Luther King Jr. “Everything Hitler did was legal”. Durango, you would be the first person to stand in traffic if the feds made it a law. You have completely missed the point (again). Why do you bother to even come to this site. You are like the buzzing of a fly to me.

                  • What a surprise that Durango takes the statist side against Bundy and dismisses the case against Reid as a side note. The Reid issue IS the key to the Bundy confrontation. It is the very expression of establishment corruption trampling the rights of good and honorable people. The fact that Durango is so anxious to ignore Reid’s role in the Bundy event proves yet again what a shill he truly is.

                  • Brandon Smith: Hey Brandon! I just noticed your comment. Son you are delusional. And I am really disappointed that you want to make this a “statist issue”: a euphemism that I wish was beneath you.

                    The Nevada Confrontation is the outgrowth of the Bundy Case that has been lingering for 20 years. It is predicated upon one thing and one thing only:

                    Rancher Bundy stopped paying his grazing fees, severing his lease, and refusing to remove his cows.

                    It is a “simple” commercial eviction that has mushroomed into a potential tragedy and deadly circus as a result of government “Barney Fife” incompetence and Rancher Bundy’s ability to frame his crimes as the Freedom of a Sovereign Man.

                    I am sure that rhetoric resonates with many “haters” of any organized society, but the reality is that WE have Laws, Rules, & Regulations that need to be followed to ensure the pursuit of happiness for everyone, and a process to address any grievances that WE have.

                    As an intelligent individual and someone recognized in the Liberty Movement as an articulate advocate of personal liberty, I am surprised that you and Sheriff Mack, among others, would/could be duped by Rancher Bundy.

                    A movement based upon the unlawful trespass and theft of Taxpayer land, water, and forage by a deadbeat rancher is no “Movement” at all.

                    Armed resurrection is a legitimate process when OUR liberties and Constitutional Rights are arbitrarily taken from US. Please, for the love of God in Christ my brother, tell me what liberty, what Constitutional Right has been taken from Rancher Bundy?

                    Thank you. 🙂

                  • DK what would TAX Payers do with all That Land Anyways Go and Eat the Damn GRASS, The POINT will always Be Government Over Reach, Who Gives a Damn about how Much Desert Grass his Cows Eat…? This Is Constitutional!!!!

                    Its Called FREEDOM!!!

                  • @DK,
                    You sure are one dumb son of a bitch. Funny thing is, you think you’re at the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

                • YMWW: YMWW: Wrong again!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

                  Nevada was acquired by the Federal government as lands confiscated from Mexico in 1948. With that acquisition by war, ALL of the land within the boundaries of Nevada, such as they were, became the People’s Land; with the exception of such private land as the US Government may have recognized.

                  Therefore the BLM as the manager of the People’s Land is authorized to collect grazing fees for Forage. Rancher bundy’s case is ALL about grazing fees and the theft of the People’s Forage. That is why the Court has rendered two judgements against Rancher Bundy; while finding FOR Rancher Hage.

                  The State of Nevada has ceded its responsibility to manage the People’s Land in question to the BLM, according to Rancher Bundy himself. So if it is a State’s right issue as you claim, the State of Nevada doesn’t care.

                  Get clue, dumbshit!!! 🙂

                  • 1848. My bad. 🙂

              • I can remember the OTHER attacks on people by the feds and no one showed up to defend liberty. Thanks to Sean Hannity and others around the internet including people like Brandon and Mac that very often let people know just how royally screwed freedom is becoming, people showed up and PREVENTED another government massacre. It was so nice to see these people here and ready.

                It is not about Bundy personally, it is about ALL of our freedom and how rapdily it is disappering. It is not that most of these people out there are solely supporting Bundy, it is supporting America liberty.

                You constantly see this HEAVY HANDED approach to government over the people. Then they condemn Russia for brutality in wars such as the one with Georgia. The government will completely surround someone, ANYONE that dares to stand up to the government. Then they either arrest them and they disappear into some federal prison or they are terminated. This time guess whom was outnumbered.

                I was watching NBC News with ED, and this idiot is making Bundy out to be the whole problem for not apying federal grazing fees. Made Sean Hannity out to be some losse cannon. Yet these f”’en retyard doesn’t even realize that this is about ALL of our freedoms and how they are being chipped away. It is about states rights and the 10th Amendment. It is about how the Constitution is read and the rights are governed, the 9th Amendment. It is about the 1st Amendment, the right to petetion government grievances and not be put into free speech boxes. It is about the 2nd Amendment and the right to have arsm and a safety net protection of a civilian militia. It is about our freedoms guaranteed to everyone.

                A bully is someone that will back down when confronted with a stronger force. This became so self evident lasty weekend. It is something that will spur more to relish freedom. A long battle perhaps, if the U.S. doesn’t try to bully Russia and/or China. Then it is mushroom cloud time. Up until the air raids going off, a small piece of the desire to keep freedom has been restored.

                By the way everyone, there was just an earthquake in the Balleny Islands area. This on top of the one SE of Easter Island has it pointing big time towards Alaska to California and maybe Mexico. Many times before when this same spot has been hit, Alaska and Northern California have gotten whacked with about a 7 pointer. that includes India and China, Taiwan and Philippines. Central America and South America look to have some more movement also. I would however until May 3 put California to Alaska as orange alert for a major earthquake, especially Alaska. More precursors should tell if this goes up to a red alert. The New Guinea and Soloman Islands was red alert and sure enough some very large quakes to hit.

                • Like Harry Reid said, its not over, and now he ups it a notch by saying that the Bundys and their supporters are domestic terrorist,,,
                  Where ya think thats going?

                  • Kula; I just read about Reid calling them domestic terrorists. Fucking unreal. Let it begin now.


                  • Six….have you sent this to alex and SQ and others?


                • Hannity is a rat bastard, right wing shill!!

            • I don’t think it is really the rest of the country figuring anything out. They are still deceived by mainstream media. I see what happened in Nevada as the difference between country people and city people. People in Boston accepted the undeclared martial law in their city. People in range country did not.

              • Looks like the BLM thugs killed two of Bundys prize bulls and did a lot of damage and vandalism to the ranch water tanks etc. They merely are a reflection of the lawless clowns at the top of the govt. Remember how they acted during the shutdown? Obviously BLM and Park Service rangers are the dregs of the govt.

              • I’ve been asking everyone lately if they’ve been paying attention to the “Deal in Nevada”. I’ll bet I’ve asked 20 people in the last couple days. I’ll bring it up just as conversation. ONE PERSON knew what I was talking about. ONE! Even my sister out in Colorado didn’t know what I was talking about. WTF? What is with people?

                • Dumb ass sheeple, they will regret their ignorance when TSHTF!

                  Molon Labe

            • Drudge now has this as a top story

            • The South will rise again! This time we’ll let Oklahoma and Kentucky in.

            • Too many people think the civil war was only about slavery, while it was a part of the issue, the main conflict was over “states rights”

          • I know that my redeemer liveth. If He is pleased with my life and services, as poor and unworthy as they are, then nothing else matters. My soul and life belong to the Messiah.

            Evil must be resisted, regardless of the cost.

          • The next event for a major confrontation may be May 16th when the “American Spring” event kicks off in DC. Those people will be unarmed. We’ll see how Glen Beck’s “protest without violence” philosphy plays out. Wonder if Beck will be there? Doubt it, he’s to busy making money.

            • These days, to this government, an unarmed protest is simply a “point and laugh” moment for the feds. We know know what it takes to be taken seriously by them.

              • Off topic.

                History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

                Jews are once more being asked to register in Ukraine,7340,L-4510688,00.html

                Please read the news link above and then draw your own conclusions.

          • Of Topic: But its so Far back in the articles now Mac may not see my Thank You to him so I am re-posting it Here, Orig posted at article of “New Study Confirms USA Govnt run by Oligarchy”

            Are we Witness to a FIRST EVER Event at SHTF?:

            As I have never yet recalled seeing in ANY SHTF articles Photos the Symbol of a SIX POINTED, synagouge of Satan Star! As evidenced upon Joe Libbermans TIE, as well as Hobammys Suit Lapel Pin aka israeli six poit star(star of rephaim aka satanic star) FLAG!

            Bravo Mac for posting what many more folks Today know is Facts when compared to any other time in america.

            ALSO: All You red thumbers and Naysayers…Take NOTE at Lower photo with 8 men seated at congress hearings etc..

            ALL, thats ALL EIGHT are Tribeal jew bankster swindlerizers and scamsters Galore..8 of the TOP zio jew bankster tribe that are LOYAL to ONLY Israel and international jewry…And Share with FEW others in Blame for the vast Ruination of America.

            Just gander down that table line of sight in photo…8 Hooked shnozola tribal jew swindlers in a fuckin Row…8 Outta 8! 100% jew…Take note naysayers.

            Also TOP photo shows 5 Goyim, and counting Hobammy as tribe due to his momma is jewish, we see 5 goyims VS 8 tribe jewish officials in some of the highest positions possible in america. I count Hillery as jewish also since a few months ago she Admited shes jewish…As well as far right Man standing with Back to Us…With such Disproportionate huge numbers of jewish folk in Both photos when compared to national jew population around 1.7% to “maybe” 2% Total…Its Most Likley that guy too is tribe jew scamer…5 Goyin Vs 8 jewish swindlers..

            And we still see so many folks claim Moooslims runs america and hollywood and banks etc?!!!

            Thanks for a nice vivid Display of the TRUE Evil that six point star represents in the ongoing destructions of usa Mac…

            Best Friends and Allies?….Then who needs any enemys?

            • Drudge report article: Jews are being required to register themselves and their property in East Ukraine! WTF?!!!!

              • And Who Funded Ukraines far right neo nazis? USA State Dept’s very Own jewess women Victoria Neuland with $5 Billion of usa Tax $$$…That wont be mentioned in ANY TV news nor newspaper accounts of this latest round of “poor Always Innocent Victim jews” episode ongoing.

                Its the Main strategy jews alwaus use to garner cash, support, sympathy etc as the worlds ONLY victims that matter. Go Read the Link info I posted about recent NY speech by Israels TOP female zio jewess women Last Name of “GLICK” is it?… of kevin McDoland has the Original article…www dot occidental observer.

                www dot incogman dot net also copy-posted same article at his website….That womans NY speech to Neocon repubs event, shows a Rare glimpse into the Real twisted Master Race jew mentality possessed by her. And shes considered The greatest thing since sliced bread in israel, new york and DC. Fox TV has her on Often too as does msnbc tv.

                Same as Hobammy got Nobel Peace prize award for being Black and Kommie…She gets every fuckin jewish or israel state award ever conjured up to create the Myth of her as some great jewess prophetess resurected from Moses days!

                READ her crap, compare to Ukraine ‘register jews” issue…REMEMBER a us state dept jewes Neuland FUNDS that all in Ukraine as well as Installed an Illeagle new Prez whos also a fellow tribal zio “Yatz the YID”…

                Why would he and she fund or allow that in ukraine?

                To Garner Mass global Sympathy for worlds greatest and Only victims that matters.

                If You doubt me or what I said here?…TELL Me please How many Holohoax museums are located in america, for jews…aprox 150…Mostly us Tax funded massivly.

                Ok so now…How Many Holohoax museums exist in usa for any NON jew “Victims” of Hitler and nazis?..ZERO! NONE!

                Unless its a small self made basment type memorial an individual has erected to remeber His or Her relatives deaths. And NO others will ever hear of on ANY major MSM.

                Its How jews roll…Create a huge “antisemitic” problme!…Repaet over and over “OyVey Why Us”?..

                And call all persons who mention such tactics(like me) a jew hater or nazi antisemite who wants to kill six million More!

                The ONLY real question should be asked today at so Late in this Game they play against all goyims(thats You)…Is..

                Why do so many so called awake folks in usa not yet get it?…Still believe every possible claim made if made by a jew or about a jews?..MSM LIES! FED Govt LIES!

                School History Texts been all Revised to “Change” real true history events…BY Univ jew professors that re write history school books….Then get Published BY one of 6-8 Jew Major usa Publisher houses…Then are Forced upon small school kids brains and minds by Jew controled teacher Unions and Fed govnt, also jew controled, mandates!

                Yet whenever those same entities that Always LIE on Every issue or event or Thing..Speak or Tell You stuff involves jewish issues or WWII jew issues….Thats when they Always are 100% HONEST and truthfull eh?

                Get a Grip folks..If one cannot comprehend complex Money issues till After educating self by Much reading and study of Money and Fiat cash issues etc and FED Res issues of 1913….

                Then How can anybody ever know Truth of these complex jewish issues unless they use same method to first study truth and learn?…Thet Cannot! that leaves TWO major sources for info…Jews whos talmud teaches them to Lie to non jew goyims(gentiles=You) and prior named MSM+Fed Govnt sources….Why not learn fron honest folk who have zero vested or monetary intrests of it all and care only for truth…Thats how you learn of All other major issues affecting Us all eh…Try it for jewsih issues too see how WIDE them Peepers(eyes) can Really be opened!

                PS Naysayer can find Proof I am correct that jews create trouble to gain money and sympathy rewards for jews by viewing various/several Yutubes and written articles that document and show proof solid of several Recent occurences where some jew woman Spray Painted “evil NAZI Swaztikas symbols” ALL over her Car sides, doors, window smashed, Home door likewise, even painted swaztikas on her Mail Box!…THEN Phoned 911-Police to “Report” antisemitizem against Her!

                Good thing Apt complex across her street also had CAMARAS eh! Which depict HER spray paint Frenzy to create “Sympathy” for jews that Backfired royally!

                What kind of Crazed Master Race self chozen self important type person would ever do such a thing then Blame other strangers that way?…Get used to it as they been doing so for 3500 yrs!…Maybe not swaztikas that long ago…But False Flags to promote victimhood for jews swindles galore…Do yer Online research Homework prior to calling me names or refuting this…Otherwise you wont have any refutations worth reading of.

                Don’t know of others thoughts but as for Me i have Had it up to the eyeballs with the non stop constant crys by Negroes and jews of being such Victims. And forceing whiteys to Pay for it all over and over and over(see german folks paymaents to Now over 4 Million nazi death survivor jews!…If germans were really such a fantastic mass killer machine so well Oiled etc?…How did 4+ nillion jews get away from such efficent german killers eh?..PS…International RED CRoss ORG WWII archived Papers released awahile ago, Listed Only 60,000 or so jews alive in Camps at end of WWII…A Month Later 20,000 were dead from starvation or typhus disease…Leaves aprox 40,000 Survivors Total…How did that GROW to 4 Million or more Today? when most every WWII Vet or person from all gentiles camps, armys, nations are now DEAD due to Old age etc?!…Goyim all dead but jews somehow mysteriously Increase a Thousand fold number survivors collecting $1000 per mo from overtaxed german folks?)

                Sure wish Mac could do a few Long articles that details all these issues so maybe we can see huge masses awaken to halt all this ever victim jew issues stuff. Surely if Mac wrote it or posted another known web writer guys articles, Then way more folks will believe it right.

                No that makes not alot of sense I agree as facts is facts regardless Who writes it eh…Thats just how emotional feelings based minds function is all, and wherever issue is jewish issues…99+% of american Minds think Purely emotional on such jewish issues or “claims” by them.

                Maybe Fox TV will Interview state dept Jewess womern Nueland and ask HER whys shes Funding Neo-nazis in Ukraine to register jews etc eh?!..Dont hold breath waiting!

                • Jesus H Christ, I didn’t mean to set you off and I didn’t “call you names”. In fact, I just put the Drudge info out there for everybody because I thought it was weird. If you want people to take you more seriously you’re going to have to stop writing novels. I don’t read half the stuff you write because it’s all over the place. You could have put your point across in a couple of short paragrapghs. Make it concise. There are hundreds of other posts to get through here. Also, provide links to your info so people will know it’s not just your opinion. In fact, I’m now in the process of looking up info on Neuland because of what you said, but that’s only because you responded to me. If not I wouldn’t have read your novel.

            • How did you decide that Obama’s mother is Jewish? Did you just have a “feeling”? Or does she “look” Jewish? Or do you thinks she’s “just gotta be” Jewish? Show me a single Jewish ancestor of hers. I’ve seen her ancestry back many generations, and I haven’t seen a single “Jewish” name.

              You can “count” Hillary as Jewish, but according to her ancestry, she isn’t. I only see three people in the first photo who might be Jewish, and I don’t know who one of them is, so he could be anything. The other people have no Jewish ancestors that I have found so far. In the bottom photo, most of the people are not named in the caption, so I don’t know how you can say that any of them are Jewish. If you’re saying big noses mean Jewish, that’s not so. An uncle of mine had the biggest nose I’ve ever seen in person, and he has no Jewish ancestry.

              Of course, if you’re willing to trace families back 1,000 years, you’re likely Jewish, as are most people who can trace any of their lines back that far.

              If you can name names and include accurate family trees, then you might have something. Otherwise, you come across as a person who sees Jews behind every tree. I only deal with documented facts.

              Oh, by the way, you missed the Star of David designs in Obama’s tie.

        • In the army we had a saying,

          “I don’t want to die today, but if it is my day, let me die in a pile of empty brass…..”


          • JJsan,

            You brought back memories with that saying.

            KySSG . . . out.

          • I intend to go out the way I came in….

            Screaming and kicking and covered in someone else’s blood.

            • @Walt:

              Nice oce, I’ll remember that!

            • I love it,,
              1,000 thumbs up

            • Thats awesome!!!!

        • Npgh, I’m right there with you.

          • Ditto, braveheart.

            KySSG . . . out.

        • I call bullshit on the whole thing for a million reasons but I’ll name just a few. 1: Most of the folks that showed up were old and haven’t been in the military, if they ever were, for over 20 years. Those that did were either never in combat, and many never actually in combat arms sections. 2: I’ve viewed lots of photos from the various news agencies and didn’t see one of those ‘patriots’ with a rucksack, let lone a field pack with the necessary gear for combat. 3: I didn’t even see any of them with field first aid kits, so that tells me that they’re not trained because they aren’t ready for any type of combat. 4: Many of them had only side arms and anyone with any shooting experience knows that a pistol is only good for close combat and to get to your rifle for the real fighting. 5: I didn’t even see any of these clowns with even a simple canteen. I did see a couple of guys with water camels. You’ve got to be shitting me, no one with a brain goes to the field, even to hunt or fish, without a canteen! 6: And some of them we so fat and out of shape they couldn’t get out of their own way in an emergency. The last time many of the slobs even ran was to answer the door for the pizza delivery guy. So yeah, I call bullshit on this joke of a ‘patriot army’.

          • Chicky,sounds like you were looking for a Rambo. Sorry these were just your everyday Patriots, taking a stand for what they believed in. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

            • And they were probably much like the patriots who met the “well trained and well equipped” redcoats on Lexington Green on April 19th, 1775

              I’m sure they weren’t in great shape or well equipped either.

              But the BLM goons evidently thought these were enough of a threat to their personal safety that they scurried away like the piss-ant little cockroaches they are.

              • Wally K: Wrong about that one. American’s in those day’s were use to hard manual labor and lean food, not like the grossly overfed crowd that showed up in Nevada. For most of them that last heavy thing they hefted was a case of beer. And only a brain dead ‘wanna-be’ takes just a side arm to a fight.

                • what do you think they make twelve packs for, easier to carry and put in a cooler. Hell with cases.

            • well said MT

              WELL SAID !!!

            • @MT, Very intelligent response to Chicken Biggy’s comment.

              @Checken Biggy…… You are either in your teen years or you are an adult with lack of knowledge as how resistance starts with regular people who are being oppressed. Not everyone must attended the BlackWater school of terrorism. However always keep in mind that no military can overcome the will of the people when masses get united against the oppressors.

            • Mountain Plucker: Rambo or not, Anyone who’s spent time in the military and done ANY combat training goes ready with food, water, and some medical, not mention their primary weapon-a rifle w/ extra ammo and mags. Most of these bozos had side arms and nothing else. all show and no blow. The last fighting any of the fellows did was to get to the front of the buffet line at the Golden Corral.

              • Hey Chicky….Do you work for BLM now?

              • Chicken Biggy, i’ll grant that you made some valid points in your first post. I have retired LE and military in my family so I’m not disputing your points. But you’re crossing a line by insulting people who challenge or even question your views. So let’s back off te personal attacks and try to have a sensible and civil debate, OK?

                • the renegade braveheart: Fair enough, when others don’t star insulting me without knowing the facts, like calling me a kid when I’m in my 60’s by some snot nosed punk who’s never had pulled a weapon on another human being. Now back to the main point I was making: No one with more than an ounce of brains goes into the field, even for hunting, let alone possible combat, without some kind of pack and water. Every photos I saw showed fellows with little more than side arms. That’s just nuts.

          • that’s because all the YOUNG people are too stupid to know what’s happenning. after all, they voted for this crap when they installed dracula(obama) to guard the red cross blood supply(america). this is like putting colonel sanders in charge of the henhouse. mostly old people are the ones that KNOW, because they READ. i have been back and forth with my nephew on this issue, and he thinks that people should OBEY all laws, and if a law is unjust, then go to court to overturn it…PFFT! our politicians and judges thumb their noses at the constitution with impunity now, so what do they have to be afraid of?…when obama gets yer guns, they won’t have ANYTHING to be afraid of! not one more effen INCH!

            • BCOD, Obama’s boys have to get the guns first before they can go full speed ahead with their agenda. let’s see how that turns out first. I already know what would happen if they came to try to take anything from me. MOLON LABE SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS ASMS braveheart

            • When the government breaks the law, then there is no law.

          • I guess I may as well be the one to say it….

            Big Chicken – Go fuck off. You don’t know shit about what was going on there.

            • Wrong, uh sorry dude, but I have to agree with Chicken. I have reviewed what may be the same photos he looked at and I have to agree he makes some valid points. especially about the canteens. You just don’t go out into the field, ESPECIALLY A DESERT ENVIRONMENT, without a canteen full of water to keep hydrated. Doesn’t matter your reason for being in the field. You just don’t go out in the field and become dehydrated. Chicken is especially right about the overweight people that were there. The BLM boys could’ve taken them down WITHOUT a SWAT team. I saw a lot of the WRONG kind of people there.

              • There is absolutely nothing chicken shit has said that is agreeable. Not one fucking thing.

                • they may have been over weight ,and they may have been ill prepared ,but what i didnt see in the pictures was you chicken ,the difference was they were there ,they were’nt setting on there ass at home watching it on tv

                • maddog: You’re statement is proof positive that you were never in the military, hell, you were never even in the Cub Scouts you fat little turd. Otherwise you’d know never to go into the field unprepared like those clowns in the photos from Nevada. You’re just one of those wannabe mall ninjas that’s actually an overweight little sissy who plays video games instead of actually going into the field to camp, hike, fish, or hunt. I’ll bet that you haven’t been to a gun range in more than are, if ever. I’ll bet the last real outing you had was to Dunkin Donuts, am I right you pudgy little bastard?

              • Then why did the BLM run away…?

              • the renegade braveheart: Now even you’re getting some thumbs down because you seem to have had field experience and can easily spot the errors. Those that have never left home and think that HALO and Call To Duty makes them some kind of warrior are the ones giving the thumbs down.

            • You betcha, Wrong

              Where Chicken Shit really missed the mark

              with his lame analysis of ill equipped and

              out of shape old Patriots was the most

              important point of all,

              they had the guts to Show up and Stand up

              toe to toe in the face of outright tyranny.

              • Mich: the Bitch speaks up! Another brain dead idiot who would rush into action without thinking and preparing. You actually think this counts for something because you’re a total moron. Guts don’t count for nearly as much as brains in any fight but since you’ve never been in one, as evidenced by your stupid ass comment, you wouldn’t know that. Hell, at the first sound of real gun fire you’d curl up into a little ball, start sucking your thumb, and cry for your mama you little sissy. You’re just another fat little couch commando.

            • Wrong: I know you’re a complete moron who’s never carried a pistol or rifle for a living. Playing games on XBOX or a PlayStation doesn’t make you a warrior you fat little turd. You’re like the majority of folks here, mall ninjas with no real experience. So you can go fuck off punk!

            • Wrong, I owe you a very big apology for agreeing with any of Chicken’s comments. I was WRONG. Sorry, dude.

              • Hey BH….Chicken Guts kinda sounds like your old friend….


              • 🙂 I was wondering…

          • For all of their supposed failings that you listed, they STILL compelled the .gov thugs to turn tail and run away.

            ‘Nuff said.

          • ChickenBiggy: George Washington was 43 at the beginning of the American Revolutionary War and when the Revolutionary War ended in 1783, he was 51.

            Benjamin Franklin was 70 when he signed the Declaration of Independence.


            • au contraire…age means EVERYTHING when it comes to freedom!

            • PWYPreach: No but brains do and if you had any you’d see that most of those fellows that showed up had nothing more than side arms; no rifles, no packs for food, water, and medical needs. No one who has even been in the military would go out without the minimum equipment I just named. Hell, a good Boy Scout, or even a decent woodman wouldn’t either. The ones that do are ones you hear about on the news that need rescuing or are found dead because of injury or a sudden change in the weather. You’re showing you ignorance of the survival, and just general outdoor common sense. So please don’t try to lecture me on the military, or the outdoors, since it’s painfully obvious by your asinine comments that you’ve never spent any time in either.

          • CB
            Boy, did you miss the boat on this one. You haven’t got a clue of what happened down there, do you? I won’t even begin to dismantle your feeble argument. I suspect you’re a part time college student, fresh out of high school (or a troll), you’ve got an AR just dripping with all the bells and whistles that your parents money can buy, and a ton of ammo for it, and you’re drooling for an opportunity to use it on any one who happens to appear in it’s sights; doesn’t matter what side they are on, Walking Dead has got you pumped!

            • Good call EA 🙂

              Saul David Alinsky (January 30, 1909 – June 12, 1972) was an American community organizer and writer. He is generally considered to be the founder of modern community organizing. He is often noted for his book

              Rules for Radicals.

              There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a socialist/communist state. The first is the most important.

              1) Healthcare “Control healthcare and you control the people”

              2) Poverty “Increase the Poverty level as high as possible.” Poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

              3) Debt “Increase the national debt to an unsustainable level.” That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

              4) Gun Control “Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government.” That way you are able to create a police state – total local control.

              5) Welfare “Take control of every aspect of their lives” (Food, Livestock, Housing, and Income)

              6) Education “Take control of what people read and listen to take control of what children learn in school.”

              7) Religion “Remove faith in God from the Government and school.”

              8) Class Warfare “Divide the people into the wealthy against the poor. Racially divide.” This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to Tax the wealthy with full support of the voting poor.

              The bases are all covered! We are ripe for the New world Order

            • Eruo-American: Wrong you pathetic little moron, I’m in my 60’s and carried either a rifle or a side arm for over 35 years. Since you’re so far off base on your ‘suspecting’ I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you’re not use to using your brains for anything more than keeping your ears apart. Hell boy, when you die you can turn that thing as completely unused article. Maybe God will give you a refund. Oh, and save yourself the embarrassment and don’t try thinking any more because it really doesn’t suit you. You were so wrong I’d suggest getting some adult supervision the next time you want to express a thought. So for your own safty, keep the training wheels on young fellow.

              • Chicken, OK, that’s it. I don’t know your background and don’t care. But you’ve gone too far attacking my family on this site. So move your sorry ass on.

                • To everyone, beware of this “Chicken Biggy”. sounds like another Eisen to me.

                  • Well, renegade, you accomplished several good things: You got ChickenBiggy to stutter, you got him to explain his “Handle” re: being chicken, and you got him to actually reveal factual data about himself….nice going, mission accomplished!!!

              • Nice try asshole.. I’m in my 60’s too and you can shove your “side arm” up your ass!

                When idiots like you go off on a comment that myself or anyone else makes here it’s easy to see the truth behind the comment.

                Is that the best name you could come up with? Chicken Biggy? Really? LMAO

                • wrong: that’s your response you pathetic little moron. You’ve just proved my point ‘that no one with more than announce of brains would only bring a side arm to a fight’. You would be the kind of idiot to bring a pistol to battle. Me, I’ll bring my rifle and shove it up your ass when you’re dead. But since your obviously too stupid to know that I can only figure that you’re not very familiar with firearms either. Or perhaps just enough to get yourself killed. Oh, and just what IS the truth behind my comment. Don’t burn any of those precious little brains circuits of yours thinking too hard on it. But please, do tell.

          • Well chicken… I don’t see your happy ass at Bundy’s ranch. I give those folks more credit than I would give you. They used whatever mode of transportation they could to get there, not everybody has mounds of money to get the latest tac gear, not everybody has soldiering skills that they acquired through the service.

            Do us all a favor- either be part of the solution or shut your pie hole.

            • unknown suspect: Yeah, some real prepped dudes there. Some of them had to ASK for rides there. I haven’t had to do that since I got my drivers license and a job over 45 years ago. It’s sad when grown men can’t even do that. That tells me that they aren’t ready for anything as shown by their lack of any gear. Just ‘showing up’ makes you, or them, just an old, out of shape target that about to become a useless casualty. But since you’ve never had to ‘gear up’ you wouldn’t know that would you tough guy.

          • The idea was not to have a shootout but to show support. Are you a retard or a govt. shill? Then again what’s the difference?

          • He, Chicken Shit Biggy
            Evidently you don’t have a Effen clue, do you. These are Americans. They come in all different ages, sizes, shapes, colors etc.. You don’t have to be the brightest bulb on the planet to know when we’re being shit on. Sit on your potty, insert enema tube, let’er rip. Might still be hope for you.

            • Wink: will do, just send me your address so that I can FedEx your next meal while it’s still hot.

          • You have a lot of complaints about people who stood up and risked there life’s, liberty and fortune for your God given right to the same. Maybe if you got off your lazy fucking ass and actually showed up to ensure your own liberty you would know what supplies were available. Guess what shithead, many people dropped everything to run down there to help Bundy and many of us brought extra supplies for those who did not have time to properly prepare. I hope you get everything coming to you asshole, you deserve to rot in hell.

            • maddog.

              Curious. What supplies did you bring and hand out.

              • If you let me know where you were I can be specific what I left in that area.

                • maddog

                  I was in North Florida.

                  Not throwing stones at you. I would have brought medical supplies and would have handed out some field bandages. 4″x 7″ pad with wrap around cloth to tie off.

                  • I was going to go naked however my wife hooked me up with 3 other patriots so I managed to go a bit better prepared. I will be posting my final post on this website shortly, I suppose I’ll include a list of supplies I managed to put together in the 4 hrs prep time we had. I can say we paid over $1000.00 for gas and lost 2 days pay. I hope that was good enough for all the thumbs up shitbags on chickens shits post. I can only hope we lived up to everyone’s expectations of a “American patriot”. Sure wouldn’t want to offend the “really good patriots” out there. You know maybe my pecker is not big enough or I brought the wrong brand of shit paper or heaven forbid my rucksack didn’t measure up.

                  • Thank you Maddog….for what you did for ALL of us. Red thumbers are trolls. Pay no mind.


            • No response from Chicken Biggy what a fucking TURD!!!!!!

            • maddog: Did you have to get a ride from your mommy, or some real grownup, like some of those other fellows?

          • Chicken Biggy.

            Well I have a few extra pounds and I am not going to win any races but I would agree with you observations. I would hope there would be more Web Gear in their vehicles. I would not want to go into combat without gear to keep me alive or to help others. I have tried the PICK 7 and it does not work. For whatever reason of todays choice of excuses. All that stuff under the tents will disappear in a moment once the firefight begins and what you have will be the gear you are wearing Including food and water. In the desert with hardly no cover.

          • Think about what would have happened if someone started shooting, before you dismiss these guys.

            In a declared war? I suppose they’ll have to get in shape and increase their numbers.

            In this situation?

            Think. BLM starts lighting them up. A third to a half of the BLM goes down in the process due to utterly inferior numbers. A large number of militiamen also go down due to superior BLM weaponry.

            This hits the news.


            Nation wide riot.


            There were more than sidearms at play in this situation. You will notice that there has STILL… STILL been no official statement by the Fedgov. It’s been four days! A bunsh of people just pointed guns at the fricking Fedgov, and NO STATEMENT for four days now!

            What does that tell you about the mood of the people of this nation? And the fact that the Fedgov knows it.

            They overplayed their hand with Bush. The people that voted for Obama voted for him to reverse the effing nightmare that was Bush, and instead… he does more Bush, harder and faster.

            Huge. Policy miscalculation.

            My guess? They’ll try to sweep this entirely OUT OF the media, not try to justify or change it around.

          • A few citizens throwing rocks is nothing to worry about. But when 10,000 angry citizens are throwing rocks, even a king must pay heed. I’d rather fight skilled warriors at 1:! odds than to take on semi skilled citizens at 1:20 odds.

          • If there is going to be a shooting confrontation between the Gov’t and the people, I hope there are no Rambos in the crowd. All we need is for a bunch of camo-clad wannabees to show up with ARs and set the stage for a media circus that will play on the evening news every night for the next two years about the gun-toting militia movement and what they did to provoke a shootout.

            Better off to show up in shirts and slacks, keeping any handguns concealed. Literally, the other side has to shoot first.

          • Maybe somebody would answer a question for me ? Back when I went to school they taught history. Real history, not the left out shit they teach now. Anyways, I was to smart for school, was already working full time for $3.00 / hr.,so I quit and took my GED. I hated history, but do remember bits and pieces ( wished I had payed attention now ). Back to my question, If memory serves me correctly, Wasn’t their a group of rag tag, not trained, poor dirt farmers that marched through some snow bearfoot ( I mean unprepared clowns without canteens ) to kick somebodys ASS ? Just curious, I am probably wrong, you no not finishing school and all.

            I am sorry I could not be their. I live in Florida and need my job, but I was there in spirit and they were in my prayers. CHICKEN LITTLE : SUCK ASS.

          • Hollywood is a fiction, and you are but a fantasist.

            Back in the REAL world ordinary men and women, ill equipped and badly armed, but possessed with the moral strengths of their beliefs, laid down their REAL lives to EARN the freedom you so carelessly take for granted.

            How dare you sneer at genuine honor, and bravery of these people! Courage does not just come shrink wrapped in an airbrushed publicity poster you fool.

            • lonelonemum: Wow, that was impressive, William Wallace couldn’t have said it better. You should try writing script for movie trailers, you’re a natural. I’m not kidding.

            • Lonelonemum, Great comment, big fingers give you a down thumb sorry..

          • @Chicken Biggy

            I was never in the military. I have piss poor eyesight. I can’t run as fast as I used to. I have never been hunting.
            I purchased my first firearm a scant three years ago.

            That much being said, if you care to test my resolve, pin a shiny badge to that chest you keep thumping, and then try to smash your way into my home uninvited. Care to wager how well you’ll come off from that encounter

            You, sir, need to read some history. Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan weren’t stopped by some elite group of “supermen”; they were stopped by just plain folks from all corners of America. Likewise, the thugs and tyrants who presume to lord it over us will be met by just plain folks from all corners of America. We are citizens, not subjects; people, not animals; free men and women, not slaves

            • Son of Sam: Guns do nothing but collect dust and rust unless you practice with them and clean them regularly. If you do-good for you because WTSHTF you’re way ahead of most folks. And you don’t have to look like your ready for the Ironman Triathlon, just in descent shape. I never said that someone needs to be an Army Ranger, just prepared and the vast majority of those guys that showed up had only side arms and no other gear, not even water, against men with rifles. That’s just as stupid as it gets. Go serious because otherwise you’re just a casualty in waiting.

              • Hey CB I’m curious how you think most of these folks got there, a vehicle per chance, I’m pretty sure most those folks didn’t pack their way out there. When you know it’s going to be close quarters possible hand to hand are you gonna carry everything you have?? I didn’t bother to read all your post due to the low ratings, but I didn’t see this covered. These were protesting patriots exercising there right to carry (to guarantee their right to protest).
                some were under prepared may have even found themselves there on the spur of the moment, others were well prepared and ready, and there were all of the same mind, apparently you, not so much.

              • @Chicken Biggy

                Its funny how those “stupid” people who showed up to help protect the Bundys managed to chase off those big bad men with their scary rifles. Apparently they had the balls to do something that you wouldn’t dare.

        • See the Similarities of when regular folks try to protect their property from invaders (US GOV’T), whether it be in Nevada, or Afghanistan or in Iraq, these politicians like Harry Reid call these people Terrorists. These are American Patriots who are just protecting their property rights, and means of making a living from the Govn’t Gang Thieves. Wake up Folks there is a war in the world they have declared, and its called “Them against Us.” Anybody who doesn’t obey their Tyranny are called Terrorists. All in part of their propaganda tool to demonize Americans their enemy. To make us submit to their Phony Rules they make up as they go. Take a look at the American Indian and the Genocide placed on them. Never Die a Slave on your Knees. Be prepared to fight, be prepared to win at all costs. Our forefathers gave everything to free themselves from Tyranny, and we cannot be the Generation who lost it all. Boycott every Corporation and get off the grid every way possible including their debt slavery.




      2. I will be interested to see if we hear about some of the Patriots that arrived to be of assistance and support will be tracked down and harassed later, at a more “convenient” time for the federal jackasses.

        • Top,

          That is almost a certainty.

          KySSG . . . out.

        • I read an article yesterday, don’t know if it is true or not, that said the BLM agents were taking down license plate numbers and that a number of people were arrested on domestic terrorism charges. I only saw it in one place, you would think that if it happened it would be all over the dinosaur media, so maybe it was all BS. If they did take down license numbers, they people will definitely be under surveillance.

          • Someone said it was a parody site, a satirical piece.

          • Every patriot at the next ‘event’ should get names and photos of the .gov thugs!! They got homes and families somewhere.

            JUST IN CASE !!

          • Time to take down their license plates #’s, know where they live, paint the curb yellow on their front yard curb. Yellow is the coward color.

      3. So heres a curiousity,
        I am totally on the side of the Bundy family and liberty movement, but i have yet to see photographs of ” hundreds” of BLM agents,,,
        Am just sayin,
        Brandon, good article,
        “What they don’t seem to understand, though, is that the liberty movement does not care what the Federal government deems “legal” or “illegal.”
        I and my farm are about to be a victim of the Food Safety Modernization Act FSMA
        I WILL sell produce as a free man until such a time as they physically stop me from doing so.
        I need to make a living, more regulation is not going to give you safe produce, concientious growers will do that, the farms that have safety violations are all big farms that mostly abuse their labor by paying low wages or poor conditions, then are like, oh wow we are food safe certified, so even though they have the certification they cant seem to manage to supply clean produce.
        I know, sorry for the broken record but is one more example of federal overreach that will definitely affect all of us eventually

        • What surprises me is the near silence of the MSM since the feds bailed. Quick check of CNN has no updates/articles since the 12th, 5 days ago. Haven’t seen a thing on TV other than that blurb with Reid…..

          Silence don’t mean lack of action, however… can bet they’re up to something….

          • Slaves are not allowed to discuss the weaknesses of their masters.

        • I was there and seen them. They are mostly in unmarked vehicles and not in uniform. They are/were operating out of Mesquite, NV about 9 miles north. We watched a convoy head to Vegas of about 20 vehicles. Some LVPD and Swat.

          • I imagine it took a lot of agents to blockade 600,000 acres of land. Probably most agents were not at the site where they did all of the coverage…you can be they were there somewhere, just like the rest of the patriots.

        • I was there. They were in the hills and bluffs for miles around us. They had sniper rifles trained on many of us. They used intimidation tactics on us. I am proud to say that they were treated like trolls and ignored. That is what scared them off. It was the resolve of the people and their refusal to be intimidated.

          • one of the oathkeepers tells the story that some of them snuck up on some snipers, disarmed them and sent them packing. don’t know the whole story, but i find it amusing to think about anyway.

            • I call BS on this one

              • Same here.

            • like i said, i took it with a grain of salt i had to carry home in a wheelbarrow…but it WAS told to me by someone that was THERE…about some oathkeepers that were THERE….may be a story, i can’t say, but i did laugh at it when he told it to me…call it a fantasy, if you will.

            • Spotter dropped the ball if that’s true. One of spotter’s responsibilities is to look for flanking and potential compromise. Maybe SOP should be three man teams for non professionals.

          • Bill this is something that I gave some thought to and it’s like being a armchair quarterback since I wasn’t there, but since this was surrounded by public land, what is needed in a situation like this and to refer to Chicky Big, along with the front line Patriots many should have taken a fieldpack and their M1A and went into the hills and bluffs for miles around. Trekker Out. Snipers can be Sniped!

            • Amen, Mountain Trekker. Counter sniper teams would be advised.

              • I snickered when I read the feds had the ranch and area surrounded, seems to me we have them surrounded and vastly outnumbered, just haven’t realized it yet……

        • @Kfarmer, given the current mood hopefully when it’s time, you’ll get the backup you need if so inclined.

      4. The only solution I can come up with is to have all government positions filled randomly for a limited duration. Eliminate nepotism and corrupt individuals lying and cheating their way into positions of power.

        I’d rather not so bright people making poor decisions over outright corrupt people selling America out to the Chinese. I will say this. I think most who got chosen, would do just fine making choices for their community and America.

        • the problem with america as i see it today is that NOBODY will point a finger at a corrupt politician. because if you point out one, they will point back at YOU and rat you out for taking money from so-and-so special interest group. the way i see it, they are pretty much ALL crooked. i don’t know when it happenned, but we don’t send politicians to prison anymore….we USED to do that. we need to make some examples of the crooked ones like reid and obama, then MAYBE the rest fall in line and start doing the “RIGHT THINGS”…not what the special-interest groups PAY them to do….how do we get back to that point??? read the “jesse trentadue” story(google it) for another slant on this isssue…they found out that basicly(now where’s my spellCHICK?) ALL people with money and/or power are watched by the FBI, CIA, and other three letter organizations, and if you make TOO MANY waves, they squash you… elliot spitzer with hookers and coke the day before he was gonna indict a bunch of rich bankers…or hillary’s headache when she was supposed to testify on bengazi…or petreaus with a girlfriend when HE was going to testify before congress on bengazi…rock the boat, get SQUASHED! how do we get back to those days when crooks were imprisoned?? i wish i had the definitive answer, but i think the key is to jail a BUNCH of them…and SOON!

          • The only politicians that have EVER seen the inside of a prison are those who went against the NWO globalists. Elliot Spitzer comes to mind.

            As attorney general, Spitzer prosecuted cases relating to corporate white collar crime, securities fraud, internet fraud and environmental protection. He pursued cases against computer chip price fixing, investment bank stock price inflation, predatory lending practices by mortgage lenders, fraud at American International Group, and the 2003 mutual fund scandal.

            He also sued Richard Grasso, the former chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, over a compensation package perceived to be excessive. There’s a lot of banksters in that list.

            As Manhattan AG, the took down some Gambinos, a notorious crime family. He won a huge victory against Big Pharma — GSK, Merck and a couple of others.

            THAT is the kind of guy they set up in prostitution stings, and the feds audit until they find something to nail him on, no matter how small. He could’ve done practically anything he wanted, but because he chose to take a bite out of globalists, they took him down

            My point is, we need to form our own opinions about who is a “good” person and who is “bad”, without the govt-owned media trying to make up our minds for us.

            We can probably expect some of the same for patriots and oathkeepers…again.

            • easy enough,sixpack….follow the MONEY.

              • yup.

        • Maybe on a lottery type system, like jury duty.

        • Right on, not only that, but when you get rid of the Feinsteins, Reids and Schumers that are lifers in politics, you get rid of all the people that making deals with bankers and industry. Too many years in office, too much influence to pass illegal laws and rules enriching themselves and their cronies. Cut down years served and you have a chance at a government for the people, not special interests.

      5. They’ve got a pretty good lid on the cattle battle in Nevada. The only consistent in time news source on Bundy is SHTF, Alex Jones, Sheeple, blacklist, guerrilla and Canada free press. As far as I know and have heard Fox was the only news truck on site. I find it interesting that the Oath Keepers web site was taken down “conveniently and timely I might add”.
        That little creep Harry Reid and his BOY wants this thing buried as deep as it can get.
        This STINKS to high heaven!

        • Then it’s our job to see to it he has a big hole in his shovel…

      6. We can expect a new round of gov’t purchasing ammo and other supplies (food preps, etc.), in order to try and starve the populace from becoming more prepared. Possible new push for gun laws as well as maybe even targeting unorganized militias after they get past the next election….

      7. Another great article Brandon.

        The Same

      8. The next course of action which will be untaken by members of the American Federalist Gestapo, will be to divide and conquer. Surveillance photo and video tapes will identify those liberty fighters who rallied against the Bundy oppression. Truckloads of heavily armed military police will now descend in the middle of the night; aka the FBI raids you see on “Criminal Minds”; on isolated individuals to arrest them without warrants, and subsequently place them upon arrest i one of the multiple FEMA death camps which now exists. As the saying goes, “times change people don’t”. Today we bear witness to the rise of Nazi fascism right here in our own country, with the primary ’cause now being an intentionally dumbed down populace composed of millions of non-European, 3rd world immigrant welfare deadbeats who are predisposed to tyrannical big government and rule by dictatorship.

      9. I just stated this in a previous post, but worth repeating here:

        “Fight the beast on your feet, rather than ‘live’ on your knees.”

        Many must learn to stand again, hopefully before it’s too late.

      10. Hundreds Of Idaho Earthquakes Are Shattering Nerves

        “On Monday alone (4/14), more than 100 tremors shook the region while scientists scrambled to install special portable seismometers in the area to more closely track and triangulate the activity, allowing more pinpoint locations of the earthquakes, including depth. They’ll also be able to record smaller quakes, down to about a 1.0 magnitude.

        “Such earthquake swarms typically are associated with the movement of molten rock below ground,” which geologists credited for the recent quake cluster at Yellowstone National Park, “or they may be linked to an active fault,” said Bill Phillips, a geologist with the Idaho Geological Survey at the University of Idaho”

        • Why don’t you stay on subject thread jacker. Wise up.

        • not a bit surprised.

      11. Color me skeptical that we have started a “liberty” movement as food stamp and welfare usage still increase every week.

        as long as the dum-masses get their govt cheese and have 100 channels, i dont see it.

        the IRS, DOJ, FBI and now BLM has been targeting patriots and the dum-masses could care less.

        we get closer to china than usa 1776 every day, imo.

        • I regretfully agree.

          • Maybe, but remember that they have CUT benefits and are in the process of cutting again. Food stamps, unemployment, etc…

            Now remember how quickly those happy sheeple can FLIP-FLOP on a dime…

            • Your right, it took less than 2 hrs last time the EBT fucked up. I use to think we had up to 3 days. After that I adjusted that figure to 3 hours.

              Hey Mac any way you can put out a thumbs down report? Love to thank my thumbs down P-A-L properly.

              • maddog
                I think yer right about that 3 hour thing

                we need to readjust our thinking and timelines !

                • …and never underestimate the trampling power of a herd of sheep…

                  • Aim low boys, they’re riding Shetlands. Trekker Out.

            • Didn’t they just up the unemployment again?

              • only until after the elections.

                • imagine that

        • Lena….

          Check your history…

          In our first Revolution, fully one third of the population came down on the side of the British Crown. Of those who were sympathetic to the cause, perhaps slightly more than 10% actually actively supported it…and only 3% actually fought.

          We don’t have to have the support of the entire country to prevail. Most people are sheep and will go along with whoever wins.

          Here’s a link….check it out.

        • When you view responses to Yahoo’s sloppily-written, communist-slanted articles, the mindset of the masses, most of whom I would age-guess at between 20 and 35, still has the ability to amaze me in that they are so blindly obedient and without questioning in regards to the mainstream Pablum they are fed. They just puke up in written words what MSM feeds them as their “truth” (i.e., Obama is God, Democrats are great, Russia is bad, and Obamacare works).

          It is like there is not a whole, single functioning brain amongst them. Truly Zombie World.

      12. The Federal Government has over stepped their constitutional
        authority in this matter and well as past others in my opinion.

        I could be wrong, but most Americans do not really understand what this is all about.

        God help us……..

        That is my opinion…

        • I doubt anyone born after 1970 knows what this is about, because they aren’t old enough to remember what it was like to not be under constant surveillance. Not to be tracked every moment of your life. They just don’t remember what it was like before everything became mandatory.

          • Yes, those of us that were born after 1970, generation X members do know what it was like. We remember and we are here. But what we learned was we haven’t got the numbers and to live under the radar. We stay hidden in plain sight.

            We learned that to not be beat down you trust few, live simple around like minds and do your best to stay away from officials of any kind. We learned to depend on ourselves and few others.

            But we do remember and we are watching and biding our time.

            • The best thing I’ve heard all day, thanks. But I think you might be a wonderful exception to the rule.

              • Hey six; don’t worry, there are a few of us out there. We are ready and able.


      13. Liberty Movement Rising: “The Fight Is Just Beginning”–
        ABOUT MF TIME people are staring to wake UP!
        As for Reid- “Note that he says “an American people”; as if he is separate, as if he is referring to all of us as a subservient organism, or servant class. What Reid is saying is, the elites can’t have “an American people” openly exposing their criminality and defying their tyranny, and then just walking away. I’m sorry to break it to Reid, but that is exactly how all of this is going to end.”– The politicians ALL feel this way and he’s right WE CANNOT HAVE THEM BREAKING THE LAW AND WALKING AWAY- The Politicians cannot walk away from these crimes!!

      14. I do agree with hd74man above.

        There is also a distinct possibility that an engineered virus could be released to weaken any resistance that will crop up, making the fed’s job that much easier. It doesn’t even have to be a particularly deadly virus, but just enough to sicken a majority of the population. Hard to think, move, and fight with a high fever, vomiting, muscle and joint pain, etc.

        Then again, I’ve worn protective gear (aka MOPP suits), and it’s a real bitch to fight in that as well. Wearing that crap while moving and shooting would decrease the fed’s effectiveness, I do believe.

        Regardless, a fight is coming. Count on it. Be as ready as you can, brothers and sisters.

        KySSG . . . out.

        • KySSG, The logistics behind that sucks. They’d need a fairly high-density area to have much of an effect, and most self-respecting patriot/preppers avoid high-density like the plague. They’d just be hitting the sheeple, whom most of us avoid.

          The only alternative would be to drop their package where…a large group…of patriots…were assembled…?

          • sixpack:

            Agreed. However, sheeple travel. Hit a few desirable areas, and let the targets spread it.

            I agree that patriots/preppers avoid the high population centers, the higher density areas. I do myself. Yet, some contact is unavoidable. How many on just this one site alone have complained about colds/flu-like illnesses this past winter? If the strain is hearty enough, it will spread, even if it takes a good deal of time. The feds have nothing but time to wait it out.

            Just my opinion, of course.

            KySSG . . . out.

            • Additionally, even if the patriots/preppers avoid the dense population centers, some family members will travel to those areas, either out of necessity or desire. Examples would be a trip to a doctor in a larger urban area, a specialist, or even a child or sibling enrolled in a university.

              As a side note: the virus would be need to be a type with a fairly long incubation period.

              Off to the workplace now. Back on later.

              KySSG . . . out.

            • You mean like maybe American Spring in DC? Could that be a good time for them to drop something? I wouldn’t put anything past them.

        • @KySSG…The Drudge report ran a story after the arrival of the Bundy supporters, noting that various individuals were being identified by FED photographs, were being rounded up, arrested, and charged via a random array of DOMESTIC TERRORISM statutes. What this is, in reality is the denial of the US citizen’s Constitutional Rights to freedom of speech, the right to assembly, and the 2nd Amendment Right to gun ownership and the attendent right to carry. This is the opening salvo on the establishment of a Nazi style fascim and martial law under the administration of Barrack O’ Bama. And anybody should wonder what those 1.7 billion rounds of ammo purchased by Homeland Security are going to be used for. Heil Hitler!

        • @KySSG…The Drudge report ran a story after the arrival of the Bundy supporters, noting that various individuals were being identified by FED photographs, were being rounded up, arrested, and charged via a random array of DOMESTIC TERRORISM statutes. What this is, in reality is the denial of the US citizen’s Constitutional Rights to freedom of speech, the right to assembly, and the 2nd Amendment Right to gun ownership and the attendent right to carry. This is the opening salvo on the establishment of a Nazi style fascim and martial law under the administration of Barrack O’ Bama. And anybody should wonder what those 1.7 billion rounds of ammo purchased by Homeland Security are going to be used for. Heil Hitler!

          • Not true–a satirical particle.

      15. I don’t see American’s standing up to confront the tyranny in enough numbers to make a difference. Many are upset at the obvious transgressions and attacks on our constitutional rights, yet on the other hand too busy and too afraid to be bothered to participate in personally enacting any change. The masses have become fearful of corrupt authority rather than fearless in protecting their future. That is because most realize what they are up against, and see any attempt to stop it as certain death at the hands of our self appointed masters. What makes you think if and when enough have had enough, that all won’t be murdered to let those still living know what awaits them if they too oppose government policy. It may as well be over, because the national security state will murder us all to ensure their survival. All who have died thinking they were defending our nation and their homeland have died in vain. That is reality.

        • If that’s the case, then, that we are all going to die, why not do so with a smoking hot gun in your hands? I’ll be fucking damned if I’ll go quietly.

          KySSG . . . out.

        • 》》”I don’t see American’s standing up to confront the tyranny in enough numbers to make a difference.”《《

          Then maybe you should have read the article and news about the Bundy ranch. It made a difference to Bundy… AND to the .gov thugs who believe in their own invincibilty.

          It HAS made a difference. The only thing that didn’t happen was weapons fire being exchanged to punctuate the rout of .gov forces. What will it take for YOU to think things have changed? Dead bodies rotting in the desert sun? What…?

          • I bet 70% of our country of morons have no Idea what just happened in Nevada at the Bundy Ranch. They don’t read any news, or have any curiosity. Its sad that the majority of America has turned into marsh mellows. But if “Dancing with the Stars” is cancelled they will be protesting in the Malls carrying their Gay Pride Flags, eating their Cheetos and Chips. SHTF for them is when they run out of toilet paper and their EBT cards don’t work, they will call 911 in a panic and complain or turn on the TV looking for info but will soon be distracted when they click on the Jerry Springer show. Just my take.

        • What you said is probably true but damn sad.

      16. great article courtesy of THE DAILY SHEEPLE

        What Would Life Be Like Under Martial Law?

        “The U.S. Federal Government under both the Bush and Obama administration has made it perfectly clear that in the event of almost any major disaster scenario, including economic and environmental, they see the institution of Martial Law as not only viable, but inexorable. From legislative actions like the Patriot Act and the Enemy Belligerents Act (currently in committee) to continuity of government programs such as Rex 84 (formerly classified) and Presidential Directive PDD 51 (currently classified, even from Congress), all the “legal” precedents have been put into place to allow the Executive Branch to implement military oversight of civilian affairs, dissolution of Constitutional liberties, even the end of Miranda Rights and the right to a speedy impartial trial as protected under the Sixth Amendment. In some cases, government legislation allows for the rendition and torture of American citizens as combatants, all for the “greater good”, of course…”

        everything is in place to invoke martial law with the
        mere stroke of Obama’s autopen

      17. Ok. Every one from Utah. Start it up .Get Reid recalled. Start someplace why not that yoyo.

        • Reid is from Nevada.

        • 82nd…you mean nevada, right?

          • Yes you are right. My bad.

          • Why not Utah, make up for the illegal voters already voting in Nevada.

          • He knew that…..

        • 82nd,
          You don’t even know which state Reid is elected from. No wonder the powers that be don’t give a shit what we want. Morons are not a threat.

          • “JURY NULLIFICATION” Spread the word.

        • Get a petition going in Nevada, for the BLM to transfer to the State of Nevada at least half of it’s lands.

          Reid will be damned nationally if he supports it, and damned state-wide if he doesn’t, either way he loses his majority whip status or his senate seat.

          Win-Win Situation.

      18. To add to this article go to: westernrifleshooters dot wordpress dot com/2014/04/15 sharpen your tusks

        This is an article that a poster from the last subject ask you to look at and absorb…..and it fits right in with todays subject. Too bad Mac does not pick up the whole article.

        I am going to quote a couple of statements from that article, but rest assured you should read ALL of it.


        “These people (TPTB) are playing with matches and I dont think they understandthe scale of the wildfire they are flirting with. They are fucking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths….and the sad truths are that 95% of the problem we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon, simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.

        The list includes 25 to 30 politicians – mostly democrats –
        a few republicans
        Several members of the current cabinet
        A couple of Obama’s Czars
        Several media company executives
        A couple figures from the Bush administration and the republican establishment
        Several media executives and on camera newscasters and reporters and pundits
        A couple people active in leftist policies but not in elected office”.

        This article ends with

        “I abhor violence, I don’t want any of this, but it is inevitable, at this point–our government is utterly lawless. Our representative government is GONE. Those people no longer serve the interest of the American people, they serve their own elite interests, AND THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES HAVE BECOME TAX CATTLE TO BE MANAGED, MILKED, AND CONTROLLED. THE SECURITY STATE THEY HAVE ERECTED IS NOT DESIGNED TO PROTECT US–IT IS DESIGNED TO PROTECT THEM.”

        My comment:

        My 100 person list would probably be a shade different than yours; but the point being….We the people, millions strong, are being micro managed by a handful of anti-American crooks and nothing is going to change until we decide to change it. And to DK, it will not be changed through the ballot box……

        Country after country have their group of elites raping and robbing them of all the resources of their nation, caring nothing for the human misery they have brought to the people.

        And noew it is America’s turn…….

        • Pissed Off Granny:

          Yep. That about says it all. It’s gone too far for any easy fixes. Desperate times do call for desperate measures.

          And seriously, what’s with the thumbs down? Each comment has one thumbs down. Must be some pimply-faced, 20 year old fed intern sitting in a windowless office digging in his ear with a pencil eraser and sniffing the Majic Markers.

          KySSG . . . out.

          • POG;
            Great post and great article that you reference.

          • Howdy, KySSG. the one makings the thums down is an Obama supporter who got the job thru affirmative action most likely. probably can’t pass a drug test or background check anywhere else.

          • Naw, KySSG:

            I just have some stalkers that cant stand to see the TRUTH.


            The Lord tells us that multitudes remain oblivious to the truth even up to the time he comes back.

            • When puppies and kittens don’t seem to see the bowl in front of then, sometimes you need to dip their little faces in it…

              • classic, sixpack…laffin my effen ASS OFFF!

              • LOL!


            • Its your P-A-L just like the one I have POG and your right ” cant stand to see the TRUTH”.

          • @KySSG, The thumbs downers are being paid by our tax dollars either within
            the USA or in Tel Aviv. Remember the tribe who owns the money supply….Do you really think their tribe members are going to motivational factors or the awaken people?

            p.s. In some older posts, Them Guys provided the proof as how these paid parasites operate.

        • Quoting POG…
          And to DK, it will not be changed through the ballot box……
          For all you voters that thinks it matters..
          True confession of a computer programmer UNDER OATH.!!!!!

          Think about this when you vote!!!!

          • Quoting POG…
            And to DK, it will not be changed through the ballot box……
            For all you voters that thinks it matters..
            True confession of a computer programmer UNDER OATH.!!!!!


            Think about this when you vote!!!!

            This was a repost to get past moderation…this is an important video.

        • Howdy, Granny. You have the right idea, but I would go beyond 100 people if I thought it was necessary.

        • i really want to say my list would only have ONE person on it. hang ONE from a lamp-post in D.C….and the rest of the congresscritters fall in line, as long as you have a few hundred CITIZENS guarding the body for at least a week. but like the mice wanting to hang a bell on the CAT….who’s gonna DO IT?…not ME!

          • That one person is just the puppet. You have to get the puppet masters.

          • I think today’s politicians are too comfortable with the security grid they’ve built for themselves—we might might need to hang about half a dozen for the reality to set in…

        • granny,
          We are just entering the herd culling stage with the details to be worked out. The elderly will be first on the to do away with list with whites in general being next. There will be no shortage of those willing and eager to assist in their own demise.

        • Granny,
          Thumbs up +10.
          It is a well-done and clever article. Direct link here: taxicabdepressions dot com/?p=1193

          Taxi Cab Driver is a piece of work. And I say that with great admiration. Spread it far and wide to beyond the choir here – maybe reach and wake up a new demographic.

          On zerohedge last night they were putting up some lists down in the thread:

          Zerohedge dot com/news/2014-04-16/martin-armstrong-warns-american-civil-unrest-starting-right-schedule

          Patton famously said, “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.”

          You might like my essay, “Fried Frogs and Commissars” over at rockymountaincorn dot com.

          The Rocky Mountain Corn Project lays a foundation for food independence free from “the beast”.
          Check out the downloads in the Tool Shed.

        • What an awesome article, “The Pig Trap.” It just about perfectly sums up the thoughts and feelings of probably just about everyone on this site I would guess.

          • MXL:

            Wouldnt it be great if Mac chose to put the whole article up here at shtf. That would be a homerun article for sure.


        • Interestingly, that movie just came to netflix…

          • Sixpack, I’ve got 2 copies of it, 1 DVD and 1 well-worn VHS. I still have a working VCR and 3 boxes of old VHS movies.

            • Of course you do—I would expect nothing less from “the renegade braveheart”… LOL

        • yeah ,we all saw the freakin movie.Give it a rest.

          • If I was advertizing, I could do a whole lot better than that. I’d at least provide a link…

      20. It’s the usual crap about a guy who refused to pay the government what he owed and that somehow made him a hero.

        • Barn Cat are you really DK in disguise?

        • that makes SENSE barn cat, when you don’t stop and THINK about it.

        • Ill take one of him over a million of you any day

          • Or the 11 million illegal Mexicans; or the aid to 152 countries; or the aid to the thousands of welfare bitches and their offspring.

            Just saying.

        • Peraps This will awaken Barn Cat:

          A MUST READ ARTICLE!!!

          “The Pathetic Apologetics of Caroline Glick” at:

          www dot incogman dot net Orig article from Kevin McDolnald’s website of Occidential Observer dot com

          This Womans speech to NY necons event a MUST READ!!

          I have to say that Caroline Glick may be the most extreme case I have ever encountered. One struggles for words to describe her rabid ethnocentrism and how it blinds her to the most obvious realities. Jews are morally superior paragons of rationality, responsible for everything good in the world, including Western institutions of democracy and individual freedom. With only a few exceptions (non-Jews who accept the tutelage of Jews), non-Jews are, as Brenton Sanderson phrases it, “brutish and irrational embodiments of evil” while Jews are “reasoning, intelligent moral paragons.”

          Truly breathtaking. It’s terrifying to think that such a person is a highly praised and powerful member not only of the Israeli political establishment but is also a well-established figure in neoconservative circles and the media in the US. (a Fox TV “Darling” often on fox tv).

          Caroline Glick is an American-born Israeli journalist and the deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post. She is also the Senior Fellow for Middle East Affairs of the Washington DC-based neoconservative Center for Security Policy. A radical Zionist, Glick migrated to Israel in 1991 and served in the Israeli Defense Force before going on to serve as assistant foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

          Glick has been showered with awards and praise from Zionist and Jewish organizations. In 2003 the Israeli newspaper Maariv named her the most prominent woman in Israel. She was the 2005 recipient of the Zionist Organization of America’s Ben Hecht award for Outstanding Journalism

          In 2009 she received the Guardian of Zion Award from Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv. In 2012 The David Horowitz Freedom Center announced the hiring of Glick as the Director of its “Israel Security Project.”

          Inevitably, given the Jewish stranglehold over the American media, Glick is given a regular platform to espouse her Jewish supremacist views in The Wall Street Journal, the National Review, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Sun-Times, The Washington Times and many other newspapers and journals around the world. She is also a regular pundit on MSNBC and the Fox News channel.

          Glick recently gave to a neoconservative audience entitled “Why the Jews?” In this speech the “brilliant and outspoken” Glick explains to us the “roots of genocidal Jew hatred.” She begins by telling her audience that:
          I don’t want to talk specifically about the ideology of Islamic anti-Semites or genocidal Jew-haters or European or Leftist people who want to destroy Jewish power and make us all needy and begging for our very lives. I want to talk about what all of the enemies of the Jewish people throughout the ages share.

          So the “brilliant and out-spoken” Glick begins her speech with a tautology: that the enemies of the Jewish people throughout the ages all shared one thing in common — they regarded the Jews as their enemies. Glick melodramatically claims that anyone who has ever opposed Jewish influence or even discussed it critically necessarily harbored a “genocidal blood-lust” against the Jews. Of course, unmentioned by Glick is the fierce and implacable Jewish hostility to non-Jews that has echoed down through the ages—from the enthusiastic and vastly disproportionate Jewish Partisipation in the Bolshevik mass murder of millions of Eastern Europeans in the early twentieth century to the Fear and Loathing of White Christian America that results in overwhelming Jewish support for massive non-White immigration into Western nations.

          Jewish hostility toward non-Jews is also exemplified by the egregious Double Standard which as, Israel Shahak notes, is alive and well in Glick’s favorite country:

          Anyone who lives in Israel knows how deep and widespread these attitudes of hatred and cruelty to towards all Gentiles are among the majority of Israeli Jews. Normally these attitudes are disguised from the outside world, but since the establishment of the State of Israel, the 1967 war and the rise of Begin, a significant minority of Jews, both in Israel and abroad, have gradually become more open about such matters.

          In recent years the inhuman precepts according to which servitude is the “natural” lot of Gentiles have been publicly quoted in Israel, even on TV, by Jewish farmers exploiting Arab labor, particularly child labor.

          ARTICLE Continued at Incogmans dot net website

          Does YOUR neocon repub REP or Sen adhere to This Rabidly Racist Master Race jewish Woman? AIPAC sure does!

      21. Evil men like harry Reid would lead us to believe we are children of a collective cast, many low-info voters (can’t call them Citizens) find comfort in giving up their freedoms and individualism, they are willing to take a leap into the arms of big Gov without understanding the end game of chains.
        CG Jung wrote
        “Easier, then, is to subordinate the self and go along with everyone else. ‘Where the many are, there is security; what the many believe must of course be true …. Sweetest of all, however, is that gentle and painless slipping back into the kingdom of childhood, into the paradise of parental care, into happy-go-luckiness and irresponsibility. All the thinking and looking after are done from the top; to all questions there is an answer; and for all needs the necessary provision is made. The infantile dream state of the mass man is so unrealistic that he never thinks to ask who is paying for this paradise. The balancing of accounts is left to a higher political or social authority, which welcomes the task, for its power is thereby increased; and the more power it has, the weaker and more helpless the individual becomes.”

        • Y99, excellent post. Truer words were never spoken.

          • Thanks brave, always good knowing you’re out there as we as we all are.

        • Satori — google ‘coup of 63’

          • full title:
            coup of 63 fifty years of the deep state

      22. “Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over…” (per the ‘beloved’ Harry Reid)

        “What they don’t seem to understand, though, is that the liberty movement does not care what the Federal government deems “legal” or “illegal.”

        The two above quotes from the story pretty much seem to accurately state the positions of both sides to this issue.

        Many of us just don’t seem to have all that much left to loose anymore, financially speaking anyway. I fear that our ‘GOOBERMENT’ seriously underestimates the full force and fury of a really pissed-off American populace. It could just be the “rude awakening” of all time.

        We do live in interesting times. God Bless & good lu0ck to all.

        • “Many of us just don’t seem to have all that much left to loose anymore, financially speaking anyway. I fear that our ‘GOOBERMENT’ seriously underestimates the full force and fury of a really pissed-off American populace. It could just be the “rude awakening” of all time”

          We can only hope.

        • Reid, “What were these citizens thinking! Only politicians and corporations can, -violate the law and then just walk away from it- The peons must be taught their place in life. Relaese the dogs! ……oh, we already did that,,,hmmm. Release more dogs!!!” We need to start a new Game Show, The Running Man, that will show who is in control!”

        • So the American people are not allowed to violate law. Everyone supporting Bundy should declare themself an illegal alien. Problem solved and the Feds would actually support you.

      23. when I saw this from Harry Reid

        ““Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over…” (per the ‘beloved’ Harry Reid)”

        I at first thought he was talking about the law breakers
        known as the Congress


        my bad !

        • Satori, I know the feeling. That f#$%er doesn’t have a leg to stand on, considering what he does.

          • when I saw this from Harry Reid

            ““Well, it’s not over. I Fear we Bit Off Way More than we can ever jew.”….Sorry to cut it short, but I ned move Fast! I am convinced now I must quickly Convert to Talmudic Judaic Zionizim, so when I get my Day in a Federal Court soon for more crime charges than You can begin to number….I hear Talmud does Not allow a fellow Fed jewish Judge to rat out nor convict another jew! Whew!!”

          • Re Reid, do you realize the majority of the people don’t know about his connection to the sale Chinese solar company. MSM never mentions it. This info needs to get out.

      24. To everyone here, I’m ready for the fight. I’m about as prepared as I can hope for at this time. just like everyone else here, I’m sick to death of all of the federal BS, not only in NV, but taking place all over the nation. If there is to be a major battle and/or even a massacre at Bunkerville, so be it, let it come. I first took my stand 21 years ago this month when I saw Mt. Carmel with the Branch Davidians inside going up in smoke courtesy of the FBI. Those were innocent people killed by the FBI. 9 months before that in August 1992, FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot Vicky Weaver in cold blood at Ruby Ridge while she was holding her baby. Thank God that baby survived and turned out to be a wonderful person. Not one federal agent was ever brought to justice in either of those cases. So the FBI thinks they can still preach to we the people about anything, huh? Nothing they do is legitimate. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t feel any kind of obligation toward them, period! That goes for ALL federal agencies. If they want a war, then bring it on. they’ll definitely bite off more than they can chew. It won’t end well for them. MOLON LABE SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS ASMS braveheart

        • @ren brave…ditto for me. “Stand tall and be counted or die on your knees and be numbered”

      25. Yeah, let’s get rid of the feds! No one to help protect the people from corporations. No one to stop foreign countries from invading or impeding our way of life. All that money you have in Social Security can go to pay the debt. My flag has stars and bars, not a snake. If you can’t handle it, move to putin land! There’s no federal government there. I agree that moderation is needed, but that happens through your vote, not through your whiny babble…

        • Since when does the federal government protect people from corporations, rather than being controlled by them? And, do you really believe you are ever going to see a dime of social security in the next five years? If so, that’s sad…

      26. Spate of Mideast virus infections raises concerns…BTzDsAUsXQtDMD

        “He described the recent batches of Saudi and UAE infections as “very important” and a possible signal that the virus could be mutating.

        The disease’s spread to Southeast Asia — confined for now to people with clear links to the Mideast — meanwhile “heightens the concern that we could be in the early days of another SARS-like event,” he warned.”

        “”We’re clearly at a very significant stay-tuned moment,” Osterholm said.”

        let me emphasize that, “SIGNIFICANT STAY TUNED MOMENT”

      27. Just as Lexington and Concord were not the end of the Revolution this is just the first skirmish.

        They will regroup and move again. The most important engagements are those to come. They have to realize there will be consequences for their actions.

        It is of tantamount importance that Patriots DO NOT draw first blood. Doing so will only allow them to dismiss us as “terrorists”. You have to be willing to die for the cause to be righteous and gain the support of the general public.

        Once first blood is spilled the reaction must be swift and powerful. It’s important to understand that this is not a military issue but a political one. The nations leaders DO NOT want the world to see the advent of an armed insurrection in their own country. Much like Clark County officials did a 180 after Bundy gathered significant support so will Congress when they see the people are united. You have to realize the one thing all of congress wants most is to be re-elected.

        This struggle won’t be won on a battlefield but in the hearts and minds of the nation.

        • Nothing good will come of this. That you can count on. They day we start shooting one another because we have failed to properly keep control of government and the shooting will result in even worse govt. and more oppression.

          • You sound like a coward…

          • Sounds like you have no Coping Skills John W. Remember the Movie “PATTON” when the soldier was crying about war, The General Slapped him across the face and told him to go fight you f-n coward. lol A lot of people right now need to be slapped out of complacency.

            • This is not a movie. Maybe you cannot understand that. I also will never post what I really plan or really think on a public website.

        • “You have to be willing to die for the cause to be righteous and gain the support of the general public.”

          Yeah. Too bad ‘the public’ can’t think for themselves and just stand up for what’s right—rather than waiting for what’s ‘righteous.”

          There seems to never be enough “proof” for some people.

        • Well said Fifth.

          It is our conduct at each skirmish that will awaken the people, we cannot be seen as the out of control brigands the media would paint us as, the more steadfast we stay within the framework of the Constitution the more they will be seen for what they are.

          A time for action beyond that is inevitable, but the road we take is also important as well.

        • “It is of tantamount importance that Patriots DO NOT draw first blood. Doing so will only allow them to dismiss us as “terrorists”. You have to be willing to die for the cause to be righteous and gain the support of the general public.”

          I respectfully disagree.

          The Presidents executive orders have *already* labeled law-abiding citizens as terrorists.
          -People that store up food, for instance are terrorists.
          -People that criticize the government are terrorists
          -People that peacefully demonstrate in areas other than what the government ‘allows’ you to demonstrate in, are terrorists.
          -People that own guns and ammo are defacto terrorists.
          -People who uphold or promote the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights…are terrorists.
          -Hell even the Founding fathers of the U.S. have ben declared terrorists!

          The enemy does NOT play by the rules of ‘fair and right’, rather they always use ‘evil and ‘might’.
          So…don’t play by the rules of ‘fair’, level the playing field.

          Hell they will shoot one of their OWN and blame it on the patriots, …er terrorists anyways. Seriously, people need to drop the holier than thou routine if they want to survive and live to see liberty rise another day.

          This is WAR. And war is not fair, pretty, sensible or right, but is… WAR. It’s time people faced the harsh reality of their circumstances. You are either in it to win it, or you will lose it ALL.

          • Tell it like it is, Socrates.

          • If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck. The govt knows this all too well.

          • Socrates, you’re not thinking clearly. The media will portray any movement as racist, anti-governmemt, dueling banjo inbred morons.

            Hearts and minds will not change unless the message can be controlled. The effect of any confrontation has to be thought out beforehand.

            In a war, as you say, Propaganda, or the message the people will see and hear, is often more important than the tactical result of some confrontation.

      28. Oh don’t kid yourself. You didn’t disprove the statement that the militia men were poorly trained and likely to end up dead. They showed up and the government opted not to slaughter them. If you think they couldn’t have, you’re dreaming.

        Been following this story and the insinuations that Bundy somehow owns the land. After it became obvious he didn’t, the logic became “he’s been using it for generations, he should be allowed to keep doing it”. If I live next to an open field for a hundred years that doesn’t make it mine. PUBLIC land means it belongs to everyone.

        And if you held a public vote on the subject, with the options clearly spelled out, I think you’d be disappointed. Those options being to sell the land to someone actually willing to develop it and pay taxes, vs a rancher who wants to march his cattle over it for eternity, for free.

        Progress is often painful, but it is necessary. Even if the population stopped growing, we couldn’t live on the same resources on the same land forever. Sooner or later somebody has to move, and that guy will always complain about it. It’s life.

        Calling the government corrupt is interesting, but it’s also immaterial. Bundy had 20 years to make other arrangements for his cattle. If he deserves armed intervention, then so does every mooch who doesn’t feel like paying his taxes.

      29. Did anyone have the stomach to listen to hanity the other day when he went on his rant about talking to blaze boy about those scary militia people. I had to turn him off. It sounded like he and blaze boy were speaking against armed resistance to tyranny.

        • Hannity has no real beliefs. No way is he going to endanger his gravy train or lifestyle of the uber upper class. He is just a blow hard as are Beck and O’Reilly. I am starting to include Hedgecock in that group along with Savage.

      30. land grabs are going on all over this country, this type of resistance needs to be order of the day on all of them.

        since when does a representative of a state think he can sell WE THE PEOPLES land?…and since when are we accepting offers from other countries let alone communist thinking countries

        if this is how they think they will repay the debt..they better be finding a lot of resistance to that and real soon

      31. The confiscation days are just beginning and have already began throughout USA. The Nevada issue was just one of them. Glad I don’t own much. Can’t squeeze blood from a turnip. America needs to wake up fast, very fast. I mean fast like a sprinter, not like a fast marathoner….

      32. West African Ebola outbreak caused by new strain of disease: study

        just want to draw your attention to this one line in the story

        “A senior health ministry official told Reuters on Thursday the government planned to stop publicly releasing the death toll to avoid causing unnecessary panic.”

        what have I been saying about governments???

        now repeat after me kids


        (hat tip Annihilatrix over on SilentCountry)

      33. OFF TOPIC

        Since I don’t have the place to put in a garden, I’m forced to buy most of my produce. I recently discovered something new. I bought a couple of stalks of celery from the local store.

        I dehydrate or freeze my celery, so I always have the very end of the stalks left over. This time, I took that last 2 inches of stalk and it in a plastic glass of water, leaving a half inch above the water line. I set it in a window sill.

        In about 3-4 days, the center began to sprout new stalks.

        I planted them when the roots got big enough, and now I have celery growing in my planter. I have a grow light setup in my preps, but I’m going to bust it out now, for the celery. My potted potatoes are coming right along too.

        At the rate the re-rooted celery is going, I’ll have more celery in a few weeks. This is the closest I get to be to gardening.

        Better than nothing…at least I get my hands dirty again.

        • All these years that I have been gardening, and I did NOT know that. Thank you, Sixpack! I have been growing lovage, which looks and tastes like a less-crispy version of celery, because I read that celery can be difficult to grow, and I really didn’t have the room to fuss with it. This will make it easier, and I just can’t resist the science experiment.

          I did a quick google search and saw that you can do it with lettuce, leeks and green onions too.

        • That works with green onions too.

          • I guess I’ll be getting a bunch of green onions too. This is great if you think of it. Buy one, get several free afterwards!

      34. don’t wanna ruin anyone’s day

        but I found this a little scary

        Astronauts to reveal sobering data on asteroid impacts

        “This Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22, three former NASA astronauts will present new evidence that our planet has experienced many more large-scale asteroid impacts over the past decade than previously thought… three to ten times more, in fact. A new visualization of data from a nuclear weapons warning network, to be unveiled by B612 Foundation CEO Ed Lu during the evening event at Seattle’s Museum of Flight, shows that “the only thing preventing a catastrophe from a ‘city-killer’ sized asteroid is blind luck.”

        (hat tip Grumalg over on Llamedos)

      35. I’m sure the Feds, when confronted with several thousand Patriots, had a BLM. Bowel Loosening Movement……..

      36. OT- is SurvivalBlog down for anyone else? Guess he’s being hit with a dds attack again.

        • As I post this, is still down; supposedly the main server is dead.

        • Their other site ( says that there is a service outage.

      37. Hey Sixpack – do the same with green onions! They grow very nicely, like the celery.

        Even small efforts are worthwhile!! Way to go!!

        • opps, didn’t read far enough down.

      38. A thousand thumbs up for those of you that went and got involved in something you believed in…

        a pox on the rest of the armchair quarterbacks that were physically able and believed in this fight, but didn’t go because they “had to work” or they “couldn’t afford it” or another lame excuse.

        There are only a couple three or four on this board that had the guts to actually go and stand up for what they believe in. Good on you. The rest… keep typing.

        • We will all get our time in the sun.

          • Like someone said,
            “Theres plenty of you federal sons of bitches right here”

        • JRS:

          Were you there? If not, did you send any funding to help sustain the patriots?

          • POG…I put my personal views on the land lease issue in several comments last week. I didn’t think it was an issue for patriots to get involved in…however, I believe those that were passionate about this and actually went, deserve some recognition for at least backing up their words with action.

      39. Rumor has it hanity and glen beck may visit this site from time to time. It would be great if they could tell us why they aren’t exposing Harry Reid and the rest of the commies cor their commie deeds. They should be serving their head on a platter to the American people who watch their shows.

        • @okie…I don’t know about hannity, I don’t listen to him but becky made me sick! With all his “be prepared and buy from my sponsers” schtick…now it turns out he’s a 1st rate pussy. I’ve banned him from my house.


        • Okie Rebel:

          If Beck and Hannity would ever serve up the REAL truth their heads would be the heads on the platter.

          One thing about the Bundy standoff, it sure helps anyone still stradling the fence on where these two government patsies stand to finally grasp the truth.

          Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly, and the rest of the FOLKS that are looking out for the folks are doing just that. Only the folks ARE NOT US FOLKS. Is there anyone here still foolish to wonder any longer where these paid goons stand?

          Dirty culprits, liars and turncoats, all. Their heads will roll along with the rest of the PTB when all hell breaks loose.

          • POG.

            Hard to trust anyone for the truth.

      40. Anybody who would defend first amendment rights at Bundy Ranch but not at an occupy camp is no lover of liberty but another sheep being led by some irrational shepherd.

        • I wasn’t aware that the government seized any property belonging to Occupy. I thought it was about the redistribution of other peoples property.

      41. well after the whole “Boston bomber” cower in place episode

        this doesn’t surprise me one bit

        Creepy autonomous AI CCTV surveillance network watches all of Boston

        and since it is pretty much proven and admitted to that such systems are basically a fraud when it comes to prevention of terrorism
        just what the hell is the REAL purpose ???

        “Such programs were also justified and staunchly defended in the name of national security and born out of terrorist attacks like the Boston Bombing. Furthermore numerous government officials, congressional representatives, national security experts and even the White House have alleged and admitted such surveillance has done little to nothing to prevent potential terrorist incidents.”

      42. American Civil Unrest is Starting on Schedule

        “We have been warning that 2014 is the beginning of a new cycle that will see a highly unusual convergence between our domestic (civil unrest & revolution) data and our international war model. Both converge for the first time since the 1700s when there were US and French Revolutions and the fall of monarchy.”

        the question is
        does the government see this coming ?
        and if so
        what are they gonna do about it ?

        are they gonna fix the actual problems in this country
        or are they going to violently suppress and control the citizenry ?

      43. ok guys

        prepare for your blood to boil after reading this

        Harry Reid Calls Cliven Bundy Supporters “Domestic Terrorists”

        “Senator Harry Reid has escalated the war of words over the Cliven Bundy dispute, sensationally labeling the Nevada cattle rancher’s supporters “domestic terrorists” during an event in Las Vegas today.:

        one of the country’s greatest douche bags has spoken

      44. If a zombie hung out in this comments section, he’d starve from the lack of brains.

        All kinds of nonsense on this page – people saying they’re ready to die, wanting the “reset” to come, desiring war with the government, etc, etc, etc.

        What are you going to do? Shoot your ARs at Apaches? Outmaneuver a battalion of US Marines?

        I’ve seen many comments that you refuse to vote. That makes YOU the problem. You can’t win ONE battle against the US military. The answer is not in running out into the woods and playing “Red Dawn”, but at the ballot box. That, you prepper posers, is the AMERICAN WAY.

        • When they’re all assholes, which one are you going to vote for?

        • yeah
          because the ballot box method has worked so well ???

          I used to believe that too
          when I was about 12 or so !

          give it up USN
          smell the freakin’ coffee

          we’re a corporate oligarchy
          if voting REALLY made a difference
          it would be outlawed

        • First. I have to agree that the ballot box is very important. But, in a nation of “one Man, One Vote” the politicians have learned that if you promise to put money in someone’s wallet then many will vote for them without considering the negative impact of those policies. Case in point, Obamacare.

          In our world too many voters make their decisions based on the 30 second ad’s they see on TV. These things never tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. They are riddled with white lies and half truths.

          Also, anyone who want’s to go “Red Dawn” is delusional but I remind you that the Patriots were outnumbered at Lexington and took casualties but still fought. If the Marines are so adept at war why were we in Iraq for so long? More soldiers died after victory was declared than before.

          Once again, it’s not about a military victory but a political victory.

      45. I am basically a lapdog but even I am waking up to all this, I think it is high time for us to unite, it is time for the minority who think they speak for the majority to see the true story

      46. We all know this is going to escalate to war between American Patriots and the criminal federal government. We know it is coming. Be ready people, have a plan of action for different scenarios and rally points for your family members if you plan on getting involved. I’m sick and tired of this criminal government and when they fire the first shot….IT IS ON!

        Glenn Beck…DUMP HIM. What a worthless P.O.S. in my opinion. He is SPINELESS and bows before the feds. Not me! At least Hannity traveled to the site and interviewed the people while Beck sat in his high chair and criticized all those fighting the corruption.

        The time is near I fear. Prepare if you haven’t. Load your weapons and have them close by at all times. Stay armed and vigilant.

        J.H. Out!

      47. just found this. from Las Vegas Review Journal Today. Looks like Dirty Harry is trying to stir the pot. Apparently he’s in full-on hissy fit mode from his kickback from the chinks being endangered.


        U.S. Sen. Harry Reid on Thursday called supporters of Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy “domestic terrorists” because they defended him against a Bureau of Land Management cattle roundup with guns and put their children in harm’s way.

        “They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists,” Reid said during an appearance at a Las Vegas Review-Journal “Hashtags & Headlines” event at the Paris. “I repeat: what happened there was domestic terrorism.”

        The BLM shut down its weeklong roundup of Bundy’s cattle Saturday after an armed confrontation with militia members who had traveled to Southern Nevada.

        Bundy has not paid federal grazing fees for 20 years and owes about $1 million to the government.

        Reid, the Senate majority leader who is in Las Vegas during Congress’ Easter recess, said he understands there’s a federal task force being set up in order to deal with Bundy, and Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie is involved as well.

        “Clive Bundy does not recognize the United States,” Reid said. “The United States, he says, is a foreign government. He doesn’t pay his taxes. He doesn’t pay his fees. And he doesn’t follow the law. He continues to thumb his nose at authority.”

        Reid noted there are two court orders allowing BLM to conduct the roundup of Bundy’s 500 to 900 “trespass cattle.”

        “It is an issue we cannot let go, just walk away from,” Reid said.

        “There were hundreds, hundreds of people from around the country that came there,” Reid said. “They had sniper rifles in the freeway. They had weapons, automatic weapons. They had children lined up. They wanted to make sure they got hurt first … What if others tried the same thing?”

        • Screw you Reid,

          you call Bundy supporters terrorist,
          If you screw with anyone from here on out there are millions of us just sitting back and watching and waiting.

          You WILL get what you deserve, a noose, just like your great uncle who was hung in Mt

          • We need to do more about Reid than watch and wait. We should all be right up in our representatives faces about Reid, their colleague. Daryl Issa, the guy who does the investigations, needs to get an earful from each and every one of us…repeatedly.

            Our OWN governors need to hear that the percentages of our states that is owned by the BLM is UNACCEPTABLE.

            Our mayors and city councils need to hear the same.

            The point is, there is still more that CAN be done, besides sitting on our asses, polishing our bayonets and waiting for the war to break out.

            If there is ANY chance that they backed down because of the surfacing of the Reid deals and public backlash, then we need to keep the pressure ON…full.

            How much effort does it really take to send an email or make a phone call?

            There is more than one way to skin a dirty congressman, and we need to deploy THEM ALL. Simultaneously.

            • Yea, my congress women are democrats and useless.
              None of the reps live on our island and all of them send the same bogus form letters, this is why i am going Galt, i cant stomach feeding this broken ridiculous machine, it is sickening

              • Why are you limiting yourself to just your reps? You’ve got more than 500 of them available.

          • Sounds as if Reid’s trying to Line up his Next Job as the First gentile Goyim on the SPLC Board of Directors!

            So Far SPLC has only aprox 25 such members and ALL are zio jewish. Harry can be their “Front Man Goyim” when hes finished as a us senator….That would deflect such disproportionate numbers at SPLC of 100% Zionist jewish!

            Same thing NAACP did from very begining 1909…5-6 Russian Bolshevik jews came to usa to reside and Invent anf Fund NAACP as the Prime Training center, for training blacks to be more antiwhite and Militant etc…They too employed ONE CPUSA party member negroe guy as their “Front” Man Negroe of the NAACP Org.

            That kept american folks fooled untill 1980’s! When finally folks began to awaken to NAACP is just another kommie jewish run and funded org like their Other 300+ Similar run orgs.

            • …and rev al sharpton was a cocaine dealer who turned snitch for the feds…right guy for that job…

        • The opressive criminal government and their appointed judges always see themselves as being right and the overlords.

        • Boy, the Devil is dancing having captured Harry Reid, lock, stock and barrel.

          If ever there was a child of the Devil that old bastard certainly qualifies. Hope to see “the dick on a stick” hanging from a tree. The sooner the better.

          • Just LOL’d on that last remark….and turned my nose into a soda fountain! (ouch!).

        • “There were hundreds, hundreds of people from around the country that came there,” Reid said. “They had sniper rifles in the freeway. They had weapons, automatic weapons. They had children lined up. They wanted to make sure they got hurt first … What if others tried the same thing?”

          THAT statement was spoken out of FEAR. Not for people, not for children, but for the CROOKED POLITICIANS who know their days are numbered. Period.

          Had the government ever ‘cared’ about men, women and children… Waco, TX would have never happened.

          “qui desiderat pacem, præparet bellum”

          • To me, they proved THIS time around that they wasn’t worried about women or children when they deployed their snipers, right off the top. Everything else they say about it is just rhetoric and lies.

        • ***“There were hundreds, hundreds of people from around the country that came there,” Reid said. “They had sniper rifles in the freeway. They had weapons, automatic weapons. They had children lined up. They wanted to make sure they got hurt first … What if others tried the same thing?”***

          Hundreds? Surprised the little prick, huh?
          Sniper rifles? So much for gun control. Only Harry gets to have a sniper rifle.
          What if others tried the same thing?? We’d get back our constitutional country.

      48. Liberty movement my ass. The only liberty you morons want is the liberty to become murderous thugs and kill anyone whom you have decided are not worthy. What you fools do not realize is there are groups that that consider you unworthy and will attempt to kill you, too. Instead of polarizing, you idiots should be trying build consensus. That, however, makes too much sense for you.

        • ncjoe, f#$% you! We realize the government are the ones who want to eliminate us and there really is a liberty movement and it’s growing, you dildo. We will come together and defeat this evil known as the New World Order trolls like you not withstanding. Enjoy that trolling check while you can because it won’t last. Oh, in case I forgot, go f#$% yourself!

        • Build consensus? You mean like you are?

      49. To whomever may be reading this: I AM DAMN PROUD TO BE CALL A DOMESTIC TERRORIST!!!!!!!!!!

        Now is the time for all PATROITS to come to the aid of their COUNTRY!!!!!!!!

      50. Off topic but the worlds melting down and we have our super cool and hip president and his little bafoon buddie taking selfies like there’s not a care in the world and posting on twitter. The real world leaders know nows the time to get their agenda done. What a shame it’s come to this!

      51. What do you all make of this….link from SQ site.

        Hi Saker. A bit off topic. Some very interesting info here.

        Could you comment please?


        “According to the leading news agencies in the world, last Saturday, April 12, 2014 onwards, the plane of Russian air force Su-24 (option is not specified),
        Flew over the American destroyer Donald Cook, “equipped with the latest American ship’s multifunctional combat information and control system of the aegis, as well as armed, including Tomahawk cruise missiles. On Monday, 14 April, the Pentagon made a surprisingly emotional commentary about the event that occurred.

        Indeed: what is so that an unarmed front-line bomber, not the latest generation has passed, let, 12 times, near new, armed to the teeth, that focused on air defense destroyers of the U.S.? After all, for example, during the confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union, such overflights by aircraft ships both powers were practically at every meeting of potential opponents. So what happened this time? that hurt Americans? Moreover, according to the semi-official appeared on secondary resources Runet information after the incident, “Donald Cook extra entered the port of Romania and there’s 27-man crew have written resignation and left or namerilis′ to abandon ship. indirectly, this is confirmed by the words of the Pentagon’s statements. It argues that this action demoralized the crew. I was absolutely confused. the fact is that this long-suffering destroyer, uss donald cook (ddg-75) type “arlee Burke class destroyers, UB, multi-purpose combat speedboats maneuvering ships designed to combat submarines, aircraft (including missiles) and enemy ships, as well as for the protection and defence of the convoy ships or ships clocks at sea. armed with this ship, including two 6-barrel zu “phalanx and 74 rockets rim-66 sm-2 standard-2”. in other words, the specialization of this ship, it is a struggle not only with such slow small maneuverable targets, as the Su-24, but with much more complicated-with antiship missiles, and have higher movement speed and agility are not limited by the crew and overloads invisibility they many times superior to the Su-24. It would seem that here demoralization – stay, includes air defense, aegis, work off in close to real conditions, reflected attack aircraft likely opponent! But no, the crew was demoralized by, 27 people have written applications with the wording “are not going to risk their lives.” So what happened in international waters? I believe the answer lies in the mysterious title, as “the khibiny mountains. According to Wikipedia, the khibiny mountains is a mountain range on the Kola peninsula, in Murmansk oblast, Russia, located on the 150 km north of the Arctic Circle:) but, of course, not those hibinami was intimidated by the crew of the destroyer. The Khibiny mountains “- this is the newest Russian electronic warfare complex, which will be installed on all promising Russian planes. Data about it, how much did not look for, not found, but here it is written that the Su-24 is used for exercises in Buryatia. So, nothing could demoralize the military man as their own powerlessness! The situation in the light of the foregoing, see as follows.”

        to be continued

        16 April, 2014 19:44
        Anonymous said…

        “April 10, 2014 onwards, the destroyer arrived in the neutral waters of the Black Sea for the campaign of intimidation and force to the intransigent position of Russia in Ukraine and the Crimea. Prior to this, in the Black Sea was, in violation of the Montreux Convention, the other an American guided-missile destroyer TRUXTUN. That is, there was a typical, my beloved by Americans, the rat race and international boorishness. The Russian reaction was calm but deadly: 12 April, in a great day of cosmonautics, our ordered to fly in neutral waters, unarmed Sukhoi Su-24, but with “Khibini” under the wing. Next, all developed about this scenario: “cook” even issued a “drying” caught, played battle anxiety and metering of combat positions. Everything went normally, radar believed convergence to aegis, properly managed the targeting systems. And suddenly – clap! All died down. Aegis is not working, the screens show the dregs, even “Falanks” can’t get pinpointing! The Su-24, meanwhile, went over the deck, “cook”, made the battle a u-turn and simulated missile attack on goal. Of course, the successful -because there is no counter! Then turned around and simulated another. And so on-still 10 times! All attempts to revive aegis technicians and provide target acquisition for air defense, have failed, and only when the silhouette of the “drying” melted away in the mists above the Russian coast, the screens come to life, and guidance systems in good faith have shown clear, shining emptiness of the April sky.

        Bottom line. Most likely, after the Su-24 has included in the immediate vicinity of the “cook”, “all air” Khibiny destroyers. Our checking system performance EW, 12 (!) times a mock attack on an American ship. In all this time, the crew was unable to revive disabled CMSs. She earned only when a Su-24 left the course at the base. Then, realizing his own powerlessness against the complex radio-electronic warfare conventional bomber, 27 people and filed reports.”

        16 April, 2014 19:45

      52. There are a lot of great comments on this site about Bundy and Bunkerville Over on Silver Doctors we have some stalwarts as interested in fighting for our liberties and against that POS Hairy Weed and his scumbag cronies

      53. Sgt. Dale: FYI,I saw a train going south in south eastern IN. (headed for Louisville KY.) Total of 25 cars 10 loaded with trucks and two wheel trailers, but in the middle where 15 cars marked explosive my guess ammunition. This was a first for me on the explosive markings on train cars. Engines where gray color with no markings on them. Also I have a friend working at Crane Naval Depot in IN., all he could tell me was, they are working overtime and something big is coming up, that was just his feeling.

        • To Sgt. Dale and River-Rat: Less than a mile from my home is a street where there is an army base and 2 facilities used by our local police and fire depts. Also, TN Office of Emergency Management has a facility on this street. The army base on this street is a maintenance facility that is usually packed with vehicles, mostly Humvees and what appears to be 6×6 trucks. Over the past week all of the vehicles and even several storage containers have been moved from this facility; everything is being removed as in being shut down. Sarge said in a previous post that something is up and I have to agree.


      55. Dirty Hairy Reed is despicable. The only thing I like about him is that the Koch brothers live in his head rent free!

      56. Good article and comments. Missed you all this week. Had a computer meltdown hit on Saturday and it was the wifes fault. She decided to get rid of firefox and set up a new browser and then we got a Trojan file. It destroyed the comm files and given opsec, I decided it was just best to get a new compruter. Got a cheapo acer laptop under $300 and its running win8. didn t know my comm stick wouldn’t run on win8 so had to upgrade that too. Jeezus what an asspain its been. Glad I took the week off heading into Easter.
        Ill never get used to this laptop or kepboard. Half the things I type have to be typed a few times because Im all thumbs and wrists and this laptop cant handle it.
        Wifes in the dog house, tail tucked between the legs for her wrongdoing. Best part is she knows she was a bad dog. Got to learn her a few new tricks while shes humble now.

        • Calgacus–remember your mistakes. Unless you are perfect..and walking on water; forgive. Let it go.
          Makes for a better marriage…speaking from experience and going on 40 years. 🙂

          • Aw now JayJay I was just messing w/ the folks here. She feels pretty guilty over it all but it is what it is. Irony here is I downloaded Mozilla earlier this morning so were back to firefox unless someone here can tell me of a browser w/ decent security. Opera is a browser I wouldnt recommend to anyone but the govt .

          • JayJay I was just joking. Sent in a comment but it evaporated. Prob my fault since halfv the stuff Im doing on this laptop disappears or does a writeover. So you see, full of mistakes at this end.

        • Calgagus, welcome back. All of my computers are Win7. I looked at some win8 computers last year and wasn’t exactly impressed with them, so I’m sticking with 7 as long as possible.

          • renegade braveheart this system and laptop will outdo me I think. Glad I dont earn a living on a computer. Least we had everything on an external drive and had memory sticks for 2nd backup. The Trojan ate into some Win files and destroyed the ability to use the comm stick so it effectively rendered the PC dead.

      57. Funny, I after six years in the Liberty movement I was wondering when someone would recognize it.

      58. Speaking about coups, treason and conspiracy run amuck, what about the latest skullduggery concerning the events surrounding the supposed school massacre of school children up in Conn.? It is stated that the school was’nt even occupied between 2008-12. It was used as a storage facility for excess equipment from the city school system. It had asbestos throughout the construction just like the twin towers on 9-11. Other facts show this to be a staged event, including the hasty, hidden removal of the demolished building. It is highly doubtful anyone died during this alleged shooting. The list of government fakery grows ever longer.

        • aljamo–I taught public school–not one Christmas decoration on those windows or anywhere near that bldg.
          Yes, it was a staged drill. Made to look real to the public.
          I’d say most of the participants, the witnesses, those in town blurting the same meme?? They are millions richer now.
          Millions you say?? Where would that come from?

          Well, for starters, the Pentagon/DOD has 8.5 trillion not accounted for–a drop in the bucket to buy false liars/witnesses in a town.

      59. I am screwing around with Google map and I read the Fed are up in Mesquite. Down in Bunkerville is where the action is. Well did you notice where the Hospital is. In Mesquite. And where are the Feds. In Mesquite. Where will you go if you get hurt? To Las Vegas? Oh! They are not so Hospitable there either.

        Listen. I would want to know all the logistics. The weather, the land, how many of us vs. them. Wind direction and so on. Can we tend to the injured? Information saves lives.

      60. “Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over…” (per the ‘beloved’ Harry Reid)

        But when an illegal alien comes into this country ILLEGALLY he/she is a hero? I cant stand the double standard anymore. Ive seen the area that Ive grown up in turn into little mexico and it disgusts me. But I’m in the wrong if I don’t adapt to an invasion of my home. The government acts like the people are here doing tremendous things for America, doing jobs that no self respecting American would do. Yet here I am unemployed and the only jobs around require me to speak spanish. Sorry for the rant, I just got back from town and it just sickens me.

      61. “Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over…” (per the ‘beloved’ Harry Reid)

        But when an illegal alien comes into this country ILLEGALLY he/she is a hero? I cant stand the double standard anymore. Ive seen the area that Ive grown up in turn into little mexico and it disgusts me. But I’m in the wrong if I don’t adapt to an invasion of my home. The government acts like the people are here doing tremendous things for America, doing jobs that no self respecting American would do. Yet here I am unemployed and the only jobs around require me to speak spanish. Sorry for the rant, I just got back from town and it just sickens me.

      62. Just to be clear on what is happening on the ground here,make no mistake about the resolve.People here no who’s at the top,of the puppet controlled Federal Government and their Israhell minions as well as the Banksters that is causing the destruction of our liberty and freedoms “Just follow the money” But we have to start somewhere and i am behind the rest hear in starting legal action against the unconstitutional Sheriffs the BLM Rangers,and move right up the latter to the corrupt courts and on and on,whoever and whatever it takes! These people have no morals ,values,ethics are integrity and absolutely no regard for life either human or animal only when they have the guns and manpower on their side.
        Stand up and try to support as best you all can,because this is in my backyard today! and may be in yours tomorrow !!
        The Feds will fire the first but we will fire the rest!!
        NOMI so CATT

      63. Every patriot at the next ‘event’ should get names and photos of the .gov thugs!! They got homes and families somewhere.

        JUST IN CASE !!

      64. The consent of the people to be governed by an overly corrupt wanes each day. Rule of law by this corrupt gov’t will ignite the spark of revolution if they should attack Bundy and supporters. Law enforcement federal state and local must decide if they will enforce and support unconstitutional laws or uphold the oath. Men must choose whether being truly free is a life worth fighting for.
        I believe this revolution is being pushed forward by the elite to disguise the economic disaster they will unleash as they seek to remove the dollar and go to the mark of the beast.
        We are in times when the evil powers, men of small numbers but of evil influence, drive unwittingly toward the fulfillment of prophecy in the quest for power and conquest.
        Seems that the Feds with labeling soldiers as possible terrorists and anyone exerting constitutional rights are “the enemy” are only strengthening the freedom movement.

      65. You would all do well to listen to DK. My guess would be, and this in not an insult, that most of you live in town. BLM leases are very inexpensive and people will fight for them. Talk to your aunts, uncles, cousins etc who do live rurally. Pick your battles.

      66. this came to me in an email. it was written by Michelle Fiore, NV Assemblywoman District 4.

        The Truth about the Bundy’s vs. BLM


        I had the privilege and opportunity to learn to make a calf suck a bottle to save her life. It’s going to take a lot to revive the calves that were nearly dead when they were returned to the Bundy Ranch because they had been separated from their mothers during the roundup, and a few most likely won’t make it.

        I’m headed back to the Bundy’s today at 1:00pm. I hope you’ll meet me up there. Take I-15 North towards Mesquite, get off at exit 112, and I’ll be on the left-hand side of the road, about 2.5 miles down. Give yourself about an hour and a half for traffic.

        This isn’t my normal, nice, politically correct email, so hang on to your seats. I can tell you that after everything I’ve seen, this roundup was not about grazing fees.

        First and foremost, like all Nevadans, I love my country and support my government. I proudly support Nevada being home to military installations needed to defend our nation, the federal government test site to develop the equipment necessary for that defense, and any of the other federal lands and facilities needed to conduct the true business of our federal government. That said, I struggle to see the compelling federal issue of where cows eat.

        I spent a majority of my time in Bunkerville over the last week with the Bundy family and their supporters. During my time in Bunkerville, I couldn’t help but think about Nevada’s upcoming 150th birthday and that the federal government continues to patronize our state by trying to overstep and police our Nevada citizens. I wonder when the federal government will think Nevada is mature enough to set our own grazing rules or enforce our own laws.

        I didn’t meet one Nevadan supporting the BLM or their removal of the cows. If Nevadans don’t care about which land is used for grazing, why should a bureaucrat who works for the federal government get to trump that?

        I had the opportunity to meet the American-minded Bundy supporters from all over our country. They were peacefully protesting the BLM’s actions, and I’m excited to report the Bundy family was successful in keeping the peace until the BLM stopped their roundup and returned the Bundy’s cattle.

        I’ll also report the actions of some spineless, poor-excuses of BLM staffers. An armed BLM officer picked up Mr. Bundy’s elderly sister from behind, a total sneak attack, and body slammed her to the ground; there is video footage. This woman is the mother of 11 and just survived cancer. Following that brutal incident, another BLM officer ordered his dog to attack Mr. Bundy’s son, Ammon, and as Ammon Bundy was trying to get the dog off his leg, the Nazi-minded bully tazed him twice, once in the neck and the second one right above the heart. As if that wasn’t enough, the brutal BLM thugs beat up Dave Bundy, a pilot out of Las Vegas, detained him, stole his iPad because it contained the brutal footage, confiscated many other items out of his car, transported him to Henderson where he was further detained, then released him in the middle of street. They didn’t stop there. No, they detained two more young guys while they were herding some more cattle in Overton.

        These men and woman are Americans attacking Americans. I’m speechless. If you saw the number of police agencies united, I’d hope you’d be curious. We are talking about dozens of our finest SWAT members from Metro, Metro black & white cars, EMT, fire rescue trucks, detention buses (a.k.a. Paddy wagons), over 50 Ranger and BLM vehicles, numerous highway patrol vehicles, and a Black Hawk Helicopter on the Moapa airfield, just to name a few. We watched the Waco Massacre and Ruby Ridge; was the BLM preparing for a “Bunkerville Slaughter”? I believe in my heart because of these last two disasters, Americans from all over our country traveled from afar to stand with the Bundys and let our government know enough is enough. I’m proud to stand with my fellow Americans.

        The numbers do not calculate. The federal government had the authority and an open checkbook to spend 10 million dollars or more for a maximum return of $200,000. Here’s how I calculate that number: the BLM might collect maybe 400 heads of cattle, taking into account the number of cattle they would kill while rounding them up. From the round up, the cattle would go to auction. How much do you think you’ll pay for a half-dead, beat up cow? Let’s say they were able to successful auction off 400 cows for $500.00 each (I’m being very very generous). The brainiac head of BLM authorized 10 million dollars or more to maybe recoup $200,000. Really? As a CEO I’d fire that decision-maker immediately. In their minds, maybe it’s worth getting rid of the cows, or just killing them, so the cows won’t destroy equipment for a project they might want to implement.

        The BLM tried to paint their actions as enforcing the law; however, there are several other reasons why the BLM chose to pick this fight. It cannot be a coincidence that the place where the Bundy’s have grazed their cattle for hundreds of years would suddenly become an animal refuge for desert tortoises; is it really desert tortoises? If so, why would the BLM be euthanizing them? That’s right, BLM has EUTHANIZED 700-800 desert tortoises. Trust but verify. Click here to read one of many stories about it.

        We’re also seeing reports that the BLM land in Gold Butte is very desirable for energy projects, which may have prompted this sudden strong-arm tactic. Don’t trust me, verify it. Click here to read the BLM’s own report on the project.

        A major concern in all of this was how the BLM treated the cattle. It is completely irresponsible that after years of conversations, the Feds would begin their roundup during the season when calves are being born. In this mess, newborn calves were separated from their mothers; some were trampled in their holding pens and left for dead. A helicopter acted as a cowboy to herd the cows, causing a few to have heart attacks and die. The conditions of the holding pens where they kept the cows for days were heartless and cruel. Where was PETA?

        I do want to comment about the upstanding citizens who came to show their support, including the Oath Keepers, a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders who are committed to defending the Constitution. They are honorable men and women who acted professionally and respectfully. There were many groups of freedom fighters who traveled from all over our country to stand together. I have a very serious request to all agency officers and that request is, “not to obey your superiors when given a direct order to attack your fellow Americans fighting for the freedoms granted to us by our Constitution”. Take a sick day or a vacation.

        I didn’t become an elected official to join an elite club; I ran for office to protect the people and be a true voice for the people. I take my oath seriously. It’s time for Nevada to stand up to the federal government and demand the return of the BLM lands to the people of Nevada. BLM has shown their true colors and agenda. As elected officials in Nevada, it is our responsibility to be leaders on this issue and work together, Republicans and Democrats, to make sure this doesn’t happen ever again. Together we need to write legislation to protect our state’s rights from the Feds.

        Never forget, “This land is your land, this land is my land”…

        Yours truly,

        Michele Fiore

      67. Now that the nation sees these tyrants for what they are can we please use the same modus operendi to confront the IRS. ultimatum: Disband the IRS. Imprison Lois Learner and every IRS employee above her for 10 years and fine them 1,000,000/person. Enact the Fair tax immediately.

      68. I suggest that people take a step back and do some real sly thinking.
        You all know that Obama and the evil bassturds in DC are just chomping at the bit to turn the pit bulls loose on Amaricans.
        They have been carefully and regularly building you all to the point of EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!

        They KNEW that with each and every slap across the face, you would get more and more angry.
        They have known, with each orchestrated false flag event that YOU would find the clues they INTENTIONALLY LEFT BEHIND FOR YOU TO FIND. They KNEW that you would seethe and rage and gnash your teeth because you feel like impotent puppies. Yes, they know. They have studied and studied you.
        So now, they place the cowboys and Feds game because they know that the cowboys are not pussy men………they know they can count on you to react………and you are reacting. Then you add another pussy to the mix like Santilli, who will stir the pot and turn up the heat even more, and they are ever so close to pricking your bubble and causing the explosion they have been wanting.
        DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP!!!!!!!!!
        Take the cattle to the ranch and wait. The feds can’t keep all their bastard whores in Vegas forever, can they? Nope. They will keep them there long enough to spend some serious money but will have to go back home eventually because you will be unmoved by their provocation. They are ever so delighted to be getting the reaction you provide. This game will not be won by you FIGHTING THEM WITH BULLETS. It will be won by you if you are INTELLIGENT AND BEYOND PROVOCATION. So, get the cattle to the ranch. Keep them safe there.
        Have 50,000 supporters come out to the ranch……unarmed. Bring some steak and beans and have a very long community gathering. Take your grills to the front line and do your cooking out here where the fat slob SOB federal boys can smell it.
        Be like the really old wiry bulls that cannot be caught in the best laid traps. M
        Have a hoe down while you cover the front lines. Dance, sing,grill, and in general just carry on with being good people.
        Remember…….this is a war of PERCEPTION.

      69. The NWO has finally awaken a sleeping giant in We The People!

      70. Old Polish saying (from memory, so please excuse any inaccuracies), “The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you”.

        It doesn’t necessarily have to be a jew, just ANY politician (code word for professional liar). They attack the innocent and then claim to BE the innocent VICTIM of an “unprovoked attack”. It’s a trick they always use.

        REAL “domestic terrorists” (also known as politicians) apply that label to anyone who dares assert their rights.

        The communist jews murdered thousands in the Katyn forest during WW2 and then tried to pin the blame on the Germans (the ones who discovered the crime), and as if that wasn’t enough, they STILL expect us to believe their ridiculous “atrocity propaganda” about “six million” (one of their “magic” numbers) having been murdered in ways no country at war could spare the resources for, even if that number of potential victims had been available to them at the time, which they weren’t.

        Hitler WASN’T talking about himself when he spoke of the “Big Lie” technique.

        One final point. Don’t believe too much anti-Nazi propaganda. The Germans are our Brothers and Sisters who dared to stand up to jew-banker tyranny. They may not have been Angels, but they certainly WEREN’T the devils we’re continually TOLD they were.

        The victor writes the history books, and that was (yet another) BANKER war. The bankers fund both sides, collecting vast amounts in “interest” (rent charged on imaginary money), and it seems reasonable to assume that the bankers own the arms manufacturers, so they win both ways, while the rest of us suffer for no benefit to ourselves.


        Btw, Durango Kid is obviously a PAID troll. That’s the only reason he’s here, so it’s better just to ignore his ravings, like I do, and hope his paymasters will fire him. Chicken Biggy could be an alternative name he uses, as could several other obvious trolls.

        Trolls attack the messenger, hardly ever the message.

        Don’t feed the troll.

      71. Regarding the likelihood of a biological attack, it’s already under way. Haven’t you people noticed the chemtrails?

        Over here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again) practically everyone I meet has developed a nasty cough during the past few weeks. The previous version was a dry, choking, sneezing thing that had a tendency to cause vomiting. Now it’s changed to congested lungs and lack of sleep caused by persistent and difficult “throat clearing”.

        Google “chemtrails” and then “haarp” to learn about SOME of the weaponry they’re already using against us. It’s not conspiracy “theory”. These THINGS in “government” (they don’t have any Human qualities) want us DEAD.

        How did practically the entire world suffer continual “freak weather” throughout the Northern “winter” months? Over here we had three or four months of higher than normal temperatures, exceptional winds, and floods submerging homes and vast areas of farm land, even washing rail lines away, while parts of the US had floods and freezing weather, and other areas had unprecedented droughts. Other countries too had “abnormal” weather. Don’t tell me that wasn’t co-ordinated. As much as anything else, it was an attack on food production.

      72. Apologies for the multiple postings (one after another), but my time is limited.

        Anyone having problems with the Windoze (intentional spelling) operating system needs to DITCH IT. You don’t need to PAY for SPYWARE when Linux is both FREE and SECURE.

        There are many variations, known as “distros”, short for “distributions”, and that’s probably what puts people off. It made my own search more difficult, so if you’ve got the same problem, do what I did and choose one (more or less) at random. You can always change your mind later if you don’t like it.

        No fees, no authentication codes, no registration and no restrictions on what you do with it. Burn as many CDs as you like and share them, with Linus Torvalds’ blessing. They don’t even ask for an e-mail address.

        I chose Ubuntu, and I’m still using it three or four years later. No viruses, trojans or other malware, and all the software you could ever need is either pre-installed or just a couple of mouse clicks away.

        Like any operating system, you’ll need time to get used to it, but if you persevere, you’ll never want to go back to $eattle $pyware.

        Choose your version, download it, burn it to a CD or DVD (right click and choose “write to disc”), and that’s it. If you want to see it before installing, you can run a limited version (very slowly) directly from the CD you’ll have made.

        The only restriction, if you can call it that, is that you MUST have a broadband connection. Both the initial download and the updates are more than a dial-up connection can handle.

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