Liberals Freak Out Over Texas Voter Identification Requirements: “Discriminatory Law”

by | Oct 20, 2014 | Headline News | 257 comments

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    Last week the U.S. Supreme Court gave Texas the go-ahead to enforce voter identification laws at the polls. The court rejected an emergency request from the Justice Department and civil rights group to overturn the law with a majority of Justices on the court siding with Texas.

    The move has liberals all over the country up in arms because the legislation opens the door for other states to move in lockstep with Texas.

    Though the majority did not issue a statement, a dissenting opinion from liberal judges that included Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, says that the law is purposefully discriminatory.

    “The greatest threat to public confidence in elections in this case is the prospect of enforcing a purposefully discriminatory law, one that likely imposes an unconstitutional poll tax and risks denying the right to vote to hundreds of thousands of eligible voters.”

    At the Huffington Post, a liberal hotbed of progressive ideas, readers took to their keyboards to show their outrage over the new law.

    The law, which allows for seven (7) different methods of identification at the polls, has been attacked, among other things, as an attempt to instill white rule over minorities:


    College ID cards are not considered legitimate identification, while a concealed carry handgun licenses have been approved. Apparently, some liberal commentators don’t realize that a non-citizen can acquire a college ID if they attend school in the United States. A concealed handgun license however, requires a detailed background check… and citizenship, though some (LEGAL) resident aliens can acquire  a license under certain guidelines:


    We agree, it’s certainly voter suppression if you are not a legal resident of the United States of America, and rightfully so.

    And, of course, there’re those who claim this is a “poll tax” because it costs money to obtain an identification card to vote.


    As it turns out, the aforementioned Texas Election Identification Certificate is free of charge, but yes, the poor and old do need to travel for it, just like they might have to travel to actually vote, go to the grocery store, seek health care or take money out of their bank.

    And then there’s this guy, who suggests that this is about men versus women, because, well… we’re not really sure why:


    And, of course, no liberal comment thread is complete without accusations of racism against those who want to ensure the legitimacy of the electoral process:


    Now that you’ve read the blathering on about how this law is racist and disenfranchises poor people who apparently do not require identification to seek welfare, health care, food stamps or other government services, here are the facts.

    These are the acceptable forms of identification at Texas polling stations. A precursory look at the list and you’ll realize that 99.9% of Americans of voting age have to have at least one of these to function on a daily basis:

    • Texas driver license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
    • Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS
    • Texas personal identification card issued by DPS
    • Texas concealed handgun license issued by DPS
    • United States military identification card containing the person’s photograph
    • United States citizenship certificate containing the person’s photograph
    • United States passport

    And for those who complain of a polling tax, it turns out that the State of Texas has a web site page dedicated specifically for people who do not have the money to pay for an identification card.

    In addition to the scores of comments claiming racism, poll taxing and other ridiculous arguments against the ID requirement, there were others who understood the purpose of the law, especially in a state that has seen illegal immigration skyrocket:



    User Maggie Lin pretty much sums it up:


    What do you think? Are voter ID laws designed to suppress the vote of poor people and minorities?

    Or, is an identification requirement, given the millions of illegal immigrants making their way into the United States, a necessity in order to ensure the legitimacy of our elections?

    Yes, we know, those are loaded questions.



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      1. Liberals are trash fish coming up the trout stream.

        • So are todays so called conservatives, which are nothing more than the old days liberals. True conservatives don’t exist anymore, anywhere at all in DC or state capitols or at city hall.

          • This is a perfect example of why democrat/republican, liberal/conservative, left/right paradigms no longer apply. When the old “Divide and Conquer” strategy becomes irrelevant, THEN maybe we can earn back our freedom.

            • Time we stop playing the “elections” game. Its insulting to a God fearing We The People. Instead of trying to elect some douche bag in Washington to pass the right rules, its time we stand collectively and start disobeying the bad ones!

            • Don’t want to be united with cheating libs. Excited to stand apart from their depravity and stupidity.

              • A Wisconsin insurance executive and Republican donor was charged with voting illegally more than a dozen times in four elections.

                In Nevada and Oregon, a company hired by the Republican National Committee solicited voter registration forms, but was accused of filing only the Republicans’ forms and shredding those completed by Democrats.

                Leslie Rutledge, the Republican candidate for attorney general in Arkansas, has been discovered to have been registered to vote in multiple states in addition to Arkansas, and even voted by absentee ballot in Arkansas’ general election in November of 2008 – after she had registered to vote in Washington D.C. in July of the same year.

                Don’t want to be united with cheating conservatives. Excited to stand apart from their depravity and stupidity.

                • That must be why the democrats oppose it so much.

                • You mean that an industry filled with mostly narcissistic lawyers would lie, cheat, and steal regardless of which side of the isle they are on?
                  Say it ain’t so….

                  Sad thing is while people are arguing about what credentials they have to submit while casting their ballet they aren’t busy demanding that some of these over reaching laws be repealed. Has anyone said anything about ndaa, or patriot act, or warrant-less raids, or definition of Domestic terrorist?

                • o.k.; You gave a HANDFULL a examples; which PALES compared to rampant voter i.d. fraud in the last election. THIS LAW in NO way violates ANYONE’S RIGHT TO VOTE. Except maybe; the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL ALIENS already in the states. When did Americans become so anti American; and stupid beyond belief; to boot?

          • ht tp://

            Too bad the cop didn’t go fo his gun…….then the sovereign man would of been well within his rights to shoot him and give them some of their own medicine. And just so most of you know(because I doubt anymore than a very small majority here understand and know this to be true fact) a man is above any member of the local executive branch of government.

            • because, you know… shooting the cop to “give (him) some of his own medicine” would have been morally justifiable and would have been painted as entirely reasonable by anyone.

              Murder is murder, regardless of who’s holding the badge.

        • The progressives just don’t get it. You need ID in this country to do most everyday things in commerce and society. Try opening a bank account, cash a check, drive a car, board on airplane or buy alcohol without ID or a license. In addition, I’m pretty sure that you need ID to acquire an EBT card (I wouldn’t know for sure, don’t have one and never had one). What’s so different about any of these common activities and voting? Nothing, IMHO.

          Of coarse progressives roll out the racist card whenever they’re losing the argument. It’s their go to fall back, last ditch argument when they can’t come up with any logical, meaningful rational for their position.

          Progressives, the cancer of the USA political process.

          • In days of old, it was progressive to even think about making everyone have an ID / license…..of any kind!

            So what’s that make people today who think it is ok?

            Did words change meanings in the last 140 years?

            If that’s the case, then how can todays conservative argue those sick SOB’s who want to change the meaning of the word marriage.

            So many want to have their cake and eat it too…..or as God’s word would call it…..hypocrisy.

            • What has changed is the number of people involved. When there was only a few hundred thousand people here total, and only the very few wealthy even had a vehicle to drive, having a license was pretty irrelevant. There were only a very few cars and very few, if any laws.

              The difference between then and now, is society has grown and become more complex. NOW the govt has seen that regulating everything BRINGS IN REVENUE, and tons of it, because of the SHEER VOLUME of people affected.

              • “The difference between then and now, is society has grown and become more complex.”


                There’s Nothing New under the Sun.

                “NOW the govt has seen that regulating everything BRINGS IN REVENUE, and tons of it, because of the SHEER VOLUME of people affected.”

                Again, Bullsheet.

                This is not a new revelation for those at the top.
                Same story, different day.

                • ALERT Americans – Obama’s newest Devious Plan to Import at many as “34 Million More illegals.” Posted on “FedBizOpps” And which explains for great purposes of why Texas Requires Legitimate Citizen Voter ID Requirements.
                  This Guy DAHBOO77 Nails it most every time for his Videos with explosive Information that can open your eyes to expose this FRAUD by our Puppet Government trying to undermine Americans and our economy. Lucifer is on the loose.

                  “ALERT! Obama Quietly Prepares ‘Surge’ of Millions of New Immigrant IDs!”

            • Back then a buss couldn’t take homeless people to dozens of polling stations to vote under other peoples name in a single day. A homeless person could only vote once to somewhere within walking distance.

          • Yes, you need ID to acquire an EBT card. I think they do get it, perfectly. By requiring valid ID, you prevent voter fraud. They want to win and to make sure they win, they will cheat. They are mad we want to take away said ability.

            • Along the lines of vote fraud, here’s a story about a Republican candidate trying to cast a vote for HIMSELF and the voting machine repeatedly registering the vote for his Democrat opponent. He then tries to vote for other Republicans on the ballot, only to have those votes also go to the Democrat.

              I’ll give three guesses where this happened and the first two don’t count. (sarc)

              Crook County Illinois

              from Illinois Review via American Thinker:

              ht tp://

              • Then there’s this story about ballot box stuffing with PHYSICAL ballots in Maricopa County Arizona CAUGHT ON CAMERA in the presence of a POLL INSPECTOR.

                from the Arizona Daily Independent via American Thinker:

                ht tp://

                But hey, there’s NO vote fraud anywhere in our elections. I’ve got this bridge…

                • Obolo opens mouth and inserts foot AGAIN.

                  In an interview with Rev. Al Sharpton on Monday, Obama defended his support for candidates in top races who haven’t welcomed Obama to campaign with them.

                  “The bottom line is, though, these are are all folks who vote with me; they have supported my agenda in Congress,” Obama said.

                  He continued: “So this isn’t about my feelings being hurt. These are folks who are strong allies and supporters of me. I tell them — I said, you do what you need to do to win. I will be responsible for making sure that OUR VOTERS TURN OUT (emphasis mine).”

                  Yep, they’ll turn out all right.

                  By stuffing ballot boxes and altering electronic voting machines.

                • @ Navy
                  “But hey, there’s NO vote fraud anywhere in our elections. I’ve got this bridge…”

                  And…there’s not even a smidgen of corruption in the IRS! Laughable!!

                  I wonder if he(obola) is starting to believe his lies

          • Navy Vet, I agree. We have a similar voter ID law in TN now. I know I’ll be red-thumbed to death for this one, but here goes it: THE PURPOSE BEHIND THE LAW IS STOP VOTER FRAUD PERPETRATED BY MINORITY GROUPS, ESPECIALLY BLACK, BECAUSE THEY ARE DOING IT MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE! Not so much that it really matters with the false left-right paradigm and the repubs and dems being the same legs on the same body. Under normal circumstances a law like this is right and proper. Something people don’t realize is that voting is a very serious thing and carries a tremendous responsibility with it. In the old segregated South, we had a certain type of test that people had to take in order to become a registered voter. the purpose of the test was to see if people realized the kind of responsibility voting for public officials carries that they would be trusting to do certain important things for the good of the community, the public at large. The test was given to people of all colors regardless of what civil rights activists tell you. In way too many cases, black people failed miserably on the test so that’s the real reason they were barred from voting. it was an intelligence test. they just couldn’t cut it. When the civil rights movement came along, everything was turned upside down to give blacks special treatment. All of our state laws on voting were thrown out by the US Supreme Court. No more IQ tests, no more poll taxes, etc. The Dems will fight to the death to save the black voter fraud because that’s how they win elections.

            • To say, “with the false left-right paradigm and the repubs and dems being the same legs on the same body.”

              And in the same breath say, “Something people don’t realize is that voting is a very serious thing and carries a tremendous responsibility with it.”

              Means, you don’t really, “get it”.

              There’s a huge disconnect there, a gap, can you see it?

            • But welfare requires an ID to get while Asians & Whites are underrepresented. Obviously welfare is racist against Asians & YT

          • Here is the Truth. Like it or not. Notice Ginsburg Kagen and Sotomayor are all NWO Jew bitches hellbent on Destroying America by dilluting the White vote and European desent traditional power. Folks this is one part of our plan to destroy the Rothchilds death grip on America. Yes and this puts a crimp on Obama”s latest scheme to import another 23 Million illegal immigrant Invaders. Look that up. I’ll post a link tomorrow.

            • Obama is the Devil. LUCIFER. And his latest scam that his credit card didn’t work was BS he just put out an EO Executive Order for computer chips to be imbedded with tracking chips in all credit cards. Then he will force everybody on to plastic digital currency. To track every trasaction. Money will be banned as currency. So I will reverse corse her and get rid of your money and go buy up silver 1 oz coins or bars. You have been warned now, so get ready more crap coming down the pipe.

              • So there is a devil, but no GOD???
                You are contradicting yourself, where did humanity come from???

                • I’m not a christian, don’t care too much for the majority of that tribe…too many dangerous snags, i.e. sharp thorns, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think Jesus was one cool dude who had some very profound cognitions and insights to share, like. “He who is without sin cast the first stone” which I, from my limited bible school days, would decipher as “don’t accuse others unless we first thoroughly search our own hearts and minds to make certain that we are pure in every possible aspect”. I don’t know who are the REAL Christians here and who are the fake ones. Probably why I don’t care for the “holier than thou” self righteous crowd in the first place, too many hiding behind their “my god is better than your God” attitudes and don’t practice what they preach. but nonetheless, (any religion has the potential) can make one rise up, above those small egotistical attachments, to embrace the golden rule, i.e. treat others as we wish to be treated, regardless of their actions towards us. (I threw in the last part…my interpretation, i.e. turn the other cheek) Was that Luke 6:31?!?!
                  That was sooooooooooooo long ago. What a program that institution was/is, i.e. sunday school.

                  • Eppe the Pinhead can’t help himself. He posts some 5th grade jokes thst he cut n paste all by himself to impress his fag boyfriends here spitting coffee on themselves. Small thing for small minds. What happened to you fiahing invention. Discover somebode alread discovered the hook. Try to copy it did. Ya.

                  • European. Don’t waste your time with uninformed hicks from Georgia. These space waster got noting going on in their simpleton lives but to sit around and tell cut n paste jokes. They are so dumb they can’t even think up jokes on their own. Nor do they have any interest in helping people here with their prepping. They are a distraction to the focus of the article. And they think Jebus will swoop down and save them when the culling begins and take them to a cloud in the sky called hotel heaven. Poor ignorant souls.

                  • Here we go again…

                     WhoWuddaThunkIt says:
                    Comment ID: 3246443
                    October 15, 2014 at 10:16 am

                    I will cease ranting on Eppe, its now his choice to do what he wants to do.

                • Fuck off pinhead you contribute nothing hete. Go play with your fishing invention.

                • eppe, your cut n paste used jokes are like an old condoms, sex isn’t getting any better for you no matter how many times you keep repeating the punch line.

                  • WWTI, watch your mouth about people from GA. I have family there myself.

                • eppe, as much as you think your jokes are funny, they are not. If they are not relevant to the article, maybe go join a card playing club where old people sit around drooling on themselves. I am glad TX is standing up to Voter Fraud. I hope my state adopts this same policy. Everybody should be ID’s to Vote.

                  • CurvySoChick, if you don’t like the humor here, go to the MSM sites. sounds like where you belong.

                • nice catch 😉

              • WTTI:

                Because you bring up a name, Lucifer, from that “babble” you choose to so disparage, I feel I need to set you straight about Lucifer.

                Obama is NOT Lucifer; only one of his lesser PTB minions. The day is not to far away when the REAL Lucifer is going to be loosed on civilization, so far his minions are doing a swell job of destroying everything right in this world.

                Also, I have searched back subjects, high and low, for your purported answer as to where life comes from. Eppe states you have never answered either him nor I when we questioned you. Will restating your idea cause you such stress that you refuse to enlighten us?

                The ‘childish’ exchange between you and Eppe is demeaning to both of you. Get on with your good prepping comments and links to articles telling folks who the real PTB are. Knowing who our true enemies are is much more important than your take on someone’s jokes.

                Your scrolling fingers are presumably in good shape, use them if you do not like a comment or a commentor.

          • Exactly. Here in my state, a walker’s ID is right around $5. Sorry, but even the poorest homeless person can come up with that. If they can’t, just make such an ID card free for those without a driver’s license or any of the other forms of ID. Problem solved. Of course, the liberals don’t like such logic because it means they can’t vote early and often. Without fraud, where would democratic politicians be?

            • Defenders of a growing police state might say, “Sorry, but even the poorest homeless person can come up with that. If they can’t, just make such an ID card free for those without”

              Why do you focus So much on an ID as a cure-all when all it does is empower the police state which so many here do not want?

              “Problem solved.” he says.
              Yeah, right. That’ll be the day.

              Also, let me fix something for ya, “Without fraud, where would politicians be?”

              • Then don’t vote. If you refuse to identify yourself as a person legally entitled to vote, and vote only once, then you don’t need to vote. Voting is, after all, optional.

              • Welfare requires ID and is obviously racist because Asians and YT are under represented.

            • Oregon prisons give out free identification cards, they are state issued. You don’t have to be a legal citizen to get one, either…just saying.

              I believe we should have to identify ourselves as legal citizens to vote. They ask me for my ID every time I see a new doctor, buy cigarettes or booze.

              We may never eliminate voter fraud completely, but we can damned sure do a much better job of discouraging it, than we currently are.

            • Texans are just trying to protect their state from illegal aliens who should not even be there in the first place. As they would just vote for who offers them more social freebee welfare. Its the Jews attempt to collapse each state by bankrupting it under the weight of social programs for illegals and the lazy. This is war against the NWO agenda. Damn ZOG.

          • It’s more fundamental than that.
            While I don’t take part in the false dialectic there is clearly two sets of attitudes among them.

            The left subscribes to idealism/romantacism in principle, but it is ruthlessly pragmatic in practice.

            The right is pragmatic in principle but idealistic in practice.

            The reality is these restrictions don’t go far enough if the right want to beat the left. This is not some hollywood action thriller, the “good guys” (lesser of two evils) don’t always win. The right is playing politics, the left is playing demographics.

            And in that case, the left wins, because the long game beats the short game.

            And while the right is full of facists, with old world dreams of imperialism, the left is full of blood-thirsty neo-socialists with dreams of absolute control.

            Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. This is less about WHO is voting and more about restricting the number of people who vote altogether, makes it easier to control the outcome. The libs know this, and know there is a groundswell against them, so they let the cons have their little bit of glory so they would change focus from offense to defense, giving up political turf elsewhere. Strategy of attrition.

          • Its not that they don’t get it – they don’t care. Liberals are intellectually dishonest. They believe what makes them feel “better” and thus superior.

          • If I don’t need ID for voting I shouldn’t need ID for anything else. Period.

            This all goes back to “We the People” trading our “God given Rights” for “Privileges” doled upon us by man. We have enslaved ourselves without even knowing it.

          • Navy Vet… progressives get it… THEY JUST DON’T CARE!

          • I can’t even get into my LOCAL ZOO without my annual membership card AND drivers license (or state ID card).

        • Notice Ginsburg Kagen and Sotomayor are all NWO Jew bitches hellbent on Destroying America by dilluting the White vote and European desent traditional power. Folks this is one part of our plan to destroy the Rothchilds death grip on America. Yes and this puts a crimp on Obama”s latest scheme to import another 23 Million illegal immigrant Invaders. Look that up. I’ll post a link tomorrow.

          • Anonymous you plagiarized this, WWTI made the same comment earlier. You should be ashamed. The devil is in the detail. Trekker Out.

            • MT. Simpletons live in Georgia that cut n past material they stole. I posted this and forgot to add my info. There is a difference. Simple thieves have no place on this planet.

              • Whosaturd,

                NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU SAY! We can tell your an unhappy troll with nothing better to do but spend your government check polling for thumbs down. If you don’t like the people here, don’t let the door hit you in the ass

        • Why the fook do people use sugar coated names for idiot anti americans? Use the proper terms:

          Liberal= COMMUNIST
          Neocon= FASCIST

          What flavor of tyranny will you vote for? Like it even matters as most of the choices are pre selected by agents of the NWO. R or D means your a fooking idiot that can’t see the proof in the pudding of the last 100 years! The only vote you make that even resembles a choice is local stuff. Federal elections are a bad joke dog and pony show for idiots. WAKE UP AMURIKA! 🙂

          • Oh and if you think you can vote your way out of this mess please do this… Go look in the mirror, say to yourself ” I am the stupidest mutherfooker on earth” Then repeat until the epiphany comes to you.. 🙂

            • Pure, Genius.

              Thanks for the laugh.

              …So true.

            • Someone please query me this:

              What difference does voter fraud make, if voting doesn’t make any difference?

              • It give credence to the “outcome”.

            • I hate to say it but you are right. No one has gotten to the federal level that is for liberty in our lifetime except for Dr. Paul and you see how far he got. Shot down by his own party.

          • You mean like GW Bush Compationate Conservative, then went on to commit a million deaths in 2 illegal wars. That kind of sugar coating? Bush and Gravy Face Cheney should both be sitting in prison for war crimes.

          • ding ding ding!!!

            We have a WINNER!

            aYUP…we’ve been collectively voting for how many years all told and where we are right now is the end result of voting?

            No thanks..

            I’ll pass..


            Hat’s off to you!

            Enjoy the day


        • Yes, Lib’s choose the government solution over the free market; Lib’s believe in the collective, not the individual; Lib’s want equal results versus equal opportunity and Lib’s think passing more laws will solve the problem and refuse to consider for every action, there is a reaction

          Today’s liberalism devoid of logic…. It is solely based upon feelings. A liberal lives without absolutes, they are soft, or devoid of moral thought. After all, “who am I to judge” is their mantra……

          This way of thinking allows obama to keep the flow of incoming West African flights going (up to 190,000 annually), and diseased illegal aliens to crawl across the border then shipping them to all parts of our nation.

          This also allows obama to ship arms off to Libya and now Syria and give it to al qeada/ISIS/ISIL/IS and the muslim brotherhood (where’s the outrage—oh, that’s right… no absolutes) then they remain silent.

          This allows politician’s to pass more gun laws and create more gun-free-zones, which only helps create more areas for bad people to do bad things because they know where the easy targets reside. They are insane…….

          • Americsn need to vote against the NWO. Which means vote against any and all liberal social welfare programs set to bankrupt us and also vote agsinst conservative war hawks that are also set to bankrupt us in more costly phony wars. Jew NWO has both sides set with bankrupting schemes.

            • I live in kalifornia, where I have no vote……

        • How about we load up all the scum illegals, fags, politicians, banksters, and islamic savages on worn out cruise ships, tankers, etc.. Sail them to the middle of the ocean and sink all the motherfuckers.

        • Total horse shit, because this won’t stop any fraud. You don’t have to be a citizen of Texas, or here in Florida either, where we’ve had a voter ID requirement for years, to get a driver’s license, state ID, or a concealed gun permit. You only have to be legally registered alien for these three. The same goes for the military, one can be legal resident in his first term of enlisted service, not a citizen. But don’t take my word for it, look at the various state sites and the militaries recruitment site. Now if one has a U.S. passport, a legalization certificate, or a birth certificate from the U.S. then there is no question. But those other forms of ID are dodgy at best. Bunch of crybabies.

        • the so called conservatives are no better than liberals now, i cant see any difference in them both are a bunch of religious fanatics, newagers, and self hating fools who have sunk our ass with their stupid votes that they think has some power, what fools liberals and conservatives are, you deserve your fate.

        • Jew NWO has both sides Domocrap and Repukes setup with bankrupting schemes. Vote against evil. Why does 33% of the US Supreme court cosist of Jews when only 2.1% of the US population are Jews?? See the fix is in, and why these phony laws are destroying our country. Its all by the NWO design. Wake up Sheeple smell the Tyranny.

          • WWTI I can see by the red thumbs that things aren’t going to get better anytime soon since half of those on this site don’t recognize the real enemy.

      2. The Demon cats will either ban it or overturn it, or find some other way to go around it. So I’m going to go off-topic.

        Wife is a huge fan of the 299 Days series by Glen Tate. She got me into them as well. He just put out the last book in the series (Book 10 – The 10 Colonels)- He featured fans as the colonels – and well, guess what? He used her in the book – Chapter 360, Col. Pam Angelo. He changed a few things about her – like she’s not blonde, but a hot little redhead – but tough as nails and my wife!

        • And you do not mess with some women, like my wife also, she keeps me in line, which is my own miracle, do NOT piss her off, would rather fight a bobcat, if you know what I mean…

          • And I have to add, she gets it from her mom, I stay on her good side, whatever it takes, and my 2 daughters are like both, scary estrogen flowing in my residence, but some of yall know what I mean. Don’t mess with them, I love all of them, so I can keep my testicles….

            • Hey eppe, remember tickle-me-pink Elmo? you know the last thing they gave him before he left the factory? Two test tickles!

            • No I have no idea what you mean I was not feminized as a child. I don’t cater to the women thinking they are tough nowadays. I am a man no woman intimidates me in the slightest.

              • Anonymous, I agree with you and I don’t need my wifes permission to say so. I don’t really think Eppe is as PW as he jokes about. I surely hope he’s joking, that would be a miserable life if he isn’t.
                The problem with men joking about their or others wives being so dominant over them is it gives legitimacy to those dyke acting wives who are, and to their wimp husbands who deserve it.

              • You are not married are you?

                • That was for anonymous.

          • Your wife should beat your ass to go do something more productive with your life besides cut n paste 5th grade stolen jokes. She laughs at you, pinhead as you humor yourself thunking you are clever.

            • Here we go again…

               WhoWuddaThunkIt says:
              Comment ID: 3246443
              October 15, 2014 at 10:16 am

              I will cease ranting on Eppe, its now his choice to do what he wants to do.

              • As Mark Twain said, It is much easier to fool people, then convince them they have been fooled.

                • Yes it is and that is evedint in the false notion that the people we call Jews are true Israel.

            • Hey whosaturd, we like eppe and you….. no so much

      3. What a disaster. Like most issues that liberals champion, they fall flat usually in the first question, and if not, by the second question deep. They KNOW they’re cheating the system, but that is the price that the hard working pay for a free society for the aristocracy in socialism. And its the stupid masses that THINK they are getting freebies that usually facilitate their own downfall.

      4. I am an American who doesn’t recognize his Government anymore nor trust it. It doesn’t matter what state I reside since I am a foreigner in my own land and soon will be classifies as an illegal. So voting is null for me.

        Please don’t tell me the only way to change things is to vote. We have been fooled for decades. As my favorite commander in lie stated once, either you are with us or your are the enemy. Well I am not part of the tribe named AIPAC nor I’ll ever be. I am not part of the house of corruption aka Wall Street bankster cartel nor I’ll ever be. So they made me the enemy.

        The only way to change the current corroded criminal system is…………..

        • “The only way to change the current corroded criminal system is…………” for enough People to decide they have had enough and to Opt Out of The System and to stop supporting it.

          The first step is to stop voting and thinking it will change anything.

          The second step is to become as independent and self reliant as you can.

          The third step is to reach out to your neighbors and like minded friends.

          The fourth step is to be patient. Humpty Dumpty will fall off The Wall all on his own accord in due time from his insatiable lust to control all, to spend everything and from going deeply into unpayable debt.

          It’s called, the Crack-Up Boom.

          The sad part is, it didn’t have to be this way.

      5. Well… illegal immigrants are all part of that urgent necessity to get more Democrat voters, so I guess it’s OK. As Lenin said, sometimes you have to break a few eggs (human lives) to make an omelet (of course, in his case, it was 62 million lives, but hey, who’s counting! Not leftists!. Meanwhile, that EV-68 virus that has now killed 5, paralyzed others, and infected massive numbers of people (I had it myself – coughed for a month) is probably brought up by the illegals. It goes without saying, immigrants are more than welcome – just do it legally. See:

        Or just google EV68 and illegal immigration

      6. Ugh. Just saw a banner ad on here depicting Hitlary…I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

        Speaking of ill, there is something seriously wrong with these people who think it’s ok to have illegals get drivers licenses and vote, welfare and TANF, and handouts…but an OUTRAGE to ask for voter ID?

        2 words.
        F*** OFF!

          • AC, that image is fitting. I saved it to my computer and will run some copies of it. I’ll use one at the range next time I go.

        • The outrage is welfare, food stamps, other handouts, check cashing, banking, utilities, rent, legal employment, buying alcohol, tobacco, OTC cold meds, spray paint, graffiti remover, vehicle registration, arms, ammo, and knife purchases, any type of insurance all already require an ID. That’s the biggest kicker of all. Obummercare requires everyone to purchase insurance and to purchase said policy you are required to have ID so the law makes the liberal point moot. They will never see it that way though. You wouldn’t argue with a child because you can’t reason with a child. Liberals are children.

          • Jake, I agree. The whole thing is an outrage.

          • Here in Cali (believe it or not), the DPPS/MediCal are actually cancelling Obummer Care for los illegals (signed up with no documentation). Of course, so far it is only a fraction of the undocumented enrolled.

        • Socrates, BTW, over the weekend I saw a few bumper stickers saying “I’m ready for Hillary in 2016.” I got sick myself. the irony is that she hasn’t even announced anything yet.

      7. It goes without saying, immigrants (like my wife) are always welcome. Just follow the law (like she, and millions more, have). As of yesterday at least five (actually, I think it is six now) are dead, many more paralyzed, and tens of thousands seriously ill/hospitalized/ER visits with the new EV-68 virus. Story at But hey, no worries… all part of the cost of getting a few more Democrat voters in, who will go on the dole and be the equivalent of permanent welfare crack addicts.

        And here is Obama ripping Bush for not being ready for Avian flu back 10 years ago: or the immigration expert stating that the “Obama Admin Responsible for Letting Ebola Patient into U.S.”

        And about that CDC frantic denial about the virus? Turns out a 2013 Defense Department study conducted in Central and South America on patients with flu-like illness, first identified EV-D68 in some of the test subjects. (see ) The virus has left many children with permanent breathing problems and limb paralysis, has also taken the life of a number of U.S. children. On Sept. 25, 4-year-old Eli Waller died in his sleep at his home in Hamilton, NJ and now the one above.

        But don’t worry! The Learjet leftists don’t have THEIR kids in public schools, and live in gated communities, so they will be ok.

        • TB can have symptoms like Ebola. I saw an Indian from south of the border vomit blood through their TB mask in a So Cal ER. In many Central and South American nations, TB is endemic, and it can be spread through the air via fluids. Parents should send their children to school wearing TB masks in protest of being exposed to the third world. But then, that would be treated more harshly then drawing guns. Maybe pink TB masks would be accepted.

      8. Silly, silly liberals.

      9. does not matter at all power to be is placed in power do you really think its in our control at all if so then you should be rich from all the gold you find at the end of rainbows

      10. So many fools will fall for this as a win for freedom and all that. Go USA Go USA……fools!!

        This is a joke, voting is a joke…..they will control this too no matter who it “seems” to favor. When oh when will the masses truly wake the F up!

        • Question: “When oh when will the masses truly wake the F up!”

          Answer: There was some kind of famous guy in old Soviet Union, he said, they didn’t “get it” until the military boot was kicking them in their big fat bottom to make them go into the gates at the camps in Siberia.

          That’s kinda scary if you think about it. Especially in light of what that one Supreme Court judge said about the Japanese Internment Camps in America during WWII. Part Duex, ReDuex. Or, something like that. Whoa boy.

      11. Oh yes. The chikungunya virus has now afflicted over a million on its march northward thru Central America, and will be in American next mosquito season. Haven’t heard of it yet? Thanks to Obama, YOU WILL, very soon as it works its way north, and brought across the border by the next series of Obama’s line jumping illegal immigrants. The Chikungunya virus is now at pandemic levels all over Central and South America. But, please do NOT be worried! The new Ebola czar/crony, Ron “Klown” Klain should fix it. Klain is the same guy who has ZERO healthcare experience, was involved in the wonderful Solyndra scam, and also has his fingerprints all over the mortgage debacle. Oh, and did I mention he helped carbon billionaire Al Gore’s campaign, and helped put the vile Ruth Bader Ginsburg in her SOTU seat? Besides, as a colonial oppressor, you and your kids deserve to be infected. That is, unless you are one of the Hollywierd Learjet leftists or Martha’s Vineyard limousine liberals, or one of Obama’s elite cronies. Then you are exempted.

        Some cases already have emerged in the United States, but not many yet. The good news is that very few people actually die from this disease. The bad news is that almost everyone that gets it feels like they are dying. According to Slate, the name of this virus originally “comes from a Makonde word meaning ‘that which bends up,’ referring to the contortions sufferers put themselves through due to intense joint pain.”

        One Fox News report stated in El Salvador, health officials report nearly 30,000 suspected cases, up from 2,300 at the beginning of August, and hospitals are filled with people with the telltale signs of the illness, including joint pain so severe it can be hard to walk. “The pain is unbelievable,” said Catalino Castillo, a 39-year-old seeking treatment at a San Salvador hospital. “It’s been 10 days and it won’t let up.” Venezuelan officials reported at least 1,700 cases as of Friday, and the number is expected to rise. Neighboring Colombia has around 4,800 cases but the health ministry projects there will be nearly 700,000 by early 2015.

        • Here is another slightly related disease with further complications after the acute phase. I am pretty sure that this is what caused my deceased mother’s heart ailments…

          so far, from other research I have done…the CDC is fairly accurate on this one. In case any of you wonder, I am a nurse, RN for almost 40 years, bachelors degree, studies in emergency management, have Christian and libertarian values, live near our SGT and a few others….and agree wholeheartedly with most everyone here. Here is the link…

      12. Screw liberals.

        You can’t do much of anything in today’s world without an ID of some sort. And yet when it’s a requirement to present ID in order to exercise one of our most important rights, the liberals have a fit.

        Why can’t they just be honest and admit that they know that the vast majority of these people who don’t have an ID, most likely are illegal aliens.

        They are just all butt hurt because they know they’ll lose liberal votes.

        If these were conservatives who didn’t have ID, we wouldn’t hear a peep out of them.

        • Screw all of todays politicians. And the sad thing is, that a guy as smart as you doesn’t even realize the tragedy that you yourself just mentioned in your own post.

          “You can’t do much of anything in today’s world without an ID of some sort.”

          A travesty from the day it started til now…..but 99.5% don’t even see it. The mind control brainwashing has been a huge success for WBPTB of this world.

          • You can deal with the world as you would like it to be, or you can deal with it in realities.

            In an ideal world, nobody would need ID’s. But this is not an ideal world.

            For instance, if I sell something to someone and they want to pay me in cash (or some other form of valuable commodity), I have no need to see their ID. But if you want to write me a check, I would like to have something to validate you.

            Same with voting. A person who is a legitimate citizen, should have no problem confirming that.

            Maybe you think it’s ok for illegals to vote in our elections….but I don’t.

            It is what it is.

            • “You can deal with the world as you would like it to be, or you can deal with it in realities.”

              So just roll over? Just take what you get instead of what you were meant to have? Do you call yourself a child of the King?

              And how did you make the assumption that I wanted foreigners /illegal aliens to vote? I do not at all. Have you no critical thinking, is it that I want B if I don’t want A??

              Inquiring mind n all.

              • Looks like you are the one lacking critical thinking skills.

                If you can’t confirm that the person who wants to vote even is qualified to do so, then how do you prevent illegals from voting.

                Seems pretty simple to me. But I guess you can always count on someone to come along who will obfuscate the obvious.

                • Nice try Walt 🙂

                  If you don’t have illegals running rampant across the border ans all over the country… aren’t worried about it.

                  Seems pretty simple to me. But I guess you can always count on someone to come along who will obfuscate the obvious.

                  Your lacking the ability to “tap root” the problem.

        • Socrates and Walt, I agree, f#$% the libturds! I know for a fact a lot of blacks don’t have ID going back to the 70s. When our public schools were first integrated in 1971, that’s when I first discovered a lot of blacks don’t have any kind of ID and won’t get any, period. There are some who do play by all the rules, but way too many that won’t. OK, bring on the red thumbs. I don’t give a f#$%! I’ll stand by my statements, come hell or high water.

          • RE: “When our public schools were first integrated in 1971, that’s when I first discovered a lot of blacks don’t have any kind of ID and won’t get any, period.”

            Don’t those ingrates know they must obey the empire and those who think they rule with it!?

            Why, just WHO Are they to Dare think they are free men!?

            What arrogance!

            I bet your best solution is to put them in chains until they obey? Maybe put a large fence around them in the meantime? Perhaps enact all kinds of laws to keep them in their place until they wise up? Or, as some leader said in the film ‘V – For Vendetta’ when faced with similar circumstances, “We Must (!) have order!”

        • If illegals and dead people voted for the GOP, the left would be screaming for voter ID.

          It has nothing to do with keeping Dems from voting in any election, but it does have a lot to do with keeping them from voting more than once, or having someone else vote on their behalf based on a voter registration they many not have even made.

          If the election isn’t close, they can’t cheat. Get out and vote in November !

          • Ha! “Get out and vote in November !”

            Like its made a difference so far.

      13. In a recent argument with me, a liberal took the stance that this was voter suppression and a poll tax. His exact quote was, “you don’t need ID to exercise Constitutional rights.”

        To which I asked, “why then do I have to show ID and pass a background check in order to exercise my Constitutional right?” His response was classic liberal. “The state has a vested interest in the regulation of the sale of firearms.” I bowed out. There was no winning as you can’t argue with a child and that’s what liberals are, children.

        I wanted to continue the argument with this: If having to get a free ID causes undo burden, how is voting in and of itself not also a poll tax? If you vote by mail, you must purchase a stamp. Is buying a stamp the equivalent of a poll tax? If you vote at a polling location you must either walk, ride a bike, ride the bus, take a cab, ride in your own vehicle or ride with a friend. All of which require some form of effort or money on your part or by someone else on behalf of you. So liberal logic shows us that requiring a taxpayer funded ID to vote creates an undo burden but requiring them to find their own way to the polling station does not.

        It’s also fine for liberals to go into predominantly black churches and tell them how to vote but Houston ministers who preach against homosexuality are being threatened buy the lesbian mayor and ministers in Idaho are being threatened with jail time for refusing to marry same sex couples. Didn’t take them long on that front did it? It’s just like everything else. They won’t be happy until every dissenting voice is dead or in jail and all that’s left is an unarmed populace. Then they can have their one world government.

        • To the later point Herbert Marcuse popularized the “repressive tolerance” theory of modern progressives. “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left,” Marcuse pontificated. “Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”

          If this sounds fascist, it is. However, I would not have left any leftist standing after ANY argument, period. Is this guy an idiot? Non-citizens do not have the rights of citizens. And how then does this Einstein know who is or is not a citizen? Telepathy? And wouldn’t telepathy be mentally taxing!? But his absurd hypocrisy on the 2nd amendment tells it all

          • Non-citizens having any right to vote in this country, is absurd…

            If non-citizens have the same rights as citizens to vote, why then are they not mailing ballots to Germany, UK, Russia and the other countries?

            Don’t THEY have as much right to vote in our elections as Mexicans, Guatemalans and Brazilians?

            Those “leftists” are absolute idiots.

            • Ha! “Those “leftists” are absolute idiots.”

              So true.

              Problem is, those on “the right” aren’t any better, they can’t see the bird of prey has two wings, one on the left, one on the right, and every flap of those wings takes from you, and me, and everyone else.

              Anyway, do you really know what an An-Cap is?
              A.k.a. Anarcho-Capitalism.
              You might find you really identify with it?
              More-so than the two wings on the same bird of prey?

              • Actually, I do identify with a lot of what is considered “Anarchism.” The idea that we are all responsible for our own actions, mutual respect and that we as a people, don’t need “masters.”

                I just don’t buy that it would end up being the utopian society they seem to think it will be. There will always be a fly in the ointment, and there will always be someone who thinks it’s their job to be the fly swatter…

                • Anarchy always ends up in dictatorship of some kind or other. French Revolution, anyone? Revolution against the Czar in Russia? China through the ’20s to the ’50s?

                  Put put it a little more forcefully, there is always a percentage of the gene pool that will use force to take what it wants, and that sector breeds best when there are no countervailing forces.

        • Well I tellya, If these fagggots come trick or treating to my house I will sick the dog on them 🙂

      14. I hope the rest of the states do the same thing. The people protesting can get a free ID. all they have to do is go get it like they go out and get everything else when they leave the house. Libs are pissed when they can’t cheat.

        • Why do you wish that?

          Do you honestly think it will help? Seriously?


          So we can get a modern day conservative Republican in the horror house? How well did that go last time for freedom /liberty / constitution loving americans?

        • They can’t be burdened with getting an ID and yet voting is an equal burden. The state doesn’t drive a bus around on election day picking you up at your door and shuttling you to the polling location. You have to find your own way at your own expense or at the expense of a friend, relative, or good Samaritan. Being a poll tax or creating an undo burden is an argument that doesn’t hold water. They are relieving themselves all over everybody, all while shouting, “it’s raining!”

          • Jake,as I mention it is a poll tax in lower comment,taxpayers have to pay for folks to get “free” id cards!

      15. They’re not “liberals,” they’re statists, and they’re “freaking out” because one of their many fraudulent voting schemes was just thwarted.

        Of course, the biggest and most widespread scheme is allowing minions of the one-party system “count” votes in secret by computer, which is why you never hear about it from the cheerleading parrots in the corporate media cartel.

        Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything. Just ask Stalin…or Scotland.

        • Finally a comment I think I can green thumb

      16. There are a variety of Libs. I’m not a bird watcher, but the past couple years I’ve been a Lib watcher. There’s your garden variety low info stupid lib. There’s your banshee shrieking militant lib who’s blind to her own hypocrisy and who doesn’t know how deluded she is.

        Then there’s the evil NWO lib. All of them are bad for your health.

        • Hmmm, do I see a market for a Petersen Guide?

        • WOW! A Must Hear NOW!



          • It never was.
            This is why i say ALL politics are local, you cant run and hide.
            Elect good people at the local/state level and forget the rest.
            If good folks can be elected at local levels ,there would be no reason to think that “bugging out” was nessesary.
            Worry more about who is elected sherrif than pres.

          • Ditto Idaho, which my kids were strongly for, but I declined. For example, Idaho has a statewide building code, and it’s pretty repressive. My chosen eastern state BOL has no building code at all. Local towns may have, but I’m not in one. No county code, no state code either, except for septic. I don’t mind building safely, but having to pay off some corrupt inspector, (or two or three) to get a certificate of occupancy chaps my ass.

            Second Foundation (Azimov)

        • That was amazing to say the least. I am no longer a prepper I am self reliant.

      17. Most of the injustice and destruction that has occurred throughout this union of states is not the result of people breaking the law but rather the result of people obeying and enforcing the laws of a corrupt government.

        No matter whom votes the process will not change the fact that this government “claims” to act for the benefit of the common good of people. Voting sociopaths into an elected office is working toward your own slavery and the demise of true liberty.

        When voting you will always be putting men/women in power whose main goal is to work in complete opposition to the welfare of the nations/states best interest while delivering themselves to be placed on a pedestal as overlords.

        Voting is an illusion of having a choice. Your choice is between evil and pure evil, some choice.

      18. Maggie Lin asked, ” Are the poor oppressed when a cop asks for ID when pulled over?”

        You bet they are.
        Unless the cop is detaining someone, the cop has No right to ask for ID.

        She also asked, “When buying cigarettes and booze?”

        Again, You bet they are. By what right does the state seek to force business owners to demand an ID for anything?

        She also asked, “When crossing a border?”

        So I wonder: why was it perfectly acceptable for people to cross the borders of countries for hundreds of years before WWI without an ID? What changed so much that ID’s became the be-all to end-all? The only answer I can come up with is because tyrants (and wanna-Be tyrants) and control freaks demand it.

        ANyway, a guy wearing flip-flops canvassed my neighborhood today. He asked me if I was so-and-so and handed me a “Get out and vote” card.
        I told him, “No one should vote. It only encourages the bastards.”
        He smiled in a bit of agreement.

        • Tell ’em you’re an anarchist and that no freeman has the right to tell another freeman what to do.

          Then tell them to get the fuck off your grass.

        • why was it perfectly acceptable for people to cross the borders of countries for hundreds of years before WWI without an ID?

          It wasn’t, except in uncivilized parts of the world where borders were impossible to enforce.

          Even the Romans had border controls. Their border policy breakdowns eerily mimic ours.

      19. Sorry to be crude, but kill em all… We have to take our country back, whatever it takes…

        • I green thumbed you Eppe, with the assumption that you meant, politicians and all who work for them at every level, by “all.”

          • amen bro, you got it…

            • Oops, I red thumbed you, eppe.
              You freaked me out there for a second. Thanks for the clarification BJ. I missed that.
              …But still, kill ’em? Mang. I hate the bastards, but I won’t kill ’em. …Starve them maybe.
              Put ’em on a rock with rats.
              Make them listen to that stupid overplayed song I can’t think of at the moment.
              Deny them Starbucks.
              Let them eat squash. …And feathers.

              • This just might be the song you’re thinking of. I hear it on the Muzak at the grocery store a lot. Here’s the full 4-hour version of “I’m Happy” by Pharrell:

                ht tps://

        • Eppe, the way things are shaping up, that day may be coming sooner than anyone thinks.

          • eppe will kill them with his stupid jokes.

            • You forgot to put “cut and paste jokes” in your reply. C’mon make it an even thousand.

            • go away troll.

              • Don’t send him away – every day he saves me the trouble of clicking in to Daily Koz and MSNBC to find out what the latest “progressive” memes are.

        • I’m in agreement. Post collapse, take out your list of Libturds who were against voter I.D. and put them out of their misery. Odds are they’re unarmed.

          They are either too stupid or corrupt. End them after the collapse and help speed up the recovery. They’ll probably be coming for your food soon enough anyway. And then add their little food to your stockpile.

        • WOW Peppe, you preach the Bible and “Thou shall Not Kill.”and “Love thy Neighbor”, Now you speak of Murder. You hide behind a joke like a priest hides behind his cloth, both lurching to commit their crimes of Murder and Rape of a child. Very sinister indeed, trust No-One, people.

          • Here we go again…

             WhoWuddaThunkIt says:
            Comment ID: 3246443
            October 15, 2014 at 10:16 am

            I will cease ranting on Eppe, its now his choice to do what he wants to do.

            • eppe you are like a grade school child. Now gather your marbles and run home to your Momma.

            • Here is what started today’s battle: eppe just had to get it started: He just had to stick his digs in. How about you go run off for a few more weeks crying to anybody who will listen to you. Obvious your family avoids you.

              eppe says:
              Comment ID: 3250827
              October 20, 2014 at 10:40 pm
              So there is a devil, but no GOD???
              You are contradicting yourself, where did humanity come from???

              • WWTI, you don’t sound too human yourself. You crossed a line with that comment. I’ll take eppe over a useless commie troll like you any day.

      20. Freeslave, we ALL have to be libturd watchers these days to know what’s really going on. If you ignore the libturds for just one day, you do so at your own peril.

      21. I say if you have never paid income tax, then you shouldn’t be able to vote. I mean if your not supporting this trainwreck, then what gives you the right to determine it’s direction anyway. If you don’t contribute then you shouldn’t be able to receive anything! that includes benefits of any kind. Don’t get me started on the obolo-phones…

        • And you are what is called controlled opposition. Or IOW a dumbed down brainwashed fool.

      22. whoops didn’t think the first post made it…

      23. “We’re doomed.”. C-3PO:Starwars

      24. My grandfather was a life long Republican. I was shocked to see that he switched parties after he died.

        • dead men tell no tells, but they still seem to vote… somehow?

      25. voter ID laws designed to suppress the vote of illegal, diseased, cloward Piven zombies., circumventing the rights of the Legitimate American Citizen.
        We need to return to the paper ballot and hand counting…reporting results from precinct to precinct…no ID…no vote

        • Mail-in ballots ARE paper ballots.

          • Just to clarify six…paper balloting at the voting booths… No more computer tallied voting machines or vote counting in Spain by George Soros software…BTW…hope you’re feeling DCA yet?…:-)

            • Feeling much better. Distancing myself from idiots with doctor’s licenses, tends to do that for me. Thanks.

      26. I don’t comment often, but man, there are so many screaming mouths in my face, I can’t help it.
        as far as these libs go, every two years that there is a vote of circumstance, they are at the hilltop about racism. so be it, we had laws passed in my state over 4 years ago, but yet it’s to timely to have anyone get an ID. yeah whatever… done, fuck it. even if we do have this pass, it’s like above post, it’s who counts the votes anyways.
        I’m done with reporters declaring that the neighboring state is pressing down on them for utility bills, when the big O just closed down all the coal mining in Virginia
        I’m done with the QE market manipulations of gold, silver, and oil. (oil to piss off Russia)
        I’m done with false manipulations of ebola, ev-68.. so on and so on from both sides of the equation.
        I’m done with dumb f’k trolls on the internet that enjoy whatever it is they enjoy.

        I’m done with reading posts about how jews are the end all
        I’m done with covering topic’s of volcano’s erupting like never before.
        I’m done with legal drug addicts prescribed by MD’s being rewarded by big pharma
        I’m done with the constitution being dragged threw the shit yard on every level of it’s original intention.
        I’m done with losers being rewarded more than hard working individuals.
        I hate to admit it, but my belief in humanity is being tested, and the end result may be the middle ages of kings and queens again. brutal inhumane treatment of fellow human beings may become the norm if the lights go out.
        I know a considerable amount of you consider yourself prepped. well I would beg to differ, but then again.
        I think most will underestimate, the rest will be fooled at one point or another, it is a tough call.
        if you’ll notice I didn’t give any answers, just thoughts that are, and have been in my mind for awhile.
        I have learned a few things from you all here, and for that, I am thankful.

        • I am thankful we have a place to do such comments, sure we do not all agree, that is what makes the world go round. Thanks Mac, a real gem you have created and keep flowing…

          • eppe, I have been reading your posts now for some time, Who thunk it is pretty much right, you don’t offer anything of value. I come here to try and learn something that can help me and my kids be more prepared for the future. You just seem to post generic common phrases or as Who says, cut n past dumb jokes that are not even funny. Pretty lame really. You would be better off just post the web address link where you got it, instead of making any generic comment. Do you have any thoughts or ideas you thought of by yourself? You know, anything you can think of all on your own? Anything or tips? I pretty much just skip over your comments since there is no value. Sorry, I just had to finally say something. I raise chicken and get about a half dozen eggs a day, and I find using grinded up oyster shells to sprinkle on the ground in the hen pen, helps keep the egg shells harder. I think it is calcium that hardens the shells when the hens eat it.

            • Here we go again…

               WhoWuddaThunkIt says:
              Comment ID: 3246443
              October 15, 2014 at 10:16 am

              I will cease ranting on Eppe, its now his choice to do what he wants to do.

              It is easy to change names here as other people. We all know it is you…

            • Miss Woman Chillin- RE: P-eppy Dung

              Thanks, I have tried to get this space waster to move on to some remanufactured joke site, so we can discuss relevant issues or stick to the article. You are not alone. Some people never grow up or have to much time on their hands. How pitiful P-eppy dung worries about some posters who tell the joke hack to move on. He should focus on his own preps. Any other info you are looking for? Sounds like you have the chicken hutch coming along good. Fresh eggs are the best I hear. WWTI

            • being that u r from Mississippi kinda explains it.

            • MS Woman chillin, welcome, and we appreciate the fact you came here looking for prepper info. Please don’t let WWTI mislead you with his attacks on eppe. Eppe runs our comedy dept. here and we believe he provides a valuable service making us laugh considering how things are going out there. WWTI is just a sour grape troll who wouldn’t know truth if it came up and choked him.

      27. They’re not upset this would prevent their constituency
        from voting.

        They’re upset this would prevent their constituency
        from voting twice.

      28. Personally I would take 1 in 10,000 people voting twice over putting laws in that can limited voting. Just like firearm laws you can’t give them a inch…

      29. They distract us with Voter ID Requirements!


        = To keep us all from seeing how their software STEALS your vote (= elections) since PAPER ballots were virtually FRAUD-LESS– which the former President eliminated!

        Wake the flock UP, people!

        Like a Magician, the powers-that-be are using those easily hackable ELECTRONIC voting machines to keep you from seeing who REALLY is behind that curtain!

        On the eve of Halloween, that ain’t no treat, my darlings– it’s a nasty TRICK!


        By the way, I love you all, and this site ROCKS!

        By the way, Eppe, keep those jokes coming. And be sure to buy your daughters Dave Barry’s latest book, “You’re Not Dating Until You’re Forty!”

        [They might hate me for that, hehe.]

        – the Lone Ranger

        “We hang the petty thief, and elect the bigger ones to public office.” – Aesop

        • The last few elections at my local polling place used paper ballots. And the last time I voted, they asked to see my drivers license. They said it was a test run for the next election. Every time I vote, they ask who I am and then put a check beside my name in the book so I can’t vote twice.

      30. It’s all one government up there.
        Elections will be rigged.

      31. Im sick and tired of these dumb ass bleeding heart libtards, they can go to hell

      32. I personally think if a person can’t muster the initiative/resources to possess an ID they have no reason to expect to contribute a voice as a vote…

        • Yep, if they are that dumb they probably shouldnt have kids either

      33. Picture Id plus dip thumb in paint – and seal that f##king border.

      34. I hope everyone realizes that with regards to the election of the president, you have no official say. When you vote, you are merely suggesting who you would like to see as president.

        It is the electoral college (house of representatives) that elects the president of the United States. There is nothing in the constitution that says the electoral college has to vote in synch with the people’s suggestion. And no, even if your state has “rules” as to how the electoral votes are to be distributed, technically, it doesn’t matter.

        It’s all part of the illusion.

        • You’re sooo stepping on the buzz of the “Get Out and Vote” zombies, Cellar Spider.

          Durango Kid and those like him must be spitting spittle on the screen if they read this far down the comment section.
          It’s easy to imagine.
          Oh crap, what a lead-in to a nightmare that is.
          And gross, too.

          Sorry about that.

        • So true, Cellar Spider.

          Electoral college has got to go. It was a good idea at the time it was first implemented, but that was a lonnnnnnng time ago.

          • Sure, get rid of the electoral college system, and eliminate the vote for anyone not living in New York, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, or Illinois.

            • +1000 to that.

      35. Wow, these Liberals would do anything to hide their motives. There is nothing racist about ID systems.

        It looks like the same Progressive government in Canada which adopts Liberal policies under a Conservative shield. They pander to the Liberal feminist movement and pretend they support conservative values.

        Ask a Liberal/Progressive government to release information about political fraud, scams and criminal activity of the Liberal institutions such as public office, public schools, etc, and more likely they will go out and get that person like the Communist criminals they really are in reality.

      36. it’s gonna get crazy… WILD WILD WEST CRAZY!

        as more and more mexicans/ SOUTH AMERICAN BROWN FOLK immigrant north, so to will their corruption, gangs , drugs AND VIOLENT CRIME.

        they will force out whites and blacks from their own neighborhoods and prey upon them.

        i’ve seen it time and time again in the east IMMIGRANT IMMUNITY SHELTER SANCTUARY cities and now in the rockies. And the liberal whites are helping them by becoming their prostitution customers, maid clients, nanny clients, illegal drug customers and illegal drug mules. i’ve seen that right here in the rockies. where my own army veteran corrupt landlord, THIEVING/ DAUGHTER MOLESTING marine veteran ex-con property manager and ex-con cali-mexican gang banger CALI parole JUMPER violator neighbor had/ AND STILL OPERATE their own drug import and distro business to the north rockies from cali and texas. tried to tell the local BARNIE FIFE lawdawgs of it and they didn’t do a damned thing about it. to many drug cases already on their plate.

        so realize this is still the beginning of a HUGE SHEEIT MEXICAN BROWN SANDWICH INVADING ZOG AMERIKA and you will all have to take a bite of it before it is over.

        YOU WILL ALL BECOME VICTIMS OF IT. mexican brown is here to stay.


      37. Instead of making these liberal filth provide a valid I.D…. they should instead use the polling stations to screen for drug use, outstanding warrants and back child support payments on election day….

        Half the democrats won’t even show up

        • The police state loves you, Risky Whiskey.
          Just grind on that Left/Right paradigm as if it were real.

      38. Ugh. I couldn’t even get through the comments in the article itself. The reasons against voter ID’s were just too stupid for me to read at this time of day (3:55 a.m.).

        Yet another item that differentiates me from the garden variety liberal, I guess. I think voter identification is a great idea.

        • When I see someone say, “I think voter identification is a great idea.” I don’t think about the voting part, I just see how it’s another step towards the acceptance of a national ID, a.k.a. the mark of the beast.
          How anyone could be in favor of any of that, i don’t know.
          Maybe they like the idea of a caste system?

          I mean, did you see the video I posted?

          And, if it matters, Voting don’t mean Jack.
          It’s Not going to change anything.
          All you’re doing in clamoring for voter ID is setting yourself up for a national ID and Big Brother 1984 on steroids. You’re wishing for a very anti-American environment. The same as the motion of voting creates.

          …But as “they” say, Democracy is the notion that the voters deserve to get what they want, good and Hard.
          I suppose it’s inevitable.

          • Helot-
            Do you have a birth certificate?
            A social security card?
            Ever pay taxes? Bank acct. or utilities ?
            YOU are already nationally ID’ed and part of the “system”.
            Proof of residency to vote dont mean jack .

            • cell phone
              Apple account
              Google account
              Internet connection from one of the “geographic monopoly” grantees
              — Since you are posting here on the Internet, you can already know your butt is tracked daily. Read back to the comments in a past thread where somebody told his daughter that and she didn’t believe him. the girl went out and posted something bad about someone high up on FB and then the essess came to his house and searched his computers and everything. Voter ID is nothing. Big Brother is something. Read about Carnivore from the last century for crying out loud.

        • Jenn disgusting lib enablers are all around.

        • Jenn,the comments with in article do not seem any more intelligent with a few cups of coffee in your system at a reasonable hour!

          • LOL! So I’m seeing. (I’m on my third cup now. Maybe I should switch to alcohol?)

      39. Is anyone really shocked that “progressives” are freaking out over this? Particularly after they have worked so hard to flood the nation with illegal aliens in order to maintain their primacy at the polls? Let’s just be blunt and honest here for a moment and recognize what this sieve that is our southern border is about. It is about flooding the polls with voters who are likely to vote Democrat because of the many favors they have received from “progressives” in order to get here and then live here. I really don’t care what “progressives” say anymore and I care even less when they howl “racism”. Whenever I hear a “progressive” howl “racism” I immediately tune out everything else that moron has to say. To me howls of “racism” are nothing more than “progressive” conspiracy theory.

        • We should be concerned about “who” among the illegals are being allowed into our country and “what” their marching orders might be.

          Looking back at the Russian revolution and the murder of millions; the “grand masters” of that Revolution were Bolshevik Jews imported from the US, financially backed by New York banksters. You might pause for a moment to ask yourself why rich NY banksters would finance that revolution which killed off millions of Russian people and began the installation of communism around the world of today.

          The “new generation” of Bolsheviks have hijacked our government; are they importing “thugs” through our southern border to help them bring America to its knees.

          They already have the ability to swing elections their way. The “one man/one vote law assured that the biggest cities in all states, with their huge populations, would control the elections. I would agree that the influx of illegals into these cities will contribute to votes for “their” candidates.

          It is time to throw away the “I Hate Liberals and Democrats” theme, time to recognize at the national level the dems and repubs are just a two headed snake.
          And further, the Supreme Court is really the ‘law of the land’. And time to realize that the Supreme Court dances to the tune of those PTB we hate so much; but most refuse to identify. That court has been hijacked just as our Congress and Senate and government has been hijacked.

          Never, will we be able to right our ship as long as we continue to deny who is in charge of America and what their final agenda is.

        • Words of racist and antisemite and most all other such words used as a weapon against white folk and conservatives, were invented by bolshevik russian kommie jews such as trotsky (Birth name of leon trotsky was Lieb or lev Bronstien aka jewish, so was lennins real birth name but I now do not recall lennins real name) Karl Marx was jewish and raised by daddy jew rabbi and grandpa and great graddady Rabbis too.

          They invented such words and terms to subdue and control thru guilt whiteys and christians in eastern europe once jewdeo kommie bolsheviks gained total kontrol.

          Lennins very First national Law was a Ban on all forms antisemitism…IE: Anybody “Suspected” of saying anything considered against jews such as if person stated that communisim is a jewish invention, which Yes it was/still is, was considered a “suspect” then rapidly Shot in back of skull for violating Lennins antisemite law.

          Regardless how long most remain in full denial of it all….Facts can be easily seen today that yes america as well as EVERY white nation globally are fully in the control of jews…as is every media of TV-newspapers-hollywood and most professors at most every formerly christian usa university.

          Of the aprox just less than 300 Spies caught in usa since end of WWII, ALl but 3-4 spies were jewish…Some from israel, some other places, most from usa citizenry jews.

          No sane person can deny such facts as its well documented and jews, libs, kommies can NO longer hide it from us all any longer…Yet the vast majority remain in abject denial, and almost as many are faster than a jack rabbit to Pounce on anyone else who states such truths in todays usa….They rely on Group-Think…in a room filled with even 5000 persons, if after some claim made by a jewish persons got challanged during Q & A session once speech was done, say for example I was there, heard some jew women claim she “escaped Hitlers Aushwitz death camp”, then during open mike question times, I stood up and said “Gee lady maybe its me but You look as if You were NOT yet Born untill at least 10-15 yrs AFTER WWII ended! so How can You possibly have escaped nazi camps as you stated of”?….if You bet your entire net worth that at least her and 4998 attendees, would instantly Yell at me, call me a evil nazi or evil jew hater and demand I exit asap out of there…You’d Win that bet hands down! Group-Think at its finest on display…Once just one single asshole jew firster shaboz goyim in that auditorium yell’s out such vile name calls in order to imply whitey guilt PC so to shut me up, all others there will definatly chime in as a “group” so by doing that they hope the jewish speaker will tell them white idiots what real good folks they are for backing up her scam fantasy lies!…Never mind that she, the jew women speaker is ONLY aprox 50 yrs old NOW! Way too young to have ever been inside any death camp during WWII!!…Facts do NOT matter even if all other 4,999 folks there are also conservatives or “jewdeo-christians” ( an huge Oxymoron if ever an oxymorn existed!) or Both…ZERO difference from how you’d expect liberal dem kommies to act in synch with kommie group-Think tactics eh…

          IMHO best estimate I’d venture to say there are no more than One person in Ten Thousand in the usa that are jewized-Up, Knows real truths and facts, and are willing to Say so even In public!( Like I am and regularily do).

          I also believe unless that 1 in 10,000 truly awake number drastically Rises and fast?….America is Toast, and its a fools game to decieve yourselves with ideas of some magical wonderfull “RE-SET” so many folks here clamor for…It takes far greater percentages awakened to truth and of whom are the true purvayors of americas demise for Any such re set to ever occure….Tons of Red thumbs and the usual membership here calls of hate inspired vile name calls of me for stateing such Truth here should also be a good indication I am correct.

          So far at least 56 nations have Hate speech laws that are prosecuted. Most prosecutions are for folks who Dare to question or refute ANY jewish holyhoax claims jews make or made.

          Yet that same person can question or refute ANY/ALL Other issues of historic claims by ANY body other than jews claims….

          That Fact alone, that folks get tossed in Prisons in so many nations simply for questioning any jews claims like their Now proven false claim of “six million jews” should speak volumes….”IF” 1% of jews claims made just since WWII ended were actually truthfull?….They’d never need such threats of serious prison time for simply questioning jews or asking for documented proofs of the jews wild fabels and claims so often proven as false.

          ONLY True Kommies act that way…Maybe its due to communism being their own jewish invention eh.

          Todays america IS same as soviet run russia was under jewdeo bolsheviks…Except of course they cant simply shoot us here like in russia or ukraine etc snce we have a 2nd amendt and lots of firearms…Here jewdeo kommies use another jew invention called “the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxisim” which german jews brougt to usa back in circa 1936 and began to implement it first in the universities on the admin staffs and professors, then they in turn Taught the collage student body, then those kommie leftist aged a bit and got themsleves elected…Now we have Finestien, Bloomberg, Schumer and a shit load more of top jew officials, ruleing over and always watching with sharp Beedy Dark souless eyes over the Shaboz Goys such as Hobammy and klinton ET AL liberals…While the rightside neocons has their share of jew officials keeping a very keen watchfull beedy dark souless eye upon Neocon repub Shaboz goy officials such as elected by brainwashed evangelicals and Tea party similar types…Shaboz Goys like Newt Gingrich etc…

          And any such elected Shaboz goyims ever decides to come clean, report in Public truth about these jewish run issues?….They will be called an evil nazi jew hater and a racist negroe hater and never get re-elected again.

          Anybody old enough to remember the things we were warned of 50 yrs ago by many men that quickly got labled as a hater and racist back then and ever since then, must admit that every warning we heard since Ten yrs old 50 yrs ago has proven as solid factual truth…Its ALL happened exactly as they tried to warn us it will.

          Yet even on That, most otherwise smart folks today remain fixated on denial and refuse to ever admit that this is so. Think Back what you heard since a young kid 10-12 yrs old 40-50 yrs ago by folks like David Duke etc…no matter what else you may like or dislike with him and many others like him…100% that they pre warned white folks of HAS occured as they said it will.

          Apostate pastors that care more for vast massive $$$$$ wealth, multi million dollar homes for them and each of 5-6 their kids homes too, plus have or want their Own private jet like jewish israel gave free to Hagee for being so pro jew has been the worst of many enablers and apostate teachers responsible for this fiasco we still call america. “IF” I was the Boss when it comes down to it?…Such pastors along with TV media and news persons would be who I’d demand be First group placed against that proverbial Wall, if you know what I mean. Nobodys done worse dammage the past 50 yrs than them two groups. Polititions comes and goes but traitorous preachers and tv news personal remain hired and activly assist kommie marxist jewry and kommie blacks wreck and ruin our nation untill the day they bite the dust.

          PS: whens the last time You heard lib komies or nwo globalist types whine or cry of how nations that are NOT mainly white countries Must be “Multiculturalized by Diversity races”?…Is it just another sheere “Coincidence” that ONLY every White nation has and is being so multicultic diversified by so many NON white races and such massive Huge Hoards of non whiteys Flooding like a tidal wave event into said white countries?….NO! There is NO such thing as such “Coincidence’s”! it Is ALL Planned by Design to minimize, minoritize, and destroy whites and whites only, prior to the final destruction of white nations…Ever wonder Why so many races and jews as a group(No not all jews of course, its that lousy 99% of em who make it look so bad for the rest always, yes I fully agree) Never scream for Japan or China or Africa or Mexico or any other non white based nations to be invaded with huge Floods of folks unlike them too? Indeed! and you wont ever hear such clamorings either!

          Census stats has whiteys as around a Third of worlds total POP in 1900 era…Today its Down globally to around just 8% or Less white folk globally…Coincedence? Not once You comprehend the tribes protocols of Elders of Zion writeings it aint.

          Zionisim is simply Marxist Communism For Goyim non-jews…Communism Is Talmudisim For non jewish Goyims.

          And once the REAL antichrist guy is revealed and hes a Jew male, there wont be many deniars left at that point eh!

          • Another paid-by-the-word IslamoNazi poster. When will it end?

      40. Oh yeah Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Time for you to weigh in on the Federal Government tracking of individuals and various requirements like identifying anyone who posts on the Internet. $100’s Billions have been spent on that! If you think requiring someone to prove their citizenship to their voting district is illegal, then you certainly think requiring Google, AT&T, and others to identify someone by name and cell phone number or Internet account number when they exercise their free speech on the Internet is illegal. Time for you to put your Decisions where your Lies are!

      41. Good Morning Everyone,

        Please forgive the sheer length of this post…there is much here to account for.

        On the Solar side of Life….NOAA 12192 is becoming a comprehensive study in the use of ‘superlatives’; it is, and remains at a very high probaility of a high magnitude event (extraordinary even) for it’s
        forseeable transit across the visible disk.

        The STAR report was updated this AM, reflecting the most recent solar data available, and is – in a word- ‘concerning’. NOAA has actually increased it’s sze and complexity over the last 36 hours. Occupying 2830 SM (Solar millionths)(STAR’s estimate, NOAA’s is slightly less) of the face of the visible disk. As such, the region is now considered to be THE largest sun spot recorded throughout this, Solar cycle 24, unquestionably. As well, the current visble number of individual spots within the group – one measure of the overall complexity of a region – is extremely high at 63; the highest such count I can recall, in recent years. Additionally, the group’s overall magnetic complexity is fast becoming extraordinary.

        ‘Polarity Intermixing’ refers to a condition/state where regions of measureably opposing polarity are clearly ‘intermingled’…mixed together in close contact within a group. At present, NOAA 12192 is easily the most extreme example of polarity intermixing seen throughout this cycle…another measure of a spot region’s complexity. Thus, on balance 12192 is THE spot group for this period.

        On the siesmic side of life, Bardanuga’s activity ha increased over the last 24 hours. Specifically, the ‘column’ of seimic events centering through the region of activity has indicated a blossom of such from the full depth scale of 16 kn all the way to the suface. As well, we are seeing that in accounting an increasing number of 5+ magnitude tremors, one of which was the deepset yet recorded – of significant magnitude – at 5.2. In the last 8 days we have seen siesmic activty as
        follows…please note that this NOT a comprehensive listing of all activity, but intead is here narrowed to only ‘Polar Bears’…activity at regions either far Northerly or far Southerly latitudes;

        Eight-day Seismic Synopsis:

        Multiple Events Bristol/Visokoi Islands, deep Southern Arctic Ocean

        Greemlnd Sea, between Iceland and Svallbard,

        Severnaya Zemlya, deep arctic sea, North of Ruussia

        Prince Edward Islands….South of Africa,

        North of Toktoyaktuk, Canada also arctic Sea,

        Balleny Islands, proximally south of Austrailia,

        and of course, all the activity seen at Bardabunga, Iceland.

        As well, we are seeing multiple disturbances along the whole length of the Atlantic Ridge, at least two of which are within the ‘area of concern’ that ‘Be Infoemd’ previously designated/denoted as being of primary concern for the generation od stress/strain along the New Madrid fault line…both being located within the
        zero to 10 degree latitude zone.

        As of this time that concludes all surrent updates, TMK

        Adios Friends

        • Good morning and thank you for the update


          • Good Morning GR!

            As you can see, I HAVE been a tad busy of late! In truth, there is so bery much going on right now….I can scarce remember a time when so MUCH was happening all at once. Likely, this is mere coincidence, yet I muse on the strange train of events we are witnessing around us now; from the human sphere, to the astronomical to the seimic….’tis odd, No? It somewhat tickles my curiousity in that way that I am come to recognize (with advancing age) as a ‘hint’ that ‘something’ deeper is operant here, though I yet be “woefully” inadequate to determine the ‘what/why’ here involved. We are all finite, more’s the pity.

            It is maddening at times to be me.

            Brother, I presume that you have been ‘watching’ the ebb and flow of dialogue hereabouts of late, Yes? If so, then – likely – you have perused my previous missives to Night Breaker, Durango Kid, et al…and of course Canada Canuck? I suspect that you can infer my basic motivation from those, that is to ‘increase’..very slowly, very carefully? Capice?

            Dwell on that for a time…should you – at the fundament – be yet ‘non-plussed’ by your own preparations therefor. Consider that as ‘offer extended’ thusly. If I have not yet made mention of various specifics here then thusly I re-iterate; we are now become 68 in number…well apportioned, gentically diverse, needing for little of anything – whatsoever – beyond the skills and talent of those of ‘good mein and character’. I intuit here that you may be onseuch of those as we are yet seeking…dwell on it for a bit, surely.

            Beyond that, there are ‘formidable difficulties’ associated with the issue of contact and coordination in the current ‘environment’…as I suspect that you are perfedctly well aware. Leave all such aside for the nonce…for a brief time yet, S’OK? Later on that…

            Oh, a last thing here. Do you have Google Earth installed on your ‘pute? If not, then get it. Once you have done so, go take a look – broadly around ‘Chisana Alaska’, that is a ‘GHOST TOWN’, literally from the time that a gold rush of sorts was occuring in the earliest part of the 20th century: It is a facinating place Friend, truly, a place fully restored for historical purpoes..and yet – oddly – not one living soul there…whatsoever. Take a look around there, at the topography as time permits.

            Well, have to go, have a ‘Moose hunt’ to engage in today…will be trying out my Browning X-bolt 375 H&H for the first time! Quite likely, this will be the last this season that we will be on. You might well wish to keep a close eye on the Solar thing today…it’s acting mighty ‘squirrelly’ and I will be ‘out of the loop’ for – possibly – upawards of 36 hours.

            Till later then, Adios All

            footmote; please tell CC I will be engaged for a bit, unavoidably so, the larder must be stocked after all as winter approaches.

            • Mr R;
              I can imaging that things are immensely busy for you, considering your locale and the quickly approaching winter.

              You are correct that I have been following the dialogue over the past couple of weeks. I appreciate your inclusion of myself. Much to dwell upon….

              Good luck with the hunt, to say the least – I am jealous

              On the solar front, to be honest this one does concern me. I guess we can only wait and see how it plays out.

              Till later

      42. This does not include a poll tax?!Of course it is a poll tax,on the taxpayers who have to pay so folks can get the “free” voter id card!

        On a side note,this guy is pretty funny in his obola response: ht tp:// ,space in http,you know the routine.Though meant to be humurous he actually with the stick and knife comments not too far from the mark keeping the infected away from you,the Guru Of The Ghetto,yep,this guys pretty funny.

      43. What I find funny is the people who continue to bring up race as an issue are the people who claim that everyone else is racist. I’m sick and tired of the “race card” being pulled any time there is a black person involved with a white person and the black person loses. It is pathetic and we need to stop giving in to this nonsense. And demanding that US citizens prove that fact prior to voting should be federal law. I don’t understand these people who want to continue to allow the minority to rule the majority. We are a melting pot and culturally diverse, but we do not need to bow down to those here illegally.

      44. Come and listen to a story about a man named Bur Rack
        A community organizer, livin’ on the peoples’ back
        Then one day he was frettin’ ‘bout his race,
        And up through some cronyism he got a Senator’s place.
        Government that is. Others’ gold; tax free.
        Well the first thing you know ol’ Bur Rack’s a millionaire,
        Demfolk said, “Bur Rack move away from here”
        Said, “The U.S. capital is the place you ought to be.”
        So they sealed his college transcripts and he lied his way to D.C.
        Socialism that is. No Budget. Scandal after scandal.
        Y’all vote Democrat now, ya hear?

        this country is so cooked

      45. If you enjoy hunting or shooting you had better think LONG AND HARD before voting for ANY democrat. If it ever becomes politically prudent you can bet your donkey that they can and WILL remove our second amendment rights! Liberals try to dismiss this fact by downplaying it and scoffing that “no one’s after our guns”….yeah right! That’s why Michael Bloomberg continues to spend millions and millions of dollars doing just that, he is literally BUYING the re-election for Chicago congresswoman Robin Kelly in exchange for her NON-STOP promotion of stricter gun laws, Gabby Giffords runs around the country in her new full time job of pushing for more gun laws, remember the little cross country bus tours set up by Obama featuring the parents of Sandy Hook victims……..Think it can’t happen? Every day this president, that fancies himself a king, wipes his #$%$ with our constitution. Look at how Obamacare was crammed down our throats, look at how Harry Reid simply changed 200 years of Senate protocol so the democrats could approve their far left judges, look at how the Justice Department enforces the laws they agree with and simply ignores the ones they don’t (even going so far as SUING states that try to enforce the laws themselves). Look at how the Supreme Court twisted the law to proclaim Obamacare constitutional when even a child can see that it isn’t. The simple truth is this administration does whatever they damn well please whether it is legal or not and you can bet that Hillary will do the SAME thing! The groundwork is already being laid for our gun rights to be taken away, earlier this year the Supreme Court refused to hear two major gun rights cases and just the other day ruled in favor of gun control activists in Abramski v USA. A few weeks ago former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens said in an interview on ABC that that “the second amendment needs to be rewritten.” Those of you who live in rural states need to be particularly wary, democrats like Mark Begich, Joe Manchin, Mary Landrieu, Kay Hagan, Tim Johnson and Mark Pryor etc… will promise you the moon and stars and SWEAR to you that they will never take away your gun rights, then once they’re elected they will march lockstep with democrat leadership and vote however they are told…again, remember Obamacare! Don’t take this lightly people, once these rights are taken away they are gone…..FOREVER! They will NEVER be given back!!!!

        • Great post, Enemy of the State.

        • Enemy Of The State

          The preservation of the Second Amendment is the only reason I bother to vote. Its the one issue that the politicians know in pro gun areas (and our vote makes a given area pro gun) that can put them in or out of office.

          I should often wear a clothes pin on my nose when going into the voting booth.

          I have an unwavering core belief, “I don’t”.

      46. Living in Texas I have supported the Voter ID law but as time goes by I’ve realized it probably doesn’t matter. Considering the economy, the debt, the MASSIVE unfunded liabilities and an insane derivatives bubble I don’t think a Conservative President and a 100% conservative congress could get us out of this mess. It’s gone to far to turn around.

        • It only matters where poll workers will enforce it, which is to say that voter ID won’t make a bit of difference in the blue states. Getting rid of early voting, no-cause absentee voting, same-day registration, electronic voting machines, etc., will do more good.

      47. It’s all about the invaders being allowed to vote. They will always trade their freedom for free crap. The Leninist’s can then take away every liberty and freedom you have left.

      48. A lot of dead democrats are going to be pissed off that they can’t vote anymore!

        With the planned massive influx of illegals after the coming election this victory will be meaningless in the end….

      49. I know that voting for the lesser evil isn’t a viable solution. Im aware the republicans are no better than the dems. However I will still vote. The Reason is I like to vote against whoever is the incumbent. Blanch Lambert always voted for whatever the democrat libs told her to. She voted for the Obama care. Well the very next election she was soundly defeated. He defeat brought me great joy. Now we have Pryor up for reelection and he supported the Obama care and Votes with Obama. So im pretty sure he will be defeated also. I know their replacements wont be anything more than a lesser evil. However it cuts off the gravy train for the present no good.

        • If you don’t go to vote, you won’t get to turn down these spending issues referendums. My local school district built a gigantic palace of a campus about ten years ago, but they never planned out the operating expenses, so every single election they come at us with another bond issue or millage. They like best to slip them in on local elections or primaries where many fewer people go to the polls. So far they are losing, but never by more that a few votes. Last one was just 16 votes IIRC. I just love to read the weeping and moaning in the local paper the week after.

          Another thing to get involved in is state committees for your party, which are elected positions, but if nobody runs, the party bosses get to appoint their pals. THIS is why you get so many lousy RINOs standing for state offices, which in turn affect national elections. Those committees make the candidate selections. Get on a committee, and you WILL make a difference.

          • Yeah join some “committee” like old coach’s favorite AIPAC right. Where old coachboy was taught to call everyone who outs jews as swindelers a evil nazi.

            Talmud 101= Antisemite and evil nazi are Everybody jews hate. Talmud 102= ALl non jews=Goyim(animals withOUT a soul) and All non jewish Goys are antisemite evil nazis.

            Talud 103= The ONLY exception to Talmud rule 101 & 102 is…Jews LOVE Shaboz Goyims (all goy non jews who lick jewish ass, coverup all jew scams, swindles, mass genocides of whites and christians, IE: see 1918 jewish revolt against russia christianity and whites for starters)..And the #1 favorite Shaboz goyims jews “Tolerate for a time” are those wiley woefull too brainwashed to realize that they are a total Oxymoron that never existed and never will nor can exist in reality or Truth, aka them 50-Million self labled, “Jewdeo-Christians”!!

            Jewdeo=Talmudic…Talmudic= the worlds worst ever most perverted, satanic inspired written materials that are 100% totally Antichristian, and anti=Jesus Christ as can be…To qualify as a jewdeo-christian, one must, besides become a jew ass licker, also must reject EVERY new testement bible verse that commands christians to never abide by evil, never associate with evil or Unbelievers,which jews rate as worlds foremost number one of non believers of Jesus Christ and christianity.

            Totally Ignore verses such as “How can Light co-exist or walk along side with Darkness”( aka darkness are Unbelievers, NON christians…Like jews are!)

            And above all verses the jewdeo christian oxymoronic delusional one MUST disobey is that direct order by Jesus and all the Apostle writers to:..”Therefore as You christians ARE God’s true children AND that makes YOU those who are called of the Light(opposite of darkness) When it comes to those of the Darkness ( aka Satans brood, jewish unbelievers etc) “From SUCH Turn AWAY from Them”!

            Somehow deluded ones switched “Turn AWAY from them” into, Ignore that and change it into, “jews can never do any wrongs, even when jews do a good shaboz goyim jewdeo-christian must act as if its all okay always, and always lick or kiss jewish ass wherever it may be found”

            If you need more oxymorinic antichristian learnings to remain a shaboz goy jewdeo-apostate christian in good standing with Your master race self chozens(jews)…Please continue allowing Your 1/2 gone brain to be further eroded and brainwashed by daily viewing Pastor John hagee’s TV (Talmudvision) shows on more ways/methods to lick jewish ass, Pay for Israel states satanic existence, and overall remain what never was nor can honestly be, aka a jewdeo-christian aka a mixture of 1/2 Light Godlyness and a 1/2 Talmudic evilness satanic boord’s jewish slave Shaboz Goyim….Old jew coachboy here probobly can also provide assistance in master race ideology and Goy compliance demanded to be a qualified Shaboz Goy jews pretend to like untill jews are finished useing such jewdeo whacko Goyim delusional fools.

            PS: enjoy that near future antichrist system you & old coach are helping jews and zionists israel Build! I expect as shaboz goys you will get the tribes extra special treatments then…Same as did past shaboz goys like in Russia 1920’s onward did…Jews have invented and perfected the worlds best ever practices of terrible tortures prior to actual death at the tribes bloody hands…Don’t take my word though! Find a TRUE survivor of the REAL Holocaust event of jewdeo kommie revolt against russians and over a dozen more eastern euro nations during the Reign of Terror jews perpetrated against 1/2 the white/christian populations prior to mass murdering/genociding them close to a century ago with jew invented communisim….old coach can also Teach all you delusional shaboz goys how to admit to russias comminist takeover etc, while at same time denying totally all/any jewish involvement which if not so serious(planned talmudic genocide of white race and chriatianity under jew guise of ‘kommizim”) it would be very funny to read from his denials and vile name calls of truth tellers here.

      50. I look at this two ways.
        1 You should have an I.D. If you can’t afford one, one is given to you in Illinois. Hell you need it to get you welfare!
        2. Don’t have them. Because when you die the Dem’s will use it to vote with in Shitcago.

        • Sarge, I am waiting for the day when someone says that “Resurrection Mary” voted in a Justice, IL election….

      51. Why doe the demonazis conveniently forget that at their last convention in Charlotte NC they REQUIRED every one in attendance to show a PHOTO ID. No charges from the right about discrimination, a hidden tax, regressive anti-NAACP policies. Nope. All those people of color – any color – marched right up and whipped out their photo ID to hear the Chosen One speak.

      52. NEO – ISIS Downs Two US Warplanes – Who Is Responsible?

        huh? wait a minute here… the American C.I.A. is now killing American U.S.A.F. Fighter Pilots?

        THE ZOG AMERIKA C.I.A. AL-C.I.A.-DUH ISIS just shot down ‘TWO’ 2 U.S.A.F. Fighter jets with zog amerikan M.I.C. made weapons!?

        John McCann must be so proud!

        … more

        • NEO – ISIS Downs Two US Warplanes – Who Is Responsible?


          There is emerging evidence that ISIS/ISIL is coordinating military activities tied to upcoming US elections.

          Terrorist threats, downing of US planes and attempts to kidnap military personnel is being coordinated with political groups in the United States allied with pro-Israeli elements.

          There is further evidence ISIS/ISIL shot down at least one American fighter bomber over Syria and damaged an American combat transport plane, an Osprey, that later crashed.

          Recent events, shocking to Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, statements made against Turkey by Vice President Biden and broad criticism of Israel by President Obama, have made crushing the Obama administration vital to those groups behind ISIS/ISIL, traitors within the United States, America’s questionable “ally,” Israel, and those cited by Vice President Biden last week, particularly Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

          … more

        • FESTER: if you are refering to us sen McStain?..I think His prefered way to spell his true name is closer to…

          John McCOHN aka the Yiddish spelling…Kinda same as John Kerry aka John Cohn when a few yrs ago kerry finally admitted/revealed his NON Irish actual Jewish background!

          Boy Kerry sure had Boston and MASS. Lib kommie dems buffooned and deluded when for 40 yrs them idiots actually believed kerry was somehow himself a simple Goyim gentile of French & Irish extraction eh!

          Love to see their deluded liberal faces and expressions once kerry went to live talmudvision faux TV to tell the world how he “Just discovered” he was actually jewish, named COHN after scamming entire state of Mass. for 40 yrs huh!…That occured not too long after first Madalin aka Large marge, Albright did the faux TV jews show circuts with her announcement that she too “just found out” she too is jewish!….Then after her and kerry self-outted or came out of their jew closet’s,…Hillery also did her live Tv (talmudvision) Faux tv jews shows report that hillery too “just realized” she’s jewish!

          With so many now finally self outting their zog jew backgrounds, it can Only mean that..Now after 100+ yrs of a total Hyjacked takeover of former white/christian USA nation and its every main major running Gears and levers of full control, that today such former “Hidden” master race jews think it now is 100% safe to self out themselves as jewish due to so vast a majority in amerika are too dumbed down and delusional, and too hopelessly baffeled by their collective lifetimes of jewish brainwashings to ever actually Rise-Up and Halt it all before time really expires for their once great nation eh.

          This may be great news in disguise though! Indeed all my decades of vast research shows that just Prior to jews getting the “Big BOOTOUT” of every of, 109 Nations so far since at least 70-A.D. era, such abject egotistical and loss of jewish paranoia displays such as hillery-albright and kerry showed always have preceeded that big Boot Out!

          Their ONLY true Fear is a vast awakening of nations majority population, which always results in a boot out…yet Now we see blatent lack of such concerns by said jewry?…just may indeed be good news for near future eh!

          Remember! as John Q Public states always…Prosecute ONLY the Guilty, leave rest alone…To That I will just add…Yeah leave the rest alone…ALL ONE Dozen of them nationally in usa!!

      53. “liberal judges that included Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan”. Muslims? Sotomayor is said to be from the tribe, even if overtly Catholic. Take a guess about Ginsburg and Kagan. The Demos are the Zionist Bolshevik party, and their model is the Soviet State. Guess who ran that enterprise. Stalin said it doesn’t matter how the people vote, since it is who counts the votes that matters. Preventing voter ID laws hedges the bet on a rigged election. Anyone with a brain knows Bush Lite was put in the puppet-in- chief office via a rigged election (and the Supreme Court). The Demos stole the play book, and we got Obummer. I predict the Demo’s revenge on Texas will be Texas “voting Demo”.

      54. A Warning to All Americans: Danger from Within

        “ISIS (Z.O.G. C.I.A.) is the least of our concerns if it is not a coincidence that Lindsey Graham told supporters at a fundraiser that Charleston Harbor would be attacked if we didn’t strike Syria, just as we received breaking news that nuclear weapons had been moved without authorization and our nuke officers are being stripped of their duties.

        The real enemy is within our own government and military, thanks to the private contractors and lobbyist organizations that are known to be compromising them.

        Please familiarize yourselves with the on-going Navy bribery investigation and the so-called “cheating scandal” pertaining to our nuclear arsenal, if you want to know who to fear. The real enemy is within.


      55. Sit-Rep: A look around the perimeter of FB_ US; North- looks very quiet as always. West- has some movement will keep an eye on it. South- major movement everywhere, looks like forming up for an attack, need to strengthen southern wire. East- this area is very ripe for a major attack on the FB, there looks to be an oncoming attack soon. Now a look inside the perimeter; sappers in the wire that are highly motived to destroy all defense’s, a great need to hunt down the sappers and take them out before any attack is started from outside the wire. Need to make a run to supply for H2O, C/rats, and ammo. Just looks like the SH~T is about to hit the fan. Beef up the bunker walls and keep an eye out. Another Sit-Rep when needed.

        RTO out

      56. A Texas Dem says 600,000 voters can’t vote there because they have no ID. 600,000 is probably the number of fake Dem voters in Texas. The whole purpose of no ID to vote is voter fraud. Being from Chicago, I know voter fraud when I see it. The Republicans let it happen because they’re afraid that the 1 black guy that votes Republican might get upset.

      57. I need an ID to use my local library, the pharmacy, the hospital, my doctor, to drive, get insurance, to buy alcohol, etc. But Dems, somehow get thru life without one? Really? You can vote a hundred times if you don’t need an ID. Dems keep voting even after their dead.

      58. British company sells ‘zombie-proof’ log cabin
        Survival can be yours for £69,995 – with free delivery and a ’10-year anti-zombie guarantee’

        If the prospect of a zombie apocalypse weighs heavy on your mind, British firm Tiger Log Cabins have just the product.

        The firm are advertising ‘the world’s first’ zombie-proof log cabin – designed to withstand the bloodiest of zombie attacks.

        The ZFC-1, or ‘Zombie Fortification Cabin’ in full, comes complete with a 10-year anti-zombie guarantee which promises to be strong and secure enough to stop any walking dead from getting inside.

        It also boasts a barbed wire surround, an escape hatch, a storage unit to stow your chosen weaponry and a 360-degree vantage point to keep a close eye on impending zombie attackers.

        Sold with the strapline ‘Get yours, before they get you!’ the cabin comes with a price tag of £69,995. VAT and delivery are included, but installation will set you back a further £12,995.00.


      59. Added thoughts on Chagas disease while my brain is in ebola mode….the symptoms in the acute phase are vague and flu like…sound familiar? It is a vector (a triatomine bug) borne illness …found in central America, southern US and Mexico.

      60. There is no voter fraud in Texas. The Republican Attorney General lied and said there is but the major Dallas newspaper investigated his claims and found there was no voter fraud.

        The AG claimed he’s prosecuted 50 cases of voter fraud in one year. The newspaper found that there had been only 27 cases in a 3-year period–that’s 9 cases a year out of a population of 47 million. Of the 9 cases, 3 people filled out the registration form incorrectly, 3 were felons who did not know they lost the right to vote, and 3 were people who sent in wrong absentee ballots–and you don’t have to show voter ID to use an absentee ballot!

        But of course conservatives don’t care about facts or even care about the Constitution they profess to love. You ought to ask yourself why only REPUBLICANS claim there is voter fraud and use that as an excuse to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters.

        • “but the major Dallas newspaper investigated”

          There’s your problem. Most newspapers are Democrat-controlled government mouthpieces. I don’t buy newspapers. If I see one, I read the obits, the funnies, and do the crossword. That’s all they’re good for, other than for bird cages, mulch, etc.

          Somebody once complained in a letter to the editor about an unfair story in a local newspaper where I once lived years ago. The editor wrote his answer and said it was his newspaper and he would print what he wanted. That’s when I stopped getting the newspaper.

        • Show me proof that every ballot cast was done so by a living person, one ballot per person.

          There are numerous examples of votes cast exceeding the numbers of registered voters in a precinct.

          Don’t tell us the Dems don’t stuff ballot boxes, we know better.

          And if a half-million fewer votes are cast this election in Texas, the left will certainly scream they have the proof of voter suppression…even if they could have just stayed home.

          In another state, So. Carolina, I believe, they found exactly 9 people for a class action suit against the Voter ID law there. As it turned out, all of them could have gotten an ID for free, but just refused to do so. The court didn’t buy their disenfranchisement argument, nor does the rest of the country.

        • “major Dallas newspaper?”. The Daily Worker publishes in Dallas?

          • And: “Foreward Weekly” amerikas top largest jewish info publication, published in….Where else? JewYork of course! Same jewyork they publish the daily “Jew York Times” in eh….All the jews fit to print derived from AP wire or Rooooters jews/news service(which I think now owns both) which IS the top major source ALL daily jewspaper and TV aka talmudvision jews news shows like CNN-FOX-ABC-NBC-BBC-Et Al get their prime news issues and agends from…And have gotten it all from since aprox 1895 AD!….100% jew owned…What another “jewish Coincidence” folks!

            Just remember as good Shaboz goyims You are supposed to keep repeating thats Not truth! for its Moooooslims who really kontrols all of usa fed govnt, jewspapers, jew tv, jewish hollywood, the vatican! as well as 300,000 apostate christian churches nationwide in jew run ameriKa since jews grabbed hold of banks in 1913…

            What swindle shall shaboz goyims promote once God’s promice to reveal All lies, all done behind closed doors and all perpetrated in quiet hushed secrecy by Satans Minions aka synagouge of Satan, and cause the real truths to also once revealed to be Shouted from EVERY rooftop is finally fullfilled fully?…Once they can’t blame moooslims or long gone dead “nazis” any longer?

            That outta be a good laugh to see so many deluded fools scramble to find any potential alternative persons, groups, etc to lay blame upon in order to continue the mehtods used to Hide jewish involvements in the tribes ever ongoing Nation Wrecking’s eh…

            Maybe they too shall greatly awaken?…Picture a very Loud “POP” sound similar to loud rifle fired sound. When like that “Shot heard round the World” (1775 american revolution). Occures, once as a huge group of 50-Million strong, jewdeo christians all at same time yank their collective Heads out from the many various jewish asses that those 50 million fools have been storing their collective heads in for far too long now!

            “POP”!!! hey joey! what the Hell was That noise?…Gee sammy I aint for certain…but I do think that extremly LOUD Pop sound came from 10,000 Miles distance away…Yep it came from AmeriKa! WoW Joey! I rekon them 50 Million deluded apostate jewdeo ass kissing phonys finally heard all them Roof Top Shouts of Revealed Truth emerging recently huh?…Yep has to be it! it gets very loud when 50 Millions deluded human Heads POP out from jewish ass at once!

            Can’t wait for the second POP sounding when them 50 Million deluded dem libs in ameriKa remove Their collective heads out from Negroe Ass eh!….Indeed one can but…Hope!

      61. I will probably be hated by many here, but . . . Our nation was not founded as a Democracy, but rather as a Federal Republic of individual states. Jefferson, who probably stood for individual liberty more than anyone was a slave owner (and fathered a child by one). Voting was limited to those who had the education to participate in government. Those who voted were drawn from the property owners who filled the offices. A farmer on the frontier did not have the leisure time to discuss matters of policy. Our Republic was destroyed by allowing universal suffrage. NYC became infamous for thugs running the polls, vote buying, and ballot box stuffing. The remedy? Poll tests. We cannot return to voting restricted to property owners, with the middle class as property owners being actively eliminated. But restricting voting to those who take the time to know the issues would solve many problems. Voting a party line has gotten us into our current mess. Requiring a voter to show some knowledge of what he is voting on is a no-brainer. We need a poll test for all voters.

        • That is partially true but the deceit and lack of a watchdog news media we can discuss the ostensible excuses and still be dumfounded regardless how much land we own.

          Things don’t make sense and “They” appear dumb because were not privy to the real agenda.

          We’re Mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed only bullshit.

      62. As mayor of Chicago and de-facto employee of Al Capone Mr William “Big Bill” Thompson once said.

        “Vote early and vote often”.

      63. Once again we should scrap our racist and outdated laws.
        we should take the paths pioneered by our compassionate southern neighbor on voting as well as on immigration.

        Go protest their discrimination.
        Opps … sorry …
        immigrants in Mexico are not allowed political protest rights … nevermind, you can’t there.

        In Mexico voters are issued cards with photos and fingerprints when they register, and the cards must be shown at the polls. Poll workers use ultraviolet lights to check security codes printed on the cards.

        Mexicans have to register in person at the institute’s offices, and they must present one of 19 documents proving Mexican citizenship.

      64. I’m a republican, so I have to show an ID to vote too? Hey – where’s the fairness?!?

      65. Voter id is not the problem, it is the poor choices we have to vote for. How about a law that says if you hold public office , you, or any relatives, are not allowed to accept any money or bid on govt. contracts funded by taxpayer money. Maybe then we would attract people that were interested in serving the people and not those trying to fatten their bank accounts.

      66. Vote? Vote for what?

        It’s all over, already. They are granting permanent residence to millions of illegals.

        Here’s the FedBiz Ops solicitation for millions of ID cards. And no, this is not a renewal, this is new business, but still monkey business! Notice the new cards have RFID chips-

        HSSCCG-14-R-00028 Notice Type:
        Added: Oct 03, 2014 4:47 pm
        USCIS Contracting will be posting a solicitation for the requirement of Card Stock used by the USCIS Document Management Division. The objective of this procurement is to provide card consumables for the Document Management Division (DMD) that will be used to produce Permanent Resident Cards (PRC) and Employment Authorization Documentation (EAD) cards. The requirement is for an estimated 4 million cards annually with the potential to buy as many as 34 million cards total. The ordering periods for this requirement shall be for a total of five (5) years. This is a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) supply purchase for commercial items, utilizing North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 325211 and Product / Service Code (PSC) 9330. This requirement is for the acquisition of 100% polycarbonate solid body card stock with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and holographic images embedded within the card construction substrate layers, card design service, and storage.

        The solicitation will be posted at this FedBidOpps webpage.

        h t tps://

      67. It’s unbelievable how much hay Dems have been able to make about this. The thing is, illegals drive without a license, work without a social security card, carry guns without CCLs, and flout dozens of other laws (that only apply to citizens apparently)–so it’s completely “unfair” (Dems’ term for inconsistent) that they’re actually required to show an ID for something.

      68. Arkansas pasted a law like this last year. And when the primary elections hit this year they turned away one of the governor canidates because he did not have an ID on him so he had to leave and got get his in order to vote. now this make it great everyone knows him but rules are rules

      69. Hi a reader from the UK here. We don’t even have to produce ID to vote here just a ballot card and we have the corruptable postal vote! In addition to this wee have an open border to nearly all of Europe because of the EU. So pretty much anyone can vote citizen or not! So Labour can count on the immigrant vote (because they opened our border to the world as well as Europe) and if anyone says anything about it guess what……they shout racist! So that pretty much ends the debate! So we indigenous Brits have to lose our nation and identity and progressive Brits celebrate it! Mainly people from the progressive hell hole that is London!

        Reading the liberal arguments above are the same arguments we have here. Its like a whole generation have been brainwashed to regurgitate the same stuff over and over again. Then they have the gall to claim they are open minded free thinkers! Ha go figure! I think they suffer from a form of psychosis.

        As for our media!! Well the BBC is anti-British and pretty much a left wing mouthpiece! Oh and they receive money from the EU so plenty of impartiality there then!!

        The lunatics are most definitely in control of the asylum!

      70. Let me get this straight. It’s not bigoted and discriminatory to have the DNC fund free bus rides for voters to get from the projects, nursing homes, etc. to the polls. And it is discriminatory to require identification to vote, in order to keep the integrity of polling place and meet Constitutional requirements, when the i.d. card required is free of charge and provided by the state?
        It’s called free will. Everyone has it, unless it’s been surgically removed. Each individual has the right to choose what he does in life. He may choose to make the extra effort to register to vote and obtain proper documentation to prove his identity as a citizen and legal resident. Or he may choose not to vote at all and have liberals use his personal life choice as an excuse and talking point to push some liberal agenda.

      71. Libs hate voter ID laws because they make it a lot more difficult to engage in voter fraud… you know… like we had en masse in 2012? Discrimination is ALWAYS the charge against those of us who think that only US citizens in good standing need vote. That would be all Americans age 18 and up who are not illegal immigrants, criminals, or the dead. All of the above are key Dem voting blocks.

        The Founding Fathers specifically set up voting so that it was more limited than it is today and for good reasons. Yes, women should vote, same as men, but there is no reason for the chronically indigent to vote… ever. Those who fill the treasury should be in charge of determining how that treasury is emptied and not those who do not. This is done via voting for people whose programs we support. When this is not done, shyster politicians grub for votes by selling out the tax-payers to benefit the leeches. Sound familiar?

      72. Liberals are like cockaroaches they will always be with us

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