Liberals Announce Their Plan To Destroy ‘Normal Americans’ In Civil War

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment, Headline News | 109 comments

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    Applauded by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, liberals have devised a plan they think will destroy normal Americans in a new “Civil War.” But here’s the spoiler alert: it’s isn’t really that good of a plan, to begin with.

    San Francisco-based social media platform Twitter isn’t known for their unbiased approach to social media. Now, the CEO applauded an article in something called Medium in which the writer of said article described how liberals intend to crush Normal Americans into serfdom in a bloodless “civil war.”

    The goal of the “war” will be to turn the entire United States into California by offering up a supermajority of liberals in political power.  Because that’s working out so well in California: homelessness is spiking uncontrollably, the tax burden is forcing people to leave, regulations are shutting businesses, housing costs have soared to unbearable levels, and few have basic human rights there unless they pay the government for permission.  Try not to roll your eyes when you imagine your own state running like the communists in charge handle California.

    Townhall said it best:

    “Why do a bunch of San Francisco dorks think that 150 million Americans with 300 million guns are just going to give up their rights and their say in their own governance and submit to the commands of people who eat kale by choice?” That’s a fair question, and they have an answer.

    Because you just are.

    I didn’t say it was a good answer.

    All humor aside, the article didn’t actually lay out anything that could even remotely be considered a war plan. And the problem with liberals taking over is the same as it’s been throughout history.

    Normal Americans are not going to simply give up their rights and their self-determination because a bunch of liberals want them to. Sure, the weaponization of culture with corporations and tech companies trying to silence and marginalize decent citizens is troubling, but in short order, there will be a backlash as Normals react to these new, overtly fascist tactics. –Townhall

    Even with enough brainwashing and propaganda, eventually, most people will figure out that they are being controlled.  Humans don’t want to be controlled; the default has always been freedom.  Once they figure it out, a liberal government will crumble and that may happen well before there’s any hope of convincing those who actually exercise their rights to give them up.

    The harsh reality is that a Civil War would not be something, anyone, liberals included, should hope for. The last one in the United State was bloody and pitted brother against brother and shouldn’t be an aspiration. But when people are intentionally disregarded and oppressed, they will often react. It almost feels like liberals want to push people to a war then point their fingers and say “ha! We told you so! THEY are they violent ones!”


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      1. The plan could succeed if people get tired of being harassed,people demeaning their posted comments, bullied in public, vicious verbal assaults form communist left wing media jack asses.

        Get so worn down so that you won’t care any more. Won’t care to speak or vote and do vote in the mid terms.

        Make you surrender. Damn the liberal plans, full speed ahead.

        Make your voice heard whether your candidate wins or not.

        • The fruity liberals will only succeed in their own inevitable destruction.


        • They’re doing it man.. We the people and the oath fakers of America have allowed a double standard of justice where trumps lawyer’s offices get raided but not the Clinton or Obama lawyer’s offices… There should be a m9b of Americans at the FBI forcing them to raid the Clinton and Obama lawyer’s but because we have bread and circuses it will not happen and America will fall and collapse under the weight of its corruption

          • There is a new cure for Liberalism. 62 gr Green Tip @ 3200 FPS.

            • Liberal revolutionaries would be in for a rude awakening. The other side has most of the
              guns, most of the military experience, and grows most of the food. If we seal off the choke points around the urban areas, they are toast. Without food and supplies moving into the
              cities, they would turn on each other for the last crumbs. Seal them off with razor wire and
              lots of heavy obstacles in the roadways. Game over. We can use any stragglers that escape
              to hone our shooting skills. They better think some serious strategy before fucking with the

              • What about “Patriots” that live in Urban areas? Do you plan on shooting them and their families as they leave?

                • Well Casper, Wyo where I live is considered Urban. Were going to deal with our liberals; if it gets bad, both of them.

              • Yeah and if my grandmother had a dick she’d be my grandfather.

                If if if if.

                As long as they don’t openly declare war on y’all and don’t openly start shooting you’re gonna lay there and take it up the ass like you have been since 1960.

                You know it. I know it. Why lie.

                • What happened in 1960? I was not around yet. The left can only riot for a day or two
                  because they do not have the stomach for a revolution. Like Obama, all talk, no action.
                  The shadow government always plays left against right. As for taking it up the ass, sorry,
                  I don’t swing that way. Ignorant comment.

              • Where is the “like” button?

        • This is one ole country boy who doesn’t accept that Surrender is NOT in my vocabulary. I’m sure that there are a bunch of gun-owners who would agree.

          • In my neck of the woods, on average 1000 rounds get shot up on a weekend, more during hunting season. Day and night. We don’t think anything about. I even burn some .308 in my AR10. Or .45ACP, 45LC, .410, 7.62×25. 7.62×39, 762x.54Rand 12 gauge rounds myself.

            Love that sweet sound of gun fire echoing through my beloved hills. Sweet music to real Americans ears.

          • Hey Danny boy, encounter double negatives much?

            • Well Peg, he did say he was a country boy. It’s up to you of course but maybe you could give him a pass for having his heart in the right place.

        • Some folks would call such a plan developed by the libtards, a “TARGET-RICH” environment.

        • This the best info, a declaration of WAR by the libtards justifying our self defense mode .. As long as they shoot first we can start wiping them off the face of the earth and be justified in doing so..
          After all the bullshit from the demoRats we’ve been having to take (up to now) because they’ve had all the cards we are finally free to 1. acquire a full defense mode until 2. they take first blood then we are free to go into offense mode and attack at will.

          fyi – ammo’s on sale right now !

      2. Been saying it’s coming for some time.

        In some ways, we are already in it. The shooting just hasn’t started yet.

        • Anonymous5, agreed. It’s only a matter of time. Gun show in my area this next weekend so I’ll be stocking up on some more ammo. The only thing libturds can expect from me is resistance aka ‘hot lead’.

          • Crossroads of the West?

            • Why limit your defense to hot lead? There are a plethora of ways to eliminate masses of assholes without even being there. I want to be far away from the yes man nutlicker mercinaries as possible. Mines, poison, traps, etc. are a hell of a lot better than direct conflict (and you will live a LOT longer too). Guerilla warfare is the only chance you have (unless you are taken by suprise). Think outside the box!


        • Was it Califurnia scum Swinestein or Waxman that coined the phrase “Voting from the rooftops”?

      3. By all means come try to destroy us.

      4. What I want to know is did Trump start a real war with Syria. For heaven’s sake, I hope not. Assad is only trying to clear out the scum terrorists in his own Country. We have no business interfering in their problems.


        • False flag gas attack in Syria like the one before. Deep state scum manipulating Trump to fire on Assad. They want WW3 terribly bad. We need out troops home, all of them for the imminent attack on the USA.

          • 7.62 – what are you thought on the attack? What is going to happen and how??

            • I just believe that we are being set up and foreign troops are already here. Obama signed that shit with the UN that gives them the right to deploy troops here. Our deep state has threatened China, Russia, NK, and many others. There are muslim terrorist traing camps right here on our own soil and muslims with political power already with countless traitors in government on both sides. The USA must be destroyed for them to have their New World Order. California may as well be another country already. We are being attacked on many fronts already.

              • If our military is trapped overseas with our assets, we may fall.

              • Don’t make me laugh; one night in any of the liberal cities and the UN troops would be toast. The gangs would eat them. One day here in Wyo, and the Taxidermist would have his life’s work in the freezer.

                • You sure about that are you?

                  • Yup, The vast majority of UN troops are from Poor Black African Countries. If they show up in the winter they’re Popsicles. In the summer they are a lot bigger than ground sq.

          • Well, the timing DID seem awfully damn handy.

        • War with Syria isn’t started by Trump, it’s Israel doing all the provocation in the region.

          • Trump ordered the Nat Guard troops to the Mexican Border for a reason. To keep the UN Blue Helmets out of the US.

            You see Obama and John Kerry signed a 21 nation agreement with the UN that if any humanitarian crisis erupted in the USA, the UN has the right to invade the US to assist in the crisis without permission or resistance. The elitists are trying to force a refugee crisis with 1500 refugees from Honduras to the Border.

            Trump is avoiding a crisis by not letting any of these refugees to cross the boarder. Thus No Blue helmets can invade the US. So watch for more false flag attacks in the US to create a humanitarian crisis.

            Turn blue helmets into pink splats. Get ready folks. Stay well armed and vigilant. Our nation is for nder assault right now.

            • TSB, those blue helmets make some great targets. And the scum wearing them bleed red just like anyone else. THEIR blood will be running in the streets if they come.

              • Abraham Lincoln said it: “If we stay united , not all the Armies of all the world can by force of arms take a drink from the Ohio” Well I don’t care if we are united with the Snowflakes or not: If they fly into Cincinnati they might get one drink; but they won’t make it long enough to get thirsty again.

          • Yep. Israel is our Lord and master and if you don’t believe it, just start counting how many jeus are in our government today. They are there for a reason. To push Israel policy in the US. I have never met one who did not put Israel ahead of the USA. Israel wants us to start a major war in Syria, and I am afraid they are going to get their way at the expense of a lot of American lives.

        • B from CA: Was wondering that myself. We don’t need to be involved. We messed up in Iraq, made it worse. We have been in Afghanistan for almost 20 years, like V. Nam a war we cannot win. Friend’s son (reserves) just left for Afghan. People that will not find productive work go in the service now days (no draft) because the circus is a WPA program for those who want to join the circus for God knows why.

          • Because they are stupid as fuck and have no conscious. They will kill people for a sandwich and could care less why or who for. So fuck them and their parents for not explaining it, I hope they all get whats comin’ to them….

      5. The liberals are so mentally damaged – you just cannot fix people like that – there is only ONE way to deal with the Left and I am sure you all know that answer. I feel we are in the early stages of a war, it definitely feels like it to me. If these mental-midgets on the Left want to dance, well, bring it on and see how them apples work out for ya.

        • CC, I’m just enjoying this too much. A bunch of snowflakes honestly think words are going to frighten men and women who’ve already prepped – materials, practice, skills and just having thought out so many scenarios? Yeah, right. Hate to say it but I disagree with the statement about no one wanting a civil war. I’d dare say many of us wouldn’t really mind all that much finally having a gloves off chance at taking this country back.

          • ROGER D you are right people enjoy taking a nice warm shower and climbing in to a nice clean bed and when hungry going to the frig or hoping into car and running down to the store or to the fast food shop for a burger and fries. That being said, we might have all the guns and control the land mass but we don’t control the population. The Liberals don’t have to control the number of guns, they’re all ready destroying the Normal People. They’ve murdered over 50,000,000 million babies, they’ve destroyed businesses and fined people 135,000 dollars because they wouldn’t sell a cake to Perverts. Ever notice the LIBS never want to execute a cold blooded murderer but want to blame the gun, thousands of murders a year and maybe one or two executions. Now the most populace States like Cal, and Ill. and New York and Florida and to many to list have passed unconstitutional laws violating the 2nd Amendment and what good has our guns done for us. But if and when the time comes, I’ll be there. Nuff Said! Trekker Out

            • MT: Take heart and hold steady, friend. When the balloon goes up, or, when “the shoulder thingie goes up”, all onerous laws will magically disappear.

      6. Folks, talk is easy. Critical thinking isn’t. Before you get on your high horse and boast about shooting anyone who come knocking at your door, I challenge you to answer this question.

        What if love ones living under your roof were refused health care, medications, employment, social security, public education, banking services, utility restoration(such as electric on your property), access to interstates and airports, 911, etc. until you gave up your guns?

        That is not a rhetorical question. Would you still refuse to give up your guns?

        • Roger: This is OUR line in the sand and we will NOT cross it. We will NOT,NOT,NOT give up guns no way, no!! If we give up our guns, we might as well just blow our own damn heads off…same end result. And don’t ask such ridiculous questions.

          • Roger, the answer is not no but…. FUCK NO!

        • Yes. We have everything we need for some time as do others who are awake. Tactics would switch then to offense.

          • Roger, history has already proven that the next step after taking weapons is killing on a massive scale. Which is better of the choices? A chance in the former, no chance in the latter.

        • From my cold dead hands

          • Beware of that fuctard sheriff candidate who said “ok”. Lol

        • Roger D, your question is a reasonable one to ask but I have to believe they’ll expect MORE than just giving up the guns. It will also mean taking the ‘mark of the beast’ and pledging allegiance to one-world government. While there’s a lot of people that will surrender there’s a lot more who won’t. As individuals we can only make those decisions for ourselves. I made my decision the day I saw Mt. Carmel go up in flames courtesy of the FBI [better known as Waco]. I have no wife or kids to worry about. I’m at the point I don’t care anymore. Surrender is no option for me, period.

          • First its give up the guns, then its something else soon after, until they are loading everyone in boxcars,
            Leftist regimes have done this again and again,

        • Roger, you can give up your guns, and good riddance. It is easier to crouch down and lick boots when the lights are on.

          • Yep and good riddance to another pansy. Probably rat out everyone you know too huh? Rat pussy faggot, I guess you have to leave some kind of legacy huh?

            • Roger D asked a simple question that we all should ask ourselves. He is not the enemy for asking you to think. The uncalled for ugliness of your petty attack reinforces the evidence that your moniker is the antithesis of your IQ.

        • Luckily i dont have children or sick people in my home, my wife and i have strengthened our resolve and have all necessary preparations for all eventualities. Not only will we refuse to give up our guns we will use them in order to secure our freedom. So yes we will fight if it comes to it and we will not be waiting for the knock on our door as soon as i get word its happening in my area i fully intend to confront the offending agency or group trying to take them when they begin. Our lives do not matter in the grand scheme of things and beleive me your life dont matter to anyone but you and your immediate family. If things get sporty dont think giving up your guns cuz the electricity has been turned off etc is acceptable sometimes people need to perish. Do you really think giving up is going to save you? In a shtf situation ill shoot you for being a little bitch wp gave up his guns, then i will either take and sell your wife and or daughter to some perv or eliminate them too if they are worthless,sick etc. When the shtf common decency will be nonexistent usless people will fall.

        • Hey Roger, your answer lies at Wounded Knee. Thats what happens when you give up your guns.

          Wounded Knee is the biggest Genocide act against Americans by the US Government. You think the Souix Indians would make a different choice then if they had the chance? Half the natives slaughteted were women and children. The US Govnt could care less. Nothing has changed since then. Its all about smashing any resistance to their Tyranny.

        • Roger – no hesitation from me – Hell YES I’d give up all those things you listed. Health care? Give me a break. The system is already so messed up that unless you’re rich, your care is nowhere near adequate anyway. Medications? Sorry guy, don’t take any drugs – at all. Employment? I work my ass off daily. Self-employed. I’ll find work. I’ve woke up every day technically being unemployed yet I’m still here, tired and on my 2nd shirt of the day. Social Security!!! Cripes!!! That is socialism. I do not pay in, wouldn’t take it if offered. You don’t compromise with your principles – or they do not exist. Public education? All the good kids learning about their 2 Mommies or Daddies? LOL. Utilities. I can make do with what I’ve got and know how to build. It’d take me about 2 hours to get my solar setup and running enough for my needs. Water – live on a pond and own filtration systems. Access to …. anywhere… try and stop me. 911 – darn… I’d sure hate to give up having the cops arrive to put pretty yellow tape around my corpse now wouldn’t I? No……. I would not give up my guns. Ever.

        • Roger D,
          “What if love ones living under your roof were refused health care, medications, employment, social security, public education, banking services, utility restoration(such as electric on your property), access to interstates and airports, 911”

          Isn’t that what happened( in a different form) in Germany, China, and Russia once they gave up their guns? Except they also lost their lives also.

        • That is precisely how you do it. It’s obvious. That it hasn’t happened yet speaks volumes as to how sensationalist some of these claims of civil war really are.

        • That said. All they really have to do is keep screwing up the schools and wait for “Greatest” and “Boomers” to die off, and “X-ers” to get old.

          At that point they win by default, that’s also obvious.

          The long march through the institutions.

          • I don’t agree. Generation Y isn’t falling,most of them, for the lefts crap. My Gen Y is anything but liberal.

          • I am afraid of that myself. Social pressure is the enemy – not laws. The left has learned how to weaponize social media with ostracizing, boycotts, etc. Once they had control of the school system it was only a matter of time.

        • Roger, there are 4 boxes that can be used to effect change.
          1 the soap box, to make your voice heard.
          2 the ballot box, to vote your reps into government.
          3 the cartridge box, when your government no longer listens to the people.
          4 the pine box, that your government will bury you in if you don’t use the first 3 boxes.

          Roger, as it stands right now, with the left in control of many state, and local governments, box 3 may be close at hand. Most people have no intentions of ending up in box 4 with their family’s, because the failed to make use of box 3. So Roger, you go right ahead and give up your guns, box 4 will surely be in your family’s future then.

          • TallMan, don’t forget the Jury box. It falls between #2 & #3. May not be very effective for much longer.

        • Roger, first of all, there’s 2A. Nobody’s giving up their guns. Secondly, as a lot of others have said, we are/have prepped for something like this and fully expect to do what we have to.

          Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness – provided by doctors, nurses, the infrastructure, etc. – are guaranteed by the Constitution.

          The right to bear arms is ALSO guaranteed under the Constitution.

          • Ask the people of Deerfield Illinois about there is a 2A.

            They have just been put to it and have 3 months to decide to use the 2A rights for what our founders specifically intended it for, fighting off a tyrannical gov. or turn them over to the government and become a wage and tax sheep.Being sheared when their masters want.

            I hear lots saying to just hide or bury your semi autos being banned, Well if that’s the case, why even keep them then? Move…well pretty soon will there be anywhere to move to? Some are saying do nothing and just ignore the law…well every time one of them is caught with the banned items they will get the book thrown and will be picked off one at a time.

            The time of choosing is upon the residents of Deerfield, and this test case will be emulated all around the nation, maybe next time in your neck of the woods, making your time of choosing very soon.

            IT’S COMING, BELIEVE IT.

            • Exactly.
              The 2A don’t mean squat when everyone in your community says get rid of them. Changing social values are very dangerous.

            • Deerfield, Illinois is not the South. Geography matters.

        • Hell no! But it won’t get to that while I live. Because I’ll be long shot before that; but I wouldn’t be alone.

          • Anyone remember who said: “He values life to much that fails to value honor more”.

            • Some drunk guy at a bar?

      7. One good connection with little Jack’s jaw and he’d be crying like the spoiled baby he is.

      8. Good, let em have it, then let it burn down around them,,,,

      9. Most people forget that there are probably several million people in the country who will in fact resist with force. We are veterans, hunters, patriots, and people tired of being screwed over. The traitors that want to dominate us will get a fight, not surrender. This is not the UK or Australia.

        • Absolutely 7.62!! Being part of the only unprotected class in this country gives me plenty of reason to want to fight for it. Once the middle aged white male class is gone, so is the sovereignty of this country. Not racist by no means, but we are the only line in the sand left. We could take back this country so easy by simply not living the way the government tells us we should. By that I mean live simply, don’t rely on taking a loan out for everything, and for Gods sake living on way less than you make. I’m not quite there yet, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, very few will follow that plan.

        • 7.62, CC, and Nailbanger, I stand with you. Surrender is not an option for me. If I’m going down I’ll take as many as I can with me.

      10. Why is it that every CEO of a dotcom company looks like a gay, castrated unik that never learned how to dress appropriately nor groom properly??? These motherfuckers will feel the wrath soon…

        • Because they are…. and they influence everyone using their service.
          That’s your first warning.

      11. They need to sell their vision to press their agenda. Its not an easy sell. They live an an echo chamber only accepting civil interaction with those who already agree with them. This validates their direction for society. All sides can be guilty of using this self reinforcing but inherently flawed strategy.

      12. in an….not an an

      13. When you see how far to the left that almost all of politics, education, law, and the media have gone…there doesn’t seem to be much hope of getting America back on track peacefully.

      14. The plan was always to bog the military down overseas and have its bases under attack. This will start in Syria and then spread to the South China Sea and the Korean Peninsula. Once US forces are fighting three overseas wars and fighting to hold their bases Beau Gest style, the unrest within the US gets underway. It won’t take much to set the inner cities alight with negroes and Hispanics. With the trade war with China, no supplies will be coming in through the ports.

        America will buckle under the weight of so much conflict just as it did by the end of the 1960s. Remember then? Inner cities on fire, an expensive war being lost in Vietnam, the young rioting and protesting, and then the economic collapse of the early 1970s: double digit inflation, oil crisis, off the gold standard, and print money to infinity. That was just the dry run.

        Today, China and Russia are much stronger and have both upgraded their technology to the 21st century.

        • yep

      15. I’m not a “normal”. I’m a “deplorable”.
        And proud of it.

        • I’m not normal, I would never stoop that low. Normal is pathetic!

      16. Srarting to look like who cares tactically what the “reasonable” communists are calling for. We know what the “unreasonable” would like to do. That goes for some members of the more radical liberty movement as well. A lot of this is fast becoming irrelevant.
        But, why anyone is still on twitter or facebook is something of a mystery to me. It is fun. It does reach a lot of people, but the demands of honor preclude its continued use. In my opinion.

      17. Most liberals believe that time is on their side. Despite a temporary reversal, their formula has worked. Controlling the media, educating the young to not think or to think liberal, building up political machines. Why change those tactics and start a violent civil war that they can’t win?

      18. Slavo said, “the default has always been freedom”.

        At least since the civil rights era, at every bus bench, picnic table, phonebooth, museum, theater, restroom, etc, ad nauseum, you can easily tell where some liberal interest has passed through.

        Actually, the default has been a soft line.

      19. Do keep in mind that when leftists tell you what they have in store for you that: a)they’re lying with every breath, b)they’re only telling you half of the lie at any one time, and c)whatever they are telling you, it’s only something to get you to react in a way that will help them. That’s why dedicated leftists call us reactionaries. We wait for them to do/say something and then we react. There is only one cure for the socialists/communists/leftists, and it involves a wall, a blindfold, and a cigarette. That’s what they intend for US. Never forget that what we reject, the leftists eagerly embrace.

      20. The bad guys are serious. They are acting on their plan. What about you and your friends? Resist. Resist until you defeat them. Then resist some more.

      21. aim just below the UN blue helmet or beret and that will be effective.

        • Got enough AP anybody know about the construction of UN helmets?

          • Just kidding: NSA, CIA, FBI, AT&F, SS, etc etc.

      22. The UN blues can’t handle the third world dumps. Let them spread out over this country with millions of gun owners and see how many scuttle back to their safe spaces. The libs will be hitching rides back with them.

        • I think the “blue helmets” will learn very quickly to apply O.D.Green in a camo pattern. It is entirely likely that “sleeper cells” are already embedded.

      23. The Lefties who are calling for a Civil War on those who with contempt they call “normies” are under the delusion that a real civil war would not affect them personally and it would go according to plan with them being the glorious victors. It is comparable to the kid who thinks he “knows” what is war is like and is a badass special operator because of all the he has spent playing Call of Duty. They are as insane as they are evil. I pray this cup might pass, but fear that it will not.

      24. Because you just are.

        I didn’t say it was a good answer.

        … the way things have been sliding for the past 50 years, you don’t think this is a good answer?

        That’s exactly what’s going to happen.

      25. “Why do a bunch of San Francisco dorks think that 150 million Americans with 300 million guns are just going to give up their rights and their say in their own governance and submit to the commands of people…” They do it anytime they do what the cops say, “or else”! When that gets turned around opposite, then it won’t happen.

      26. “Americas’ at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, and it’s too early to shoot the bastards.” Claire Wolfe

        • However that is changing rapidly!

      27. The overarching, fundamental, primary reason Nazis, Bolsheviks, Maoists, and ALL other repressive regimes succeeded though numerically inferior was because they managed to FIRST disarm their populations. The easiest and most effective way to resist these psychotic freedom haters in US, – just don’t give up your guns EVER. What are they going to do – put half the US in jails or prison camps?
        These notions of theirs are not borne out of reasoned thought, or the desire to do right, or any sense of altruism. It’s based on little more that visceral hatred of “normal Americans” to the degree it drives them to be irrational. This is what comprises what they say are the normal Americans they so despise; they hate Christians, white males, straights, conservatism, tradition, ownership of property, and right to have children, they even want to eliminate the Constitution and all our rights.
        They, and people like them may make some inroads, but it won’t last. Just stay smart, informed and vigilant.
        Don’t use Twitter, Snapchat, Buzzfeed, FaceBook, or the like. These were primarily designed to gather information about you.

      28. Make sure I’m notified with the war with Liberals start. I can’t wait to throat punch the first one I come into contact with!

      29. I remember reading about the civil war in school and hearing that over used phrase many families faught brother against brother, family against family, and thought no, how could that be…and no way could slavery or the real reason, states rights, make me fight or kill my own brother.

        But now, seeing my family completely divided by the last election, and actually refusing to get together for Christmas and thanksgiving or even talk any more, I now understand the first civil war and see what is starting to become the second.

        I have no doubt that my lib brother and more specifically, his daughters and their husbands would not think twice about turning me and my family over to authorities. Or possibly even fighting us directly. But they are such blathering, anti gun, liberal weaklings it would be a very short fight.

      30. I own a German Shepherd. His name is Bear. He’s loyal, obedient and gentle. He watches over my little ones and allows my daughter to put screwy little hats on his head. But here’s the thing, if you aren’t part of his pack and yank on his tail, he will tear your fucking arm off. To him, that’s letting you off easy. Point is, don’t mess with Bear or you’ll regret it. Get the point Libs?

      31. We are already in a civil war and they have already fired upon us. The left has much more control due to their “unmentionables” ingrained and burrowed into every facet of American institutions; including government, education, justice, health, media, pharma and agra. Think dual -citizens…

        Also, its nice to think “we” could win a (shooting) civil war with the left, but how will “we” identify our enemy once it commences? Many of our enemies in America are quite easy to recognize and obvious, but not all. After about a week, how do you differentiate friend from foe? The green hair will be dyed back to normal, the fags will drop the lisp, the feminists will cover all the tattoos and piercings, the communists will espouse patriotic rhetoric and the politicians will be hiding or flee. So how do you recognize your enemy? This isn’t the blue vs grey we’re talking about here. The truth is “we” wouldn’t know friend from foe. Have you ever considered this fact? Are you just going to shoot everyone? What if you shoot a patriot, the guy down the road shoots a patriot, the guy on the other side of the lake shoots 3 and son…. If a shooting war starts we all lose. It’s true. America would be completely ruined and trashed, ripe for an invasion really. Just consider the scenario without all the Rambo stuff shadowing your thoughts.

        I’ve been in war. I sometimes knew friend from foe, sometimes; everyone else was suspect. It wears on you. A shooting war, civil war, leaves no winners, just dead people.

        • MJBN – thanks for nothing. I was reading the comments for quick entertainment value and then you had to insert your voice of reason. Don’t you know by now that vein of thinking is not allowed and simply won’t do?

        • like any op you eliminate leadership half a dozen people with deer rifles could change the climate ,a mayor ,a senator ,a congressman , cabinate members a general,a corparate head ,a few TV anchors or pundits …that is why the 2nd scares them so much ,it also emphsizes ,why it’s neccesary,it make them know their humans and not the demi-gods their handlers claim,and pump up their rectums daily,suseptible to the vagaries of life …..

      32. They, think they can GOAD you into taking the first shot… Ft. Sumpter come to mind?
        That turns you into the ‘bad guys’ automatically…

        CEO’s, like this twitter jerk know this. Because they have the media on their side, so lets get a plan….

        Got lists? of all Leftist loudmouth CEO, media, politicians, student activists… in short all those hotheads who are tryin to start CSII by mental means…. disappear them..,,
        traffic accidents… they are doing this to US? NObody wants to kill anybody…. in this day and time. We have been raised as a generation of pussies, it will take ‘First Blood’ on a massive scale to wake us up….
        Then…. first media, then, banks, then corporationas, then governments, ask sheriffs where their ‘loyalties’ lay; then determine your ‘colors’.so you can determine the enemy at a good long distance….
        Then prepare to starve…

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