Autonomous Killer Robots Almost Here: “3rd Revolution in Warfare After Gunpowder, Nuclear”

by | May 29, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 158 comments

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    The warnings have been sounded for decades.

    It won’t be long now: all the parts and systems to create lethal machines with a mind of their own, deciding who and when to kill without human oversight are conceptually already developed. It is just a matter of time, and by all accounts that time is short.

    At least since 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day, the public has known (through Hollywood, anyway) of the dangers posed to humanity by artificial intelligence, robotics and the computer revolution.

    But today, they are more real than ever.

    Researchers are issuing a red alert, as the industry stands at the cusp of developing Lethal, Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS), an acronym for machines with a mind of their own, capable of cutting humans out of the loop in determining who is a threat, who to target and when to kill. Nature reports:

    Technologies have reached a point at which the deployment of such systems is — practically if not legally — feasible within years, not decades. The stakes are high: LAWS have been described as the third revolution in warfare, after gunpowder and nuclear arms.

    […] Autonomous weapons systems select and engage targets without human intervention; they become lethal when those targets include humans.

    Existing AI and robotics components can provide physical platforms, perception, motor control, navigation, mapping, tactical decision-making and long-term planning. They just need to be combined. For example, the technology already demonstrated for self-driving cars, together with the human-like tactical control learned by DeepMind’s DQN system, could support urban search-and-destroy missions.

    Two US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) programmes foreshadow planned uses of LAWS: Fast Lightweight Autonomy (FLA) and Collaborative Operations in Denied Environment (CODE). The FLA project will program tiny rotorcraft to manoeuvre unaided at high speed in urban areas and inside buildings. CODE aims to develop teams of autonomous aerial vehicles carrying out “all steps of a strike mission — find, fix, track, target, engage, assess” in situations in which enemy signal-jamming makes communication with a human commander impossible.

    They could come in the form of drones, walking/running/jumping/climbing robots, nanobots, swarming smart dust, etc. , or just computer systems and apps.

    The implications for war – and plenty of other sectors of society including medical care – are obviously quite frightening. (TerminatorCare death panels would very likely outstrip ObamaCare death panels).

    LAWS could violate fundamental principles of human dignity by allowing machines to choose whom to kill — for example, they might be tasked to eliminate anyone exhibiting ‘threatening behaviour’. The potential for LAWS technologies to bleed over into peacetime policing functions is evident to human-rights organizations and drone manufacturers.

    If this technology poses such a threat to humanity, why are so many in the industry racing to the finish? Frankly, there is very little holding them back.

    According to Nature, the experts bringing AI and robotics to full power must make a decision – before it is too late:

    The artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics communities face an important ethical decision: whether to support or oppose the development of lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS).


    The AI and robotics science communities, represented by their professional societies, are obliged to take a position, just as physicists have done on the use of nuclear weapons, chemists on the use of chemical agents and biologists on the use of disease agents in warfare. Debates should be organized at scientific meetings; arguments studied by ethics committees; position papers written for society publications; and votes taken by society members. Doing nothing is a vote in favour of continued development and deployment.

    Without a massive display of restraint on the part of the scientists and researchers bringing this to the fore, we may be only years away from the technology that played out so vividly in the Schwarzenegger flick that captured so many minds.

    But the existential threat posed by killer robots calling their own shots and running wild over the land isn’t the only challenge to the continuance of humanity.

    There is also the job front.

    With robotics quickly moving to take over labor and manufacturing jobs of all sorts, and just as rapidly filling the majority of white collar job duties as well, where will it leave those humans in need of work and a means of income?

    Understandably, there a great deal of concern about the possibility of robots killing half of all U.S. jobs:

    If robots replace half of US workers, what role will humans play?

    [A University of Oxford] report, titled “The Future of Employment,” estimates that 47 percent of jobs in the United States are susceptible to automation within the next 20 years as computers and robots become more sophisticated.


    His 2013 report included several surprising conclusions, such as the prediction that restaurant servers are particularly susceptible to having their jobs replaced by computers and robots. The authors said they found that scenario implausible at first, since making pleasant small talk with customers is at the heart of a restaurant service job, and that’s not something robots are particularly good at. But a number of restaurant chains, including Chili’s and Applebee’s, have begun adding small tablets to their tables that allow customers to place food orders and pay for their meals. Servers still bring food to tables and interact with customers, but some aspects of the job are now automated.


    In addition to restaurant servers, they found that telemarketers, legal secretaries, watch repairers, and – surprisingly – models were at an especially high risk of being replaced by machines.

    Those leading Silicon Valley and the tech research have reassured us all that new, innovative and unforeseen human jobs will replace the jobs we used to hold, just as people stopped farming, and moved out of agriculture to find better jobs in the city in the mid-2oth Century.

    How true that is, and how many people will be displaced by the killer wave of automation remains to be seen.

    Until then, hold on to your humanity.


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        • Tip: Lift barbells first thing in the morning before breakfast to burn the most fat. If you do it later you will be burning mostly carbs and not fat.

        • Must be a democrat.

          • Someone here warned late last summer, that a “Data” like android was possible if anyone collected and assembled all of the separate AI and robotic technologies that were currently available into one machine; and that such androids would be ubiquitous in ten years.

            Who was that masked man? Its in the archives. 🙂

      1. Well they have to do something to control us. The elite can certainly maintain their grip on power longer with a good robot army.

        As far as robots replacing human workers, so many employees I see really don’t do very good jobs, call out sick a lot, and aren’t really worth their pay. Robots replacing them is inevitable.

        • Guess who else is almost here?

          Read this report and you will be amazed, and you will know why there is a planned event coming soon.

          ht tp://

          • ISIS should be called IsUs. Cause the US Govnt created ISIS. Which “Is Us.” Gee wonder what day the CIA rolls out the ISIS Nuke threat? All to centralize more power and control over the citizen masses. Or they really blow up say Los Angeles to get rid of 20 mil people in one pop. Its hard to get into the criminal mind of psychopaths. And what their next step will be on our dime.

            • Isn’t spreading Democracy great?

              After helping energize the Arab spring and bringing radical Muslims to power in several countries, the Obama administration still believed that Syria might be different and that supporting rebels would somehow be different from supporting radical Islam. Ah, for the days when arms were given to radical Muslims that only wanted to imprison people for blasphemy instead of cutting their heads off.

              Democrats are always saying, “but we didn’t mean THIS”, after they completely fark something up.

              • They wanted to derail the people’s Arab Spring. That’s why they drew their line at Syria and then retrenched by undoing Egypt’s people’s revolution by interjecting their “Islamic Brotherhood” in order to reestablish authoritarianism there. They’ve also interjected their “ISIS” Daesh into Libya to undo their revolution and then make Libya, once again, safe for Big Oil. It’s Democrats and Republicans behind all this, and the elites are behind them.

                • All the evidence points to Obama administration efforts to overthrow “authoritarian” governments and to “spread democracy”.

                  It’s typical simple-minded progressive unicorn and rainbow thinking.

                  Bush of course bought into the same ridiculous utopian thinking when he had Iraq invaded.

                  If this were simply about oil, nothing in the Middle East would have changed. “Big Oil” wants stability and a single point of negotiation. That’s best obtained by having non-democratic authoritarian government.

                  This clusterfark with ISIS all started with trying to help rebels overthrow the Syrian government to usher in some kind of peace and love drum circle beating Syrian Democracy.

                  It was doomed to failure.

                  Obama and other leftists are stubborn true-believers. No matter how often their plans fail, they’ll direct the blame somewhere else.

          • he’s full of bluster

        • Rebel,
          been watching that happen over the years, seems like people just don’t want to work anymore and those that do, half of them are not very productive. kinda disheartening to see. and not much can be done about it, so here comes the robots!probably at my age i won’t have to see what happens unless it happens in the next 10-20 years providing we all live that long!world seems to be sinking faster and faster

          • I blame public education and anti-child labor laws.

            Kids spend 18 years doing very little that’s physical and are spoiled mentally. They’re out of shape when they hit adulthood and don’t have the will to work.

            Much as I oppose illegal immigration, I have to give illegals a lot of credit for how hard they work.

            They’ve spent most of their lives doing some sort of physical work and their bodies and minds are fit for it, much more than the typical young American.

            If we went back to a more realistic arrangement where high school and college were the exception rather than the rule, many more young people would be prepared for the world of work when they became adults.

            We’d also save a great deal of money. Schools are full of kids that don’t want to be there anyway. And they make the experience much difficult for those that do.

            • For a Lil History. The Mohawk Indians built the skyscrapers in NYC. Look up SkyWalkers… The Irish kept falling to their deaths cause they showed up to work drunk. My family arrived in Boston Harbor in 1638 from England, mosrly to avoid the wars and oppression. 18 yrs after the pilgrims. Hell ya my family built this country, and did mary a Mohawn woman, I have that Midwest work ethic kicking ass in FL. Many of these lazy hicks down here work to get on Disability. I’d like to see those stats. What happened to integrity, honesty, fairness in work ethics? Never be afraid of any work. As it is another skill for your toolbox. Of the grid I have used many skilled I learned 30 yrs ago. Carpentry is a great one, electrical, plumbing. Power tools. Get a good set of metal files, thus rhe term fat bastard, to keep all your tools sharp and ready to go. Linseed oil on metal surfaces to prevent rust. About a 15 deg edge on your axe. Take good care of your tools and they will take care of you.

              • Wwti, great to hear the new bol is working out.
                Being able to create your ponderosa from scratch is a lot of work, but 30 years from now, you will be set up.
                Bless all here…

            • I’ve seen all of the Terminator movies and the very thought of being replaced by robots is horrific. I think I would rather have the illegal aliens that ARE working than some stinking robot. I would have no problem shooting a robot.

              • Im afraid that these robots will be hardened against small arms fire.

              • Braveheart:
                Does this I can go can hunting and not hurt a human???
                This sounds like more fun than just going to the range an shooting cans that just sit there looking dumb!;-}.
                It’s like the difference between deer hunting and hog hunting. Yes they can be tough to hunt sometimes, but when was the last time you ever hear of a deer attacking and eating a hunter. (that goes for Bears also) Just a little bigger challenge.
                I figure 308, 30-06 or 300 win mag. Loaded up with some hot ap’s would work well, 50 cal. would even be better.
                S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                • That’s Does this mean I can go can hunting??? Duh!!!

                • NR, to answer your question, all I’ll say is ‘use your own discretion’. [NOD NOD, WINK WINK] My heaviest artillery are .30 Carbine and 12-gauge. 00 buckshot should work wonders on those tin cans. Terminate the terminators.

                  • Braveheart:
                    I favor the 30-06 with armor piercing rounds.
                    I shot through a break drum and a old flat head 6 engine never did find the bullet but it left a nice big hole on the back side of the engine. It looked like someone punched a hole in it with a 3lb hammer.
                    I like superior fire power!;-}
                    Do you believe grown men are talking about shooting killer robots, smiling, wink, wink, must be bored to night????
                    S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                    • You are now planning to kill imaginary robots from an article based on a fiction action movie. You all crossed into the funny nut zone.

                    • NR, I’m not crazy about having to confront any machines myself let alone the human variety. I agree 30-06 does wonders on a lot of things. I might just look for one at the next gun show.

                    • northern reb- braveheart,
                      You guys are correct my 30-06 with armor piercing rounds, has gone through a 460 engine block and kept going through a 12 in soft wood tree and from there i never found where it ended up, i was lucky years ago and had access to some 30 caliber machine gun belts the kind that 4 were armor piercing and every 5th one was a tracer, the ammo is getting old so i just remove the round on put it i a new casing. I hope you can find some or something as good, the old one is a tungsten steel insert and was VERY effective. GOOD LUCK and happy hunting! and may we ALL help to save US and our country!!

                    • Tunyzarc. Unfortunately, you have not read history. Sad really. I was just over 100 years ago that the Wright brothers flew. Things move fast. Unfortunately, you don’t appear to have any appreciation for Santayana’s dictum… nor do you probably even know who he is.

              • Braveheart,I have and they still got away after I emptied TWO 30 ROUND CLIPS into them,and they still got away,and trust me,AT 20 feet,not a single round missed,and not a drop of blood..and these guys aren’t defenceless either,THAT weapon they had, LOOKED like a black maglite flashlight,and it dammed neared killed me….

            • Agreed except it’s not all the public education’s fault. Where is parenting in all this??? Parents are going to have to be parents once again and grow some backbone. They first need to start with telling their kids “no.” I know, it’s horrible, it warps their little minds and they may need therapy for the rest of their lives but telling them no earlier in life will set them up to receive “no” much easier when they’re told “no, you can’t shoot your teacher for giving you a C in class.” 🙂
              Then, they need to tell the government to get out of the education system all together. They also need to tell the pharmaceutical drug industry to get out of the universities. There’s a lot to do with this new backbone. But, they must start somewhere and really soon.

          • Dawrins theory at work….

            Those who have valuable job skills survive, those that don’t,….get replaced by terminators!!

            Same principle can be applied to prepping.

            Anyone see the similarity between Arnolds career, and the terminator never dying?????

        • Stephen Hawking warned about this very thing happening in the future.

          • Stephen Hawking is Davros, King of the Daleks.

        • An interesting point is brought up, but glossed over, many jobs can be done better and cheaper with relatively simple robots, what do we do with all the displaced workers? Not everybody is mentally up to software design, hardware design, building, and maintenance of the those systems.
          What are we going to do with billions people, that have no work? How is the few millions that create and keep the systems functional, going to feel about supporting all those people that don’t work? I think of the quote “Since he is of no use anymore, there is no gain if he lives and no loss if he dies” from Pol Pot.
          As for killer robots, I predict we will implement Asimov’s laws of robotics. Only a fool would create an indestructible killing machine, that you can’t 100% ensure, could never turn on you, or be used against you.

          • Any machine can be hacked, so it CAN indeed turn on it’s master.

            • Sixpack, 00 buckshot should do wonders on a tin can with artificial intelligence.

              • Buckshot will not go thru 1/8th inch AR 400 plate. the lead is just too soft and the velocity from a shotgun is around 2000fps for hot loads. Your 30 carbine isn’t much better. Go get a man’s rifle .308 and above.

          • OnStar can be hacked and take control of your vehicle. Disable all that crap incl. factory GPS.

        • Those elite and those Governments controlled by the elite are scared out of their wits of rhe mass populations that surround them. So they buy and control the politicians to devise any methods to get rid of us if we pose any threat. The EBT robot failed for half a day and riots ensued. That was another wake up call to either keep the lazy fed and subdued or kill us. To them we are all the same. Need to start cutting power and blackouts to the mansion class and watch them sweat.

          • If they don’t know you have a gun, they can’t require you to have the insurance.

      2. We need to devise barriers these machines cannot breech, methods and materials to entangle their legs or effective ways to blind them. Or just ways to blow them to bits. Oh yeah, to kill their controllers.

        • Anyone going to the Free Speech Rally in Phoenix, today?

          ht tp://

          • Hopefully they will drag a few of the islamic savages down the street behind their bikes.

        • they will not be able to attack you in the water. Good luck with that. If they are low enough a shotgun possibly. We will have to construct ar-5oo panels on our cars so their bullets can hit us. Its going to get interesting. If these people are attacking us the controllers they need to be taken out. We need to clean up any false leader when this goes down to get our country back. its getting out of hand. Now this TPP I will not comply one bit either should you. We are getting into crazy times. We will have so many different militias forming, gangs blacks whites cops military etc. Getting interesting.

          Make sure you never stop at a roadblock during a collapse. They will detain you and take all your weapons gold sliver etc. So you have to make a choice in a collapse. Run with multiple people and try to work things out peacefully first, then if they try to detain you, you have the right to move freely. I don’t care what this president or any politician passes. They are crooks and liars, they are not leaders. Our government has been taken over and we must get it back. Keep your guns in different locations, and I said make a net even a net in your hallways that can be taken down with carabeener attachments to stop a group of people from running into your home quickly. they will be tangled and will take them at least 30 sec to get thru while you get ready to defend your property from these criminals. Good police hats off to you!! Crooked people you fuck yourself. Leave people alone. Don’t trust anyone and watch out for people trying to turn you in or rat you out!!

          You will have to make that decision do you want to comply to a bunch of People. They are only people nothing more telling you what to do. that’s how I look at it. I love all people and would help anyone but will not take a martial law status. Go ahead and record that one NSA traitors. Get your teams together, talk to people and practice. Keep in shape and don’t think your going to live in the woods. Most people that is not practical due to supplies. The hard part is are you going to trust that stranger in front of you with a weapon. It will be hard times.

          • Clinthospo, same here. Nothing this govt. does has any legitimate basis to it anyway. The feds have been working to destroy this country in so many ways. They make it clear in words and deeds what their attitude and intentions are toward we the people all the time. I agree we don’t have to obey them, period. They don’t have the first leg to stand on. I already made the decision right after 9/11. Anyone with bad intentions toward me need to just stay away from me if they want to live. Can you hear me now, NSA? F#$% you and all the rest of DC.

      3. Too bad.
        For all the good they could do
        with such advanced technology,
        they instead seek to use it only
        for our destruction.

        • OutWest, all the more reason why the machines have to be destroyed first. If we’re not willing to stand up and challenge these machines, we might as well kiss our own asses goodbye and we’ll deserve our fates on top of it. I, for one, will challenge the robots.

          • Sop go down to your bank and shoot the autoteller (machine).

            Or maybe the grocery store and kill the self checkout (robot) machine.

            Or the AI computer controlled traffic light (machine) on the corner maybe.

            Of course, you may end up in the mental hospital after you get out of jail, but a small price for killing the machines before they take over huh?

            • I guess my area is not up to date. We don’t have self checkout machines in the grocery stores or computer controlled traffic lights. All the lights here are either on timers or timers plus the traffic sensor wires in the pavement.

              The self checkout machines are too easy to scam. You can put expensive items on the scale and use the code for bananas.

        • Nothing transgresses the line from imagination into reality unless it can control or kill.

          • So it seems Grandpa & Braveheart, so it seems……

      4. Well poop, I guess my gas concoction will not have any affect on these machines. Back to the drawing board I go to come up with something that will.

        • What was that super-hot stuff that was used to cut through the supporting I beams of the twin towers on 9/11? Somebody refresh my memory.

          • Ahh yes, Nano-Thermite will do wonders to the man made creation. I could make a sticky bomb out of it, light fuse, toss it at the AI machine and watch it melt away.

        • Sulfuric and Hydrocloric acids

      5. Simple. Destroy all their charging stations and power supplies. Their batteries will quickly discharge and neutralize them. Anything this lethal will consume a tremendous amount of power.

      6. A minor EMP would probably take out these robots. There is usually an answer for a problem. Man would find an answer and then turn around and create a problem.

        • The answer is to eliminate the humans that are the “dog handlers”. Those that control these robots and put them into use. Now if you are truly speaking about Terminator totally autonomous bots, that is a different story. Once we get to that point, who knows. In the mean time, lets concentrate on taking out those in power (humans that is).

          • Gonetoolong, I can agree taking out the ‘handlers’ will help, but you still have to take out the machines themselves. Terminate the terminators.

        • Carry a mirror to reflect their lasers back at them. Lets see the smart bullets hit their target.

        • Jim, I was also thinking of a hand-held EMP weapon of some sort. If all other electronics can be fried by an EMP, surely the circuits in a robot can also be fried. But as a last resort, 12-ga. 00 buckshot should do wonders on them.

        • Google HERF gun. Plus the military apparently has directional EMP weapons now.

      7. I would say this is the bottom line, ayuh.

      8. Prostitutes replaced with sexbots? OK for Bender, but for people?

      9. When I worked at the glass factory were we made glass bottles of all sorts for different companies. I saw technology take jobs all the time. This was back from 1970 to 1992.
        I know that you could call some of this technology robotic because of the movements this equipment could do. And yes it put some people out of work because it would do the work of 5 people with only one person watching it run and one person maintaining it.
        So now they are going to make robots to be fighting machines, they all ready have them, look at the tanks, planes, ships. All of them only need 1/2 of the crew to operate them and this equipment can do so much more than the same type of equipment did just 5 years ago.
        Now a robot walking down the street armed with a machinegun with thousands of rounds on it, could very easily happen, but to determine how is their enemy and take them out?????. When I was a kid they said we would never get to the moon???? Oh well only time will tell.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

        • Why would it need to be walking?

          A robot doesn’t have to look like an animal, it can be whatever configuration is best for its intended purpose.

          A tank with no crew, guided by its own AI computer system and given self selection of targets, is a robot the same as one of those movie terminator things.

          Or a Killdozer or drone using the same self directed and self determining AI control.

      10. Wow…killer robots now….and I thought Doomsday Preppers made us look like assholes.

      11. 6.7 earthquake in Alaska.

        • “P”
          3.4 In southern Illinois Fairfield Ill.
          Have family there and the called us when it happened.

          • Sarge, my Moms family is from Wayne City.

            • “P”
              Did you guys know a Roy and Imajean Smith?
              My wife’s Aunt and Uncle. They lived in Wayne City.
              They both just passed three weeks apart about 5 months ago.

              • Sarge, most of my Mom’s family left during the depression. I think everyone in that county were cousins. Only 18,000 people in the whole county. Most people migrated to Wayne County from Ohio County Kentucky just after the civil war. My relatives are Withrow, Dalton, Pennington, Matthews and Twadell’s. Lots of Daltons went to Mendota.

        • 8.5 in Japan/5/30/15 @ 4AM is PST..
          Several over 5.0 in CA in last 36hrs..

          • Relax, it’s just the fracking jiggles.

            it will subside when the toxic chemicals from the “frack water”, get diluted within the water tables.

            • If you’re serious, you seriously need to learn what you are talking about.

      12. Former Congressman Dennis Hastert indicted. Was being extorted for sexual assault on a male minor while a teacher and wrestling coach in Yorkville Il. Always knew he was a scumbag. Hastert paved the way for Obama to get elected to the Senate and White House. Hastert is republican. Only in Illinois. Hey coach, you can show’em the full nelson and the half nelson, but not the Father Nelson!

        • Good Video.

      13. Just unplug them, shoot their battery pack or better yet, throw water on them.

      14. CTRL-ALT-DELETE. I’ts govt. made….lmao.

      15. The tough part of robot attackers is the sensor capabilities it can have. Visual, infrared, heat. The optics could focus out quite a distance. The sound sensors can pinpoint where a shot or noise originated. Much like the turret sensors humvees can have now.
        as stated earlier,emp can be used, microwave, stl link disruptors if remotely controlled by LINE of sight. Rf jammers too. Physical traps and hazards the ai can’t solve. Humans will win, we are devious and don’t think logically. Hard to program for all the unknown.

        • Another reason to carry road flares as a detractor for heat seeking robots firing bullets. Stock up on laser lights and CR123 batteries. And yeah break out the disco ball Eppi. Ha.

          • Funny you say that. I have a 12″ ball, motor is fried, but it was free…
            Never was into disco, more punk/ outlaw influence…

        • Reminds me of ‘Westworld’. They had sexbots there too…

          If your vehicle can be hacked maybe they could stall out your truck so you can’t run em over, so yeah maybe the frequencies would have to be jammed to affect thier GPS etc, lots of cover noise/lights/fires, diversions, ‘thumpers’ like in ‘Dune’, maybe smokescreens, rocks from above.

          The Kilbots will have to take hits from gooey Maltav cocktails and water/humidity and EMP pulses and electroshock traps and dugout pits traps…

          Then again, maybe loudspeakers blasting out Yodeling tunes might short-circuit thier shit too.

      16. I’ll be Bahck!!!
        Anything made by man can be destroyed. You just need to where and how hard to hit it.

        • Yeah, even a Tank.

          But very few people have the ability to hit a Tank that hard even if they know where to hit it.

        • Sarge, that is oh so true. Hell, I’ll shoot the entire machine if that’s what it takes.

      17. robots are just as easy to kill as humans are.

        you just have to know how to do it.

      18. stickybombs.

      19. But the last article was of “The danger that there will be no big event.”

        Now I have to worry about killer robots?

      20. Swarming smart dust. Wow.

      21. Think Ill go re-watch the new Battlestar Galactica

      22. You will have to dig holes deep enough in your area where you can pop into the ground and stand about 6 feet deep and cover it up with a metal lid to deflect any heat or signatures. Then you can take your shot and take out these evil things. Or weld and construct something strong enough to stop 308 bullets, might have to weld ar-500 plates all over your truck to keep you safe and ram these things.

      23. Terminator joke for ya….

        I got out of the shower, dried myself, and walked into the bedroom naked. My girlfriend of ten years was sat on the edge of the bed. I got down on one knee, looked up to her and said, “I’ve got a special question I’d like to ask you.”

        She got very excited and said, “Oh my god! I’d given up hope of you ever asking! Ok, go on…”

        I took a deep breath, and said, “Do I look like the Terminator when he first arrives from the future?”

        • oh pleaseeeeee!

        • Eppe:
          Cleaning off the computer screen. Thanks!!!
          If I was to ask that question all that would happen I would be laughed at even more!;-{
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Slow night, here is an old one but true…

            1) Growing up is mandatory; growing old is optional.
            2) Forget the health food. I need all the preservatives I can get.
            3) When you fall down, you wonder what else you can do while you’re down there.
            4) You’re getting old when you get the same sensation from a rocking chair that you once got from a roller coaster.
            5) It’s frustrating when you know all the answers but nobody bothers to ask you the questions.
            6) Time may be a great healer, but it’s a lousy beautician.
            7) Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.

            • Eppe:
              So true, So true!;-}
              8)For men, you have more hair on your ears and in your nose than you do on your head.
              9)For women, you have more hair colors now than what you did when you were a child.
              N. Reb

              • You know you’re getting old when…

                …the gleam in your eye is the sun hitting your bifocals.

              • Eppe:
                10)Now when you were a kid all you wanted was to be older, now that you are older you are kicking yourself for foolish thinking.

                • You know you’re getting old when…

                  …the four-letter word for something two people can do together in bed is ‘Read’.

                  • You know you are old when everyone else is a pain in the ass but you.

        • What did she say?

          • I wish I knew, was just a joke…

            Bless all here…

            • Eppe
              That was a good one.
              Thanks for the Laugh!

              Have you heard from Kalufarmer? Worried about him..

              • No, I have not.
                Probably on vacation.
                He is in the opportune place to be, per the pictures…

              • He’s out there on other sites….

        • You know you’re getting old when…

          …you can’t tell the difference between a heart attack and an orgasm.

          • I want to thank Mac, for having a place where we can vent, postulate, joke and even info transfer between all us posters.

            Thank You Mac….

            (even if they are NSFW)

      24. Hey I’m already dead, so if I go out in the first fire fight won’t have to worry about it anymore. If I don’t well some on the other side won’t either now will they. I don’t care who they are be MAN or MACHINE nobody lives for ever.

        I think K-farmer went to visit BI, JOG, and a few others, come to think about it not a bad idea right now. The shit is coming sooner than latter, and there is no stopping it, we will have to except that it is.

        Sgt. Dale for what its worth pick-up a Hi-Point 4595 ugly but it will go bang every time the trigger is pulled and very accurate out to 75 yds. well worth the $285 (new n box) I paid for it. Nice little carbine to go with my 1911’s.

        • Copperhead.

          I think there are a few others that are thinking about moving on down the road. Can feel it closing in on us.
          Too much shit, not enough sneaker. Not a whole lot you can depend on anymore. Man or material.

          I look at how many read these article. Then the share’s and tweets and so and I think there should be more. Out of this count I figure there are few that can do 6 months. Also the regular posters have decreased.
          At this point we are running in the fog.

          • Sling, I watch the numbers too.
            1-3 posters per 100 hits.
            3 days later, 10-25k hits, but only 300- posts…

            Thanks Mac….

          • I think she actually said, “that looks like a tumor”.

        • “C”
          You are right those things are UGLY!!!. But as long as you keep them clean you will be OK.

      25. If there is tech to build the robots there will be many tech ways to beat them.The robot army if comes into play will to a degree be controlled by humans,may be bloody/ugly but folks will get those humans,good times!

      26. They are not that close to building these terminator machines. People Hollywood is all for our entertainment. This is more propaganda lies to create more fear among the masses. Sure the engineers are working on making this a reality. If you look at any new technological breakthroughs the gov finances it for the military first then it moves to the private sector. That’s right the defence department will get it first. They don’t have this yet because it’s not completly developed and after it is the bugs gotta be worked out of it. Then it has to be field tested under the harshest conditions if it passes all that then the military might buy a few units and use them if they fail it starts at the beginning of the process . Machines are stupid they cannot ever be smarter than people that’s why they are robots. Some people are robots doing the same stupid boring ass job process for 20 years. Do you want to work in a factory or would you rather have a robot do it for you. I will learn something more complicated if they can get a robot to do it. That’s what we all will have to do. If the gov wanted us dead they could use chemical weapons that would kill us but leave buildings and bridges intact ready for the dumbed down and reeducated to move back in to continue the agenda. There isn’t a fucking thing any of us can do about progress that’s what it is. we have an extremely progressive gov that insists robots are developed they will not stop till we all have the mark of the beast and every one has sold their soul to the devil. They will have us killing each other first.

      27. My woman says call you will need is your gun and your bible

      28. My18 wheel highway menace against the robot machines heavy metal destruction. The terminator movies really hypes up the power of the terminator in reality that robot would be crushed flat and unrecognizable. Good luck stupid robots better stay off the streets.

        • Their technology comes in many shapes and sizes. A BOT will be driving your truck in the near future… Stay safe on the streets!

          • Actually, the BOT will *be* your truck.

      29. The last Hollywood movie that I saw was American Sniper, in January. Every preview before the movie featured robots! I whispered to my friend, “are they trying to tell us something”?

      30. Off topic:
        Illinois had a 3.4 magnitude earthquake at Fairfield. in southern part of the state.
        N. Reb

      31. I wonder about reloading 12 gauge shotgun shells with cut pierces of tungsten rods in lieu of lead shot… For those hard to kill cans.

        • Lol, i miss rhe thumbs.


      32. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? asked the Roman satirist Juvenal: Who will watch the guards, or more colloquially, who controls the controllers

        • And if a robot kills me it’ll be ‘Deus Ex Machina’.

      33. As it sits now, the biggest hurdle for autonomous robots is the battery issue.
        Little drones and whatnot can run for a bit but a fully autonomous human sized robot needs lots of power, thus all the demo bots being tethered.. But with tech racing ahead at some point they will be able to power bots for short untethered missions. That being said once that hurdle is overcome
        The the situational awareness its capable of is mind boggling, using cell and wifi it could maintain constant contact with, sat./gps etc., cameras /facial recog. ,all databases, etc, etc… And as crazy as it sounds, skynet is real…..
        Im guessing most of us here are over 30, lol prob 60‰ over 40,, we all grew up withe the training videos, from robo cop, to terminator among others and its still going on, we are being acclimated to accepting robots, again, sounds crazy, i know, but wtf….my guess is the PTB know humans are unreliable for their plan and are counting on bots, and are counting on controlled chaos until then, and all of this, watch out for this, or bad guy that, and emp this, or world war that, economy this and martial law that, all the while trying like hell to either stall or provoke, what a crazy f’n world we live in.

        “What do you hear starbuck”
        “Nuthin’ but the rain”
        “Grab your gun and bring in the cat”


        • Tesela..and some other battery technologies will be fixing some of the current battery issues, shortly.
          But still.. energy storage is big, bulky and not so much cost effective..
          My guess is they’ll overcome that hurdle soon enough.

        • Tesla..and some other battery technologies will be fixing some of the current battery issues, shortly.
          But still.. energy storage is big, bulky and not so much cost effective..
          My guess is they’ll overcome that hurdle soon enough.

      34. Look Jade Helm 2015 is the last major dress rehearsal for the main play to begin. So; when the curtain rolls up on the actual play no one will know and we will not have all this pre- propaganda and hype that’s has come with this dress rehearsal. Your enemy is not going to give you months of showing and telling you what he is going to do and where, is not going to happen. JH15 is no more than camouflage to pre-precision resources (set the stage if you will) for the real play yet to come. The real play will start in the dead of winter this one or the next, but who knows, it will happen when they want it to and not before. Not before barring a major natural event (namely earthquake or the like) that they can-not control, but they will have their resources in place even in such event. Folks we are being played for suckers, also anything that maybe real in JH15 is to protect the border from the possible closing of it from American Citizens feed up with the openness of the borders that the Government seems to want. Hell; just an open corridor to nuke Chicago, but I still say it will be in Michigan, Northern Indiana, or Northern Ohio. Why; this will let Chicago to be the base for relief efforts for those affected areas, just imagine the $$$$$ that will pour in to the coffers for the God Father (Rahm Emanuel) to use (over see if you will) to help the poor, poor people of the nuked area. I cannot believe they would make Chicago non-livable, won’t happen, Obama and Hillary both are from there but again who knows want they will do. Again Jade Helm 15 is no more than the last dress rehearsal and prepositioning of resources. The main event to come, and it will happen overnight so little to no resistance can be had so to speak of. The dead of winter is where my money is going as for any time frame. Folks watch out for the sucker punch coming soon. All this is IMHO from a crazy old man.

        • ZD,
          They say ( DARPA) (HTRC)) the BigDog and the cheeta models are close to battlefield deployment for resupply and causality removal (MULE USMC) The battery problem has been solved by the use of an onboard Flame generator system turbine ( JP4 or diesel ) with batteries only used for systems back up .

          An intelligent guess this year , Tech is way ahead of the civilian sector , there is a lot you can do with carbon fiber , titanium and hydraulic servo systems coupled with feed back sensors .
          Can anyone say combat exoskeleton .
          Yes we are entering the age of Robert Heinleins “Star Ship Troopers”

          What can be imagined ultimately can be engineered then built .
          What concerns me is do we have the Wisdom to possess it .
          If not we are sowing the seeds of our own destruction.

          Semper Fi

        • Francis Schaeffer, the Swiss philosopher/theologian once talked about two lines – what we CAN do, and what we SHOULD do. The first line, in our post Christian society, has largely gone away. The results are going to be a disaster.

          Solzhenitsyn once said the reason for the USSR hell, where 60 mm plus died, is that “we had forgotten God.” It will be no different here.

        • I look at that Boston Dynamics video (seen it before) and I see some modern day smiling, pleasant Nazi engineer who is what is called an “idiot savant.”

          Like the guy who invented the guillotine, this guy will probably be one of the first ones taken out by his invention.

        • In the future. Robots will kick humans in the side and see how well they right themselves.

      35. The way to destroy it is to cut off it’s ability to recharge batteries a dead battery in a robot makes it a boat anchor.

      36. Why would you mass a high percentage of defense/offense systems into one general place? They have moved so much stuff from all over. Three things come to mind one; why the southwest, four states have one major thing in common the Mexican Border, they want to keep the border open to bring things in or get things out. Number two; is like handing your enemy a get out of jail card. They can surround that area and not have to worry about anywhere else. Number three; the real threat is coming from the NORTH, keep everyone looking in the opposite direction. As an example the closest way for Russia and or China is the Northern Route, IMHO the trouble will come from the North. Back to the Southwest why, the central part would make more sense to me, but WHY THE SOUTHWEST WHY!!! It’s coming from the North, soon we will know, TPTB are not stupid. Keep a sharp eye out all over, but look to the North so no matter what direction the SHIT is headed our way for sure.

      37. The robots are not a big threat to us right now. The culture of ratting out each other that the media is trying to build up is a bigger threat. I have always hoped people would not participate in this culture in the long run it will criminalize average folks and give the police the excuse to investigate everything. This is the biggest divider of people. Ratting people out of fear for instance. Say you don’t get along with your neighbor and you had an argument about something minor your other neighbor happens to know you belong to a pistol club and calls the police out of fear you will do something drastic. They show up and confiscate your match grade 1911 you dropped $2000 on. They said because you had a verbal dispute that you posed a threat just because your a gun owner. This is just one scenario that could play out. What about other similar scenarios like your an martial arts expert they will come and lock you up just because you could hurt someone over a disagreement. The cops love a snitch. But what happens when peoples fears get out of control and the snitching goes mainstream. See what is being built to destroy freedoms. Another thing is jealousy your neighbor is struggling to get by he is driving an old rotted vehicle and you drive home in a new pickup sounds like no big deal but it is a big deal I find people see you getting ahead in these tough times they start wondering what you are doing. The socialist agenda they are pushing is to make us all on equal footing financially whether you work or are on the dole. So living in a poor community and coming home with a new Benz looks out of place and raises questions to how your getting$ then add the neighbor that hates you and wants to see you fail or ruin your life plus the snitch on the other side of you ratting. I don’t have these problems with my neighbors but some people do. You can see where this is all going.

        • It led right to a Law Enforcement Bill of Rights. Anonymous snitches with no consequence for their actions. It kind of lifts the veil on civilized behavior and gives a peak at mans true self. The term disgusting doesn’t seem to cut it.
          “Tattle tell, his feet smell, run to tell your mother”. We used to sort it out on the playground. Try that these days.

      38. The politicians use the IRS to go after their opponents. They use the FBI and other agencies like the EPA to go after their opponents. But we’re supposed to believe that they don’t use the NSA or any of their private sub-contractors to do the same thing?

      39. One thing BI said look at the depth of a quake the last big one in Japan was 696 km now that’s deep could mean something bad is on the way. Hold on folks thing are picking up speed.

      40. Off topic (sort of) From Blacklisted News: The Special Forces Operating Manual for download: ht tp://

      41. The way to beat the robots is with cheap electronic interference. They will cost millions. Small RF generators a few bucks. Small noise makers, free to a few bucks. LASER and IR LED LASERSs rotating or maybe even fixing on said robots, a few bucks.

        UAVs can be blinded by LASER LEDs scavenged from DVD burners.

        Countermeasures are cheap here in America. In ayrab land, they don’t have piles of electronics to scavenge.

        • Why do killer robots have to be big and easy targets?

          How about millions of inch tall robots under some central command AI, each carrying a lethal dose of ricin or cyanide or something? (with modern electronics, a central controller isn’t really needed, just a means of transmitting orders to them and letting them carry it out as they see fit.)

          Sure you could step on one, or maybe shoot a few, but eventually you have the same odds as getting a hive of killer bees after you.

      42. The gov would love robot soldiers and so would the rest of America. They’d send these machines to get Isis and no soldiers would die. The Islamic savages live war everyday Americans can’t handle the sacrafice of war anymore. That’s why air strikes are not controversial to Americans there is a minimal chance of a pilot getting shot down and strikes inflict maximum damage on the enemy. The Iraqis are afraid of the savages they drop their guns and run away. America is afraid of the savages too. The whole world is it seems no one will fight these guys. Nowadays people cannot take the violence so the violent ones will prevail sooner or later and if you hate America just join Isis that is why they are recruiting with ease.

      43. Robots? Sure after mankind has been wiped out in sufficient numbers and updated robot forces can then control whatever small population remains. Right now nukes are plenty enough to rid the world of those who oppose absolute tyranny. The weapons possessed by citizen’s are of little consequence to TPTB. Did you see where the Zionist’s nuked Yemen with U.S. approval? This account can be read on Just like they nuked NYC on 9-11. Also read about how Egypt never knew of Pharoahs or Israelites. The Jews are nothing but Arabs, the thieving and murderous type. They have written the Bible to their benefit. On another note, everyone is happy texting, tweeting and typing on their devices. Control mechanisms one and all, how else do they keep track of who is talking to who? Mass numbers of peaceful protesters, by the millions could get the message to those who ignore the majority, or possibly the death of all gathered to send a message, nuke style.

      44. Hopefully these machines shall replace the current line of all sex toys and brothels. No more std’s! Question: can they get a job and you get their paycheck?

      45. I work a lot with the Chinese and visit their facilities regularly. Because they use weaponised science, they are far ahead of the West. They have biological replicants in development and war bots all ready to go. They also have vast science and research parks where this is taking place.

        My personal view is that there will need to be a massive reduction in the world population and then a sifting of the best that will come under robot control. They would be divided into thinkers, pleasure-do-ers and entertainment (hunting, games, off-world dangerous colonisation etc.).

        A vast number of the young and pretty will be just pleasure providers. That will be all they do.

        • A tip of the hat to Philip K. Dick.

          Maybe there will be the obligitory division between the in-crowd and the outsiders, like the miners are below and the elite are up in sky city. Or like the scum live in the service tunnels, while JoyJoy feelings prevail up topside (Demolition Man).
          As you say Frank, I think the Worlds Oldest Profession will continue somehow. Especially out on those off-world colonies on the moon where they mine H3. But maybe android pleasure models will be more practical (by the way, never play mumblety peg with a robot).

      46. The people are going to be self-programmed to neutralize anything “government”. That’s how the people will become their own self-governments over only themselves, with their own self-defenses against those who won’t govern themselves but who attempt to rule over others.

      47. It is said man creates things that are inferior to him. So why are they giving robots autonomy over his life?

        Some way must be made where the robot will “short-circuit” itself before he breaks Asimov’s robot rules when given autonomy.

        Then we are safe!

      48. Prepper Tip of the Day

        new book out on water storage,filtering etc

        free sample available on AMAZON with the Kindle reading app

        The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide: Are You Ready for a Long-Term Water Emergency?

        ht tp://

      49. It makes me sick grandpa for sure. Anyway I gotta replace my driveway it’s all busted and grass growing through it. I wanna make it wider so I can have a double wide driveway but I’m not sure about my property line so I called a surveyer to do the work of finding all that out it’s gonna cost $1000 fine by me to have it done right and not have property issues down the road. I was told that I own another 5 ft by the lady next door I said really she said yep and she said she would sign off on thatif I needed her to. She is old and I wanna do this all before she ends up in a nursing home and someone else moves in her property is much smaller than mine. Anyone who buys it will want as much outdoor space as they can get and most likely wanna dispute with me if I don’t do it now. I have a tall hedge that sits on that five feet worth and a fence in front of it so I have to go in her yard to keep the hedge trimmed. I’m gonna rip it out and the old fence and put the new fence out on the edge of the five feet when the survey proves it. She is the one who told me it was my land.

      50. I doubt you would see these in a ‘controlled’ situation (like Baltimore or Ferguson or even Chicago). The public would not tolerate random killing by robots. However, after Martial Law is declared you can easily see a ‘shoot on site’ order going out to the drones and robots.

      51. I see two areas in the future that will make vast sums of money for smart investors: neighborhood security; pleasure.

        Neighborhood security means ending the risk that a load of people like we see in Ferguson or London go nuts, attack people and burn the place down. The first robot and big data company to offer that guarantee is going to make a fortune. Sifting residents for their quality and keeping the ‘gimme dats’ very far away from your house will be a high-value good.

        And for home comfort and an ageing society, sex robots will be in high demand. What 70 year old would not love to screw an 18-year-old sex bot?

      52. I have heard they are also working on sex robots. I could use a stable of really hot sex robots. Killer robots – not so much.

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