Legalized Gov’t Theft of YOUR Property: “Prosecutor Lives in Seized House Rent-Free for Years”

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 100 comments

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    Police Tank

    They are a force to be reckoned with, bringing tanks, guns and the authority of shiny government badges – and they want what’s yours.

    Civil asset forfeiture, theoretically designed to fight the drug war, has created a loophole in law enforcement that has blown open a doorway to systematic government theft – all legalized through policy – that allows police or public officials to take away possessions from citizens who have been caught up in stings, but not necessarily charged or even suspected of a crime.

    The range of cases where undeserving people have lost everything to the seizure policy have become extreme.

    Family homes, vehicles, bank accounts and seized cash, all spent and handed out to ranking authorities before it can ever be called into account. Civil asset forfeiture has created a slush fund for police and judicial figures on the take, making the already tainted conflicts of interest inherent in the Drug War that much more corrupt and dirty.

    With the spotlight provided by independent media on the Internet, we are witnessing systematic abuse by the watchers at its richest and most fabulous: politicians, local and regional officials, judges, cops, prosecutors – everyone is invited to party with stolen cars, luxurious houses, spending cash, flashy jewelry and other valuable assets seized from people who might be criminals.

    Philadelphia was recently highlighted as the nation’s worst civil asset forfeiture offender, but lots of other places have a nasty reputation for the tactic, too. Recent cases in the news of people having thousands in cash confiscated by the TSA at the airport fall under the same unfair guidelines.

    As RT’s The Resident points out, activists in Oklahoma pushed for a state-level bill to combat a dangerous pattern of abuse – with cases in Oklahoma of prosecutors taking

    • cars, cash, valuables and heirloom jewelry

    • using seized money to pay of student loans

    • living in a seized house for five years, rent free, and with utility bills paid with government funds

    Via RT:

    There’s a new bill on the table in Oklahoma which would make it necessary for prosecutors and law enforcement to prove guilt before seizing assets, a restructuring of civil asset forfeiture laws. That’s because law enforcement in Oklahoma has been found abusing civil asset forfeiture, including one instance where a prosecutor lived in a seized house for years, rent free.

    The House bill would change the law to prevent property from being taken unless a conviction takes place.

    Through this little recognized violation of due process and blatant corruption, civil asset forfeiture has become one of the harshest abuses by a police state gone wild – unfairly punishing thousands across the country who lose their homes and have their lives upended by a loophole to loot.

    Read more:

    Government Orders Bank Tellers To Alert Police About Your Cash Withdrawals: So They Can “Seize the Funds… Investigate”

    Elected and Above the Law: Bill “Would Exempt Lawmakers from Prosecution of Nearly Any Crimes”

    Specter of Debtors’ Prisons Looms Over Americans Who Just Can’t Pay: “You Can’t Squeeze Blood From a Turnip”


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      1. Umm, people…think. This is what the Nazi’s did, Socialists & Communists do now. The USA is being “fundamentally transformed” into a 3rd world feces gravity filling earth cylinder.

        And a salute to my fellow vets always.

        My fellow patriots, stay strong. The news is always more disgusting the next day than the day before, count on it.

        • Juliet6
          The notion that there is a left and a right paradigm is the biggest political scam of all time. When we think of the “Left”., we attribute the premises of Socialism and Communism to them. When we think of the ” Right”., we attribute the premises of Nazism and Fascism. In essence they are all the same group with one goal in mind…to dominate the people with bigger more intrusive government. There are no opposing parties in this scam…they are a team…essentially this country is controlled by one party..and that party is called the “Washington Party”. A Patriot is an Individualist and we are at war with Collectivist.
          Please go to YouTube and search C. Edward Griffin for deeper understanding of these criminals called the CFR.
          Aloha and again welcome!

          Live Free or Die…when tyranny becomes law.,Rebellion becomes duty

          • Yeah, I think that’s what happened to my SUV- It took me 2 weeks just to find out where it was– I kept calling the police department but they kept giving me the runaround. When they finally told me where it was, it was too late to get it back. I guess the towing company and the police dep’t split the profit.

          • Yep, that’s how they got us, Talon: Divide and conquer. They make us THINK we have a choice and we just need to vote for the right person. In reality, they put up the candidates and we just have a choice as to which gang member we want for president. As Gerald Celente says, “the Cripts or the Bloods”. They both suck; they both are corrupt as hell.

        • “The USA is being “fundamentally transformed” into a 3rd world feces gravity filling earth cylinder.” You are correct about America becoming a turd world country and many are already finding that out however its the fascist government they have put in place that is what the sheeple need to wake up to. By all accounts we are living under a fascist tyrannical régime. Your reference to the Nazi’s is close, they simply took off the uniform’s. The camps are in place and ready to be populated. With the technology of today, rounding up the sheeple will be a breeze.

      2. Organized Crime =Asset Forfieture

        • “Yes, as through this world I’ve wandered
          I’ve seen lots of funny men;
          Some will rob you with a six-gun,
          And some with a fountain pen.

          And as through your life you travel,
          Yes, as through your life you roam,
          You won’t never see an outlaw
          Drive a family from their home.”

          Pretty Boy Floyd, by Woodie Guthrie

      3. The pushback is finally coming, but fifteen years too late. This was sooo unConstitutional from the very first day, but even people I knew back then who could otherwise be called conservatives were all for it. “It only effects the bad guys – the drug kingpins” they said. Yeah, right.

        • They won’t be expecting what I intend to do and they will not leave.

      4. One of the worst is Highway Robbers dressed in police uniforms stealing people’s cash while driving on the highway like what goes on in TN.. Then you have to prove it is legitimate money you earned, to get it back months later maybe.

        • WWTI, I know what parts of TN you’re referring to. The cops, lawyers, and judges in those areas are totally out-of-control. One thing I know for sure; anyone who tries to take anything from me will have a fight on their hands and I don’t care who they are or what they’re wearing. If they push it hard enough, they’ll die. All I have to prove is I want give up shit to anyone, period.

      5. And this surprises people?

        As our society and culture get further and further away from being a people who for the most part followed Elohim and His way, the farther into a corrupt and evil society they naturally become. This doesn’t just occur in the school system, marriage, family, pharmaceuticals and big business….but all of the intricate weaved web of society….including color of law enforcement and judicial system. It will only get worse until the end.

        • Handwriting is on the WALL! Been there for a while, so closer to the end than most want to think about.

      6. Hell yeah! This practice dispels any myth that justice still exists in police state America. It has become nothing but a huge open air prison, reducing public citizenship to enemies of the military expansion protecting the all powerful minions who have become untouchable. Step out of line or even risk going out in public and they will come take you and everything you own away. The criminal government’s vice grip squeezes ever tighter to strangle any attempt to loosen the jaws of death it stands for. Greedy monsterous warmongers who all deserve upon themselves the tragedy that they inflict upon innocent people across the earth.

        • There’s four northeastern states I will not drive into anymore. New Jersey, Connecticut, my old home state of Massachusetts, and now New York of course. I’m cut off from my kids in Maine, but I don’t dare risk getting held up by a cop from one of those thieving states. I carry a wad of cash everywhere, in case my one and only creditcard ceases to function, (it has saved my a$$ on a couple of occasions). They’d not only steal my money, but probably make me a “prohibited person” as well.

          • Always remember, this asset forfeiture law was created to recoup criminal assets from the MAFIA and DRUG LORDS…and just like every law they make, it eventually gets used inappropriately against law-abiding citizens.

            We don’t need no more stinking laws. We need to get rid of half of what we already have.

            • Sixpack, Sgt. Dale once said 95% of all the laws on the books are BS. I believe that figure. Asset forfeiture should be outlawed altogether. All it has really accomplished is make law enforcement and the judicial system more corrupt than ever before. Prosecutors and judges work hand-in-glove to punish innocent people that they know they don’t have a solid case against and coerce them into plea bargains. Judges have no problem playing along. Even defense lawyers play the game and have no problem selling their clients down the river. This whole asset forfeiture issue is just more proof that people with badges and law degrees are just predators. Cops are predators in uniforms and lawyers are predators in suits. Eliminate the 95% of laws that are BS. Fire all of the cops and lawyers, including judges. The system is too far gone to save it. Tear it down and start over from scratch. Let’s go back to what the Bill Of Rights intended for us to have. That’s the only hope I see.

              • Amen Braveheart.

          • Old Coach, agree with ya there. Add Bankrupt IL to the list, I’ll never go back to. The laws with entrapment as set up as revenue raising schemes to fleece the public. And those states that adopt Angenda 21 policies also.

        • How ridiculous is it that we have to pass a law saying that someone has to be proven guilty before the almighty gov’t can steal everything they own. Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty. I thought we already had that law?? If anything, the law needs to be, that if a person has been convicted of a crime, the same jury of their peers should then be tasked with whether or not the crime justifies the confiscation of their belongings and property, along with whatever sentencing is to be laid out. If we allow the watchers to be the sole decision makers on this, as well as the sole profiteers, well then…who watches the watchers?? You can pretty much see where that will go….or I should say, is going.

          • “Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty. I thought we already had that law??”

            It’s things like this that should be obvious to everyone – including the sheep, if they actually admit to it.

            We are not governed by laws of this nation that is tied to the Constitution. We are governed by fascist, dictatorial rules and regulations that they (government)deems appropriate.

            The continuance of this type of tyranny has only one outcome for it to be corrected. I don’t think I need to elaborate on the subject matter, it’s pretty much a cut and dry explanation of what needs to be done.

            • FTW, I know exactly what you mean and, sad to say, I agree it will be the only way to stop it.

            • You see today the game is Charge you with a crime, take all your money and assets so you cannot afford to even defend yourself with a competent Atty in court. This scam raises their conviction rates. Which then allow them, to keep your assets while you sit in prison.

          • RH, your points are well taken by me. That’s exactly what we should return to. IF SOMEONE IS CHARGED, TRIED, AND CONVICTED ACCORDING TO DUE PROCESS, I.E., FAIR AND LEGAL PROCEEDINGS, THEN IT WOULD BE DIFFERENT. But the way it’s been done since asset forfeiture first started is nothing but outright theft according to certain state laws I’m aware of. The ‘authorities’ call it ‘confiscation’, but it’s still theft, regardless of what they call it. That’s why I say abolish the entire judicial system and start over from scratch. The system as it stands now is too far gone to save.

          • Isn’t it odd how a handful of people can control millions of people and do whatever they want? We’re like dogs– pack animals and automatically obey the biggest dog.

            But I REALLY HATE being dominated!!! We only obey because of the police.

      7. I know for a fact that if everything I owned and held dearly was taken by authorities using this loophole all the while I was not convicted of any crime – I would methodically deal with every single person involved in the matter. Trust me, there would be no hostages or winners.

        • …but you could call it J U S T I C E.

          • Sorry Sixpack, it is not Justice – it is:

            JUST US

            As a scum sucking bottom feeder local government employee, I can tell you that the rules do not apply to us, only you.

        • CynicalMe, I won’t even let anyone take anything from me. If they push it just enough, they’ll be toast.

      8. Black Letter Law: Amendment 5

        “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

        • I had a house and land eminent domained from me for less than 5% of its value. They all thought it was fair even the judge when I took it to higher court. It was for the public good of course to build an access to an expanding subdivision which never expanded then the property was sold at a little advertised auction for the 5% to a cop.

          • That’s bad. Really bad. What state? Corrupticut?

            • California

        • “nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;”

          What part of this is unclear?

          • You have to define “clear” for some people.

            • Sixpack, in some cases, that would be at the business end of a gun.

        • Just about any kind of farm or construction equipment should be able to lay it down.

        • The few GWEN towers that were actually built are being converted by the Coast Guard to Differential Global Positioning System use. That system provides a correction signal to make GPS more accurate. Each tower compares the current GPS reading to its actual precise location and broadcasts the amount of the error.

          BTW, if those towers were supposed to affect minds, why haven’t they? I still have subversive thoughts and a good IQ.

          Also, if you know where one is, after SHTF, you might find some diesel stored there for its backup generator. There is a list with locations on Wikipedia.

          • Archivist, I also have subversive thoughts and a good IQ. Great minds DO think alike.

      9. law enforcement is just as filthy as the politicians that dumbass americans vote for

        • “The polititians dumbass Americans vote for”
          Thats an understatement, these dumbass arrogant politicians elected by dumbass ignorant people appoint dumbass arrogant directors and such to run their bureaucracies, and people are blind to the who and what of it all, reason #1 why i want to own or hold nothing of any great value

      10. Little by little and sometimes in leaps and bounds we’re becoming the NAZI Fascists and Communists we fought against.

        The US is like the Playboy Centerfold of the early 1960s verses todays version that has $50k plus in plastic surgery. It looks like you have freedom but in reality you don’t.

        • Reality is that you are a corporate entity subject to corporate law. Everything they do is LEGAL not lawful. Learn the difference and you will see why they can do whatever they want. A clever scheme that you never knew you volunteered for. Bitch all you want it doesn’t matter until you educate yourself on how the country really works and who owns you. Look into it and you will learn a lot or just go back to your regularly scheduled programming.

          • Genius, Glad you got solar. Its all a learning curve. I was told to rotate the batteries about every 90 days. Which will get you 10 years out of them.. Front to back and move them all forward or how you set your up. Check Battery water once a month and only add distilled water. My entire cottage wired just like a house and fridge, A/C and anything else I want to run off of it. And I have an extra controller if we get an EMP. Now in the faraday cage. Lightening storms big here. I need to get it all grounded ASAP.

            • WWTI, Ditto. I have done solar for 19 years now and learned a lot along the way. I have 2 certs from SEI and have done it professionally too. I just do it as a side job because it doesn’t pay as well as my other job of 23 years. As far as rotating your batteries I don’t see how that would possibly make any difference. Maybe someone told you it makes them wear evenly? As long as all your interconnect cables are the same length and size it should be fine and YES only distilled water! A good thing to have is a desulphator. check out they make a good one and I have used them for years.
              You obviously have flooded lead acid batteries so heres another tip: when you add water be sure to rock the batteries back and forth to mix the acid up to prevent what is called stratification.
              If you use a desulphator you don’t need to equalize so often either (which burns lead off the plates) giving you extra battery life. I equalize maybe 3 times a year at most. It is very important though to equalize a new battery bank or if you add batteries later. Batteries should be within 1 year of age of eachother.
              Good idea having the extra controller in emp container. Let me know what you have and maybe I can give you some more tips as I have learned a lot from others mistakes and my own lol 🙂

              • WWTI, Heres another tip: keep your batteries at least 1/2 inch apart for airflow. I have seen several battery banks with burned center cells because people put them up against eachother! You would not believe some of the shit I had to go out and fix when I did it for a living.
                As far as grounding, if you ask 20 electricians about whether to ground or not you get 20 different answers. It is code to ground your system but my first place was never grounded as I feared it would attract lightning. I had lightning close by but it still has never been hit. The place I have now is grounded and still no problems so IDK. I have seen problems with inverters when lightning was a close hit and I grounded the negative on the battery bank and it seemed to fix it. Remember that lightning comes from the ground upward but is also static electricity that ground is supposed to nuetralize. Maybe a lightning arrestor will help.

                • Thanks Genius for the tips. I’ll check out the info. Have this Solar unit in place now for a little over a month. I have 4 x 6′.6 x 3′.6″ pannels, 8 batteries, and 2 Xantrex C-35 series controllers -China built, one is a spare and a 6000 watt inverter. Tot, $4500. Keeping the unit as close to my building to reduce loss in resistance in the main power cable helps. Btw/ Stay away from Goal Zero. Unlesa itbis just a back pack charger for cell phones.. big waste of money. About 2 yrs ago had one if their small batterpacks charging i. Tje house and it started smoking and I quickly took it out side and it went up in flames. I took photos of it burning and sent it to Goal Zero. They replaced the entire unit. Damn good thing I was home and witnessed it catching fire. It could have caught my house on fire. Maybe charge all that small stuff outside as a precaution.

                  • Holy cow, 6’6″ by 3’6″ panels. Sounds like 24 volt 300 watt or more panels. I would guess they are around 8.5 amps each so 34 amps total. 1 amp under the max for a C-35 controller. Be sure too keep the controller where it will stay as cool as possible cause I’m sure it will get pretty warm running so close to it’s max. One thing you can do is use a 12 volt computer fan wired to the 12 volt point in your battery bank and have it blow around the controller to cool it. I do this and it works great and uses an extremely small amount of power.

              • Yeah the Inverter is a Cen-Tech 3000 watts continous and 6000 peak.

                • Keep in mind a 3000 watt inverter usually requires 4/0 size DC cable for the input from the batteries. Be sure to read the manual for the specs. Using too small a cable can start a fire under heavy loads.
                  Ya I agree goal zero is a rip off, you can make your own portable system for a hell of a lot less. Make sure you have your batteries well vented if they are inside or you might have a disaster too. Interconnect cables should be at least #2 size cable and the PV wiring at least #10. All DC wire must be stranded.
                  Sounds like your doing good my man, keep up the good work!

        • Keven2, Our Govnts been on the wrong side of history in every war since WW2. Hitler fought against socialist ZOG NWO, Central Bankers. Here are some of the countries right now fighting AGAINST he NWO, Central Bankers Mob Control: Russia, Syria, Ukraine, Iran, Greece, Palestine.. And where is our Government? Any enlisted aoldier better rethink his reason for being in the military. You are either the problem or the solution. Our troops should be wearing the flags of Exxon, Macdonalds, Wally World. Not the US Stars and Stripes they overtly diaplay. Like its to preserve our freedoms. BS. The US Foreign policy has been hijacked by the one eyed ZOG.

      11. I’m with Old Coach, except I take it a step further, or a step less: Under no circumstance do I ever leave Texas. Never! And I don’t go anywhere in Texas unless it is absolutely necessary, unless my concealed is allowed there too. Now, with that out of the way, I believe in the death penalty for druggies. Any druggie, anywhere, for any reason whatsoever. God Himself, only knows how much dollar value, my company lost to theft so some slimeball could have his/her drugs for the evening. Helicopter parts that couldn’t be replaced, aviation fuel, tire, tools, office equipment, lost hours while an idiot slept off their binge, and the list never ends. Let me be very blunt here, if it were legal, and the government would empty out their prisons and bring each and every one of them to my driveway I would have no problem at all in placing my .45 to their head and extinguishing their worthless destructive lives. That includes you if you are part of the neerdogooders. You got a problem with me, then put one helicopter on the back of one trailer, agricultural chemicals, spare parts, and such, and start traveling to the next job site and see what the hell you have left when you get their, especially if you have to overnight in a motel. Dead on your feet you’ll have to sleep with one eye open just to keep the druggies from stealing everything you have. Rehab does not work, it never has and it never will. Drugs destroyed this country and the way to get it back is to destroy the druggies once and for all and start over with a clean slate. Thanks and have a nice sober day.

        • Gee, why not go all the way? Death to druggies, petty thieves, murderers, welfare queens, illegitimate children, speeders, driving without state permission, trespassers, expired dog tags and littering too.

          HELL, why not just kill EVERYONE who breaks ANY “law” regardless of circumstance?

          • Like young Wesley in an episode of Star Trek NG, season one?
            I can’t believe I remembered that, i truly need a life.

            • you’re right, I had forgotten that.

      12. Wow this stuff is getting way out of hand. Nowhere is safe from .gov interferance any more. If you mess up you get fined and jailed. If you are successful you get taxed to death or assets forfieted.

        This country as we knew it is long gone. It is best to just live medioker Life with little and stay off radar as best you can. If you have nothing, there is nothing for .gov to take

        • “If you mess up you get fined and jailed. If you are successful you get taxed to death or assets forfeited”…and yet, people like taxedn2poverty want the death penalty for law breakers.

          Sounds like the elitists plan for population control to me.

      13. 88 says: If you have nothing, there is nothing for gov to take.”
        Except your self-worth, your ability to choose a religion, your life.

        They are going to take these if they can.


      14. I don’t think i believe this article.

        In Texas it is unlawful to use public equipment or funds for personal use. We currently have a county commissioner under indictment because he took the tractor home from the road crew and used it to build a pond.

        A disgruntled neighbor videoed the incident and turned it into the DA who filed charges.

        • Texas is unlike any other place on earth.
          Although not a perfect state, all others pale by comparison in all categories except beautiful landscape, especially if one likes big mountains covered in trees.

          The people and the state and local gov is more closely tied to “we the people”, and therefore the rights of others are handled more fairly.

          If the illegal immigration deal was handled correctly by the feds, the state would be even more prosperous and fair.

          They have their share of crooks and drug problems, but for the most part, people govern themselves pretty well and watch out for their neighbors.

          It used to be that way in NC, until all the liberals moved in and the corruption ran away with common sense, and compassion.

          • Well, if you had obeyed the law and had your backyard chickens registered then everything would have been aok in North Carolina too. Seriously, I’ve always had a good feeling for N.C. The best soldier that every wore the uniform of the military was our First Sergeant James R. Walker, from Murphy N.C. He’s long gone now, but he was the very definition of LEADERSHIP.

            • N.C. is going down the tubes

              it has been taken over by the Rethugs

              emphasis on the word “thugs”

              if you want to know what their agenda is

              just look at ALEC and the Koch brothers

              corporate whores ALL

        • To John Steiner
          You need to believe it. Watched a church member deal w/ an Oklahoma cop who was bad but he was a revenue generator for his town. That cop Arrested a chuirch members son for crossing the white line on the right side of the road. He said he smelled pot. It was around 9 or 10 in the morning. The kid was heading to another state to move there and never got there. Kid refused to let his car get searched. Pisses a cop off when someone does that. The cop called in the dogs. Dog found some pot and a pipe. They seized his car and what he had. Kid had a few thousand dollars on him, his computer and his car.
          That kid was put in jail and the bond was set so high he couldnt post it. Family refused to post bond because they wanted a lien on their house to do it. Church posted the bond.

          Arrest and seized properties all before any court hearing.

          He had to go back and fight after the church posted bond for him. Lawyer costs was over $5K or $6, I forgot which. Kid didnt have that kind of money so his folks paid that. He was put on trial and the cop perjured himself in front of that kid. Attorney asked for the video tape of the incident. Fuckhead cop said his video recorder was broken.

          State won the case on the cops word. That kid got his car back and his possessions but it took a few months to clear it out. He had the storage fees for the car they had seized on top of the legal fees.

          That kid was charged w/ a misdemeanor. All that for a fucking misdemeanor. This is nothing more than strong armed theft and bribery to pay an attorney for a bullshit misdemeanor of possession. Kid was not under the influence of any pot and wasnt charge for that. This was 8 years ago.

          How many towns make their revenue this way. More than we know. Do some searches on this shit. You wont leave your state after you find out it could happen to you. Dirty cops everywhere.

          Do you have a busted tail light? Is your registration valid? Anything, even bullshit will land you in jail if the cop is a corrupt MF.

          • Sounds like that cop, prosecutor, defense lawyer, and judge should have ‘accidents’.

          • So the real lesson is – don’t do drugs. Kid gets arrested after a probable cause search when dope is found in the car. Obviously it was a large enough quantity for the police to believe the money or property was from criminal proceeds.

            One thing to note-

            Criminal prosecutions require PROOF BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT OR 100% GUILT

            Civil Asset Forfeitures require only PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE OR 51%

        • Maybe he should have offered to build a pond for his neighbor too.

      15. They already stole our government. Our currency. Our country.

      16. Immigration reform!

        First time caught here illegally, deportation
        Second time caught here illegally, FIRING SQUAD!!!

        • Good luck with that, the libturds and the republicrats all want to welcome them with open arms,,, is BS

        • I think there would be less second timers, if deportation involved the use of a catapult.

          • LOL! …and in the center circle, we have the fabulous flying Lopez brothers…

      17. CTRL-ALT-DELETE; time has arrived!!! Soon very soon. Enough said.


      18. Same old. 50+ years ago someone stole a rack of tires from my grand-father’s filling station. He went down to the police station to get them and got the one tier with the delivery invoice on it and the rack. Police all had brand new tires on their personal cars after that!
        The problem is power corrupts. In this country people feel they have to do something corrupt if they are in power; they feel its their job. Harass the hapless citizens, as it is. We don’t have a “Justice System”, we have a “Judicial System”. The reason for the “Judicial System” is to enforce the top gorilla over every dispute. To underscore and enforce that the only decision that matters it “the System’s”. Bow down at all times, Non-Sovereign Americans.

      19. Taxed…vices should never be crimes. The death penalty was used in the Opium Wars of the late 1700’s in China….it didn’t deter the addicts . Having recently lost a family member to a drunk driver I’m sure his mom feels the same way about alcohol and drunk drivers that you feel about druggies.

        Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn Said this about the secret police in Russia

        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?

        Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

        This quote should be put to memory by everyone for the time when TSHTF….this is how you stop rogue agents,gooberments etc.

        • This is the best post I’ve seen in a week.

        • BUCKHED, welcome and I know exactly what you’re going through. My wife was killed walking across the street from the hospital where she worked to the employee parking lot by a POS Haitian illegal alien. I’ve been there, done that, and God knows I can never forget it. I hurt and miss her every day. I think about her every day. I wouldn’t have any trouble killing a drunk driver myself Losing a loved one like that is a pain that never goes away. My deepest condelences to you.

      20. Off topic. algae blooms starting to affect water quality for communities using Lake Erie water. Toledo water now in “watch” status. Bottled Water is disappearing from the shelves quickly. forecast is sunny with temps in the nineties, here we go again! Stay tuned.

        • Oh Noes! If the bloom turns the water red, the end timers will be jumping for joy…again.

          • We “end timers” can’t wait for our redeemer to return! !!! It’s what we live for.
            Any sign from the Word of God is extremely exciting!
            Further more we won’t be channeling our grandparents either. We’ll be praying to the
            One true God of Heaven and earth.

            Run the race!!!!!!

      21. While this tyranny and criminal behavior by psychopaths in our filthy fascist Corporatist controlled shit stain government goes on, the coward pussy boot licking Zombie trash still wave that disgusting vile evil filthy Murican flag representing the most evil psychopathic criminal government the world has ever seen, and they recite like Zombies their Corporatist Fascist pledge to their slavemaster psychopathic filth with glee. The coward pussy Zombie boot licking hybrid human trash in the collapsing shithole of fascist Murica deserve everything they get from this criminal genocidal government of wolves devouring their very souls, they are the ones allowing these psychopathic monsters to destroy their loved ones health and their future.

        • Amen.

        • Only two “boot lickings.”

        • Ron Ahrens for president!

          • The coward pussy Zombie boot licking trash would NEVER elect a real human like me brave enough to tell nothing but the TRUTH and all the TRUTH about this collapsing Orwellian Fascist Corporatist controlled Police State shithole of the world. The coward Zombies just want to wallow in their misery of fantasy and lies, while they watch mindless entertainment and sports, as the chemically altered toxic dumps feed their disgusting fat faces with chemical filled GMO fake food poisonous toxic garbage. Their children will piss, shit, and spit on their graves for the future the coward pussy Zombie boot licking trash are leaving them, and they could care less.

        • Ron Ahrens for president in “16′

      22. Thieves,can you imagine how it would be if we were unarmed? Don’t ever surrender your arms lesson learned.

      23. This is surely how you know we live in a fascist police state. No doubt about it.

      24. Where is Robin Hood, Little John, Maid Marian, Friar Tuck when you need them to Fight the Evil Zog Sheriff’s of Amerika.

        • They’re probably on Turner Classic Movies along with you.

      25. Welcome to the NWO.

      26. and the person who lived for 5 years rent free…was CHARGED AND PROSECUTED…for his crimes….or was he promoted…..just ask’in

      27. Juliet6 is right, I look over farm properties for a lawyer & he has advised me to stay very clean & make certain my weapons if any are registered. Any illegal substance found on property like pot plants gives authority the right to call claim to property. Property owner can be a thousand miles away thus it is the properties owner that loses.

      28. I rarely comment on this site but read it every day. This article really stirred me up. The only way to get a change at this point i. Time is to remove all cops, lawyers, judges, politicians, all forms or .gov period. Lets not forget all the 1%ers have to go as well. Then and only then after all those useless eaters there are gone can we start over from scratch.

        As a long time reader of this site I have learned a lot of very useful information from the articles and comments. I have done off grid solar, garden is a life long learning curve but getting there. I Hunt and fish, keeps meat in the freezers. I am active in amateur radio, and enjoy it all.

        I am going to enjoy every day I get that is still somewhat normal. What is the point of living if always in fear and cant be free. Yes I will fight back if need be, but I am just like most folks here. I just want to be left alone.

        Thanks to all that make up this site. /ending rant now

        • 88, welcome aboard, and you sound just like me on this issue. Again, welcome.

      29. Wow;
        Not only do any comments that I make go into permanent moderation but now they don’t even show up on the web site. Please inform me whose ass needs to be kissed to have your posts show up here?

        • Daisy Luther’s BIG ASS!

          pucker up and don’t be afraid of using a lil’ tongue!

      30. I don’t know about you but so called poor and homeless people bumming $ from the street corner isn’t sad it’s pathetic these people have no pride. How could you be a mooch. I’d rather steal shit only as a last resort of course. These bums destroy the community they are drug attics and alcoholics. Do you like to have beggars walk up to your car asking for $. I want the police to remove them. But they will just move to the next corner. It’s not because they want to get jobs and just can’t find them. They are straight up bums. They bought up the homes surrounding the airport and from what I know those people made out well in the buyout. It is a state airport that they want to extend the main runway to land bigger international flights from Germany mostly. If I lived there I’d sell to them and just go get a better place. In their opinion it’s for the greater good. Maybe not everyone’s but they are gonna take the property anyway why not try to get max$ for it.

      31. the “war on drugs” was a war on freedom, right from the beginning.

      32. This is nothing to whats coming.

        Bankers will bribe governments who all owe the bankers money to pass laws to push up ground taxes just as the banksters up the interest rates now so many people have borrowed more than they can afford.

        They will take your home for cents on the USD and the silly thing is that you thought that bit of land you have been paying taxes on was your’s but it’s rented and you have no control over the rent rises.

        if people burned every house the banksters tried to take back then they would soon get the message but it’s not so easy to deal with land rents unless people start hanging officals

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