Legacy of Obama: “Goodbye To The Worst President” America Has Ever Had

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 74 comments

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    Obama has been a puppet president and a force of anti-American ideology, preferring to treat people as plebs and dependents, rather than as independent and proud individuals.

    Never before in U.S. history has the political and social landscape been so sharply divided, and so much power titled towards the wealthiest few who pull strings and hold all the power.

    At its root, the Obama administration was a lot of hype, a lot of pomp and circumstance for a cult of personality figure. Underneath it all, Barack Obama was little more than a front man for the bankers and war mongers.

    A loss of civil liberties, mass surveillance programs, drones, war and health care reform are all part of his bleak legacy. Foreign policy continued the U.S. aggression, while giving rise to ISIS as a new terror front with geopolitical footing. Obama broke diplomatic relations, carried out regime change in the middle east and eastern europe, and conceded any gains made in Iraq, while failing to break off from Afghanistan, or even close Guantanamo Bay as he promised.

    He covered for the collapse they created, and he created new opportunity – for those very same bankers.

    No one was prosecuted, but instead nearly unlimited QE stimulus gave the banks easy credit. Joblessness and declining standards hit the American population hard, and the Obama administration hit back with a promotion to enroll Americans in SNAP and other welfare programs, with mandatory health care subsidized for the poor and taken from the pockets of the slightly-less poor middle class – who have been sucked dry and driven to the bottom like everyone else.

    His assault on gun rights, his abuse of executive orders, his attempt to usher in immigration amnesty by fiat, his dramatic tirades over gun control and sensationalized shootings, his opaqueness with FOIA and other relevant government documents, and role in covering up Hillary’s scandal are all dark marks on his so-called “legacy.”

    These factors, and many other disasters during President Barack Obama’s eight years in office have made his reign a complete and utter failure – and much damage has been caused to the American people and their way of life.

    Dan Dicks of Press for Truth says goodbye to President Obama in this touching video, explaining why Obama will head out “with a legacy of being the worst president in the history of the United States.”

    Whether or not President-elect Trump will play a significant role in turning that around, or not, remains to be seen.

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      1. I would add to the list of worst presidents:
        Abe Lincoln
        Woodrow Wilson
        Franklin Rosevelt

        • “G”

          • Any and all of them that called this countries government a Democracy .. when you get back to the guy that called it a Republic and ran it like one,, than that was the last “Good one”

            let me know when you find out who that was

            • He’s not deserving of the title “worst president“. To call him the “worst president” infers that he was even a legitimate president at all.

              • Good point!

          • Remember “Billy beer”
            Tasted like goat piss

            • The first president to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he is a foreigner. The first president to have a social security number from a state in which he has never lived.

              The first president to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States. The first president to violate the War Powers Act.

              The first president to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf. The first president to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.

              The first president to abrogate bankruptcy laws to turn over control of companies to his union supporters. The first President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.

              The first president to order a secret amnesty program for illegal immigrants. The first president to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.

              The first president to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign. The first and only president to cancel the National Day of Prayer.

              The first and only president to say that America is no longer a Christian nation. The first president to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.

              The first president to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it. The first president to tell a company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.

              The first president to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN). The first president to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.

              The first president to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal). The first president to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.

              The first president to golf more than 300 separate times during his term in office. The first president to hide his birth, medical, educational and travel records and not be held accountable.

              The first president to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it. The first president to be in a continuous state of war throughout his entire presidency.

              The first president to go on multiple “global apology tours.” The first president to have personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.

              The first president to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense. The first president to repeat words in the Quran.

              The first president to say the Islamic call to worship is “the most beautiful sound on earth.” The first president to increase the food stamp spending by more than 100% in a single term.

              The first president to conceal food stamp data from public scrutiny. The first president to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states (Mexico vs. Arizona).

              The first president to (inconceivably) allow Iran to inspect their own facilities. The first to president to trade 5 terrorist for a traitor. The first president to use the IRS to unfairly target political enemies. The first president to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.

              The first president to facilitate the Iranians to acquire nuclear weapons. The first president to light up the White House in rainbow colors to honor homosexuality.

              The first president to allow men in women’s restrooms and showers. The first president to conduct the marriage of two men.

              The first president to actively medal in an Israeli election. The first president to be named by the AP as the least transparent administration in history.

              The first president to develop an openly hostile relationship with the nation of Israel.

              with acknowledgment to Todd S.

              • Javelin- Israel is going down. They have no friends left in the world. The UN is crushing them, Netanyahu is going to be indicted for pay for play, bribery. They just need to close up shop and go find another corpse to feed off of. No loss. Biggest threat to world peace, and they steal billions of technology from America Annually and sell it to our enemies.

                Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China
                POSTED BY: BRYANT JORDAN DECEMBER 24, 2013

                • Israel has a long record of getting U.S. military technology to China.
                  In the early 1990s then-CIA Director James Woolsey told a Senate Government Affairs Committee that Israel had been selling U.S. secrets to China for about a decade. More than 12 years ago the U.S. demanded Israel cancel a contract to supply China with Python III missiles, which included technology developed by the U.S. for its Sidewinder missiles, The Associated Press reported in 2002.

                  • Since they have been kicked out of over 100 countries I doubt they have too many hosts to feed off of anymore.

                • Ron Paul Sums Up Nobel-Peace-Prize-Winning President Obama In One Short Sentence

                  “…Sounds about right for a president who bombed 7 nations and became the first in U.S. history to be at war every single day of his eight year administration…”

                  ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-08/ron-paul-sums-nobel-peace-prize-winning-president-obama-one-short-sentence

                • I believe Obama is the first president to revise (rewrite) economic history back DECADES to boost his policies and current economic numbers.

                  (in 2013) Rewriting History…Commerce Dept. ‘revised numbers’ back to 1929

                  “It isn’t so much that the administration is goosing the numbers, it’s that their defenders won’t mention the changed measurements and use the increase as PROOF that Obama’s policies are “working.”

                  This “economic history rewrite” added over $500 billion to the U.S. economy and added 3% to GDP growth.

                  (Formerly, was known as GNP, now called GDP.)

                  ht tp://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-new-gdp-methodology-what-you-need-to-know-2013-07-31?siteid=bnbh

              • Remind me why this POS was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

                • Because it made the Nobel Committee feel good about themselves.

              • agree with you 100%

              • The first president to bow before a Saudi King

              • The first president to have a tranny husband.

                • the obamas, firstfaggots in the white house. sure hope the trump team has sense enough to sterilize the place and cast the demons out

            • Meanwhile Obama was covering his ISIS Insiders Tracks and Bombed the Shit out of 2 ISIS Camps in Libya Last night. 2 B1 Bombers took off from Missouri flew nonstop refueling 5 times in mid air to Libya and back to Missouri without landing. Then after the bombing, more drones came in will hellfire missiles to make sure it was all turned to glass.

              Obama was mopping up anybody who could rat out his Admins support for ISIS, and spoil his retirement.

              Lots of shredding going on at the WH this last few weeks, and burning documents, and stealing files.

            • Nailbanger, I remember Billy Beer. I tried one and had to spit it right up. Miller was my beer back in my drinking days.

              • Budweiser and Heinekens,,,
                Havent touched any of it in over 33 years

            • Never tasted goat piss–will take your word for it–LOL…

        • Spot on…. and in that order.
          Obummer comes in @ 4th.

        • “I would add to the list of worst presidents:”

          they are all shit

        • Lincoln was the worst: He destroyed the Constitution, caused the death of more than 600,000 men to impose his protective tariff, gave the country legal-tender paper fiat money, established the imperial presidency, commented treason according to the Constitution when he levied war against States that he calmed never left the union, suppressed opposing opinions even with imprisonment without trial.

        • The orangeatang is the worst president ever already after 7 hours in office. He will soon be arrested for one of his many, many crimes. Russian traitor – check. Corrupt conflicts of interest via the emolument clause – check. Being the biggest blowhard ever born – check. Big fat abomination – check.

          • Kitty, pull your head back out to a place where the sun DOES shine–the lack of oxygen is destroying what’s left of your brain cells…

      2. Good riddance piece of shit.

        • Barry, AMF!

      3. DON’T GO AWAY MAD, JUST GO AWAY. POS!!!!!!!!!!


        • Sgt., I wonder if you mounted the red dot behind the night vision if it would work better? Is there a reason for mounting it in front? Thanks.

        • Now, now Sarge…. I happen to find great comfort in a good dump. Comparing this outgoing syphilitic pus-filled bag of odoriferous scum to a decent pile of crap is insulting to all good and thoughtfully produced piles from independent thinking labs throughout the world that’d make a bull buffalo proud is just flat insulting to those noble stacks of dung everywhere.

        • Sarge, AMEN to that one. Only 1 more day…..

      4. Equal to Idi Amin

        • He should be given a parting “necklace” like Amin used to do!

          • Maybe Scarface will gift him with a “necktie”…

      5. “The worst president in the history of the United States”

        I would not say that.
        Woodrow Wilson created the Federal Reserve and drove the country into WW1.
        FDR ruled like a dictator, established his brand of socialism and drove the country into WW2.
        Ike Eisenhower allowed communism the stretch its tentacels to the America (and destroyed democracy in Iran, a curse that follows us till today).
        JBJ opend the floodgate for third world immigration and demaged the fabric of society with his “great programm”.
        Clinton (Bill) opened the casino, allowing the banks to go berserk (plus he turned millions of college students into debt slaves).

        At the end Obama was just another carrier of a rotten tradition.

        • Big Al, everyone since Wilson has simply carried the ball.

        • You left out Harry Truman, who signed off on Russia being given Eastern Europe after WW II–even referred to Stalin as “Uncle Joe”…

      6. The worst? Obama just carried the ball a bit further. Wilson, Federal Reserve, Income Tax, WWI, hands down the worst. FDR confiscating personal gold, thats up there. Johnson, Vietnam and the welfare state, certainly high on the list. Nixon, abandoning Bretton Woods thereby guaranteeing no restrictions for the Financiers with a gold standard, rates high. No WMD in Iraq Bush 43, Patriot Act, what can you say. Obamas a lightweight compared to these guys.

      7. PLEASE OBAMA, just do a one line resignation, a mic drop and a tee time, and GTFOH.

      8. Idiots.

      9. To hear Obama tell the story, you would believe he is one of the Best Presidents we ever had.

        What a piece of SHIT!

        How many times does he refer to himself?

        • never qualified to be President of United States
          biggest lie sheeps ever fell for is reference to him as President Barack Obama
          worst 8 years in history of United States
          biggest megalomaniac in history of the world
          fake AfricanAmerican neegro

      10. Reagan was the first teleprompter POTUS, Obama will hopefully be the last.

      11. “the worst president EVER” would be MUCH too kind. he’s a despicable criminal, and i won’t be HAPPY until he’s in prison.

        • I agree with you buttcrackofdoom, but with one exception, don’t want pos in prison, WE, the tax payers, would have to support his ass there too!! Let’s find another something to do with him.

      12. They all suck.

      13. America has been on a downward slide for a number of years. The problems have been mounting up and competitive nations have been coming on strong. The promise to “Make America Great” will be hard to keep. It involves halting the downward slide and turning it around. We’ll never dominate the market like we did after World War II. The first step would be for American manufacturers to recover a lion’s share of the domestic market.

      14. Every time I see that face of Hillary above, I want to draw things on her face.

        Really that face has to go. Have we not suffered enough?

        • I saw a video in which Hillary’s face drew flies…

      15. Anon, the hildebitch’s and obola’s faces need to go, never to be put on here again. But I guess that’s asking too much.

      16. Let the church bells ring loud and the fireworks be bright in celebration of the official last day that the stain upon America, Obama, will be in office.

      17. Truth be told, Barack Hussein Obama (a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Soebarkah, a.k.a. Harrison Bounel) has Never been Our “President”, he is NOT a Natural Born Citizen – a requirement for the Office of the President, Obama is a planted Fraud. NOTHING he has done or signed in Our Name is legal or binding.

        Obama Must be Publicly Arrested under the Alien and Sedition Acts, Publicly Tried for Espionage, and then Publicly and Legally Executed for Treason.


        And recently this from Sheriff Joe Arpaio:


        Another Fact: Congress can pass no law while a usurper pretends to occupy “the Office of President.” The Constitution provides that “[e]very Bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it becomes a Law, be presented to the President of the United States” (Article I, Section 7, Clause 2). Not to a usurper posturing as “the President of the United States,” but to a true and rightful President. If no such true and rightful President occupies the White House, no “Bill” will or can, “before it becomes a Law, be presented to [him].” If no “Bill” is so presented, no “Bill” will or can become a “Law.” And any purported “Law” that the usurper “approve[s]” and “sign[s],” or that Congress passes over the usurper’s “Objections,” will be a nullity. Thus, because Obama deceitfully “enters office” as an usurper, Congress will be rendered effectively impotent for as long as it acquiesces in his pretenses as “President.”

        All 535 of Congressional members allowed this to happen because they are Sellouts/Traitors Aiding & Abetting the “push forward” of a different form of govt. the Luciferian NWO/One World Govt./One World Religion/Currency, etc., as are all World leaders – http://henrymakow.com/2014/11/Globalist-Harmony.html.

      18. What HT stated!

      19. I can read about past presidents before my life and agree with the negative truths revealed about them. I can better judge those that presided since reaching the age of reason. For me that leads to the assertion that the Bush tandem of father and son were and still are the worst of the lot. Totally despicable globalists of the nastiest variety. CIA planted, born and bred criminals who both should be brought to justice delivered. The 9-11 inside job is of their making. No investigation with equally criminal Obama running cover extending the lies.

      20. LBJ was all knowing about JFK’s murder, likewise Nixon. Tricky Dick involved with RFK and MLK murders, of which without Bobby Kennedy’s murder Nixon would have never been elected president. All three were inside job murders.These evil mf’ers were hellbent on prolonging the Vietnam war. So in retrospect, all of these evil son of a bitches have led this nation into something no longer worthy of trust.

      21. Its a club and we aint in it!

      22. Is there a “worst than worst” category?

        Meanwhile, I found a new prepping site. IMHO, very good: http://granny-miller.com

      23. Bye bye, Obama, Soteoro, Barry, Michael’s husband.

        So, much for America’s “first Black President”. Along with Rap, Pimps, and crack whores; just one more thing for intelligent black people(definitely a minority) to live down. Try again in another two hundred years.


      24. I’m going to miss throwing things at the tv,swearing and rabid spitting with O gone. O crap,there’s still dems in congress!

      25. Jim in Va.

        If I had to put a nickel in a jar for all the foul words I have used in my T.V. vocabulary bombardment of Hillary and Obama. I’d be broke! My mouth would be spitting fire like a flamethrower.

        Hope Trump goes after those that support their political machine, like Soros. Had enough of the Clinton’s Obama’s Kennedy’s and Bush’s. Chelsea in the wings. Gonna be just like her Momma. Maybe she will get caught up in the Clinton Foundation scandal.

      26. h ttps://youtu.be/c7O91GDWGPU

        Hi Ho Silver, Away!

      27. I don’t respond much to shtf articles however this article encapsulates the past 8 years of havoc o bummer and his cronies have levied on our great country. Inauguration day will find me in front of my TV drinking a single beer in celebration of a truly the worst 8 years in American history and hope for a renewed effort of recapturing our country.

      28. I knew something fungy was up, when, a few months into his presidency, suddenly major government posts and media positions were being taken up by loopy-eyed dusky fellows with strange names, usually with Mohammed in there.

        His legacy is all around us: the mess of immigration across the Western world, the entitled Muslims clogging up public services, the millions now living on welfare and dependent on SNAP cards, the decline in full-time employment, the bankers living high on the hog, the wars and turmoil pretty well everywhere.

        The Donald’s First 100 Days Action Plan.

        He needs to:

        – do the biggest dirty dump of info on what Obama was up to in office. The funding of ISIS etc. Also his strange marital arrangement in the Whitehouse.
        – with the ‘dirty dump’ out of the way, then go after the legacy stuff and take it down.
        – corruption was out of control under Obama, from the UN to the Clinton Foundation. Start prosecutions and arrests and keep at it until it is cleaned up.
        – establish a new international order with new architecture and institutions. Shut down the corrupt UN and establish a lean international system that upholds the rule of law and trade while ensuring peace between nations. Get rid of the scheming Muslims in the UN and leak all the digital intercepts the US has on them to make sure they never have any credibility again.
        – the draft: uppity Millennials and the Obama Generation of youth who know all their rights and none of their duties need to do compulsory military service of at least 2 years.
        – business: spark an entrepreneurship and business renaissance by lowering taxes and adopting much of the Singapore model for doing business: invest heavily in 21st century technology and infrastructure and make doing business easy
        – health: this has the potential to save trillions and save lives: make being fit for work compulsory and mandate exercise in all workplaces. Use body shape technology to assess all workers and then to advise on how they can lose weight and get in shape for work. This will be key in getting America great again for the 21st century. America will never be great again if its workforces is mostly obese and lazy and ugly. The private sector can play a huge role in this by offering the examples on how to comport oneself for work
        – stop with all the gay stuff: gays already have huge rights and people are tired of hearing about them. The simple fact is this: most AIDS cases in the West are still gays and that is down to their lifestyle choices. Stop guilting everyone else because of that.
        – support families: an immediate tax cut for any family where there is a marriage and the two individuals are living in the same home.
        – crime mapping: rather than using the state surveillance to harass innocent people like was done under Obama, instead turn this apparatus on to the real criminals and thugs out there and get them behind bars or on geo-specific lockdown. Stop hassling innocent people at airports: no more shaking down grannies to make Muslims feel better.
        – Muslim and high-risk terrorist lists need to be back on and used to screen all entry points. An e-curtain also needs to be set up in all high-density areas in order to alert to when high-risk Muslims have entered to prevent the sort of attacks we have seen all too often. We have the technology to do this so do it.

        • FT.

          Good post.

      29. They are all the same including Chump and his minions. It does not matter who is in power.
        Forget the Democrats and Republicans. What is coming is Technocracy and Universal Basic Income.













        • Fidlaf

          “What is coming is Technocracy and Universal Basic Income.”

          In 1970 Henry Ford II took a tour of a newly modernized Ford plant with the then new first generation robotics. Ford said, “Bet those robots won’t go out on strike”. Reuther reportedly replied, “They won’t buy any cars either”.

          Technology has increased the standard of living with its productivity. Like candy or dessert an entire meal of it has negative consequences. China paying production workers by all reasonable standards substandard wages, who cannot afford to purchase the goods that they produce yet can displace labor in the developed world who can is destabilizing. When a robot then has the efficiency to displace these low paid workers humans become obsolete.

          There will either be less people (Agenda 21) or massive strife from the under and unemployed or some entirely new economic system that will have more in common with communism than capitalism as those according to their means are in effect Robbie The Robot.

          In the end too much is coming too fast for society to readily adapt without negative impact.

          I’ll gladly entertain any rebuttal to the contrary as I don’t like the outline of the future outlined above but neither can I ignore what is likely to happen.

      30. Freedom hating, anti-American turd. Time to celebrate, y’all.

      31. How many stupid questions or statements will the press
        say today?

        Joe Biden is taking the last train for the coast. The day, the music died.

      32. Worse than Lincoln? You have got to be kidding.

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