Left Ready to Kill, Clash With Renewed Right: “First Phase Of Kinetic Civil War”

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    This article was written by Mike Adams and originally published at NaturalNews.com.

    Editor’s Comment: There are those of us who’ve seen it coming. The consequences of the strangest election in U.S. political history, and the rise of a new type of American president, who defied the establishment. Both sides have been riled up, and see the best and worst over sharply divided issues and actions in this country.

    The flame-filled protest against Milo and the ongoing opposition to President Trump from the bitter and angry left have demonstrated an actual blood lust, and a revolutionary fervor against what they see in tyranny. These will be times much, much crazier than the counter-culture revolution and anti-war protests of the 1960s, in fact things could get quite dark. Likewise, a contingent of the new, alt right that elected Trump was born out of a “tea party” spirit against what they see as government overreach, abuse of power, violations of the constitution and a usurpation of power. They are, many of them, extremely-well armed (and in some cases trained) patriots who are very responsible and restrained in violence, but who will take no shit if law and order breaks down.

    Whether or not this bitter divide ever breaks down into tangible violence and actual hot warfare aside, the atmosphere is extremely vitriolic and potent.

    America entering first phase of “kinetic civil war”… warning

    by Mike Adams

    In case you haven’t noticed, the unhinged, mentally ill, intolerant, bigoted, racist and fact-less Left has now declared war against America.

    Thanks to the invocation of “journo-terrorism” by the anti-American Left-wing media, brainwashed libtards now believe they are free to engage in unbridled violence and acts of terrorism against Trump supporters, white people and all conservatives. They justify their extreme violence by falsely claiming that “Milo is Hitler” or “Trump is Hitler” or, essentially, (pick your targeted enemy) is Hitler. (RELATED: See more examples of libtard stupidity at STUPID.news)

    Yet it is those on the Left who are the Brownshirts… the book burners… the intolerant haters of free speech, law and order. Just recently, a Black Lives Matter activist who also teaches preschool was caught on video screaming through a megaphone, calling on supporters to “start killing people.” Watch the video here and listen for yourself:

    Via the Daily Caller:

    During an anti-Trump protest in Seattle this weekend, an activist associated with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement took to the megaphone to voice her support for, among other things, “killing people,” and “killing the White House.”

    While she said that, another protester can be heard saying, “Burn it!”

    She also says, “White people, give your fucking money, your fucking house, your fucking property, we need it fucking all,” as another protester responds “reparations!”

    Watch this stunning video compilation of all the violence against Trump supporters, all carried out by the violent Leftist mob encouraged by the “fake news” Left-wing media:

    Former Obama official calls for military coup to overthrow President Trump
    Via BreitBart.com:

    In a blog post for Foreign Policy magazine, Rosa Brooks, a former Obama administration official, outlined four ways to “get rid” of President Trump, including declaring him mentally unfit for command or carrying out a military coup.

    Brooks is a Schwartz senior fellow at the New America Foundation, which is funded by billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. She served from 2009-2011 as Counselor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and served as a senior adviser at Obama’s State Department.

    Natural News calls for President Trump to crack down on Left-wing media lies, BLM violence and domestic terrorism of the unhinged Left

    I’ve just posted a new podcast that calls for President Trump to take decisive action to halt the extremist violence, indoctrination and traitorous actions of the nut jobs on the Left. Note carefully that former President Barack Obama — a “sleeper cell” Muslim traitor who deliberately sought to destroy America — has not issued any call for protesters to stop the violence. Nor has Hillary Clinton or any political leader on the Left.

    This article was written by Mike Adams and originally published at NaturalNews.com.


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      1. Bring it! Let’s do this!

        • no, bad idea. the rabblerousers in the crowds are expert at causing exactly what you just said. take a totally defensive stance and otherwise ignore these criminals. when they come at you jump in both feet, but until then let the police take them down. do not give any credence to this and it will fizzle…

          • No it won’t fizzle out until we stop feeding them. End their subsidies and free handouts for everything and make them get a job. Otherwise they will always be out causing trouble.

            • Search Jobs/works program, you’ll find it’s a Federal mandate to States to administer operated by county and used to funnel recruitment into TSA, Civilian Corps, and other low level largely part-time employment that is insufficient for removal requiring full-time tied to such organizations as CARF International.

              vocalpatriot has a point because the whole purpose to the affair is largely to co-opt the Liberty Movement, and they already have Pence who truly is a Progressive Republican in office followed by Ryan in chain of succession.

              Much of this dates to publications by Sanger’s followers who merged with Malthusians and Eugenics in the 1970s who have published numerous articles also held on think-tank archives for promoting ‘self-fulfilling prophecy through weaponizing the 5 stages of grieving’ to replenish the ranks of racists who believe they are intellectually-physically superior to everyone else.

              Gun control, man-made climate change, and overpopulation policies is a revival of policy catalysts from 1870-around 1960.

            • BlackMoe, I couldn’t agree more. These are ungrateful disrespectful spoiled children that bites the hand that feeds them. Cut off da gubmint benefits and make those insolent bastards feed themselves. The left just doesn’t get it. They shoot themselves in the foot time and time again. Since 2010 they have lost so many state houses, governorships, house and senate seats and now the oval. Their corruption, albeit slowly, is being exposed and the stupid fools haven’t learned yet. It’s time to make all those who are bleeding the system fend for themselves
              Stay quiet Be smart

              • Jacknife, AMEN. if any of those “ungrateful, disrespectful, spoiled children” want to tangle with me, they will definitely be left bleeding. Just as red as a Chinese flag.

                • Those fookin poosy faaaagots coulnd’nt fight their way out of a wet paper bag lol. Bring it on in full force you retarded asswiping zombies! I will laugh my ass off wiping these clowns off the face of the earth! Ha ha ha ha a=ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha fook stop it,yer killin me ha ha ha ha ha hah a .

                  • Issue an International Arrest Warrant for George Soros


                    George Soros is a menace to the free world and stands in the way of making America great again. He is guilty of the following crimes:

                    1) Financially supports open sedition in major American cities resulting in millions of dollars of property damage as well as loss of life.

                    2) Attempts to manipulate democratic elections by donating millions of dollars to his preferred candidates.

                    3) Seeks to curtail American sovereignty. In his own words: “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States … Changing [the] attitude and policies of the United States remains my top priority.”

                    4) Is a currency manipulator. Soros initiated a British financial crisis by dumping 10 billion sterling, forcing the devaluation of the currency and gaining a billion-dollar profit.

                    • Soros is just the front man.

            • Including the projected 700,000 jobs being created by Japan in America, the jobs which will come from the construction of the new pipelines, increased manufacturing, etc. there will be a lot of job opportunities.

              Perhaps these crowds could be dispersed by simply dropping job applications over them. That could cause fear to spread rapidly among these leftists. After all, it has been noticed during the rioting and looting they ignored stealing any work boots, or lunch boxes, and they avoided any businesses with a “HELP WANTED” ad in the window.

          • MGTOW..the next prep.

          • I agree with vocalpatriot. The last thing this country needs is to “crack down” on the speech of these idiots. That act will play right into the hands of the left. I also agree that we need to fight back when “directly” attacked. We gain nothing by being victims. When these idiots come at you make them regret their actions. Just as little children will push and push, taking more liberties with every additional action being worse than the previous, they need to learn that there is a place they do not want to go. Some say that violence is not the answer. Well, I believe that depends on what the question is. Don’t start it but do finish it.

          • Understand that the hive police will not “take them down”, but will instead look the other way as they have consistently done thus far. And also understand that, if you try to defend yourself against these terrorists, the local “Law Enforcement” will arrest you for doing so, and will probably even tase you and then hold you down so the terrorists can “educate” you in the error of your ways.

            On the other hand, “One Shot Paddy” works, as long as one does it intelligently. And one’s aim does not need to be all that accurate. Anyone in the mob is a sufficient target. “Pour encourager les autres“.

        • The whole idea is to provoke us. Then they can point to the right as being the bad guys who deserved what they got. Why do you think Robert Reich claimed it was right wing agitators who caused the Berkeley riots? Because some schmuck posted a blog post of how the Oathkeepers had “infiltrated” the anarchists groups.
          Keep your mouths shut and lay low. When the time arises, it arises. Don’t let them push the terms and the narrative on us because they make us furious and ready to puke. We would play right into the narrative they want to create.

        • The left is and always has been ready, willing and well motivated to cause upheaval in society.
          That is what they do.
          That is who they are.
          They must feel that the only way to feel important is to try and make others LOOK like something they are not.

        • there is going to have to be a war with the left wing liberals and islam, along with the criminal illegals, before any stability can happen to this country

      2. When the right decides to quit turning the other cheek, there’ll be some Kodak moments.

        • I’ve got my popcorn machine at the ready.

        • With FLASH photography no doubt.

          Muzzle flash, i mean….

          • Flash hiders and recoil compensators are nice addition to military style rifles. AK’s and SKS can be fitted with recoil buffers on the recoil springs. Does help with rear bolt carrier slam.

      3. so many sheeple, so little time

        soon they will see why we are the way we are , but it will be too late for them , it has been too late for them for a long time

        • The left is very angry.

          In the 12 days since Donald Trump took the oath of office, a steady stream of social media posts have called for the new president’s assassination.

          There have been over 12,000 tweets calling for Donald Trump’s assassination…

          ht tp://mashable.com/2017/02/02/threatening-posts-secret-service/#TDqaLtfHA5qb

            • KY Mom, the Secret Service will need some help investigating all of those tweets.

              • Braveheart,

                I get the feeling some comments are being ignored.

                “The U.S. Secret Service, however, or even Twitter and Facebook themselves, doesn’t seem to be jumping onto many of these posts. When we asked several users about their recent “assassinate Trump” posts, all of them said they hadn’t been contacted by anyone about their post and they all remain up.”

                • KY Mom, that is VERY DISTURBING, considering the Secret Service’s #1 responsibility is the protection of all senior govt. officials, including POTUS.

                  • The D B,
                    don’t forget the old gay,muslim,scumbag pres. had 8 frigging years to put HIS like minded people in lots of positions and many people were QUIETLY replaced. so it is NO surprise as to HOW many scumbags they will find in MANY places!!

                    • Apache54, you just reminded me of something extremely important. Unless I’m mistaken, the majority of Muslims he brought in were planted inside DHS. Who knows how many more are in other fed agencies. Trump needs to purge ALL of those muzzies. Give the boot to CAIR and all other Muslim groups in this country. They’re here to destroy us.

                    • apache54,

                      Good point!

          • KY Mom, The left will continue to scream and be angry until Trump builds a plan with all of the top agencies to shut down one of their preplanned mini-riots. Use homeland security and arrest and detain rioters, have the FBI treat them as domestic terrorists (and go through their housing) and then use the attorney general to prosecute them (many ways, civil rights violations hit hard). This kind of operation will put a fear into them they do not feel today. As for me in my retired winter I am rebuilding my two M14s to make then battle ready. Go Trump…

            • The only thing Oscumbo did right was prepare the FEMA camps for this vermin

              • and that would be fitting place to put OBUTTHEAD and all his scumbags, while awaiting trial for treason

                • And take EVERYTHING THEY OWN! and use the money to build the wall lol. Fucj them! I would love a showdown in the street where I could just beat the fookin shit out of them! Hit me with your purse you transvestite freakshow !

            • The ORGANIZED “protests”, that is RIOTS, are open warfare and rebellion against AMERICA. The marxist communist fascist luciferian freaks are using corrupt militias of the deep state, in an attempt to put in place the feudal system that they want.

              This is the” purple revolution”, orchestrated by the shadow gvmnt, funded by soros, to overthrow Trump’s Presidency AND America.

              This is not just an attack against Donald Trump. These demons are fighting to destroy the very fabric of our Constitution. Their desire is to take our nation down from the root of what we were created to be.

              The marxist communist ideology of the “left” MUST be decapitated. The political movement of these anarchists MUST be CRUSHED, because just like izlam, they are a threat to civilized society.

              Peace MUST be enforced. It sounds like a paradox to enforce the peace, but after the reign of terror, corruption, and lawlessness of the illegal obama regime, there are now extreme ant-American factions hell-bent on annihilating our Republic and way of life.

              • Oh contrire monfriere! You don’t know the meaning of anarchy do you? Anarchy means the total lack of rulers (masters). In a moral society anarchy would be true freedom. The communist left as you say are nothing more than bolshivic’s that are being used as puppets by your masters to create this shit. It worked before…. It could work again!

              • Soros and others on the left are opting for ‘Plan B’ to further the agenda since Hilary wasn’t elected. The mainstream media is reinforcing the message, “We are ALL mad and we need to do something.” The left encourages riots, violence, a military coup and murder (whatever it takes) as tools to advance their plans. Using individuals who are “mentally unstable” to advance the plan is acceptable.

                Ex-Obama Official Rosa Brooks Calls For A ‘Military Coup’ To Remove President Trump From Office

                “Rosa Brooks is a Schwartz senior fellow at the New America Foundation, which is funded by billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

                She served from 2009-2011 as Counselor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and served as a senior adviser at Obama’s State Department.”

                ht tp://sgtreport.com/2017/02/ex-obama-official-rosa-brooks-calls-for-a-military-coup-to-remove-president-trump-from-office/

          • KY Mom,
            Those stupid people who made threats against a standing president are all on file. Those people all now have special flagged files. Their travels will be monitored, and if they make efforts to be where Trump is they will be at the top of the threat list. If they do anything to make Secret service more nervous the Secret Service already has all they need to jail them.

            It’s so foolish for people to publicly threaten the life of a president. Once said on the Internet, it can never be taken back.

          • The left is very angry. And even more H8TE-filled. And very, very stupid. And never underestimate the power of ignorant leftists gathered as one mindless, lemming-like mass!

          • KY Mom,

            For the past 8 years, under the Obama regime, the national psyche has been unzipped right down the middle. Now it has come to a violent head. This is precisely what George Washington warned us would happening, if given enough time, in his 1796 farewell address.

            There is no doubt left in my mind that the pernicious seeds for the next American Revolution have been sown and have been fertilized by fascist, fanatical, progressive hatred and intolerance.

            As a Trump supporter, I know we are on the right side of history if hostilities degrade into a full blown kinetic conflict. Peace.

            • YH,

              I agree. There is a huge divide in our country. The media is encouraging this tension and hostility.

              I can feel the anger and hostility, even among some individuals I know.

              We live in unusual times.

              I pray for our country and for President Trump.

              • Well said KY Mom!

          • Should something happen to President Trump you better hope a black man doesn’t do the deed. That would set the country ablaze.

        • Bring it on bitches.

          • Ok, since Mac doesn’t like the b-word, I’ll re-phrase it.

            Bring it on b____es

            1. a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter.
            2. a spiteful or unpleasant woman. informal synonyms: witch, shrew, vixen, she-devil, hellcat

            • BlackMoe,
              Perhaps ‘Nasties’ would be appropriate! Especially if you are a ‘germaphobe’ as well.

      4. Yep. Let them feel their oats while they can. Snowflakes Melt.

        • I always see these comments about snowflakes and sissies. Watch the video above a lot of trump supporters being abused. I never hear about any arrests for these beat downs either.

          • I don’t want to see arrests for these liberal fucktards. I want the same of them that they want of us.

            • when they won’t STOP you really don’t have much choice

        • Good news…

          Trump Signs Executive Orders Rolling Back Dodd-Frank, Fiduciary Rule

          “As previewed earlier today, moments ago President signed two executive aimed at starting the process of rolling back the regulatory system put in place after the financial crisis.

          Among the targets are rules that protect against predatory lenders, force brokers to lower fees for retirees and ban proprietary trading.”

          ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-03/trump-signs-executive-orders-rolling-back-dodd-frank-fiduciary-rule

        • As soon as the lefties grow a little more confident that what they do in cities is being tolerated they will bring this violence out to the suburbs and rural areas. We will see many of these idiots die then. Shot by the dozens,dead meat on the road. It’ll be their own fault.

          • Yo Menzo

            These antifa lefties are gonna be shocked at the brutality unleashed on them and their families. Sessions can within the law issue letters of Marque and Reprisal

            RWDS now

            Here we go man !!!!!!! Praise Kek

            • When the Antifas get a navy, maybe he’ll do that !

            • Hey Crunch. I’m going to cut their frackin heads off with my whirling scimitars. I have been practicing with them now for years.

          • This is accurate. As a former US Army Colonel I am certain that riots, anti American Attacks are not going to be tolerated in rural America. The left seems to be oblivious to how dangerous and dependent cities are during war!

      5. “Natural News calls for President Trump to crack down on Left-wing media lies, BLM violence and domestic terrorism of the unhinged Left”

        ahahhaaaaa…boy, has the pendulum swung ! Remember all those far right wing militias and assorted boogymen that were gonna destroy the country just a few years ago ?

      6. Its raining snow flakes. Break out the snow blower.

      7. Many of us sit on neither side but are willing to fight anyone anytime anywere if they try and take our freedoms and liberties. Personally i beleive we need a good ole bloody civil war to water the tree of liberty and releive this country of scum

        • Consumed on a daily basis by most Americans, GMOs have made it into nearly every food on the market.
          In Europe, GMO foods are banned.

          The United States’ infant mortality rate is fourth highest among 29 of the world’s most developed nations.

          Mounting evidence that GMO crops can cause infertility and birth defects
          “The endocrine disrupting properties of glyphosate can lead to reproductive problems: infertility, miscarriage, birth defects, and sexual development…

          Fetuses, infants and children are especially susceptible because they are continually experiencing growth and hormonal changes. For optimal growth and development, it is crucial that their hormonal system is functioning properly.

          There are increasing reports of glyphosates and glyphosate formulations causing sexual dysfunction, low birth weight, fewer births and sterility in laboratory animals, farm animals and humans…”

          “A Russian study found that feeding hamsters GMO soy resulted in complete sterility after two or three generations.”

          “Glyphosate was first marketed in 1976 and its use has exploded since the advent of Glyphosate resistant, genetically engineered (GE) crops in 1995. The herbicide-resistant GE crops ABSORB glyphosate through direct application and from the soil and it cannot be washed off. IT IS IN THE FOOD.”

          “Only one generation has passed since the introduction of GE crops so it may be a bit early for the full effects to become apparent but the data trends are showing that strange things are happening.”
          ht tp://farmwars.info/?p=11623

          GMOs: Miscarriage, Infertility, Preterm Labor, and Birth Defects
          “Numerous independent studies demonstrate again and again that GMOs are not safe, while industry sponsored studies claim them as safe. Of course if I produced a several billion dollar profit product I would do everything in my power to keep it on the market.”
          ht tp://boston.todaysmama.com/2011/05/gmos-miscarriage-infertility-preterm-labor-and-birth-defects/

          Premature births a big factor in high U.S. infant mortality rate
          “The U.S. infant mortality rate is 4th highest among 29 of the world’s most developed nations.”
          ht tp://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-infant-mortality-us-ranks-26th-20140924-story.html

      8. They tend to riot in their own comfort zone areas like Berkley and Seattle. Burn your own place down, hurt the local businesses, be my guest.

        They want a confrontation to demonize the response. Give them nothing.

        • K2,
          I agree, let them burn down the liberal cesspool. I also
          want to add that unlike 60’s upheavals and more recent BLM BS,
          I get the feeling that us older guys have lost all patience and compassion for the stupid bastards. I don’t want to talk to liberals, I want to eliminate them. If they turn their city into a food desert fine with me, they are all Democrats and I could care less if they suffer. If your enemy is committing suicide, stand aside and watch.

          • Rellik, I’m the same way. The f#$%ers need to be careful what they wish for. I won’t submit to them. Bullets will work on them just like anyone else. I stand with President Trump.

            • They will not stop. They will turn their cities into ruins, then they will go to other towns, like yours and mine. Wait for it, it’s coming, stand vigilant and be ready, but do not go to them, let them come to you.

              • BlackMoe.

                You got that right!

                I’m all for home defense. Have some nasty little gadgets waiting for them.

                A nice guy will use regular nails. An asshole would rather use sheetrock screws. Know what it is?

                Summer coming and they will be wearing lite clothing and flimsy foot ware. Definitely mess up a pair of Air Jordan’s

                Oh Yes I’m an asshole. ;0)

                • A hole bored through a tree with a 12 gauge shell pressed in…using a rat trap & nail trigger…mounted at testicle height say…

                  The only thing their “Air Jordan’s” are gonna find are the tripwires on the perimeter of chosen chokepoints. When they decide to come out and play they will be funneled into a crossfire and it will be the end.

                  We hold the high ground and ranges are known.
                  Stupid libtards.

                  • Gone Camping

                    Yes. They have no idea what awaits them. There is no “Time Out” or “I’m sorry” either.

                    They have pissed me off to the, Enth Degree.

                  • Gone Camping.

                    I got to thinking about your perimeter device and put a twist to it.

                    That one I am going to keep to myself. But thought I would thank you for your idea.

                  • If you try that 12 Ga trick, you will find it’s not very good, lots of flash not very good hit. Take about 8 in of 3/4 iron pipe and an end cap drill a hole in the cap then use your trick. Much better.

              • They won’t leave their comfortable enclaves. This is where they congregate and reach critical mass. They can occasionally create a temporary enclave at Wall Street or 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue but they’re not coming out like locusts across the land. As they continue, without a heavy hand response to galvanize them, they will diminish. The public at large will tire of their antics.

                • A 50 mile diameter circle around a city is just under 2000 square miles. If 20,000 Libtards were to leave the city and evenly disperse across the area, we would have only 10 Libtards per squrae mile to share.

                  This is unacceptable. I personally have the capability and mentality for taking thousands and may never get to use it.

                  We have been planning on WAY too many targets I think.

                  We need to stir the pot a little and get Chicago boiling. That should kick the numbers up enough for this region.

          • Rellic

            I don’t want to talk to Libtards either. Can not reason with them. Not much going on in Florida. Guess the Gun Laws have them worrying if the Crimes they commit could be met with deadly force.

            • yeah, I just ordered another 1000 rounds just in case

            • A violent protester attacked a Trump supporter in Seattle last week at a ‘demonstration’, seems his victim had the temerity to wear a Trump hat in his presence, so he charged him from 30 feet away to assault him. He was gutshot for his assault.

              The media is playing it down, trying to insinuate the violence was Trump’s fault, but it’s not working.

              • Needs to go back to range, gut shot doesn’t do the job every time.

                • .45 ACP…230 grain Golden Sabre…doesn’t matter then.

                • Still playing in the mud, the Trump supporter should’ve done a head shot. Guaranteed to stop a mofo.

                  • IF they live, they might return to fight another day!! food for thought. you know what i am saying!!

                • He’s still in the hospital.

        • They riot in places like Berkely because they know “taking the fight to the Nazis” won’t turn out well for them.

      9. Never guest we were prep again Clintonestas or twenty-something snowflakes…!

        They don’t have clue what they do – if successful, they will have destroyed the Constitution, Rule of Law and so the peaceful transition of power. Is that the world they are fighting for, or against ?

      10. I agree with Mike Adams on this.

        Crack down on domestic terrorism. How??

        1. Put out an official warrant for the arrest of George Soros for his funding and training people who actually do the dirty work.

        2. Long sentences for physical assault. Inform and educate the public that hitting another person is illegal and punishable by whatever the maximum sentence might be. Years not two or three hours.

        3. Educate and enlighten young people as to the potential for permanent disability to a person from just one punch. And that they will be held responsible criminally and financially. Force them to pay for victims medical bills.

        4. Require all protesters to get permits and abide by restrictions within physical perimeters. If and when broken, arrest and prosecute.

        5. Reject permits for protests if violations occur. Arrest unlawful protesters right away, before they have a chance to hurt people.

        6. Arrest anyone covering their face. If there is no such law, pass EO creating this law, including traditional Muslim “veil” make it illegal within the U.S.

        7. Arrest mayors, police chiefs, others in power who make or cause police to stand down while people, usually white people, are attacked. Fire them and replace them. Create EO if necessary.

        8. …


        • B from Ca,

          I would be on board for that list.

        • 8. Stop funding them. End all free shit entitlement programs. Make them work real jobs for their living, or let them starve. Either way, stop feeding them.

          • Drug test for welfare.


            • BfromCA Your #4 and #6 is a bad idea all around. Any American Citizen should have the right to protest or demonstrate with out permission from Big Brother. But that being said, Protesters don’t have the right to attack or threaten people, hinder the free movement of people or to do property damage or incite people to riot, and if they do so they should be proscuted to the fullest extent of the law. I personally don’t like most of the people or groups that are now protesting but I would fight for their right to do so, we must be very careful that we don’t swing so far to the Right that we become a Dictatorship. We’re still a Constitutional Republic and a Nation of Laws, and as such we still have co-equal branches of Government, and too many EO are just as bad under President Trump as under Obama. Thats My Opinion and It Ought to be Yours. Trekker Out.

              • ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

      11. The moment they started calling for fire-bombing the White House, assasinating Congressmen & all with media compliance, then we are heading to the edge of the Abyss.
        Prep faster folks, this will not end well as its only Week-2.

        • B3K,
          ‘The moment they started calling for fire-bombing the White House, assassinating Congressmen’,
          they should have been ARRESTED for sedition, inciting a riot, destruction of public or private property, interfering with public safety, and the rest of the book thrown at them.

          We will all need to be vigilant and alert as this battle unfolds, but President Trump is not going to stand by and allow these anarchists, the super demoncraps, to go far with their plan to take down America.

          • I agree with those who criticize those who call for the President’s death but in the same thread, the same people call for the “neutralization” of Soros. Think about what you are posting. We read and read about OPSEC and yet at the earliest provocation, we post all kinds of wild bullshit.

            Think it, mull it over, prep for it, but don’t post about it. All you are doing is laying the foundation for patriots to be blamed for starting it.

            • Charley Waite,
              IF we have actual PROOF (and i would bet we do) that Soros can be tied to many illegal activities to this country and or it’s people and other countries, then we can and should proceed with pursueing him and bringing him to justice, the reason for this is Soros is NOT the only scumbag that is doing this and they ALL are scumbags and them and there money needs to be held accountable and the monies confiscated and given back to the apropriate countries and it’s people. NOT back to government, to it’s people. this would go a LONG ways to stopping the NWO-agenda21

      12. We need to get rid of the idea at law that not every person engaging in a riot or violent protest can be guilty of assault or arson, whatever. As it is now, 200 people can from a ring around 2 people, scream ‘burn it down’ or similar, and only the 2 people in the center who lit the fire are guilty of arson.

        I’d make anyone guilty of Felony Rioting jointly and severally liable for any and all damage and expenses, that’s the first thing to do with these folks.

        • This is a dangerous fine line as agent provocateurs can infiltrate any political gathering and then by their misdeeds get everyone arrested. Sometime in the future it may be patriots not leftists forming the demonstration. If Hillary won it was highly likely at some point.

          Due to the locations of these actions cameras are generally common. The rioters need to film their own activities to make their “political” statement. Those committing violence can be found. Once found the evidence will be clear. Arson is a lethal weapon. Thats not a fine, not months in jail but rather years.

          Freedom is messy.

          • Kevin2, if George Soros is neutralized’, then watch how quickly these protests would fizzle. Soros has been bankrolling all of the leftist groups. Where else will the lefties get the money for their campaign?

            • George Soros is the front man, the sacrificial one paraded in front of the Main Stream Media as Mr NWO. Rothschild’s, Warburg’s, Rockefeller’s.

              These is no king individual but its rather a conspiracy of proportions that the deeper you dig the deeper you have to dig. Mark Lane touched on it with “None Dare Call It a Conspiracy”.

              Because Soros is seen, is known, I personally believe in the NWO world that he is a lightweight. Beware those that you do not see. Who’s names don’t appear.

              • Kevin2:

                Correct. Compared to the men you mentioned, Soros is the least important. Put him in a cold cell, feed him bread and water. Let him cough up his backers, so we can arrest them too. If Hitler had the balls to arrest a Rothschild, so can we.


            • Deplorable Braveheart
              Soros wants Trump to fail so America will fail. Through his various “non-governmental organizations,” Soros has been inciting riots and violence around the country and around the world, bankrolling groups and paying protesters to target cops, destroy private property and generally make the country as ungovernable as possible.

              The Trump administration will do what Soros’ own home country of Hungary is doing: put him out of business, politically speaking. Like they say, “Whoever has the biggest balls is the boss.” and Donald Trump has the biggest balls in the jungle.

              • Sarge, I sincerely hope you’re right about Trump taking action against him. SOMEONE damn sure needs to.

                • Braveheart,
                  Trump is a man of action, as we saw even on Inauguration Day, and every day since. We haven’t come this far for nothing, and our current President of the People has the support of REAL America all the way!

                  • Sarge, AMEN. He’s definitely got my support. I’m willing to put my life on the line for him. He’s the first President in my whole life I can honestly believe in and support.

              • The problem is that Sore Ass is not doing this for ideological reasons. He is doing this strictly for the money. He is infamous for creating instability through his NGO organizations then shorting the currency knowing there will be a big payout when the currency collapses as a result of society collapsing. Follow the money.

                • He’s also possessed by evil spirits and doing the devil’s dirty work. That alone will drive him farther than his ruthless greed for money.

          • I generally agree with Kevin2, we need to be careful how we respond as somewhere in the future laws, generated at a time like this, could be used against the patriot community.

            That said this totally burns me up that this nonsense is even happening, and continues to happen. I feel that cameras should be confiscated and an army of investigators assembled to identify violent actions and their perpetrators, arrest them, and throw the book at them. This nonsense cannot be allowed to continue or a tragedy will soon occur. Some Trump supporter, patriot, conservative, or simply a decent citizen will respond violently, and a terrible tragedy will occur.

            God in heaven help us. Glad it’s happening in the major cities at least (for now).


            Son of Liberty

            • “Some Trump supporter, patriot, conservative, or simply a decent citizen will respond violently, and a terrible tragedy will occur.”

              Or someone who the Main Stream Media labels as such. Thats a prescription for a false flag.

              The dynamics of all of this chaos makes anything believable in the public’s eyes. Harnessing the public behind a cause is the political goal. Beware, beware, beware as the truth is the first, second and third causality. I look at everything that happens in reverse avoiding the incident and analyzing the outcome. Who wins this harnessing of the public? 911 unleashed the use of the US military virtually where and when and upon who TPTB decide.

            • SOL, I agree. That day is coming and could be the trigger to set everything in motion. If I catch any libturd harming any innocent people, I’ll simply take out the POS. The left has no idea what is about to hit them.

          • What’s the difference between some provocateur and a genuine violent anarchist to the person standing in the crowd yelling ‘Burn it down’? They certainly believe it to be genuine anarchy.

            All you have to do is turn around and walk away from violent behavior. When you refuse to do so, you are complicit.

            • They’ll keep it up until they get a violent response. Most of these “protesters” grew up under obuttboy, and saw riots tolerated. Sooner or later, one of them will assault the wrong person and be shocked by the aggressive defense.

            • Assuming the group knows. Turning around and walking away after the incident can still catch many in the large net as intended. This inhibits the next political rally. In the end TPTB achieve their goal of marginalizing the masses.

              I don’t look at the cause as those out of favor today are in power tomorrow. For this reason I dislike “Executive Orders”. The Presidency has become imperial. I see a reply of Rome 2000 years ago.

              • Damn auto spell

                Replay not Reply

      13. These people HAVE to depend entirely upon the financial largesse of George Soros to survive at all, and/or to have more than a handful of people at THIER “riots”.
        Without Soros’ money, THIER “revolution”, cannot happen. Without disarming the American people in total, THIER “revolution”, will never happen.
        Let them continue to alienate themselves, and marginalized THIER ideology and idolatrous worship.
        I am not concerned in the slightest about THEM, we are not Europeans, who have been neutered for generations.

      14. Stand up to bullies,they back down. They draw red lines but they don;t enforce them. Call the left’s bluff and give them no quarter.

        • Jim in VA, spot on. Turning the other cheek only encourages more of the same leftist crap. I never turn the other cheek. I engage in aggressive self-defense.

      15. Bullets, lots and lots of bullets.

      16. My emotional response:

        Attack them where they aren’t. Soon, the race-baiters and violence inciters will either slow their roll or become extinct.

        If you eliminate the head vampire all the rest will die on the vine.

        If the Musloids start causing problems in SF, snipe Farrakhan in another state. When the snowflakes start their nonsense, snipe Soros on the other side of the world. The next thing you know, Sharpton and Jackson will get the hint.

        Or better yet, start sniping these asshole “actors” who merely go through life playing pretend people, but who actually believe in the nonsense of their existence as reality.

        In order to squash the problem, you actually have to squash the damn problem and remove the variable from the equation.

        My measured response:

        Let them continue to destroy themselves – it’ll only serve to ensure a conservative result at the next election.

        Continue to infuriate them with logic whenever possible. Never let up. Rub it in until it stings incessantly.

        These people have a penchant for shitting where they eat. Keep feeding them copious amounts of fiber.

        All we have to do is smile our way to prosperity.

        • On msn.com, that disgusting commie Sarah Silverman sent out a tweet calling for the military overthrow of Trump. Secret Service should be paying her a visit.

          • I’ve never even heard of her until now. She’s a nobody to me.

          • I’ve never heard of her either. What, is she some 90 year old communist living in Buglaria? Miley Cysleaze’s sister? A Kartrashian sister? Maybe backup singer to Lady Kaka or Mahdoona “B***j*b for a Hilary vote?”

          • Sarah Kate Silverman — an American stand-up comedian, actress, producer, and writer. Her comedy addresses social taboos and controversial topics, such as racism, sexism, and religion, having her comic character endorse them in a sarcastic fashion.

            • Grandee, that’s right. She’s not even funny, except to her fans, who are the same kind of people who are engaging in all the violence out there. She’s a vile, disgusting, communist POS.

        • Israel uses .22 rifles for urban snipers. The object is not to kill, but to “send a message”

          • Dindu nuffin, if I use my 10/22 with scope, it will be to both kill and send a message.

          • They target knee joints when they present themselves.

      17. Maybe it is time to use a little Kent State type action.

        • No Sir S&T, please go back and read the details of Kent State. It was as absolute CF. It was everything in crowd control that we don’t want….<bb

          • bb in GA

            Thank You. You saved me a much longer dissertation that in the end would state exactly what you did with far less words.

            • Oh plus the fact that history puts the Kent State students in the right.

      18. Soon, like the Weather Underground, they will start bombings. Killing innocent people and destroying property. You can say you saw it here first.

        • I agree, that will be their next step. However, they start that shit down South – well, not for long. I’m female, have an advanced degree, and I am armed,

          • glad you can load something other than a washing machine.

        • Their goal is to provoke a violent response from the government in general and President Trump in specific preventing their, “exercising of their 1st Amendments rights” thus swaying the public to their side. Let them replay the Weather Underground and they will be ostracized.

      19. That makes my blood boil, seeing what are our (speaking as a Brit) kith and kin being punched, spat on, egged, cursed, etc., in their own homeland by people who, in many instances, shouldn’t even be in America. We get the same treatment in our country from that winning combination of liberal traitors to their own people and endlessly moaning minorities.

        I have to wonder, though, have we (the Anglo peoples) brought this on ourselves. We created the best countries in the world, but we didn’t heed the Word of God; instead we embraced hedonism and immorality, and now we lead the way in tolerating and promoting Sodomy and all manner of vileness. Surely there can be no peace in our time while we remain unrepentant of this.

        • Jay, you nailed it. Sad but true.

        • No nation can be great if it is immoral. What is so encouraging about President Trump is that he espouses a conservative, political, social, and economic vision that the Moral Majority agrees with.

          He has also surrounded himself with genuine Constitutionalists, as well as men who have actually put their lives on the line to protect and defend our Constitution.

          It’s going to be a long haul back with numerous obstacles thrown at us from the enemy of our very lives, but at least we’re back on the right road.

      20. This is not a war. Your witnessing an attempt to elicit a response, that regardless how its administered, it will be slanted in such a way to diminish support for President Trump and therefore our policy’s. The war is for the support of the public. Because they’re losing they’re desperate. They are not gaining support by destroying property but they hope to gain it by the response and falsely capture the moral high ground. When Bull Connors unleashed German Shepard’s on women that was broadcast on TV he did win the battle and facilitated his losing of the war. Shooting demonstrators at Kent State sealed the fate for the pro war establishment.

        • Kevin2, I think your analysis is correct except for the part about a war. I’d love to believe I’m wrong about the war part, but I doubt it. The left is not about to give up, considering what is at stake. I’m afraid it will take the most extreme measures imaginable to deal with this situation. The left will give Trump no other choice but to crack down and I mean a REAL crackdown.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Riots are a Municipal / State responsibility. The National Guard is a State Army unless Federalized. Let the respective Governors handle it.

            • Kevin2, your point is well taken, but will local and state authorities have enough manpower to handle it? In my area, I know that will be the case. Our local PD used to have a grand total of 2500 cops and now they’re down to 2000. Over the last 3 years we’ve lost 500 cops due to pay and pension problems caused by our previous libturd mayor. Another libturd mayor was elected in 2015 and has yet to address the issue. Without a MASSIVE tax increase, which NOBODY wants, we’ll still be way short of manpower, EVEN with National Guard called in.

              • The National Guard should be sufficient and under state control. Riots occurred in the 1960s on a huge scale and with the exception of state governors refusing to follow federal integration law the regular army was not needed. Using the army walks a very fine line legally

      21. I could not watch the full video. I’m going to take a few minutes before trying to watch it all.

        Bad times coming, that is all I can say.

        • Totally agree. We’re close to a huge tipping point.

        • Yeah, me too. I had to pause at 2:39. I think it’s really sinking in for me how bad this is going to be. I spent the last few years preparing for what’s beginning right now and I find myself wondering if I even want to survive something like this. It’s a very unexpected and troubling emotion, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has thought about it.

          • AZ Patriot

            I have been at it for a long time too. I’ll tell you AZP, these rioters are feeling safe in the city. I await their arrival in the home communities and let’s see how the homeowners deal with this problem.

            I am concerned more with what these freaks will do rather than what the government will do. They are not concerned about lives and property and so I will in turn reciprocate in the same manner. One thing I can tell you. If they run up on my property to do harm. They better not fall down.

            • Anon and AZP, same here. My next trip to the BOL isn’t until April but that could change. I do worry far more about them when I’m in the city. My position on them won’t change even if I was in bumfuck Egypt. I’ll still defend myself.

      22. When my dog used to shit in the yard I’d shove her nose in it….time we started doin the same to these snowflakes…Oh and she did quit shitting in the yard…they’re gonna get away with what we let em get away with. These lil shits need to be humiliated and eviscerated. Real world lessons incoming.

        • You punished your dog for shitting in the yard? You are a fing MORON. F OFF.

        • poor thing 🙁 just where’s she suppose to go?

        • where does your dog take a dump now, the neighbors yards?



        We need to prep, and prep some more. We are heading down shit creek. I keep telling my peers this and they have shit for brains and don’t like to listen.


        Good riddance.

      24. You all do realize that we are closer to civil war now than we were before the election.

        Who are the intolerant ones?
        Who really cares about free speech?
        Who is really racist?

        Liberals constantly claim they want there utopia. Where everyone is so loving and warm towards there fellow man. We should take from those that have and share with those that have not.

        Isn’t it amazing to all what happens when someone has a different opinion than they do?

        • Remember the scene from the movie Witness where Harrison Ford tells the bully that he’s doesn’t know who he’s messing with? Yeah, well they still know who they are messing with, people who still think that voting matters.
          These divisions were being put in place for decades. Reagan was going to fix the immigration problem, then Clinton and then they realized they could do what they wanted and enforce only the rules that they wanted and that’s how we ended up here. They did whatever they wanted whether it was immigration, health care, trade, or finance. So have you had enough yet as now people, white people, are actually getting beat down? Or are you so mad that you are ready to go out and vote again. Lol
          Yeah, don’t play into their game. Who is they anyway? All these groups are allowed to function for a purpose, with the latest in Berkley with no police in sight. Trump was put there to fan the flames while his friends who put him there start the fires. Order out of Chaos. I don’t see at this point that turning the other cheek is going to fix things. They are going to get their chaos one way or the other. Then bring in the military and militarized police to fix things. Not yet though. Things are going just as planned now. Why disrupt your own party. Alexander Solzhenitsyn would tell you about waiting too long to realize that no one is coming to help you.
          Fredrick Douglas once said, “The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress”.
          Brainwashing works. And the longer they can keep the programming going, the harder it will be to shake it off. Especially for those who never knew anything else.

          • Leftists and socialist “please put me back on the plantation” blacks have ZERO idea who Douglass is.

            PS. Same Douglass who stated: : “I am a black dyed-in-the-wool Republican… and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of FREEDOM and PROGRESS!”. By holding fast to his convictions, Douglass elevated himself from a slave to a statesman, from poverty to prosperity

            Douglass’s four life empowering values: 1.) Respect for the U.S. Constitution 2.) Respect for life 3.) Belief in limited government 4.) Belief in personal responsibility.

            He’d be called an Uncle Tom by the utterly ignorant blacks today, who owe their very freedom PRECISELY to folks like him.

            • So Douglas is someone you like? He really wasn’t the point of my posting. Here’s the problem. You are not going to go from what we have now to Capitalism. Where you are going to go to from here is to the political and racial fracturing that is now in full initiation stage, to cause massive unrest because of the push to now radicalize party affiliations and races, to bring on the catalyst for the clampdown. You know, like civil war. It’s still one too one sided still so they had to up it a bit. And guess who has been stirring the pot from above? I can’t say it. But you know who it is. And you should know it’s not really the left or the right useful idiots.

        • Hey Mike,good to see you back,hows life for you and the family(OK,barring the civil war you mentioned as a possibility!)/

          • Warchild

            All is well in my world. Been reading here just not posting as much. Been working way too much but I guess that is a good thing. Hope you and yours are great as well.

        • Mike in VA,
          Right you are. The leftists, just like the jihadists for their god allah, will destroy your property and kill you to prove how tolerant and peace loving they really are.

          • Sarge

            You are dead on. We are not the ones to start war. It is crap like this that will cause us to strike back though. Everyone says when have we had enough? When we stop idiots like this. It is going to get worse. Keep the powder dry my friend.

      25. Please stop calling these liberals protesters; the correct term is rioters. Once you break the law you’re a rioter and a criminal and should be treated as such. Allow your police departments to come down hard on these people and beat them down a few times or shoot them and it will stop. That’s what’s wrong with these people , they had no discipline as children. My Master Sergeant father used to tell my mother “You might as well not tell the child to do it if you’re not going to carry through with the demand.” This has been how parents raise their children with lip service only which they eventually learn to tune out. And children learn quickly that you will give in to a tantrum. Parents let the children control them instead of the parent controlling the child. So now we are faced with retraining these belligerent children/adults. The conservatives on the right have proven that they have self control, after all we put up with Obama for eight years while he broke the law and dragged our republic down to almost third world status. This self control of the conservatives is not going to last forever; President Trump and the rest of government need to nip this in the bud now, because the longer it goes the harder it will be to get control. The more force it will take and the conservatives may decide to take things into their own hands . Yes, this may play into the NWO’s plans for martial law; but as I see it we’re headed there already. I know police and the military want to let loose and correct this treason. This Rosa Brooks needs to be locked up for inciting riots and threats to a sitting president. What the hell is wrong with you people?

        • >>>Waiting<<< Great post. Allow me to repeat.

          Law abiding citizens must demand a heavy police response.
          Law abiding citizens must demand a strong criminal prosecution of all rioters.

          Strong criminal prosecution of those calling and inciting for the killing and assignation of US citizens and their political office holders.

          If it is not being done yet law enforcement must start by determining who are the leaders and financiers.

          We are not a nation unless we have borders and R. of L.



          • Also repeating:
            The ORGANIZED “protests”, that is RIOTS, are open warfare and rebellion against AMERICA.

            The RIOTERS should be ARRESTED for sedition, inciting a riot, destruction of property, interfering with public safety, with the rest of the book thrown at them.

            There is no doubt in my mind that President Trump is already “on it”!

      26. Left Ready to Kill, Clash With Renewed Right: “First Phase Of Kinetic Civil War”

        Hitler would of defined and classified these people (liberals) as undesirables.

        When do we start pre-heating the ovens? ツ

        • Right now FTW. PREPARE THE OVENS

          1488 praise Kek

          • Shiva is about to return…..

        • Already relighting the ovens now!

      27. Mike in VA, welcome back, and sadly I have to agree. Keep stacking and praying.

        • Brave

          It is always good to talk to you. I pray all the time. What ever happens then it is Gods will. Things may be about to get ugly so my stacks are increasing daily as I can afford it. Hope you are great my friend.

          • Mike, I’m still going strong and still stacking. Been to the BOL twice since shortly before Nov. 8 and then again right before the inauguration. Going back in april unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

      28. You think it was bad when we had Ferguson, and the like. Which were all based on FRIGGING LIES. Just wait till it warms up some. You know these turds won’t do much in the northern cities when it is below 50 degrees. I predict that there will war in the streets between the left and the right this summer.

        The day will come when the left will start shooting people, you can see it coming. If they will stone people and beat them with poles it isn’t far off. Or there will come a day were a person getting stoned and beat to death will pull his or her weapon and take out some of these TURDS out. Don’t underestimate the left they are great at false flags.

        If I were you and you didn’t have to go to the big City I wouldn’t be going this summer. If I were you I would make Damn sure you have the means to protect yourself at all times. Remember they won’t go one on one with you they will only do this in a mob.

        The second Civil War. Right VS. Left. We know that the Right will carry the RED, WHTE, and BLUE, flag and the Left will carry the RED and Yellow.

        I’m now doubling up on everything. You folks might just want to double. Check your STUFF! See where you can add to the stuff you have, just incase my Perdition comes true!



        • Sgt. don’t know how the people in the videos get in these situations with no way to get out. I carry very heavy. Browning high power, & sig 357, always, nothing fancy but sks in veh. 10 30 round mags. I would bet if I made it to my truck the only ones after me would be law enforcement, and they would be drawing straws or sending dogs. Don’t go anywhere looking for shit, never left anywhere taking any. good luck all, be careful.

        • Sarge, witness this piece of vile evil from Wee Willy Ayers:

          “…we’re also going to make it clear that when a pig gets iced that’s a good thing, and that everyone who considers himself a revolutionary should be armed, should own a gun, should have a gun in his house.”
          – Bill Ayers, leftist activist and confidant of gun control happy Barack Obama, in A Strategy To Win, appearing in New Left Notes, September 12, 1969.

          I have two close friends who are now retired police (very pro-Constitution, freedom, etc.) I find this quote disgusting, but typical of the violent left.

          Where’s all that outcry against “H8TE” the vile left tags on others??? Oh wait.. H8TE is ok if you are a Nazi Brownshirt leftist. Sorry, I forgot that part.

          • These Leftists are not Brown Shirts. These ‘leftists’ are just stirring the pot for those now in charge. The Brown Shirts wanted to free their country from the ties that bound them. These people seem to want to make sure they stay in place. They keep people looking at the branches while the roots are getting deeper. They surely are getting paid to put on a show. To get all the misfits to come out and act out to get those that they were taught to be the oppressors. The same people that were used in the factories at the turn of the century as slaves and were brought here without the benefit of being able to collect welfare.
            I realize I’m wasting my time here. Gottago.

        • Anarchist colors are red and black.

          • a
            Commie colors are Red and yellow.

            • Sarge, ha ha ha ha, I am not the least bit worried about commie leftists attacking me. What the dog don’t eat I will send to the shredder. Those punks don’t stand a chance in hell of the shit I will beat them to death with! 1000 to 1 is crappy odds for them lol. Meet your maker mutherfookers!

      29. We are teetering on the brink of Civil War. How long are we willing to put up with this crap from the left? I for one have had more than enough.

        • I’ve had enough as well!!

        • Literal RWDS soon brother. Praise Kek

        • TEXAN
          I for one have had enough.
          All this PC bullshit, all of these Hands Up Don’t shoot Turds. All of these Biotches running around yelling Allies Candy bar. All the N@#$#RS running around yelling that they should kill the white man, Fuck the white man, fuck the white house.

          I’m afraid that very soon they will start and the White man will strike back with the WRATH of GOD!!!


          • Oh I have the wrath of god believe me and it aint perty!

        • As long as they stay in their own cesspool cities, it’s tolerable. Can put up with it, in fact, it’s somewhat amusing and entertaining watching stupid people burn their own places. But I will not tolerate them doing that shit on my turf.

          It’s their call.

      30. I’m not afraid of anyone wearing Che Guevara t-shirts and skinny jeans.
        Especially if they are holding Starbucks cups. hehe

      31. Seems to me that if one wants to cut the head of the snake off, getting rid of Soros would be a good start.

      32. Honestly when are you going to finally get rid of this Soros idiot?

        I try to imagine this piece of shit attempting this in just about any non-Western country anywhere, ever. He’d last about 15 minutes.

      33. I don’t know if this is going to happen but it might. Trump does something dramatic that really pisses off the liberals, like sinking Iran’s navy or deporting illegals en mass, which would be fine by me.

        All of a sudden protests break out in many cities and it gets ugly. Stores ransacked, fires started and the police are overwhelmed or just plain back off – like in Berkeley and Baltimore.

        Trump could say that there are many more people who believe in law and order and won’t put up with this destructive behavior. Basically, Trump gives the nod that people should take matters into their own hands and stop the rioters.

        I’m not looking forward to Battlefield America. I really don’t want to shoot someone. But if it gets bad enough I’ll do whatever to help put an end to it. I suspect that once bodies start piling up the rioters will scurry for cover and not be so eager to try it again.

        No telling how things may develop but I will do what I have to do to protect life and property from malcontents and anarchists.

        Someone might say I’m being paranoid but I think I’m seeing a very possible series of events.

        • Use the word Chararchist instead of anarchist. Anarchy is freedom from mastrers, chaos is well….what you think..

      34. Sessions can legally issue letters of Marque and Reprisal

        RWDS literally right now. Praise Kek

      35. “Yet it is those on the Left who are the Brownshirts…”

        The truth is that the actual Brownshirts were created as reaction to left wing mobs.
        It was always the left that started the violence.

        (france 1792, russia 1917, germany 1918, spain in the in the 30s, america in the 60s,…etc.)

      36. I spent some time today looking at each Guv Dep. I suggest anyone who has time do the same.

        Each agency has a Strategic Plan like (2008-2018). Now Inside those plans are Mission, Goals and Measurements etc.. This has been going for over a decade back.

        Get someone you know that is good at interpreting terms like “Shared Responsibility”, “Cultural Transition”, “Inclusive/Inclusion” etc…

        The plans were issued by Ole’ Man Bush as part of a UN Agreement and since then has been in the works.

        What this is is moving the DEEP State/Government Agencies towards Globalization. It is Global Marxism.

        These initiatives start out in the “Federal Registrar”. Some items will take “public comment”. Mind you they will not change as the Stake Holders i.e. Big Globalists have this thing sewn up and its only posted as a legal formality.

        If you know any smart person, who works at the Fed level and they pay attention, ask them about it. If you want to know what is coming, go to the Federal Register. But most has already been implemented.

        The reason Neocons, Rinos and Marxists are so angry is that the Strategic Plans have moved to implement Globalization. Its all there but in leftists code speak. This involves every Gov Agency.

        So Yes, they are Angry and we can not let them win!

        Look up Healthy People 2020 but remember they use code speak. Scarey!

        This is why they hate the truth even they can’t speak it!

        As for me give me liberty or I may become really grumpy!

      37. Per the Black Book of Communism, published by Oxford Univ. Press, the left MURDERED 100 million last century.

        Truth is, the people are simply Nazi Browshirts (look the term up) Even more relevant when you realize the Nazis adopted explicitly socialist planks at their very first convention, Munich, Feb. 1920. A simple google of “Nazi party planks” will verify this…. except the fascist left doesn’t have the intellectual honesty to do so.

      38. Two quotes for the “useful idiots” (Lenin’s term) on the left doing this stuff, as they will find out very quickly that the elite on left will simply use them, then turn them into Solyent Green:

        Jacques Mallet du Pan (1749—10 May 1800), wrote about the first leftist reign of terror, in his 1793 essay that ”…the Revolution always eats its own children” (“A l’exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants”)

        Che Guevara – that vile, evil man those campus groovsters wear on their t-shirts – once said about the equivalent of today’s campus protesters, the campesinos (peasants) “I know the campesinos support us now. But when we come to power, they, too, will have to be liquidated” (here, “liquidation” may or may not be literally that – might also just be the $1 trillion in student debt, meaning these poor “useful idiots” will never be out of debt, never own a home, will never be able to afford a marriage or children, etc.

      39. Everyone hold your fire and strictly act in self-defense. Allow them to continue to riot until the public demands a crushing response. It must be absolutely clear to everyone who is to blame.

        Preparations for the defense of the historical American nation must be made on the double as we are clearly running out of time.

      40. These are literally – not figuratively – Nazi Brownshirts. Exaggeration? Consider:

        Nazi stands for the Nazionale Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei – the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Was it just a name, as some say? Then why did the Nazi’s introduce the “Reichsarbeitsdienst” – the National Labour Svc that had public work systems; why the “Kraft durch Freude,” where the STATE even took care of the leisure time of workers?

        Here are the some planks of the Nazis, adopted in Munich on February 24, 1920:
        “We ask that the government undertake the obligation above all of providing citizens with adequate opportunity for employment and earning a living… We demand profit sharing in big business… the government must provide an all-around enlargement of our system of public education. . . We demand the education at government expense of gifted children of poor parents. . . . The government must undertake the improvement of public health… permanent recovery of our people can only proceed from within on the foundation of The Common Good Before the Individual Good”

        No the Nazis did not advocate public ownership of production, only that the govt oversee and run the economy, as they knew that legal ownership wasn’t what counted, but rather CONTROL. So, private citizens could hold title – as long as the state had the unqualified right to use their property. I.e., de facto socialism, the STATE still controls. Or, as Carl Limbacher wrote in NewsMax, Dec. 5, 2005, “Benito Mussolini’s Fascist economic policy, which he called the “mixed economy,” tried to combine Marxism with capitalism. What resulted was a dictatorship which allowed limited economic freedom to those favored industries willing to operate under government patronage.” The observant among you will note well the phrase “operate under government patronage.” In fact, private industry was a hostage of the Nazis. They did not hesitate to confiscate Junker’s aircraft business, or threaten the others with creating a government-run business to compete with it. BASF was so created. Hitler also did not hesitate to threaten the lives and families of any industrialist who did not cooperate. Speer allegedly did so when he ran the German economy. Why leftists think ANY private citizen would be able to thwart somebody who literally controlled the power of life and death over them is beyond me. Wages of Destruction by Adam Tooze is one book exploring this.

        The only seeming difference between Hitler’s Nazism and today’s National Socialists is that Aryan racial purity. Or is it? Truth is, the self-proclaimed “elite” are now the uber menschen, and we hoi polloi in flyover country are the new Poles, Jews, bibleforschers (10% of the Dachau concentration camp was made up of Christian clergy, as one example), etc. And of course, as http://www.blackgeocide.com notes, over 15.5 million black babies have been aborted since 1973 – 1,876 babies every single day, while in 2010, the most recent year available, 138,539 black babies were aborted – nearly one baby in three was murdered in the womb in 2010, per http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/21/j-kenneth-blackwell-black-abortions-a-crisis-in-am/

        Then why did Hitler invade Russia? is the standard, unthinking reply. Tell me: why did the Soviets start a brief war with Mao’s China on the Ussuri River in 1969, with the dispute not resolved until the Soviet Union ended in 1991? Why did Brezhnev reportedly ask Nixon that, if he nuked Mao, would the US respond? Why did Red China might Ho Chi Minh’s Socialist Republic of Vietnam in early 1979? What about the full scale invasion of Kampuchea (Cambodia) against the Khmer Rouge, which started Dec. 1978? Why was Trotsky murdered by his fellow leftists? Why was Lavrentiy Beria, head of the NKVD (precursor to the KGB) suddently found persona non grata, taken out, had a rag stuffed in his mouth so he couldn’t whine, and shot dead? Why did Stalin purge his fellow communist generals in the 1930s? Should I go on? Truth is, there is no final basis for ethics in materialistic communism (Dostoyevski wrote, “If there is no God… everything is permissible” – and yes, he DID, in fact write that; rather it is, as philosopher Schaeffer wrote, in their materialistic world it is necessarily the case that “whatever is, is right.). Truth is, to the fascist/communist/socialist left, no one is ever pure enough, and left to their own devices, communism will end with the very last two communists having one murder the other one. Unfortunately, then, that last communist won’t be a communist, as there won’t be another person to live off of.

        The National Socialist philosophy is right out of the Obama/Pelosi playbook., and you can read more about the socialism of the Nazis with any Google search, though http://encyclopedia.laborlawtalk.com/Nazi#Key_elements_of_the_Nazi_ideology exposes a lot about the National Socialist Program which was big on Euthanasia, Eugenics and Social Darwinism , which are big hits with libs today, too.

        • Test. Why do you keep reposting this b.s.? The Nazi’s came to power because the Treaty of Versailles written by the people who were out to destroy Germany, were doing exactly that. They turned Germany into a sh**hole, just like the same people turned Germany into a sh**hole again during WWII, after the war should have been declared over. Now today they are doing it again. Oh, yeah, and the same people are using the same tactics to take down this country by debasing the currency, incurring unpayable debts and debasing the culture.
          Why don’t you write a little piece on the causes at the time, instead of the solutions implemented. I bet you will find that the conservatives then couldn’t find it in themselves to fix the problem either, but someone stood up and did. And the people cheered.

          • I will continue to post the truth. Versailles was a component, and a disgusting insult to the German people, but component only.

            There are a LOT of Nazis on this site. I will speak truth to you fascists, just as my uncle, who was a Marine in WWII, spoke truth to the totalitarians.

            You don’t like my posts, don’t read them. Meanwhile, I will continue to post here, and call out the fascist left. And no, Hitler was NOT a hero. Ask the Poles, the 10% of of the Dachau population that were Christian pastors, etc. I won’t ask you to ask the Jews, since this site is riddled with Jew haters.

            I am here to inform and educate. You had ZERO comment on any of the **facts I cited.** Notice I actually responded to your proposition, whereas you did not to mine. As noted, Versailles was a major cause of the mess that really continued up through 1991.

            I respectfully suggest, since you appear to not have an open enough mind to reply to factual information, that you cease reading my posts. My goal is to inform people, and as not everybody reads every article, hence reposting on various occasions.

            • Your uncle enlisted himself into a war that was in fact fabricated by the pre-known attack on Pearl Harbor and the fact that the real socialist FDR was supplying arms to the European conflict already. What was up with that? And US banks were financing Hitler at the same time. The US wanted war. And that war was to be financed by the people that you refuse to talk about. And those companies are still around right here in the US. How did that happen?
              And you don’t educate. That paragraph that you call education is a list of questions. Where are the answers? I can answer some of them, but why waste my time. The point is you keep posting the same b.s. without answering your own questions. But I guess you don’t have to. Since you have already ended the discussion by calling everyone that doesn’t agree with you an anti-Semite. No you don’t have to say that outright. I guess you have studied Wikipedia extensively. So who am I to question what you have read. It’s pretty obvious. And I bet you love the rewriting History Channel too. I like the reenactments too. They are like real,……b.s.
              So who has Trump surrounded himself with? Nazi’s, Brown Shirts, Fascists, Capitalists, Communists, or those people.
              Hey keep posting. The more you say, the more people will ignore you.

          • Why don’t I write a piece on, say the Treaty of Versailles? Heck, while at it, I had better throw in Otto von Bismark, Woodrow Wilson, Friedrich Nietzsche, the creation of the Fed, the rise of the liberal state even under Teddy R, and let’s not forget the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. All those are major factors. Gee… d’ya think Mac will let me publish a 100 page treatise here?

            The reason I “harp” on fascism and Nazism is that it is the “meme du jour,” and demonstrably an idiotic accusation by people that are themselves what they accuse others of. THAT, mon ami, is why I don’t go into details on causes and solutions. My goal is very narrow: to educate people, and focus on a topic that is at the front of people’s minds and articles.

            And I also wrote on this whole pro-Nazi/Jewish hatred on this site. I don’t intend to spend hours researching and writing something three people might glance at. I’ll leave that to you. Suffice to say, I am against what I call the leftist/liberal faux Jews, who are really nothing more than cultural Jews – think Bernanke, Yellen, Goldspan, Summers – the list could go on and on. On the other hand, there are a massive number of conservative, pro-Constitution Jews, many messianic Jews (Christians) such as Dr. Marvin Olasky, founder of World Magazine, conservative writer Michael Medved, redoubtable conservative Ben Shapiro, Charles Krauthammer, David Horowitz, the founder of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, Dr. Fred Schwarz etc. etc. etc. The wholesale anti-Semitic garbage I see on this site disgusts me; same with all the pro-Nazi trash. 10% of Hitler’s Dachau was Christian clergy. Martin Niemoller was almost killed, and famed Christian leader Dietrich Bonhoeffer was. All you Nazi apologists would do well to read Eric Metaxes’ 400 page definitive tome on the subject, as I have, than then tell me what a “hero” Hitler was. All Slavs were considered fodder for “liebensraum’ – Poles, Russians, etc. Heck, even the French had ~ 130k soldiers killed, 107k resistance fighters killed, 80k civilians killed – with only 77k Jews killed, BTW.

            Truth is, the “Nazi” meme is on the front of everyone’s tongue today. My goal is very narrow. Out what Nazism is, and pin the tail on the fascist donkey quite squarely.

            As noted, most people here don’t have the intellectual honest to deal with what I write, or else what me to delve into something that would take dozens of pages, at minimum, to deal with. Sorry, I don’t have the time. But do me a favour: may I respectfully submit you simply stop reading my posts; I will do the same with yours. Meanwhile, I will continue to post information for others to consider. If it sometimes repeats, that is the nature of this board – I am simply trying to reach as broad an audience as I can.

            • a lot of what you say is true. i am an expert on hitler and the nazis. and in today`s political environment it is the left that are imitating hitler almost verbatim. the nazis were never right wing. they were always left wing. so were the communists. two left wing groups fighting to control the conversation. the problem has always been pussies on the right who will not put the left in their place. this is because of the morality that binds the right.

            • TEST, I stand with you. I always enjoy your posts.

            • I write now (after reading many thousands of comments over several years!) to commend “Test”: scholarly, considerate of others and above all factual for content. Keep posting please “Test”, you are high on my list along with Kevin2, Be Informed, and sadly, the good-hearted but departed Eppe.
              God Bless!

        • America is under attack by anarchists and communists. The current situation is more similar to the Spartacist uprising of 1919. The purpose of the uprising is to destabilize the government to the point where it can be overthrown and replaced by a communist dictatorship.

          The difference this time is that extermination of the White race in its entirely and expropriation of all of our property in its entirety is their objective. None of us will be allowed to live at all if the revolution is successful.

          The correct response to this is the formation of nationalist paramilitary forces and death squads. We must be prepared at all costs to deal a crushing blow to our enemies.

        • Do I hear the echo of the Great Philosopher Leonard Peikoff [The Ominous Parallels]? Dr. Peikoff- the intellectual heir to (((Ayn Rand))).

          How did (((Peikoff))) fall into the Rand circle? His cousin was (((Barbara Branden))). . .(((all in the fambly))). . .

      41. They want a war. Let’s give the cockroaches and anarchists a war, the good ol’ fashioned American Way. We need to take to the streets and when these pussies see us, they will run and hide just like the cowards they are. I’m SICK OF THESE FILTHY MEXICANS IN MY COUNTRY!

        • Yet another ignorant fool who doesn’t know that anarchy is real freedom! Ever look up the meaning of the word? Tell me what it says ok….

          • Except these anarchists are the first in history that want more government!

          • Think this is about what the dictionary says?

            Change your moniker from ‘Genius’ to ‘Moron’.

          • Anarchy is insubordination, or the lack of obedience to an authority. Synonyms for anarchy are lawlessness, turmoil, chaos, confusion, disruption, disorder, disintegration. This aptly describes those who are advocating the overthrow of our Democratic Republic.

      42. Sigh….,5 days without net,asked owners home was working on(still am)and staying at to find me the home modem,perhaps I should have stayed with peace and quite!

        Folks,get in a way you want some progressive blood though at moment not really in any ones interest.Keep in mind the left is a hell of a lot better organized in many ways then the alt right/constitutionalists,in my case the “Just leave me the fuck alones”/what have you.

        They have a lot of media/schools/institutions ect.,they are all not safe space pussies though many are,many waiting in the wings with serious violence on their mind and the backing for said violence.I get that if they fuck with you or yours you will start killing if necc.,that said,don’t hope for it.

        We as a country make a go of momentum whether trump with us or not we can watch our enemies burn themselves out as folks start doing better with less govt. ect.,work on that with passion you want to “get me”some progressive idiots.

        • But theyr’e violence is nothing compared to what WE can rain down on them!

          • Genius

            They haven’t got a clue.

          • Genius,do not underestimate the left/progressives what have you,what we are seeing now are just their useful idiots.I would suggest you put down the booze and get to making more tannerite lawn ornaments,perhaps a muhammad one a a blm lawn jockey!

            • WD

              Like you said. Do not underestimate the left. One point I noticed is that they were willing to used stink bombs. A form of chemical warfare. Now if these stupid bastards want to take it to the next level? Bring it!
              Like they are the only one that can whip some bad shit up in the kitchen sink. Lots of stuff in your home that can be made dangerous.

              All and all we are better prepared then the Libtards.
              They have not seen what we are capable of either.

      43. Thanks, leftists. Trump was not my original first choice. However, I am now, seeing you vile, evil, violent, murderous, H8TE-filled Brownshirt Nazis at work, 110% all in with Trump.

        Each rock you throw, each window you break, each Soros-funded riot you hold, you turn another thousand Americans against you. So…. keep it up, fascists!

        P.S.: Please send me an invite to one of your next leftist book burnings. Would love to get some pix of that one out and viral.

      44. Mexican flags on US soil used in a riot looks like foreign combatants.

        • Tired

          Those holding up any foreign flag in a protest are the first I will target. Lets see who picks it up after a few are lying on the ground screaming.

      45. If the draft was reinstalled, they would all flee to Canada. Here you go, Mr. Trudeau… more refugees.

        • Canada will not let these folks in, they have strict rules.

      46. Its Rumored Soros died of a heart attack. And now his son has stepped in and took over?

        • Impossible. He has no heart.

      47. White Lightening staring Burt Reynolds.

        Burt released from prison to set up Sheriff JC Conner for tax evasion (liquor money).

        But Burt is really after the Sheriff who took off his little brother and buddy out to the swamp in a special boat. Why? Because little brother was out with them Hippie College students Protest’n!

      48. Why waste time. Don’t go for the dweebs that are paid to do the dirty work. Follow the money.

        This is who funds these low life POS so called protestors.

        Funded by Soros. Your mouse clicks and internet wont help you when this goes real time.

        Take a shit or get off the pot.

      49. Wake up fellows…..the Left and the Right are the pawns and the two strong arms of ONE IDENTITY – Globalists! BOTH sides are set up to destroy nations and national borders and civil order in any given country to bring in the illumanti’s centuries old plan of one world government. Power is all they care about. Control is their goal. Russia has been the bug bear used for decades in the west and it allowed the USA to orchestrate wars around the globe. ALL governments are in on it or they don’t get elected. Trump blew them out of the water. You are lucky to have him. It’s a bit late to save you perhaps but he will give it a good try.

      50. Those that rioted at Trump’s inauguration are being charged with Federal charges. – I also read somewhere, that Trump is going to cut college funding for those idiots that rioted at Berkley.

        • Here’s How Ronald Reagan Dealt With Violent Berkeley Protesters

          “Archive footage of Ronald Reagan shows the former president didn’t tolerate violent protesters on college campuses, in particular, at the University of California at Berkeley.

          “Academic officials urged the president to negotiate with the violent protesters, but Reagan would have none of that nonsense.

          “All of it began the first time some of you who know better, and are old enough to know better, let young people think they have the right to choose the laws they would obey as long as they were doing it in the name of social protest,” Reagan said.

          “In 1969, Reagan ordered the CHP and Berkeley police to “use whatever method they choose against the protesters.”

          “If there was any doubt that Reagan wasn’t playing games with these privileged punks, he delivered an even more powerful line in discussing how to deal with them.

          “It’s crazy the mindset that these people have, thinking that violent temper tantrums are the way to get their point across to the world.

          “Appeasement was never an option under Reagan, but after two terms of Obama perpetual appeasement has led to liberals thinking they can do these things and get away with them:

          “It’s time to let law enforcement deal with them using ‘whatever method they choose.’ And thanks to American voters, there’s a new sheriff in town: Donald Trump!”

          From The Political Insider
          h ttp://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/how-ronald-reagan-berkeley-video-dealt-violent-protesters/

          • On You Tube
            How President Reagan dealt with the Berkeley protesters in 1969
            h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bpg0UfpuUAs

          • As a LEO
            I would issue one warning. Line up snow plows on the streets and Cops 4 deep with other backing them up on the side walks. Then move on them.

            I would place snipers with 22Lr on roofs with orders to shoot in the leg or butt anyone throwing anything from rocks to gas bombs. This is what the Israeli army does and it works.

            I would tell store owners that if they have their stores attacked that they can use any means necessary to stop it from being looted or burned. LEO’s can’t be in two spots at the same time.

            If a LEO is attacked and hurt the subject that is arrested doesn’t get to go to jail at first he/she gets to go to the hospital first.


            • Sgt. Dale

              Good Plan. Would add, to wound those that are wearing a mask. They are the instigators.

            • Really Sarge?!So,now if a cop gets attacked after a arrest the attacker gets attacked,hmmm….,camels nose under tent there,tis ok to break some laws because cops get special treatment?What about all the lets for example say trump supporters attacked,their assaulter’s arrested do they also get special treatment or just booked?This goes down even more then does now will make folks turn completely on cops and handle issues themselves(by the way,can live without cops,am cool with all of us taking responsibility and ending enforcement of dumb laws).

              • WD

                The country is fucked up and it may a time where “Anything Goes”. People that go down to the picket lines could be caught up in all the crap. I figure Justice will be served by the person holding the UPPER HAND.

      51. The FEMA camps are not for the so called protestors. The FEMA camps are there for you and me. If you react with violence it will be the excuse they need to deploy foreign and UN troops. The US military is too busy overseas protecting poppy fields for big Pharma. They will not be here for you.

        Once you know how your enemy thinks you do not have to fight them. You can join them and create the enemy within
        just as they have created the enemy within the US.

        It does not necessarily mean being violent. It requires
        the same mindset as the enemy itself to work against itself and self destruct.

        Its easy to manipulate and control the mind of others when they are foolish enough to join and support criminal communist organizations not even knowing their paid efforts are destroying themselves and their families.

        If they can be so easily manipulated this way the majority we the people can turn it against itself and it will rot from the inside out without one bullet being fired.

        Its easier to use your mind for desired results and this is how these thugs roll wasting people to do their dirty work.

      52. I hear so many people talking about violence is never the answer and should not be tolerated. Didn’t we win our independence by using extreme violence for 7 years? Didn’t we use extreme violence to quell the savage torturous cannibal tribes of Indians who kidnapped Sakajewea ? Don’t we use extreme violence when executing serial killers? We even use extreme violence when defending our property during a robbery ? What special kind of stupid is against violence? Our existence is because of the willingness to violently defend ourselves ? How can anyone argue otherwise? Jesus whipped the money changers out of the temple. Was that not violence? Maybe it’s time to whip these people out of our temple?

        • When people tell me platitudes like ‘violence never works’, I ask them what happened to Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

        • Lone/Smoke–I think Kunta was thinking more along this line when speaking of non-violence:

          small USB slipped into an Iranian computer to disrupt the nuke development. In/out. Silent but deadly. Non-violent.

          Such requires dedication and commitment over time. Think Kunta is asking the question, “Do WE have the same dedication and commitment the enemy has?”

      53. These rioters and protesters are all very brave on the offset. But. What happens when after the riots, the lights go out. No more coffee shops. No more fast food. No more fakebook or twatter, tmz , tv, radio and all the other assorted ‘normal’ life things are suddenly gone?
        I only have electricity and water when I get up and do my daily chores and eat after I tend the farmstead. And it doesnt matter if I am sick or tired or dont want to do it, bad weather…etc…etc.

        Just curious…..

        • Ky,the rioters are clueless useful idiots,not even pawns in a much larger plan.

      54. Do any of you have a periscope in your gear? A small mirror on a Selfie camera stick would work also.

        It’s the little things that matter. Hehehe!

      55. Don’t we have FEMA camps to put those violent leftists in? Well let’s get to it! Or are FEMA camps just a conspiracy theory?

      56. I kintetically drink my coffee and excrete it.

      57. When they (Left) Start the shooting, Burning, Killing etc we will sweep thru the South like Sherman thru Atlanta and destroy them all. We will have a separate North – South – West. These idiots have ZERO idea of what they are asking for besides FREE everything. what lurks in the Shadows waiting to be unleashed will be horrifying to these Babies that cry for everything. They will cry to be protected however by that time it will be too late to turn off the juggernaut that will have been unleashed. Prepare! Don’t stop just because you feel good about our President now.

      58. As most democrats agree by. There is one set of rules for them and one set of rules for us. To include to change the rules if it does not suit them at the time for any purpose they pursue.

        Listen up Democrat Protestors.

        Punching me is an Act of War.
        Throwing stone, sticks or other objects to injure me, without provocation, is an Act of War.
        Shooting harmless (as they perceive) fireworks at me is an Act of War.
        Shooting fireworks of any kind or using flammable liquids to set fire to any of my property, is an Act of War.
        Shooting a firearm at me is definitely An Act Of War.

        Just want to set the record straight so there is no misunderstanding should you act like this.

        • Anon.
          Then By God call me a WAR DOG! Because if they come at me or mine that is what they will get.
          “Shooting a firearm at me is definitely An Act Of War”

          I’m not going to wait to see how bad we get hurt before I take an offensive stance. May God have mercy on their souls, BECAUSE I WILL NOT!!!!


      59. “Left” and “right” is an artificial distinction being used by the global banking cabal to divide and conquer America. The real division is the top (the richest 0.1%) versus the bottom (everyone else). Anyone who attacks either the so-called “left” or the so-called “right” is simply falling for the global banking cabals tricks.

      60. I think all of this nonsense is utterly disgusting. The unmitigated hypocrisy, the temper tantrum style “protests”, the open calls for people to commit violent crimes all show that these people are little more than physically grown up spoiled little brats totally unprepared to cope with not getting their way.

        That being said, please keep a few things in mind…

        1. As sickening as these people are, and as unacceptable as their behavior is, we have to REMAIN on the moral high ground. Do not engage in their tactics!

        There is little difference between “them” encouraging others to commit acts of violence and/or threatening to commit acts of violence and the comments on boards like this one describing acts of violence “this” side wants to inflict upon “them”.

        We all have the God given right to defend ourselves, but is it really smart to post some of the things I’m reading here?

        Remember, once on the web = forever in the wild. That means you aren’t going to be able to “take it back” once you click that submit button.

        Too many district attorneys, prosecutors, etc. are on “their” side as is easily evidenced by their utter lack of action when it’s the liberal crowd tearing stuff up and calling for assassinations.

        Remember when the tea party protests were being hyper-scrutinized by district attorneys, prosecutors, etc., desperate to find something, anything to charge the most peaceful protesters in history with?

        Remember the news stories about idiots posting “hate speech”, threats, etc. against obama after his first election? Remember the numerous investigations, charges, etc.? Those same district attorneys, investigators, and prosecutors are flat out ignoring the current criminal activity from the left.

        Think they don’t know about these websites and the comments on them?

        Think they aren’t keeping a good eye on them?

        Some of these posts will easily establish something known as “prior intent”.

        OPSEC… because you’re not as anonymous online as you think you are; and saying “well, they said/did the same thing and didn’t get in trouble” defense is NOT going to protect you.

        2. Maintain your preps, maintain communication with other good people/preppers. Just take a breath before clicking submit on that comment that would make you look really bad standing in a court room.

      61. Just for the record I love the smell Hoppe’s #9.. Gives me that, things will work just fine feeling!!! LOL

        I posted the following on another article here but thought it might fit here as well.

        Speaking of a conflict hear in the US.

        The revolutionary war was fought by approx 3% of the US population with support for the war split between the non-combatants.
        We won,,, but just so.
        Now look at the muslim population rates, at the 8% figure for France and the 4% for Germany and realize that most of them are men of fighting/working age and you have a problem. What is the percentage here? Add in the fact that these people are coming from a place that has been fighting since the beginning of time and almost all of them have combat experience of some kind, unlike the people in the countries they live in, including the US.
        This is a “force multiplier” and when this is taken into account the numbers change exponentially.
        Looking back at WW II a lot of the europeans looked to be saved as opposed to arming up and fighting. They let whichever side, roll on through. If this happens again keeping europe free will be difficult at best, if not impossible. The one hope is that the people of europe have had enough and rise up to defend themselves and keep their countries to themselves. Britain had the right idea with Britex.
        Now jumping across the pond, here in the US we have the same problem and a country again split in half with one half ready for more hand outs and other half disgusted with the thought and we now have 2 battles to fight.
        One, the hand outs wanting what is NOT theirs and the Patriots fighting to keep it.
        Two, add in the sand fleas and with them the “force multiplier” and the Patriots have a problem.
        Now I live between Chicago and the Gulf coast and I have been studying the maps, looking for the mass migration routes from North to South. The city folks will move to the South (IMHO) when the power is out and they get cold. Most likely before they get really cold. So with Spring upon us, I again have out the maps.
        I am looking at the highways of N/S direction and am trying to figure where the locust swarms will travel and how far on either side of the roads they will branch out in search of food. Another thing I look at is water,,, rivers, lakes, ponds anything that shows on a basic road map. These will be the danger zones during the migration.
        We can prep until the cows come home and we can do this quietly on our own, but the reality is we cannot do this alone, we cannot plant a crop, secure the borders of our “area” and still have the rest (as in sleep) we need to survive.
        Now is the time to look for help, contact folks of a like mind and try to establish a mutually beneficial group. If you already have a group,, get out the maps of your area and look at these migration routes and plan.
        Granted this is but one step in the process, but I believe it is worth looking at if you live along one of migration routes as I do.
        Stay strong, stay safe!

        Long live the Republic!

      62. Anon-2


        We kill the Left first and then the globalist. Can’t go after the Globalist while the left is biting at our ass. Besides the Globalist will have to work to survive cause the right is not going to be their slaves.

      63. A judicial God always allows the enemy to choose, by how they treat his people, what will be there fate. These guys don’t stand a chance.

      64. Jesus will deal with them. Trump and all of us just need to stay in line where we belong.

      65. The type of revolution envisioned in this article isn’t going to happen IMO, UNLESS the grid goes down. The scope of our surveillance state will prevent it. The PTB know exactly who and where most of the players are and if events spiral to the point where their interests are threatened they will crush the uprising like a bug. We are all already in their killing bottle and the 3-5npercent of the population willing to fight will be dealt with. Does anyone think the meager colonial forces would have prevailed if the British had exstensive histories, and locations on file of every Colonial. In the era of facial recognition, retinal scans, exact accounting of funds, records of gun purchases, the state will win. Should the grid crash negating these overwhelming advantages then all bets are off. I really believe our Republic is heading for dissolution and Balkanization. Maybe 3 or even for confederations of former states banding together. I wish I believed that we could fix our problems and remain whole but I do not. Look at what is happening with even modest changes Trump is proposing, he will be destroyed and unless he knuckles under to the left he will be forced from office, hide and watch. I am 57, am trying to position myself to “drop off the grid” next year. It will require a drastic lifestyle change but I’ve “seen the elephant” so laying low will not be that much of a hardship. Maybe I will get lucky and be able to live the remainder of my life in peace, if not EVERYBODY DIES OF SOMETHING. Cold dead fingers and all that.

        • Drew, well said. Let’s hope your “all bets are off” point will happen. It’s probably the best outcome.
          We have been through the lifestyle change you mention and things couldn’t be better. As much as we feel disconnected from the crap that will most likely go down, I can’t help feeling sad about the disintegration of the US. It is lost already and ‘tho seems like it’s just the beginning.

      66. It’s Super Bowl Sunday!

        Today should be one of those days where we support our team. Drink a few beers and eat lots of great food.
        Two Teams enter. One team wins and has bragging rights.

        You watch, someone going to fuck up a good day.

      67. The current state of America has been in the “works” for almost a hundred years. There’s no going back, no fix, no reforms that will halt the disenegration of civil society. Laying low, staying quiet and off the radar is the best course of action.

      68. Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to take a long trip on the highway. While all the braindead robots are absorbed in front of a chew box, you can drive traffic free.

        Other days for sparse traffic are December 25th – Christmas Day; and, January 1st – New Years Day.

        Get out of town. Watch for cops and drunk idiots. Otherwise it’s all good.


        • B from CA

          Today is the highest holy day for the “Worshippers Of The Spheroid”, they have another major day of obligation for their other religious sect the, “Worshippers Of The Sphere”, its called “The World Series”.

          I say with pride that I never watched an entire game, and thats exactly what it is a game. I have yet to meet a hard core worshipper of either that was reasonably well informed about the world. If a catastrophic event occurred and cancelled “The Big Game” the majority of the parishioners would be less upset with the event than the cancellation.

          Food and Circus and this is Circus.

          • We must not forget the religious ceremony today known as, “The Festa de Pavement” where swine and ground bovine are incinerated and consumed with large amounts of fermented grain beverage. Great oratory is then given concerning the religious day of obligation with alms wagered and honors given to the god like participants of the service. There will be no discussion of actual events and political activities that truly effect lives as such is considered blasphemy requiring expulsion with possible excommunication from the worshippers.

      69. So I see the appeals court has ruled to keep out the immigration ban by President Trump.

        Here is what I think is going to happen.

        I think there will be NO TERRORIST ATTACKs till the terrorist fell they are strong enough by the numbers. They will lay low.

        Then when they feel strong enough we will see their attacks all over the country.

        I say to all these protestors against President Trump and his precautionary ban.

        When the shit starts I do not want you to go crying to the government and the politicians. I will blame the democrats the most for the suffering of the injured. No sympathy for the Left and their sanctuary cities.

        Soon to have ISIS, Russian and Mexican flag replacing the Stars and Stripes over our public places.

        You bunch of Commies.

        • >>>I think there will be NO TERRORIST ATTACKs till the terrorist fell they are strong enough by the numbers. They will lay low.<<<

          The "terrorists" are the folks currently running the government from behind the scenes [men behind the curtain and so on].

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